IFM 4/23-4/25

Engineers develop micro-sized, liquid-metal particles for heat-free soldering

Physicists demonstrate using non-polarized light to produce spin voltage in metal for first time

How metal-organic frameworks could help realize a carbon-neutral energy cycle

Physicists detect the enigmatic spin momentum of light

New gene-detecting technology brings new, resilient superwheat closer

Rare Earth atoms see the light: Promising route for combined optical, solid state-based quantum information processing

CO2 fertilization greening the Earth

Algae disrupt coral reefs recycling

How and why single cell organisms evolved into multicellular life

Solar cell mystery solved, expected to greatly increase efficiency

Scientists take next step towards observing quantum physics in real life

Best of Last Week – New state of water, solar plane crosses Pacific and OTC medicine found to cause cognitive problems

New understanding of key enzymes could help to develop new drugs to treat diseases such as cancer and Alzheimers

Ultrafast photoelectron imaging grasps competition in molecular autoionization

Hundred-meter long solar platforms that remain steady and stable in rough sea weather

There be dragons? Creatures you might find on a real journey to the centre of the Earth

NASA moves to begin historic new era of X-plane research

New spin Seebeck thermoelectric device with higher conversion efficiency created

Red light controls signaling in human cells

Soy shows promise as natural anti-microbial agent

Scientists advance disease resistance in three of worlds most important crops

Microbial cooperation in the intestine

Common steroid shows promise in healing damaged newborn lungs

Study shows attitude makes a champion

Could a combined dietary supplement help ward off heart disease?

Study finds shared network of genes in COPD and pulmonary fibrosis

Hearing aid use is associated with improved cognitive function in hearing-impaired elderly

Implants can help deaf people hear again

How researchers teach bacteria new behaviours

New state of water molecule discovered

Scientists make receptor discoveries that pave the way for new drugs to treat metabolic diseases

How game theory can lead to energy efficient solutions

UK researchers one step closer to understanding regeneration in mammals

Folding molecules into screw-shaped structures

Dubai wants 25 percent of all car trips driverless by 2030

Brackish groundwater can augment supplies, relieve stress on freshwater resources

Companies eye partnership deals to counter low growth

Demand for electric vehicles will increase – if the price is right

Novel anti-biofilm nano coating developed

Alaska aquarium replaces fossil fuel with seawater system

Dutch students open worlds first pop-up drone cafe

Citizen seismologists multiply the impacts of earthquake studies

Next Big Future: Nearing affordable extraction of uranium from seawater, which would unlock over 800 times current reserves and with breeder reactors provide resources for billion years of current world power

Next Big Future: Sensors in body armor will enable safe full contact weapons-based martial art competition

Next Big Future: DARPA program to revolutionize vehicle and building designs to fully take advantage of new advanced materials

Next Big Future: Molecular mechanical computing design 2000 times more energy computation efficient than the upper bound estimate for the human brain

Next Big Future: Molecular mechanical computer design 100 billion times more energy efficient than best conventional computer

Next Big Future: Gene therapy has been used to reverse shortening telomere aging marker by 20 years in a human beings white blood cells

Bedroom Redecorating Just Got Easier Because Bed Bugs Have Color Preferences

These Three New GM Crops Will Change How We Farm

Microsofts New One-Handed iOS Keyboard Is Here to Save Your Thumbs

Android Apps Might Be Heading to Chromebooks

The Best Smartwatch For Every Wrist

Why Do Wind Turbines Have Three Blades?

Greenest of the green: This years top sustainable buildings

Multitasking e-scooter transforms into a seat, travels as a suitcase

Big-i robot butler learns from its masters

Insect inspires floatation system for DJI Phantom

Plants may form memories using mad cow disease proteins | New Scientist

Bathing in blue light before surgery may prevent organ damage | New Scientist

Plant bleeds nectar when attacked to summon ant defenders | New Scientist

Inside the lost cave world of the Amazons tepui mountains | New Scientist

Bigger than the Higgs, bigger even than gravitational waves… | New Scientist

Upside-down lightning and mystery blue glimpses caught on film | New Scientist

When the new guys a robot | New Scientist

Hacking the LHC to sift trash could help find a mystery particle | New Scientist

This Artist Uses Bacteria As Paint | Popular Science

WISP Is A Tiny Wireless Computer That Draws Power From Radio Waves | Popular Science

Send Us Your Most Ambitious Spaceship Designs | Popular Science

How a Little-Known Mineral Could Beat Out Silicon for Solar Energy Efficiency

Could the DIY Electric Car Revolution Start in Romania?

