Indistinguishable from magic

New hydrogen powered car offers free fuel for three years in California – Revolution-Green 

New solar energy collector so efficient it works at night – Neoseeker 

DIY Graphene SuperCapacitors | Laser Hacker Alternative Energy 

US Military spending remains massive compared to the rest of the world. – Business Insider 

Why Complaining Is Literally Killing You & Making You Sick. (Here’s How To Stop) | Collective-Evolution 

New stem cell treatment using fat cells could repair any tissue in the body – ScienceAlert 

Eating Raw Pumpkin Seeds Repair DNA, Control Blood Sugar Spikes & Improve Our Sight 

Study confirms: High levels of toxicity are drastically reduced in the body after women switch to natural make-up – – News and Articles on Science and Technology(… continued page 12) 

Major advance in ‘synthetic biochemistry’ holds promise for industrial products, biofuels 

Tropical birds develop ‘superfast’ wing muscles for mating, not flying 

Researchers create perfect nanoscrolls from graphene’s imperfect form 

Researchers generate clean energy using bacteria-powered solar panel 

Malaria—a new route of access to the heart of the parasite 

What can we learn from the farming insects? 

New hybrid inks permit printed, flexible electronics without sintering 

Ocean temperatures may hold key to predicting tornado outbreaks 

New version of the Human Protein Atlas 

Putin plays up Russia-US cooperation in space 

Engineers develop solar cells with highest power conversion efficiency 

Children of older mothers do better 

Living with adversity—what Tupac and Eminem can tell us about risk factors for mental health 

High-quality protein essential for optimal growth, development and health in humans 

New study links suicide with rates of gun ownership and how weapons are stored 

How sleepiness affects young daredevils’ risky behaviour 

Psyllium fiber found to reduce abdominal pain in children with IBS 

Telomere length tied to higher myocardial infarction risk 

Building Immunity: Team recreates a T-cell receptor signaling pathway 

Economic development does mean greater carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions 

Calcium isotope holds the secret to the mass of neutrinos 

Open-source collaborative platform to collect content from over 350 institutions’ archives 

Major rise in global music sales for first time since 1998 

NRL engineers to lead payload development for robotic servicing of geosynchronous satellites 

Tumble-proof cargo transporter in biological cells 

New, fast solar wind propulsion system is aim of study 

Professor hails ‘world-changing’ technology proven to extend shelf life of fruit and veg 

Firefighters’ positioning system may be used to monitor walking difficulty for elderly 

3-D printing creates knee model for evaluating patellar disorders and surgical approaches 

Employment status affects our morals around money 


Scientists discover how the brain repurposes itself to learn scientific concepts — ScienceDaily 

Scientists find ‘secret sauce’ for personalized, functional insulin-producing cells — ScienceDaily 

Research reveals trend in bird-shape evolution on islands — ScienceDaily 

Social thinking in the infant brain revealed — ScienceDaily 

Letting every voice be heard: Improper use of vocal cords can cause voice loss — ScienceDaily 

An invisible system to rescue the heart — ScienceDaily 

Transcranial direct current stimulation can boost language comprehension: Stimulation of the brain’s left angular gyrus enhanced the comprehension of simple, two-word phrases — ScienceDaily 

Long-range secure quantum communication system developed — ScienceDaily 

Humanoid robotics and computer avatars could help treat social disorders — ScienceDaily 

Will raindrops stick to a spider web’s threads? 

New species of tumbleweed is just as bad as its parents | Science News 

Alamo Drafthouse Is Bringing the Original Star Wars Trilogy Back to the Big Screen 

Breakthrough Nanophotonic Chip for Next Generation Optical Technologies 

Diamond quantum bit is controlled using light and sound – 


News Picks: New measurement doesn’t resolve disagreement over Hubble constant 

The Drug-Making Process Is Slow and Wasteful—This Machine Could Fix That 

Landing Rockets Is Awesome, but How Much Will Refurbishing Them Cost? 

