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The best free iPhone games on the planet | TechRadar

The best iPhone games 2016 | TechRadar

Best free iPhone apps 2016 | TechRadar

Best iPhone apps 2016 | TechRadar

Best Windows 10 apps 2016 | TechRadar

This algorithm uses your webcam to work out if youre happy or sad | TechRadar

Philips light bulbs are now so smart they know where you are | TechRadar

The Legacy Of Mythbusters: A Q&A With Adam Savage | Popular Science

Fly Over The Methane Lakes of Saturns Moon Titan | Popular Science

Wasted Food Is Wasted Energy | Popular Science

Elon Musks Artificial Intelligence Group Opens A Gym To Train A.I. | Popular Science

Best and Worst Days to Buy a Used Car – When to Buy a Used Auto

This Homemade Hoverbike Bucks Like a Flying Bronco

The 10 Most Powerful Cars You Can Get For Under $40,000

The Better Way To Organize Your Junk Drawer

17 Best Smartphones in 2016 – Top Smartphones With iOS, Android, or Windows 10

Australia to Use Poison-Spraying Robots To Controlling Feral Cat Population

Solar Flares in 4K Show That Space Is Too Cool for Your Monitor

Software error doomed Japanese Hitomi spacecraft : Nature News & Comment

The struggle with image glut : Nature News & Comment

On a downer : Nature News & Comment

Biden time : Nature News & Comment

Anticipating artificial intelligence : Nature News & Comment

Plan for ITER fusion project wins review panel’s blessing | Science | AAAS

House panel adopts new rules for large NSF projects | Science | AAAS

New water purification system could help slake the world’s thirst | Science | AAAS

Congressman Fattah’s defeat in primary is loss for science community | Science | AAAS

Miley Cyrus and Macaroni Combo Enables Brain-Based ID – Scientific American

Oddly, Insect Outbreaks Reduce Wildfire Severity – Scientific American

Earth Has Mystery Gas Delivered from Space – Scientific American

What Neuroscience Says about Free Will – Scientific American Blog Network

Why Kenya Is Burning 100 Tons of Elephant Ivory – Scientific American

A Math Genius Like No Other Comes to the Big Screen – Scientific American Blog Network

The Neural Precursors of Spontaneous Thoughts – Neuroskeptic

Polio in the Cancer Ward – Body Horrors

‘Lost’ Sighting of Brightest Supernova Found in Ancient Text

Tiny Ocean Animals Get Drunk on Algae, Act Crazy

Unesco: Don’t Worry, Palmyra Is Still Authentic | Smart News | Smithsonian

Biographer Uncovers Unsigned Feature Article by Harper Lee | Smart News | Smithsonian

Twitter’s Artificial Intelligence Knows What’s Happening in Live Video Clips

Get Ready to See Seconds Shaved Off Web Page Load Times

Good Robot! Elon Musk’s AI Nonprofit Shows Where AI Is Going

Merck Wants Its Money Back if University Research Is Wrong

Bendy Lenses Will Change Everything about Cameras As We Know Them

Looking back at a one-off attempt at earthquake control;jsessionid=VzqzjxSGxAiPoBUuU7dx-xpx.x-aip-live-03

Why quantum cryptography could be a one-way street –

Fast, High-Load Hexapod for Motion Simulation, Stabilization, and Cancellation

Possible extragalactic source of high-energy neutrinos — ScienceDaily

Teeth vs. tools: Neandertals and Homo sapiens had different dietary strategies — ScienceDaily

Excessive empathy can impair understanding of others — ScienceDaily

93 percent of advanced leukemia patients in remission after immunotherapy: Extraordinary but short-term results from early-stage trial of engineered immune cells — ScienceDaily

At last: Non-toxic and cheap thin-film solar cells for zero-energy buildings: Worlds highest efficiency rating achieved for CZTS thin-film solar cells — ScienceDaily

Early humans may have been food for carnivores 500,000 years ago: Tooth-marks on Pleistocene Moroccan femur indicate hominin hunting or scavenging by large carnivores — ScienceDaily

Surprising central role of darks in brain visual maps — ScienceDaily

Emergency general surgical procedures that account for most complications, deaths and costs — ScienceDaily

Simpler fertility test uses saliva to measure hormone levels — ScienceDaily

Breakthrough in the treatment of inherited genetic disease — ScienceDaily

Possible substitute for antibiotics to treat dangerous infections — ScienceDaily

Cactus-inspired skin gives electric cars a spike — ScienceDaily

Walk-DMC aims to improve surgery outcomes for children with cerebral palsy — ScienceDaily

