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VW to deliver e-Crafter electric van in 2017
Electric vehicles have a huge range of potential applications, from ludicrous passenger cars to distribution trucks, but delivery vans running around the city stacks up as one of the best uses of the zero-local emissions technology. With the new e-Crafter, launched today at IAA in Hannover,…
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A Robot That Sews Could Take the Sweat Out of Sweatshops
A big part of the garment-making process is still done by hand. Now some clothing makers hope to end that.
“Cloak” Makes Signal-Blocking Wall Disappear
In a demonstration at EDICON, front scattering shows how EM waves can turn a wall into a window.
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Don’t judge a book by its cover. These cookies are packed…
Don’t judge a book by its cover. These cookies are packed with brownies, cake, and even more cookies. Best yet, they’ll all be at the first @mdoughw pop up shop this Saturday 9/24 at @saks NYC Brookfield Place. 📷: @mdoughw #forkyeah
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Couple Converts School Bus Into a Home
Living in a mobile home is a dream for many, and there are many ways of living that dream. Filmmaker Felix Starck and musician Selima Taibi are a young German couple hailing from Berlin, and they recently transformed a yellow school bus into a cozy and quite comfortable home for themselves and their…
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Space Agriculture Topic of Symposium
New frontiers of soil and plant sciences may grow crops in space
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Editor’s Picks #454
Responding to Brexit, Eleanor Marshall considered five buildings designed by European architects working in the UK from 1973 until 2016; the lifespan of the UK’s membership of the European Union. “If in the next few years major change hinders the eclecticism that the UK currently has we may be left with…
Studio Furthermore creates ceramic homeware from sponges
London Design Festival 2016: Studio Furthermore injected sponge and foam with porcelain to create this collection of vessels (+ slideshow). (more…)
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The Elevators We Ride Today Started as a Magic Trick
Otis’s invention that drew screams and cries. …Read More »
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Deals of Note: September 22, 2016
How to save on a Patagonia ripstop nylon hoodie, an Anker robotic vacuum and Beats Solo2 wireless headphones. …Read More »
Gear Patrol
Today in Gear: September 22, 2016
A bold camo jacket inspired by Norse heritage, an ultra-powerful home theater projector and a “smart” leather-bound notebook. …Read More »
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Anti-refugee PEGIDA leader flees Germany due to ‘persecution,’ seeks shelter in Tenerife
The leader of the anti-immigrant PEGIDA movement has cast himself as a “refugee,” hiding on the popular Spanish island of Tenerife off the coast of West Africa. He says he’s been forced to flee due to “persecution” his family faced in Germany. Read Full Article at
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Nanotechnology may revolutionize future engines (w/video)
Proxima Centauri b: Mission Design Notes – Part II
One problem with high-speed flight to Proxima Centauri is the energy required for extremely high exhaust velocities is a non-trivial fraction of the rest mass of the propellant. Einstein’s famous relation E = mc2 tells us that there’s a lot of energy tied up in mass. But the flip side is that pushing…
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Mach Effect Propulsion Theory Updates
Theory of a Mach Effect Thruster IThe Mach Effect Thruster (MET) is a propellant—less space drive which uses Mach’s principle to produce thrust in an accelerating material which is undergoing mass—energy fluctuations. Mach’s principle is a statement that the inertia of a body is the result of the gravitational…
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Gabon warns opposition against violence as court examines election appeal
Government officials in Gabon warned opposition leader Jean Ping on Wednesday that he risked arrest if unrest resumes when the Constitutional Court rules on his challenge to last month’s presidential election outcome.
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General Atomics looks to adopt DARPA’s Gremlin Drone launch from C-130 effort to MQ-9 Reaper
General Atomics Aeronautical displayed its proposal for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA’s) Gremlin programme, to develop the ability to air launch and air recover a small unmanned aircraft system (SUAS) from a C-130 transport aircraft, at the annual Air Force Association (AFA)…
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Bahamas files: New leak exposes offshore ‘tax haven’ dealings of politicians, companies
Five months after the Panama Papers exposed the offshore dealings of government leaders and influential people, a new leak of 1.3 million files has revealed the names of individuals associated with companies registered in the Bahamas, a notorious tax haven. Read Full Article at
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Expanding universe may render time travel impossible
In day-to-day human experience, the march of time is constant. Outside the adventures of Marty McFly or Bill and Ted, most people wouldn’t normally wonder how time works, but the question of why it moves forwards, has long been on the minds of physicists and philosophers. Now, a professor at…
Logitech Z337 Bold Sound is a desktop speaker with Bluetooth
Logitech has taken the wraps off its new Z337 Bold Sound with Bluetooth, the company’s first desktop speaker that can play music via Bluetooth rather than an audio cable. Thanks to the Bluetooth support, users are able to stream their audio from any device that supports it — a laptop, smartphone, tablet,…
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UN fears Mali clashes could hurt peace process
Bamako (AFP) Sept 22, 2016 The UN has voiced concerns over Mali’s shaky peace deal following deadly clashes between groups that have signed up to the agreement. The clashes last week – between pro-government group GATIA (the Imghad and Allies Tuareg Self-Defence Group) and ex-rebels from the…
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In Tibet, religious freedom with Chinese characteristics
Lhasa (AFP) Sept 22, 2016 The sun has yet to rise over Lhasa, but dozens of colourfully dressed pilgrims are already gathered and reciting prayers at the entrance to Jokhang, the most sacred temple in Tibetan Buddhism. Many of those gathered – Tibetans and Han Chinese visitors – say religion…
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26 dead, 19 missing in Indonesian landslides, floods: official
Jakarta (AFP) Sept 22, 2016 The death toll from devastating floods and landslides in Indonesia has risen to 26, an official said Thursday, with hopes fading for 19 others still missing. Aid has begun pouring into Garut in the west of Indonesia’s main island of Java, where 23 people died and 18…
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High Tech Moisture Meter Makes Plant Sitting Easy
Tokyo (JPN) Sep 21, 2016 Amateur botanists and gardeners with other than ‘green’ thumbs can rest easy away from their plants now that automatic, precise soil monitoring is here. Garden products maker Cabinotier, a three-year-old Tokyo-based start-up, has developed the Sustee, a portable sensor that…
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Tardigrades use protective protein to shield their DNA from radiation
Tokyo (UPI) Sep 20, 2016 Tardigrades are thought to be the most durable life form on Earth. The eight-legged, water-dwelling creatures can survive extreme temperatures, intense pressure and seemingly deadly levels of radiation. New research reveals how the micro-animals – sometimes called water…
Trump opposes plan for U.S. to cede control of ICANN to global community
(Reuters) – U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump opposes a long-planned transition of oversight of the internet’s technical management from the U.S. government to a global community of stakeholders, his campaign said in a statement on Wednesday. Congress should block the handover, scheduled…
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METimage: New Weather Data Every 1.7 seconds
Berlin, Germany (SPX) Sep 21, 2016 Airbus Defence and Space has been commissioned by the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) to develop and build three flight units of the innovative METimage weather instruments. The partners have signed the euro 291 million contract in Berlin. METimage is a multispectral…
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NASA-funded scientific balloon program wraps up fourth campaign
Greenbelt MD (SPX) Sep 22, 2016 The scientists of the BARREL team sent their last balloon soaring toward the stratosphere over Sweden on Aug. 30, 2016, capping off four years of launches to study how electrons precipitate into Earth’s atmosphere. Throughout August 2016, the BARREL team was…
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Goddard space center mission-critical for ISS astronauts
Greenbelt MD (SPX) Sep 22, 2016 The International Space Station may bring to mind launch pads in Florida or control rooms in Houston, but humanity’s longest continuously inhabited outpost in space also requires near-constant support from a small community just outside Washington, D.C. That’s where,…
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UK to start laser gun program
London, UK (SPX) Sep 21, 2016 The United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) is finalising the agreement of a Pounds 30M contract with UK DRAGONFIRE, an UK industrial team led by MBDA, to conduct the Laser Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) Capability Demonstrator. UK DRAGONFIRE will achieve, through…
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Parallel launch preparations put Ariane 5 on track for next launch
Kourou, French Guiana (ESA) Sep 22, 2016 Pre-flight activities for Arianespace’s upcoming Ariane 5 mission are ramping up at the Spaceport in French Guiana, with launcher and payload preparations advancing in parallel for the October 4 liftoff. In a major milestone reached this month, Ariane…
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JPL seeks robotic spacecraft development for Asteroid Redirect Mission
Pasadena CA (JPL) Sep 22, 2016 NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, has issued a request for proposal (RFP) seeking design, development and build of the robotic spacecraft that will capture a multi-ton asteroid boulder from deep space during the first segment of the agency’s…
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Black Slime Is Coating World Monuments—And That May Be Good
National Geographic News
Can Mexico’s Bat Man be Tequila’s Super Hero?
Rodrigo Medellin’s efforts to save the lesser long-nosed bat is tied to Mexico’s blue agave plant.
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Rome Olympic chief’s fury at mayor’s bid veto
The Italian Olympic chief reacts angrily to the Rome mayor’s decision to say no to the city’s bid to host the 2024 Games, saying he will fight on.
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Pioneering Conservation Biologist Reshaped Our Understanding of Bears and Yellowstone
John Craighead passed away at the age of 100.
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Gut bacteria explain insects’ tolerance to a toxic diet
The microbial communities of toxic plant feeders in the Albufera lake in Valencia, Spain have been the focus of recent research. Aside from explaining the insects’ tolerance to a toxic diet, the findings may have applications in bioremediation: a waste management technique that involves the use of organisms…
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Rolls Royce Driverless Car Unveiled: Luxurious Vehicle Received Mixed Response
Those driverless cars you see in science fiction movies and TV shows is now becoming more of science and less of fiction. The science of driverless cars is in fact already upon us as car companies and a search engine company are attempting to iron out the bugs and perfect the technology of driverless…
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Sleep is key to curing chronic pain
A ink between chronic pain and lack of sleep has been identified by a team of researchers. They also discovered that people with pain who believe they won’t be able to sleep are more likely to suffer from insomnia, thus causing worse pain. A pioneering study could lead to specific cognitive therapy to…
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Superbug MRSA may be spreading through contaminated poultry
A new study offers compelling evidence that a novel form of the dangerous superbug Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) can spread to humans through consumption or handling of contaminated poultry. The research shows that poultry may be an important source of human exposure to MRSA, a superbug…
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Oxytocin enhances spirituality: The biology of awe
Oxytocin has been dubbed the “love hormone” for its role promoting social bonding, altruism and more. Now new research suggests the hormone may also support spirituality.
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MRI scanner sees emotions flickering across an idle mind
As you relax and let your mind drift aimlessly, you might remember a pleasant vacation, an angry confrontation in traffic or maybe the loss of a loved one. And now a team of researchers says they can see those various emotional states flickering across the human brain.
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Intercropping: Intersection of soil health, production
Plant diversity in intercropping leads to more diversity below ground too. Researchers are working to find the right combination for optimal crop and soil performance.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
New insights into ‘plant memories’
A special stretch of ribonucleic acid (RNA) called COOLAIR is revealing its inner structure and function to scientists, displaying a striking resemblance to an RNA molecular machine, territory previously understood to be limited to the cells’ protein factory (the ‘ribosome’) and not a skill set given…
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In a heartbeat: Tiny propeller keeps blood flowing
In the moments after a heart attack, every second counts. Medical professionals need to act quickly to stabilize the patient and prevent further damage to the heart. Often, that means opening up the chest cavity — a complex and traumatic procedure — and implanting a left ventricular assist device (LVAD)…
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Common genetic variant regulates the mental health benefits of exercise
A new study revealed that a common genetic variant in the brain-derived neurotrophic factor gene reduces the neurobiological benefits induced by physical exercise in mice.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Antarctic mystery solved?
Tiny ocean fossils distributed widely across rock surfaces in the Transantarctic Mountains point to the potential for a substantial rise in global sea levels under conditions of continued global warming, according to a new study. The study indicates the massive East Antarctic Ice Sheet (EAIS) has a history…
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Brain’s hippocampus helps fill in the blanks of language
A new study shows that when you finish your spouse’s sentences or answer a fill-in-the-blank question, you’re engaging the brain’s relay station for memories, an area that until now was largely neglected by scientists studying language.
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Feeding a Mars mission: The challenges of growing plants in space
Plants will play a critical role in the survival of human beings on long-duration space missions, such as a mission to Mars.  However, as a new paper shows, many challenges need to be addressed if astronauts are to successfully grow enough food on board spacecraft and on other planets.
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50-country comparison of child and youth fitness levels: US near the bottom
Scientists studied the aerobic fitness levels of children and youth across 50 countries. America placed 47 out of 50 and the least fit country evaluated is Mexico.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
New explanation offered for symptoms of fragile X syndrome
Until recently, scientists thought they understood one of the underlying causes of fragile X syndrome, the most common inherited cause of intellectual disability in the United States. The syndrome, which is associated with autism, was believed to be linked primarily to overactivity in a molecular pathway…
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Scientists triple known types of viruses in world’s oceans
Researchers report they’ve tripled the known types of viruses living in waters around the globe, and now have a better idea what role they play in nature. The discovery could influence carbon reduction efforts.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
A conscious coupling of magnetic and electric materials
Scientists have successfully paired ferroelectric and ferrimagnetic materials so that their alignment can be controlled with a small electric field at near room temperatures, an achievement that could open doors to ultra low-power microprocessors, storage devices and next-generation electronics.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
‘Schroedinger’s Cat’ molecules give rise to exquisitely detailed movies
Scientists have known for a long time that an atom or molecule can also be in two different states at once. Now researchers have exploited this Schroedinger’s Cat behavior to create X-ray movies of atomic motion with much more detail than ever before.
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Brain to robot: ‘Move, please’
Using the power of thought to control a robot that helps to move a paralysed hand: new research could fundamentally change the therapy and daily lives of stroke patients.
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We’re not in Kansas anymore: Fluorescent ruby red roofs stay as cool as white
Elementary school science teaches us that in the sun, dark colors get hot while white stays cool. Now new research has found an exception: scientists have determined that certain dark pigments can stay just as cool as white by using fluorescence, the re-emission of absorbed light.
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The microdoctors in our bodies
Researchers are developing tiny, sophisticated technological and biological machines enabling non-invasive, selective therapies. Their creations include genetically modified cells that can be activated via brain waves, and swarms of microrobots that facilitate highly precise application of drugs.
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New immunotherapy for leukemia shows promise in small clinical trial
‘Training’ immune cells boosts effectiveness in patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML), report scientists. A small clinical trial provides evidence that the immune system’s “natural killer” cells can be dialed up in the laboratory, trained to recall that activation and then effectively unleashed…
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Stem cell ‘heart patch’ moves closer to clinic
The promise of stem cells to treat cardiovascular disease may soon be a step closer to clinical application as scientists seek to perfect and test three-dimensional “heart patches” in a large animal model — the last big hurdle before trials in human patients.
