Ifm 4/21

DNA proves mammoths mated beyond species boundaries 

Researchers find unique regulatory pattern that promotes essential cell function 

Confused cells lead to genetic disorders like heart problems, premature aging 

Astronomers discover seven new giant exoplanets 

Farming amoebae carry around detoxifying food 

Scientists blend coinage metals to obtain alloys better than gold 

2+1 is not always 3: In the microworld unity is not always strength 

One step closer to finding the highly exotic and elusive ‘spin nematic’ phase 

Cpf1: CRISPR-enzyme scissors cutting both RNA and DNA 

Engineers unveil ultra-efficient method for making high-value chemicals 

Boson thermal camera core offers enhanced capabilities 

Pressing the simplest element to exotic quantum states 

Do gut microbes shape our evolution? 

Control algorithm for teams of robots factors in moving obstacles 

System creates on-demand ‘nanotube forests,’ has potential industry applications 

Antimatter unveils the secrets of liquid crystals 

Breakthrough with new generation robots 

Virus therapy to attack superbugs 

Laser light exposes the properties of materials used in batteries and electronics 

Edible coatings able to extend the shelf-life of fish and seafood products 

Active substances from plants—bioreactor modules share production work 

Murine models of arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy benefit from GSK3-beta inhibition 

Interrogation computers work—if you believe they are human controlled 

Active prefrontal brain function appears to protect against PTSD after child abuse 

Research could expand engineered T-cell cancer treatment 

Measuring adequate fluid intake 

A plant-based polyphenol for improving wound healing discovered 

New research could save TB patients from months of debilitating, costly treatment 

Taking aspirin could increase cancer survival by 20 percent 

Researchers discover moving, electrically ‘silent’ source initiates brain waves 


Exposure to routine viruses makes mice better test subjects 

The gates of serotonin: Cracking the workings of a notorious receptor 

The cell copying machine: How daughters look like their mothers 

Researchers identify key factor for reprogramming adult cells into stem cells 

Caught in the act: 3-D structure of an RNA-modifying protein determined in action 

Mechanism behind plant withering clarified 

Hair analysis is a flawed forensic technique, study says 

Researchers harnesss the energy of moving seawater used to cool a power plant 

Spaceflight muscle loss study aims to benefit patients on earth 

Interactive composting, recycling station shows savings in real time 

Healthier salmon benefits human well-being and boosts aquaculture’s competitiveness 

Australian furry friend gets ‘toad-smart’ to survive 

Australian furry friend gets ‘toad-smart’ to survive 

Australian furry friend gets ‘toad-smart’ to survive 

Crayfish may help restore dirty streams, study finds 

Virgin Galactic returns to Spaceport America for exercises 

Mice flown in space show nascent liver damage, researcher says 

Former IRS Agent Admits: “Personal Income Tax is Actually Illegal” | Zero Hedge 

GiveDirectly gives Kenyans basic income – Business Insider 

What Aloe Vera Does In Your Body: Why Egyptians Called It The Plant Of Immortality | Collective-Evolution 

McDonald’s Makes Bold Move To Combat Minimum Wage Hike 

As Andrew Jackson Fades, a Look at How He Ended Up on Money 

The Biggest Dinosaurs Started Small but in Shape – Dead Things : Dead Things 

Does Evidence Support the Artistic vs. Scientific Mind Stereotype? – The Crux 

Echidnas Are Too Cool to Be Bothered by Fires – Inkfish 

What Causes Eerie Volcanic Lightning? – Scientific American 

Engineers Race to Entomb the Decaying Chernobyl Reactor [Video] – Scientific American 

What the Demise of the Dinosaurs Has in Common with JFK’s Assassination – Scientific American Blog Network 

Corporations Move to Curb Global Warming – Scientific American 

Autism–It’s Different in Girls – Scientific American 

Evolution of Darwin’s finches tracked at genetic level : Nature News & Comment 

Europe plans giant billion-euro quantum technologies project : Nature News & Comment 

Genetic secrets of the healthy elderly unveiled : Nature News & Comment 

Power of positive thinking skews mindfulness studies : Nature News & Comment 


Babies of giant dinosaurs were surprisingly self-sufficient | Science | AAAS 

ITER leader faces tough questions, even from relatively supportive U.S. House panel | Science | AAAS 

