Indistinguishable from magic 4/7

Nanoparticles show promise for treating intestinal inflammation, study finds 

Researchers use light and sound waves to control electron states 

Human evolution fast-tracked by mutations from anti-viral enzyme 

Team stores digital images in DNA—and retrieves them perfectly 

Fruit flies live longer on lithium 

HIV can develop resistance to CRISPR/Cas9 

Water ice detected at the surface of a distant star’s disk 

Crumpling approach enhances photodetectors’ light responsivity 

Multi-satellite mission directly observes electron acceleration by fast-moving electric-field waves 

Study finds sirtuin protein essential for healthy heart function 

Bacteria use their own pumps to collect magnesium 

Nanoporous material’s strange ‘breathing’ behavior 

People hate phone menus and don’t trust virtual assistants like Siri 

Team breaks world record of fastest optical communications for data centers 

New platform optimizes drug doses to prevent organ rejection for transplant patients 

Research into the correlation between beauty and body size shows that women are the harshest judges 

Ivacaftor improves smooth muscle function in cystic fibrosis patients 

Study uncovers genetic elements that drive regeneration 


Next Big Future: Stronger metals will make lighter and better harmonic gears for improved robotic arms and drives for demanding applications light space vehicles 

Next Big Future: Lockheed 2 foot long missiles for protecting a battalion from rocket, artillery and mortars 

Next Big Future: With takeover of Sharp Foxconn will be able to produce nearly 1 gigawatt of solar cells per year 

Next Big Future: DARPA will demonstrate robotic in orbit satellite repair and servicing by 2021 

The Future Happened 56 Million Years Ago 

The World’s Smallest Pacemaker Can Be Implanted Without Surgery 

The Next Obscenely Monstrous Cruise Ship Will Have an Entire Race Track On It 

Are Grenades Deadlier on Land or Under Water? 

Something Very Strange Is Happening With This Supermassive Black Hole 


New Horizons’ observation of solar winds could aid future space travelers 

China’s tallest building on the rise 

DNA sequence behind muscle regeneration begins to unravel 

HIV defies attempt to edit virus out of human cells with CRISPR | New Scientist 

Watch the first crewed flight of the world’s first “flying car” | New Scientist 

China has had a telescope on the moon for the past two years | New Scientist 

Lifelogging and fiction can teach computers to see how we see | New Scientist 

Earth’s cloud shield against warming may be weaker than thought | New Scientist 

Missing building block of life could be made on ice in space | New Scientist 

Capitalism must be re-engineered if we want a low-carbon world | New Scientist 

Physics adventures down the superfluid supersonic black hole | New Scientist 

Outdoor Light Can Slow Or Reduce Nearsightedness | Popular Science 

How Fungus And Synthetic Biology Could Save Astronauts On Mars | Popular Science 

Computer Chip Detects Brain Waves That Could Predict Seizures | Popular Science 

FBI Spy Planes Are Using Augmented Reality To Watch America | Popular Science 

Your Water Heater Can Become A High-Power Home Battery | Popular Science 

Enzyme Could Let Any Plant Produce Fuel | Popular Science 

Google Patented A Drone Rescue Service | Popular Science 

The Bosch Reaxx Jobsite Table Saw Will Save Your Fingers Without Destroying Your Blade 

Video: ‘Trap-jaw’ spiders chomp down with surprising force | Science | AAAS 

U.S. senators advance biomedical innovation bills, but key NIH funding issue unresolved | Science | AAAS 

Negotiations to tame marine Wild West begin : Nature News & Comment 

Action on mental health needs global cooperation : Nature News & Comment 

Science News, Articles, and Information – Scientific American 

Are We Living in a Computer Simulation? – Scientific American 

Coal Ash Is More Radioactive Than Nuclear Waste – Scientific American 

Unintended Consequences: The Sinister Side of Species Protection – The Crux 

Metallic Foams Annihilate Bullets, Block Radiation – D-brief 

Celebrate National Citizen Science Day: Find an Event Near You! – Citizen Science Salon : Citizen Science Salon 

Speed dating not working out? Maybe it’s your posture. – Seriously, Science? 

What If Apple Is Wrong? 

Here Come the Marketing Bots 

The Man Selling Shovels in the Machine-Learning Gold Rush 

Toyota Joins the Race for Self-Driving Cars with an Invisible Copilot 

Texas and California Have Too Much Renewable Energy 

21st-Century SmelloVision and the Truly Tricky Problem of Artificial Olfaction 

Moore’s Law’s Ultraviolet Savior Is Finally Ready 

Fine-tuning our view of how language changes 

Birds measure magnetic fields using long-lived quantum coherence – 

Gravitational background noise could be much louder than expected – 

Innovative Graphene-Based Microchip Shows Promise for Faster Wireless Data Transmission 

New Method Uses Carbon Nanotubes for Efficient Gene Transfer 

Threatened Species Are Thriving in Yellowstone. Now What? 

