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Intelligence experienced subconsciously? When IQ & EQ work together | Naji Bejjani | TEDxNDULouaize
Intelligence. A simple yet complex word. You may think that you can easily define it, but when faced with the question ‘what is intelligence?’, you might find yourself hitting a brick wall. Over the past 3 decades or so, the worlds of education, psychology, and even business have been slowly getting…
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rolf sachs + leica’s M-P grip camera is wrapped in ping-pong rubber
the camera will be produced in a limited run of only 79 units, available from select stores from november 2016 The post rolf sachs + leica’s M-P grip camera is wrapped in ping-pong rubber appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
Sony PlayStation VR Launch Bundle (Pre-Order) $499.99
Sony PlayStation VR Launch Bundle (Pre-Order) $499.99
What does the future of social security look like for millennials?
Concerns about social security run high, but older folk aren’t the only ones worried. Younger generations of Americans are more concerned there won’t be any social security benefits left by the time they qualify. In fact, as explained in this video, half of millennials believe this.  So are social…
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My new robot friend Kobi loves to mow the lawn and plow snow
Kobi is a modular robot that’s basically a Roomba for snow and leaves. It’ll mulch grass and leaves, throw snow into a dedicated area, and mow the lawn. You have to define its physical boundaries through its app and where to dump the leaves and snow, but after that, the company says Kobi apparently can…
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Wells Fargo CEO resigns, bank president succeeds
Chairman and CEO of Wells Fargo & Co. John Stumpf has retired under pressure amid a scandal involving fraudulent sales tactics. Some two million accounts were created without customers’ permission. President and COO Timothy J. Sloan will replace him. Read Full Article at
BBC News – World
US election: Two Muslim voters’ views on Donald Trump
What do American Muslims in Miami, Florida, make of the Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump?
The X-Cube
The next generation of shape-shifting 3D logic puzzles has arrived with the X-Cube. It takes the concept of a Rubik’s cube and goes a step further by increasing the difficulty level with the addition of extra rows that make regular Rubik’s cubes look like child’s play. Check it out $35.00
Lucid Mirror
Create a surreal ambiance in any part of your home by hanging up this lucid mirror on the wall. This unique piece places a luminous 3D image behind the glass surface of the mirror to create a heavenly reflection of sunlight and clouds on the mirror’s surface. Check it out $880.00
Batman Utility Belt
Make your crime fighting ensemble come to life with this Batman utility belt. It’s excellently handcrafted from resin and EVA foam, is fitted with an adjustable parachute buckle to accommodate different sizes, and is available in one of four color options. Check it out $160.00
Pyrotechnic Trick Powder
Ensure your next performance is a total crowd-pleaser by incorporating this pyrotechnic trick powder into the act. This safe, all-natural organic powder comes in a compact and easy to conceal bottle that creates eye-catching flashes when dispersed over an open flame. Check it out $16.49
Bolt Hidden Safe
Keep an emergency stash at your workshop without anyone becoming the wiser by hiding your cash inside this bolt hidden safe. The bolt comes with a hollowed out body ideal for hiding cash and features a realistic appearance and weight. Check it out $13.40
Putin denies any Russian interest in alleged US election hacking
Russian President Vladimir Putin is rejecting claims that his country is behind any U.S. election-related hacking, saying “hysteria” is fueling the allegations. “This has nothing to do with Russia’s interests,” he said on Wednesday at an investors conference in Moscow. Putin made the comments after…
Here’s what to do if your smartphone’s battery starts smoking
As more and more reports of failing Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices crop up, so, too, do videos of smoking smartphones — a terrifying sight for the vast majority of users.  What you’ll notice in some of these videos is the sight of people handling the failing device as thought it’s a hot plate of pasta…
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Want to Be Happier at Work? Treat It Like a Romantic Relationship
Entrepreneurs share enormous amounts of time together, and develop a unique brand of intimacy, says relationship expert Esther Perel.Read More
Etekcity Wireless Remote Controlled Electrical Switch Socket Outlet (5-Pack) $21.50
Etekcity Wireless Remote Controlled Electrical Switch Socket Outlet (5-Pack) $21.50
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‘US not powerful enough to bring peace to Syria’ – France’s Hollande
The US is strong enough to financially discriminate against European companies, but it lacks the capacity to bring peace to Syria, French President Francois Hollande said. Read Full Article at
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Inside the secret camp where Islamic State defectors go
The BBC has had exclusive access to a secret internment camp for former so-called Islamic State militants and their families in Syria.
Marissa Mayer’s Husband Donated $2,500 to Screw Over the Homeless
Proposition Q, an upcoming ballot measure to rid San Francisco’s streets of homeless encampments, has divided the city. One figure firmly on the side of “screw the homeless and their tents” is Zachary Bogue, the Silicon Valley investor and husband of Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. Read more…
Geofeedia isn’t the only social media surveillance company giving data to police
Geofeedia isn’t the only social media surveillance company providing information to local police departments.  Twitter shut off commercial access to Geofeedia on Tuesday after the ACLU revealed that Twitter, Facebook and Instagram data was being marketed by Geofeedia to police as a way to monitor activists…
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If you want to make bacteria glow, give it a virus
Although not all strains of E. coli bacteria are harmful to humans, E. coli O157:H7 most certainly is. So, needless to say, it’s very important to know if it’s present in foods or liquids. Scientists at Indiana’s Purdue University are now making the detection process quicker and easier, by…
The Awesomer
Fractured Space
Price: Free  | Play | LinkA free-to-play MOBA with spaceships. Its highly detailed and well balanced ships move in 3D space slowly, but you can warp to and from lanes as you battle for control. Despite its idiosyncracies, Fractured Space is surprisingly accommodating and easy to pick up. More…
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FDNY employees to file $150mn racial discrimination complaint
Ten former and current employees filed a racial discrimination complaint against the New York Fire Department (FDNY) claiming they were unfairly discriminated against over pay and advancement. Read Full Article at
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Study: Marijuana Use in Early Life May Affect Brain Function, IQ
An America where marijuana is legal could be right around the corner. It’s a cross-generational cause that is finally starting to have its day on the ballot.Read More
Polygons Flat Measuring Spoon
The spoon hasn’t changed much in the last few millennia. But the measuring spoon is about to with Rahul Agarwal’s Polygons Flat Measuring Spoon. Polygons is just a flat rectangle made of polypropylene with a variety of flush thermoplastic rubber hinges running across. When you need to measure, fold it…
Remains of the Day: PlayStation 4 Media Player Gets Support for FLAC and More
PlayStation 4’s Media Player, the app that lets you play media natively on your PS4, is getting a few welcome additions. The main thrust of the update is to add support for VR videos, but there are a few nice extra features as well. That and more in today’s news.Read more…
The Presidential Debate Topics For Next Week Don’t Even Mention The Possibility of an Earth-Cleansing Asteroid
The topics for next week’s presidential debate have just been announced. And they’re pretty grim. Depressingly, they don’t even mention the possibility of a sweet, sweet asteroid hitting Earth to finally put America out of its misery after 16 months of the worst election “season” in modern history. But…
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The TSA Found a Gun Hidden in a Ball of Clay Inside a Computer
The US Transportation Security Administration is in charge of safeguarding America’s airports and air travelers (among other things), which frequently involves confiscating guns, weapons, and various other restricted items. The agency also operates what is regarded (by me) as one of the best Instagram…
Turn a DJI Phantom 4 into a search & rescue drone with the EXO 1 exoskeleton
 The DJI is a fantastic all-purpose drone, but with the EXO 1 exoskeleton, it becomes a dedicated search and rescue tool. The 3D-printed add-on quickly attaches to the drone and adds a host of features key to making the drone a valuable tool for first responders. There are GoPro mounting points at various…
Next Big Future
Flyt Aerospace seeks to use multiple drone engines to make personal flying car like drones
Flyt Aerospace has flown a person using a personal vertical take off and landing inside a hanger. They are taking commercial drone flight systems and combining them for personal flight.Their next prototype will have 12 larger engines and should have a 30 minute flight time.They envision using it for-…
Dramatic folded canopy shelters riverside terrace of MX_SI Architects’ auditorium in Spain
A huge canopy extends from one side of this auditorium in the Spanish province of Córdoba and folds over a riverside terrace, encouraging visitors to loiter around before and after performances. Read more
Echo Spatial Perception starts rolling out to Amazon’s Alexa devices
 Of course Amazon wants you to own an Echo device. But not just one. The company really, really hopes to get one into every room of its customers’ homes. That’s where the second generation of the Echo Dot comes in — $50 a pop, and even cheaper if you buy them in packs of six or twelve. Granted, I live…
Suzuki and Toyota team up because everyone else already has – Roadshow
If everybody else is splitting R&D costs with competitors, why go it alone?
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Aliens could survive on a diet of radiation, study finds
A bug found feeding off radioactive uranium has opened the possibility to scientists that alien life could survive on a diet of cosmic rays and not require light, oxygen and carbon – believed to be the building blocks of life here on Earth. Read Full Article at
Senator Wants Nationwide, All-Mail Voting To Counter Election Hacks
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: In the wake of the Obama administration’s announcement that the Russian government directed hacks on the Democratic National Committee and other institutions to influence U.S. elections, a senator from Oregon says the nation should conduct its elections…
Digital Trends
Google: Governments demanded more user info in first half of 2016
If you’re Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, or any other technology company that provides cloud services, then you spend a tremendous amount of time and energy responding to government requests for information. If you’re a global company, that means responding to countries across the political spectrum, from…
The Awesomer
Metal without Distortion
LinkOur brains are so programmed to hearing hard rock and metal guitar riffs played with fuzz, that we’ve forgotten what electric guitars really sound like. The Paranormal Guitar Channel reveals what some tunes sound like without the effect – basically, it’s surf music, a la Dick Dale. More Awesome…
Keep Leftovers and Ready-Made Meals in the Freezer Door So You Actually Eat Them
Frozen meals that you’ve made ahead of time, like leftovers or portioned-out containers of chili or pasta can be a life saver after a long day of work or for a microwavable lunch, but they can also get lost in your freezer. Here’s why you should store them in your freezer door.Where you store your leftovers…
BBC News – World
Payback time
In Mexico, organised crime reaches everywhere, even into the smallest village – except for one small town in the state of Michoacan.
BBC News – World
Syria’s Banksy
A young Syrian street artist offers sharp and hopeful commentary on the country’s ongoing civil war.
BBC News – World
War of words
Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Iraq’s Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi are caught in a war of words over the presence of Turkish troops in northern Iraq.
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Walt Mossberg Calls Siri ‘Too Limited and Unreliable’ to Compete in ‘Coming AI Wars’
The Verge’s Walt Mossberg today wrote a critical article on Apple’s Siri personal assistant, exploring the service’s shortcomings, mistakes, and inability to answer some simple questions that competing products have no problem with. Entitled, “Why does Siri seem so dumb?”, Mossberg’s article, covers…
Which Late-Night TV Host Is Better at Trump Takedowns?
On this episode of the WIRED Culture podcast, we’re talking about what late-night presenters are doing political humor best. The post Which Late-Night TV Host Is Better at Trump Takedowns? appeared first on WIRED.
All the ways Rudy Giuliani was wrong about Hillary Clinton and 9/11
At a Donald Trump campaign rally in Florida on Wednesday afternoon, former New York mayor and current Trump surrogate Rudy Giuliani blasted Hillary Clinton, claiming she had lied about being in New York City on Sept. 11, 2001, in an apparent bid to paint her as untrustworthy and soft on terror. Giuliani…
Facebook adds new ways to monetize Instant Articles, including video and carousel ads
Facebook has released new options around Instant Articles that lets publishers monetize their content. For those that utilize a direct sold advertising business, they can now utilize larger and more flexible ad units with an aspect ratio of up to 2:3, meaning that existing ad campaigns could be recycled…
Intel commercials make fun of Michael Phelps’ world’s slowest computer
Intel will begin airing several commercials soon with Michael Phelps, where actor Jim Parsons makes fun of Phelps for having the world’s slowest computer. The series of short segments shows the Olympics swimming star making the “Phelps face” because his computer is so slow. The Intel commercial will…
PierianDx Acquires Tute Genomics
PRESS RELEASE: Company Extends Ability to Deliver a Unified Sample-to-Report Software Platform for Clinical Labs ST LOUIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–October 12, 2016– PierianDx, the forerunner in clinical genomic analysis, interpretation and reporting, announced today the acquisition…
How Europe is missing out on a great opportunity with chatbots
 This article is in the Bots Channel. View the high-resolution landscape.GUEST: Even though the market for chatbots is still young, Europe seems to be already lagging behind. Ethical questions, data privacy, the fear of failure, and market uncertainty are only a few issues Europeans have. While the…
How to improve every customer experience with A.I. and machine learning (VB Live)
VB LIVE: There are chatbots, and then there are the bots built to understand and strengthen a customer’s experience with your brand. Which would your user rather talk to? Join our latest VB Live event with Smarter Child creator to learn more about how to turn A.I. innovation into customer satisfaction….
Seven Bridges to Highlight Progress of Cancer Genomics Cloud (CGC) Pilot at ASHG Annual Meeting
PRESS RELEASE: Researchers from Stanford, Johns Hopkins and U.C. San Diego Join Seven Bridges Scientists to Discuss Use of the CGC in their Precision Medicine Projects CAMBRIDGE, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–October 12, 2016– Seven Bridges, the biomedical data analysis…
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Russian submarines, strategic missile troops test fire 3 long-range ballistic rockets 
Russia has successfully conducted three separate ballistic rocket launches. Two tests were carried out by Russian submarines from the Northern and Pacific fleets, while another intercontinental ballistic missile was launched from the Plesetsk space center. Read Full Article at
Even More Evidence That Mammograms Have Been Oversold
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which means we’re experiencing an onslaught of pink ribbons and breast-cancer-related marketing. Among the most visible campaigns is the NFL’s pink-themed “Crucial Catch” program, which counsels that “screening saves lives” and that “everyone can help make a…
The Voters: Who Is Undecided?
 Subscribe: iTunes |ESPN App |Download |RSS |New to podcasts?For much of this campaign, I’ve been talking to voters around the country about which presidential candidate they prefer and which issues they care about. Asma Khalid, a politics reporter for NPR, has been doing the same thing. So we’ve teamed…
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Yes, Implicit Bias Exists — No, That Doesn’t Make You Racist
Our inherent response mechanisms were programmed long ago; implicit biases are reactionary, volatile, largely under the radar of conscious awareness. They do not imply blanket racism.Read More
BBC News – World
US student pilot ‘deliberately crashed’
A Jordanian flight student deliberately crashes a small plane in the US state of Connecticut, killing himself and injuring his instructor.
Digital Trends
Without human oversight, Facebook’s trending algorithm features fake news
There have been many reports of fake, satirical, or downright wrong news stories being promoted on Facebook through its Trending sidebar widget since the social network moved from a model where human editors curated stories flagged by the algorithm to one where the algorithm finds and features stories…
Brush Hero Water-Powered Detail Brush
You can Brush Hero your car tires, you can Brush Hero your bike tires. You can Brush Hero your headlights and all the bits under your hood. You can Brush Hero your dirty grills and your dirty flower pots and your dirty boots. And, oh yeah BuddyBaileyMax, you can even Brush Hero your yellow lab. The…
Bultaco Brinco Electric Dirt Bike
An electric mountain bike motorcycle mashup with top speeds of 40 miles per hour.
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Russia & US will engage in ‘global war’, unless ‘proxy’ Syria conflict resolved – Turkey’s deputy PM
The Syrian conflict has now become a “proxy war” between the two Cold War superpowers, believes Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey, Numan Kurtulmus, who warned that that the conflict could escalate beyond the Middle East. Read Full Article at
Mises Institute
Thanks to Central Banks, Saving Rates Are Declining Worldwide
A A Tags Home | Feed | Blog.rssGlobal EconomyMoney and BanksMoney and BankingThanks to Central Banks, Saving Rates Are Declining Worldwide 0 Views The media has again begun focusing on the fact that most Americans surveyed have less than $1,000 in their savings accounts. On Sunday,…
Next Big Future
Japan making progress with domestic stealth fighter and plans for unmanned wingmen robotics support fighters
The main flight-test program of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) X-2 fighter technology demonstrator will begin within weeks, following three months of ground testing.The Mitsubishi X-2 Shinshin is a Japanese experimental aircraft for testing advanced stealth fighter aircraft technologies. It is…
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Portal Wi-Fi router review
Whether it’s slow, intermittent, or simply can’t reach the places where you want it most, Wi-Fi is still far from perfect. Manufacturers both new and old are becoming aware of the fact that consumers are fed up with their Wi-Fi and are beginning to respond with some new designs. Some, like the Google…
The Trail Bend Desktop
Reader Spencer put together this custom desktop on his Mac with just the widgets and tools he wanted visible. The wallpaper is one of his own photos, but the rest is easy to get on your own if you want a similar look.Spencer is using Übersicht, a macOS customization suite that we’ve highlighted before….
