IFM 4/30 – 5/2

7 reason mosquitoes bite some people more than others : TreeHugger

Project aims to bring light to an entire country with solar lanterns : TreeHugger

Your money and your life: ditching your car gives you more of both. : TreeHugger

Why I opted out of full-time kindergarten : TreeHugger

This all-natural native corn is bejeweled with brilliantly colorful kernels | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

14 surprisingly affordable pieces of modern furniture that wont break the bank | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

Reusable, collapsable Nada Bottle brings water filtration those in need | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

Iranian architecture students build Girih-inspired land art from locally produced brick | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

How one researcher is hoping to tap into the life-saving secrets of fog and dew | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

AeroFarms is building the worlds largest indoor vertical farm just 45 mins from Manhattan | Inhabitat New York City

Santiago Calatrava wins competition to design pavilion for Dubai World Expo 2020 | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

ODA’s Jenga-like towers turn almost all its units into corner apartments | Inhabitat New York City

MVRDV Designs Reusable Pavilion for Bogotá Book Fair | ArchDaily

That time a bot invaded Thingiverse and created weird new 3D objects | Ars Technica

Seattle’s sanitation workers can no longer pry through trash without a warrant | Ars Technica

Congressmen think FCC’s set-top box plan is just like “Popcorn Time” | Ars Technica

From zero to 100mph in 1.2 seconds, the SuperDraco thruster delivers | Ars Technica

Knowledge of climate change basics doesn’t make people care | Ars Technica

Boosting the vote may be as easy as saying you’ll ask | Ars Technica

Review: Japanese hologram pop star Hatsune Miku tours North America | Ars Technica

Tom Wheeler: Comcast’s TV app proves the FCC is right about set-top boxes | Ars Technica

Eurocops get new cyber powers to hunt down terrorists, criminals | Ars Technica

BMW boosts i3 battery capacity by 50 percent—and it’s retrofitable | Ars Technica

From Paintbox to PC: How London became the home of Hollywood VFX | Ars Technica

VentureBeat | Tech News That Matters

South Koreas InnoSpark unveils Trendy Town real-time social simulation game | GamesBeat | Games | by Dean Takahashi

Ratchet and Clanks movie was a sheep at the box office | GamesBeat | Games | by Mike Minotti

Cost of acquiring mobile users was down in March as people download fewer apps | GamesBeat | Games | by Mike Minotti

Vimeo acquires white-label video subscription platform VHX to help creators build their own Netflix | VentureBeat | Deals | by Paul Sawers

Google Search now translates foreign words automatically | VentureBeat | Apps | by Paul Sawers

Disappearing messages could be coming to Messenger for iOS | VentureBeat | Apps | by Jordan Novet

100 noteworthy young startups — and what they tell us about tech this year | VentureBeat | Business | by Jeremiah Smith, Startup Tracker

Sanitizing cow farts before they happen could slow climate change – SlashGear

An AI for everything as Qualcomm opens Snapdragon Zeroth – SlashGear

Anker 60W USB Type-C charger powers five devices at once – SlashGear

Sony patents a contact lens that houses a camera – SlashGear

YouTube is testing new Material look, you can test it too – SlashGear

VR Recording with Mixed Reality: Our First Trials – SlashGear

Self-Driving Features Could Lead To More Sex In Moving Cars, Expert Warns – Slashdot

Without Encryption, Everything Stops, Says Snowden – Slashdot

Gas Delivery Startups Want to Fill Up Your Car Anywhere, But It Might Not Be Legal – Slashdot

Audiophile Torrent Site What.CD Fully Pwnable Thanks To Wrecked RNG – Slashdot

3 Years Ago, Microsoft Said Tech Should Fund K-12 CS Education. What Changed? – Slashdot

CV of Failures: Princeton Professor Publishes Resume of His Career Lows – Slashdot

Ask Slashdot: How Could You Statistically Identify The Best Sci-Fi Books? – Slashdot