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Study illuminates how mystery MS drug works
Scientists have de-mystified the molecular workings of the multiple sclerosis drug Tecfidera®. The drug is the most widely prescribed pill-based therapy for MS, but its biological mechanism remains mysterious.
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Greenland ice is melting seven percent faster than previously thought
The same hotspot in Earth’s mantle that feeds Iceland’s active volcanoes has been affecting scientists’ calculations of ice loss in the Greenland ice sheet, causing them to underestimate the melting by about 20 gigatons (20 billion metric tons) per year.
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Bile acid uptake inhibitor prevents nash/fatty liver in mice
Drugs that interfere with bile acid recycling can prevent several aspects of NASH (nonalcoholic steatohepatitis) in mice fed a high-fat diet, scientists have shown. The findings suggest that these drugs, known as ASBT inhibitors, could be a viable clinical strategy to address NASH, an increasingly common…
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Study questions benefits of testosterone replacement for low T
The prescription of testosterone supplementation for cardiovascular health, sexual function, physical function, mood, or cognitive function in men with “low T” is not supported by clinical trials data, conclude researchers who describe a review of more than 200 clinical trials.
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You can’t blame your genes if you don’t lose weight, study finds
You might be able to blame your genes for weighing more and increasing your risk of obesity, but you can no longer blame your genes for failing to lose weight, a comprehensive study has found.
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Quality, not quantity, of diet is key to health of baby birds
In a new study that upends the way ornithologists think about a young bird’s diet — but won’t shock parents used to scanning the nutritional profile of their children’s food — researchers have found that when it comes to what chicks eat, quality trumps quantity.
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Molecular switches: Two ways to turn
Chemists have synthesized a new photo-activatable molecule, which shows 2-dimensional switching behavior — an essential prerequisite for the construction of complex molecular machines.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
The death of a planet nursery?
The dusty disk surrounding the star TW Hydrae exhibits circular features that may signal the formation of protoplanets. Astrophysicist argue, however, that the innermost actually points to the impending dispersal of the disk.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
‘Likes’ less likely to affect self-esteem of people with purpose
How many likes did I get? The rush of self-esteem that comes with the ubiquitous thumbs-up has more people asking that question, as Facebook and other social media sites offer more ways for friends to endorse photos and posts.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Trial helps doctors tell Lewy body dementia from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s
Knowing that many clinicians find it difficult to correctly diagnose patients with Lewy body dementia, researchers set out to develop a clinical profile for these patients.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Shedding light on the mutational landscape of the most common pediatric cancer
Genomic alterations have been discovered in pediatric relapsed ALL that cause both therapy resistance and improved clinical response to multi-agent chemotherapy treatment.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Neutrophils are key to harnessing anti-tumor immune response from radiation therapy, study finds
Combining targeted radiation therapy with a neutrophil stimulant enhances anti-tumor immunity, according to new research into cancer immunology.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
New strategy identified for treating acute myeloid leukemia
A promising new approach to the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) has been discovered by a team of researchers. In their report, the investigators have identified a crucial dysfunction in blood cell development that underlies AML and show that inhibiting the action of a specific enzyme prompts…
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Twin jets pinpoint the heart of an active galaxy
Two particle jets shoot out from the heart of active galaxy NGC 1052 at the speed of light, apparently originating in the vicinity of a massive black hole. Researchers have now measured the magnetic fields in this area. They observed the bright, very compact structure of just two light days in size using…
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Marine life showing its true colors
Cephalopods — cuttlefish, squid and octopus — are renowned for their fast color changes and remarkable camouflage abilities. Now researchers have established that colorful coastal cephalopods are actually colorblind — but can still manage to blend beautifully with their surroundings.
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Delaying motor neuron loss
A potential treatment to delay motor neuron loss and symptoms has been discovered in the inevitably fatal motor neuron disease (MND). Researchers have reported that triheptanoin, a synthetic triglyceride oil, might help to address problems with energy metabolism associated with the neurodegenerative…
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Getting ahead of the ‘curve’ in magnetic study
Scientists noticed that magnetic skyrmions – small electrically uncharged circular structures with a spiraling magnetic pattern – do get deflected by an applied current, much like a curveball gets deflected by airflow.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Smoking has a very broad, long-lasting impact on the human genome
Smoking leaves its “footprint” on the human genome in the form of DNA methylation, a process by which cells control gene activity, according to new research. Even after someone stops smoking, the effects of smoking remain in their DNA.
Datawind’s $45 smartphone will come with free internet subscription in India
After taking India by storm with its ultra low-cost tablets, DataWind has plans to do something similar with smartphones. SEE ALSO: Apple, Samsung gear up for battle in India this Diwali DataWind has announced that it will launch three 4G LTE capable phones in India around Diwali festival season next…
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Telstra explores blockchain, biometrics to secure smart home IoT devices
Telstra’s efforts to blockchain IoT are being augmented by identity verification using voice, fingerprint, and facial biometrics.
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Mosul diary: ‘I feel like I’m living in a prison’
“Ahmed” was a student in Mosul when IS militants overran the northern Iraqi city in 2014. Before escaping to safety this summer, he kept a secret diary for the BBC.
BBC News – World
MH370 search: Doubts over ‘debris burn marks’
Australian authorities cast doubt on the theory that Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 may have had a fire on board before it went missing.
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Hypoxia sensor to protect US fighter pilots
In the past two decades, hypoxia or lack of oxygen has resulted in the death of 15 US Navy fighter pilots and is regarded as the biggest safety concern of the US fixed-wing air fleets. With over 110 incidents reported in 2015 by the Navy and Marines, the US Air Force has awarded a contract…
Japanese ad showcases people who are really freakin’ good at their jobs
You probably think you’re real good at what you do — reaching those KPIs or whatever. But these Japanese tradesman and workers will show you a thing or two about what it’s like to be really, really good at your job. From carving wood to directing traffic like an absolute boss, an ad for car manufacturer…
EVGA 400 N1 400W Power Supply $19.99
EVGA 400 N1 400W Power Supply $19.99
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Hyundai H350 Fuel Cell Concept brings hydrogen power to light commercial vehicles
Electric powertrains might hog the headlines, but hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are also shaping up as a viable alternative to internal combustion engines because they combine the zero local emissions (if you don’t count water) benefits of electric vehicles with the convenience of being able… – latest science and technology news stories
Fossil fuel reserves would crush climate goals: report
Developed oil, gas and coal reserves, if exhausted, are enough to push Earth well past the threshold for dangerous climate change, according to a report published Thursday. – latest science and technology news stories
Coral fish stress out if separated from ‘shoal-mates’
Coral fish become stressed and lose weight if they are separated from each other, hampering their chances of survival, an Australian study revealed on Thursday. – latest science and technology news stories
Taiwan asks Google to blur images of South China Sea island
Taiwan’s defence ministry has asked Google to blur images of a new development believed to be for military use on a disputed South China Sea island. – latest science and technology news stories
Cows in Fukushima radiation zone find new purpose: science
In an abandoned Japanese village, cows grazing in lush green plains begin to gather when they hear the familiar rumble of the ranch owner’s mini-pickup. This isn’t feeding time, though. – latest science and technology news stories
How CITES works, and 5 species to look out for
The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) is a treaty to protect wild animals and plants against over-exploitation through commercial trade. – latest science and technology news stories
Sanctuaries across US prepare for influx of lab chimpanzees
A Dora the Explorer-themed banner, paper plates full of fruit and a bevy of troll dolls make up the decorations at a special birthday party in Washington state.
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Lockheed Martin’s bioenergy plant turns waste into clean power
When it’s not taking forever to deliver the F–35 or creating new blimp inspection drones, Lockheed Martin is hard at work finding ways to turn actual trash into useable clean energy. At its Owego, New York facility, where the company builds spa…
Targus Drifter II Laptop Backpack $34.99
Targus Drifter II Laptop Backpack $34.99
GoControl/Linear GD00Z-4 Z-Wave Garage Door Opener Remote Controller $67.99
GoControl/Linear GD00Z-4 Z-Wave Garage Door Opener Remote Controller $67.99
The ‘shameful’ abortion rights struggle you haven’t heard about
LONDON — The Irish Sea is the body of water which stands between the islands of Ireland and Great Britain. For many, this sea is a channel to be crossed to go on holiday or to visit family. But, for the hundreds of thousands of women who have crossed this sea to get an abortion, this stretch of water… – latest science and technology news stories
Smithsonian opens climate change lab in Panama
The Smithsonian Institution opened its first lab outside the United States on Wednesday, a $20-million research center in Panama that will study the effects of climate change on tropical forests.
HP Sprocket joins the pocket photo printer party
Although snapping up photos, especially selfies, with our smartphones have become almost second nature, there will always be times when even the most tech savvy user will want a physical copy of that memory, be it for sharing or as a part of a larger collage. Rather than conceding defeat to the smartphone… – latest science and technology news stories
Some Mexico City residents see future in rain harvesting
Edgar Serralde Galicia lives in a part of Mexico City known for water: Xochimilco, where picturesque canals have irrigated produce grown on man-made islands and served as transportation routes since the days of the Aztecs. – latest science and technology news stories
Officials to tour Utah’s drought-stricken Great Salt Lake
On the southern shore of Utah’s Great Salt Lake, more than 100 boats are sitting high and dry in a parking lot, unable to sail the shallow, drought-stricken sea.
Microsoft, Lenovo accused of blocking Linux on “Signature Edition” PCs
Laptops these days are getting more powerful, thinner, and, like the Lenovo Yoga Book, more interesting. While most of these were made with running Windows in mind, some consumers prefer to have the final say on what OS to use, which usually means Linux (or Chrome OS sometimes). But much to their dismay,…
Gadget Review
Samsung Unveils Top-Line, Quantum Dot Monitors
Samsung Unveils Top-Line, Quantum Dot Monitors Gadget Review – Your lifestyle gadget site Samsung has made big news by announcing two new PC monitors that will sport its quantum dot technology. We’ve talked about quantum dot tech before, and how the technology is focused on creating some of the best…
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World’s lightest folding bike pedals to production
Last year, a startup based in London sought funding for the Hummingbird, a folding bike it claimed would be the world’s lightest. After reaching its Kickstarter goal, the 6.7-kg (14.8-lb) carbon fiber bike is set to become a production reality with a bit of help from motorsports outfit Prodrive… … – Nanotechnology News Feed
MIT Researchers Develop Gene Therapy Method with Potential to Arrest Cancer Metastasis
A major cause of mortality in women with breast cancer is the spread of malignant cells around the body called as metastasis. Recently, a team of MIT researchers are in the process of formulating a…
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1TB Ultra Portable External Hard Drive
I’ve been using these Western Digital 1TB drives for years. They connect to a computer through a single USB cable, which handles power and data. They weigh about five-and-a-half ounces, which is less than my iPhone 6 Plus. They are small enough (4.3 x 3.2 x 0.6 inches) to carry in a travel bag without…
designboom | architecture & design magazine
2016 biennale interieur curators discuss silver lining-interiors theme
designboom and biennale curator david van severen of OFFICE, talk about his involvement in the 25th edition and its ‘silver lining – interiors’ theme. The post 2016 biennale interieur curators discuss silver lining-interiors theme appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
Waze Beacons to make navigation work even in tunnels
We’ve all been there before. As useful and ubiquitous maps and navigation apps may be, there are instances and places where they just can’t be used. Like tunnels or underground, where GPS signals, sometimes even cellular networks, aren’t able to penetrate. That is, of course, a major concern for Waze,…
BBC News – World
India stab victim’s mother demands justice for daughter
A young girl was stabbed on a busy Delhi street. Her mother Rambeti Prajapati tells the BBC she wants justice for her daughter.
Obamacare Has Increased Insurance Coverage Everywhere
When congressional candidates last hit the campaign trail in 2014, one word seemed to be at the top of the agenda for virtually every Republican: Obamacare. But that was before most of the law’s provisions took effect. Two years later, the health law seems to have faded as a campaign issue.New data released…
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FDA Cleared, Shockwave Lithoplasty for Peripheral Vascular Disease
This unique system, which recently approved by FDA, breaks up plaque in patients with peripheral artery disease by using a balloon and sound waves. Shockwave is basically a traditional angioplasty balloon catheter with added capability that resembles lithotripsy that is used to break up kidney stones.
Intelsat: Thruster failure may reduce IS-33e’s operational life, but not by much
PARIS — Satellite fleet operator Intelsat on Sept. 21 said the failure of a thruster on its recently launched IS-33e satellite could reduce the satellite’s in-orbit life, but that the effect would be minimal. Addressing a Goldman Sachs investor conference, Intelsat Chief Executive Stephen Spengler also…
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Nissan concept pickup truck uses onboard drone to help with remote rescues
You really hope to never have to hit the red-lettered “SOS” button on a DeLorme inReach Explorer, but if you do, a message you’d love to receive from responders is, “on the way … in the Nissan Navara EnGuard.” Revealed at the IAA Commercial Vehicles Show in Hannover, Germany, the flashy concept…
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This tiny house expands in size with the push of a button
You can only make tiny houses so wide while remaining road legal, so tiny house firm Tiny Idahomes borrowed a neat trick from RV’s and trailers and has installed slide-outs in several of its homes. Its most recent model is currently on the market for US$68,899 and features a dining room, bedroom,… – latest science and technology news stories
Better person-machine communication designed to help prevent accidents
The basic components of communication are transmitter, receiver, code, message, channel and context. This setup is the same for communication between humans and machines. In fact, this concept of human-machine communication is becoming increasingly widespread in the increasingly connected digital world,… – latest science and technology news stories
More than 7 million bacterial genes in the pig gut
An international consortium of researchers from INRA (France), University of Copenhagen and SEGES (Denmark), BGI-Shenzhen (China) and NIFES (Norway) has now established the first catalogue of bacterial genes in the gut of pigs. This achievement is published in the latest issue of Nature Microbiology. – latest science and technology news stories
Physicists reveal the role of diffusion in the early universe
Scientists from the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IKI RAS), the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), and the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics (MPA) have shown that diffusion of gas particles during the formation of the first structures in the early universe… – latest science and technology news stories
Automated screening for childhood communication disorders
For children with speech and language disorders, early-childhood intervention can make a great difference in their later academic and social success. But many such children—one study estimates 60 percent—go undiagnosed until kindergarten or even later. – latest science and technology news stories
Scientists say ocean fossils found in mountains are cause for concern over future sea levels
Tiny ocean fossils distributed widely across rock surfaces in the Transantarctic Mountains point to the potential for a substantial rise in global sea levels under conditions of continued global warming, according to a new study. – latest science and technology news stories
Paleontologists link dinosaur, bird reproduction
A recent theory by paleontologists at Montana State University suggests that the nesting habits of some Mesozoic-era dinosaurs further bolsters the theory that all birds, from the majestic bald eagles of Yellowstone National Park to robins nesting in backyards across Montana, evolved from dinosaurs that…
The Next Web
This noise-blocking device promises to create a personal bubble of silence
If you’re living in a big city or have particularly rowdy neighbors, you know how it feels to live in a stream of perpetual noise. Luckily, the creators of Muzo say they’ve come up with a solution to this problem. By creating a personal sound field, the device promises to block out the noise in your…
Jaguar welcomes historic New York City leg of Formula E championship
The third season of the FIA Formula E championship is set to start next month, but this 2016-17 already has a few historic and exciting firsts, particularly for the US. Although the last season did have a round in the US at Long Beach, this season is the first time a FIA-approved open-wheel, not to mention…
BBC News – World
US boy offers home to Syrian refugee in letter to Obama
A letter and video from a six-year-old US boy offering a place in his family to a Syrian refugee whose photo shocked the world goes viral.
