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New technology helps pinpoint sources of water contamination
When the local water management agency closes your favorite beach due to unhealthy water quality, how reliable are the tests they base their decisions on? As it turns out, those tests, as well as the standards behind them, have not been updated in decades. Now scientists from Lawrence Berkeley National… – latest science and technology news stories
New fault discovered in earthquake-prone Southern California region
A swarm of nearly 200 small earthquakes that shook Southern California residents in the Salton Sea area last week raised concerns they might trigger a larger earthquake on the southern San Andreas Fault. At the same time, scientists from Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California… – latest science and technology news stories
Detonating white dwarfs as supernovae
A new mathematical model created by astrophysicists at the American Museum of Natural History details a way that dead stars called white dwarfs could detonate, producing a type of explosion that is instrumental to measuring the extreme distances in our universe. The mechanism, described in the Monthly… – latest science and technology news stories
ORNL licenses rare earth magnet recycling process to Momentum Technologies
The Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Momentum Technologies have signed a non-exclusive licensing agreement for an ORNL process designed to recover rare earth magnets from used computer hard drives.
Mises Institute
Decentralize the Elections
Tags A A Home | Feed | Blog.rssU.S. HistoryPolitical TheoryDecentralize the Elections 0 Views It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.~ Joseph Stalin The federal government…
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French tourism firms call for special police force
Giants of the French tourism industry, including Disneyland and the Galeries Lafayette department store, have written an open letter to the French government, calling for the establishment of a special police force. Read Full Article at – latest science and technology news stories
All work and no play with children make moms less happy parents
A team of researchers from Cornell University, the University of Minnesota, and Minnesota Population Center have used time diary data to find that mothers are less happy than fathers with their parenting duties. Mothers report more stress and greater fatigue than fathers. This experience gap is attributed… – latest science and technology news stories
Problem-solving spreads both socially and culturally in bumblebees
String pulling is a popular problem-solving task for investigating cognitive abilities in vertebrates, but has never been tested in insects. Now, a social insect has joined the club, according to a study publishing October 4, 2016 in the open-access journal PLOS Biology by Lars Chittka from Queen Mary… – latest science and technology news stories
26 jaguars killed in Panama so far this year
Ricardo Moreno, research associate at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) in Panama and director of the Yaguará Panamá Foundation, reported at the 20th Congress of the Mesoamerican Society for Biology and Conservation held recently in Belize that the number of jaguar killings in Panama… – latest science and technology news stories
Metagenomic study links microbes to flavors in kefir
A team of food scientists and microbiologists in Ireland have used high-throughput sequencing to analyze how microbial populations change as kefir ferments. It’s a new frontier in food analysis: Using the data, collected over a 24-hour fermentation period, the researchers were able to connect the presence…
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
PI’s New High-Speed, NanoCube 3-Axis Piezo Motion Stage
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
‘Atomic sandwiches’ could make computers 100X greener
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
Electron beam microscope directly writes nanoscale features in liquid with metal ink Full Feed
Death Penalty Support Drops Below 50 Percent For First Time Since 1971
Support for the death penalty among Americans has dropped below 50 percent for the first time in 45 years, according to a new poll from the Pew Research Center. Favorable views of capital punishment reached their high point at 80 percent in 1994 (the same year President Bill Clinon signed the Violent…
8 underappreciated films you probably missed
How is it that terrible movies sometimes get all the hype, while some truly great film fly so far under the radar that we never even heard about them? Here are eight films from 2013 that you might not have seen—and should definitely check out.  Subscribe to CineFix for more videos: …
Keep Your Favorite Drinks Frosty With This Vacuum-Insulated Lowball Glass
Everyone and their mother has one of those YETI-style stainless steel tumblers now, but this 10 oz. lowball glass is great for sipping drinks around your house. This would be especially great for boozy beverages that you want to serve cold, but don’t want to water down with melting ice. $10 is also the…
Rosetta’s comet impact site gets a fitting name – CNET
The Rosetta spacecraft now lies dormant on the surface of its comet. The name of the landing site couldn’t be more perfect.
Stephen King says chill out because ‘most’ clowns are ‘good’ – CNET
Horror author Stephen King comes to the defense of good clowns everywhere during a time of clown-related hysteria.
Big Think
Creator of “Epigenetic Clock” Discovers That 5% of the Population Will Die Early
Researchers at UCLA have found Grim Reaper DNA in 5% of the population. But there is a bright side – lifestyle choices go a long way in overriding a shorter genetic life expectancy. Read More
Big Think
The Value of Boredom
In a world that’s always connected, we give away an essential part of our selves with constant distractions.Read More
Ars Technica
As Formula E’s third season kicks off, car companies rush to get involved
The Jaguar I-Type, the first factory racing program from Jaguar since the demise of its F1 program in the early 2000s. …
Inside NASA’s Quest to Find Earth 2.0
Several “extremely” large telescope projects are underway that may be able to provide the imaging power to confirm whether exoplanets are livable. The post Inside NASA’s Quest to Find Earth 2.0 appeared first on WIRED.
Habitify for iPhone and Mac Tracks Your Habits, Features Custom Reminders, and Donates Cash to Charity
iOS/Mac: You have a lot of excellent options for tracking your habits, but Habitify is one of the first we’ve seen that not only looks good, it also includes a charity donation when you do well.Read more…
Watch BIG & MVRDV Explain Their Finalist Proposals for the San Pellegrino Competition
via San Pellegrino The competition to design a new flagship factory and bottling plant for San Pellegrino has been narrowed down to two firms: BIG and MVRDV. Searching for a “truly innovative project that not only conveys an artistic vision, but also sets new standards in terms of efficiency…
Google’s Wifi deploys several small routers to blanket your home with Wi-Fi
Surprise! Google just announced its second wireless router for the home as part of its big hardware event on Tuesday.While it’s not clear if Google Wifi is meant to replace the OnHub router the company launched just over a year ago, or is just designed to appeal to a different market, Google Wifi is…
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If you preorder a Pixel phone you’ll also get a free Daydream View headset ‘while supplies last’
Google opened up orders for its new Pixel phones today and is giving early preorder buyers a code for a free VR headset. The promotion starts today and goes until “supplies last.” A promo code will be sent to Pixel buyers approximately four weeks before their phone ships. The code can then be used in…
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Novel Pancreatic Cancer Effort Aims to Give Patients More Treatment Options
A national nonprofit is launching an unusual study that will allow patients to switch between several therapies — Read more on
Juniper Research: VR hardware market will hit $50 billion by 2021
PlayStation VR could trigger massive growth for the virtual reality industry. A new report from market analysis group Juniper Research states that VR hardware will be worth $50 billion by 2021. By hardware, Juniper means VR headsets, peripherals, and 360 cameras. To give you an idea of how much growth…
Google Assistant bot ecosystem will open to all developers by end of 2016
Developers and the rest of the world will soon be able to make bots that interact with Google Assistant and new Google devices made public, the company said today in a special presentation in San Francisco. “The Google Assistant will be our next thriving open ecosystem,” said Scott Huffman, lead engineer…
5 metrics every chatbot developer needs to track
GUEST: Here’s a stat for you: 40 percent of chatbot users only engage in one conversation. This statistic, calculated by İlker Köksal, the cofounder of Botanalytics, suggests bot makers need to invest more effort to measure performance and deliver value to users. Traditional metrics like daily active…
Intel moves beyond x86, puts 64-bit ARM processor in new FPGA chip
It seems like the chip war between Intel and ARM is slowly winding down, at least for the time being. Intel for decades has doggedly sworn by chips based on its homegrown x86 architecture, but the company is putting a 64-bit ARM processor in its new Stratix 10 FPGA (field-programmable gate array),…
How-To Geek
How Do You Get the “All Recent Files” List Back in Windows 10?
When you frequently use a long-standing and convenient feature in Windows, then suddenly see it removed from the latest version, it can be very frustrating. How do you get the missing feature back? Today’s SuperUser Q&A post has some helpful solutions to a reader’s “recent file” woes.Click Here to…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Mercedes-Benz hopes to replicate F1 success in Formula E
Mercedes-Benz has signed an agreement with Formula E that gives it an option to compete in the championship’s 2018/19 season. If it chooses to do so, the carmaker will take one of two new spaces in the championship, which will see the number of teams rise from 10 to 12… Continue Reading…
While I don’t care much for combined physical and mental challenges–or really either one on its own–I’m a total sucker for things that glow in the dark. And video games. And American Ninja Warrior. All of which, along with a couple shots of pinball and air hockey, Augmented Climbing incorporates into…
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Google Assistant will live in three places, each with different features
Google’s had a busy day. It unveiled two smartphones, launched a connected speaker, introduced a VR headset, announced a fancy router, and debut a new Chromecast all in one fast-moving hour-and-a-half event. But throughout all of those flashy hardware announcements were details about a software feature…
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Google’s Pixel phones aren’t water resistant, and that’s inexcusable
The new Pixel and Pixel XL phones from Google are devices that contain powerful, high-tech hardware. Inside they’ve got the latest, fastest processors that exist, nice OLED screens, and plentiful storage (128GB) and memory (4GB) options. And yes, as Google was very happy to point out (and include in…
Millennials and the Workplace
Recent research undertaken by Dell and Intel explored a wide range of issues regarding the changing landscape of the modern workplace. In this post, I explore a number of the study’s findings that focused closely on the wants, needs, and concerns of Millennials and the workplace. One of the major findings…
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Lightning-Equipped Headphones Ready for the iPhone 7
Playing nice with the the Lightning port. …Read More » Full Feed
American University Student Government Launches Campaign for Mandatory Trigger Warnings
American University Student Government President Devontae Torriente is leading a campaign to persuade the administration to adopt mandatory trigger warnings as an official classroom policy. According to Torriente, it is trigger warning advocates who are the true defenders of academic freedom—they…
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This Colorful Visualization Shows Bitcoin Is Reaching Its Limit
Explaining bitcoin is a nightmare because it’s an insanely complicated mathematical abstraction, and so when somebody makes a stink about a piece of code causing problems, it’s difficult to communicate the stakes.Consider the “block size” crisis that gripped the bitcoin community in 2015 and to this…
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The World’s Only Red Wolves Live in North Carolina, Many People Want Them Gone
There are fewer than 60 red wolves left in the wild, and they all live in a five-county range in North Carolina. Some consider this a major success because these predators were once extinct in the wild. But others see the wolf restoration as a failure and a nuisance. In reality, North Carolina’s red…
Newswise: SciNews
Research Resolves a Debate Over ‘Killer Electrons’ in Space
Findings by UCLA-led team hold promise for new ways to protect telecommunication and navigation satellites.
Newswise: SciNews
Researchers Examine the Social Networks of Sharks
University of Delaware researchers studied the “social networks” of sand tiger sharks and found they spend a surprising amount of time together. The findings will assist future efforts to identify places where human impacts may be affecting one portion of the sand tiger life cycle disproportionately.
New Scientist – Online news
Super-dim galaxy may be one of hundreds orbiting the Milky Way
What may be the least luminous galaxy ever seen suggests the Milky Way boasts hundreds of undiscovered satellites, adding to our picture of how galaxies form
Curbed National
Dramatic, cantilevered pad breaks the beach house mold in Australia
It’s the work of Brisbane firm Refresh Design The classic beach house has taken many forms—from the traditional, gabled seaside bungalow to the sleek, modern pad fit for a Bond villain, and many styles in between. What sets this Aussie wood-and-corrugated steel dwelling (dubbed the Northern Rivers Beach…
Google’s play for the living room: Wifi, Chromecast and Home
Following a series of leaks over the past few weeks Google finally took the stage today to reveal — or confirm — several new hardware releases. As expected, a portion of the show was devoted to home devices. Specifically, a new Wi-Fi router, a new Chromecast, and a hybrid speaker/smart…
Amazon curbs incentivized reviews with new community guidelines
If you’ve noticed a rise in “incentivized reviews” on Amazon, which are user reviews where the customer is provided an item at a discount or for free in exchange for their opinion, you’re not alone. Amazon has taken notice too, and since it’s concerned that these reviews may be misleading or not entirely… Full Feed
Teachers Union President Thinks Trump Is a Bully (LOL), Kaine and Pence Debate, Clown College Enters the Fray: P.M. Links
The president of the National Education Association says Donald Trump has emboldened schoolyard bullies, which is a pretty ironic thing for a union boss to say. One organization is deeply troubled by the weird reports of scary clowns everywhere: Clown College. (Note: the college does not confer degrees.)…
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Electronics & Gadgets : SpectraBoom
Not Your Father’s Boombox Drop the beat with this modern boombox with light-up speakers, streaming tunes from your Bluetooth® device or other device via wired aux connection. Battery lasts up to 30 hours for audio playback. Includes USB port for charging phones and tablets! $149.99
ThinkGeek – What’s New
T-Shirts & Apparel : Yoshi Lounger
A Yoshi Named Yoshi. Where would Mario be without his noble dinosaur steed? Comfy cozy polyester Yoshi lounger features a Yoshi-head hood, red-and-white saddle spot, and a tail on the back. Curl up and take a nice break from carting that plumber around! $39.99
How to Turn On Encryption In Facebook Messenger
The end-to-end message encryption Facebook promised to Messenger users back in July has finally finished rolling out to everyone. Here’s how to enable it.A source at Facebook informed Wired that its new “Secret Conversations” functionality is now available to all 900 million users of the service. The…
Google’s new Pixel phone includes a dedicated adapter to transfer data from older phones
Apple’s Move to iOS app provides an easy way to move contacts and other data from an Android phone to an iPhone. Turnabout is fair play! Google’s new Pixel does the same, and with a dedicated adapter, too.  According to Google, the new Google Pixel phones ship with a dedicated Switch capability that…
Well Spent.
Attitude Supply Bags
I hate to say it, but the better looking you are, the worse of an attitude you can get away with having. Like, for example, even if these minimalist Bags from Milan’s Attitude Supply were total dicks, I’d still want one. Made in Italy by one of the oldest military and outdoor bag manufacturers in……
KDE Plasma 5.8 LTS Desktop Officially Released
prisoninmate writes from a report via Softpedia: KDE will celebrate 20 years of activity on October 14, 2016, and they’ve just released the first LTS (Long Term Support) version of the KDE Plasma desktop environment. Prominent new features of KDE Plasma 5.8 LTS include support for desktop widgets, a…
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Police officers on paid leave after death of toddler in hot cop car
So far this year, 35 children have died in hot cars. The most recent one was the 3-year-old daughter of a Mississippi police officer. The mother and another cop whom she “was visiting” are now on paid leave, while the death is being investigated. Read Full Article at
Google Store purges hardware, including Nexus phones, Nvidia’s Shield TV, and more
New hardware announcements came fast and furious at Google’s big hardware event on Tuesday, with fresh phones, routers, VR headsets, and more each receiving moments in the spotlight. But behind the scenes, a quiet massacre was taking place, as Google eradicated all traces of several older devices from… Physics News
When is a coffee mug a donut? Topology explains it
A topologist is a person who cannot tell the difference between a coffee mug and a donut—so goes a joke about a little-known scientific field crowned Tuesday with a Nobel Physics Prize. – latest science and technology news stories
Clever fish keep cool
Ocean warming is occurring at such a rapid rate that fish are searching for cooler waters to call home. – latest science and technology news stories
GreenWood Resources licenses ORNL invention to boost biofuel yield
GreenWood Resources has licensed an Oak Ridge National Laboratory technology based on the discovery of a gene in poplar (Populus trichocarpa) that makes it easier to convert poplar trees into biofuels. – latest science and technology news stories
Revising the meaning of ‘prion’
A team of Whitehead Institute and Stanford University scientists are redefining what it means to be a prion—a type of protein that can pass heritable traits from cell to cell by its structure instead of by DNA.
Why ‘The Martian’ is a rarity among film adaptations
The Matt Damon Mars survival movie, The Martian, has been nominated for multiple Academy Awards, including Best Adapted Screenplay. And while adapting a book to film can be as complex as communication between Earth and Mars, The Martian is an unusually close adaptation. Our CineFix series, What’s the…
Honda Civic Type R Prototype
A beefed-up prototype of the Civic Hatchback.
New Sets From The Lego Batman Movie Feature Amazing Puns, Heavily Armed Penguins
Look at those tiny, buzzsaw-armed penguins and tell me this is not the greatest Lego set you’ve ever seen. Go on. I’ll wait.Read more…
Man of Many
New Clothes the Easy Way – Kent and Lime
Clothes shopping. Two words that can instil about as much dread in more men than not as ‘prostate exam’ or ‘I’m pregnant’. While an absolute joy for some (usually the ones who are annoyingly good at it), it’s impossible to pinpoint the exact reason the seemingly simple task of dressing yourself in fresh…
Latest Items from TreeHugger
Why do our cars have better air quality than our homes?
Architects and builders could learn a thing or two about fighting disease with design from Elon Musk.
You can use Apple Pay to buy electronic train tickets in NY – CNET
The MTA has added support for Apple Pay and Masterpass mobile payments to the MTA eTix app.
Why a High Credit Score Doesn’t Always Mean You’re Financially Healthy
There are few numbers that can make you feel prouder of your money-management skills than a strong credit score. And for good reason: Lenders use credit scores to determine everything from the interest rate on your mortgage to whether you qualify for the juiciest credit card rewards.This post originally…
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Russia-US dialogue on Syria failed as Washington has no unified stance – Russian FM spox to RT
The Russia-US peace effort in Syria broke down due to the lack of a unified stance on the issue in Washington and the US should acknowledge its failure, Maria Zakharova, Russia Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, told RT. Read Full Article at
Fast Company
Three Science-Backed Ways To Influence Other People’s Decisions
If you want to influence others’ decisions, you’ve got to understand the mental shortcuts they use to make them. If you want to influence others’ decisions, you’ve got to understand the mental shortcuts they use to make them.Your brain takes mental shortcuts all the time in order…
Digital Trends
Porsche working on ultrafast charging system, invites Tesla and Mercedes
Railroads did not have great success until the major lines agreed to a standard rail gauge. Electric car companies will need universal access to standardized charging systems. In that light, it is no surprise that Porsche wants to work with Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, and other manufacturers and suppliers…
designboom | architecture & design magazine
patrik schumacher interview on zaha hadid’s ultrastellar collection
patrik schumacher discusses the zaha hadid ‘ultrastellar’ furniture line, its material use, and the future of their relationship with david gill gallery. The post patrik schumacher interview on zaha hadid’s ultrastellar collection appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
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Google Unveils The Snuggie Of Virtual Reality Headsets
Image: Google Google just announced the coziest virtual reality headset yet: It’s made out of fabric (and resembles a certain fad robe of yore). Google’s “Daydream View,” as the new VR platform is called, is supposed to be softer and more customizable than other VR headsets like Oculus and HTC Vive,…
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Google’s New Products Look Like The Stuff Around Your House On Purpose
Gadgets Just don’t confuse your Daydream VR headset with your sweatpants Google wants your tech to look like things around your house…
Google’s AI Plans Are A Privacy Nightmare
Google CEO Sundar Pichai thinks we are now living in an “artificial intelligence-first world.” He’s probably right. Artificial intelligence is all the rage in Silicon Valley these days, as technology companies race to build the first killer app that utilizes machine learning and image recognition. Today,…
Salesforce will buy Krux to expand behavioral tracking capabilities has agreed to buy user data management platform Krux Digital, potentially allowing businesses to process even more data in their CRM systems.Krux describes its business as “capturing, unifying, and activating data signatures across every device and every channel, in real time.”Essentially,…
Monogram Everything
In a world so full of misery and dread, it’s important that you take pleasure in the small things. So why not start by getting everything monogrammed?Read more…
Kitchen Composting Made Easy and Odor-Free
Composting in your kitchen no longer means a clothespin for your nose and involuntary shivers…
Mesh Lamp With Different Sectors Illuminated
Designed by Francisco Gomez Paz for Luceplan, the Mesh Lamp is a formal tour de force that pushes the bounds of LEDs, a suspension lamp offering multiple lighting scenarios for personalized aesthetic and functional performance. Mesh is not only formally inventive but functional as well. The lamp is…
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Can Google’s Daydream View Headset Actually Convince People?
Google’s new Daydream View headset might finally make virtual reality more approachable to the masses. …Read More »
This Russian Rogue One Poster Puts the War in Star Wars
The posters for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story have already been pretty great. Even the fan made ones have been good. But attendees at a Comic-Con in Russia were just given a brand new poster that tells a story all its own—a story about a brutal war and its costs.Read more…
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Wait, I Thought We Couldn’t Predict Earthquakes
Science Oh, right, we can’t Last week, the headlines were particularly frightening. ‘Massive Earthquake Along the San Andreas Fault Is Disturbingly Imminent’…
Newswise: SciNews
Desert, City Overlap Explored in Phoenix
Conference tour tells story of desert resilience
Google Refreshes Its Streaming Dongle: Unveils $69 Chromecast Ultra With 4K and HDR Capabilities
On the sidelines of Pixel smartphones announcement and $79 Daydream View VR headset, Google also announced a refresh for its streaming dongle. Called the Chromecast Ultra, the dongle offers 4K and HDR capabilities. The Chromecast Ultra, the company says, is the fastest Chromecast it has event made (it…
Newswise: SciNews
PPPL Intern Joseph Labrum Helped Build Components for a “Zero Knowledge” System That May Have Applicability to Future Nuclear Arms Control Agreements
Joseph Labrum, a Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship student at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, spent his summer internship building components to upgrade an experiment that successfully compared physical objects without learning anything about the objects…
Newswise: SciNews
2016 and 1998 in Near Tie for Hottest Year
Global Temperature Report: September 2016
Google becoming a hardware manufacturer isn’t a threat — yet
Not everyone liked the Google Glass — even the tech giant itself admitted regrets in how it executed on the hardware push. Last month, it closed Project Ara, its initiative to build a modular smartphone.  The six-year-old Nexus program proved more fruitful, but as of this week, Google has no more plans…
Adequate Man Do Assholes Know They’re Assholes?
Adequate Man Do Assholes Know They’re Assholes? | Jezebel Chrissy Teigen Confesses to Federal Offense | Gizmodo The Google Pixel Is the Smartest Phone I’ve Ever Held | The Slot Maybe Don’t Ask the Fucking White House About Creepy Clown Sightings |Read more…
Rewatch the entire Harry Potter film series in IMAX
Before watching Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them in theaters come November, how about doing a Harry Potter rewatch? Starting Thursday, October 13, fans can watch all eight Harry Potter films in IMAX […]
Physics News
Understanding chromatin’s cancer connection
When scientists finished decoding the human genome in 2003, they thought the findings would help us better understand diseases, discover genetic mutations linked to cancer, and lead to the design …
Big Think
What Happens to Your Brain When You Stop Exercising?
A new study shows that cerebral blood flow within the left and right hippocampus significantly decreases after just 10 days of without exercise.Read More
Iceland’s Pirate Party could actually win big in the next election
Iceland has already faced steep political turmoil in 2016. Later this month, things could get even more interesting, as the country’s upstart Píratar Party (or Pirate Party) remains in the lead in polls leading up to the nation’s general election at the end of October.  SEE ALSO: Iceland’s Pirate Party…
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Google announced an iPhone, a Gear VR, an Echo, and an Eero
Everybody copies everybody. It doesn’t mean they’re “out of ideas” or “in a technological cul-de-sac” — or at least it doesn’t necessarily mean that — it does mean they want to make money and keep users. It’s actually one of my favorite elements of the tech industry. It’s self-regulating in a small way,…
RT – Daily news
Feds tried to inflict year-long gag over data request from Signal chat app
The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has released documents for a case against a year-long gag order that it fought and won over a federal subpoena demanding logs by two users on an encrypted chat app, Signal. Read Full Article at
Hands Free Bicycle Leash
Safely walk your pooch while you enjoy a nice ride by using this hands free bicycle leash. It’s composed from a long stainless steel rod that’s complemented by a military-grade paracord leash designed to keep your doggy at a safe lateral distance while you pedal. Check it out $62.95
Octopus Table Server
Make your appetizers easy to reach for everyone at the table by placing them atop this octopus table server. This small cast iron octopus stands 9 inches tall and uses his long tentacles to create a sturdy base between the table and small glass surface overhead. Check it out $121.00
Exotic Metal Orbs
Hide small items in plain sight by stuffing them inside these exotic metal orbs. Available in either stainless steel, titanium, brass, or copper, each orb is precision machined into a perfect sphere which you can unscrew at the middle to reveal a small stash compartment. Check it out $49.00
Fingertip Phone Call Smart Watchstrap
Make phone calls with your fingertips by outfitting your wristwatch with the fingertip phone call smart watchstrap. You simply place your fingertip over your ear to speak through the embedded microphone which transmits audio clearly without any background noise. Check it out $139.00
Twinkling Stars Skirt
Brighten up any room you walk into by slipping into this eye-catching twinkling stars skirt. The skirt features a lovely blue hue and is accented with over 250 tiny LEDs powered by a battery pack that discreetly tucks away inside the waist. Check it out $59.99
Add Coconut Milk to Hot Cider for an “Apple Pie in a Glass”
Cold weather means warm beverages, and nothing feels more “fall” than a hot, steaming mug of apple cider. To make a beverage that drinks like pie in a glass, just add in a little coconut milk.…This is just one of The Kitchn’s clever upgrades to the iconic autumnal…
Latest news
CSIRO sees increasing interest in machine learning
Across all nine of its divisions, Australia’s government research body is seeing an uptick in artificial intelligence and machine learning in its science.
National Geographic News
President Obama Urges Swift Action on Climate Change
The leader hosted Leonardo DiCaprio and top scientists at a special event at the White House, which included a screening of the Nat Geo documentary Before the Flood.
