Weekend News

3D Printing of titanium parts for bikes. Reduces weight even more. Could definitely be useful for aerospace.

3D-printed titanium offers new possibilities for bike builders

Anthocyanin added to bread slowed digestion, allowing better control of glucose. Might also help with absorption of supplements and drugs, or GI issues.

Natural plant pigment makes for diabetic-friendly bread

Hyundai plans on releasing three electric vehicles this year: a hybrid, a plug in hybrid, and a battery-electric car.

Hyundai to unveil full IONIQ line of electrified vehicles at Geneva

Guns of the future make anyone into a sniper

Precision guided mini-grenade guns and smart rifles that turn any soldier into a sharpshooter

Small nuclear reactor to use as a distributed power system

Disruptive advanced nuclear design is in pre-licensing design review

Light absorbing graphene. Maybe this technique can be used to allow light to pass through metal?

New research unveils graphene ‘moth eyes’ to power future smart technologies

Levitating 3d printing. Could be useful where you need clean or vacuum environment. Would also be easily adaptable to zero g. It also has nanotech applications and complex composites and metamaterials.

Boeing eyes 3D printing objects levitating in space

Reinforcing the structure of proteins against mechanical stress and strain

Preventing protein unfolding

Another perspective on immigration

Cesar Chavez Would Have Liked Trump’s Border Wall

A libertarian/Austrian perspective on the political situation in U.S.

The Week in Review: February 27, 2016




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