Fast Company
How This Cloud-Based Security Tool Protected The Super Bowl From Hackers
ProtectWise says handling security analytics in the cloud lets it store more data and move faster than its competitors. ProtectWise says handling security analytics in the cloud lets it store more data and move faster than its competitors.When football fans checked their email… Physics News
Shaping sound waves in 3-D could be useful for medical ultrasound applications
Sound can now be structured in three dimensions. Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems and the University of Stuttgart have found a way of generating acoustic holograms, which could improve ultrasound diagnostics and material testing. The holograms can also be used to move…
Work for us? Fine. Get hired? Not so fast…
Software developer pilot fish gets a call from another developer whom he hasn’t seen in years — not since the days they worked together at a bank.”She was working on some code and saw my name,” says fish. “She was there as an IT contractor on a right-to-hire contract — a try-before-you-buy arrangement….
RT – Daily news
20 civilians killed in Saudi airstrikes in Yemen – govt official
Twenty civilians have been killed in Saudi-led airstrikes in Yemen, according to a government official. Children were among those killed. At least 30 were injured in the raids, which struck the city of Hodeida. Read Full Article at – latest science and technology news stories
Researchers discover a cell in spinach that uses sunlight to produce electricity and hydrogen
Using a simple membrane extract from spinach leaves, researchers from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have developed a bio-photo-electro-chemical (BPEC) cell that produces electricity and hydrogen from water using sunlight. The raw material of the device is water, and its products are electric…
RT – Daily news
Biden warns Ukraine needs reforms or EU may drop Russia sanctions
US Vice-President Joe Biden says Europe could walk away from sanctions against Russia, unless Ukraine makes progress with economic and political reforms. At least five countries want to drop the sanctions, he warned. Read Full Article at
Motherboard RSS Feed
The DEA Is Banning a Little Known Medicinal Plant Called Kratom
The US government is set to ban kratom, a medicinal plant and painkiller, even though researchers say it might not be dangerous. Native to Southeast Asia, kratom has traditionally been brewed in tea, or ground up and encapsulated as powder. Historically, Thai laborers would use it to help them work…
RT – Daily news
‘Leave those kids alone’: Cop trolled live on Facebook for stopping black children (VIDEO)
A Facebook Live video posted by an angry bystander in Delaware who witnessed a white cop stop and question three children has clocked up almost 3 million views and sparked yet another debate around racism in law enforcement. Read Full Article at
BBC News – World
China rights lawyer Xia Lin jailed for 12 years
Chinese human rights lawyer Xia Lin, whose clients included dissident artist Ai Weiwei, faces 12 years behind bars after being found guilty of fraud.
RT – Daily news
Israeli troops photographed beating unarmed Palestinian during ‘routine check’
Israeli soldiers have been photographed brutally detaining a Palestinian man in Hebron on Tuesday. One of the five troops in the vicinity could be seen kicking the man, while another soldier pinned the Palestinian to the floor with his knee. Read Full Article at
How-To Geek
All the Ways You Can Still Get Windows 10 for Free
Windows 10’s free upgrade offer is officially over. But, unofficially, free copies of Windows 10 are still available. There are quite a few ways you can still get Windows 10 for free, without using a pirated license.Click Here to Continue Reading
This Volcano Photo Is Fire—or Lava, if We’re Being Technical
One photographer’s volcano obsession paid off with the perfect lava shot. The post This Volcano Photo Is Fire—or Lava, if We’re Being Technical appeared first on WIRED.
HP Has Added DRM to Its Ink Cartridges. Not Even Kidding
DRM will help HP make more money, but makes life frustrating for consumers. The post HP Has Added DRM to Its Ink Cartridges. Not Even Kidding appeared first on WIRED.
Review: Breville Fast Slow Pro
Pressure cookers are enjoying a mini-renaissance. We test the Fast Slow Pro from the premium kitchen brand Breville. The post Review: Breville Fast Slow Pro appeared first on WIRED.
House advances commercial space and astronaut health bills
WASHINGTON — The House of Representatives passed a commercial space bill unanimously while the House Science Committee approved a bill addressing astronaut health issues Sept. 21. The House voted 425–0 to pass H.R. 6007, a bill introduced Sept. 13 by House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.)…
Latest news
Google Allo: Don’t use it, says Edward Snowden
Google has come under fire again for the privacy choices its made for its new smart chat app, Allo.
designboom | architecture & design magazine
apple in talks with lit motors for C-1 self balancing electric motorcycle
apple has reportedly been discussing a ‘potential acquisition’ with san francisco’s lit motors, a startup working on self-balanced electric motorcycles. The post apple in talks with lit motors for C-1 self balancing electric motorcycle appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
The Verge – All Posts
Facebook is expanding its campaign to combat hate speech
Facebook is expanding its efforts to combat online hate speech, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. The company’s Online Civil Courage Initiative, announced in January, will transition from a pilot phase to offer advertising credits and marketing advice to a wider range of groups that… – latest science and technology news stories
Volkswagen scandal is a game changer for financial markets
The Volkswagen diesel emission cheating scandal has become one of the most significant business stories in decades, so powerful and sustained that it fundamentally changed the way the financial markets operate, according to a new study by University of California, Davis, Graduate School of Management… – latest science and technology news stories
Review of studies finds genetically engineered crops are safe
Genetically engineered (GE) crops are no different from conventional crops in terms of their risks to human health and the environment, according to a report published in May 2016 by the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.
TechRadar: All latest feeds
Nintendo NX will let developers ‘take more risks’
The rumored March release for Nintendo’s NX is drawing ever closer, yet solid information on the console is still fairly thin on the ground. Fortunately Ubisoft’s CEO, Yves Guillemot, has shared his thoughts on the machine, giving those desperately waiting for news something to feel excited about.According…
TechRadar: All latest feeds
Brain-controlled robot exoskeletons can help stroke patients move again
Strokes are more common than you probably imagine – one in six people will have one during their lifetime. Two thirds of those will suffer from paralysis of the arm as a result. That’s why Swiss researchers are working on robots that can help stroke victims regain control over their arms and hands.Roger… – latest science and technology news stories
One billion base pairs sequenced on the space station
Aboard the International Space Station, NASA astronaut Kate Rubins checks a sample for air bubbles prior to loading it in the biomolecule sequencer. When Rubins’ expedition began, zero base pairs of DNA had been sequenced in space. Within just a few weeks, she and the Biomolecule Sequencer team had sequenced… – latest science and technology news stories
Leaders who die in office more often described as ‘charismatic’
If you’re a leader who wants to be perceived as charismatic, you’re better off dead. – latest science and technology news stories
Crowdsourcing—do the benefits outweigh the low-wage pay?
A millennial wakes up late for work. Usually she takes the bus, but she has an early meeting so she requests an Uber ride. After her meeting, she realizes she forgot to pick up a dessert for a dinner party tonight. It’s a real bad case of the Mondays. She uses Task Rabbit to request someone to pick up… – Nanotechnology News Feed
Nano-Optical Researchers Provide Insights into Performance of Newly Developed Plasmonic Grating Structures
University of Arkansas researchers have discovered that a newly developed plasmonic fabrication capability and design can improve the performance of biosensors, solar cells and photodetectors. The…
Popular Mechanics
Clearing the air of atmospheric pollution
Atmospheric pollution is a given in South Africa’s industrial heartland, the Vaal Triangle. An innovative project that leverages Big Data and the Internet of Things will help understand the problem – and maybe clean things up for all of us The post Clearing the air of atmospheric pollution appeared…
IBM cloud chief: The next phase of cloud is a race to add value
At 105 years old, IBM has been through more than a few major technology transformations. Arguably, none is bigger than the current retooling of the company around cloud computing – an effort overseen by Robert LeBlanc, senior vice president, IBM Cloud. LeBlanc says IT leaders and business executives… – Nanotechnology News Feed
Bioengineering Professor Wins Materials Today Embracing Challenge Award for Research in Nanomaterials
Elsevier, a world-leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services, has announced that Professor Kytai Nguyen is the winner of the first Materials Today…
Popular Mechanics
2 000-year-old skeleton found at Antikythera shipwreck
The Greek island of Antikythera on the edge of the Aegean Sea might just be the proverbial goldmine: a 2 000-year-old human skeleton has been found there. The post 2 000-year-old skeleton found at Antikythera shipwreck appeared first on Popular Mechanics.
Operator harnesses chatbots, humans, and $15M to sell US goods to China
 With a little personal shopping assistance, Operator thinks Chinese citizens will pounce on American products sold through its conversational shopping app. The promise of becoming the guided commerce layer connecting China with the US has earned the two-year-old a $15 million series B round at a $100…
Six Expensive Home Repairs You Can Avoid With a Little Maintenance
The cost of owning a home goes well beyond the price you paid for the house itself . When something breaks, you have to fix it, and those repairs can be costly. You can’t foresee or avoid every home repair, but some regular maintenance can save you hundreds—maybe thousands—on some of these big ones…
RT – Daily news
US Fed acknowledges worries over stock market bubble
The US Federal Reserve is concerned about a new “bubble” on the market, similar to the one that caused the financial crisis of 2008, said Fed Chair Janet Yellen. Read Full Article at
Scientific American Content: Global
MacArthur “Genius” Grant Winner Battles Drug-Resistant Infections
Dianne Newman, who studies both geology and medicine, says she is a “pied piper” of microbes — Read more on
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
Biocompatible nanomaterial that can be controlled with light finds a use in gene delivery
Popular Science
China Sells A New Laser Gun
From Our Blogs: Eastern Arsenal The Low Altitude Guard II can shoot down drones and aircraft with its 30 kilowatt laser China’s newest laser gun, the Low Altitude Guard II, can shoot down drones and aircraft with its 30 kilowatt laser.
Call for entries to A’ Design Awards and Competition 2017
Dezeen promotion: architects and designers are invited to submit entries to this year’s A’ Design Awards (+ slideshow). (more…)
BBC News – World
Syria conflict: Warplanes set rebel-held Aleppo ablaze
Rebel-held areas of the northern Syrian city of Aleppo saw the heaviest air strikes in months overnight, activists say, with entire streets set ablaze.
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Proposed border city between US and Mexico solves many problems at once
The “Border City”, currently being exhibited at the London Design Biennale, is meant to function as a special zone where cultures “both clash and blend to create something altogether unique”. It draws from various international examples of “border situations” and aims to reconcile different cultural…
Motherboard RSS Feed
At the 2016 Mr. Olympia, Hints of Bro Food Science to Come
Image: Oliver Lee Bateman/MotherboardLast weekend, tens of thousands of musclebound meatheads descended on Las Vegas to sample the latest bro science. On display at the Olympia Fitness & Performance Expo was the state of the art in bro technology: humongous bodybuilding athletes and a multitude of…
RT – Daily news
Britain to send £100mn in aid to war-torn Yemen… while selling £3bn in arms to Saudis
Britain is to increase spending on humanitarian aid to war-torn Yemen while at the same time signing off multibillion-pound arms deals to Saudi Arabia, which stands accused of war crimes. Read Full Article at
History Buff? You’ll Fall In Love With The Jaquet Droz Paillonné Enameling Collection
Never heard of Jaquet Droz? That’s to be expected, they’re not exactly a household name despite producing some of the world’s most spectacular timepieces. Blending modernity with … Read More
Turn Any 3.5mm Headphones Wireless With Astell & Kern’s Bluetooth DAC
Like it or not, we’re quickly moving towards a future without headphone jacks. Don’t despair, though, now that Astell & Kern’s Bluetooth DAC  is on the scene … Read More
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The first Xbox One S bundles in the UK are really cheap
Microsoft’s Xbox One S is just the right kind of mid-generation hardware update. The neater console, with a better bundled gamepad and 4K Blu-ray drive, is tempting enough without feeling like a big ol’ middle finger to OG Xbox One owners. When it la…
designboom | architecture & design magazine
students build floating structures for a seasonally-flooded area in estonia
‘VEETEE’ (water way) comprises three floating interventions – a shelter, a fireplace and a sauna – in response to the changing and challenging environment of the landscape. The post students build floating structures for a seasonally-flooded area in estonia appeared first on designboom | architecture… – latest science and technology news stories
GUIDE-Seq technology might detect double-strand DNA breaks in plants
Double-stranded breaks in DNA can be detected with several technologies. Doing so in plants is exceptionally difficult, but GUIDE-Seq shows promise in new studies. – latest science and technology news stories
Exploring Oceanographer Canyon by mini-sub
Along the walls of Oceanographer Canyon, fish dart in and out of colorful anemone gardens and sea creatures send up plumes of sand and mud as they burrow. Bill Ryan, an oceanographer at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, watched the scenes through the windows of a mini research submarine…
BBC News – World
Egypt migrant boat capsize: Hundreds feared dead
Hundreds of people could have drowned after a boat carrying migrants capsized off the Egyptian coast, survivors have told the BBC.
RT – Daily news
Elite’s assault on human rights would strip soldiers of ‘hard-won’ protections – lawyer
Amid allegations of abuse by British soldiers in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, a top barrister has warned against stripping troops of their human rights on the basis of “lazy and dangerous myths.” Read Full Article at
Why You Should Automate Your Window Blinds
Window blinds, shades, and treatments come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Besides traditional horizontal and vertical blinds, there are shutters, roller blinds, honeycomb shades, wood blinds, and Roman blinds. In this article we take a look at the current automated window blind marketplace…
WTF Should You Do With Your Life? This Site Leads You in the Right Direction
First of all, it’s okay if you don’t know what you want to do with your life. You aren’t alone. In fact, here’s the big secret nobody wants you to know: most people, even those who seem like they’ve got it all figured out, have no idea where they’re heading. If you already have a few ideas of what you…
Latest Items from TreeHugger
Can co-working vacations offer a better work-life balance?
More and more people are working remotely. Now, alternative travel companies are offering what they are calling “co-workations” — a combination of a creative business trip and inspirational adventure holiday for location-independent professionals.
BBC News – World
EU advised to drop Hamas and Tamil Tigers from terror list
The EU should remove Palestinian Islamist group Hamas and the Tamil Tigers from its list of terrorist organisations, a top European Court adviser says. Full Feed
Don’t Abandon Due Process, Not Even For Terrorism (New at Reason)
Immediately following the arrest of the suspect charged with last weekend’s bombings in New York and New Jersey, some national security conservatives openly mused about depriving the naturalized American citizen of due process rights. Such thinking is “more Vladimir Putin than James Madison,” Andrew…
Don’t Let Yourself Get Too Close to Event[0]’s AI
In Event[0], a new game by independent developer Ocelot Society, you’ll have to talk to—and bond with—a chatty AI in order to find your way home. The post Don’t Let Yourself Get Too Close to Event[0]’s AI appeared first on WIRED.