National Geographic News
For World Animal Day, 10 Sharp Pictures of Brainy Animals
Electric Electrolite Ski & Snowboard Goggle
With a frame made of 100% EVA foam—think Lunarlon—and a strap made of compression-molded silicone, Electric has created the lightest ski & snowboard goggle in the world. It also costs about half the price of a premium goggle. The design of the Electrolite won the coveted Best Product Award at…
Kinja Co-Op
Your Clothes Can Be Both Soft and Strong with Lou & Grey
Lou & Grey is no longer LOFT’s shy, younger sister. The brand has blossomed into its own, Tumblr-pink explosion of fashionable and (not or) comfortable clothing.Read more…
Tools and Toys
Cesium Music Player
Over at The Sweet Setup, Cesium Music Player was chosen as the best Music app replacement for iOS. While I love services like Apple Music and Spotify, they don’t always work well for everyone. Cesium has a great design, easy to use navigation, and integrates nicely with your synced music. You can…
Due diligence is a responsibility for investors, an opportunity for startups
 Many startup companies begin with either an idea or a proprietary technology. Sometimes this technology is straightforward and easily explained; other times, it is novel and revolutionary. For some founders, the latter can be a double-edged sword, especially once they begin to seek outside financing….
Why the ‘Ninja Turtles’ are named for Renaissance artists
We crawled around the sewers and looked inside every pizza box to bring you more awesome facts about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. How did they get those names, anyway? Subscribe to CineFix for more videos:  Read more…More about Mashable Video, Tmnt, Teenage Mutant…
The Typical Chemistry Nobel Winner Changed After 1980
UPDATE (Oct. 5, 8 a.m.): The 2016 Nobel Prize in chemistry will go to three men, Jean-Pierre Sauvage of France, Sir Fraser Stoddart of the UK and Bernard Feringa of the Netherlands for their work with “nano-machines.” Sauvage and Feringa are affiliated with institutions in their home countries, Stoddart…
The Manual
Cusco, Peru – The Ancient Capitol of the Inca Empire
And despite being one of the most visited cities in South America, it’s actually one of the most skipped over. The post Cusco, Peru – The Ancient Capitol of the Inca Empire appeared first on The Manual.
The People Fighting To Keep Crappy Games Off Steam
The Digital Homicides are a Steam group with a goal that seems admirable: to keep poorly-made, sketchy, and downright scammy games off Steam. How they go about achieving that goal, however, is far more murky and controversial.Read more…
Digital Trends
Light-measuring algorithm could improve self-driving cars, medical imaging
What does medical imaging have in common with self-driving cars? A new imaging technology developed by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology could hold the answer. The technique may represent a breakthrough, as it permits researchers to recover visual information from light that has…
The iPhone 7 is Causing Connection Hell For Verizon Customers
Last week, we put out a call for iPhone 7 users to tell us what problems they’re experiencing with their phones. Although Bluetooth complaints were the most common, we’ve heard from dozens of Verizon users who are having issues with their new phones dropping LTE signal and GPS.Read more…
Next Big Future
Spacex will invest $1 billion towards advanced engine systems and then before 2020 claim over $3 billion per year in SLS and NASA deep space funding
Spacex and Elon Musk are developing the Interplanetary Transport System, the Raptor engine and the Falcon Heavy on spec. Spacex is mostly self-funding the initial development of those systems.Elon Musk is spending tens of millions per year on developing his Mars colonization plans and the hardware for…
Boost Your Happiness at Work By Changing the Way You Approach To-Do Lists
A straightforward to-do list might make you more productive, but it can also make your job feel tedious and boring. It’s time to start reincorporating your big goals within your to-do lists.Art Markman, PhD, a professor of Psychology and Marketing at the University of Texas, Austin, suggests at Fast…
The Google Pixel Is the Smartest Phone I’ve Ever Held
All images: Alex Cranz/GizmodoThe hardware in Google’s latest phone, developed in house and using parts from flagging former flagship HTC, doesn’t look from the outside like a revolution. It is a 5-inch phone (or 5.5-inch for $100 more) with an 821 Snapdragon processor, a 1440 x 2560 display, up to 128GB…
BBC News – World
New Jersey house exploded after gas leak, says fire chief
Two houses collapsed minutes after local firefighters attended a property in Paterson, New Jersey, over complaints of a strong gas odour.
The Verge – All Posts
Scientists dropped dummies on their heads to test an inflatable helmet
New inflatable bike helmets may be safer than the one you’re wearing, but if you live in the US you might not get to wear one until crash-test regulations catch up to the new design. Scientists dropped a dummy on its head repeatedly To figure out how inflatable helmets stack up against their dorkier,…
Dude poses as a donut delivery man to sneak his résumé into agencies
Free donuts: the key to getting a new job? Lukas Yla, a marketer searching for work in San Francisco, has devised a tasty way to get the attention of prospective employers. He poses as a Postmates delivery person, then drops off a box of free donuts at the agency he’s interested in. When they open the…
8 times Google savagely burned Apple during the Pixel announcement
It burns! It burns!!!Hot on the heels of Apple’s big fall event, Google held an event of their own on Tuesday. The company announced a plethora of new products, including two new Android phones (the Pixel and Pixel XL), an updated Chromecast dongle (the Chromecast Ultra), a VR headset (the Daydream View),…
The 15 Best Horror Movies to Stream This October
With only a few horror movies slated for October release in theaters, your best bet for spooky thrills is to stay home and stream until you scream. Here are the five most horrific films we could find in the respective movie libraries of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. And if you have more than one streaming…
Eat. Drink. Travel.
When #NationalTacoDay falls on #TacoTuesday and now you have to…
When #NationalTacoDay falls on #TacoTuesday and now you have to decide if you want Tempura Shrimp Tacos, Fried Fish Tacos, or Bulgogi Cheesesteak Tacos 🤔 📷: @devourpower /📍: @set_les #forkyeah
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Artificial intelligence could make for healthier crops
When commercial-scale crops in First World countries get diseases, lab-equipped experts are typically called in to identify the affliction and advise treatment. Such resources aren’t always available to smallhold farmers in developing nations, however, who may lose entire crops without ever…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Military-inspired off-road multi-trailers explore the backcountry
A new name in rugged, off-road camping trailers, UGOAT – that’s Utility Go-anywhere Off-road Adventure Trailer – lets its military roots shine. Made by a trio of marines, UGOAT’s versatile, Swiss Army-inspired “multi-trailers” put military surplus supplies to work supporting recreational off-road…
Digital Trends
How to keep rideshare drivers loyal? NYC’s Juno gives them a piece of the company
Recruiting drivers is one of the toughest and most expensive challenges for a rideshare company, but keeping them is even harder. Juno, a New York City-based rideshare company has what may be a unique way to attract and hang on to drivers — give them stock in the company, according to Venture Beat. At…
Digital Trends
Chat with your cycling buddies, take video, and hear audio with the Sena Smart Cycling Helmet
Do you cycle with earbuds or an action camera? Do you sometimes wish that you could chat with your riding buddies? The Smart Cycling Helmet from Sena could be your all-in-one solution, with its integrated Bluetooth communications system and QHD camera. Building on its experience making integrated Bluetooth…
Digital Trends
IBM opens its wallet for a new headquarters to house its Watson Internet of Things platform
IBM believes that within the next two years, the single biggest source of data will be the Internet of Things, gadgets that are connected to the web and that deliver and receive all kinds of information, spanning from tiny little sensors to “smart” refrigerators, to connected vehicles. They’re embedded…
Digital Trends
Versatile photography drone may just be a cinematographer’s dream come true
It wasn’t that long ago that we were happy with any drone-based photography we could get. That’s no longer quite the case. With both UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) and camera technology advancing by the day, if you’re a professional drone photographer, you owe it to yourself to get hold of a pro-grade…
Scoop gets Bay Area cities to pick up the tab for carpooling to alleviate traffic jams
 A startup that matches riders with drivers for paid and pre-scheduled carpooling, Scoop, has inked a deal with two big towns in the increasingly congested commuter hubs in the San Francisco Bay Area, Foster City and San Mateo. With this deal, each city is subsidizing carpoolers’ rides so that passengers…
Cool Hunting
Sound by Human: A multi-functional, futuristic device for audio, biometrics, spoken translation and more
At first glance, Sound by Human is unlike any listening device on the market. Seeking to reinvent both headphones and earphones, they felt the ideal form factor was in between the two; their on-ear design is a bit unconventional, as is the range…… Continue…
Behringer U-Phoria UMC22 USB Audio Recorder $39.99
Behringer U-Phoria UMC22 USB Audio Recorder $39.99 Full Feed
Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne on Gary Johnson, Trump vs. Clinton, and the Future of the Blockchain
Mises Institute
Uncle Sam May Tip Deutsche Bank Over the Edge
Tags A A Home | Feed | Blog.rssGlobal EconomyMoney and BanksMoney and BankingUncle Sam May Tip Deutsche Bank Over the Edge 0 Views On September 16, 2016, the US Justice Department threatened Deutsche Bank with a $14 billion fine for bond sales practices from before the 2007 Financial…
Joe’s Daily
It’s Always Summer With the Right Recipes
It’s 100% normal to crank up the heat in your apartment, make a summer cocktail, and pretend you’re on a beach somewhere, right? This is pretty much me every time Fall creeps into the picture. I have a two to three-week case of denial, where I ignore the fact that the weather is getting colder and…
Motherboard RSS Feed
‘Guccifer 2.0’ Is Bullshitting Us About His Alleged Clinton Foundation Hack
On the day many expected WikiLeaks to dump incendiary documents about Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, the hacker known as ‘Guccifer 2.0’ stole the show, claiming to have hacked the Clinton Foundation. “Many of you have been waiting for this, some even asked me to do it,” Guccifer 2.0…
RT – Daily news
Branson sees ‘sexy space hotels’ orbiting Earth & offering trips around Moon
Virgin Galactic CEO Richard Branson dreams of owning hotels in orbit where space travelers will chill out in pods in between trips around the Moon. Read Full Article at
Who are these cartoon villains driving around with Rudy Giuliani?
Rudy Giuliani: the man, the mayor, the mystery. On Tuesday, the former mayor was photographed allegedly leaving Playhouse Sq. in New York City with some very powerful, and very stereotypical, looking men in the back of a car. The identities of the men could not be immediately determined, so Twitter…
designboom | architecture & design magazine
MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY installs ‘tour de force(s)’ on the world’s largest cruise ship
the permanent work offers a variety of experiences depending on where it is viewed from. The post MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY installs ‘tour de force(s)’ on the world’s largest cruise ship appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
‘RoboCop’ was in his underwear for most of the film’s production
While the remake of RoboCop has mostly been forgotten by now, the 1987 original still holds its own against the forces of time (and crime). But here’s a list of fun facts about Paul Verhoeven’s original robot-who-is-a-cop flick to arm you for the inevitable “Was it as good as the original?” debate….
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Simple robot roams around using just a ball motor
Robots don’t have to be overly complex to perform more than basic tasks. Carnegie Mellon University researchers have created SIMbot, a human-sized cylindrical robot that gets around with only one moving part besides the robot itself: the ball at its base. It’s a spherical induction motor that uses a…
What Weather Forecast Terms Like “Partly Cloudy” Actually Mean
If you’ve ever wondered what the difference between “partly cloudy” and “mostly sunny” is, this video has all the answers.Read more…
The one joke the internet is already making about the VP debate
While the vice presidential debate is still a few hours away, the internet is already taking off with jokes about the location of the event: Farmville, Virginia.  SEE ALSO: Finding humor in an absurd election Longwood University is the site of the showdown between Democratic VP candidate Tim Kaine…
So, What Happened to the Mysterious Google Magic?
Last night, Verizon leaked the Pixel, ostensibly by accident, listing Google Magic as one of the phone’s primary features. Today, Google announced the Pixel and a host of other products, but the company didn’t say anything about Google Magic. Verizon also removed “Google Magic” from the Pixel specs on…
Overtreders W installs orange pipework above heads of customers in Netherlands cafe
Dutch design studio Overtreders W has used a bold colour palette and an elaborate pipe network to give a concert-hall cafe a cheap but cheerful makeover (+ slideshow). (more…)
AT&T Gigabit Internet to roll out in eleven new markets
AT&T has announced plans to expand its gigabit Internet service into eleven new markets, making it available to some customers located in parts of Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Texas. The high-speed Internet service will be made available to small…
Pixel and Pixel XL specs: What Google changed
At its “October 4 hardware event” in San Francisco today, Google announced the Pixel and Pixel XL, succeeding the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P respectively. The company calls the Pixels its first phones “designed inside and out by Google,” but for our intents and purposes, let’s just agree they’re rebranded…
How A.I. is revolutionizing today’s workplace
GUEST: There is no question that artificial intelligence (A.I.) is in the process of radically transforming the workplace. As a $15 billion industry expected to grow to more than $70 billion by 2020, it’s clear that in the future, A.I. will change almost everything in the way that we live and work. And…
Bots aren’t ready to be bankers: How to prepare for fintech’s next-gen chatbots (VB Live)
VB LIVE: Major financial institutions are leaping on board the bot bullet train, hoping to amp up their customer service. But smart digital leaders at smaller firms are learning that this generation of chatbots may not be ready for prime time — yet. Join our free VB Live event to start laying the foundation…
Pokémon Go reclaims top-grossing spot on iPhone
Pikachu needed a quick rest at a PokéCenter, and now he’s already returned to dominating his mobile gaming competition. Pokémon Go is once again the top-grossing iPhone game in the United States, according to data from Sensor Tower and App Annie. The Google Maps-powered augmented reality experience…
Blizzard claims director never said World of Warcraft has 10.1 million subscribers
World of Warcraft fans are nuts about the latest expansion, Legion, and that has led to a resurgence for the long-running massively multiplayer online role-playing game. But despite recent reports, Blizzard Entertainment is saying that a report earlier today saying it has 10.1 million players is either…
Google Home app will replace Google Cast
If you have an Amazon Echo, you manage it through a native mobile app for Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant. Google will be doing something similar to help people manage the $129 Google Home smart speaker through which people will be able to ask Google questions. Google already has a mobile app for its…
Kerbal Space Program will live on as key staff leave the rocket simulator behind
The Kerbal Space Program mission isn’t over despite some key developers leaving. Nathan Kell, one of the producers of Kerbal Space Program, posted a message to the game’s forum on Reddit today to inform fans that eight members of the development team have ceased their work on the project. The game is…
Amazon should think outside the box
 Recent news that Amazon is working on a way to deliver items inside your door, without packaging, is huge. It means that e-commerce might overcome its greatest obstacle: Thinking inside the box. Read More
Play this killer self-driving car ethics game
 Should a self-driving car full of old folks crash to avoid puppies in the cross-walk? Is it OK to run over two criminals if you save one doctor? Whose lives are worth more, seven-year-olds or senior citizens? In, This new game called the “Moral Machine” from MIT’s researchers, a car’s breaks fail and…
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Event: American Institute of Architects International Region Conference
Event Date: Oct 20, 2016 – Oct 23, 2016; Event City: Toronto, ON, CA Locating, connecting, and organizing our global architectural community to inform, inspire, and involve.Join us in one of the world’s most cosmopolitan urban settings  as we gather the leaders of our global organization for a long w…
Bustler News, Competitions and Events
News: Join “Hip Hop Architect” Michael Ford and Design Justice advocate Bryan Lee Jr. at SXSW Eco, October 12
“Designing a Just City: Hip Hop Architecture” examines architecture through the lens of hip hop culture, in addition to the communities historically underserved by design. If you’ll be attending SXSW Eco in Austin next week, don’t miss out on this keynote event on October 12.As discussions on the oppression…
Google Gets Serious About Home Automation: Unveils Google Home, Actions on Google and Google Wifi
At its hardware launch event earlier today, Google launched Google Home, a voice-activated speaker that aims to give Amazon’s Echo a run for its money. The speaker is always-listening and uses Google’s Assistant to deliver sports scores, weather information, commute times, and much more. Tech Crunch…
Breville’s Smart Grinder Pro is the Coffee Grinder You Should Buy
You cannot make good coffee with a bad grinder, but your grinder should also be a joy to use.…The Smart Grinder Pro features stainless steel conical burrs and 60 grind settings that are actually easy to dial in. If your grinder is rocking blades instead of burrs, it’ll…
How Did the Feds Get Past Yahoo’s Encryption? Yahoo!
For Apple and now for Yahoo, stronger encryption only made government spying demands more aggressive. The post How Did the Feds Get Past Yahoo’s Encryption? Yahoo! appeared first on WIRED.
Next Big Future
JLTV upgunned with 30 mm chaingun
Truck maker Oshkosh is rolling out the much-awaited upgunned variant of its Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, meant to scout ahead of Army infantry. Adding a 30 mm chaingun to JLTV — much bigger than the normal 12.7 mm machinegun — fixes the biggest shortfall the vehicle had for the LRV mission.The first…
Wera Koloss Hammer-Ratchet
A reversible high-quality ratchet with an unbreakable square drive for hammering.
BBC News – World
The bombing of Aleppo’s children
Nearly 100 children in rebel-held Aleppo have been killed in the past week by Russian and Syrian airstrikes.
YouTube stars can fess up to paid promotions easier now – CNET
Google’s video site adds the option to stick a text FYI on any clip, but it won’t require creators to disclose when they’ve taken money to talk up a product.
Why the wasabi that comes with your sushi likely isn’t wasabi – CNET
A new video takes viewers to a wasabi farm in Japan, and explains what goes into producing the real stuff and why it’s so expensive.
Amazon Alexa to gain new coffee-brewing capabilities – CNET
Soon you’ll be able to tell Amazon devices with the Alexa voice assistant to brew up a fresh pot of java when you ask.
Interplanetary Transport System: Getting to Titan
SpaceX’s proposed reusable Interplanetary Transport System is an interesting concept and certainly eminently feasible. Last part of Elon Musk’s presentation indicated its ability to travel beyond Mars to targets further afield, illustrated by images of landings on Europa, Enceladus, and a pretty flight…
Learn About The Dangers Of Towing From A Toy Mustang On A Conveyer Belt
If you’re thinking about doing some towing, and you also think that all the concern over weight distribution on the trailer is a load of crap perpetrated by the weight-distribution lobby, then I really suggest you watch this little video. Because what’s funny with toys is terrifying in reality.This demonstration,…
Digital Trends
At one year, Alphabet starts shedding the free-wheeling ways that existed under Google
Moonshots? Maybe not so much. Open budgets? Nuh-uh. In October 2015 Google announced its new holding company, called Alphabet. The stated purpose was to put some structure beneath the wide range of projects and ventures that had sprung from Google and were still part of the core internet search company….
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AI can help you find a programming job
Artificial intelligence isn’t just helping you work more effectively… it can help you find work, too. Source{d} is running a job service that matches programmers with employers by using a “deep neural network” to scan open source code for relevant qualities. And it’s not just about understanding…
Getting the Most Out of Apple HomeKit and the iOS 10 Home App
One of the biggest changes in the smart home market in recent years has been the introduction of Apple HomeKit. The protocol allows software developers to make applications that work with home automation products. It also lets manufacturers of existing equipment make gateways that connect to HomeKit…
iLife X5 Robot Vacuum Review and Giveaway
As the smart home revolution rolls on, it’s now cheaper than ever to automate the mundane daily tasks like vacuuming. The iLife X5 is perhaps the cheapest robotic vacuum yet at just $120, and can even mop your floors too. Read on to find out what we thought of the X5. Even better, courtesy of,…
3 Reasons to Start Using Browser Gestures
How much time do you spend browsing the web on any given day? In 2014, Nielsen reported that Americans spend 11 hours online per day. That’s a LOT of web browsing! Now think about how much of that time is wasted due to inefficient browsing habits — time that you’ll never, ever get back. That’s why universal…
How to Read More Books Using Serial Reading Apps
Most people agree that reading books is good for you — books can enrich your life, kickstart your self-improvement, and help you learn more about the world. But finding the time to read can be really difficult. So, why not use this simple method to help you read more books? A number of apps and services…
RT – Daily news
‘Unconstitutional’: Yahoo secretly scanned all incoming emails for US intelligence
Yahoo built a custom software program to search all of its customers’ incoming emails for specific information provided by US intelligence officials, according former employees of the company. Read Full Article at
The Internet’s Best Job Hunt Advice to Improve Your Resume
Your resume is the first impression you make on a recruiter. This is your doorway into getting a good job. You need to make an impact. But how do you get past applicant tracking systems and jaded HR professionals? The internet has some valuable advice for you. Over the years, job seekers, hiring experts,…
What the new NHTSA guidelines mean for self-driving cars
 In September, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued guidelines for the testing and deployment of autonomous [PDF] vehicles. The important thing to remember for now is that these are merely guidelines and not rules. Complying with them is voluntary on the part of automotive and hardware…
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Uber’s self-driving cars are running into problems – literally
Uber’s self-driving car pilot program may want to fasten its seat belts after the bumpy beginning it’s reportedly gotten off to. Witnesses speaking with Quartz revealed that Uber’s self-driving Ford Fusions have gotten into accidents and disobeyed traffic signs in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where the…
Tvan MK4 Camper Trailer
A light and modular iteration to the highly popular Tvan line of camping trailers.
Grenade Grips Arm Rippers
Grenade Grips are like Fat Gripz, except way cooler on account of the fact that they are (loosely) shaped like grenades. At least that’s what the people who make them would have you believe. If you’re looking to increase the difficulty and cumbersomeness of pumping your barbells, dumbells, kettlebells,…
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Celebrate local & democratic ownership during National Co-op Month
What’s better than pumpkin spice lattes? A whole month devoted to exploring, joining, and celebrating cooperatives, that’s what.
This is Google’s biggest play on hardware & software yet, with AI at the center
Today’s Google event was all about hardware and software playing together but with AI and machine learning (a.k.a. Google Assistant) becoming the key differentiator. Google is deepening its leverage in the knowledge graph and engineering talent by using search, maps/location, and language/text to speech,…
The Space-Saving College Workspace
Most college students have to muddle by with the desk and furniture they get in their dorm room, but redditor themachu wanted something a little more personal. He grabbed an IKEA desk, stained it himself, and put together this sharp looking bench, topped with a linux PC.The beauty of themachu’s setup…
Major Twitter investor Sacca is selling his stock, wants company acquired – CNET
Chris Sacca said in an interview that he’s been selling some of his shares in the social network, and thinks some “fresh blood” will help the company.
Digital Trends
Amazon’s Alexa will soon connect smart home with Ford electric vehicles
Smart homes and connected cars are courting. In a digital world where there is a smartphone app for almost everything, smart homes and automobiles are still seeking and making connections that add value. Ford Motor Company recently announced that three of its models will work with Amazon’s voice service…
Archinect – News
Geoff Manaugh’s “A Burglar’s Guide to the City” headed to TV
CBS has given a put pilot commitment to “A Burglar’s Guide to the City,” a television series based off the book by BLDGBLOG founder Geoff Manaugh, who interviewed former bank robbers like Joe Loya to explore the role of architecture in crime, and the corresponding shifts in privacy in both the physical…
Archinect – News
AL_A-designed Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT) opens in Lisbon
Lisbon’s new Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology officially opens October 5, spread across two structures: the renovated interior of a former power station, and a new kunsthalle designed by AL_A.The MAAT was founded by the EDP Foundation, a private Portuguese organization primarily focused on…
RT – Daily news
Mysterious paralysis-causing syndrome appears to be on the rise – CDC
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is investigating a dangerous health condition, acute flaccid myelitis, which appears to be on the rise with 50 new cases. The illness can cause temporary or permanent paralysis in severe cases. Read Full Article at
Five questions about taking Google’s new phones to work
Google unveiled a massive strategic shift on Tuesday, announcing that it is officially getting into the business of designing and releasing its own smartphones. The Pixel and Pixel XL, announced at a special event in San Francisco, are the company’s first forays into that market after working with…
All-Seeing Car Fails to Watch Road
After gazing long into the abyss that is our daily lives, Google finally found the abyss gazing back this week when a Reddit user snapped a picture of a Street View car following “an unexpected error.”Read more…
Let this Star Wars Jawa guard your garden – CNET
Show your Star Wars pride outdoors with this geeky garden gnome — in Jawa form. Utini!
The Green Head – Finds Cool New Stuff!
Cat Scratching Post With Built-In Laser Toy
This inventive scratching post has a built-in laser toy on top that projects a moving laser dot on the floor in unpredictable patterns to encourage it to not only use the post but also drive your them completely nuts… in a good way.Click Here For Complete Details
This Cake Accurately Represents Everything Happening With Twitter Right Now
Twitter is in trouble, maybe. The company has been struggling with its harassment policy for quite a while now, is getting sued for not being popular enough, and also wants to be sold. This cake is a beautiful portrait of the company’s current state—imperfect yet somehow still alluring. Salesforce CEO…
Encryption App Signal Wins Fight Against FBI Subpoena and Gag Order
An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Daily Dot: Signal, widely considered the gold standard of encrypted messaging apps, was put to the test earlier this year when a FBI subpoena and gag order that demanded a wide range of information on two users resulted in a federal grand jury investigation…
What Went Down At The Vice Presidential Debate
11:01 PM That’s A Wrap 12600Micah CohenThat’s it from us tonight, people. That was the only VP debate we’ll get this campaign, so if you really want to savor it, start at the bottom of this live blog and scroll up. You can also listen to our wrap-up podcast for more.What will the main storyline be…
Election Update: North Carolina Is Becoming A Backstop For Clinton
Hillary Clinton continues to gain ground in our presidential forecast, as it becomes clearer that last week’s debate was a turning point in the race. In fact, the polls we added to our database on Tuesday may have been Donald Trump’s worst since the debate. They included surveys showing Clinton leading…
MDA further erases Maple leaf, adds Stars and Stripes
KUALA LUMPUR — Satellite and space-services provider MDA on Oct. 3 moved to further burnish its new identity as an American company fully eligible to win U.S. government contracts, naming new directors with U.S. military credentials and moving its headquarters to San Francisco from Richmond, British…
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Vodafone New Zealand launching gigabit-speed broadband
Following suit with Chorus, Vodafone NZ is now offering customers a 1Gbps fibre broadband service across the government’s UFB network.
BBC News – World
Making sense of it
If the 24 August earthquake pulverised their villages, then some young Italians are determined not to let it atomise their heritage, Patrick Jackson reports.