Germany Plans $1.4 Billion In Incentives For Electric Cars – Slashdot

US Steel Says China Is Using Cyber Stealth To Steal Its Secrets – Slashdot

Cable Industry Threatens To Sue If FCC Tries To Bring Competition To Cable Set Top Boxes – Slashdot

Intel Cuts Atom Chips, Basically Giving Up On Smartphone and Tablet Market – Slashdot

Mothers Day Gift Guide | Digital Trends

Paramount Registers Star Trek 4 | Digital Trends

Is A Smart Home A Safer Home? | Digital Trends

MacBooks Battery Expanded With Omnis Smart Case | Digital Trends

Hawaiian Church Builds Fiberglass Igloos to Help the Homeless | Digital Trends

Awares Custom-fit Earbuds Can Record Your Brain Waves | Digital Trends

Coachella Organizers Plan Massive Classic Rock Festival | Digital Trends

Microsoft Developing Response to Apples 3D Touch | Digital Trends

Audio CAPTCHA Research Asks Users To Identify Gibberish | Digital Trends

Pirate Bay Earns Very Little From Bitcoin Donations | Digital Trends

Judge Orders Woman To Provide Fingerprint To Unlock iPhone | Digital Trends

New Data Suggests Windows 10 Adoption is Slowing | Digital Trends

Floating Seahorse Is a Home With an Underwater Room | Digital Trends

Foop Is A Hydroponic Garden For Urbanites | Digital Trends

How To Use Windows Desktop Search | Digital Trends

Awesome Tech You Cant Buy Yet: Drone Pontoons, and More | Digital Trends

The Wikkelhouse is Cardboard Box-Living at its Finest | Digital Trends

RetroFab Lets You 3D Print Smarter Controls for Appliances | Digital Trends

Smart Kapp Whiteboards Let You Share Ideas As You Draw | Digital Trends

Moshi iGlaze Ion iPhone 6S Battery Case Review | Digital Trends

Nvidia GPU-Based Self-Driving System Learns by Watching Us | Digital Trends

Top 10 Vaporware Cars | Cancelled Cars, Dead Cars | Digital Trends

Cyrano Is a Personal App-Controlled Air Freshener | Digital Trends

European Commission Wants Free Flow of Data | Digital Trends

Schosche PowerBank Uses Magnets To Stick To Your Phone | Digital Trends

Daimler Takes Aim at Tesla With Its New Home Battery | Digital Trends

ModulAir Inflatable Furniture Transforms into Pool Loungers | Digital Trends

Wow your dinner guests with a massive Megaprocessor | The Verge

ResetPlug for Wi-Fi routers tries turning it off and on again | The Verge

Rolls-Royces new luggage set is made of carbon fiber and the broken dreams of lesser luggage | The Verge

Ferrari’s new CEO is the most outspoken guy in the car business | The Verge

Dangerous Golf is a wild and ridiculous golf game from the creators of Burnout | The Verge

Google, Facebook, Uber, and others join new NYC tech industry lobbying group | The Verge

Warren Buffett says that self-driving cars will be bad for insurance companies | The Verge

Bing for iOS now lets you search images by taking a photo | The Verge

SeeNote is a digital replacement for your sticky notes | The Verge

Make your bike electric with this swap-in tire

The UAE wants an artificial mountain to increase rainfall

Two black holes are defying the limits of science

UKs proposed nuclear plant is one of the costliest things on Earth

Uber drivers in New York State begin to organize

Berlin bans renting whole apartments through Airbnb

IBM supercomputer helped design a dress it can never wear

Judge orders woman to unlock iPhone with her fingerprint

Samsung app helps premature babies hear their mothers

US surveillance court didnt reject a single spy order last year

Six robots inspired by real-life animals

Ask Alexa whats playing on SyFy

Delta is rolling out RFID luggage tags by the end of summer

TechCrunch – The latest technology news and information on startups

Man vs Tech: how we got on cooking a meal with the latest tech in grilling, mixing and more | T3

6 things you can do right now with smart lighting | T3

6 best wireless speakers to choose for multi-room happiness | T3

Video: Cool Shit We Got This Week including HTC Vive, Jaguar F-Pace and a Brompton | T3