WIRED Book Club: Three-Body Problem Is as Enjoyable as It Is Confusing
We’re enjoying ‘The Three-Body Problem’ but, midway through, we’re feeling kinda stumped. The post WIRED Book Club: Three-Body Problem Is as Enjoyable as It Is Confusing appeared first on WIRED.
The Next Big Idea May Be Growing Far From Silicon Valley
True product breakthroughs now come from places and people that are typically overlooked by Silicon Valley—and maybe they always have. The post The Next Big Idea May Be Growing Far From Silicon Valley appeared first on WIRED.
BIG stacks shipping containers to create floating student housing in Copenhagen harbour
Shipping containers are stacked on a floating platform to create these buoyant student halls of residence designed by Bjarke Ingels’ firm for Copenhagen harbour (+ slideshow). (more…)
BBC News – World
Afghanistan strikes deal with warlord
Afghanistan’s government signs an agreement with the Hezb-e-Islami militant group, led by notorious militant Gulbuddin Hekmatyar.
Don’t stand for VR gaming: Ski, gallop and steer instead – CNET
This company is bringing some serious peripherals to the VR gaming arena. – latest science and technology news stories
Class sizes in Michigan—the quiet crisis
New research from the Education Policy Initiative at the University of Michigan’s Ford School of Public Policy found that many Michigan K-12 students experience very large core classes—with 40 or more students—but that some students are at greater risk. – latest science and technology news stories
Invasive species may unexpectedly reduce disease prevalence
Humans are remarkably good at moving species around: We unwittingly carry stowaway organisms in our luggage when we fly, in our cars when we take a road trip, and on our bodies when we’re simply taking a stroll. – latest science and technology news stories
Malaysia’s unique freshwater mussels in danger
Researchers in Malaysia revealed that Peninsular Malaysia hosts at least three rare mussel species, one of which (Hyriopsis bialata) is not found anywhere else on the planet. Another species (Ensidens ingallsianus) may have already gone extinct.
The Awesomer
Helicopter Blade POV
LinkWe’ll say this once. If you get motion sickness, DO NOT hit play. But for the rest of us, this dizzying video shot from the perspective of the rotating blade of a Russian Mi-8 helicopter is pretty neat. Here’s another view from the chopper in flight. More Awesome Stuff: Starting a 737Drone Flies…
Green Urban Park Floating Above a Highway Unifies Buckhead Neighborhood in Atlanta
Aerial view looking south at dusk. Image Courtesy of Roger Partners / Nelson Byrd Woltz Rogers Partners Architects+Urban Designers and Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects have released preliminary designs for a new park floating above a divisive highway and commuter rail line in the Buckhead…
RT – Daily news
Germany calls for ‘complete ban’ on all military flights over Syria to save ceasefire
Germany’s foreign minister is calling for a temporary ban on all military aircraft flying over Syria to try and preserve the current ceasefire. Earlier US Secretary of State John Kerry demanded that only Russian and Syrian planes should be grounded. Read Full Article at
The Verge – All Posts
Donald Trump still doesn’t understand how the internet works
Donald Trump this week came out in opposition to a plan that would see the US cede control over the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the organization that oversees the allocation of domain names and IP addresses. In a statement published to Trump’s website on Wednesday, Stephen…
This Dark Animation About the Future Is Stunning
The music video for Lorn’s song Anvil doubles as a short animation about the future where the year is 2100 and overpopulation is dealt with a mandatory postmortem social network. That is, a social network where people are forced to plug in and die. Yeah, it’s a wee bit dark.Read more…
RT – Daily news
Reddit ordered to preserve alleged posts from Clinton’s server techie (PICTURES)
The House Oversight Committee has ordered Reddit to store posts allegedly written and deleted by an IT technician they suspect was behind Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails. Read Full Article at
Why You Keep Finding Unexplained Bruises On Your Body
Have you ever woken up and discovered that you have some new, mysterious bruise on your legs or arms? Well, there’s a simpler explanation than playing hockey in your sleep, and it’s all in how your skin is structured.Some people, especially women, bruise easier than others. As dermatologist Dr. Joel…
Review: The Brydge keyboard for 12.9-inch iPad Pro is (almost) the one Apple should have made
When I tried the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, one of the things that put me off was the quality of the keyboards available at the time. The only one I could get hold of on day one was the Logitech Create, which I found ugly and not a great typing experience. The Apple Smart Keyboard, that I got to try later,…
Nokia demonstrates 1Tbps data transfer technology
When discussing fast Internet options in the US, Verizon’s FiOS service is usually near the top of the list. Sure, it’s not a quick as a 1Gbps fiber connection from AT&T or Google but it is way better than what most people have access to. … – latest science and technology news stories
Are red imported fire ants all bad?
Red imported fire ants have earned a justifiably bad rap across the south and most Texans would be hard put to name a single redeeming quality the ants have. – latest science and technology news stories
Studying the biology of sharks in the wild
Typically, the only activity that concerns beachgoers when it comes to sharks is the sight of a dorsal fin slicing through the water’s surface. But, for Kevin Weng, assistant professor of fisheries science at William & Mary’s Virginia Institute of Marine Science, what’s most interesting are the mundane… – latest science and technology news stories
Salmon trucking success could open miles of historical spawning habitat
For the past several years, technicians have been trucking spring Chinook salmon above Foster Dam in Sweet Home to see if they would spawn, and if their offspring could survive the passage over the dam and subsequent ocean migration to eventually return as adults some 3-5 years later. – latest science and technology news stories
Past climate swings orchestrated early human migration waves out of Africa
A small group of Homo sapiens left Africa around 100,000 years ago in a series of astronomically paced slow migration waves and arrived for the first time in southern Europe around 80,000-90,000 years ago, according to a new study published in the journal Nature. These results by a team of researchers…
Newswise: SciNews
Soil Will Absorb Less Atmospheric Carbon Than Expected This Century, UCI-Led Study Finds
By adding highly accurate radiocarbon dating of soil to standard Earth system models, environmental scientists from the University of California, Irvine and other institutions have learned a dirty little secret: The ground will absorb far less atmospheric carbon dioxide this century than previously thought.
What You Do With the Money You Save Is As Important As How Much You Save
Saving money is always good, right? If you can reduce your expenses or find a coupon for something you’re already buying, you’re coming out ahead. Unless you don’t have a plan for the money you save.As personal finance site Massive Debt to Mogul points out, reducing your expenses is the part of the budget… Full Feed
Breakthrough Study Explains Why We Arrest Moms for Putting Kids in Nearly Non-Existent ‘Danger’
America is experiencing a bizarre disconnect between real and perceived danger when it comes to kids. But why? Why are we arresting moms for putting their kids in “danger” for doing the things our own moms did without anyone batting an eye, like letting us walk to school, or play outside, or wait…
RT – Daily news
Russia & China start building connecting suspension bridge
The construction of a suspension bridge across the Amur River, which will connect the Russian city of Blagoveshchensk with China’s Heihe has begun, reports the Xinhua news agency. Read Full Article at
The Wirecutter
Dear Wirecutter: Why Can’t I Hear Movie Dialogue at Home?
Q: I bought the Polk Audio RM7200 5.1 set back in 2002 and love the sound, but have always been frustrated when watching movies because dialogue is very soft and action scenes are super loud. I have to keep the remote in my hand to jog the volume up and down every few minutes to be able to hear dialogue…
Ghost Robotics Minitaur quadruped robot can open doors and climb stairs
Robotics researchers and engineers all around the world are working on bipedal and quadrupedal robots for various tasks. We want bipedal robots that can use human tools to help us in daily life and in rescue situations where humans might not be able to go to give assistance. The problem is that many…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Ember offers non-invasive hemoglobin tracking for serious athletes
While many of us are content to get by with step and calorie counts, the hemoglobin and pulse rate data provided by Cercacor’s Ember tracker and scanner device enables serious athletes to train “smarter.” The finger clip, scanner and linked mobile app essentially show how hard the body is working,…
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NOAA’s solar storm forecasts now show the most affected areas
Solar storms are no joke — they can knock out power grids and leave entire towns in the dark. Unfortunately, the forecast model the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) uses only shows the current geomagnetic activity for the en…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Copenhagen tower will encourage residents to grow their own greens
Danish firm Studio Lokal is planning to build a new residential high-rise on a former vegetable market in Copenhagen. Taking inspiration from this, the tower will offer each resident access to their own private balcony garden, with which they will be encouraged to grow their own fruit and veg…
What You Do With the Money You Save Is As Important As How Much You Save
Saving money is always good, right? If you can reduce your expenses or find a coupon for something you’re already buying, you’re coming out ahead. Unless you don’t have a plan for the money you save.Read more…
RT – Daily news
‘If US can’t stop the war, it can at least stop selling weapons to Saudis’ – 10yo Yemeni girl to RT
A 10-year-old girl from Yemen, whose heart-wrenching YouTube video plea for an end to the violence in her homeland has touched social media users, has spoken to RT about the constant fear of death she has to live with in the war-torn country. Read Full Article at – latest science and technology news stories
Ecologists gather the pieces of a first-principles-derived ecological theory
Writing in the pages of BioScience two years ago, SFI External Professor Pablo Marquet, SFI Professor and VP for Science Jennifer Dunne, and a team of ecologists – many of them SFI scientists – made a bold call: It’s time, they argued, for a new synthesis of ecological theory based on something they… – latest science and technology news stories
Experts explore how early childhood educators can adapt to a growing number of diverse family structures
The percentage of nuclear families in the United States has steadily declined over the past 50 years. According to the United States Census Bureau, 73 percent of all American children in 1960 lived in a family with two parents in their first marriage. Today, fewer than half of children in the United… – latest science and technology news stories
Can monkeys have autism? The answer could help us understand what causes the condition
When Kyoko Yoshida and his colleagues in Japan noticed one of their research monkeys was behaving strangely, they decided to study it more closely. They realised that some of the behaviour it was displaying – repetition, reduced social behaviours and an impaired ability to change behaviour in response… – latest science and technology news stories
Palaeontologists uncover age-old secret of Hollywood celebrities
300 million-year-old pre-mammalian reptiles knew that it was their beautiful smiles that made them sexy, so they evolved mouths full of teeth to attract mates.
Nerd Approved – News For Nerds
Carl Sagan’s Voyager Golden Record Is Getting A Vinyl Box Set
To celebrate the upcoming 40th anniversary of the Voyager Golden Record (Carl Sagan’s message for extraterrestrials that is currently 13 billion miles away from Earth aboard the Voyager I spacecraft), a Kickstarter has been launched to produce a commemorative reproduction as phonograph records for…
The Gadget Flow
Ivy Smarter Kit LED Lighting Kit by Nanoleaf
Create your ideal lighting and get it on demand with the Ivy Smarter Kit LED Lighting Kit by Nanoleaf. Compatible with Apple HomeKit, this system of lights can be activated and controlled by using the Siri voice commands. The lights can also be managed from the app on your smartphone, or tablet. In addition…
The Gadget Flow
MOZZO – 8 in 1 Multi-Function Feature Packed Hub
We carry multiple gadgets every day to suffice our needs. Mozzo is designed to keep you away from the daily annoyances you often face with multiple gadgets such as not finding the one you need at the moment, losing cables, cramming them into your bag, issues with portability and convenience. Mozzo is…
The Gadget Flow
IRONATE – Perfect “No Oven” Pizza In Just 3 Minutes
Now make your homemade pizza four times faster than the oven with IRONATE. In under 10 minutes, IRONATE can heat to over 800 degrees F (around 430 degrees Celsius) just like commercial pizza ovens. No more waiting 30+ minutes for your oven to preheat, heating up your apartment and wasting all that energy….
The Gadget Flow
FLOVEME Genuine Leather Universal Wallet Case
Now carry your smartphones in style with your most important cards through this real leather universal wallet case. What makes this case one of a kind is the fact that it can be used for most smartphones out there including the iPhone 7 and older models as well as Samsung. The design is dirt-resistant…
The Gadget Flow
Mini Wooden Stand for iPhone 7
Flaunt your iPhone on your desktop with this super awesome Mini Wooden Stand for iPhone. The wooden design comes with a slot to dock your iPhone. You can use it on your work desk or even on your car. The purpose of this stand is to help in docking your iPhone beautifully on the desk. You can use your…
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QIALINO Handmade Leather Case for iPhone 7
This handmade classic design leather wallet case gives you a comfortable grip and protects your iPhone 7 from unwanted scratches. Precise cutouts are made so your phone can functions properly. Inside this case are card slots and cash compartment to store your always needed cards and money. The coolest… Full Feed
A.M. Links: Clinton and Trump Prepare for First Presidential Debate, Violent Protests in Charlotte, MacArthur ‘Genius Grants’ Announced
How Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are preparing for Monday’s presidential debate. One person was shot last night during protests in Charlotte, North Carolina. The protests were sparked by the fatal police shooting on Tuesday of Keith Lamont Scott. Gov. Paty McCrory has declared a state of emergency….
