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The Calendar Service in macOS Server Is a Surprisingly Robust Alternative to Commercial Apps
At $20, macOS Server is one of those unsung bit of software that most of us have absolutely no use for, but has a slew of neat little features. Over at Macworld, they dig into the Calendar function, which is easy to set up and use, then keeps your data as private as possible.Generally speaking, most…
BBC News – World
US liver donor marries woman whose life he saved
A US man who donated half of his liver to a complete stranger reveals how they fell in love and wed.
BBC News – World
Migrant deaths in Mediterranean hit record in 2016 – UN
At least 3,800 migrants have died or are missing in the Mediterranean Sea in 2016 – the deadliest year on record, the UN says.
EDC is Everyday Carry
Olight S Mini Baton
submitted by Mikey Bautista Sometimes, to make something even greater, you have to make it smaller. The Olight S1 Baton is still one of the best everyday carry lights around, but even great things can be improved. As you can see with the new S Mini Baton, small improvements can make the biggest difference.At…
Tools and Toys
Mophie “Hold Force” Modular Cases for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus
Mophie’s new “Hold Force” modular cases for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are pretty cool. They’ve got built-in magnetic plates that let you attach various accessories on the back side and swap ’em out as needed. Watch the intro video: Ah, that satisfyingly soft click sound… Er, anyway, the way it works…
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‘Racist and sexist’ complaints against Aussie lamb advert rejected
The Advertising Standards Board of Australia (ASB) has rejected complaints that an advertisement for lamb is offensive to white males. Several complaints were lodged about the ad which producers say attempts to be all-inclusive with the people it features. Read Full Article at
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Most Bavarians have negative attitude toward Muslims in Germany – poll
More than four in five people in the German state of Bavaria have a negative attitude toward Muslims, a new study has found, also reporting that refugees, the long-term unemployed and Roma community are generally perceived negatively. Read Full Article at
The Awesomer
Mean Tweets: President Obama 2
Link“You know, this jeans thing, this is years ago. Come on.” The outgoing US President Barack Obama once again reads from a heavily filtered list of mean tweets about him. Jimmy Kimmel Live’s segment has gone soft, but it’s still funny. More Awesome Stuff: Mean Tweets: NBA Edition 4Bryan Cranston’s…
Mopar teases a whole family of concepts for SEMA – Roadshow
Whether you’re looking for a modded minivan or a pumped-up Power Wagon, FCA’s parts division is ready to roll out some gnarly concepts.
Palantir CEO doesn’t care if you like his company – CNET
Losing customers in the private sector is no big deal. That’s just one of the tech business heresies delivered by Alex Karp during the WSJD conference.
Taking 30% Off Select Levi’s Styles Is a Great Way to Get Through the Week
If you don’t immediately think jeans when you think Levi’s, I think it’s time to come out of that 100 year old rock you’ve been living under. And with 30% off select styles, you’ll be able to come out of that rock wearing really great pants.Read more…
Apple prepares for finishing touches at Campus 2, extends construction schedule into 2017
Apple has updated its general construction schedule for its new Campus 2 site, pushing back its estimated end date for building construction by three months and noting the start of landscaping work expected to last into the second quarter of next year. more…Filed under: Apple
4 Air Force specialties that will keep your feet firmly on the ground
Paid content by the U.S. Air Force While U.S. Air Force pilots are a crucial component of our country’s defense capabilities, there’s more to being an airman than hitting Mach 3. The Air Force offers over 200 careers for STEM-minded individuals to pursue their interests, find their strengths and elevate…
National Geographic News
Can Camel Milk Save India’s Nomadic Raikas?