Digital Trends
Google says it has “no plans” to produce Nexus devices in the near future
Google’s quixotic Nexus brand, a mix of high-end smartphones, set-top boxes, and other electronic experiments, is finally coming to an end. At the unveiling of the Pixel and Pixel XL in San Francisco on Tuesday, the company said it had “no plans” to produce future devices under the long-running Nexus…
designboom | architecture & design magazine
ENCERCLER makes a lonely tree the star attraction in riorges, france
the giant metal wall denies festival goers access to the tree, questioning just how much value we place on our leafy friends. The post ENCERCLER makes a lonely tree the star attraction in riorges, france appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
RT – Daily news
Texas lawmakers want schools to teach kids how to behave during traffic stops
Texas politicians are deliberating a bill to require schools teach teenagers how to comply with police during traffic stops. The local Black Lives Matter has called the proposal “an insult,” and accused lawmakers of “trying to satisfy” police unions. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
DEA orders opioid production cut by 25% in 2017
The Drug Enforcement Administration has ordered manufacturers to cut production of opiate and opioid medication by 25 percent or more in 2017, citing falling demand. Some medicines, like hydrocodone, will be cut as much as 34 percent. Read Full Article at
30 Green And Grey Living Room Décor Ideas
Grey is one of the most popular basic colors that is easy to mix and match and is great for every space. But a grey living room can look too boring and impersonal and adding different hues of greens to it, makes a whole lot of difference. Various shades of green make the space cooler, bolder, fresher…
Man of Many
Right At Home – HP Pavilion Wave
When the original iMac launched in 1998, it revolutionised the way we looked at desktop computing. Now, the HP Pavilion Wave is taking Apple’s design ethos to the next level – designing a personal computer that looks more at home on the lounge room shelf than it does under an office desk. The Pavilion…
BBC News – World
Respect us!
Russia and the US are seemingly on a collision course over Syria and a host of other issues, writes Steve Rosenberg.
Outlier reboots a naval staple for winter
The winter staple gets Outlier-optimized.Photo: OutlierThere’s nothing like a good deck jacket to keep you warm during those frosty winter months and now Outlier has taken the Naval staple and translated through its thorough and technical filter. Their version is made from a fabric they’re calling “Strongtwill,”…
BBC News – World
Myanmar scraps stringent emergency law
Myanmar abolishes a stringent law which had been used by the former military leaders to silence its opponents.
Scientific American Content: Global
The Visual Story of the Human Heart
Information graphic captures the complex science of embryonic heart development — Read more on
Digital Trends
Friends? Not anymore. Google wants you to bow down and meet your master
Google is your helpful friend. It helps you remember the name of what’s-his-name, the actor. It keeps track of your calendar. It tells you if there’s traffic on the way to work. It helps bring affordable smartphones to developing nations, provides an open source version of Android for anyone to use,…
Scientific American Content: Global
What Happens When a Skeptical Science Writer Meets a Cult Leader
Was the Spiritual Leader Andrew Cohen enlightened or a “Super-egomaniac”? — Read more on
Digital Trends
Free-running camera operator blurs line between cameraman and stuntman
When it comes to doing anything to get the shot, no one is perhaps more committed than mysterious camera operator “Gimbalninja.” The enigmatic Austrian has been recognized for his daring feats of cinematic bravery before, which combine the athleticism of parkour with Hollywood-grade movie cameras, but…
RT – Daily news
New Guccifer 2.0 claims: Hacked Clinton Foundation files show ‘pay to play’, bank ties
Documents reportedly hacked from the Clinton Foundation servers have identified major Democratic donors and troubling ties between TARP aid given to banks and their political contributions. One folder is outright labeled “Pay to Play.” Read Full Article at
Compete to Be the Excel World Champion: Pass the Trials This Week
Ladies and gentlemen: it’s time to start your spreadsheets, fine-tune those formulas, and ready yourself for the inaugural Excel World Championship! That’s right — the world’s favorite spreadsheet software now has a Microsoft-sponsored competition, complete with a grand prize for the overall winner….
MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum / all(zone)
© Soopakorn Srisakul Architects: all(zone) Location: Chiang Mai, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai, Thailand Architect In Charge: Rachaporn Choochuey, Sorawit Klaimak, Asrin Sanguanwongwan, Aroonrod…
GearBest Blog
Alfawise S92 TV Box is coming! Coupon inside! 【New arrival】
Alfawise S92 TV Box Octa Core Amlogic S912 Android 6.0coupon: ALFAS92price: 56.99$url: LAN 2.4G + 5.8G Dual Band WiFi Bluetooth 4.0 Support H.265 VP9-10 DecodingMain Features: ● Amlogic S912 CPU with octa core is rapid and stable, it can give you a high-speed feedback and…
Are political bots stacking the deck in the presidential race?
GUEST: The morning after last week’s presidential debate, social media blew up with opinions on how each candidate fared and riffs on – sniff, sniff – the more interesting and bizarre moments. And, as to be expected, online polls weighed in on which of the contenders won. Being in “the cyber” business,…
6 things we learned today about the Google Assistant
The computing world has been shaped by massive changes that tend to come about every 10 years, said Google CEO Sundar Pichai today at a major press event where Google Home, Google WiFi and the Daydream VR headset made their debut. The personal computer, the web, and mobile devices led massive change…
How humans will learn to coexist with bots
GUEST: The robots are coming! The robots are coming! Actually, in some cases, they’re already here. Not everyone needs to learn how to program the robots, but we’ll all need to get comfortable working with algorithms and bots as well as people. Will they be friends or foes? And what can individuals do…
100 people to watch in the chatbot space
GUEST: This is my personal top 100 for people to watch in the bot space. Let me know who you think I’m missing and please provide me with additional information. Thanks to everyone who helped me curate this list. Now let’s get straight to the point! Creators: Matt Norton (Creator,…
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GOP website outed its response to the VP debate a bit early
Today the Republican National Committee showed tech companies aren’t the only ones to get a little jumpy with the publish button. Following Apple’s early Twitter leak of the iPhone 7, the GOP website pushed up blog posts declaring its VP candidate, M…
Flash Extends Life of Magnetic Tape Machines
Magnetic tape has long been a stalwart storage technology, and machines are still alive and well in many industries where it doesn’t make financial sense to upgrade to more modern technologies
Tumi reimagines aluminum luggage with its sculptural 19 degree collection
You haven’t seen aluminum luggage like this before.Photo: TumiTumi is taking Rimowa head on with aluminum luggage of its very own for its new 19 Degree collection. Rather than take the more utilitarian route in their designs, Tumi goes bold with a striking and sculptural surface that isn’t like anything…
EDC is Everyday Carry
A Modern Urban Dad’s Carry
submitted by Stu Skaggs Seiko 5 Sport SNZG15Ray-Ban ClubmasterSanrenmu 710Handmade Slim Leather WalletMEElectronics Sport Fi M6 In-Ear MonitorsMoleskine VolantOtterbox Commuter iPhone 6Name BadgeDockers HandkerchiefDockers Handkerchief
EDC is Everyday Carry
Cargo Pants Pockets
submitted by Bill Webb Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with extended 6800 MAh batteryRite in the Rain notepadSpare reading glassesFenix E15 flashlight with RCR123A LiION batteryNiteCore T-Series TubeSpare CR123 battery for FenixVintage Benchmade AFCK MiniTin with medicationLeatherman MicraVictorinox TinkerCrabby…
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IBM’s Watson lends hospital staff a helping hand
Watson, IBM’s artificial intelligence computer system, is ridiculously prolific. In the last few years it’s written a cookbook, crafted a movie trailer, joined the debate team, and helped in medical education, among many other projects. The latest point on the system’s resumé is to help make…
Tesla Sued By 69 Year-Old Former Engineer For Age Discrimination
Thomas Flessner was hired as a materials engineer at Tesla’s Fremont factory back in 2012, and was let go in February of this year. He’s now suing Tesla for age discrimination, claiming that he was frequently isolated by his coworkers and bosses for his older age, which ultimately led to him being fired.Read…
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US seeks to enforce global dominance by unleashing war on countries who oppose it – Assad
Washington’s pursuit of hegemony has fallen short of its goal, causing havoc and collapse of states, Bashar Assad said in a new interview. Syria’s head believes that US meddling in the conflict aims to “save what is left” from its fading global preeminence. Read Full Article at
The Green Head – Finds Cool New Stuff!
Pepo Forest Watermelon Cutter – Creates Tree-Shaped Slices
Cut up an entire watermelon into fun and easy to handle tree-shaped slices in seconds.Click Here For Complete Details
Scientific American Content: Global
Laugh Lots, Live Longer
A vast new study finds that a sense of humor lowers mortality rates, especially for women — Read more on
Scientific American Content: Global
Nobel Prize Explainer: Autophagy
The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded today to Yoshinori Ohsumi of Japan for his discoveries concerning autophagy. Following the announcement, journalist Lotta Fredholm spoke to… — Read more on
Scientific American Content: Global
Global Climate Accord Will Take Effect Wednesday
Europe’s vote will push the Paris Agreement across the finish line — Read more on
Scientific American Content: Global
How Human Noise Forces Animals to Change Lifestyles
Hunting bats listen for different noises, and birds change their song pitches — Read more on
Scientific American Content: Global
Read My Beard–Lizards Change Neck Color to Chat
The central bearded dragon can rapidly shift its body color to soak up extra sun or cool off, while using its neck color to communicate with other lizards. — Read more on
Scientific American Content: Global
Facing a Silent Liver Disease Epidemic
As nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, or NASH, stealthily becomes a leading cause of transplants, drug companies race to develop treatments — Read more on
Scientific American Content: Global
Conservative Republicans Really Distrust Climate Scientists [Graphic]
They also say the scientists’ research findings are influenced by political leanings — Read more on
Scientific American Content: Global
World’s Largest Carbon-Capture Plant to Open Soon
Towers will grab gas emitted by a huge coal power plant, but use it to pump oil out of the ground — Read more on
Scientific American Content: Global
When Babies Need Donated Breast Milk, Should States Pay?
Premature infants, the newborns who need this resource the most, are also the least likely to get it — Read more on
Scientific American Content: Global
Generation Zika
It will be at least two years before doctors know how widespread virus-caused birth defects will be in the U.S. — Read more on
Crunch Report | Everything Google Hardware 2016
Google provides the lowdown on a bunch of its hardware releases. They unveil the Pixel phones and a new Google Wi-Fi router, Chromecast gets an upgrade to 4K, they give us more information on Home and they release the Daydream headset. All this on Crunch Report. Read More
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Sony posts everything you need to know about the PS VR
Since VR headsets are a fairly new category, Sony wants to entice you to buy the PS VR by publishing a lengthy FAQ about the device. In it, the company talks about everything, from its $400 to $500 (for the core bundle) pricing to technical informati…
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
Presidential hopeful Macron sets out ideas to fix France’s ‘self-serving’ politics
France is sick because politicians throw taxpayers money at problems instead of addressing them properly, presidential hopeful Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday as he set out a first batch of ideas to reform the country’s political system.
Debate is in Farmville, and the internet is game for all the jokes – CNET
Maybe the popular social media farm game offers a livelier evening than watching the candidates.
Michelle Obama skewers Trump with one simple tap of her microphone
There is an art to a Trump takedown, and there is no better takedown artist than Michelle Obama. On Tuesday, the first lady headed down to Charlotte, North Carolina, to campaign on behalf of Hillary Clinton. While Obama never mentioned Trump by name, she tore into the candidate’s character with one…
#OctoberSurprise turned out to be nothing more than an LOL on Twitter
The #OctoberSurprise excitement was dialed up to 10 on Tuesday as Donald Trump supporters eagerly awaited a press conference put on by Wikileaks that was expected to deliver a devastating blow to the Hillary Clinton campaign.  Trump fans stayed up until early hours of the morning for the 3 a.m. start…
Professor says she’ll bring gun to campus after members of the band kneel for anthem
When middle and high school students in Oakland, California, recently took a knee while playing the national anthem before a Major League Baseball game, they were met with cheers. When members of the East Carolina University marching band did the same before a football game Saturday, the home fans booed. …
Too many white people make hero nervous in trailer for Jordan Peele’s ‘Get Out’
Universal and Blumhouse have released the first trailer for Jordan Peele’s racially-themed horror movie Get Out, which marks Key & Peele star’s directorial debut. Daniel Kaluuya (Sicario) stars as Chris, a young black man who is invited to visit his white girlfriend’s parents at their family…
#GiveMoreThanTrump: Comedy writer calls out Trump for charity
Lots of people criticize Donald Trump, but one man is doing it in the most productive way possible. Comedy writer and #TrumpLeaks creator Owen Ellickson started the GoFundMe page Give More Than Trump to raise more than $10,000 for the American Refugee Committee.  That’s the amount Trump apparently…
Ford’s police vehicle upgrade makes undercover cars even harder to see
Good luck spotting Ford’s new undercover police vehicles on the road.  On Monday, the company announced it was embedding police lights right into the spoilers, preventing drivers from being able to pick out police cars by spotting lights on their roof.  SEE ALSO: Richard Sherman says ‘people are still…
Nicholas Hoult to play Nikolai Tesla in Benedict Cumberbatch movie ‘The Current War’
The Weinstein Company’s electricity drama The Current War received a jolt of star power on Tuesday, as Nicholas Hoult is nearing a deal to play Nikolai Tesla in the film, Mashable has confirmed. Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Shannon star as Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse, who famously feuded…
Answering the burning Google questions about Mike Pence and Tim Kaine
Republican Mike Pence, proposed deputy in a Trump presidency, and Democrat Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s running mate, faced off in a debate Tuesday. The vice presidential debate didn’t set off the fireworks of last week’s clash, which saw a sniffing Donald shrug off his tax returns and Hillary shimmy…
YouTubers come together to honor the legacy of Christina Grimmie at Streamys
The Streamy Awards had a somber tribute for the late Christina Grimmie on Tuesday. Grimmie, a beloved musician, was gunned down at a fan event in Florida in June. That same weekend, 49 more people lost their lives in a mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. The back-to-back tragedies…
Australia’s government is sick of telling citizens to behave overseas
Dudes getting half-naked at sporting events is arguably an Australian “thing,” but that doesn’t make it a good thing — especially in other countries. Nine men are in jail after they stripped down to swimming briefs (a.k.a. “budgie smugglers”) bearing the Malaysian flag, under the influence of alcohol…
Your new Bentley might never have to visit the gas station ever again
The Flying B teams up with Filld for a Concierge Fuel Service.Photo: Filld/BentleyIf you own a Bentley in the state of California, you’re going to want to download the “Filld for Bentley” app immediately. Filld is a new startup that offers a mobile fuel service that will your tank whether you’re at home…
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UberPool riders in London might have to do some walking
Uber has performed a number of experiments in the UK, and its latest slightly rewrites how fares for UberPool work in London. Whereas before a driver might take a roundabout way to get to your on-demand bus stop, now there will be more direct routes. Rides requested between 6am and 9pm will have…
Ingenu offers new program for creating smart cities
Ingenu has debuted its Smarter City program, offering a ready-to-use, beginning-to-end smart city platform that is based on the firm’s patented RPMA (Random Phase Multiple Access) communication technology and innovations from its various partners. The program will give access to municipal applications,…
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Genetically engineered peptides on 2D nanosheets form bio-nano interfaces
A top view of GrBP5 nanowires on a 2-D surface of graphene (credit: Mehmet Sarikaya/Scientific Reports) Engineers at the University of Washington have created genetically engineered peptides that self-assemble into arrays of nanowires on two-dimensional nanosheets (single-layer graphene and molybdenum…
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【New arrival】Original ASUS RT – AC1200GU 1200Mbps Wireless Router
We all are familiar with routers since most families have already got one at home. With the increasing demand for the high speed of broadband,to some degrees, the traditional 802.11n router became useless.It has become a common sense that Asus is one of the best hardware manufacturers.Recently, they…
EE Slashes CPU Design Cost
An engineer taped out a massively multicore processor in a 16nm process for less than $1 million in under a year.
Engineers Must Balance IQ and EQ
Although you want people with the best technical skills on your team, watch out for those with great technical skills who don’t work well with the rest of the team. There’s always a tradeoff.
Meet the music mogul fighting for the wrongfully convicted.
Jason Flom, who is the man behind the musical careers of Katy Perry and Lorde, is launching a new podcast called “Wrongful Conviction.” Flom has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars and his time to fighting for those wrongfully imprisoned in the United States.  Read more…More about Mashable Video,…
Man of Many
Walking Tall – NW-WM1Z Sony Walkman
Once the poster boy of a portable music revolution, the Sony Walkman boasts a storied and influential past that looks to continue with its latest model, the NW-WM1Z Signature Series Walkman. It’s a shiny, little package decked out with the kinds of technological improvements you’d expect of Sony. The…
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Full-body 3D scanning is about to get faster and cheaper
3D scanners come in all shapes and sizes these days, and obviously the bigger you go, the more you have to pay. In the case of full-body scanning, many existing solutions require you to stand still for 12 to 14 seconds which isn’t ideal for both the customer and the vendor, plus they tend to take up…
Gear Patrol
Electric Scooters Are the Real Future of Mobility
The solution for all the world’s problems is sitting right under our feet. …Read More »
Gear Patrol
The Future of Personal Audio Is Here
Completely wireless. And don’t worry about losing an earbud. …Read More »
Gear Patrol
The Best Modern Takes on the Commuter Bag
Keep all of your office and cycling needs neat and organized. …Read More »
Gear Patrol
The 10 Best Watches Under $50,000
Dream watches from Rolex, IWC, Patek Philippe and more. …Read More »
Gear Patrol
How to Archive Your Digital Files So They Aren’t Lost, Forgotten or Erased
Get your digital detritus organized. …Read More »
Gear Patrol
10 Gear Essentials by Nick Caruso, Associate Editor
The gear we can’t live without. …Read More »
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How to Make Fried Rice the Right Way
No, fried rice is not a modern invention. Here’s the 1,500-year-old recipe. …Read More »
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Deals of Note: October 5, 2016
How to save on a North Face Denali jacket, a Samsung Galaxy Tab and a book on Brioni’s founder. …Read More »
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Today in Gear: October 5, 2016
A merino/cashmere crewneck, a military-inspired canvas duffle, a gorgeous limited-edition LaFerrari and much more. …Read More »
designboom | architecture & design magazine
cono sonoro the megaphone shaped amplifier by recollocal and studio superfluo
the installation draws upon the form of a giant wooden megaphone, providing cliento’s national park with both a meeting hub and natural amplifier. The post cono sonoro the megaphone shaped amplifier by recollocal and studio superfluo appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
The Genius Behind It Wasn’t the Clinton Campaign
The savviest online move of the vice-presidential debate seemed like some classic HRC get-out-the-youth tactics, but it turned out to be a lone wolf move. The post The Genius Behind It Wasn’t the Clinton Campaign appeared first on WIRED.
How can robotics bring real innovation to the warehouse experience?
E-commerce is challenging the retail environment in many ways from fitting rooms to customer relations. Then there’s the challenges before products even hit the store, as warehouses full of goods struggle are faced with the challenge of finding staff to find, pack and deliver orders. The top three…
RT – Daily news
Precondition? Iran officials ‘snub’ German vice chancellor over call for Tehran to recognize Israel
Iran’s foreign minister and parliament speaker reportedly canceled meetings with the German vice chancellor after he said Tehran must recognize Israel to secure normal relations with Berlin, Iranian media said. It was later claimed media “distorted” the remark. Read Full Article at
Parody of a pickup truck commercial is a triumphant take on sexism in ads
New Zealand sketch show Funny Girls’ clever parody of a typically macho pickup truck (or “ute”) commercial is going viral online, and it’s easy to see why. SUV and truck advertising has a proclivity for trail-blazing, river-smashing driving scenes, coupled with throaty male voice overs and talk of…
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Abortion restrictions struck down by Oklahoma Supreme Court
Oklahoma’s Supreme Court has struck down a law that set new criminal charges for providers who violated any of the state’s many abortion regulations. The law also required that fetal tissue be collected and preserved from patients younger than 14. Read Full Article at
Mises Institute
Central Banks Sheepish as Savers Keep Saving
A A Tags Home | Feed | Blog.rssThe FedMoney and BanksMoney and BankingCentral Banks Sheepish as Savers Keep Saving 0 Views How to Get a Higher Return for Savers and Find a Path Toward Higher InvestmentThe rise in the personal saving rate following the Great Recession was an unexpected…
Mises Institute
Feds To Create Yet Another Ethnic Category?
Tags A A Home | Feed | Blog.rssU.S. HistoryPolitical TheoryFeds To Create Yet Another Ethnic Category? 0 Views The Obama Administration would like to create a new racial category, presumably for the Census and other federal forms. USA Today reports: The White House is putting forward…
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Sophisticated minimalist house in Denmark lets you enjoy the outdoors even in the winter
This minimalist Scandinavian house in Copehagen was designed to become one with nature. Belarus design firm KAVA Architects conceived it as two large volumes connected with a glazed gallery that houses a beautiful winter garden as an extension of the surrounding forest. The house references…
Debate moderator Elaine Quijano became the internet’s patron saint of patience tonight
Many may have never heard of CBS news reporter Elaine Quijano before she moderated tonight’s vice presidential debate. But many will not soon forget the way she attempted to quell the interruptions of the two candidates that vied for the nation’s ear. Quijano is the country’s first Filipino-American…
Architectural Record
America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places 2016
Today, the National Trust for Historic Preservation released its annual list of the most at-risk architectural and cultural sites in the United States.
Intel SSD 600p Series 512GB Review: NVMe performance, SATA pricing
Announcing half a dozen new 3D NAND-based SSDs in August, Intel’s SSD 600p Series in particular caught our attention for being an aggressively priced M.2 NVMe-based model targeting consumer desktops and notebooks. The 600p comes in capacities starting at 128GB for $67 up to $189 for 512GB. At just $0.36…
Pauline van Dongen designs clothes that correct your posture
Dutch fashion designer Pauline van Dongen has created a smart top that vibrates in response to bad posture (+ slideshow). (more…)
Digital Trends
Pinterest taps former Twitter exec as first CFO amidst IPO talk
Pinterest is fueling speculation over a possible IPO based on the firm’s appointment of its first chief financial officer. Todd Morgenfeld — whose previous position was VP of finance at Twitter — has nabbed the role, the company announced on Tuesday. Morgenfeld has a background in the tech investment…
Latest news
Victoria partners with Bosch for self-driving vehicle development
The Victorian government has partnered with Bosch, the Transport Accident Commission, and VicRoads to build Australia’s first vehicle capable of driving on its own.
KurzweilAI » News
New catheter lets doctors see inside arteries for first time
Image-guided catheter with a camera the size of a grain of salt (credit: Avinger) A new safer catheter design that allows cardiologists to see inside arteries for the first time and remove plaque from only diseased tissue has been used by interventional cardiologists at UC San Diego Health. The new…
Jetson Green
Affordable Off-Grid Flat Pack Home
The firm Big World Homes from Australia have designed a tiny modular home that is shipped flat-packed, and can be assembled by two people in just a couple of days using only a drill and a hammer. It will also be a lot cheaper than the alternatives. The project is still in the design stage, but if it…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Algorithms to Live By: The self-help book for geeks
Knowing when to hold ’em, and when to fold ’em is one of life’s perpetual mysteries. If you have a mathematical inclination, or a bent for probabilities, and sometimes wonder at your decision-making process, this book might well catalyse a turning point in your life. This book explains how…
Jetson Green
Energy Efficient Homes – Saginaw Sunset
Jim Guild and Nunzie Gould don’t just want to build places to live. They want to create homes that live forever. © Jim Guild Construction They approach every project with a commitment not only to their clients, but to community, and the environment.  They think deeply not only about the layout of the…
Machines are rejecting Australia’s new futuristic $5 note
Australia’s exciting plan to introduce a fresh $5 bank note has stumbled over its first hurdle — vending machines, poker machines and self service check-outs.  The revamped notes were introduced to increase ease-of-use for people with low vision and decrease the note’s counterfeit-friendly qualities….
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
In pictures: Geek is chic as Chanel goes digital at Paris Fashion Week
Designer Karl Lagerfeld turned Paris’s iconic Grand Palais into a computer data centre Tuesday for a stunning Chanel show that was as retro as it was futuristic.
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Google teaches robots to teach each other
Poet John Donne said, “no man is an island,” and that is even more true for robots. While we humans can share our experiences and expertise through language and demonstration, robots have the potential to instantly share all the skills they’ve learned with other robots simply by transmitting…
Next Big Future
US catching up to Russia and Israel will install Active Protection Systems on US Armor likely starting in 2017
General Dynamics plans to test an Active Protection System (APS) system (Israeli Trophy) on the Abrams tank next year. The IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) Ground Forces Command declared the Trophy operational in August 2009. It was installed in an entire battalion of Israeli Armored Corps tanks in 2010….
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NASA tests Mars 2020 rover’s landing camera
The Curiosity and NASA’s other Mars rovers had to look for wide-open and flat landing locations to be on the safe side. Mars 2020, however, will have a camera-based navigation system capable of assessing terrains and reacting to potential hazards on…
Next Big Future
Dubai Hyperloop Competition
The Government of Dubai is planning to build Hyperloop infrastructure in the near future between two great global cities, Dubai and Fujairah City in the neighboring Emirate of Fujairah. The government aims to reduce the transportation time between these two cities to 10 minutes.Build Earth Live 2016…
Popular Mechanics
Google’s image captioning AI is really good
The image captioning AI knows more than just what’s in a picture. It’s learning to understand what those people and objects are doing. By David Grossman The post Google’s image captioning AI is really good appeared first on Popular Mechanics.
The Next Web
The Google Cast app is getting a new name and purpose
Fire up the Google Cast app – which is used to discover content to stream on Chromecast-connected TVs and speakers, and to manage them – and you’ll spot a message indicating that it’s getting a new name: Google Home. The rebranding makes sense, as Google officially launched a new voice-activated speaker…
Digital Trends
When it comes to camera zoom, here’s why only optical matters
In our camera shopping guide, we’ve tried to simplify the distinctions between compact cams and interchangeable lens cameras. Now, we want to tackle one factor you should consider before you buy a digital camera. We’ll start with what has typically been one of the greatest areas of confusion for camera… – latest science and technology news stories
‘Pleased as punch,’ Nobel winner celebrates with sushi (Update)
One of the British scientists who won the Nobel Prize for Physics Tuesday said he was “pleased as punch” and celebrated with a sushi lunch and a glass of wine. – latest science and technology news stories
New FBI head in San Francisco was key figure in iPhone hack
Special Agent Jack Bennett was at the FBI’s computer investigation lab in Quantico, Virginia, on a Sunday in March when an outside company showed the bureau how it could hack into an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino shooters. – latest science and technology news stories
New elements or rechargeable batteries for Nobel Chemistry Prize?