18 Best 4K TVs for 2016 – 4K and UHD Television Reviews

The Boy Who Found His Fathers Ghost Waiting in an Old Racing Game

What is Dyson launching later this week? | T3

T3 Agenda: Harmon Kardons new wireless speaker and element14 cameras for the Raspberry Pi | T3

What is the internet of things? The best connected devices and more | T3

Honda and Volvo add more electrification | TechCrunch

University of Florida held the world’s first brain-controlled drone race | TechCrunch

Apple Watch sequel reportedly includes cellular data

Rokus $50 Streaming Stick makes 1080p set-top boxes obsolete

Six amazing underwater buildings

State of the Gadget Union

Wisent protocol makes battery-free computers reprogrammable and a whole lot smarter | The Verge

Microsoft is giving away a free Lumia 950 if you buy a Lumia 950 XL | The Verge

The HTC Vive now lets iPhone users take phone calls in VR | The Verge

Teslas battery sales this year to dwarf entire industrys sales in 15 | Computerworld

U.S. no longer requires Apples help to crack iPhone in New York case | Computerworld

Google moonshots increasingly expensive | Computerworld

Zotac wants to make VR-ready backpack PCs a thing | Chips |

A taxonomy of heavy metal to get your foot in the spiky leather door | News |

“Pushing the greenies to confront their nuclear contradictions”

News Picks: Iron isotope points to recent nearby supernovae

Lighter, faster, cheaper detection of radiocarbon

News Picks: Presence of manganese oxide on Mars suggests ancient oxygen-rich atmosphere

Manipulation of Incident Light Increases Light Energy in Opaque Layer

Findings on wobbly memories questioned | Science News

Uncertainty is stressful, but that’s not always a bad thing | Science News

Bear bone rewrites human history in Ireland | Science News

Its Surprisingly Easy To Brew The Building Blocks Of Life In A Puddle — ScienceDaily

First happiness genes have been located: Genetic overlap between happiness, depression discovered — ScienceDaily

The Universe, where space-time becomes discrete: Relativity and quantum mechanics: A non-local union? — ScienceDaily

Cosmic beacons reveal the Milky Ways ancient core — ScienceDaily

Battling cancer with light — ScienceDaily

Wind energy converter inspired by ancient boats — ScienceDaily

Steam expands movie catalog with Hunger Games, Twilight and more – CNET

10 best Ultrabooks 2016: top thin and light laptops reviewed | TechRadar

10 best wireless headphones available today | TechRadar

10 best Bluetooth speakers available today | TechRadar

Musk says Teslas Autopilot cuts accident rates by 50% | TechRadar–1319691

Chrome OS gets a flat Material Design makeover | TechRadar

The ultimate smart TV for every platform | TechRadar

U.S. efforts to build next-gen supercomputer take shape | Computerworld

Plant protein behaves like a prion : Nature News & Comment

Killer landslides: The lasting legacy of Nepal’s quake : Nature News & Comment

Researchers push for personalized tumour vaccines : Nature News & Comment

Track climate pledges of cities and companies : Nature News & Comment

Peer review: Troubled from the start : Nature News & Comment

Geoffrey Eglinton (1927–2016) : Nature

Same bottom line hides sharp disagreement in Congress over energy research | Science | AAAS

To reduce student suspensions, teachers should try being more empathetic | Science | AAAS

Europe to bet up to €1 billion on quantum technology | Science | AAAS

New Stanford center offers insight into the evolution of scientific cartography | Science | AAAS

Space agencies eye global Earth observatory | Science | AAAS

Middle East Emissions On the Decline Due to Political Strife [Graphic] – Scientific American

Hawking at the Seder – Scientific American

Training the Brains Motivation Center – Scientific American Blog Network

Scott Aaronson Answers Every Ridiculously Big Question I Throw at Him – Scientific American Blog Network

The Good and Bad News About the Amazon Rivers Hidden Reef – D-brief

Playtime Is Better With Music – D-brief

Inside the High-Stakes World of Vaccine Development – The Extremo Files : The Extremo Files

Mining the Disease Database Coursing Through Our Veins |

Life After Almost-Death |

More on Publication Bias in Money Priming – Neuroskeptic

Worlds Largest Primates Face Grave Threat – D-brief

Like Fossils? Like Maps? Youre Welcome – Dead Things : Dead Things

How to Harvest Terawatts of Solar Power on the Moon – The Crux

The Science Behind WeCureALZ: A Participatory Research Project Tackling Alzheimers Disease – Citizen Science Salon : Citizen Science Salon

An Unlikely Home for Rescued Lions, Tigers, and Bears

Through a Sharks Eyes: See How They Glow in the Deep

Jerusalem Dig Uncovers Ancient Greek Citadel

Surprising, Vibrant Reef Discovered in the Muddy Amazon

Bed Bugs Are Picky About Certain Colors | Smart News | Smithsonian

Q&A: Bill Gates

Amazon Prime or Amazon Redline?