The Secrets Hidden in Old Candy Wrappers 

Mapping the Brain to Build Better Machines | Quanta Magazine 

Finely Tuned Carbon Nanotubes Could be Used for Thermoelectric Power Generation 

John Lewis’s connected apartment features world’s most awesome fridge | T3 


Here’s How Many Resources We Burn on Food No One Eats 

Autonomous Tractor Harvest-Ready: Science Fiction in the News 

Typhoid toxin aids survival in mice | Science News 

Possible source of high-energy neutrino reported | Science News 

There’s far more to the galaxy than meets the eye | Science News 

Catalyst could make production of key chemical more eco-friendly 

Engineers develop first transistors made entirely of nanocrystal ‘inks’ 

Physicists measure long-range magnetic interactions between ultracold particles 

From IT to black holes: Nano-control of light pioneers new paths 

Methods used to create textiles also could help manufacture human tissues 

Chemists develop carbon-carbon bond formation without toxic by-products 

Hackers will break into your Facebook, Gmail or Outlook account for $129 | News | 

If you pirate Quantum Break, Jack Joyce wears an eye patch | Games | 

Apple’s aging Mac Pro is falling far behind Windows rivals | Computerworld 

White House won’t support encryption unlocking legislation | Computerworld 

The rise of the citizen data scientist | Computerworld 

FBI says hack tool works only on iPhone 5c | Computerworld 

At MIT, a glimpse into our techno future | Computerworld 

Sales of desktop 3D printers explode, growing nearly 70% | Computerworld 

GoPro Omni is the VR action camera you’re looking for | TechRadar 

Nvidia’s new VR display might make motion sickness a thing of the past | TechRadar 

We need to be prepared for a devastating solar storm, researchers warn | TechRadar 

We’re spending less and more at the gas pump simultaneously – Roadshow 

Verizon reportedly bidding for Yahoo – CNET 

Uber wants to expand on military bases – CNET 

Continental to augment reality on your windshield – Roadshow 

Feeling sad, angry? Your future car will know – Roadshow 

Some truly useful tech: A sensor for your child’s car seat – CNET 

Facebook will announce chatbot and live chat APIs at F8 | TechCrunch 

AirMap raises $15M Series A round to develop its airspace management system for drones | TechCrunch 

Restaurant waitlisting app NoWait rolls out mobile payments | TechCrunch 

Facebook is being used to sell weapons in the Middle East 

Panasonic’s airline seat puts you in a high-tech cocoon 

Pollution-based Uber surge pricing is a real thing in Mexico City 

A computer has made a Rembrandt painting and it’s perfect 

7 signs your design style is out of date 

5 tools that make great lightning rods for your brainstorming sessions 

How to start a side business without quitting your current job 

Bentley wants to put a holographic butler in your car | The Verge 

European first responders will use DJI drones in rescue operations | The Verge 

This sleek electric bicycle has a built-in anti-theft tracking system | The Verge 

Duke Researchers Want Humans to Reach Their Full Regenerative Potential | Digital Trends 

15 Best Galaxy S7 Cases and Covers | Digital Trends 

Experimental Living Algae Jewelry Glows in the Dark | Digital Trends 

How and Where You Can Stream 4K UHD Movies and TV | Digital Trends 

FBI Tells Senators How It Hacked the iPhone | Digital Trends 

Spies In The Skies: FBI Planes Are Circling US Cities – Slashdot 

Snowden Ridicules David Cameron For Defending ‘Private’ Matter of Panama Papers Leak – Slashdot 

Data in the emerging world of stream processing | ZDNet 

Why Volvo believes China is the route to making driverless cars a success | ZDNet 

SpaceX says cargo launch ready, hopes to “nail the landing” this time | Ars Technica 

Amazon cloud has 1 million users and is near $10 billion in annual sales | Ars Technica 

After standoff with Congress, White House robs Ebola fund to pay for Zika | Ars Technica 

The next big thing in space may be really, REALLY small satellites | Ars Technica raises $23 million for its AI personal assistant, plans to launch this fall | VentureBeat | Apps | by Ken Yeung 

PodRide is an electric bicycle disguised as a tiny car – SlashGear 

Qualcomm’s Halo wireless EV charging is ready for prime-time – SlashGear 



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