Indistinguishable from magic 4/19

Next Big Future: China Bohai undersea tunnel will be over twice as long as Chunnel and should break ground this year 

Next Big Future: Many accurate enough chips will use software for correction to achieve up to 10,000 times higher speed and lower power usage 

New two-dimensional ‘borophene’ sheet 

Earth-like planet may exist in a nearby star system 

Scientists ID genes connected to wellbeing, depression and neuroticism 

Measuring the heat capacity of condensed light 

Nanocrystals expand the range of solar cell light energy to ultraviolet and infrared regions 

Waveguide with integrated carbon nanotubes for conversion of electric signals into light 

Catalyst produces hydrogen through steam reforming of biomass-derived ethylene glycol 


Molecular Zika study finds possible target for tests, drugs 

New world record for fullerene-free polymer solar cells 

Researchers find a fast road out of poverty 

Apple report shows 30,000 law enforcement data queries 

Nano-magnets produce 3-D images 

Syria’s Palmyra arch, destroyed by IS, recreated in London 

Physicists develop new software for the life sciences 

Antarctica provides plenty of Mars samples right now 

Psychologists study intense awe astronauts feel viewing earth from space 

Eating dark chocolate as a daily snack could help boost athletic performance, study suggests 

Personalized treatment for chronic pain closer to reality 


A single enzyme with the power of three could offer shortcut to therapeutic target 

Watercress extract detoxifies carcinogens in smokers, clinical trial demonstrates 

A model to recycle smartphone lithium ion batteries into solar power systems 

Neural stem cell transplants aid traumatic brain injury recovery 


Study identifies tree traits that may contribute to drought vulnerability 


Higher concentration of zinc improves cattle feed efficiency 

First high-energy neutrino traced to an origin outside of the Milky Way 

Online program reduces bullying behavior in schools, tests show 

Microbial biosensor designed to evaluate water toxicity 

Liquid spiral vortex discovered 



Finding the right chemistryfor oil spill cleanups 

Study unravels a bacterium’s protein pathways to digesting tough cellulose 


An Island Fit For A Bond Villain | Popular Science 

The 2016 Invention Awards | Popular Science 

NASA And Star Trek Have Teamed Up To Create The Next Generation of Makers | Popular Science 

Dementia incidence for over 65s has fallen drastically in UK men | New Scientist 

Hitchin’ a ride: Brittle star gets a lift on larger starfish | New Scientist 

Science isn’t as solid as it should be – but science can fix it | New Scientist 

Sydney’s nanoscience lab has floating floors and Faraday cages | New Scientist 

Non-invasive treatment produces 98 percent prostate cancer cure rate 

Racing game puts jumpy toy cars on top of tablets 

ZED Pod would turn parking lots into sustainable communities 

Updated 12-inch MacBook gets better processors, longer battery life – still just one lousy USB-C port 

Fermi telescope helps close in on the origin of gravitational waves 

Semiconductive fabric soaks up oil spills while fighting bacteria and pollutants 

Slithering serpentine robot snakes its way to seabed inspections 

Keurig-Like Miracle-Gro Seed Pods Make Gardening Idiot-Proof 

Anyone Can Be a 3D Printing Artist With the Help of a Robot Arm 

Magic Leap’s Latest Demo is Like Tripping Balls 

This Segway-Based Robot Inventories an Entire Store in Less Than an Hour 

News | Science | AAAS 

Nature News & Comment 

Science News, Articles, and Information – Scientific American 

Discover Magazine: The latest in science and technology news, blogs and articles 

National Geographic: Images of Animals, Nature, and Cultures 

Smart News | Smithsonian 

Quanta Magazine: Illuminating Science 

MIT Technology Review 

Physics Today – Daily edition News channel – 

Nanotechnology News 

the Foresight Institute 

io9 – We come from the future. 

