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California to Vote On Wiping Old Weed Arrests
California’s ballot measure to legalize recreational marijuana could be a beacon of hope for anyone with a criminal record for using or possessing weed.Proposition 64 would legalize marijuana for adults 21 and older. But it would also allow judges to resentence individuals convicted of weed-related crimes,…
Power Your Next Tailgate With This Quiet WEN Generator, On Sale Today Only
Football season’s here, and you can power your next tailgate with this surprisingly portable 1600 W (2000 W surge) generator.Read more…
Top Off Your Wardrobe With Up to 50% Off J.Crew Factory Accessories 
Another day, another J.Crew Factory markdown. This time, finish off your outfit with the perfect fall accessories, like scarves, hats, tights, and more for 40-50% off. If your office is as frigid as ours is, a blanket scarf or pair of gloves may be necessary in your future.Read more…
Chronocam secures $15M to power its ‘biological eye’ computer vision system
 Not everything in our field of view at any given time is all that interesting; often, it’s only when something consistent changes that our eyes take notice. Paris-based Chronocam is looking to further develop this concept in the computer vision space with its new camera technology being optimized for…
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Security experts say hackers can send deadly commands to cardiac devices
There is an ongoing legal dispute taking place between St. Jude Medical Inc. and several companies and individuals over specific cardiac implants that are monitored by the Patient Care Network (PCN). The latest chapter in the ongoing battle appeared on Monday in a legal brief stating that…
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Small spaceships for NASA may mean big leap for humanity
NASA’s new one-stop shop in California will allow research and development of new small spacecraft systems. Be it scientific instruments or exploration sensors, the tiny machines can help study the environment and contribute to space exploration. Read Full Article at
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Inflatable Space House
Best Of What’s New
Popular Science
Powerful New Camera Will Observe How First Stars Formed
Space The fastest, largest observations of the Universe, ever Astronomers plan to take a wide-angle view through the interstellar gas of the Universe and observe how the first stars formed.
Donald Trump made money off his name – but that could be ending
Throughout his presidential campaign, Donald Trump has promoted his namesake business, holding events at Trump-branded hotels and golf courses from Scotland to Florida. As the race approaches its conclusion amid a torrent of controversy, his company is launching a new brand that won’t carry his name….
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2016 Adaptalux
Price: $300  | Buy | LinkThe latest version of the one-of-a-kind macro photography and videography lighting system now has a built-in Bluetooth chip that lets you control it via an iOS app. Its battery now lasts up to four times longer than the first version at up to 10h per charge. More…
Alien: Covenant Has a New Name for Its Xenomorphs
In an interview on BBC Radio 2, Michael Fassbender gave a name to the creatures that will, we hope, bursting out of his chest in the newest Alien movie.Read more…
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artist turns 6-year-old son’s doodles into absurdly anatomically-incorrect animals
dom’s innocent doodles of elephants, sharks, cats, and cars turned into realistically-rendered creatures that are monstrously out-of-proportion and strangely shaped. The post artist turns 6-year-old son’s doodles into absurdly anatomically-incorrect animals appeared first on designboom | architecture…
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Competitions: You and Your Competitions
Registration Deadline: Nov 20, 2016; Submission Deadline Nov 20, 2016 This is a call for your contribution in a study on independent competitions – a prevailing culture in the field of design. We would like to crowd-source thoughts, ideas and strategies, and will share the compiled results in the hope…
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News: Bustler’s editor picks for architecture & design events: Los Angeles, October 24-31
We could’ve sworn on Frank Lloyd Wright’s ghost that October barely started, and yet Halloween festivities are upon us. As always, the city is abuzz with creative folks expanding the possibilities of how architectural design and practice can be reinterpreted, bringing attention to what in the urban environment… – latest science and technology news stories
Cytomegalovirus infection relies on human RNA-binding protein
Viruses hijack the molecular machinery in human cells to survive and replicate, often damaging those host cells in the process. Researchers at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine discovered that, for cytomegalovirus (CMV), this process relies on a human protein called CPEB1. The… – latest science and technology news stories
Competing attitudes about the homeless complicate public policy
Research has shown that policies designed to help the homeless are more popular with the public than those aimed at helping other social groups, including immigrants. But that hasn’t stopped policies that target the homeless and make their lives more difficult, such as banning lying down in public or… – latest science and technology news stories
Ancient burials suggestive of blood feuds
There is significant variation in how different cultures over time have dealt with the dead. Yet, at a very basic level, funerals in the Sonoran Desert thousands of years ago were similar to what they are today. Bodies of the deceased were buried respectfully, while families and mourners followed certain… – latest science and technology news stories
Urbanization: The historical cause of low oxygen conditions in European lakes
A new study shows that hypoxia, i.e. low oxygen conditions, in European lakes started in 1850, becoming more widespread after 1900, long before the use of chemical fertilizers and climate change. A Canadian and European research team has identified urban expansion as the reason for the low amounts of… – latest science and technology news stories
Genetic mutation in whale eyes may increase mortality risks
Scientists have found that a genetic mutation in the eyes of right whales that hampers their ability to see in bright light may make them more susceptible to fatal entanglements in fishing gear, one of the major causes of death for this critically endangered mammal.
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Horrific flesh-eating bacteria that killed man in four days expected to rise
Enlarge / Initial stages of a fatal V. vulnificus wound infection in a 59-year-old man. His infection progressed more quickly than Funk’s, with images A and B taken just four hours apart. This patient, infected in the Gulf of Mexico, died a little more than 48 hours after exposure to the bacteria….
TODAY ONLY Dell Latitude D630 Intel Core Duo 1.8GHz 14″ Laptop (REFURB) $89.99
TODAY ONLY Dell Latitude D630 Intel Core Duo 1.8GHz 14″ Laptop (REFURB) $89.99
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Wanted: Stem Cell Super Donors
Our bodies’ cells didn’t evolve to flourish in a petri dish. Even fast-growing skin cells stop dividing and turn thin and ragged after a few weeks outside the body. This natural obstacle limited the therapeutic potential of lab-grown cells – if you can’t grow the cells, you can’t use them to heal damaged…
Looks like Hillary Clinton might be getting campaign help from Jay-Z
In an effort to galvanize the vote of black millennials, Hillary Clinton’s campaign is turning to the one and only Sean “Jay-Z” Carter for help.  According to Buzzfeed News, the rapper is slated to perform a show before Nov. 8 to energize young voters in the swing state of Ohio ahead of the general… Full Feed
It’s Not Just About Marijuana: Other Initiatives on the Ballot This November
There are 163 statewide ballot initiatives that have been or will be considered by voters in 2016. A big chunk of them (but not all) are on the November ballot. In some states like Alabama, California, Colorado, South Dakota, and Washington, there are enough ballot initiatives to dominate the political… Full Feed
Gary Johnson Poll Collapse: Just 3% of Likely Voters in CNN/ORC Survey
CNN/ORC, one of the five gold-star polls selected by the Commission on Presidential Debates to determine eligibility for the now-finished debate season, came out with a new survey this afternoon, and it’s the worst single poll this season for Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson: just 3 percent among 779…
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AI-powered security cameras recognize small details faster
San Mateo-based Movidius may still be in the process of getting bought up by Intel, but the company’s latest deal will put its low-power AI and computer vision platform into more than just DJI drones and Google VR headsets. The company announced toda…
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Belgian media outlets hacked, Syrian Cyber Army claims responsibility
Several Belgian media outlets announced that they had fallen victim to a cyberattack. A Syrian hacker group claimed responsibility, saying the attack was retaliation for the Belgian air force bombing a village near Aleppo. Read Full Article at
Popular Science
Army Tests Self-Driving Supply Trucks
Military Autobots, roll out Smart, self-driving cars follow a human leader.
The people against legalizing weed are not who you might think
California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana, but its attempt at full legalization could be thwarted by the drug’s very industry. Many marijuana growers have come out and said they simply can’t support Proposition 64 which, if passed, means Californians age 21 and up could buy weed for…
What Hiring Managers Ask When You’re Overqualified for a Job
How many times have you seen a job listing that’s made you say, “Wow, that looks interesting, but I’m way too experienced?” This used to happen to me a lot—especially as I started advancing through the ranks of a sales organization. This post originally appeared on The Muse.I wanted to write full-time…
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Maze Runners
Working with dot-counting mice running through a virtual-reality maze, scientists from Harvard Medical School have found that in order to navigate space rodent brains rely on a cascade of neural signals that culminate in a single decision that prompts the animal to choose one direction over another.
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Dept. Of Energy and Argonne Offer Technical Assistance to Small Businesses
The U.S. Department of Energy’s Small Business Vouchers Program is once again offering U.S. small businesses unparalleled access to the expertise and facilities of DOE’s national laboratories, including Argonne National Laboratory. Small businesses in the clean energy sector have an opportunity to submit…
Onkyo TX-NR646 7.2-Channel 4K WiFi Bluetooth A/V Receiver (2 HDMI Out) $369.99
Onkyo TX-NR646 7.2-Channel 4K WiFi Bluetooth A/V Receiver (2 HDMI Out) $369.99
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Great Cities Begin With Sidewalks | Bill Lindeke | TEDxMinneapolis
Re-thinking everyday sidewalks as the foundation of urbanism: how cities depend on sidewalks for public health, mobility, and urban design. It’s easy to overlook the sidewalk. But so much depends on how we design our sidewalks, streets, and intersections. From the freedom to get around, to safety and…
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The I-Switch intelligent, gesture-controlled shower head launches on Kickstarter
There are few — if any — innovations in the shower head industry groundbreaking enough to warrant one’s attention, however, a recent Kickstarter project absolutely falls into the ‘few’ category. Launched this week on the popular crowdfunding website, a novel intelligent shower head dubbed the I-Switch…
Drypool Bath Allows You To Relax Without Getting Wet
Love taking a bath? Taking a bath can be relaxing, up to the point that I don’t know anyone who takes a bath solely for its cleaning purposes. That said, it both takes a lot of water to fill and a lot of time to dry yourself up after. It’s not terribly efficient as far as relaxing activities go is what…
Chuwi Hi10 Pro 10.1″ Intel Atom Dual Boot Win 10/Android Tablet (4GB/64GB) $159.99
Chuwi Hi10 Pro 10.1″ Intel Atom Dual Boot Win 10/Android Tablet (4GB/64GB) $159.99
Physics News
Scientists say boron nitride-graphene hybrid may be right for next-gen green cars
Layers of graphene separated by nanotube pillars of boron nitride may be a suitable material to store hydrogen fuel in cars, according to Rice University scientists.
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Can we survive not answering press questions? Clinton team’s dilemma in #Podesta17 release
Top staff members of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton discussed in May 2015 how the candidate could possibly avoid press questioning “at message events” throughout the summer of that year, according to staff emails published by WikiLeaks. Read Full Article at
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Moscow ready with new counter measures if US toughens anti-Russian sanctions – Deputy FM
Moscow is well prepared if Washington decides to impose new sanctions, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said, adding that his department has taken time to study the matter and now has “asymmetric” reciprocal measures at the ready. Read Full Article at – latest science and technology news stories
Big US banks unveil consumer payment app
Major US banking groups Monday announced they would join forces for a new person-to-person mobile payment application to counter services like PayPal’s Venmo and Square Cash. – latest science and technology news stories
Cyber attack likely mitigated, US Homeland Security says
The cyber attack which darkened a large portion of the US internet on Friday has been mitigated, but officials continue to monitor the situation, the Department of Homeland Security said Monday. – latest science and technology news stories
Gov’t: Cybersecurity should be part of auto design process
The government’s highway safety agency says automakers should make cybersecurity part of their product development process by assessing risks and designing in protections. – latest science and technology news stories
USGS: Oklahoma quake likely caused by wastewater disposal
The third-largest earthquake in Oklahoma was likely triggered by underground disposal of wastewater from oil and natural gas production, the U.S. Geological Survey found in a report issued Monday. Full Feed
Why Is The FDA Dragging its Feet on Admitting Snus is Safer Than Smoking?
It’s now been a full year since the Food and Drug Administration signaled that it was nearing a decision on whether a Swedish-made tobacco product could be marketed in the United States as a less-harmful alternative to smoking. What’s taking them so long? Stockholm-based Swedish Match won permission…
Some people think this could be Larry Page’s flying car
Did someone just spot Google co-founder Larry Page’s flying car?  A photo of a mysterious-looking vehicle at the airport in Hollister, California, has been the subject plenty of speculation lately.  SEE ALSO: Google’s big hardware moment is also its biggest test Page’s start-up Zee.Aero has a hangar…
Living Room Library: Built-In Shelving Stores Hundreds of Books
“A room without books is like a body without a soul,” said the philosopher Cicero, and…
The weird controversy surrounding CNN and the Time Warner-AT&T deal
Rarely does a company get to buy Batman, Tyrion Lannister, Lebron James and Wolf Blitzer all in one deal.  That’s exactly what AT&T is getting in its $85 billion deal with Time Warner. You might think that the Lannister clan and HBO, Batman and DC Comics or even Lebron and TNT would be the focus…
Kylo Ren Lightsaber Room Light
Give your bedroom an ominous ambiance by channeling the Dark Side using this Kylo Ren lightsaber room light. It easily mounts onto the wall, emits realistic sound effects, and pulses in two stages while giving off a sinister red glow. Check it out $23.46
Popsicle Watermelon Slicer
Get your kids eating healthier by turning your fresh watermelon into a tasty and mess-free snack using this Popsicle watermelon slicer. Crafted from tough plastic and stainless steel, it allows you to conveniently create yummy Popsicle shaped slices the kids will love. Check it out $9.67
DIY Terrarium Kit
Give your bedroom a touch of natural beauty by creating your own terrarium using this DIY kit. Each kit includes everything necessary to create a lively green environment – from the organic soil to the dried up moss which revives after you water it. Check it out $7.50
Waterproof LED Suit
Light up your nocturnal pool party in style by jumping in wearing this waterproof LED suit. The suit is composed of a breathable fabric that offers flexibility and is fitted with vibrant LEDs that you can control using a handheld remote. Check it out $1,820.00
Solar Powered Hydroponic Grow Box
Enjoy the benefits of having a lush garden without needing an entire field by using this solar powered hydroponic grow box. This coffee table sized box takes only four easy steps to plant your seeds and uses 90% less water than traditional growers. Check it out $227.99
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Valdai Club hosts intl speakers as tensions peak between Russia & West
High-profile journalists, politicians, researchers and financial experts have flocked to the Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi to talk current politics. The Valdai discussion clubs opens amid a deepening chasm between Moscow and the West. Read Full Article at
National Geographic News
Terrorists Hamper Polio Eradication Efforts in Africa
Set among the Redwoods in Sonoma’s wine country, Autocamp allows you to enjoy the pleasures of camping without all of the hassel. Their luxury campsite is made up of 24…Visit Uncrate for the full post.
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Atticus Motors Robocar is a semi-autonomous EV with a 93-mile range and a possible price of $25,000
The autonomous electric car revolution might eventually include this lightweight EV that has a built-in bike carrier and a side-entry trunk.
