World’s thinnest lens will change cameras, displays

Analog chip that uses 1000 times less power and 100 times smaller than digital chips

Bacteria that digests PET

Controlling reactions in different parts of nanostructures

Folding material changes shape, size, volume

Vibration diagnostics in place of MRI

Using waste CO2 to run a turbine

Developmental experiment leads to chickens with dinosaur like legs

FDA approves medical exoskeleton

Bacterial collective memory

Significantly improved supercondenser

Vaccines, GM to improve crop immunity

Solarcity gigafactory opening soon

GM buys automation start-up

Modular tiny houses

Bringing life saving tech to conflict zones

Nuclear testing allows unique experiments

DARPA challenge to design MacGyver like weapons

Man made glaciers to maintain sea levels?

The future of military lasers

Support communities involved in disease studies

Self rotating graphene

Nanotech update

Unique hotel concept

Why do we still do daylight savings time?

Libertarian welfare?

Frank Fetter Austrian Economist

Austrian investing



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