Indistinguishable from Magic 9/27

Indistinguishable from Magic 9/27
Study: Earth Is At Its Warmest In 120,000 Years
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Washington Post: As part of her doctoral dissertation at Stanford University, Carolyn Snyder, now a climate policy official at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, created a continuous 2 million year temperature record, much longer than a previous 22,000…
Samsung displays could bounce off water in the future
Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives to the point that it’s no longer sufficient for them to be powerful only. They also need to be able to survive many of the accidents we get subjected to, day in and day out, specifically splashes and drops of water. Water resistance is an important…
EDC is Everyday Carry
Powered tools and keys
submitted by Mark Ronan Olight S1 Copper BatonSureFire E2DSteel Flame Copper TagNitecore Tip CRIMotorola Moto G4 plusKeyport Slide 2.0Anker PowerCore Slim 5000Anker Premium Micro USB CableMy current battery powered gear and keys.
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Japan boosts ‘logistics’ cooperation with US military amid tensions with China & N. Korea
Japan has amended its Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreement (ACSA) with the United States to enable the provision of military supplies list under the country’s new security legislation enacted earlier this year. Read Full Article at
designboom | architecture & design magazine
lukstudio assembles a series of luminous urban prisms on a shanghai plaza
the structure is made from a grid of white scaffolding, which supports a flat canopy that protects visitors from both heat and rain. The post lukstudio assembles a series of luminous urban prisms on a shanghai plaza appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
Hillary Clinton turned her website into a fact checker for the debate
Hillary Clinton pushed back against plenty of Donald Trump’s statements during the debate. She also enlisted her website to help out.  For the debate, became a real-time fact checker to push back against things Trump said. Image: http://www.hillaryclinton.comThe page features a…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Axial stack battery design could unlock the era of supersonic electric airliners
Luke Workman is a complete maniac. He’s also one of the world’s leading lithium battery pack designers for electric vehicles, and he’s come up with a revolutionary battery design that he says could bring on clean, quiet, long-distance, commercial-scale supersonic airliners. .. Continue…
Oakley Metalworks Carabiner
Built for lugging your wad of keys.
Square brings its contactless reader to Oz, but don’t call it a ‘disruptor’
Square wants to reinvent payments, but don’t call it a “disruptor.” While Ben Pfisterer, country manager for the payments technology company, admits Square’s terminals are “somewhat” in competition with the banks, he believes they’re serving a group that was previously left out in the cold. “We get…
BBC News – World
Washington state mall shooting: Suspect ‘admits’ gun attack
Prosecutors say a 20-year-old man has confessed to going on a murderous rampage in a shopping centre in Burlington, which left five people dead.
This dictionary Twitter account had the best lexicographical burns of the debate
Twitter was out in force delivering its verdict on the first presidential debate Monday, but some of the most devastating burns came from an unlikely source: the dictionary. SEE ALSO: Trump’s debate sniffles are louder than his words Merriam-Webster’s Twitter account, which usually tweets words of…
NatureNews – Most recent articles – science feeds
Psychologists fail to replicate well-known behaviour linked to learning
Numerous failed attempts to replicate the ‘blocking effect’ cast doubt on its scope.Nature News doi: 10.1038/nature.2016.20659
Villa Mavi / White Cube Atelier
© Farshid Nasrabadi Architects: White Cube Atelier Location: Damavand, Tehran Province, Iran Area: 600.0 sqm Project Year: 2015 Photographs: Farshid Nasrabadi Collaborators:…
This low-cost underwater drone aims to democratize the ocean for wannabe treasure hunters
Treasure hunters and explorers David Lang and Eric Stackpole are creating what they call the world’s first low-cost underwater drone. Back in 2012, Eric told David about gold lost inside an underwater cave in California that was just begging to be found. So, naturally, the two set out on their path…
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Baltimore man dies after being ‘attacked’ by police
The family of Tawon Boyd, 21, who died in Baltimore’s Franklin Square Hospital after calling the police requesting an ambulance while fighting with his girlfriend, are questioning the way he was treated by authorities claiming it might have led to his death. Read Full Article at
Lester Holt gets social media sympathy, sarcasm as debate moderator – CNET
Journalist Lester Holt let the presidential candidates have their say in Monday’s debate, and social media had its say about Holt’s moderation as well.
PopTech Blog
Collaboration alert: PBS NOVA and Simon Hauger of The Workshop School
The PopTech conference has served as the starting point for several of our collaborative projects – and we find that this is true for many PopTech participants as well. We credit the intimate and informal setting at PopTech for helping to forge these meaningful bonds.  Today we’re highlighting a collaboration…
Coolest Gadgets
Pointillist Artist’s Electronic Pen brings art to a new level
Not all pens are created equal — as you can see with this $69.96 Pointillist Artist’s Electronic Pen. Truly more than just a writing instrument, this is a gel pen which generates 600 ink dots per minute which will be able to do its bit to upgrade one’s pointillist expressions. Being very different from…
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
Edible nanocoating increases life of foods news
‘Physical cryptography’ uses neutrons to compare nuclear warheads
Technique can identify objects without knowing what they look like
Latest news
LG Pay launch delayed to 2017: Report
LG Electronics has delayed the launch of its namesake mobile payment system to next year, according to local media, scrapping plans to have it on the V20.
Trump’s old ghostwriter calls candidate ‘ignorant, bullying, dishonest’ during debate
Tony Schwartz, the man who ghostwrote Trump’s 1987 memoir The Art of the Deal, is going after his former literary partner on Twitter after the first presidential debate.  SEE ALSO: We read the hot new 400-page Trump biography so you don’t have to As the debate wrapped up, Schwartz tweeted that Trump…
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Lone refugee kids may fall prey to traffickers & rapists when Calais camp is bulldozed – UNICEF
Unaccompanied child migrants living in the Calais ‘Jungle’ camp are likely to go missing or risk being trafficked when France dismantles the shanty town, UNICEF has warned. It urged authorities to speed up the reunion of children with families in the UK. Read Full Article at
Coolest Gadgets
iDevices introduces the Smart Home Essentials kit
iDevices and the smart home do have a history together, and it looks like this relationship is set to continue with the Smart Home Essentials kit. Not only that, it will also bring with it an Apple HomeKit and Alexa-enabled system that boasts of not one or two, but three iDevices Sockets (which are connected…
Coolest Gadgets
Booq reveals the Pack Pro bag
Booq has come up with its collection of bags and notebook cases in the past, and it does look as though this tradition is set to continue. The latest bag released under their wings would be the Booq Pack Pro bag, which has been specially developed for designers who are always on the go. Creatives will… Full Feed
The President Can’t Stop Gun Violence
At tonight’s presidential debate, both the National Rifle Association’s candidate Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton talked a lot about the fact that people are using guns to kill other people in America, in Trump’s case particularly emphasizing the city streets of Chicago which is, as he points out,…
Mises Institute
Feds to Ban Leaf Used in Herbal Teas
TagsAAHome | Feed | Blog.rssHealthLegal SystemPolitical TheoryFeds to Ban Leaf Used in Herbal Teas 0 Views  On September 30 the DEA plans to ban kratom in the United States. In the process the DEA will be using their “emergency powers” to make kratom a Schedule I controlled substance thus…
Fast Company
Trump Seems To Admit Not Paying Taxes, Then Denies Admitting It
When Hillary Clinton theorized that Trump hasn’t paid federal taxes, he quipped, “That makes me smart.” When Hillary Clinton theorized that Trump hasn’t paid federal taxes, he quipped, “That makes me smart.”Donald Trump raised plenty of questions during tonight’s presidential debate…
These 3 topics dominated Twitter during the debate
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton locked horns Monday night during the first of several presidential debates and the world was watching — and tweeting and Googling and posting things to Facebook. The 90-minute session at Long Island’s Hofstra University was split into six sections, covering topics such…
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Best Buy’s new project highlights tech startups’ creations
You’ll soon see curious spots in Best Buy stores that aren’t hawking any big-brand company’s products. Instead, they will be stocked with electronics from companies you probably never heard of before. See, the big-box store has launched a new initiative dubbed “Ignite,” and it takes a leaf out of Amazon…
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NATO is reviewing ‘nuclear playbook’ to deter ‘terrible attacks’ by Russia – Pentagon chief
The Pentagon chief put Russia on par with North Korea when he spoke about threats faced by the US and its allies, and the need to invest billions into refreshing NATO’s nuclear playbook to integrate conventional and unconventional deterrence methods. Read Full Article at
Bright blue burgers are here to fulfil your insatiable hunger for weird food
Burger buns have long been beige; but no more! An enterprising Australian chained called Ribs & Burgers has come up with a bold plan to turn all your burger buns blue. SEE ALSO: The picture of Jean Grey: Why the X-Men’s most powerful mutant is also its most human Taking inspiration from the deep…
Digital Trends
A new research report shows consumers love their PCs despite the market doomsayers
The latest ACSI Household Appliance and Electronics Report reveals that there is a rise in consumer satisfaction when it comes to PCs, which is good news for a market that started to decline thanks to the budding tablet and smartphone industries. The PC market appears to be rebounding thanks to new form…
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
Mass producing graphene using microwaves
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
Watching molecular machines at work
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
Bowl-to-bowl inversion: Key to understanding mechano-electronic switches
Next Big Future
Progress towards developing safe graphene implants
Engineers from MIT and Tsinghua University in Beijing have precisely simulated how electrical power may generate heat between a single layer of graphene and a simple cell membrane. While direct contact between the two layers inevitably overheats and kills the cell, the researchers found they could prevent…
BBC News – World
Clinton: ‘There is something he is hiding’
Hillary Clinton said she believes Donald Trump is ‘hiding something’ regarding his tax return.
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‘Virtual orchestra’ hits high notes in London
London (AFP) Sept 23, 2016 Music fans will be able to immerse themselves into the world of an orchestra thanks to a virtual reality experience launched in London on Friday. Visitors to the Virtual Orchestra at the Southbank Centre can don virtual reality headsets and experience how it feels to…
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Study investigates steel-eating microbes on ship hulls
East Boothbay, Maine (UPI) Sep 19, 2016 Until now, researchers thought the microbial strain Mariprofundus sp. DIS-1 only thrived under anaerobic, or micro aerobic, conditions. But new research proves the steel-eating bacteria can tolerate oxygen. The findings, detailed in the journal Applied and…
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Nearly 30 mn diesel cars on EU roads over emissions limit: study
Brussels (AFP) Sept 19, 2016 One year after the Volkswagen “dieselgate” scandal, nearly 30 million cars on Europe’s roads are still way over air pollution limits, campaign group Transport and Environment said in a report Monday. The German car manufacturer admitted in September 2015 to installing…
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China sentences activists for ‘disturbing social order’: Xinhua
Beijing (AFP) Sept 27, 2016 Three labour activists were given suspended sentences of two to four years, Chinese state media said Tuesday, citing their involvement with “overseas organisations hostile to China”. Zeng Feiyang, director of the prominent labour rights group the Panyu Workers’ Centre,…
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Mexican army to probe killings of six in their home
Mexico City (AFP) Sept 27, 2016 The Mexican army has been asked to investigate the killings of six people, including two children and a handicapped adult, whose home soldiers burst into arbitrarily. The National Human Rights Commission issued the request for the military inquiry in the case of…
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Hyperloop pushes dream of low-cost futuristic transport
Berlin (AFP) Sept 23, 2016 Is it a plane, is it a train? No, say supporters of Hyperloop, a futuristic mode of transport floated by Silicon Valley billionaire Elon Musk that promises high-tech, high-speed and cheap travel over long distances. It may sound like the stuff of science fiction, but…
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UN trims nuclear power growth forecasts
Vienna (AFP) Sept 23, 2016 The UN atomic agency predicted Friday continued growth in nuclear power in the coming 15 years but trimmed its projections because of low fossil fuel prices and competition from renewables. “Nuclear energy, in the long run, will continue to play an important role in…
Next Big Future
Hummingbird lightest folding bike and Flykly electric bike convertion Smart Wheel
The lightest folding bike in the world. 6.5 KG. It’s a carbon fiber bike for commuters and it’s ready for the market. The Hummingbird Bike weighs only 6.5 kg and comes in two specs: single speed and 5-speed.The folding bike would also be compatible with the 3 kg Smart Wheel from FlyKly. The Smart Wheel…
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First test of driverless minibus in Paris Saturday
Paris (AFP) Sept 24, 2016 The French capital’s transport authority will on Saturday carry out its first test of a driverless minibus, in the hope that regular routes for the hi-tech vehicles will be up and running within two years. The electric-powered driverless EZ10 minibus, able to carry up…
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
German authorities update their joint research strategy ‘Nanotechnology – health and environmental risks of nanomaterials’
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Chrome for Android will let you download entire web pages and use less data for video
Google is making a lot of India-focused announcements today, many of them centered around improving services’ functionality in areas where data connectivity is poor. Chrome and Google Play are getting some new features designed to solve that problem, and they’re likely to be just as useful to many users…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Alberta taking a step away from coal
Edmonton, Alberta (UPI) Sep 23, 2016 The provincial government of Alberta said it formed a panel of experts to help address some of the challenges in shifting to a low-carbon economy. A three-member panel of experts will work on behalf of Alberta’s government to discuss challenges faced by those…
Digital Trends
Tumblr’s new iMessage app lets you create and share your own GIFs
Tumblr’s new iMessage app is a GIF lover’s dream come true. Whether you happen to use the Yahoo-owned blogging platform doesn’t really matter, if you enjoy sharing GIFs (and want to create your own), you can now do so using just your iPhone. The new iMessage extension puts you in charge of the GIF-making…
Sonos PLAY:1, PLAY:5 comes to, Apple Stores on Oct. 5
By doing away with the 3.5 mm headphone jack, Apple has placed its iPhone eggs in wireless audio equipment basket. And not just wireless, Bluetooth headphones, but wireless speakers as well. When it comes to the latter, there is perhaps no brand that rings louder than Sonos. It was only natural that…
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U.S. intel agency renews contract for satellite imagery
Westminster, Colo. (UPI) Sep 22, 2016 The U.S. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency is to continue to receive online global high-resolution commercial satellite imagery from DigitalGlobe. The online, on-demand access is for a period of one year. The EnhanceView contract for the commercial satellite…
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French fighter jet deal: an Indian saga
New Delhi (AFP) Sept 25, 2016 The less-than-supersonic sale of French Rafale fighter jets to India has highlighted the obstacles facing foreign arms firms seeking to do business with the world’s biggest weapons importer. India has signed a series of key defence deals under Prime Minister Narendra…
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N. Korea air show thumbs nose at sanctions
Wonsan, North Korea (AFP) Sept 24, 2016 Just weeks after carrying out its fifth nuclear test, North Korea put on an unprecedented civilian and military air force display Saturday at the country’s first ever public aviation show. The two-day Wonsan International Friendship Air Festival was held…
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Russia jails space engineer for 7 years for treason
Moscow (AFP) Sept 23, 2016 Russia has sentenced an elderly decorated space engineer and university instructor to seven years in prison for state treason, an official said Friday. Vladimir Lapygin was sentenced to seven years on charges of state treason, a spokesman for Moscow City Court told…
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Okinawa villagers sue authorities for construction of ‘unlivably loud’ US helipads
Two Okinawa villages filed a lawsuit last week against the local government after it allowed US military construction of two heliports on the only virgin forest remaining in Okinawa Prefecture, home of a US base in Japan. Read Full Article at
Robotic tumbleweeds will explore the galaxy for us – CNET
Because what would a frontier be like without ’em?
Brain Pickings
James Gleick on How Our Cultural Fascination with Time Travel Illuminates Memory, the Nature of Time, and the Central Mystery of Human Consciousness
“Every moment alters what came before. We reach across layers of time for the memories of our memories.” “Both in thought and in feeling, even though time be real, to realise the unimportance of time is the gate of wisdom,” Bertrand Russell in 1931 as he made his beautiful case for “a largeness of contemplation”… – latest science and technology news stories
Firm hopes to be 1st with skill-based slots
A New York firm hopes to be the first in the world to install skill-based slot machines on casino floors in which the main determining factor in how much a player can win is his or her ability to play the game.
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In depth: How artificial intelligence could save humanity’s food supply
Humanity has a major food problem. The world’s population is expected to increase significantly over the next three decades, but our capacity for food production will struggle to keep pace.Although global fertility rates are actually falling, a general increase in life expectancy will mean a steady increase…
Huaxin Business Center
I expect that this building could enlighten us to think on the relevance between humans, nature and society. The site is located at the west of Guilin road, with green land at the south of its entry. This green land has six old camphor trees and opens to the urban main road.
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‘Almost all EU states could follow UK, leave union’ – French MP
Nearly every EU state could follow in the footsteps of the UK and vote to leave the bloc, French Member of Parliament responsible for European affairs in President Francois Hollande’s party, Philip Cordery, has said. Read Full Article at
Trump’s climate-change conspiracy was the most retweeted tweet during the first debate
And the most-shared tweet during tonight’s U.S. presidential debate was … Donald Trump’s 2012 global warming conspiracy theory. Although there was a viral fake post claiming the original tweet was deleted by the Trump campaign (it wasn’t), Twitter crowned Trump’s climate change conspiracy statement…
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
Stacked perovskite/CIGS solar module achieves unprecedented efficiency at 17.8 percent
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
Clinton and Trump spar in gladiator contest for modern times
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump strode out cloaked in icy politeness. Yet within minutes their debate degenerated into bickering, insults and diatribes – a gladiatorial contest of modern times.
Donald Trump thinks his sniffing was due to a ‘defective mic’
One of the main talking points of the first presidential debate was… Donald Trump’s sinuses – yes, you heard it right.  SEE ALSO: Trump’s debate sniffles are louder than his words The Republican nominee began to audibly sniff throughout his opening statements and following arguments, leaving many…
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iPhones ’emit double the radiation’ of Galaxy handsets: Korean agency
Apple’s iPhones have double the electromagnetic waves absorption rate of Samsung’s Galaxy series, according to data from South Korea’s National Radio Research Agency presented during a committee hearing.
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Porsche shows off its courage with new Panamera 4 E-Hybrid
Porsche is in London today with a sneak peek of its latest luxury saloon sports car, the Panamera 4 E-Hybrid, which is set for its full debut at the upcoming Paris Motor Show. The Panamera line is, along with the Cayenne, often derided by purist Porsche fans for being too large and conscious of too many…
Discover Magazine
A Mind in Time
An unprecedented view of one person’s brain function over many months could unlock new therapies.