Gamestop Gift Cards up to 11.65% off at CardCash
Gamestop Gift Cards up to 11.65% off at CardCash
US Court Says Animals Can Be Listed As Threatened if Climate Change Poses a Risk
In a groundbreaking precedent that will likely be felt for decades to come, a federal appeals court in the US has ruled that a species can be listed as “threatened” based on climate change projections.Read more…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Antarctica-spec fatbike puts the power to both wheels
All-wheel-drive (AWD) for bicycles is one of those things that’s been around in one form or another for some time now, but is still mostly considered an oddity. In cases where cyclists have to ride on ice or plough through snowdrifts, however, it starts to make some sense … and when those people…
Mises Institute
Federal Meddling in Dairy Farms Hurts Both Consumers and Producers
Tags A A Home | Feed | Blog.rssLegal SystemU.S. HistoryPolitical TheoryFederal Meddling in Dairy Farms Hurts Both Consumers and Producers 0 Views When US dairy farmers worked together to reduce herd numbers — in order to limit supply and boost prices — this was apparently seen as a…
IKEA Gift Cards up to 8.21% off at CardCash
IKEA Gift Cards up to 8.21% off at CardCash
Tactica Talon
Made of an aerospace composite material, the Talon is a lightweight, 17-function EDC multi-tool. Tools include a ruler, box cutter, bottle opener, 5-15mm wrenches & interchangeable hex socket tools. A funded Kickstarter. For purchase information, Click Here
Skullcandy Barricade Speakers
With IPX waterproof ratings and impact-resistant designs, Skullcandy’s Barricade bluetooth wireless speakers deliver rugged, weatherproof durability & easy portability. 3 sizes are offered, the palm-size Mini, the larger 4.6-inch Barricade with 8-hour battery & the XL, a 6.8-inch speaker with…
Digital Trends
Fujifilm printer helps make dresses from holographic material and photographs
Fashion photographers often shoot the runway, but a dress collection by Yuima Nakazato actually brought photography onto the catwalk. Earlier on Monday, Fujifilm shared the story behind the unique dresses created with a wide-format photo printer and even boots made from images of Iceland. The dresses…
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Camera deals: GoPro, Nest Security Camera, Lytro Illum, more from $66
Today’s smartphones have all but replaced the need to own a simple point-and-shoot camera, but  even the best smartphone camera can’t replace a dedicated security or action cam. We’ve combed the web in search of a few unconventional camera deals. So whether you’re looking to record your outdoor adventures…
“Smart” security cameras may soon help catch those texting and driving
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1,161 people are injured and more than eight are killed in the US each day as a result of distracted driving.
Defiant 850-Lumen LED Flashlight $8
Defiant 850-Lumen LED Flashlight $8
Latest news
Automation, machine learning to shape the future of government: Gartner
Gartner believes governments now have the opportunity in the digital service economy to make strategic investments in IT or risk perpetuating suboptimal business and service models.
In a world where Apple bought Time Warner
Own an iPhone? Like Game of Thrones? In a world where Apple bought Time Warner, the media company behind HBO, CNN and TBS, the next season of the hyped fantasy series could have premiered exclusively to iPhone users. It’s a disconcerting scenario, but also one well worth considering now that AT&T…
Kettlebell Swings Boost Your Leg Strength and Power
If you want to run faster, jump higher, and still get a total-body strength workout, kettlebell swings are perfect. They work so many muscles in your posterior chain, improve your sprinting power, and strengthen your heart, to boot.Read more…
BBC News – World
‘IS fighters sat on bed as we hid underneath’
Students in Iraq tell the BBC’s Shaimaa Khalil about their close encounter with militants from so-called Islamic State.
Digital Trends
Samsung UN55KU7000 4K Ultra HD TV review
First unveiled at a swanky Las Vegas event ahead of the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, Samsung’s SUHD TVs (no, the “S” doesn’t stand for “super”) are the company’s flagship models, designed to compete with the best TVs on the market. With support for High Dynamic Range and Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology,…
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Event: [Re] Designing & [Co] Living the [New] American Dream
Event Date: Nov 2, 2016; Event City: New York, NY, US What used to be seen as the antithesis to the classic American dream, moving to the city instead of buying a home and settling down in the suburbs, has become the new norm. Jeff Wilson, CEO, KASITA; Darrick Borowski, principal, ARExA; and Brad Hargreaves,…
Bustler News, Competitions and Events
Event: Now Next Future Conference
Event Date: Oct 28, 2016; Event City: Los Angeles, CA, US NOW NEXT FUTURE – technology enabling design OCTOBER 28 – UCLA REGISTER BY MONDAY, OCTOBER 24 TO CONFIRM YOUR SPOT! Learn More: http://www.nownextfuture.orgJoin us for a one-day provocative conference focused on how technology enables design – now, next,…
Bustler News, Competitions and Events
Event: Eco-Architecture at BoConceptNY – An Evening with Dr. Ken Yeang!
Event Date: Oct 27, 2016; Event City: New York, NY, US Join friends and colleagues for an evening with acclaimed sustainability architect Dr. Ken Yeang, in the elegant BoConcept NY Chelsea showroom! ! Please register here:…Hailed as one of…
Verizon CEO: We’re not going to start making big media buys – CNET
CEO Lowell McAdam says the mega-deal makes sense for AT&T, but not for Verizon.
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Dazed and confused: Rising C02 sends fish swimming towards predators
Many species have found themselves in harm’s way as a result of the changing climate, but where the phenomenon may have a particularly profound effect is under the ocean. This is because rising concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere make the waters more acidic, a phenomenon that…
Mod Tablet 3
Your new mobile office.
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MIT scientists are foolishly training AI to scare people
Just in time for Halloween and the presidential election, MIT scientists have created an AI that makes images spooky. Think of it like filter app Prisma, but with a more sinister spin. A three-person team created an algorithm called Nightmare Machine that generates Halloween-inspired images from pictures…
The first photo of Earth from space was taken 70 years ago
Seventy years ago today, humans took a photo of our home planet as seen from space for the first time. The image itself is unassuming.  Taken from aboard a Nazi-built V2 rocket on Oct. 24, 1946, the black and white photo shows a smattering of clouds casting shadows down upon our planet. SEE ALSO:…
Keep a Plastic Sandwich Bag on Your Hand While Cutting Peppers
If you cook with hot peppers often, you know that protecting your hands with gloves helps keep your hands (and anything you touch) from burning for hours afterwards. If you don’t have gloves, a plastic bag will do the trick.You’ll want a baggie that’s thin and flexible enough to be able to maneuver your…
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Obamacare premiums to increase 25 percent in 2017 – White House
The Obama administration today confirmed that the president’s signature healthcare plan will see a double-digit spike in prices of premiums next year. Many Americans covered under the so-called “Obamacare” will be down to just one insurer. Read Full Article at
BBC News – World
Meet Cairo’s female tuk-tuk drivers
Tuk-tuks are predominantly driven by men in Egypt, but the country’s economic woes are driving more women to it as a means of earning a living.
No One Is Buying Smartwatches Anymore
An anonymous reader shares a Gizmodo report: Remember how smartwatches were supposed to be the next big thing? About that… The market intelligence firm IDC reported on Monday that smartwatch shipments are down 51.6 percent year-over-year for the third quarter of 2016. This is bad news for all smartwatch…
RT – Daily news
1 killed, over 200 injured in South Africa head-on train collision (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
A human error may have caused a horrifying head-on crash of two commuter trains northeast of Johannesburg, which resulted in one fatality and left more than 200 people injured. Read Full Article at
Study estimates cost of last year’s internet shutdowns at $2.4 billion
 Whenever there’s a shutdown of internet access or restrictions placed on an app, we shake our heads disapprovingly because we know it’s a fundamentally bad idea to do that. But what exactly is the cost of those shutdowns? A new study from the Brookings Institution suggests well over $2 billion over…
The ~20 Times Trump Has Threatened To Sue Someone During This Campaign
You’re reading Back of the Envelope, an experiment that aims to bring shorter, quicker content to FiveThirtyEight.Donald Trump on Saturday threatened to sue the women who have accused him of sexual assault once the election is over. Threatening to sue is a well-worn tactic for Trump. (So is being sued:…
Election Update: Why Our Model Is More Bullish Than Others On Trump
As I wrote last week, Hillary Clinton is probably going to become the next president. But there’s an awful lot of room to debate what “probably” means.FiveThirtyEight’s polls-only model puts Clinton’s chances at 85 percent, while our polls-plus model has her at 83 percent. Those odds have been pretty…
Next Big Future
New metamaterial could dramatically improve imaging, sensing and communication applications
A research team led by UCLA electrical engineers has developed an artificial composite material to control higher-frequency electromagnetic waves, such as those in the terahertz and far-infrared frequencies.The material, specifically a metamaterial because it is has properties not found in nature, could…
Next Big Future
Vaccine with a cocktail of 50 types of cold viruses gives cold immunity in monkeys and cold vaccine human trials are next with full 83 virus cocktail
Scientists are making the case that a vaccine against rhinoviruses, the predominant cause of the common cold, is achievable.The quest for a vaccine against rhinoviruses may have seemed quixotic, because there are more than 100 varieties circulating around the world. Even so, the immune system can handle…
BBC News – World
The millennials voting for Trump because they have ‘no choice’
Donald Trump is struggling among millennial voters in recent polls so what are his remaining supporters saying?
Why we don’t have a killer chatbot yet
GUEST: Most of today’s chatbot experiences are terrible. Conversational user interface design (UI) is difficult because it is foundationally different from the web and mobile interfaces. So how can chatbot makers identify patterns of interaction that engage users and build holistic experiences that delight…
BitPay beefs up Bitcoin wallet security with Intel chip integration
BitPay, which bills itself as the largest processor of Bitcoin in the world, has linked up with Intel to help ensure the security of its digital wallet. Copay, the open-source Bitcoin wallet created by BitPay, now integrates with the Software Guard Extensions built into Intel’s seventh-generation Core…
Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair Remastered
A supremely comfortable office chair makes a comeback.
Watchdogs want Google, Disney to stop kid-centric influencer marketing
Influencer marketing has been an increasingly contentious issue, with the FTC recently calling out deceptive sponsored social media posts as the first part of a crackdown against them. The commission wants to see more transparency with those posts, but is noticeably quiet on a related issue: influencer…
Netflix Pledges to Eat $3 Billion in Debt for Original Programming
Netflix announced in a press release on Monday that the company would be taking on another $800 million in debt in order to create more original content. Netflix is already in $2.37 billion of debt to further Netflix’s vision of being 50 percent original content. Chief content officer Ted Sarandos announced…
Google reportedly working on ‘mixed-reality’ headset, no phone or computer required
Google is making a play for virtual reality with the Daydream platform, but the company is said to be working on a separate project that combines both VR and AR into a standalone headset that doesn’t require a smartphone or a computer. According to a report from Engadget, citing people…
BBC News – World
Water war?
In Central Asia, a crisis is brewing over water and electricity. Some countries have energy, the others water – but they cannot seem to agree how to share resources.
The Arctic Looks Drop Dead Gorgeous in This Video
As you grow older, you start realizing that you might never get to see certain cities or visit some places around the world. Like, I’m fairly confident that I’ll never visit the Arctic. And, whatever, that’s okay, it’s too cold up there anyway. But my oh my, is it beautiful. It looks almost unreal—the…
Notorious RBG (aka Ruth Bader Ginsburg) to make her opera debut
The opera isn’t over until Ruth Bader Ginsburg sings. The Supreme Court justice has long been known for her obsession with opera, and now she’ll be making an appearance on stage. The justice will be in the National Opera’s production of Donizetti’s Daughter of the Regiment in Washington, D.C., on Nov….
Next Big Future
Marlon Brando foundation funded successful effort to clear Zika virus mosquito from Atoll islet that was owned by Brando
In just six months, without the use of chemical pesticides or genetic modification, researchers have freed one of the atoll’s (that was owned by Marlon Brando) isletfrom Aedes polynesiensis, an invasive mosquito species that is the vector of diseases such as dengue, chikungunya, and Zika.The society…
Next Big Future
3D-printed heart-on-a-chip with integrated sensors and pave the way for more complex devices
Harvard University researchers have made the first entirely 3D-printed organ-on-a-chip with integrated sensing. Built by a fully automated, digital manufacturing procedure, the 3D-printed heart-on-a-chip can be quickly fabricated and customized, allowing researchers to easily collect reliable data for…
Alibaba Founder To Chinese Government: Use Big Data To Stop Criminals
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Bloomberg: Chinese billionaire Jack Ma proposed that the nation’s top security bureau use big data to prevent crime, endorsing the country’s nascent effort to build unparalleled online surveillance of its billion-plus people. China’s data capabilities are virtually…
Report: New Zealand company selling surveillance tech to global spies
A company headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand has played an integral role in global mass surveillance, according to a new report. Based on documents and emails leaked to The Intercept, Endace has quietly been selling its technology to government agencies, allowing them to gather vast quantities of…
Google Maps for iOS updated with food delivery service integration, plus codes, more
Google today is rolling out an update to Google Maps on iOS that bumps the app to version 4.24 and brings a few useful new features for users. Now, users can more quickly order food from their favorite restaurants, as well as easily add photos of places from directly within the app and find plus codes…
designboom | architecture & design magazine
nervous system generates ‘corollaria’ jewelry based on natural cellular structures
brass sheets are photochemically etched to produce the cellular lattices and then shaped into 3D forms using a hydraulic press. The post nervous system generates ‘corollaria’ jewelry based on natural cellular structures appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
Next Big Future
US Army live fire testing smart gun that actively corrects aim
US Army testing actively aim stabilized gun.This month the U.S. Army’s Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiments (AEWE) program tested the AimLock Stabilized Weapon Platform for the first time during a live fire exercise. This ungainly-looking gun seeks to revolutionize the average infantryman’s combat…
Digital Trends
Solo Stove Bonfire is a portable fire pit for your backyard or campsite
Ever wish you could build a clean, warm fire next to your tent instead of a smoky mess when you are camping? The folks at Solo Stove may have a solution for your fiery problem. Say hello to the Solo Stove Bonfire, a portable fire pit that promises to produce the most beautiful and efficient fire that…
Donald Trump has insulted how many objects on Twitter? Guess – CNET
Technically Incorrect: Someone, somewhere had to compute the sheer number of objects of Trumpian scorn. It was The New York Times and it keeps computing.
ThinkGeek – What’s New
Home & Office : Star Trek Steel Salt and Pepper Shaker Starships
Red Alert! Battle Stations! Red Alert! Your dining room table will look like the Alpha Quadrant while your salt and pepper starships do battle! The U.S.S. Enterprise and Klingon Bird-of-Prey are made of steel and will hold their ground while also delicately seasoning your food. $59.99
ThinkGeek – What’s New
Geek Toys : Star Wars Lighted Darth Vader Tree Topper
No, I Am Your Tree Topper. Enjoy the Dark Side of the holidays with a Darth Vader LED tree topper, complete with programmed timer! Vader’s cape on this 12″ figure wraps completely around the top of the tree and will add some Star Wars to your holiday. $39.99
Bell keeps road inflicted mayhem under control with their new Riot helmet
Simple and secure protection for your two-wheeled journeys.Photo: Bell No, it’s not designed for an urban uprising, but if you’re looking for something a bit more streamlined to protect your melon on your motorcycle, the Riot should exceed all your criteria. The helmet features a low-profile composite…
RT – Daily news
‘Outraged’ Congress may intervene as National Guardsmen ordered to pay back bonuses
Almost 10,000 California National Guard troops have been ordered to repay their recruitment bonuses after an investigation discovered that many of them were ineligible, despite being told otherwise. Lawmakers are trying to block the “disgraceful and insulting” move. Read Full Article at
Space Foundation CEO resigns amid criticism
WASHINGTON — Elliot Pulham, the longtime chief executive of the Space Foundation, has resigned effective immediately, the organization announced Oct. 24. In a brief statement, the Space Foundation said that Pulham was stepping down and that a search for a permanent replacement was underway. The statement…
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DARPA tests parasailing radar with its robotic boat
If you want a vision of what naval battles could look like in the near future, you just got it. DARPA has tested a parasailing radar array (part of its Towed Airborne Lift of Naval Systems project, or TALONS) using its robotic ACTUV boat as a nest. The array flew up to 1,000 feet, where its sensors were…
Aussie comedians give Wham! a Donald Trump do-over in parody
Australian radio hosts and dad-joke fiends Ryan “Fitzy” Fitzgerald and Michael “Wippa” Wipfli have weighed in on the U.S. presidential race with a parody video clip. Set to the easy-to-rhyme tune of Wham!’s 1984 uber hit “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go,” it attacks Donald Trump for being a “bigot,…
RT – Daily news
Israel’s next Gaza war will be the last, defense minister vows
Stressing that Tel Aviv has “no intention of starting a new war,” Israel’s defense minister has vowed to seek the total destruction of Hamas if the militant group – which refuses to recognize the Jewish state – attempts to “impose” a conflict on Israel. Read Full Article at
Study finds brain tissue ‘changes’ in kids who played one season of football
Player safety concerns over head injuries in the NFL have trickled down to youth football.  In a study released Monday, researchers at the Wake Forest School of Medicine found that head impact exposure — the type that doesn’t result in concussions — in youth football leads to “changes in the brain’s…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
CubeSats could soon be zooming around space under their own power
Rubik’s-cube-sized CubeSats are a nifty, cheap way for scientists to put a research vessel into space, but they’re limited to orbiting where they’re launched – until now. Los Alamos researchers have created and tested a safe and innovative rocket motor concept that could soon see CubeSats zooming…
How To Choose The Perfect Belt For Men
  How to Shop for a Belt   For most men, belts are used simply for holding up the trousers. They are certainly ideally suited for this purpose, and they tend to be a lot more practical than suspenders. But belts can–and do–serve more than this basic function. For an increasing number of men, belts…
The Next Web
Google Cast app has a new name and logo
Google’s Casting app has gone through quite a few changes in a short amount of time. First called Chromecast – after the device that started it all – and then Google Cast, as the company expanded its streaming technology to more products, the app is today getting a new moniker: Google Home. We knew it…
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NatureHike Waterproof Travel Hanging Bag / Cosmetic Bag
URL:    $7.77[ Main Features ]This cosmetic bag can hold your makeup, towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, phone, camera and other small gadget.Easily hold the toiletries of 2-3 peopleUsing Japanese YKK zipper, is more durable and solidMultiple pockets included, classify to storage…
Bustler News, Competitions and Events
Event: Contemporary Practices in Islamic Design
Event Date: Oct 26, 2016; Event City: Dubai, AE Between the preservation of the Traditional and the reinvention of the Modern, panelists and moderator engage a lively discussion, introducing what diverse components of their own design contemporary practices and projects qualify as Islamic.Moderated by Dr….