The Nobel Chemistry Prize is to be announced on Wednesday, with observers suggesting it could go to gene-editing, the invention of the rechargeable battery or the discovery of new periodic elements. – latest science and technology news stories
Atlantic Ocean’s slowdown tied to changes in the Southern Hemisphere
The ocean circulation that is responsible for England’s mild climate appears to be slowing down. The shift is not sudden or dramatic, as in the 2004 sci-fi movie “The Day After Tomorrow,” but it is a real effect that has consequences for the climates of eastern North America and Western Europe. – latest science and technology news stories
Citrus greening disease pathogen has gut-wrenching effect on insect vector
The bacterium that causes citrus greening disease is not only decimating citrus orchards, but wreaks havoc in the guts of the insect that transmits it. – latest science and technology news stories
New insights into how black carbon aerosols impact the atmospheric boundary layer
It is widely known that black carbon, or soot, aerosol particles emitted from South Asia are spread across the northern Indian Ocean during the winter monsoon season. – latest science and technology news stories
New York trash man tells Americans wake up to garbage
A man has been strolling around New York for two weeks weighed down with trash. Meet Rob Greenfield, an environmental activist asking America to wake up to its garbage problem. – latest science and technology news stories
Schools use corporal punishment more on children who are black or have disabilities
In parts of the 19 states where the practice is still legal, corporal punishment in schools is used as much as 50 percent more frequently on children who are African American or who have disabilities, a new analysis of 160,000 cases during 2013-2014 has found. Corporal punishment—typically striking a… – latest science and technology news stories
Corporal punishment is still legal in US public schools in 19 states
More than 160,000 children were disciplined using corporal punishment in public schools in the United States in the 2013-2014 school year, according to data recently released by the U.S. Department of Education. School corporal punishment, which typically involves striking a child with a wooden board… – latest science and technology news stories
College job market to continue torrid pace
The hiring of college graduates at all degree levels should be very strong in 2016-17, according to Michigan State University’s Recruiting Trends, the largest annual survey of employers in the nation. – latest science and technology news stories
New genes linked with bigger brains identified
A number of new links between families of genes and brain size have been identified by UK scientists, opening up a whole new avenue of research to better understand brain development and diseases like dementia.
Latest news
Machine learning needs rich feedback for AI teaching: Monash professor
With AI systems largely receiving feedback in a binary yes/no format, Monash University professor Tom Drummond says rich feedback is needed to allow AI systems to know why answers are incorrect.
RT – Daily news
False EU referendum claims ‘not important,’ didn’t influence outcome – Brexit secretary
Although mistruths were claimed by both sides of Britain’s EU referendum, such “hyperbole” was unimportant and did not influence the outcome, the UK’s Brexit secretary has claimed. His comments came as the leader of the pro-Brexit party UKIP resigned. Read Full Article at
Brain Pickings
The Secret Life of Smell and What Dogs Can Teach Us About Accessing Hidden Layers of Reality
“To follow animals is to become more attuned to our own existence.” “The act of smelling something, anything, is remarkably like the act of thinking itself,” the great science storyteller Lewis Thomas wrote in his beautiful 1985 meditation on the poetics of smell as a mode of knowledge. But, like the…
A Scaffolding System for a Temporary Facility / Peris+Toral.arquitectes
© José Hevia Architects: Peris+Toral.arquitectes Location: Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes, Barcelona, Spain Architects In Charge: Marta Peris, José Manuel Toral Area: 300.0 sqm Project…
BBC News – World
Ask the dust
If the 24 August earthquake pulverised their villages, then some young Italians are determined not to let it atomise their heritage, Patrick Jackson reports.
Former junkyard in Beijing hutong covered with inflatable canopy by Max Gerthel and Jordan Kanter
Beijing Design Week 2016: this events pavilion inflates and deflates to mimic a breathing octopus – the latest in a series of inflatable structures being created by designers (+ movie). (more…)
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
BAE shows off Next-Generation Bradley Fighting Vehicle prototype
BAE Systems has unveiled the possible successor to the US Army’s veteran Bradley Fighting Vehicle at the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) annual meeting in Washington DC. The Next Generation Bradley concept vehicle is designed to demonstrate an improvement in the Bradley’s capabilities…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
The remix wars: Originality in the age of digital reproduction
In this series of articles we will examine how 21st century digital technology has given artists a set of tools that have dismantled traditional definitions of originality and is challenging the notions of copyright that came to dominate much of the 20th century… Continue Reading The remix…
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
Presidential hopeful Macron takes aim at France’s ‘self-serving’ politicians
France is sick because politicians throw taxpayers money at problems instead of addressing them properly, presidential hopeful Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday as he set out a first batch of ideas to reform the country’s political system.
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
UKIP’s first female leader quits after just 18 days
Diane James resigned as the leader of the pro-Brexit UK Independence Party (UKIP) on Tuesday, citing personal and professional reasons, after 18 days in the role.
Physics News
When push comes to shove: Size matters for particles in our bloodstream
Researchers at the University of Connecticut have uncovered new information about how particles behave in our bloodstream, an important advancement that could help pharmaceutical scientists … Full Feed
Nobody Won the VP Debate, Least of All the American Electorate
About 90 minutes before the vice-presidential debate started, the Republican National Committee posted a press release claiming that Donald Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, “was the clear winner of the debate.” That sort of stunt and Tim Kaine’s painfully unfunny and hyper-scripted one-liners help… Full Feed
One Giant Takeaway from the Vice-Presidential Debate Between Tim Kaine and Mike Pence
About 90 minutes before the vice-presidential debate started, the Republican National Committee posted a press release claiming that Donald Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, “was the clear winner of the debate.” That sort of stunt and Tim Kaine’s painfully unfunny and hyper-scripted one-liners help…
New Scientist – Online news
Childhood poverty can be a life sentence – we must act
The science tells a clear story. Politicians now have a duty to do something other than pay lip service to the problem
The Verge – All Posts
HDR games won’t work on the PS4 if the PlayStation VR is plugged in
Here’s an annoying little bug you might not have heard about. If you’re buying a PlayStation VR headset (out October 13th) and hooking it up to your PlayStation 4, you’ll have to disconnect it if you want to take advantage of the console’s support for High Dynamic Range. It’s not a terrible blow by any…
Discover Magazine
What It Takes to Reach 100
The secrets to staying young may lie in the DNA of the oldest among us.
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Autonomous robotic garden can drive itself around the city in search of sun Designed by UCL students William Victor Camilleri and Danilo Sampaio under the supervision of the Interactive Architecture Lab’s director Ruairi Glynn, Hortum machina, B draws inspiration from Buckminster Fuller’s landmark book ‘Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth’…
RT – Daily news
Iraq demands that Turkey pull its ‘occupying’ troops out of military base near Mosul
Outraged by Ankara’s decision to extend the stationing of its troops in northern Iraq, 30 kilometers from Mosul, Iraqi MPs have called on the government to review its relations with Turkey and lodge a complaint against the “occupation” with the UNSC. Read Full Article at
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Mitsubishi dives into the all-new GT-PHEV concept
Mitsubishi previewed the GT-PHEV concept earlier this month ahead of a Paris Motor Show debut. At that time, it delved deeper into the design than automakers typically do during the average sneak preview, but it left some key details for the official world premiere. Now that the Paris Motor…
BBC News – World
Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong barred from entering Thailand
Joshua Wong, the face of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy student protest, is deported from Thailand, in a move activists attribute to Beijing.
Starbucks Coffee Sale – 30% off Purchase
Starbucks Coffee Sale – 30% off Purchase
Japan gears up for 8K TV broadcasting
If you’ve bought a 4K television and are disappointed at the lack of content, this might not ease your frustration: Japan has is fast on the way to 8K TV broadcasting with a full service due in the next four years.The system is called “Super Hi-Vision” and it delivers a signal with a resolution of 7,680…
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‘Russian bear never dies’: Kaine & Pence fight about Putin at VP debate
Russia does have a big impact on US elections, but mostly in the heads of vice presidential contenders. While Russians were fast asleep, Kaine and Pence locked horns over who would be stronger on Russia, making up some facts and even jokes on the way. Read Full Article at
US Mobile launches private Scrambl3 app for free calls and texts
USMobile is launching a new version of its Scrambl3 app that lets you make private and secure encrypted mobile calls. The app is taking a swing at popular mobile messaging networks WhatsApp and Viber. “Unlike all the other VOIP communication platforms these days, we can achieve the kind of security…
This robot vacuum cleaner plays J-Pop, because this is Japan
Two of Japan’s biggest obsessions have collided on the Sharp booth at this year’s Ceatec electronics show, where the company is displaying a robot vacuum cleaner that blasts J-Pop songs while it sweeps. Sharp said it developed the prototype after hearing comments from users of its Cocorobo robot cleaner…
designboom | architecture & design magazine
bruce nauman’s ‘natural light, blue light room’ presented for the first time in 45 years
coinciding with frieze london, a minimal classic is re-exhibited for the first time since 1971. The post bruce nauman’s ‘natural light, blue light room’ presented for the first time in 45 years appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
Digital Trends
Twitter now lets you add a Periscope link to your profile
Twitter is launching a new Periscope integration option for users of the live-streaming platform. Starting today, you have the option to provide a link to your Periscope profile on your Twitter page. The new feature is similar to the Vine profile link Twitter introduced around this time last year. If… – latest science and technology news stories
‘World Robot Summit’ coming to Japan in 2020
The robot olympics are coming to Japan in 2020, the same year that the eyes of the world will be on the summer games in Tokyo. – latest science and technology news stories
‘Smart speakers’ are angling to colonize your living room
Does your home really need a “smart speaker” that can answer questions, call you an Uber, turn off the lights or play music when you ask? You may be about to find out.
The Next Web
Neil DeGrasse Tyson is making a VR space exploration game
In the wake of the utterly disappointing release of Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky, renowned astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson is working on a VR title that also focuses on space exploration. Neil DeGrasse Tyson Presents: Space Odyssey promises to offer an immersive educational experience in VR, along with…
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A Mars rocket, an artificial pancreas and a plutonium problem
The week in science: 30 September–6 October 2016
BBC News – World
Gaye Lyons: Australian deaf woman loses legal battle to be juror
A Queensland woman loses her legal battle to be allowed to do jury service, as the High Court says she cannot use a translator in the jury room.
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Bernie Sanders’ legislation aims to close Trump’s tax loopholes
It’s hard to tell what surprised voters more: that Donald Trump may have gone nearly two decades without paying federal income taxes or that it may have been legal. But Senator Bernie Sanders hopes to put an end to that by introducing new legislation. Read Full Article at
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Disillusioned Moroccan voters to snub parliamentary election
Morocco’s October 7 election has been presented as a showdown between the ruling PJD party and a self-styled party of “modernity”. But on the streets of Casablanca, the country’s largest city, few people can be bothered to vote.
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Bees trained by scientists can teach each other new skills
If you ask most people around the world their true desires, their answers will be the same: health, happiness, and to ride around in a chariot pulled by thousands of bees. Thankfully, scientists have brought us closer to that last desire this week — they’ve successfully taught a group of the tiny insects… – Nanotechnology News Feed
PI’s New High-Speed, NanoCube 3-Axis Piezo Motion Stage
Higher scanning speed, ceramic-insulated acutators for long life, flexures for friction-free motion, and capactive sensors for sub-nm precise positioning make this new piezo nanopositioner ideal for…
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Biodesign Competition winners announced – algae takes center stage
As architecture advances into a whole new world of nature-based building, the field of Biodesign has emerged with the most progressive and forward-thinking designs we’ve ever seen. We recently asked architects and designers from all across the world to submit their wildest dreams for a Biodesigned future,…
Cool Tools
Clutch Gear PVC High-Viz Mechanics Glove
One problem with fall and winter cycling is keeping your hands warm. Regular fingerless cycling gloves won’t do it. You can buy full-finger “cool-weather” cycling gloves for about $30 and up, but they don’t have any insulation to speak o. (They do feature bright day-glo colors and reflective materials,…
BBC News – World
UN says 69 million teachers needed for global school pledge
Millions more teachers will need to be recruited around the world by 2030 if international pledges on education are to be kept, says Unesco.
Gig wants to make it easier for millennials to pick up casual work in catering and hospitality
 Have we reached peak gig economy yet? Probably not, but when a startup calling itself Gig launches we are definitely making headway. The London-based company offers a platform targeting millennials who want to pick up shift work in the hospitality and retail sectors. Read More – latest science and technology news stories
Samsung’s bio-drug unit to raise $2 bn in upcoming IPO
Samsung’s drug-manufacturing unit plans to raise as much as $2.0 billion in November with what looks set to be South Korea’s third-largest initial public offering (IPO).
BBC News – World
Estonia imports rubbish to keep power plant running
Baltic country takes refuse from as far afield as Ireland to generate power round-the-clock.
RT – Daily news
‘Would’ve been a joke’: Clinton denies Assange drone attack call
Hillary Clinton has responded to reports that she called for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to be attacked by a drone in 2010. Read Full Article at
BBC News – World
Afghanistan aid: Donors to pledge billions in Brussels
International donors are meeting in Brussels to raise billions more dollars in aid for Afghanistan.
BBC News – World
Migrant crisis: 28 dead in day of rescues off Libya
A photographer describes how migrants suffocated aboard stricken, overloaded boat in another day of frantic rescues off the Libyan coast
RT – Daily news
Reported draw on US inventories pushes crude above $51
A report by the American Petroleum Institute (API) late Tuesday said US crude reserves are due to fall for a fifth straight week, by 7.6 million barrels. This raised oil prices above $51 per barrel for first time since June. Read Full Article at
Samsung teases a strange “Art PC PULSE”
Although Samsung is probably most known for smartphones these days, especially exploding ones, its wide range of consumer electronics products also happen to include PCs.Not the conventional desktop variety, of course, but more along the lines of laptops and some rare Windows tablets. That’s why when…
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‘British steelworkers betrayed’ as French firm wins contract to build nuclear submarines
Britain’s next generation of nuclear submarines will be built using French steel in a move that has outraged union chiefs, who branded the decision a “betrayal” of the UK’s struggling steel industry. Read Full Article at – Nanotechnology News Feed
Graphene-Perovskite Solar Cells Exceed 18% Efficiency
Scientists have created hybrid perovskite-graphene solar cells that show good stability upon exposure to sunlight, while still maintaining efficiency over 18% – the highest reported efficiency of…
Xiaomi cashes in on India’s festive season, sells over 500,000 smartphones in 3 days
After two years of its stay in India, Xiaomi has learned a thing or two about the country’s  festive season. The Chinese company sold over 500,000 smartphones in India between Oct. 1 and Oct. 3, it said Wednesday. That’s two phones sold every second. The milestone comes as e-commerce giants Flipkart,…
Indonesia Wants To Criminalize Memes
While the United States has the First Amendment to justify the spread of memes that may ridicule political figures for example, the Indonesian government doesn’t. In fact, it is looking to criminalize internet users for posting memes. The Daily Dot reports via Jakarta Post: Its Electronic Information…
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Video game voice actors push for standardized contracts
In the midst of a protracted squabble, the union representing voice actors has come up with a contract for low-budget indie game developers. SAG-AFTRA is promoting a new agreement for titles under $250,000 that would limit difficult vocal sessions (p…
Fast Company
In Trump’s Playbook, Looks Sometimes Count As Job Qualifications
Physical appearance seems to have repeatedly played a role in how Donald Trump hired, fired, and managed women. Physical appearance seems to have repeatedly played a role in how Donald Trump hired, fired, and managed women.Last week Mother Jones resurfaced video footage of Donald…
Fast Company
How These Companies Are Using AI To Boost Productivity
Robots aren’t taking our jobs, but artificial intelligence is making it easier than ever to do them. Robots aren’t taking our jobs, but artificial intelligence is making it easier than ever to do them.”Amy” saves entrepreneur Gillian Morris about 43 productive hours a year.Read…
This Multipack Of Lightning Cables Lets You Charge Wherever
Apple does a lot of things well, but if there’s one thing they just can’t seem to do it’s making cables that don’t fray after just a … Read More
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China wants to build the world’s biggest spaceplane
A Chinese company is building a spaceplane that would carry up to 20 tourists, according to a report from New Scientist. The government-backed China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology have designed two versions of a one-piece rocket that would take off on its own power, though some are skeptical of…
London needs to address its profit-and-loss skyline, says Antony Gormley
London’s latest crop of skyscrapers don’t give enough back to the city according to British sculptor Antony Gormley, who claims the British capital is growing at the expense of its citizens (+ interview). (more…)
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Sky Q’s Split Screen puts two matches on one TV
If you love sport, picking a match to watch on TV can be a nightmare. Murray’s semi-final against Wawrinka? Or Nadal’s clash with Djokovic? When both are happening simultaneously, you have to pick one or the other (or find a second screen and keep it… – latest science and technology news stories
Chemical processes use more copper nanoparticles than stars in the sky – but what is their optimal size?
Copper particles just a few nanometres in diameter are an extremely important component in catalysts for chemical processes. These processes require immense quantities of these copper nanoparticles – more than the number of stars in the sky. It is thus vital that the raw materials are used as efficiently… – latest science and technology news stories
Networking could enhance the use of sustainable agriculture practices
Weeds, diseases and animal pests can make life miserable for agricultural crops and curtail their yield. Pesticides are one tool that farmers can use to control plant pests and protect agricultural crops. However, sustainable agriculture calls for a wider range of tools to keep the use of pesticides… – latest science and technology news stories
Which cropping system is best for the environment?
What is the best cereal cropping system when considering the impacts on global warming, eutrophication, land use in a global perspective, and arable land quality? – latest science and technology news stories
The resilience of cities against extreme weather
The frequency and severity of the latest extreme weather events in Europe has raised an alarm urging both local authorities and scientists to act. Part of the solution to counter the devastating effects of floods on human communities could be long-term climate forecasting, backed by assessments on the… – latest science and technology news stories
Researchers reconstruct beautiful house in Pompeii by using 3-D technology
By combining traditional archaeology with 3-D technology, researchers at Lund University in Sweden have managed to reconstruct a house in Pompeii to its original state before the volcano eruption of Mount Vesuvius thousands of years ago. Unique video material has now been produced, showing their creation… – latest science and technology news stories
Photoreactive compound allows protein synthesis control with light
Okayama University researchers control the timing and location of protein synthesis using a photoresponsive compound that is an inactive key molecule until it is activated by brief irradiation. – latest science and technology news stories
Peccaries of Mesoamerica now highly threatened, warn experts
Hunting, deforestation, and cattle ranching in Mesoamerica have become a triad of trouble for the white-lipped peccary (Tayassu pecari), an ecologically important species now threatened with regional extinction, according WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) and a group of experts at a recently held meeting… – latest science and technology news stories
Image: Parachute for Mars
A full-size model of the ExoMars entry, descent and landing module, Schiaparelli, with its parachute deployed was revealed on ESA’s open day last Sunday in the Netherlands. – latest science and technology news stories
Even if the Paris Agreement is implemented, food and water supplies remain at risk
If all pledges made in last December’s Paris climate agreement (COP21) to curb greenhouse gases are carried out to the end of the century, then risks still remain for staple crops in major “breadbasket” regions and water supplies upon which most of the world’s population depend. That’s the conclusion… – latest science and technology news stories
How cutting down on junk food could help save the environment
Looking for a new reason to cut down on “junk” food? Besides the obvious health-related benefits, I showed in a recent study that discretionary or junk foods make up a significant proportion of food-related environmental impacts.
RT – Daily news
ISIS suspect nabbed in Cardiff with USB disguised as cufflink containing terrorist plans
A Cardiff man has been charged with six terrorism-related offenses, including concealing plans for a terrorist attack on a USB stick disguised as a cufflink. Read Full Article at
Diabetics warned that insulin pump has security vulnerability
Johnson & Johnson has told people using one of its insulin pumps that there is a vulnerability in the device’s security that could allow hackers to gain access to the pump and make the device deliver an overdose of insulin. An overdose of insulin could be fatal. Despite the vulnerability and risk…
RT – Daily news
Farage admits he’s technically still UKIP leader as new head resigns after just 18 days
Nigel Farage has confirmed he will stay on as interim UKIP leader following the shock resignation of Diane James just 18 days after she took up the post. Farage insists he plans to retire and won’t be standing for re-election. Read Full Article at
New Scientist – Online news
Weird orange crocodiles found gorging on bats in Gabon’s caves
One population of the world’s smallest crocodile has moved underground where they pluck bats off the walls – and corrosive droppings change their skin colour
RT – Daily news
Vietnam joins Russia-led free trade zone
A free trade agreement between the Russian-led Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) and Vietnam takes effect on Wednesday with its ratification. The deal opens the EEU’s market of 181 million people to Vietnam. Read Full Article at
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Construction sites are getting safer thanks to virtual reality
Researchers in the city of Bochum, Germany, are trying to improve health and safety conditions on construction sites by creating interactive training courses for virtual reality headsets.The technology is intended to be used both by construction workers and by occupational health and safety experts….
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Here’s what Microsoft’s Surface keyboard looks like
Remember the Surface-branded keyboard which was rumored last week? Well, we’ve now got a look at the device courtesy of images filed by Microsoft with the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) – and apparently there’s a Surface Mouse in the pipeline, too.Windows Central spotted the image of the keyboard…
RT – Daily news
Germany & France sign agreement to share air base, military aircraft
Germany and France have signed an agreement to share transport planes and an air base in the French city of Orleans. French officials told AFP last month that they were working towards a more “active and useful” defense collaboration. Read Full Article at
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Waze Lets Israelis Avoid Palestinian Areas, but Not the Other Way Around
Jennifer Attallah was using the navigation app Waze to drive from the Palestinian city of Ramallah to West Jerusalem on a recent evening when she noticed the landscape becoming sparser. On the top of several hills were small settlement outposts. She passed a procession of 15 to 20 people, clad all in…
Kreg K4MS Jig Master System $110.99
Kreg K4MS Jig Master System $110.99
Why Google can’t truly compete against Apple without retail stores
After years of making killer software, Google’s next step is to try to integrate it all together into hardware that’s just as impressive. On Tuesday, Google showcased a slew of new products aiming to replicate Apple’s success when it comes to creating an ecosystem. The high-end Pixel phones feature…
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Hypertension in children impacts cognitive performance
A recent study published online in the September 2016 issue of the Journal of Pediatrics found that children and adolescents who have hypertension or high blood pressure are more likely to have poor cognitive skills. Hypertension is considered a condition in which there is elevated blood pressure in…
Proposal to force UK firms to list foreign workers causes controversy
Theresa May’s government has unveiled controversial plans to make companies reveal how many foreign workers they employ in a bid to boost jobs for British people after Brexit. SEE ALSO: Louis Theroux casually compares Donald Trump to Brexit The proposals, announced by Home Secretary Amber Rudd, means…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Dutch clean-up ‘heroes’ turn beach rubbish into art
Scheveningen, Netherlands (AFP) Oct 5, 2016 Every parent has watched bemused as excited kids toss aside gifts to play with the boxes instead. But what about when they ignore the shells on a tropical beach in favour of plastic bottle tops? That was the puzzle for Ralph Groenheijde when he and…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Salt’s secret success in ancient Chaco Canyon
Cincinnati OH (SPX) Oct 05, 2016 A team of University of Cincinnati researchers had to go deep to uncover brand new knowledge that they say will “shake up” the archaeological field in the southwestern United States. Various salt compounds found deep in the soil of New Mexico’s desert may be…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
All polar bears across the Arctic face shorter sea ice season
Seattle WA (SPX) Oct 05, 2016 Polar bears, the poster-child for climate change, are among the animals most affected by the seasonal and year-to-year changes in Arctic sea ice, because they rely on this surface for essential activities such as hunting, traveling and breeding. A new University…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Selfies and prayers as Pope visits Italy quake zone
Accumoli, Italy (AFP) Oct 4, 2016 Pope Francis on Tuesday paid a surprise visit to the Italian mountain communities devastated by an August earthquake, mixing poignant silent prayers amid the ruins with cheerful selfies alongside survivors. In keeping with his desire to make a relatively low-key…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Emissions from logging debris in Africa may be vastly under estimated
Durham NC (SPX) Oct 05, 2016 Logged forests in Central Africa may contain more than three times as much carbon-emitting woody debris left on the forest floor after logging than previous estimates have suggested, a new Duke University-led study finds. The researchers measured the debris, known as…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Microbes help plants survive in severe drought
Seattle WA (SPX) Oct 05, 2016 With California in its fifth year of severe drought and many western states experiencing another year of unusually dry conditions, plants are stressed. Agricultural crops, grasses and garden plants alike can get sick and die when factors such as drought and excess sun…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Researchers describe new large prehistoric shark
Chicago IL (SPX) Oct 05, 2016 Megalolamna paradoxodon is the name of a new extinct shark described by an international research team who based their discovery on fossilized teeth up to 4.5 centimeters (1.8 inches) tall found from the eastern and western United States (California and North Carolina),…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Bizarre new species of extinct reptile shows dinosaurs copied body, skull
Blacksburg VA (SPX) Oct 05, 2016 Iconic dinosaur shapes were present for at least a hundred million years on our planet in animals before those dinosaurs themselves actually appeared. In a study in Current Biology, a multi-institutional team of paleontologists including Virginia Tech College of Science…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Foreign farms increase the risk of conflicts in Africa
Lund, Sweden (SPX) Oct 05, 2016 For the first time, researchers point to areas in Africa where foreign agricultural companies’ choice of crops and management of fresh water are partly responsible for the increased water shortages and greater competition for water. This in turn increases the risk…
Elysium Chair Is The Most Comfortable Chair Ever Made
What is the world’s most comfortable chair? You’re looking at it. Dubbed the Elysium Chair, it was developed by a Dr. David Wickeet, a British inventor and … Read More
The Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ Is The Future Of Automobiles
If you’re a frequent inStash reader, you already know that we love Mercedes-Benz ‘round these parts. That’s why we were more than excited when we first learned … Read More
Grammar Snob Is The Best Way To Correct Your Friends’ Grammar On iOS
If you have any claim to the title of “Apple fanboy”, then you’ve probably already updated to iOS 10. After all, aren’t the only people who don’t … Read More
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Honda’s 3D-printed customizable EV has motorcycle bones
Honda isn’t the first company to reveal vehicles with 3D-printed panels, details and more. However, it’s certainly one of the biggest, so its efforts warrant a closer look. Fresh off the heels of the Paris Auto Show, Honda showed off its Variable Des…
Nano Technology News
NIST-made ‘sun and rain’ used to study nanoparticle release from polymers
Washington DC (SPX) Oct 05, 2016 If the 1967 film “The Graduate” were remade today, Mr. McGuire’s famous advice to young Benjamin Braddock would probably be updated to “Plastics … with nanoparticles.” These days, the mechanical, electrical and durability properties of polymers – the class of materials…
WikiLeaks teases new target for upcoming leaks: Google
Toward the end of its 10th anniversary event, WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange rattled off a short list of organizations that might be targets of upcoming publications. Amid the geopolitical power players was one Silicon Valley name: Google. It’s unclear what WikiLeaks might have in terms of documents…
As Google embraces 4K content, Ultra HD is almost ready for prime time. Your move, Apple.
