Ifm 4/22

Scientists harness nature’s transport system to the brain 

Atoms placed precisely in silicon can act as quantum simulator 

Study shows how skeletal stem cells form the blueprint of the face 

China targets 2020 Mars mission launch: official 

Researchers demonstrate hydrogen atoms on graphene yield a magnetic moment 

Researchers use common table salt as growth template for energy storage materials 

Siemens looks into spider-bots for collaborative additive manufacturing 

Researchers demonstrate way to shape electron beams in time through interaction with terahertz electromagnetic fields 

Ready, set, think! Mind-controlled drones race to the future 

More tricks with next-generation DNA sequencing: DNA barcodes gone wild 

Light-driven dinitrogen reduction: Scientists shed new light on global energy, food supply challenge 

Manipulating light inside opaque layers 

New protein-making factory promises better medicines 

Fructose alters hundreds of brain genes, which can lead to a wide range of diseases 

Meet the nanomachines that could drive a medical revolution 

Retinal scans and fingerprint checks: High tech or high risk? 

Hydrogen makes the natural gas network greener 

Successful laboratory test of photoswitchable anti-tumor agent 

The universe, where space-time becomes discrete 

A laser look at ultra-thin layers 

Our sun may have eaten a super-Earth for breakfast 

Scientists identify genes that control smooth muscle contraction in digestive system 

Brain’s immune system triggers frontotemporal dementia 

Zebrafish study leads to potential treatment for muscle disease 

Study suggests immune response to flu causes death in older people, not the virus 

US suicide rate jumps 24 percent since 1999: study (Update) 

Research links heart disease with testosterone 

Can we hypercharge vaccines? Tapping a chemical we already make could enhance T-cell production 

Broken heart linked to other risk factors than heart attack 

A 7-year longitudinal trial of the safety and efficacy of a calcium supplement used to enhance bone mineral density 

Immune cells in organ cavities play essential role in fast tissue repair 

New tomb will make Chernobyl site safe for 100 years 

New molecule-building method opens vast realm of chemistry for pharma and other industries 

Leg-wing cooperation in baby birds, dinosaurs is key transition in origin of flight 

Microsoft and Google make regulatory peace treaty 

Researchers reduce sugar content of yogurt without reducing sweetness 

Research team realizes three-color photodetector 

What the universe’s most elusive particles can tell us about the universe’s most energetic objects 

NASA works to improve solar electric propulsion for deep space exploration 

Tiny microbes could help mining remediation 

Cell fusion discovery could improve agricultural production 

Gene analysis system could accelerate pace of research on the space station 

Your one-stop shop for producing, crystallizing biomolecules 

Solar plane slowly soaring from Hawaii to California 

Cleaning up hybrid battery electrodes improves capacity and lifespan 

FBI paid over $1 mn for iPhone hack 

Advances in extracting uranium from seawater announced in special issue 

Microscopic ‘clocks’ time distance to source of galactic cosmic rays 


Next Big Future: New stronger steel will affordably make cars lighter and more fuel efficient 

Inspirational managers may harm workers’ health — ScienceDaily 

No Worthless Battery After 200,000 Charges? Sign Me Up — ScienceDaily 


Gates of serotonin: Cracking the workings of a notorious receptor: The receptor is involved in many disorders, including schizophrenia, anxiety, and chemotherapy nausea — ScienceDaily 

Merging black holes, gravitational waves provide new insight into how the universe works — ScienceDaily 

Cool combination produces easier carbon bonds — ScienceDaily 

Fossil teeth suggest that seeds saved bird ancestors from extinction — ScienceDaily 

Girls more anxious about mathematics, STEM subjects compared to boys: Gender equality, female role models not making a positive difference, study finds — ScienceDaily 


Obamacare Premium Costs Could Increase Significantly In 2017 — ScienceDaily 

Researchers demonstrate way to shape electron beams in time through interaction with terahertz electromagnetic fields 

Ancient dwarf galaxy was heavy-element factory | Science News 

Here’s some slim science on temper tantrums | Science News 

Bacterium still a major source of crop pesticide | Science News 

Directa Plus’ Graphene-based Products Certified as Safe for Human Contact 

Motion Controller Integrates Multiple Drive Technologies: from Electromagnetic to Piezoelectric, up to 40 Channels 

Video: Filtering Drinking Water with Nanofibers 

How Drones Can Give a Boost to Biofuels 

Marijuana Advocates Want to Establish a Standard Unit of Highness | Smart News | Smithsonian 

Eight Awesome Maps From Stanford’s New David Rumsey Map Center | Smart News | Smithsonian 