Bustler News, Competitions and Events
Event: Landscape Fields, in memory of Zaha Hadid
Event Date: Oct 25, 2016; Event City: Dubai, AE Grounded within the study of landscape and field across Hadid’s larger oeuvre, the panel discussion, organized in association with Zaha Hadid Architects, seeks to engage a conversation around the late architect’s legacy and work within the Arab world. …
Digital Trends
Damson’s compact wireless speakers connect more than a football field apart
The engineers at Damson Audio are at it again. The Damson Twist speaker vibrates flat surfaces and the company’s  Headbones headphones use bone conduction (in your head), each producing quality sound from vibrations. Damson’s newest product, the S-Series, currently in an Indiegogo campaign, combines…
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
Venezuela govt and opposition to hold talks as crisis deepens
Venezuela’s socialist government and the opposition on Monday announced talks for the weekend to deal with a political standoff that has intensified since the suspension of a referendum drive to remove President Nicolas Maduro.
RT – Daily news
48 women & children flee rebel-held Aleppo as Damascus, Moscow cease airstrikes
Aleppo has not seen any Russian or Syrian air raids on the city for a week, creating all the preconditions for the humanitarian pause to work, the Russian Ministry of Defense said, as terrorists in eastern part of the city continue to hold civilians hostage. Read Full Article at
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NHTSA advice aims to keep connected cars safe from hackers
Following a smattering of recent high-profile attacks, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is taking a hard look at vehicular cybersecurity. In a 22-page document (PDF), the NHTSA outlines its voluntary best practices for automakers go…
AT&T, Time Warner shares dip as investors worry about regulatory approval
(Reuters) – Wall Street signaled skepticism on Monday that AT&T Inc would secure the government approvals needed to carry out its planned $85.4 billion acquisition of Time Warner, with shares of both companies falling as analysts scrutinized the deal. Time Warner shares were trading some 20 percent…
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NEXBOX A95X King TV Box, only $29.99, coupon inside!【New arrival】
NEXBOX A95X King Android TV Boxcoupon: CPA95KOnly $29.99, only 100 pcsSupporting RK3229 Quad-core CPU LED Display KODI 16.1 3D Graphics AccelerationMain Features:- 4K x 2K decoding will bring you the wonderful feeling of video and game playing- 3D graphics acceleration will give you the real feeling…
Love Your Dyson Even More With Tools That Let It Get Under Your Furniture
Dyson Reach Under Tool | Dyson Crevice ToolNo stone unvacuumed.I promised myself I’d either buy a couch that was flush with the floor, or buy a couch that a robot vacuum could fit underneath… then I fell in love with a couch that was a few inches off the floor like always.There are a ton of optional…
RT – Daily news
Emmett Till memorial pierced by gunfire, new tribute in the works
More than 50 bullet holes covering a memorial of Emmett Till, a black teenager killed by a lynch mob in 1955, have inspired a fundraiser for a new tribute at the site where the 14-year-old’s body was discovered. Read Full Article at
Study Finds Little Lies Lead To Bigger Ones
An anonymous reader quotes a report from ABC News: Telling little fibs leads down a slippery slope to bigger lies — and our brains adapt to escalating dishonesty, which makes deceit easier, a new study shows. Neuroscientists at the University College London’s Affective Brain Lab put 80 people in scenarios…
Next Big Future
China building 370 mph maglev trains
A Chinese firm will start researching and developing a magnetic levitation (maglev) train that can run 600 km per hour, which would be faster than any other maglev train currently in operation.CRRC Corp Ltd, China’s largest rail transportation equipment maker, said it will build a maglev rail line no…
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Henrik Fisker reveals the face of his upcoming electric vehicle
Henrik Fisker, once again, took to Twitter to release another image of his new company’s, Fisker Inc., 400-mile electric vehicle. This time, the Tweet revealed the front end of the upcoming car. The picture, which has the patina of old video game CG… Full Feed
Drug Busts Still Lead Arrest Statistics, Even as Marijuana Prohibition Fades
As troubled as our country is at the moment, divided between two main mutually contemptuous (and contemptible) political blocs, facing a rising generation seemingly frightened by the exchange of ideas inherent in a devotion to protecting free speech, and apparently committed to placing either a psychopath…
Big Think
Secret Nazi Base Discovered in the Arctic By Researchers
Russian researchers unearth over 500 artifacts from a secret Nazi base in the Arctic.Read More
Mises Institute
The Bad Economics Behind Monopoly
A A Tags Home | Feed | Blog.rssMedia and CulturePhilosophy and MethodologyPolitical TheoryThe Bad Economics Behind Monopoly 0 Views In 1868, a young Henry George wrote an editorial on the nearly completed Pacific Railroad that was soon to connect his state of California with the rest…
Archinect – News
The (potential) Impact of Building Energy Codes
In terms of financial benefits to consumers from reduced utility bills, energy codes could save $126 billion dollars from 2010 to 2040. This equates to a CO2 reduction of 841 million metric tons (MMT). These savings are approximately equal to the greenhouse gases emitted by 177 million passenger vehicles…
KurzweilAI » News
Will AI replace judges and lawyers?
(credit: iStock) An artificial intelligence method developed by University College London computer scientists and associates has predicted the judicial decisions of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) with 79% accuracy, according to a paper published today (Monday, Oct. 24) in PeerJ Computer…
RT – Daily news
Russia unveils first image of prospective ICBM set to replace ‘Satan’ missile
Russia has unveiled the very first image of a new super-heavy thermonuclear-armed intercontinental ballistic missile, the RS-28 Sarmat. The Sarmat, designed to be fitted with a hypersonic glider warhead, is expected to go into production as early as 2018. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
British special forces set to resume training ‘democratic & moderate’ Syrian rebels
British special forces will resume training moderate Syrian rebels through the US-led program which collapsed last year having utterly failed to reach the stated objective. The announcement is expected to be made by the Defense Secretary on Tuesday. Read Full Article at
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
Waterloo-led experiment achieves the strongest coupling between light and matter
Waterloo, Canada (SPX) Oct 21, 2016 Researchers at the University of Waterloo’s Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) recorded an interaction between light and matter 10 times larger than previously seen. The strength of the interaction between photons and a qubit was so large that it opens the door…
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
Mysterious cosmic objects erupting in x-rays discovered
Boston MA (SPX) Oct 25, 2016 Astronomers have found a pair of extraordinary cosmic objects that dramatically burst in X-rays. This discovery, obtained with NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and ESA’s XMM-Newton observatory, may represent a new class of explosive events found in space. The mysterious…
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
New 3D design for mobile microbatteries
Paris, France (SPX) Oct 20, 2016 In the race towards miniaturization, a French-US team-mostly involving researchers from the CNRS, Universite de Lille, Universite de Nantes and Argonne National Laboratory (US) as part of the Research Network on Electrochemical Energy Storage (RS2E)1-has succeeded…
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
Mission Prepares for Next Jupiter Pass
Pasadena CA (JPL) Oct 18, 2016 Mission managers for NASA’s Juno mission to Jupiter have decided to postpone the upcoming burn of its main rocket motor originally scheduled for Oct. 19. This burn, called the period reduction maneuver (PRM), was to reduce Juno’s orbital period around Jupiter from 53.4…
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
The universe is expanding at an accelerating rate or is it
Oxford, UK (SPX) Oct 25, 2016 Five years ago, the Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to three astronomers for their discovery, in the late 1990s, that the universe is expanding at an accelerating pace. Their conclusions were based on analysis of Type Ia supernovae – the spectacular thermonuclear…
Car crash given a shiny, golden makeover and no one knows why
They say you can’t polish a turd, but you sure can paint a car crash. A vehicular bungle, wherein a Toyota Camry met it’s crumpled end at the trunk of a tree on a pedestrian island, has been given a golden new lease on life by an as-yet-unidentified street artist. SEE ALSO: Artist’s animated “Illusions”…
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
NASA Establishes the Small Spacecraft Systems Virtual Institute
Moffett Field CA (SPX) Oct 25, 2016 NASA announces the addition of its newest virtual institute to advance the field of small spacecraft systems. The Small Spacecraft Systems Virtual Institute (S3VI), hosted at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California, will leverage the growing small…
Gear Patrol
Deals of Note: October 25, 2016
How to save on Levi’s corduroy pants, a Big Agnes sleeping pad and Jaybird wireless headphones. …Read More »
Gear Patrol
Today in Gear: October 25, 2016
Kevlar-reinforced charging cables, an awesome new mobile game, a remastered office chair and much more. …Read More »
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59 killed, dozens injured in attack on Pakistani police training center
Almost 60 people have been killed and over 100 injured after unidentified gunmen stormed a police training center in the city of Quetta, Pakistan, taking hundreds of cadets hostage. Islamic State terrorist group reportedly claimed responsibility for the attack. Read Full Article at
Next Big Future
Firmamentum, division of Tethers Unlimited, gets contract for demo of on orbit spiderfab manufacturing which will revolutionize space construction
Firmamentum, a division of Tethers Unlimited, Inc. (TUI), announced that it has signed a contract with Space Systems Loral (SSL), a leading provider of innovative satellites and spacecraft systems, to prepare a flight demonstration of in-space manufacture of a component on…
Bank of America unveils an AI-powered bot to help customers with their personal finances
Bank of America debuted a virtual assistant bot today at Money2020, a fintech conference being held this week in Las Vegas. Named Erica, the bot uses artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to learn your personal spending habits and offer helpful advice. The bot will be available by voice…
What mobile carriers do next: Become banks
GUEST: If banking is something you do on an app, why shouldn’t your mobile carrier actually be your bank? It’s more than just an idea. Orange, Telenor, and O2 are all building their own operations. In the UK alone, people use mobile banking apps more than 7,610 times a minute, or 4 billion times a year….
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Microsoft CEO says mixed reality is the ‘ultimate computer’
Microsoft is set to unveil several new products at its fall event on Wednesday, but that hasn’t stopped CEO Satya Nadella from dropping by Laguna Beach, California this Monday. During a WSJD Live interview with Wall Street Journal editor-in-chief Gerard Baker, Nadella delved into topics that concern…
Barack Obama blasts Donald Trump on ‘Mean Tweets’ – CNET
The US president had a strong response to a Donald Trump tweet from August.
Oppo and Vivo beat Huawei and Xiaomi to claim top spots in China – CNET
Both brands have boosted their market share by more than 5 percent in just one year, according to Counterpoint Research.
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
The life cycle of a flood revealed
Pasadena CA (JPL) Oct 25, 2016 A NASA analysis of a 2015 Texas flood is the first to document the full life cycle and impacts of a flood on both land and ocean. Using data from NASA’s Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) satellite and other satellite instruments, the study traced the event’s chronology…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Scientists trace plant hormone pathway back 450 million years
West Lafayette IN (SPX) Oct 25, 2016 Purdue scientists got a glimpse into more than 450 million years of evolution by tracing the function of a hormone pathway that has been passed along and co-opted by new species since the first plants came onto land. Flowering plants today, known as angiosperms,…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Amazon rainstorms transport atmospheric particles for cloud formation
Upton NY (SPX) Oct 25, 2016 Understanding how tiny particles emitted by cars and factories affect Earth’s climate requires accurate climate modeling and the ability to quantify the effects of these pollutant particles vs. particles naturally present in the atmosphere. One large uncertainty is what…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Wildfire management or fire suppression
Berkeley CA (SPX) Oct 25, 2016 An unprecedented 40-year experiment in a 40,000-acre valley of Yosemite National Park strongly supports the idea that managing fire, rather than suppressing it, makes wilderness areas more resilient to fire, with the added benefit of increased water availability and…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Ice shelf vibrations cause unusual waves in Antarctic atmosphere
Washington DC (SPX) Oct 25, 2016 Low-frequency vibrations of the Ross Ice Shelf are likely causing ripples and undulations in the air above Antarctica, a new study finds. Using mathematical models of the ice shelf, the study’s authors show how vibrations in the ice match those seen in the atmosphere,…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Kent study recommends solution to end unsustainable agricultural practices
Kent UK (SPX) Oct 25, 2016 A University of Kent study has suggested that rural areas can provide for both people and wildlife in biodiversity-rich tropical countries such as Colombia if agriculture is administered in the right way. Published in the journal Land Use Policy, Valeria Boron, of…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
The houseplant with a blueprint for improving energy harvesting
Bristol UK (SPX) Oct 25, 2016 For many people, nanotechnology belongs in the realm of science fiction. Researchers at the Universities of Bristol and Essex have solved the mystery of the blue sheen on the leaves of some begonias and have found that their chloroplasts have evolved a nanoscale light-trapping…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Pitt researcher part of team that finds Southern East Africa getting wetter, not dryer
Pittsburgh PA (SPX) Oct 25, 2016 The prevailing notion that the African continent has been getting progressively drier over time is being challenged by a new study that finds that drought has actually decreased over the past 1.3 million years and that the continent is on a 100,000-year cycle of wet…
Next Big Future
Positron Dynamics Vision of Antimatter Catalyzed Fusion
A few days ago Nextbigfuture interviewed Ryan Weed of Positron Dynamics and in 2015there was a youtube video which Ryan Weed had explained their antimatter fusion propulsion effort.Ryan had two later videos. One for Wired and one for TEDx.Reviewing the videos based on information from Ryan Weed.* Sodium…
Alan wants to turn health insurance into software-as-a-service
 Ok, my headline is a bit provocative, but it’s kind of true. French startup Alan is launching today a brand new full-stack health insurance company in France. Compared to existing products, Alan wants to make the experience much sleeker. Here’s how it works. The company just raised $13 million (€12…
Harvard Researchers Print World’s First Heart-On-A-Chip
Harvard University researchers have successfully 3D printed the first heart-on-a-chip with integrated sensors that are capable of measuring the beating of the heart. Gizmodo reports: The printed organ is made of synthetic material designed to mimic the structure and function of native tissue. It is not…
Brain Pickings
Joseph Brodsky on the Greatest Antidote to Evil
“What we regard as Evil is capable of a fairly ubiquitous presence if only because it tends to appear in the guise of good.” “One has to assume that every man is a thinking reed and a noble nature, even if only part-time,” Mary McCarthy wrote to Hannah Arendt in their poignant correspondence about good,…
Smart city project to boost Tallahassee resiliency, urban mobility
Florida State University (FSU) is partnering with the City of Tallahassee on an urban mobility project that aims to boost smart city resiliency. According to the university is working with city officials to enhance Tallahassee’s utilization of current transportation and power systems. The…
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
Venezuelan opposition bicker over Vatican-mediated talks with govt
Leaders of Venezuela’s opposition coalition publicly argued on Monday as its major factions turned against a surprise plan to hold talks with the unpopular government of President Nicolas Maduro. – latest science and technology news stories
Deep down fracking wells, microbial communities thrive
Microbes have a remarkable ability to adapt to the extreme conditions in fracking wells, according to a study published in the October issue of Nature Microbiology. – latest science and technology news stories
Take advantage of evolution in malaria fight, scientists say
One of the frustrations of fighting malaria is that mosquitoes evolve resistance to the insecticides used to kill them. – latest science and technology news stories
Researchers link virus to Alaska birds with deformed beaks
Biologist Colleen Handel saw her first black-capped chickadee with the heartrending disorder in 1998. – latest science and technology news stories
Big tech-media mergers raise fresh privacy concerns
They know how you browse the internet, your favorite TV shows and where you shop and travel.
