Yesterday’s News (Feb 29th)

Mimiviruses have been discovered to have an “immune system” that works against other viruses. It is similar to CRISPR/Cas 9.

Giant Viruses Feature Their Own Built-In Antivirus Software

Researchers have been able to increase the voltage produced by Cadmium Telluride solar cells.

Researchers make key improvement in solar cell technology

A new, more efficient way to test drugs against multiple cell lines.

Illuminating the broad spectrum of disease

A flexible circuit board that could help advance wearables and the internet of things

Stretchable electronics that quadruple in length

A convenience store with no employees, all you need is your phone. A logical next step for the internet of things.

In Sweden’s 1st unstaffed food shop, all you need is a phone

Using gravitational waves to travel faster than light

Creating spacetime shortcuts with gravitational waveforms without exotic matter for possible FTL communication and FTL travel

A material that can behave as a metal or semiconductor depending on applied voltage

Switchable material could enable new phase change memory chips

New electron microscopy method will help us see lighter elements than we could before

New form of electron-beam imaging can see elements that are ‘invisible’ to common methods

A crop protein database would allow easier cultivation of improved strains

Genetic tool to help feed the world

Job market effects of automation

Automation won’t destroy jobs, but it will change them

A way to fight antibiotic resistant bacteria that evade the immune system by hiding in macrophages

Major breakthrough in fighting antibiotic resistance

New two dimensional semiconductor material with tunable properties

Physicist discovers new 2D material that could advance material science

The true effects of negative interest rates

Negative Rates, Negative Outcomes

The idea of entitlement

The Greatest Entitlement

The very visible hand of the government

The Long History of Government Meddling in the American Marketplace

Future weapons of US Armed Forces

The exotic new weapons the Pentagon wants to deter Russia and China

“Reverse Combustion” turns carbon dioxide and water into hydrocarbon fuel

Proven one-step process to convert CO2 and water directly into liquid hydrocarbon fuel

When will electric cars take over

The 2020s Could Be the Decade When Electric Cars Take Over




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