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Everlane’s City Jacket is All the Raincoat You Need
The new Everlane City Jacket is a mid weight, water resistant top layer with a hood that stays on your head. Available in three colors with the blue being particularly good, the City Jacket has easy-to-adjust Velcro cuffs, snap closure hand pockets, and subtle-but-great detailing. It’s an easy to manage…
Kinja Co-Op
No One Has to See Your Toiletries Ever Again with the simplehuman Spin Cabinet
simplehuman already made the only good shower caddies on the market, but this is next level.Read more…
Science | Smithsonian
The Animals That Venom Can’t Touch
Meet the creatures who look into the face of venomous death and say: Not today
RT – Daily news
New ‘heavy’ rocket & $5mn launch price tag: Russia’s S7 plans for Sea Launch revealed
Russian space producer RSC Energia announced it will create a state of the art rocket for the Sea Launch program taken over by the Russian S7-group, with a launch price tag of $5mn. Read Full Article at
Digital Trends
Google’s Waze Rider rideshare program ends testing phase, goes live in SF
Waze Rider casual carpooling is now available for all Waze users in the San Francisco area. After months of testing its rideshare concept with the employees of select tech companies, the service is open to all, as reported by Engadget. Waze Rider differs from Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare programs…
‘I will continue to stand on my feet’: Alicia Machado responds to Trump’s tweetstorm
Alicia Machado won’t let Donald Trump have the last word with a handful of tweets. Machado, who became acquainted with Trump after she won the 1996 Miss Universe pageant, responded to a Trump Twitter tirade on Friday after the Republican presidential nominee smeared her with a few tweets he sent before… Full Feed
California Enacts Asset Forfeiture Reform, Mostly Closing Lucrative Fed Loophole
California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a sweeping asset forfeiture reform bill into law on Wednesday, making California the largest state in the country to roll back a practice that critics say allow police to seize property with little to no recourse for the owner. With Brown’s signature, California…
X-Ray Images of Bird Feathers Hold the Secret to Dinosaur Colors
Textbook illustrations and museum dioramas could soon be even more accurate in their depiction of the rich colors of long-extinct animals like dinosaurs. An international team of scientists used advanced X-ray imaging techniques to map out elements related to pigmentation in modern birds of prey, which…
RT – Daily news
600k veterans uninsured in 2017 – health researchers
A projected 604,000 US veterans will not have health insurance in 2017, according to a new report. About 327,000 of those live in states that have not expanded Medicaid in accordance with the Affordable Care Act. Read Full Article at
Newswise: SciNews
CO2 Record at Mauna Loa, the Music Video: The Sounds of Climate Change
Two scientists put the carbon dioxide record at Mauna Loa to music, and made a music video of climate change.
Physics Today Magazine
Aurora in a bottle
Physics Today Magazine
Plasma discharge for food sterilization
Physics Today Magazine
High-velocity cloud blows Milky Way bubble
Physics Today Magazine
X-ray ghost imaging
Physics Today Magazine
New books
Physics Today Magazine
Solid-state NMR resolves protein structures—no deuteration required
Spinning the samples at extraordinarily high frequency is key to untangling the biomolecules’ complicated spectra.
Physics Today Magazine
Searching for the Oldest Stars: Ancient Relics from the Early Universe
Physics Today Magazine
A droplet that won’t freeze harbors a crystal that won’t melt
The gallium nanodroplet’s anomalous phase behavior is a new twist on the maxim “small is different.”
Physics Today Magazine
White House science adviser talks space, climate change, and budgets
John Holdren recaps the Obama administration’s science policy achievements and disappointments.
Physics Today Magazine
Harassment in our community: An open letter
Physics Today Magazine
Unraveling the jet-lag asymmetry
Physics Today Magazine
Thoughts on Einstein and general relativity
Physics Today Magazine
Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy: Basic Concepts and Applications
Physics Today Magazine
Perfection from a simpler time
Physics Today Magazine
Extragalactic survey aims to shed light on dark energy
Robot-controlled optical fibers will help create 3D map of the cosmos.
Physics Today Magazine
Commentary: Reporting on global warming: A study in headlines
Physics Today Magazine
Deuteron joins proton as smaller than expected
Physics Today Magazine
A bridge too far: The demise of the Superconducting Super Collider
The largest basic scientific project ever attempted, the supercollider proved to be beyond the management capacity of the US high-energy physics community. A smaller proton collider would have been substantially more achievable.
Physics Today Magazine
Focus on materials, semiconductors, vacuum, and cryogenics
Physics Today Magazine
The search for magnetic monopoles
The discovery of the mysterious hypothetical particles would provide a tantalizing glimpse of new laws of nature beyond the standard model.
Physics Today Magazine
Clinton and Trump: Where do they stand on science?
The candidates’ positions on climate change and energy policy differ starkly. Comparing their views on other issues is harder.
Physics Today Magazine
Between reasearch and development: IBM and Josephson computing
For years the dream of turning the semiconductor industry into a superconductor industry has been only that. In the 1970s IBM—with help from the National Security Agency—made a run at turning that dream into reality.
Physics Today Magazine
The Only Woman in the Room: Why Science Is Still a Boys’ Club
Physics Today Magazine
Turbulence in breaking waves
Laboratory experiments suggest that, on average, turbulent energy dissipation in whitecaps is the same for waves lapping on the beach and waves storming in the seas.
Trump Is More Unpopular Than Clinton Is — And That Matters
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the two most disliked presidential nominees in modern American history. That was true at the beginning of this campaign, and, as we sprint towards Election Day, it’s still true now. But equating Clinton and Trump’s popularity problems misses a meaningful part of the…
Why The Eagles’ Surprising Start Might — And Might Not — Hold Up
At 3-0, the Philadelphia Eagles are quickly gaining altitude. FiveThirtyEight’s preseason Elo ratings gave the Eagles a mere 1 percent chance to win the Super Bowl and a 27 percent probability of winning the NFC East; now those numbers are up to 6 percent and 59 percent, respectively.Three of the league’s…
RT – Daily news
‘Police shot me in face for no reason’: El Cajon protest witness talks to RT
As Thursday’s protest in California ended with police firing pepper balls at demonstrators, RT talked to a witness who says it was a beanbag used by law enforcers which caused the large bruise on her face. Next time, she will not be just a bystander, Richelle Washabaugh said. Read Full Article at
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Environmental issues due to the use of cleaner forms of energy | Andreas Antoniou | TEDxPlatonSchool
“Possible environmental issues due to the use of cleaner forms of energy” “Πιθανά περιβαλλοντικά θέματα λόγω χρήσης καθαρότερων μορφών ενέργειας” Δρ Πολιτικός Μηχανικός ΕΜΠ, ΕΔΙΠ Σχολής Πολιτικών Μηχανικών ΕΜΠ. Συγγραφέας περισσότερων από 35 ερευνητικών δημοσιεύσεων σε διεθνή και ελληνικά περιοδικά,…
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ECO schools. A proposal for a sustainable school | Stamatis Skamberdonis | TEDxPlatonSchool
“ECO schools. A proposal for a sustainable school” “Οικολογικά Σχολεία. Μια πρόταση για αειφόρο σχολείο” Ο Σταμάτης Σκαμπαρδώνης είναι εκπ/κός στην Α/Θμια εκπ/ση. Ασχολείται χρόνια με την περιβαλλοντική εκπ/ση και είναι αντιπρόεδρος της Ελληνικής Εταιρείας Προστασίας της Φύσης. Ήταν από τους πρωτεργάτες…
Archinect – News
BIG-designed “The Spiral” Hudson Yards tower is inching closer to becoming reality
Everything is spiraling into place for Tishman Speyer. The developer officially filed plans Thursday for the Spiral, an office skyscraper that is slated to cost $3.2 billion. […] It is being designed by Bjarke Ingels , the Danish architect behind the 2 World Trade Center redesign and VIA57.The…
Upcoming Release – Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Game (PC) $47.99
Upcoming Release – Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Game (PC) $47.99
EDC is Everyday Carry
Celebrate National Day of Adventure on October 14th
submitted by Bernard Capulong I know you didn’t print this post out to read it, so I’m going to safely assume you’re reading this on a screen. Probably the same screen you stare at hours on end, day in and day out, whether it’s at work or just passing time on your phone. I know, it’s fun to scroll through…
The Verge – All Posts
J.J. Abrams and the cast of Star Trek take a stand against Donald Trump
When Star Trek Beyond hit theaters, Simon Pegg wasn’t shy about discussing how the film was an attack against surges in xenophobia and nativism in the US and UK — and now Pegg, director J.J. Abrams, and cast and crew from all corners of the Star Trek universe are speaking out as part of a group called…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Three great places to live on Mars
Assuming that SpaceX can refuel an orbiting spacecraft, build boosters capable of launching 1,000 times over, establish a propellant factory on another planet and of course, that you’ve got US$100,000 to spare, you could soon be faced with some pretty tough life choices. Earlier this week Elon…
BBC News – World
Greek anger at Turkey border treaty remarks
Greece reacts angrily after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan appeared to question a 1923 treaty that set borders between the two countries.
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
Simulate ‘sun and rain’ detail how nanoparticles can escape from plastic coatings into the environment
Scientific American Content: Global
Here’s the Carbon Dioxide Spiral
An unsettling visualization shows the relentless advance of the greenhouse gas   — Read more on
Fast Company
Five Ways To Revamp Your Pathetic Follow-Up Emails
“Following up” often creates more work because it just grabs someone’s attention without giving them new information. “Following up” often creates more work because it just grabs someone’s attention without giving them new information.Emails are usually about asking. Either someone…
Garage Italia Customs presents a striking new color concept for the BMWi cars
The futuristic cars get a striking new paint option.Photo: BMWGarage Italia Customs and BMW are showing off two new versions of their i8 and i3 models wrapped in a new colorway called CrossFade. The color was inspired by a painting style popular in the late 19th and early 20th century. The technique,…
Shut Up And Take My Money
Cannabis Coins
submitted by /u/mellow_ninja [link] [comments]
Shut Up And Take My Money
Ethical Origin Engagement Ring – Montana Sapphire from Alluvial Deposits
submitted by /u/NaturallyStoned [link] [comments]
The Verge – All Posts
Supreme Court will decide if law prohibiting derogatory trademarks is unconstitutional
The United States Supreme Court has agreed to decide if a federal law that bans the trademarking of “disparaging” terms constitutes a free speech violation, Reuters reports. The case in question involves a Portland-based band called The Slants, who were denied a trademark because their band name is a…
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The United Nations is turning VR into a tool for social change
Virtual reality is lauded as an empathy generator. The ability to transport viewers to a setting that would otherwise be inaccessible, or even unfathomable, lends a sense of poignancy to the medium. Over the last two years, journalistic stories and c…
The Manual
Leica makes its first instant camera: The Leica Sofort
A perfect antidote to Instagram overload. The post Leica makes its first instant camera: The Leica Sofort appeared first on The Manual.
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Our Clothes Are Poisoning Deep-Sea Animals With Microplastics
In June, Canada listed those tiny plastic “microbeads” that are found in exfoliants and cleansers as a toxic substance, following in the footsteps of the US and Europe. Plenty of people celebrated the move: these tiny beads, which are five millimeters or smaller in size, are terrible for the environment….
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A 25-Year-Old PhD Student Created Microscopic Throwing Stars to Fight Superbugs
A powerful supervillain calls for a powerful weapon, even when you’re talking about real world enemies like antibiotic resistant bacteria.That’s why a team of researchers has started investigating a potential new strategy for killing off resistant superbugs: microscopic throwing stars that rip the bacteria…
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It’s Almost Like the Dallas PD Just Doesn’t Care With These Bomb Robot FOIAs
In July, the Dallas Police Department killed a criminal suspect with a robot, ushering in something of a new paradigm of policing. Naturally, in light of such an unprecedented event, a flurry of journalists filed requests under Texas’ freedom-of-information-like law, to try and get more details or context…
Your Favorite Affordable Vacuum Just Got Its Biggest Discount Ever
The Shark Navigator Lift-Away is your favorite upright affordable vacuum, and you can get a refurb from Amazon today for $70, which is the best price we’ve ever seen by $20, and less than half the price of buying it new.Read more…
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
A house within a house in Slovakia unfolds in layers
The main living quarters and auxiliary functions are organized in two layers in this house in Slovakia. Architecture firm Plural designed the building as a house-within-a-house with two separate garden areas with different functions. The building is located in Bernolákovo, a village and municipality…
RT – Daily news
US ‘spare Nusra for plan B’ to change regime in Syria – Lavrov
The US is keeping jihadist group al-Nusra for a “Plan B”, potentially to overthrow Syrian President Assad, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with the BBC. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
ExxonMobil sued for decades-long cover up of climate change
Oil giant ExxonMobil is being sued for allegedly polluting a Massachusetts river and violating federal water laws. The suit also charges the company with knowing of climate change’s adverse affect, but hiding it. Read Full Article at
The World’s First Transparent Glass Slide Looks Like a Nightmare to Clean
Our perpetually-dropped smartphones have pushed glass manufacturers to create stronger and more durable materials to survive our clumsiness. But if you’re curious just how advanced glass making techniques have gotten, someone has made a 30-foot working glass slide that’s completely transparent.Read more…
Latest Items from TreeHugger
We all love baking soda, but where does it come from?
