Ifm 4/20

Inflammatory protein involved in autoimmune diseases has healing potential 

Scientists turn to fireflies to improve OLED efficiency 

Zip software can detect the quantum-classical boundary 

Lone planetary-mass object found in family of stars 

3D laser printing yields high quality micro-optics 

Optogenetics reveals new insights into circuits of the brain 

Making electronics out of coal 

The first fossilised heart ever found in a prehistoric animal 

From bright flare ribbons to coronal rain, high-resolution images capture a solar flare as it unfolds 

Bringing 3D prosthetic printing to developing countries 

Accounting for volcanoes using tools of economics 

How a hedge fund’s social network reacts to market swings 

In gaming, player behavior reflects roles—even when no roles are given 

Team develops new semiconducting polymer for forthcoming flexible electronics 

Improving CO2 storage using hospital scanner 

Study reveals novel uniform coating process of p-ALD 

Making biodiesel with used cooking oil and a microwave 

Toward a resistance-proof antiviral that can treat many diseases 


Transfer of gut bacteria affects brain function and nerve fiber insulation 

New technology can potentially overcome CAR T-cell immunotherapy limitations 

Do mothers really have stronger bonds with their children than fathers do? 

An implantable microdevice has potential to identify suitable therapy for cancer patients 

How to avoid foot amputation in diabetic patients 

Scientists propose treatment for severe lung diseases 


New method enlists electricity for easier, cheaper, greener chemistry 

Scientists sharpen view of gene transfer between pathogenic bacteria 

New material combines useful, typically incompatible properties 

Model makes designing new antennas orders of magnitude faster 

Scientists develop multicolored labeling system to track genomic locations in live cells 

With simple process, engineers fabricate fastest flexible silicon transistor 

Mexican researchers observe natural insect control without pesticides 

Team builds first quantum cascade laser on silicon 

The contrarian dance of DNA 

Mathematicians propose model for the dynamics of the chameleon tongue 

The computational hunt for weird and unusual tech materials 

Fighting antibiotic resistance—how bacteria knit their ‘sugar armour’ at the single-molecule level 


One app for a smooth multi-device user experience 

Feeding the world without further deforestation is possible 

Frictionless drive system achieves stable nanometer positioning precision over an unprecedented distance 

Mushrooms hold potential for sustainable building materials 

Heterocycle-based luminogens with aggregation-induced emission characteristics 

Chinese electric car maker enters US market by selling buses 

IUPUI ecohydrologist studies fog, dew and other novel water sources for dryland vegetation 

Americans use less energy in 2015, analysis shows 

Endogenous oxidants: New methods for monitoring processes in the organism 

Portable planter sticks greenery to windows 

Windows 10 can now take a beating (and survive a dip) with this rugged IP68-rated tablet 

Deliveries can now come straight to the door … of your refrigerator 

Autonomous pods to continue Singapore’s drive for autonomy 

Thunderbolt SSDs satisfy the need for speed 

Metamaterial paves way for thermophotovoltaic cells that generate electricity in the dark 

NASA puts nationwide traffic control system for drones to the test 

3D Fashion project set to revolutionize clothing industry 

These Are Your Five Favorite Rolling Carry-On Bags 

4 Ways to Help Your Laptop Enjoy a Longer Life 

The Future of Tripods Gets Rid of All Those Fiddly Knobs and Buttons 

The Air Force Smashed the MagLev Speed Record at 633MPH 

Scientists Made LEDs 60 Percent Brighter By Copying Firefly Lanterns 

This Keyboard-Mouse Combo Is Ideal For Lazy Couch Gamers Like Me 

Would You Ride a Bus from SF to LA If You Had Your Own Bed? 

A Racing Game Makes These Tiny Toy Cars Come to Life 

Next Big Future: Metal-foam hybrid has potential in soft robotics, aeronautics 

Next Big Future: Update on laser enrichment of uranium 


Merging black holes, gravitational waves provide new insight into how the universe works — ScienceDaily 

Micro heart muscle created from stem cells: New technique offers cheaper, faster method to create heart tissue for testing drugs and modeling disease — ScienceDaily 

Paleontologist finds that ligaments in some dinosaurs’ necks helped them graze more efficiently — ScienceDaily 