3D printed wristband turn prosthetic hands into a mouse
While prosthetic limbs have been around for years, we’re still not there yet when it comes to the agile, dexterous, precise replacement hands of science-fiction future. Even something as critical moving a mouse and clicking on it is something that’s extremely difficult for these people to do. Fortunately,…
TG Daily
Virtual Reality: A Game-Changer for Sports
Virtual reality has the potential to make courtside seats at basketball games affordable for the everyday viewer.
TechRadar: All latest feeds
Microsoft’s new trick for Edge gives the browser a major security boost
Microsoft is planning to make its Edge browser much more secure for businesses with the next major update to Windows 10 (hopefully due to land early next year), which will introduce virtualisation tech to help keep workers safe from any malicious sites.This new feature is called Windows Defender Application…
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
Fundamental researchers offer new ways to sort molecules for clean energy and more
designboom | architecture & design magazine
lars fisk sculpts spherical subway stops, giant asphalt balls + morphed mr. softee trucks
the artist presents seven of his signature ball sculptures at marlborough chelsea in NY, dotting the gallery with material-driven forms ranging from pea-to-room size. The post lars fisk sculpts spherical subway stops, giant asphalt balls + morphed mr. softee trucks appeared first on designboom | architecture…
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
Electrically accessing complex magnetism in rare earth atoms – Nanotechnology News Feed
Applied NanoFluorescence launches the NS MiniTracer:
Affordable and rapid trace detection of single-walled carbon nanotubes With more than ten years of experience building sophisticated spectrometric systems for carbon nanotube characterization,…
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Birth of politics in children: The case of dominance
As they grow up, do children become young Robin Hoods? Depending on their age, they do not allocate resources in the same way between dominant and subordinate individuals. Thus a tendency towards egalitarianism develops and becomes even stronger between the ages of 5 and 8 years. These findings provide…
BBC News – World
US election: Trump-Clinton duel sees sparks fly
Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump clash over jobs, race and the Iraq War in a feisty first debate of the election campaign.
Red desert lit up for world first festival of light and culture
In the red centre of Australia, a festival of light is illuminating the night sky for the first time. The 10-day festival called Parrtjima: A Festival In Light is a celebration of colour and culture, showcasing work from eight local Indigenous artists, stretching across 2.5 kilometres (1.5 miles) of…
designboom | architecture & design magazine
world’s first non-rectangular football field created in thailand
the ‘unusual football field’ is an unorthodox setting that redefines the boundaries of the traditional rectangular pitch. The post world’s first non-rectangular football field created in thailand appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Soil modeling to help curb climate change
Soil is a major carbon pool, whose impact on climate change is still not fully understood. According to a recent study, however, soil carbon stocks and could be modeled more accurately by factoring in the impacts of both soil nutrient status and soil composition. Determining the volume of carbon dioxide…
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
A world first: Cardiovascular team carries out a new type of procedure on a heart valve
A team of heart surgeons and cardiologists used new catheter technology to repair a leaky tricuspid valve for the very first time. The Cardioband serves as an innovative and low-impact method of repairing leaky mitral valves in the left atrium of the heart. It offers a minimally invasive alternative…
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Custom-tailored strategy against glioblastomas
Glioblastomas are incurable malignant brain tumors. Usually the patients affected survive for only a few months. In addition, every tumor is quite different, which makes treatment very difficult. Researchers have now developed a completely new method as the basis for creating custom-tailored, two-stage…
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Start training for retirement as early as 50, research urges
The results of a project to establish European guidelines for preparing the population for life after full-time employment urge people to start planning as soon as 50.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Closing the gender gap: Young women with premature acute coronary syndrome now do as well as men
It has become commonly accepted that women do worse than men following a heart attack or other coronary event. Earlier studies have documented that young women are more likely to die from cardiac-related events compared to men in the twelve months after hospital discharge. A new study, drawing on contemporary…
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
What happens when the brain is artificially stimulated?
Stimulating the brain via electricity or other means may help ease symptoms of various neurological and psychiatric disorders, with the method already used to treat conditions from epilepsy to depression. But what really happens when doctors zap the brain?
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Students in bilingual elementary school programs present worse academic results, according to study
Bilingual education programs, in which a substantial part of the teaching is done in a language different from the mother tongue and from the language of the students’ surroundings, have been fully established for years in countries such as India, Spain and the United States. In order to analyze the…
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
UTI testing technology cuts screening time to four hours
Researchers using DNA sequencing to profile antibiotic resistance in infection have achieved a turnaround time from ‘sample to answer’ of less than four hours for urinary tract infections (UTIs).
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Gaps in data place thousands of illegally traded wild animals at risk, say researchers
The fate of over 64,000 live wild animals officially reported to have been confiscated by enforcement agencies remains untraceable, according to a new report. Between 2010 and 2014, more than 64,000 live wild animals were officially reported as seized by wildlife enforcement agencies according to the…
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Having a happy spouse could be good for your health
New research finds that having a happy spouse may be related to better health, at least among middle-aged and older adults.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
X-rays that don’t come from any known source
Space is filled with types of light we can’t see — from infrared signals released by hot stars and galaxies, to the cosmic microwave background. Some of this invisible light that fills space takes the form of X-rays, the source of which has been hotly contended over the past few decades. A new study…
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Exercise can increase levels of hunger-promoting endocannabinoids even if you are sleep-deprived
A research group has investigated how levels of endocannabinoids — which target the same receptors as cannabis — are affected by short sleep duration, and whether acute exercise can modulate this effect.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Widespread adoption of SBRT has improved survival rates for elderly patients with early stage lung cancer
Survival rates for elderly patients who received stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) for early stage non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) rose from roughly 40 to 60 percent over the past decade, concurrent with the increasing adoption of SBRT, according to research.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Young cancer survivors in economic struggle
Young cancer survivors have a 40 per cent higher risk of becoming unemployed, than others, say researchers, noting that they also have a 40 per cent higher risk of receiving governmental financial assistance.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Rapid adaptation of Aspergillus fungus presents doctors with a dilemma
The fungus Aspergillus fumigatus is capable of rapid genetic adaptation in both natural environments and in humans according to a study. This presents doctors with a dilemma: prescribe medication that may increase drug resistance or not providing treatment and increase the likelihood of the fungus settling…
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Medulloblastoma patients should receive both chemotherapy and radiation post-surgery
The addition of chemotherapy to postoperative treatment for adults with medulloblastoma improves survival, new research demonstrates. Medulloblastoma (MB) is the most common brain tumor in children, but is relatively rare in adults. Chemotherapy use in adult MB is largely based on pediatric outcomes,…
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Healthcare leaders recommend restructuring health care system to better serve needs of U.S. throughout 21st century
To keep up with the evolving needs of our nation’s health and health care system, a series of papers recommends restructuring the U.S. health care system in ways that will support more efficient, targeted health care delivery.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Enzyme hyaluronidase shows promise as treatment for muscle stiffness caused by brain injury
A naturally occurring enzyme called hyaluronidase may be an effective alternative treatment for spasticity, or muscle stiffness, a disabling condition in people who have had a stroke or other brain injury, researchers report.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Unknown exposure to second-hand smoke associated with increased mortality
A new biomarker has identified known and unknown exposure to second-hand smoke and confirmed a strong association to increased mortality in non-smokers, according to a new study. The results provide a more accurate way to gauge second-hand smoke exposure than questionnaires, and present a strong case…
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Consuming fewer calories reduces the risk of abdominal aortic aneurysm, study suggests
Mice placed on a low-calorie diet are less likely to develop abdominal aortic aneurysms, according to a new stud. The paper suggests new ways to prevent the often fatal condition from occurring in humans.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
The language of senses
Sight, touch and hearing are our windows to the world: these sensory channels send a constant flow of information to the brain, which acts to sort out and integrate these signals, allowing us to perceive the world and interact with our environment. But how do these sensory pathways emerge during development?
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
‘Teashirt’ gene links autism and kidney problems, new study finds
A gene dubbed the ‘Teashirt’ by its discoverers has been identified as a link between children with kidney problems and autism, in a new study which has implications for how doctors working on both conditions administer tests to their patients.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Scientists track down possible new treatment for epilepsy
Increasing the concentration of specific fats in the brain could suppress epileptic seizures, ground-breaking new research shows. On the basis of this discovery, scientists were able to completely suppress epileptic seizures in fruit flies.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Morning sickness linked to lower risk of pregnancy loss
Nausea and vomiting that occurs in pregnancy is often called “morning sickness,” as these symptoms typically begin in the morning and usually resolve as the day progresses. For most women, nausea and vomiting subside by the 4th month of pregnancy. Others may have these symptoms for the duration of their…
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
New genetic links for heart disease risk factors identified
17 rare human genetic variations associated with risk factors for diseases such as heart disease and diabetes have now been uncovered by scientists.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Excess dietary zinc worsens C. diff infection
The consumption of dietary supplements and cold therapies containing high concentrations of zinc is now being called into question, following research that suggests it may worsen Clostridium difficile infection.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Why belly fat is dangerous for the heart
Increasing stomach fat – especially the “hidden fat” in your abdomen – is associated with newly identified and worsening heart disease risk factors, according to a study. These adverse changes in cardiovascular risk were evident over a relatively short period of time and persisted even after accounting…
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Broadly neutralizing HIV antibodies pave the way for vaccine
A small number of people infected with HIV produce antibodies with an amazing effect: Not only are the antibodies directed against the own virus strain, but also against different sub-types of HIV that circulate worldwide. Researchers now reveal which factors are responsible for the human body forming…
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Poaching behind worst African elephant losses in 25 years
Africa’s overall elephant population has seen the worst declines in 25 years, mainly due to poaching over the past ten years — according to IUCN’s African Elephant Status Report.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Vaccine vs many common cold viruses achievable
Scientists are making the case that a vaccine against rhinoviruses, the predominant cause of the common cold, is achievable, saying that the immune system can handle the challenge.
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Regulatory RNA essential to DNA damage response
It iss essential for cells to quickly ascertain whether it’s possible to repair mistakes or to self-destruct for the good of the organism. That’s because cells with a damaged genome often begin to flout the standard rules of growth and become cancerous. Now, researchers have discovered a new player in…
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Google Assistant is now learning Hindi
At its Google for India event in New Delhi today, Google announced that it’s training its AI-powered Assistant platform to converse in Hindi, which is spoken by more than 420 million people in the country. Presently, the only way you can use Assistant is through Google’s new Allo messaging app. It’s…
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Pre-loaded Kodi boxes face legal challenge in UK
Kodi, the open-source media centre software, has risen up the ranks to become one of the top home entertainment apps across a whole ton of platforms, from PC to mobile. But it’s now facing a legal challenge in the UK over copyright laws.Brian Thompson from Middlesborough is accused of selling so-called…
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Israeli Company Can Crack Any Smartphone’s Password
Remember that FBI-Apple encryption dispute that dragged on earlier this year? Well apparently, there is an Israeli company that claims to be able to crack the password of any smartphone in use today. Incidentally, this was the same company that helped the FBI gain access to the data on the locked iPhone…
This company has spent the evening correcting Donald Trump’s claims
In his opening remarks during the first presidential debate, Republican candidate Donald Trump cited Ford as an example of a company sending U.S. jobs to Mexico.  SEE ALSO: Trump’s debate sniffles are louder than his words “So Ford is leaving. You see that their small car division [is] leaving. Thousands…
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Faded American flag sunglasses
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richard meier plans tower with luxury apartments and offices overlooking hamburg
the 16-storey building based by the elbe river will host condominiums, penthouses and the headquarters of engel & völkers. The post richard meier plans tower with luxury apartments and offices overlooking hamburg appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
San Francisco proves that city-startup collaboration can work
It’s tough for startups – with shorter capital runways and track records – to work with the long sales cycles, aging systems and bureaucratic requirements of cities. And governments often find themselves frustrated, working with legacy systems that need the support of new technology to keep up with…
Reporter’s furious yell in press scrum captures presidential debate tension
If ever a moment summed up the massive tension surrounding Monday night’s presidential debate, it’s this clip of a reporter screaming “thanks a lot, bitch!” at another journalist during a cramped press huddle. SEE ALSO: Trump’s debate sniffles are louder than his words The six-second Vine below was…
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What did black voters make of US presidential debate?
We asked African-American voters in Harlem what they made of the US presidential debate.
BBC News – World
Key moments from the US presidential debate
Here are the key moments from the presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
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This web experiment shows you’re extremely predictable
Even though we sometimes feel we’re all wholly unique personalities traversing the internet, we’re all really just interchangeable sheep — right? Let’s find out. Multiclick is a simple web tool that gives you only one assignment — you get to click wherever you want in a square. Directly after clicking… Physics News
Collaboration seeks to enhance accelerator technology, lower costs
The University of Chicago is part of a collaboration that has been awarded $23 million by the National Science Foundation to increase the intensity of beams of charged particles, while lowering the costs of key accelerator technologies. This Science and Technology Center will contribute to scientific…
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Russia’s Mir credit card to go European
The new Mir charge cards, which are part of Russia’s national payment system (NSPK), could soon be used across Europe, the head of NSPK Vladimir Komlev said in an interview with Russian newspaper Izvestia. Read Full Article at
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Ahmadinejad ‘advised not to seek re-election in Iran’
Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei advises former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad not to run for re-election next year, state media has reported.
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Japanese ad showing girl turning into an eel gets pulled
A Japanese ad to promote sustainable fishing which showed a teenage girl turning into an eel is pulled after being called sexist and “perverted”.
Cheap, but good: How to build a budget PC for less than $300
These days, practically every household needs a computer. Even if your job doesn’t require you to peddle presentations after hours, everything from shopping to budgeting to keeping in touch with friends is a vastly more convenient with a keyboard and mouse. And who can resist the occasional foray into… – latest science and technology news stories
Vietnam fishermen sue Taiwan firm over mass fish deaths
Hundreds of fishermen in central Vietnam have filed lawsuits demanding more compensation from a Taiwanese firm accused of dumping toxic waste in the ocean that killed tonnes of fish, activists said Tuesday.
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This wearable can diagnose epilepsy
About 50 million people around the world suffer from epilepsy – a condition where sufferers experience violent seizures that sometimes lead to physical injuries.Those seizures are difficult to predict in advance, so it’s often hard to diagnose sufferers as they often occur when medical staff aren’t present….
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Here’s how Office 365 is about to make your life far easier
Over at the Ignite conference in Atlanta, Microsoft has been busy detailing exactly how it’s going to make Office 365 more intelligent and helpful to users going forward.One of the biggest additions to the suite will be the introduction of Tap to both Word and Outlook. The idea is while you’re working…
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Water could literally bounce off the Samsung Galaxy S9
It’s one thing being water resistant, as phones like the Galaxy S7 are, but Samsung is looking well beyond just having phones that can survive water.Based on new technology that’s just been taken on by the company, instead it might one day make phones that actively repels liquid.The company has exclusively…
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DP architects anchors singapore archifest around towering, technicolor pavilion
layered curtains collide and combine to create a spectrum of color that breathes new life into the city. The post DP architects anchors singapore archifest around towering, technicolor pavilion appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
Here’s what Trump and Clinton had to say about cybersecurity and cyberwarfare in the debate
It’s all over but the shouting. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton faced off in the first of three presidential debates last night. And now the real debate about who won, who lost, and whether any minds were changed can begin. As has been the case for much of this presidential campaign, tech didn’t get…
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
A nanobiotechnology tool for site-specific delivery in the gastrointestinal tract (w/video)
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Google India debuts offline YouTube app, public WiFi expansion
At an event in New Delhi, India, Google laid out plans to better serve users in the country. These efforts broadly focus on two areas: data usage and language support.
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Bomb attacks target mosque, conference hall in Dresden, Germany
Two improvised explosive devices have gone off in the eastern German city of Dresden, targeting a mosque and an international conference center. No one was injured, according to police, although the mosque was severely damaged. Read Full Article at
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Saudi Arabia unveils first public sector pay cuts
Saudi Arabia unveils pay cuts for government employees for the first time, as it attempts to further rein in spending at a time of low oil prices. – latest science and technology news stories
Ghost fishing net removed in the Medes Islands marine reserve in Catalonia
A team of researchers of the Faculty of Biology and the Biodiversity Research Institute of the University of Barcelona (IRBio), together with the staff of the Natural Park of Montgrí, Medes Islands and Baix Ter, and the Catalan firefighter service removed a fishing net abandoned in the Marine Reserve… – latest science and technology news stories
Climate change likely to produce sexier male herbivorous amphipods
A common marine crustacean has shown researchers that it’s all set to beat climate change – the males will get more attractive to the females, with a resulting population explosion. – latest science and technology news stories
Researchers show that bending semiconductors generates electricity
Some materials can generate a small voltage when bent and, conversely, can bend in response to a voltage. This phenomenon is called flexoelectricity, and until now, it was thought that the effect only existed in electrical insulators (materials that do not conduct electricity). However, a research team… – latest science and technology news stories
Methane was not the climate savior once imagined for the middle chapter of Earth history
For at least a billion years of the distant past, planet Earth should have been frozen over but wasn’t. Scientists thought they knew why, but a new modeling study from the Alternative Earths team of the NASA Astrobiology Institute has fired the lead actor in that long-accepted scenario. – latest science and technology news stories
3-D live imaging reveals how plants grow new lateral roots
Researchers have used 3-D live imaging to observe the formation process of lateral roots in plants, and clarified part of the mechanism that creates new meristematic tissue. If the root formation mechanism in plants is revealed further, this could potentially be used to control plant growth by artificially… – latest science and technology news stories
Researchers team up to develop pilot plant, advance biofuel technology
Iowa State University’s Lysle Whitmer walked the length of the bio-oil production line – from the 55-gallon solvent tank to the twin-screw extruder with its mixing, chopping, heating and pressurizing functions to the reactor in the middle and then to the product separators and the solvent recycling system. – latest science and technology news stories
An antifouling coating could help clinicians see clearly during endoscope procedures
With the help of camera-guided endoscopes, clinicians get a look inside the body’s cavities to diagnose and treat many different conditions. In the United States alone, up to 20 million endoscopies are performed on patients every year. But even for the most seasoned endoscope users, the instruments can… – latest science and technology news stories
How Twitter explains the 2016 election
During an intense U.S. presidential campaign, millions of people are chatting about the election every day on Twitter. MIT is studying them. More precisely, the Laboratory for Social Machines, part of the MIT Media Lab, has launched a project called the Electome that charts Twitter in unique detail…. – latest science and technology news stories
Moon and Mars on a plane
Who wouldn’t want to run an experiment in lunar or martian gravity? ESA is offering European researchers the chance to test their theories on aircraft flights that offer 20 seconds of reduced gravity.
