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Kenneth Lacovara: Hunting for dinosaurs showed me our place in the universe | TED Talk | 

Juan Enriquez: We can reprogram life. How to do it wisely | TED Talk | 

Christiana Figueres: The inside story of the Paris climate agreement | TED Talk | 

Astro Teller: The unexpected benefit of celebrating failure | TED Talk | 

Paula Hammond: A new superweapon in the fight against cancer | TED Talk | 

Stephen Petranek: Your kids might live on Mars. Here’s how they’ll survive | TED Talk | 

Watch “Rainbow Black Holes on Earth | Ahmed Farag Ali | TEDxBeniSuef” Video at TEDxTalks 

Big Think | Videos, articles, and tips to help you succeed, from the world’s leading experts 

PopTech : Blog 

Talks at Google – YouTube 

Yu-kai Chou: “A Framework on Actionable Gamification” | Talks at Google – YouTube 

Nikhil Pahwa & Ritu Sharma: “#NetNeutrality and Connecting the 4 Billion to the Internet” – YouTube 

Natalie Batalha: “A Planet for Goldilocks” | Talks at Google – YouTube 

Yoichi Ochiai: “Digital Artist extraordinaire” | Talks at Google – YouTube 

Alec Ross: “The Industries of the Future” | Talks at Google – YouTube 

Wesley Gray: “DIY Financial Advisor” | Talks at Google – YouTube 

Neil Pasricha: “The Happiness Equation” | Talks at Google – YouTube 

Dr. Laura Peticolas: “Multiverse, Space Sciences Laboratory, UC Berkeley” | Talks at Google – YouTube 

Ancient Rome’s Immigration Policy Reframes Today’s Refugee Question, says classicist scholar Mary Beard | Big Think 

Is Protecting Your Image at Work a Full-Time Job? Here’s a Radical Office Rethink | Big Think 

True Meditation Is the Science of Observing Your Thoughts | Big Think 

The Science Behind Why Freddie Mercury’s Voice Was So Damned Compelling | Big Think 

Why Are We Still Doing Crunches? | Big Think 

Lowline Park: What it is and Why You Need to Go | Big Think 

Indigo Children: When ADD Becomes a Cult | Big Think 

Biopharming and the Future of Healthcare | Big Think 

You Say, ‘Tomato,’ I Say, ‘Slave Wages.’ Wait, What?! | Big Think 

Is Risk-Taking Biological… or Social? | Big Think 

Black Hole Gamma Rays Detected | Big Think 

Rutger Bregman’s ‘Utopia for Realists’ Shows Us Why We Deserve Universal Basic Income | Big Think 

Watch “The world of machines that learn, reason and understand just like us | Navneet Sharma | TEDxPESITBSC” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “The future of work is chaos | Claire Burge | TEDxAthens” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “Indy-Westy Fusion | Indian Jam Project | TEDxFORESchool” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “Success May Be Great, But Significance is Much Better | Daniel Puder | TEDxWestBrowardHigh” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “The Three Lessons Every Entrepreneur Should Learn | Samuel Edwards | TEDxWestBrowardHigh” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “Busting the Overhead Myth | Thomas Muirhead | TEDxWarwick” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “Finding Economic Freedom | Sangu Delle | TEDxOxford” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “Why we should embrace GMOs | Cole Montalvo | TEDxChattanooga” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “Choosing a Life Without Trash | Sam McMullen | TEDxUofM” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “Oil and Gas: Exciting Possibilities or Grand Corruption? | Georges Sassine | TEDxAUB” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “Why do we glorify jobs that make people unhappy | Joris Luyendijk | TEDxLSE” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “The Cell- Based Human Proteome Project | Neil Kelleher | TEDxNorthwesternU” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “Augmented reality | Ivan Puzirev | TEDxEkaterinburg” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “A voyage through an architectural ecosystem of the future | Scott Allen | TEDxSanAntonio” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “Rainbow Black Holes on Earth | Ahmed Farag Ali | TEDxBeniSuef” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “Igniting Tomorrow’s Innovators and Most Valued Engineers | Colin Lang | TEDxSanAntonio” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “Starving cancer away | Sophia Lunt | TEDxMSU” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “Listening Across the Stars | Joel Livsey | TEDxSFA” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “Children Must Live With Families | John VanDenBerg | TEDxPaonia” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “Why you don’t have to believe in yourself | My Lan Nguyen | TEDxLSE” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “How babies can inspire us to build intelligent robot | Alex Pitti | TEDxArts&EtMétiersParisTechLille” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “Politicians unfounded fear of military losses | Dieuwertje Kuijpers | TEDxKMA” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “How NASA is answering the question: Are we alone? | Shawn Domagal-Goldman | TEDxMidAtlantic” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “Transcending Disabilities: Positive Body Imaging | Kim Lan Grout | TEDxUNC” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “Soft Nanotechnology: Big Ideas from Nature | Timothy Hanks | TEDxFurmanU” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “Space and Culture: Inextricably Linked | Ray Garner | TEDxFurmanU” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “DIY Space Projects | Jo Hinchliffe | TEDxHolyhead” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “Study less, experience more. | Maximilian Mackee | TEDxRoppongi” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “Future of liberal democracy and role of youth | Jiro Yamaguchi | TEDxRoppongi” Video at TEDxTalks 

Watch “The Risk of Playing It Safe | Shoin Wolfe | TEDxRoppongi” Video at TEDxTalks 



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