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US sending THAAD anti-missiles to South Korea and Korea is building three new fast guided missile patrol ships
The US military is to deploy a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) counter missile battery to the Republic of Korea (RoK) as quick as possible, the White House said on 10 October in response to an official protest. It is expected that a THAAD battery could deploy to South Korea sometime in 2017.South…
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Facebook triggered a spike in US voter registration
How well do those online voter registration campaigns work, really? Better than you might think. Both officials and the Center for Election Innovation & Research report that Facebook’s four-day voter registration campaign, which sent friendly 17-word reminders starting September 23rd, triggered spikes…
Obama may respond to Russian hacks. But how? – CNET
The US has lots of options for striking back against the country it claims tried to interfere with the election. Among them are some serious hacking tools.
HP teams up with Movado for a line of smart analog watches – CNET
Coach, Hugo Boss, Ferrari, Tommy Hilfiger and Juicy Couture will all incorporate HP’s smart platform.
Air Force computer outage hits drone center – CNET
The computer system contained classified information, and the Air Force hasn’t said what caused the outage, according to Buzzfeed.
Mises Institute
Americans Are Bad at Saving Money, But It Could be Worse
A A Tags Home | Feed | Blog.rssGlobal EconomyMoney and BanksMoney and BankingAmericans Are Bad at Saving Money, But It Could be Worse 0 Views The media has again begun focusing on the fact that most Americans surveyed have less than $1,000 in their savings accounts. On Sunday, USAToday…
The combination of human and artificial intelligence will define humanity’s future
 Through the past few decades of summer blockbuster movies and Silicon Valley products, artificial intelligence (AI) has become increasingly familiar and sexy, and imbued with a perversely dystopian allure. What’s talked about less, and has also been dwarfed in attention and resources, is human intelligence…
Next Big Future
Soybean nitrogen breakthrough could nearly double the production of soybeans and legumes which make up 30% of the world’s crops
Washington State University biologist Mechthild Tegeder has developed a way to dramatically increase the yield and quality of soybeans.Her greenhouse-grown soybean plants fix twice as much nitrogen from the atmosphere as their natural counterparts, grow larger and produce up to 36 percent more seeds.Tegeder…
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If London Garden Bridge is cancelled, NAO report says taxpayers could lose £20m
Ministers have repeatedly given more public money to London’s planned garden bridge, despite official advice against doing so, and risk losing more than £20m if the controversial project is cancelled, according to a report from the National Audit Office…The Garden Bridge Trust has yet to secure the…
LeBron James trashes Trump’s ‘locker room talk’ while Tom Brady walks away
According to LeBron James, Donald Trump has a very poor understanding of what athletes actually talk about in locker rooms. Audio released over the weekend revealed Trump making explicit comments about women in 2005. Trump, who can be heard making references to groping women, later called the words…
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Bengala dunked a Ferrari F12 in carbon fiber to create this 730hp showstopper
Modifying an exotic car is different than modifying your average daily driver. There’s so much craftsmanship and engineering instilled within each body panel that it almost seems sacrilegious to alter it. You’re changing a work of art, after all. In other words, if you’re going to take a sharpie to the… Full Feed
Texas Dad Pushes for Parents of Adult Women to Be Able to Have Them Committed for Selling Sex
A Texas father’s story of “Snapchat sex traffickers” has gone viral as he pushes for legislation that would, among other things, allow parents to have their 18- to 20-year-old offspring involuntarily committed to psychiatric facilities for engaging in sex work. His measure would also raise the minimum-age… Full Feed
Worst Thing the GOP Could Do is Decide the Problem with Trump is that He’s Just a Terrible Person
David Frum, former Bush speechwriter, credited with inventing the phrase “axis of evil,” lays forth with admirably frightening precision what I’m afraid will be many GOP thought leader and activist’s reaction to a big Trump loss in November: that while he may indeed have been an offensive jerk with…
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US Election 2016: Trump ‘groped woman like an octopus’
Donald Trump is hit by allegations of inappropriate sexual contact after US media carry reports from several women, but his team say they are “fiction”.
Billionaire tech investors support divisive plan to ban San Francisco’s homeless camps
 The debate over what to do about San Francisco’s homeless population has been building for awhile among the many startups and residents here. But now tech billionaires Ron Conway, Michael Moritz and well-to-do hedge fund manager William Oberndorf have each thrown about $50,000 behind a measure to rid…
What it takes to secure the elections
 While virtually every industry and domain is flourishing and being revolutionized by technological advances, more than three-quarters of U.S. citizens will vote for their next president on paper ballots this November. Read More
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Terracotta Army probably designed by Greeks who arrived in China before Marco Polo – researchers
Marco Polo may have been beaten to China by 1,500 years according to new evidence. Not only did the travelers get to China earlier than previously believed, but they played a key role in the county’s iconic Terracotta Army according to researchers. Read Full Article at
Yahoo Patents Smart Billboard That Would Deliver Targeted Ads To Passersby or Motorists
An anonymous reader writes: Yahoo has filed a patent for advertising billboards outfitted with a wide array of sensors — including drone-based cameras — which would use facial and vehicle recognition, data brokers, cell-tower information and social network information to attempt to identify worthwhile…
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Water purification pods designed to create a world without single-use water bottles
What if a reusable capsule could purify and freshen tap water? Bloc Enterprises’ PuriBloc GoPure water purification pods aim to help solve two problems: nasty tap water and expensive wasted plastic bottles. It’s a localized issue for sure, but many people can’t drink their local tap water, or prefer…
How the Electoral Map Would Look: Women, Men … Bears?
A couple of made-up electoral possibilities from ace statisticians at FiveThirtyEight become a Twitter meme … and then things get predictably ugly. The post How the Electoral Map Would Look: Women, Men … Bears? appeared first on WIRED.
First look: Chef’s Habitat puts automation in the application
Deploying new software to production can be hard — really hard. If you’re among the many businesses adopting new infrastructure and deployment technology today, you’re keenly aware of how difficult it can be. Even as you adopt modern devops tools to streamline development, test, deployment, and ongoing…
This jack-o’-lantern’s tiny face is lazy pumpkin carving at its finest
Pumpkin carving doesn’t have to be a messy, time-consuming headache.  Reddit user LisaShuBop had an ingenious idea for the lazy pumpkin carver when she shared this photo of a jack-o’-lantern with a tiny smile.  SEE ALSO: 13 jack-o’-lanterns who are really sad about the whole Halloween thing While…
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Police, protesters clash in Oregon over union contract, bodycam accountability
The approval of a new police union contract by the city council in Portland, Oregon, has angered activists in the area after it failed to address police brutality. Protesters with Don’t Shoot Portland gathered at City Hall and have been detained and pepper sprayed. Read Full Article at
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Calais police deploy tear gas to stop migrant motorway invasion (VIDEO)
French riot police have fired tear gas at a crowd of migrants who invaded a motorway and tried to board trucks in a desperate attempt to reach the UK before the announced eradication of the Calais ‘Jungle’ camp. Read Full Article at
Study: Esports gaining on baseball and hockey among millennial men
LOS ANGELES — Male millennials who say they regularly watch esports have caught up to regular watchers of hockey, and are approaching baseball numbers, according to a new study from market research firm Newzoo. That’s just one of many insights from the study, which surveyed some 60,000 people from 27…
Rugby in the Pool with Watermelon Ball
Watermelon Ball is a competitive pool game played with a unique water toy. Buy here: Please subscribe: Hundreds more curiously awesome products: *******************…
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molly v. dierks evokes consumerism with untitled-neon shopping cart
the use of neon —a dying art form that recalls american prosperity and industry — elevated the form of the cart to a status of divine consumerism. The post molly v. dierks evokes consumerism with untitled-neon shopping cart appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
RED’s new 8K cameras are a filmmaker’s dream
The company officially releases its cinematic monster.Photo: RedRed has come a really long away since the company was deemed vaporware from its critics and this week they’ve released their most powerful cameras yet, the Epic and Weapon 8K. Built around Red’s Helium 35.4 Megapixel CMOS sensor, the camera…
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Gitmo detainee granted rectal surgery after CIA ‘torture by sodomy’
Charged in connection with the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Guantanamo detainee Mustafa al-Hawsawi will reportedly miss a pretrial hearing Friday in order to “rest up” for rectal surgery to repair damage caused by CIA “enhanced interrogation techniques.” Read Full Article at
Google Photos now suggests images to automatically rotate
Google today announced a few additions to its Google Photos online photo storage service. The service will now let you know when you’ve uploaded photos that aren’t rotated properly, and it will give you an easy way to automatically fix them. The feature is live now on Google Photos for Android, iOS,…
BBC News – World
Arrested teens ‘planned IS-inspired attack’ say Sydney police
Police in Australia allege two teenage boys arrested in Sydney on Wednesday were about to commit an attack inspired by the so-called Islamic State.
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Valve shows off new VR controller prototypes
Valve’s Steam Dev Days conference is going on right now in Seattle, and the company is sharing details of upcoming hardware in typically low-key fashion. While there aren’t any official announcements yet, attendees have been posting about new virtual reality controller prototypes that go far beyond what…
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
Syrian suspect in Germany bomb plot commits suicide
A Syrian migrant suspected of planning a bomb attack on a Berlin airport has committed suicide in a detention centre in Leipzig, the Justice Ministry for the state of Saxony said on Wednesday.
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
Women accuse Trump of sexual assault in New York Times report
Two women have accused Donald Trump of touching them inappropriately in the past, The New York Times reported Wednesday, with one saying she was groped and another recounting him kissing her on the mouth.
BBC News – World
Colombians march to demand Farc peace deal be revived
Thousands of Colombians march through Bogota and other cities to demand that a peace deal signed by the government and Farc rebels be upheld.
BBC News – World
Syria conflict: Russian war crimes claim ‘rhetoric’ says Putin
President Vladimir Putin dismisses suggestions that Russia could face war crimes charges over its bombardment of Syria’s second city Aleppo.
Only simplehuman Could Make a Toilet Brush Look Good 
The dirtiest jobs call for good design and magnets.…simplehuman’s Toilet Brush is intelligently shaped, has replaceable brush heads, and will actually look good in your bathroom. A magnetic collar lets you carry the brush’s entire housing around with you, and that…
Pittsburgh stays on path to smart-cityness with MetroLab
Despite losing the federal Smart Cities Challenge for $50 million this summer, Pittsburgh and two universities are soldiering on with their related projects. The city will continue its involvement in the MetroLab Network in conjunction with Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh….
PlayStation Vue FAQ: Everything to know about Sony’s cable TV alternative
For about a year, Sony’s PlayStation Vue streaming service was barely worth paying attention to. At launch, the cable-TV alternative only worked on PlayStation game consoles, and although Sony expanded availability late last year, Vue was still only available in a handful of U.S. markets. It didn’t…
New 3-Wheeled Scooter ‘Doohan EV3 iTank’ Is The Tricycle Of The Future
As more and more companies continue to get in on completely electronic products, electric vehicles have become very common on the market. Joining the long list of electric bicycles and motorbikes already on the market list is a new electric 3-wheeled scooter. The scooter which was placed on Kickstarter…
Doctors Perform Better Than Internet Or App-Based Symptoms Checkers, Says Study
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Science Daily: Increasingly powerful computers using ever-more sophisticated programs are challenging human supremacy in areas as diverse as playing chess and making emotionally compelling music. But can digital diagnosticians match, or even outperform, human…
TPC Titanium Pocket Clips
More than just a pocket clip.
These earrings might stop you from losing your Airpods
The iPhone 7’s lack of a headphone jack took many people by surprise.  The company’s new wireless Airpods seemed like a burden to some, who worried the earphones would fall out any minute, even as Tim Cook tried to reassure them otherwise.  I don’t get #AirPods – what if they get knocked out on a…
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Nutty aluminum camping trailers sleep you and your 4×4
Camping trailers like the Patriot Toy Hauler 610 and UGOAT Scout carry an ATV or dirt bikes to the trailhead, but what do you do if you prefer tackling the trailer with a full-blown Jeep Wrangler? You hitch up one of Nuthouse Industries’ shiny aluminum trailers and roll that Wrangler right…
Ancient site could rival Stonehenge as world’s oldest observatory
Scientists studying ancient stone arrangement alongside Aboriginal traditional owners in Australia’s Victorian bush say the site could pre-date Stonehenge and even Egypt’s Great Pyramids. But Wurdi Youang, as it’s known by the people of the Wada Warrung nation, is apparently not the only mysterious…
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors – Front Page
Apple’s Tim Cook Meets Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto During Japan Visit
While on a visit to Japan, Apple CEO Tim Cook met with Nintendo’s legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto. Earlier this morning, Cook posted a good morning greeting from the county alongside a picture of him walking through torii, traditional Japanese gates that are often posted outside of shrines….
RT – Daily news
Indonesia approves chemical castration, capital punishment for pedophiles
Convicted pedophiles in Indonesia could be subjected to chemical castration after the government approved a set of laws to better protect minors against predators. Additional punishments would include harsher prison terms and the introduction of tracking chips. Read Full Article at Full Feed
What You Do Know Can Also Hurt You
We live in the information age, which is called that for the same reason the ice age got its name: an overwhelming proliferation of the stuff. We automatically assume that more information is better than less. But as the dinosaurs learned about ice, even something useful can be dangerous in excess…. Full Feed
For Disaster Recovery, the Best Knowledge Is Local Knowledge
As residents all along the Southeastern coast start to put their lives back together after a devastating visit by Hurricane Matthew, these communities will face unique challenges. Not surprisingly, the calls for billions of dollars in federal government aid are already coming out loud and clear. In…
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
Several killed in Central African Republic as militia attacks refugees
Fighters from Central African Republic’s largely Muslim Seleka militia attacked refugees in the country’s remote north on Wednesday, stabbing or hacking to death 13 people before U.N. peacekeepers repelled them, killing at least 10, officials said.
National Geographic News
Election Maps Can Be Misleading—Here’s a Solution
RT – Daily news
Ex-arms dealer claims US pinned weapon sales to Libya on him to ‘protect’ Clinton – report
An American arms dealer, previously indicted for arming Libyan rebels, accused the US of using him as a scapegoat to protect Hillary Clinton. He says the government used his plan to ship weapons to Libya, some of which wound up in terrorists’ hands. Read Full Article at
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
First quantum photonic circuit with an electrically driven light source
Karlsruher, Germany (SPX) Oct 12, 2016 Whether for use in safe data encryption, ultrafast calculation of huge data volumes or so-called quantum simulation of highly complex systems: Optical quantum computers are a source of hope for tomorrow’s computer technology. For the first time, scientists…
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
China to launch world’s first X-ray pulsar navigation satellite
Beijing (XNA) Oct 13, 2016 The China Academy of Space Technology has announced plans to launch the world’s first X-ray pulsar navigation satellite (XPNAV-1) in November, Xinhua reported. The move brings autonomous spacecraft navigation and a more precise deep-space GPS one step closer to reality….
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
A breakthrough in the study of how things break, bend and deform
Philadelphia PA (SPX) Oct 12, 2016 Every material can bend and break. Through nearly a century’s worth of research, scientists have had a pretty good understanding of how and why. But, according to new findings from Drexel University materials science and engineering researchers, our understanding…
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
VISTA finds ancient star cluster in Milky Way center
Santiago, Chile (UPI) Oct 12, 2016 With the help of the European Southern Observatory’s infrared VISTA telescope, astronomers have discovered a cluster of ancient stars at the center of the Milky Way. It’s the first time RR Lyrae have been found in the Milk Way. RR Lyrae stars are variable stars…
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
Stars with Three Planet-Forming Discs of Gas
Copenhagen, Denmark (SPX) Oct 13, 2016 A star with a ring of planets orbiting around it – that is the picture we know from our own solar system and from many of the thousands of exoplanets observed in recent years. But now researchers from the Niels Bohr Institute have discovered a system consisting…
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
Rocket scientists reach for the sky
Beijing (XNA) Oct 13, 2016 Deng Xinyu, 32, has lived in Beijing since 2002 when he left his hometown of Huaihua in Hunan province, and moved to the capital to enter university. In common with most of the capital’s residents, he talks about the soaring cost of property, traffic and good restaurants….