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Global Warming Is Real—But 13 Degrees? Not So Fast
Scientists are dismissing a new study suggesting Earth could already be doomed to warming of as much as 13 degrees Fahrenheit. – latest science and technology news stories
Transparent superhydrophobic glass coatings for electronic devices
Samsung Electronics has exclusively licensed optically clear superhydrophobic film technology from the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory to improve the performance of glass displays on smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices. – latest science and technology news stories
CRISPR toolbox expanded by protein that cuts RNA in two distinct ways
UC Berkeley biochemist Jennifer Doudna, molecular biologist Robert Tijan and a team of researchers have expanded the role of the newly discovered CRISPR protein C2c2 that targets RNA instead of DNA.
Walking on Air: 10 Floating Staircases That Rise Above the Rest
Staircases capture the imagination. As both literal and figurative paths, stairs allude to other spaces as transitional and connective elements. Symbolically, they can suggest movement, discovery or a turning point. They grant access between levels as a form of vertical circulation that holds…
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New research: existing coal mines, oil and gas fields contain enough carbon to tip us over the edge
So why are we looking for more?
Latest Items from TreeHugger
Bill Mollison, co-originator of Permaculture, dies
Mollison might be one of the most influential gardeners of all time.
Apple HealthKit to morph into diagnostic tool
Apple has had its HealthKit service for a while now and back during WWDC 2014 Apple talked about how it would involve major health providers in the use of HealthKit. So far, the service has not been particularly embraced by the healthcare providers around the world and has mostly been used for collecting…
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german company creates suspended, robotic VR simulation cage
under the lead of the max planck institute for biological cybernetics (MPI), fraunhofer IPA co-developed a cable-driven, parallel robot that enhances the VR experience. The post german company creates suspended, robotic VR simulation cage appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
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Medical hackers create $30 DIY EpiPen in defiance of corporate greed
This summer, news of price hikes affecting the EpiPen went viral. Since 2007, the cost of the drug has risen sharply from $57 a dose to $318 – an increase of 461 percent. This kind of price hike would be outrageous for any medication, but it’s particularly galling in the case of the EpiPen. The epinephrine…
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US begins handover process for jailed Russian pilot Yaroshenko – report
Jailed Russian pilot Konsantin Yaroshenko has told reporters that he has signed a document that will allow his transfer home from America, effectively starting the handover process. He said, however, that prison officials in the US had forced him to sign the papers. Read Full Article at
Google launches data-friendly YouTube app for India and other emerging markets
 Google has introduced a new version of YouTube that is dedicated to users in emerging markets. Read More
GE, Bosch and open source could bring more IoT tools
Partnerships that could shape the internet of things for years are being forged just as enterprises fit IoT into their long-term plans. A majority of organizations have included IoT as part of their strategic plans for the next two to three years, IDC said last week. No one vendor can meet the diverse…
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Hands on: Sony LSPX-S1 glass speaker
Mesmerizing in sound and style, Sony’s Glass Sound Speaker is as unobtrusive as it is attractive Head-banging music played at an ear-bleeding volume level is great, but not always the kind of thing you want to hear after a long day’s work, when you’re entertaining, or just relaxing with a book. Instead,… – latest science and technology news stories
Separating the sheep from the goats—when is an ‘assistance animal’ a pet?
Most of us wouldn’t question the need for a blind person to have their seeing-eye dog with them as they travel in the community, but what if it was an assistance rat or a cat? Full Feed
Rising Prosperity Means Getting to Eat More Meat and Seafood: New at Reason
Among the many benefits of rising prosperity is eating more meat. One of the interesting side effects of rising prosperity around the world has been the change in eating habits in formerly poor countries. In China, for example, people historically relied on cereals, such as rice, for nutrition….
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China Says It Has Quantum Radar: What Does That Mean?
From Our Blogs: Eastern Arsenal Stealth hunter Chinese scientists build the world’s longest range quantum radar, foolproof against stealth aircraft- so far in laboratories.
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Kratom Drug Ban May Cripple Promising Painkiller Research
Compounds from the Southeast Asian tree offer hope for a safer opioid alternative, but research could slow to a crawl as the DEA steps in  — Read more on
IBM promises a one-stop analytics shop with AI-powered big data platform
Big data is in many ways still a wild frontier, requiring wily smarts and road-tested persistence on the part of those hoping to find insight in all the petabytes. On Tuesday, IBM announced a new platform it hopes will make things easier. Dubbed Project DataWorks, the new cloud-based platform is the…
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Colombians celebrate signing of Farc peace deal
Many Colombians are celebrating the signing of a peace deal ending 52 years of armed conflict, but some remain opposed and plan to vote against the deal on Sunday.
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You’ll have to log in to use BBC iPlayer from 2017
The BBC has announced that from early 2017, any viewers that want to tune in or catch up via the iPlayer service will have to log in to a personal account. At the moment, there’s already an option to create an online iPlayer account – otherwise known as a BBC ID – but it’s not mandatory to access the…
Seven Emergency Preparedness Tips You May Not Know
It’s National Preparedness Month, which means it’s time to make sure you’re ready for whatever life throws your way. Emergency preparedness isn’t about doomsday prepping, though, it’s about being ready for the realistic events that can disrupt life at any time. Here are some lesser-known things you should…
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Zimbabwean scientists fight to preserve national academy
Research struggles in a country in economic free-fall.Nature 537 599 doi: 10.1038/nature.2016.20670
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LOCALARCHITECTURE builds prefabricated pavilion for an animal park in switzerland
the building features a swooping roofline, which descends at its center to demarcate its entrance. The post LOCALARCHITECTURE builds prefabricated pavilion for an animal park in switzerland appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
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How to use voice recognition
What felt like a gimmick – the ability to tell your car, phone or TV what to do – has become quite useful. And voice recognition will only get better. The post How to use voice recognition appeared first on Popular Mechanics.
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Escape shrinks the Vista tiny house, keeps same great view
It seems like tiny houses are growing in size lately and we’re regularly seeing models that exceed 300 sq ft (27.8 sq m) of floorspace. Escape’s latest tiny house, the Vista Go, bucks this trend to offer a small and relatively inexpensive towable home that retains the same great craftsmanship…
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Better, stronger, faster microrobots may take inspiration from ciliary cells
Nature is a source of infinite inspiration. From submarines to solar panels, natural designs influence engineers so much so that the field has earned its own name: biomimetics. A team of researchers at Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST), South Korea have once again turned to…
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Colombia Farc leader apologises to victims at peace signing
The leader of the Farc rebel group in Colombia apologises to the victims of the 52-year-long conflict at the signing of a peace deal in the city of Cartagena.
Metamaterials make it possible to create mechanisms from a single piece of plastic
A door latch and a pair of pliers are among the mechanisms created without screws, bolts or other fixings by researchers working with a new technology called metamaterials (+ movie). (more…)
Why the iPhone 7 proves Apple is gearing up for augmented reality
The iPhone 7 Plus could be Apple’s first major step into augmented reality. One of the best new features on the iPhone 7 Plus is the dual-cameras that can work in tandem to create awesome photos. But this technology has way more, far-reaching applications for than just taking better pictures inside…
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Anti-war artwork condemned by the Sun and ex-military MPs was actually endorsed by veterans
Former British soldiers have responded fiercely to ex-military MPs who attacked their satirical anti-war art project. The ex-services group accused them of being “self-appointed veterans’ champions” who “trade off the backs of ordinary soldiers.” Read Full Article at
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First Click: Night mode is the greatest
You’ll know this feature by many names. It’s Night Shift on your iPhone, Night Mode on your OnePlus, or a blue light filter on some other devices. All it really means is that your phone, tablet, or laptop’s display tints itself into a warmer palette that neuters the blues and is easier on the eyes in…
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Microsoft’s Edge browser stays secure by acting as a virtual PC
Microsoft has unveiled Windows Defender Application Guard for Microsoft Edge, a new system that will isolate the browser on Windows 10 Enterprise PCs, making them harder to hack. In a blog, the company wrote that it’s “the first operating system to s…
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Malian Islamist gets nine years in jail for destroying Timbuktu mausoleums
War crimes judges Tuesday sentenced a Malian jihadist to nine years in jail for destroying Timbuktu’s fabled shrines.
Launching a “Google for sound”, Deepgram raises $1.8 million
 Deepgram co-founders, 20-year-old wunderkind Noah Shutty and his University of Michigan lab supervisor Scott Stephenson, definitely have faith in sound. The two left behind promising research in particle physics, researching the creation of Dark Matter in the bowels of underground Chinese bunkers, to…
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California looks to its roads for new source of renewable energy
California is putting $2 million into research to determine whether gridlock can be a beneficial source of electricity. The technology at the heart of the idea is piezoelectric crystals, which could turn mechanical energy from traffic into usable electricity that can be added to the power grid. The approach…
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Dash Radio launches a filter that lets you toggle between clean and explicit music
Anyone that has listened to FM radio, iHeartRadio, or even Beats 1 knows that when your favorite song comes on and it’s full of bleeps on the curse words, it can be a bit frustrating if you want to sing along. On the other hand, if you’re listening to 2 Chainz and your kids hop in the car, you probably… Physics News
Turning particle detectors into weapons detectors
Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering (NSE) graduate student Jayson Vavrek got his start in high-energy particle physics looking for the smallest forms of matter in the universe. Now at MIT, he uses the same tools and principles to verify nuclear weapons. Physics News
Shape-programmable miniscule robots
One day, microrobots may be able to swim through the human body like sperm or paramecia to carry out medical functions in specific locations. Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Stuttgart have developed functional elastomers, which can be activated by magnetic fields…
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Mozilla trolls the EU’s nonsensical copyright laws with classic memes
The European Commission’s recently proposed digital copyright reforms [PDF] have not been well received on the tech scene, and the latest company to protest the EU’s nonsensical decision-making is Mozilla. Deeming the proposed laws “outdated” and potentially harmful to people and businesses, The Firefox-maker has…
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Study finds that 60% of college students have had sex in a parked car.
Making out in a parked car is a cliché that has been around for generations. And, at least according to this study, it’s still relevant. In fact, these researchers found that 60% of both men and women at “a small Midwestern university” (psst! It’s the University of South Dakota) have done “it” in a car….
Why I Won’t Get the Genetic Test for Breast Cancer
BRCA is a powerful tool to estimate cancer risk, but it’s not a crystal ball. And I don’t want the results of one imperfect test to propel me into surgery. The post Why I Won’t Get the Genetic Test for Breast Cancer appeared first on WIRED.
Tesla Responds to Chinese Hack With a Major Security Upgrade
When researchers at the Chinese firm Tencent hacked a Tesla S, the carmaker pushed out a new security feature known as code signing to millions of vehicles. The post Tesla Responds to Chinese Hack With a Major Security Upgrade appeared first on WIRED.
Inside the ‘Wire Center’ That Connected Manhattan to the World
Hundreds of thousands of wires once serviced 200,000 landlines. This is the building where it all happened. The post Inside the ‘Wire Center’ That Connected Manhattan to the World appeared first on WIRED.
12 Things You Need to Watch on Hulu in October
Hulu is out to be your go-to destination for streaming movies. Here’s what’s coming to the service next month. The post 12 Things You Need to Watch on Hulu in October appeared first on WIRED.
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Confused By Some Of Trump’s Answers? Here’s What The Transcript Says
Some debate viewers had a hard time following some of Trump’s responses, from “the cyber” to hackers who weigh “400 pounds.” Some debate viewers had a hard time following some of Trump’s responses, from “the cyber” to hackers who weigh “400 pounds.”Two of the most common criticisms…
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WhatsApp is testing a new group chat invite feature that uses shareable links
WhatsApp has just started rolling out an update for its beta application for Android. The upgrade — Version 2.16.281 — transports compatibility for public groups, in addition to a plethora of bug fixes. Once they’ve installed the update, administrators will have the facility to add users to their WhatsApp…
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Atlantas elevated Buckhead Park will connect a city separated by highways
Rogers Partners and Nelson Byrd Waltz are the firms behind the project, who hope to inspire other cities who are seemingly broken apart by sprawling highways to see how they can reintegrate and offer locals a beautiful gathering place. In Buckhead’s case, the area was divided by busy streets in the 1990s,…
Pearl’s RearVision is a backup camera for those who want the best rear view
 At a glance Wireless, solar-powered design Dual HD cameras with 1/3″ CMOS sensors 175-degree field of view Pros Incredibly easy to set up Image quality, both day and night Cons Must be turned on manually Expensive Quick and painless The out-of-box experience for Pearl’s RearVision is really well designed….
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Science Fiction Movie Preview
Get your SciFi fix with these upcoming films — Read more on
Pullstring launches bot-authoring tools for fun & profit
 Pullstring — née ToyTalk — today launched its eponymous product out of private beta and into the hands of creators of conversational interfaces everywhere. Out of the box, creators can make bots for Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype, Kik, Telegram and — using the company’s Web API — pretty much every…
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How to Customize the Status Bar on Android (Without Rooting)
Have you ever wanted to change the status bar on your Android phone or tablet? Maybe you wanted to change the position of the clock, add a battery percentage, or just get a different look.Click Here to Continue Reading
How Bjarke Ingels Is Making a Power Plant One of Denmark’s Most Exciting Public Spaces
During the IV International Congress in Pamplona, organized by the Architecture and Society Foundation, we had the opportunity to speak with Bjarke Ingels about his approach to theme “Architecture: Climate Change.” The founder of BIG told us about the importance of clean…
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Getting to know the 1,000hp hybrids of the World Endurance Championship
Enlarge / The start of the WEC 6 Hours of Circuit of the Americas. (credit: Photo© AUSTIN, TEXAS—The World Endurance Championship’s annual visit to the US is one of the hottest events in racing—figuratively and literally, given the sweltering heat and humidity that afflicts Austin…
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Rise of the RoboMasters
The lights dimmed inside the Shenzhen Bay Sports Stadium as the countdown to the match began. “Wu, si, san, er, yi!” A chime sounded and two teams of robots sprang into action across an intricately constructed battlefield. In the stands, thousands of fans cheered, and groups of small children beat red… – latest science and technology news stories
Nanoparticles called C dots show ability to induce cell death in tumors
Nanoparticles known as Cornell dots, or C dots, have shown great promise as a therapeutic tool in the detection and treatment of cancer. – latest science and technology news stories
Stacked perovskite/CIGS solar module achieves unprecedented efficiency at 17.8 percent
Scientists from imec (partner in Solliance and EnergyVille), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), and Zentrum für Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung Baden-Württemberg (Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research, ZSW), today announced that they have fabricated a thin-film solar module stack… – latest science and technology news stories
Today’s most successful fish weren’t always evolutionary standouts
Take a glance around the oceans, rivers and lakes of today and you’ll confront an astonishing diversity of fish, from narrow-bodied eels to the 25-foot-long giant oarfish to delicate, fluttering seahorses. The vast majority of fish alive today—approximately 96 percent—are known as teleosts, a group of… – latest science and technology news stories
Researchers refining Arctic climate history through diatoms
Just above the Arctic Circle, in remote southwestern Greenland, UMaine researchers are seeking to better understand the effects of a changing climate on arctic lakes by looking at one of their smallest inhabitants—Discostella stelligera. – latest science and technology news stories
No safe level of coal dust exposure as miner’s disease makes comeback
The health of thousands of past and present coal mine workers is potentially at risk, in the wake of revelations that black lung disease is making a comeback. – latest science and technology news stories
Book considers the extent morality should have over people’s lives
Both Bill Gates of Microsoft and Steve Jobs of Apple through their leadership contributed immensely to the development of computer technology, but their paths seem to diverge on how they handled their wealth. – latest science and technology news stories
A blue stoplight to prevent runaway photosynthesis
Through photosynthesis, solar energy is converted into biological energy. It is often thought that photosynthesis becomes stronger as light becomes stronger, but actually photosynthesis may run out of control if subjected to an overabundance of light, causing reactive oxygen species which break the photosynthetic…
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High Definition Lighted Drone does more than just record video
Drones do seem to be extremely commonplace these days, and the entry level price continues to drop with each successive generation. Having said that, there are definitely many different kinds of drones out there in the market, and you might be spoilr for choice — to pick from a pocket-sized drone, or…
New Scientist – Online news
Swarm of voracious comb jellies threatens fish off Italian coast
The notorious sea creature shipped around by ballast waters devastated Black Sea fisheries in the 1990s. Now it’s found a new home off the coast of Italy
RT – Daily news
Turkish spies had Kurdish trade unionist ‘assassinated’ in London cafe
Declassified documents reveal how Turkish spies ordered the assassination of a Kurdish trade unionist in a London cafe, a British newspaper has reported, renewing fears of Ankara’s alleged black ops across Europe. Read Full Article at
How to use Messages in iOS 10, from special effects to iMessage apps
Thanks to iOS 10, your Messages app is way more than a texting app. Way, way more. Now that the official release of iOS 10 is out, here’s your guide to using all the new features in Messages, from sending fullscreen effects to installing your third-party iMessage apps from your favorite services…
Print an email to PDF in iOS 10 in just two confusing steps
iOS added print support years ago, and Printopia and then other software rose to meet a challenge: supporting printers that didn’t use Apple’s AirPrint. But they also added a nifty workaround to the missing ability to create PDFs from email and other software that supported print via a Share button,…
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Hive takes on Hue with colour-changing light bulbs
In its bid to kit out Britain’s homes with tech-centric appliances, British Gas’ Hive has launched a wide range of internet-ready products. There’s the all-important smart thermostat, plugs, home sensors and, more recently, Hive Active Lights. These smart bulbs can be controlled via the Hive app and…
Fact-Check Last Night’s Presidential Debate With These Roundups
Last night we saw presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump square off in their first presidential debate. This morning, hold their claims to the test with these fact-check roundups.Read more…
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The VR Controller of the Future Could Be Your Own Hands
David Sweeney demonstrating Handpose. Image: Victoria Turk/MotherboardOne of the most disconcerting things about virtual reality, motion sickness aside, is the inability to see your own hands. You’re dropped into a world so immersive it makes you feel like you’re there, except when you hold up a hand…
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Wealthy Gulf states may arm Syrian rebels to ‘get the Russians to back off’ – US officials
With the Syria ceasefire in tatters, there is a growing possibility that wealthy Gulf states might arm Syrian rebels, looking to shield themselves from Syrian and Russian warplanes, with shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles, according to a report. Read Full Article at
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Satya Nadella On Microsoft’s New Age Of Intelligence
How the software giant aims to tie everything from Cortana to Office to HoloLens to Azure servers into one AI experience. How the software giant aims to tie everything from Cortana to Office to HoloLens to Azure servers into one AI experience.”Microsoft was born to do a certain…
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Can Artificial Intelligence Make Employee Feedback More Human?