ANALYSIS: Yesterday represented a big day for the mighty Google, with the internet giant unveiling a number of new hardware products as it moves even further into consumers’ lives. While its new Pixel-branded phones no doubt stole the show, another notable nugget emerged via Google’s Chromecast Ultra…
CommonLit scores a $3.9 million grant to help students master reading skills online, for free
 A tech non-profit called CommonLit won a $3.89 million grant from the Department of Education to develop software and content that helps students read well enough to graduate from high school, and succeed in their careers or college. The grant was part of a $26 million initiative by the D.O.E. to support…
How to Sneak More Savings Into Your Budget
We all have trouble saving money. Maybe you want to save more, but your budget is already tight, and every paycheck is spent before it’s even deposited. Maybe you’re working to a goal, like saving for vacation or paying off your credit cards. Whatever the issue, here are some methods and tools that can… – latest science and technology news stories
Google scraps 100,000-euro bill run up by Spanish kid
Google has written off a 100,000-euro ($112,000) bill run up by a 12-year-old Spanish boy who mistakenly believed he was earning money through an advertising account he opened with the internet giant to promote videos of his municipal band. – latest science and technology news stories
Case of Earth’s missing continental crust solved—it sank
How do you make half the mass of two continents disappear? To answer that question, you first need to discover that it’s missing. – latest science and technology news stories
Report offers options for achieving carbon neutrality by 2035
Last spring, Provost Michael Kotlikoff called on the Senior Leaders Climate Action Group to explore options for the Ithaca campus to achieve climate neutrality by 2035, including a detailed financial analysis and feasibility study that would allow the university to make decisions based on costs and benefits… – latest science and technology news stories
Researchers work with NASA team on advanced morphing radiators
A team of researchers led by Dr. Darren Hartl, assistant professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Texas A&M University, has been selected for the second consecutive year by NASA’s Johnson Space Center (NASA JSC) to continue development of an advanced passively morphing radiator concept… – latest science and technology news stories
Past climate linked to mammal communities in Africa today
Scientists are increasingly concerned about the impact of climate change on the world’s biodiversity, and much effort has been placed into forecasting the response of species to these changes over the next century. Research aiming to forecast species’ responses often assumes that species are adapted… – latest science and technology news stories
New technologies – and a dash of whale poop – help scientists monitor whale health
A lot of people think what Leigh Torres has done this summer and fall would qualify her for a spot on one of those “World’s Worst Jobs” lists. – latest science and technology news stories
The ‘big five’ decisions at wildlife trade meeting
The world’s largest wildlife meeting wrapped up late Tuesday with conservationists hailing progress in tightening rules on trafficking of endangered species including sharks, grey parrots and pangolins. – latest science and technology news stories
Bern-made laser altimeter taking off to Mercury
University of Bern’s Laser Altimeter BELA has been successfully tested during the last weeks and the last components will be delivered to ESA on 5 October. The first laser altimeter for inter-planetary flight to be built in Europe is part of the ESA BepiColombo mission to Mercury. Starting in 2024, it… – latest science and technology news stories
Ancient Japan ‘more cosmopolitan’ than thought: researchers
Ancient Japan may have been far more cosmopolitan than previously thought, archaeologists said Wednesday, pointing to fresh evidence of a Persian official working in the former capital Nara more than 1,000 years ago. – latest science and technology news stories
Darwin’s demons—better video games through natural selection
If you’ve played a video game you know what I’m talking about. Getting past the first levels is all about memorizing the landscape, remembering where the extra lives are hidden, and where enemies pop out to get you. Trial and error, and lots of quarters, eventually will get you through the beginning… – latest science and technology news stories
Saturn’s moon Dione harbors a subsurface ocean
A subsurface ocean lies deep within Saturn’s moon Dione, according to new data from the Cassini mission to Saturn. Two other moons of Saturn, Titan and Enceladus, are already known to hide global oceans beneath their icy crusts, but a new study suggests an ocean exists on Dione as well.
Yahoo built software to scan all its customers’ emails for US spy agencies
It seems there’s no end to Yahoo’s problems. Last month, the troubled company admitted that at least 500 million user accounts had been compromised in a breach that took place in 2014. It claimed “state-sponsored actors” were responsible for the attack, though a security firm disputes this. Now, it’s…
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Police fire tear gas as South African students protest high tuition fees
Protesters at South Africa’s Wits University overturned a police vehicle and threw stones at others on Tuesday as violence at nationwide demonstrations over high tuition fees escalated.
BBC News – World
Russian scientists say Crimea ‘moving toward Russia’
Disputed region is heading toward mainland at millimetres per year, according to Russian research.
Inside 2016 conference programme announced
Dezeen promotion: well-known designers including Ross Lovegrove, Jürgen Mayer H, Job Smeets and Joyce Wang will speak at this year’s Inside festival seminar programme. (more…)
5 ways to improve voting security in the U.S.
With the U.S. presidential election just weeks away, questions about election security continue to dog the nation’s voting system. It’s too late for election officials to make major improvements, “and there are no resources,” said Joe Kiniry, a long-time election security researcher.[ For more, see Hacking…
Review: TensorFlow shines a light on deep learning
What makes Google Google? Arguably it is machine intelligence, along with a vast sea of data to apply it to. While you may never have as much data to process as Google does, you can use the very same machine learning and neural network library as Google. That library, TensorFlow, was developed by the…
SIMbot uses a spherical induction motor and magnetic currents to get around
Professor Ralph Hollis invented a robot with a special motor that has a very simple drive system about a decade ago called the ballbot. Fast-forward ten years and Hollis’ invention called the spherical induction motor (SIM) has been improved in a new robot called the SIMbot that has eliminated the mechanical…
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Poland unveils glowing bright blue bike lane that’s charged by the sun
Related: Twinkling solar bike path inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night pops up in the Netherlands Via Next Nature Network and Gazeta Wyborcza Images via TPA Sp. z o.o.
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Leonardo DiCaprio could be headed to Mars with SpaceX
  Leonardo DiCaprio has traveled the world throughout his acting career, but if he has his way, he might just end up exploring a new planet. In a discussion at the White House on Monday where he discussed his new documentary, Before the Flood, the actor claims he’s signed up for Elon Musk’s…
Scientific American Content: Global
Blinded by the Dark (Energy)
The path to understanding it begins with one question: Has it remained the same through the universe’s history?  — Read more on
RT – Daily news
Yemen’s starving children ‘heart-breaking’: UN urges end to conflict amid Saudi strikes
UN humanitarian aid chief Stephen O’Brien, who travelled to Yemen and was shocked by what he saw, has called on all parties in the conflict to give access to aid, as Yemenis are becoming poorer – and hungrier – by the day. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
Major offshore oil discovery may revamp Alaska’s declining reserves
A small petroleum drilling firm says it’s discovered a major offshore oil deposit off Alaska’s North Slope. Caelus Energy expects to pump up to 10 billion barrels from the site. Read Full Article at
BBC News – World
Colombia leader to meet rival over peace deal ‘no’ vote
Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos is due to meet Alvaro Uribe, who led the campaign against a peace agreement with Farc rebels, in an effort to salvage the deal.
Google Pixel: What would Steve Jobs do?
Google may have killed the Android industry yesterday, introducing “Pixel-first” features and taking on its biggest partner, Samsung, at the high end of the fragmented market.A useful idiot Samsung management may rue the day they swapped their profitable $10 billion/year Apple contracts for a chance…
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
Ice cores reveal slow decline in oxygen over past 800K years
Princeton NJ (SPX) Oct 05, 2016 Princeton University researchers have compiled 30 years of data to construct the first ice core-based record of atmospheric oxygen concentrations spanning the past 800,000 years, according to a paper in the journal Science. The record shows that atmospheric oxygen…
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
Lockheed gets $106 million Trident II missile contract modification
Washington (UPI) Oct 3, 2016 Lockheed Martin Space Systems has been awarded a $106 million U.S. Navy contract modification for Trident II D5 missile procurement and support. The fixed-price-incentive, cost-plus-incentive-fee, cost-plus-fixed-fee modification covers new procurement of missile production,…
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
Researchers discover more efficient way to split water, produce hydrogen
Houston TX (SPX) Oct 04, 2016 Hydrogen is often considered a fuel for the future, in the form of fuel cells to power electric motors or burned in internal combustion engines. But finding a practical, inexpensive and nontoxic way to produce large amounts of hydrogen gas – especially by splitting water…
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
Recent atmospheric behavior disrupts earth’s most regular climate cycles
Exeter, UK (SPX) Oct 04, 2016 A team of scientists has discovered an unexpected disruption in one of the most repeatable atmospheric patterns. The normal flow of air high up in the atmosphere over the equator, known as the quasi-biennial oscillation, was seen to break down earlier this year. …
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Russia sends S-300 missile system to Syria port
Aleppo, Syria (AFP) Oct 5, 2016 Russia said Tuesday it has sent an advanced missile system to the Syrian port of Tartus, as tensions escalate between Moscow and Washington over the five-year conflict. The announcement came after Washington said it was suspending talks with Moscow aimed at reviving…
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A Second Look at Plumes and the Search for life on Europa
Moffett Field CA (SPX) Oct 04, 2016 Once can be a coincidence. Twice can be luck. Seeing a hundred-mile-high column of water spew out of Jupiter’s icy moon Europa three times in a row has been cited as a good reason to get excited. Plumes – great jets of subsurface water forced through the…
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Milkway’s most-mysterious star is even stranger than astronomers thought
Pasadena CA (SPX) Oct 04, 2016 A star known by the unassuming name of KIC 8462852 in the constellation Cygnus has been raising eyebrows both in and outside of the scientific community for the past year. In 2015 a team of astronomers announced that the star underwent a series of very brief, non-periodic…
Popular Mechanics
The jacket you can beat up
By adding in the same material that allows flak jackets to stop bullets, one company is giving duck cloth – the sturdy standard-bearer of work-wear fabrics – a marked improvement. The post The jacket you can beat up appeared first on Popular Mechanics.
To Help Cool the Climate, Add Aerosol
Opinion: As counterintuitive as it seems, deliberately injecting sufficient aerosol into the upper atmosphere to keep global temperatures in check would very clearly save lives. The post To Help Cool the Climate, Add Aerosol appeared first on WIRED.
San Francisco’s Iconic Fog Sure Looks Stunning From Above
The Golden Gate Bridge is pretty. But nothing is quite as gorgeous as the fog. The post San Francisco’s Iconic Fog Sure Looks Stunning From Above appeared first on WIRED.
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Oktoberfest sees rise in reported sex crimes despite lowest attendance in 15yrs
This year’s Oktoberfest saw the least amount of people turning up at the Munich event in 15 years, but still experienced an increase in sex crimes reported to police, the Local writes. Read Full Article at
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Dorsal dialect: Fish speak to each other in ‘regional accents,’ claim scientists
Fish swimming off the British coastline have been found not only to speak to each other, but to do so in many regional accents, according to scientists. Read Full Article at
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The iPad Pro 2 may be more powerful than you’ll ever need it to be
Apple only recently launched the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, powered by the impressive A10 Fusion processor, but already Apple’s next chip has seemingly been benchmarked and it’s far more powerful.According to Weibo leaker I ice universe, in a post spotted by Techtastic, the upcoming Apple A10X has a… – latest science and technology news stories
Bioeconomy innovations: tough starting up
A German blog on innovations management estimates that between 175 and 3,000 ideas are needed to bring just one product or service to the market. Venture capitalists assume that only one out of ten investments pays, says expert Heinrich Cuypers. It seems that the benchmarks for creating a business are…
Clearpath Robotics raises $30 million to become a Tesla for the factory floor
 Ontario tech firm Clearpath Robotics has raised $30 million in a Series B round of venture funding to scale up production of its self-driving vehicles. They’re not exactly Teslas or Google self-driving cars. Intsead, Clearpath makes vehicles that autonomously move boxes and pallets around factories,…
The Next Web
Spotify is serving malware-infested ads to its users
It seems Spotify is in for trouble as numerous music lovers are reporting that its freemium streaming service is pushing malware-infested ads to its users. According to a user report on the company’s forum, running Spotify Free on the desktop periodically causes your browser to open various malicious…
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‘Most advanced personal flying machine ever’ wows crowds (video)
Personal jetpacks could soon be the new way to commute if the latest test flight in the skies over Monaco is anything to go by. Read Full Article at
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Russia’s strength is its unity – Putin to Duma
Speaking before the newly elected Lower House of parliament, President Vladimir Putin emphasized the importance of having a strong national defense and rich mineral resources, but also said that the main strength of Russia was in the unity of its people. Read Full Article at Full Feed
The DEA’s Contrived Kratom Crisis: New at Reason
After the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) announced an “emergency” ban on kratom at the end of August, a spokesman for the agency said “our goal is to make sure this is available.” The spokesman, Melvin Patterson, also told The Washington Post kratom does not belong in Schedule I of the Controlled…
The Awesomer
Lunch Delivery
LinkAccording to the description of this video clip from Korea, the man in the car forgot to pack his lunch, but his wife upstairs wants to make sure he doesn’t go hungry. We’re thinking this is just her audition tape for Dude Perfect. More Awesome Stuff: Store Closing in Different AccentsGuy Fieri:…
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
Researching a new kind of energy input for micromotors
BBC News – World
Nato jets scrambled as Russian bombers fly south
Two Russian bombers were intercepted by fighter jets from four European countries as they flew from Norway to Spain and back, it has emerged.
Bless This Stuff
The Korgis Record Bookshelf was designed for those who treasure their classic vinyl records but want to blend them with other stuff they like to keep organized in your living-room. Created by Mitz Takahashi it has a certain vintage cool look that it gets from the aesthetically great combo of…
How-To Geek
How to Fix an iPhone or iPad That Doesn’t Show Up in iTunes
You plug your iPhone into your computer, ready to sync and…nothing. The little icon doesn’t show up in iTunes’ toolbar, and you’re flummoxed. Here are a few possible solutions.Click Here to Continue Reading
Man of Many
Flying into the Future – TriFan 600
It’s safe to say that most individuals would like to cut their commuting down as much as possible. Enter the Trifan 600, it means business. This revolutionary high-speed aircraft design promises to take off and land vertically on any helipad-sized flat surface with supreme speed and mileage range equivalent…
Shut Up And Take My Money
Millennium Falcon Charging Cable
Star Wars Millennium Falcon Charging Cable – She’s got it where it counts kid
Latest Items from TreeHugger
6 extinct animals commemorated in fictional travel posters
The giant galliwasp? The thylacine? The golden toad? The poignant posters of ‘Unknown Tourism’ pay homage to the wildlife we’re in danger of forgetting.
Fact Check Last Night’s Vice Presidential Debate With These Roundups
Last night, the two vice presidential candidates Tim Kaine (D) and Mike Pence (R) held their first and only debate before the election this November. This morning, fact-check what the candidates said with these roundups.If you didn’t catch last night’s debate, you can watch it in its entirety here. As…
Popular Science
Playstation VR Is The Best Virtual Reality Headset For Couch Gamers
Gadgets Decent graphics, great price and easy setup Here’s what it’s like using the Playstation VR…
The Next Web
Tech in Africa: Google’s Allo messenger and a taxi app war
Africa’s taxi app wars hit a new level during September, with major players adding to their offerings in a bid to woo customers. Kenyan mobile operator Safaricom launched Little Cabs earlier this year, looking to challenge Uber in the cab hailing space. Now, it has been able to reduce prices for users…
BBC News – World
Nigeria to sell two presidential jets ‘to cut waste’
Nigeria is selling two of its presidential jets in bid to “cut down on waste”, as the country suffers from its worst economic crisis in years.
18 Tricks to Make Yourself a Microsoft Word Master
Microsoft Word is a beloved application used by typists all over the world. The program is packed with with all kinds of features, many of which you might never come across when you’re typing up a report, short story, essay, or whatever else you might be working on. To help you uncover some of the lesser-known…
Laconic Apartment With Floating Stairs And A Lot Of LED Lights
Remy Arquitectos partnered with MYOO on the renovation of the 150 square meter (1615 square foot) Gascon apartment in the Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires. The interior was immediately emptied to get a better idea of the space they were working with and that led to the relocation of the staircase….
Scientific American Content: Global
The Latest Fossil Finds Make the Puzzle of Human Evolution Harder Than Ever to Solve
The latest molecular analyses and fossil finds suggest that the story of human evolution is far more complex—and more interesting—than anyone imagined — Read more on
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Autonomous robotic garden drives itself around the city in search of sun Designed by UCL students William Victor Camilleri and Danilo Sampaio under the supervision of the Interactive Architecture Lab’s director Ruairi Glynn, Hortum machina, B draws inspiration from Buckminster Fuller’s landmark book ‘Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth’…
Gear Patrol
How to Properly Archive Your Digital Stuff
Get your digital detritus organized. …Read More »
The Awesomer
Big Bull Roll-up Bag
Price: $285  | BuyRed Oxx looked to the tool roll to create this versatile and rugged travel and gear bag. The Big Bull Roll-up is made of ballistic nylon and has six zippered mesh pockets. It’s secured by a pair of buckles, which also connects to the included hanging straps. More…
The Process of Making These Rare Traditional Noodles Is Fascinating
These traditional Chinese Suomian noodles have been made in Nanshan Village for over 300 years, and supposedly there are only 300 people left in the world who know how to make them. That’s because the process of making these noodles is a little bit more unique than making your typical noodles—it can…
Gadget Review
Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers
Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers Gadget Review – Your lifestyle gadget site It’s worthwhile knowing what the best outdoor bluetooth speakers are, especially if you own a smartphone (who doesn’t?) and plan to go camping, spend time by the pool or simply take a trip to the beach. After all, this speaker…
Adapteva’s 1,024-core Epiphany V mega-chip packs a serious wallop
Back in 2010, an Intel researcher said 1,000-core processors would be feasible. We’re in that era, and the race to make chips faster and more power efficient is gaining steam. The latest mega-chip is a 1,024-core processor called Epiphany V, which was announced by Adapteva on Wednesday. Adapteva claims…
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Renting a supercomputer costs you as little as £90 an hour
Need some heavyweight computing work doing? Then you might be interested to learn that Edinburgh University has made its Cirrus supercomputer available for businesses to rent.Cirrus is described as a ‘mid-range industry standard Linux cluster’ which cost £1.45 million to build, and it’s housed at the…
BBC News – World
UN court throws out Marshall Islands’ nuclear weapons case
The International Court of Justice says it does not have jurisdiction to rule in court cases brought by the Marshall Islands against the UK, India and Pakistan.
Digital Trends
Betabrand’s Flash Bag packs a built-in reflector for the photog on the go
One of the most simple and efficient lighting accessories for a photographer to carry around is the classic reflector. Whether you go for a white, silver, gold, or hybrid reflector, they offer an easy fix for adding fill light and accenting various objects in a composition. Unfortunately, they’re not… – Nanotechnology News Feed
Imec and Holst Centre Present the World’s Most Energy-Efficient Biomedical Sensor Hub for Wearable Health Applications
World-leading research and development center for nano-electronics and digital technology, imec, and Holst Centre (established by imec and TNO), today announced a new sensor hub integrated as a…
RT – Daily news
Apple biggest tax avoider in US stashing $215bn offshore
A new study reveals Fortune 500 companies are holding nearly $2.5 trillion in accumulated profits offshore to pay less tax. Top is Apple which since 2009 funneled $214.9 billion to tax havens and would owe $65.4 billion if the profits returned to the US. Read Full Article at Full Feed
Federal Judge Overturns Ban on Openly Carrying Guns in Public
In a quintuple victory for Second Amendment rights, a federal judge last week overturned a ban on carrying handguns in public, a ban on so-called assault weapons, caliber restrictions for long guns, a $1,000 tax on handguns, and a requirement that all guns be registered with the government. “The individual…
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
Nanotube chip captures and analyzes circulating tumor cells in blood
Moovit tries to streamline the commute experience with an updated transit app
 Figuring out public transportation can be a difficult experience — a lot of the data exists in disparate spots on the Internet, and there are a lot of apps trying to jockey for a spot on your phone. Amid all that, there’s of course the opportunity to simply use Google Maps to find the right timing and…
Scientific American Content: Global
The Making of California’s Mini-Mammoths
A lucky find changes the story of how Channel Islands mammals came to be so small. — Read more on
Paraplegic Cybathlon athlete trains for the big race (pictures) – CNET
Strapped into his custom robotic exoskeleton, Mark Daniel gets ready to complete in an Olympics for augmented humans.
The Gadget Flow
FUTO – The World’s Most Ultimate Air Mattress
The last air mattress you will ever need! Futo is a comfortable Queen size mattress that takes only 20 sec to inflate and can hold up to 4 adults (650 lbs) for 8 hours. It is comfortable, durable, colorful and easy to carry, with the headrest that will be needy for any occasion when you would like to…
The Gadget Flow
Chromecast Ultra by Google
Chromecast Ultra includes everything you love about Chromecast. Plus, it comes with advanced features like 4K and High Dynamic Range (HDR) support, faster speed, and Wi-Fi improvements. It supports 4K, HDR, and Dolby Vision, so you’ll get a crisper picture with higher resolution and more vibrant colors….
The Gadget Flow
The Original Chill Pal Cooling Towel
Staying cool is important, and the best way to do that is with the Chill Pal! It is a quick and easy solution to overheating indoors and out! When the temperature rises, it’s always better to be prepared! No matter what hot situation you find yourself in, whether recovering from a run or discovering…
The Gadget Flow
ZMorph 2.0 SX – Multitool 3D Printer
With the new ZMorph 2.0 SX Multitool 3D Printer, we’re ready to change the way you think about 3D printing, CNC milling, and laser engraving in digital fabrication, rapid prototyping, low volume production, and home crafting. Aimed at both industry professionals and makers, this new machine is ideal…
The Gadget Flow
Back Nodger – Self Back Massager
This ergonomic self-back massager helps you reach knots and tension spots—all by yourself. It mimics shiatsu massage, a technique where therapists use thumbs and knuckles. The thumb-shaped end creates deep, precise pressure to release knots and kinks. Use it over the shoulder for your neck and upper…
Design Milk
A Concrete Sofa That Looks Like it’s Upholstered
While this sofa might look like an upholstered leather one, it’s actually made from molded concrete to look that way. Edinburgh, Scotland based FourEightEight makes the two-seater Concrete Sofa appear to have the same lines and texture as a similar sofa in actual leather would. Instead, its…
Save 30% On Your Entire Order From Starbucks’ Online Store
Well here’s quite a deal to wake up to: Whether you’re buying coffee, syrups, cups, equipment, or anything else Starbucks sells online, you can save 30% sitewide today with promo code ENJOY30, plus free shipping on orders over $30.Read more…
Keurig K575 Coffee Maker (Platinum) $129.94
Keurig K575 Coffee Maker (Platinum) $129.94
Nerf’s New Accustrike Blasters Use Redesigned Darts For Improved Accuracy
Given they’re just toys, Nerf’s blasters aren’t really known for accuracy. The best approach has always been to just send as many darts as possible at your target to improve your chances of hitting it. But with Nerf’s new Accustrike line, precision, patience, and aiming are finally the better approach.Read…
Curbed National
National Trust’s List of 11 Most Endangered Places focuses on urban preservation
Civic gems, urban landmarks, and natural wonders under threat across the country Historic preservation is evolving. As Stephanie Meeks, the president and CEO of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, told Curbed last week, in addition to making sure the important architecture and public spaces…
Significant Digits For Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2016
You’re reading Significant Digits, a daily digest of the telling numbers tucked inside the news.27 percentPercentage of surveyed Americans who said that Nitrogen makes up the majority of Earth’s atmosphere, which is indeed the case. [Pew Research Center]52 percentPercentage of Millennials who don’t plan…
What’s So Wrong With Insider Trading Anyway?
