Today’s news

Reverse engineering proteins

Smaller feed particles improve efficiency

Crumpling enhances graphene

Urban birds are more intelligent

How plants make medicine

Heads or tails?

Non ionizing nanoscopy

Metal oxides in batteries

Selecting against lazy cells

Converting glass into a single crystal

Catching infested mosquitos

Floating wind farm will use Li battery

Inspecting 3d printed metals

All twisted up

Graphene diabetic sensor

Biogeochemistry of platinum group metals

Stopping fruit oxidation

Self healing elastic metal foam

New bacterial Achilles’ heel

Real time programminng

Thermodynamics of homeostasis

Elasto-optic materials

Photonic lanes

Electrically enhanced education

Drones and robots

Big Bangs

FBI may have found its own hack

Psychedelic reincarnation

Planting in plastic

Alzheimer’s medicine from snakes

Nissan, BMW may join e race league

Terrorists used burners not encryption

Google Microsoft Yahoo encrypted email protocol

Space based solar power concept

Tall timber framed residences

Floating city concepts

Unique lighthouse lamps

Travel Pillow

On demand delivery within the hour

Robotic workforce

Panasonic exoskeletons

Optogenetic blindness treatments


Animal Human transplants without rejection

Next ISS experiments

Jumbo jet space launch

Drone bucket drop

Projector tablet

Zipper free sleeping bag

Weaponized shipping container

Apps help researchers

Living factories

Self layering coatings

Graphene gas sensors

Measuring force response of molecules

Controlling nanowires

Mini microscopes

Changing concrete

Floating field agriculture

Cantilever restaurant

Green facade

New Ipad vs newest Surface

Amazon Cable

Cuban cancer vaccines

Biological pesticides

Returning digital copies?

Lessons from Rubio’s exit

Trade creates peaceful relationships

Government lands

Money supply

Tax reform

Road to serfdom

Vienna vs. London

Negative rates

Libertarian policy


Evening headlines

Reasonable GOP senator

Nomination prediction

Our economy is not manufacturing

Primary turn out

Erdogan’s genocide continues

Moscow will unilaterally enforce ceasefire if necessary

Faustian bargains

Brainy headphones

Temporary ceasefire

App assisted research











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