The Race to Save Coral Reefs 

An Impressive Walking Google Robot Tries to Vacuum the Stairs 

Desk-Size Turbine Could Power a Town 

Company with Novel Photography Tech Tries to Make It Easier, Cheaper to Make 3-D Movies 

What’s Wrong with Techno Optimists, and Other Comments from Readers 

Debate Intensifies Over Dark Disk Theory | Quanta Magazine 

Could Virtual Reality Inspire Empathy for Others? | Smart News | Smithsonian 

The Forgotten Soviet Space Shuttle Could Fly Itself 

Prepare for an Explosion of Gravitational Wave Detections – D-brief 

How Does a Mathematician’s Brain Differ from That of a Mere Mortal? – Scientific American 

Caging Chemical Weapons – Scientific American 

Rescued Japanese spacecraft delivers first results from Venus : Nature News & Comment 

Gene-editing surge drives US to rethink regulations : Nature News & Comment 

Measurement of Universe’s expansion rate creates cosmological puzzle : Nature News & Comment 

Q&A: Tech expert and cancer survivor to lead U.S. 1-million-person health study | Science | AAAS 

This Tiny Turbine Could Be the Next Big Thing in Power 

Top Private Science Funders From Around The World | Popular Science 

Yuri Milner And Stephen Hawking Will Send Alien-Seeking Probes Into Deep Space | Popular Science 


Billionaire pledges $100m to send spaceships to Alpha Centauri | New Scientist 

Our top 5 wacky NASA missions that might just happen | New Scientist 

DEA mellowing out on cannabis would make medical research easier | New Scientist 

Super-thin iPhone case hides extra juice 

Lego expert recreates famous buildings, Brick by Brick 

U-Boat Worx plumbs new depths with latest tourist subs 

Versatile electric lift gives you a “down” button for your car-top cargo 

Desktop device brings laser-cutting home 

Halbrad half-bike is a rolling rear triangle for the streets 

Stephen Hawking and a Russian Billionaire Want to Build an Interstellar Starship 

Hong Kong Cloaked in Fog Looks Unreal From the Sky 

Upgrade to BÖHM Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones For $68, Today Only 

Space Companies Promise Full Inflatable Space Stations in Orbit by 2020 

This Is the Most Sustainable Office in the World 

The National Weather Service Will Only Use its FAMOUS ALL CAPS FORECASTS for Emergencies 

Transformers Pop-Up Book Features Paper Robots That Actually Transform 

Skateboarding in an Empty Waterpark Looks Crazy Fun 

The Most Beautiful Fireworks Show in China Is Literally a Blacksmith Throwing Molten Metal Around 

Renewables output beats coal and nuclear, again : TreeHugger 

Award-winning biodegradable agar packaging could replace plastic | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building 

New atom-thick desalination filter slashes energy use by 20 percent | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building 

Hitachi EMIEW3 customer service robot runs on a ‘remote brain’ – SlashGear 

Uber received more than 400 rider data requests from U.S. law enforcement in 6 months | VentureBeat | Security | by Paul Sawers 

Android Voice Access: Google gives you spoken control over smartphone apps, settings | ZDNet 

Architects Design a 65-Story Data Center – Slashdot 

Sprimo Air Purifier Uses Personalized Filters to Clean Your Air | Digital Trends 

Mice With Implanted 3D Printed Ovaries Birth Healthy Pups | Digital Trends 

Overnight Links Last-Minute Travelers with Couches and Beds | Digital Trends 

Affordable Prosthetic Voice Box Helps Cancer Patients Speak | Digital Trends 

SpaceX Successfully Delivers Inflatable Room to Outer Space | Digital Trends 

GoTenna Video Review | Digital Trends 

The original Star Wars trilogy is returning to theaters this summer | The Verge 

NASA’s Golden Age of Design Chronicled in Reissued Standards Manual – Curbed 

36,000 Verizon union workers are set to strike tomorrow | The Verge 

Digital music now makes more money than physical media worldwide 

The era of AI-human hybrid intelligence | TechCrunch 

Microsoft’s new Surface keyboard has aesthetic and sensory qualities unlike anything you’ve ever experienced | TechCrunch 

Americans are afraid of autonomous cars | TechCrunch 

Legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin lays out his hopes for colonizing Mars | TechCrunch 

Zuckerberg’s Oculus has plans to bring computers to your glasses – CNET 

Google will let you navigate around your phone, hands-free – CNET 

AT&T tries to sweeten DirecTV bundles – CNET 

Facebook’s self-built 360-camera is a live-streaming mothership | TechRadar 

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 could have up to 8GB of RAM | TechRadar 

This 3D printer can rival standard manufacturing on the factory floor | Computerworld 

Scientists could use DNA to shrink a data center into a sugar cube | Computerworld 

Atos aims to deliver an exaflop supercomputer to French government by 2020 | Computerworld 

JBL noise cancelling earbuds use USB Type-C instead of 3.5mm jack | Mobile | 

Microsoft is putting QR codes on Windows 10 BSODs for easier lookups | Microsoft | 

Leaked Kindle Oasis offers months of battery life if you use new click-on cover | News | 



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