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Quantum Theory Proves That Consciousness Moves To Another Universe After Death | TruthTheory

This apartment will anticipate your every move | MNN – Mother Nature Network

KeelyNet News 2016 – Free Energy / Gravity Control / Electronic Health / Alternative Science – 01/03/16

Futuristic prototype promises low-cost solar power – Revolution-Green

Will We Soon Be Riding on Solar Roads? The Idea Gains Traction

Newly discovered organic nanowires leave manmade technologies in their dust

Renewable energy investments: Major milestones reached, new world record set

Cutting fuel costs and CO2 emissions

Study finds LED lights provide improved energy efficiency and production for growing food crops in space

Nanocage surfaces get ‘makeover’ in room temperature

Stopping malaria one mosquito at a time

Storing extra surface water boosts groundwater supply during droughts

More education won’t necessarily make you richer, new research reveals

New methods of enhancing efficiency of genetic engineering in mice and rats

Bacteria found to thrive better in space than on Earth

Female fish develops male organs and impregnates self

How wood chemistry relates to structural stability

Moving microswimmers with tiny swirling flows

Forming patches boosts bacterial life

What do we really know about Dino DNA?

Startup bringing driverless taxi service to Singapore

Researchers produce graphene nanoribbons with perfect zigzag edges from molecules

Nanotechnology for label-free colorimetric detection of the c-myc mRNA oncogene

How fish can metabolize toxic substances in seawater

Microfluidic devices gently rotate small organisms and cells

Chemists find a way to synthesize complex plant molecule phorbol and its derivatives

Next Big Future: Berkeley labs new hybrid membrane has eight times more carbon dioxide permeability which will carbon capture more efficient

Next Big Future: Berkeley Lab scientists make major advance in understanding a basic process of life with structure of protein organization at beginning of every gene

Next Big Future: China plans to launch Tiangong 2 space laboratory this year and complete the full space station by 2020

Giant Multi-Headed 3D Printer Can Create Massive Objects in One Pass

Genetically-Modified Maggots Could Help Wounds Heal Faster

Violent Volcanoes Knocked the Moon Off Its Axis Three Billion Years Ago

This Instructional Book Makes a Strong Case For Having Recess at Work

Today’s Best Deals: Power Backup, Comforters, the Best Skillet, and More

Tokyo trial for two-wheeled Toyota

GoTenna review: Text and share your location anywhere, without a signal

Vertical farming moves into the store

Tunable organic electronics pave the way for better flexible displays

One Genius’ Lonely Crusade to Teach a Computer Common Sense | WIRED

Science Needs to Learn How to Fail So It Can Succeed | WIRED

| T3

Dyson is developing an electric vehicle, funded by the UK government | News |

Sony is developing PlayStation games for iOS and Android | Games |

New solar towers, cubes offer 20X more power, researchers say | Computerworld

Samsung is developing a new OS for the Internet of Things | Computerworld

Google’s new Stackdriver service can manage applications across multiple clouds | Computerworld

Apple offers Office 365 as option with new iPad Pro – CNET

Lab-grown neuronal network transplants could treat brain diseases like Parkinson’s | ExtremeTech

Breaking the prime-number cipher, one proof at a time | ExtremeTech

Mapstr adds directions to its app to keep track of your favorite places | TechCrunch

Redesigned DoorDash app helps you choose restaurants based on delivery quality and speed | TechCrunch

The SEC could change the requirements for investing in startups, and that’s not good | TechCrunch

JetSmarter puts a jet in your pocket, and is happy to see you | TechCrunch

Gecko Robotics Does The Heavy Inspecting At Power Plants To Prevent Human Fatalities | TechCrunch

Waze warns you about dangerous intersections in big US cities

‘Minecraft’ gets its first live concert

Scientists have synthesized a ‘minimal genome’ with only genes necessary for life

‘Privacy’ creates single-use virtual credit cards for safer online shopping

Cool accessories for Apple fans

This app will keep you entertained on the longest of flights

Apple Pay may be coming to the Web soon

Record Bird helps you to be the smartest music fan you know

Gmail Now Warns If You’re Being Hacked By The Government | Digital Trends

Bioluminescent Bacteria Power Glowee’s Lights | Digital Trends

Noted Smart Music Discovery Platform Launches | Digital Trends

AMOLED Displays Are Now Cheaper To Produce Than LCD – Slashdot

Apple’s Lack of Bug Bounty Program May Explain Why Hackers Would Help FBI – Slashdot

Go to the Pharmacy? Nah, Just 3D Print Your Pills | News & Opinion |

Just look at these crazy-spendy luxury gadgets | ZDNet

4USxUS app allows you to watch your Senator – SlashGear

LG 34UC98 Curved UltraWide and 27UD88 4K monitors launch – SlashGear

Gecko Gripper blasts off to help design space-crawling robots | New Scientist

Asteroid barrage may have birthed a short-lived ocean on Mars | New Scientist

Security missed Brussels bombs – but could sensors spot them? | New Scientist

Embryo cells decide their future only two days after conception | New Scientist

Investment in renewables was double that of coal and gas in 2015 | New Scientist

Brains of elderly people who exercise look 10 years younger | New Scientist

Cells Are Vulnerable When They’re Squeezed | Popular Science

Grow A Bacterial Zoo In A Bottle | Popular Science

The Tricky Ethics Of Living Longer | Popular Science

New Airbus Patent Wants To Put Jet Engines In Your Face | Popular Science

Spongy Implant May Fix ACL Tears | Popular Science

A Gene In The Brain Helps Us Filter Out Distracting Information | Popular Science