The provenance of baking soda is rarely discussed, which leads to the question, ‘Is this miracle substance really as eco-friendly as we think?’
Latest Items from TreeHugger
London to ban trucks with lousy driver visibility
It is a fixable design problem and unlike in North America, they are doing something about it.
Japan has chocolate-scented septic trucks to mask the smell of poo
To quote Shakespeare, “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” The reverse is true, too. A septic truck still smells like poop if you call it a Honeywagon. That’s to […]
Joe Biden doesn’t hold back about Trump’s tax comments
During an appearance on the Tonight Show, Joe Biden admitted he is “angered” by presidential candidate Donald Trump’s flippant tone when it comes to campaign issues. Read more…More about Mashable Video, Jimmy Fallon, Tonight Show, Election 2016, and Donald Trump
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A Cashless Journey | Abhishant Pant | TEDxNMIMS
In this talk the Abhishant tell how the idea of going cashless dawned upon him, how going cashless helps economy and fight black money. Abhishant is a Mumbai based payments professional, he started cashless journey (he has stopped carrying physical manifestation of cash) experiment on 13th march 2016…
Next Big Future
US Military Research Labs will take commercial technology for a constant game changing third offset innovation
The US Army, Navy and Air Force all have dedicated research labsThe military research labs are currently pursuing what is called the third military offset strategy.First offset – nuclear weaponsIn the Cold War, the U.S. and its NATO allies sought a series of competitive advantages over the Soviet Union,…
RT – Daily news
Hey Buddy: Search continues for endangered penguin, while two charged in SA
Two men have appeared in court after they “freed” an endangered penguin from a marine park in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Buddy the penguin remains missing and his two chicks have since died in their enclosure Read Full Article at
Man of Many
Self-Contained – VSSL Mini Cache
When you first catch a glimpse of the VSSL Mini Cache, it’s not entirely clear what exactly it’s meant to do, despite it’s impressive design. Bearing more than a passing resemblance to the kind of containers that house radioactive material in action movies, it turns out it’s actually a portable LED lantern…
Almost Everyone Who’s Ever Worked on Star Trek Is Begging You Not to Vote for Trump
In one of the least surprising turn of events in history, the people who worked on Star Trek—a show which envisions a future Earth without sexism, racism, religion, and even money—find the thought of a Trump presidency abhorrent. More surprisingly, they all want to be clear that a vote for a third party… – latest science and technology news stories
Giant thai insect reveals clues to human heart disease
What can a Thai water bug teach us about our muscles, especially the heart? A lot, says Professor of Biological Science Kenneth Taylor. New research by Taylor published today in Science Advances gives scientists better insight into how the heart muscle works and how sometimes it fails.
Curbed National
New line of sleek lamps ideal for all-black interiors
Very industrial sexy-cool Vipp, Danish purveyor of sleek homeware and chic prefab shelters, has just released a line of five LED lamps characterized by the company’s signature aesthetic of industrial sexy-cool. Made from black powder coated aluminum, the series includes a wall lamp, wall spot (also available…
Kinja Co-Op
‘Cause if You Liked it Then You Should Have Put a Tile On It
Tile and the newer Tile Slim continue to be the coolest way to find your lost stuff.Read more…
Kinja Co-Op
The Sill Delivers On Demand Succulents to Your Door
Whether you want to schedule an office consultation or just need a few low light plants to put in your bathroom, The Sill has you covered.Read more…
Scientific American Content: Global
Flagship US Fusion Reactor Breaks Down
A design flaw introduced during a recent upgrade could keep the reactor offline for at least a year — Read more on
Airbus signs up first customer for external space station platform
GUADALAJARA, Mexico — An Australian company that is developing an electric thruster is the first customer for an external research platform Airbus Defence and Space plans to install on the International Space Station by the end of 2018. At a ceremony at the International Astronautical Congress here…
By 2020, your Wi-Fi-connected car will pay for parking, gas
Wi-Fi communications in vehicles, whether from the factory or in aftermarket devices, will increase from 6.9 million per year in 2015 to 61 million per year in 2020 — and this will usher in a new era of consumer services and applications, according to a new report from Gartner. Over the next four…
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Wanted: One 400-lb hacker (or maybe five tiny ones)
This week the topic of cybersecurity made its first-ever appearance at a presidential debate. This was thanks to moderator Lester Holt, who asked candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump how to fight cyberattacks. Both were heavy on emphasizing the importance of “the cyber,” were scant on policy…
This Guest House In The Hamptons Has A Grid Of Double Height Windows
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A quick perspective on how big some things are
Kevin Wisbeth, who runs a new YouTube series called A Quick Perspective that compares things like the Space Shuttle and the Megalodon (biggest shark ever) to more familiar objects like buildings and cars. Here’s the Shuttle video: Wisbeth shared some comparison images deemed unworthy…
When will Apple unveil the new MacBook Pro?
Word on the street is that Apple may unveil its new MacBook Pros at the end of October.  That comes from 9to5Mac, which looks at past history as well as a “sketchy” rumor from The Apple Post about an Oct. 24 event, to conclude that the week before Halloween is when Apple will unveil the new laptops….
Next Big Future
Ten percent have immune systems that ignore HIV and thus the immune system is saved and AIDS does not develop
Ten percent of children have a “monkey-like” immune system that stops them developing Aids, a study suggests.An untreated HIV infection will kill 60% of children within two and a half years, but the equivalent infection in monkeys is not fatal.The findings could lead to new immune-based therapies for…
Gear Patrol
This Vintage Amp Is One of the Best Deals in Music
What was known as an amateur model in 1963 now commands upwards of $500 on the secondhand market. …Read More »
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Review: Formy 3D-printed bar grips make a lasting impression
You don’t need to be an ergonomics expert to know that custom-fit cycling products are typically more comfortable than their off-the-rack equivalents. And thanks to the advent of 3D scanning and printing technology, we’re now seeing that sort of “personal touch” being increasingly applied to…
The Next Web
Artificial intelligence is quickly becoming as biased as we are
When you perform a Google search for every day queries, you don’t typically expect systemic racism to rear its ugly head. Yet, if you’re a woman searching for a hairstyle, that’s exactly what you might find. A simple Google image search for ‘women’s professional hairstyles’ returns the following: Here,…
Physics News
Student’s surprise finding could improve future handling of nuclear waste
Salesforce Pushes Regulators To Block Microsoft’s LinkedIn Deal
Salesforce is urging the European Union to take a closer look at Microsoft’s takeover of LinkedIn as EU regulators ask questions on how the software giant could use AI to exploit data from LinkedIn’s professionals. Chief Legal Officer Burke Norton said Salesforce plans to tell European and U.S. antitrust…
These hillside holiday homes are surrounded by glass giving them amazing views of the hills in New Zealand
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Save A Whopping $55 On These Popular Mackie Reference Speakers
These Mackie CR4 reference speakers sell for $150 on Amazon, where they carry a 4.4 star review average, but Adorama will sell you the pair for $115 today, which is a match for the best price we’ve ever seen. Plus, a $20 mail-in rebate is available to effectively take them down to $95.Read more…
Our Best View Yet of Molecules Moving Inside Living Cells
A new microscope developed by the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts is allowing scientists track the position and orientation of individual molecules in living cells. It has the potential to reveal unknown aspects of molecular behavior, including those that turn cells into agents…
Earthquake Swarm at Iceland’s Katla Volcano Raises Alert Status to Yellow
A new earthquake swarm at Iceland’s Katla has become intense enough for officials to raise the alert status at the ice-capped volcano. The post Earthquake Swarm at Iceland’s Katla Volcano Raises Alert Status to Yellow appeared first on WIRED.
We Like to Watch
This week, television. What we watch, what we watch it on, and what we do while we watch it. The post We Like to Watch appeared first on WIRED.
Everyone’s Going to Mars! And the Week’s Other Big News
We’re proud to bring NextDraft—the most righteous, most essential newsletter on the web—to The post Everyone’s Going to Mars! And the Week’s Other Big News appeared first on WIRED.
NYC’s Ugliest Train Station Will Soon Look Like This
Plans to redevelop New York City’s Penn Station have loomed for decades. Now it’s really happening. The post NYC’s Ugliest Train Station Will Soon Look Like This appeared first on WIRED.
Microsoft News Pro app lands on Android
Android users can now download Microsoft’s News Pro app, joining the iOS users who got access to it awhile ago. With the app, users can sign in using one of four methods (email, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook) to view personalized news from all sorts of categories, as well as sign up for an email digest….
Alvar Aalto “changed the history of skateboarding”
Finnish Modernist architect Alvar Aalto accidentally invented the skateboard bowl with a 1930s swimming pool design, according to a US skateboarding magazine and a Finnish newspaper. (more…)
Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill Coffee Grinder $39.99
Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill Coffee Grinder $39.99 Full Feed
Tennessee’s Cosmetology Board Thinks It Can Regulate a Software Company
Armand Lauzon owns a software company, but on Monday he’ll have to stand before the Tennessee Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners to explain why he should be allowed to stay in business. Lauzon doesn’t cut or color hair, doesn’t shape or polish nails and doesn’t apply makeup. He doesn’t perm,… Full Feed
Read How Chicago Police Use Asset Forfeiture as a Slush-Fund for Surveillance Equipment
One of the most aggravating aspects of civil asset forfeiture for anyone trying to study the subtle beast is just how little information is public about how much property police departments seize, who they seize it from, and where all that revenue goes. Enter the Chicago Reader, which in an investigation…
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What It’s Like to Use VR to Buy Multimillion Dollar Real Estate
To own a home in Manhattan, you essentially need to be a millionaire. New York’s total property value soared earlier this year, reaching a record-setting value of around $1 trillion. The median sales price of a Manhattan home was $2 million, and that’s not even at the top. To make it easier for wealthy…
RT – Daily news
3 Japanese governors don ‘pregnancy’ vests urging men to help at home (VIDEO)
In a bid to learn about the “hardships” of being a woman, three Japanese governors put on special “pregnancy” vests and shot a video of themselves taking up daily activities. The move is part of a campaign which urges men to take up more chores at home. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
Clinton calls for ‘National Service Reserve’ for millennials
Hillary Clinton wants to enlist young Americans into a national service program, where they would assist the government with anything from disaster relief to public works. The proposal is part of her push to win over millennial voters. Read Full Article at
21 Amazing Science Fiction and Fantasy Books to Add to Your October Reading List
October is nearly here, which means it’s time to re-up your pile of reading material for a new month. And there is some excellent subject matter here: Twin Peaks, political intrigue, magicians, artificial humans, the apocalypse, vampires, and Young Frankenstein, to name just a few.Read more… – latest science and technology news stories
How this karaoke company survived the digital darlings and made lots of money
For a while, it looked like the beat wouldn’t go on for the Singing Machine Co. The largest manufacturer of home karaoke machines in North America, founded in 1982, was being crowded out of retail store shelves by newer, cooler products such as portable DVD machines, MP3 players, digital picture frames… – latest science and technology news stories
For phone time, what’s normal?
It’s come to this. Almost every night, the same fight about my significant other’s persistent smartphone use. – latest science and technology news stories
Opinion: Tech industry should lead Snowden pardon charge
There’s a debate raging right now over whether President Barack Obama, before he leaves office, should grant Edward Snowden a pardon. – latest science and technology news stories
Review: TiVo’s latest model makes it easier to bolt from cable
The first thing you’ll notice about the TiVo Bolt is its odd shape – it looks like someone bent the case in an industrial press.