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
See what splurging on a tiny house on wheels gets you in the beautiful ESCAPE Vintage Presumably targeted towards retirees eager to travel, the new ESCAPE Vintage prioritizes comfort with a traditional Americana design that, despite its 315-square-foot size, features a first-floor queen-size bedroom, kitchen with…
Review: The CoWatch — a smartwatch with the voice of Alexa
Even taking into consideration the latest smartwatch models introduced recently by Apple and Samsung, it has to be admitted that these gadgets haven’t been doing as well as vendors hoped. It could be that the size and weight are still off-putting to many users — or it could be that many don’t want…
These Foods Will Help Keep You Hydrated 
One oft-repeated advice for beating back dehydration is to drink eight glasses of water a day. Well, that’s a myth . Some of us need more or less, and how much you need changes day to day. Also, water isn’t your only option. You can stay hydrated from many foods, too.Read more…
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Epson Expression XP-640 Small-in-One printer is nothing short of revolutionary
Epson does have a wealth of experience to draw from where printers and printing technology is concerned, and it does not look as though there is going to be any stopping this juggernaut anytime soon in introducing new models that might change the way we do things. One of the latest models from Epson…
Eva-dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier $14.97
Eva-dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier $14.97
SwiftKey founder on selling his startup to Microsoft, and why it was the right time
FEATURE: “There comes a point when every startup founder does some soul-searching and asks the question: What is it that I actually want out of this?,” explained Ben Medlock, SwiftKey cofounder and chief technology officer (CTO), to a packed audience in London. Medlock was speaking as part of the Re.Work…
MyVR social virtual reality platform debuts in October
To succeed, virtual reality is going to have to get a lot more social. A new startup called MyWebRoom hopes to make that happen with its social VR platform, MyVR. Launching in October, MyVR will bring together content discovery, social interactions, video, chat, and more in what it is calling a totally…
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
Fabricating palladium-ruthenium nanoparticles could lead to improved industrial processes
Gadget Review
Samsung UE590 4K Gaming Monitor Review
Samsung UE590 4K Gaming Monitor Review Gadget Review – Your lifestyle gadget site The words “Samsung” and “affordability” have rarely been found in the same sentence over the past few years, but now the company is looking to change that stigma with its latest 28″ UE590 4K gaming monitor. The Samsung…
The Verge – All Posts
Why banning the opiate-like plant kratom might do more harm than good
The US Drug Enforcement Administration plans to name a new Schedule I drug: a Southeast Asian plant known for its opiate-like effects called kratom. The move may slow down medical research into a promising painkiller, or discourage it altogether. Schedule I is the DEA’s most restrictive classification,…
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Stream Android apps on Facebook Live with Bluestacks
Streaming your favorite smartphone apps on Twitch is pretty hard. Through Facebook? Even harder. To simplify the process, Bluestacks is adding a Facebook Live option to its desktop Android emulator. So whether you’re using a PC or Mac, you can now gr…
Overwhelming majority of 9to5Mac readers opting to switch off Sierra’s storage-management features
A poll we ran yesterday reveals that the overwhelming majority of 9to5Mac readers are opting to switch off the new storage-management features introduced in macOS Sierra. more…Filed under: Apple – latest science and technology news stories
Pollution driving Chinese demand for Australian farming land
Chinese demand for Australian land will continue to rise due to increasing contamination of soil and waterways in China, according to the fourth edition of the influential China Story Yearbook, produced by The Australian National University (ANU). – latest science and technology news stories
Scientists confirm the universe has no direction
The universe is not spinning or stretched in any particular direction, according to the most stringent test yet. – latest science and technology news stories
Robots don’t have to behave or look like humans
The R2-D2 robot from Star Wars doesn’t communicate in human language but is, nevertheless, capable of showing its intentions. For human-robot interaction, the robot does not have to be a true ‘humanoid’. Provided that it signals are designed in the right way, researcher Daphne Karreman (University of… – latest science and technology news stories
First step in the Deep Space mission
Deep Space is a project that will use a new specially designed telescope to look far into space in order to observe radiation from the early universe. The equipment will be placed at Summit in the middle of the Greenland ice sheet and now the first step has been taken in this scientific mission.
Sneak peek: 15 gadgets to put on your holiday wish list
Start making the list and checking it twiceThe calendar may say it’s the beginning of fall, but that won’t prevent us from giving you a sneak peek at some of the hottest devices and gadgets that will top your holiday wish list. Here’s a bunch of cool stuff that we’re hoping to get our hands on to present…
Fast Company
Are High-Def Video Clips The Future Of Work Communication?
Rather than coax people into real-time communication, Vidii uses AI and pop-culture content to improve the kind you can wait around for. Rather than coax people into real-time communication, Vidii uses AI and pop-culture content to improve the kind you can wait around for.You know…
Mobile Magazine
Juiced up! 3 of the Best Power Banks of 2016
I know how it feels, seeing your phone vibrating and signaling that it has only 5 percent more to go. You try desperately to squeeze in a few more minutes of Angry Birds, clean out your contact lists and read a few more chapters of that self-help book you downloaded a year ago. Then all […] The post…
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These foldable Bluetooth headphones let you take your music anywhere
It’s time to hang up those bulky, wired headphones–for good. FRANKLIN Headphones deliver clear wireless sound, and they fold for easy transport. For a limited time, you can pick up your own set for just $39.99 from TNW Deals. Pair your FRANKLIN headphones with your phone, tablet, or even your laptop…
Modern Interior Design & Furniture – Decoist
Custom Furniture Enlivens a World of White: Refurbished Apartment in Belgrade
The idea of a crisp, white backdrop, an interior that is flooded with natural light, and modern décor that combines sleek aesthetics with smart functionality – is often the urban apartment that many of us dream about. Bringing this idyllic image to life is Studio AUTORI, who refurbished a smart 80-square-meter…
The Sociology of Coliving: How WeLive Creates a “Third Place”
Courtesy of WeLive This article was originally published on Autodesk’s Redshift publication (formerly known as Line//Shape//Space), under the title “Live, Work, Play: WeLive’s Live-Work Spaces Reveal a ‘Third Place.'”According to urban sociologist Ray Oldenburg, people need three types of…
Newswise: SciNews
When We’re Unsure How to Respond, How Does Our Brain Decide whether a Situation is Pleasant or Not?
*Researchers from the Max Planck Institute in Germany and the University of Haifa used emotionally confusing video clips and revealed different neutral networks that operate when we perceive a situation as positive or negative*
Newswise: SciNews
Ludwig Study Exposes Key Requirement for Regulatory T Cell Function
A Ludwig Cancer Research study published online September 5th in Nature Immunology illuminates a key requirement for the function of regulatory T cells–immune cells that play a critical role in many biological processes, from suppressing inflammation and deadly autoimmunity to helping tumors evade immune…
Stephen Hawking’s favorite places in the universe (pictures) – CNET
The famed theoretical physicist touts cosmic hot spots from the black hole at the center of the Milky Way to Saturn’s rings. And, of course, California.
Stephen Hawking wants to find aliens before they find us – CNET
The famed cosmologist is all in on searching for signals from E.T., but warns that we should be careful about inviting aliens over.
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ICYMI: Another thing likely to survive with the cockroaches
Today on In Case You Missed It: Scientists just mapped the DNA of a microscopic organism that can survive both oxygenless places and the Antarctic. Researchers believe they might help humans survive too much radiation, which is a thing we’ll probably need soon enough so get hyped, people. Meanwhile…
Sorry, Verizon customers, no unlimited data for you – CNET
“At the end of the day, people don’t need unlimited plans,” Verizon CFO Fran Shammo says.
Chrysler’s Pacifica is the only minivan to earn IIHS Top Safety Pick+ – Roadshow
After a dismal initial showing, the world’s newest minivan got its act together and cleaned up nicely.
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Brilliant graphic shows surface area required to power California with 100% renewables
Cold hard science in the clean energy space has a wonderful way of cutting through misinformation fueled by politics and corporate greed, and nobody does that better than the husband and wife team behind the Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI). Elizabeth and Monoian and Robert Ferry have dished up a…
These 3-Ingredient Brownies Are Even Easier Than a Box Mix
I’m a fan of a box mix brownie. They’re easy to make, consistently good, and have that shiny crust on top, but their place in my heart is in danger of being usurped by the three-ingredient beauties above, which feature my BFF Nutella.Read more…
Popular Science
Mercedes-Benz’s Vision Van Concept Is A Nest For Delivery Drones
Cars Next step: removing the driver If drone delivery takes off, it will likely be from the backs of vans.
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More Negative Results in Hunt for Dark Matter WIMPs
Results from the first physics-run of China’s PandaX-II dark matter experiment are in and it doesn’t look good. According to a paper published last week in the Physical Review Letters, no dark matter candidates have been observed, at least that can be isolated from background noise. The results further…
Curbed National
Thailand’s new tallest tower looks like it was designed in Minecraft
The 77-story skyscraper has a pixelated style designed by architect Ole Scheeren More than 1,030 feet tall, the MahaNakhon tower just built in Bangkok’s financial district is the tallest building in the country. The skyscraper was designed by Ole Scheeren, formerly a partner at OMA, to have a sort of…
Digital Trends
Ditch your dusty keyboard and mouse for Bastron’s touch-sensitive glass combo
While monitors and desktops have received serious makeovers in the past few years, the humble keyboard has remained relatively unchanged. Yet this peripheral has the power to make or break your computing experience. Enter Bastron, which has taken today’s keyboard to the chopping block and designed a…
The Voyager Golden Record comes down to Earth
 The Voyager Golden Record wasn’t made for you. It was made for aliens. But if buying stuff that wasn’t originally intended for you isn’t what Kickstarter is for, I honestly don’t know what is. Longtime Boing Boing editor David Pescovitz has teamed with Amoeba Records manager Timothy Daly and graphic…
Ars Technica » Scientific Method
Between a rocket and a hard place: Elon Musk to give the speech of his life
Enlarge / Elon Musk prepares to testify at a Senate Appropriations subcommittee hearing in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Wednesday, March 5, 2014. (credit: Pete Marovich/Bloomberg via Getty Images) Elon Musk will deliver this year’s most anticipated aerospace speech on Tuesday at the International…
Digital Trends
Universal Stylus Initiative 1.0 is here, but devices won’t be until 2018
Have you used a stylus lately? If so, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced Sudden Stylus Separation Syndrome – a sudden panic caused by worry that you’ve lost your stylus. It’s not like any old stylus will work with your device. You need that one. And a replacement probably costs around $100. The…
RT – Daily news
Global missile defense main obstacle to nuclear talks with US – Russian diplomat
Nuclear talks with the United States are impossible without reaching a mutually acceptable agreement on the global missile defense system, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov has said. Read Full Article at
Popular Science
NASA Is Investigating The Microbes Aboard ISS
Space Not all astronauts in the space station are human There may soon be a field guide to the microbes of the International Space Station. – latest science and technology news stories
Experts see few paths to planet-saving climate goal
The global target to prevent climate catastrophe, crafted at a landmark summit last year in Paris, will be very difficult if not impossible to hit, said some of the world’s top scientists meeting this week in Oxford. – latest science and technology news stories
Toward more efficient CO2 capture
Existing methods to capture CO2 suffer from a series of drawbacks directly affecting their output. Aiming to improve the situation, Dr. Sonia Zulfiqar has been investigating the CO2 absorption capacity of new materials based on amide polymeric ionic liquids. – latest science and technology news stories
Tracking down the origin of mercury contamination in human hair
Mercury is a potent neurotoxin present in our daily lives and our body can accumulate it over the years. Food consumption, such as fish and rice, is the most common source of mercury exposure. Mercury can be found in dental amalgams, compact fluorescence lamps, vaccines, drugs, and electronics or can…
Design Milk
Plumen 003: The World’s Most Beautiful Light Bulb?
Though not traditionally thought of the as the sexiest of items, Plumen took that on as a challenge to create yet another functional, beautiful light that not only lights its surroundings, but enhances it. As a result, they launched the Plumen 003 light bulb, their most gorgeous light bulb…
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This giant clock was made by driving 14 trucks in circles
When you’re in the business of selling long-distance trucks, it makes a lot of sense to show off how far your vehicles can drive and demonstrate how reliable they can be. Instead of relying on real-world road tests and throwing a bunch of metrics in…
Siberia Has Been Burning All Summer 
As enormous wildfires in Canada and the United States make headlines on the daily, Siberia has been burning ferociously all summer, and nobody seems to be noticing.Read more…
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Want to own Steve Jobs’ first Apple stock certificate? That’ll be $195,000
If you have $200,000 in spare cash you could take a gamble on Apple’s stock, or you could buy Steve Jobs’ certificate of his first stock in the company.
Would You Live in a Storage Shed? The Dirt on Cheap and Easy Tiny Houses
The tiny house movement waxes philosophical about all of the benefits of downsizing into… Physics News
Great expectations from fewer collisions
Usually, the motto of the LHC is ‘maximum luminosity’ (in other words, as many collisions as possible).
Cool Hunting
CH Global Spin: Musical Instruments Museum, Brussels: Sight and sound are of equal importance when visiting this fantastic trove of melodious artifacts
by Karen Day Do you know what a serpent chandelier sounds like? Or, perhaps more importantly, did you know that a serpent chandelier is a tuba-esque wind instrument? It’s surprising encounters like these that make exploring Brussels’ Musical Instruments…… …
IDG Contributor Network: Why there’s so much fascination with the phantom Apple-McLaren supercar
You pull into a free spot at Caribou.All eyes turn toward the sleek silver and black sports car, red tail lights gleaming in the dim morning light, the soft thump of a synth-rock band accenting your preeminent arrival. You open the gull-wing door and grab your satchel.Siri chimes in from the surround-sound…
Digital Trends
Mercedes-Maybach’s armored S600 is built like a tank, with a price tag to match
Mercedes-Maybach is rolling out an armored version of the S600 Pullman limousine developed at the request of motorists who — for whatever reason — risk their lives every time they go out in public. Called S600 Pullman Guard, the bulletproof sedan is all but identical to its non-armored counterpart when…
Your Favorite Travel Mug Has Never Been Cheaper
If you hurry over to Amazon, a third party seller is offering a 16 ounce Contigo Autoseal West Loop travel mug in black for $12, the best price we’ve seen.Read more…
RT – Daily news
Spanish king uses UN address to demand Britain return Gibraltar
King Felipe VI’s call for Britain to return Gibraltar to Spain has drawn a scathing response from the British overseas territory’s government, with officials blasting the monarch’s “18th century mentality.” Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
‘Shameful failure’: 60,000 refugees stranded in Greece because of EU inaction, Amnesty says
About 60,000 refugees remain stranded in Greece due to the “shameful failure” and unwillingness of EU countries to fully implement the migrant quotas they agreed on last year, Amnesty International has said in a damning new report. Read Full Article at
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Facebook Messenger calls look like regular calls on iOS 10
It won’t be long before mobile networks become just another dumb pipe through which services are handed down from internet companies. Don’t believe us? Then receive a call via the updated Facebook Messenger on iOS 10 and notice that they behave exact…
The Mr. Robot Finale Was a Pile of Pretentious Bullshit
My friend profoundly hates “The Red Wheelbarrow” by William Carlos Williams. She’s a wonderfully pragmatic person and something about the poem, endlessly interpreted in high schools across the country, rankles her. “I also hate his poem about plums and the refrigerator,” she told me when I texted her…
Newswise: SciNews
New Method to Predict Skin Stretchiness Could Help Burn Victims Grow New Skin
Researchers at Binghamton University, State University of New York have developed a method to measure the limit to which human skin can be stretched, which could help to grow new skin for burn victims.
Newswise: SciNews
Virginia Tech Researcher Finds Gene That Reduces Female Mosquitoes
Zhijian “Jake” Tu and colleagues found that placing a particular Y chromosome gene on the autosomes of Anopheles stephensi mosquitoes — a species responsible for transmitting malaria — killed off 100 percent of all female embryos that inherited this gene. – latest science and technology news stories
Meet Rutgers’ RADICAL supercomputing guru
Shantenu Jha is a RADICAL man. – latest science and technology news stories
Edible crickets can be reared on weeds and cassava plant tops
To become a sustainable alternative to meat, reared crickets must eat feeds other than the chicken feed that is most commonly used today. Researchers from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences now present a study which shows that there are weeds and agricultural by-products that actually work…
Architecture Lab
Norman Foster on the Droneport project featured in UNOPS publication
Norman Foster has offered a glimpse into the future with an innovative solution to the lack of infrastructure in Africa through his Droneport project … The post Norman Foster on the Droneport project featured in UNOPS publication appeared first on Architecture Lab.