Inventions and Ideas from Science Fiction Books and Movies at 

Science News | Daily news articles, blogs and biweekly magazine covering all areas of science 

Physics News 

ScienceDaily: Your source for the latest research news 

How much do we really see? — ScienceDaily 

Islet transplantation restores blood sugar awareness and control in type 1 diabetes — ScienceDaily 

Cheap, efficient and flexible solar cells: New world record for fullerene-free polymer solar cells — ScienceDaily 

New hope for treating atheriosclerosis — ScienceDaily 

Double advantage of potential new diabetes treatment — ScienceDaily 

Antiviral protein linked to depressed mood in mice — ScienceDaily 

Victorian Age technology can improve virtual reality, study finds — ScienceDaily 

Cholesterol-Reducing Drugs Could Help Fight Prostate Cancer — ScienceDaily 

Revolutionary 3D printed fashion to be developed — ScienceDaily 

First computer program developed to detect DNA mutations in single cancer cells: Discovery may have application for cancer diagnosis and treatment, personalized medicine — ScienceDaily 

Compound from hops lowers cholesterol, blood sugar and weight gain — ScienceDaily 

City moths avoid the light — ScienceDaily 

New research improves conductive plastic for health, energy, other technologies 


NASA investigates 3-D printing for building densely populated electronic assemblies 

Two different crystals can be described by the same mathematical rules 

Nanocrystals expand the range of solar cell light energy to ultraviolet and infrared regions 

New telescopes will search for signs of life on distant planets | Science News 

How alien can a planet be and still support life? | Science News 

Information is physical, even in quantum systems, study suggests | Science News 

We Just Learned Something Crazy About the Atmosphere of Venus 

Lab Mice Are Freezing Their Asses Off—and That’s Screwing Up Science 

New Nanomaterial Helps Develop Thermophotovoltaic Cells 

Theorizing about the LHC’s 750 GeV bump – 

New 3-D Printing Technique Makes Tougher Ceramics 

Physicists Hunt For The Big Bang’s Triangles | Quanta Magazine 


Massive Roman Villa Found in British Backyard | Smart News | Smithsonian 

Help First Responders in Ecuador Without Leaving Your Desk | Smart News | Smithsonian 

The Galaxy Next Door May Be Blowing Giant Double Bubbles 

Spoof Papers And The Ethics of Academic Publishing – Neuroskeptic 


The Science behind the DEA’s Long War on Marijuana – Scientific American 

GM crop planting declines for the first time : Nature News & Comment 

Gene-editing research in human embryos gains momentum : Nature News & Comment 

Peer review: Troubled from the start : Nature News & Comment 

Senate spending panel leaves NSF flat, cuts NASA science | Science | AAAS 

U.S. looking to expert panel to predict future GM products | Science | AAAS 

Here’s why you feel so crummy when you’re sick | Science | AAAS 

Maingear Has A New Mobile Workstation Measuring 0.75″ Thin | Digital Trends 

Vizio Updates M-Series, E-Series TVs With SmartCast | Digital Trends 

Clink Introduces Group Saving Feature | Digital Trends 

The 15 Best iPhone SE Cases | Digital Trends 

Hyundai and Cisco to Partner in Automotive Tech Space | Digital Trends 


Yelp Now Allows Users to Request Quotes from Businesses | Digital Trends 

Ravaen Heated Sleeping Bag Liner on Kickstarter | Digital Trends 

The FBI has gotten no new leads from the San Bernardino iPhone | The Verge 

Mercedes-Benz responds to SNL’s AA-battery powered car with its own goof | The Verge 

Pico keeps its VR headset light by putting the processor in a gamepad | The Verge 

A Silicon Valley entrepreneur is bootstrapping his own self-driving racing series | The Verge 

Google invited 6 artists to create VR artwork and the results are fascinating 

This is the quickest way to clone Gmail drafts 

Google wants to know if you’re hot and sweaty over search results 

Airbnb’s new matching and guidebook tools help travelers plan trips from start to finish 

The Shock Clock band uses fear and electricity to wake you up 

Unofficial Apple Watch battery band put on hold 

Postmates is set to launch 15-minute food deliveries in NYC 

Corning can now print high-res images on its Gorilla Glass 

Harvard-made robot can teach kids how to code 

Apple will talk about new iOS, OS X, watchOS and tvOS features in June | T3 

Anker’s massive 120,600mAh portable battery weighs 9 pounds, charges your phone 40 times | Mobile | 

NASA posts amazing new 4K footage of Earth captured from ISS | Science! | 

Google to test innovative 3.5GHz wireless in Kansas City | Computerworld 

Lawmakers want a middle ground for law enforcement access to encryption | Computerworld 