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
Technique mass-produces uniform, multilayered particles
Boston MA (SPX) Oct 12, 2016 Microencapsulation, in which a tiny particle of one material is encased within a shell made from another, is widely used in pharmaceuticals manufacturing and holds promise for other areas, such as self-repairing materials and solar power. But most applications of…
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
Terra Bella and Spaceflight Industries to launch small imaging satellites
Seattle WA (SPX) Oct 13, 2016 Spaceflight Industries reports that Terra Bella has signed an agreement with its launch services entity, Spaceflight, for a SpaceX Falcon 9 launch of Terra Bella SkySats. Terra Bella will be the co-lead on Spaceflight’s SSO-A dedicated rideshare mission scheduled to…
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
Airbus DS in partnership with Orbital ATK to build EUTELSAT 5 West B
Paris, France (SPX) Oct 13, 2016 Airbus Defence and Space with Orbital ATK have been selected by Eutelsat, one of the world’s leading satellite operators, to build the company’s latest video satellite, EUTELSAT 5 West B, in partnership. According to the terms of the contract signed between…
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
UC physicists join collaborative efforts in search for new ghost neutrinos
Cincinnati OH (SPX) Oct 13, 2016 University of Cincinnati physicists have joined forces in a major international collaboration to shed new light on one of the most pressing questions in particle physics – “do sterile neutrinos exist?” After looking at how the three known neutrino types behave…
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
A facelift for the Moon every 81,000 years
Paris (AFP) Oct 12, 2016 The Moon is bombarded by so much space rock that its surface gets a complete facelift every 81,000 years, according to a study released Wednesday based on NASA data. This churn – affecting the top two centimetres (nearly an inch) of mostly loose moon dust – happens 100…
RT – Daily news
Keith Scott autopsy shows Charlotte police shot him 4 times, family says first in the back – report
A black man shot dead by police in Charlotte, North Carolina last month sustained four wounds, two of which killed him immediately, a private autopsy reportedly shows. Police have neither released their own autopsy, nor charged the white officer involved. Read Full Article at
Mises Institute
The Philosophy of Gun Control
A A Home | Feed | Blog.rssThe Philosophy of Gun Control 0 Views [Debating Gun Control: How Much Regulation Do We Need? By David DeGrazia and Lester H. Hunt. Oxford University Press, 2016. Xvi + 269 pages.]The authors are well-qualified for a good debate, and the book does not disappoint….
TechRadar: All latest feeds
The best 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray movies
UPDATE: Independence Day: Resurgence is hovering above Earth, just waiting to land on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray. After extensive testing of an early copy, we’ve added it to our list of the best 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays. Head over to the Sci-Fi section (page 3) to get our full rundown.Independence Day Resurgence…
RT – Daily news
Over 60% of Americans fear corrupt government – study
It is not the “scary clown” epidemic that makes Americans afraid, but more mundane fears, such as corrupt government. Unfair officials terrify people more than terrorism or economic collapse, according to a new survey. Read Full Article at
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Haiti death toll hits 473 as survivors plead for aid
Port-Au-Prince (AFP) Oct 12, 2016 At least 473 people are now known to have died as Hurricane Matthew leveled swaths of southern Haiti last week, officials said Tuesday, as hard-hit communities struggled to rebuild homes and access food and clean water. Haiti is observing three days of mourning…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
New smart textile is the muscle behind next generation devices
Sydney, Australia (SPX) Oct 13, 2016 Researchers have for the first time, developed a smart textile from carbon nanotube and spandex fibres that can both sense and move in response to a stimulus like a muscle or joint. Lead researcher Dr Javad Foroughi from the ARC Centre of Excellence for…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Hong Kong MPs take street protests into parliament; China media punished
Hong Kong (AFP) Oct 12, 2016 Hong Kong rebel lawmakers swore, shouted, banged drums and railed against “tyranny” Wednesday when they took their oaths of office in the city’s parliament, as calls grow for a split from Beijing. The chaotic first meeting of the new term of the Legislative Council…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Protecting streams that feed Lake Erie will take much work
Columbus OH (SPX) Oct 13, 2016 While current efforts to curtail agricultural runoff will improve the health of Lake Erie, much more work will be needed to protect the streams that feed the lake, new research shows.A study of the western Lake Erie watershed found that increased conservation efforts…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Was the secret spice in primal gene soup a thickener?
Atlanta GA (SPX) Oct 13, 2016 The original recipe for gene soup may have been simple – rain, a jumble of common molecules, warm sunshine, and nighttime cooling. Then add a pinch of thickener. The last ingredient may have helped gene-like strands to copy themselves in puddles for the first time…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Hurricane Matthew cost$10B; Nicole bears down on Bermuda
Washington (AFP) Oct 12, 2016 Hurricane Matthew caused $10 billion in damage in the United States as it swept through southeastern states, Goldman Sachs estimated Wednesday. After a devastating hit on Haiti, Matthew crawled up the US coast from Florida to North Carolina on October 6-9, triggering…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Evidence of oceanic responses to climate change over last millennium
Granada, Spain (SPX) Oct 13, 2016 A multidisciplinary research team in which the University of Granada (UGR) takes part has achieved a breakthrough on what we know about terrestrial and oceanic responses to climate variability over the last millennium, including the industrial period. Two sea…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Megadrought risks in Southwest soar as atmosphere warms
Ithaca NY (SPX) Oct 13, 2016 As a consequence of a warming Earth, the risk of a megadrought – one that lasts more than 35 years – in the American Southwest likely will rise from a low chance over the past thousand years to a 20- to 50-percent chance in this century. However, by slashing greenhouse…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Next century will bring deep water to New York City
New Brunswick, NJ (SPX) Oct 13, 2016 New York City can expect 9-foot floods, as intense as that produced by 2012’s Superstorm Sandy, at least three times more frequently over the next century – and possibly as much as 17 times more frequently, according to a paper published by scientists at Rutgers…
Gear Patrol
For Ski and Snowboard Bliss, Go to the Island Where It Never Stops Snowing
Seriously, it doesn’t stop snowing. Ever. …Read More »
Gear Patrol
5 Watches We’re Obsessing Over Right Now
The timepieces our watch-loving staff desperately wants to own. …Read More »
Gear Patrol
Two Electric Motorcycles You Should Clear Garage Space For
Light, agile and full of torque — everything you want in a motorcycle. These just happen to be electric. …Read More »
Gear Patrol
Deals of Note: October 13, 2016
How to save on a Barbour field jacket, home brewing bottles, and a Santa Cruz mountain bike. …Read More »
Jetson Green
Planes Upcycled Into Garden Offices
The firm Dappr Aviation’s Aeropod has come up with a very unique design for garden offices, sheds, bars or extra bedrooms. They are building these structures out of decommissioned planes by using parts of the fuselage as the main building block. The structures are called Aeropods, which is quite an…
RT – Daily news
Dutch may introduce assisted suicide for healthy people who feel life is over
Assisted suicide for people who are not terminally ill may soon be an option in the Netherlands. Lawmakers in the country are pushing for a law which would let those who feel they have “completed life” take death into their own hands. Read Full Article at
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Easy-to-assemble flat pack trailer can be used as emergency shelter or for glamping
The versatile Duffy Shelter can be used as an emergency housing unit, first-aid support and cozy trailer for glamping. It is also incredibly easy to put together- the flat-pack structure can be assembled in less than an hour using only a screwdriver. The multi-use shelter, conceptualized by…
Snapchat reportedly hires Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs to lead IPO
(Reuters) – U.S. photo-sharing app Snapchat has chosen Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs as lead underwriters for an initial public offering that could come as early as March, a source familiar with the situation said on Wednesday. The banks were notified earlier this week that they had been awarded…
RT – Daily news
‘About time we change rules’: Philippines’ Duterte vows to chart independent foreign policy
The Philippines’ president is determined to end joint patrols with the US in the South China Sea to avoid actions which China might deem hostile. The leader has also reiterated his vow to chart independent foreign policy without breaking existing treaties. Read Full Article at
Gear Patrol
Today in Gear: October 13, 2016
An innovative leather duffel bag, a limited-edition multitool, iPhone 7 camera lenses and much more. …Read More »
Shut Up And Take My Money
Brawndo Enamel Pin – It’s Got What Plants Crave!
submitted by /u/nicksolo [link] [comments]
Shut Up And Take My Money
This robot will grow all the food you need in your backyard.
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Shut Up And Take My Money
Slim 6 Slot BiFold Wallet made from Cork
submitted by /u/corature [link] [comments]
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
US military strikes Houthi rebel targets in Yemen
The U.S. military launched cruise missile strikes on Thursday targeting three radar sites in areas of Yemen controlled by Iran-aligned Houthi forces, retaliating after failed missile attacks this week on a U.S. Navy destroyer, U.S. officials said.
Next Big Future
Tennessee develop mach 4 wind tunnel and then upgrading to hypersonic mach 5
University of Tennessee Space Institute developing mach 4 wind tunnel and then will upgrade to hypersonic mach 5 wind tunnelThe Hypersonic Research Initiative is a large concept within the walls of UTSI, and the institute is looking to bring on a new field of study — never before seen at the institute.Currently,…
Newswise: SciNews
USAID Food Security Program in Review
Symposium summarizes USAID’s Feed the Future gains, goals
Next Big Future
Injectable Wires can prod individual brain cells and be safely stay in the brain for more than a year
Novel treatments for neurological diseases might be possible with a flexible mesh that can prod individual brain cells.The meshes—about the length of a pen cap—are able to do something unprecedented: once injected into the brain of a living mouse, they can safely stimulate individual neurons and measure…
BBC News – World
MPs in Australia pass a motion calling Donald Trump a ‘revolting slug’
A motion filed by Greens party MP Jeremy Buckingham to the Upper House of the NSW parliament calling Trump a “revolting slug” is passed without objection.
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
UN peacekeepers in Central African Republic defend refugees from Seleka militia attacks
Fighters from Central African Republic’s largely Muslim Seleka militia attacked refugees in the country’s remote north on Wednesday, stabbing or hacking to death 13 people before U.N. peacekeepers repelled them, killing at least 10, officials said.
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
Clashes erupt between pro and anti-Maduro protesters in Venezuela
Clashes broke out Wednesday between supporters and opponents of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro as opposition protesters sought to show momentum in their push to oust him in a referendum.
BBC News – World
‘Militants’ killed in Kashmir gun battle
The Indian army says two militants who had entered a government building in Indian-administered Kashmir have been killed after a three-day standoff.
Brain Pickings
What Color Is The Wind? A Most Unusual Serenade to the Senses, Inspired by a Blind Child
An imaginative invitation to empathy and self-expansion. “What is essential is invisible to the eye,” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote in The Little Prince. Those bereft of vision, therefore, need not be bereft of the essential — they discern it by means other than sight. The richness of that otherness…
Digital Trends
Testing, testing: Twitter is trying out a new Explore tab in place of Moments
As some of Twitter’s top team reportedly continue their search for a buyer, its developers are working equally hard to try to get the struggling microblogging service back on track by making changes designed to pull in new users, increase engagement, and boost ad revenue. The latest effort involves…
RT – Daily news
Russian Embassy in Damascus shelled for 2 hours on Wednesday, no casualties – Foreign Ministry
The Russian Embassy in Damascus was shelled for 2 hours on Wednesday, the Russian Foreign Ministry said. Read Full Article at
New Scientist – Online news
Politicians may push up violent crime by getting tough on it
Areas with more women than men paradoxically see more violent crime, so putting more men in jail could fuel the fire law-makers are trying to put out
ZTE finally puts its crowdsourced ideas to the vote
While companies will always talk about connecting with their customers, getting their feedback, and having open lines of communications, very few will actually get those involved in the design process of products. Such poses the risk of too many cooks ruining the broth. But last August, ZTE defied that…
RT – Daily news
‘We taught them to use forks’: Polish official slams French amid spat over halted Airbus deal
Poland’s deputy defense minister has resorted to schoolyard insults against Paris, claiming his nation taught the French to “eat with a fork.” It comes after France withdrew Poland’s invite to an event, following a breakdown in Airbus helicopter talks. Read Full Article at – latest science and technology news stories
Researchers capture Central Asia’s ‘de-greening’ over millions of years
A new study chronicles how central Asia dried out over the last 23 million years into one of the most arid regions on the planet. The findings illustrate the dramatic climatic shifts wrought by the ponderous rise of new mountain ranges over geologic time. – latest science and technology news stories
Study identifies bacteria linked to acid produced at mining sites
UBC researchers have isolated organisms that cause acid-rock drainage in mining operations.
HP’s Envy All-in-One offers a sleek alternative to the iMac
Thinking of switching? You might want to look at this.Photo: HPIf you’re considering switching over from MacOS, but still want the simplicity of an iMac then you just might be won over by HP’s new Envy All-in-One.  A 27-inch Micro Edge display floats over a metal stand that contains a sixth generation…
designboom | architecture & design magazine
örnberget by petra gipp arkitektur is a hill-top house anchored by a single concrete ‘spine’
a single conrete wall winds through the house, articulating the various spatial programs. The post örnberget by petra gipp arkitektur is a hill-top house anchored by a single concrete ‘spine’ appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
Electron-phonon interactions affect heat dissipation in computer chips
Modern Interior Design & Furniture – Decoist
Hidden from View: Modern Country House Becomes One with the Landscape
Love homes that seem like a natural extension of the scenic landscape they sit in despite contemporary architectural features and modern comfort they offer? If you do, then the dashing MP Baronesa designed by Studio Arthur Casas will surely enthrall and inspire you with its unique design that completely…
BBC News – World
‘Off-the-shelf’ terror
The killing of two Peshmerga fighters in northern Iraq last week highlights the potential of turning cheap-to-buy, easily available drones into weapons.
BBC News – World
German top court backs EU-Canada trade deal CETA
Germany’s top court rejects a legal challenge to the EU-Canada trade accord brought by campaigners who say it is undemocratic.
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
Trump presidential campaign rocked as multiple women accuse him of sexual assault
Newly published accusations that Donald Trump groped or inappropriately kissed women rocked the race for the White House Wednesday, with the Republican nominee angrily denying the reports and his campaign branding them “character assassination.”
DailyTech Main News Feed
Comcast Fined $2.3 Million for Trumped-Up Charges
Ever had an outrageous cable bill? You start with a regular bill that later balloons into a mortgage payment and you wonder what happened. Maybe that issue is what has caused cable company Comcast to have to pay the largest civil penalty ever placed on a cable company in the history of the Federal…
Diskin Wireless Bluetooth Headphones w/ Active Noise Cancelling $51.20
Diskin Wireless Bluetooth Headphones w/ Active Noise Cancelling $51.20
Unitek 3 Ports USB 3.0 Hub $12.99
Unitek 3 Ports USB 3.0 Hub $12.99
BBC News – World
Asia Bibi: Pakistan Supreme Court adjourns death row appeal
Pakistan’s Supreme Court adjourns a hearing on a blasphemy case against a Christian woman on death row after a judge refused to hear her appeal. – latest science and technology news stories
Building blocks of life’s building blocks come from starlight
Life exists in a myriad of wondrous forms, but if you break any organism down to its most basic parts, it’s all the same stuff: carbon atoms connected to hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and other elements. But how these fundamental substances are created in space has been a longstanding mystery.
Cool Tools
Kwik Sip Brass In Home Faucet Attachment Water Fountain
I don’t like keeping a cup or glass in the bathroom for brushing my teeth or taking my vitamins. It just seems unsanitary. I used Dixie cups for a while but they are both expensive and a waste of resources. So for the past few years I have either slurped water out of my hand or the faucet – both of which…
The Next Web
DeepMind’s new computer can learn from its own memory
DeepMind, an artificial intelligence firm that was acquired by Google in 2014 and is now under the Alphabet umbrella, has developed a computer than can refer to its own memory to learn facts and use that knowledge to answer questions. That’s huge, because it means that future AI could respond to queries…
TechRadar: All latest feeds
Here’s how Windows 10 plans to end your syncing problems
We all know that Microsoft’s aim with its latest operating system is to span all devices from phones to computers, and tie them all much closer together – as Apple is doing with macOS and iOS, as well – and apparently the next major update for Windows 10 will be making big strides on this front.The Redstone…
TechRadar: All latest feeds
Google Photos is adding some neat new features
Google has announced that it’s updating its online photo service with some small but useful features which utilize machine learning technology. The most notable feature is that it will automatically generate animated images from videos that you upload. When you upload videos to the Photos app from Android,…
RT – Daily news
Boris Johnson says UK should consider military options in Syria
Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has told a committee of MPs the UK should be looking again at military options in Syria, ahead of a meeting of foreign ministers in London this Sunday. Read Full Article at
The Verge – All Posts
PS4 Media Player will let you upload your own 360-degree photos and videos
The PlayStation 4 Media Player is getting a free update today, adding support for users’ 360-degree photos and videos. PS4 owners can load this content onto a USB stick or their local media server, then activate “VR Mode” in the Media Player’s options menu, and hey presto: 360-degree content of your… – latest science and technology news stories
Natural gas hydrate in the foraminifera
Natural gas hydrates are clathrate hydrates that consist of water molecules and natural gas molecules (major constituent: methane). They are mainly distributed along continental slopes of the oceans or permafrost regions on land. Highly saturated hydrate reservoirs may be ideal alternative energy resources,…
BBC News – World
Russia insists air strikes in Aleppo are ‘carefully targeted’
Russia’s Ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin tells the BBC that the Russian military is “careful about selecting targets” in the Syrian city of Aleppo.