Week’s Best Space Pictures: Hubble Turns 26 


Beyond Earth Day: Where Will Alien Life Be Discovered First? – Scientific American 

How to Transform Our Energy System – Scientific American Blog Network 

Why Should People Trust What Scientists Tell Them? – Scientific American Blog Network 

A Microgrid Grows in Brooklyn – Scientific American 

How Magicians Trick Your Brain – Scientific American 

Why transgenic insects are still not ready for prime time : Nature News & Comment 

AstraZeneca launches project to sequence 2 million genomes : Nature News & Comment 

These microbes are key to making artificial snow | Science | AAAS 

Possible causes of Prince’s death: Separating the plausible from the crazy | Science | AAAS 



U.S. goes shopping in Iran’s nuclear bazaar, will buy heavy water for science | Science | AAAS 

AstraZeneca partners its way to a genomic bounty | Science | AAAS 

Students’ DIY Machine Turns Paper into Planes, Goofing into Schoolwork 

The C-130 Just Never Dies 

Pink Moon April 2016 


How Bacteria Create Their Own Ice | Popular Science 

How Small Animals Pack A Powerful Punch | Popular Science 

Is Virtual Reality The Future Of Music Videos? | Popular Science 

Researchers Accidentally Make Batteries Last 400 Times Longer | Popular Science 

Earth’s core is two-and-a-half years younger than its crust | New Scientist 

Judge gene-edited crops by what they do, not how they are made | New Scientist 

First direct evidence of ancient Mars’s oxygen-rich atmosphere | New Scientist 

Vampire vine helps to destroy alien European weeds in Australia | New Scientist 

Shell unveils 89-mpg Project M concept city car 

Volvo aiming to sell one million electric vehicles by 2025 

Honda to offer Clarity in fuel cell, electric and hybrid models 

Scientists Discover Enormous Reef at the Mouth of the Amazon River 

This Chatbot Is Like Having a Music Genius In Your Pocket 

Why Are Suicide Rates in the US Skyrocketing? 

Stanford Built a Turbulent Wind Tunnel for Birds to Help Drones Fly Better 

There May Be a Giant Lake Lurking Beneath the East Antarctic Ice Sheet 

Add USB Charging Ports To Your Wall Outlets For $20 Each 

China’s Planning to Build Floating Nuclear Power Stations 

This Autonomous Garden Would Roll Its Way to the Perfect Plot 


UK Intel Agencies Have Been Spying on Millions of People ‘Of No Security Interest’ Since 1990s – Slashdot 

Is the $400 Billion F-35’s ‘Brain’ Broken? – Slashdot 

VC, Entrepreneur Says Basic Income Would Work Even If 90% People ‘Smoked Pot’ and Didn’t Work – Slashdot 

Magic Leap Adds Virtual Reality Head-Tracking and Possibly Hand-Tracking – Slashdot 

Best Sound Bars of 2016 | Digital Trends 

Zotac Teases Tether-Free VR With A Zbox And A Backpack | Digital Trends 


Robots May Soon Farm Crops in Space | Digital Trends 

Aerotain Skye Is an Inflatable Drone Safe Enough to Touch | Digital Trends 

Evrythng & Avery Dennison Partner On Smart Clothing | Digital Trends 

Silicone Bracelets Used To Detect Chemicals In Air | Digital Trends 

Samsung Notebook 9 15-Inch Review | Digital Trends 

‘Big ideas’ enticed Gresta to join Hyperloop Transportation Technologies as COO | Digital Trends 

Plastiq Pays Your Bills With The Click Of A Camera | Digital Trends 

Ilumi BR30 Is a Smart Light Bulb for the Outdoors | Digital Trends 

DoBox Wants to Be Your All-In-One Apple Accessory | Digital Trends 

5 Great Bluetooth Keyboards for Your Tablet or PC | Digital Trends 

Iconspeak T-Shirt Lets You Communicate Via Symbols | Digital Trends 

Acer Leap Fit: News, Features, Release | Digital Trends 

The NSA won’t tell Congress how many Americans it’s spying on because our democracy is broken | The Verge 

DeWalt’s first smartphone looks like the love child of an iPhone and a power drill | The Verge 

New trailers: Beyoncé’s HBO special, The Birth of a Nation, Jason Bourne, and more | The Verge 

SmartVR is Google Cardboard’s tiny, stylish cousin | The Verge 

Blue Lola headphones review: A little bit bizarre, a lot brilliant 

AT&T ‘Access’ connects low income homes to the internet for $5 a month 

Can you teach a computer to play Doom like a human? 