Newswise: SciNews
Penn Scientists Receive $24 Million from National Science Foundation to Establish MechanoBiology Center
he National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded the University of Pennsylvania a $24 Million, five-year grant to establish a Science and Technology Center (STC) focused on engineering mechanobiology, or the way cells exert and are influenced by the physical forces in their environment.
Digital Trends
Google eyes third-party speakers in bid to compete with Amazon Echo, report says
Google may be entering the smart home business with its own hardware — Google Home — but it seems as though the company isn’t too fussy about how well the device does. Instead, what it really wants is the software running on it, Google Assistant, to be in as many homes as possible. According to a report…
Digital Trends
‘Rock Band VR’ first-person rhythm game compatible with legacy guitar controllers
Rock Band series developer Harmonix showcased a new version of its in-development virtual reality experience Rock Band VR this week, revealing that the finished product will be compatible with legacy guitar peripherals when it ships later this year. Harmonix notes that a Rock Band VR-specific accessory…
Digital Trends
Evolution of furniture: Genetic algorithms, 3D printing create unique pieces
Do you enjoy good design? Like algorithms and 3D printing? Enjoy sitting down at tables? If you’re in the overlapping section of this particular three-pronged Venn diagram, you’ll probably enjoy the work of U.K. design studio Studio Integrate, which was shown off at this month’s London Design Fair. Designing…
Digital Trends
Video provides a behind-the-scenes look at how LEE lens filters are produced
Although I’ve never used lens filters, many photographers do and with good reason. Not only do lens filters offer protection from unwanted scratches and dust on the front element of a lens, they can also add a whole host of specialized effects. One of the most trusted names in the filter industry is…
See Apple’s huge new auditorium before it’s buried forever – CNET
The latest drone flyover of Apple’s new UFO-shaped “Campus 2” shows the Cupertino giant’s new home in the final phases of construction.
Landscape Design Idea – Low impact stairs that allow plants to grow below them
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This home in New York is overlooking a pond on one side and the ocean on another
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iPhone 8: evidence mounts of an OLED display
If you were disappointed by the incremental updates in the iPhone 7, you now have more reason to wait for the next iPhone. A new report says Apple is in negotiations with Sharp to manufacture OLED displays for the iPhone 8. An anonymous source told Bloomberg that Apple is hashing it out with Sharp to…
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Review: Samsung UE49KS8000
Samsung UE49KS8000 reviewThe UE49KS8000 has three big attractions to its name. First, it’s one of Samsung’s so-called SUHD TVs. This means it combines a super-bright LCD panel with a local dimming system for the backlight plus wide colour spectrum capabilities built on a proprietary version of Quantum…
Mises Institute
The Path to Victory
AATagsHome | Feed | Blog.rssStrategyPolitical TheoryThe Path to Victory 0 Views  The Mises Institute was founded as a research center based on classically liberal ideas that have always been under fire: the ideas of Mises and the tradition of thought he represents. That means a focus on the…
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US builds a $100 million African drone base to fight Boko Haram
The Department of Defense announced on Friday that it is investing $100 million in a drone base located in Agadez, in central Niger. The base will serve as a central surveillance hub in the fight against both Boko Haram and roaming militant groups linked to al Qaeda. “At the request of, and in…
Native Union DOCK+ Lightning Marble Edition
Like an ancient Greek sculpture, Native Union’s solid marble charging dock tells the story of our times. It’s made for all of Apple’s Lightning-charged devices. The DOCK+ features an aircraft-grade aluminum interface and comes with a 4-foot braided MFi Certified Lightning Cable. Available in white…
TRiLIGHT Motion Activated Garage Light
The TRiLIGHT is a simple way to shed new light in your poorly lit garage. It screws into a standard lightbulb socket and features 3 adjustable light panels that use efficient LED bulbs to put out 3000 lumens of bright white light. That’s nearly 4-times brighter than a 60-watt bulb but uses just 25W….
Quanta Magazine
Solution: ‘Time Through an LCD Display’
Our September Insights puzzle features a toy model universe inspired by the kinds of serious models discussed by experts in the Time in Cosmology conference. This toy universe consisted of a 5-by-6 grid of nodes featuring a seven-segment LCD display of the number 8 at its center. The idea was to explore…
BBC News – World
US death penalty: Proportion of Americans who support execution falls below 50% for the first time
The proportion of Americans who favour capital punishment for convicted murderers falls to 48% – the lowest level for four decades.
VentureBeat launches to make customer-centric data science available to all
EXCLUSIVE: There is a general problem with analytics, especially when it comes to understanding your audience — knowing where to find the right data, understanding what questions to ask, and gathering real insights in the resulting swamp of information. That kind of research usually requires a data…
Latest Items from TreeHugger
22-year-old lives dream life for Nat Geo WILD (photos)
Young photographer Bertie Gregory’s love of nature and contagious enthusiasm make him the perfect host for Nat Geo’s foray into the wilds of Vancouver Island.
Latest Items from TreeHugger
The best explanation ever about why change in our cities is so slow
The White House issues a Housing Toolkit that is going nowhere, and here is why.
Latest Items from TreeHugger
How to win free books for life
It’s a reader’s dream come true. A London bookshop has announced a competition that will award the winner with a lifetime of free literature.
Google Sheets Explore: A work in progress
Spreadsheet software that will understand natural-language questions about your data is certainly a cool concept. Microsoft Power BI’s cloud service — its analytics platform, not Excel — has offered this capability for a while, but having it percolate down to spreadsheets will put it before many… Full Feed
Body Cam Footage of Police Shooting of 6-Year-Old Released
Footage of the fatal police shooting of 6-year-old Jeremy Mardis in Louisiana in September 2015 at the end of a police pursuit was released this week as part of the evidentiary hearing—two of the cops involved were indicted on murder charges for the killing. You can watch the video below. Michael…
Discover Magazine
Protect Your Local Watershed: Become a Streamkeeper!
By: Nohra Murad and Jenny Cutraro Maintaining clean waterways: it’s a challenge confronted at the local level by communities across the globe. Stormwater runoff, trash, even sewage overflow, often contaminate urban waterways, degrading wildlife habitat, reducing opportunities for recreation, and…
Kinja Co-Op
BEDDI Packs Every Bedside Device and Integration Into a Single Alarm Clock
BEDDI combines three of our most popular categories: phone charging, bluetooth speakers, and wake-up lights into a single product. Tip of the iceberg.Read more… – latest science and technology news stories
Why restaurants want you to order food on your phone
Swipe, click, food. The ability to order food with the click of a few buttons on a smartphone is becoming widespread – even fast-food companies are getting in on the action. But the technology – which in some cases tracks a customer’s location and times food preparation accordingly – can vary widely….
Young Architect Guide: 7 Secrets To Success In Architectural Design Competitions
The debate over whether architectural competitions are a worthwhile endeavor for young practices has been raging for a number of years: Modative blogger Derek Leavitt wrote a provocative piece in 2010 lamenting the folly of open ideas competitions, which spurred Archdaily’s Karen Cliento to compose…
Engadget Full RSS Feed
What to expect to see from Google’s October 4th event
It’s that time of the year when tech companies trot out their newest wares hoping to cash in on the holiday season buying spree and Google is no different. On October 4th the search giant is holding an event to show off, well something, but most likely some new phones. The company is mum on the details…
The Verge – All Posts
BeagleBone Black Wireless comes with Wi-Fi but no Ethernet
Iconoclastic tinkerers have a new toy: the popular BeagleBone Black single board computer just got a slight makeover. The new BeagleBone Black Wireless swaps out the 10/100 Ethernet port for some much-needed Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. It’s only 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi, but that’s sadly all most internet…
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
UN opens probe into Syria aid convoy attack
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Friday announced he is setting up a board of inquiry to investigate the bombing of an aid convoy in Syria last week that killed 18 people.
Ars Technica
Did attackers take down Newsweek because of an anti-Trump story?
Enlarge (credit: Newsweek) Newsweek suspects that attackers took down its site for hours on Thursday in order to bury a story about a company that Donald Trump owned decades ago. The magazine claims that the company secretly did business in Cuba, even though that was illegal at the time. Newsweek…
Using Math to Repair a 650-Year-Old Masterpiece
The author shows how new mathematical techniques can be used to revitalize a 650-year-old work of art. The post Using Math to Repair a 650-Year-Old Masterpiece appeared first on WIRED.
Donald Trump’s social media would doom him in a job interview – CNET
Social media has been Trump’s greatest asset, but could also be his downfall.
The Team Behind Agent Carter Is Making a Show Based on Disney’s Theme Parks
Disney is once again shuffling its properties around so that comics, movies, theme parks, and television shows share source material. But this time, showrunners Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters (Agent Carter) are involved, so we’re more optimistic than before.Read more…
Popular Science
German Lifeguards Test A Low-Flying Drone To Save Swimmers
Aviation Flotation devices away! Microdrones quadcopter delivers flotation devices to swimmer in exercise.
Popular Science
Self-Driving Chairs And 3D-Printed Bones
Science And more of our favorite images of the week Our 10 favorite images from this week in science and technology news.
Newswise: SciNews
Scientific Diplomacy: Berkeley Lab Hosts 2016 TechWomen
In September two researchers from Africa visited Berkeley Lab as part of the State Department’s TechWomen–an international exchange that brings emerging women leaders in STEM from Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East together with their professional counterparts in the U.S.
Newswise: SciNews
From Pokemon Go to Birdwatching: UT Scientist Studies How We Express Our Inner Hunter
Interested in birding or wildlife photography? Enjoy playing Pokemon Go and catching imaginary creatures? If so, you may simply be expressing your inner hunter. So says a new study from Vladimir Dinets, a University of Tennessee, Knoxville, research assistant professor of psychology.
7 questions to ask before switching cell phone carriers
Your current cell phone carrier isn’t cutting it anymore, and you’re ready for a change. But pause before you pull the trigger.  You don’t want to be surprised by hidden costs or merely trade one shoddy carrier for another. To make sure you end up with a better deal, ask yourself these seven questions…
Swap to Non-Latin Keyboard Layouts in macOS Sierra With the Caps Lock Key
If you swap between a Western and a non-Latin keyboard layout on your Mac, like Hebrew, Chinese, Kannada, or others, you’d usually need to do so by clicking an option in the menubar. MacWorld points out you can set the Caps Lock key to easily swap between keyboards.When you have a non-Latin keyboard…
Kesha voices her support for former Miss Universe Alicia Machado
Monday’s first presidential debate thrust Alicia Machado into the spotlight when Hillary Clinton used the actress and model’s Miss Universe experience to underscore Donald Trump’s sexist attitude towards women.  On Thursday, Kesha voiced her support for the former Miss Universe winner. SEE ALSO: Former… Full Feed
Student Arrested for Wearing Gorilla Mask to Black Lives Matter Rally, Claremont Cancels Speedo-Bikini Hike: Special College Edition P.M. Links
Police arrested an East Tennessee University student who wore a gorilla mask to a Black Lives Matter rally. The student was handing out bananas and trying to provoke event participants (this was not, as I initially suspected, some kind of pro-Harambe thing). Note that the rally took place in the campus’s…
TechRadar: All latest feeds
Mac Week: Your Mac simply wouldn’t be the same without the iPhone – here’s why
The iPhone’s effect on the MacWhen the iPhone first launched nearly a decade ago, it and Apple’s well-revived Mac computers were clearly delineated as different devices. One had just started its journey to ubiquity, whereas the other had already been on that road for decades.But, perhaps even under your…
Scientific American Content: Global
How Lewy Body Dementia Gripped Robin Williams
Hit by a vicious case, the actor said he wanted to “reboot” his brain — Read more on
Mises Institute
“Thar’s Gold in Them Mountains”
AATagsHome | Feed | Blog.rssMoney and BanksGold StandardMoney and Banking”Thar’s Gold in Them Mountains” 0 ViewsIt is no secret that secret Swiss bank accounts are not so secret anymore, as political elites throughout the world led by the U.S. government wage an all-out war against financial…
Scientific American Content: Global
Why Psychiatrists Don’t Share Personal Information with Patients
We’re taught to be like blank slates—but at what cost? — Read more on
Scientific American Content: Global
So You Want to Terraform Mars?
