Indistinguishable from magic 4/18

System predicts 85 percent of cyber-attacks using input from human experts 

Researchers create super stretchy, self-healing material that could lead to artificial muscle 

Thanks, actin, for the memories: Theorists model complex interactions that allow for long-term memory 

Renewable energy storage possible thanks to chemical conversions 

Fermi telescope poised to pin down gravitational wave sources 

Smart skin is powered by the objects it touches 

What screens are made of: New twists (and bends) in LCD research 

Inverse spin Hall effect: A new way to get electricity from magnetism 

Copper gives an answer to the rise of oxygen 

Psilocybin reduces psychological pain after social exclusion 

Researchers can identify you by your brain waves with 100 percent accuracy 

New nanodevice shifts light’s color at single-photon level 

Scientists discover C4 photosynthesis boosts growth by altering size and structure of plant leaves and roots 

Nanostructures grown on fabric can mop up oil spills 

Deceptive feathered dinosaur finally gets a name 


New computer program can help uncover hidden genomic alterations that drive cancers 

Manhattan DA, law officials push for encryption legislation 

First computer program developed to detect DNA mutations in single cancer cells 

Genetic vitamin K1 levels linked to heart disease 

Single three-minute freeze beneficial in paroxysmal A-fib 

Xanthohumol in lab tests lowers cholesterol, blood sugar and weight gain 

Diabetes drug, metformin, lowers risk of heart disease deaths better than sulfonylureas 

Metastasis-promoting circulating tumor cell clusters pass through capillary-sized vessels 

Novel e-skin may monitor health, vital signs 

Brain caught ‘filing’ memories during rest 

Technique could help identify patients who would suffer chemo-induced heart damage 

Nanomaterial to drive new generation of solar cells 

New headphones can pick and choose outside noises 


Study provides structural basis for development of new antibiotics 

New optogenetic tool moves proteins within cells to study biological changes 

Controlling integrated optical circuits using patterns of light 

Exfoliating thinner flakes of phosphorene at higher yield 

Nanoparticle acts like Trojan horse to halt asthma 

Could global warming’s top culprit help crops? 

Reader of epigenetic marks could be ‘game changer’ for certain cancers 

It’s on … Amazon’s stand-alone streaming targets Netflix 

Google wins long US court battle on book-scanning (Update) 

Great willow herb as an antitode in therapies against multi-drug resistant bacteria 

One ‘snapshot’ at a time, scientists make a film featuring RNA 

Technology for growth of single crystals leads to an eye-safe laser 

Study shows songbird travels nonstop for migration over Sahara 




SteamBio enabling sustainable carbon for industry 

Report suggests famous radio telescope signal was caused by comets 


An acoustic analysis of Freddie Mercury’s voice 

Diagnostic device that quickly measures gas components in people’s breath 

Quantum computing closer as researchers drive towards first quantum data bus 

Symposium envisions golden age of space travel 

SLAC researchers recreate the extreme universe in the lab 

Royal Navy uses pilotless aircraft to navigate through ice 

Ultrathin organic material enhances e-skin display 

‘Odd couple’ monolayer semiconductors align to advance optoelectronics 

Graphene-based sensor detects harmful air pollution in the home 

Fish-eyed lens cuts through the dark 


Every V12 Powered Car You Can Buy Today 

10 Best Waterproof Tech Gadgets Perfect for Summer 2016 

13 Best Noise Canceling Headphones in 2016 – Over and In Ear Noise Canceling Headphones 

Australian Postal Service Tests Drone Delivery | Popular Science 

“Unidentified Floating Object” Is A Seaborne Suburb Of The Future | Popular Science 

