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Miami Dior boutique by Barbarito Bancel has pleats

honda commissions series of autonomous vehicles designed for crossing the world

RYRA studio sculpts iranian ski resort to blend into its snow-capped mountain landscape

maxim zhivov combines disciplines in your yacht your house concept

Video Game Lets You Create Ornate Patterns Inspired by Islamic Architecture – Curbed

This Nature-Inspired Lighting System Can Expand Like Tree Branches – Curbed

CHIBB House: Giant greenhouse in Rotterdam doubles as a light-filled family home | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

6 ways to purify water without expensive technology | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

Aprilli’s Peacock Vase lets you stylishly arrange your flowers in test tubes | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

Turn your windows into grow space with the SekuraGarden | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

Americans used less energy in 2015, but more wind, solar, and geothermal power | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

Egypt to build massive $3.5 billion suite of solar power plants | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

Your daily coffee habit could contribute to a carbon neutral fuel : TreeHugger

Recycling packaging is important, but doesnt the inside count? : TreeHugger

How to extend the life of your smartphone by years without it slowing down : TreeHugger

Why expiration dates on food hardly matter : TreeHugger

Scientists using artificial intelligence to develop tastier vegan foods (Video) : TreeHugger

AIA Names Top 10 Most Sustainable Projects of 2016 | ArchDaily

6 Structures Designed to Save Humanity From Itself | ArchDaily

Expanding Dredge Geologics | ArchDaily

AI, MD: How artificial intelligence is changing the way illness is diagnosed and treated | ZDNet

Study shows non-celebrity influencers are 10 times more likely to drive in-store purchases | ZDNet

Elmo and Watson team up for early childhood education | ZDNet

Password security: The one simple step pros use to lock down their accounts | ZDNet

NSA is so overwhelmed with data, its no longer effective, says whistleblower | ZDNet

Whats in store for Slack? Bots and apps that interact like humans | ZDNet

Securing the Internet of Things with virtualisation | ZDNet

Researchers evolve new toxin to target agricultural pests | Ars Technica

Report: In 2006, a VW executive suggested adding illegal software to diesels | Ars Technica

AT&T loses postpaid phone subscribers as T-Mobile takes away customers | Ars Technica

As FDA preps e-cigs rules, scientists and Congress rally to support vaping | Ars Technica

PayPal revenue jumps 19% as it adds users, processes more payments | VentureBeat | Commerce | by Reuters

OpenAI launches Gym, a toolkit for testing and comparing reinforcement learning algorithms | VentureBeat | Dev | by Jordan Novet

Samsung predicts mobile gaming performance will surpass PS4 by 2020 | GamesBeat | Games | by Dean Takahashi

Everything you want to know about GamesBeat Summit 2016 | GamesBeat | Games | by Dean Takahashi

Vreal can teleport you into a VR game so you can be a spectator | GamesBeat | Games | by Dean Takahashi

Switchmate’s DIY-free wireless light upgrade hits stores in May – SlashGear

Joby GripTight Pro Tablet holder does landscape and portrait modes – SlashGear

Surface Phone coming April 2017, Microsoft is still game – SlashGear

There Will Be A Huge New Panama Papers Data Dump – Slashdot

Half Of Americans Think Presidential Nominating System Rigged – Slashdot

Intel Declares Independence From PC, Prioritizes Cloud, IoT and 5G Efforts – Slashdot

Smartphone Shipments Flat For the First Time, Says IDC – Slashdot

DT Giveaway: LG 55UH7700 55-inch 4K TV | Digital Trends

Best Free Photo Editing Software | Digital Trends

Mitsubishi Car Sales in Japan Halved After Cheating Admission | Digital Trends

GreenIQ Hub Sets Off Sprinklers When Nest Smells Smoke | Digital Trends

Best carry-on solutions for your gear | Digital Trends

Voyomotive Gives Old Cars New Tech | Pictures, Specs, News | Digital Trends

Elon Musks non-profit wants AIs to compete for Atari high scores | The Verge

Silicon Valley pleads for less regulation at second public hearing on self-driving cars | The Verge

