Yesterday’s News

Urine fuel cell

Backpacks for immune cell

Apple’s latest filing to DOJ

Damaged crops for fuel

Direct conversion from syngas to lower olefins

Turbulence and compression for fusion

Crystal growth in zero g

Can people hibernate?

Nuclear science is rocket science

Impulse shopping

More information on gene drives

Shyp and Ebay

Light to fight cancer

Measuring mental resilience

Meditation as a painkiller

Probiotic fights allergy

EKG for Apple watch

New way to avoid traffic

Edible utensils

Electron beam cutter

The dangers of crowdfunding state services

Parking app will save time

Using your eyes to play music

Healing plastic

Drones may not be so dangerous

Some fun RC toys

Autonomous army convoys

Flying cars?

Modern “tree house”

Crooked house

Save yourselves

Trump = racist

Merrick Garland

Libertarian moments


Everybody sucks

New P2P ride service

Truth about trade

Trump by the numbers

Diversity in the court

Kurds in Syria

Erdogan continues crusade against Kurds

We should not reward supporters of ISIS in Ankara

Flashbacks to 1939

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

Fast pizza oven

best netflix shows

Best Prime TV shows

Fast portable power

Uber for the whole family

Reverse neuralyzer

Stop scratching

Support Apple




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