Seagate now shipping its mammoth 10TB helium-filled hard drive | Chips |

Disney files patent for near instantaneous 3D printing | Computerworld

Google buys Synergyse to teach customers how to use Apps | Computerworld

EMC World kicks off with cloud backup and cheaper flash arrays | Computerworld

11 Excel tips for power users | Computerworld

Im calling it: Social networking is over | Computerworld

Best Kodi/XBMC streaming boxes 2016 | TechRadar

Googles one-handed keyboard just solved your big Android phone problem | TechRadar

A geeks guide to Shenzhen, the global gadget capital | TechRadar

Look whos stalking: what it feels like to be put on surveillance in London | TechRadar

Championing the under-glass: LGs new fingerprint scanner goes under the screen | TechRadar

10 brilliant solar-powered bags to keep all your gadgets charged | TechRadar

10 cases that will completely change your iPhone | TechRadar

How the smart building could save the world | TechRadar

Apple to examine iPhone of Florida teens lost at sea – CNET

Welcome to Tokyos Akihabara Electric Town, with the craziest gadget stores youll ever see – CNET

What Apple Music can learn from Tidal – CNET

Old man yells at iCloud: J.D. Power study finds aging buyers dont trust autonomy – Roadshow

Samsung cooks up crazy prototype gadgets like VR camera necklaces, helmet speakers – CNET

Tech can help the elderly…if they use it – CNET

Samsung cooks up crazy prototype gadgets like VR camera necklaces, helmet speakers – CNET

Pizza box made entirely from pizza: Super-special delivery – CNET

Little ANTs: Researchers build the worlds tiniest engine

New nanoparticle drug-delivery approach holds potential for treating obesity

Providing children with tablets loaded with literacy apps yields positive results: Project to provide children with tablets loaded with literacy apps reports positive results in Africa, US — ScienceDaily

Complete rest until symptom-free after concussion may not be best for recovery: New study found that youth who exercised within seven days of head injury had nearly half the rate of persistent post-concussive symptoms a month later — ScienceDaily

The gut microbiomes of infants have an impact on autoimmunity — ScienceDaily

Making invisible physics visible: New sensor technology captures nanoscale images with high spatial resolution and sensitivity — ScienceDaily

Winds a quarter the speed of light spotted leaving mysterious binary systems — ScienceDaily

Cognitive-behavioral therapy may help reduce memory problems in cancer survivors who have received chemotherapy — ScienceDaily

Concussion outcomes differ among football players from youth to college — ScienceDaily

Speakers of two dialects may share cognitive advantage with speakers of two languages — ScienceDaily

Working longer may lead to a longer life — ScienceDaily

Hydropeaking of river water levels is disrupting insect survival, river ecosystems — ScienceDaily

Method stabilizes, enhances phosphorene: Covalently bonded, single-molecule-thick layer prevents phosphorene from degrading in open air — ScienceDaily

Could aluminum nitride be engineered to produce quantum bits? — ScienceDaily

Biology may hold key to better computer memory — ScienceDaily

How To Get Your Computer Ready To Sell Or Give Away — ScienceDaily

Antarctic bryozoans give hints of environmental changes in oceans — ScienceDaily

Skeletal marker of physiological stress might indicate good, rather than poor, health — ScienceDaily

Fizzled 2014 El Niño fired up ongoing monster El Niño | Science News

This week in Zika: Haiti hit early, possible monkey hosts, and more | Science News

Researchers Find Golden Key to Achieve Efficient Heat Transport Using Graphene Nanoflake-Based Film

Nanoparticle Technology Can Help Reduce Use of Fertilizer, Create More Sustainable Way to Grow Crops