Someone finally redesigned crutches | The Verge

Comcast is raising its monthly internet data cap to 1TB | The Verge

Wolfram Research turns your Ubuntu phone into an IoT sensor | The Verge

Ubers new policy fines riders who are two minutes late | The Verge

Fixing the American Commute – Curbed

Samsungs Level On Pro Wireless headphones are a compelling alternative to Beats | The Verge

These are two of the best smart lights for your home | The Verge

Google Fiber launches in Nashville, Tennessee

Man jailed for not decrypting drives proves need for legislation

You may not want to use a case for your iPhone 7

Windows 10 might soon get one of OS Xs best features

Supercharge your Mac with this apps bundle

Adobe XD update brings a ton of new features

Foursquare uses location data to predict Chipotle sales drop

Volvo is letting everyday users test its driverless cars

Otto is Samsungs cute personal assistant robot

NASA gets new Dragon capsule training simulators this year

Paris police want drones to watch over crowds

Pizza Hut gives you delivery estimates before you order online

Formula E is getting electric trucks from the creator of Roborace

Comcast is reportedly in talks to buy DreamWorks Animation

Leaked image purportedly shows hand-off feature in Windows 10

Land Rover puts Tiles stuff-finding Bluetooth tech in an SUV

A Silicon Valley VC says investors from China are joining Series A deals, and they’re playing “hardball” | TechCrunch

Facebook is adding a new class of stock that will help keep Zuckerberg in control | TechCrunch

Facebook swells to 1.65B users and beats Q1 estimates with $5.38B revenue | TechCrunch

Court holds Amazon liable for years of unauthorized in-app purchases made by kids | TechCrunch

Apple investors officially shave over $40 billion off Apple’s market cap | TechCrunch

Nintendo unveils its next smartphone games to follow App Store hit, Miitomo | TechCrunch

Monoprice sets its sights on outdoor gear brick and mortar stores | TechCrunch

Genetics startup Twist Bioscience is working with Microsoft to store the world’s data in DNA | TechCrunch

Rightspeed helps you devour audio books at a terrifying pace | TechCrunch

Jaguar partners with Tile to make sure drivers never leave without their wallets | TechCrunch

OS X Fuji: everything we know about Apples next major OS | T3

Nintendo NX launches March 2017, won’t simply replace Wii U and 3DS | Games |

You can now buy Ubuntu’s first flagship, octa-core phone | News |

Mac sales tumble 12% in second-biggest downturn since 07 | Computerworld

House unanimously passes bill to protect email and cloud privacy | Computerworld

Google Calendar takes the headache out of scheduling work meetings | Computerworld

IBM lines up all-flash storage to help power cognitive computing | Computerworld

Samsung is working on a wireless, all-in-one VR headset | TechRadar

10 best gaming mice: best gaming mouse to buy | TechRadar

10 best gaming keyboards 2016 | TechRadar


10 best Smart TV apps for your Samsung TV | TechRadar

Microsofts alleged plans for the Surface Phone are hugely ambitious | TechRadar

10 best in-ear headphones available today | TechRadar

Can this T-shirt fix the broken promises of augmented reality? | TechRadar–1319819

10 best gaming laptops 2016: top gaming notebooks reviewed | TechRadar

10 best laptops for students 2016 | TechRadar

10 best 2-in-1 laptops 2016: top hybrid laptops reviewed | TechRadar

15 best laptops you can buy in 2016 | TechRadar

The best headphones 2016: which set should you buy? | TechRadar

Xiaomi wants to redefine made in China – CNET

Samsung remains smartphone leader as Apple struggles – CNET

Everything Samsung just announced at its Developer Conference – CNET

Minecraft arrives on Samsungs Gear VR – CNET

Samsung sees emotional robots, voice-activated light switches in our future – CNET

iPhone SE demand outstripping supply, says Apple – CNET

TiVo goes after cable cutters with more storage, no service fee – CNET

Music industry just recorded its best growth in the 21st century – CNET

FBI tips off Apple to security flaw — a first under sharing process – CNET

1 minus 1 does not always equal 0 in chemistry

Microsoft Buys Into DNA Data Storage – IEEE Spectrum

Hot melt extruded and injection moulded dosage forms

Diagnostics for everyone: A faster and more effective detector of fungal infections