A new AI platform hopes to inject more human interaction into the dreaded yet vital manager-to-employee feedback loop. A new AI platform hopes to inject more human interaction into the dreaded yet vital manager-to-employee feedback loop.Though it’s an integral part of a properly…
Uber, Ola to offer rides to Indian government departments with no surge pricing
Uber and its Indian rival Ola could soon introduce unprecedented changes to lure government officials in India. SEE ALSO: Taxi drivers hope to beat Uber with their own apps Both the cab-ride hailing services have promised the government to offer cabs at a fixed monthly rate, PTI reports. These cab…
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Comet crash: a guide to Rosetta’s big finale
Spacecraft will strive to the end to capture best-ever comet images during descent.Nature News doi: 10.1038/nature.2016.20682
NatureNews – Most recent articles – science feeds
Rosetta crashes into comet: Live from the Nature studio
Follow’s Rosetta’s descent to the surface of comet 67-P after more than a decade in space.Nature News doi: 10.1038/nature.2016.20684
German car makers can help you find parking and avoid traffic hazards by sharing real-time data
Phone apps that provide drivers information on traffic conditions and available parking spaces are nothing new, but they’re not always accurate and can be cumbersome to use while in a vehicle. Now, the rise of smart cars could do away with these apps.
Latest news
Microsoft goes AI crazy: Now Office 365 can track what you really get up to in meetings
Microsoft has not only beefed up Office 365 with AI features, but has also deployed a new AI-enabled virtual agent at all its US support centers.
Sculptural House With A Functional Structure And Unique Furniture
Dutch architect and designer Rolf Bruggink’s latest project, House of Rolf, is a renovated 19th century coach house with a modern interior made entirely out of reconstituted materials from a separate building on the same piece of land. The former coach house, originally built in 1895 in the back garden… – latest science and technology news stories
NASA’s asteroid-bound spacecraft aces instrument check
Its science instruments have been powered on, and NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft continues on its journey to an asteroid. The spacecraft has passed its initial instrument check with flying colors as it speeds toward a 2018 rendezvous with the asteroid Bennu. – latest science and technology news stories
Neanderthal middle ear structure found to be closer to modern human than apes
(—A team of researchers with members from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Jena University Hospital and University College London has taken a very close look at the middle ear structure of Neanderthals and has found that while there were some obvious differences, they… – latest science and technology news stories
How oral cultures memorise so much information
Ancient Celtic bards were famous for the sheer quantity of information they could memorise. This included thousands of songs, stories, chants and poems that could take hours to recite in full. – latest science and technology news stories
Ancient global cooling gave rise to modern ecosystems
Around 7 million years ago, landscapes and ecosystems across the world began changing dramatically. Subtropical regions dried out and the Sahara Desert formed in Africa. Rain forests receded and were replaced by the vast savannas and grasslands that persist today in North and South America, Africa and… – latest science and technology news stories
Video refereeing could be a major own goal for football—here’s why
Ajax’s 5-0 cup victory against fellow Dutch premier division side Willem II on September 21 saw a first in football: the official world debut for a video assistant referee in a competitive game. – latest science and technology news stories
Can Facebook influence an election result?
Facebook was in hot water this May over allegations of a liberal bias in its “Trending” topics feature.
McLaren P1 EV hits 3mph in two seconds
McLaren has unveiled a fully electric P1 sports car with zero emissions. The car is offered in volcano yellow and has a central driving position like the McLaren F1 classic. There is no roof on this car and no option for one making it a fair weather ride only. It can zip from a standstill to its top…
The Verge – All Posts
On its 18th birthday, Google is more indispensable than ever
I’ve been thinking lately about how easy it is to live without Apple products. Sure, they’re the best in the world in each category Apple competes in, but unless you’re already locked into the Cupertino ecosystem, they’re honestly optional technology. You can listen to music on the move, play movies…
Popular Science
Do Earth Laws Apply To Mars Colonists?
Space A quick primer on Martian law If nobody can own a celestial body, how might that affect Elon Musk’s plan to colonize Mars? Full Feed
Trump’s Foreign Policy in the Debate: Skeptical of Past Wars, Eager for New Ones
Donald Trump’s willingness to insist he was against the Iraq War, to say he eschews nation building, and to insult past GOP foreign policy mavens have led some non-interventionists to insist he’s a positive game changer for the future of American foreign policy. That didn’t seem very likely in the…
Latest Items from TreeHugger
Why an iPhone does not cost Apple just a third of what you pay for it
There is a reason that things costs more than the sum of their components, and it applies to more than just iPhones.
Latest Items from TreeHugger
Small & modern 430 sq. ft. starter home is built with Passive House principles in mind (Video)
This super-insulated home is built to be earthquake-resistant too.
Significant Digits For Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2016
You’re reading Significant Digits, a daily digest of the telling numbers tucked inside the news.2Number of times the letter “l” appears in the name Hillary, at least in the context of the Clinton running for president. This memo did not make it to Hofstra University, where all the tickets to Monday’s…
Evangelicals, Once Skeptical Of Trump, Have Rallied To His Side
Graphics by Ella KoezeChris and Kimarie Nickels, shown with their rescue dog Ripley, at their home in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.All photos by T.J. Kirkpatrick MOUNT PLEASANT, South Carolina — Chris and Kimarie Nickels live in a modern loft with a view of shipping barges in this affluent suburb of…
Clinton Won The Debate, Which Means She’s Likely To Gain In The Polls
Democrats woke up on Monday to a spate of bad polls for Hillary Clinton, which brought Donald Trump to perhaps his closest position yet in the Electoral College. They had reason to go to bed feeling a lot better. Clinton bested Trump in the first presidential debate according to a variety of metrics,…
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Rooftop wheat fields elevate Chicago’s urban farming scene to exciting new heights
(add to gallery) Omni Ecosystems is making amber waves in the urban agriculture scene of Chicago by cultivating fields of grain on rooftops. The wheat grown on the roofs of Studio Gang, a progressive architectural firm founded by MacArthur Fellow Jeanne Gang, demonstrates how even cereal crops…
Find Out How You Can Win A FREE Xbox One S!
The Xbox One might have gotten to a rough start but all reports indicate that the plucky little console is catching up to Sony’s PlayStation 4 in … Read More
GoBone Is An Autonomous Dog Toy That Will Help Your Dog Stay Stimulated
If you’re a responsible dog owner then chances are you walk your dog on a daily basis. After all, it’s been established for years that walking and … Read More
X-Connect Is The Universal Charging Cable You’ve Been Waiting For
If you’re like most people then you’ve probably switched between iOS and Android at least once. Heck, you might even have both an iOS and Android device … Read More
Expand Furniture Is Perfect For Urban Life
It’s a fact: the world is becoming more urban. As we leave increasingly leave the suburban or rural comforts that we’ve grown up with, we might find … Read More
Leica Takes On Polaroid With Sofort Instant Camera
Leica might not be known for their instant cameras, but that doesn’t mean that the luxury photography company isn’t going to ignore the recent trend. Riding the … Read More
Get Carried Away with Amazon’s One-Day Samsonite Sale
The summer travel season has ended, but you’ll be in the air again for the holidays before you know it. Amazon’s Samsonite Two-Piece Spinner Set Gold Box has four choices (two hardside and two softside) of Samsonite luggage, so you can find a set that’s the perfect size for your getaway. The best part?…
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Sainsbury’s expands one-hour deliveries in London
Sainsbury’s will begin quietly bowing out of the digital entertainment game next month, shutting down its video streaming service and music, e-book and magazine stores. But while the supermarket is admitting defeat in one area, it’s doubling efforts in another. Having trialed one-hour grocery deliveries…
Real-Life Human Torch Holds Three World Records For Being Set on Fire
Austrian stuntman Josef Toedtling holds three Guinness World Records that few people would even dare think about challenging. His specialty is being set on fire, and his most impressive record-setting feat saw his entire body engulfed in flames for a full five minutes and forty-one seconds.Read more…
Mobile Magazine
Spotify and Tinder Team Up, Adding Music to Your Swipes
Last Tuesday, Spotify and Tinder revealed to the public that they formed a tie-up to help people connect to each other and find their soul mate through their music preferences. This means that the matching application, Tinder will now add “music preferences” as one of their criteria in finding a partner….
Stan Bush Creates A Brand-New ’80s Anthem For Shadow Warrior 2
How does one craft a new anthem for a decade some 30 years past? I have no idea, but Stan Bush has done it. The man behind “The Touch” contributed a new track to a special limited edition Shadow Warrior 2 vinyl EP, and it’s so inspirational ‘80s rock it feels awesome.Read more…
Ars Technica
Unsafe at any clock speed: Linux kernel security needs a rethink
The Linux kernel today faces an unprecedented safety crisis. Much like when Ralph Nader famously told the American public that their cars were “unsafe at any speed” back in 1965, numerous security developers told the 2016 Linux Security Summit in Toronto that the operating system needs a…
The SMOVE stabilizes and charges your phone for steady video shoots
 When unmanned aerial vehicle makers and gimbal engineers get together they like to have a few beers and make something like the SMOVE. Designed to connect to a regular smartphone the SMOVE is basically a steadicam for your iOS or Android device, allowing you to take steady shots in rough conditions,…
The Gadget Flow
Stereo Wooden Earphones by Aiwei
It is an excellent wooden in-ear headphone. It uses the latest fiber cable and comes with superior tensile breaking capacity. These earphones work even better during winters when they are the more effective in preventing low-temperature cracking damage. Other than this, the before chamber is made out…
The Gadget Flow
VIFLY R220 – A different kind of FPV Drone
VIFLY team consists of several FPV Racer enthusiasts. The purpose was to make a drone lower than the threshold and let more people capable of flying the racing drone. That is what led to the development of the VIFLY R220. It is a 100% ready-to-fly FPV Racer that requires no assembling or calibration….
Upgrade Your Mouse, Keyboard, Speakers, and More In Today’s Logitech Gold Box
Whether you’re in the market for a new keyboard, mouse, speaker system, or webcam, Amazon’s got what you need in today’s Logitech Gold Box.Read more…
Color Genomics raises $45 million to provide cheaper genetic tests that detect cancer risk
 Othman Laraki and Elad Gil were sitting on Twitter’s roof deck after their previous company Mixer Labs had been acquired. Gil had brought a small hard drive with him — which happened to contain data on his genome being sequenced — and Laraki wanted to take a look at the data. That led to the original…
OLIVERS All Over Short
OLIVERS All Over Short have everything you need for a comfortable workout. Designed for performance and long-lasting quality, All Over Short feature a 4-way stretch, bar tack reinforcements at stress points, and a secure inner pocket for essentials. With their slim, athletic cut, the All Over Short…
RT – Daily news
Iran not ready to freeze oil output with other producers at Algeria meeting
Tehran says it will continue increasing oil output until it produces four million barrels a day. Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh told Bloomberg he is visiting Algeria to attend the International Energy Forum, and not to participate in a production cap deal. Read Full Article at – Interior Design & Architecture Magazine
Cove Hollow Seamlessly Blends Styles
Cove Hollow, a project of Yankee Barn Homes, is located in East Hampton, New York. The project started as a way to build a structure between two existing buildings while maintaining the integrity of the surrounding environment. The design of the house is faithful to the time period of the neighborhood.The…
Stigo L1e e-scooter will take you places – CNET
If you want to travel a short distance without a car, this foldable seated e-scooter from Estonia could be just the thing.
XPrize founder Peter Diamandis shoots for the stars — and beyond – CNET
Diamandis believes the XPrize will help increase the average lifespan by 50 years and cure cancer by 2026.
Yahoo hack: It’s not just Verizon; AT&T should be worried too – CNET
Many AT&T customers use Yahoo accounts to manage their services and could be at risk.
This Is Your Year: The 5th Annual A+Awards Is Now Open for Entries!
The wait is finally over. The A+Awards, Architizer’s global awards program for architecture, is back for a FIFTH year — and this time, it’s all about you. As we emphasized in last week’s preview, this year’s awards program is going back to its roots to celebrate great buildings around the world…
The Invisible Portal
The wind sweeps the hair of the woman that defies the empty stop at the edge of the portal; dances of clouds play in silence, the sun becomes a line of fire that hit the horizon; a horse neigh while climbing the hill. The green of the Meadows is an image that takes refuge in the mirror.
CAST CONNEX Custom Cast Steel Components
Your Vision in Freeform Structural Steel CAST CONNEX provides design-build services for custom cast steel components. We specialize in the structural engineering of cast steel components for building and bridge structures. Our experience with steel castings for structural and architectural uses…
The Gadget Flow
Leather Travel Duffle For Men
Head for your weekend trips or vacation in style with this Leather Travel Duffle For Men. It is made out of soft leather that is available in two genuine colors of black or brown. The bag has enough space to hold a weekend worth of luggage and is a perfect must have for those who often head for adventures….
The Gadget Flow
Anti-theft Bicycle Taillights
This is a new type of bicycle tail light that can be considered as a safe cycling partner. It is ideal for bicyclists, climbers, as well as hikers. By owning it, you will be the most shining star at night. The waterproof design will make sure you get to ride comfortably under any weather. The anti-theft…
The Gadget Flow
iKeyp – The World’s Smartest Personal Safe
The iKeyp is the first smartphone-enabled personal safe designed to safeguard both prescription medications and valuables. Unlike other traditional safes on the market, the iKeyp installs easily and securely without tools in minutes connects to the Internet and provides owners with real-time security…
Man of Many
The Dyson V8 Cord-Free Vacuum Cleaner Sucks…In a Good Way
We kind of feel sorry for those working in the cord industry because it seems like their days of employment might be numbered. Thanks to the latest in wireless technology there may even come a point in the near future where we human beings simply never have to look down in fear of tripping again. Naturally,…
The Gadget Flow
One X – The First Nutritional Biosensor
One X is the world’s first real-time Nutritional and Health sensor, measuring your antioxidant skin level, directly from the palm of your hand. Your skin antioxidant status constantly changes in response to your diet and lifestyle habits. With One X, you can track how your habits impact your body, enabling…
The Gadget Flow
Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus Extension Set
Enjoy the power of convenience with the Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus Extension Set. Measuring three feet long, this strip is loaded with powerful lights to produce an incredible 1600 lumen output. Connecting to the Philips Hue app on your smartphone or tablet, the Lightstrip Plus Extension Set gives you…
The Restaurant Chains That Offer Kids-Eat-Free Nights
Some restaurants offer pretty good discounts for kids , but even better, some restaurants will feed your kids for free on certain days. U.S. News and World Report rounds up a few of these spots.Read more… – latest science and technology news stories
Analysis of eradicated European strain of malaria parasite offers insight into the history of the disease
(—An international team of researchers has conducted a DNA analysis of malaria parasites found in blood samples taken from infected people in a part of Europe and put onto slides during World War II—in so doing, they have added more information to the historical profile of the parasite that… Full Feed
A.M. Links: Poll Says Clinton Beat Trump in Presidential Debate, Suicide Bombing in Baghdad, Mosque Bombing in Dresden
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off last night in the first of the three scheduled presidential debates. Presidential debate poll: 62 percent say Clinton won, 27 percent say Trump won. A suicide bombing in Baghdad has killed at least 17. Two bombs exploded outside a mosque and conference…
Anker’s Biggest Bluetooth Speaker Is Rugged, Powerful, and Cheaper Than Ever
Anker’s SoundCore line of Bluetooth speakers dominated our recent Kinja Co-Op, but the largest member of the family just got its biggest discount ever.Read more…
Here’s a video of in-screen fingerprint reader technology that Apple could use for iPhone 8
We’ve been hearing for some time now that Apple is working on an all-glass front for next year’s iPhone, with the Home button and Touch ID sensor built into the display itself. The touch-sensitive Home button on the iPhone 7 is likely intended as a stepping stone toward that goal, and an Apple patent…
Yahoo’s claim of ‘state-sponsored’ hackers meets with skepticism
Yahoo has blamed its massive data breach on a “state-sponsored actor.” But the company isn’t saying why it arrived at that conclusion. Nor has it provided any evidence. The lingering questions are causing some security experts to wonder why Yahoo isn’t offering more details on a hack that stole account…
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MIT, Google have just dreamt up the drop-down meeting cubicle
Is your open-plan office killing productivity? You might be able to fix that with a pull-down enclosure for private meetings developed by MIT and Google.
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DoorDash delivers voter registration kits to your home
It’s important to register to vote if you want your voice to be heard this election, but there’s no denying that it can sometimes be time-consuming. You can’t always register online, and it’s all too easy to balk at printing forms or signing up in person. Well, DoorDash wants to take all the headaches…
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Blue’s new microphone is a compact option for recording on the go
Blue Microphones’ gear has been the go-to choice for novice podcasters and audio pros for years and now the company has yet another option for mobile recording. The new device is called the Raspberry: an iOS and USB microphone that offers plug-and-play audio tracking without the headaches of a lengthy…
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Powered prosthetics turn mundane tasks into monumental feats
Lukas Kalemba was walking home with some friends after a night of partying and drinking in Dortmund, Germany, in 2003. While crossing a bridge along the way, he stopped to rest but lost his balance and fell over. In an attempt to break his fall, he instinctively reached out and grabbed a wire that stretched…
The mPod is a 3-D body scanner coming to a gym near you
 Looking in the mirror or stepping on a scale can tell us much about our bodies and wellbeing, but not with the greatest precision. Now, a Sydney, Australia-based company called mPort is bringing its mPod body scanners to gyms and malls in the U.S., where they think users will be interested in getting…
Gear Patrol
7 Tripods for Every Type of Photographer
When shooting on top of a mountain or in the heart of the city, make sure you can steady that camera. …Read More »
Gear Patrol
4WD or AWD? Know the Difference
When it’s time to leave paved roads behind, you should know how your vehicle puts its power down. …Read More »
Gear Patrol
The 9 Best SUVs We’ve Tested This Year
On-road or off-road, these are the SUVS we tested that could do it all. …Read More »
Gear Patrol
The Best Camping Chairs for Every Outdoorsman
Lightweight seating for everyone, from the weight-weenie to the glamper. …Read More »
Gear Patrol
Today in Gear: September 27, 2016
A sturdy canvas duffle, a down bomber jacket, celebratory 25-year-old whiskey and much more. …Read More »
Gear Patrol
Deals of Note: September 27, 2016
How to save on a North Face knit shirt, a Theory blazer and an iHome charging stereo. …Read More »
Amazon brings free Prime same-day delivery to Toronto and Vancouver
 Amazon continues to roll-out its free same-day delivery offering for Prime subscribers, adding Toronto and Vancouver to the list of cities where it’s available. The free same-day option applies to items labeled as eligible via the ‘Prime FREE Same-Day’ tag located next to the price in a product’s listing….