The SpaceX vision for a multiplanet species prompts thinking on how to make a planet more habitable — Read more on
Scientific American Content: Global
Stockholm’s Urban Space Battle
Bike parking replaces cars on Scandinavian city streets — Read more on
Scientific American Content: Global
Math Art to Love
A roundup of my posts about mathematical art—#loveyourmath — Read more on
Scientific American Content: Global
Winners of the Scientific American Innovators Award Turn Trash into Water Filters [Video]
After 50 hours in a lab, three Ohio eighth graders convert Styrofoam food containers into a patent-worthy new water filter — Read more on
Scientific American Content: Global
Vast Pile of Plant Skeletons Hides in the Great Barrier Reef
New scans of the structures—termed bioherms—reveal odd nets, rings, and ripples of unknown origin — Read more on
You can now use an iPhone to log into a Windows 10 PC, Microsoft says
Apple’s iPhone isn’t always a good pairing for Microsoft’s Windows 10 PCs, but you’ll be able to use the phone’s biometric authentication features to log into PCs.Microsoft wants to kill passwords with Windows Hello, a technology that allows users to log into PCs by fingerprint, face, iris. or pattern…
Popular Science
From Aphids to Varroa Mites, “Awesome ‘Possum” promises to be a veritable science comic encyclopedia
From Our Blogs: Boxplot Vol. 3 of the hit comic anthology is now on Kickstarter The campaign to fund Awesome ‘Possum, a massive science comic anthology, is now going on Kickstarter…
RT – Daily news
‘Mega Swing’: Parachuters take playground ride above the clouds (VIDEO)
Four daredevil skydivers have taken their favourite playground ride to the skies by fashioning a “mega swing” between two moving hot air balloons. Read Full Article at
R2-D2 coffee press is your new hope for caffeination
R2-D2 is a cool droid, a great friend and a reliable messenger. But wouldn’t it be better if it could also dispense coffee? Starting in November, that dream will become reality. In anticipation of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, ThinkGeek is releasing a coffee press modeled after the beloved, beepy droid. …
Scientific American Content: Global
All Together Now! U.S. Department of Energy Sums Up Why We Should Be Optimistic About Clean Energy
Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Energy Released “6 Charts that Will Make You Optimistic About America’s Clean Energy Future” that track cost declines and rising use of some key… — Read more on
Apple is screwing up HomeKit; here’s how they can fix it
 The real magic of the Internet of Things happens when devices work together. It will be magic when Siri, on your iPhone, can adjust your thermostat or confirm you locked the back door; when your door lock can tell your sound system you’re home and start the music. That’s not the reality we live in,…
Google adds detailed college info cards to Search
It’s that time of year — a bunch of people are agonizing over which college to attend, and Google plays a large part in their research. To help expedite and flesh out that research process, Google has announced the addition of detailed college data cards in Search, presenting a bunch of information about…
Popular Science
Marine Corps Commandant Wants A Drone In Every Squad
Military Every Marine an RPA man Marine Corps Commandant wants a drone in every squad by the end of 2017.
Best Deals of the Week, September 26th – September 30th – Deal Alert
Best Deals of the Week, September 26th – September 30th – Deal AlertCheck out this roundup of the best deals on gadgets, gear and other cool stuff we have found this week, the week of September 26th. All items are highly rated, and dramatically discounted.Discounts on New Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen) BundlesEcho…
Digital Trends
Sphero’s new Force Band grants you intergalactic superpowers
If you’re gadget geek, Star Wars enthusiast, or (as is so often the case) a mixture of both, you’re probably familiar with the remote-controlled BB-8 drone that hit store shelves late last year. The motorized light-up, spherical toy is the product of Sphero, the Denver, Colorado-based startup behind…
Best Deals of the Week, September 26th – September 30th – Deal Alert
Best Deals of the Week, September 26th – September 30th – Deal AlertCheck out this roundup of the best deals on gadgets, gear and other cool stuff we have found this week, the week of September 26th. All items are highly rated, and dramatically discounted.Discounts on New Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen) BundlesEcho… Full Feed
Fall TV Season Gets Time Travel Type Shows Based on Older Shows and Films: New at Reason
If you like time travel shows, shows that look like time travel shows, and shows based on older shows and films, this could be the TV season for you. Glenn Garvin reviews five of them: In 1966, when CBS unveiled a show called It’s About Time in which a pair of astronauts pierce the space-time continuum…
Weekly Roundup: Snapchat’s new Specs, Beyoncé is a tech investor and SpaceX’s plans to colonize Mars
 This week, Elon Musk revealed SpaceX’s plan for humans to inhabit Mars, Google rebranded its cloud services and rumors swirled about a Twitter bid. These are the top stories of the week, and you can also receive them in your inbox. Read More
Best Deals of the Week, September 26th – September 30th – Deal Alert
Best Deals of the Week, September 26th – September 30th – Deal AlertCheck out this roundup of the best deals on gadgets, gear and other cool stuff we have found this week, the week of September 26th. All items are highly rated, and dramatically discounted.Discounts on New Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen) BundlesEcho…
RT – Daily news
Arkansas State Rep. who pushed for law to film police, arrested for filming police (VIDEO)
An Arkansas politician who helped pass state legislation protecting people who film the police, has been arrested for… filming the police. Read Full Article at
New Scientist – Online news
First ‘baby dragons’ hatched in captivity reach adolescence
These pink cave amphibians can live to be 100 years old but only lay eggs once or twice a decade. Now we have a unique view of their development
Talks at Google
Dr. Ivan Paulino-Lima: “Extremophiles and Human Space Exploration” | Talks at Google
Dr. Paulino-Lima is a Research Scientist at Universities Space Research Association. He received his PhD degree from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and is developing several projects at Dr. Rothschild’s lab at NASA Ames Research Center for the past five years. His primary research…
Top 10 Unique Men’s Wedding Bands
  Top 10 Unique Men’s Wedding Bands For many couples, marriage is the perfect celebration of the love shared between both partners. A wedding is one of the most special occasions that a couple could share together, signifying a union that will hopefully last the rest of their lives. As a symbol of…
Election Update: Clinton’s Debate Performance Is Helping Her In Swing States
National polls conducted since Monday’s presidential debate have shown Hillary Clinton ahead of Donald Trump by an average of about 4 percentage points — a meaningful improvement from her position before the debate, when she led by just 1 or 2 points. Now, it’s becoming clearer that battleground state…
TG Daily
Lenovo’s Powerful Potential Global Market Position
This last week I was with Lenovo going over their server, storage, and networking strategy as they continue their pivot to become one of the last remaining hardware focused vendors in a market more often defined by change than focus these days. One of the things that strikes me as a huge competitive…
Ars Technica
BMW will make an electric Mini and an electric X3 SUV after all
It says “Mini” but every generation gets bigger and bigger. (credit: Jim Resnick) BMW confirmed to Bloomberg today that it will start work on an electric Mini and an electric X3 SUV. This news comes after reports of deliberation on BMW’s electric strategy among the company’s top executives earlier…
YouTube Help
Granny Was a Hacker | Kristine Howard | TEDxMelbourne
Kris Howard hides messages in plain view. See how this technique was used to fight wars, represent points of view and express creativity in a unique way. Kris is a coder but in a very unusual way. She combines art and creativity to express code though…knitting?! This talk was given at a TEDx event…
Popular Science
Bees Show Optimism After A Dopamine-Boosting Sweet Treat
Animals Sweet bees are made of these Bumblebees exhibit “emotion–like states” that change their behavior.
Portal movie info may be coming ‘soon’ says J.J. Abrams
It seems the Portal movie is still happening (albeit slowly), and we may be hearing an announcement about it in the near future, at least according to comments made recently by J.J. Abrams. Both the planned Portal movie and a Half Life movie are “still very much in development,” according to Abrams,…
Researchers Ask Federal Court To Unseal Years of Surveillance Records
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Two lawyers and legal researchers based at Stanford University have formally asked a federal court in San Francisco to unseal numerous records of surveillance-related cases, as a way to better understand how authorities seek such powers from judges….
‘Do Not Resist:’ 6 worrying moments from new film on warrior cops
From the procession of protesters marching in front of tooled up cops under stormy skies in Ferguson to a devastating shot of a small crouching boy surveying a tribute for Michael Brown, Do Not Resist is not short on powerful moments. The documentary, fêted at film festivals and in theaters nationwide…
Studio Roof’s Colorful 3-D Art-Toys
Who knew old-school could be so, well, modern? The design team behind Amsterdam-based…
Newswise: SciNews
NSF Funds Big Data Project in Digital Agriculture
The University of North Dakota, in partnership with Iowa State University, Kansas State University and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, is leading a multi-institution Digital Agriculture Spoke grant of about $1 million from the National Science Foundation (NSF). The NSF describes the UND-led project…
Belk Computer and Writing Desk Sale – Extra 15% off Coupon Code
Belk Computer and Writing Desk Sale – Extra 15% off Coupon Code Full Feed
Jerry Brown Just Signed a Tough-on-Rape Bill That’s So Bad, Even Feminists Hate It
California Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law Assembly Bills 2888 and 701 on Friday, which create mandatory minimum sentences for people convicted of sex crimes. The bills came in response to the outcry over Brock Turner’s lenient sentence. As I’ve argued previously, that outcry was largely justified—Turner… Full Feed
Congressman: DEA May Extend Comment Period on Kratom Ban Amid Public Pressure
Amid pressure from the public and Congress, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) may delay it’s decision to put the subtance Kratom on the federal government’s list of Schedule I drugs and allow for an extended public comment period, according to a U.S. Congressman who met with the acting DEA…
Iron Man Kettlebell
Incorporating this Iron Man kettlebell into your workout routine is guaranteed to get you into superhero shape in no time at all. This forty pound kettlebell is cast in iron and is designed to look exactly like Tony Stark’s iconic Iron Man helmet. Check it out
Life Size LEGO Bricks
Make your childhood fantasy a reality by converting the world around you into real LEGO-like structures by using these life size building bricks. You’ll be able to construct giant structures and real functional furniture – the only limit is your imagination. Check it out $159.80
Robot Arm Drone
This amazing robot arm drone comes with a pair of five-axis robotic arms capable of lifting up to 22 pounds. Its intrepid sci-fi inspired design can reach altitudes of 5,000 feet and it can perform a series of jobs such as flipping switches and cutting wires. Check it out
Seal And Pour Bag Clip
Keep food fresh for months at a time by storing it inside this seal and pour bag clip. It’s made from a microwavable and freezable BPA free plastic and features a convenient spout and lid that make pouring and resealing a breeze. Check it out $8.64
LED Predator Costume
Bring one of cinema’s most feared villains to life in a stunning way by dressing up in this LED predator costume. Composed of over 2,500 LEDs, this eye-catching ensemble is wireless and comes with a small controller that lets you control the lighting sequence. Check it out $7,250.00
Space Photos of the Week: This Binary Star Will Outshine You Twice
Space photos of the week, September 25 — October 1, 2016. The post Space Photos of the Week: This Binary Star Will Outshine You Twice appeared first on WIRED.
Movie Review: Anne Hathaway Is Literally a Giant Monster in the Crazy, Original, Colossal 
In Colossal, Anne Hathaway plays an alcoholic underachiever who is forced to move back to her rural hometown. There, she realizes if she stands in a certain place at a certain time, a massive kaiju that mimics her movements spawns in the city of Seoul, South Korea. Yes, you read that right.Read more…
Build a Portable Movie Theater In the Back of a Pickup Truck
The best part of camping for some people is getting out in the middle of nowhere and looking at the stars. For others, it’s just getting together with friends and having a good time. Over on Tested, Adam Savage goes for the latter and builds a portable movie theater made for camping.The idea here is…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Lexus explores new dimensions with UX concept
Possibly the world’s most famous romance capital, Paris has automakers from around the world romanticizing the future of the automotive industry. At this year’s Paris Motor Show, we’ve seen Volkswagen’s look out just beyond the horizon of electric, automated driving, Renault’s automotive embodiment…
Digital Trends
UN eyes spaceplane purchase to give developing nations’ a shot at the stars
Fetting into space is expensive. That high cost has prevented developing nations from giving their scientists the capability to perform space experiments. That may change if the United Nations is successful in obtaining funding for a U.S.-built space plane set to take off for a two-week mission in 2021….