An investment banker passes along a tip to his brother about upcoming mergers involving his bank’s clients. The brother slips the tip to his brother-in-law, who uses the information to make more than $1 million from trading he did ahead of the deals. There’s no evidence that the banker received compensation…
The Gadget Flow
Magic Whistling Lid
The Magic Whistling Lid is a universal cooking pot lid that whistles like a tea kettle when the water boils! The Magic Whistling Lid is a patent pending beautiful stainless steel universal cooking pot lid, fitting pots up to 9.75” in diameter, that whistles like a tea kettle when the water boils! So…
Striking Maps Show the Devastation of Italy’s Huge Earthquakes
To help understand just how destructive earthquakes can be, researchers could spend years examining the aftermath. But displaced residents need to begin cleanup, and return to their homes, as soon as possible. So researchers at Brigham Young University came up with a way to preserve the destruction caused…
Panasonic’s wild new technology transmits data by human touch
Panasonic has developed a data transmission system that can exchange information through human touch.The prototype human body communication device sends data at up to 100kbps through a radio field on a person’s skin. When they touch an object or person with a suitable transreceiver, data can be exchanged.The…
Volvo cars will start talking to each other by the end of 2016
 Cars being able to see the car in front of them is great, but it’s ultimately a one-way street; car-to-car two-way communication is a key ingredient toward effective and safe driver assistance and autonomy features, which is why it’s great that Volvo is set to debut it’s own car-to-car communications…
Make Delicious Waffles (and More) With This $24 Oster
Waffles are objectively the best breakfast food, but waffle irons are actually more versatile than you might think. This ceramic Oster model is marked down to $24 right now on Amazon, matching an all-time low.Read more…
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Blink’s battery-powered security cameras join long list of devices under Alexa voice control
Blink’s lineup of battery-powered Wi-Fi home security cameras can now be controlled with Alexa-enabled devices like the Amazon Echo. This marks a first for Blink which I dinged last week for lacking an ecosystem. You may ask what value blind voice commands bring to a video solution that can only be…
New ‘smart textiles’ can produce and store solar energy
Why lug around a portable battery pack when you could generate that power with your own clothing? That’s the idea behind new “smart” fibers that can be tailored and woven like cotton — but also produce and store solar energy, like tiny clean power plants. The early-stage textile device could eventually…
Indian startup SmartVizX is trying to solve real estate’s big problem with VR
An Indian startup is pushing through limits of virtual reality technologies, creating business solutions that are mostly unheard of in the industry. But is India ready for such solutions yet? After working for a decade at Space Matrix Design Consultants, one and a half year serving as its Director of…
Luxtility Utility Work Shirt
Who says fashion and functionality can’t mix? The Luxtility Utility Work Shirt, handcrafted in limited batches from color rich 100% mercerized cotton, sports features such as sleeve pockets, a button down collar and tactical chest pockets with side expansion. Further cool touches include mother of…
Apple Pay adds support for 25+ more U.S. banks & credit unions, Desjardins in Canada
Apple today added support for a long list of new banks and credit unions to its Apple Pay service in the US, as well as the addition of support for Visa and debit cards for Desjardins customers in Canada. more…Filed under: Apple
Ars Technica
Google Wi-Fi won’t leave Google OnHub users out in the cold
The Google Wi-Fi, perched on a shelf. I swear this is an actual picture I took with my camera and not a press image. …
BBC News – World
Syria conflict: Aid convoy attack was air strike, UN expert says
Analysis of satellite imagery taken after a deadly attack on an aid convoy in northern Syria last month shows it was an air strike, a UN expert says.
Digital Trends
Save $50 on Dell’s Kaby Lake Inspiron 13 5000 2-in-1
Dell’s newly minted Inspiron 13 5000 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop is one of the first systems to sport Intel’s new Kaby Lake processor and for a limited time you can use coupon code “50OFF699” to take $50 off the new hybrid. Announced at this year’s Computex trade show, the Inspiron 13 5000 packs a Core…
Physics News
Team develops new mechanism for strengthening materials
Dr. Kasra Momeni, assistant professor of mechanical engineering and director of the Advanced Hierarchical Materials by Design Lab at Louisiana Tech University, has discovered a new mechanism …
RT – Daily news
Covert strikes on Assad back on US table to prevent ‘fall of Aleppo’ – report
Top Washington officials are set to discuss striking positions of the Syrian military without a UN Security Council resolution. Bombing air force runways with missiles fired from coalition planes and ships is being considered, according to a report. Read Full Article at
Pezzan USA Space-Saving Sofa Beds Created in Italy With Style
Jacopo Pezzan is a man with a lot of pizzazz. He has set up his Pezzan USA revolutionary…
The Awesomer
The Rotating House
LinkDo you want sunlight streaming in your living room all day long? Or do you hate the glare on your computer screen? What you need is a house like Jarle Hegerland’s, which was built in Norway on a giant turntable to control the light coming in – and the view out of the windows. More Awesome Stuff:…
NEC EX241UN 24-inch monitor has super-thin 0.8mm bezels
NEC has unveiled a new monitor that has some of the thinnest bezels on each side that you will encounter. Those bezels are only 0.8mm all around making the new EX241UN 24-inch display ideal for use on a video wall. The bezels are thin enough that in a multiple monitor configuration the inactive space…
Nerd Approved – News For Nerds
“Science Wide Open” Children’s Books Focus On Women In Science
One of the ways to increase the number of women in STEM fields is to foster interest in those fields at an early age. This Kickstarter project by Genius Games seeks to do just that with a new picture book series called Science Wide Open. The 3-book set includes Women in Biology, Women in Physics,…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Bentley pilot offers anywhere, anywhen refueling
Part of what you buy with a Bentley is a sense of exclusivity, but that can quickly evaporate with the ignominy of having to queue at the gas station like everyone else. The British marque is currently trialing a new “concierge fuel service,” though, where drivers can bypass the pump altogether…
Twitter users enlighten Pence on the true meaning of #ThatMexicanThing
The offensive comments just keep on coming this election season. Towards the end of last night’s vice presidential debate, Mike Pence caused quite the commotion after Democratic candidate Tim Kaine highlighted several derogatory comments Pence’s running mate, Donald Trump, has made about Mexicans. Pence…
Science | Smithsonian
How Drones in the Sky Unlock Secrets of the Sea
Researchers are using aerial technology to track coastal erosion, map coral reefs and even give whales a breathalyzer
RT – Daily news
Coffee-loving women less likely to suffer from dementia later in life – study
A new study has found that women aged 65 and older with larger caffeine intakes (more than 261 mg per day) are 36% less likely to suffer from dementia over 10 years of follow-up. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
‘1st victim of war is truth’: Syrian-born journalist slams MSM for Aleppo bias
A Syrian-born journalist has slammed the New York Daily News and the Independent newspaper for not accusing Syrian rebels of shelling areas belonging to government forces, lamenting that the MSM is not covering all sides of the war. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
Shaming firms for hiring foreign workers ‘lowest point in immigration debate’
Tory Home Secretary Amber Rudd has been forced to backtrack on her pledge to “name and shame” companies that hire foreign workers after the threat provoked a backlash in the business community. Read Full Article at
Newswise: SciNews
Novel Mechanism to Steer Cell Identities Gives Clue on How Organisms Develop
Scientists discovered a new way in which microRNAs can determine the fate of cells in the course of their development. This could be a key to understanding how complex organisms are built, say researchers from the Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP) in Vienna.
Newswise: SciNews
Brookhaven Lab to Play Major Role in Two DOE Exascale Computing Application Projects
Scientists will help develop modeling and simulation applications for next-generation supercomputers to enable advances in nuclear and high-energy physics and chemistry research.
Newswise: SciNews
New Discoveries Offer Critical Information for Improving Crop Yield
Danforth Center research is addressing environmental issues related to production agriculture.
The Next Web
The connected home: The final digital frontier
The irony of the Internet of Things (IoT) is that it’s pushing new boundaries in large part so we can stay home. Want dinner delivered? Talk to Amazon Echo. Don’t want to go outside? Let an IoT sprinkler water your lawn. Hate shopping? IoT fridges can already restock your larder without you doing anything….
Make Frozen French Fries That Are Even Better Than Store-Bought
Frozen, store-bought french fries are beyond convenient, but you can easily make your own. Not only are homemade freezer fries cheaper than their grocery store counterparts, but you know exactly what’s going into them, and they taste a little better.Read more…
Atlético Madrid’s new stadium will change colour thanks to Philips LEDs – CNET
Fans visiting the Spanish soccer club’s new arena will enjoy light shows when a goal is scored.
Clarifai Wants You to Correct AI’s Biggest Gaffes
A New York startup works to democratize deep learning. The post Clarifai Wants You to Correct AI’s Biggest Gaffes appeared first on WIRED.
Apple ecosystem key to company remaining world’s most valuable brands, says Interbrand
Interbrand’s annual brand value report lists Apple as the world’s most valuable brand for the fourth year running, estimating the total worth of the brand at $178B, up 5% on the previous year. Apple first knocked Coca-Cola out of Interbrand’s top slot in 2013. Apple is a technology company that…
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors – Front Page
Apple CEO Tim Cook Remembers Steve Jobs on Fifth Anniversary of His Death
As he has done over the past four years, Apple CEO Tim Cook has shared a tribute to the late Steve Jobs, touching on the importance of remembering the Apple co-founder and former CEO today, which marks the fifth anniversary of his death on October 5, 2011. “Most important, have the courage to follow…
RT – Daily news
Hiroshima & Nagasaki survivors tell British MPs to scrap nuclear weapons
Japanese survivors of the US atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki visited the British parliament on Tuesday to call for an end to nuclear weapons just two months after MPs voted to renew the Trident constant at-sea deterrent. Read Full Article at
Quanta Magazine
Meet the New Math, Unlike the Old Math
If we could snap our fingers and change the way math and science are taught in U.S. schools, most of us would. The shortcomings of the current approach are clear. Subjects that are vibrant in the minds of experts become lifeless by the time they’re handed down to students. It’s not uncommon to hear kids… – latest science and technology news stories
Thermoelectric silicon material reaches record-low thermal conductivity
(—Researchers have theoretically demonstrated the lowest rate of heat transfer, or thermal conductivity, in any silicon-based material developed so far.
Shopify now lets stores sell directly in Facebook Messenger
 Shopify was early to bring its merchants the ability to converse directly with customers via Facebook Messenger, and now it’s launching the ability to actually sell directly within messages between stores and customers. The integration works by giving customers a “Shop Now” option when they start a…
TechRadar: All latest feeds
Race to Mars: Boeing vows to beat Musk to the red planet
Boeing’s CEO has revealed that the company plans to be a key player in the newest era of space exploration, particularly the push to putting humans on Mars. According to Bloomberg, at a recent conference on innovation CEO Dennis Muilenburg laid out his vision for a commercial space travel market that…
Solve trolley problem scenarios with MIT’s Moral Machine
A group at MIT built an app called the Moral Machine, “a platform for gathering a human perspective on moral decisions made by machine intelligence, such as self-driving cars”. They want to see how humans solve trolley problem scenarios. We show you moral dilemmas, where a driverless car must…
The Verge – All Posts
Are you ready for your own personal Google?
Sometimes, it’s the little changes to language that give away a company’s ambition. At the unveiling of Google’s new Pixel phones yesterday, CEO Sundar Pichai started the event not by talking about what users can get from Google, but what they can get from their Google. Using artificial intelligence…
The Week in Mac Accessories: Resist MacBook theft with these bags
Better bagsThis week’s roundup includes several bags that make it difficult for thieves to make off with your MacBook. Read on!To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
Engadget Full RSS Feed
Wacom’s new hybrid tablets pack power and a more accurate stylus
Wacom is no stranger to standalone graphics tablets. After years of outfitting artists with pen tablets and displays for working on a desktop machine or laptop, the company debuted both Android and Windows versions of the Cintiq Companion in 2013. A year and a half later, Wacom revamped the Windows version…
Latest Items from TreeHugger
Why we got separate instead of open kitchens: It was thought to be a “clean machine”
It was small and efficient because it was supposed to be a machine for cooking, not a place to party.
Level Ex lets doctors practice virtual surgery in a mobile app
Level Ex is announcing today that it will enable doctors to practice surgery in a realistic 3D virtual surgery mobile app. The app shows how much progress mobile technology has made in being able to show realistic graphics. And it also recognizes that doctors have few options for honing their surgical…
Motherboard RSS Feed
What Really Happens When You FOIA UK Police
British authorities have a reputation for keeping incredibly tight-lipped about surveillance, especially when asked to release even basic details of programs or technologies under the Freedom of Information Act. But a lot more goes on behind the scenes of requests around surveillance topics than one…
The Verge – All Posts
How Alex Wells created the gorgeous artwork of a new edition of Asimov’s I, Robot
The Folio Society has been producing high-end editions of classic literature for decades, and in recent years, it has branched into producing high-end editions of science fiction novels. The latest addition to their collection is Isaac Asimov’s classic short story collection, I, Robot, featuring some…
Ars Technica
At the bleeding edge of AI: Quantum grocery picking and transfer learning
Enlarge (credit: Google) Don’t laugh, but there may come a time when quantum computers are sorting out your grocery deliveries, and if Paul Clarke, CTO of the online food store Ocado is right, it could be sooner than you think. In an interview with Ars Clarke revealed his interest in quantum computing…
Penn Station Palimpsest: PAU Proposes a Different Future for New York’s Busiest Railway Station
Courtesy of PAU Last week, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a long-awaited and much-needed proposal for a makeover of Penn Station. Designed by SOM, the proposal for the new Penn Station–Farley Complex, to be completed in 2020, offers a pragmatic solution to the years of scrapped…
Newswise: SciNews
$4.6 Million NSF Grant Will Help Missouri-Led Team Study Grafting as a Way to Adapt Crops to Climate Change
Missouri Collaboration Focuses on Understanding How Root Systems of Grapevines Affect the Vine’s Stems, Leaves and Fruits.
Newswise: SciNews
Trees “Eventually Pay Back Environmental Debt,” UF/IFAS Researcher Says
Andrew Koeser and a colleague from the University of Illinois studied carbon neutrality in trees.
Newswise: SciNews
Frontline PARP Inhibitor Shrinks Tumors in BRCA-Positive Breast Patients
All 13 newly diagnosed breast cancer patients with BRCA mutations had their tumors shrink significantly when treated with a PARP inhibitor ahead of frontline presurgical chemotherapy in a pilot study at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.
The First Living Donor Uterus Transplants Have Been Performed in the US
A new medical breakthrough could have major implications for thousands of US women without a uterus. According to a Time report, the first living-donor womb transplant in the US was performed at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas last month. Read more…
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The first Project Tango phone goes on sale next month
Project Ara is no more, but that doesn’t mean Google’s weirder smartphone ambitions are all dead and buried. Project Tango — a push to put 3D mapping in a smartphone — is still alive and well, thanks to Lenovo. Speaking to CNET, Google’s Clay Bavor confirmed that the Phab2 Pro should be coming out…
Popular Science
Teenage Scientist Captures Arctic Ice Melt on Film
From Our Blogs: Nexus Media News “I had the opportunity to witness climate change firsthand and it changed my life.” Melting ice changed Burhanpurkar’s life and now she’s inspiring others around the world with a documentary about climate change. The film’s title, 400 PPM, refers to…
Digital Trends
No fees to see Michaelangelo’s ‘David’ and da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’ in VR
Museums have a few downsides. They can cost an arm and leg, they’re often packed to the brim with tourists, and stone-faced security guards never let you touch the art. Michelangelo’s David is a sight to behold, but not to be held, they say. But if you have a virtual reality head set and a Steam Account…
Digital Trends
WTF is NSF? A guide to understanding appliance certification labels
Shopping for a large appliance like a refrigerator or a washing machine can be a pretty difficult task. Not only do you have to consider things like size, style, functionality, and aesthetic, but you also have to decipher those little symbols emblazoned on the side of your soon-to-be new household fixture….
Robots walk the runway at Chanel’s Spring Summer 2017 show
A “data centre” provided the backdrop for Chanel’s spring summer 2017 show, which included models dressed as robots and bags with flashing LED displays (+ movie). (more…) – latest science and technology news stories
Wild capuchin monkeys found able to remember where and when their food was hidden
(—Charles Janson, a professor of biological anthropology, zoology and evolutionary biology at the University of Montana, has found that capuchin monkeys have memory abilities that are far more complex than has been realized. In his paper published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, he describes… – latest science and technology news stories
Expert urges people to rebalance work and home life
An expert in work-life balance from the University of Bedfordshire has urged busy workers to leave work at work when they finish for the day in order to protect their wellbeing and job performance. – latest science and technology news stories
Sled track simulates high-speed accident in B61-12 test
Sandia National Laboratories has sent a mock B61-12 nuclear weapon speeding down the labs’ 10,000-foot rocket sled track to slam nose-first into a steel and concrete wall in a spectacular test that mimicked a high-speed accident. It allowed engineers to examine safety features inside the weapon that… – latest science and technology news stories
Experts embark on project to save the world from ‘bananageddon’
Experts are hoping to stop the UK’s favourite fruit, the banana, from disappearing from our shops. – latest science and technology news stories
NASA flight program tests Mars lander vision system
NASA tested new “eyes” for its next Mars rover mission on a rocket built by Masten Space Systems in Mojave, California, thanks in part to NASA’s Flight Opportunities Program, or FOP. – latest science and technology news stories
The problematic history of Martian landings
We may be living in the golden age of Mars exploration. With multiple orbiters around Mars and two functioning rovers on the surface of the red planet, our knowledge of Mars is growing at an unprecedented rate. But it hasn’t always been this way. Getting a lander to Mars and safely onto the surface is… – latest science and technology news stories
Keyboard-monitoring technique can detect Parkinson’s symptoms at home
Parkinson’s disease is the second most common neurodegenerative disorder in the developed world, with around 60,000 people diagnosed in the U.S. each year. – latest science and technology news stories
What happens when black holes collide?
The sign of a truly great scientific theory is by the outcomes it predicts when you run experiments or perform observations. And one of the greatest theories ever proposed was the concept of Relativity, described by Albert Einstein in the beginning of the 20th century. – latest science and technology news stories
Roundworms even more useful than researchers previously thought
The one millimetre long roundworm Caenorhabditis elegans has been used as a model organism in scientific research, and has therefore been extensively examined. A research group at Uppsala University has now demonstrated that the worm is an even more complete model system than previously thought, which… – latest science and technology news stories
The genome is all about architecture
Many serious diseases such as malaria or AIDS present a major challenge for medicine because the causative pathogens use the same strategy although they are completely different: By camouflaging themselves they evade the immune system.
How UPS delivers predictive analytics
UPS operates in more than 220 countries and territories with more than 1,800 facilities, with a delivery fleet of over 100,000 ground vehicles and over 500 aircraft (both owned and charter). So when the company’s vice president of IT Kim Felix talks about the challenge of building a business intelligence…
Latest news
Video: 3 tips for winning the IT budget wars
An IT budget is about a lot more than just a spreadsheet and a wishlist. It is your best chance to communicate your company’s technology strategy and to inspire action and investment.
Artificial Intelligence: It’s Not Man vs. Machine. It’s Man And Machine
At the Gigaom Change conference in Austin, Texas, on September 21-23, 2016, Manoj Saxena (Chairman of CognitiveScale), Josh Sutton (Head of Data & Artificial Intelligence at Publicis Sapient) and Rob High (CTO for IBM Watson) talked with moderator and market strategist, Patricia Baumhart, about the…
Travefy Makes Group Vacation Planning Easy
Group vacations are incredibly fun, but stressful, which is why planning ahead is key to everyone enjoying themselves. Travefy offers one place that everyone can use to plan the trip and make sure you’re all on the same page.…Beyond basic features, like adding trip…
Nerd Approved – News For Nerds
Add This AT-AT Bookcase And TIE Fighter Storage To Your ‘Star Wars’ Bedroom
Earlier this week we featured some awesome looking Star Wars beds and desks from Rooms To Go, and it appears that Pottery Barn has something to contribute to the Star Wars bedroom of your kid’s dreams. In addition to the Millennium Falcon bed released last year, they’ve added an AT-AT bookcase, handy…
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Ruble best performing emerging market currency since OPEC deal in Algeria
The Russian currency is extending its gains on Wednesday, buoyed by rising oil prices. The ruble has outpaced the Argentinian peso, Hungarian forint, Taiwanese dollars and other emerging market currencies since OPEC agreed to cut production last week. Read Full Article at
At $11, There’s No Reason Not to Try Out HDTV Bias Lighting
HDTV bias lights are so cheap now, that you really don’t have any reason not to try one out.Read more…
Popular Science
The Genius List [Interactive]
Entertainment The hackers, technologists, scientists, celebrities, and just plain average folks who have bestowed genius on us so far this year The hackers, technologists, scientists, celebrities, and just plain average folks who have bestowed genius on us so far this year.
Popular Science
Airbag For Your Head May Work Better Than A Bike Helmet
Health Lab tests show the idea is not just hot air For a while, many people in the United States related to bikes and cycling in one of two ways. As a kid, a bike meant freedom until you got that coveted drivers license.
The Verge – All Posts
This giant 1,000-watt Bluetooth speaker now has an FM radio
In 2014, Pyle released the Street Blaster, an over 2-foot long (but still ostensibly portable) Bluetooth speaker with a 1,000-watt output. The original Street Blaster offers four hours of battery life, NFC pairing, and playback over either Bluetooth or 3.5mm aux. It also includes a built-in amp with…
Cool Material
The Purpose of a Concept Car
It’s dynamic, beautiful, something completely unique, a car for the future but being made in the present. As you quickly scan the title and fine print the inevitable word emerges: concept. The disappointment is palatable. You’ll never be able to purchase this car, and you’ll never even be able to test-drive…
Twitter, Facebook can’t agree on who won #VPDebate – CNET
Social Cues: By contrast, social media sites unilaterally condemn Yahoo’s latest surveillance scandal.
Roku’s channel selection may explode soon – CNET
A new tool now allows publishers to create channels in a few steps, bypassing application development.
YouTube built fake Oval Offices to get you to like, subscribe and vote – CNET
It might look like 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, but it’s actually a pair of sets made by YouTube for creators. Who wants to be POTUS?
MIT Thinks Furry Wetsuits Could Keep Divers Even Warmer
Ocean-dwelling creatures like whales, seals, and walruses don’t freeze in the icy waters thanks to their thick layers of insulating blubber. But how do scrawny sea otters stay warm? Their furry coats trap air which also works as an insulator, and researchers at MIT think that approach could help keep…
Jordan Peele’s ‘Get Out’ trailer will make you want to renounce human society out of fear
A feature film dealing with the state of race in America is topical, but that it’s a psychological thriller from the mind of comedian Jordan Peele is not only surprising, but terrifying. Peele’s directorial debut follows an interracial couple visiting the girlfriend’s extremely white suburban…
RT – Daily news
Cameron accused of ignoring own MPs in rush to war with Assad
Impatient to launch airstrikes against Syrian regime targets in 2013, former Prime Minister David Cameron brushed aside the concerns of his own Conservative MPs to make the case for war, according to one senior Tory MP. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
Banks, regulators accused of leaving customers at mercy of cyber criminals
Banks are compromising the security of millions of bank customers by failing to address the growing threat of cyber-attacks, a prominent MP has warned. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
Twitter expected to field takeover offers this week
Messenging service Twitter will start getting acquisition bids this week, according to people familiar with the matter as quoted by the Wall Street Journal. The social network’s shares were up 3.74 percent on the news in after-hours trading. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
IMF cuts US growth outlook for 2016
The International Monetary Fund has downgraded its projection for the US economy, saying it will expand by only 1.6 percent this year, down from 2.6 percent in 2015. Read Full Article at
Scientific American Content: Global
Can We Open the Black Box of AI?
Artificial intelligence is everywhere. But before scientists trust it, they first need to understand how machines learn — Read more on
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Engineering our future. Why technology is not enough | Rafaela Hillerbrand | TEDxRWTHAachen
Technological progress alone is not good enough, says Rafaela Hillerbrand. Combining science and technology with philosophy and ethics we must always also consider the pros and cons of what we can do in order to identify what we should do. Rafaela Hillerbrand is a professor for philosophy of science,…
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3D Printed Prosthetic Hands for the World | Desineni Subbaram Naidu | TEDxMinneapolis
By 2050, there will be 50 million limb amputations all over the world! The present cost of a prosthetic hand with limited functionality is around $50,000. Desineni Subbaram Naidu has a vision to create an open source, affordable, and 3-D printed prosthetic hand with most functionality using surface…
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What to learn from rare diseases | Jürgen Schäfer | TEDxRWTHAachen
In a way, we all benefit from rare diseases. Rare meaning less than one in 2000 being affected, this concerns roughly 40,000 people in Germany alone. In his talk, Jürgen Schäfer explains what we can learn from rare diseases, especially with regard to improving treatments for the more common ones. Jürgen…
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
Chinese-built railway opens linking Ethiopia to Djibouti
A $3.4 billion Chinese-built railway linking the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa and the port city of Djibouti opened Wednesday, a boost to both African countries’ economies and an important milestone for Chinese investments in Africa.
Fixing America’s Lousy Sex Ed—With Sociology
America’s focus on abstinence and outdated ideas is entirely wrong. Here’s how to do sex ed right. The post Fixing America’s Lousy Sex Ed—With Sociology appeared first on WIRED.