Ars Technica
Nearly all Fossil brands now have hybrid smartwatches
Enlarge (credit: Diesel) On the heels of Misfit announcing the Phase, its first hybrid smartwatch, a bunch of other Fossil Group brands want in on that action. Chaps, Diesel, Emporio Armani, and Michael Kors have all added hybrid smartwatches to their connected devices lineup. All of of their smarthwatches…
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Opera’s latest browser can cope with your mountain of open tabs
Many web browser creators like to boast about performance in ideal conditions, where there’s only one tab and the app is already open. But that’s not how it works in real life — many people launch their browsers with numerous tabs left over from their last session, and that can be glacially slow if…
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
Blast rocks Mediterranean resort in Turkey
An explosion Tuesday in the parking lot of the local chamber of trade in the Mediterranean resort city of Antalya in southern Turkey caused minor injuries, according to Turkish media reports.
RT – Daily news
No Russian or Syrian air strikes on Aleppo for seven days – Moscow
Aleppo has not seen any Russian or Syrian air raids for a week, creating the necessary conditions for a humanitarian pause to work, the Russian Ministry of Defense said, adding that terrorists in the eastern part of the city still hold civilians hostage. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
ISIS takes out Iraqi Abrams with anti-tank missile (DRAMATIC VIDEO)
A Russian-made anti-tank missile reportedly obliterated a US-made Abrams tank involved in the offensive on the terrorist-held city of Mosul, Iraq. Footage of the alleged incident was released by Islamic State’s (IS, formerly ISIS) propaganda channel. Read Full Article at
Fremo’s Evo battery frees Amazon Echo Dot from restraints
If you wanted to get a hold of Amazon’s Alexa virtual personal assistant on the cheap, you had not look farther than Amazon’s own Echo Dot, which gave you a squashed Echo for $50 only. Looks, however, can be deceiving. Despite the speaker’s diminutive size, it isn’t exactly portable, require you to plug…
The Next Web
Why Spotify’s Discover Weekly is getting really boring
I really like what Spotify has been doing since it acquired music data company The Echo Nest. It has been steadily releasing a ton of great features that make the most out of the data it now collects on a daily basis. The first one was released a year ago, and quickly stole the hearts of its users. Discover…
Wall Street turning to AI to watch for stock market cheats
(Reuters) — Artificial intelligence programs have beaten chess masters and TV quiz show champions. Next up: stock market cheats. Two exchange operators have announced plans to launch artificial intelligence tools for market surveillance in the coming months and officials at a Wall Street regulator tell…
RT – Daily news
US shouldn’t treat Philippines like ‘dog with leash’ – Duterte
The US shouldn’t treat the Philippines like a “dog with a leash,” says President Rodrigo Duterte, adding that he does not want to see foreign soldiers in his country. The remarks are the latest in a string of inflammatory statements aimed at Washington. Read Full Article at
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Apple watchOS 3 and watchOS 3.1 features and updates
Update: Did you feel that on your wrist? Your watchOS 3 update has quietly become watchOS 3.1. Here’s what’s new in both versions for the Apple Watch and the new Apple Watch 2.WatchOS 3 and WatchOS 3.1 are the new software updates that make owning an Apple Watch and Apple Watch 2 a worthwhile investment.It’s…
The inefficient efficiency of Hyperconvergence (and other alternatives)
Last week I was on a call with an executive of a large HCI vendor. He asked me what I actually thought about Hyperconvergence and whether, from my point of view, it will become dominant in all types of enterprises… my short answer was “yes and no”, and here is why. When you talk with end users the…
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NeatReceipts Portable Scanner – Great Buy Under $200.00
As today’s portable scanner technology gets better and better, the features and functionality that they provide makes them a good choice in instead of regular desktop scanners. – latest science and technology news stories
Enormous dome in central Andes driven by huge magma body beneath it
A new analysis of the topography of the central Andes shows the uplifting of the Earth’s second highest continental plateau was driven in part by a huge zone of melted rock in the crust, known as a magma body.
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MTV to add fan livestreams to music programming in 2017
To entice millennial viewers, MTV is experimenting with a hybrid TV format that combines traditional programming and user-created livestreams. Back in June, MTV Music tested a slot that allowed fans to broadcast their dance moves on national TV. A sp…
BBC News – World
India puzzled by ‘sacking’ of Tata boss Cyrus Mistry
The country’s media is filled with speculation about what was behind the “ousting” of Tata chairman Cyrus Mistry and where the company is heading.
BBC News – World
Jayalalitha: The photograph ‘ruling’ an Indian state
Ailing Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha has given up her powers to her deputy, but her photograph still chairs all important meetings in the state.
BBC News – World
Mississippi: Call for investigation over ‘noose put on black student’
The parents of a black high school student in the US say white students put a noose around their son’s neck in Mississippi.
RT – Daily news
RT meets Aleppo cancer kids denied aid, food due to EU & US sanctions against Assad (EXCLUSIVE)
No life-saving drugs, necessary equipment, or chance of survival – RT’s Murad Gazdiev visited children in an Aleppo hospital who are suffering from cancer – some treatable – but vital medicine can’t reach them due to EU and US sanctions. Read Full Article at
Light My Fire Swedish FireKnife $15
Light My Fire Swedish FireKnife $15
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
Dozens killed in brazen attack on Pakistani police academy
At least 59 people were killed and more than a hundred critically wounded when gunmen stormed a police training academy in the Pakistani city of Quetta overnight Tuesday in an attack claimed by the Islamic State (IS) group.
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Best photo-editing apps in 2016
The lines between mobile and desktop image editing are becoming increasingly blurred, with mobile apps becoming increasingly powerful and adding features such as the ability to edit raw files.We may not be ready to ditch our computers just yet, but much of the editing we’d traditionally do on desktops…
TechRadar: All latest feeds
This robot knows the gentle caress of a human touch
A soft stroke of the upper arm. A nudge under the table. A punch in the face. There are many ways that humans communicate complex emotions with a simple touch. But robots have always been mostly oblivious to these social cues.Now, however, engineers at the University of Twente are developing a system…
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
Electric current at record speed
BBC News – World
Egypt seizes 9,000 tonnes of sugar in raids amid shortage
Egyptian authorities seize 9,000 tonnes of sugar in raids on factories and warehouses, amid a nationwide shortage.
The NBA is tripling its Snapchat output for the 2016-17 season
The National Basketball League is bringing more shots to Snapchat.  The league and Snap have renewed a partnership to bring behind-the-scenes and in-game coverage to the app. They are expected to triple the amount of content compared to last year, when Snapchat hosted Live Stories and curated collections…
Cool Hunting
Buy: Hometown Heroes Leather Basketball
Made from 100% leather, this black basketball was crafted by Atelier New Regime for indoor use. Part of the Hometown Heroes capsule collection, the ball is size seven (aka men’s official size, with a 30-inch circumference) and while boasting logos…… Continue…
LOHAS 7W Dimmable LED 60-65W Equivalent Candelabra Light Bulbs (3-pk) $16.99
LOHAS 7W Dimmable LED 60-65W Equivalent Candelabra Light Bulbs (3-pk) $16.99
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The Morning After: Tuesday October 25th 2016
While you were sleeping, we found out where you can still buy a Galaxy Note 7 (don’t), Apple added Portrait mode to its flagship iPhone 7 Plus, and we’re thinking about what Microsoft has planned for later this week.
RT – Daily news
Norway nuclear reactor suffered radioactive leak – authority
The Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (NRPA) has said that one of the country’s research reactors suffered a leak of radioactive iodine on Monday. Read Full Article at – latest science and technology news stories
How does the loss of a wildebeest migration also harm giraffes?
Animal migrations are among the world’s most awe-inspiring natural phenomena. This complex behaviour includes repeated, long-distance, seasonal movements between breeding and non-breeding sites. Unfortunately, animal migrations are an increasingly endangered phenomenon as migratory animals face the ubiquitous… – latest science and technology news stories
Whaling nations vote down bid for South Atlantic sanctuary
Whaling nations defeated a renewed bid Tuesday by southern hemisphere states to create an Atlantic sanctuary for the marine mammals hunted to near extinction in the 20th century. – latest science and technology news stories
Nissan hiring 300 to develop common connected car technology
The top executive overseeing connected vehicles at Nissan and Renault believes the benefits of developing a common technology for connectivity within the Japanese and French auto partnership outweigh the risks of sustaining huge damage from a possible defect or cyberattack. – latest science and technology news stories
Earth-sized planets with abundant water statistically likely around red dwarfs
Computer simulations of the formation of planets orbiting in the habitable zones of low mass stars such as Proxima Centauri by astrophysicists at the University of Bern show that these planets are most likely to be roughly the size of the Earth and to contain large amounts of water. – latest science and technology news stories
Changes in the macrobenthos community of the southern Bohai Sea over the past 60 years
The evolution and degeneration of ecosystems in estuaries and coastal zones are becoming a general trend worldwide. The Bohai Sea, an important, semi-enclosed sea in China, has been degenerating as a result of climate change and anthropogenic disturbances.
Fast Company
These Creative Interview Questions Can Reveal The Ideal Job Candidates
Forget asking what kind of animal they’d be. Here’s how to use creative techniques to find the best talent. Forget asking what kind of animal they’d be. Here’s how to use creative techniques to find the best talent.We’ve all heard the weird questions that some hiring managers like…
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Here’s What Happened When I Gave Up Following The News For A Week
“Being informed” and being a news junkie are two very different things. “Being informed” and being a news junkie are two very different things.Raise your hand if you are sick of all the election coverage. Or constantly hearing about potential terror threats, the latest e.coli outbreak…
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German police carry out 13 anti-terrorism raids across 5 federal states
German police forces conducted several raids across five federal states in response to an “imminent terror threat,” according to local media. Read Full Article at
Pedrali presents furniture for contemporary workspaces at Orgatec 2016
Dezeen promotion: Italian brand Pedrali presents office furniture designed to create more effective open-plan workplaces at this year’s Orgatec trade show in Cologne. Read more
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Four Ku Klux Klan underground cells currently active in Germany – report
The KKK has four clandestine cells currently active in Germany, according to local media, citing a parliamentary inquiry. Despite being “marginal,” the white supremacist group’s influence on German far-right groups is not to be downplayed, an MP warned.  Read Full Article at
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Best Amazon Prime Instant Video TV shows: 25 essential shows on Amazon Prime
UPDATE: Amazon has released a new trailer for its biggest show yet – The Grand Tour. The show sees the ex-Top Gear trio travelling the world to take part in a variety of car-focussed adventures, with additional segments filmed in front of live studio audiences. It will be on Amazon Prime weekly from… – latest science and technology news stories
Integration of oxidative perovskite with a reductive framework through aqueous pre-oxidation for water oxidation
Qiang Zhang of the faculty of chemical engineering at Tsinghua University has proposed a novel concept to overcome the intrinsic contradict between oxidative perovskite and the reductive conductive framework through an aqueous oxidation strategy. The monolith exhibited low overpotential and high reactivity… – latest science and technology news stories
Microscopic technique to observe antibiotics live in action
A new microscopic technique is enabling scientists to observe the antibiotic daptomycine live in action. This marks an exciting first, because even though doctors have been prescribing this antibiotic for over a decade, its precise mechanisms have remained unclear. Researchers at the University of Amsterdam… – latest science and technology news stories
What wind, currents and geography tell us about how people first settled Oceania
Just look at a map of Remote Oceania – the region of the Pacific that contains Hawaii, New Zealand, Samoa, French Polynesia and Micronesia – and it’s hard not to wonder how people originally settled on these islands. They’re mostly small and located many hundreds to thousands of kilometers away from… – latest science and technology news stories
Nano-decoy lures human influenza A virus to its doom
To infect its victims, influenza A heads for the lungs, where it latches onto sialic acid on the surface of cells. So researchers created the perfect decoy: A carefully constructed spherical nanoparticle coated in sialic acid lures the influenza A virus to its doom. When misted into the lungs, the nanoparticle…
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Link brings its free public Wi-Fi booths from New York to London
Link’s public Wi-Fi access points are coming to London, marking the hubs’ first expansion outside of New York. The LinkUK “Links” kiosks will be coming to the British capital in 2017 in a partnership with telecoms company BT. Each kiosk will offer a number of free services including gigabit Wi-Fi connections,…
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Over two-thirds of Russians oppose ban on abortions, poll shows
An overwhelming majority of Russians are against an initiative by Christian pro-life activists promoting a total ban on abortions, a nationwide public opinion poll conducted soon after the plan’s launch reveals. Read Full Article at
How to merge iPhoto and Photo libraries on a Mac
Christoph Stork’s photo libraries are overflowing. He owns a MacBook Pro with a 750GB drive, but has an iPhoto library that weighs in at 190GB and a Photos library that takes up 250GB. His drive is almost full and he’s not sure how to proceed. How can I know whether the pictures in the iPhoto library…
Amazon Offers Exclusive Lime Green New 3DS XL
When March 2017 arrives the Wii U and 3DS are effectively dead hardware. Sure, you’ll still be able to find games for them, there may even be quite a few new game released […] Physics News
Scientists discover particles similar to Majorana fermions
Majorana fermions were first proposed by the physicist Ettore Majorana in 1937. They are fermion particles that are also their own antiparticles. These fermions are vital to the research of superconducting materials and topological quantum computation. However, 80 years later, scientists have not found… Physics News
3-D printed metamaterial shrinks when heated
Members of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s Additive Manufacturing Initiative are among a group of researchers who have developed 3D printed materials with a unique property—instead of expanding when heated, they shrink.
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Intel’s superfast memory tech gets hit by a major delay
Intel has revealed that there will be a considerable delay in the arrival of 3D XPoint memory, and the blazingly fast modules apparently won’t pitch up until late 2018 at the earliest.This news comes courtesy of The Motley Fool, which reports that in Intel’s latest earnings call, CEO Brian Krzanich said…
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How Volkswagen plans on putting a million electric cars on the road by 2025
Volkswagen is getting ready for life after the TDI scandal, AKA “dieselgate”. The company isn’t giving up on the internal combustion engine, but it’s putting an unprecedented focus on electric mobility. That means developing an array of electric cars, while also investing in the infrastructure required…
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New Supernovae Analysis Calls Dark Energy into Question
In 2011, the Nobel Prize for Physics was shared by astrophysicists Saul Perlmutter, Adam Riess, and Brian Schmidt. Their accomplishment: uncovering evidence for the accelerating expansion of the universe. This acceleration was what would come to be associated with a mysterious repulsive force called…
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UK floating home offers a taste of luxury on the water
There are lots of people who like the idea of living on water, but for whom the idea of living on a boat doesn’t, well, float their boat. The Chichester floating home offers a solution to this, by giving residents the comforts of a house with the benefits of a waterborne lifestyle… Continue…
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Honda Clarity makes the case for hydrogen with 366 mile range
Both hydrogen and pure electric cars promise zero local emissions driving, but drawing on a fuel cell for power has its benefits, chief among which is range. The latest EPA figures for the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell have shown it will go the extra mile, with a 366 mile (589 km) rating making it…
In the Self-Driving Future, Cars Are the New Arcades
This future presents opportunities to entertain passengers—and to sell them stuff. The post In the Self-Driving Future, Cars Are the New Arcades appeared first on WIRED.