YouTube Introduces Live 360-Degree Video Streaming | Popular Science 

Syrian Refugees Create Robot Baller | Popular Science 

First evidence that sperm epigenetics affect the next generation | New Scientist 

Water telescope’s first sky map shows flickering black holes | New Scientist 

Gravitational wave hunters gear up to detect extreme black holes | New Scientist 

Don’t like the buttons on your toaster? Just print your own | New Scientist 


Waking supervolcano makes North Korea and West join forces | New Scientist 

Where’s the sugar? Supermarket robot creates product maps as it takes stock 

Graphene-based sensor targets sick building syndrome 

Urine-powered battery offers cheap energy source 

Low-energy imaging peers through steel containers to spot nuclear material 

Diesel engine concept controls heat to cut emissions 

One80 headlamp spreads light from a half-halo 

Google’s Parent Company Confirms Plans to Build the City of the Future 

The Most Effective Way to Wash Your Hands—According to Science 

We Might Be Totally Wrong About Why the Dinosaurs Went Extinct 

Jurassic World 2 Just Got a Very Intriguing Director 

Boeing Wants to Make Weather Testing Planes Easier With 3D-Printed Fake Ice 

New Experiment Shows Mammal Embryos Can ‘Develop Completely’ in Space 

Beverly Hills Has Decided to Build an On-Demand Autonomous Car Service 

One Day Your Smartphone’s Case Will Do Far More Than Just Protect It 

Next Big Future: Petahertz optical drive with wide-bandgap semiconductor 

Next Big Future: Global Economy Faltering from long duration of weak growth and Financial Risks are increasing 

Next Big Future: US Air Force Hypersonic weapons roadmap 

Next Big Future: Megawatt beam propulsion by 2023 and Gigawatts by 2030 

Next Big Future: All of the technology is nearly ready for megawatt space based laser systems for science and planetary defense 

Next Big Future: Calcium atom heat engine created and output measured 

Next Big Future: Canada has a technology geek Prime Minister 

98 percent cure rate for prostate cancer using stereotactic body radiation therapy, research shows — ScienceDaily 

Unexpected discovery leads to a better battery — ScienceDaily 

All ants on deck: Raft-building ants exhibit memory, repeatedly occupy same position when forming rafts — ScienceDaily 

How children perceive faces: Seven-year-olds show different brain activities than adults — ScienceDaily 

New hope for spinal cord injuries — ScienceDaily 

Mothers’ milk and the infant gut microbiota: An ancient symbiosis — ScienceDaily 

New study examines the effect of ecstasy on the brain — ScienceDaily 

First-ever videos show how heat moves through materials at the nanoscale and speed of sound: Groundbreaking observations could help develop better, more efficient materials for electronics and alternative energy — ScienceDaily 

From lighting screens to lighting homes — ScienceDaily 

New optogenetic tool moves proteins within cells to study biological changes: By using lasers, scientists can switch off and on proteins to watch how cells react quickly to their new reality — ScienceDaily 

HAWC Gamma-ray Observatory reveals new look at the very-high-energy sky — ScienceDaily 

Chemical composition of dust from beyond the solar system analyzed — ScienceDaily 

Inkjet process to print flexible touchscreens cost-efficiently — ScienceDaily 

Laser source for biosensors: First time organic lasers integrated into a silicon photonic chip — ScienceDaily 

Better tests for Schrodinger cats 

Will we know extraterrestrial life when we see it? | Science News 

Wildfire shifts could dump more ice-melting soot in Arctic | Science News 

‘House of Lost Worlds’ opens vaults of renowned natural history museum | Science News 

Math models predict mysterious monarch navigation | Science News 

This week in Zika: Assessing risk, mosquito range, a transmission first and more | Science News 

MIPT Scientists Develop Ultra-Thin Ferroelectric Films for Producing Ferroelectric Tunnel Junctions 

New Research Paves Way for Scalable Assembly of Nanotubes from Bottom Up 

Nanolive’s New Microscope Observes Living Cells in 3D 

New Circular Piezo Stack Actuators and Miniature Ring Actuators are Highly Reliable, Produced by PI 

‘Cool’ Saharan ants’ silver hairs cause total internal reflection – 

News Picks: ESA receives go-ahead to build gravitational-wave observatory 

News Picks: Nuclear weapon modernization increases tensions among nuclear powers 

News Picks: SpaceX hauls dirt as first step in building its Boca Chica launch site 