The Next Web
Google’s event yesterday was the most hilarious ‘OK Google’ nightmare
Yesterday Google unveiled its new voice-enabled Google Home smart speaker that lets you use your voice to control media and ask simple questions by uttering the magic words ‘OK Google’. While the device showed excellent responsiveness to voice commands during yesterday’s live demo, it turns out repeatedly… Full Feed
Tim Kaine Invokes bin Laden While Trying To Sell Hillary Clinton’s Big ISIS Plan
During a brief exchange about national security at last night’s Vice Presidential debate, moderator Elaine Quijano asked the candidates, “Do you think the world today is a safer or more dangerous place than it was eight years ago? Has the terrorist threat increased or decreased?” Democratic VP nominee…
Dyson 360 Eye Review: A great robo-vac with blind spots
Dyson‘s first robot vacuum arrives with plenty of fanfare, promising more suction than the competition, more flexible trundling on its tank tracks, and smarter cleaning with vision-based navigation. As with all the British icon’s products, however, that doesn’t come cheap: the Dyson 360 Eye has the familiar…
Give Your Home Theater a Boost With This Discounted Samsung Sound Bar
A good sound bar is the easiest way to upgrade your home theater’s audio, and this highly rated Samsung is down to an all-time low $128 on Amazon today, complete with Bluetooth connectivity and a wireless subwoofer.Read more…
Modernize Your Home Wi-Fi With This Discounted NETGEAR Nighthawk
NETGEAR’s Nighthawk X4s includes all the networking features you could possibly want, and even some rarely-seen bonuses like an eSATA port and openVPN, and Amazon’s marked it down to an all-time low $200.Read more…
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Facebook didn’t mean to let you sell guns and hedgehogs
Facebook’s newly launched Marketplace is meant to help you sell all kinds of goods, but it turns out the service has been a little too permissive in its early days. The company has apologized after a “technical issue” with its screening system let Marketplace users sell items that either violate its…
Digital Trends
No snooze for you: Alarm clocks that force you to get out of bed
Waking up is hard to do, and the snooze button doesn’t make it any easier. If your alarm clock is easily ignored or too simple to disable, you might want to check out some of these snooze-resistant gadgets. These alarm clocks use a variety of tactics to get you out of bed in the morning. Whether it’s…
Lenovo’s massive Tango phone is now scheduled to arrive next month
 It’s 6.4 inches, it’s got a crazy new depth-sensing camera system and it may actually arrive next month. Lenovo’s big Phab2 Pro was originally scheduled for retail release this summer, a date that eventually got pushed back to a fairly vague fall timeframe, casting some doubt on whether the first handset…
The Next Web
Your personal data is only worth $3.20 and that’s a massive problem
Last years, hackers broke into the UK ISP TalkTalk and stole the personal information of over 157,000 people. Among the records stolen were bank details, including sort codes and account numbers. It was Christmas for identity thieves. Today, the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) fined TalkTalk…
Now’s a Good Time to See If You Qualify for College Tax Credits
The school year is in full swing and many new grads have entered college. It’s a good time to see if you qualify for two common education tax benefits: the American Opportunity Tax Credit or the Lifetime Learning Credit.These tax credits are available to taxpayers with qualifying expenses for an eligible…
The Awesomer
Invizaboard Glass Skateboard
LinkEarlier this year Braille Skateboarding tested a skateboard that had a glass deck. It went down just as you’d expect. But apparently a company called Invizaboard has developed a similar product that’s actually usable. Skip to 4:15 to see it in action. More Awesome Stuff: Rollholz SkateboardsEon…
SquareStreet SQ38 Plano
An elegant and affordable timepiece with a truly timeless design, meet SquareStreet SQ38 Plano. Fresh from Sweden, this understated watch could barely be simpler — or more stylish — named after the Spanish for ‘flat’, the stainless steel casing comes with a choice of leather straps and is waterproof…
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
Physicists ‘dissolve’ water in an emerald
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
Nanoscale device detects bacteria and tests for antibiotic resistance
Design Milk
2 Storey Planter by Kunsik Choi
Based in Malmö, Sweden, designer Kunsik Choi created a series of wooden planters that were inspired by wooden barrels used for Swedish herring. Called the 2 Storey Planter, each dodecagon-shaped container was designed to give your plants their own wooden home, just how people live in their…
Timberland PRO Pit Boss 6″ Steel Toe Boot $99.99
Timberland PRO Pit Boss 6″ Steel Toe Boot $99.99
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Bloomberg: Twitter is locked in an internal battle over sale
Something is rotten in the state of Twitter, and it looks as if some of the blame should be laid at the feet of Jack Dorsey. At least, that’s the sentiment of a lengthy report from Bloomberg that discusses the company’s current malaise. According to sources, there’s a three-person battle amongst the…
Scientific American Content: Global
Deadly Weapons Have No Place in Hospitals
Hospitals are arming security officers with guns and Tasers—but the medical community is speaking out against the militarization of patient care — Read more on
Scientific American Content: Global
Scientists Perfect a Way to Sense Airborne Methane
Tracking “ethane” shows that North Dakota is spewing gases big time — Read more on
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Molecular machines, self-eating cells and flatlands physics take Nobel prizes
The Nobel Prizes, which recognize exceptional work across a range of disciplines, are being announced this month, and we now know the winners of the prizes in three fields of science: physics, chemistry and medicine. Here’s what you need to know about the advancements in each area that led…
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What in the World Did Mike Pence’s ‘Russian Bear’ Comment Mean?
During last night’s vice presidential debate, Mike Pence dropped a serious knowledge bomb that may have surprised many a biologist. On the subject of President Obama’s Russian foreign policy, which Pence called “weak and feckless,” the Indiana governor also had this to say: “There’s an old proverb….
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Water Wars: Two Indian States Are Fighting for This River’s Water
As the world gets hotter, we’ve been warned that the next wars will be over water. In India, that future is here, and the latest proof is a battle between two neighboring states fighting over the river that runs through them.In the latest chapter of a century-old water war in southern India, riots rocked…
New 3D printable ink can make synthetic bones for people
Researchers at Northwestern University have created a 3D printable ink that creates a synthetic material implantable in human patients and that quickly induces bone regeneration and growth. The researchers are calling the ink a type of “hyperelastic bone” (HB) material that can be easily customized,…
National Cities Congress / Mira arquitetos
© Leonardo Finotti Architects: Mira arquitetos Location: Brasília – Brasilia, Federal District, Brazil Authors: Luís Eduardo Loiola, Maria Cristina Motta Collaborators: Ana Carolina Sumares,… Full Feed
NJ Cop Doubles Pension After Spending Nine Years on Paid Leave
Despite not having to show up for work since June 2007, Manuel Avila received periodic increases in pay, managed to double his monthly pension and qualified for free healthcare for the rest of his life at the expense of city taxpayers. Avila qualified for all those benefits while spending the past…
Secure messenger app Signal fought government and kept privacy promises
After fighting a gag order, Moxie Marlinspike, the founder of Open Whisper Systems, went public with details of a federal subpoena (pdf) demanding Signal subscribers’ information and communication records.Open Whisper Systems built the encrypted communication app Signal; the Signal encryption protocol…
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Irritation leads to innovation | Erik Joosten | TEDxRWTHAachen
Have you been irritated by something today? – Good! Because then you are only one step away from innovation. Listen to Erik as he shares his belief of what drives innovation. Erik Joosten is a Dutch entrepreneur and innovator in the best sense. CEO of his own health care company ARION Group, he is a…
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Social connection through music | Kazem Abdullah | TEDxRWTHAachen
When was the last time you visited a theater performance? For hundreds of years this art form has been a cultural cornerstone of many societies, and still is for good reason. In his talk, Kazem Abdullah makes use of several examples of performances to show just how well the art of opera can transmit…
Research team proves you can teach bumblebees new tricks
We’ve all seen the videos demonstrating how intelligent crows can be, using multiple tools in order to recover a piece of tasty food. Well, it turns out bumblebees are also intelligent and can […]
ALPS uses haptics and heat to simulate virtual beverages
There are plenty of reason that you might be biding your time before purchasing a pile of virtual reality hardware. The lack of a realistic beverage-drinking experience is no longer one of them. […]
Displaced Waste: MIT’s Senseable City Lab’s New App Monitors the Global Scattering Electronic Waste
This research was produced by the SENSEable City LaBoRATORY at MIT, directed by Carlo Ratti and Assaf Biderman. The feature has been created in collaboration with urbanNext, a multi-platform aimed at developing, disseminating and distributing content centered on architecture through a focus on…
This pavilion KAPKAR.SF-P7S is designed and built for a temporary Building Lab (BOUWLAB) organised by Stichting Fabrikaat. This foundation, based in the city of Nijmegen in the east of the Netherlands is specialised in organizing temporary place making projects. This summer
designboom | architecture & design magazine
pezo von ellrichshausen’s nida house in chile is stacked like an inverted ziggurat
the building comprises five levels, including an expansive roof terrace, with storeys increasing in size as the building ascends. The post pezo von ellrichshausen’s nida house in chile is stacked like an inverted ziggurat appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
No-Boil Pasta Makes the Tastiest, Easiest Lasagna
When making lasagna, it’s easy to get caught up in all of that sauce, meat, and cheese, but the noodles you choose to layer in there are just as important, and the no-boil variety actually tastes the best.Read more…
Software Predicts Power Component Failure
Eaton Corp. unveils PredictPulse Insight is a cloud-based software subscription service that anticipates failures in universal power supply (UPS) systems before they happen.
TEDTalks (video)
How we can start winning the war against cancer | Adam de la Zerda
Learn about the latest advances in the war against cancer from Stanford researcher Adam de la Zerda, who’s working on some cutting-edge techniques of his own. Using a remarkable imaging technology that illuminates cancer-seeking gold particles injected into the body, de la Zerda’s lab hopes to light…
Today’s Best Lifestyle Deals: Calvin Klein, J.Crew Factory, Club Monaco, Starbucks, and More
Extra discounts on everything Starbucks, Club Monaco sale items, Calvin Klein bags, J.Crew Factory, and more savings from Tarte Cosmetics lead Wednesday’s best lifestyle deals.Read more…
RT – Daily news
Russia’s former nuclear boss appointed deputy head of presidential administration
Vladimir Putin has appointed the former director of Russia’s state nuclear energy corporation, Sergey Kiriyenko, as first deputy head of his administration in charge of domestic politics. Read Full Article at
The Verge – All Posts
Watch some of Steve Jobs’ best interviews, five years after his death
On the fifth anniversary of Jobs’s death, we’ve compiled some of his D Conference highlights into the video above. (I also used the opportunity to ask Swisher and Mossberg about what it was like to host Jobs at their conference. As you might guess, he was a unique participant.)
Digital Trends
Laser tracking of blood-enhanced medical dye shows promise for cancer detection
Fluorescence has been the de facto method for analyzing biomolecules, but the technique has its limitations. When conditions are right, these fluorescent dyes and proteins will glow brightly, making them easy to detect with conventional tools. More often than not, there is background noise that drowns…
Amazon adds a new Prime perk for bookworms
Amazon on Wednesday added yet another perk to its Prime subscription service with the introduction of Prime Reading.
The bigger the yawn, the bigger the brain, scientists find
While every STAT story aims to stimulate your cortex, if this one falls short and makes you yawn, you can thank us anyway — at least if a study published Tuesday is right. If you have a big brain, you can credit yawning for promoting brain growth and activity, the researchers found. And if you have… – latest science and technology news stories
Catalan ports will be more vulnerable to rising sea levels
Storms generate heavy swell, putting ports at risk; this problem is compounded by rising sea level caused by climate change. A team of scientists analysed the impact of this phenomenon in Catalonia, concluding that the number of ports affected will double by the year 2100. – latest science and technology news stories
Species-rich food webs produce biomass more efficiently
Researchers at the Senckenberg have discovered a feedback in complex food webs: Species-rich ecosystems favor large, heavy animals. Even though this increases the amount of plants consumed, the plant biomass remains approximately at the same level as in species-poor ecosystems. This is due to the fact… – latest science and technology news stories
Bragging as a strategy—what boasting buys, and costs, a candidate
Life is full of auditions in which it might seem advantageous, if not outright required, to describe oneself as above average. Think of job interviews, dating or running for president of the United States. A new study that measured how people judge those who made such boasts and those who didn’t, however,… – latest science and technology news stories
Solar is a rapidly growing energy source
“The sun is a solution,” concluded Prof. Arno Smets in his inaugural address given at TU Delft on Wednesday, 28 September. Smets and his group at TU Delft envisage all energy provision being based on sustainable energy sources in the near future. The use of solar energy requires more attention in his…
Cool Material
Tumi 19 Degree Luggage Collection
The moments at the baggage carousel are stressful ones. First, you need to spot your luggage in a sea of similar luggage. Second, if your bag is old, ratty, or covered in duct tape, you have to endure the judgy glances from other passengers. Solve both those problems with this new collection from Tumi….
Cool Hunting
Link About It: Sweden’s Luxury Hotel Room in a Silver Mine
It took ten years for miners to carve out what would later become the Sala Silver Mine Hotel Suite in the underbelly of Sweden’s formerly most important silver mine. At 508 feet underground, it’s the world’s deepest hotel room. And while the mine itself…… …
Illuminate Your Lawn With Six Solar Lights For $10
These are some of the only solar-powered garden lights I’ve seen that don’t look like butt, and you can buy a half dozen of them today for just $10 with promo code 3FMGCPXO.Read more…
BBC News – World
Police in India detain 750 over US call centre scam
Police in the western Indian city of Thane arrest more than 750 people suspected of defrauding US citizens via a fake call centre.
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Here’s what you missed at the Made by Google event
It may be time to bid a sad adieu (sadieu?) to the beloved Nexus line and hello to Google’s new Pixel phones, but we’ve still got a whole slew of fresh hardware to look forward to. In addition to the higher-end handsets, Google also unveiled the Dayd…
RT – Daily news
BuzzFeed News hacked: OurMine group carry out revenge attack
Hacking group OurMine has carried out an attack on BuzzFeed News, claiming it’s in retaliation for fake articles on the website about the group. Gaining access to the popular entertainment site, OurMine posted to the site notifying visitors of the hack. Read Full Article at
Singularity HUB
The Solar System’s 9 Oceans Beyond Earth in One Remarkable Infographic
From time to time, the Singularity Hub editorial team unearths a gem from the archives and wants to share it all over again. It’s usually a piece that was popular back then and we think is still relevant now. This is one of those articles. It was originally published April 10, 2015. We hope you enjoy…
Guccifer 2.0 claims to have hacked the Clinton Foundation
Hacker Guccifer 2.0 now claims to have hacked the Clinton Foundation, but the documents posted show Democratic campaign data from organizations already compromised. Guccifer 2.0, believed by some security experts to be a Russian team of  hackers, posted several documents Tuesday that he claims to…
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Fisker promises a 2017 comeback with a 400-mile range electric sports car
A few months after the announcement that Fisker Automotive will reboot the Karma Revero, the company’s namesake Henrik Fisker says he is starting a new car company, called Fisker Inc., to produce an electric sports car that can travel over 400 miles between charges, a huge jump over existing EV ranges….
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Gensler proposes temporary floating structure for UK Parliament
The upcoming refurbishment of the Palace of Westminster means trying to relocate UK Parliament with minimal disruptions. Gensler has proposed they don’t move very far, instead conducting business on a floating structure on the River Thames. The modular construction, named Project Poseidon would be both…
Newswise: SciNews
National Cancer Institute Awards Major Contract to Southern Research
Southern Research has been awarded a five-year IDIQ contract with a potential value of $19 million from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to study the preclinical toxicology of new drugs that are under development for treatment of cancer.
Newswise: SciNews
Hurricane Matthew Could Leave 7 Million in the Dark
Hurricane Matthew could knock out power for approximately 7 million people in the United States in a wide swath stretching from Miami to the Carolinas.
This $65 Harmony Remote Gives Your Smartphone Super Powers
You’d be forgiven for thinking that this Logitech Harmony Companion remote doesn’t look like much—it doesn’t have a screen, after all—but it can actually control eight of your favorite devices (including smart home gear). The real secret sauce though is its repeater, which allows any smartphone to act…
How to encrypt your Facebook messages with Secret Conversations
Good news, privacy enthusiasts: Facebook’s one-on-one encrypted messaging feature called Secret Conversations is now live for all Android and iOS users.  Secret Conversations allows Messenger users to send end-to-end encrypted messages to their Facebook friends. There are a few caveats, however. First,…
The Awesomer
NikeLab Air Unlimited Tan
LinkAside from its original and murdered out colorways, The Admiral’s 1994 kicks of choice will also come back in a more fashion forward tan variant. The neoprene ankle support stays untouched, but the rest of the upper has been replaced with suede. More Awesome Stuff: NikeLab Dunk Lux… Full Feed
Admiring Foreign Leaders
Asked on a TV show to name a foreign leader he admires, Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gov. Gary Johnson choked. He couldn’t produce a name. He said he had “a brain freeze.” The media pounced. “Unable to name a foreign leader,” sneered NPR. “Cannot name one,” echoed USA Today. But that’s… Full Feed
Paris Climate Agreement Comes Into Effect
The European Parliament voted to ratify the Paris Agreement on Climate Change on Tuesday. This approval means that the agreement has crossed the threshold for coming into effect by being ratified by at least 55 nations emitting 55 percent of the world’s greenhouse gases. Initially, it was expected…
Miss Last Night’s VP Debate? Here’s the Full Video
Get caught up on Kaine-Pence right here. The post Miss Last Night’s VP Debate? Here’s the Full Video appeared first on WIRED.
Conquer the Great Outdoors With These Discounted Yukon Outfitters Survival Kits
When our society inevitably collapses in on itself after this election, you’ll be glad you picked up one of these discounted Yukon Outfitters survival packs, which include some combination of a backpacks, hammocks, water bottles, knives, paracords, and more outdoor essentials. Just note that this is…
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Existing Apps That Added Support for Messages Saw ‘Profound’ Growth in iOS 10
After reporting a few weeks ago that the Messages App Store has grown to 1,650 applications, 75 percent of them sticker packs, Sensor Tower recently published another report detailing the download growth statistics for pre-existing apps that introduced Messages support in iOS 10. According to the research…
Clinton ad shows Pence denying Trump claims as Trump says them
Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence spent Tuesday night’s debate denying many of the charges against his running mate made by Tim Kaine.  Based on a new ad from the Hillary Clinton campaign, that might have been the plan all along.  The new ad released Wednesday morning pairs those denials…
Architecture Lab
‘We had to tell this dark story’ … how Utøya is remembering the massacre
The architects of Utøya’s memorial building in Norway explain how they told a story of loss – and survival The post ‘We had to tell this dark story’ … how Utøya is remembering the massacre appeared first on Architecture Lab.
5 ways to improve voting security in the US
With the U.S. presidential election just weeks away, questions about election security continue to dog the nation’s voting system. It’s too late for election officials to make major improvements, “and there are no resources,” said Joe Kiniry, a long-time election security researcher. However, officials…
Wednesday Deals: Fallout 4 Bundle, Coffee Machines, Air Purifiers, and More [UK]
Take the sting out of the middle of the week with some great deals on Fallout 4 Bundles, Gaming Headsets, Extractor Fans, Bluetooth Car Adaptors, Air Purifiers, and Coffee Machines. Fallout 4 Bundle: Game, Artbook, & Soundtrack (PS4) [28% Off] This Fallout 4 bundle for the PS4 includes the popular…
How to Fix Poor iOS 10 Battery Life
Your iPhone’s Achilles heel is its battery life, but most smartphones suffer from the same problem. Despite higher capacity batteries and more energy efficient components, battery technology hasn’t evolved in the same way the rest of your phone has over the past few years. Each iOS update usually brings…
5 Practical Reasons to Start Using Wireless Headphones Now
Wireless has always been the future. On Star Trek, Kirk isn’t hampered on his quest to meet as many different female aliens as possible by something as mundane as wires. He’s totally hands-free on the holodeck. The thing is, wireless is now the present. The technology has finally reached the point where…
8 Easy Steps for Building Better Money Habits
In their 1996 book The Millionaire Next Door, Thomas Stanley and William Danko outline seven characteristics of truly wealthy people. Surprisingly, those characteristics aren’t things like “inherited wealth,” “have a seven-figure salary,” or “are great investors.” Instead, many of them simply focus on…
Facebook Messenger Lite Is the App We’ve All Been Waiting For
If your Android smartphone is running slow or running out of battery too quickly, one app might be to blame: Messenger. Facebook’s instant messaging app has been found to use a lot of resources and drain batteries. There’s some good news now as Facebook has launched Messenger Lite. The new app is aimed…
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Amazon Echo and Google Home: Where the real battleground lies
The battle for the digital home won’t be — or shouldn’t be — won on technology alone.
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Google’s next target? The classroom
Even if you’re not in education, you’re no doubt familiar with what Google now refers to as its education applications.Though we use them separately as and when we need them, Google says that its Gmail, Sheets, Hangouts, Docs, Drive and Calendar apps (when combined Power Rangers style) can “help teachers…
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I just took the Google Train to Weirdsville
I don’t know what just happened to me.What I’m about to tell you actually just happened. I promise none of it is made up.Let me set the scene: I’m at the Google Pixel launch in London, in a cool warehouse space. So far, so average day for this hipster dude.I’m waiting to check out the Daydream View demo….
RT – Daily news
Indian Army OKs release of Kashmir ‘surgical strike’ videos
India’s armed forces have given carte blanche to the government to use the video footage of alleged “surgical strikes” carried out in the disputed Himalayan region of Kashmir, a report claims. It’s feared the measure could aggravate Indo-Pakistani tensions. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
Two policemen stabbed in suspected terror attack in Brussels – prosecutors
Two Belgian police officers were attacked by a knife-wielding man in Brussels’s Schaerbeek neighborhood in an incident reportedly classified as a suspected terrorist act, according to the Belgian federal prosecutor’s office. Read Full Article at
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OurMine retaliates against BuzzFeed for exposing an attacker
The account hijackers at OurMine are fond of intruding into the personal worlds of their celebrity targets, but they don’t respond kindly when someone turns the tables. BuzzFeed is recovering after OurMine compromised its website in retaliation for an article that claimed a Saudi teen is likely responsible…
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Deal: Lightning-to-USB Cable 3-Pack
Price: $22  | BuyIf you’re like us, you can never have enough charging cables. We can all use a spare for our travel bag or car, or as a spare in case you lose or break one. So be sure to grab this deal on a pack of three MFi-certified 10-foot Lightning to USB cables in The Awesomer Shop. More Awesome… – latest science and technology news stories
Urban warming slows tree growth, photosynthesis
New research from North Carolina State University finds that urban warming reduces growth and photosynthesis in city trees. The researchers found that insect pests are part of the problem, but that heat itself plays a more significant role. – latest science and technology news stories
Absolute structure determination: Pushing the limits
It was the Softenon disaster that made the pharmaceutical industry fully aware of the importance of knowing the enantiomeric purity and chirality of drugs and their metabolites. This disaster involved the chiral drug Thalidomide that was sold in the 1950s as a racemate under various brand names such… – latest science and technology news stories
Electrons in graphene behave like light, only better
A team led by Cory Dean, assistant professor of physics at Columbia University, Avik Ghosh, professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Virginia, and James Hone, Wang Fong-Jen Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Columbia Engineering, has directly observed—for the first time—negative… – latest science and technology news stories
Coral study reveals secrets of evolution
Corals first appeared on earth nearly half a billion years ago during the Cambrian Period of the Paleozoic Era. The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle categorized corals as zoophyta, or “plant-animals”, due to their plant-like appearance. Closer examination of corals revealed that they are not plants… – latest science and technology news stories
New advances in solar cell technology
With the high environmental cost of conventional energy sources and the finite supply of fossil fuels, the importance of renewable energy sources has become much more apparent in recent years. However, efficiently harnessing solar energy for human use has been a difficult task. While silicon-based solar… – latest science and technology news stories
Your next nurse could be a robot
The nursing assistant for your next trip to the hospital might be a robot. This is the implication of research recently published by Dr. Elena De Momi and colleagues in the open access journal Frontiers in Robotics and AI (Artificial Intelligence). – latest science and technology news stories
Flying jewels spell death for tarantulas: Study of a North American spider fly genus
Spider flies are usually a rarely encountered group of insects, except in Western North America, where the North American jewelled spider flies (the Eulonchus genus) can be locally abundant in mountainous areas such as the Sierra Nevada of California. The brilliantly coloured adults (also known as ‘sapphires’… – latest science and technology news stories
Online software helps citizen scientists solve real-world problems
With proper training and recently launched online software and web-portal, citizen scientists can follow scientific-based practices to improve environmental decision-making and even secure funding to help solve environmental problems, says a new study.
Apple iPad Mini 2 Retina 128GB 7.9in Wifi 4G Tablet (REFURB) $299.99
Apple iPad Mini 2 Retina 128GB 7.9in Wifi 4G Tablet (REFURB) $299.99
Are banks promoting phishing?
 I’ve recently seen a few examples of services that ask customers to type in their online banking usernames and passwords so the service can access their bank accounts on their behalf. The applications are fairly broad and definitely useful — making payments, ID verification and analyzing data, for example….
Lifehacker Amazon Prime Reading Offers a Rotating Selection of Over a Thousand Books | io9 Jordan Pe
Lifehacker Amazon Prime Reading Offers a Rotating Selection of Over a Thousand Books | io9 Jordan Peele Made a Racially Charged Psychological Thriller and It Looks Great | Truck Yeah Prediction: The ‘New Ford Bronco’ Isn’t A Bronco At All | Kotaku PlayStation VR: The Kotaku Review |Read more…
10 most death-defying movie stunts ever captured on film
Whether they’re driving, falling, fighting or setting themselves on fire, movie stunt performers have the skills (and the crazy) to make movie danger feel real. Because sometimes, it is real.  CineFix jumped through film history, from silent film to Ben-Hur to Skyfall, to bring you the best movie stunts…
Adobe teams up with EyeEm to expand its stock photography portfolio
 It’s been just over a year since Adobe launched its Adobe Stock photography service, with deep integration into the company’s Creative Cloud suite. Today, it expands the number of photos available with the EyeEm Collection, a hand-picked selection of the best images EyeEm’s customers have shared and…
RT – Daily news
Higher education: College course in marijuana cultivation to be launched
A college in New Brunswick, Canada plans to run a specialized program in the commercial production of marijuana, starting next year. Read Full Article at
Popular Science
Teens Have An Edge When Learning From Rewards
Science The adolescent brain is setting the stage for adulthood In a recent experiment, teens did better than adults on a computer game that allowed them to learn from correct guesses…
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The first Google Tango phone will be released next month
The Lenovo Phab 2 Pro is set to be released in November, according to CNET. The smartphone is more widely known as the first device to run Tango, Google’s augmented reality technology. Google’s head of VR Clay Bavor confirmed the release of the device, which was supposed to be released during the summer,…
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We took a ride in Alphabet’s self-driving car, which just hit 2 million miles traveled on public roads
The entire automotive industry is racing to build autonomous driving technology, but few teams have been working on the problem longer than the company now known as Alphabet. Seven and a half years into the project, Alphabet’s X division said today that its cars have now driven 2 million miles on public…
Trump’s Doing Worse Than Romney Did Among White Voters
Donald Trump’s strategy in this campaign has been fairly clear from the beginning: Drive up Republican support among white voters in order to compensate for the GOP’s shrinking share among the growing nonwhite portion of the electorate. And Trump has succeeded in overperforming among a certain slice…
Today’s Best Deals: 30% Off Starbucks, Stainless Steel Tumblers, 3D Printer
RTIC tumblers, a sitewide Starbucks coupon, and a discounted 3D printer lead off Wednesday’s best deals.Read more…
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‘Libyans want a return to security’
Mohamed Dayri is the foreign minister of the Libyan government based in the eastern city of Tobruk, which is not recognised by the international community. Speaking to FRANCE 24, he welcomes the fact that General Haftar’s forces have taken control of the oil crescent region, an area comprising Libya’s…
Escort Carbon Fiber Daggers
A set of extremely lightweight and aggressive knives made from carbon fiber.