A new player revealed in nerve growth process — ScienceDaily 

Eye tracking for rapid concussion test — ScienceDaily 

Antimatter helps uncover the secrets of liquid crystals — ScienceDaily 

Americans used less energy in 2015 according to analysis — ScienceDaily 

Cellphone principles help microfluidic chip digitize information on living cells 

Chemists create battery technology with off-the-charts charging capacity 

Trying to find ET and our place in the universe | Science News 

How to make gravitational waves ‘sing’ | Science News 

To find ET, look at who’s (maybe) looking at us | Science News 

Researchers Develop Wide-Viewing 3D Holographic Displays with Nano-Magnetic Pixels 

Scientists Reveal Magnetic Nanovortices in Magnetite Minerals are Reliable Witnesses of Earth’s History 

News Picks: Russian spaceport ready for inaugural launch 

News Picks: Leak worsens at Hanford nuclear site 

How First Solar Is Avoiding the Industry’s Turmoil 

A Simple Way to Hasten the Arrival of Self-Driving Cars 

The Curious Link Between the Fly-By Anomaly and the “Impossible” EmDrive Thruster 

It’s Official: Harriet Tubman Will Grace the $20 Bill | Smart News | Smithsonian 

Science Seeks to Unlock Marijuana’s Secrets – National Geographic Magazine 

How to Survive a Fast, Venomous, Flesh-Destroying Snake – Phenomena: Not Exactly Rocket Science 

Could Molecular fMRI Revolutionise Neuroscience? – Neuroskeptic 

Offices Are Rife With Skin and Nose Bacteria – D-brief 

Nifty Gloves Convert Sign Language Into Spoken Words – D-brief 


Possible Light Flash from Black Hole Collision Spotted – Scientific American 

Who’s Responsible When a Self-Driving Car Crashes? – Scientific American 

The Personality of Academic Majors – Scientific American 

NIH suspends clinical trials after contamination risk discovered : Nature News & Comment 

Gene-editing hack yields pinpoint precision : Nature News & Comment 

Dirty room-mates make lab mice more useful : Nature News & Comment 

Zoo of theories showcased in publications on LHC anomaly : Nature News & Comment 

UK government pulls back from rule ‘gagging’ researchers : Nature News & Comment 

Cadaver study casts doubts on how zapping brain may boost mood, relieve pain | Science | AAAS 

New energy bill approved by U.S. Senate looks favorably on research | Science | AAAS 

Can ‘dirty mice’ save animal research? | Science | AAAS 

Blind people can size you up just by hearing you | Science | AAAS 

Russia’s Air Force Bombed A River To Break the Ice 

Let’s Go Fly a Death Star Kite 

Chinese Company Behind Faraday and Aston Martin Has a Concept Car 

Soviet Engineers Tested Bulletproof Cockpits—With People Inside the Cockpits 

How To Install Carpet Tiles 

Mitsubishi Admits To Faking Fuel Economy Data | Popular Science 

First Blood Test For Parkinson’s Detects Disease Much Sooner | Popular Science 

NASA Wants New Designs For Ways We Could Live In Deep Space | Popular Science 

Behold What Brooklyn’s New Tallest Skyscraper Will Look Like | Popular Science 

Those Silicone Bracelets Track Which Chemicals You’ve Been Exposed To | Popular Science 

Meet The Self-Driving Rubber Duckie Taxis Of Duckietown | Popular Science 

What Is A Biosimilar Drug? | Popular Science 

The 2016 Invention Awards | Popular Science 

How two tiny dots defy the history of life and the solar system | New Scientist 

NASA’s Dawn probe may visit third asteroid after Ceres and Vesta | New Scientist 

Dusty doughnut around massive black hole spied for first time | New Scientist 

New Arctic life on barren seabed thrives on methane jets | New Scientist 

Metadating helps you find love based on your everyday data | New Scientist 

Do flatlining emissions make Paris climate deal more realistic? | New Scientist 

We are closing in on possible whereabouts of Planet Nine | New Scientist 

EU is good for UK science but hampers GM and clinical trials | New Scientist 

Atomic memory could store US Library of Congress in a dust speck | New Scientist 

Tiny Posh Mobile Micro X S240 Android smartphone has 2.4-inch screen – SlashGear 

Sony Xperia X Premium tipped to be first HDR display phone – SlashGear 


Google Search is getting live TV listings | VentureBeat | Media | by Ken Yeung 

Nintendo’s Miitomo is beating Facebook at gathering personal data | GamesBeat | Games | by Jason Burby, Possible Americas 