Don’t touch: How scientists study the reactions inside stars — ScienceDaily

Brain cells divide the work to recognize bodies — ScienceDaily

Probiotics stop menopause-like bone loss in mice: Microbes and immune cells drive effects of hormone deprivation — ScienceDaily

Protecting diversity on coral reefs: DNA may hold the key — ScienceDaily

Study finds high death rate among people who are or have been incarcerated: First Canadian study to examine mortality rates in this population both during incarceration, after release — ScienceDaily

Agent-based models, statistics reveal the turning point of revolutions — ScienceDaily

Fiber optic biosensor-integrated microfluidic chip to detect glucose levels

The Key to Repairing Your Bones May Come Out of a Printer

Tablet sales sink, though there is one ray of sunshine – CNET

Panama Papers Part 2: The worlds dirty laundry becomes searchable – CNET

You can now use bitcoin to buy games on Steam – CNET

Computer mouse from Japan monitors your stress levels – CNET

Thai university creates cheap, touchable ink for the blind – CNET

Its not just Apple: Global smartphone market shrinks for the first time ever – CNET

Antibiotics apocalypse: Tales from fighters on the front line | New Scientist

Processed food bad, natural food good? Weve got it so wrong | New Scientist

Record ivory burning shows world is failing Africas elephants | New Scientist

Thunderous guitar pickup gets an Ego boost

Arboretum branches out with UKs longest treetop walkway

Subaru enlists IBM Watson to enhance connected cars

In style: Highlights from Milan Design Week 2016

China rising: Highlights from the 2016 Beijing Auto Show

Tourists to have a new place to hang out in Dubai

British Scientists Think Vaping Has Huge Potential

HP Is Finally Making a High Quality Chromebook

Apples Health Apps Just Got Way Better

The Delayed Rocket Launch Really Pissed Off Putin

The Worst Ways Cable Companies Confuse You Into Paying More

Why You Should Care About the Coming Email Privacy Law

Add Apple CarPlay to Your Current Vehicle With This $350 Head Unit

The Amazon Oasis is the Best E-Reader Ever Made

The Physics of Peacock Tail Feathers Is Even More Dazzling Than We Realized

Super Smart Ping Pong Table Teaches You How to Play Like a Pro

Oh Great, a Deep Diving Robot Is Going to Steal All Our Pirate Treasure

SpaceX Is Sending a Red Dragon Spacecraft to Mars in 2018 [UPDATE]

Next Big Future: Magnetoplasmadynamic thrusters can have hundreds of times the thrust of ion propulsion for space applicationg

Possible substitute for antibiotics to treat dangerous infections

Non-toxic, cheap thin-film solar cells for zero-energy buildings

Are we alone? Setting some limits to our uniqueness

In the war against dust, a new tool inspired by geckos

Winds a quarter the speed of light spotted leaving mysterious binary systems

Friends better than morphine: Larger social networks release more pain-killing endorphin

Nanocrack coating allows membranes to work in high temperature, low humidity environments

Tiny microscopes reveal hidden role of nervous system cells

Math points to 100-times faster mapping of gene activity

Blood biopsy: Releasing cancer cells for better analysis

Researchers show humans and other animals can understand quantities, even without language

Scientists use skin cells to create human sperm

Widespread loss of ocean oxygen to become noticeable in 2030s

Gold nanoparticles may help improve understanding, detection of kidney disease

3-D printed foam outperforms traditional cellular materials in long-term stress

Samsungs drug-manufacturing unit plans to go public

Apples slowdown highlights how growth-obsessed investors distort our view of value

Putting antibiotic-resistant bacteria and the immune system under surveillance

New breeding techniques provide opportunities for more sustainable agriculture

Insulin microcapsule may replace needle jab

Experimental drug cancels effect from key intellectual disability gene in mice

Exercise scientist examines mechanics of movement in MS patients

New method for exhaustively isolating olfactory receptors responding to specific odorants

Significant premium hikes expected under Obama health law

Bacteria beneficial to plants have spread across California

Researchers create one-step graphene patterning method

A milestone in the battle against arsenic- and fluoride-contaminated drinking water

What a shrimp can teach a submarine: The benefits of strange science

Body Electric

Tropical plant called moringa shows promise in health, anti-aging products

The hard facts about soft landing ions

Researchers create natural insecticidal proteins to target resistant bugs

Crop advances grow with protection

Transforming teaching with Twitter

Whos Downloading Pirated Scientifc Papers? Everyone – Slashdot

Top Security Experts Say Anti-Encryption Bill Authors Are Woefully Ignorant – Slashdot

India Installs Laser Walls At Border With Pakistan – Slashdot

Manufacturing Jobs On Decline Around the World – Slashdot

Bernie Sanders Second Life Headquarters Besieged by Trump-Supporting Swastikas – Slashdot

