Today’s News

Using water to cool chips

Mini fuel cell for phones, drones

Successful harvest in simulated Martian soil

Blue Origin development plans

ECB pumps more money

Glycolysis enzyme promotes wound healing

Best intentions

It is hard to escape

Invest in more human capital

Detecting “hot” electrons in catalysis

Doubling the efficiency of water electrolysis

New cellulases found in stick insects

Converting biomass waste into sugars

Graphene water filter 9 times more efficiently than current methods

High resolution 3d images of deep brain structures

CRISPR to control gene expression in stem cells

Two new molecules make beta lactams effective against MRSA

Improved lithium deposition will extend battery life

Probing Weyl semi-metals

The real beneficiaries of central banking

ECB opens the spigot

Your vote counts … kind of

Clarification on libertarianism

Governments want to hijack digital currencies too

Refocusing glasses

Integrating renewables into the grid

A new kind of AC

Sharing is caring

SImplified Ising model

Hybrid Wing Body concept

Electric car racing. Racing has always led to the best advancements in cars.

Vaccine against smoking

FDA allows off label use

Another drone delivery concept

Kidney transplants from any donor

Blockchain microgrid

New MIT journal

Amazon will create air cargo network

Nukes to Mars in 90 days



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