RT – Daily news
Public rejects military action in Syria if it means conflict with Russia – poll
Britons are deeply concerned about the humanitarian crisis in Aleppo, Syria, but reject any idea of military intervention if, as is highly likely, it would mean clashing with Russia. Read Full Article at
Motherboard RSS Feed
NASA Won’t Say If or When Private Citizens Can Visit the Space Station
As part of a NASA initiative, private companies will soon have the opportunity to add their own modules to the ISS. Whether or not those modules will come with their own staff remains to be seen.NASA is looking to turn low-Earth orbit over to private industry so it can focus on Mars. In a blog post published…
Engadget RSS Feed
You can’t explore PSVR’s dinosaur planet until November
Until scientists successfully resurrect dinosaurs, interacting with them in VR is going to be the closest we get to going up close and personal with the terrible thunder lizards. But if you were hoping to do so in developer Crytek’s Robinson: The Jou…
CO Architects Unveils Biological Physical Sciences Building at UC San Diego
Courtesy of CO Architects Los-Angeles-based CO Architects has released the plans for the Biological Physical Sciences Building (BPSB), a new life sciences facility at the University of California in San Diego. In order to “blend the richly diverse fields” of neurobiology, chemistry, and biochemistry,…
RT – Daily news
Russia ends oil pipeline service agreement with Ukraine
Moscow has ended the contract to maintain oil pipelines in Ukraine. The order was signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and details published on the government website. Read Full Article at Full Feed
Is Religion in the Crosshairs?
It’s Dangerous to Believe: Religious Freedom and Its Enemies, by Mary Eberstadt, HarperCollins, 192 pages, $25.99 In December 2015, the state of Oregon seized the contents of Melissa Klein’s checking and savings accounts. A judge had ordered the bakery owner to pay $135,000 as punishment for declining,…
RT – Daily news
‘Problem with Islam’: Tell-all book reveals Hollande’s views from migrants to Sarkozy
French President Francois Hollande admitted there is a “problem with Islam,” according to a new book based on recorded talks with the leader. He also believes there are too many immigrants in the country, and accused Nicolas Sarkozy of “always fussing.” Read Full Article at
The Next Web
Watch this huge church ceiling get lit up with a beautiful interactive sky
This might be the coolest thing you’ll see today — a church ceiling in Paris being used for a crazy art project. For the yearly art night Nuit Blanche in Paris on October 1, Mexican artist Miguel Chevalier covered the entire upper part of the Eglise Saint-Eustache for his installation Voûtes Célestes,…
Fitbit Flex 2 review: Swim-tracking boosts this basic fitness band
Fitbit is on a roll this year, releasing four fitness trackers designed to appeal to just about everyone. The Blaze is a smartwatch designed to compete with the Apple Watch, the Alta is focused on style, and the Charge 2 is an upgraded version of the popular Charge. Fitbit just upgraded its Flex band,…
Pebble Technology Corp Smartwatch for iPhone/Android Smartphone $109.99
Pebble Technology Corp Smartwatch for iPhone/Android Smartphone $109.99
The Verge – All Posts
US National Archives launches new collection of free historical GIFs
The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is getting into GIFs. The agency in charge of preserving the nation’s most significant documents, images, and video, has started a new channel on Giphy, and is filling it with a mix curious and historical content. So far, NARA has only uploaded…
Small Stories: 24 Architects, Artists and Designs Model Their Dream Houses in Miniature
© Victoria and Albert Museum, London As part of a new exhibition at the National Building Museum in Washington D.C., a group of 24 American architects, designers and architects have been commissioned to create “dream homes” in the format of the contemporary dollhouse. Part of Small Stories:…
IBM’s Cleversafe storage platform is becoming a cloud service
If dispersing data among storage nodes can make it more secure and less prone to loss, wouldn’t spreading it across far-flung cloud data centers make it even more so? If so, IBM has the right idea with its Cloud Object Storage service, which uses SecureSlice object storage technology that it acquired… – latest science and technology news stories
Plant pathologists study how Asian soybean rust fungus overrides plant immune systems
Iowa State University scientists are piecing together clues about how a global pest hacks the immune systems of soybeans. – latest science and technology news stories
Key epigenetic switch mechanism in gene regulation discovered
A Purdue University study pinpointed an epigenetic mechanism that is a key factor in how genes are switched on and off. – latest science and technology news stories
Europe’s ExoMars mission arrives in the middle of dust season
The joint ESA-Roscosmos ExoMars 2016 mission is knocking on the Martian door to answer important astrobiological questions. While the mission’s Schiaparelli module will focus on testing landing technologies, one of its scientific instruments will be in just the right place at the right time to investigate… – latest science and technology news stories
Study reveals lunar surface features younger than assumed
The moon’s surface is being “gardened”—churned by small impacts—more than 100 times faster than scientists previously thought. This means that surface features believed to be young are perhaps even younger than assumed. It also means that any structures placed on the moon as part of human expeditions… – latest science and technology news stories
Researchers describe how duplications of DNA segments affect the 3-D structure of the genome
Duplications of DNA segments are common in the human genome. Duplications have been proposed as an evolutionary mechanism but they can also be associated with human disease. Scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics and the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin have now shown that,…
Motherboard RSS Feed
The Oldest Known Bird Voicebox Sheds Light on Songs from the Age of Dinosaurs
Concept art of Vegavis iaai. Image: Nicole Fuller/Sayo Art for UT AustinBirds have evolved an extraordinary range of vocalizations, from the mimicry skills of the lyrebird to the iconic call of the hawk. The secret of this acoustic diversity is a specialized avian vocal organ called the syrinx, which… Physics News
New method for making effective calculations in ‘high-dimensional space’
Researchers have developed a new method for making effective calculations in “high-dimensional space” – and proved its worth by using it to solve a 93-dimensional problem.
How-To Geek
How to Use Android’s Wi-Fi Assistant to Keep Your Phone Safe on Public Networks
If you aren’t using Android’s “Wi-Fi Assistant”, you should. It automatically secures unsafe public wireless networks by using a Google VPN, so attackers can’t access your data.Click Here to Continue Reading
Architecture on the Market: 7 Modern Breezeway Homes
Brick & Wonder is A curated platform of the highest-quality homes for sale worldwide. Launched by Lang Architecture in 2016, Brick & Wonder provides access to homes in the marketplace with design integrity that have the capacity to improve how we feel, think, interact and ultimately live…
RT – Daily news
‘TTIP is non-transparent, protectionist deal’: Putin interview ahead of India visit
Ahead of his visit to India, President Vladimir Putin talked to Rossiya Segodnya and IANS news agencies on the ties between the two nations and their work within the BRICS group. He admitted the world still feels the past global financial crisis, but said that protectionist projects such as TTIP are…
Google and Facebook’s speedy undersea cable: Why they’re teaming up
It’s not everyday that you hear about Google and Facebook teaming up.But that is exactly what they are doing. The two companies announced they have invested in a trans-Pacific submarine fiber optic cable that will be among the fastest ever built. So what are the details?In IT Blogwatch, we have a need…
Latest news
Google divulges more data on its users than ever, as government requests spike
Google faced more requests for user data in the first half of 2016 than in any period since it began reporting the figures.
Physics News
Study shows particle collisions may explain overheated circuits, improve thermoelectric devices
In the coming years, as more transistors are packed into ever smaller areas within computer chips, MIT engineers say cellphones, laptops, and other electronic devices may face a higher risk …
Physics News
New polymer warns of dangerous kidney disease
The advanced phase of acute kidney injury can be fatal in up to half of patients. Researchers say it is now possible to detect the disease in its initial stages, when treatment is still relatively …
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New Techniques Could Target More Exotic Dark Matter
After decades of experiments have failed to find evidence for physicists’ favored dark matter candidate particles, scientists plan searches for alternatives  — Read more on
Apple Music ad takes you on a whirlwind tour of features
Just yesterday, Amazon launched its new Amazon Music Unlimited music streaming service, striking at the very heart of Spotify’s and Apple Music’s business. Now Apple is biting back, sort of. It hasn’t launched a new service or subscription tier. Instead, it launched a new video ad that, while taking…
9 Times Architects Transformed Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum
Exhibition design by Gae Aulenti. Installation view: The Italian Metamorphosis, 1943–1968, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, October 6, 1994–January 22, 1995. Photo: David Heald This article originally appeared on under the title “Nine Guggenheim Exhibitions Designed…
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At least 5 children dead as rebels shell govt-controlled area in Aleppo (DISTURBING VIDEO)
A government-controlled area in the embattled Syrian city of Aleppo has been hit by rebel mortar shells. At least seven children came under fire, five of them were killed. An RT crew has been reporting from the local hospital. Read Full Article at – latest science and technology news stories
Study examines why some STEM fields have fewer women than others
Women’s relative lack of participation in science, technology, engineering and math is well documented, but why women are more represented in some STEM areas than others is less clear. – latest science and technology news stories
Bioengineers create sweat-based sensor to monitor glucose
Researchers at The University of Texas at Dallas are sweating the small stuff in their efforts to develop a wearable device that can monitor an individual’s glucose level via perspiration on the skin. – latest science and technology news stories
New study maps currents and marine animal movement
Ocean currents are not super highways for animal movement in the sea as they were once thought to be. A new Flinders University study shows that coastal ocean currents in parts of southern Australia not only move animals much less often than expected, but they also trap animals within near-shore regions. – latest science and technology news stories
New book explores challenges millennials face as new educators in ‘uncertain times’
Much has been made of millennials, their life experience, how they view the world and how they learn. But what about those who are beginning their careers as educators, teaching the next generation? A University of Kansas professor has written a book about their experiences, challenges, identities and… – latest science and technology news stories
Taiwan’s TSMC sees profit boost from iPhone 7
Apple’s new iPhone 7 series gave Taiwan microchip giant Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) a boost Thursday as the firm announced profits were up by almost a third compared with last year. – latest science and technology news stories
Support for fracking is at an all-time low, says new survey
As the Government gives the go-ahead to resume fracking in the UK, a new survey from The University of Nottingham has shown that public support for the extraction and use of shale gas has fallen from over 58 per cent in July 2013 to just over 37 per cent in October 2016. – latest science and technology news stories
Sustainable fisheries require capable fishers
Full participation of thousands of small tuna fishers in fishery improvement projects require specific capabilities, like firm and collective capabilities for organising and marketing their fish. Fishers who don’t have these capabilities are less likely to participate in projects to improve sustainability,… – latest science and technology news stories
Calredoxin, a novel protein for promoting efficient photosynthesis
A group of researchers reports on the structure and function of a novel protein named Calredoxin. Calredoxin binds calcium and catalyzes in dependence of its binding, redox reactions, particularly driving the detoxification of harmful oxygen species. The researchers are exploring how this protein functions… – latest science and technology news stories
Appliance grows ingredients for food within a week from plant cells
A home appliance that grows the ingredients for a healthy meal within a week from plant cells is no longer science fiction. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd’s first 3-D-printed CellPod prototype is already producing harvests. – latest science and technology news stories
WhatsApp—a great idea for mates but a terrible one for ministers
Cyber security experts have raised concerns about Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull and senior government ministers sending private and confidential information via the messaging service WhatsApp.
Hardcore fans mourn the death of Nexus by denouncing the Pixel
Not all Android fans are excited about Google’s new phone, but they’ll probably come around.
Patent shows how Apple Watch could use heart-rate sensors to identify owner
Unlikely as it sounds, a future Apple Watch may be able to identify its owner using nothing more than the heart-rate sensors. In principle, this could allow it to eliminate the need for a PIN (or verification via iPhone unlock) when you put it on in the morning. more…Filed under: Apple
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Decorating in Style with Natural Earth Tones: Private Home in Latvia
Even the best architects in world emulate nature’s design in the form of biomimicry at times to create contemporary masterpieces while us more ‘ordinary’ folk turn to the many colors found in the natural world in search of decorating inspiration. Nestled in Jurmala, Latvia, the refined and curated Private…
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The Toyota Prius Prime is the most efficient electrified car you can buy in the US
Related: The 2016 Toyota Prius injects new life into the world’s most popular hybrid car Via Carscoops Images via Toyota
RT – Daily news
Scotland will demand independence in case of ‘hard Brexit,’ threatens Sturgeon
Scotland will push for a second independence referendum if Tory Prime Minister Theresa May follows through with plans to take the UK out of the single market in a ‘hard Brexit,’ Scottish National Party (SNP) leader Nicola Sturgeon has signaled. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
Sterling plunges to its lowest level in 168 years
The British pound has fallen to a low measured against a basket of trading currencies not seen since the mid-19th century, according to the Bank of England (BoE). Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
Russians’ trust in govt sinks to 5-year low
According to the latest poll, only about a quarter of Russians express definite trust in state structures and public institutions. However, citizens’ trust in military and security services remains high. Read Full Article at
designboom | architecture & design magazine
asif khan & MINI LIVING plant urban forests in london design festival
chief lead at MINI LIVING oke hauser, and architect asif khan discuss the ideas behind the MINI LIVING philosophy, the ‘forests’ installation and the pressing issues of the future of urban society. The post asif khan & MINI LIVING plant urban forests in london design festival appeared first on designboom…
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Robot Exoskeletons March in to Link Mind and Body
Originally designed to give soldiers superhuman strength, exoskeletons are enabling heroic efforts to help patients re-learn to walk — Read more on
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France’s Sarkozy and Juppé to face underdog rivals in presidential primary debate
The French press has all but written off France’s right-wing presidential primary as a duel between Alain Juppé and Nicolas Sarkozy. The five other candidates in the race hope to use Thursday night’s televised debate to change that impression. Full Feed
A Truly Free Press Will Always Be an Inconvenience To The Government (New at Reason)
Is it legally or ethically wrong for the media to publish materials that make government figures (or those who aspire to such roles) look bad, if those materials are stolen? According to Andrew Napolitano, “In a word: No.” In a new column for Reason, Napolitano explains how the actions of one Pentagon…
Seagate drops the world’s largest tiny hard drive
Hard drives might take a back seat to SSDs when it comes to sex appeal, but when it comes to space on the cheap, Seagate’s BarraCuda line will turn heads. Seagate on Tuesday announced two new BarraCuda drives—one of which now holds the record for being the largest-capacity 2.5-inch drive. The BarraCuda…
Extinct Beardogs Get a More Prominent Place in the Carnivore Family Tree
You know about bears, and you know about dogs, but what about beardogs? They went extinct millions of years ago, but scientist are just now figuring out where these creatures fit in the […]
eBay divests majority of its stake in Latin American ecommerce giant MercadoLibre
Ecommerce giant eBay has announced plans to sell the “majority” of its stake in Latin American online marketplace MercadoLibre — in what is just one in a number of divestments on eBay’s part in recent times. Headquartered in Argentina, MercadoLibre has been called the eBay of Latin America and is one…
VC funding hits 2-year low, drops 18% to $14.4 billion in North America as unicorns retreat
At long last, venture capital’s long-awaited return to normalcy appears to be happening. VC funding for the third quarter of 2016 slid for nearly every key metric: a smaller number of deals, less total funding, fewer +$100 million mega-rounds, and just eight unicorns created. And that was globally. For…
Husky 4in Digital Tire Gauge w/ Display $4.97
Husky 4in Digital Tire Gauge w/ Display $4.97
NY’s So Pumped for Cash-Free Tolls, It’s (Kinda) OK If You Don’t Pay
Whatever: the long-term benefits outweigh any money lost to driving delinquents. The post NY’s So Pumped for Cash-Free Tolls, It’s (Kinda) OK If You Don’t Pay appeared first on WIRED.
PlayStation VR’s Killer App Is … Music
Between <em>Rez Infinite</em>, <em>Thumper</em>, and <em>Harmonix Music VR</em>, Sony’s virtual reality headset has some amazing musical experiences. The post PlayStation VR’s Killer App Is … Music appeared first on WIRED.
Japan’s Mount Aso Had a Yuge Eruption. Yuge!
Mt. Aso in Japan had one of its largest explosive eruptions in recent memory, while Mt. Meager in British Columbia showed signs of awakening. The post Japan’s Mount Aso Had a Yuge Eruption. Yuge! appeared first on WIRED.
Summerlong Is a Master Class in Fusing Fantasy and Everyday Life
A fantasy novelist’s newest work is a stunning meditation on the value of discomfort—and having your pedestrian routine turned upside down. The post Summerlong Is a Master Class in Fusing Fantasy and Everyday Life appeared first on WIRED.
How to Watch President Obama’s Essential Sci-Fi TV and Films
For the November issue of WIRED, President Obama came up with a list of his favorite horizon-expanding films and TV shows. Here’s how to watch them. The post How to Watch President Obama’s Essential Sci-Fi TV and Films appeared first on WIRED.