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Armenian genocide concert in Istanbul cancelled after reports of Erdogan being invited
A concert in Istanbul by the Dresden Orchestra to mark the 1915 genocide of Armenians by the Ottomans has been cancelled by Germany. That follows reports that the musicians sent out invitations to the Turkish President and his top aides. Read Full Article at
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Six NATO nations eager to increase Black Sea presence – Stoltenberg
US, Turkey and Poland are among the NATO member states which confirmed their readiness to dispatch naval units to the Black Sea in 2017, boosting the alliance’s presence in the region, according to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. Read Full Article at
Disney tipped as interested in Twitter again, and very close to buying it
Several companies were interested in buying Twitter in recent weeks, one of them being Disney, though it seemed the potential sale was scraped at some point and serious acquisition bid plans were abandoned. That may not be the full story, though, as sources have now cropped up saying Disney is reconsidering…
Repeat Infringers Can Be Mere Downloaders, Court Rules
A 10-year-old copyright case has prompted an interesting opinion from a US appeals court. In determining the nature of a “repeat infringer” (which service providers must terminate to retain safe harbor), the court found these could be people who simply download infringing content for personal use. The…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
More efficient Rolls-Royce turbine inches closer with successful gearbox test
Rolls-Royce has inched a step closer to putting its upcoming UltraFan into production, having successfully run the world’s most powerful aerospace gearbox for the first time. The tests were conducted at the company’s facilities in Dahlewitz, Germany, and mark a significant step towards more…
38% off Nonda USB-C to USB 3.0 Mini Adapter – Deal Alert
This is an essential adapter if you need to connect your standard USB devices to the newer USB-C style connector found on the new Macbooks, Chromebooks and others. This one from Nonda is super small and fast, capable of data transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps with USB 3.0. The adapter averages 4.5 out of…
Facebook to celebs: Play by the rules when promoting products
Prepare to start seeing more celebrity-endorsed ads on Facebook. The social network is now extending its rules about how verified profiles can share branded posts, officially letting stars and influential personalities monetize their Facebook audiences — something that was already happening but wasn’t…
How-To Geek
Geek Trivia: The Largest National Park In The World Is Located In Which Country?
The Largest National Park In The World Is Located In Which Country? The United States Brazil Germany GreenlandThink you know the answer?
Diesel Watches Mr. Daddy 2.0 Watch $189.99
Diesel Watches Mr. Daddy 2.0 Watch $189.99
Coolest Gadgets
InBody Push is a portable stadiometer
When your children are growing up, you know that they often do so in a flash — so much so that time flies by you without you realizing it. Before you know it, they have turned 18 and are bidding you goodbye, leaving the nest to go through the school of hard knocks afterwards. Well keeping track of their…
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Using technology to enhance healthcare education and training | Rodrigo Dias Takase | TEDxMartigny
Healthcare students need a new alternative way to practice procedures in order to be more confident and get enough skills to do it on real patients. Mobile simulations can be the solution to improve medical training, offering them an easy, accessible, affordable and more immersive way to improve their…
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Challenge the future | Magda Burity | TEDxLuanda
Magda as been determine to fight! She invite the audience to take a trip with her on a personal battle against obesity, by challenges herself and shift the way people and the TV industry… With that she creating her own TV Program to help other like her to boost the self-esteem… Journalist, Cultural…
Digital Trends
PS4 gets Neo Geo support this year with ‘Metal Slug’ and more
Japanese publisher and porting studio Hamster Corporation announced that a slate of classic Neo Geo games will be ported to the PlayStation 4 by the end of 2016 as part of its Arcade Archives series. Hamster’s release lineup will continue into 2017 with the launch of upcoming games like Neo Turf Masters and…
Digital Trends
The best smartphone camera you can buy
It’s never been easier to take great photos on the fly. Everyone has a smartphone now, and the camera technology inside these pocketable devices has improved tremendously in the last few years. We share more than two billion photos every day on Facebook alone. The ability to quickly capture and share…
These are the 3 big reveals from Microsoft’s Surface event
Microsoft unleashed a ton of Windows and Surface news on the world from New York on Wednesday, revealing new Windows features and brand new hardware. Here’s the run-down on the biggest news from the company’s two-hour-long presentation.Surface Studio takes a fresh look at the Desktop PC There were a…
Popular Science
HoloLens Will Now Let You Test Virtual Furniture In Your Real Home
Gadgets And the software will be available on cheaper headsets Microsoft announced new HoloLens features as part of the Creators Update at their Windows 10 event on October 26.
