Indistinguishable from magic 4/15

Fish-eyed lens cuts through the dark — ScienceDaily 

Commonly used reflux, ulcer medication may cause serious kidney damage — ScienceDaily 

New blood thinners reduce atrial fibrillation stroke risk without frequent monitoring — ScienceDaily 

DNA analysis could help improve your workout – study — ScienceDaily 

Origin of life: Temperature gradients within pores in rock could have separated primitive biopolymers — ScienceDaily 

India’s smog-choked capital imposes driving restrictions — ScienceDaily 

Quenching mechanism of 2D MnO2 nanosheet towards Au nanocluster fluorescence clarified 

Pied flycatchers cruise nonstop for days to cross the Sahara | Science News 

Here’s Our First Good Look at the Furry Dragon of Pete’s Dragon 

Nanolive’s New Microscope Observes Living Cells in 3D 

New Circular Piezo Stack Actuators and Miniature Ring Actuators are Highly Reliable, Produced by PI 

Patterned liquid crystals guide light through planar lens – 

News Picks: Astronomer crowdfunds telescope to solve 40-year-old radio wave mystery 

News Picks: NASA studies supersonic shock waves using schlieren imagery and the Sun 

How Political Candidates Know If You’re Neurotic 

An Easier Way to Track Your Blood Pressure 

You Can Finally Know How Much Energy That New Refrigerator Saves 

Two Historic Parts of The London Underground Will Soon Open for Visitors | Smart News | Smithsonian 

Historians Identify 35 Descendants of Leonardo da Vinci | Smart News | Smithsonian 

The Czech Republic Wants to Change Its Name | Smart News | Smithsonian 

Why You Should Be Excited about Citizen Science Day 2016, in One Amazing Video – Citizen Science Salon : Citizen Science Salon 

A New Era in Medical Marijuana Research? – Scientific American 

4-D Printing Adds New Dimension to DIY Fabrication – Scientific American 

Latest Battle to Wipe Out Polio Begins with Vast Vaccine Switch – Scientific American 

Cosmic Speed Measurement Suggests Dark Energy Mystery – Scientific American 

No pressure: NSF test finds eliminating deadlines halves number of grant proposals | Science | AAAS 

13 Best Noise Canceling Headphones in 2016 – Over and In Ear Noise Canceling Headphones 

7 Mountain Roller Coasters That Will Leave You Breathless 

The 5 Liquid Fixes You Should Keep In Your Garage 

Use a Pencil to Make Sure You’re Sanding Just the Right Amount 


Are Amazon’s Dome Headquarters The Workspace Of The Future? | Popular Science 

Cow’s milk has vital prebiotic for a healthy baby’s microbiome | New Scientist 

Take a punt: The thrilling science of risk and chance | New Scientist 

We are zombies rewriting our mental history to feel in control | New Scientist 

Dolphin have a language that helps them solve problems together | New Scientist 

Precise embroidered circuits bring next-gen smart clothing closer to reality 

Microsoft Captionbot will tell you what’s in your photos 

Cheaper, transparent smart skin powers itself 

A Tiny Death Star Is the Only Reason You Should Buy a Levitating Speaker 

The Dinosaurs at Every Museum Should Do This 

Trees Are Even More Amazing Than We Realized 

Video Shot From Fighter Jets Will Melt Your Face 


Next Big Future: Stellar Echo Imaging of Exoplanets 

Next Big Future: Membrane spacecraft with 7.7 kW/kg power-to-weight ratio and 4000 ISP 

Engineers develop the first on-chip RF circulator that doubles WiFi speeds with a single antenna 

Biochemists solve the structure of cell’s DNA gatekeeper 

Robot offers safer, more efficient way to inspect power lines 

Paper-based electrical sensor developed to monitor respiration rate 

Generation of tailored magnetic materials 

Innovative heat engine uses a single electrically charged calcium atom 

How the brain consolidates memory during deep sleep 

Optogenetic system inhibits intracellular membrane vesicle trafficking 


A new combination of materials allows state-of-the-art operating controls with elastic circuits 

Successful synthesis of ammonia using visible light, water, and atmospheric nitrogen 

Swapping plaster casts for 3-D printing 

Why the internet isn’t making us smarter – and how to fight back 

Laser source for biosensors 

Fossil fuels could be phased out worldwide in a decade, says new study 

Teaching computers to describe images as people would 

Scientists develop the first ‘pharmalogical’ tourniquet 

New guidance on preventing sudden cardiac death in athletes published 

Immune cells help the brain to self-heal after a stroke 

Care for cancer patients still expensive almost a decade after treatment 

Vitamin D helps reduce childhood allergy rate 

Vitamin pill could prevent heart attacks and strokes in people with kidney disease 

Research reveals family-focused therapy reduces complicated grief 

Weighing the health benefits of coffee 

Study finds new vaccination rules remind forgetful parents but fail to impact objectors 