Laser spectroscopy determines sex of a chicken egg –

Sounding out the qin

News Picks: Tailless comet could provide clues to solar system’s formation

ITER costs are pinned down, with caveats

When Smartphones Become Too Addictive, Stylish Dumb Phones Offer a Respite

Compact Radar System Promises to Let Small Drones Cut the Leash

Your Brain Limits You to Just Five BFFs

Disability-Simulating VR Promotes Empathy

Nepal Celebrates Two Years Free From Rhino Poaching | Smart News | Smithsonian

“New” 2,000-Year-Old Geoglyph Spotted in Peru | Smart News | Smithsonian

Meteors Will Streak the Skies This Week Thanks to Halley’s Comet | Smart News | Smithsonian

James Monroe’s House Was Way Bigger Than Historians Thought | Smart News | Smithsonian

Flashback Friday: The purpose of yawning might be to cool your brain. – Seriously, Science?

“Neuroscience-Based Nomenclature” for Mental Health? – Neuroskeptic

The Revolution Will Be Edited |

All in Einsteins Head |

Into the Mind of a Psychopath |

Reef “Cat Scans” Reveal Another Way Acidification Speeds Erosion – Science Sushi

Artificial Pancreas Makers Race to Market |

Secret Atomic Role of WW II–Era Aircraft Carrier Revealed – Scientific American

How NASAs Next Big Telescope Could Take Pictures of Another Earth – Scientific American

Theres Something Fishy about This Fossil Bird – Scientific American Blog Network

3-D Vision Makes Industrial Robots Friendly – Scientific American

Heartburn Meds Alter the Gut – Scientific American

What Neuroscience Says about Free Will – Scientific American Blog Network

News | Science | AAAS

Kepler enlists relativity to find planets | Science

Air rage? Blame the first-class cabin | Science | AAAS

These rotting rabbits could complicate human murder trials | Science | AAAS

India Is Trying Out 3D Crosswalk Optical Illusions to Slow Drivers

You can now race against Usain Bolt with Pumas running robot BeatBot

13 Best Android Phones for 2016 at Every Price – Top Android Smartphones

The Holy Braille: A Tablet For The Visually Impaired | Popular Science

Let people most affected by gene editing write CRISPR rules | New Scientist

Thats odd: Quantum entanglement mangles space and time | New Scientist

That’s odd: Missing neutrinos may be shapeshifters | New Scientist

Thats odd: Axis of evil stretches across the cosmos | New Scientist

Trio of Earth-sized planets around nearby star could reveal life | New Scientist

Rain spawns more rain when it falls on ploughed land | New Scientist

Metadating helps you find love based on your everyday data | New Scientist

Thou shalt not tell us how to behave any more | New Scientist

The upside of nightmares: How bad dreams are also good for you | New Scientist

How infecting carp with herpes can help save dying river systems

Better battery capacity gives BMW i3 110 km range boost

British astronaut pilots earthbound rover from aboard ISS

Inexpensive 3D-printed lens gives terahertz imaging a boost

Prematurely born lambs kept alive in artificial external placenta – human babies could be next

This hoodie (yes, hoodie) delivered a great massage

Screening existing drugs to uncover new weapons against antibiotic-resistant bacteria

The Worlds Simplest Drone Has Just One Moving Part

We Just Solved One of the Biggest Mysteries About How Water Flows on Mars

You Can Stash an Insane Amount of Data in a Rubiks Cube

Radiohead Has Erased Itself From the Internet

Report: Hulus Planning Cable-Style Live TV Streams

Graphene E-Readers Could Be Much Sturdier

Today, Kenya Is Torching 5 Percent of the Worlds Stockpiled Ivory

We Might Now Know Why Ebola Keeps Popping Up In West Africa

Heres The Best View Yet Of The SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Landing

Someone Is Finally Trying to Stop This Underground Garbage Fire Thats Burned for Six Years

There’s Only One Way You Could Personally Visit an Exoplanet

TP-Links Echo-Compatible Smart Plug Is Back Down to $23

Millennials Will Live in Cities Unlike Anything Weve Ever Seen Before

How to Deal With Your Inbox, According to Science

Next Big Future: Spacex Falcon 9 launch payload increased by 173% to 22,800 kilograms

Next Big Future: Technological advances enable nuclear reactors to be constantly updated for indefinite operations