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Why Robots Must Learn to Tell Us “No”
Don’t worry about disobedient machines. Devious human masters and misunderstood commands are the real threat — Read more on
Scientific American Content: Global
Closing in on a Giant Ghost Planet
Scientists have shrunk the hunting ground for the mysterious Planet Nine by half — Read more on
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No Russian or Syrian airstrikes on Aleppo for 7 days – Moscow
Aleppo has not seen any Russian or Syrian air raids for a week, creating the necessary conditions for a humanitarian pause to work, the Russian Ministry of Defense said, adding that terrorists in the eastern part of the city still hold civilians hostage. Read Full Article at
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Bonjour is a smart alarm clock powered by artificial intelligence
I hate my alarm clock, and I bet you hate yours. I mean, who doesn’t? They’re machines that drag you from your comfortable slumber into the cold drudgery of everyday life. Fuck everything about them. I don’t think I could ever like an alarm clock. But could I be impressed by one? Sure I could. And Bonjour,…
CyArk Captures Culture and Preserves History in the Face of ISIS in Syria
This article was originally published in Redshift and is republished here with permission.In 2001, the Taliban destroyed the Buddhas of Bamiyan in central Afghanistan using dynamite, anti-aircraft guns, and artillery. After weeks of incremental destruction, nothing of the statues remained.That sad turn…
Why is Apple letting Macs rot on the tree?
Apple has been selling Macintosh branded computers for 31 years, but with its emphasis shifting to smartphones, watches, music and who knows what else, the company has neglected its Mac line, leaving the Apple faithful wondering if the company is still committed to it.To read this article in full or… – latest science and technology news stories
New method of estimating biodiversity based on tree cover
Historically, conservationists have protected species by placing large swaths of land into preserves and parks. However, only 13 percent of the world’s land area is located in protected natural land. Most of the planet’s species live in ecological gray areas, located within a gradient where one end is… – latest science and technology news stories
Massive cyberattack poses policy dilemma, scholar says
The coordinated cyber attack that crippled parts of the internet on Friday highlighted key policy problems, a Stanford cybersecurity scholar said. – latest science and technology news stories
Image: CST-100 Starliner manufacturing
An engineer guides the upper dome of a Boeing CST-100 Starliner as it is connected to the lower dome to complete the first hull of the Starliner’s Structural Test Article, a prototype spacecraft that is identical to the operational versions but not meant to fly in space. – latest science and technology news stories
Uber service faster in low income Seattle neighborhoods, initial study finds
Your wait time for an Uber ride in Seattle is shorter if you are in a lower income neighborhood. – latest science and technology news stories
Turning CO2 to stone
Earth has limits to the amount of carbon dioxide in its atmosphere before the environment as we know it starts to change. Too much CO2 absorbed by the oceans makes the water more acidic. Too much in the atmosphere warms the planet. With emissions from our carbon-based economies rising, scientists at…
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Record-breaking CO2 levels mark a new era in the worlds climate
  Environmentalists around the world winced when global CO2 levels surged past 400 parts per million for the first time in recorded history in 2014. Now, it’s looking like last year’s records are the new normal – the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) believes 2016 will be the first full…
Score Some Sweet Lifehacker T-Shirts, Stickers, and Hoodies in Our New Store
You’ve asked when we would sell Lifehacker t-shirts and stickers, and well, today’s the day. Maybe a decal for your laptop, or a t-shirt to show the world you’re not only good looking, but well-read, too. Now’s your chance! The Lifehacker Store is open for business. We’re starting with logo shirts and…
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Google buys eye-tracking startup to boost its VR hardware
Google’s mission to bring VR to the masses has resulted in the development of the Daydream View and Cardboard, but the company isn’t stopping there. In July, we brought you news that the search giant is secretly working on a new high-end standalone h…
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UK ministers approve Heathrow airport expansion
The expansion of London’s Heathrow airport has been approved by a committee of ministers. The £16 billion ($20 billion) expansion will include adding a third runway to increase airport capacity. Read Full Article at
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How small-scale wind turbines are made
Robert Llewellyn visits a factory that makes 100% British-made small-scale wind turbines.
Latest Items from TreeHugger
Don’t put tomatoes in the fridge
Science now tells us that refrigeration ruins tomatoes’ glorious taste.
Roscosmos says Galileo, other European space programs could suffer from payment dispute
PARIS — The Russian space agency, Roscosmos, on Oct. 21 gave written warning to the French government that it would take France to court in six months unless France’s Arianespace launch-service company frees up about 300 million euros ($330 million) in long-overdue payments. In what appears to be an… Full Feed
Female Genital Mutilation Remains Widespread in Many Countries
The United States is in the midst of an election where allegations about mistreatment of women abound. But in parts of the world, women do not enjoy even the most basic of rights—let alone a shot at political leadership and power over their male counterparts. In some Middle Eastern, Central Asian and…
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Failure to sign trade deal with Europe may leave Canada stranded
The collapse of a free trade agreement with the European Union could undermine Canada’s plans to reduce its economic dependence on the United States. Seventy-five percent of Canadian exports go to the US. Read Full Article at
London is next in line for Google-backed gigabit Wi-Fi
London is next in line to receive the Link high-speed Wi-Fi service that briefly brought high-speed porn to the streets of New York. Intersection, the company behind LinkNYC, is partnering with British telecommunications operator BT and outdoor advertising company Primesight to deliver the service…
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Netflix and Drugs: Netflix CEO contemplates the future of entertainment
‘Netflix and Chill’ was cool, but ‘Netflix and Drugs’ is gonna be wild. In a recent interview with WSJD Live, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings had a chance to speak about what has made the streaming service so popular and how the company plans to maintain its momentum. As far as the future is concerned, Hastings…
Clarifai raises $30M to give developers visual search capabilities
 Matt Zeiler grew up in a Canadian farming community — but fast forward a few decades and he’s now running a startup that’s looking to bring the same kinds of visual search tools that Pinterest and Google have to other companies and developers. That company is Clarifai, a New York-based startup that…
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A New Target for Treating Mania?
Elevated levels of uric acid are implicated in bipolar disorder — Read more on
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London calling! Link plans to bring its free gigabit Wi-Fi access points to the UK
Link is bringing its public access points to London, making it the first market outside of New York it will enter. The LinkUK ‘Links’ kiosks are the product of a partnership with BT and will offer a number of free services, including gigabit Wi-Fi, two USB charging ports, maps and local information,… – latest science and technology news stories
Chinese firm says it did all it could ahead of cyberattack (Update)
A Chinese electronics maker that has recalled millions of products sold in the U.S. said Tuesday that it did all it could to prevent a massive cyberattack that briefly blocked access to websites including Twitter and Netflix.
How to Disable Chrome’s New “Suggested Articles” Feature
Several months ago, Chrome started experimenting with adding suggested articles to your new tab page. That was neat when it was optional. In the new Chrome 54, it’s mandatory. Here’s how to turn it off.When you open a new tab in Chrome 54, if you scroll down you’ll see recently used bookmarks, followed… – latest science and technology news stories
Professor creates self-folding, origami robots
Sam Felton envisions a world in which temporary housing would autonomously constructed, and origami robots would fold themselves into 3-D machines for space exploration. Based on the research he’s done—and the origami robots he’s already built—his vision might not be as far-fetched as it would seem. – latest science and technology news stories
Researcher discusses the transition from gas to electric motors
Electric motors have been around since Thomas Davenport built the first functional model in 1834, and they have played a growing part in our lives ever since. Today, they continue to replace diesel and gas engines, as well as hydraulic cylinders, while evolving into new designs optimized for robots and… – latest science and technology news stories
Integrated neighborhoods more common across the US, study finds
In all parts of the United States, the number of neighborhoods that sustain a mix of black, white, Asian and Hispanic residents over time is growing quickly, a new study finds. – latest science and technology news stories
Study reveals human ability to make ourselves sound bigger
Research from the University of Sussex suggests that humans are unique among primates in being able to intentionally alter the frequencies of our voices to sound larger or smaller than we really are, a capacity that is likely to have evolved over many thousands of years. – latest science and technology news stories
IEA hikes green energy forecast after ‘turning point’ year
Government support and lower costs will power stronger-than-expected global growth in renewable energy over the next five years, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said Tuesday.
Seven shocking sights at the Istanbul Design Biennial 2016
The evolution of the human body is one of the major topics of this year’s Istanbul Design Biennial, with exhibits ranging from a cyborg skeleton to a brain in a book. Dezeen editor Amy Frearson has selected seven of the most provocative examples. Read more
WhatsApp begins rolling out video calling feature, but there’s a catch
You already send text messages and make voice calls with WhatsApp, now you can also make video calls through the app — provided you’ve an Android phone, for now. SEE ALSO: Facebook gives WhatsApp the Snapchat treatment, too Though the company hasn’t begun advertising this yet, but new beta versions…
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US-style democracy export arrogant, destabilizing, failure – Hungarian PM
Hungary’s prime minister has blasted the Obama administration’s foreign policy, saying it is based on arrogance and disregards reality. Viktor Orban said exporting democracy US-style produces instability, migration and extremism. Read Full Article at
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1 in 4 councils refuse to take Calais child refugees… including Theresa May’s constituency
Almost 40 councils in England are refusing to accept any of the roughly 1,000 child refugees evacuated from the Calais ‘Jungle’ camp, which is being demolished by the French government this week. Read Full Article at
House in the tree crown
Nanavízió made its debut with this minimalistic, low-key single family home that hides among the ancient trees of the surrounding woods. The steeply sloping wooded lot was definitely a challenge, but it also inspired the architects to incorporate the trees into the design. Thanks to those steep…
Nearly All Of Silicon Valley’s Political Dollars Are Going To Hillary Clinton
Graphics by Ella KoezeAditya Agarwal at Dropbox headquarters in San Francisco.Photograph by Jeff Singer Aditya Agarwal, the newly promoted chief technology officer of Dropbox, the cloud storage company, will vote in his first U.S. election on Nov. 8. Though he’s worked for U.S. tech companies for years,…
Logitech Harmony integrates with Amazon Echo to let you control home entertainment with your voice
Logitech is the latest tech company to embrace Amazon’s Alexa’s voice-controlled smarts, with the news that it is now allowing its customers to control their home entertainment through the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot. The integration — initially available in the U.S. only, with the U.K. arriving in the…
Netflix data suggests ‘pausing’ surges by 30% due to trick-or-treating, peaks at 7.29 p.m. on Halloween
It’s now less than a week until Halloween, and as we prepare for an evening of doling out candy to the little people who come a-callin’, Netflix has dug into its data banks to reveal some interesting insights into the impact trick-or-treating has on our home-viewing habits. The video-streaming giant…
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Xiaomi’s curved Note 2 has a striking yet familiar look
It was only last month when Xiaomi launched the Mi 5s and Mi 5s Plus, but the Chinese company is already back with yet another flagship model. What we have here is the Mi Note 2 which, as you can tell by the name, is all about its large 5.7-inch 1080p display and generous 4,070 mAh battery. If it weren’t… Physics News
Researchers discover new rules for quasicrystals
Crystals are defined by their repeating, symmetrical patterns and long-range order. Unlike amorphous materials, in which atoms are randomly packed together, the atoms in a crystal are arranged in a predictable way. Quasicrystals are an exotic exception to this rule. First discovered in 1982, their atoms…
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Scientists Accidentally Discover How to Turn CO2 Into a Fuel Additive
Scientists all over the world for more than the last 10 years have been trying to convert atmospheric carbon dioxide into anything useful, including fuel. Anything coming out of this study on an industrial scale will definitely change the world forever. All of this on top of the fact that, according…
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Scotland Could be First Country to Go Big on Clean Electricity Using Large-Scale Tidal Energy
Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon recently formally unveiled a large-scale tidal energy turbine that is to be deployed in the Inner Sound of the Pentland Firth. The turbine will be the first of four to be completed at the Nigg Energy Park in the Highlands for the Atlantis Resources MeyGen Project….
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Hyperloop Transit: An Underwater Travel System Worth $50M is Underway
A Los Angeles-based company called Hyperloop One is presently developing technology for a futuristic transit system. It has now raised an additional $50 million as it prepares for a full-scale test of its Hyperloop system in early 2017. A Hyperloop Transit System involves using magnets to levitate pods…
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North Korea’s Love for Monstrous, Huge, and Strange Buildings Depicted in These Photos
Everyone knows that North Korea is one of the few remaining bastions of a closed country ruled by total dictatorship; notwithstanding that it is a communist state as well. And so, like previous dictator states before it like Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and Communist China, the North Korean dictatorship…
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Top Car Innovations in 2016 – Which One is the Best?
They say that “people fear what they don’t understand” which is why in a recent survey done, 43.8 percent of drivers don’t want self-driving capabilities in cars. While this is understandable from a somewhat safety point of view, there are other new technological vehicle capabilities already developed…
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Towards better metallic glasses
Physics News
Semi-volatile organic compounds diffuse between atmospheric particles
Researchers led by Carnegie Mellon University’s Neil M. Donahue have shown that semi-volatile organic compounds can readily diffuse into the billions of tiny atmospheric particles that inhabit …
How to Build a Civil Rights Movement for the Digital Age
Activist Rashad Robinson is leveraging decentralized platforms to give a voice to the voiceless, not just to get them heard, but to make a real difference. The post How to Build a Civil Rights Movement for the Digital Age appeared first on WIRED.
After Three Years of Mayhem, an Ode to Destiny‘s Best Gun
Looking back at three years of Bungie’s multiplayer shooter, it’s clear that the game’s best gun was its first. The post After Three Years of Mayhem, an Ode to Destiny’s Best Gun appeared first on WIRED.
Basketball’s Newest Authority Isn’t Sitting Courtside—He’s Podcasting
Nate Duncan, host of <em>Dunc’d On</em>, has set himself apart with stat-backed insight and deep organizational knowledge. The post Basketball’s Newest Authority Isn’t Sitting Courtside—He’s Podcasting appeared first on WIRED.
The Bizarre Experiment That Inspired T.C. Boyle’s New Novel The Terranauts
Biosphere 2 was more than an overfunded personal crusade and fodder for a Pauly Shore movie; it was a rare look at where science and cultishness intersect. The post The Bizarre Experiment That Inspired T.C. Boyle’s New Novel The Terranauts appeared first on WIRED.
Inside the Machine That Will Turn Your Corpse Into Compost
Each center will be built around a three-story-tall concrete silo for turning ashes to ashes and dust to fertilizer. The post Inside the Machine That Will Turn Your Corpse Into Compost appeared first on WIRED.
SpaceX’s Mysterious Rocket Explosion Gets a Little Bit Clearer
Nothing is simple when it comes to figuring out why a rocket unexpectedly explodes. The post SpaceX’s Mysterious Rocket Explosion Gets a Little Bit Clearer appeared first on WIRED.