Appelix Is An Exciting Drone For A Boring Job | Popular Science

Soldier Shoots Down Drone With Cyber Rifle At Defense Secretary’s Feet | Popular Science

German Army Uses Toy Tanks to Train Kurdish Fighters

How To Defeat ISIS – A Plan For Beating ISIS

We Could Have a Moon Base for As Little as $10 Billion

This 4-Minute Video Explains Where We Should Be Looking for Aliens

Photon recycling in lead iodide perovskite solar cells | Science

Cells can do the twist, but sometimes their nuclei burst | Science | AAAS

Like the flavor of coffee and chocolate? Thank the yeast that hitchhiked on human migration | Science | AAAS

Simple test might predict who gets world’s deadliest infectious disease | Science | AAAS

Evolution is not kind to older dads | Science | AAAS

Circular economy: Lessons from China : Nature News & Comment

Siren call : Nature News & Comment

In Newly Created Life-Form, a Major Mystery | Quanta Magazine

Baidu Uses Map Searches to Predict When Crowds Will Get Out of Control

Data Mining Reveals the Four Urban Conditions That Create Vibrant City Life

The Strange Case of Australia’s Flip-Flopping on Climate Change

Nuclear contraband could be spotted using laser pulses –

French Skiers Wearing Directa Plus and Colmar’s Graphene-Enhanced Suits Win at FIS World Cup

Meet the Insane Superpredators Who’ll Battle King Kong on His Latest Ride

Leonard Nimoy’s Final Artwork Is One of 50 Pieces of Star Trek Art Going On Tour

Brâncuși-Inspired 295 King Street Wins Approval in Melbourne | ArchDaily

Plastic Architecture: 12 Projects that Highlight the Potential of Polymers | ArchDaily

Walking fish discovered in Thailand, has features not seen in any other living fish : TreeHugger

Our Greener Future turns food waste and cardboard into classy home decor | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

Waugh Thistleton’s new timber office building will be among the tallest of its kind in London | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

Almond farmers are experimenting with trees that don’t need bees | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

6 foods you can easily grow from kitchen scraps | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

Warka Water tower that pulls drinking water from thin air wins World Design Impact Prize | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

UNStudio to group four mixed-use towers in frankfurt’s city center

Aedas wins competition to develop vast hi-tech innovation park in china

bjarke ingels and carlo ratti discuss paris’ europa city

“Sometimes the house you come out of isn’t the same one you went into” – BLDGBLOG

A Daily Dose of Architecture: Three Competition Winners

Give Us More Tax Revenue, Or Else | Mises Daily

The Batman Movie they Should Have Made | Mises Wire

Ron Paul: Protectionism Won’t Help | Mises Wire

More Resources on Cuba | Mises Wire

A Boom Town Recession That Could Save Us All | Mises Wire

Corporate Influence over Government Is Bad…Unless They Hold the Correct Positions – Hit & Run :

Libertarian Gary Johnson Could Pull Support From Both Clinton and Trump – Hit & Run :

Really Stupid Moms Across America Scaremongering About Glyphosate in Wines – Hit & Run :

Turkey Strikes Kurdish Positions After Ankara Terror Attack – Hit & Run :

The Internet Turns a Chatbot Into a Nazi – Hit & Run :

DA Recommends No Jail Time For NYPD Officer Who Killed Akai Gurley – Hit & Run :

Why Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Team Baffles the GOP Establishment –

The Plan to Create a Giant, Privately Funded Nature Reserve by Selling Beef –

Video Gaming Is Entirely Beneficial for Cognitive Functioning, Says New Study – Hit & Run :

Clinton, the Worst Warmonger Running for President, Warns That Trump or Cruz Might Start a War – Hit & Run :

A.M. Links: Brussels Attack, Iraq Battles ISIS, Cruz vs. Trump – Hit & Run :

Reforming Corporate Taxation Is a Bipartisan Issue –

How Rock Music (Mostly) Defeated Castro’s Censorship – Hit & Run :

Ted Cruz Wages Jihad on Truth –

These Are The Phrases That Sanders And Clinton Repeat Most | FiveThirtyEight

Batman And Superman Are Totally BFFs | FiveThirtyEight

Failure Is Moving Science Forward | FiveThirtyEight

When Will The World Really Be 2 Degrees Hotter Than It Used To Be? | FiveThirtyEight

This Survey Is Unwieldy And Intrusive — And Invaluable To Understanding Americans’ Health | FiveThirtyEight

Turkey has ‘serious questions’ to answer: Reactions to RT report on post-ISIS town in Syria — RT News

‘Unlawful civilian deaths in Yemen’: HRW urges US, UK, France to suspend arms sales to Saudi Arabia — RT News

Russian special forces active in Syria, give recon & targeting for warplanes, general confirms — RT News

MPs: UK must pressure Turkey to stop ‘shameful’ attacks on Kurds — RT UK

‘Take the threat seriously’: US, Russia, Europe need to fight ISIS together – ex-DIA chief Flynn — RT Op-Edge

Kosovo: An evil little war (almost) all US candidates liked — RT Op-Edge

Iran’s oil ‘catch-22’ — RT Business

Brussels attacks: Belgium admits ‘errors’ over bomber arrest – BBC News

Islamic State conflict: Syrian forces enter Palmyra – BBC News

IS in Europe: The race to the death – BBC News



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