Hacking an election is about influence and disruption, not voting machines
Every time there’s an election, the topic of hacking one comes to the surface. During a presidential election, that conversation gets louder. Yet, even the elections held every two years see some sort of vote hacking coverage. But can you really hack an election? Maybe, but that depends on your goals….
Q&A: The myths and realities of hacking an election
Election hacking has become a key topic during this year’s presidential elections, more so now that candidates and voters are being actively targeted by actors that are assumed to be acting with Russian support. In this modified edition of CSO Online’s Hacked Opinions series, we explore the myths…
Up To $50 off Various Amazon Kindle Models, Limited Time Discount for Prime Members Only – Deal Alert
Amazon has quietly released a good deal on its popular Kindle series of e-readers, but it’s available only to Prime Members, or anyone who has an active 30-day free trial. For a limited time, Kindle’s price sinks from $80 to $50, Kindle Paperwhite from $120 down to $90, the Kindle Voyage drops from $200…
Fast Company
Take This Job And Shove It, Say The Majority Of Employees Who Quit
The way someone chooses to leave their job can serve as a “diagnostic tool” for the company. The way someone chooses to leave their job can serve as a “diagnostic tool” for the company.Whether you give your employer appropriate notice and thank them for their leadership, or quit…
Curbed National
New bridge for pedestrians and cyclists will be Finland’s longest
The curved Kruunusillat bridge will extend for more than half a mile in length Major bridge news coming out of Finland: Designed by U.K.-based firm Knight Architects, the proposed Kruunusillat bridge will span Helsinki’s Kruunuvuorensilta bay with a route reserved for pedestrians, cyclists, and a tram…
Curbed National
Home tech 101: Tips for designing your smart home
Tech mavens from Nest, Amazon, and more share their tips and tricks for how to take your home into the 21st century We’re on the cusp of a Cambrian explosion in smart home products. The speedy march of technology is churning out everything from connected bottle openers to automated window blinds, keyless…
RT – Daily news
2 Russian ships take cruise missiles to Mediterranean for Syrian anti-terror op
Two Russian vessels will join up with Russia’s permanent naval fleet in the Mediterranean Sea, where they will assist in the military operation against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in Syria. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
Clinton Foundation files three years of missing tax forms
The Clinton Foundation refiled three years of tax forms after it emerged that the charity failed to disclose all of its donors. Read Full Article at
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How to save the energy system | André Bardow | TEDxRWTHAachen
Our energy systems are shifting. With constantly more energy being generated by sustainable sources, what exactly is there to save? Listen to André’s illustrative case for the challenges that we must meet in order to further advance these new energies. André Bardow is a professor and Head of the Chair…
SciTech Daily
Chandra Telescope Reveals Evidence for a “Wandering” Black Hole
Astronomers have discovered a “wandering” black hole in the outer regions of a galaxy about 4.5 billion light years from Earth.Evidence suggests this newly discovered black hole has about 100,000 times the Sun’s mass, and was originally located in a smaller galaxy that merged with a larger one….
Building Enclosure: Streamlining the Research Process for Today’s Architect
Fire ratings, performance codes and product specifying can bring on some of the most frustrating challenges to architects, taking time away from actual design and creating potential liability issues with every detail. Well known for its fiberglass material, roof shingles and insulation products,… Full Feed
Mike Pence’s VP Debate Performance Showed That Trump Can Only Be Defended By Lying
As Donald Trump’s running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence’s role is to stabilize the ticket, attacking Clinton while balancing out Trump’s wilder impulses. Most of the time, in other words, his job is to serve as a senior surrogate for the campaign. But Pence’s performance at last night’s vice presidential… Full Feed
Loose Milk Crates: The Latest Enemy Standing Between Us and a Safe, Orderly Society
The dairy industry loses and must replace about 20 million milk crates per year, according to the International Dairy Foods Association, which has a whole website set up to warn against the theft and misuse of the plastic containers. They have an obvious and legitimate interest in trying to stop criminal…
This $6 Survival Grenade Includes a Fire Starter, Fishing Gear, and More
Before you head out on your next long hike or camping trip, you might as well pick up this $6 survival “grenade.” Unwrap the nine feet of 550 pound paracord, and inside you’ll find tin foil, tinder, a flint rod, a knife, and even fishing equipment to help you live off the land.Read more…
How you can help Haiti recover from Hurricane Matthew
Hurricane Matthew — the strongest storm to hit Haiti in more than 50 years — barreled down on the region in recent days, bringing significant flooding and damage.  The destruction comes to a region already experiencing high rates of instability due to widespread poverty, making the impact of the Category…
Hiro Baby’s personal assistant for new parents helps you survive baby’s first year
 During pregnancy, soon to be first-time parents will often devour manuals like “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” to get clued into all the changes taking place in mom’s body along with details on the baby’s development. But after the baby arrives, it’s often fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants time…
Comment: Still holding out hope for my dream MacBook
I came across a tweet from 2012 in my Timehop feed this week where I declared my intent to buy a 15-inch MacBook Air assuming one would exist eventually. The first MacBook Pro with Retina display was introduced earlier that year and had a 25 percent thinner design, but it was still pretty hefty. My…
Twitter study says that responding to tweets pays off for businesses
 It’s a classic Twitter conversation: Someone complains about a bad experience with a company, then the business responds, promising to make things better. But is that actually an effective use of the company’s time? It is, according to a new study conducted by Twitter in collaboration with Applied Marketing… – latest science and technology news stories
New discoveries offer critical information for improving crop yield
In recent years, scientists at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, one of the world’s largest independent plant science institutes, have made several scientific discoveries demonstrating the significant roles of Heterotrimeric G proteins in plant development, stress tolerance and yield improvement…. – latest science and technology news stories
Clean water-treatment option targets sporadic outbreaks
A University of Cincinnati scientist has engineered an environmentally friendly technology to zap outbreak-causing viruses and bacteria from public drinking water. – latest science and technology news stories
Food scientists: We can detect much more food fraud
Researchers from University of Copenhagen have reviewed the use of NIR spectroscopy to detect food fraud in a special issue of the scientific journal Current Opinion in Food Science, which reports on food science innovation. – latest science and technology news stories
Science at cusp of ‘transformational’ grasp of life via cell modeling, researchers say
A paper recently published in the Journal of Molecular Biology shows how advances in molecular biology and computer science around the world soon may lead to a three-dimensional computer model of a cell, the fundamental unit of life. – latest science and technology news stories
Pleasant family leisure at home may satisfy families more than fun together elsewhere
While family fun often is associated with new and exciting activities, family leisure spent at home in familiar pastimes may be a better route to happiness, according to a Baylor University study. – latest science and technology news stories
Leadership expert says political skills important to leader satisfaction
Leaders skilled at influencing others may be happier at work, according to a Kansas State University researcher. – latest science and technology news stories
Research to answer a ‘crushing’ evolutionary question
Studying the physical features of long-extinct creatures continues to yield surprising new knowledge of how evolution fosters traits desirable for survival in diverse environments. Placodonts are a case in point—specifically, the placodont teeth that Stephanie Crofts, an NJIT post-doctoral researcher,… – latest science and technology news stories
Wireless ‘data center on a chip’ aims to cut energy use
A Washington State University research team has designed a tiny, wireless data center that someday could be as small as a hand-held device and dramatically reduce the energy needed to run such centers. – latest science and technology news stories
Global examples of sustainability projects offer potential seeds for a more just future
It is rare to hear environmental scientists sounding positive about the future. But that’s exactly what’s happening now with an international group of researchers. Because over the past two years, they have been gathering examples of positive initiatives of various kinds from communities around the world…. – latest science and technology news stories
Common US snake actually three different species
New research reveals that a snake found across a huge swath of the Eastern United States is actually three different species. Published in the journal Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, analyses of the yellow-bellied kingsnake (Lampropeltis calligaster) also indicate that diversification of the snake—and… – latest science and technology news stories
Climate change, species invasions harming popular native fish in Ontario lakes
A popular recreational and commercial fish – the native walleye – is at risk of disappearing as invasions of the competitive, predatory smallmouth bass move into Ontario lakes, a new study from York University has found. – latest science and technology news stories
Conservation decisions rely on balancing incentives with unpredictable variables
If you own land, as long as it’s not bound up in a legal restriction, you’ve got options. You might decide to convert it into farm land. You might develop it. You could decide to wait and see if the land increases in value. Or you could accept a temporary contract that sets it aside for conservation,…
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Doctors successfully transplanted a uterus from a living donor in the US
The first uterus transplants from living donors have been attempted in the US, Time reports. Of the four transplant surgeries performed last month at Baylor University Medical Center, only one looks to be successful. But once doctors figure out a way around the complications, these surgeries could one…
Digital Trends
Microsoft, Google, Facebook deny carrying out Yahoo-style surveillance
With Yahoo still reeling from the exposé this week that claimed it cooperated extensively with the National Security Agency (NSA), a number of its supporters have publicly come out to deny any similar activity. In statements, both Microsoft and Google denied collaborating with the NSA to scan users’…
Digital Trends
Getting around on public transportation just got easier with Moovit 5.0
Living in a city is hard. Between skyrocketing rents and taxi drivers who seem to have personal vendettas against pedestrians, the challenges facing urban dwellers abound. But navigating your city’s public transportation system no longer needs to be one of those challenges. It’s all thanks to the latest…
Watch How Paolo Soleri’s Experimental City of Arcosanti is Designed for a Smarter Future
How much space do we really need to take up in order to have rich and rewarding lives? In this short documentary for The Atlantic, filmmaker Sam Price-Waldman visits Arcosanti, the revolutionary experimental community and urban laboratory envisioned by architect Paolo Soleri. Since its founding by Soleri…
designboom | architecture & design magazine
zorro macsk adds touch screen functionality to any iMac
TMDtouch has created a USB-powered cover that can convert any 21.5-inch or 27-inch iMac into a touchscreen all-in-one PC in 10 seconds. The post zorro macsk adds touch screen functionality to any iMac appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
The Awesomer
SynthAxe Demo
LinkA product demo reel for a crazy 1980’s musical instrument which combined a guitar with a MIDI synthesizer controller, which was basically the exact opposite of the Keytar. Why this thing never took off, we’ll never know. More Awesome Stuff: Super Audio CartMechanical PONGSaturday Morning 1982LEGO…
New Project Lets You Install Arch Linux In the Windows Subsystem For Linux
prisoninmate writes: Softpedia reports that there’s a new project on GitHub, called alwsl, which promises to let you install the Arch Linux operating system on Windows 10’s new WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) feature, which allows users to run native Linux command-line tools directly on the Windows…
Google crosses the 2 million mile mark with its self-driving cars
 Google’s celebrating another milestone in its self-driving car project – a 2 million milestone, in fact. The search giant’s autonomous test cars have now racked up that many miles in public road testing, which it notes adds up to about 300 years of human driving based on the average person’s yearly…
Iris Air-Tight Storage Trunk
A weathertight storage container that will keep you gear out of harm’s way.
BMW R100GS ‘Elegant Escape’ by Officine Sbrannetti
Inspired by the rustic forests of Northern Italy and Steve McQueen’s “Great Escape.”
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Land Art Generator Initiative Santa Monica winners address California’s energy needs and drought
The Land Art Generator Initiative announced the winners for the 2016 Santa Monica competition. Drawing on technologies from fog harvesting to wave energy to transparent solar cells, the proposed installations would generate either renewable energy or clean water for drought-stricken California. These…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
World’s reservoirs pumping out more greenhouse gas than Canada, study finds
Fossil fuels, agriculture and transportation are examples of well-known sources when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions and a changing climate, but a new study suggests there may be an additional silent contributor in our midst. Environmental scientists tracking greenhouse gases rising from…
Pixel is the rebirth of Google’s unrealized Motorola dream
Whew — what a week for Google. In case you were in the midst of deep-sea scuba diving and missed it, the company unveiled a tidal wave of new devices at a splashy event on Tuesday. There’s an Eero-like Wi-Fi system, an Echo-like voice assistant gadget, and yet another new and improved Chromecast….
Scientific American Content: Global
Molecular Machine-Makers Grab the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
A trio who built motors and devices a fraction the size of a human hair has set the stage for a new type of industry — Read more on
Gear Patrol
Your American-Made 6×6 Super Truck Is Here
If you thought the Ford Raptor was all the truck you ever needed, try giving it twin turbos, 600 horsepower and two more wheels. …Read More »
Newswise: SciNews
Texas A&M Prof On Haiti Hurricane Aid And Where It’s Gone Wrong Historically
Newswise: SciNews
Heparin Derived From Cattle Is Equivalent to Heparin From Pigs, Study Finds
As demand for the widely used blood thinning drug heparin continues to grow, experts worry of possible shortages. Heparin is primarily derived from pigs, and cattle have been proposed as an additional source. A new study finds that heparin derived from cattle has equivalent anti-clotting properties.
Newswise: SciNews
Got Eczema? It May Just Be Bad Evolutionary Luck, Study Finds
A new study probes the evolutionary history of eczema, examining a genetic variant strongly associated with the most common form of eczema, atopic dermatitis.
Motherboard RSS Feed
The Canadian Government’s Plan to Sell New Spying Powers to Citizens
Canada’s government is taking a forum for citizens to sound off about its spying powers and flipping it into an opportunity to sell Canadians on new and overbroad police capabilities, according to a new watchdog report. In September, Trudeau’s Liberals made good on a promise to open a public consultation…
BBC News – World
US election: Vice-presidential debate – two styles of attack
The two nominees for US vice-president squared off in their first and only debate of the election campaign.
BBC News – World
Poland abortion: Deputy PM backs away from ban
Poland’s deputy prime minister says proposals for a near-total ban on abortion which sparked protests across the country will not go through.
Field Notes Lunacy Edition Notebooks
A limited edition 3-pack of moon-phase themed notebooks.
Ars Technica
Nokia makes a play for 5G with purchase of US startup
Nokia has signalled fresh commitment towards 5G infrastructure with the acquisition of Eta Devices—a small US-based startup that specialises in improving power efficiency at base stations. The Cambridge, Massachusetts-based outfit has around 20 staff, some of whom work at its research and development…
New Scientist – Online news
Yahoo ‘secretly scanned emails for a US government agency’
The internet company conducted the surveillance last year after receiving a classified demand from the National Security Agency or the FBI, three whistleblowers have told Reuters
New Scientist – Online news
Hurricane Matthew devastates Haiti and heads towards Florida
The storm is being described as the largest humanitarian disaster in Haiti since the 2010 quake, killing at least 11 and leaving 10,000 in shelters
New Scientist – Online news
Don’t let rift between generations spark a toxic era of ageism
We need to restore peace between young and old as resentment over healthcare, jobs and pensions fuels ageism. How can we do it, wonders Michael North
Popular Science
This “Just Add Water” Chemistry Kit Can Create On-Demand Drugs And Vaccines
Health To help save this world and the next Researchers at Harvard’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering are working on a system that could allow for inexpensive, rapid manufacturing of drugs in…
The Next Web
Flo is a smartphone-based thermometer with a nifty little trick
About five days ago, my fiancee started feeling sick. It started with the sniffles, and then developed into a full-blown hacking cough, and ended up with a late night trip to the doctors. As I write this, she’s dosed up on antibiotics, nursing a cup of tea, and curled up in bed. Anxious that she was… news
Flash Physics: MRI meets nuclear medicine, polymers mimic evolution, laser pioneer Ali Javan dies at 89
Today’s selection of need-to-know updates from the world of physics news
Quantum sensor targets gravity and magnetism
New device could be a boon for mineral prospecting
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
Leftist voters to ‘crash’ right-wing primary to prevent Sarkozy comeback
Thousands of left-wing voters in France are considering casting ballots in November’s primary to choose the conservative presidential nominee in an effort to derail a comeback by ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy.
SciTech Daily
Yale Engineers Develop A New Chip That Could Advance Quantum Technology
Yale engineers have developed a new device that converts visible light to infrared light suitable for fiber-optic transmission without destroying the light’s quantum state. The lab of Hong Tang, Llewellyn West Jones, Jr. Professor of Electrical Engineering & Physics, has developed a device…
SciTech Daily
New Beaver-Inspired Wetsuits May Help Keep Surfers Warm
Inspired by semiaquatic mammals such as beavers and sea otters, MIT engineers are fabricating fur-like rubbery hair-lined wetsuits that may help keep surfers warm. Beavers and sea otters lack the thick layer of blubber that insulates walruses and whales. And yet these small, semiaquatic mammals…
Report: Android 7.1 is coming to current Nexus phones and the Pixel C before end of the year
All of those Pixel-exclusive announcements during Tuesday’s Made by Google event probably gave you a good sense of feature envy for your current Nexus phone.We have some good news for you, however tepid it may be. Android Police says it has confirmation that Android 7.1 is coming to Nexus phones and… – Nanotechnology News Feed
Bundles of Microtubes Developed by Peptides Convert Thermal Energy into Electrical Energy
Several proteins and peptides can naturally assemble themselves into slender, long fibers known as fibrils and other shapes. Researchers have now discovered a method to harness this feature in order… – latest science and technology news stories
Successful escape, landing for Blue Origin’s rocket
Blue Origin, the aerospace company headed by chief Jeff Bezos, ran a successful test Wednesday of an emergency escape function, aimed at saving space travelers’ lives in case of catastrophe. – latest science and technology news stories
Albania police with electric cars, but no recharging spots
In a first for Albania, some police will soon be driving electric cars through the streets. – latest science and technology news stories
Halloween attractions: virtual reality and interaction
Virtual reality, spooky Airbnb rentals and the start of a final season for Disneyland’s Twilight Zone of Terror are all part of this Halloween’s freaky fun. – latest science and technology news stories
Amid privacy outcry, Yahoo denies surveillance allegations
Yahoo on Wednesday denied conducting mass email surveillance after a report alleging it built a special scanning program at the behest of US intelligence which sparked an outcry from privacy activists. – latest science and technology news stories
Amazon expands Dash ordering wand to entire catalog
Amazon has updated its barcode-scanning Dash shopping wand so you can now buy anything with it, not just groceries. – latest science and technology news stories
Nobel: Big hopes rest on tiny machines
Molecular machines, which earned their inventors the Nobel Chemistry Prize on Wednesday, are a fraction of the width of a human hair but strong enough to move things 10,000 times their size. – latest science and technology news stories
Official: Hackers who hit French TV station are still active
The hackers who knocked a major French television station offline last year are still regularly trying break in to French government computers, a senior cybersecurity official said Wednesday.
RT – Daily news
Pro-govt Iraq fighters ‘likely’ killed in coalition airstrike near Mosul – US official
An airstrike has left at least 20 pro-government tribal fighters dead near the Iraqi city of Mosul, a US defense official told AFP, while admitting that the strike had “most likely” been carried out by US-led coalition jets. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
EU migrants seen as Britain’s ‘main card’ in Brexit games by trade minister Fox
EU migrants in the UK will serve as a “main card” during forthcoming Brexit negotiations, according to International Trade Secretary Liam Fox. Read Full Article at
If You Don’t Have Time to Meal Prep, Just Prep the Marinade
Meal planning should be simple, but it’s not always easy. Ideally, you make a big batch of meals on Sunday that last you the entire week. Maybe you have things to do on Sunday. Maybe you just don’t feel like making 5-7 days’ worth of meals at once. Here’s an easier option: prep marinade instead.Refinery29… Full Feed
Tackled, Punched, and Cuffed for Sitting on His Mom’s Porch
The encounter between Travis Cole, a white police officer, and Dejuan Yourse, a black man sitting on the porch of his mother’s house in Greensboro, North Carolina, starts calm and friendly but ends with Yourse lying face down on the front lawn, restrained by handcuffs and Cole’s knee on his shoulder,… Full Feed
Protecting America From Religious Zealots: New at Reason
Although no judges have tried ramming Sharia law down Americans’ throats, conservatives around the country have passed and try to pass legislation in an effort to stop it. A. Barton Hinkle writes: Yet while Islamic law is not exactly sweeping across the country, you can understand why some conservatives…
Tools and Toys
Essential Musicals for Newbies
Musical theater is one of those things you either love or hate (and it’s easy to say the latter for popularity points). Unfortunately, there are so many people who never really give musicals a chance before deciding they “hate” the format. Maybe they imagine all musicals as being the same, set in…
Digital Trends
Even while restricted by drone regulations, aerial photography industry expected to grow
Drone technology is expected to boost the aerial photography industry by 12.9 percent over the next six years, according to market research. The same research, however, indicates that growth is restricted by government regulations. Based on its recent study, Allied Market Research estimates that aerial…
Digital Trends
Survey: People older than 55 aren’t protecting themselves online enough
Research undertaken by Kaspersky Lab indicates that older internet users are under-educated about the risks of their online activity. A new report published by the company and B2B International suggests that many users over 55 are unaware of threats, and are failing to make good use of preventive measures….
Next Big Future
Boeing fears Spacex Raptor engine – CEO vows to put humans on Mars before Spacex but needs over $60 billion for Space Launch System
Boeing Chief Executive Officer Dennis Muilenburg sees a commercial space-travel market with dozens of destinations orbiting the Earth and hypersonic aircraft shuttling travelers between continents in two hours or less. And Boeing intends to be a key player in the initial push to send humans to Mars,…
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
Memristors promise more precise and affordable neuroprosthetics
Coolest Gadgets
Easiest Cutting Butter Knife makes you feel like you’re Wolverine
Having a nice, piping hot slice of toast to go along with your morning coffee is definitely one of the best experiences every day where breakfast is concerned. Of course, if that slice of toast had some butter to go with it, it would be all the more heavenly. If you are in a rush each morning and your…
Amazon RTIC Tumbler and Drinkware Sale – up to 25% off
Amazon RTIC Tumbler and Drinkware Sale – up to 25% off
We Need to Start Dealing With This Hidden Source of Carbon Pollution
When it comes to planet-warming gases we need to worry about, carbon dioxide is at the top of the list. But the runner-up in the climate hall of infamy—methane—is turning out to be a bigger problem than we realized. A study published in Nature today estimates that global methane emissions from the oil…
Why the Human Lifespan Ends at 122
The oldest human to have ever lived died at the age of 122—and that was nearly 20 years ago. A recent analysis of global demographic data suggests this may very well be the maximum age attainable by humans, and that it’s extremely unlikely anyone will ever live much beyond this advanced age. That is,…
Bustler News, Competitions and Events
Event: Cultural Sustainable Tourism
Event Date: Sep 4, 2017 – Sep 6, 2017; Event City: Thessaloníki, GR This conference aims to Cultural Sustainable Tourism (CST- 2017) discusses the complex relations between Culture, and tourism, and how planners, architects, and main actors and help in conveying and spreading the right perspective of…
Bustler News, Competitions and Events
Event: Bamboo Design + Build Workshop Cambodia 2016
Event Date: Nov 26, 2016 – Dec 10, 2016; Event City: Phnom Penh, KH Building Trust are happy to announce that our latest workshop will be held in Cambodia to design and build a project made from bamboo. Building Trust have a number of sustainable design projects in South East Asia in 2016, ranging from… Physics News
Glare-reducing approaches could lead to a type of noise-canceling camera for microscopy, astronomy imaging
If you have ever turned on your car’s high beams while driving through fog, you’ve seen glare in action. As the extra light reflects off the fog, it becomes even more difficult to see what lies ahead. In compelling new research, two scientific teams have developed innovative methods for counteracting…
BBC News – World
US government worker ‘took classified files’
A US government worker is accused of stealing top secret files that could have caused “exceptionally grave damage to the national security of the US”.
Scoured: Best Gear On Amazon
Some of the best finds on amazon for trekking around the woods and city this October.
Say goodbye to Apple’s third-generation Apple TV
It had a good run, but the 4-year-old third-generation Apple TV is being quietly phased out. Apple confirmed that it was discontinuing the set-top box in an email to staffers obtained by 9to5Mac. The move isn’t surprising. The fourth-generation Apple TV released last year was a dramatic reenvisioning…
All the Things You Can Do With Google Assistant That You Couldn’t Do Before
Google’s new Google Assistant appeared in every part of the company’s hardware event yesterday. Google was less clear about how Assistant differs from Google Now, or Now On Tap, or Google’s voice commands. To clear things up, here are some of Assistant’s best new features, and how it fits into your Google…
Cool Material
New BMW R nineT Motorcycles
BMW’s continuing the success of the original R nineT and the R nineT Scrambler with two new retro models: Pure and Racer. Pure and Racer add to the already excellent world of BMW Motorrad Heritage with a stripped down roadster and an old school sports bike. Both bikes are built with the R nineT’s 110…
RT – Daily news
US prepared ‘to fight’ in Russia, China missile defense zones – Naval ops chief
The US Navy is seemingly ready to conduct operations in areas regarded as no-go missile areas, said the US Chief of Naval Operations. Such defense missile zones can be found at Russia’s and China’s coastlines. Read Full Article at
Curbed National
Celebrity-owned homes take longer to sell, often require price cuts
It’s not uncommon for celebs to lose more than $1 million on their home sales Just because a celebrity has lived in a house doesn’t mean it’s a hot commodity, a new report from Redfin shows. The real estate website crunched the numbers for 60 homes bought and sold by celebrities, then pitted those sales…
Roku makes it incredibly easy to launch a streaming channel
Roku has rolled out an update to its publishing platform that makes it easier than ever for content creators to launch a streaming video channel within its ecosystem.
NSA Contractor Arrested in Possible New Theft of Secrets
The New York Times, citing senior law enforcement and intelligence officials, reports today that the FBI secretly arrested a National Security Agency contractor in recent weeks (Editor’s note: the link could be paywalled; alternate source). The newspaper adds that the FBI is currently investigating whether…
BBC News – World
Portugal’s Antonio Guterres set to be UN secretary general
The former Portuguese prime minister Antonio Guterres is poised to become the next UN secretary general, diplomats say.

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