12 remote places to unplug from this suffocating election campaign
Whether you’re a fervent deplorable for Donald Trump or a shimmying Hillary Clinton acolyte, you probably agree that this presidential campaign has outstayed its welcome by some measure. Each new day brings another raging Donald diatribe and a volley of Hillary tweets, along with the social warfare…
Heathrow Illustrations Envision the Future of Sustainable Airports
Alongside designer Paul Tinker and developer Esteban Almiron, UK-based illustrator Sam Chivers has created a series of animations visualizing the sustainable development of airports for a recent Guardian piece. The animations, which describe the topics of transport, alternative…
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Perceptive Devices’ Smyle Mouse delivers hands-free computer controls
Perceptive Devices has something that might just help you navigate through the challenges of working with a mouse for a disabled person by drawing upon their expertise in the field of Human Computer Interaction, having announced the newest release of its gesture control software that is simply known…
This poster mocking refugees was taped in Parliament’s kitchen
A poster which mocks the recent arrival of child refugees in the UK has been taped in Parliament’s kitchen.  SEE ALSO: The eviction of a refugee camp is being live streamed on Facebook The poster, shared on Twitter by Labour MP Chi Onwurah, depicts an old man with the sentence: “Just £3 from you could…
TurboVote Helps You Register and Notifies You About Upcoming Elections
Most of us hear about the presidential election every four years because the news won’t stop talking about it. TurboVote makes sure you hear about all those other important elections you’re probably ignoring.Read more… – latest science and technology news stories
Pumped-storage hydroelectricity systems in buildings
Pumped-storage hydroelectricity systems are to be found throughout the world, but always on a large scale. Guilherme Silva and Patrick Hendrick, researchers from the ULB Brussels School of Engineering, investigated whether energy storage via pumped hydro systems is possible on a very small scale, in… – latest science and technology news stories
Microbe hunters discover iron-munching microbe
A microbe that ‘eats’ both methane and iron: microbiologists have long suspected its existence, but were not able to find it – until now. Researchers at Radboud University and the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology in Bremen discovered a microorganism that couples the reduction of iron to methane… – latest science and technology news stories
Splitting disulphide bonds in water is more complicated than previously thought
From a chemical perspective, splitting disulphide bonds under tensile stress is a substantially more complicated process than previously assumed. A team headed by Prof Dr Dominik Marx from Ruhr-Universität Bochum found out what happens in detail during this process – with the aid of extensive computer… – latest science and technology news stories
Study reveals which genes are critical to a plant’s response to drought
Because plants cannot relocate when resources become scarce, they need to efficiently regulate their growth by responding to environmental cues. Drought is the most important cause of reduced plant growth and crop yield, which makes insights into a plant’s drought response highly valuable to agriculture…. – latest science and technology news stories
The exciting new age of quantum computing
What does the future hold for computing? Experts at the Networked Quantum Information Technologies Hub (NQIT), based at Oxford University, believe our next great technological leap lies in the development of quantum computing.
How to pin the Recent Items folder to File Explorer in Windows 10
Microsoft Outlook 2016 has this really handy feature for adding attachments. When you click Attach File it lists the most recent documents you worked on regardless of which program you used. It can be a screenshot you recently took, a basic text file you opened in Sublime Text, or a spreadsheet in Excel….
TurboVote Helps You Register and Notifies You About Upcoming Elections
Most of us hear about the presidential election every four years because the news won’t stop talking about it. TurboVote makes sure you hear about all those other important elections you’re probably ignoring.TurboVote lets you enter your name, email address, and street address (used to identify local…
Opera 41 aims to make launching your browser faster no matter how many tabs
Opera has announced the latest version of its web browser for Windows computers and the main focus of the browser this time out is speed. Specifically Opera wants your browser to launch faster no matter how many tabs you open at launch. The latest version of the browser is Opera 41 and one of the main…
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Download of the day: Torch Web Browser
Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Edge are all fine browsers, but to get the most out of them you have to spend time tracking down and installing extenesions to add extra features. Chrome-based Torch Web Browser helps you avoid that hassle with a set of great preinstalled plugins that are ready…
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Mosul battle: UN receives reports of IS atrocities
The UN receives reports of atrocities being committed by IS militants as Iraqi forces close in on Mosul.
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Chuwi tablets promotion week
The popular Chinese brand CHUWI is doing promotion from Oct 24 to Oct 31, provide 100 great coupons for our customers.Here are the product  worth buying, come here and have a look at it.1. CHUWI HI10 PLUS Tablet PCThis  CHUWI HI10 PLUS Tablet PC has a double operate system– Remix OS 2.0,Windows…
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Solar-powered EcoPods are flat-packed tiny homes with a low environmental footprint
Until airlines began selling cheap tickets to the Azores islands in the mid-Atlantic ocean, the region enjoyed relative peace and tranquility. John Stenton, an architect involved with TADA, Tourism and Agribusiness Development Company of The Azores, wants to avoid the kind of ecological and socio-economic…
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Barsness Receives PCORI Award to Develop Patient and Family Advisory Board To Help Improve Patient Experience
Katherine Barsness, MD, MS, pediatric surgeon at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago has received a funding award from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) that will support a project that brings together patients and clinicians to discuss ways to improve the…
U.S. transport agency guidance on vehicle cybersecurity irks lawmakers
Guidance from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for improving motor vehicle cybersecurity has attracted criticism from lawmakers who said that mandatory security standards are required. “This new cybersecurity guidance from the Department of Transportation is like giving a take-home…
Computerworld will save permanent copies of photos, videos posted on social media
A new service is planning to store permanent copies of photos and videos posted to social media sites on archive-grade optical discs that they claim will last 1,000 years. For an $8 monthly charge or an annual fee of $89, will automate the secure archive of up to one terabyte (1TB) of data…
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
Al Shabaab launch three attacks in Kenya, Somalia
Somalia’s al Shabaab Islamist group rammed a military base with a suicide truck bomb, shot dead an intelligence officer and killed 12 people in a Kenyan border town in a series of strikes over 24 hours, the militants said on Tuesday.
Latest news
IBM’s cloud move: New unified platform buries SoftLayer under Bluemix brand
IBM is killing the SoftLayer cloud infrastructure brand and merging it with its home Bluemix service under a single cloud platform.
How police body cameras became a budget battlefield – CNET
When it comes to body cameras, Taser has been the dominant player. But there’s a low-cost rival making some noise.
Forget gaming: VR and AR can help restore sight – CNET
Vision impairments affect the way people live and work. These technologies aim to make doing the simple stuff a lot easier.
Navdy begins shipping HUD-based automotive infotainment system – Roadshow
The Navdy head-up display projects bright, clear graphics in a driver’s eye-line, showing navigation, vehicle speed and communications.
Meet the pigeon that thinks it’s a puppy, comes when it’s called
Pigeons have something of a bad rap in the animal kingdom, but after watching this video you might just begin to warm up to the unpopular birds.  The Green family has certainly developed a fondness for one fowl in particular — a pigeon they have dubbed Charlie.  SEE ALSO: Heroic family saves…
Twitter is reportedly laying off 300 employees
Twitter is looking to trim costs. The company may soon cut 8 percent of its workforce, or about 300 people, Bloomberg reported Monday citing anonymous sources.  The news comes after Twitter failed to secure a bid from a potential suitor. Disney, Salesforce and Google were interested in Twitter but later…
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Tory deficit targets in tatters as leaked Treasury papers expose £16bn ‘black hole’
A leaked Treasury document reveals the government faces a black hole of up to £16 billion (US$19.5 billion) in its finances this year and is “unlikely” to meet its target on deficit reduction. Read Full Article at
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Zac Goldsmith MP to resign over Heathrow expansion, triggering by-election
Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith has confirmed he will resign from Parliament in protest over the government’s decision to expand Heathrow Airport with a third runway. Read Full Article at
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A Sanctuary for Whales in the South Atlantic Has Been Blocked Again
Whales, dolphins, and porpoises in the South Atlantic won’t be getting a vast, eight-million square mile sanctuary after the whaling nations of Iceland, Japan, and Norway voted against the proposal at an international whaling meeting on Tuesday. Although the proposal, held at the International Whaling…
Show ‘Em You Wear the Pants With This One-Day Amazon Dockers Sale
Who doesn’t like saving money with their khakis (I bet Jake from Statefarm does). Amazon is having a Dockers extravaganza, marking down clothes for men, women, and boys up to 50% off. Grab work pants, chinos, and maybe cross off working about what your kid will be wearing for Thanksgiving in a month,… Full Feed
Horrible PSA: It’s Okay to Bully Kids If Their Parents Didn’t Vote?
Schoolyard bullying: it’s never okay. Unless, of course, the victim is the offspring of a non-voter. Then the kid probably deserves it—or should at least blame his dad for not caring enough about politics. That’s the confusing message behind a new get-out-the-vote video produced by Civic Innovation…
The Wirecutter
Password Managers Are for Everyone—Including You
You have to deal with a staggering number of passwords nowadays. Each website you log in to requires one, and many apps do, too. So it’s not surprising that many people reuse simple, easily guessed passwords across multiple sites or keep their passwords written down on sticky notes next to their computer—and…
Uber is delivering free flu shots to customers today
Uber users in more than a dozen major cities across the US will have the opportunity to score a free flu shot for themselves and up to four others. Here’s everything you need to know.
Nerd Approved – News For Nerds
Deep Space Settlers Of Catan Has Awesome Upgrades
Settlers Of Catan went into space and got some amazing upgrades along the way thanks to artists Fuzzy Wobble and Amy Wang. Deep Space Settlers keeps the basics of the game intact, but there’s a lot more to the changes than just calling resources “Space Wood, Space Sheep, Space Ore, Space Wheat, Space…
Japanese Apple Pay launch not going well as transit system experiences outages
Apple Pay’s Japanese launch doesn’t appear to be getting off to the best of starts. Bloomberg reports that commuters have been struggling to register their FeliCa train passes – which double as payment cards – into the system. more…Filed under: Apple
How to Make Chrome the Best Browser for Your Phone
Google doesn’t just want the Chrome browser dominating laptops and desktops of this world, it wants it on as many mobile devices as possible too. If you have Chrome installed on your iPhone or Android, there are a handful of ways you can make it even better than the default settings. Here’s how to make…
Curbed National
How people use existing neighborhoods for new purposes The United States was founded by immigrants, and the diversity of our people is not a new story. Two cities at opposite ends of the continental mass have been home to multiple demographic groups since their very beginnings, and the 21st century proves…
Curbed National
How to build a destination out of urban decay In most instances of gentrification, a new influx of residents—typically more affluent, and often white—displaces existing dwellers in tandem with rising home prices. Things aren’t so cut-and-dry in cities where a hollowed-out industrial core yields an influx…
Curbed National
How we get around influences how we live The primary factor in midcentury urban planning and subsequent flight to the suburbs involves what was then America’s biggest industrial product: the automobile. Highways shortened commutes, encouraged travel, and carved out new neighborhoods (for better or for…
RT – Daily news
Brexit talks with Theresa May ‘deeply frustrating,’ says SNP leader Sturgeon
The first ‘Brexit summit’ between UK leaders collapsed on Monday with Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon branding the talks “deeply frustrating” and accusing Prime Minister Theresa May of having no clear plan to leave the EU, four months after the vote to quit the bloc. Read Full Article at
Cuisinart MSC-600 3-In-1 Cook Central 6-Quart Multi-Cooker $99.75
Cuisinart MSC-600 3-In-1 Cook Central 6-Quart Multi-Cooker $99.75 – latest science and technology news stories
Merck beats Street 3Q forecasts, hikes 2016 profit forecast
Restrained spending and higher sales of vaccines and prescription medicines for cancer and other diseases helped Merck & Co. post a 20 percent jump in third-quarter profit, easily beating Wall Street expectations. – latest science and technology news stories
Epilog technology improves diagnosis of epilepsy using automated EEG analysis
Epilog, a spin-off from imec and Ghent University, is launching its platform that improves epilepsy diagnosis through an automated service that accurately and efficiently analyzes large amounts of EEG-data. The new platform enables doctors to make well-informed patient treatment decisions. Proven in… – latest science and technology news stories
More than ever, this election threatens to divide U.S., says psychologist
This election, perhaps as no other before, threatens to destroy longstanding friendships and relationships, according to Josh Klapow, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. – latest science and technology news stories
Flawed analysis casts doubt on years of evolutionary research
Years of research on the evolution of ancient life including the dinosaurs have been questioned after a fatal flaw in the way fossil data is analysed was exposed. – latest science and technology news stories
Less is more when learning through science investigation
Research by Victoria University of Wellington Faculty of Education senior lecturers has helped teachers around the Wellington region develop new ways of teaching science investigation in schools. – latest science and technology news stories
How many planets are there in the galaxy?
On a clear night, and when light pollution isn’t a serious factor, looking up at the sky is a breathtaking experience. On occasions like these, it is easy to be blown away by the sheer number of stars out there. But of course, what we can see on any given night is merely a fraction of the number of stars… – latest science and technology news stories
Border fences need not harm large fauna
Although the increasing number of fences and walls along national boundaries is intended to prevent human migration, these can also have disastrous consequences for the natural spread of large animals. These constructions could rapidly destroy decades of international collaboration to facilitate the… – latest science and technology news stories
Reducing food waste could put birds and animals at risk
Well-intended efforts to reduce food waste could threaten some birds and animal species, a new paper has warned.
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Here’s what consumers might get out of a combined AT&T-Time Warner
AT&T’s massive $85 billion deal to acquire Time Warner has generated plenty of attention in the press, and it will have to weather a lot of scrutiny from federal regulators before it becomes official. Many have compared the deal to Comcast’s acquisition of NBCUniversal, a deal which seems to have…
Xorel Artform
Textile manufacturer Carnegie continues to develop innovative client solutions with the introduction of Xorel ArtForm Acoustical Panels. This new product category for Carnegie is the result of a dynamic synergy between the company’s leading high-performance Xorel product and an artful acoustical…
You Can Now Buy Gizmodo Swag Because We Have a Store
Do you like shirts? What about stickers? If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, and you also read and like Gizmodo, then we’ve got good news for you: The Gizmodo Store is open for business.Read more…
Calculate Your “Safe Withdrawal Rate” to See How Far You Are From Retirement
Everyone wants to retire comfortably, but it’s not easy to tell how far away from it you realistically are. A monthly check of your “safe withdrawal rate” can tell you, as well as serve as a motivation boost, according to The Simple Dollar.The Safe Withdrawal Rate is universally calculated as 4% of your…
Civilization Is Being Backed Up In A Salt Mine
It certainly doesn’t seem like our civilization is going to vanish from Earth any time soon, but you never know. The Romans probably didn’t think their empire was about to fall when barbarians […] Physics News
Why pints spill but straws don’t—researchers uncover the science of spilling
New research shows that it is not only the size, but the shape of a tube that determines whether a liquid will spill out of it when tipped over. Physics News
The exciting new age of quantum computing
What does the future hold for computing? Experts at the Networked Quantum Information Technologies Hub (NQIT), based at Oxford University, believe our next great technological leap lies in the development of quantum computing. Physics News
Researchers conduct first quantitative study of liquid water combining dielectric relaxation and neutron scattering
(—A team of researchers from several institutions in Spain and France has conducted the first quantitative study of liquid water combining dielectric relaxation and neutron scattering, and in so doing, has revealed three processes at frequencies below 3 THz. In their paper published in the journal…
BBC News – World
Germany anti-terror raids: Chechen man held
Police in Germany carry out nationwide anti-terror raids, arresting a Chechen man and questioning 13 others on suspicion of financing terrorism.
Xiaomi’s announces Mi VR headset with remote control
Xiaomi has a new low-cost virtual reality headset, and this one comes with a controller and some content you can play with.  SEE ALSO: Hands on with Daydream View, Google’s first virtual reality headset On the sidelines of curvy Mi Note 2 announcement, the Chinese company today also unveiled the Mi…
Science | Smithsonian
Prehistoric Kickboxing Killer Turkeys
Unlike Jurassic Park’s lizard-like creatures, real raptors had feathers and looked a lot more like their closest relatives — birds
Ars Technica
Sweden’s highest court bans drones with cameras
Cameras attached to drones fall foul of Sweden’s strict surveillance laws, the country’s highest court has ruled by slapping an outright ban on drone filming—unless the kit is used by a law enforcement agency or an expensive permit has been issued. The Supreme Administrative Court of Sweden ruled…
The Gadget Flow
SNOO Smart and Safe Crib
Ensure your bundle of joy is as happy as can be with the SNOO Smart and Safe Crib from Happiest Babies. Using the latest technology, this crib not only lets your little one drift off to peaceful sleep but it also tracks your baby’s crying. With these metrics, SNOO is able to determine your baby’s distress…
The Gadget Flow
MSTR Carbon Fiber Automatic Watch
Meister is proud to finally release their new line of Automatic watches!!! Two unique styles are available: the Noble (43mm) and the Speedster (45mm). These watches are limited and individually numbered on the back. They have been in business since 2009 and because of their experience, they were able…
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Holdall Bag by Hard Graft
Step out with effortless style with the Hold All Bag by Hard Graft. Providing you with plenty of space and a part of the VOLUME ONE Collection, this bag is made with top quality materials to enhance any look. Coming in Rock, a beautiful khaki color, the Holdall Bag is totally identical from the front…
The Gadget Flow
Bright Stone Apple Watch Charging Stand
Top up your smartwatch without missing a notification with the Bright Stone Apple Watch Charging Stand. In addition to providing your smartwatch with a safe and secure home base, the Bright Stone Apple Watch Charging Stand offers perfect cable management to keep your space tidy. Available in white, light…
The Gadget Flow
Wolffepack Summit – The Ultimate Snowsports & Access Backpack
Wolffepack Summit is the ultimate backpack for snowsports and active access. It stays strapped to your back but swings your stuff to the front without the hassle of repeated unstrapping. Make chairlifts easier & faster, and accessing your gear quicker using the complete snowsports bag with a unique…
The Gadget Flow
Cakedozer Cake Server
Introducing the Cakedozer Cake Server, the one instrument that makes having your cake and eating it, too, even better than before. Available in gray or yellow, this server combines a traditional serving utensil with a smart mechanism to actually push the piece of cake off the server and onto your place….