Getting Cheap Wind Power Where It’s Needed Shouldn’t Be This Hard

The 5 Dumbest Things in the U.S. Energy Bill

How Drones Can Give a Boost to Biofuels

Video: Filtering Drinking Water with Nanofibers

Scientists collaborate to sort fact from fiction in climate change media coverage : TreeHugger

Can TWIN elevators make buildings more energy efficient? : TreeHugger

Finally, a sandwich bag thats endlessly reusable : TreeHugger

Field Museum finds 1,820 species in previously unexplored Peruvian Amazon : TreeHugger

New Chinese Skyscraper Would Be World’s Third Tallest – Curbed

Watch Artists Create a Downtown Mural – Curbed Detroit

Inside the Years 10 Most Sustainable Buildings – Curbed

Modular, prefab HELIX furniture transforms rooms like architectural ivy | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

Could a vertical park with a giant ball pit make Times Square more livable? | Inhabitat New York City

Spectacular Deventer City Hall is covered in the magnified fingerprints of local residents | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

Quebec may require EV charging stations for all homes | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

3D-printed clothes could be an industry breakthrough | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

Images from space helped solve an ancient Peruvian mystery | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

designboom talks to kengo kuma about his first residential tower in north america

barbarito bancel architects: dior miami boutique façade

Jean-Paul Viguier Designs a Mixed-Use Timber Frame Tower in Bordeaux | ArchDaily

Eight-kilometre-long mountain walkway captured in new photography by Nelson Garrido

Anders Berensson proposes wooden skyscraper for Stockholm

Onkyo Debuts Home Theater Systems, One With Dolby Atmos | Digital Trends

Mpow Armor Plus Bluetooth Speaker | Video Review | Digital Trends

Awesome Tech You Cant Buy Yet: 4K Action Cams, Underwater Drones, and More | Digital Trends

12 Gadgets to Tech Out Your Grown-Up Blanket Fort | Digital Trends

Brixo Electric Building Blocks Get Kids Interested In STEM | Digital Trends

Stephen Hawking Suggests Black Holes Are Possible Portals To Another Universe – Slashdot

Nearly All New Diesel Cars Exceed Official Pollution Limits – Slashdot

New Heating Technology Uses Seawater and Carbon Dioxide – Slashdot

ESA Offering Prizes For First Radio Reception From Satellite – Slashdot

Drone Fire-Fighting Tested in Nebraska – Slashdot

NASA Hackathon Expected to Draw Over 15,000 Coders – Slashdot

Chinese Conglomerate LeEco Wants To Give Away Its Tesla Killer Electric Supercar For Free – Slashdot

Wikipedia May Get Delivered To The Moon – Slashdot

Plugfones Liberate are earplugs first and earbuds second – SlashGear

Google’s latest plans to take flight – SlashGear

Lyfts first nationwide TV ad tries to convince Americans that owning a car sucks | VentureBeat | Marketing | by Ken Yeung

Unlockd nabs $12 million to lower your mobile phone bill in exchange for viewing ads | VentureBeat | Mobile | by Paul Sawers

Look Mao, no hands! Chinas roadmap to self-driving cars | VentureBeat | OffBeat | by Reuters

The race for the first 3D printed shoe | VentureBeat | Commerce | by Filemon Schoffer, 3D Hubs

Have battery makers become more important for electric cars than carmakers? | VentureBeat | OffBeat | by Stephen Edelstein, Green Car Reports

Inside Gogos airborne lab for testing in-flight Wi-Fi | VentureBeat | OffBeat | by Paul Sawers

Congress demands to know how many citizens are being spied on | Ars Technica

No sunset for Dawn at Ceres? Spacecraft may get a new mission | Ars Technica

SpaceX is ready to try another rocket landing | Ars Technica

A recipe for global cooling—put seafloor on dry land near the equator | Ars Technica

Body’s defenses against common viruses may mess up neurons, spark depression | Ars Technica

The US military wants its own encrypted messaging app built on blockchain | ZDNet

Running out of space on your iPhone? Here are eight tips to help you quickly and easily free up space | ZDNet

Mobile nirvana? Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Garmin Fenix 3 HR are as good as it gets | ZDNet

How to Quit Cable for Online Streaming Video, Free Internet TV | Digital Trends


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