This week in games: Amazon reveals 3 games at TwitchCon, Steam Controller skins appear
Ah, September 30. I’d say a touch of autumn is in the air, but here in San Francisco…well, we don’t get seasons. I can only judge when it’s fall by seeing how many games are releasing. In that case, definitely fall. This week: A bunch o’ trailers for October’s games harvest, Amazon announces its…
Desire This | The Best of Everything
Ram Reveals New Rebel TRX Concept
Ram Reveals New Rebel TRX ConceptRam has introduced the Ram Rebel TRX concept. Rebel TRX is a 100-mph off-road machine with 575 horsepower – the most powerful half-ton truck the company has ever built. Ripping over pavement at speeds greater than 100 mph is an experience, but the Ram Rebel TRX concept…
Gadget Review
Your next LG 43-inch 4K Smart TV could be only $330 in Weekend Deals
Your next LG 43-inch 4K Smart TV could be only $330 in Weekend Deals Gadget Review – Your lifestyle gadget site If you’re not above buying refurbished products, every now and then Woot will launch some incredible 1-day only TV deals. Today is one of those days with LG 4K Smart TVs on fire sale. The…
Ars Technica » Scientific Method
Tracking the eruptions of a star that’s shed 15 times the mass of the Sun
Enlarge / The two stars of η Carinae are embedded in the nebula they’ve created. (credit: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble SM4 ERO Team) “Even among Luminous Blue Variable [stars], η Car is unusual and its parameters are extreme.” That bit of science-speak roughly translates to “Even among the largest,…
Newsweek Website Attacked After Report On Trump, Cuban Embargo
After Newsweek published a report titled “How Donald Trump’s Company Violated The United States Embargo Against Cuba,” the site found itself on the receiving end of a “massive” denial-of-service attack that managed to shut down the site for several hours. TPM reports: Editor-In-Chief Jim Impoco noted…
Why We Love Listening to Sad Music
Music affects our brains in all kinds of wonderful ways. Upbeat music is great for working out and classical music can help you focus, but even sad music has its perks. Here’s why we love listening to sorrowful songs, and why they deserve to be on your playlists.Read more…
Next Big Future
Global middle class numbers over 1 billion based on having between $8,500 and $47,000 in net financial assets
The Allianz Global wealth report split all households/individuals into global wealth classes in order to analyze how wealth is distributed at the global level. The division is based on the average global net per capita financial assets, which came in at EUR 23,330 in 2015. The middle wealth (MW) class…
RT – Daily news
‘US had never had ‘Plan A’ for Syria, West a root cause of crisis’ – Syrian UN envoy to RT
Washington never had a so-called ‘Plan A’ to resolve the Syrian crisis, Syrian envoy to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari told RT, adding that the West is one of the root causes of the Syrian war. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
No aid with maternity or abortions: Most state laws drive families with kids to poverty – report
Nearly all state lawmakers not only limit women’s reproductive rights to abortion but deny their residents paid family and medical leave, and paid sick days, according to new analysis. Those policies drive 13 percent of US families with a new born into poverty, which disproportionately affects women…
Engadget Full RSS Feed
GLM unveils its exotic electric G4 concept car
Green Lord Motors, better known as GLM, has been called the Tesla of Japan on more than one occasion. Founded in 2010, GLM has quietly been producing its own electric vehicle platform paired with a third-party body much in the same way Tesla launched its original Roadster. This week at the Paris Auto…
Digital Trends
Land Rover launches fifth-gen Discovery from world-record Lego structure
If you laid 5,805,846 Lego bricks end-to-end, they’d stretch from London’s Tower Bridge to Paris, a distance of almost 200 miles. Or, if you wanted to make a big statement, you could use those bricks to set a Guinness World Record for the world’s largest Lego structure. That’s what Land Rover did this…
Digital Trends
Google Maps gains Google Calendar integration, food pic album for restaurants
Google Maps is a one-stop navigational shop, at this point. Google’s ubiquitous mapping service not only provides turn-by-turn directions to almost every conceivable business in the continental United States (and many countries around the globe), but lets you know when your phone’s compass is out of…
Digital Trends
Que is the collapsible water bottle you’ll want for your next hike
Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or a frequent traveler, a high-quality reusable water bottle is a must-have. Fortunately, that’s where Jean and Kevin Wu come in. They’ve created a stylish, innovative liquid container called the Que bottle, which is not only environmentally friendly and 100 percent…
Exploit broker will pay $1.5 million for iOS 10 remote jailbreak
Mobile operating system makers often find themselves engaged in a cat and mouse game with security researchers and hackers. With each successive OS release, it becomes a bit more difficult to uncover exploits which makes them all the more valuable.
SwiftKey’s neural network keyboard adds three new languages
SwiftKey is shaking up the way its keyboard works, and it involves neural networks. This is a first for keyboards, according to the company, and it better enables it to understand what a person is trying to type. The SwiftKey language engine was remade from the ground up, and unlike before, it can now…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
SpaceX sets a date to return to orbit following Falcon 9 explosion
It’s been less than a month since SpaceX saw a test firing before a planned Falcon 9 launch end in a ball of fire before it even got started. Now, the company appears ready to get back on the orbital horse with plans for its next launch set for as soon as November… Continue Reading SpaceX…
Tablet, Phone Makers Get Behind Universal Stylus Spec
Use of USI standard (1.0), developers believe, will dramatically expand to use of stylus-dependent applications.
USB-IF Publishes Audio Over USB Type-C Specifications
An anonymous reader quotes a report from AnandTech: The USB Implementers Forum this week published the USB Audio Device Class 3.0 (direct download) specification, which standardizes audio over USB Type-C interface. The new spec enables hardware makers to eliminate traditional 3.5mm mini-jacks from their…
Shut Up And Take My Money
3ft 2 in 1 Metal Nylon Braid USB Cable
submitted by /u/rapid-man [link] [comments]
Shut Up And Take My Money
Crayola crayons with labels stating the chemical compounds that will make those colors [x-post /r/chemistry via u/catherinemora] I want my kids to have these!
submitted by /u/nowthengoodbad [link] [comments]
Shut Up And Take My Money
A stapler that doesn’t use any staples
submitted by /u/jermoi_saucier [link] [comments]
Shut Up And Take My Money
Live your Dream. Share your Passion.
submitted by /u/yze [link] [comments]
This Concept Drone Will Drive You Up the Wall—Literally
The Ventooz is a wall-climbing, person-carrying robot. The post This Concept Drone Will Drive You Up the Wall—Literally appeared first on WIRED.
Why A.I. assistants need to stay neutral
GUEST: With the release of Google Allo last week, we’ve officially entered the era of the assistant. Every company that owns a major tech platform is now betting that assistants will be an important interface in the post-mobile world.  You might think assistants today are trivial or stupid, and you…
3 simple steps to great chatbot dialogue
GUEST: Chatbots are just a “hi” away. Not like a website that you have to navigate to, or an app that you have to locate and open. But chatbots today lack the ability to provide the visual feedback customers rely on for a sense of validation. People like to see content plainly, and they can do this on…
RT – Daily news
Man tased by California police dies during struggle with officers
A man has died after Pasadena, California police officers tased him twice and used physical force during an early Friday morning callout that he requested himself. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
EU-Russia ExoMars mission all set to enter planetary orbit in October – Roscosmos head
A joint EU-Russia project designed to search for signs of past and present life on Mars is on the verge of beginning a new stage of its mission. It will entering Mars’ orbit to map the sources of methane on the red planet, the head of Russia’s space agency said. Read Full Article at
BBC News – World
Syria conflict: Russia ‘driving rebels into hands of extremists’
Russia’s increasing military action in Syria is forcing moderate elements within the opposition into the hands of extremists, a US state department spokesman says. – Interior Design & Architecture Magazine
How to Find the Right Interior Designer
Creating the space you live in is a big deal.Whether you’re to remodeling your existing home or build your dream home, projects can quickly become too large to manage alone. Maybe you don’t currently live near your decorating project, or you work too much to allow for full control of design and execution….
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Mini quadruped robot may bound its way into your heart
Although people are fascinated by quadruped robots such as those made by Boston Dynamics, it’s unlikely that they’ll ever be able to afford such complex machines themselves. Scale things down a bit, though, and four-legged-robot-ownership starts becoming more of a possibility. Such is the case…
Ward + Blake uses salvaged wood and weathering steel to clad rustic Wyoming house
American firm Ward + Blake Architects has completed a residence and guest house in western Wyoming, which features rustic materials and sweeping views of the surrounding mountains (+ slideshow). (more…)
Digital Trends
‘Westworld’ tackles the morality of technology, explains star Jeffrey Wright
HBO has spared no expense in bringing Jonathan Nolan’s and Lisa Joy’s expanded interpretation of Michael Crichton’s cult 1973 film, Westworld, to life. The basic premise remains the same in that Westworld is a futuristic theme park where the rich can live out a Wild West fantasy by interacting with…
Digital Trends
Cybathlon event will push assistive technology, disabled athletes to their limits
The Rio Paralympic Games are still fresh in our memories, but there is another event on the immediate horizon that will showcase the abilities of disabled athletes — and even throw in a good dose of cutting-edge tech for good measure. The occasion is next week’s Zurich-based Cybathlon, the world’s first…
“Let Frustration Be the Catalyst for Whimsy”
When the world is bringing you down, don’t get mad. Get silly. Learn to find the fun in everything.In this video from the TED YouTube channel, comedian James Veitch shares his personal account of dealing with email spam and his attempts to unsubscribe from mailing lists. It’s funny, amusing, and Veitch…
Pennsylvania mayor’s anti-Obama Facebook posts spark outrage – CNET
Technically Incorrect: Charles Wasko, mayor of West York, says he isn’t interested in being politically correct.
Apple’s playing with magnets for future iPads (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy, Ep. 57) – CNET
New MacBook Pros are coming at the end of October, a guy destroys iPhones in an Apple Store — and Apple knows about the iPhone 6 “Touch Disease” issue!
AT&T CEO passionately defends Black Lives Matter – CNET
Randall Stephenson shares an emotional plea to start a conversation about race: “Black lives matter. We should not say ‘all lives matter’ to justify ignoring the real need for change.”
New US ‘Secret’ Clearance Unit Hires Firm Linked To 2014 Hacks
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Reuters: A U.S. government bureau set up to do “secret” and “top secret” security clearance investigations has turned for help to a private company whose login credentials were used in hack attacks that looted the personal data of 22 million current and former…
It looks like Donald Trump appeared in a soft core porn film
“Check out sex tape,” Donald Trump advised in a pre-dawn tweet Friday, in an attempt to discredit the former Miss Universe he once called “Miss Piggy.” Well, people did. And they didn’t find any evidence that Alicia Machado starred in any such salaciousness, other than a reality show appearance in 2005…. – latest science and technology news stories
New York police to buy 1,000 body cameras
The New York Police Department, the largest city police force in the United States, has agreed to buy 1,000 body cameras, officials confirmed Friday.
RT – Daily news
China says THAAD anti-missiles ‘severely undermine’ security as Seoul picks deployment site
Beijing has once again voiced strong objections to the deployment of a US anti-missile system in South Korea, vowing to take the “necessary” steps to maintain a strategic power balance in the region. Read Full Article at
Another One of Saturn’s Moons May Have a Global Ocean
The evidence is mounting that our solar system is rife with oceans. Last week, scientists reported that Pluto could have an insanely deep liquid water swimming pool beneath its surface, and on Monday, NASA revealed new evidence for geyser activity on icy Europa . Now, another frozen moon is poised…
Scientific American Content: Global
Driverless, Electric Shuttles Now Operating in Lyon, France
The City of Lyon in eastern France has brought a driverless, electric shuttle service to its streets — Read more on
Commuter Gondolas Are Coming to America. Probably. Maybe?
Austin gets weird in a brand new way. The post Commuter Gondolas Are Coming to America. Probably. Maybe? appeared first on WIRED. – latest science and technology news stories
A year of Alphabet: Great for Google, less so for moonshots
Reorganizing itself under the umbrella company Alphabet has done wonders for Google—but less so for a grab bag of eclectic projects ranging from robotic cars to internet-beaming balloons, which are suffering costly growing pains. – latest science and technology news stories
Iceland raises aviation alert due to Katla volcano activity
Iceland’s Meteorological Office has raised the aviation alert level around the Katla volcano because of seismic activity. – latest science and technology news stories
EU ‘cautiously optimistic’ on global pact to curb aviation emissions
Negotiations for a freeze, or even a reduction, in greenhouse gas emissions from civil aviation are making progress, Europe’s transport commissioner said Friday, adding she is feeling “cautiously optimistic.” – latest science and technology news stories
Reservoirs play substantial role in global warming
Washington State University researchers say the world’s reservoirs are an underappreciated source of greenhouse gases, producing the equivalent of roughly 1 gigaton of carbon dioxide a year, or 1.3 percent of all greenhouse gases produced by humans.