ScienceDaily: Your source for the latest research news

Who gets hooked on drugs? Rat study finds genetic markers that influence addiction: Differences in vulnerability to cocaine addiction, relapse linked to both inherited traits, epigenetics — ScienceDaily

Were Getting Better And Better At Controlling Stuff With Our Minds — ScienceDaily

Brain signals between seizures may explain memory problems in patients with epilepsy: Study suggests how future devices might prevent cognitive deficits — ScienceDaily

Yoga may have health benefits for people with asthma — ScienceDaily

This Commonly Prescribed Drug Could Help Treat Autism — ScienceDaily

Scanner could prevent Brussels-style attacks, says inventor — ScienceDaily

Ancient glass-glued walls studied for nuke waste solutions: WSU researchers aim to see how glass changes over time — ScienceDaily

Conflicts of interest in surgical research: More transparency needed, study finds: Hidden conflicts of interest can distort study results and endanger trust in medical research — ScienceDaily

Mixing Job Training with Academics in Schools — ScienceDaily

How animal poop could be key in solving echidna mystery | Science News

A Bakers Dozen Of Autonomous Car-Related Revolutions : Science Fiction in the News

Would You Date A Robot? 1 in 4 Say Yes!: Science Fiction in the News

Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Semiconductors Favorable for Photovoltaic Systems

Consortium sets out to build European laser plasma accelerator –

News Picks: James Webb Space Telescope’s giant mirror assembly unveiled–em–s-giant-mirror-assembly-unveiled-a-news-pick-post;jsessionid=A0-PFdI1dLdikeC2Nuar2Ouo.x-aip-live-03

Challenges abound for propelling interstellar probes;jsessionid=A0-PFdI1dLdikeC2Nuar2Ouo.x-aip-live-03

News Picks: New technique improves image quality of Mars satellite photos;jsessionid=A0-PFdI1dLdikeC2Nuar2Ouo.x-aip-live-03

One Gene, Many Proteins | Quanta Magazine

Your Future Hip Replacement May Come Out of a Printer

First 3-D-Printed Superconducting Cavity

Nokia’s Move into Connected Gadgets May Prove Prescient

A Space Mission to the Gravitational Focus of the Sun

Prince’s Paisley Park Studios Will Become a Museum | Smart News | Smithsonian

Japanese Monks Recorded the Climate for 700 Years

Can Start-up Culture Save Government? – The Extremo Files : The Extremo Files

Do Vitamins and Supplements Make Antidepressants More Effective? – Scientific American

Trump Culture: Threat, Fear and the Tightening of the American Mind – Scientific American

Many More Republicans Now Believe in Climate Change – Scientific American

How Europe exported the Black Death | Science | AAAS

Antibody infusions provide long-term defence against HIV-like infection : Nature News & Comment

Scientists worry as cancer moonshots multiply : Nature News & Comment

Devastating wheat fungus appears in Asia for first time : Nature News & Comment

What If Autonomous Cars Werent Oppressively Boring?

SpaceX Plans To Land On Mars As Soon As 2018 | Popular Science

Watch Nvidias Autonomous Car Drive Through Snow And Winding Roads | Popular Science