Airplanes Are Getting Lighter Thanks to 3-D-Printed Parts 

Tesla’s Biggest Edge in Chasing Autonomy Is Treating Drivers Like Guinea Pigs 

10 Breakthrough Technologies 2016: Slack 

You Can Finally Know How Much Energy That New Refrigerator Saves 

Remaking Social Media for the Next Revolution 

Vaccine Switch Marks a New (and Hopefully Last) Stage in the Battle With Polio | Smart News | Smithsonian 

New York’s Newest Urban Farm Floats | Smart News | Smithsonian 

This Perfume Smells Like the Apocalypse | Smart News | Smithsonian 

Historic Sites of the London Underground Will Soon Open for Visitors | Smart News | Smithsonian 


Spoof Papers And The Ethics of Academic Publishing – Neuroskeptic 

When You Give a Mouse a Memory | 

How Magicians Trick Your Brain – Scientific American 

Creativity Is Much More Than 10,000 Hours of Deliberate Practice – Scientific American Blog Network 

Beyond Resveratrol: The Anti-Aging NAD Fad – Scientific American Blog Network 

Synthetic biology tackles global antivenom shortage : Nature News & Comment 

Brazilian law grants patients right to use untested cancer ‘drug’ : Nature News & Comment 

The search for hidden dimensions comes up empty again | Ars Technica 

Smartphone use on the refugee trail | Ars Technica 

World’s biggest cyber wargame features battle over online services and industrial control system | ZDNet 

Hands-on: Stock your emergency kit with the AT&T SpareOne Emergency Phone | ZDNet 

Blackmail: Obama Under Pressure To Declassify Secret 9/11 Report – Slashdot 

Netflix Has Twice As Many US Subscribers As Comcast – Slashdot 

Netherlands Looks To Ban All Non-Electric Cars By 2025 – Slashdot 

Music Industry Sees First Big Gains in 20 Years Thanks to Streaming Services – Slashdot 

Amazon Begins Housing Homeless In Seattle – Slashdot 

Vaio Z Flip review | Digital Trends 

Coachella Organizers Plan Massive Classic Rock Festival | Digital Trends 

The 1970 Memo That Outlined Every Cybersecurity Threat | Digital Trends 

Most Famous Artist Sold ‘$100,000’ on Instagram, Called it Art | Digital Trends 

Projectors vs. TVs: Which is Best For Your Home Theater? | Digital Trends 

Awesome Tech You Can’t Buy Yet: Lawn Bots, Micro Drones | Digital Trends 


Best Spring Cleaning Gadgets of 2016 | Digital Trends 

CIA Invests in Instagram and Twitter Surveillance Firms | Digital Trends 

Watly Is An Off-Grid Power Generator And Water Purifier | Digital Trends 


Tech’s favorite policy, universal basic income, is about to get its first big test | The Verge 

Samsung Pay adds TD Bank support | The Verge 

The weird future of movie theater food | The Verge 

CBS’s new Twilight Zone reboot will be a cross between a game and a movie | The Verge 

Weekly business update: Microsoft sues Justice Department, Amazon may buy airport, and more 

’60 Minutes’ asked a security firm to hack an iPhone and we’re all basically screwed 

Tumblr now suggests conversation starters in chat 

18 tech stories you missed this weekend 

Virtual Desktop for VR is a glimpse at a future without monitors 

DARPA’s wild 24-fan aircraft flies for the first time 

Shazam finally syncs matched tracks across devices 

Cricket Wireless has an unlimited plan for $65 a month 

Verizon will reportedly launch its next-gen TV service this year 

FLIR and Movidius create the smartest thermal camera out there | TechCrunch 

Be kind to artificial intelligence | TechCrunch 

4 things to weigh before switching carriers – CNET 

Kaleidoscope festival is a whirl through virtual reality – CNET 

This underwater drone lures and photographs your pet fish – CNET 

Verizon tops list of Yahoo suitors as others reportedly bow out – CNET 

Repetitive, meaningless work: The world’s most honest IT job ad – CNET 

Apple uses FBI director’s words against him in NY iPhone case – CNET 

Netflix’s big international bet pays off, sort of | TechRadar 

Here’s when Apple will reveal iOS 10, new Mac OS X | TechRadar 


New slim MacBooks to feature Surface Pro-inspired hinge | TechRadar 

New Horizons isn’t finished with our solar system – here’s where it’s heading next | TechRadar 