If You Own a Samsung Phone, Uninstall the Oculus Apps Right Now
If you own a recent Samsung Galaxy handset (S6, S6 Edge, S7, or S7 Edge) then you should uninstall the Oculus apps at your earliest convenience. Why? Because they’re likely to be draining your battery, and possibly causing your phone to overheat. Oculus updated its apps yesterday (September 29). Unfortunately…
10 Clever Ways Motion Detectors Can Improve Your Life
Motion sensors are already a part of our lives, whether you know it or not. These little sensors are used to turn on your phone automatically when you need it. They’re used in simple mechanisms like in sinks at busy washrooms. But you’ll only fully realize how awesome they are when they enter your home….
How to Stop Losing Your Stuff (And 7 Trackers to Help You Do It)
Current technology allows us to track just about anything in our lives. This includes everything from how many steps you took during your lunch break to how many times you’ve listened to your favorite song. Even with these capabilities, however, it’s all too common to misplace everyday items like your…
The Best Sales and Deals You Can Get On Amazon [CA]
This starter bundle of deals for would-be Twitch streamers is absolutely incredible. Plus, there’s some solid discounts on unlocked smartphones. TwitchCon Streaming Bundle (CDN$ 394.99, CDN$ 176.20 Off) With TwichCon upon us, Amazon is offering a bundle deal that’ll get you everything you need to get…
How to Make an Old Mac Feel Like New Again
Every computer begins to show its age over time. You know the signs of an out-of-date Mac: you can make a sandwich in the time it takes to boot your machine, you can’t install the newest version of macOS and enjoy all its features, and forget trying to run modern resource-intensive software. But it might…
15 Excel Add-Ins to Save Time on Your Business Tasks
Did you know Microsoft Office, including Excel and Word, supports add-ins? Excel add-ins can help you get through your tasks quicker because you never have to leave your Excel workbook. Here are several of those terrific tools, beginning with how you can get them. Finding, Installing, and Accessing Add-ins…
Discover Magazine
Military Drone Mothership May Get Giant Claw
Anyone with a fear of flying robots and giant claws may not want to hear what the maker of the U.S. military’s Predator drone has planned for the future. The military contractor General Atomics is working on transforming a huge cargo aircraft into a drone mothership that uses a mechanical arm to grab returning…
MLB sees first tie game in a very, very long time
A baseball game ended in a tie, which is significant because baseball games don’t end in ties.  Mother Nature had other plans for the Pirates-Cubs game on Thursday night, when a downpour so unforgiving turned the game’s rain delay into a rainout. After 5 1/3 innings, the contest ended in a 1-1 tie,…
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‘I stopped Netanyahu from catastrophic attack on Iran’ – Peres’ statement concealed ‘til death
In a statement that was not to be made public until his death, the former Israeli President told Jerusalem Post he stopped PM Benjamin Netanyahu from a “catastrophic” military strike against Iran, at the time the world leaders were engaged in nuclear deal talks. Read Full Article at
The Next Web
Cross your fingers that this robot isn’t making breakfast tomorrow
Robots are capable of truly amazing things, and they’re getting more intelligent and functional by the day. Wait, that should have said ‘some’ robots… Some robots are capable of truly amazing things. This one? Well, this one is really only capable of making a mess. In the video, Barret’s WAM robot is…
Earthquake ‘swarm’ raises odds of stronger California quake to come
About 200 small earthquakes erupted deep inside the Salton Sea in California for over 24 hours earlier this week and there could be more quakes to come, state officials have warned. Most of Southern California is on alert for earthquakes that could arrive in the next few days, the Governor’s Office…
Tools and Toys
Mars Colonization, Pilot Photographers, and the Making of a Marble Sculpture
Welcome to this week’s [evening] edition of our Friday Quality Linkage column. Please enjoy this week’s collection of interesting and entertaining links. Brew a fresh cup of coffee, find a comfortable place, and relax. * * * Image: SpaceX SpaceX’s Plan to Colonize Mars » This past Tuesday…
The Cancer Moonshot needs a heavy dose of computational infrastructure
 Top cancer researchers recently reported their findings and recommendations to President Obama and Vice President Biden’s Cancer Moonshot task force. All 10 recommendations in the report heavily concentrate on enabling computational infrastructure, and included these key words: sharing data, engaging…
Students suspended after mocking Black Lives Matter in Snapchat videos
Two students were suspended from Albright College this week after they posted a series of video Snapchats in which one of them — a white woman — is wearing blackface.  In the videos, the woman in blackface calls herself “Carlisha,” mocks the Black Lives Matter movement, and adds padding to her pants…
RT – Daily news
White House proposes adding racial category for Middle Eastern, North African
The White House is proposing a new racial category for people of Middle Eastern or North African descent. People from the Middle East are currently considered white, but a new designation would make them eligible for various anti-discrimination measures. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
US drug agency spent $237mn paying sources for free-to-obtain data – DOJ
The US Drug Enforcement Agency paid its sources, from couriers to TSA agents, nearly $250 million over five years, a recent review revealed. However, the secrecy surrounding the internal data makes it impossible to say whether the money was even worth it. Read Full Article at
National Geographic News
Preserving an Ancient ‘Lost’ City Has Consumed This Chemist’s Life
Talal Akesheh has worked to save the archaeological ruins of Petra, Jordan, for more than 30 years.
National Geographic News
Our Part of the Milky Way Is Four Times Bigger Than We Thought
Radio astronomers announce a major new finding that changes how scientists view the structure of our home galaxy.
National Geographic News
What Happens to Smuggled Animals After They’re Seized?
National Geographic News
What ‘Star Trek’ May Have Right—and Wrong—About Alien Life
National Geographic News
Famous Frog Toughie Dies, Sending Species to Extinction
The tree frog’s loss warns of other extinctions, says the photographer who featured the animal in his Photo Ark project.
How autonomous vehicles could lead to more jobs in Detroit
As autonomous vehicles make their way out of the pages of science fiction and onto the highways of the real world, the question remains exactly what type of impact this emerging technology will have on the workforce in Detroit. In the city of Detroit, a city known for being the backbone of America’s…
Now Nintendo has two irresistible pint-sized game consoles – CNET
Here’s how Nintendo’s upcoming NES Classic Edition will work. Warning: You might be jealous of Japan’s newly announced Nintendo Mini Classic Family Computer.
Bustler News, Competitions and Events
News: Bustler’s editor picks for architecture & design events: Los Angeles, September 26-October 3
Although the warmer temperatures are expected to linger in Los Angeles for awhile, fall is officially here. That means a new season of architecture and design events! Wondering where other design-inclined folks are gathering in L.A.? Bustler has compiled a snappy list of noteworthy happenings around…
Bustler News, Competitions and Events
Competitions: Inhabitant Zero
Registration Deadline: Nov 15, 2016; Submission Deadline Nov 15, 2016 Inhabitant Zero residency program: A call for proposals Inhabitant Zero is a call for proposals for a research residency. Could you be the first inhabitant of Kalejdohill? http://www.inhabitantzerocompe…Kalejdohill imagines a society…
Bustler News, Competitions and Events
Competitions: Drawing of the Year 2016
Registration Deadline: Nov 1, 2016; Submission Deadline Nov 1, 2016 Aarhus School of Architecture, schmidt hammer lassen architects, VOLA, and Danish Arts Foundation proudly announce the fourth joint venture competition Drawing of the Year 2016. This year’s theme is Habitation.Digital drawingsTechnology…
Bustler News, Competitions and Events
News: 2016 ACSA/AISC Steel Design Student winners
During the yearly ACSA/AISC Steel Student Design Competition, students across North America get to flex their skills in inventive structural steel designs. Organized by the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) and supported by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), this…
Bustler News, Competitions and Events
Event: Cradle to Cradle, The Circular Economy and The Carbon Positive City – featuring William McDonough
Event Date: Oct 11, 2016; Event City: Austin, TX, US What if the world’s cities revered carbon as an asset in soil, plants and durable earthbound forms, and reduced carbon as a liability in the atmosphere? During this session, William McDonough will introduce the Carbon Positive City: a concept that…
Bustler News, Competitions and Events
Competitions: Archhive: Architecture in Virtual Reality
Registration Deadline: Jan 11, 2017; Submission Deadline Feb 1, 2017 Architecture digitalization is having a huge impact on the lives and work of architects, allowing them to create and deliver their message to potential clients in an increasingly efficient manner. Working in partnership with the revolutionary…
Bustler News, Competitions and Events
News: Happy Archtober! Our Must-Do Picks for Archtober 2016 – Week 1 (Oct. 1-8)
New York City is ready to kick off another eventful Archtober! Starting October 1, the New York City-wide festival has 31 days of exhibitions, lectures, conferences, films, tours, and other public activities that celebrate the significance of architecture and design in everyday life. For the sixth year…
Mises Institute
What Makes Different
TagsAAHome | Feed | Blog.rssStrategyAustrian Economics OverviewWhat Makes Different 0 ViewsLast year during a bout of the flu, I was at the doctor’s office. The doctor asked me what I did for a living and I told her I edited an economics web site. She replied with something along the…
Why simplicity ensures that bots will kill 99% of apps
GUEST: The average person uses 3-5 apps per day. How many do you have on your phone? The big app purge is coming — you know, the day you delete all of those apps that you don’t use. In a really big way, apps have failed us, and the reasons are quite obvious. First, apps require learning. Each app has…
Inside Science
Coverage Of The 2016 Nobel Prizes Begins Next Week
Coverage Of The 2016 Nobel Prizes Begins Next Week Beginning early Monday morning, Inside Science will have coverage of the Nobel Prize announcements. nobel-prize_TOPbanner_metadata.jpg Image credits: Abigail Malate,…
Scientific American Content: Global
Report: Solar PV Costs Continue to Fall in 2016
According to a new report from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, solar costs continued to drop in 2016. — Read more on
Best Furniture, Product and Room Designs of September 2016
In September 2016, we’ve shown you a lot of cool stuff. Here the most interesting room designs and furniture among them. Neutral décor is popular for every season and occasion because it’s calming and relaxing so here are lots of chic ideas in this style for fall. 34 Chic Neutral Fall Décor Ideas…
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The first Chevy Bolt EV you see might be your Lyft ride
Shortly before General Motors scooped up the pieces of failed Uber competitor Sidecar back in January, they invested $500 million in Lyft for a partnership to create a self-driving vehicle network. In August, news broke that the car giant made an off…
RT – Daily news
The apple doesn’t fall far from the genetically modified tree: USDA approves GMO fruit
The national nightmare of apples turning slightly brown is coming to an end: The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) gave commercial approval last week to the Arctic Fuji, a genetically modified apple that appears no different than its natural counterparts save for the fact doesn’t turn brown. Read… Full Feed
Media Would Rather Talk About Gary Johnson’s ‘Aleppo Moment’ Than a Damning New Report on Hillary Clinton’s Actual War
I get the criticism, and contributed to it: Libertarian Party presidential nominee looked bad while again brainfarting a not-particularly-hard TV question about the world he intends to president in. But there’s a galling media double standard at work here. You will find more examples of mainstream…
BBC News – World
Bid to block US net handover rejected
A judge rejects a last-ditch attempt to stop the handover of internet naming power from the US to a non-profit group.
BBC News – World
San Diego police release Alfred Olango shooting videos
Police in the US city of San Diego release video footage of the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man outside a shopping centre on Tuesday.
RT – Daily news
US admits not targeting Nusra, blames Moscow for own failure to separate ‘moderates’ from terrorists
The US is not targeting al-Nusra terrorists in Syria because they have become too “intermingled” with moderates and civilians, the US State Department claimed, accusing Moscow of causing the mess which prevents Washington from separating the groups. Read Full Article at
Man of Many
The Solo Stove Bonfire Brings People Together
Nothing brings people together like a fire pit, especially in the winter. The Solo Stove Bonfire is the world’s most unique fire pit, as it pushes the limits of both combustion airflow efficiency and minimalist outdoor design. This is seriously good news. Whether you are enjoying a few beers, a few laughs,…
RT – Daily news
Smugglers hide ammo inside living cow to supply sleeper cells in Damascus (GRAPHIC VIDEO)
Syrian soldiers have intercepted a shipment of ammo allegedly originally destined for sleeper terrorist cells in Damascus. The cache of ammunition was hidden inside a carved up and poorly stitched cow, which was used by the terrorist as a smuggling vessel. Read Full Article at
Mises Institute
Hillary’s Huge Estate-Tax Hike
TagsAAHome | Feed | Blog.rssTaxes and SpendingPolitical TheoryHillary’s Huge Estate-Tax Hike 0 Views3 hours ago“Hillary Clinton Proposes 65% Top Rate for Estate Tax” blared a headline in The Wall Street Journal. Since the current top statutory tax rate on estates is 40 percent, Clinton’s proposal…
Mises Institute
The Week in Review: October 1, 2016
AATagsBig GovernmentGlobal EconomyU.S. EconomyHome | Feed | Blog.rssThe Week in Review: October 1, 2016 0 Views3 hours agoThis week the Mises Institute held its Fall Campaign and the response has been extraordinary, which coincided with Ludwig von Mises’s 135th birthday this past Thursday….