Facebook: 60 million businesses have Pages, 4 million actively advertise
Facebook has released new numbers around the popularity of its Pages. The social networking company said that more than 60 million businesses now have a Page, a 33 percent increase from September. In addition, 4 million businesses are actively advertising on Facebook, with more than 70 percent marketing…
New brain activity study shows that mobile interstitial ads are failing everyone
Connecting people to brain activity and eye tracking machines to determine how they react to stimulus is an interesting way to determine how people feel about certain topics. At AdWeek New York today, MediaBrix — an in-app mobile video advertising platform for brands — announced the results of a new…
Venture Atlanta Unveils Tech Companies Selected to Pitch at the South’s Premier Investor Conference
PRESS RELEASE: With over $1.8 billion in funding awarded to date, Venture Atlanta is the largest Southern tech showcase, networking and deal-making event ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–September 27, 2016– Venture Atlanta, the South’s premier technology innovation event,…
Google’s grand plan to target the ‘next billion’ internet users
Google has made no secret of its desire to target emerging markets and get more people using its services. And at its second “Google for India” event in New Delhi today, the internet giant unveiled myriad new products, programs, and updates as it looks to ramp up its efforts to get in front of “the next…
Archinect – News
Níall McLaughlin and CHHAT are among this week’s winners
Every week, we highlight some of the most recent news in competition-winning projects, commissions, awards, shortlists, and events on Bustler from the previous week that are worth checking out.Check out recap #126 for the week of September 19-23, 2016.Níall McLaughlin wins the 2016 RIBA Jencks AwardNíall…
Cloud gaming firm LiquidSky raises $4 million from Samsung and tech leader Scott McNealy
Cloud gaming startup LiquidSky has raised $4 million in funding from Samsung Next Ventures, Sun Microsystems cofounder Scott McNealy, and former AOL Time Warner executive Bill Raduchel. Cloud gaming suffered a big decline when OnLive crashed in 2012, and shut down in 2015. But LiquidSky has amassed…
The Manual
YETI’s Hopper Flip 12 is The Best Soft Cooler
A well designed soft cooler is your ticket to a portable party. The post YETI’s Hopper Flip 12 is The Best Soft Cooler appeared first on The Manual.
Gadget Review
G-Sync vs. FreeSync: Which Display Tech Reigns Supreme?
G-Sync vs. FreeSync: Which Display Tech Reigns Supreme? Gadget Review – Your lifestyle gadget site G-Sync vs FreeSync. Nvidia vs. AMD. A battle that feels like it’s been waged since the beginning of time, but in reality has only been going on since AMD purchased ATI back in 2006. Before then Nvidia…
Blow, Vacuum, and Mulch Your Falling Leaves With This $70 Worx TriVac
The Worx Electric TriVac is a leaf blower, yes. But with the flip of a switch, it reverses suction and becomes an outdoor vacuum and mulcher, and Amazon’s marked it down to an all-time low $70 today, just in time for the beginning of fall. Just note that it’s a Gold Box deal, so grab yours before they’re…
Spin Transfer Technologies hopes to disrupt memory chip market with MRAM
Spin Transfer Technologies (STT) is announcing today that it has developed a new kind of magnetic memory chip to take on the mainstay memory chips dominating the multibillion-dollar industry today. Fremont, Calif.-based STT has created magnetoresistive random access memory (MRAM) chips with circuits…
RT – Daily news
#IAmMuslimNYC: New York launches social media drive amid hate crime spike
The New York City Mayor’s Office and Commission on Human Rights has launched the #IamMuslimNYC social media ad campaign to help combat Islamophobia and the rising number of hate crimes being committed against Muslims in the Big Apple. Read Full Article at
Powering Up with the Solar Sack
Most of us can’t remember how we survived before we had electronic devices at our fingertips….
The Concourse Even Stormfront Thinks Hillary Clinton Won The Debate | Jezebel Howard Dean Just Accus
The Concourse Even Stormfront Thinks Hillary Clinton Won The Debate | Jezebel Howard Dean Just Accused Donald Trump of Being on Cocaine During the Debate | Gizmodo Trump: DNC Hacker Could be ‘400-Pound Person’ | The Slot Everything Worth Seeing From Last Night’s Unhinged Presidential Debate…
Nerd Approved – News For Nerds
‘Voyager’ Animated Short Brings The Golden Record Back To A Decaying Earth
Last week the Voyager Golden Record project launched on Kickstarter to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the mission. Given that the record is currently 13 billion miles away from Earth, this is probably the closest any of us will ever get to experiencing this message as it was originally intended….
The Next Web
Charge 4 devices at once with this compact charging station (28% off)
Say goodbye to the annoyance of searching for outlets to charge your devices. The Avantree PowerHouse 4-Port Fast USB Charging Station lets you power up to four devices at once in record time — and without taking up much space. For a limited time, you can pick up this handy device for just $35.99 from…
RT – Daily news
Beijing criticizes US sanctions against Chinese firm over alleged North Korea ties
China said it does not support countries using domestic laws to carry out “long arm jurisdiction” after a Chinese firm was hit by US sanctions over connections to North Korea. Read Full Article at Full Feed
Euro Logic: We Must Censor Speech to Promote Free Speech
Recent “hate speech” investigations in European countries have been spawned by homily remarks by a Spanish Cardinal who opposed “radical feminism,” a hyperbolic hashtag tweeted by a U.K. diversity coordinator, a chant for fewer Moroccan immigrants to enter the Netherlands, comments from a reality TV… – latest science and technology news stories
Crashing space station shows why China must start to collaborate in orbit
China launched the second vehicle in its “Tiangong” (meaning “Heavenly palace”) programme to construct a space station in early September. Despite the success of the launch, the announcement was overshadowed by the acknowledgement that the prototype module Tiangong-1 – which was always due to be replaced… – latest science and technology news stories
Eat, escape, love: the price of looking sexy
In the animal kingdom colourful traits can be both a blessing and a curse. A new study from a group of researchers at Uppsala University has studied the conspicuous wing coloration of two species of damselflies. Their results imply that males, but not females, pay a high cost when using colour to communicate… Full Feed
The First Presidential Debate in 3 Minutes: New at Reason
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump met for the first presidential debate last night at Hofstra University in New York. The major party candidates hoped to make their case to the record number of American voters expected to watch. Meanwhile, third party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, despite…
BBC News – World
Syria conflict: Aleppo evacuation corridors needed, WHO says
The World Health Organisation wants safe routes to be set up immediately to evacuate sick and wounded Syrians from besieged parts of Aleppo.
Popular Science
BAE Systems Wants To Defeat Jammers With Thinking Machines
Military Machine learning for human survival BAE systems is researching how to turn machine learning into military advantage…
Tycho’s 2016 Burning Man DJ set
An unexpected gift from Tycho this morning; he just uploaded this year’s installment of his annual Burning Man sunrise set. Check out the sets from last year and 2014 as well. Tags: music   Tycho
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ICYMI: Roller coasters will be recommended by urologists
Today on In Case You Missed It: Researchers at Michigan State created a lifelike 3D model of a patient’s kidney, with stones inside, and took it on a roller coaster after the man said the crystals cleared after riding Big Thunder Mountain. Turns out, the model backed it up and now, doctors will probably…
The Verge – All Posts
The Waylens Horizon is like a GoPro for your car’s dashboard
Horizon, a $499 combination dash / action camera from a startup called Waylens, is a decidedly niche product. People who want a high-quality mobile camera will probably be better off with something that has an ecosystem behind it, like a GoPro or a Sony Action Cam, for example. But if you’re performance…
RT – Daily news
‘Scattering dust’: Right-wing French politician under fire over Calais refugee comments
French MP Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, of the Front National (FN), has compared the bulldozing of the Calais ‘Jungle’ camp to a “scattering of dust,” as thousands of refugees are set to be redistributed across the country’s welcome centers. Read Full Article at
Modern Interior Design & Furniture – Decoist
Balance and Proportions: Vacant Office Turned into an Inviting Industrial Loft
The modern industrial loft is increasingly becoming a popular choice with homeowners across the globe. While some are bound to the style because of their existing apartment and its heritage, others want to recreate the edgy, elegant magic by completely transforming their apartment and borrowing from…
#TrumpWon trends in the morning after the debate — with plenty of laughter
If you skipped the debate last night, a quick look at Twitter might give the indication that #TrumpWon. That’s the hashtag that has climbed to the top of Twitter’s trends on Tuesday morning, as pundits, journalists, politicians and armchair political scientists digest Monday night’s debate. You better…
Studio Gang Creates 7 Strategies to Reimagine Civic Spaces As Vibrant Urban Hubs
© Studio Gang The Nolli Map made history when it was created in 1748, largely because of its focus on public spaces. With it, Giambattista Nolli highlighted the fact that public places don’t exclusively exist in the forms of streets and parks, but also in enclosed spaces. Yet the importance…
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Eco-friendly Avalon House is a green-roofed beach getaway that takes only 6 weeks to build
The 106-square-meter Avalon House may be diminutive in size, but is big on design, which builds on the illusion of spaciousness. The house, which is oriented to oceanfront views, is clad in FSC-certified blackbutt hardwood timber milled from sustainably managed forests and topped with a green roof that…
13 Things You Can Do with MacOS Sierra You Couldn’t Before
MacOS Sierra is here and available for everyone —well, at least anyone who owns a Mac made in the last six years. If you’re wondering what’s new in Apple’s latest software update, and want to head straight to the fresh goodies after you download it, we’ve rounded up nearly everything new you can do… Physics News
A new device fills missing space in optics’ arsenal of light measurement
Interferometers have myriad uses, from detecting gravitational waves to teasing apart the interactions of molecules within our bodies. The instruments make such minute measurements by manipulating beams of light using an optical delay—an effect that’s typically achieved by adding length to one of the…
Curbed National
Exclusive: Tour Frank Lloyd Wright’s long-lost Canadian pavilion
The Frank Lloyd Wright Revival Institute recently received the green light to rebuild this Prairie-style recreation facility in Banff. While there’s no shortage of homes and projects designed by Frank Lloyd Wright that have been canonized and turned into museums, even one of the most famous architects…
The Biggest Threat to NASA’s Future Is the Ocean
In October 2012, just a few days before Hurricane Sandy slammed into New Jersey, it was churning north past the narrow strip of white sand beach separating NASA’s most celebrated spaceport from the sea.Read more…
Nerd Approved – News For Nerds
Save 44% On The Keyboard Maestro For Mac [Deals]
For a limited time you can empower your workflow with Macworld Editor’s choice productivity software Keyboard Maestro for only $19.99 (44% off) in our our Nerd Approved Deals Store! You are master of your Mac, so why not push it to its greatest efficiency? Keyboard Maestro lets you create or record…
Volcano Grill
From backyard grillers to camping enthusiasts, Volcano Grills’ 3-Fuel Portable Camping Stove delivers the most versatility and efficiency of any portable grill on the market today. Whether you cook with charcoal, propane, or wood, this 5-inch collapsible grill cooks in seconds. It also works as a Dutch… – Interior Design & Architecture Magazine
Corner Apartments For All on Kent Avenue
New York is known for its skyscrapers, but one new development is reinventing this cornerstone of the city. 416-420 Kent Avenue by ODA architecture is opening up 800,000 feet of new residential space, with an interesting twist.An innovative new design makes it so that the majority of the units are corner…
What College Physics Students Can Learn from Little Kids
When it comes to ideas about force and motion, children and adults mostly think the same way. Why? The post What College Physics Students Can Learn from Little Kids appeared first on WIRED.
Scientific American Content: Global
Sophisticated Communication from 8-Month Old Babies
A clever experiment shows infants ask for help by reaching for objects  — Read more on
Digital Trends
Two BenQ projectors helped turn this custom car showroom into a party pad
Tim Walbridge doesn’t do ordinary. When envisioning the showroom he would build to show off the customized cars he and his team at 503 Motoring in Portland, OR were creating, he saw much more than a glossy cement floor with sexy cars parked on it. What Walbridge imagined was an event and entertainment…
Stephen Colbert knows exactly why Trump was sniffling last night
During last night’s Presidential debate, Donald Trump had a very serious case of the sniffles. While the internet has been wandering for weeks about the state of Hillary Clinton’s health after she fell sick with pneumonia, last night they turned to Donald Trump. After the debate, Stephen Colbert…
Coolest Gadgets
ChargeTech’s PLUG is most powerful battery pack in the world
The modern day road warrior will find that his or her smartphone tends to run out of battery pretty quickly — especially when you have to attend to many tasks on the device, all the while having it communicate with other devices via Bluetooth or even doubling up as a hotspot for some. Power banks are…
RT – Daily news
Fake or Freak? Footage of 2-headed squirrel driving viewers nuts
A video has surfaced purporting to show a two-headed squirrel but the footage has viewers driven nuts over whether it’s actually real. Read Full Article at – latest science and technology news stories
A supercomputer just made the world’s first AI-created film trailer – here’s how well it did
More people have been talking about the trailer for the sci-fi/horror film Morgan than the movie itself. It’s partly because the commercial and critical response to the film has been less than lukewarm, and partly because the clip was the first to be created entirely by artificial intelligence.
TravelMath Helps You Calculate the True Costs of Driving vs. Flying
TravelMath can figure out all sorts of travel-related calculations, including your travel time so you don’t miss a connecting flight or get to the airport on time . Now they’ve updated to compare the cost of driving versus flying, which is perfect for planning a weekend getaway or holiday travel.Read…
RT – Daily news
World trade growth weakest since 2009 financial crisis – WTO
The World Trade Organization (WTO) has cut its forecast for global trade growth this year by more than a third, saying it’s the first time in 15 years international commerce will slip below GDP. Read Full Article at – latest science and technology news stories
Getting a snapshot of urban wildlife
Victor Anton’s PhD research investigates the impacts of predators on native biodiversity in urban areas. – latest science and technology news stories
New web app spots statistical errors in academic papers
Methodologists from Tilburg University and the University of Amsterdam have developed a simple web app that can automatically detect statistical errors in psychology research papers. – latest science and technology news stories
A revolution in wave energy
A Spanish and Norwegian duo weren’t deterred by the cancelling of renewables projects – they turned to EUROGIA to help them develop a prototype to capture wave energy. – latest science and technology news stories
Professor discusses future of smart lighting
Smart lighting for building services engineering is a field with large untapped potential. This is the opinion of Professor of Practice Jaakko Ketomäki, who took up his position in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation on 15 August. – latest science and technology news stories
New methods for achieving efficient paper recycling
In many ways paper is the perfect example of the circular economy; it is both an end product and the main raw material when recycled into the next generation of products. In order for the paper sector to remain profitable – especially important given the recent surge in raw material prices – recycling… – latest science and technology news stories
Novel solutions for a competitive and sustainable European biogas sector
The EU ATBEST project has recently hosted its final international conference from 7 to 8 September 2016 in Linköping, Sweden, where it outlined its toolbox of innovative solutions to support and promote the future growth and sustainability of the European biogas sector. – latest science and technology news stories
The flexible grid involves its users
The GreenCom project, funded in part by the European Commission and led on the technical side by Fraunhofer FIT, ended after 42 months, judged a resounding success. The project’s main result is a Smart Energy Monitoring and Control system for load management of regional power grids. A test environment…
Popular Science
Tracking A Viral War In Real Time
From Our Blogs: Under The Microscope Researchers track immune cells during influenza infection When influenza attacks, the immune system responds. Now researchers have witnessed this in real time using a mouse model.
BBC News – World
TB drug designed for children launched in Kenya
Kenya launches the world’s first child-friendly drug, raising hopes for thousands affected by the world’s deadliest infectious disease.
How to use ‘Training for Google Apps’ as your personal tech support
Google’s services from Gmail to Drive are packed with all kinds of surprising features. Most of us know the basics, such as sending an email, formatting a word-processing document, and editing a few cells on a spreadsheet. But sometimes even the biggest Google services fan needs a little help. The Training…
RT – Daily news
Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
Shimmies, sniffles & shout downs: #DebateNight in tweets
With the first presidential face off between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump behind us, RT takes a look at what the world of social media made of it all. Read Full Article at
The Architects’ Laptop: Stanley Saitowitz | Natoma Architects Harnesses Revit and Rhino to Reinvent the Student Village in Berkeley
For Stanley Saitowitz, it is critical that beauty and practicality go hand in hand, both in the architecture studio and on the construction site. “We’re really visual people, so to have objects that are beautiful is a big plus for us,” says the principal of Natoma Architects, reflecting on the…
The Verge – All Posts
True confessions from the front lines of online delivery
Throughout high school and college, I worked in bakeries and cafes. When I moved to the city, I was like, There’s just no way I’m going to be able survive doing this kind of work, so I started applying for customer service positions. I applied at this new online delivery company to do a customer service…
Big Think
Why Feeling Our Currency Might Make Us More Responsible With It
Swiping a bank card and Venmo-ing your friends has made money more abstract than ever – and therefore so much easier to thoughtlessly spend. A proposed new tech device would make cash-free purchases tactile again.Read More
Design Milk
A Renovated Apartment in Buenos Aires
Remy arquitectos partnered with MYOO on the renovation of the 150 square meter (1615 square foot) Gascon apartment in the Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires. The interior was immediately emptied to get a better idea of the space they were working with and that led to the relocation of the…
Skedaddle wants to take ride-sharing out of cities and across the country
 It was only a matter of time before the same forces that brought competition to the taxi industry turned their attention to the bus business. And now, what Uber and Lyft have done for ride-sharing inside cities and towns across America, startups like Skedaddle want to do for ride-sharing across America….