Monkey ancestors rafted across the sea to North America | Science | AAAS 

Cancer cells pop their own nucleus to squeeze through a tight spot | Science | AAAS 

We Can’t Stop Watching These Cosmic Visualizations 

The Nitty Gritty Engineering Challenge of Building a Space Elevator 

How to Make a Wooden Speaker For Your Phone 

This Futuristic Ion Engine Could Carry Our Luggage To Mars | Popular Science 

Airbus Wants Your Delivery Drone Designs | Popular Science 

Behold What Brooklyn’s New Tallest Skyscraper Will Look Like | Popular Science 

The buzz of your skull can be used to tell exactly who you are | New Scientist 

The foundations of schizophrenia may be laid down in the womb | New Scientist 

Childcare and housework are what give women more heart problems | New Scientist 

One Per Cent | New Scientist 

Are your kids more into mobile games than physical toys? This game platform tries to bridge the gap 

HYT H1 Ghost watch combines mechanics and hydraulics 

Mississippi State University squeezes 100 mpg out of hybrid Subaru BRZ 


Peugeot dials drivers in with next-generation i-Cockpit 

Windows 10 can now take a beating (and survive a dip) with this rugged IP68-rated tablet 

Why We Sleep So Poorly In Unfamiliar Places 

The U.S. Military Is Finally Testing Shotgun-Based ‘Force Field’ Technology 

Sitting in a 737 Jet Engine Chair Turns Anyone Into a Supervillain 

We’ve Reached Peak Smartphone 

These Crazy Robots Are 3D Printers That Build Together 

Brazilian Billboard Secretes Fake Sweat to Trap Mosquitos 

New Nanowire Batteries Can Be Charged More Than 100,000 Times 

B&O’s Beoplay A1 Is the First Interesting Bluetooth Speaker in Ages 

Adidas’ Low-Profile Vest Backpack Is Better Than Batman’s Utility Belt 

Brooklyn Is Actually Going to Build This Awesome Megascraper 

Next Big Future: Emdrive may be explained by quantized momentum, New Emdrive experiments are showing thrust replication and superconducting Cannae drive demo set for May 2016 

Next Big Future: UC Irvine invents nanowire battery material with off-the-charts charging capacity 

Need to remember something? Better draw it, study finds — ScienceDaily 

Chemists shed new light on global energy, food supply challenge — ScienceDaily 

Mechanics of a heartbeat are controlled by molecular strut in heart muscle cells: Investigators say study has implications for helping correct heart disease in humans — ScienceDaily 

Brain processes which lead to the concept of ‘zero’ on the number line — ScienceDaily 

Finding sleep’s sweet spot: Study connects early bedtime and ‘adequate’ sleep with heart healthy choices — ScienceDaily 

Machine learning as good as humans’ in cancer surveillance, study shows — ScienceDaily 

Farming amoebae carry around detoxifying food: Social amoeba Dictyostelium discoideum uses symbiotic bacteria to detoxify poisons — and as food — ScienceDaily 

Giant plankton gains long-due attention — ScienceDaily 


Numerical simulations shed new light on early universe 

Team advances single molecule electronic DNA sequencing 

The atom without properties 

Overall stability analysis of improved buckling restrained braces 

Cool combination produces easier carbon bonds 

‘Dirty’ mice better than lab-raised mice for studying human disease | Science News 

Beatie Wolfe’s Album Is A Deck Of NFC Cards: Science Fiction in the News 

Is Social Media Saving Space Travel?: Science Fiction in the News 

Summer Movie Preview: 35 Movies to Watch Out For 

Core-Shell Materials Could Help Enhance Properties of Multifunctional Nanocomposites 

Supernova sediments still rain down on Earth and the Moon – 

News Picks: Gravitational effects on the LHC could be used to measure rain and snowfall 

Watching biomolecules fold and unfold 

We Still Haven’t Found a Fountain of Youth in Our DNA 

Robot Abuses Google’s Smart Textiles to See How Much They Can Take 

The Evolutionary Argument Against Reality | Quanta Magazine 

21 Million Years Ago, Monkeys May Have Floated to North America on Rafts | Smart News | Smithsonian 

It’s Official: Harriet Tubman Will Grace the $20 Bill | Smart News | Smithsonian 

How Drones Can Give a Boost to Biofuels 



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