Discover Magazine
A Pox No More
It is one of my earliest childhood memories: I am three years old and standing by a bathtub, furiously scratching the itchy lesions just recently slimed with fluorescent pink calamine lotion in a vain attempt to alleviate the misery of chickenpox. Thanks to a wildly successful vaccine that has now vanquished…
Raw Color turns office supplies into chromatic experiments for Aram Gallery exhibition
London Design Festival 2016: responsive paper shredders and fans that create moving colour effects feature in the Blend exhibition created by Dutch studio Raw Color at London’s Aram Gallery (+ slideshow). (more…)
Gear Patrol
Watch Now: The Gear We’re Testing This Week
Go behind the scenes with our writers, editors and photographers to see what we’re testing, where we’re going and more. …Read More »
Gear Patrol
This Week in Gear: September 26-30
A look back at an entire week’s worth of gear. …Read More »
Next Big Future
Nanocrystalline alloys could by up to eight orders of magnitude lower creep rate at high temperature which could revolutionize jet engines
Researchers stabilized a copper alloy microstructure and found it to be strong at very high temperatures. This could lead to many new materials applications, including inside turbine engines, where temperatures can soar to more than 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit.The team hopes to recreate the combination…
Pars Hospital / New Wave Architecture
© Parham Taghioff Architects: New Wave Architecture Location: Rasht, Gilan Province, Iran Lead Architects: Lida Almassian, Shahin Heidari Area: 30000.0 sqm Project Year: 2016…
Next Big Future
Production of Long March 5 rocket is underway
Batch production of Long March 5 has begun, said Meng Fanxin, manager of the industrialized base for the carrier rocket in Tianjin.Known as the Long March 5, China’s most powerful heavy-lift launch vehicle is expected to make its first test flight from Hainan’s Wenchang Satellite Launch Center in November.In…
Gear Patrol
Deals of the Week: September 26–30
How to save on a week’s worth of epic gear deals. …Read More »
RT – Daily news
El Chapo’s cartel may be behind deadly raid on army convoy escorting suspect in Mexico
Gunmen have ambushed an army convoy in Culiacan, north-west Mexico, killing five soldiers and making off with an ambulance which was transporting an alleged organized crime figure. The cartel of by Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman may be behind the attack. Read Full Article at
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
Humanitarian group calls Syrian military offensive in Aleppo a ‘bloodbath’
As Syrian regime forces advanced in Aleppo, backed by a deadly Russian air campaign, Doctors Without Borders (MSF) decried the “bloodbath”, saying the battleground city’s eastern rebel-held portion had become “a giant kill box”.
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
Trump mounts attack on beauty queen in ‘hate campaign’
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump increased his attacks on a former beauty queen with an unsubstantiated allegation about a sex tape in predawn Twitter posts on Friday, and Democratic rival Hillary Clinton denounced him as “unhinged”.
These were the 10 biggest European tech stories this week
This week, tracked 12 technology M&A transactions, one IPO, and 86 funding deals, totaling €199 million (about $224 million), in Europe, Turkey, and Israel. Here’s an overview of the 10 biggest European tech news items for this week: 1) Dutch food delivery company went public…
Sacred Museum and Plaza España in Adeje
The plot is located in a very difficult landscape, and it covers the The Plaza España, on the edge of the Barranco del Infierno (ravin) and the buildings between the Church and the ravin. This project creates new spaces and buildings for the municipality under the ground of Plaza España.
designboom | architecture & design magazine
3D light walk installation immerses visitors in jena, germany
the artists want to challenge the typical notions of physical presence by exploring the relationship between light and matter – in different dimensions. The post 3D light walk installation immerses visitors in jena, germany appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
RT – Daily news
Court overrules disclosure of US ‘school of assassins’ graduates names
A US court of appeals ruled that the Pentagon does not have to disclose the names of people who were trained in counterinsurgency at the School of the Americas, an institution that lists some of Latin America’s worst dictators among its graduates. Read Full Article at
BBC News – World
Cheetah trade: Nations to suppress social media enticement
Arab nations join forces with African countries in a bid to suppress the illegal live trade in cheetahs, with a special focus on social media. – latest science and technology news stories
California opens pathway for cars that lack steering wheel
California regulators have changed course and opened a pathway for the public to get self-driving cars of the future that lack a steering wheel or pedals. – latest science and technology news stories
Scientists in New Caledonia hope for best after coral bleaching
Marine biologists are crossing their fingers after New Caledonia’s coral reef, a UN-inscribed natural wonder of the world, was hit by bleaching this year. – latest science and technology news stories
Sharks: feared predator in need of protection
Sharks may elicit less sympathy than elephants or rhinos, but experts say the feared predators are under increasing pressure from unmanaged commercial fishing and desperately in need of further protection.
DailyTech Main News Feed
World’s Automated Insulin Delivery System for Type 1 Diabetes Approved by FDA
There’s yet another breakthrough in the medical technology available to improve the quality of life for those with Type 1 diabetes. On September 28th the FDA approved Medtronic’s MiniMed 670G hybrid closed looped system, the first automated insulin delivery device in the world for those with type 1 diabetes.
5 Cool Microsoft Apps You Probably Didn’t Know About
Say what you will about the giant from Redmond, Microsoft can be pretty awesome. It’s a technology giant that employs thousands of the world’s smartest engineers, and ends up building some really cool things. Not everything that comes out of Microsoft gets a lot of attention. Not everything deserves…
The Lexus UX concept is mostly made of nightmare fuel – Roadshow
I mean, just look at it and try to get some sleep afterward.
RT – Daily news
Bosnian niqab-wearing politician seeks office to ‘reduce prejudice’ & help poor
A niqab-wearing politician in Bosnia seeks to become the first fully veiled woman in the Balkan country to run for public office. If elected, Indira Sinanovic says she wants to help the poor and “break down prejudice” experienced by those wearing niqabs. Read Full Article at
TechRadar: All latest feeds
Self-driving cars can now go solo in California
The self-driving car revolution continues apace, but until now autonomous vehicles needed to have a flesh-and-blood, human driver as back up if they were allowed out in the road. Not any longer.Over in California, where a lot of these software-controlled cars are currently being put through their paces,…
Implication of Sabotage Adds Intrigue To SpaceX Investigation
An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Washington Post: The long-running feud between Elon Musk’s space company and its fierce competitor United Launch Alliance took a bizarre twist this month when a SpaceX employee visited its facilities at Cape Canaveral, Fla., and asked for access to the roof…
Fast Company
3 Hidden Reasons Why You’re Unsatisfied At Work
Sometimes the source of your workplace frustration really is the job. Other times, it’s staring at you in the mirror. Sometimes the source of your workplace frustration really is the job. Other times, it’s staring at you in the mirror.Ever notice how nine out of 10 people run cold… Full Feed
AR-15: Have It Your Way
RT – Daily news
Direct aggression by US against Damascus to cause ‘tectonic shift’ in Middle East – Moscow
If the US launches a military campaign to oust the Syrian government, it would further fracture the country and have tremendous negative long-term consequence for the entire region, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova warned. Read Full Article at
How-To Geek
Quick Tip: Place Your iPhone Face Down to Save Battery Life
iOS 9 brought a useful new feature you may not have noticed yet. Known as “Facedown detection”, your iPhone can detect when it’s placed face down and won’t turn the screen on when notifications arrive. This can save a lot of battery power if you regularly receive notifications.Click Here to Continue…
Digital Trends
MTV made music videos cool. Technology will make them epic
Video never really killed the radio star, but it seemed like things might be heading that way when Micheal Jackson joined a zombie flash dance for the 13-minute epic that was the Thriller music video. Its 1983 debut made millions of music fans realize music videos could be an event —  mini-movies that…
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Here is the ‘cloud OS’ that Microsoft built to run on your servers
Introduction and strains on ITWhether you want the servers we’re all familiar with or a computing platform that looks more like the cloud, Windows Server 2016 can do that, Jeffrey Snover, the architect behind both Windows Server and the new hybrid cloud Azure Stack, told Techradar Pro.When CEO Satya…
Associated costs: Who’s really paying?
Apple has done something and therefore we must figure out what’s wrong with it.The Verge, which spends its time talking about technology, entertainment and the ongoing efforts of billionaires to leave the rest of us rubes and get off this lousy rock, has had enough! The Apple rent is too damned high!To…
Why the future of package delivery is better than drones
Remember WebVan?The grocery delivery startup was considered “high-tech” because you could order groceries on a website and have them delivered. A darling of the late ’90s dot-com boom, WebVan ultimately failed, becoming a poster child for the dot-com bust (the company went bankrupt in 2001) and a cautionary…
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Facebook gives select Pages the power to tag their products
Someday, you might see products tagged in Facebook images and videos the same way people are today. Facebook has begun testing an experimental feature that allows businesses running Pages to tag their products, according to Business Insider. The publication has spotted the option in their account and…
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors – Front Page
Tim Cook Tells Utah Tech Audience: Encryption ‘Makes the Public Safe’
Apple CEO Tim Cook drew cheers from a Salt Lake City audience on Friday as he reiterated the company’s unwavering commitment to encryption and privacy protections for its customers, according to local media reports. The comments were made during a Q&A session at the yearly meeting of the Utah…
Newswise: SciNews
Research Provides Understanding About Expansion and Contraction of the Tropical Rain Belt
The research looks at the monsoon rains that fell in northern Australia over the past 3,000 years.
Cool Tools
Plastic Razor Blades
LarryA2010 wrote our favorite comment of the week. He will receive a copy of the Cool Tools Catalog. Thanks, Larry! Here’s his comment (about the Razor Blade Safety Glass Scraper) I don’t see this as anything “cool” or out of the ordinary. What I did find cool, and useful, was the ScrapeRite Plastic…
RT – Daily news
Greedy guzzlers: US gasoline consumption higher than ever
August was the biggest month ever for US gasoline consumption, the latest data shows, with Americans using a staggering 9.7 million barrels per day. That’s more than a gallon per day for every US man, woman and child. Read Full Article at
Trump and the media could never get away with fat-shaming Alicia Machado today like they did in 1997
Imagine sitting before a scrum of reporters while two men discuss your weight-loss goals.  They call you beautiful but talk about how they hope you will look on camera: feminine and soft, weighing somewhere between 125 and 130 pounds.  SEE ALSO: Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado just became Donald…
Scientific American Content: Global
Fortifying Spirits: When a (Glass of) Punch is Good for the Kidneys
Alcohol intake boosts the risk of liver, breast and colon cancers—but seems to reduce it for kidney cancer — Read more on
Scientific American Content: Global
What Causes Brain Fog?
Symptoms of brain fog are said to include fatigue, irritability, and memory loss. Various diets and supplements are said to help treat it. But is brain fog even a real thing? What causes brain fog? — Read more on
11 influential Hispanic activists you need to know
Whether it’s through grassroots organizing or artistic self-celebration, Hispanic activists have been working for decades to create better lives for those who share their heritage and culture. Activists who originate from Spanish-speaking countries have a vast history of fierce activism for their communities,…
Apple must pay $302M to VirnetX after losing FaceTime patent retrial
After roughly six years of courtroom battles, a federal jury in Texas ruled that Apple had in fact infringed on patents held by VirnetX, a non-practicing entity, and ordered the Cupertino company to pay $302.4 million in damages. While Apple’s ongoing struggles with VirnetX began in 2010, this latest…
Audi’s RS3 LMS is ready to hit the track – Roadshow
For a bit over $100,000, you can slide behind the wheel of one gorgeous race car.