These Discounted Copper String Lights Can Dim, Strobe, and Pulse on Demand
It’s a scientific fact that every outdoor space looks better with copper string lights, and $12 is a fantastic price for a 33′ strand, especially one with a remote that can power them on and off, and even make them dim, pulse, and strobe on demand.Read more…
Verizon Very Publicly Hates Unlimited Data Plans
Refreshingly, AT&T , Sprint, and T-Mobile are all inching back towards “unlimited data plans” (restrictions most certainly apply). But Verizon? Verizon insists that its customers don’t need that shit. Read more…
New Scientist – Online news
Kuwait lawyers fight world’s first mandatory DNA sampling law
All visitors to Kuwait and all Kuwaitis renewing their passports will soon be required to give DNA samples, prompting lawyers to fight for genetic privacy
RT – Daily news
Demand for Russian Eurobond tops $6bn
Interest in Russian sovereign bonds has exceeded $6 billion from both domestic and foreign investors, according to RIA Novosti sources. Read Full Article at news
Flash Physics: Giant glowing ‘space blobs’, SCOAP3 extended for three years, European Spallation Source gains momentum
Today’s selection of need-to-know updates from the world of physics
The Verge – All Posts
Microsoft researcher behind TB treatment-monitoring program wins ‘genius’ grant
The annual MacArthur Foundation fellows have been announced, and among them is Bill Thies, a researcher for Microsoft who works on communications programs in the developing world. In a statement, the foundation, which awards the grants sometimes referred to as the “genius” awards, praised Thies’ work…
Physics News
How to detect water contamination in situ?
Scientists from Tomsk Polytechnic University have developed a device for the rapid analysis of liquids on the content of hazardous substances such as heavy metals. Polytechnicers use a method …
Physics News
Chains of nanogold – forged with atomic precision
Physics News
Exoskeleton for rehabilitation of specific body parts
Exoskeletons are mechanical structures applied externally to the body; their function is to improve movement, support people suffering from injury or to increase physical strength to lift heavy …
TG Daily
Natural remedies for Hiatal Hernia that you should follow
Exercise and a proper diet might help you avoid surgery
RT – Daily news
Thousands of UK-based finance firms may lose EU ‘passport’ rights
Britain’s financial watchdog has warned that Brexit puts the country’s finance sector at ‘significant’ risk with almost 5,500 UK-registered firms losing their right to operate freely across the European single market. Read Full Article at
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors – Front Page
Intel’s Mobile Processor Roadmap May Force Graphics Changes for Apple’s 15-Inch MacBook Pro in 2017
While many Mac notebook users have been long awaiting refreshes for the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air lineups based on Intel’s 6th-generation Core “Skylake” processors, a recently leaked April roadmap for Intel’s processors beyond Skylake posted to the AnandTech forums raises questions about future updates…
TEDTalks (video)
The era of personal DNA testing is here | Sebastian Kraves
From improving vaccines to modifying crops to solving crimes, DNA technology has transformed our world. Now, for the first time in history, anyone can experiment with DNA at home, in their kitchen, using a device smaller than a shoebox. We are living in a personal DNA revolution, says biotech entrepreneur…
Curbed National
Back to nature
By 2016 it is obvious that midcentury modernism is the defining design influence of the decade, with slim, sculpted furniture and thin, minimalist lines now ubiquitous. But another trend has developed in parallel that revives a different aspect of the modernist aesthetic, just in time to also address…
This new electric car is designed for a $37 weekly subscription service
 Europe continues to test the waters of shared vehicle ownership models, and the Amber One is a car designed to help eliminate the huge amount of time our own vehicles currently spend idle. The all-electric concept has a 250-mile range on a single charge, a top speed of over 93 mph, and a 0 to 60 time of…
To Save the Oceans, These Guys Are Turning to Sci-Fi
How do you make people care about oceans? Hit them right in the nerd. The post To Save the Oceans, These Guys Are Turning to Sci-Fi appeared first on WIRED.
A Concept Gadget Gives Digital Currency That Real Money Feel
Scrip is designed to explore how we might interact more meaningfully with our digital currency. The post A Concept Gadget Gives Digital Currency That Real Money Feel appeared first on WIRED.
Michigan is one step closer to putting driverless vehicles on the road – Roadshow
Four bills addressing self-driving cars have made their way through a House committee.
Tesla 8.0 update enhances Autopilot and protects your pet from overheating – Roadshow
Over-the-air software update includes big changes to semi-autonomous drive-assist functions and promises to keep your pets and children cool when left behind.
Give Your Eyes a Break With These $13-$16 HDTV Bias Lights
These Vansky LED bias light strips plug directly into your TV’s USB port for power, and stick to the back of the set via built-in adhesive. Once you turn your TV on, the light strip will cast a soft glow on the wall behind it, which can reduce eyestrain when watching in the dark, and improve your TV’s…
When You Switch Flights Due to Overbooking, Ask for an Upgrade
First class flights are usually crazy expensive, but there are some tips and tricks for scoring a cheap (or better yet, free) upgrade. If your flight is overbooked and you elect to take a different flight, for example, you can try to negotiate an upgrade, too.Gilbert Ott, of travel site God Save the…
Scientific American Content: Global
Air Traffic Control without Towers
Virtual towers located miles away from airports would be far more cost-efficient and—in principle, at least—just as safe — Read more on
The Verge – All Posts
What if New York City is just a really good optical illusion?
Life in New York City can feel artificial. I don’t mean that in the stereotypical sense — that its residents are vapid, self-interested snobs. No, for me, it’s the opposite. The city’s unease stems from its density of humanity. On a simple walk to work, you will pass beneath hundreds of lumbering buildings…
Hulu’s rolling out two VR-only TV shows this fall
First, Hulu laid the groundwork by releasing a virtual reality app for the Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift headsets, and now, it’s looking to capitalize on it. The premium streaming service says it plans to release two serial programs exclusively for virtual reality headsets, according to Variety…. – latest science and technology news stories
How a native plant ended up on reality TV, and why it’s at risk
In one of television’s more bizarre recent offerings, the History Channel show “Appalachian Outlaws” follows a band of West Virginians as they hunt rugged forests for American ginseng, a medicinal root worth hundreds of dollars per pound. The show has high stakes: These men poach on federal lands, risking… – latest science and technology news stories
Hubble finds planet orbiting pair of stars
Two’s company, but three might not always be a crowd — at least in space. – latest science and technology news stories
Low oil prices reduce pain at the pump
If you think you’re paying less for gas these days, it’s true. And a Missouri University of Science and Technology professor can explain why.Nationally, the average price for a gallon of regular was—on Sept. 21—$2.214, down from September 2015 ($2.365) and 2014 ($3.406). And when measured against September… – latest science and technology news stories
Team finds fungus-fighting compound
Researchers with the Virginia Tech Center for Drug Discovery have identified a compound that blocks the growth of a fungus that causes deadly lung infections and allergic reactions in people with compromised immune systems.
Aukey FM Transmitter, Radio Transmitter Car Kit with 1 USB Charging Port $6.99
Aukey FM Transmitter, Radio Transmitter Car Kit with 1 USB Charging Port $6.99 Full Feed
Venezuela’s Nightmare Government Will Not Get a Recall Vote This Year
Venezuela’s National Election Council has rejected opposition calls for a referendum on President Nicolas Maduro to be held this year, which virtually guarantees that Maduro’s Socialist Party will remain in power through the end of 2018. Had the recall vote been held in 2016, a new presidential vote… – latest science and technology news stories
New study of CRISPR-Cas9 technology shows potential to improve crop efficiency
A team that includes a Virginia Tech plant scientist recently used life sciences technology to edit 14 target sites encompassing eight plant genes at a time, without making unintended changes elsewhere in the genome.
The Awesomer
Real Mario Galaxy
LinkMario, Luigi and Wario jump from planetoid to planetoid to obtain a Power Star. Corridor Digital used a 360º camera to emulate Super Mario Galaxy‘s distinct look in their latest video. Making of here. More Awesome Stuff: Snapchat Filters in Real LifeNERF Team FortressThe LEGO TouchWhere’s Waldo…
Square adds tool to remember frequent customers
Businesses have always kept records of their most loyal customers, but now Square wants to be the one to facilitate the relationship.  The payment processing service on Thursday is launching “Card on File,” a tool that stores customers’ payment information. Once customers give permission, businesses…
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
UK opens its first ‘pay-as-you-feel’ food waste grocery store
The first food waste grocery store in the United Kingdom has opened, operating on a “pay-as-you-feel” model to help people on tight budgets obtain vital nutrition for their families. The Real Junk Food Project opened the store in Pudsey, near Leeds, and the warehouse is full of many of the same products…
Police use-of-force data is finally coming to light
 All we knew was that BART had received 66 complaints, with excessive use of force being the primary allegation, according to a 2010 audit. In 2015, when a homeless man was shot and killed on Skid Row in Los Angeles, there was no data available on how many homeless people are shot by the LAPD. When San…
Design Milk
10 Artist-Designed Laptop and iPad Skins from Society6
You probably already know all about Society6’s art prints and phone cases, but did you know they also have artist-designed skins for your laptop and iPad? Oh yeah… we rounded up 10 of our faves – take a look: vyrt pynk iPad/laptop skin by Spires Let’s go explore iPad/laptop…
BBC News – World
Yemen conflict: Saudi-led air strike ‘kills 25 in Hudaydah’
At least 25 people have been killed and 70 others wounded in a Saudi-led coalition air strike in Yemen’s Red Sea port city of Hudaydah, medics say.
TechRadar: All latest feeds
You can get an Xbox One S and FIFA 17 for under £200
With its smaller size, 2TB hard drive, Ultra HD Blu Ray player, and HDR gaming support, the Xbox One S console was always going to be an attractive prospect for anyone looking to invest in a new console. The only thing that might have given anyone pause was its £349 launch price. Now, though, the first…
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Amazon’s Handmade store comes to Europe
Amazon has become home to millions of products over the years, but hand-crafted items weren’t something you’d typically come across. That changed late last year when the online retailer launched its Handmade store in the US, giving artisan-goods company Etsy a run for its money in the process. Now, that… – Nanotechnology News Feed
Scientist Develops Human Brain-Inspired Microchip
Neuro-inspired computing has provided a common intersection for three seemingly varied fields: microelectronics, computing and neuroscience. Neuro-inspired computing is a growing area in computer… – Nanotechnology News Feed
GETec and Nanosurf Now Offer Self-Sensing Conductive Cantilevers for AFSEM™
GETec and Nanosurf now offer self-sensing conductive cantilevers for AFSEM™ that enable conductivity probing in the vacuum environment of the SEM The scanning electron microscope is an…
Scientific American Content: Global
Obesity and Violence Hamper U.S. Progress toward U.N. Health Goals
The U.S. ranked 28th, below many other wealthier nations — Read more on
Scientific American Content: Global
Gonorrhea May Become Resistant to All Antibiotics Sooner Than Anticipated
A cluster of cases in Hawaii show signs of resistance to the two drugs used to treat it — Read more on
Scientific American Content: Global
Worldwide Brain-Mapping Project Sparks Excitement–and Concern
Worries include how to coordinate research programs and resources from different countries — Read more on
The Next Web
Momento is a must-have iMessage application for anyone who sends a lot of pictures
I have 6,569 photographs stored on my iPhone. The majority of these images are all of the same subject — my dog. They document his journey from a puppy to a fully grown four-year-old Tibetan Terrier. Unfortunately, my family has grown tiresome of the hordes of pictures I post in our iMessage group every…
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
Hamas should be taken off terror list, EU legal adviser says
The decision to blacklist the Gaza group was improperly based on media reports, not a thorough investigation, legal adviser Eleanor Sharpston claims ahead of a European Court of Justice ruling on Hamas’ appeal.
Singularity HUB
Why Design Is Key to Unlocking the Genius Behind Innovation
What is learning? Tony Robbins asked this question in a talk he gave on strategies for learning quickly. His answer is quite interesting: “Whenever you learn something all you are really doing is creating a relationship between two things… a relationship between something that you know and something…
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The Unexpected Gift: Autism & Music | Gwendolyn and Zayne Harshaw | TEDxHilliard
At 4 years old Zayne was diagnosed with autism. Gwen will share how they found strength through Zayne’s gifts instead of focusing on his weaknesses. Today, Zayne is a member of the band Blue Spectrum which has 2 other autistic members. He taught himself to play the guitar. Music has really transformed…
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Dreaming of Mars | Jillian Yuricich | TEDxHilliard
Jillian will discuss how passion for a dream can provide all the drive that you need in life. Not only is passion something that can encourage self-motivation, but it can inspire others to be more driven in their own lives. Jillian’s source of inspiration comes from the love of space exploration. She…
Add a $15 Doorbell to Any Home or Apartment, No Wiring Required
Just because your house or apartment doesn’t have a doorbell doesn’t mean you’ll have to rely on knocking like a caveman. This $15 kit has everything you need to install one, no wiring required. It’s also IPX-6 water resistant if your porch isn’t covered, and you can even choose from 38 different chimes!Read…
Pokemon Uranium development comes to a close as creators end support
It would appear that the curtains are closing on Pokemon Uranium. Technically, the curtains were already halfway closed when the developers of the fan-made project decided to pull the game, but now they’ve announced that they’re ending support for Pokemon Uranium as well. Unfortunately, that means no…
BBC News – World
Chinese officials criticised over ‘ugly’ Great Wall repairs
Photos posted to social media show repair works on China’s Great Wall from two years ago resembling modern concrete paths.
RT – Daily news
Lost text of charred Old Testament scroll revealed by 3D ‘unwrapping’ (PHOTO)
Scientists have digitally unravelled the mystery contents of an ancient Hebrew scroll almost entirely destroyed in a fire more than 1,400 years ago. Read Full Article at
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Famous German manufacturer Petromax have introduced a portable camping stove that will keep you warm while it cooks your supper! The Loki Camping Stove and Tent Oven is designed for carrying around, it can be folded up slim and carried in a transport bag. The well thought out design features a pin system…
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Basics Wallet is an EDC item designed to make your life easier. This minimalist wallet was designed bearing in mind that we usually use a single card more than others, whether it?s the public transport card, the ID card or the credit card, so you get a special strip that you pull and get instant access…
Stingray-Floating House by Tangram 3DS
A two story luxury beach home that floats atop the Aegean Sea.
Apple Maps now has public webpages for some landmarks and points of interest
Apple is now publishing public web pages for landmarks and POI in its Apple Maps database: here’s one such place. The website link shows details about the place such as location, name, telephone number and reviews. The design is identical to the cards in the iOS 10 Maps app. When on an Apple platform,…
Cakedozer Cake Server
In the history of the world we sincerely doubt a single piece of cake has ever been served upright, considering the degree with which these sticky, sugar-filled concoctions adhere to most cake servers. Cakedozer makes attempting upright cake delivery far easier thanks to a small bulldozer that helps…
New Scientist – Online news
Should UK’s Royal Society host those who deny climate science?