Airbnb revamps its mobile app with neighborhood travel guides and a matching algorithm | VentureBeat | Business | by Ken Yeung 

Riversimple Rasa review: Is this hydrogen car the future—or just a gimmick? | Ars Technica 

Prescription meds get trapped in disturbing pee-to-food-to-pee loop | Ars Technica 

Researchers may have observed sources of gravitational waves, cosmic neutrinos | Ars Technica 

The handheld PC is back with the WIN | ZDNet 

Driverless pods to race down Singapore’s roads by the end of 2016 | ZDNet 


IoT powers this robotic suit | ZDNet 

Almost Nothing About the ‘Apple Harvests Gold From iPhones’ Story Is True – Slashdot 

Can Switzerland Become a Safe Haven For the World’s Data? – Slashdot 

Anders Behring Breivik, Norway Murderer, Wins Human Rights Case – Slashdot 

Stephen Fry Urges Young To Flee ‘Dystopian’ Social Networks – Slashdot 

Court Troubled By Surveillance Excesses At FBI, NSA – Slashdot 

Bioo Lite Charges Your Phone Using Plants | Digital Trends 

Pictar iPhone Grip Provides DSLR-Like Shooting Experience | Digital Trends 

BotPages Is A Directory With 5,000 Bots | Digital Trends 

Magnetic Micro-bubbles Attack Cancer at the Core | Digital Trends 

Scientists Develop First Application to Detect Cancer In a Single Cell | Digital Trends 

Shout Ahoy To Native Union’s New Nautical iPhone Cables | Digital Trends 


The Guns N’ Roses reunion and the future of angry young men | The Verge 

Gmail will let you store links with ‘Save to Inbox’ Chrome extension | The Verge 

Through this company Rupert Murdoch owns his piece of the future 

Google just pissed off the entire TV industry 

Samsung’s thin and light Notebook 9 harks back to simpler times 

Comcast Xfinity heads to Roku and Samsung TVs without a box (Update: FCC responds) 

Analyze YouTube war footage with Google’s Montage app 

Arduino clone is as small as an AA battery 

Lian Li’s first standing desk is also a computer 

Facebook Messenger launches Group Calling to become your phone | TechCrunch 

BMW and Daimler abandon Apple Car talks | TechCrunch 

Scandy raises $1M to capture & print 3D photographs | TechCrunch 

Tech coalitions pen open letter to Burr and Feinstein over bill banning encryption | TechCrunch 

Apple’s latest patent drops a clue about the iPhone 7 camera | TechRadar 

Soon you’ll be able to play games on a tablet while you eat your McDonald’s | TechRadar 

Monocles could help you see better in virtual reality | TechRadar 

Skype now lets everyone in on the bots craze | TechRadar 

San Francisco to require solar panels on new buildings | Computerworld 

Solar panels don’t last forever and degradation varies wildly, study says | Computerworld 

U.S. Senate bill could pave the way for commercial drones | Computerworld 

AmazonBasics is copying all the best products on Amazon and selling them for less | News | 

IBM’s Watson is now making custom granola | News | 

Trash talking: Cities finding smarter ways to collect our waste : TreeHugger 

Versatile Hardtop pop-up tent camper mounts to the roof of your car : TreeHugger 

This portable power solution can serve as the hub of your own solar micro-utility : TreeHugger 

7 ways to keep food cool without a refrigerator | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building 

NYC’s first passive apartment building set to open next month | Inhabitat New York City 

These Floating Bath Toys Are Like the Legos of Baths – Curbed 

The ‘World’s Most Advanced Bed’ May Be Ahead of Its Time – Curbed 

alien bonsaïs: an extra-terrestrial tree species by chaotic atmospheres 

vincent coste inks japanese restaurant with yakuza tattoo motifs 

peter zimmermann floods freiburg museum with glossy pools of resin 

luca nichetto’s adaptable furnishing system ‘lofoten’ for casamania 

daniel warnecke 3D prints modern day depictions of classic portraits 

Tipic’s smart Tulèr kitchen for Offmat has a sink that disappears 

MVRDV replaces traditional facade with glass bricks that are stronger than concrete 

Alternative office furniture by Rolf Hay and Lund University students 



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