Prisoners With Hep C Get Cured In Some States But Not Others
Salvatore Chimenti already had advanced liver damage from the hepatitis C virus when he filed a lawsuit against the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections in the summer of 2015. He wanted access to new and expensive drugs that cure the virus in 90 percent or more of people who take them. Because he is…
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Why the Go-To Stroke Drug Can Fail
The go-to stroke drug often fails. Now doctors can slide out brain clots with wires and have new tools for other blockages — Read more on
Wood, marble and steel combine in Elements table by Made in Ratio
Three different shapes rendered in three distinct materials come together in the Elements table, launching at Biennale Interieur this week. Read more – latest science and technology news stories
Scientists create ‘floating pixels’ using soundwaves and force fields
A mid-air display of ‘floating pixels’ has been created by scientists. – latest science and technology news stories
How our discovery of microbe traces in ancient rocks on Earth could help us find life on Mars
One of the most tantalising questions in science is whether there is or ever has been life on Mars, at least in microbial form. But despite plenty of effort – including orbiting missions and even rovers that have analysed its red rocks and soil – we have so far not managed to detect any conclusively. – latest science and technology news stories
Novel target for diabetes drug identified as ion exchanger
Nagoya University-led researchers use nematode worms as a model to identify a new target of the type 2 diabetes drug metformin; ion exchanger protein NHX-5 and its related protein in fruit flies are potential metformin targets, suggesting the drug controls the cellular endocytic cycle.
Make the Perfect Pancakes Every Time With This Handy Graphic
Pancakes are delicious, but it’s easy to screw them up if you’re not careful. Before you make your next batch, check out this graphic with handy tips on how to get them just right.Read more…
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First Click: Photographs are memory triggers, not replacements
We are living in historic times. Whether it’s transoceanic flights, pocketable personal computers, or that little invention called the internet, our generation enjoys access to an unprecedented bounty of knowledge, experiences, and technological capabilities. Don’t just take my word for it, the US president…
Companies pitch plans for commercial space station modules
LAS CRUCES, N.M. — A day after NASA indicated its willingness to proceed with plans to add a commercial module to the International Space Station, two companies provided updates on proposals to supply such a module. In back-to-back presentations at the International Symposium for Personal and Commercial…
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Shanty Megastructures envisions a colossal vertical slum in the heart of Lagos
The towers of the imaginary city are intertwined with improvised structures, patches of weathered materials, all linked by a network of roller coasters. The project takes its name from the phrase “Shanty town”, which describes improvised housing developments usually located on the outskirts of cities….
Science, Engineering and Architecture Library
The typology of a Library has a memory and shelters memory at the same time. It becomes singular. Implanted in the Campus of the Catholic University of Perú, the project emerge from the circumstances surrounding it, tensions and connections with the environment, the community, the pre-existing… Full Feed
For Disaster Recovery, the Best Knowledge Is Local Knowledge: New at Reason
As residents all along the Southeastern coast start to put their lives back together after a devastating visit by Hurricane Matthew, these communities will face unique challenges. Not surprisingly, the calls for billions of dollars in federal government aid are already coming out loud and clear. In…
The Moto Jacket From Taylor Stitch Will Make You Stand Out
Real style never goes out of fashion. Case in point, the gorgeous looking Moto Jacket from Taylor Stitch. Inspired by over 4 decades of patina, the folks … Read More
BULLET 2.0 Offers The Ultimate Bluetooth Listening Experience
Psst…wanna know what the sleeper technology trend of 2016 is? Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. Sparked by Apple’s recent decision to get rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack, the … Read More
Melloship Is The Ultimate Way To Relax
There’s nothing quite as relaxing as lying back on a hammock and taking an afternoon nap outdoors. Well, except if that hammock were also a boat and … Read More
Fuze Brings Back The 3.5mm HeadPhone Jack To The iPhone 7
When Apple removed the 3.5mm jack on its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models, it wasn’t a question of if, but rather when, case manufacturers would … Read More
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How Not to Clean Your Desk
Link(PG-13: Language) “It won’t go through. It’s not gonna go through.” Rooster Teeth’s Jeremy Dooley wanted to axe-kick Gavin Free’s cluttered office desk. Gavin let him do it. You can guess what happens next. This should’ve been a Slow Mo Guys crossover. More Awesome Stuff: Hydraulic Press vs Gummy…
Man of Many
Kamp-Rite’s Double Tent Cot is the Transformer of the Camping World
The Double Tent Cot is a tent built for two. It’s longer than a queen size bed and almost as wide. Best of all, the sturdy fibreglass frame keeps you 11 inches above ground to provide comfort and protection from insects, rocks and dampness. The fully enclosed shelter offers complete privacy from the…
The Manual
Trekking: These 5 Camping Stoves Shed Weight Instead of Functionality
We love the BBQ, but it should never be perched beside your tent when camping. Thankfully, these five camping stoves provide both form and functionality. The post Trekking: These 5 Camping Stoves Shed Weight Instead of Functionality appeared first on The Manual.
“Super Museums” by Briktop
Museums are increasingly becoming key landmarks that help define the image of a city, housing part of its memory and culture. In recent decades they have gained even more importance thanks to their architectural designs. Briktop was inspired by iconic designs to create this video that features works… – latest science and technology news stories
Scientists call for greater say on global plan for future cities
An urban environment expert at The Australian National University (ANU) is among leading scientists calling for a greater say on a new international plan for cities of the future, ahead of a major United Nations conference next week. – latest science and technology news stories
Shining a light on the global fishing industry
Over-harvesting and illegal fishing have left some fish stocks around the world on the brink of collapse. Experts and the public alike know this, but they don’t often see it. – latest science and technology news stories
A risk assessment approach to unleashing offshore energy potential
Environmental Impact Assessments – which generally tend to be completed before offshore renewable energy plants can be built – could be delivered much more cost-effectively through applying a risk-based approach, say EU-funded researchers.
Satellite builders say customers paralyzed by technology, financial stresses
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — Satellite manufacturers said they are being pulled in every direction by customers who want their spacecraft to last longer in orbit, or maybe only half as long, and who hesitate to finalize a purchase because it could be obsolete in a few years. One of the consequences is a…
How to retain images in Photos when turning off iCloud Photo Library
Erin Giunta is ready to give iCloud Photo Library the heave-ho, but wants to be sure their photos aren’t lost. I’m confused about what would happen if I turn off iCloud Photo Library on my phone, and not use it on the Cloud. Will my Photos app on the computer still retain all 12,000 of my photos?…
Android N-ify Update Brings Google Assistant to Marshmallow Devices
Officially, if you want the new Google Assistant, you need to buy a Pixel phone. Unofficially, it’s already been enabled on any device running Nougat. Now, the Android N-ify Xposed module can even bring it to older Marshmallow devices. We’ve previously covered the Android N-ify module as it brought some…
Fast Company
What The GOP Could Learn From Companies Facing Leadership Crises
The Republican Party, in turmoil as it scrambles to figure out what to do about Trump, may want to follow the lead of corporate America. The Republican Party, in turmoil as it scrambles to figure out what to do about Trump, may want to follow the lead of corporate America.Since…
Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn on the future of cars
 Renault-Nissan is the fourth largest car maker in the world. And yet, Tesla seems to be getting more headlines. I got the chance to interview Renault-Nissan’s CEO Carlos Ghosn to talk about self-driving cars, electric cars and the company’s recent partnership with Microsoft. This interview was slightly…
How to shut down your PC at a set time
I prefer to shut down my PC at the end of the day. There I said it. I know that puts me into one of two camps in the world of PC users. So be it. The trouble is that I often forget to turn off my PC after work. Since I work at home I get distracted by dinner, the kids, a visitor…whatever.A handy way…
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Apple’s next Magic Keyboard could boast real wizardry with morphing keys
Apple’s next Magic Keyboard could push forward with some serious innovation in the form of E-Ink keys which can dynamically change allowing the user to switch languages or layouts on-the-fly.A Reddit user claiming to work at Tsinghua University (described as the “Chinese MIT”) said that they saw a prototype…
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Steam Link PC game streaming will be built into future Samsung TVs
The next time you’re on the market for a new TV,  gamers may want to give special attention to Samsung’s range. It’s just been announced that the company intends to integrate Valve’s Steam Link streaming tech into its future televisions.The news comes from the Steam Spy Twitter account (as reported by…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
BMW puts self-driving in the spotlight with new 5 Series
As autonomous driving creeps closer, manufacturers seem to be trying to cram as much self-driving tech into their cars as possible. Though Tesla Model S has caused problems by pushing the boundaries, Mercedes has used the E-Class to show exactly what current radar-guided systems can do. Now,…
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Our Hearts Start Beating Before They’re Fully Formed
During an average lifetime, a human heart beats two-and-a-half billion times. But how does it start, and what came first—the heart or the beating? Scientists think they put their finger on the first heartbeat, which occurs in the embryo long before there’s anything that even remotely resembles the heart,…
How the push for thinner phones contributed to the Samsung Note7 debacle
There’s nothing funny about Samsung Galaxy Note7 phones inexplicably exploding and torching cars and burning people. And it’s definitely not a joking matter when their replacements, which are supposed to come with safe batteries, are catching on fire (like on a plane) as well. Whatever the real reason… Full Feed
Criticism Has Delayed a Kratom Ban but Probably Won’t Prevent It
The Drug Enforcement Administration’s decision to withdraw its ban on kratom, a pain-relieving leaf from Southeast Asia, underlines the arbitrariness of the federal government’s pharmacological taboos, which are based on undefined terms subjectively interpreted by bureaucrats with broad discretion…
Architects question authorship with Lisbon Triennale pavilion
This pavilion created for the Lisbon Architecture Triennale mishmashes the architectural styles of three studios to question authorship. Read more
Google Photos iOS app gets new AI-powered features to highlight memories, fix sideways photos
The latest update to the Google Photos app is a big one: it uses AI technology to add four new features, from resurfacing old memories to fixing sideways photos. The new features are available in the iOS app, Android app (shown above) and on the web. While the iPhone should recognize whether you’re…
Study aims to determine if ancient dinosaurs really could roar
Thanks to movies like Jurassic Park we all think of dinosaurs as having incredibly loud roars. Scientists aren’t sure if the actual dinosaurs that these movies aim to represent could roar. The reason for this is that it is incredibly hard to find ancient dinosaur voice boxes because they didn’t fossilize…
New Scientist – Online news
Quantum film sensor stops delivery drones crashing into things
A sensor that uses infrared laser light and quantum film detects objects up to 20 metres away, helping drones to dodge collisions
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Facebook’s bug bounty: Now it’s paid out $5m for security flaws to 900 hunters
Facebook’s bug bounty program turns five this year and it’s on track once again to pay out about $1m this year to researchers.
Betterspot VPN Router
Internet has essentially become, at this point, a human right. A safe connection is especially crucial and while setting up a VPN works well to bypass restrictions and provide anonymity it’s a bit of a hassle to get it going on all your smart devices. Enter Betternet’s Betterspot VPN Router. This compact…
Don’t Just Cut Expenses, Replace Them With Something More Fulfilling
When your budget’s out of control, you know you need to cut expenses. However, cutting back always feels like a painful sacrifice. To ease the psychological burden, replace your expenses with something else.As lifestyle site The Minimalists explains, removing something from your life entirely feels like…
Popular Science
Can We Predict Global Dust Storms On Mars?
Space Future astronauts may depend on it, and a new forecast is about to be put to the test Mars is likely to find itself in the grip of a planet-sized dust storm sometime in the next few months. Physics News
X-rays uncover surprising techniques in the creation of art on ancient Greek pottery
Under beams of X-rays, the colors of art become the colors of chemistry. The mysterious blacks, reds and whites of ancient Greek pottery can be read in elements—iron, potassium, calcium and zinc—and art history may be rewritten.
6 more ways to make the most of Mail for iOS
About a year ago, we served up eight gotta-know tips for iOS Mail users—everything from how to change the size of your message previews to how to dictate your mail messages. Now, we’re back with six more ways to make the most of Mail for iPhone and iPad, including a couple of nifty tricks for iOS…
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Nigeria confirms release of 21 Chibok schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram
Jihadist group Boko Haram released 21 kidnapped Chibok schoolgirls to the Nigerian government following a prisoner swap, an official in the president’s office said Thursday.
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Ebola Drug Narrowly Missed Threshold to Prove Effectiveness
The results are the first from a randomized, controlled trial of the treatment — Read more on
Discover Magazine
When you have an itch on one arm, scratching the other arm can actually relieve the itch!
When you have an itch, you should scratch it. But what if you have a disease like eczema, where scratching can make everything worse? Enter these scientists, who set out to determine whether your brain can be tricked into thinking an itch has been scratched when it hasn’t. First, they “experimentally…
How to Make Your Windows 10 Computer Work Like New Again
Reinstalling Windows is an easy way to fix a PC that’s been giving you problems. It can resolve most common issues including lagging to mysterious app crashes. With Windows 10, it’s easier to do than ever before. Here’s how to get that brand new PC feeling on your machine.Read more…
Samsung Will Pay You $100 to Exchange Your Note 7 For Another Samsung
Now that the Note 7 is officially dead, Samsung and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) have expanded the official recall effort to include all replacement devices as well.Read more…
Fast Company
How To Embrace The Most Embarrassing Parts Of Your Resume
Confidently telling a coherent narrative about your job experience means accepting the lamest parts of it. Confidently telling a coherent narrative about your job experience means accepting the lamest parts of it.Everyone’s resume has a dud or two. Glaring gaps after getting fired….
This is the NYPD’s official crime-fighting phone – CNET
It’s the largest police force in the US, and officers didn’t get a department-issued phone with their own email and number until last year.
Amazon’s Running a Tailgating Sale That Even Non-Sports Fans Can Root For
Amazon Tailgating SaleToday only, Amazon’s running a big sale on items that can be broadly defined as tailgating gear, but many of which should appeal to just about everyone.Highlights include a 48 quart cooler for $18, a Pepsi 1893 variety pack for $10 (it’s really good), and a 10′ x 10′ instant canopy…
Make Your Fall Yard Work Easier With This Black & Decker Gold Box
Your lawn’s going to be blanketed in leaves before long, but Amazon’s here to save the day with a Black & Decker 40V lawn tool Gold Box.Read more…
Shazam will create music video playlists when it IDs a song for you
Shazam is trying to do more than identify the song playing in the bar. Its next step toward that goal is adding more video.  The app that identifies a song after hearing a few seconds of it will now play a full music video and create a customized video channel for any song it identifies. In the past,…
White House puts $50M in small satellites, signs order to mitigate space-weather events
 The Obama Administration is kicking off the White House Frontiers Conference in Pittsburgh this week, and as part of that it’s announcing a number of new initiatives in civic technology. These investments and programs include space, as well as America’s terrestrial concerns. It’s announcing over $50… Full Feed
Government Information and Label Mandates Can Be Harmful: New at Reason
We live in the information age, which is called that for the same reason the ice age got its name: an overwhelming proliferation of the stuff. We automatically assume that more information is better than less. But as the dinosaurs learned about ice, even something useful can be dangerous in excess….
Chrome 54 Arrives With YouTube Flash Embed Rewriting To HTML5
Krystalo quotes a report from VentureBeat: Google today launched Chrome 54 for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This release is mainly focused on developers, but the improvements to how the browser handles YouTube embeds is also noteworthy. You can update to the latest version now using the browser’s built-in…
Department of Transportation to provide $165M to make U.S. cities smarter
 At the White House Frontiers Conference in Pittsburgh today, the U.S. Department of Transportation announced new funds that will help it roll out smart city technologies in places across the U.S., as part of the White House’s Smart Cities Initiative. $165 million in funding, including $65 million in…
The Gadget Flow
Build Your Own WiFi-Robot with WiLoader !
WiLoader easily connects to your WiFi network and allows you to program your AVR, Arduino boards, and Robots. It doesn’t need any cable for computer connection, especially those huge old USB ones. Because it employs WiFi, even your smartphone can be used to configure, communicate, control and monitor…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Methanol and twin-turbos make for an even wilder Hoonicorn
Ken Block, the man perhaps best known for his series of crazy Gymkhana videos, has made use of some seriously over-the-top, high-horsepower cars over the years. Having moved from a heavily modified Subaru WRX to a tuned-up Ford Fiesta, he made the jump into the totally bespoke Hoonicorn Mustang….
