Money makes the world go round

Chicago Police Dept. Plagued by Systemic Racism, Task Force Finds – The New York Times 

‘Living Wills’ of 5 Banks Fail to Pass Muster – The New York Times 

Chicago Task Force Calls for Police Overhaul, Cites History of Racism – WSJ 

Support for Brazil’s Rousseff Wanes Ahead of Impeachment Vote – WSJ 

Shoppers Flock to Apps, Shaking Up Retail – WSJ 

Three Stubborn Types of Mistakes Dog Financial Reporting – WSJ 

West Coast Ports Look to Make Comeback in Cargo Volume – WSJ 

Alibaba, Ant Financial to Jointly Invest $1.25 Billion in – WSJ 

Negative Rates Don’t Work But Here’s a Way to Profit – Barron’s 

The fascinating life of Elon Musk, captured in one giant infographic – MarketWatch 

Myanmar 6.9 Magnitude Earthquake Sends Tremors Across India; Multiple Injuries Reported 

Zika Virus Funding: States Feeling The Squeeze As Congress Holds Out On $1.8 Billion In Emergency Money 

Hillary Clinton Would Create New Office Of Immigrant Affairs If Elected President 

JPMorgan Quarterly Profit Falls 6.7% 

US Rejection Of Wall Street ‘Living Wills’ Ratchets Up Pressure On Too-Big-To-Fail Banks 

Muslim Brotherhood Headquarters In Amman Raided, Sealed By Jordanian Police 

Russian warplanes ‘aggressively’ pass US missile destroyer – BBC News 

Germany Islam: CSU head Scheuer calls for German in mosques – BBC News 

Paris attacks: Spain seizes Coulibaly ‘gun supplier’ – BBC News 

EU debate over Turkey deal: Political catastrophe vs abuse of press freedom, bazaar politics — RT News 

Serious problems uncovered at jail where activist Sandra Bland died – report — RT USA 

ISIS destroys 2,000-year-old legendary ‘Gate of God’ in Iraq — RT News 

Protesters throw flares, clash with police, storm presidential HQ in Macedonian capital — RT News 

CIA ‘Plan B’ for Syria would give rebels MANPADs to ‘counter Russia’ – report — RT News 

‘US has already decided Bashar Assad’s government is illegitimate and must be overthrown’ — RT Op-Edge 

Syria elects parliament, US dismisses poll beforehand — RT News 

Saudi Arabia urges religious police to ‘gently’ enforce Islamic laws — RT News 

A State-By-State Roadmap For The Rest Of The Republican Primary | FiveThirtyEight 

Europe Sacrifices Free Speech for Political Correctness | Capitalism Magazine 

Laissez-Faire Capitalism O Canada! | Capitalism Magazine 

Capitalism 101: “Progressives” are Enemies of Freedom | Capitalism Magazine 

A Capitalist Solution to Finland’s Cradle To Grave Nanny State | Capitalism Magazine 

Taxi Deregulation Is On a Roll | Capitalism Magazine 

College Campus Lunacy | Capitalism Magazine 

Progressive Education: Why They Support Bernie Sanders | Dollars & Crosses 

High School Shames Student for Writing Politically Incorrect Essay It Knew Was Satire – Hit & Run : 

Here’s Why Ted Cruz Fought to Keep Sex Toys Illegal in Texas – Hit & Run : 

Psychiatrist: Overprotective Parents Are Creating Easily-Offended College Students – Hit & Run : 

New GAO Report Details Scope of Federal Government Inefficiency – Hit & Run : 

Mass Surveillance Has a “Chilling Effect” on Online Expression – Hit & Run : 

Happy Birthday, Thomas Jefferson – Hit & Run : 

Charlie Hebdo, Terrorism, and the Culture of ‘You Can’t Say That’ – 


Another Libertarian Moment? – 

The Crypto Wars Are Not About Terrorism, They’re About Power – 

The Ethics of Capitalism | Mises Wire 

What’s So Moral About Moral Hazard? | Mises Wire 

Student Loans: No Credit? No Collateral? No Problem! | Mises Wire 

3 Ways IBM Could Become Great Once Again — The Motley Fool 

An Important Milestone in Netflix’s Quest to Become HBO — The Motley Fool 

Performance vs. Outcomes — The Motley Fool 

Can Twitter Solve Its Engagement Problem? — The Motley Fool 

What Caused Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals to Skyrocket 13% Today — The Motley Fool 

Eastman Chemical Is Becoming a Cash-Flow Machine — The Motley Fool 

3 Biotech Takeover Targets That Could Get Bought Soon — The Motley Fool 

Microsoft Explores Self-Driving Cars With Toyota Partnership — The Motley Fool 

Illumina’s “Moonshot” Startups May Be The Biggest Reason To Buy Its Shares — The Motley Fool 

Southwest Airlines Continues to Outperform Its Larger Rivals — The Motley Fool 

Broke And Desperate, Ted Cruz Comes Crawling Back To Wall Street | Dealbreaker 

UBS Whistleblower “Sure” CIA Is Behind Panama Papers Leak | Dealbreaker 

Which of These Companies Will Buy Yahoo!? – TheStreet 

Delta vs. American: Which Airline’s Stock Looks Like the Winner? – TheStreet 

Facebook’s Bold 10-Year Plan Will Benefit Consumers and Investors – TheStreet 

Western Digital (WDC) Stock Price Target Upped at Deutsche Bank – TheStreet 

Central banks have it all wrong with their focus on cutting interest rates – MarketWatch 

Rising wages threaten S&P 500 profitability – MarketWatch 

America’s water crisis is way bigger than Flint – MarketWatch 

Is there a place for micro apartments and micro hotels in a country notorious for macro tastes? – MarketWatch 

Proof That Good Managers Really Do Make a Difference 

Why Retirement Is a Flawed Concept 

U.S. Argues Against More Iranian Sanctions After Missile Tests – Bloomberg 

U.S. Said to Issue Offshore Drilling Rules That Industry Fought – Bloomberg 

The Crawling Pace of Doctor-Payment Reform – Bloomberg View 

How a ‘Plan C’ Candidate Can Win the Republican Crown – Bloomberg View 

Oil Drillers Feel the Pain as Banks Slash Their Credit Lines – Bloomberg 

Selling Legal Weed: It’s All About the Packaging – Bloomberg 

This Device Could Provide a Third of America’s Power – Bloomberg 

A Shadow Government Emerges in Brazil as VP Temer Enters Fray – Bloomberg 

The Beginning of the End of Central Bank Easing – Bloomberg 

Turkey tries to have a German comedian locked up—in Germany | The Economist 

Most British companies want to stay in the European Union | The Economist 

Losing their religion: New briefs further complicate Supreme Court contraception battle | The Economist 

The IMF downgrades global growth again | The Economist 

Sell RBS at a loss, says outgoing Treasury head – 

Vote Leave’s designation as official campaign spurs Brexit feud – 

Chill winds still blow through the oil market – 

Companies cannot escape nationalities and borders – 

AIIB and World Bank to work on joint projects – 

Barclays headcount drops 8,000 in 4 months – 

What the vote on Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment means for Brazil – 


ULA chief vows to cut space launch costs – 

Russia’s potential growth rate ‘close to zero’ – 

Nigeria agrees $6bn loan and currency swap deal with China – 

Slow growth is a fact of life in the post-crisis world – 



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