Finally, Someone Made a Battery Pack With An AC Outlet, and You Can Save $30 Today
You guys, it’s finally here. A USB battery pack with an actual, bona fide AC power outlet built in.Read more… – Nanotechnology News Feed
Nanoscale 3D Printing Improves Working of Atomic Force Microscopes
Nanometric-scale sensors that have the potential to enhance the functioning of atomic force microscopes have been printed by EPFL researchers. Small sensors developed through nanoscale 3D printing…
Here’s the Best Price We’ve Ever Seen For a 3TB External Hard Drive
Most days, $70 would be a good price for a 2TB external hard drive. But today, that gets you 3TB, the best price we’ve ever seen for that capacity. I wouldn’t expect this one to last long.Read more…
How-To Geek
How to Format the Numbers or Bullets in a List in Microsoft Word
Changing the type of numbers used in a numbered list is easy, but what if you want to change the formatting on just the numbers–say, make the numbers bold, but not the text? It’s not obvious how to do that, but it can be done.Click Here to Continue Reading – Nanotechnology News Feed
Nanoparticle Injections Hold Promise for Osteoarthritis Treatment
Nearly 27 million people in the US are affected osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease. About 12% of osteoarthritis cases are a result of former injuries. Unrelenting cartilage destruction…
Silly Video Edits Together Popular Movie Characters to Make Them Sing in the Rain
Ever imagine a movie scene where Gene Kelly is singing in the rain while Neo and Agent Smith fight and Spider-Man does his upside down kiss with Mary Jane? What about if Tony Leung from The Grandmaster, Jet Li from Lethal Weapon 4, T-Rex from Jurassic Park, and replicant Roy Batty from Blade Runner all…
Ford Finally Fires Back At Trump On Mexico Jobs Claim
Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump continued to voice his concern and disdain for Ford’s movement of its small car production from the United States to Mexico shortly into Monday night’s debate. The automaker took to Twitter to defend itself.Read more…
This Giant Autonomous Dump Truck Doesn’t Have a Front or Back
Autonomous vehicle technology is still in its infancy, which means that most self-driving vehicles still have a way for humans to take over when needed. But as Komatsu demonstrates with a design for a new autonomous dump truck, in some cases there are real advantages to eliminating humans altogether.Read…
Mattel’s ThingMaker, the 3D printer that let kids make their own toys, delayed until next year
 Remember ThingMaker? Mattel’s $300 3D printer that would let kids print out their own toys? Its ship date – which was supposed to be this month – just got pushed back another year, according to a report from Engadget. The toy maker says it needs the extra time to “enhance the digital functionality”… – latest science and technology news stories
New switch decides between genome repair and death of cells
The genetic information of every cell is encoded in the sequence of the DNA double helix. Double strand breaks in the DNA, which can be induced by radiation, are a dangerous threat to the cells, and if not properly repaired can lead to cancer. Damaged cells need to decide whether the breaks can be fixed… – latest science and technology news stories
US gasoline consumption is higher than ever
August was the biggest month ever for U.S. gasoline consumption. Americans used a staggering 9.7 million barrels per day. That’s more than a gallon per day for every U.S. man, woman and child. – latest science and technology news stories
Crosstalk analysis of biological networks for improved pathway annotation
Researchers at Stockholm University and Science for Life Laboratory have developed a new computer algorithm for analysing gene function called BinoX, which was e-published in Nucleic Acids Research on September 22 (Ogris et al., 2016a). The method, developed by Professor Erik Sonnhammer’s research group,… – latest science and technology news stories
Students who take journalism more likely to vote, study shows
Across the country, adults are encouraging young people to vote. A new study suggests one of the best ways to encourage voting and civic engagement in young people may be to enroll them in a journalism class. – latest science and technology news stories
New research explores how wetlands and agriculture, not fossil fuels could be causing a global rise in methane
Research published today in the American Geophysical Union’s journal Global Biogeochemical Cycles shows that recent rises in levels of methane in our atmosphere is being driven by biological sources, such as swamp gas, cow burps, or rice fields, rather than fossil fuel emissions. – latest science and technology news stories
Ancient eggshell protein breaks through the DNA time barrier
Scientists from the Universities of Sheffield, York and Copenhagen have identified fossil proteins in a 3.8 million year-old ostrich eggshell, suggesting that proteins could provide valuable new insights into the evolutionary tree, much further back in time than was previously thought. – latest science and technology news stories
New evidence shows migrating birds are staying in UK longer
A collaboration involving scientists from the University of Aberdeen and the Fair Isle Bird Observatory Trust has found that  while some early migrating birds are arriving and departing earlier each year, late migrating individuals are actually departing much later. – latest science and technology news stories
The fall and rise of Native North America
The story of Native North America – from its vast contribution to world culture, to the often taboo social problems of drinking, gambling and violence – is the subject of a sweeping new history by a Cambridge academic and authority on the subject. – latest science and technology news stories
Consistency builds cohesion in the animal kingdom
Oscar Wilde may have considered consistency “the last refuge of the unimaginative” in human behaviour, but when it comes to fish, the element of predictability is critical. Such are the findings of new research led by the University of Bristol, which reveals that fish with consistent personalities are… – latest science and technology news stories
No diesels need apply: Electric cars rule at Paris show
Carmakers are finding the Paris auto show , held in a city whose mayor wants to ban diesels to reduce pollution, to be a fine place to show off new zero-emission electric vehicles. – latest science and technology news stories
Beware the air we breathe
Health-damaging atmospheric pollutants, which the World Health Organization warned Tuesday affected nine out of every 10 people, originate mainly from industry, heating and transport. – latest science and technology news stories
Asia’s poor choking on filthy air
Polluted air is a “public health emergency”, the World Health Organization said Tuesday, adding nine out of 10 people globally breathe bad air that is blamed for more than six million deaths a year. – latest science and technology news stories
What drives lone offenders?
In recent months, lone offender attacks – sometimes called “lone wolf” attacks – have regularly populated news headlines. Just in the past week, we’ve seen a single shooter killing people in a mall in Washington state and another injuring multiple patrons at a Houston shopping center. In Nice, France;…
The internet really, really wants you to register to vote – CNET
National Voter Registration Day has taken over the web, with the internet’s most popular sites pushing to get out the vote.
The fallout from the Trump and Clinton debate: Who won? – CNET
Social Cues: Twitter and Facebook users have lots to say about Monday night’s political showdown.
Automakers band together with phone tech companies, form 5G Automotive Association – Roadshow
The goal is to standardize and accelerate development of in-car 5G connectivity.
designboom | architecture & design magazine
neri&hu completes staircase of encounters connecting bloomberg’s office in hong kong
the enhancement of this central circulation space aims to encourage employee interaction by integrating elements of platforms, built-in seating and strategic window framing. The post neri&hu completes staircase of encounters connecting bloomberg’s office in hong kong appeared first on designboom…
Mighty Animal Speakers
You’ve never seen portable speakers this cute, that’s for sure. The Might Animal speakers are pocket-sized, making them truly portable. But don’t let their size fool you, they actually offer powerful sound. The speaker connects to any Bluetooth enabled device and can blast music for up to 4 hours….
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
2,000-year-old forgotten irrigation system unearthed at ancient Petra gardens
Ongoing archaeological digs at Petra have revealed a sophisticated irrigation system and water storage system that once enabled legendary gardens, luxurious pools, and incredible fountains in the middle of the desert. Petra’s decadent and perhaps indiscriminate use of such a rare resource is a symbol…
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Swarm of more than 100 earthquakes shakes California’s Salton Sea
An earthquake swarm of more than 100 tremors shook the region close to the Salton Sea in California on Monday, according to reports from the U.S. Geological Survey. At least three of the quakes registered higher than a 4 on the Richter scale, in a series of earthquakes that began early morning and continued…
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Existential Choices. Choosing who we are | Laurin Berresheim | TEDxCollegeofEuropeNatolin
College of Europe, Natolin student. Formerly tutor at Freie Universität Berlin and winner of the Natolin TEDx student speaker competition. Laurin discussed existential and ordinary choices – the very choices that make us who we are. Laurin Berresheim, born 1992, German, studied philosophy at the Freie…
Dress Up Your New iPhone 7 In a Discounted Anker Case
If you still haven’t settled on a case for your new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, Anker’s discounting several of their most popular options today. Just be sure to note the promo codes below.Read more…
Engadget RSS Feed
Engadget giveaway: Win an EGG speaker system courtesy of KEF!
Kef has been bringing high-resolution audio to music enthusiasts for decades, covering both the wildly expensive variety and more affordable versions. This week, we’re giving away the EGG bookshelf speakers, which include a built-in amplifier, a digi…
A vaccine for the common cold is in development
Everybody hates catching a cold, but we are all resigned to it inevitably happening on a regular basis. If you don’t have a cold at least once a year you can count yourself […]
Trump says Miss Universe winner Alicia Machado gained ‘a massive amount of weight’
During Monday night’s debate, Hillary Clinton pressed the issue of Donald Trump’s misogynistic views toward women by highlighting a string of negative comments he made about former Miss Universe winner, Alicia Machado. At the debate, Clinton called Trump out for saying “women don’t deserve equal…
Why Data Is the New Coal
An anonymous reader shares a report on The Guardian: “Is data the new oil?” asked proponents of big data back in 2012 in Forbes magazine. By 2016, and the rise of big data’s turbo-powered cousin deep learning, we had become more certain: “Data is the new oil,” stated Fortune. Amazon’s Neil Lawrence has…
Pocket Shot Arrow Shooting Kit
The Pocket Shot Arrow Shooting Kit combines the Pocket Shot’s patented circular design that allows you to load and shoot two to three times faster. Proudly made in the USA, and perfect for hunters and sport enthusiasts alike, this shot arrow will make getting that target effortless.
Design Milk
Dusen Dusen Designs Modular, Magnetic Wallcoverings for Visual Magnetics
Dusen Dusen continually slays the print game bringing their signature, bold patterns to clothing and home goods that inevitably elevate everyone’s mood that comes in contact with them. Just last year, they collaborated on a cool wall installation that merged their dynamic aesthetic with Visual…
BBC News – World
Presidential election debate: All our best material in one place
The first debate was arguably the key event of the US presidential race so far: and we have plenty of analysis all here in one place.
Apogee introduces new Element Series Thunderbolt audio interfaces for Mac
I’ve been a longtime Apogee user and currently use the company’s excellent Quartet as my main audio interface for my Mac and home studio. Today Apogee introduces its latest line of audio interfaces, the Element Series, introducing Thunderbolt connectivity and a new design somewhere between its more… – latest science and technology news stories
Password breach could have ripple effects well beyond Yahoo
As investors and investigators weigh the damage of Yahoo’s massive breach to the internet icon, information security experts worry that the record-breaking haul of password data could be used to open locks up and down the web.
Control Your Appliances From Anywhere With Aukey’s $15 Smart Outlet Switch
Smart outlet switches have exploded in popularity in the years since Belkin released the original WeMo switch, and we’ve spotted a great deal on Aukey’s version today.Read more…
TechRadar: All latest feeds
Behind The Scenes: Behind the scenes at Dolby Labs: this is what your eyes and ears have been missing
Dolby Labs HQ TourThe iconic Double D logo of Dolby is amongst the most recognizable in the world. Shell, Pepsi, Nike, Apple, and Dolby – all companies that you’d be able to acknowledge even if no verbiage were surrounding the graphic. Dolby’s legacy in audio has long since been cemented. The mere mention…
Ars Technica » Scientific Method
The genetics behind what mosquitos choose to bite
(credit: Sanofi Pasteur) Mosquito-borne illnesses are a considerable burden on human and animal health, so understanding what influences the behavior of mosquitos could be useful. A recent study published in PLOS Genetics suggests that there may be a genetic component to mosquito behavioral preferences,…
TechRadar: All latest feeds
Mac Week: The 10 best MacBook cases, sleeves and bags around
These cases marry function and formMacBooks are delicate things, and it’s a pity that we don’t always look after them as best we should. One lapse in concentration and months of work are shattered into shards of unrepeatable swear words. This is where a good, quality case comes in. We’ve got the best…
Physics News
Nanotech could give us safer, greener diapers and sanitary products
A new material made of tiny nanofibers could replace potentially harmful materials found in diapers and sanitary products, according to new research published in Applied Materials Today.
Physics News
‘Missing link’ found in the development of bioelectronic medicines
New research, led by the University of Southampton, has demonstrated that a nanoscale device, called a memristor, could be the ‘missing link’ in the development of implants that use electrical …
The Next Web
Always get free airport Wi-Fi with these simple tricks
Getting airport Wi-Fi can be quite tricky. It might be paid, hidden behind a password or hard to find. Thanks to travel blog FoxNomad, we have a couple of great resources to make sure you can always get on the internet no matter what. I’m going to run you through them. Check Foursquare tips You should…
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors – Front Page
Apple Edges Samsung to Top U.S. PC Customer Satisfaction Survey for 13th Consecutive Year
The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ASCI) today released its latest results [PDF] on U.S. consumer satisfaction in the personal computer industry, including tablets, with Apple narrowly topping the charts for the thirteenth consecutive year. Apple maintained its year-ago score of 84 out of 100…
This Mini Crock-Pot Is Perfect For Casseroles and Small Kitchens
If kitchen space is at a premium and you’re only cooking for one or two, this 2.5 quart mini Crock-Pot is cheaper than ever on Amazon today. It’s nominally meant to be a casserole cooker, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t use it for any other slow cooker recipes , as long as they fit.Read more…
Scientific American Content: Global
Chemical Industry Has Bad Reaction to Clinton and Trump
Companies worry Trump will harm global trade, while Clinton accuses them of price-gouging — Read more on
MB&F unveils the racing-inspired Horological Machine 8
 Long dedicated to space, spiders, and robots, MB&F has finally come back to earth with the Horological Machine 8, a new watch inspired by the silhouette of Can-Am race cars. This watch is part of the “Horological Machine” series, a set of handmade watches that look like a cross between something…
Overview, a book packed with amazing satellite imagery of Earth
The Daily Overview has been serving up gorgeous satellite imagery of Earth for a few years now and they’ve taken some of their greatest hits and packaged it up into a book called Overview: A New Perspective of Earth. Inspired by the “Overview Effect” — a sensation that astronauts experience when…
Trump on cybersecurity: ‘I have a son. He’s 10 years old. He has computers.’
Donald Trump rambles. This is what he does. Sometimes his run-on sentences are mind-warping, sometimes they’re funny, and sometimes they leave audiences blinking, wondering whether their brains have momentarily lost the ability to to translate garbled sound into words.  Trump did a lot of rambling during…
BBC News – World
Presidential debate: Trump criticises moderator Lester Holt
Donald Trump says the moderator in the first US presidential debate, Lester Holt, was tougher on him than on his opponent Hillary Clinton.
Fast Company
Spotify Just Made The “Shuffle” Button A Thousand Times Smarter
Daily Mix is a new personalized playlist that blends songs you love with new, undiscovered gems that fit right in. Daily Mix is a new personalized playlist that blends songs you love with new, undiscovered gems that fit right in.Matthew Ogle wants Spotify to stop feeling so much…
Fast Company
Why Offering Paid Maternity Leave Is Good For Business
Companies that have sweetened their paid leave policies in recent years have been rewarded beyond good feelings. Companies that have sweetened their paid leave policies in recent years have been rewarded beyond good feelings.When it comes to maternity leave, not all companies see…
Spotify Daily Mix: what it is and why you might want it
This week the folks at Spotify have revealed a feature they call Daily Mix, showing users what they’ve heard and what they might want to hear next. This is a sort of playlist, as it were, allowing users to add or subtract from said list each day as each list evolves. This list is made with Spotify’s…
Wink Hub 2 goes radio wild to hook up the smart home
Smart home lynchpin Wink has revealed the second generation of its home hub, with the Wink Hub 2 promising greater product support, broader interconnectivity, and a slicker app. Wink is one of the companies pushing, not a range of its own smart home components like connected locks and lights, but a way…
Cool Material
Chicago Factory Wall Clock
If you were a Chicagoan looking for a job in the 1940s, the war provided many, as defense factories popped up all over the city seemingly overnight. While toiling away, you would have looked up at a clock just like this to see when it was time for lunch. This Chicago Factory Wall Clock was […]
Popular Mechanics
US Navy Douglas Super DC-3 wreck in Iceland
Have you ever seen Iceland’s most famous wreck? Pictured above is the US Navy Douglas Super DC-3 airplane that crashed on Sólheimasandur Beach in 1973. The post US Navy Douglas Super DC-3 wreck in Iceland appeared first on Popular Mechanics.
YouTube Help
Choosing innovative ideas can change the world | Kamil Adamczyk | TEDxCollegeofEuropeNatolin
The co-founder and CEO of Inteliclinic Inc., a customer electronics, wearable technology, and Internet of Things hardware studio that creates devices which use artificial intelligence methods for precise biological signals processing. Mr ADAMCZYK shared his view on choice in terms of the sharing economy…
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
Wearable microscope can measure fluorescent dyes through skin
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
The world’s smallest artificial virus
Ars Technica
Microsoft launches “fuzzing-as-a-service” to help developers find security bugs
Enlarge / No, not that sort of fuzzing for bugs. (credit: Micha L. Rieser) At Microsoft’s Ignite conference in Atlanta yesterday, the company announced the availability of a new cloud-based service for developers that will allow them to test application binaries for security flaws before they’re…
Scientific American Content: Global
Science Fiction Movie Preview [Video]
Get your sci-fi fix with these upcoming films — Read more on
Popular Science
Under The Microscope, Food Has A Big Personality
Science A new science book peers at the exciting secret lives of ingredients Since the days of the alchemists, the kitchen has been the household’s main experimental space, a laboratory where base materials (raw ingredients) are transmuted into…
Palantir sued for allegedly discriminating against Asian job candidates
Palantir Technologies, the secretive CIA-funded data-mining company, is being sued by the US Department of Labor for allegedly discriminating against Asian people in its hiring process and selection procedures, according to a government press release yesterday.