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riimo – Ultrasmall IR Smart Remote for any devices
riimo converts your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into an IR-beaming universal remote control. This 3.5mm dongle supports all the IR remote control enabled devices and comes with a working range of up to 15 meters. It is compatible with the IR function of most iOS and Android smartphones. With this single…
Design Milk
Okapi: A Chair Inspired By The Wild
For their second collaboration (Ara was their first), Missana & PerezOchando debuted Okapi, a chair that’s inspired by the wild nature of forests in Africa. Part of “The Novelties” collection, the Okapi chair has a soft, rounded back that’s balanced by wooden beech legs in the front and metal… Full Feed
A.M. Links: Two Weeks Until Presidential Election, ISIS Attacks Police Academy in Pakistan, Obamacare Premiums Going Up
The presidential election is two weeks from today. Hillary Clinton is campaigning against down-ballot Republicans in the hopes of securing a Democratic-controlled Senate on election day. “How election day could be a victory for Gary Johnson.” ISIS has claimed responsibility for an attack on a police…
RT – Daily news
Oklahoma, Pennsylvania pipelines spill oil and gasoline over week-end
An oil spill in Oklahoma forced the shutdown of a major, 850,000-barrel per day pipeline system that supplies crude oil to Texas refineries. The incident follows another pipeline rupture in Pennsylvania, where 55,000 gallons of gasoline poured into a river. Read Full Article at
How-To Geek
Windows 10 Compresses Your Wallpaper, But You Can Make Them High Quality Again
By default, Windows 10 compresses the picture you use as your background, reducing it to around 85% of the original quality. If you’re bothered by the compression artifacts this often introduces, here’s how use high quality images instead.Click Here to Continue Reading
The Gadget Flow
Biopod Self-Contained Ecosystem
Introducing Biopod, the Self-Contained Ecosystem that is able to replicate real world environments. This smart yet compact microhabitat pairs with an app so you can customize what you’d like to grow. Once set in place, Biopod will create the perfect environment. The system connects with the app automatically…
The Gadget Flow
Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bed by Pottery Barn
When it’s time to slip off to bed, make a quick pit stop to save the galaxy with the Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bed by Pottery Barn. You’d never know that this replica is made from beautifully solid hardwood as it perfectly resembles the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon. Working both with and without…
The Gadget Flow
Slice Planner – First Notebook Connected to Digital Calendars
Slice Planner is a brand new hybrid approach to daily planning, combining an old-fashioned paper planner with digital calendars. It was designed to solve “Paper planner vs. Digital calendars” dilemma. Meanwhile, the core pillar of the approach, a circular timeline diagram, helps visual thinkers have…
Ars Technica
Cheaper, faster, lighter: 3D-printed car parts are now a thing
A 3D printed metal structural node. (credit: Divergent 3D) Last week we took a look at how Lamborghini is using forged composite carbon fiber in car production. But forged composites aren’t the only game in town when it comes to cutting edge materials. Divergent 3D has been working on additive manufacturing—3D… – latest science and technology news stories
Research reveals big economic benefits to housing homeless population
A new report from The University of New Mexico Institute for Social Research (ISR) could help change the way cities, counties and states deal with homelessness. The study, which researchers say is one of the most comprehensive looks at the economic impact of homelessness to-date, shows it actually costs… – latest science and technology news stories
Four luminous blue variables found to be much closer than previously assumed
(—A new study based on the first Gaia data release (DR1) reveals more accurate measurements of the distance of four canonical luminous blue variables (LBVs) in the Milky Way galaxy. According to a research paper published Oct. 20 on the arXiv server, they are much closer to Earth than previously… – latest science and technology news stories
Lifting the veil on evolution from terrestrial to water walking insect
Anyone who has seen a lake or a small pond will have witnessed the evolutionary marvel of those curious insects that run over water with no trouble whatsoever, as if it were solid ground. An EU project is allowing ENS de Lyon to investigate the genetics behind this capacity.
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 and GTX 1050 Ti review: The new budget gaming champions
After months of focusing on the high end, Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 10-series is finally trickling down to the masses. The $109 GeForce GTX 1050 and its bigger brother, the $139 GeForce GTX 1050 Ti. are a pair of affordable new graphics cards designed to ease introductions into PC gaming: At those prices,…
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 & 1050 Ti Review: Entry-level PC gaming FTW
It isn’t often that we see Nvidia being so aggressive in the entry-level segment and historically they’ve seemed happy to let AMD take the hit on margins here. Driving the sub-$150 GeForce GTX 1050 is the newly developed GP107 GPU that is more powerful than anything we’ve tested before on…
Gadget Review
Nutri Ninja iQ 1500-Watt Blender System Review
Nutri Ninja iQ 1500-Watt Blender System Review Gadget Review – Your lifestyle gadget site The Nutri Ninja iQ 1500-Watt blender is a complete set of kitchen appliances that can all be tied back to a single base, handling many of the same tasks you’d do separately in one easy to use system. But at only…
Popular Mechanics
Lego pop-up book – simple, yet genius
This Lego pop-up book might not be the biggest or most complex build, but it’s quite ingenious. It was by Lego enthusiasts Grant Davis and Jason Allemann… The post Lego pop-up book – simple, yet genius appeared first on Popular Mechanics.
Wacom Bamboo Slate review: Smartpad marries traditional note-taking to online output
The concept is simple: If you like to take notes by hand—with pen and paper—and you’re not above a few diagrams and doodles along the way, Wacom’s Bamboo Slate ($130 and $150 on Amazon) smartpad might be the most optimal way to convert your notes from analog to digital. The Slate is an athletic-coach-style…
Fast Company
How To Kill It In Business With Your Sibling Without Killing Each Other
The cofounders of Drybar, Paperless Post, and other successful startup bros and sisters on what makes a sibling partnership tick—or fail. The cofounders of Drybar, Paperless Post, and other successful startup bros and sisters on what makes a sibling partnership tick—or fail.For…
The Verge – All Posts
Mophie’s co-founder made a crazy smartphone-connected scooter
The Immoter Go is a new foldable scooter from the ex-CEO and co-founder of Mophie, Daniel Huang. It’s got some impressive features, like pairing with a rider’s phone to control the scooter’s headlights and horn, as well as the ability to control a phone mounted on the scooter’s dashboard. Riders can…
The Verge – All Posts
Did Xiaomi just preempt the iPhone 8?
Xiaomi, the former darling of the Chinese smartphone market, has hit a rocky patch as of late, though its rejuvenation efforts have today been stoked with the introduction of a spectacular new smartphone called the Mi Mix. This 6.4-inch mobile behemoth is notable for its practically bezel-free screen…
RT – Daily news
Radiation alert: Discovery of uranium rock in Austrian school triggers evacuation
A science class meeting with an anti-nuclear activist at an Austrian school ended in an evacuation, after a radioactive uranium rock was found on display in the classroom. The incident led to a city-wide check which found at least 11 other schools had radioactive rocks. Read Full Article at
Popular Science
This Fish Burrows Up A Sea Cucumber’s Anus For Safety (And Food)
Animals An excerpt from a new book about absurd creatures Matt Simon just finished writing a book compiling all of the grossest, funniest, and most fascinating critters out there.
This Simple Exercise Tests Your Ankle Mobility
Ankle mobility is an oft-overlooked weak link, because your ankles and feet help form a stable foundation for stronger, pain-free movement. But how can you tell if your ankle mobility isn’t up to par? Try this quick assessment.…In this quick knee-to-wall test,…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Parasailing payload extends sensor range of DARPA’s autonomous boat
DARPA has put its Towed Airborne Lift of Naval Systems to the test off the coast of California. Towed behind the Anti-Submarine Warfare Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel, TALONS extends the range of radar and sensors by elevating them up to 1,500 ft above the water. .. Continue Reading Parasailing…
The Next Web
Could virtual and augmented reality ads be used to indoctrinate us
When it comes to virtual and augmented reality, it’s not a question of if they will hit mainstream adoption, but when. Virtual reality sales are expected to hit $1B this year and a recent Nielsen study even showed that 24 percent of consumers plan to purchase a VR device this year. From storytelling…
The Verge – All Posts
Google’s self-driving car design boss speaks on her strategy
As the head of design for Google’s self-driving car program, YooJung Ahn has figured out how to design a car for people who aren’t the least bit interested in driving. She oversaw the design of the company’s autonomous car prototype, the first car being tested publicly without a steering wheel or pedals….
Nerd Approved – News For Nerds
‘Star Wars’ Lightsaber Floor Lamps Are Over 5-Feet Tall
That’s right Star Wars fans, you can now get up in the middle of the night to pee with the light of Kylo Ren or Darth Vader’s lightsaber to guide you. Each lightsaber floor lamp stands over 5 1/2-feet tall and the brightness can be controlled with a remote. You know what it reminds me of? John Doe’s…
Uber-owned, self-driving freight truck debuts with a beer run
Only in America would a technological breakthrough like self-driving freight trucks be used to deliver 2,000 cases of beer. SEE ALSO: Driverless cars, electric vehicles and mass transit could transform cities So raise a frosty glass: on Tuesday morning, the ride-share company announced that a self-driving…
Named for its unique wing-like lateral openings, the Wingcase looks like a traditional shoulder bag — only its contents are far more accessible (see second image). Either side opens using one hand with a simple twist of its clasp, and both are equipped with various accessory pockets to stash smaller,…
Icelandic Baker Uses a Hot Spring to Cook Bread
In Laugarvatn, Iceland, the ground itself is an oven. Read more…
Intel has a new chip to bring brains to your car – Roadshow
The A3900 is designed to give cars digital dashboards and help them spot pedestrians. It and its E3900 cousin are about twice as fast as predecessors.
Sprint CEO: Customers come for discounts, stay for the network – CNET
The carrier’s aggressive promotions are winning over new customers, and its improved network is apparently keeping them happy.
TechCrunch launches Lifewire, a tech information website is launching its third standalone brand in the form of Lifewire, a tech information and advice site. Lifewire will offer advice and answers on common tech questions and problems in the most clear, simplified format possible. About, the IAC-owned media company, is in the midst of a transition….
Scientists say signals from certain stars are “probably aliens”
 Scientists writing in the Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific have found unusual signals emanating from a group of stars that are “signals probably from extraterrestrial intelligence.” The signals “have exactly the shape of a signal predicted in the previous publication and are therefore…
Feature Request: iOS Do Not Disturb feature should allow weekend schedules and more
Being woken in the early hours by your iPhone bleeping for some trivial reason is one of life’s more irritating experiences, so I’m a great fan of the Do Not Disturb feature. Set the hours you usually sleep, turn off the phone and you can relax in the knowledge that you won’t be woken by any calls,…
Powerbeats 3 wireless earphones now available to buy, featuring W1 chip and 12 hour battery life
Following the launch of the W1-equipped Beats Solo3 on-ear headphones, Beats has now launched the latest iteration of its Powerbeats wireless earphones, the Powerbeats 3, making it the second audio peripheral to ship with the Apple W1 chip, which enables easy instantaneous pairing between Apple devices….
Latest news
IoT devices can be hacked in minutes, warn researchers
Security company ForeScout has warned that hackers can steal data or cause physical damage, thanks to certain types of inherently insecure connected devices.
Latest news
Automating the warehouse: Robots can increase productivity of existing labor force
Robotics is playing a growing and more diverse role in all kinds of warehouses, including ecommerce distribution centers.
20% off APC Back-UPS 600VA 7-outlet Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with USB Charging Port – Deal Alert
The new APC Back-UPS BE600M1 provides instant battery power to your critical electronics when the power goes out, keeping you connected and available both personally and professionally. Designed specifically to enhance the features that matter most to you, including more runtime, more battery backup…
Xiaomi beefs up its mobile virtual reality push with Mi VR
 Xiaomi has added another mobile VR headset to its portfolio: announcing the Mi VR today — which it says is its first virtual reality headset with an inertial motion controller. Read More
Retro Freak Lets You Rip Your Classic Video Games And Take Them Anywhere
I brought back more than gashapon from Japan. I hit up four Super Potato stores, multiple Yodobashi and Bic Camera locations, and pretty much every storefront in Akihabara and came back with a […]
Best Deals of the Week, October 17th – October 21st – Deal Alert
Best Deals of the Week, October 17th – October 21st – Deal AlertCheck out this roundup of the best deals on gadgets, gear and other cool stuff we have found this week, the week of October 17th. All items are highly rated, and dramatically discounted.75% off DKnight MagicBox II Bluetooth 4.0 Portable…
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This Is the Most Googled Question About Zika
While giving into a recent bout of hypochondria and Googling how concerned I should be about a list of cold symptoms, I stumbled on an unexpected autocomplete: How worried should I be about Zika?As a reporter who covers tropical diseases, my search history is littered with Zika references, which could…
This Diary Entry From Dwight Eisenhower Is Hilariously Depressing When You Remember That Donald Trump Is Running For President
I’ve been reading President Dwight Eisenhower’s diaries this election season, and I recently started laughing out loud at the entry from May 1, 1953. It wasn’t so much what Ike wrote, but how it contrasted so dramatically with our current election cycle and the noxious way that Donald Trump has run his…
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
Pioneering germ trap technology moves forward with first commercial application
Today’s Best Deals: Jeans, Dash Buttons, Anker Speaker, and More
Rubbermaid food storage containers, a tiny Anker speaker, and Levi’s jeans lead off Tuesday’s best deals. Read more…
Digital Trends
Roam and Atari team up for GameOn headphones aimed at both gamers and music lovers
Beats by Dre co-creator Steven Lamar may no longer be involved with that brand, but he is anything but done with the world of headphones. Earlier this year, it was announced that his company Roam — founded in 2014 — had teamed up with Atari to launch co-branded audio products. Now the first fruits of…
Digital Trends
MSI GeForce GTX 1050 2G OC review
Close to the Metal Ep. 18: GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti live review Nvidia slashes GTX 1060 memory to compete with AMD’s Radeon RX 480 4GB card
Digital Trends
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti review
The GTX 1050 sets the bar for budget video card performance. How does it perform? That’s the biggest question on any PC gamer’s mind when a new graphics cards hits store, especially if you’re currently rocking a card that can barely power Stardew Valley. Nvidia’s new GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti both slide…
Digital Trends
Zotac GeForce GTX 1050 Mini review
Uber hunts for more business in Mexico with Uber-branded debit card Nvidia slashes GTX 1060 memory to compete with AMD’s Radeon RX 480 4GB card Nvidia’s new Titan X offers monstrous performance for a monster-sized price
Best Deals of the Week, October 17th – October 21st – Deal Alert
Best Deals of the Week, October 17th – October 21st – Deal AlertCheck out this roundup of the best deals on gadgets, gear and other cool stuff we have found this week, the week of October 17th. All items are highly rated, and dramatically discounted.75% off DKnight MagicBox II Bluetooth 4.0 Portable…
RT – Daily news
Turkey may launch ground op against Kurds in Iraq if feels threatened – minister
Ankara warned that it may send ground troops to attack Kurdish forces in Iraq, if it feels threatened. Turkish forces and Kurdish militias are supposed to be allies of Iraq and the US-led coalition in an offensive against Islamic State-held Mosul. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
Battle of the sexes: Women soldiers to serve in tank crews in 2017
Women will be trained to operate in British Army tanks by January 2017, as long-awaited gender reforms see female soldiers enter combat roles for the first time. Read Full Article at
Best Deals of the Week, October 17th – October 21st – Deal Alert
Best Deals of the Week, October 17th – October 21st – Deal AlertCheck out this roundup of the best deals on gadgets, gear and other cool stuff we have found this week, the week of October 17th. All items are highly rated, and dramatically discounted.75% off DKnight MagicBox II Bluetooth 4.0 Portable…
Samantha Bee is done with the ‘Hindenberg explosion’ that is Trump’s candidacy
The election train is pulling into the station, and only Samantha Bee can conduct it. Bee went on to slam television reporters who called Trump’s performance in the third debate “decent,” “the best 30 minutes he’s had on policy” and referred to Wednesday as “sort of a normal debate.” “Our media…
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Get The Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand For Only $28.99 [Deals]
For a limited time you can get the popular Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand for $28.99 with free shipping in our Nerd Approved Deals Store! That beats Amazon’s current price by more than $12. Samsung smartphone users are going to love having this charging stand at their bedside tables….