Shazam rolls out in-app music video channels with Vadio
 Song identifying app Shazam is rolling out music video channels to all of its 120 million monthly active users in a partnership with Vadio, a Portland-based startup. Through their partnership, whenever a user taps on the Shazam icon to identify a song, a thumbnail of the official music video for that…
Gadget Review
Linksys WRT3200ACM MU-MIMO Wireless Router Review
Linksys WRT3200ACM MU-MIMO Wireless Router Review Gadget Review – Your lifestyle gadget site As Linksys continues to reinvent the ways we all get online while still sticking true to what fans of their routers love, the company has since slowed down its “revolutionary” designs for more “evolutionary”…
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MIT’s new carbon-free supercapacitor could revolutionize the way we store power
Related: New graphene super batteries charge up in seconds and last virtually forever Via MIT News and ZDNet Images via Melanie Gonick/MIT and Paul Wilkinson on Flickr – latest science and technology news stories
Researchers improve accuracy of synthetic clock
(—A team of researchers with Harvard University and the University of Cambridge has successfully improved the accuracy of a synthetic clock known as a repressilator. In their paper published in the journal Nature, the team describes the steps they took to reduce the amount of noise in the biological… – latest science and technology news stories
World urged to scrap super greenhouse gases at Rwanda summit
Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame urged world leaders to rid the world of potent greenhouse gases used in refrigerators and air-conditioners, as he opened a high-level meeting in Kigali Thursday. – latest science and technology news stories
CubeSat times two
ESA has signed a contract for its biggest small nanosatellite yet: GomX-4B will be a ‘6-unit’ CubeSat, intended to demonstrate miniaturised technologies, preparing the way for future operational nanosatellite constellations. – latest science and technology news stories
Dense molecular gas disks drive the growth of supermassive black holes—Are supernova explosions the key?
A joint team of University of Tokyo researchers and their collaborators, using ALMA and other telescopes that utilize radio waves for space observation, revealed that dense molecular gas disks a few hundred light years in scale located at the centers of galaxies supply gas to supermassive black holes… – latest science and technology news stories
Astronomers observe a supergiant fast X-ray transient prototype
(—A team of astronomers led by Enrico Bozzo of the University of Geneva, Switzerland, has recently studied a prototype of a supergiant fast x-ray transient (SFXT), designated IGR J17544-2619. The researchers investigated its spectral variability during outburst and quiescence, as this source… – latest science and technology news stories
Unique skin impressions of the last European dinosaurs discovered in Barcelona
Researchers from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) in collaboration with the Institut Català de Paleontologia Miquel Crusafont (ICP), have discovered in Vallcebre (Barcelona) a fossil bearing an impression of the skin surface of a dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous. Its characteristics make… – latest science and technology news stories
How plants make friends with fungi
Many fungi damage or even kill plants. But there are also plant-friendly fungi: Most land plants live in close community with arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi (AM fungi) that stimulate their growth. Researchers of the “Molecular Phytopathology” Group of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) study the development… – latest science and technology news stories
How 3-D printing brings ancient Greek art to life
One of the University of Virginia’s latest 3-D printing projects began as a thank-you gift. – latest science and technology news stories
Buried glaciers on Mars
This jumble of eroded blocks lies along the distinctive boundary between the Red Planet’s southern highlands and the northern lowlands, with remnants of ancient glaciers flowing around them.
Scientific American Content: Global
Caregiving, Stress and Beauty Shots of the Brain
A look inside the new issue of Scientific American Mind — Read more on
Advertisers look to commiserate with disenchanted voters — and mock Donald Trump
At some point in the coming weeks, one American will travel to a foreign country of his or her choosing with the ostensible mission of scouting out a future home — all on Esurance’s dime. The insurer is hoping its somewhat tongue-in-cheek sweepstakes will resonate with a country forced to choose between…
The Verge – All Posts
Pandora now lets you share tracks and start radio stations within iMessage
Pandora is coming to iMessage, securing the spot as one of the first music streaming apps to debut on Apple’s messaging platform. Pandora arrives a month after the iOS update, allowing users to send tracks to their friends without leaving their text conversation. The recipient will get a 30-second preview…
Scientific American Content: Global
The Caregiver’s Conundrum
Tens of millions of people minister to a loved one on a full- or part-time basis, often putting their own lives on hold. Now researchers are finding ways to help them care for others without losing… — Read more on Full Feed
CUNY Prof Accused of Sexual Harassment Because His Syllabus Says Effort Is 10% of Grade
A professor at the City University of New York’s Brooklyn College was ordered to make changes to his syllabus because it amounted to sexual harassment. The professor, David Seidemann has refused to comply, and for good reason. According to Seidemann, a university administrator expressed three grievances…
Latest news
Google DeepMind’s latest AI? So smart it can ‘reason’ its way around London’s Tube
Google’s DeepMind subsidiary has created an artificial-intelligence system that can store memories and use them to reason.
Scientific American Content: Global
Debate 2016: What Goes on in Your Brain When People Invade Your Personal Space?
We lack control over our reactions when somebody gets too close — Read more on
Popular Science
How Will Robots Learn?
Technology A.I. experts Andrew Ng and Eric Horvitz discuss the future of artificial intelligence A conversation between Andrew Ng, Chief Scientist at Baidu and Eric Horvitz, Managing Director at Microsoft Research.
Digital Trends
The Dave Jr. Duffel 2.0 will stand up to any abuse you put it through
With all the high-tech everyday carry bags on the market, it is easy to get caught up in the pockets, pouches, and attachment points that define the bag. Washington startup Amabilis is taking another approach with its first bag. Instead of adding every feature under the sun, the bag maker is focusing…
Cool Material
The Penguin Galaxy Series Boxed Set Includes the Greatest Sci-Fi Books Ever
Available in mid-November, the Penguin Galaxy Series 6-Book Deluxe Boxed Set combines six of their greatest science fiction and fantasy novels in a lucite box worthy of display. Inside that cool display you’ll find collector-worthy hardcover editions of The Once and Future King by T. H. White, Stranger…
Newswise: SciNews
FSU Team Tackles Urban Mobility in Smart City Era
Researchers Use NSF Grant to Study Tallahassee Utility, Transportation Data
Newswise: SciNews
Announcing the Winners and Finalists of the 2016 Blavatnik Regional Awards for Young Scientists
The Blavatnik Family Foundation and the New York Academy of Sciences today announced the three winners and six finalists of the 2016 Blavatnik Regional Awards. The winners include an ecologist who has advanced our understanding of how forest ecosystems recover or die during drought; a physical chemist… – Nanotechnology News Feed
Cleanroom Installed for 200 mm (8’’) Graphene Wafers
Preparations are on track for mass production of 200 mm (8”) diameter high quality graphene on Si/SiO2 wafers. Last week cleanroom components arrived to be assembled in a new production space at… – Nanotechnology News Feed
Scientists Study Two-dimensional Spin-Orbit Coupling for Bose-Einstein Condensates
Considered one of the fundamental effects in quantum physics, spin-orbit coupling plays a significant role in several physic phenomena and exotic quantum states. These phenomena are the foundation… – Nanotechnology News Feed
ORNL Team Uses Nano-Spike Catalysts to Turn Carbon Dioxide into Ethanol
Researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have devised an electrochemical process that uses miniature spikes of copper and carbon to convert the common greenhouse… – latest science and technology news stories
Modern roof shapes tested against big blows
New homes are increasingly being built with unusual roof shapes, and new research by James Cook University reveals the potential for some new designs to lose roof cladding if houses aren’t well maintained or have minor construction defects. – latest science and technology news stories
Germs in wastewater often become airborne
Using household wastewater to irrigate food crops in drought-stricken or arid regions isn’t the perfect solution. The chemicals and disease-causing germs it might contain could contaminate crops. Viruses that have their origin in the human intestines are often released into the air as fine spray during… – latest science and technology news stories
Regioselective hydroarylation of alkynes to make ortho-, para-, and meta- products
(—One chemically relevant reaction is alkyne hydroarylation, or the addition of an alkyne to an arene to form aryl-substituted arenes. However, most routes for this reaction end up with a mixture of ortho- and para-substituted products.
Tech’s role in Europe’s refugee crisis, in pictures – CNET
The daily lives of refugees and migrants in Europe show that technology has become a basic human right.
Shazam adds music video playlists to make you linger longer – CNET
After you identify a song, Shazam will suggest channels of music videos curated by editors, tailored by advertisers or generated by trending data.
The Best Canned Tomatoes Are Cheaper and Tastier Than the Gourmet Competition
San Marzano tomatoes are often celebrated as the best canned tomatoes money can buy, but they can be a little pricey. According to Epicurious however, the best tasting canned tomato isn’t a San Marzano, and it’s a bit cheaper.In a blind taste test of five different canned tomatoes, the US-grown Red Pack…
Engadget RSS Feed
ICYMI: End forgetfulness with the e-version of a Post-It.
Today on In Case You Missed It: A German researcher developed a digital Post-It note that never dies as long as the small solar panel gets sunlight. They can be stuck just about anywhere. Meanwhile, EPFL scientists are creating soft robots to act…
Rolf Sachs covers Leica camera in ping-pong rubber
Artist Rolf Sachs has collaborated with Leica to cover the camera brand’s M-System model in the same material used on ping-pong bats. Read more
Home Sweet Home: 8 Concept Houses That Take Living to Another Level
Architizer’s A+Awards — the world’s largest awards program for architecture and products — is open for entries! The early entry deadline is November 4. Click here for more information on how to submit your project or product. “A house is a machine for living in.” When Corbusier wrote these famous…
Makeup artist incorporates hijab to create the perfect Harley Quinn look
There will probably be thousands of Harley Quinns roaming around this Halloween, but makeup artist Nora Belk is already a top contender for the best. The 21-year-old posted a photo of her look, which incorporates her hijab and some truly flawless makeup work, to Reddit and Instagram on Wednesday. On… Full Feed
NYPD Detective Who Got Bonus Pension for Being ‘Disabled’ Now Working As Security Guard
Anthony Hernandez was forced to retire from his post as detective with the New York City Police Department in 2014 because a back injury left him disabled. For his sacrifice in the line of duty, Hernandez was given a $90,000 annual pension, boosted because of the disability that would prevent him…
Pokemon GO update adds catch bonuses, tweaks gym battles
Late last week, Niantic detailed a new update for Pokemon GO that would tweak gym training sessions and add certain catch bonuses to the game. That update is rolling out now for both the Android and iOS versions of Pokemon GO, and it brings with it a number of other changes, including user experience…
The Next Web
This augmented video messenger app knows what you’re saying
Video messaging is super fun, but hasn’t found a permanent place on our phones yet. Even though chat apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and WeChat are widely used, seperate services for video haven’t taken off in a big way. Apps like Airtime and Houseparty are trying to make us like video messaging…
The Gadget Flow
Tomtoc Macbook Briefcase Bag
Tomtoc’s laptop case is the ideal choice for tech users looking for an easy to carry case with ample storage space. This MacBook case features ultra-thick, yet lightweight protective cushioning to ensure your laptop will remain safe from bumps, dents, scratches and spills at all times. Extra pocket outside…
Shut Up And Take My Money
Wireless Security Camera w/ nightvision, remote viewing, motion detection & instant email alerts
submitted by /u/RealYannie [link] [comments]
Today’s Best Deals: Tailgating Gear, Lawn Care, USB Power Receptacles, and More
Tailgating gear, USB power outlets, and Black & Decker lawn care tools lead off Thursday’s best deals.Read more…
The Next Web
These advanced sweat-repelling earphones are perfect for any workout, now under $16
If you’re in the market for premium wireless audio, we’d like to recommend the SainSonic Wireless HD Stereo Earphones. These earphones offer top-quality sound and style without the hassle of tangled cords. For a limited time, you can pick up a pair for $15.99 from TNW Deals. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill…
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
This tiny flat-pack trailer can be assembled in less than an hour with just a screwdriver
The versatile Duffy Shelter can be used as an emergency housing unit, first-aid support and cozy trailer for glamping. It is also incredibly easy to put together- the flat-pack structure can be assembled in less than an hour using only a screwdriver. The multi-use shelter, conceptualized by… – latest science and technology news stories
Researchers develop DNA-based single-electron electronic devices
Nature has inspired generations of people, offering a plethora of different materials for innovations. One such material is the molecule of the heritage, or DNA, thanks to its unique self-assembling properties. Researchers at the Nanoscience Center (NSC) of the University of Jyväskylä and BioMediTech…
Apple in talks with Foxconn startup Sonder for its dynamic keyboard tech
Sonder Keyboard, an Australian startup now part of Foxconn’s International Holding’s (FIH) Incubator program, has been in talks with Apple related to its dynamic keyboard technology, according to sources familiar with the discussions. more…Filed under: Apple
Like clockwork: Samsung’s problems are always bad news for Apple
You knew it was coming but once again we see that there is no problem of Samsung’s that cannot be made into bad news for Apple. Writing for MarketWatch, Jennifer Booton explains “Why Samsung’s exploding-phone nightmare should terrify Apple.” (Tip o’ the antlers to @JonyIveParody and Matthew Seaman.)…
Twitter tests replacing Moments with a more useful Explore tab
Twitter may soon replace the most-ignored tab on its mobile app with something else. The social network is testing a replacement for the Moments tab on Android and iOS with a new tab called Explore. Twitter’s new tab contains still contains Moments, as well as trending topics (including hashtags) and…
This $26 Filehub Lets You Access SD Cards and Flash Drives From Your Phone
Just in time for holiday travel, you can save on RAVPower’s Filehub today, which is actually two travel-friendly devices in one: A 3,000mAh USB battery pack, and a file streamer that can let you access files on USB flash drives and SD cards wirelessly from your phone or tablet. That’s perfect for, say,…
This app will let you order actual pizza as conveniently as Domino’s
You want to order from that little pizza place on the other side of town. But all too often it’s just too easy to order from Domino’s, again. A new app wants to make sure customers order from those mom-and-pop pizza shops when they reach for their phones.  Slice, a company that tries to connect local…
The Awesomer
100,000 Marble Run
LinkEver wondered what 100,000 marbles looked like? Marble fanatic Jelle Bakker is back to satisfy your curiosity with a seemingly endless pool of the shiny glass orbs racing through his maze, and soothing us with a wonderful sound that we could probably fall asleep to. More Awesome Stuff: 10,000…
NatureNews – Most recent articles – science feeds
Arecibo Observatory hit with discrimination lawsuit
Two former workers say that they were treated unfairly on the basis of age and disability.
Scientific American Content: Global
Incoming! Space Rocks Strike the Moon More Than Expected
Craters from hundreds of recent meteorite impacts are bad omens for future lunar bases — Read more on
TechRadar: All latest feeds
The best cheap 4K TV deals in October 2016
Looking for a cheap 4K TV deal or just a regular HD TV deal? You’ve come to the right place.The days of paying over a grand for a 40-inch TV are long gone as you can see – you can now pick up 40-inch models for under £200 or even 4K 50-inch TVs for under £400.Curved TVs have come down in price considerably…
Modern Interior Design & Furniture – Decoist
A Decadent Halloween Centerpiece Idea
With Halloween less than three weeks away, it’s time to start decorating! Today’s centerpiece idea is as decadent as it is easy to create. Whether you’re hosting a party or you’re looking for a fun way to add festivity to your dining table, round up a few key elements and serve up some delicious snacks….
PopTech Blog
PopTech and Microsoft Office Envisioning present: Supercreativity – An interactive salon
PopTech and the Microsoft Office Envisioning Team recently convened an interactive Salon – SuperCreativity – at NeueHouse in New York. The Salon was designed to explore pressing questions and gain insights from new constituents – as part of our overall commitment to investigating forces that influence…
BBC News – World
Burkina Faso ‘wants France to release Sankara archives’
Burkina Faso asks France to declassify military documents about ex-president and Marxist revolutionary Thomas Sankara’s killing, a lawyer says.