The scientific society risks undermining some of its good work by hiring out its prestigious platform to people who should be ignored, says Michael Le Page
More than a third of both presidential candidates’ Twitter followers are bots, study finds
Donald Trump has routinely bragged about his nearly 12 million Twitter followers on the campaign trail. But that number may actually be a bit misleading, according to a new study by digital ad firm eZanga, which looked at how much digital marketing money campaigns are wasting showing ads to automated…
These $60 Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones Won’t Block The Outside World
Bone conduction headphones deliver sound directly to your inner ear via vibrations on your cheekbones, meaning you can listen to audio without blocking out other sounds around you.Read more…
A nonfiction literary map of the United States
From Nylon, Kristin Iversen compiled her list of the best pieces of nonfiction — books, essays, memoirs — from every state in the US (plus DC and NYC). Here’s a sampling: Alaska: Coming into the Country by John McPhee. Connecticut: The Story of How, and Why, Martha Stewart Became the Queen of Living…
Report: Vegan Mayo Startup Is Actually Totally Full of It
A familiar tale has emerged from the bowels of Silicon Valley of late. A startup—usually based on some fancy, technology-heavy concept—woos investors and customers, raises a ton of money, and seems poised to take over the world. But then someone does some digging and uncovers a bunch of crooked numbers…
RT – Daily news
Fact-checking at UN: Kerry blasts Moscow for statements it did not make
US Secretary of State John Kerry has used a UN session to criticize Moscow over the recent Syria aid convoy attack. Saying that he and the Russian foreign minister are in “parallel universes,” Kerry appeared confused by what top Russian officials had actually said. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
Duterte calls out ‘devil’ Ban Ki-moon & EU in latest tirade
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte says the UN chief and the EU are welcome to investigate his controversial drugs crackdown, while also challenging the organizations to visit the Philippines and debate human rights and extrajudicial killings with him. Read Full Article at
Knight Architects unveils design for Finland’s longest bridge
UK firm Knight Architects has revealed its plans for a bridge that will span over a kilometre across a bay in Helsinki, making it the longest bridge in Finland (+ slideshow). (more…)
My first experience of peer review
Let’s build on the positives of publishing my first paper, and eliminate the negatives
Newswise: SciNews
Food Scientists Using X-Rays to Figure Out Fats
University of Guelph researchers studying the intimate structure of edible fats are getting help from the United States Department of Energy. The researchers hope to replace unhealthful trans and saturated fats with better non-saturated versions – all without compromising texture.
Newswise: SciNews
Culex Mosquitoes Do Not Transmit Zika Virus, Kansas State University Study Finds
A Kansas State University study at the Biosecurity Research Institute has found important results in the fight against Zika virus: Culex mosquitoes do not appear to transmit Zika virus.
Uber rival Grab partners with Nutonomy to test self-driving cars in Singapore
 Fresh from raising $750 million in new financing this week, Uber rival in Southeast Asia Grab is now making a move into the self-driving car space after it agreed to a partnership with NuTonomy, the MIT spin-out that is developing autonomous vehicles. Read More
Curbed National
Tiny living 101: Tips for your tiny house or apartment
Everything you need to know about living small, from tiny home zoning regulations to how to renovate a small space. Interior designer Jessica Helgerson and her husband, architect Yianni Doulis, bought five acres on an agricultural preserve ten miles from downtown Portland, Oregon in 2010. The land came…
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Mesmerizing resin table illuminates a Starry Sea with LED lights
Chapelin’s series was born on the island of St. Martin, where he featured his notable “Lagoon” series of tables. Slabs of marble are sourced from the nearby island of Anguilla, each with distinctly different character. The “Starry Sea” is meant to mimic the contours of the Caribbean sea, using blue acrylic…
Latest Items from TreeHugger
New study claims bicycle helmets reduce risk of serious injury by nearly 70 percent
No word on what the reduced risk of injury would be if pedestrians and drivers wore helmets too.
Let’s go behind the scenes with Jerky Bot
Sometimes we sit back at ReadWrite, take in the overwhelming opportunities and challenges of this thing we call the Internet of Things and realize sometimes we just want to have a little fun while we discover something awesome. Enter JerkyBot: We had a debate on this here at ReadWrite. There’s no…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Acoustic holograms create images by manipulating particles with sound
Newly-developed acoustic technologies used to move particles and create haptic feedback in mid-air have stirred the imagination of many researchers. Unfortunately, the complexity of the equipment required to perform these functions has meant that air-shaping technology has been somewhat expensive…
Invest In Your Airport Sanity With This Travelpro Crew 10 Spinner
Travelpro’s Crew 10 spinner suiter is one of the best carry-on bags you can buy without spending over $200, and Amazon’s marked it down to $127 today, within $7 of an all-time low. I own this bag, and absolutely love it.Read more…
BBC News – World
Assad: Coalition attack on Syria troops ‘intentional’
Four coalition planes attacked Syrian troops in Deir al-Zour for an hour, Bashar al’Assad has said, so it was not an accident.
Election Update: Reports Of A Clinton Rebound Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
Want these election updates emailed to you right when they’re published? Sign up here.Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning the White House are still near an all-time low in the FiveThirtyEight forecasts, although they’re up a smidge from earlier in the week. Our polls-only forecast gives her a 59 percent…
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
Nigerian photographer captures Maiduguri life beyond Boko Haram
Maiduguri, Nigeria, capital of the northern state of Borno, has become almost synonymous with Boko Haram. But one photojournalist is trying to change that – by taking pictures that focus on life outside the Islamist militant group’s violent acts.
RT – Daily news
‘Rapefugees not welcome’ stickers plastered around English coastal town
Stickers featuring the racist slogan “rapefugees not welcome” have been found plastered around the coastal town of South Shields in the north of England. Read Full Article at
Well Spent.
Monsanto Ban Leads to Better Cotton Yields in Africa
Burkina Faso, Africa’s top cotton producer, is seeing promising results after banning Monsanto’s genetically modified Bt cotton. Citing a drop in revenue and damage to their reputation due to Bt cotton’s lower quality fiber, the small west African nation has decided to once again exclusively grow conventional…
EDC is Everyday Carry
submitted by Everyday Carry You can’t climb with it, but the Firebiner still does more than your average bottle opener-equipped carabiner. This carabiner can open bottles too, but more importantly on the bottom lies an integrated EverSpark firewheel with replaceable ferro rod that shoots sparks to help…
Twitter beats national polls for election predictions, prof claims – CNET
A new academic paper asserts that machine learning and an analysis of Twitter trends outdo traditional polls on the national level.
Trump opposes US plan to cede oversight of the internet – CNET
As the US nears the October 1 date to turn over supervision of the internet to nonprofit ICANN, Donald Trump joins Ted Cruz in opposition.
60% off HDMI 2.0 High Speed 4k-Ready Gold Plated 6ft Cable – Deal Alert
If you’re looking for cables that can keep up with the high demands of today’s video tech, you may want to consider this cable from SecurOMax, currently discounted 60%. This heavy duty, high quality 6ft HDMI 2.0 cable will drive full 4K 60hz 2160P. Something that older HDMI cables just can’t pull off….
Samsung, LG, and Vizio accused of exploiting TV energy tests
Volkswagen has faced a lot of criticism, a lot of angry customers, and is required to pay some huge fines because they cheated on emissions testing both in the US and across Europe. […]
Richard Sherman says ‘people are still missing the point’ about protests of police shootings
The Seattle Seahawk’s Richard Sherman might be one of the most outspoken players in the NFL today. The cornerback on Wednesday used his moment at the podium as an opportunity to take a break from talking football and focus specifically on his thoughts regarding police brutality. “Today we play…
RT – Daily news
Half a million failed asylum seekers still in Germany – inquiry
Some 550,000 migrants in Germany who have had their asylum requests rejected have still not been deported, according to parliamentary figures cited by a local media outlet. Politicians are demanding tougher deportation proceedings. Read Full Article at
Make New History: The 2017 Chicago Architecture Biennial Will Look to the Past to Inspire Our Future
The Chicago Architecture Biennial has named Sharon Johnston and Mark Lee of Johnston Marklee the art directors of the next event, which will run from September 16 to December 31, 2017. They take over this position from Sarah Herda and Joseph Grima, who led the widely praised inaugural event in…
Karma Revero
Unexpected, unconventional, and timeless, yet modern, the Karma Revero is ready to wow you. Using a first-ever solar-powered roof for performance and hand-painted badges for breathtaking glamour, the Karma Revero is unlike any other car you’ve experienced.
Design Milk
Uluru Modular Concrete Seating by Shiro studio
When we think of concrete, we tend to think of it as heavy, but London-based Shiro studio used UHPC (ultra high performance concrete) in their latest design. The Uluru collection is a modular seating system with sculptural qualities that offer various positions for seating. The smooth,…
Surface Pro 3 plagued by more battery problems
Editor’s note: This article has been updated with a statement from Microsoft. History apparently repeats itself. In late August, Microsoft released an update for the Surface Pro 3 firmware designed to fix the battery problems plaguing some users. Now, yet more users are complaining about new battery…
Today’s Best Deals: Unlocked Smartphones, NFL Apparel, Your Favorite Travel Mug
A 48 hour smartphone sale, your favorite travel mug, and NFL apparel lead off Thursday’s best deals.Read more…
Talks at Google
Penn Jillette: “Presto!: How I Made Over 100 Pounds Disappear…” | Talks at Google
Penn Jillette visited Google Kirkland to discuss his latest book “Presto!: How I Made Over 100 Pounds Disappear and Other Magical Tales”. Penn is the louder half of the magic duo Penn & Teller, who are widely considered among the top magicians of all time. He’s appeared on numerous TV shows and has…
Singularity HUB
Ray Kurzweil: We Can Control AI Before It Controls Us
Over time, technology offers solutions to old problems while creating new issues in the process. The more powerful the technology, the greater its potential to do good and harm. Artificial intelligence is no exception, and as AI has advanced, worry about its risks has grown too. Technology’s dual identity…
The Verge – All Posts
Facebook Messenger is using machine learning to prompt you to pay back your friends
Facebook is testing a new feature on its Messenger app starting today that’ll use machine learning to prompt you to pay back your friends. It relies on a new service called “chat assist” that recognizes certain words and the actions they reference when they come up in conversation. If you type “IOU”…
At Least 26 Claimed Galaxy Note 7 Fire Reports Were Untrue, Samsung Says
Lately, a lot of behind the scene conversations have been suggesting that perhaps the Note 7 battery explosion fiasco has been blown out of the proportion. There’s no evidence of any of that, so we won’t discuss it any further, but amid all of this, Samsung has confirmed that at least 26 explosion reports…
Zuckerberg and Chan launch $3 billion initiative to cure all diseases
For most people, becoming the fifth richest person in the world and the head of a social network with almost 2 billion monthly active users would be enough of an achievement. But not if you’re Mark Zuckerberg. The Facebook boss and his wife, Priscilla Chan, have announced a $3 billion…
Star Wars Holochess inspires this gorgeous blend of card and monsters
For 30 years, Phil Tippett has been creating monsters for the movies, including the memorable Holochess game in the original Star Wars film. And now he’s made the monsters for a new augmented reality mobile game, HoloGrid: Monster Battle. I traveled to Tippett Studio in Berkeley, California, yesterday…
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
Swarms of magnetic bacteria could be used to deliver drugs to tumors
Minecraft’s Education Edition launches November 1 for $5 a student
Recess could soon become a lot kids’ second-favorite subject at school. Developer Mojang announced that Minecraft: Education Edition hits November 1 for computers running Windows 10 or OS X El Capitan. Minecraft has sold over 106 million copies across all of its platforms, with many of its fans being…
Latest news
The downside to driverless cars: More time for email and conference calls
Companies are trying to answer the question: if you’re not driving, what are you actually going to do?
FlexiMounts Articulating Arm TV Wall Mount w/ Bubble Level (Fits 26-42″ TVs) $20.99
FlexiMounts Articulating Arm TV Wall Mount w/ Bubble Level (Fits 26-42″ TVs) $20.99
Horses Can Use Symbols to Communicate Their Desires
By using a message board with three icons, scientists have shown that horses can use symbolic language to convey their preferences. They now join an elite group of animals that exhibit communications once thought exclusive to humans. Others in the group include primates , dolphins , and pigeons …
The Almond smart router will let Alexa kick the kids off the net – CNET
Securifi’s Alexa skill will let you put your foot down when your family’s spending too much time online.
Mercedes drops B-Class Electric Drive price by nearly $2,000 – Roadshow
You may not know it exists, but now you do.
Meet Elsewhere: $50 plastic frames that turn any video 3D – CNET
Black plastic glasses from a tiny wife-and-husband startup hook onto an iPhone to make any movie, show or clip feel like you’re watching in Imax 3D. Full Feed
‘Designer Baby’ Scaremongering Never Gets Old, Does It?
We have experienced bouts of moral panic over “designer babies” ever since the 1960s when in vitro fertilization was first being discussed as a real possibilty. IVF opponents claimed that parents would not bond with their “test tube” babies like those produced the old-fashioned way. A late 1960s Newsweek…
Land Rover Defender Spectre Edition
Last seen on the big screen in the mountains of Austria, this Land Rover Defender Spectre Edition gives you a chance to drive a replica of the bad-guy convoy car…Visit Uncrate for the full post.
Newswise: SciNews
Trophy hunting of lions can conserve the species
Trophy hunters can play an important role in lion conservation, researchers from the University’s Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology have shown.
Newswise: SciNews
Ed Lofgren, Pioneering ‘Rad Lab,’ Berkeley Lab, and Manhattan Project Physicist, Dies at 102
Edward Joseph Lofgren, a pioneering Berkeley Lab physicist who was a close associate of E.O. Lawrence and worked on the Manhattan Project, died Sept. 6 at age 102. – latest science and technology news stories
New views of intracellular channel that controls skeletal muscle
Using high-resolution electron microscopy, Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) researchers have uncovered new details of the structure and function of an intracellular channel that controls the contraction of skeletal muscle. The findings, published today in Cell, could lead to new treatments for…
Amazon rolls out photo printing service for Prime and Drive customers
As if you needed another reason to use Amazon, the company has rolled out a brand new photo printing service for Amazon Prime and Drive customers. Dubbed Amazon Prints, this service was rolled out rather quietly last week, and it signals a move to tackle an industry dominated by services like Shutterfly….