Travel Like a Pro With This $12 Hanging Toiletry Kit
Every traveler needs a good toiletry kit, and preferably a hanging one at that. The Doppler Dop from Ogio isn’t made of corinthian leather, and it’s not embroidered with your initials, but it is down to an all-time low $12 today, and should last you for years.Read more…
RT – Daily news
UK to help Ankara ‘in any way’ to join EU, Boris Johnson says on first post-Brexit visit to Turkey
The UK will “help Turkey in any way” to join the EU despite Britain’s own decision to leave the bloc, British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson has said, stepping away from the anti-Turkish rhetoric he used during the pro-Brexit campaign. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
Majority of Americans say US ‘less safe’ from domestic terrorism under Obama – poll
The majority of Americans – 51% – feel that President Barack Obama’s conduct has made the nation less safe from domestic terrorism, according to a recent national security poll. Read Full Article at
“Giant glass grasshoppermates with building”
Comments update: Zaha Hadid Architects’ new headquarters for Antwerp’s Port Authority is the controversial talking point this week, with readers both decrying and praising the building’s visual impact on its surroundings. (more…)
Digital Trends
Forget discovering new music; Spotify’s latest feature plays only songs you love
Spotify remains the reigning king of music streaming services, but with increased pressure from Apple Music, the company is rapidly adding new features in order to keep its lead. The streaming service is known for its music discovery features like Discover Weekly and Release Radar, but it’s latest feature,…
Digital Trends
Google Station aims to offer fast, reliable Wi-Fi in public venues on global basis
Google has announced a new program intended to make fast Wi-Fi available to public places all over the planet. Google Station will act as an expansion of the work that the company has already done in offering effective internet connections to customers of RailTel and Indian Railways. The program will…
Momento for iMessage turns your photos into GIFs
 Although the iMessage App Store is currently dominated by sticker packs, there are a few clever apps breaking through. One such app is Momento, an iMessage-only app that automatically turns your photos from your Camera Roll into GIFs you can text to your friends. What makes the new app fun to use is…
Beijing Design Week returns for 2016
Dezeen promotion: this year’s Beijing Design Week features installations, design exhibitions and pop-ups focused on the redevelopment of China’s urban environment. (more…)
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Cancer cells’ stealth mechanism uncovered
When a malignant tumor invades the body, immune cells rush to the site to begin to fight it. When that same tumor spreads throughout the body, however, the cancer cells become invisible to our immune systems and can metastasize unencumbered by our natural defenses. Researchers out of the University…
Curbed National
Case study: How to install a green roof on a private home
A New York architect and green roof pro walks through the process of designing and installing a lush living rooftop The site: A more than 900-square-foot expanse atop a historic building in the Prospect Lefferts Gardens neighborhood of Brooklyn. The homeowner recently re-roofed the building, in anticipation…
Motherboard RSS Feed
Geniuses Say Apple Knows About iPhone 6 ‘Touch Disease’, Won’t Admit It Publicly
Earlier this month, I reported that the touchscreens of thousands upon thousands of iPhone 6 Plus devices are failing due to an engineering flaw. And while Apple the company has yet to publicly acknowledge that these phones are breaking under normal use, employees who work at Apple’s retail stores tell…
Motherboard RSS Feed
Why Did the Largest Carnivorous Dinosaurs Rock Flashy Head Ornaments?
Concept art of a Carnotaurus, a theropod with cranial horns. Image: Ryanz720Earth has been home to some phenomenally terrifying predators over the ages, but few are as universally feared and admired as meat-loving dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus rex. Belonging to the theropod family, from which modern birds… news
Diamond magnetometer could help shrink computer hard drives
Sensor can characterize broadband magnetic fields news
Flash Physics: Europa’s plumes, reflective atoms, LUX-ZEPLIN goes ahead and LHC elastic collisions
Today’s selection of need-to-know updates from the world of physics
The Verge – All Posts
When restaurants ditch the dining room
In a city where restaurants frequently blame closures on a brutal real estate market, a new solution has taken hold: Why not get rid of the dining room? Of course! If no one actually has to come to your restaurant, all sorts of problems are no longer an issue. You don’t need an attractive location, artistic…
Google rolls out more low-bandwidth versions of its products
Google is rolling versions of popular products like YouTube and Chrome that are specially designed for people who do not have access to high-bandwidth internet. The products are first being introduced in India but are expected to be available in other parts of the world where low-bandwidth connections… – latest science and technology news stories
Longest record of continuous carbon flux data is now publicly available
Around the world—from tundra to tropical forests, and a variety of ecosystems in between—environmental researchers have set up micrometeorological towers to monitor carbon, water, and energy fluxes, which are measurements of how carbon dioxide (CO2), water vapor and energy (heat) circulate between the…
Zap Away Your Aches and Pains With This $20 TENS Massager
TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) massagers seem a bit like pseudoscience, but every time we post a deal on this thing, we hear nothing but rave reviews. In fact, I use one occasionally after exercising, and I’m pretty sure it helps reduce muscle pain. At the very least, it feels cool.Read…
Microsoft Azure networking is speeding up, thanks to custom hardware
Networking among virtual machines in Microsoft Azure is going to get a whole lot faster thanks to some new hardware that Microsoft has rolled out across its fleet of data centers.The company announced Monday that it has deployed hundreds of thousands of FPGAs (Field-Programmable Gate Arrays) across servers…
RT – Daily news
Russian Foreign Ministry makes public parts of agreement with US on Syria
Moscow has released parts of Syria ceasefire deal documents in Russian following the recent publishing of the papers by the US. Russia is calling on Washington to release all the documents from the agreement. Read Full Article at
Latest Items from TreeHugger
Vision Zero meets Zero Vision in Toronto
“It’s like we’re having two separate conversations.”
Trump And Clinton Sounded As If They Were Talking About Two Different Countries
Sure, the post-debate buzz is more about tone than substance — who looked more presidential, whether Hillary Clinton got “under Donald Trump’s skin.” But in between the barbs and interruptions, there was plenty of policy to chew over in Monday’s night’s presidential debate. Trump and Clinton tangled…
Ars Technica
From The Wirecutter: The best 4K monitors (so far)
IT’S LIL’ BUB (credit: The Wirecutter) This post was done in partnership with The Wirecutter, a buyer’s guide to the best technology. Read the full article with more details and background information here. After spending 37 hours researching 22 4K monitors and testing eight finalists,…
Scientific American Content: Global
New “Artificial Synapse” Gets Closer to Mimicking Brain Connections
The so-called memristor’s resistance relies on how much charge has already passed through it  — Read more on Full Feed
Teen Girl Suspended for Days After Publicizing School’s Dirty Water Problem
A senior at John Glenn High School in Westland, Michigan, was suspended for three days after she took a photo of the disgusting water in the girls’ restroom and posted it on Twitter. The student, Hazel Juco, had aimed to call attention to the dirty water. But it’s against school rules to take pictures…
Big Think
So What Happens the Day After We Find Extraterrestrials?
A senior scientist from the SETI project imagines how we’ll react to inarguable evidence of an alien civilization.Read More
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
New study finds Earth heading for catastrophic 5-degree-Celsius warming
Related: Tenth of world’s wilderness destroyed in last 20 years, study finds Via Images via
Big Think
Lost in Translation: The Importance of the Incredibly Mundane Details in the Dead Sea Scrolls
For nearly 50 years, a charred lump of Dead Sea Scrolls has been sitting in a lab, too brittle to unroll. Now it’s been virtually unwrapped using 3D technology, and the contents are intriguingly – and significantly – petty.Read More
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
Video: ‘Buy Black’ movement gains momentum in US
In the US city of Atlanta, the birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr., a group of residents have started a “Buy Black” movement, inspired by the civil rights struggle. These entrepreneurs, investors and members of civil society want to encourage their peers to spend their money in the African-American…
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
Syrian army takes rebel neighbourhood in Aleppo, military says
Syrian government troops on Tuesday took control of a central rebel-held district in Aleppo city, where the army is pressing an operation to retake opposition territory, a military source said.
CNN said Hillary won the debate. Why do so many polls seem to say otherwise?
On Monday night, nearly all major news networks (including the conservative ones) seemed to agree: Hillary Clinton had won the first presidential debate. But throughout the night and well into Tuesday morning, people on Twitter shared dozens of debate polls that seemingly concluded that Trump had won…
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
New tell-all book reveals Sarkozy’s affinity for French far right
A new book by a former Elysée Palace advisor threatens to tarnish Nicolas Sarkozy’s image as the conservative politician seeks to reclaim France’s highest office in presidential elections next year.
Microsoft creates a custom Audi R8 Xbox One S
Forza Horizon 3 has been released today. Though fans of the series are no doubt elated, it is a bit hard to get excited for a franchise that sees a new release every […] Physics News
First quantum photonic circuit with an electrically driven light source
Whether for use in safe data encryption, ultrafast calculation of huge data volumes or so-called quantum simulation of highly complex systems: Optical quantum computers are a source of hope for tomorrow’s computer technology. For the first time, scientists now have succeeded in placing a complete quantum… Physics News
Physicists develop a more sensitive microscope
Anyone who has taken a photo in a poorly lit restaurant or dim concert venue knows all too well the grainy, fuzzy outcomes of low-light imaging. Scientists trying to take images of biological specimens encounter the same issue because they tend to work in low light to avoid damaging delicate samples….
Rungu Electric Juggernaut
Don’t let the beefy build put you off shifting this large but rather gorgeous looking bike, the pedal power comes courtesy of a 2,100W 3-phase hub motor that’s good for a top speed of 20mph. It’s an absolute cinch to ride the Rungu Electric Juggernaut, simply twist that throttle and get tearing up…
Popular Science
Bioengineered Blood Vessels Can Grow Inside Animals
Health The grafts could treat children’s heart defects without needing to be replaced Artificial blood vessels transplanted into three lambs grew up along with the animals.
Swift CEO details three more failed attacks on banking network
Banks stopped three new attempts to abuse the Swift financial transfer network this summer, its CEO Gottfried Leibbrandt said Monday, as he announced Swift’s plan to impose tighter security controls on its customers. Swift provides the network that banks use to exchange funds internationally, and…
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Why we should make our schools more democratic | Yves Dejaeghere | TEDxCollegeofEuropeNatolin
A lecturer at the University of Antwerp; working on political socialization, elections and political elites. Mr DEJAEGHERE talked about “public choice theory”: the use of economic tools to deal with traditional problems of political science. Yves Dejaeghere is a researcher and lecturer at the University…
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Iraq’s Cultural heritage: the past and the future | Abdulameer Al Hamdani | TEDxBaghdad
Prof. Abdulameer focuses on the impact that discoveries about ancient Mesopotamian civilizations had on human development and how these discoveries only comprise a fraction of what is still buried waiting to be discovered Prof. Abdulameer is an archaeologist who spent years carrying out site survey…
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Internally displaced people and psychological survival | Mujtaba Al Helu | TEDxBaghdad
Mujtaba discusses the status of internally displaced people in Iraq particularly, and the effects the current situations have on them and the generation to come and what solutions might be viable Mujtaba was born in the district of almajar alkabir, part of Maysan province, in spite of his young age,…
Enterprise chat app Slack ties up with Salesforce in a deep platform partnership
 Slack — the popular enterprise chat app that now has 3 million users, 930,000 of them paying — is adding in another key integration as it continues to get more embedded with its customers. Today the company is turning on what it describes as a “deep product partnership” with Salesforce — an integration…
Design Milk
Wilsonart Student Chair Design Competition is Best in Class
If you browse through our archives from ICFF event coverage, you’re bound to stumble on a number of “best of” posts that include the Wilsonart Student Chair Design Competition booth as it’s often one of our favorites. We’ve discovered so many talented student designers, many whom have gone…
Digital Trends
Braven’s newest Bluetooth speaker offers up to an entire day of play time
Bluetooth speakers are increasingly turning into constant companions rather than the occasional tagalongs they used to be. As a company that knows more than a thing or two about portable speakers, Braven has noticed this, and that knowledge is reflected in the company’s newest addition to its Active…
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Donald Trump gaslights the world by denying his “climate change is a Chinese hoax” tweet
In 2012, Donald Trump tweeted that climate change is a hoax created by the Chinese. In last night’s presidential debate, he gaslit the entire world by stating “I did not say that.” What the Republican nominee seems to repeatedly forget is that anyone with an internet connection can fact check his nonsense…
Over 90 Percent of the World Is Breathing Really Crappy Air
If you live on this planet, chances are the air you’re breathing is not great, Bob.Read more…
Digital Trends
Germany to WhatsApp — stop sharing private user data with Facebook
A German governmental agency just laid down the law on WhatsApp. A month after the messaging giant made a controversial decision to share member information with parent company Facebook, Hamburg’s data protection commissioner has weighed in on the controversy. And unsurprisingly, it has taking the side…
Tuesday’s Best Deals: Logitech Peripherals, Samsonite Luggage, Anker Speaker
Tons of Logitech gear, Samsonite luggage sets, and a USB battery pack with an actual AC outlet lead off Tuesday’s best deals.…Bookmark Kinja Deals and follow us on Twitter to never miss a deal. Commerce Content is independent of Editorial and Advertising, and if you…
T-fal 12-Piece OptiCook Thermo-Spot Titanium Nonstick Cookware Set $65
T-fal 12-Piece OptiCook Thermo-Spot Titanium Nonstick Cookware Set $65
The Next Web
Review: Status Audio’s budget-friendly headphones sound too good for their price
As a tech journalist, I’m lucky enough to review a lot of expensive headphones, and try out even more. I like most of what I test – it’s really hard to find bad headphones nowadays – but it’s rare that I’m truly impressed. Enter Status Audio, a small Brooklyn-based company that’s been gaining some momentum…
Lester Holt goes missing, then comes back strong
For about 10 minutes, after Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton exchanged initial pleasantries, the two candidates let their contempt boil over.  A heated exchange between the two over trade and economic policies veered into chaos, as Trump talked over Clinton. With Trump seizing control of the debate… Full Feed
Clemson U. Says Harambe Jokes Are Allowed. It Should Tell Its RAs That.
Harambe be praised: Clemson University officials now say that students are welcome to post visual representations of the martyred gorilla in public residential places. This announcement is a reversal of last week’s guidance, sent by a rogue residential adviser, instructing students to stop making…
New Scientist – Online news
Exclusive: World’s first baby born with new “3 parent” technique
A five-month-old boy is the first baby to be born using a new version of a controversial technique that uses DNA from three people – latest science and technology news stories
Aviation sector to vote on climate change plan
Civil aviation officials were expected to endorse a proposal that would have airlines buy credits to offset rising carbon emissions in the sector, at a 10-day meeting that opens in Montreal Tuesday.
Physics Forums Insights
Interview with a Physicist: David J. Griffiths
We are pleased to introduce David J. Griffiths. Professor Griffiths is one of the most successful physics textbook writers.  Odds are if you studied physics in college, you’ve used one of his textbooks. We are pleased and honored to obtain some of his insights on the quantum and academic world. Here…
Ars Technica
EFF calls on HP to disable printer ink self-destruct sequence
Enlarge (credit: EFF) HP Inc. should apologize to customers and restore the ability of printers to use third-party ink cartridges, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) said in a letter to the company’s CEO yesterday. HP has been sabotaging OfficeJet Pro printers with firmware that prevents…
RT – Daily news
Christianity to blame for ‘deeply entrenched anti-Semitism,’ says archbishop
Archbishop Justin Welby has admitted Britain has a “deeply entrenched” anti-Semitism problem made worse over time by Christianity. Read Full Article at
BBC News – World
Blast in Bronx ‘drug lab’ kills New York firefighter
An explosion at a drug lab inside a home in New York City kills at least one firefighter, authorities say.
Cashmere is In Your Future Thanks to Uniqlo’s 12-Hour Flash Sale
The colder weather is coming, and it’s time to start stocking up on things that make you feel good. Uniqlo is having a one-day flash sale on all things cashmere. Grab women’s v-neck, crewneck, and turtleneck sweaters for $60 or women’s cardigans and all men’s sweaters for $80.Read more…
This $13 Puck Adds Bluetooth to Any Speaker System
If you have any old speaker systems lying around your house, you can bring them into this decade with Mpow’s new $13 Bluetooth receiver. Much like the Chromecast Audio, this little puck plugs into a speaker system via a 3.5mm cable, and lets you stream to it wirelessly from your phone. Just use promo…
Science | Smithsonian
Jacques Cousteau’s Grandson Is 3D Printing Coral Reefs
Fabien Cousteau, descendant of the famous sea explorer, is working on a project to bring 3D printed coral reefs to the Caribbean island of Bonaire
Hillary Clinton’s zen-line reactions to Trump’s mansplaining
It was their first presidential debate. He interrupted her 26 times in the first 25 minutes. This is how she reacted. Read more…More about Mashable Video, Debate, Presidential Debate, Presidential Elections, and Hillary Clinton
TechRadar: All latest feeds
Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 S Pen might speak to you
The S Pen is one of the features that sets Samsung’s phablet range apart from most of the competition. It gives you new ways to interact with the phone, allowing you to sketch and write by hand, but future versions could go a step further and add audio skills through a built-in speaker.A patent, filed…
mPort will 3D scan your body measurements at LA Fitness
Pretty soon, the moment of truth will arrive for all of us, as technology finally reveals everything there is to know about our bodies. Australian startup mPort is taking a step in that direction with the announcement that the health club chain LA Fitness will use its 3D body measurement scanners at…
Bot platform from Pullstring, maker of Barbie and Call of Duty bots, lets you create characters
The Pullstring platform for the creation of storytelling bots made its debut today. For the better part of the last decade, the Pullstring platform has been used internally to create characters like Lt. Reyes from Call of Duty Facebook Messenger bot, and interactive products like Hello Barbie and Thomas…
Kid power: Kano adds camera, pixel, and speaker kits to DIY PC
“Oh my gosh, this computer actually works!” exclaimed a nine-year-old boy when he booted up the Kano PC he’d just built himself. He’d been skeptical. This was not like the sleek, closed devices the boy has at home and at school; he had handled and assembled the actual components of this computer himself….
Scientific American Content: Global
Chilling Time: How to Build the Coolest Clock on Earth
Bill Phillips explains how laser cooling, for which he shared the 1997 Nobel Prize in Physics, led to a revolution in timekeeping. This Nature Video was produced with support from Mars,… — Read more on
The Manual
Oats Overnight- Your New Favorite Breakfast
With the protein equivalent of five large eggs! The post Oats Overnight- Your New Favorite Breakfast appeared first on The Manual.