Add USB Charging Ports To Your Wall Outlets For $20
Leviton 15-Amp USB Charger Receptacle, $20These days, you probably charge as many things over USB as you do over standard AC outlets, so it only makes sense to add some semi-permanent USB ports to your home.Today on Amazon, you can get highly-rated duplex receptacles with a pair of USB ports for $20…
11% off 1byone Halloween Fog Machine, 1200W High Output – Deal Alert
Step your Halloween game up with this powerful but lightweight 1200W fog machine that pumps out 3,500 cubic feet of creepy fog per minute. That’s enough thick fog to easily fill a garage, a pathway, or a porch, but the output density is adjustable with multiple settings. It averages 4 out of 5 stars…
Foreign Investors Sue Toshiba Over Accounting Scandal
A group of investors, mostly foreign institutions, are suing Toshiba in a Tokyo court for 16.7 billion yen ($162.3 million) in damages, over a $1.3 billion accounting scandal uncovered last year. Reuters adds: Toshiba said in a statement on Thursday that the 45 unnamed shareholders were seeking compensation…
Store Every File With This 4-Bay Synology NAS, Now Cheaper Than Ever
Synology makes some of the most popular NAS enclosures on the market, and this 4-bay model is on sale for an all-time low $336 on Amazon today, if you’re willing to wait out a backorder. That’s more than $60 less than usual, and a great deal for all your file hoarders out there.Read more…
The Verge – All Posts
Fitness trackers aren’t very accurate at measuring heart rate — and that can be dangerous
Fitness trackers aren’t very accurate when it comes to measuring heart rate, especially if you’re doing a hard workout, researchers say. This could be risky for people who might push themselves too hard, and frustrating for those who wonder why a short jog makes their heart rate skyrocket. Researchers…
Physics News
Terahertz radiation could speed up computer memory by 1000 times
One area limiting speed in personal computing speed is memory — specifically, how quickly individual memory cells can be switched, which is currently done using an external magnetic …
Pluto TV, a free streaming service for cord cutters, raises $30 million more
 Pluto TV, a video streaming service targeting cord cutters by offering a TV-guide like experience that connects you to hundreds of online channels, has raised $30 million in Series B funding, valuing the business at $140 million. The new funding comes from ProSieben of Germany, one of Europe’s largest… Full Feed
Protests, Tear Gas, and Arrests As Portland Approves New Police Union Contract
The City Council of Portland (Ore.) approved a new contract for the city’s police union in a meeting that was described by The Oregonian as having taken place following “unprecedented maneuvering within City Hall to conduct the vote in [a] meeting room cordoned off from protesters.” Even though the…
TouchBistro raises $13 million to serve restaurants with iPad-powered point-of-sale smarts
TouchBistro, a provider of point-of-sale technology for restaurants, has raised CDN$17 million (USD$13 million) in a Series B round led by BDC IT Venture Fund, with participation from Round13 Capital, Huff Capital, Relay Ventures, and Kensington Capital Partners. Founded in 2011, New York-headquartered…
Amazon to boost holiday season hiring by 20% to 120,000 temporary workers
(By Subrat Patnaik and Abhijith Ganapavaram, Reuters) – Inc said it would hire more than 120,000 seasonal workers in the United States for the holiday season, 20 percent more than last year, highlighting the growing threat the e-commerce giant poses to traditional retailers. U.S. retailers…
Will Twitter’s 25% stock drop lure potential buyers back in?
With possibly only two weeks left in the Twitter sweepstakes, the best news for the company’s sales prospects may be some bad news. The company has reportedly said it wants a deal in place by the time it reports earnings on Oct. 27. But over the past week, as news emerged that virtually ever rumored…
HiMirror unveils smart beauty mirror that analyzes your skin
Mirror mirror, on the wall. What shade works best with my skin tone in this light? Above: HiMirror analyzes your skin.Image Credit: HiMirror HiMirror is introducing a smart beauty mirror today that analyzes your skin. The company says its mirror is like having a beauty and health consultant in your…
Google gets another extension to reply to EU antitrust Shopping charge
 The European Competition Commission has given Google another three weeks to file a response to formal charges that its Shopping price comparison service unfairly demotes rival services in search results. Read More
BBC News – World
Calais Jungle: Aid groups ask French court to delay demolition
Aid groups file an injunction at a French court seeking to suspend the closure of Calais’ Jungle migrant camp, arguing a relocation plan is not ready.
Apple could use E-ink in its future keyboards
Apple is rumored to be holding a press event before the end of this month where it will show off its new line of MacBook Pros. The refreshed laptops will reportedly feature an OLED touch display above the keyboard that changes depending on which application the user has open. Now,…
Bless This Stuff
Meet the world?s first levitating turntable! Developed by MAG-LEV Audio the unique device is designed for people who appreciate high quality sound and innovative design. The gravity-defying record player visually enhances the experience of listening to vinyl records by levitating the platter. The drive…
Filmmakers tried to use hilarious code words to keep ‘The Avengers’ under wraps
From Hulk Smash to Hawkeye’s eyes, there’s a ton of behind-the scenes trivia we’re guessing you probably didn’t know about the first Avengers movie. Our CineFix series, Things You Didn’t Know, brings you some of the film’s weird code names and little-known facts here.  Subscribe to CineFix for more…
Significant Digits For Thursday, Oct. 13, 2016
You’re reading Significant Digits, a daily digest of the telling numbers tucked inside the news.2.7 inchesAustralia moves 2.7 inches a year because of its position on a remarkably active tectonic plate. The country has issued a reset of its official coordinates four times in the past 50 years and will…
A Truly Unusual Iceberg Ripped Apart From a Melting Glacier
This past summer, a massive chunk of ice slipped away from a glacier in British Columbia, but no one was there to notice. Using satellite images, a scientist from NASA has now spotted the unusually large iceberg—and he suspects it’s the largest ever seen in North America. Read more…
Newswise: SciNews
Henry Ford Health System Leads 7-State Research Consortium Awarded Precision Medicine Funding
The National Institutes of Health announced today that Henry Ford Health System is leading a five-member research consortium to expand the geographic reach and diversity of the NIH’s Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) Cohort Program. The consortium is one of four regional health care systems newly…
Newswise: SciNews
Researchers Create 3-D Full-Color Holographic Images with Nanomaterials
Researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology are creating a new approach to reconstruct 3-D full-color holographic images by using just one layer of nanoscale metallic film. This work has a huge potential to change our daily lives by equipping our cell phones with 3-D floating displays…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
If dinosaurs really were like birds, why didn’t they sing?
In the minds of many, the clearest pictures of dinosaurs probably come from a certain movie, but scientists are constantly revising our understanding of their appearance, their size and, with a new study, their vocalizations. A team from the University of Texas at Austin has identified the…
RT – Daily news
Red alert: Prepare for severe stock market crash, warns HSBC
The technical analysis team at HSBC is warning recent stock market moves look eerily similar to just before 1987’s ‘Black Monday’, which saw the largest one-day market crash in history. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
Bob Dylan awarded Nobel Prize in Literature for creating ‘new poetic expressions’
Bob Dylan has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for 2016, for “having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition,” the Swedish Academy announced Thursday. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
Brexit trolls turn on Unilever after family favorites pulled from Tesco website over plunging pound
Brexiteers are less than pleased at news that the manufacturer of household classics such as Marmite, Hellmann’s mayonnaise and PG Tips tea was about to stop doing business with the country’s largest supermarket. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
‘Revolting slug’: Parliament condemns Trump with unanimous motion (VIDEO)
Australia’s New South Wales parliament passed a motion condemning Donald Trump and describing him as a “revolting slug.” Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
‘Saxony’s justice fiasco’: Syrian bomb suspect’s death in German jail raises eyebrows
German politicians have been up in arms over the death of Jaber Albakr, a Syrian bomb plot suspect who committed suicide in jail. Green Party MP Renate Künast said his death casts a “dark shadow” on the Saxon justice system. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
Could UK ministers supporting Saudi-coalition in Yemen could be implicated in war crimes?
British MPs supporting the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen could be liable as war criminals if they continue to supply arms potentially being used to carry out attacks in the increasingly bloody conflict. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
Pakistani ‘spy’ pigeon with message for Indian PM has wings clipped
A suspected “spy” pigeon that reportedly flew from Pakistan to India has had its wings clipped by security forces to prevent the bird from returning to Pakistan. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
‘Schizophrenic & incoherent’: US vows to fight Al-Qaeda… but refuses to battle offshoot Al-Nusra
The US has repeatedly vowed to battle Al-Qaeda, but has so far been reluctant to attack the group’s Syrian branch, Al-Nusra Front, instead criticizing the Russian and Syrian Armies for striking it. Everyday Americans and experts have told RT how confusing this attitude looks. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
Iranian warships deployed off Yemen coast after US bombs Houthi targets
Iran has deployed a fleet of warships to the Gulf of Aden, the republic’s naval commander has confirmed. The deployment follows US cruise missile strikes on Yemeni positions thought to be under Houthi rebel control. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
‘Senseless carnival’: Lawmaker blasts PACE over latest anti-Russian resolution
Senator Aleksey Pushkov has sharply criticized the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe for passing an anti-Russian resolution, adding that the members of this body should understand that without Russia it would remain flawed. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
Germany’s top court backs Canadian trade deal despite opposition
The German Constitutional Court has cleared the government to approve a trade treaty between Canada and Europe, rejecting a legal challenge from opponents who called it undemocratic. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
Labour splits laid bare after Corbyn spokesman compares US and Russia’s actions in war
Labour spokesman Seamus Milne’s comments that protests outside the US Embassy would be as appropriate as outside the Russian Embassy drew a stinging response from the party’s former defence minister. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
Joint pain! Cannabis smokers twice as likely to break bones
Heavy cannabis smokers are twice as likely to suffer broken bones than people who use the drug moderately or not at all, new research has found. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
China has more billionaires than US
The number of dollar billionaires in China is growing despite a 20 percent drop in the domestic stock markets and the economic slowdown, the Hurun Report shows. China now tops the US in the number of billionaires. Read Full Article at
designboom | architecture & design magazine
crystalline projections define moneo brock-designed church in monterrey
a curated selection of traditional artworks created by contemporary artists are displayed throughout, continuing to meld aspects of traditional and modern day spirituality that are reflected in the architecture. The post crystalline projections define moneo brock-designed church in monterrey appeared…
Popular Science
Historic Shrinking of Antarctic Ice Sheet Linked to CO2 Spike
From Our Blogs: Nexus Media News First evidence found in ancient, fossilized leaves New fossil evidence shows atmospheric carbon dioxide levels can shoot up over a short span of time. Scientists find that 23 million years ago, atmospheric CO2 spiked,…
Review: CalDigit’s ‘Tuff’ USB-C portable hard drive is a good choice for on-the-go MacBook owners [Video]
I’m always on the lookout for new USB-C-equipped MacBook accessories, especially external drives, because space is at such a premium on these diminutive machines. CalDigit’s Tuff line of 2.5-inch external USB-C portable drives fit the bill. Not only do these drives add a significant amount of space… – Nanotechnology News Feed
2D-Nanocellulose: Piezoelectric Driven by A Hydrogen Bonds Pattern
Researchers from ICN2 Phononic and Photonic Nanostructures Group publish in Scientific Reports findings providing the basis for new electromechanical designs using 2D-nanocellulose. In a longer-term… – Nanotechnology News Feed
The First Time Ever, Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes Complete REACH Registration
OCSiAl and its core product TUBALL™ single wall carbon nanotubes have opened a new substance in the EU’s Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regulation with…
Clean Every Nook and Cranny With This $26 Hand Vac
Cordless hand vacs are handy for cleaning the nooks and crannies of your house, but they’re especially great for vacuuming out your car. This compact model from Black & Decker is just $26 today on Amazon, within a single dollar of an all-time low. You even get to choose your favorite color!Read more…
Skull Eyes Sunshade
There hasn’t been much sun to shade my car seats from these last few weeks of fall, but that’s no reason to abstain from creeping people out with a pair of glowy red skull eyes across my windshield. Skeletor’s coming for you, kids! Better find Stridor and get as far away from this 2006 Toyota Camry as…
The Retailers That Send a Coupon Immediately After You Subscribe
Lots of retailers reward you with a coupon when you subscribe to their email list (and you can use a special email address to keep their junk mail out of your primary inbox). However, some of these retailers won’t send you offers right away, and that’s annoying. Here are the ones that do.Read more…
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
National laboratory scales up quantum-dot solar windows that can power entire buildings
Related: Revolutionary new solar windows could generate 50 times more power than conventional photovoltaics + Los Alamos National Laboratory Images via Los Alamos National Laboratory and Wikimedia Commons
Latest Items from TreeHugger
This shipping container house in Ecuador makes sense
Daniel Moreno Flores + Sebastian Calero show how it’s done
Latest Items from TreeHugger
How disgust could lead to a cleaner, healthier world
Disgust is a powerful human emotion that could be utilized to promote better hygiene and nutrition, but unfortunately humans are too disgusted to take it seriously.
Motherboard RSS Feed
Photos of Airplanes Flying In Front of the Moon Will Make You Feel Alive
For three years, Los Angeles-based photojournalist Raul Roa has been shooting planes as they cross the moon near L.A.X. airport. On good days it takes him just 15 minutes to capture an aircraft perfectly framed within the glowing moon. Other times he’s sitting and snapping for hours, only to come back…
Motherboard RSS Feed
The Sky, Falling
If climate change gets catastrophic enough, there are a group of scientists who advocate we experiment with geoengineering—artificially cooling the planet’s temperature, perhaps by seeding the clouds. Today’s dispatch takes place in a perilous, tragic future where such a thing has become a necessity….
RT – Daily news
Aeroflot plane in Geneva searched for explosives, man arrested following bomb threat
A passenger plane belonging to Russia’s largest air carrier, Aeroflot, is being checked by bomb disposal experts in Geneva, Switzerland after a bomb threat was reportedly received. Read Full Article at
Every Star Wars Rogue One trailer and detail video released so far
It’s time again to begin diving in on our yearly Star Wars film, Rogue One – A Star Wars Story. That is, Star Wars: Rogue One, a Star Wars Anthology film, as it might have been called in the spring of 2015. For those of you that followed our coverage of Star Wars: The Force Awakens – you know good ……
The Verge – All Posts
Samsung’s new chip could allow for smaller LTE smartwatches
Smartwatches are tethered devices. Take away the connected smartphone, and most watches become nothing more than a fitness tracker with a clock and less battery life. And while a few watches — notably, the Samsung Gear S3, the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE, and the Samsung Gear S — have had LTE chips…
YouTube Help
What You Can’t See, But Step on Every Day | Dr Kirsti Abbott | TEDxSydneySalon
Kirsti Abbott is an ant ecologist at the University of New England and she loves ants. Her work has taken her to islands in the Pacific including Christmas Island to research how swarms of yellow crazy ants are able to gain a stronghold and create super colonies. In this talk, she introduces us to the…
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Peace Building Starts Small | Claudia Meier | TEDxBern
We’d like to think that peace building is only needed abroad. Claudia Meier says it is needed everywhere; either by bringing people together or giving children the opportunity to express their war wounds with the help of drawings. Most importantly, it’s about understanding what is needed and then designing…
Thrillist, NowThis, The Dodo and Seeker form a new, Discovery-backed holding company
 Four digital media organizations are coming together to form a new holding company — and they’ve also raised $100 million in additional funding from Discovery Communications. Those four companies are Thrillist (lifestyle), NowThis Media (video news), The Dodo (animals) and Discovery’s digital network…
Smoke Your Favorite Meats at the Touch of a Button With This $166 Electric Smoker
This $166 Masterbuilt electric smoker makes cooking jerky, brisket, or (insert meat of your choice) as easy as dropping in some wood chips and hitting a few buttons. With precise temperature control from 100 to 275 degrees, you’ll have complete command over the finished product. Today’s price is an all-time…
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Halfway there:BRICS raising more questions than answers | Glenn Silverman | TEDxUFS
This talk is about,the BRICS countries and what their significance is in the Economic and geopolitical space.It is about the interaction of the different parties in this the BRICS organization and what South Africa’s significance is in the organization. The former Chief Investment Officer of Investment…
Spectacular Timelapse Footage Makes Storms Look Like Floating Waterfalls
When you’re caught in a downpour, you never stop to think about the scale of the storm that’s soaking you, you’re just trying to stay dry. But through Mike Olbinski’s timelapse camera, we get a rare glimpse of raging storms from a safe distance, revealing their massive scale, but also their limited reach…
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
These floating Jellyfish Lodges purify polluted water and air while growing food
The Jellyfish Lodge project works to protect the most basic elements in life: land, air, and water. These floating structures borrow from the role of actual jellyfish in the sea, working to help purify bodies of water soiled by humans’ exploitation. A combination of trash-collecting tentacles, aquaponic…
Architecture Lab
Singapore’s new Funan complex to feature designs by Grant Associates
Funan, one of Singapore’s best known shopping malls for electronic goods, is to be redeveloped as an ‘experiential creative hub’ … The post Singapore’s new Funan complex to feature designs by Grant Associates appeared first on Architecture Lab.
Carolinas still drying out from Hurricane Matthew
It’s been a week since Hurricane Matthew lashed the south Atlantic U.S. coast, but parts of the area are still drying out from historic floods caused by the storms.  SEE ALSO: How to help people impacted by Hurricane Matthew in the U.S. While aerial images captured the immense nature of the floods…
DREVO X1 Series 240GB SATA III Solid State Drive (SSD) $49.99
DREVO X1 Series 240GB SATA III Solid State Drive (SSD) $49.99
Design Milk
Amplifi HD Wi-Fi Is Smart Design With Smarter Technology
Ubiquiti Networks Amplifi HD Wi-Fi system is an internet solution for a wholly modern day problem: spotty residential wi-fi coverage. Unlike traditional internet routers, the Amplifi simplifies everything about wi-fi internet inside the home, all housed within industrial design representing…
Ninja Wooden Phone Stand
That ultimate fighting spirit of ninjas can now be a cool looking Ninja Phone Stand on your desktop. It’s a wooden design which highlights the ninjas in a cute way you’d want to flaunt on your workspace. But the beauty of this stand is that it isn’t a showpiece alone. The ninja here can easily bear…
Control Your Lights From Afar With These Affordable Remote Outlet Switches
You can’t control these semi-smart power outlets with your phone, or automate them with IFTTT recipes like you can with Belkin’s WeMo line, but you can control them from across your house with a remote control, and they’re incredibly cheap today.Read more…
The Hover Camera is here, ready to shoot all your aerial selfies
Zero Zero Robotics’ Hover Camera is now called the Hover Camera Passport. I got a first look at the prototype of the paperback-sized “flying camera” (the company’s still not calling it a drone) earlier this year. After securing over $25 million in investor funding, Zero Zero Robotics is finally launching…
What do all of the 2016 Nobel Prize winners have in common?