RT – Daily news
Outcry after Bahrain court rules to dissolve main Shiite opposition bloc
An appeals court in Bahrain has upheld the order by a lower court to dissolve the al-Wefaq movement, the main Shiite opposition group in the Sunni-ruled kingdom, seen as the latest move in cracking down on dissent in the country. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
London mayor Sadiq Khan says terrorist attacks ‘part & parcel’ of big city life
Londoners should be prepared for terrorist attacks as they are “part and parcel” of living in a major city, Mayor Sadiq Khan has said. Read Full Article at
The 6 Architects Who Have Won MacArthur “Genius” Grants
Blur Building. Exposition Pavilion: Swiss Expo, Yverdon-Les-Bains, 2002. Architects: Diller Scofidio + Renfro. Image © Diller Scofidio + Renfro Today the MacArthur Foundation announced the 23 recipients of their 2016 MacArthur Fellowship Grants, which are awarded annually “to encourage people…
The Awesomer
DIY Tornado Machine
LinkYouTuber NighthawkInLight made a machine that generates a small and safe vortex of air. The mini-tornado comes from a modified inline ventilation fan, while its visibility is enhanced by ultrasonic foggers and an LED lamp. It also serves as a humidifier. More Awesome Stuff: DIY Aluminum Baseball…
The Next Web
Facebook Messenger just made it easy to poll your friends
Facebook Messenger is getting a neat update today on Andriod and iOS, according to TechCrunch: you can now poll your friends. The feature only works for group chats (because polling a two people is silly), and works just like you’d expect: type in a question and some possible responses. There are a few…
Aboriginal Australians Are Humanity’s Oldest Civilization
New research shows that all present-day non-Africans can trace their origins to a single wave of migrants who left Africa 72,000 years ago, and that indigenous Australians and Papuans are descended directly from the first people to inhabit the continent some 50,000 years ago. That makes them world’s…
BBC News – World
France arrests Belgian police in migrant border row
French police detain two Belgian officers who offered a lift to 13 migrants and strayed into French territory, sparking a diplomatic spat.
BBC News – World
Scientists solve singing fish mystery
Scientists solve the bizarre mystery of the fish that hums at night.
Dezeen Mail issue 324 features this week’s best stories and discussions
A seating design aiming to tackle the problem of overcrowding on trains features in this week’s issue of Dezeen Mail, along with Moby’s criticism of a Zaha Hadid-designed hotel room and a zinc-clad home in a Wisconsin crop field (pictured). Read Dezeen Mail issue 324 | Subscribe to Dezeen Mail
designboom | architecture & design magazine
fredrikson stallard’s ‘glaciarium’ collections for swarovski shine at london design festival
the series plays on the mysterious appearance and behavior of the crystal material in its raw state. The post fredrikson stallard’s ‘glaciarium’ collections for swarovski shine at london design festival appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
Vincero Collective Marble Series Watches
Vincero Collective’s Marble Series of watches inlay hand-cut Italian marble dials and stainless steel Roman numeral clock faces. They complement the combo with stainless steel bands embedded with additional marble accents. So I can toss out my cheap plastic with digital LEDs, stop digging around for…
Next Big Future
US Senate Committee approves $19.5 billion 2017 budgtet for NASA
Members of the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee passed a bipartisan bill authorizing $19.5 billion for NASA. The bill includes wording to have a crewed Mars mission by 2041. It also requires NASA to send astronauts on private rockets to the International Space Station from U.S. soil — regardless…
The Next Web
You can now book an Uber in advance if you live in NYC
With Lyft, Gett, and Uber and others, New York City might just be the world’s most saturated ride-hailing market.   Uber’s users will be happy to know that starting today, you can book rides up to 30 days in advance through the app. When you book a car, you get timely reminders to make sure you don’t…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Spiri ride-sharing service is more self-drive than self-driving
For Danish startup Spiri, personal car ownership is too inefficient, traditional ride-sharing services too expensive and public transport too inconvenient. It’s self-drive carpooling service is promised to get you where you need to be for free if you’re the driver, or at about the price of…
How-To Geek
How to Unlock macOS Sierra with Your Apple Watch
If you’re tired of entering your password every time you open your laptop, macOS Sierra allows you to actually unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch.Click Here to Continue Reading
SES announces civil-military aerostat product for intel, surveillance, reconnaissance
PARIS — Satellite fleet operator SES on Sept. 22 said its SES Government is commercializing a low-altitude tactical surveillance aerostat equipped with optical surveillance and reconnaissance and a satellite link for border control, disaster relief and special-events monitoring. The announcement from… all content
Robots in Space: The Final Frontier
Conference: 20 Oct 2016, IET London: Savoy Place, 2 Savoy Place, London, WC2R 0BL, United Kingdom. Organized by The Institution of Engineering and Technology. all content
Quantum-Classical Transition in Many-Body Systems: Indistinguishability, Interference and Interactions
Workshop: 13 Feb 2017 – 17 Feb 2017, Dresden, Germany. Organized by Andreas Buchleitner and Juan-Diego Urbina. all content
Heat transfer in solids and fluids with COMSOL Multiphysics
Register now: Wednesday 19 October A webinar sponsored by COMSOL all content
Flash Physics: Giant glowing ‘space blobs’, SCOAP3 extended for three years, European Spallation Source gains momentum
Today’s selection of need-to-know updates from the world of physics all content
Chip shifts frequencies of photon qubits
New technology could help to link-up quantum devices
The Fidget Cube
Keep your fidgety hands from going all over the place during work or school with the Fidget Cube. Each side of this small cube features slideable joysticks, clickable buttons, flippable switches, and roll-able balls to keep you busy and improve focus. Check it out $19.00
The Shoe Wheel
Store your entire footwear collection using only a fraction of your closet space with the shoe wheel. It features a chrome plated steel base with wheels so you can easily move it around and is designed to fit up to thirty pairs of shoes. Check it out $95.36
360 Degree Floating Speaker
Give your next pool day a rocking soundtrack using the Cannonball floating speaker. It provides 360 degree surround sound, can be fully submerged for 30 minutes, and sports a tough rubberized shock absorbing cover that makes it ideal for the outdoors. Check it out $99.00
Gourmet Chocolate Pretzel Rods
Get the perfect combination of sweet and salty by sinking your teeth into one of these gourmet chocolate pretzel rods. They’re handmade using the finest ingredients and come topped off with mouth-watering treats like sprinkles, caramel, and rich chocolate. Check it out $18.95 Full Feed
Federal Judge Upholds Ban on Unlicensed African Hair-Braiding, Says Courts Must Show ‘Great Deference’ to Government Regulations
In the state of Missouri it is illegal to offer African-style hair-braiding services to paying customers without first obtaining a cosmetology license. To obtain that license, would-be African-style hair-braiders must spend thousands of dollars and complete over 1,500 hours of state-sanctioned education….
Digital Trends
Flybrix is a modular drone for kids that’s built almost entirely out of Legos
Commercial drones — the type you can order from your local big box retailer and control with a smartphone, tablet, or radio remote — are practically a commodity nowadays. Manufacturers from incumbents like DJI to newcomers like GoPro are vying for slice of a market that analysts project will exceed $127 billion…
Tilt-Shift Effect Makes Entire Galaxies Look Adorably Tiny
Tilt-shift lenses can make whole cities look like desktop miniatures through some amazing optical trickery. Unfortunately, we don’t have any of them up in space, but it hasn’t stopped some cosmic creatives from trying to mimic the effect on photos taken by NASA, ESO, and other space research groups….
Archinect – News
“The Olympics are a dream that turn into a nightmare.” – Rome’s mayor pulls 2024 Olympic bid
Virginia Raggi, who was elected in June and has faced a tumultuous start to her tenure, said in a highly anticipated press conference that it would be irresponsible to move forward with the bid, given the debts that it would accrue and the burdens it would place on Roman taxpayers. […] The 38-year-old…
RT – Daily news
RoboCop: China’s new airport security droid deters threats with cattle-prod (PHOTO)
An anti-riot droid equipped with a non-lethal, electric cattle prod has officially begun patrolling a terminal at one of China’s busiest airports. Read Full Article at
This MP3 player that doesn’t require Wi-Fi is perfect for Spotify addicts
Yes, there’s a company that’s actually trying to sell you an MP3 player in 2016. The Mighty, as you may recall, was originally launched as a Kickstarter earlier this year. Although it resembles an iPod shuffle, it’s not like a traditional MP3 player. It’s the first of its kind to sync music from your…
Scientific American Content: Global
Obama Demands that Security Agencies Consider Climate Change
Effects must now be part of national security policies, plans and doctrines — Read more on
Ars Technica
Yelp fighting court order requiring it to remove negative review
(credit: Yelp Inc.) California’s top court is agreeing to hear a case in which a lower court has ordered Yelp to remove a bad review. The California Supreme Court did not say when it would hear the case that tests the Communications Decency Act, which San Francisco-based Yelp maintains protects…
Engadget Full RSS Feed
Oakley and Intel’s sunglasses put a personal trainer in your ears
Running can be a pretty lonely sport, but you may soon get a companion that’s always ready to go. Oakley and Intel teamed up to create a sunglasses-with-smart-earbuds hybrid that will tell you how you’re doing during your run or bike ride. The Oakley Radar Pace will be available on October 1st for $449….
Motherboard RSS Feed
Coming Soon: A New Telescope Array Hunting for Extragalactic Gamma Rays
On Monday, the Council of the Cherenkov Telescope Array Observatory signed a deal with the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias to place 19 telescopes on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands. The site, located on a high-altitude plateau near the rim of an extinct volcanic crater, will allow the…
Facebook activates ‘Safety Check’ amidst violent Charlotte protests
After two nights of violent protests and unrest in North Carolina, Gov. Pat McCrory declared a state of emergency in the city of Charlotte and Facebook activated its Safety Check feature. Following a disaster, Facebook’s Safety Check feature allows users to notify others on the site that they’re safe…
Mises Institute
Indoctrination: 35 Years of the US Department of Education
Tags A A Home | Feed | Blog.rssEducationTaxes and SpendingPolitical TheoryIndoctrination: 35 Years of the US Department of Education 0 Views Since 1980, during the Carter Administration, America’s K-12 education system has come under increasing control by the dictates of the federal…
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Put your anger to constructive use | Sharmin Ali | TEDxDumas
Sharmin Ali is angry! In this talk, she shares her journey and explains what anger has done to her. She has been able to use anger for the good and convert every hurdle into a stepping stone to become a leading entrepreneur today! Sharmin Ali is an entrepreneur, an author and a theatre artiste. She…
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
Interview: Assad blames US for Syria truce collapse
President Bashar al Assad rejected U.S. accusations that Syrian or Russian planes struck an aid convoy in Aleppo or that his troops were preventing food from entering the city’s rebel-held eastern neighborhoods.
Report: Android 7.1 and Pixel Launcher will support 3D Touch inspired shortcuts
The rumors have been pretty hot for a while that Google is going to make some notable changes to Android when it launches the Pixel phones on Oct. 4. We have some more evidence of what this will look like thanks to a deeper dive into several different Google APKs. The speculation is that much of the…
BBC News – World
Charlotte police chief: Video does not ‘definitively’ show pointed gun
A North Carolina police chief says video of a fatal police shooting does not provide “definitive” evidence the black man who died was pointing a gun.
Rendering to Reality: Zaha Hadid’s Crystalline Port Authority Arrives in Antwerp
Zaha Hadid Architects has topped off its crystalline addition to an old fire station in the port city of Antwerp. As Europe’s second largest port, the new structure was designed to provide space for the increasing demands for a new port authority. Bolstered atop the Hanseatic beaux arts building,…
Scientific American Content: Global
Not Done Yet: Climate Pact Is Only Halfway
More than the needed 55 countries have ratified the Paris agreement, but they don’t represent the required 55 percent of emissions — Read more on
Never Lose a French Fry In Your Car Again With a 2-Pack of Drop Stops
Update: The seller just reached out and informed us that Ritz Camera isn’t an authorized seller of Drop Stop, so you may want to hold off on this one. It’s available for $20 on Amazon, sold by Drop Stop directly. Read more…
Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017 to feature Buzz Aldrin, William Shatner – CNET
This year’s celebration of all things geek will feature themed exhibits and sessions focusing on what life will be like in 2075.
Popular Science
Listen To A Song Written By Artificial Intelligence, Inspired By The Beatles
Entertainment No seriously Sony CSL Research Laboratory is releasing an album next year of songs written by Artificial intelligence, and the first hit track may be this uncanny number programmed…
What It Looks Like When You Glitter-Bomb a Giant Abandoned Casino
Sony has a long history of dumping tons of money into spectacularly over-the-top commercials for its Bravia line of TVs. This time around it packed an abandoned casino in Romania full of glitter-filled balloons that were then popped to create a shimmering explosion of color.Read more… – latest science and technology news stories
US astronaut will vote from orbit if homecoming is delayed
The lone American in orbit will end up voting for president from the International Space Station, if her homecoming is delayed. – latest science and technology news stories
Israel says new spy satellite sends first images
Israel’s latest spy satellite began transmitting pictures on Thursday, the defence ministry said, overcoming initial hiccups on its launch nine days ago. – latest science and technology news stories
New model could point way to microbiome forecasting in the ocean
A new mathematical model developed at the University of British Columbia integrates environmental and molecular sequence information to better explain how microbial networks drive nutrient and energy cycling in marine ecosystems. – latest science and technology news stories
German lawmakers ratify Paris climate accord
Germany’s lower of house of parliament on Thursday ratified the Paris agreement on climate change, following in the footsteps of 60 other countries that have committed to the landmark agreement designed to stem the planet’s rising temperatures.
The Verge – All Posts
Finally, a wearable for women who don’t want to get murdered
A new wearable called Ōnee, advertised as “the buddy system, reinvented,” is sold in pairs to sets of BFFs so that they can send distress signals to each other while at opposite ends of a party or bar. To discuss this oddly marketed product, which has a good idea at its core, we brought together some…
RT – Daily news
Abbas to UN: Make 2017 the year Israeli occupation of Palestinian land ended
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has said 2017 should become the year when the Israeli occupation of Palestinian comes to an end, in an address to the General Assembly of the United Nations. Read Full Article at
Next Big Future
The Rich do not need genetic enhancement for unfair advantages
Embryonic gene editing holds the promise of dramatically enhancing people by making them healthier and more resistant to disease throughout their lives. It also has the potential to make them much smarter, stronger and faster.Despite these possible benefits, Americans are wary of editing embryos, even…
Newswise: SciNews
With Great Power Comes Great Laser Science
Scientists at TU Wien (Vienna) found a way to compress ultrashort laser pulses, increasing its peak power to half a terawatt – which is equivalent to the output of hundreds of nuclear reactors.
Newswise: SciNews
Melanoma Tumors Use Interferon-Gamma Mutations to Fight Immunotherapy
Melanoma tumors use genetic mutations in a prominent immune response pathway to resist the immunotherapy ipilimumab, researchers from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center report in the journal Cell.
Newswise: SciNews
SLAC’s X-Ray Laser Glimpses How Electrons Dance with Atomic Nuclei in Materials
The coupling between electrons and phonons determines how efficiently solar cells convert sunlight into electricity. It also plays key roles in superconductors that transfer electricity without losses, topological insulators that conduct electricity only on their surfaces, materials that drastically…
Get Set For the Holidays With a $34 Outdoor Laser Light
You don’t need it for another few months, but you can save on a holiday landscape laser light by buying it early. Read more…
Science | Smithsonian
Paleontologists Probe the Bonehead that Foreshadowed Domed Dinos
This striking skull shape evolved at least twice. But what was its purpose?
The Verge – All Posts
Tesla plans to unveil solar roof with integrated battery and charger at October 28th event
Tesla is planning to unveil a solar roof product for buildings at an event on October 28th in San Francisco, according to a tweet from Tesla CEO Elon Musk. The solar roof would be the first new product to come out of the SolarCity/Tesla merger, though that transaction has yet to close. Aiming for…

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