Gene-editing tool can improve efficacy of adoptive T-cell immunotherapy 

One-a-day anti-seizure drug shows promise for people with epilepsy 

First-ever videos show how heat moves through materials at the nanoscale and speed of sound 

Princeton graduate student creates program that helps stabilize fusion plasma 

New tool reveals role of ancestry in soil communities of bacteria 

New technology reduces transportation costs of heavy oil 

Instead of sexual reproduction, rotifers scavenge new genes from other pond life 


Ancient volcanoes could be key to predicting the impact of climate change 

Obama backs effort to give consumers options on cable boxes 

The sky’s the limit at Geneva inventions show 

California mental health stigma-reduction campaign creates economic benefits 

joseph sarafian & ron culver explore concrete casting with fabric forms 

OMA unveils plans to build its first tower in toyko 

josé quintela turns ordinary parked vehicles into surreal tiny cars 

Wolff Olins designs sound-reactive logo for telecoms company 

Tate Harmer’s underground venue for Brunel museum 

Manuelle Gautrand, DesignInc, and Lacoste + Stevenson Win Competition for 5 Parramatta Square | ArchDaily 

Schematic Design of St. Petersburg Pier Wins City Council Approval | ArchDaily 

5 Ways Computational Design Will Change the Way You Work | ArchDaily 



LG gram 15 laptops are ultralight, 0.7″ thin, and feature USB-C – SlashGear 

Browser startup Vivaldi says it needs 5 million users to turn profit | VentureBeat | Business | by Reuters 

Google’s free public Wi-Fi hits 10 Indian train stations as Internet companies take control | VentureBeat | Cloud | by Paul Sawers 

Twitter gears up for new push into China with hiring of regional director | VentureBeat | Social | by Chris O’Brien 

‘Allumette’ proves that virtual reality cinema is no joke | VentureBeat | Media | by Harrison Weber 

House votes to undermine net neutrality rules, and ISPs cheer | Ars Technica 

First-person drone racing descends upon Wembley Stadium | Ars Technica 

Help save 17 years of PC game modding history | Ars Technica 

A Disney space station? It no longer seems like such a goofy idea | Ars Technica 

Facebook’s bots are already revolting | Ars Technica 

IBM is building a cognitive computing research center with the University of Illinois | ZDNet 

Home factory: Short-run manufacturing with your 3D printer | ZDNet 

California defeats bill to force companies to decrypt phone data | ZDNet 

Two arms good, four arms better: How robots are redefining the future of surgery | ZDNet 

Microsoft’s cloud video analytics can tell if you are happy, sad or angry | ZDNet 

Samsung to supply Apple with 100 million OLED panels: Report | ZDNet 

Tough new privacy laws in EU could signal global changes | ZDNet 

Alien ‘Wow!’ Signal Could Be Explained After Almost 40 Years – Slashdot 

Feds: TVA Executive Traded Nuclear Information For Cash In Chinese Espionage Case – Slashdot 

Fontus, the Self-Filling Water Bottle, is on Indiegogo | Digital Trends 

LG Photoshops Mac OS X Apps Running On a Windows Laptop | Digital Trends 

Gamestop Exec. Says New Consoles “Seem Imminent” | Digital Trends 

Intel Shows 3D XPoint Drives Copying A File At Nearly 2GB/s | Digital Trends 

U.S. Government Ranks Last In Cybersecurity Report | Digital Trends 

Connected Highway Tech Will be Tested in the U.K. | Digital Trends 

Tiny New Femtosat Satellites Could Democratize Space | Digital Trends 

The weird future of movie theater food | The Verge 

New LG Rolly Keyboard 2 has five rows of keys | The Verge 

Yes, Tesla, I would like an instrument cluster | The Verge 

The secret rules of the internet | The Verge 

Apple TV apps can now stream live content 


We analyzed a year’s worth of content so you don’t have to 

Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs wants to build the city of the future 

Welcome to our new home… 

Play Doom’s open beta all weekend on PS4, Xbox One and Steam 

Edward Snowden has too much free time, starts making music 

Google Play podcasts might finally launch on April 18th 


Uber and Lyft drivers need to obtain business licenses in order to drive in SF | TechCrunch 

Superspin research project aims to drive more energy efficient computing | TechCrunch 

Hulu’s smarter, more personalized Watchlist rolls out to all users | TechCrunch 

13 TechCrunch stories you don’t want to miss this week | TechCrunch 


Google Drive adds just one checkbox, and that makes all the difference – CNET 

New ‘e-skin’ tech turns your body into a walking display – CNET 

Game deals – Green Man Gaming’s slashing prices | TechRadar 

Google IO 2016: dates and keynote predictions | TechRadar 

Chrome gives up on Windows XP as Google says bye-bye to antiquated OS | TechRadar 

Best Mac to buy in 2016: Apple’s top iMacs, MacBooks and more | TechRadar 

Where phone meets body | TechRadar 

5 best USB-C accessories, cables and adapters | TechRadar 

Big changes could be coming to search on Apple’s App Store | TechRadar 

How IT teams navigate unlimited vacation policies | Computerworld 

Apple may rebrand OS X as ‘MacOS’ this summer | Computerworld 

Ninja desktops zoom with Intel’s 72-core Knights Landing chip | Computerworld 

Apple’s recycling program recovered 2,204lbs of gold last year worth $40 million | Apple | 