Next Big Future: Composite fiber reinforced concrete donuts can be used to repair quake damaged bridges in days instead of weeks

Next Big Future: DARPA holographic imaging so soldiers can see around corners, behind walls

Next Big Future: Supercopter demostrators will fly in 2017 but budget constraints will delay serial acquisition until after 2030

Next Big Future: Hypersonic boost glide weapon analysis, flight profiles, detection and early warning

Next Big Future: China lending Russia $6.2 billion for Russias Moscow-Kazan high speed rail project

Just 40 light years from Earth, three planets might host life forms adapted to infrared worlds

Study suggests humans are only capable of having five people in their closet circle

Raindrop splash is a surprise source of fine soil particles in the atmosphere

Scientists discover molecular mechanism for generating specific antibody responses

Adaptive protein crystal could form new kind of protective material

Adult brain prunes branched connections of new neurons

AFM films living nuclear pore complexes at work for the first time

Current cancer drug discovery method flawed, study finds

Curiosity cores hole at Lubango fracture zone

How DNA can take on the properties of sand or toothpaste

Discovery of a fundamental limit to the evolution of the genetic code

Novel electrode systems unveil the mechanisms behind human movement

Cavitation aggressive intensity greatly enhanced using pressure at bubble collapse region

Turbulent mixing research makes advanced thermal reactors safer

Bioengineers create first online search engine for functional genomics data

Advance could help grow stem cells more safely

Using CO2 for heating and cooling in urban areas

Risk aversion impedes innovation in information technology

Englerin analogues with anti-cancer activity

Anomalous sinking of spheres in apparently fixed powder beds discovered

Marijuana use increases risks in pregnancy

Study links some positive effects to calorie restriction in nonobese adults

New drug more effective in treating atrial fibrillation

Study shows that improving muscle power rather than strength helps alleviate pain for osteoarthritis sufferers

Vitamin A affects the heart, not just eyes and skin

Having trouble picking the right health insurance plan? Let an algorithm decide

Nursing homes starting to offer more individualized menus

NASA research gives new insights into how the moon got inked

Australian Craig Wright says he created Bitcoin (Update 3)

Novel model illustrates the finer details of nuclear fission

Green light for plant-based food packaging

Simulations suggest other phenomenon besides black holes merging could produce gravity waves

Scientists reveal the secret of antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Could teachers do less marking for better results?

Detecting decay inside bagged lettuce with electronic eye

Glucose as a new energy source for pacemakers

Scientists predict promising new family of materials for solid-state cooling

Engineers produce biodiesel from microalgae in three hours

Clay nanotube-biopolymer composite scaffolds for tissue engineering

Hybrid nanoantennas—next-generation platform for ultradense data recording

Greenpeace to release secret documents on contested EU-US trade deal

Pennsylvania probes possible link between quakes

Newly discovered baby Titanosaur sheds light on dinosaurs early lives

Insulating layer of air above the Greenland ice sheet reduces precipitation

Unique fragment from Earths formation returns after billions of years in cold storage

Light-powered 3-D printer creates terahertz lens

KeelyNet News 2016 – Free Energy / Gravity Control / Electronic Health / Alternative Science – 01/03/16

KeelyNet News 2016 – Free Energy / Gravity Control / Electronic Health / Alternative Science – 01/03/16

KeelyNet News 2016 – Free Energy / Gravity Control / Electronic Health / Alternative Science – 01/03/16

How Wave Energy Could Power Homes, Thanks to This Wavestar Sustainable Energy Machine

– The Washington Post

KeelyNet News 2016 – Free Energy / Gravity Control / Electronic Health / Alternative Science – 01/03/16

KeelyNet News 2016 – Free Energy / Gravity Control / Electronic Health / Alternative Science – 01/03/16

KeelyNet News 2016 – Free Energy / Gravity Control / Electronic Health / Alternative Science – 01/03/16

KeelyNet News 2016 – Free Energy / Gravity Control / Electronic Health / Alternative Science – 01/03/16


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