Stick It to Your ISP By Buying Your Own Super-Fast Modem
Every modem rental fee you pay to your ISP is padding for their bottom line, and a total rip-off for you . Fortunately, you can buy your own modem for a relatively small upfront cost, and knock a few bucks off your monthly bill.Read more…
Adobe Experience Design CC update includes real time design previews on iOS and Android
Adobe announced the September update to its Adobe Experience Design CC software today with support for real time design and prototype testing on iOS and Android devices. The update includes a a few other changes, but Adobe’s inclusion for real time previewing fills a large gap it was missing when compared…
RT – Daily news
US fracked gas blamed for ‘human suffering, environmental destruction’ arrives in UK
Britain’s first imported shipment of US fracked gas has arrived in Scotland despite an increasingly heated debate about the future of the controversial energy extraction method. Read Full Article at
DJI Mavic Pro: Everything you need to know
It’s been a good month for drone lovers, and industry heavyweight DJI is playing its part with the freshly-announced Mavic Pro. Unveiled today, the new remotely-controlled drone promises the same abilities as DJI’s Phantom series but in a seriously compact and easily transported form-factor, courtesy…
Motherboard RSS Feed
I Went to a Therapist for the Wealthy to Find Out How Rich People Deal
I met Clay Cockrell at the Columbus Circle entrance to Central Park. I quickly spotted him, standing under the big gold statue. He was tall, with close-cropped sandy hair, a kind smile, and bright orange sneakers.We spent the next hour walking through the park on a pleasant August day, talking about…
Custom Lamborghini Xbox One S giveaway begins with Forza Horizon 3 launch
Imagining just how much Microsoft and Lamborghini would charge for the ultra-limited edition Xbox One S you see here is kind of painful to think about, but the good news (we guess) is that the two companies aren’t even giving you a chance to worry about price. That’s because this one-of-a-kind Xbox One…
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
X-ray laser glimpses how electrons dance with atomic nuclei in materials (w/video)
The Awesomer
Orquestra Raiz x David Bowie
LinkElefante Sessions presents a wonderfully different cover version of David Bowie’s classic The Man Who Sold the World, performed by Orquesta Raiz, a dynamic group of musicians with roots around the globe, and a Brazilian influenced sound. More great music here. More Awesome Stuff: The Flaming…
Your Laundry Is Worse for the Environment Than You Think
New research shows that as many as 700,000 microscopic fibers are released into the environment each time we do the laundry. It’s a problem with no easy solution in sight.Read more…
DJI Mavic Pro’s secret weapon sits on your head
This morning the DJI Mavic Pro was introduced with a headset by the name of DJI Goggles, delivered with a single video showing how DJI’s newest drone might be paired with their also-brand-new VR headset. This headset works with what they call OcuSync, allowing the user to receive video directly from…
RT – Daily news
‘Big as hell’ meteorite crashes into sea off Australian coast (VIDEO)
A meteorite thought to be one meter (3.3ft) in diameter and “bright like a shooting star” lit up the Queensland sky and produced a shuddering boom as it crashed into the sea off Australia. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
EU army would undermine NATO, says Defence Secretary Fallon
British politicians are intent on killing plans for an EU-wide army, following a Franco-German push for a stronger EU defense policy. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
Immigration influx means Austria’s social spending to jump 35% from 2014 – report
The past 18 months’ influx of migrants is set to cause a 35 percent jump in social benefits spending in Austria by next year, the local weekly Profil has revealed in their latest report. Read Full Article at
9to5Toys Last Call: Logitech Accessories up to 50% off, iPhone 7/Plus cases $4.50, 3TB External Hard Drive $70, more
Keep up with the best gear and deals on the web by signing up for the 9to5Toys Newsletter. Also, be sure to check us out on: Twitter, RSS Feed, Facebook, Google+ and Safari push notifications. TODAY’S CAN’T MISS DEALS: Last Call Updates: Turn any speakers into a wireless setup w/ this $13 Bluetooth…
Digital Trends
Podo, the selfie-slaying, stick-it-anywhere camera, has new features, lower price
The camera that wants to stick it to the selfie stick is back — and this time with more features at a lower price. Podo is a camera that can be stuck to any surface, so there’s no need for a selfie stick (or to be “old fashioned,” a tripod) to get in the shot. Now, Podo Labs is back on Kickstarter with…
Curbed National
Eco-friendly prefab home with green roof built in 6 weeks
Sustainability-minded through and through From the same firm that delivered Australia’s first “carbon-positive prefab” comes another prefab stunner, located by Avalon Beach in New South Wales. Erected over a period of six weeks by Archiblox, the roughly 1,722-square-foot abode was sustainability-driven…
Tackle Your Next Home Improvement Project With Discounted DEWALT Tool Bundles
It’s time to knock those home improvement projects off your to-do list, and Amazon’s here to help with big savings on two DEWALT tool kits.Read more… Full Feed
Hillary Talks Police Brutality at Debate, Connects Reform to Black-on-Black Violence
Asked at last night’s presidential debate what she would do to “heal” the racial divide in the country (this may be as close as the nominees get to being asked about police reform at the debates), Hillary Clinton gave an answer that ended up connecting police brutality to black-on-black violence. “Race…
Hear No Evil, See No Evil: Kirei’s Acoustical Solutions Are Easy on the Ears — and the Eyes
Open-plan workplaces continue to get a lot of flak for excessive noise and lack of privacy, but often go unchanged because, well, they’re already designed and built. Fortunately, acoustical-product specialists are helping to improve audio privacy and control noise in such spaces without requiring…
Clinton was interrupted constantly by Trump and shimmied her way through it all
Donald Trump got all up in Hillary Clinton’s face during the first presidential debate on Monday night. Like an annoying schoolboy, the Republican candidate spoke over Clinton, loudly expressed his opinions and pretty much shut her down on all counts. In contrast, Clinton smiled, shimmied and patiently…
Lego ‘Jurassic World’ short mixes two marvelous Chris Pratt mediums
He may not be in it, but Chris Pratt’s spirit is strong in the trailer for LEGO Jurassic World: The Indominus Escape. The animated short will release in five parts and comprise a short film with the same story as Jurassic World, and as a result combines it with another Chris Pratt classic: The…
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How Breivik Taught me to Overcome the Fear of the Unknown | Bjorn Ihler | TEDxBratislava
In his breath-taking talk Bjørn Ihler will take you back on Utøya Island on 22 July 2011, where he faced Anders Breivik shootings, survived and saved lives of two little boys. How it’s like to survive? Does he fear Breivik? Follow Ihler’s path to forgiveness and overcome your fear of unknown. Bjørn…
YouTube Help
Women in STEM | Ishani Vyas | TEDxBarringtonHighSchool
In her talk, Ishani talks about women the achievements of women in the STEM fields and talks about #GirlsWithToys and how it helps showcase women in STEM. shani Vyas is fourteen years old and hopes to pursue a career in a STEM field. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format…
The Best Memes From the First Presidential Debate
Sniff. Shimmy. Shake. The post The Best Memes From the First Presidential Debate appeared first on WIRED.
RT – Daily news
Brexit 2017? Increasingly likely Article 50 will be triggered early next year
Growing evidence indicates the British government will invoke Article 50 to trigger Brexit early next year, despite Prime Minister Theresa May refusing to comment on a timetable. Read Full Article at
Black-as-night Doritos taste like garlic, ward off vampires – CNET
Forget nacho cheese and cool ranch. You need some garlic-flavored Doritos to power your vampire-fighting escapades.
The real winner of last night’s debate? The memes (The 3:59, Ep. 113) – CNET
Also: rumors of Google combining its Android and Chrome OSes, and when is Google’s real birthday?
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
These maintenance-free, self-watering plants use biomimicry to flourish indoors
The Pikaplant Jar is the perfect accessory for the black-thumbed gardener, as it never needs watering. The high humidity atmosphere is contained inside the sealed jar, creating a sustainable recycling of air and water. The coffea arabica plant featured in the design is indigenous to Ethiopia’s western…
Fast Company
Foldable Drone Wars: DJI Goes For GoPro’s Jugular With The Mavic Pro
Just eight days after GoPro unveiled its long-awaited Karma, DJI is unleashing its similarly priced Mavic Pro. Just eight days after GoPro unveiled its long-awaited Karma, DJI is unleashing its similarly priced Mavic Pro.The drone wars between industry leader DJI and rival GoPro…
Ars Technica
Dealmaster: Get a Newegg Premier membership, free shipping, plus gift card for $100
Greetings, Arsians! Courtesy of our partners at TechBargains, we’re sharing a bunch of great deals with you today. Now you can get a one-year Newegg Premier membership, which includes free return shipping and free three-day expedited shipping—and a $100 gift card for the site—for just $100….
Cool Hunting
Link About It: Casper’s Insomnobot-3000 Will Text You When You Can’t Sleep
Casper wants to make us all sleep better with the help of their mattresses and linens, but evidently they understand that sometimes it’s impossible to snooze—so they built Insomnobot-3000. The chatbot will keep you entertained while you can’t sleep…… Continue…
The Next Web
Watch this robot butler deliver cookies to an unsuspecting hotel guest
This is a future we can all believe in — friendly robots coming to your hotel room to deliver food. However, the robot has been around in prototype form for a while — since 2014, to be precise. The friendly moving bucket is the Google Ventures-backed Savioke Relay, a helper robot specifically designed…
Yahoo’s Delay in Reporting Hack ‘Unacceptable’, Say Senators
Yahoo won’t be able to get away with its mega data breach from 2014 that it only reported this month. Six senior senators have said Yahoo’s two-year delay in reporting the largest known data breach in history is unacceptable. The senators have asked Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer to explain why the massive…
ThinkGeek – What’s New
T-Shirts & Apparel : Nixon 51-30 Automatic LTD SW Watch – Kylo Black
Nixon 51-30 Automatic LTW SW Watch – Kylo Black: Buying this watch should be your First Order of business. What does Snoke’s right-hand man wear on his right hand? If he has any taste it’s this Nixon 51-30 Automatic LTD SW Watch in Kylo Black. $2,499.99
Architecture Lab
Crowdfunding Dream Architecture
Sometimes a building has everything but funding behind it. Imagine that new recreation center in downtown’s metropolitan center The post Crowdfunding Dream Architecture appeared first on Architecture Lab.
RT – Daily news
‘Disillusion with political order’ is fueling extremism, says young Muslim leader
Extremism among young people is fueled by discontent and social fragmentation, a young east Londoner working for the Kofi Annan Foundation claims. Read Full Article at
Modular Jet Propulsion System
Move through the water as swiftly as a fish using this modular jet propulsion system. It features an ergonomic handle fitted with a magnetic switch for one-handed control, can be mounted onto kayaks and paddle boards, and can reach a top speed of 7 mph. Check it out $600.00
Pocket Shop Ruler
Improve your workflow on your next project by keeping this handy pocket shop ruler by your side. Measuring 6 inches long, it is made from a tough yet flexible FR4 material and comes with everything from a gold-plated circuit trace to 150 mm scale and bolt hole gauges. Check it out $10.83
The Verge – All Posts
What do you get when you add AI to an egg timer?
The HelloEgg is a voice-activated kitchen assistant from RnD64 that looks to combine the functionality of an Amazon Echo and an egg timer in a single device. The device, which looks like a sleek, black egg timer, uses a hidden display to display things like timers and a somewhere-between-creepy-and-adorable…
Physics News
Quantum computing advances with control of entanglement
When the quantum computer was imagined 30 years ago, it was revered for its potential to quickly and accurately complete practical tasks often considered impossible for mere humans and for conventional …
Engadget RSS Feed
Nissan’s autonomous chairs politely carry you through queues
Back in February, Nissan took a break from rolling out electric vehicle chargers to develop intelligent office chairs that pushed themselves in. It wasn’t a new product, but a proof-of-concept stunt to demonstrate their assistive parking technology….
Engadget RSS Feed
Amazon partners are reportedly exploring in-home deliveries
With Amazon steadily speeding up its shipping options — there’s free same-day shipping in plenty of cities for Prime customers, for example — it was only a matter of time until it started looking into other ways to complete orders. According to The…
Design Milk
Exclusive: Carved Pill Bowl by Kutarq Studio for OTHR
Another release is available exclusively early for Design Milk readers from OTHR, the new 3D-printing brand focused on modern design by today’s most talented designers. Kutarq Studio is releasing the Carved Pill Bowl exclusively for OTHR, an oval bowl or tray with asymmetrical, curved recesses…
People are loving Hillary Clinton’s burns on Donald Trump
Meet the Secretary of Sick Burns, Hillary Clinton. Voters can often feel bombarded by talking points and jargon, so it’s always refreshing to hear an awesome zinger once in a while in the middle of dry speech on the campaign trail. And Hillary Clinton has a million of them. SEE ALSO: The Hillary shimmy…
Roku Ultra
A superior streamer that delivers Ultra HD right to your living room.
Digital Trends
NASA breaks formation flying space record with Magnetospheric Multiscale mission
Recently, NASA set a formation flying space record with its Magnetospheric Multiscale mission (MMS). initially reported on the record-breaking space flight in which the four MMS spacecraft were able to fly in formation only 4.5 miles apart from one another, breaking the previous record of 6…
Dewalt DCBL720P1 20V MAX 5.0 Ah Lithium Ion XR Brushless Blower $179
Dewalt DCBL720P1 20V MAX 5.0 Ah Lithium Ion XR Brushless Blower $179
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
These artists create mind-bending artwork solely from autumn leaves
Lorenzo Duran’s Intricate Leaf Art Spanish artist Lorenzo Duran cuts away at leaves with surgical precision to create detailed landscapes, intricate symbols, and a variety of other images. Duran was inspired after seeing a caterpillar chomping away at a
Chromebooks get stable Android apps as Andromeda rumors swirl
Andromeda may be the future, but Android and Chrome OS are already merging. Google just made Android apps available on the stable version of Chrome OS for the first time, and organizations can now centrally manage Android apps on their Chromebooks.Stable Chromebooks get Android apps Yes, certain…
The first pop song composed by an AI is… pretty great
We are doomed. AI have started making music and we are screwed. Researchers at Sony have developed an AI that can compose music. Their first major track? An ode to Beetles-style psych rock […]
New Scientist – Online news
Plastic flower blooms thanks to its own internal molecular clock
Shape-shifting putty that can morph at a given time without an external trigger may be useful for creating medical implants that transform inside the body
UberEats is going global, expanding into 22 more countries
Uber is getting ready to bring UberEats to at least 22 new countries, according to a new report from Reuters.  That’s a huge expansion for the food delivery service, which is only in six countries right nowReuters determined the ride-hailing giant was launching an ambitious expansion for its food delivery…
Popular Science
Watch The Trailer For A Movie Filmed Entirely By Drones
Aviation Autonomous cinematography New film “In the Robot Skies” was shot entirely by autonomous drones.
Zaha Hadid’s Nanjing International Youth Cultural Centre nears completion
These new photographs reveal a vast cultural complex by Zaha Hadid Architects, which is reaching its final stages of construction in the Chinese city Nanjing (+ slideshow). (more…)
TechRadar: All latest feeds
5 productivity gadgets that your laptop will love
IntroductionLaptops have overtaken desktop PCs as the preferred workhorse machine for most companies and it is easy to see why. The performance, feature, and price gap between the two have shrunk considerably, so much so that other than for niche use cases that require a fixed workstation, a laptop is…
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Mobile breath analyzer checks oral hygiene on the go
These days there are a quite a few high-tech ways to keep our oral hygiene in check, from toothbrushes that track your technique to smart floss dispensers that encourage healthy habits. Mint is the latest connected solution to hit bathrooms and beyond, and is said to detect signs of gum disease…
Canary Flex Security Camera
A waterproof and wireless HD security camera that can mount to almost any surface.
Winnebago Paseo
Mini RV with personal bathroom, kitchen, dining area and a bed for ultimate comfort on the road.
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Why Is This Weird Glacier Yellow? The Answer Could Help Find Alien Life
In the nineties, scientists in Canada’s far North found something weird: A smelly yellow glacier that’s one-of-a-kind. Nearly two decades later, they’re still trying to figure out what’s going on, and why it’s such an unexpected colour. This glacier is also the closest environment we know of here on…
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Watch Elon Musk Explain How He Will Get Our Asses To Mars
Elon Musk is announcing big plans for Mars today. The founder and CEO of SpaceX is scheduled to give a talk today at 2:30 PM EST entitled “Making Humans a Multiplanetary Species” from a big astronomy event, the 67th International Astronautical Congress, in Guadalajara, Mexico. You can watch…
Inside a Treasure Trove of Rare Ralph McQuarrie Star Wars Art
There is no doubt that Ralph McQuarrie’s sublime art was fundamental in shaping the success of Star Wars, and enriching the galaxy far, far away. For years his work has been archived and championed, but a new book is collecting some of his best (and some of his rarest) Star Wars art in a lavish volume,…
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Firefox ready to block certificate authority that threatened Web security
Enlarge The organization that develops Firefox has recommended the browser block digital credentials issued by a China-based certificate authority for 12 months after discovering it cut corners that undermine the entire transport layer security system that encrypts and authenticates websites. The…
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Open Call for Submissions: “XXL”
It’s going to be “yuge”. It’s an inflated descriptor thrown around a lot these days, but architects have always been trained to think big, whether laying out bathroom plumbing or master planning cities. Sometimes those ideas get built; sometimes others build on those ideas. This October on Archinect,…
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BAU 2017: Events, services and information for architects
This post is brought to you by BAU 2017. On about 185,000 m2 of exhibition space, BAU will be presenting a display of architecture, materials and systems for commercial and residential construction and interior design, for both new-build and R&M projects. This next edition of the show, which takes…
Saints and Falcons put their own spin on Kaepernick’s protest for peace
At Monday night’s game between the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons, the two teams joined together after the National Anthem to express a unique message of unity.  In response to recent police shootings in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Tulsa, Oklahoma, players from the two teams decided that…
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NIH Funds Research to See if Gut Microbiomes of Hispanics/Latinos Influence Their Diabetes Risk
Researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine have received a five-year, $3.9 million National Institutes of Health grant to investigate the role of the gut microbiome in the development of type 2 diabetes among Hispanics/Latinos, the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. population. Hispanics in…
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Lab Breaks Ground on New Materials Design Laboratory to Spur Transformative Technologies
The new Materials Design Laboratory at Argonne will be the final building to complete Argonne’s Energy Quad – a group of four adjoining buildings designed to maximize collaboration between energy and materials scientists at Argonne. A groundbreaking ceremony for the MDL was held on September 2.
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High-Tech Future Early Warning System for Hurricanes, Tornados and Volcanic Eruptions
A group of researchers at Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas has built a much smaller ring laser interferometer to explore how it could detect geophysical effects such as earthquake-generated ground rotation and infrasound from convective storms and have demonstrated the technology’s potential as an…
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Outrageous Heads Led to Outrageously Large Dinosaurs
New research from North Carolina State University shows that theropod dinosaur species with bony crests, horns and knobs evolved to giant body sizes 20 times faster than those species lacking such embellishments.
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Quantum Computing Advances with University of Tokyo Researchers’ Control of Entanglement
Using laser light, a team of scientists in Japan have developed a precise, continuous control technology giving 60 times more success than previous efforts in sustaining the lifetime of “qubits,” the unit that quantum computers encode. In particular, the researchers have shown that they can continue…
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Cosmic Dust Demystified
Besides providing substantive information about the atmospheres of other planets, cosmic dust particles can impact radio communications, climate and even serve as fertilizer for phytoplankton in the oceans. A team of researchers has developed a new experimental Meteoric Ablation Simulator (MASI) that…
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Creating Antimatter via Lasers?
Intriguing calculations from a research team at the Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IAP RAS), and reported this week in Physics of Plasmas, explain the production and dynamics of electrons and positrons from ultrahigh-intensity laser-matter interactions. In other words:…
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Secure Passwords Can Be Sent Through Your Body, Instead of Air
University of Washington engineers have devised a way to send secure passwords through the human body using smartphone fingerprint sensors and laptop touchpads — rather than over the air where they’re vulnerable to hacking.

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