15 expert Apple TV tips and tricks | T3 

Check out our top tech deals: grab one of our lovely daily offers | T3 

Natalie Batalha: “A Planet for Goldilocks” | Talks at Google – YouTube 


The Scott Brothers: “Dream Home” | Talks at Google – YouTube 

Eric Weiner: “Geography of Genius” | Talks at Google – YouTube 

Neil Pasricha: “The Happiness Equation” | Talks at Google – YouTube 

Download Your Mind into Another Body? To No Longer Die Changes Everything | Big Think 

Why the US Has Better Security than Europe from Terror Attacks | Big Think 

The Online Economy Is Breaking Businesses, and Stealing Our Time and Energy | Big Think 

How Will Automation Change Global Business, and the Communities It Serves? | Big Think 

Life on Earth Thrives Thanks to the Same System Driving Climate Change | Big Think 

Job Stress Giving You a Case of the Mondays? Outthink Your Anxiety | Big Think 

A Simple, Yet Effective Way To Decide If You’re A Psychopath | Big Think 

Nothing Grows Forever. Digital Industrialism and What Comes Next. | Big Think 

People Have Been Hearing This Hum for Years. No One’s Sure What It Is. | Big Think 

What an Anti-Memory Is and How It Frees Your Mind | Big Think 

Here’s How Happiness Got Confusing (Bentham’s 54 slippery “synonyms”) | Big Think 

Indigo Is Researching Microbes So We Can Feed the next Billion People | Big Think 

Study Shows How LSD Mimics Infant’s Mind as Ego Dissolves | Big Think 

The Best Way for Kids to Learn Science Might be This Crowdfunding Site | Big Think 

Watch “Starving cancer away | Sophia Lunt | TEDxMSU” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “Listening Across the Stars | Joel Livsey | TEDxSFA” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “What The Younger Generation Face In A Digital World | Darren Roos | TEDxBruntsfield” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “Why you don’t have to believe in yourself | My Lan Nguyen | TEDxLSE” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “How babies can inspire us to build intelligent robot | Alex Pitti | TEDxArts&EtMétiersParisTechLille” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “How NASA is answering the question: Are we alone? | Shawn Domagal-Goldman | TEDxMidAtlantic” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “How to work, love and play when no one has time | Brigid Schulte | TEDxMidAtlanticSalon” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “Transcending Disabilities: Positive Body Imaging | Kim Lan Grout | TEDxUNC” Video at TEDxTalks 


Watch “DIY Space Projects | Jo Hinchliffe | TEDxHolyhead” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “Study less, experience more. | Maximilian Mackee | TEDxRoppongi” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “What can we learn from Robot Athletes? | Jacky Baltes | TEDxUManitoba” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “For a Faster Wireless Experience | Charith Gunasekara | TEDxUManitoba” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “Memories in a test tube | Dr. Emma Cahill | TEDxLimassol” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “Hacking your brain for happiness | James Doty | TEDxSacramento” Video at TEDxTalks 

Artist inserts nostalgic little treehouses among ordinary houseplants : TreeHugger 

“Form follows time” in tiny transformer apartment : TreeHugger 

Couple builds luminous 192 sq. ft. tiny house for extra rental income : TreeHugger 

Submit your designs to CTBUH’s Student Tall Building Design Competition—Win $6,000 | Design Competitions 

The Bay House in California turns industrial ruins into paradise | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building 

NASA science-backed LED light bulbs help you fall asleep at night and stay alert during the day | Inhabitat New York City 

The Perfect Wall house in Texas is insulated on the outside | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building 

Researchers believe trees may have their own living Internet | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building 

“Reflect London” conceals Covent Garden construction with a dazzling mirror display | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building 

Villa Circuitus: Sweden’s first round Passive House boasts an innovative solar-powered balcony | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building 

Open-source phytoremediation project tackles the Tiber River’s pollution crisis | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building 

BioMorph 2016: AA Visiting School India – eVolo | Architecture Magazine 

5 Credenzas and Cabinets for Vinyl Lovers This Record Store Day Weekend – Curbed 

Peak Efficiency: A Sustainable Rocky Mountain Office Heated Mostly by the Sun – Curbed 

Prefab Tiny Homes a Highlight of New Blu Homes Product Launch – Curbed 

“This is how you can shape a metropolis for generations” – BLDGBLOG 

Parag Khanna: How megacities are changing the map of the world | TED Talk | 

Astro Teller: The unexpected benefit of celebrating failure | TED Talk | 

Stephen Petranek: Your kids might live on Mars. Here’s how they’ll survive | TED Talk | 

Paula Hammond: A new superweapon in the fight against cancer | TED Talk | 

Lisa Nip: How humans could evolve to survive in space | TED Talk | 



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