‘Silicon Cowboys’: How Compaq cowpokes brought down IBM – CNET
The new documentary offers a glimpse into the humble beginnings of a major player in the personal computing revolution.
Hunted in Hungary, refugees are greeted with open arms in Germany – CNET
Commentary: For Road Trip 2016, I made my way around Germany, Hungary and Serbia and saw very different reactions to refugees.
AI’s just not that into you — yet – CNET
Artificial-intelligence engineers are tackling new challenges, like teaching robots about emotions. But we’re still a long way from a weepy iPhone.
Google Work Apps Gain New Powers, But Microsoft Still Rules
Google Apps for Work is now G Suite. That and a few new features won’t change its enterprise prospects much. The post Google Work Apps Gain New Powers, But Microsoft Still Rules appeared first on WIRED.
Katamari Damacy Creator’s New Game Is Overwhelming Insanity
Keita Takahashi’s game <em>Alphabet</em> says it’s for “1 to 26 players.” I found out the hard way that it wasn’t a joke. The post Katamari Damacy Creator’s New Game Is Overwhelming Insanity appeared first on WIRED.
BBC News – World
Georgia’s Orthodox priests protest at Pope’s visit
Some Orthodox priests have been protesting at a visit by Pope Francis to Georgia, where the pontiff has been celebrating Mass.
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steffen welsch reconnects brick family home with glazed intervention
a single intervention juxtaposed between the existing brick volumes introduces light and a new atrium space to the dwelling in melbourne. The post steffen welsch reconnects brick family home with glazed intervention appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
Economic Concepts That Every Architect Should Know
We talk about sustainability, livability, and land use to describe a project, but we often avoid the profitability, capital gains, and externalities that go along with them simply because we don’t know how to use the terms. Architecture doesn’t exist outside of the economy and in fact, how we build each…
Fast Company
Why Spotify Should Totally Buy SoundCloud
Rumored talks between the two services could lead to a mega-music platform that solves problems for both companies. And maybe artists, too. Rumored talks between the two services could lead to a mega-music platform that solves problems for both companies. And maybe artists, too.It’s…
Gadget Review
Muzik One Headphones Connect to Spotify, Smart Homes
Muzik One Headphones Connect to Spotify, Smart Homes Gadget Review – Your lifestyle gadget site There are commonplace wireless headphones, and then there are headphones that really make you sit up and pay attention. The Muzik One, by startup Muzik, falls into the latter category with its smart features…
Nerd Approved – News For Nerds
‘Star Wars’ Up Your Kid’s Bedroom With These Beds And Desks
This line of official Star Wars bedroom furniture from Rooms To Go makes me want to be a kid again…or make me wish they’d make these styles in queen or king size. I mean, who wouldn’t love an X-Wing, Millennium Falcon, or landspeeder bed? Some have bookcases, some are trundle beds, all of them are…
Digital Trends
LIFX’s infrared-emitting smart bulb promises to light up the night for security cameras
Smart bulb connoisseur LIFX announced today two new additions to its impressive lineup of lighting solutions, with one of the new bulbs touting a feature users won’t have the capacity to recognize with their bare eyes. Dubbed the LIFX+, this innovative new bulb functions just like any other light bulb…
Digital Trends
LG’s new Tone Active wireless earbuds can still be hung around your neck
Earbuds that hang around your neck are an interesting invention. It’s like the company that made them wants to go wireless, but can’t completely cut the cord just yet. In any case, LG is a firm believer in them and has come out with a new pair, which it calls the LG Tone Active headset. The earbuds…
The Gadget Flow
CX-20 GPS Quadcopter
This is an attractive and highly integrated GPS quadcopter you can easily store in your backpack. It contains a remote controller and receiver which help the user completely avoid the inconvenience of purchasing such things. The 2.4G ISM frequency makes the effective control distance up to 300 meters…
The Gadget Flow
LumiSource Vintage Mod Accent Chair
Spice up your living space with the super sleek LumiSource Vintage Mod Accent Chair. Inspired by decades passed, this unique seat offers a comfortable rest for anyone who sits in it. The wooden frame is complete with a beautiful walnut finish to detail the natural wood grain. On the seat and backrest…
The Gadget Flow
Walnut & Leather iPhone 7 Case
The Walnut & Leather iPhone 7 Case by Grovemade gives you everything you’re looking for: secure protection, effortless style, and a handy grip. Made using all natural materials, this case features a solid wood frame complete with actuated wood power and volume buttons. The walnut wood had been carefully…
The Gadget Flow
VAVA Voom 20 Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Get blown away with powerful sound with the VAVA Voom 20 Portable Bluetooth Speaker. With this system, the name truly says it all. This speaker is equipped with two 8W speaker drivers along with two passive subwoofers to create some serious audio. This technology gives life to your music so you can hear…
Twitch goes ad-free for Amazon Prime members, dropping subscription tier
At this weekend’s Twitch Con 2016 in San Diego, the Amazon-owned video game live-streaming service announced that it was replacing its premium subscription plan in favor of a closer relationship with Amazon‘s Prime service. Now, instead of paying $9/month for the ad-free Twitch Turbo, Amazon Prime subscribers…
The Gadget Flow
Whiskware Dressing Shaker with BlenderBall
Whip up some seriously tasty flavors with the Whiskware Dressing Shaker with BlenderBall. Made of tough yet elegant glass, this carafe can be used to blend salad dressings, marinades, vinaigrettes, sauces, and more to bring right to the table. Equipped with the stainless steel BlenderBall, the Dressing…
The Gadget Flow
FLIR FX Outdoor Wireless HD Security Camera
Always have an eye on things even when you’re out with the FLIR FX Outdoor Wireless HD Security Camera. Offering unparalleled image quality, this powerful camera is able to connect to the cloud which you can access from your device to give you on-the-go monitoring. The RapidRecap technology intelligently…
RT – Daily news
Chinese yuan becomes IMF reserve currency, first new addition since ‘99
The Chinese yuan has been added to the IMF reserve basket, becoming the first currency to be added to the list since the emergence of the euro in 1999. Read Full Article at
The Gadget Flow
Cotton Hanging Nest For Kids
These hammocks for children are adapted to the special needs of this age group. They are closed suspensions that will make sure your kid gets to enjoy the hammock without harming themselves in any which way possible. Soft swinging stimulates the sense of balance and the development of the brain. Hanging…
RT – Daily news
Violent eruption of Mexico’s ‘Volcano of Fire’ forces evacuations (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
Streams of lava and large plumes of ash emitted in a dramatic volcanic eruption has forced residents in the state of Colima, Mexico to leave their homes. Read Full Article at
Scientific American Content: Global
The Truth Brokers: How Science Gets Filtered
Knowledge is forged in the laboratory, but before it reaches the people, it passes through mediators—the government, the media and the scientific establishment—each with its own agenda. — Read more on
Scientific American Content: Global
How Much Do El Niño and La Niña Affect Our Weather?
This fickle and influential climate pattern often gets blamed for extreme weather. A closer look at the most recent cycle shows that the truth is more subtle — Read more on
The Verge – All Posts
I want to hear NASA’s Golden Record so badly I’ll even give money to a Kickstarter
Call it Human Civilization 101 — a record that contains sounds, music, and images from Earth to teach extraterrestrials everything they needed to know about us. That’s NASA’s Golden Record, a precious album that was printed onto gold-plated copper disks and launched into space aboard the Voyager 1 and…
Ars Technica
The Martian’s Andy Weir talks to Ars about the science of Musk’s Mars vision
Enlarge / Mars or bust! (credit: NASA) If Elon Musk has his way, humans will be going to the red planet—and soon. Over the past few days, our senior space-master Eric Berger has analyzed Musk’s Interplanetary Transport System plans in detail, and our chief scientist Dr. John Timmer has examined…
Cool Hunting
Link About It: This Week’s Picks: Tech that reads your mood, hangover-free booze, clever advertising and more in this week’s look at the web
1. Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture Though the museum was originally proposed a century ago, Washington DC’s Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture finally opened its doors this…… Continue…
BBC News – World
Syria conflict: Aleppo hospital ‘hit by barrel bombs’
An air raid on the rebel-held eastern half of the Syrian city of Aleppo hits the area’s largest hospital for the third time.
Yahoo Insiders Believe Hackers Could Have Stolen Over 1 Billion Accounts
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Business Insider: The actual tally of stolen user accounts from the hack Yahoo experienced could be much larger than 500 million, according to a former Yahoo executive familiar with its security practices. The former Yahoo insider says the architecture of Yahoo’s…
Apple’s push into healthcare now includes Apple Watch data
Apple and Aetna both have something to gain from a new partnership that allows Aetna customers to get discounted Apple Watches through their insurance: Your data. Aetna customers who opt to purchase Apple Watches through the partnership between the two companies will be sharing their health data with…
Man of Many
Man of Character – Walter White
In this Man of Character series, Man of Many takes a look at some of popular culture’s most enduring male protagonists. We discuss the origin of the character and why they have had such an enduring influence on the popular consciousness. “I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. And I was really…
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
‘It has been too long time since we began sacrificing innocent Colombians’
Colombians on Sunday are voting “Yes” or “No” on a historic peace accord signed by the government and FARC rebels. Jimena Morales-Velasco, a Colombian writer and translator, gives her view on the decades-old conflict and the peace deal from Paris.
How Barcelona’s “Superblocks” Pedestrian Plan Hopes to Return the Streets to the People
Cars have reshaped cities across the world, largely at the cost of everyone outside of a private vehicle. In recent years the “grid city” of Barcelona has been suffering from clogged roads and choked air quality, with urban traffic contributing to the 3500 premature deaths…
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ICYMI: Harnessing mother nature’s fury for energy
Today on In Case You Missed It: A Japanese engineer created a wind turbine that can harness energy from both typhoons and hurricanes, watch the video of it here. Meanwhile, researchers at Northwestern University developed a 3D printed bone made of ceramic and polymer materials that can encourage…
BBC News – World
S Korean leader urges defectors: Come to ‘bosom of freedom’
South Korea’s president urges North Koreans to defect, just days after a soldier from the North defected across the heavily policed Demilitarized Zone.
Architectural Record
In the Nature of a Natural Material
Two new publications make convincing arguments for timber as a viable alternative to conventional materials and methods for buildings that continue to trample the planet with giant carbon footprints.
Architectural Record
Kinetic Buildings
Buildings are generally designed to be permanent, immutable structures.
Architectural Record
Superunion Architects
Perusing the Oslo-based firm Super­union Architects’ portfolio is a bit like zooming in and out with a telephoto lens: some views reveal the wider picture, while others bring even minute details into focus.
The future of transportation is upon us with this flying machine
The Revolt 1 is an economical, eco-friendly personal aircraft that is seeking funding on Kickstarter. Read more…More about Mashable Video, Flying, Sciecne, Planes, and Aircraft
Pokémon Go 201: What business can learn from its success
GUEST: Our first article for businesses eager to celebrate the initial Pokémon Go craze discussed in-game attractions such as PokéStops, gyms, and incense. Now, a little more than two months after the game’s record-shattering U.S. debut, we explore some of the businesses (and the intellectual property…
GLM G4 is Japan’s Tesla-rivaling EV sports car
The 2016 Paris Motor Show is currently underway, and so far we’ve seen several of the futuristic, high-tech EV concepts from car makers like Volkswagen and Mercedes, not to mention standard model announcements from the likes of Honda and Audi. But there’s also some unexpected surprises, like the GLM…
Facebook is testing a clone of Snapchat stories inside Messenger
Nearly two months after the successful launch of Instagram Stories, Facebook is now bringing a Snapchat-like way of sharing moments within Messenger. Dubbed Messenger Day, the feature essentially lets people share photos and videos with layered text, scribbles and stickers that disappear in 24 hours….
The Next Web
Automate repetitive tasks on your Mac with this award-winning app (44% off)
You likely find yourself typing the same word, phrase or sentences repeatedly throughout your day. Automate those mindless tasks with Keyboard Maestro, an award-winning productivity tool. This handy app will save you considerable time and effort, and it’s now 44 percent off from TNW Deals. With Keyboard…
Ars Technica
Colossal review: Everyone has a monster, most aren’t this fun
Anne Hathaway. Kaiju. It’s real and spectacular. …
Scientific American Content: Global
Discovery Doesn’t Know What a Dinosaur Is
Despite promises to improve, the media company continues to peddle misinformation — Read more on
Goodbye cruel world: we’ve passed the carbon tipping point
We have passed a grim new milestone for atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, pro

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