People are not too happy about this year’s Nobel Prize winners. SEE ALSO: ‘The Simpsons’ predicted this year’s Nobel Prize winner for Economic Sciences After American singer-songwriter, Bob Dylan on Thursday morning was awarded the final Nobel Prize of 2016, the Nobel Prize in Literature, people began…
Scientific American Content: Global
Progress: U.S. Carbon Emissions Decline
Thanks mostly to less coal use at power plants, emissions in the first half of 2016 were lowest since 1991 — Read more on
Latest news
How AI could slash the time it takes to find and develop new drugs
It takes years to develop new drugs but a UK-based company is using artificial intelligence to speed up the process from initial research to end product.
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Impossible Foods cruelty-free burger added to more West Coast restaurant menus
Critics of vegetarian meat substitutes often say they are ‘nothing like that real thing,’ but Impossible Foods’ new lab-grown burger patty seeks to silence the complaints for good. The California-based company onboarded a team of scientists to create a cruelty-free burger patty made entirely from plant-based…
Ars Technica » Scientific Method
Fossil fuel methane dropping, but it’s a bigger problem than we thought
Enlarge / In some cases, stray methane is burned to limit how much escapes into the atmosphere. (credit: Lawrence Berkeley Lab) Two greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide and methane, contribute the most to global warming. If we’re going to control them, we need to understand where they come from and…
Engadget Full RSS Feed
LightRail art installation aims to bring San Francisco together
San Francisco’s Market Street cuts through the center of the city, from the Embarcadero to the Castro. It’s a microcosm of the highs and lows of not just the city, but the entire Bay Area. From the pageantry of high-end stores to boarded-up shops. Where the homeless sleep on sidewalks in front of the…
Apple’s redesigned London store is kitted out with untethered iPhones – CNET
The historic building on London’s Regent Street has been given a makeover by the same architects responsible for designing the company’s California-based Campus 2 headquarters
Let Tinder pick your profile pictures for more matches – CNET
The mobile dating app’s new algorithm tests which of your pictures are the most swipeable.
Digital Trends
Audi kills its R8 e-tron electric car with less than 100 units built
Talk about anti-climactic. Audi spent years waffling over whether to put the R8 e-tron, an electric version of the German firm’s R8 supercar, into production. It finally did, unveiling the production model at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. But less than two years later, Audi is pulling the plug on the…
Digital Trends
Here’s your stop: Google DeepMind’s new AI can help you navigate the subway system
Humans take reasoning for granted, but logic isn’t always self-evident to machines, which have to be hard-coded to make the connections that can support basic deductions. Google’s DeepMind is looking to change that. The London-based artificial intelligence company has developed a system that performs…
Mads Mikkelsen, Darth Vader, and More in the Latest Rogue One Trailer
There have been a lot of secrets in regards to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’s plot, but as we get closer to the premiere, the details are beginning to trickle out. In the latest trailer […]
Geek deals roundup: Save on mobile VR, tablets, and more from GearBest
Xiaomi Virtual Reality glasses for $12.99 (Coupon code: LHXMVR) Investing in a major virtual reality setup like the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift will cost you hundreds of dollars, but you don’t need […]
Alex Trebek seriously burns contestant for her music taste
Alex Trebek is a certified savage. On Tuesday’s Jeopardy!, the host delivered a serious burn to an unexpecting contestant. After the contestant explained her love for “nerdcore hip-hop,” Trebek took a pause, looked her in the eye, and dropped the hammer. SEE ALSO: J.K. Rowling burns Donald Trump in…
The Daring Plan to Find the Next Earth Within a Decade
Artist’s rendition of an exoplanet orbiting Alpha Centauri B. Image: L. Calçada/Nick Risinger/European Southern Observatory When astronomers confirmed the discovery of an Earth-sized world orbiting Proxima Centauri just 4.25 light years away, hopes were ignited that there may be more planetary…
RT – Daily news
Global stocks down on strong dollar & weak Chinese data
World stock markets fell to their lowest in a month as sharply declining Chinese exports triggered worries over the state of the world’s second-largest economy. Read Full Article at
Cool Material
Faribault Woolen Mills U.S. Military Blankets
Since the 1890s, Faribault Woolen Mill has crafted blankets for our military. These blankets are prized for their sturdy construction, which allows them to stand up to the most difficult conditions. You may not need one for overseas deployment, but you can still enjoy the benefits at home. Choose either…
Cool Material
Wool & Prince’s Wool Shirts are Low-Maintenance and Comfortable
We have a pretty distinct idea of what wool clothing is. It’s hot, itchy sweaters or socks you wear while you’re camping or skiing and there’s nothing really beyond that. But Wool & Prince has a counter proposal. Wool can be soft, comfortable, and breathable, and has the added benefit of not needing…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Hyundai partners with Gurnade for aggressive Veloster concept
Hyundai is preparing an all-out onslaught for SEMA 2016, having taken the wraps off a Veloster to join the set of four-wheel drives it showed off last week. The Gurnade Concept takes the basic Hyundai Veloster, and works in a wide-bodykit and some choice engine modifications. .. Continue…
Charge Laptops and Other Gear in the Car With This $20 Inverter
Everyone should keep an inverter in their glove box for powering laptops and other electronics in the car, and this 2-outlet, 300W model is just $20 today on Amazon with promo code APOWER88.Read more… Full Feed
Locker-Room Talk With The Fifth Column
In fairness, this latest episode of The Fifth Column, the weekly three-headed podcast of “analysis, commentary, sedition,” was recorded last night just as the world was discovering a rash of new sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump. So Kmele Foster’s qualified defense may not be aging as… Full Feed
‘Bob Dylan Is the Shakespeare of Our Time’ – Penn Jillette on the Nobel Prize Winner
Bob Dylan has been awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature “for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition.” As justified as the prize is, the award committee’s words are an understatement. In a career that spans 50-plus years, Dylan’s impact has long exceeded…
YouTube Help
Engineering solutions for foundational education | Dintwe Afrika | TEDxUFS
Aduino Cool Kit is a robotics too invented to make robotics for young children a reality at very cheap prices.It is something that is very much needed in South African Educational context A PDTS lab assistant at FabLab, and he studied Electronics at the Central University of Technology. He is known…
YouTube Help
No data without representation – Do we need a new tax? | Regula Staempfli | TEDxBern
“No taxation without representation!” was one of the main demands that fueled the American Revolution. Today, data is the new taxes, Regula Stämpfli argues, and society must have a say in how it is used by governments and companies. Our data belongs to us and we must decide how we want to use it to increase…
Apple unveils tree-filled Regent Street store by Foster + Partners
Apple’s central London store has reopened following a major renovation by Foster + Partners that incorporates the tech giant’s new approach to retail. Read more
Soylent Bars recalled after some customers get sick
 The digestive tract of the ‘future of food’ does not always run smooth… The startup behind drink-your-dinner powder Soylent has issued a product recall. Not for its mainstay meal replacement powder — but rather for a $2 snack bar which you do still have to chew. Read More
Scientific American Content: Global
A New Tack to Stave Off Alzheimer’s Years before the First Symptom
Researchers try to prevent onset of the disease by correcting a brain cell process that goes awry — Read more on
Scientific American Content: Global
NASA Interns are Really, Really Excited About Their Work
They want you to be excited too, so they produce their own music videos—the latest inspired by Flo Rida’s “My House” — Read more on
Dutch Net Neutrality Law Goes Too Far Say Critics
An anonymous reader writes: The Dutch Senate has passed the revised Net Neutrality Law as part of an amendment to the country’s Telecommunications Act. The strict new law seeks to ensure that telcos and ISPs treat all internet traffic equally and cannot favor one internet app or service over another….
Curbed National
Low-cost vacation home lights up with translucent walls
Built for under $36 per square foot For many a home owner, good design is all about the light. This wee seaside cottage has an entire wall made of polycarbonate panels—a translucent material that brings beautifully diffused natural light into the home. Large windows and glass doors at the home’s front…
A first look at the London flagship Apple Store’s airy new makeover
LONDON — Apple’s UK flagship store is back after being closed for renovation — and it’s had more than just a lick of paint. Mashable got a first look at the redesigned new shop on Regent Street. With its huge windows and smart bulbs, the design of the store makes the most of natural light — a much…
BBC News – World
Prince’s vault of unreleased music on sale for $35m
Pop star Prince’s much-vaunted “vault” of unreleased music is offered for sale, according to US reports.
Digital Trends
Thumbs up! Steam is getting official DualShock 4 controller support
After years of the Xbox 360’s gamepad — and more recently, the Xbox One’s — serving as the default controller options for the majority of Steam players, they’ll now have another option: the PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4 controller is getting official support. The news was revealed in a developer-focused…
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors – Front Page
Questionable Claims of Apple’s Interest in Sonder’s Dynamic E-Ink Keyboard Technology Emerge
Yesterday, a Redditor with the username Foxconninsider posted about a new Smart Keyboard claimed to be a working prototype potentially coming to both iMac and MacBook devices sometime in 2018. Created by Australian startup Sonder and displayed at an event in Tsinghua University in Beijing, the keyboard…
Combining Skiing and Wingsuits Seems Like a Very Bad Idea
One reason a product ends up on crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo is because companies, or investors, have deemed it too dangerous to bring to market. Wearing a wingsuit while skiing seems like it would make an already dangerous sport even riskier, but you can still pre-order one via Indiegogo.Read…
BBC News – World
US judge summons Chris Christie
A judge signs a criminal summons accusing New Jersey Governor Chris Christie of misconduct for his alleged role in the 2013 closure of a bridge.
BBC News – World
West must stop ‘pulverisation’ of Aleppo – Boris Johnson
Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says the West must consider new military options against Syrian forces to stop Aleppo being “pulverised”.
The Gadget Flow
EarDial – The Invisible Smart Earplugs for Live Music
Live music lovers: save your hearing while enjoying your music at full fidelity with the world’s first invisible smart earplugs. EarDial’s high-fidelity noise filter, low profile design, and soft, hypoallergenic silicone with high transparency color, protect your hearing discreetly without sacrificing…
The Gadget Flow
Carbon Fiber Watch Made Affordable – Designed in Australia
A Carbon Fiber watch made affordable. They have designed and created a fantastic looking watch which incorporates a Carbon Fiber dial. It comes in three different colors to pick from along with three different case colors. What makes this stand out is the fact that they have used a Swiss Movement, Sapphire…
New Scientist – Online news
First UK trial of driverless pods paves way for autonomous taxis
Two-seater pods zip around the pedestrian zones of Milton Keynes in the first UK trial of driverless car tech. Timothy Revell goes for a spin
New Scientist – Online news
Cheese-making led to gene-swapping orgy of bacterial bestiality
The bacteria that create our cheeses are exchanging genes like mad as they compete to survive in this new environment
The Gadget Flow
Dagadam Watch – Most Intelligent Smartwatch Ever
Meet Dagadam, an incredibly high-quality smartwatch, made of materials used in the aerospace industry. But Dagadam isn’t just that! Dagadam combines machine learning software, feeds, notification systems and gadgets to save your time and always enable you to be in touch with what’s important in your…
The Gadget Flow
Solo Stove Bonfire – The World’s Most Unique Fire Pit
The Solo Stove Bonfire, the world’s unique fire pit, pushes the limits of both combustion airflow efficiency and minimalist outdoor design. It was painstakingly engineered to provide a backyard fire experience that cannot be duplicated. Using their patented design and specialized construction process,…
RT – Daily news
No UK plans for military force in Syria – PM May contradicts Johnson
Britain is not planning to extend its military intervention in Syria, according to Prime Minister Theresa May’s official spokeswoman, despite Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson telling the Foreign Affairs Committee the UK should consider more “kinetic action.” Read Full Article at
Newswise: SciNews
Rocket Motor Concept Could Boost CubeSat Missions
Researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory have developed a rocket motor concept that could pave the way for CubeSats zooming across space. These small, low-cost satellites are an easy way for scientists to access space, but are lacking in one key area, on-board propulsion.
Google Photos can now turn videos into GIFs, fix sideways photos & more
 Google Photos was already one of the smartest cloud photo services available today, thanks to its search technology and built-in assistant that automatically creates collages, animations and more from your uploads. Now, the company is upgrading its service again, with a bevy of new features aimed at…
Scientific American Content: Global
Safety Concerns Blight Promising Cancer Therapy
As the first T-cell therapies for tumors near U.S. approval, researchers race to engineer less-toxic alternatives  — Read more on
Popular Science
We Could Be The Last Car-Owning Generation, Says Transportation Secretary Foxx
Cars Discussing the future of automobiles at the 2016 Frontiers Conference The mayor of Pittsburgh, secretary of the department of transportation and more gather to discuss the future of sitting behind the wheel…
Steelseries’ Arctis 5 Is a Good Gaming Headset Without All the Stupid Flash
Gaming headsets have spent the last few years in a vicious race to the bottom. It seems like each new product is bigger, pricier, and flashier than the last. The companies that make these headsets have seemed more obsessed with bright lights and bizarre eye-catching shapes than they have with making…
Ars Technica
You can now claim your cash in the PS3 “Other OS” settlement
If you bought an original “fat” PlayStation 3 before April of 2010, you can now claim some cash from Sony as part of the settlement of a long-litigated case over the removal of the system’s “Other OS” feature. Using an online claim form, all early PS3 owners in the United States can receive $9 from… – latest science and technology news stories
Satellite sees rebirth of Aere the zombie storm
Tropical Cyclones sometimes reform after the become remnant low pressure areas, but it’s not all that common. When NASA-NOAA’s Suomi NPP satellite flew over the South China Sea, it captured an image of reborn tropical cyclone Aere and the “Zombie storm” is headed for landfall in central Vietnam. – latest science and technology news stories
Observable Universe contains ten times more galaxies than previously thought
Astronomers using data from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescopes and other telescopes have performed an accurate census of the number of galaxies in the Universe. The group came to the surprising conclusion that there are at least 10 times as many galaxies in the observable Universe as previously thought…. – latest science and technology news stories
A first glimpse into disc shedding in the human eye
An elusive biological cycle in the eye – the daily disposal and regeneration of the end tips of photoreceptor cells – has been captured in images for the first time in a living human eye. Photoreceptors are light-sensitive cells responsible for initiating vision. This glimpse into the inner workings… – latest science and technology news stories
Researchers examine construction accidents in Gulf region
Inadequate training, limited use of safety equipment and a lack of government oversight contribute to deaths and injuries among construction workers in the rapidly developing Arabian Gulf region, also known as the Persian Gulf, a UT Dallas study found. – latest science and technology news stories
Knowledge increases awareness of biodiversity despite firsthand experiences
Protecting an ecological paradise like the island of Santa Cruz can be challenging for its resource managers who want to maximize visitor experiences while minimizing negative impacts on the park. As the largest of five islands in Channel Islands National Park off the coast of California, Santa Cruz… – latest science and technology news stories
Hurricanes leave Florida coasts vulnerable to ‘King tides’
Flood warnings have been issued for parts of Florida’s Atlantic coast experiencing annual “King tides.” – latest science and technology news stories
Silver nanoparticle concentration too low to be harmful in water supply, paper finds
Silver nanoparticles have a wide array of uses, one of which is to treat drinking water for harmful bacteria and viruses. But do silver nanoparticles also kill off potentially beneficial bacteria or cause other harmful effects to water-based ecosystems? A new paper from a team of University of Missouri…
Engadget RSS Feed
Science creates a cast that lets you scratch those itches
If you made a list of things that sucked about breaking your arm, the fiberglass cast to heal you would be close to the top. You can’t shower with it, you can’t get at your skin and you wind up an itchy, sweaty mess for months on end. Three college s… – latest science and technology news stories
Feds forecast a weak and fleeting La Nina coming next month
Federal forecasters see a weak and short-lived La Nina coming, probably next month. The flip side of El Nino changes weather patterns worldwide, often bringing drier weather to the southern parts of the United States, including drought-struck California.

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