Google CEO Predicts AI-Fueled Future – Slashdot

With Carly Fiorina As Running Mate, Cruzs H-1B Stance Now In Question – Slashdot

YouTube makes a big change to Content ID disputes – SlashGear

Harman Kardon GO + Play next-gen speaker sports steel handle – SlashGear

The PC isn’t dead, we just don’t know what it means anymore – SlashGear

Samsung Checkout on TV Lets you Pay for Stuff with no Phone – SlashGear

LinkedIn membership rises 19% to 433 million, increases revenue 35% to $861 million | VentureBeat | Business | by Ken Yeung

Amazon stock soars more than 11% on Q1 revenue of $29.1 billion and record profit | VentureBeat | Commerce | by Harrison Weber

Samsung and IBM show how Watson has improved conversational speech recognition | VentureBeat | Business | by Dean Takahashi

On Wikipedia, all languages are not created equal; but that could be changing | VentureBeat | Media | by Paul Sawers

Ratchet and Clank film review: Straight to video game | Ars Technica

Even at 1.0, Vivaldi closes in on the cure for the common browser | Ars Technica

How long until we see Google Play on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux? | Ars Technica

As US drops “cyber bombs,” ISIS retools its own cyber army | Ars Technica

Thunderbolt 3 goes PC at NAB 2016 | ZDNet

LG posts record Q1 profit without G5 sales | ZDNet

Artificial intelligence now fits inside a USB stick

SpaceX wins its first military launch contract

Five essential online tools to start your own business

Google is starting its own hardware division

Apple’s new keyboard patent will help you look less stupid

Vevos Web redesign breathes new life into music videos

Wire messaging app now lets you share any type of file with end-to-end encryption

OpenAI wants you to train your AI bots with Atari games

Spielberg’s technology guru is now making sci-fi into a reality

NSA spying scares people away from reading about terrorism

Do you want these patent-pending hexagons to control your home? | The Verge

In a reversal, YouTube will let videos under copyright dispute earn revenue | The Verge

Apple Music now plays music videos on Android | The Verge

Foop is a hydroponic garden for your abrasive city life | The Verge

This E Ink tablet is a cute way to manage meetings | The Verge

Amazon’s earnings soar as its hardware takes the spotlight | The Verge

Confess all your sins to this robot, if you want | The Verge

New research confirms thriving microbiome is linked to a healthier body | The Verge

The Helium iPhone case is for you, iPhone camera fans | The Verge

Google and Fiat Chrysler said to be close to self-driving technical partnership | The Verge

The iPhones trippiest app has to be heard to be understood | The Verge

SpaceVR has a new plan for filming virtual reality in space | The Verge

Watch the video for Jean-Michel Jarre and Edward Snowdens new track, Exit | The Verge

Microsoft’s special edition Iron Man Xbox One looks crazy | The Verge

NASA now uses giant touchscreens to teach astronauts how to fly to space | The Verge

NFL Sunday Ticket streams out-of-market games at no extra cost

Chrome extension blocks out the names of mass shooters

HPs Chromebook 13 has features that match top-end PCs | Computerworld

Mele introduces a $70 Ubuntu stick PC | Chips |

Angry Birds Action! uses BirdCodes to get you buying stuff (in real life) | Games |

Microsoft will reveal a new Xbox One controller and other hardware at E3 | Games |

WIN these Noble in-ear monitors worth £999! | T3

T3 Agenda: Take a pro swing with Garmins Approach X40, grab a White Pearl Galaxy S7 and more | T3

Hue 2 can do this: hands on with Philips much improved smart lighting app | T3

Twitter aims to boost its visibility by switching from ‘Social Networking’ to ‘News’ on the App Store | TechCrunch

Government requests for Facebook user data up 13 percent | TechCrunch

Brought to you by the letters A and I: Sesame Workshop, IBM developing edtech for pre-schoolers | TechCrunch

Google Play is now labelling which apps contain ads | TechCrunch

World View lands $15 million Series B to bring new stratosphere-flying platform to life | TechCrunch

Plug the Fathom Neural Compute Stick into any USB device to make it smarter | TechCrunch

Samsung backs Mast Mobile, the startup that helps you manage multiple numbers on one phone | TechCrunch

HP and Google join forces for a souped-up metal Chromebook | TechCrunch

Dive head-first into the cosmos with SpaceVR | TechCrunch

Amazon Alexa is now available on first device not made by Amazon | TechCrunch

Deliveroo begins investing in kitchen space to bring more restaurants to your area | TechCrunch

Coinbase is finally letting you instantly buy Bitcoin with a debit card | TechCrunch

NASA makes it rain with $243M in contracts to institutions and small businesses | TechCrunch



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