Facebook’s latest experiment might put cash in your pocket | TechRadar 

Best free web design software: desktop and mobile | TechRadar 

Netflix might introduce offline viewing after all | TechRadar 

Best browsers 2016: The top 11 candidates for your PC | TechRadar 

These headphones will only drown out the sounds you tell it to | TechRadar 

New AI security system cleverly combines machine learning and human intuition | TechRadar 

Watch No Man’s Sky’s expansive new 15-minute gameplay demo – CNET 

Canadian agency drops probe of Google’s competitive practices – CNET 

Congressman wants probe into ‘open secret’ phone hack – CNET 

Uber complaint may prompt Europe to challenge French taxi law – CNET 

Mengo Keychain Bluetooth Speaker – Gadgets | TechCrunch TV 

EFF sues DOJ for access to secret court orders on decryption | TechCrunch 


CVS invests in Curbside to bring mobile orders and store pickup to its retail stores | TechCrunch 

Press a button, play a chord on Magic Instruments’ digital guitar | TechCrunch 

Telegram encourages devs to build useful bots with $1M giveaway | TechCrunch 

This portable power solution can serve as the hub of your own solar micro-utility : TreeHugger 

Batteries from old smartphones could light up rural areas : TreeHugger 

Kitchen is built into stone slab, hiding in plain sight : TreeHugger 

Carolien Laro turns solid wood into a curiously bouncy seat | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building 

Leawood Speculative Office: perforated metal screens control solar heat gain | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building 

Naihan Li turns OMA’s “big pants” tower into a playful wardrobe | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building 

Self-contained HomePod is a plug-and-play housing solution for refugees | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building 


Milan Design Week 2016: All News and Updates – Curbed 

Massive Beach Estate Includes Amphitheater, Totemic Sculptures for $12.9M – Curbed 

This Smart Table Can Cook Food And Keep Drinks Cool at the Same Time – Curbed 

Cleveland Will Install Huge Speakers to Blast Rock Music During Republican National Convention – Curbed 

farmanieh residential concept by ZAAD studio & marz design 

capmeggi ca.mia emergency bed by denis santachiara 

Eco-friendly seaweed packaging wins Lexus Design Award 

Stalled project by Zaha Hadid in Miami will not get built 

ECAL students and Punkt update everyday electronic items 

Zaha Hadid Architects Will Complete Four Projects in 2016 | ArchDaily 

TERRA Award for Earthen Architecture Unveils 40 Shortlisted Projects | ArchDaily 

The Best Architectural Installations of Coachella 2016 | ArchDaily 

Bjarke Ingels on Sculptural Skyscrapers and Refining Parameters in High Rise Design | ArchDaily 

The Destruction of Memory: A Documentary on the War Against Cultural History | ArchDaily 

ZMorph 2.0 SX Multitool is a 3D printer, CNC miller, and laser engraver – SlashGear 

AWS Device Farm now lets you get remote access to phones and tablets | VentureBeat | Cloud | by Jordan Novet 

Munchery rolls out $8.95 monthly membership program for all new diners | VentureBeat | Business | by Ken Yeung 

Even an embezzled diamond-encrusted Mercedes can’t stop Russian launch | Ars Technica 

Five cheap or free ways to make a PC faster | ZDNet 

Apple refused China access to source code, says chief lawyer | ZDNet 

Google warns 760,000 websites: ‘You’ve been hijacked’ – but many are infected again in days | ZDNet 

Pay-by-selfie, pay-by-fingerprint: Coming your way soon after MasterCard’s Dutch experiment | ZDNet 

The iPad Pro is one feature away from being a true PC replacement | ZDNet 

Adobe warns that uninstalling vulnerable QuickTime for Windows can break Creative Cloud | ZDNet 

Don’t mind the critics: 3D printing is fulfilling its promise | ZDNet 

IBM’s bet on cognitive computing, Watson will take time to pay off | ZDNet 

Volkswagen ‘Dieselgate’ Software Developed At Audi In 1999, Says Report – Slashdot 

Solar Is Now Cheaper Than Coal, Says India Energy Minister – Slashdot 

Human Limbs Evolved From Shark Fins Thanks To Sonic Hedgehog Gene – Slashdot 

Americans Abandoning Wired Home Internet, Shows Study – Slashdot 

Mysterious Gamma-Ray Burst May Be Linked To Gravitational Wave Find – Slashdot 



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