You can use this watch to talk directly to Amazon’s Alexa | TechRadar 

Siri can now tune into live shows on the new Apple TV | TechRadar 

10 of the best smartphone concepts we wish were real | TechRadar 

Spotted: Is Apple Car self-driving tech being tested with this white van? | TechRadar 

Companies test the waters with Facebook chatbots | Computerworld 

Akitio’s combines two speedy technologies in blazing external SSD | Computerworld 

New electronic display is 10 times thinner than human skin | Computerworld 

Don’t be surprised when Microsoft Android shows up | Computerworld 

Network woes? The cloud is coming to the rescue | Computerworld 

HP wants to turn your Mac into a 44-core Windows PC | Computerworld 

That man who ‘deleted his entire company’ with a line of code? It was a hoax | Computerworld 

How to recover music that disappeared from your iPhone | News | 

Mixed reality racing setup demonstrates how good virtual reality can be | Games | 

iPhone 7: 10 things we definitely (maybe) know about Apple’s new all-glass flagship | T3 

Broadband problems: common annoyances and how to fix them | T3 

T3 Smackdown: Microsoft Surface Book vs Apple MacBook Pro with retina | T3 

Best iPhone SE deals and tariffs for April 2016 | T3 

Gadget Guru: PS4 hard drives, anoraks, base layers and more | T3 

SlashGear – The Definitive Guide to Tech, Cars, and Lifestyle – Page 7 

Fluance Fi70 Review: a massive, beautiful Bluetooth speaker – SlashGear 

Lexar’s Lightning microSD dongle makes iPhone file transfers easy – SlashGear 

3D Robotics’ new software puts drone on a leash – SlashGear 

12-MacBook refresh is coming this week, signs say – SlashGear 

iPhone 7 may be Apple’s biggest launch ever with Samsung’s OLED display – SlashGear 

LinkedIn app uses Tinder-like swiping to connect students with jobs – SlashGear 


LG G5 users get to enjoy 360-degree wallpapers – SlashGear 

XPUMP aims to upgrade your smartphone’s headphone jack – SlashGear 


Browser game tests you to survive Elon Musk’s Hyperloop – SlashGear 

Telegram’s Pavel Durov giving developers $1 million in grants to build bots | VentureBeat | Mobile | by Ken Yeung 

Facebook Messenger’s ‘rich bubbles’ make dumb bots usable | VentureBeat | Social | by Peter Yared, Sapho 

The House Fund raises $6 million to invest in startups tied to UC Berkeley | VentureBeat | Business | by Ken Yeung 

How latency is killing online gaming | GamesBeat | Games | by Pete Mastin, Cedexis 

Study: Shoppers take to in-store video ads | VentureBeat | Marketing | by Joe Liebkind 

Facebook’s ‘event near you’ feature is fantastic | VentureBeat | Social | by Emil Protalinski 

Will food 3D printing really become a ‘thing’? | VentureBeat | Commerce | by Jonathan Schwartz, Voodoo Manufacturing 

e-Estonia: How this EU country runs its government like a startup | VentureBeat | Business | by Chris O’Brien 

Tesla is about to abandon one of Elon Musk’s key business practices | VentureBeat | Business | by (Matthew DeBord, Business Insider 

HP appears to be building a Chromebook with VR support, USB-C ports, touchscreen | VentureBeat | Dev | by Jordan Novet 

‘Others’: The smartphone brands you don’t know that threaten the future of Apple and Samsung | VentureBeat | Business | by Chris O’Brien 

A dying entrepreneur puts his tech business up for sale | VentureBeat | Business | by Dean Takahashi 



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