Spotify streaming stats will power 3 new official Billboard charts 

Step inside the artistic algorithms of ‘No Man’s Sky’ 

Some of the greenest gadgets for Earth Day 

Microsoft rolls out Windows Ink for beta testers 

Quebec contemplates mandating home EV charging stations 

‘Ark: Survival of the Fittest’ brings dinosaur combat to PS4 

Drones will help scientists find the best plant for biofuel 

Ads force German xenophobes to hear the plights of refugees 

Google’s ad business continues to prop up its experimental ventures 

NASA wants the industry’s ideas for deep space habitats 

Acer reveals new Predator gaming desktop, notebook and display 

Acer unveils new Chromebook, convertible and ultrathin notebooks 

Why you should ditch Microsoft Word for Scrivener 

Bang and Olufsen’s new compact speaker packs big sound 

This little 19W solar charger is a powerful and affordable mobile option (review) : TreeHugger 

New Cree LED light fixtures are PoE, or Powered over the Ethernet : TreeHugger 

24 things you can do in 24 hours to save the world : TreeHugger 

Americans used less energy in 2015 than in previous year, solar use makes a big leap : TreeHugger 

Lessons from Livermore: Look at the big picture to figure out where we have to go : TreeHugger 

Newfoldr lets you create your own custom electronics out of cardboard | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building 

INFOGRAPHIC: The benefits of sustainable engineering | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building 

Temporary (SLICE) Refugee Hospitality Center is carved into a coastal cliff in Greece | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building 

World’s first Plastic Bottle Village in Panama to recycle over a million PET bottles | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building 

Sam Kaplan ‘unwrapped’ 500 sticks of gum to create futuristic geometric structures | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building 

The Bayside Apartments In Toronto Follow a Novel Phototaxis Design – eVolo | Architecture Magazine 

Prefab Homes of the Future: North Carolina’s Deltec Amps Up Its Sustainability Push – Curbed 

Decorating With Books: 7 Mind-Boggling Examples Ready For Your Judgment – Curbed 

Inside the Year’s 10 Most Sustainable Buildings – Curbed 

A Solar-Powered Eco-City for 50,000 Breaking Ground in Florida – Curbed 

lujac desautel renders yacht concept as a series of flexible stacking terraces 

camping in the sky urban recreation concept by flt-office 

Mobile furniture provides reconfigurable interior for arts venue 

New images released of luxury tower by KPF in New York 

The Top Five Installations of Salone del Mobile 2016 | ArchDaily 

SHoP Wins Landmarks Commission Approval for Brooklyn Supertall | ArchDaily 

SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive launches with flexible Lightning connector – SlashGear 

Asus VivoBook E403SA notebook has up to 14 hours of battery life – SlashGear 

Tegra K1 JXD S192 “retro” gaming tablet goes on pre-order – SlashGear 

HBO Now launches on Xbox One – SlashGear 

Amazon to provide eBooks for New York City Schools – SlashGear 

iPhone 7 may tap Intel for faster internet speeds – SlashGear 

Tesla Model 3 pre-orders reach 400,000 – SlashGear 

Intelligent assistants are catalysts for digital commerce | VentureBeat | Business | by Dan Miller, Opus Research 

Video games will become a $99.6B industry this year as mobile overtakes consoles and PCs | GamesBeat | Games | by Mike Minotti 

Amazon now sells its own-brand product protection insurance | VentureBeat | Business | by Paul Sawers 

HTC and Dassault Systèmes unveil plan to bring virtual reality to the enterprise | VentureBeat | Business | by Paul Sawers 


Lyft launches business profiles to make it easier to expense rides for work | VentureBeat | Business | by Ken Yeung 

Body’s defenses against common viruses may mess up neurons, spark depression | Ars Technica 

New NASA budget eats the seed corn of its Journey to Mars | Ars Technica 

The Google I/O 2016 schedule is packed with virtual reality talks | Ars Technica 

Consumer Reports and the Wall Street Journal let rip on the Tesla Model X | Ars Technica 

Your brain’s reaction to celeb pics may create the most secure form of ID | Ars Technica 

Announcing the world’s first autonomous track day | Ars Technica 

GE Power opens Advanced Manufacturing Works, eyes prototyping speed | ZDNet 

Inspection-by-drone company gets $3.25M in energy sector funding | ZDNet 

Google’s Chrome cracks one billion monthly Android, iOS users | ZDNet 

Former NSA security expert builds ransomware blocker for Mac | ZDNet 



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