Sperm-binding beads could work as fertility aid or contraceptive | New Scientist

Map of the brains word filing system could help us read minds | New Scientist

Fungal products wont win prizes for glamour but will be greener | New Scientist

Animals may be fed manure-bred maggots to make meat sustainable | New Scientist

Thats odd: Unruly penguins hint where all the antimatter went | New Scientist

Nimble-fingered robot hands could help clean up nuclear waste | New Scientist

Lizard gets to grips with city life by evolving stickier feet | New Scientist

App watches you take your pills and knows when youre faking | New Scientist

Europe pushes the houseboat out at Dubais The World

Glued-together virus-like particles make for simple and effective vaccines

Nintendos next console will launch globally in March 2017

London sculptures twisting slide is almost complete

Power dense zinc-manganese power unit as cheap as a car battery

Volvo adapts its Lounge Console interior to luxury sedan life

Review: Flicks portable boombox packs a projector

Four Laser Beams Will Create the Worlds Most Powerful Fake Stars

Dyson Redesigned the Hair Dryer So Its Easier and Safer to Use

Intel Thinks USB-C Should Replace the Headphone Jack

Its Time For Android and Chrome OS To Merge

Next Big Future: First drone command center installed on a Aircraft Carrier

Next Big Future: Elon Musk mentions that after the Tesla Model 3 will be even more affordable electric cars

Next Big Future: New Exoskeleton is less than half the price and weight of competition

Scientists uncover new way to grow rare life-saving blood stem cells

New tool puts a consistent value on experts uncertainty on climate change models

Researchers create a first frequency comb of time-bin entangled qubits

Toward dissolvable electronics for implants and sensors

How re-using food waste for animal feed cuts carbon emissions

At CERN, eight-inch sensor chips from Infineon could reveal the mysteries of the universe

Professor explores how cities can switch to low-carbon grid

Two different collective oscillations of electrons occurring on gold nanoparticles observed for the first time

Paralyzed by indecision? Forget therapy—you need an algorithm

How many nanoparticle-based drugs reach tumours? Less than one percent, study shows

Culture, crowding and social influence all tied to aggressive driving behavior

EuPRAXIA to design world-first plasma accelerator research facility with strong industrial applications

Retroviral DNA needs time to find its home, but insertion happens in a blink

No time to get fit? Think again—Just one minute of intense exercise produces health benef

Rainwater may play an important role in the process that triggers earthquakes

A new Diels-Alder reaction

Intelligent? Brainless slime can learn: study

Engineers look inside nanoparticles to explore how their shape improves energy storage

NASA astronauts prepare for flight on commercial spacecraft

Chemists use DNA to build the worlds tiniest thermometer

Satellite to test universality of freefall

Clothing made from tea byproduct could improve health of fashion industry to use deep learning smarts on autonomous cars on the road

We share a molecular armor with coral reefs

Optimizing lighting for better learning

Seeing atoms and molecules in action with an electron eye

Baby fish are comforted by the presence of large marine predators

Five human spaceflight missions to look forward to in the next decade

Bayesian analysis rains on exoplanet life parade

Germany to subsidize electric cars to help own auto industry

The survival of species suddenly looks better

Molecular architects—how scientists design new materials

FDA panel votes against approval of eteplirsen for DMD

Scientists teaching machines to make clinical trials more successful

Much healthier low-cost bread possible

Adding exercise to health education helps treat addiction, say researchers

Tamping down neurons energy use could treat neurodegeneration

Team restores memory formation following sleep deprivation in mice

Risk of drug abuse lower for teens prescribed stimulant medications early in life

Risks of mental health problems in military personnel reduce with length of service

Preventing brain damage with innovative sensors

Synthetic cannabinoids versus natural marijuana—a comparison of expectations

$60 billion per year: The high cost of norovirus worldwide

Newly discovered titanosaurian dinosaur from Argentina, Sarmientosaurus

Study finds nanotube semiconductors well-suited for PV systems

Light echoes give clues to planet nursery around star

Cellphone-sized device quickly detects the Ebola virus

BLACKBOX – Silicon Crystal Graphite Battery Module – NO CHARGING – YouTube

Teslajet turbine 1kW Home power.wmv – YouTube

Gene Therapy Makes BioViva CEO Elizabeth Parrish Younger, Blunter, and Resolute | Inverse

Implant harvests heartbeat power

US-Saudi Showdown Over 9/11

New protein injection reverses Alzheimer’s symptoms in mice in just one week

Resistant Starch – Nature’s Fat-Burning Breakthrough

Revolving Door Between Pentagon and War Industry Keeps Turning: General Cartwright



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