Key news of the day

Water purification without Chlorine. I think the recent situation in Detroit shows it may not work. Ozone may be a good alternative. I think a bigger issue is fluorination, which can affect bones over time.

How to deliver drinking water chlorine-free

Thin solar cells could be placed anywhere and integrated into materials and devices.

Solar cell has been developed to split water into oxygen and hydrogen in the day and recombine at night to produce and store energy.

A Q&A about the recent use of immune cells to treat cancer

Scientists discover electric signals jump from silicon to rare earths, which would allow integration of optical fiber and conducting wires

New techniques to create higher temperature superconductors

A summary of advances in optical metamaterials

Parallel Computing with bio/nanotech

A new method to separate hydrogen isotopes would help with nuclear fusion

A method to create carbon backbones without metal catalysts

Another light activated catalyst for breaking water into hydrogen and oxygen

Several recent developments in nanotech

First uterus transplant. Growing a uterus from stem cells and keeping it alive outside a human body or in an animal could end abortion issues by allowing an unexpected or unaffordable  baby to develop and be adopted.

By recording brain activity and transmitting it to other subjects scientists improved learning

Improved method to sort cells

Needle free vaccination for Polio

New medical cardiac pump with remote monitoring

A return to the true collaborative tradition of science

Disney has developed a system to automatically recreate realistic motion of characters in virtual environments. I believe this could be useful for real life robots too.

Another skyscraper that fits the current spiral trend

Steps in the growth of metal clusters. An unmentioned application could be development of new alloys and metallurgical techniques.

New test for anemia

Discussion of Bernie Sanders’ stance on the Fed


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