BBC News – World
Vatican bans cremation ashes scattering in new guidelines
The ashes of cremated Catholics cannot be kept at home, scattered or divided among family members, the Vatican announces. Full Feed
Eugene, Oregon, Touts Bike Share Program as ‘Innovative Transportation Solution’; Uber Still Banned
On Friday, the city of Eugene, Oregon, signed a contract with New York–based Social Bicycles to construct a bike-share system. Bike sharing has been a goal of the city government since 2013, when it commissioned a study on the feasibility of operating such a system in the city. That report, released… Full Feed
ABA Rejects Report on Trump’s Frivolous Lawsuits, Fearing a Frivolous Lawsuit
Troubled by Donald Trump’s use of litigation to suppress criticism, the American Bar Association’s Forum on Communications Law commissioned a report on the Republican presidential nominee’s speech-related lawsuits. The author of the article, First Amendment lawyer Susan Seager, concluded that Trump’s…
Turn a Pumpkin into the Perfect Drink Cooler for Your Halloween Party
If you’re hosting a Halloween party, you’re probably going to have a few pumpkins around, for carving or decoration. Turn a couple into tabletop coolers that keep drinks chilled and fit your spooky decor.You’ll have better results with uncarved pumpkins, because you can choose the right size and shape…
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors – Front Page
Apple Forecasted to Report First Full-Year Revenue Decline Since 2001
Apple will report its fiscal fourth quarter earnings results later today, and both the company and analysts project a year-over-year decline in iPhone sales and overall revenue for a third consecutive quarter. Apple will then have posted its first full-year revenue decline since 2001, with the decline…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
The 12 best educational tech toys for Christmas 2016
We’ve previously looked at some of the tech toys which are expected to be big hits this Christmas. But what if you want those gifts from Santa to come with a bit more educational value than an electric skateboard or robot bat? Well, you are in luck, there are plenty of STEM (Science, Technology,…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Prototype system replaces stairs and elevators with human power
Humans are said to have evolved from an ancestor that once swung through the trees to get about, free to move through the environment in almost any direction. But today, in our modern high-rise environment, if you simply want to go up or down, it’s probably fair to say we’ve actually devolved….
This 55″ 4K TV Has Roku Built In, and a Ridiculously Affordable Price Tag
Update: Available for $387 at Target when you choose in-store pickup.Read more…
Chinese IoT manufacturer issues recall after its devices are linked to massive DDoS attack
The Chinese electronics firm that created many of the IoT devices used in last week’s DDoS attack on DNS service provider Dyn is issuing a product recall in the US. Researchers said Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology’s products, such as webcams and digital video recorders, were able to aid the assault because… – latest science and technology news stories
The social impacts of conspiracy theories
As a global population we are awash with conspiracy theories. But what effect do these really have on the public as we go about our day-to-day lives, asks a team of Cambridge researchers. – latest science and technology news stories
El Nino influences the formation of low pressure systems over the Gulf Stream
Analysis of cyclone tracks and precyclogenesis flow conditions show us that El Niño can shift the preferred cyclogenesis position over the Gulf Stream which influences the cyclone’s track across the North Atlantic. – latest science and technology news stories
Research finds ways to address effects of climate change in agricultural production in Nepal
Nepal is one of the most vulnerable countries in terms of climate change and its impacts. Rising average temperature, delayed monsoon, reduction in the number of rain days but increased intensity of rain are some of the climatic phenomena observed in the recent years. Mountainous and hilly regions are… – latest science and technology news stories
The gene of autumn colours
Researchers have found Mendel’s Stay-Green gene encodes an enzyme that extracts magnesium from chlorophyll, adding clarity to understanding how the pigment degrades. – latest science and technology news stories
Unravelling the secrets of rising sea levels in the North Sea
In collaboration with other parties, researchers from TU Delft have succeeded in precisely modelling rises in sea level in the North Sea for recent decades. In their view, the consequences of climate change during this period are already visible in the North Sea. The researchers published a paper about… – latest science and technology news stories
Opinion: World shipping meeting must tackle climate and toxic fuel
The world’s leading shipping organisation should agree a ban on the use of heavy fuel oil in the Arctic and also shoulder some of the responsibility for reducing climate change during its meeting in London this week. – latest science and technology news stories
Development of a new thermoelectric material for a sustainable society
Thermoelectric materials, which can directly convert thermal energy into electrical energy (Seebeck effect), can be effectively used for the development of a clean and environmentally compatible power-generation technology – latest science and technology news stories
Structure of key DNA replication protein solved
A research team led by scientists at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS) has solved the three-dimensional structure of a key protein that helps damaged cellular DNA repair itself. Investigators say that knowing the chemical structure of the protein will likely help drug designers build… – latest science and technology news stories
Quantum leap in the reliability of mass spectrometry-based proteomics
Modern mass spectrometry systems enable scientists to routinely determine the quantitative composition of cells or tissue samples. However, different analysis software packages often produce different results from the same raw data. An international team of researchers led by Professor Stefan Tenzer…
Ars Technica
Liveblog: Microsoft’s October Windows—and maybe even hardware—event
Liveblog starts in: View Liveblog Microsoft will be giving the first real look at the next big update to Windows 10, codenamed Redstone 2, in New York at 10am EDT (3pm UK) on October 26, and we’ll be there on the scene to liveblog all that unfolds. We know that the next Windows 10 major…
Popular Science
The Future of Medicine May Involve Music
From Our Blogs: Under The Microscope Turning proteins into music compositions may one day help diagnostics. For decades, the link between music and biology has been explored. Now researchers have discovered how to use this information to better understand proteins.
Give America what it deserves: Make election day a holiday
On Nov. 8, millions of Americans will head to their local precincts to vote in what has become the most contentious presidential election in decades. But millions more won’t even be able to cast a ballot.For a large swath of the American population, voting is as much an inconvenience as it is a right….
New Scientist – Online news
What can we 3D print? Everything! Here are 8 awesome examples
When Chuck Hull invented 3D printing, it was just for prototyping plastic parts. Now, 30 years on, we can print with everything from metal to chocolate and even human cells
The Week in iOS Accessories: Powerful products
Power up!This week’s roundup is full of new ways to recharge your iPhone or iPad while you’re on the go. Read on!BiteMyAppleSolar Paper ($200 MSRP, $124.62 on Amazon) is billed as “the world’s smallest solar charger for the amount of potential wattage it can generate.” The makers say it can recharge…
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
Juppé widens lead over Sarkozy ahead of French presidential primaries
Former prime minister Alain Juppé has widened his lead over rival Nicolas Sarkozy to win the centre-right’s nomination for France’s 2017 presidential elections, an opinion poll showed on Tuesday.
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
This reverse pyramid is a green urban community in the skies of Paris
If you always dreamed to live in a forest villa with a view on the Eiffel Tower, this is your chance. Designed by the Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto and the French Manal Rachdi Oxo Architects Mille Arbres project, or the Thousand Trees, is the 9-storey reversed pyramid in Paris that frees the ground…
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
REI announces plan to close all 149 stores on Black Friday Related: California and Minnesota state parks are free on Black Friday + REI #OptOutside Images via REI Facebook and REI
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
World’s first 3D-printed heart-on-a-chip could help end animal testing
When it comes to medical breakthroughs, the most exciting advances tend to involve technology that can lead to better and earlier diagnoses of various health problems. A team of Harvard University researchers has done just that, by developing an entirely 3D-printed “heart-on-a-chip” that may some day…
Latest Items from TreeHugger
Not the Stair of the Week, soon to be replaced by “Vertical Walking”
Why go diagonally when you can go straight up?
Latest Items from TreeHugger
Kids need less screen time, says American Academy of Pediatrics
In its revised media guidelines, the AAP sends a clear message that young children should get off their devices and get outside.
The Awesomer
Alex Chair
Price: $250  | BuyThe Sandy Eggo CNC shop created this brilliant looking chair from birch plywood. The back and seat are made from a single sheet of wood, and offers greater comfort than traditional flat surfaced chairs. It snaps together by hand, using no screws or nails. More Awesome Stuff:…
Newswise: SciNews
NASA Honors University of Iowa Scientist with Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal
Jasper Halekas, associate physics and astronomy professor at the University of Jasper Halekas, associate physics and astronomy professor at the University of Iowa, has won an Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal from NASA, for “exceptional contributions to MAVEN’s science return using the Solar Wind…
Newswise: SciNews
Researchers Find Weakness in Common Computer Chip
Researchers from Binghamton University–State University of New York and the University of California, Riverside have found a weakness in the Haswell central processing unit (CPU) components that makes common computer operating systems vulnerable to malicious attacks. Computer hackers could take…
Newswise: SciNews
A Complete Waste of Energy
University of Utah electrical and computer engineering professor Massood Tabib-Azar and his team of engineers have come up with a way to produce microscopic electronic switches for appliances and devices that can grow and dissolve wires inside the circuitry that instantly connect and disconnect electrical…
Scientific American Content: Global
Doctors Say Water Deliveries Can Be Risky For Babies
Soaking during labor is fine, but new guidelines urge mothers to get out before they start to push  — Read more on
Martian Notifier Smartwatch Currently On Sale For $29! (Click for Details)
Eagle-eyed readers of inStash may recognize the Martian Notifier Smartwatch as the subject of one of our articles from February. Since we wrote about the watch little … Read More
It looks like Apple Pay is already really big in Japan
Apple has been working furiously to introduce Apple Pay in new territories, and this morning’s Japanese launch appears to be attracting huge interest.Trains in Tokyo Apple introduced train fare payments with Apple Pay in Tokyo, Japan today. Interest in using the system was so intense that the Mobile…
Shopify launches Kit Favors, a way to try its virtual marketing employee free
 Shopify’s acquisition of Kit seemed like an intriguing move toward giving small shop owners more of the power of a fully staffed retailer, using virtual assistants to help supplement functions like marketing. Now, Kit’s automated marketing abilities are available to test out for merchants looking to…
Anker’s Diminutive SoundCore Mini Has a Price to Match Today
Anker’s SoundCore line dominated our Kinja Co-Op for best Bluetooth speaker, and the extra-portable SoundCore Mini just got its best discount ever.Read more…
Is This Fast Electric Scooter Impossibly Awesome or Totally Lame?
What do you do when you leave your successful battery case startup? If you’re Daniel Huang, the guy that co-founded Mophie, you make ugly electric scooters.Read more…
RT – Daily news
#Podesta leaks continue with 18th release of emails from Clinton campaign chair
WikiLeaks has published a new batch of emails from the account of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair, John Podesta. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
‘We want strong EU’: Lavrov dismisses ‘Russophobic’ Tusk claim that Russia seeks to weaken bloc
It is baseless to believe that Moscow is willing to weaken the EU, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in response to “Russophobic” claims recently made by the European Council’s president. Nothing “could be further from the truth,” he added. Read Full Article at
Big Think
Two Scientifically Plausible Conceptions of Time Travel and Their Bizarre Consequences
Time travel has titillated scientists and science-fiction fans alike ever since HG Wells first conceived of it in the 19th century. But it plausible? Princeton astrophysicist John Richard Gott III discusses the two ways that it might be.Read More
Talks at Google
Revolutionary Change: The Role of the Disruptor | Talks at Google
People of color often feel the pressure to “mute” aspects of their identity, experience, and culture when navigating predominantly white spaces. Whether in the workplace, gentrified communities, or heavily policed neighborhoods, they engage in Herculean efforts to increase the comfort of “the white gaze”…
Why Apple’s big MacBook reveal will feel so damn boring
Apple updates its iPhones and iPads like clockwork, but it’s been a little while since we got a fresh crop of MacBooks — you know, those clamshell things with physical keyboards that you can plug a mouse into for hyper-efficient Microsoft Word-ing. The tech corp will hold a media event Thursday, where…
Anker Will Sell You Six USB Charging Ports–And Six Cables to Fill Them–For $31
Not only is Anker’s PowerPort 6 60W charging hub down to an all-time low price, it also comes with a 6-pack of handy 1′ microUSB cables. Considering you can never have enough charging ports or pocketable cables, this is a deal worth paying attention to.Read more…
Digital Trends
Hands on: Navdy car dashboard projector
Consider yourself an easily distracted driver? Then the Navdy head-up display, a handy Bluetooth device that keeps your eyes on the road, may intrigue you. It only takes a glance at distracted driving statistics to drive home the fact that smartphones were not designed for the car. The apps that run…
Engadget RSS Feed
WiGig will bring superfast WiFi to devices next year
The WiFi Alliance has finally certified “WiGig,” a high-speed, 60 GHz standard otherwise known as 802.11ad. Using beamforming, it can yield speeds of up to 8 Gbps, or nearly 1GB per second from a distance of up to 10 meters. As many as 180 million de…
Unionmade and Golden Bear are staying warm this winter with Harris Tweed
Golden Bear brings the famed fabric to a number of essential silhouettes.Photo: UnionmadeWhen the temperature cools a bit, there’s nothing like a solid Harris Tweed jacket to keep you warm. Unionmade has teamed up with their friends at Golden Bear to create a new line of classic jackets, but updated…
Magpul’s DAKA pouches organize your life with rugged, reinforced polymers
These versatile pouches are built for just about anything.Photo: MagpulFor the well-organized, a great pouch is the ultimate accessory for travel and your daily commute. Magpul’s new DAKA line is what we would imagine if Skunkworks were the inventors of the Ziploc bag. The zippered pouches are made from…
Popular Science
A Personalized Nutrition Company Will Use Your DNA To Tell You What To Eat
Health Is a diet based on your genome the future of nutrition? A new California-based company is working to get at the root cause of why it believes diets fail: None of them focus on the dieter’s unique genetic makeup. Habit, which…
RT – Daily news
60 civilians killed, 200 injured as US-led coalition strikes Mosul residential areas – Russian MoD
Over 60 civilians have been killed and at least 200 injured during three days of US-led coalition airstrikes on residential areas in Mosul, the Russian military reported. Read Full Article at
AT&T’s ‘radically’ affordable DirecTV Now streaming TV service launches in November
Paying attention pays off! Amid all the excitement about AT&T’s planned acquisition of Time Warner, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson revealed that DirecTV Now will roll out in November. AT&T announced the service in March as one of three online streaming services the company planned to introduce….
Former White House cybersecurity chief launches Uplevel Security
 Launching today with a new security technology Uplevel Security wants to be the go-to tool IT departments use to respond to breaches and hacks. Founded by Roselle Safran, the former branch chief for cybersecurity operations at the White House, Uplevel combines case management, threat intelligence management,…
Companies expect IP theft to rise in the next year, according to a new survey from Deloitte
 Intellectual property theft may not be discussed as much as data breaches that see customers’ credit card and other personally identifiable information stolen by hackers. But online theft of IP is a growing concern in tech, according to a new survey by Deloitte, Cyberattackers and Your Intellectual…

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