Popular Science
Zombies, Abominations, And Body Snatchers: Nature’s Horrifying Parasites
Animals These creatures celebrate Halloween every day Zombies, abominations, body-snatchers—they’re all real. Nature is full of monsters, but that’s also why it’s awesome. In honor of Halloween, here are six horrific…
Man of Many
The Life Aquatic – IKEA Harbour Home
It’s no exaggeration to say Sydney boasts some of the greatest harbour views the world has to offer. But given the state of the city’s property market, the average person has little chance of ever enjoying them up close without selling off a majority of their bodily organs. It’s hard then to feel sorry…
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The Author Who Predicted Earth’s Bleak Future Is Back
Way back at the turn of the millennium, T.C. Boyle published a heartbreaking and horrifying novel about global warming, A Friend of the Earth (Viking; 2000). Swinging back and forth in time between 1989 and a climate-ravaged 2025, Friend follows protagonist Tyrone Tierwater from his eco-radical days…
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Should the FBI Hack Botnet Victims to Save the Internet?
The internet of things has ushered in a new age of debilitating DDoS attacks. Last week, armies of poorly secured, internet-connected cameras controlled by the Mirai malware targeted servers that provide a key service to the web, meaning that many people could not connect to high profile sites such as…
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Watchmakers think smart features will beat smartwatches
Fossil is the fourth-biggest watchmaker in the world, responsible for about 5 percent of global timepiece sales. The company produces watches for a variety of brands, including Armani, Kate Spade, Michael Kors and Skagen. This week, ahead of the holidays, all of those labels have launched traditional-looking…
Five satirical designs created in response to Donald Trump
The design community doesn’t seem to like Donald Trump very much. With just two weeks until the US presidential election, here are five products and proposals influenced by the Republican Party candidate. Read more
Syma X5SC Quadcopter Drone w/ 2MP 720p HD Camera & Extra Battery $31.49
Syma X5SC Quadcopter Drone w/ 2MP 720p HD Camera & Extra Battery $31.49
Next Big Future
IMF and other GDP and GDP per capita projections
IMF has projected GDP and GDP per capita out to about 2021.China has 60% of the US economy on a nominal basis in 2016. China would need 65% more overall nominal economic growth or a stronger currency to catchup to the overall US economy on a nominal basis.China is ahead on a purchasing power parity basis.By…
Prime Members Get $25 Back on Any $50 Luxury Beauty Purchase on Amazon
Did we convince you that you need Stila All Day Waterproof Eyeliner, but $20 was just a little too much? Or maybe you’ve been meaning to try theBalm lipstick but keep putting it off. Well, today only, if you’re a Prime member (who isn’t?!) and when you use the code LUXPRIME25 on Amazon, you’ll get $25…
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‘If you build walls, forget about Italian money,’ Rome warns EU over migrant policy
If certain members of the European Union introduce borders to prevent the movement of asylum seekers, Italy is within its rights to withhold its funding to the EU budget, Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has said. Read Full Article at
IDG Contributor Network: Platform business models: A primer
Platform business models are gaining a lot of attention lately, but not everyone knows precisely what they are. These business models, which allow enterprises to set up powerful ecosystems for value exchange and innovation among participants, can be used across industries and are fast becoming a dominant…
A.I. and robots aren’t gunning for your job, White House economist says
Artificial intelligence and robots aren’t coming for your job anytime soon, the U.S. White House’s chief economic adviser says. Some technology experts worry about the economic impact of A.I.-powered computers and robots, but Jason Furman, chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers,…
New Scientist – Online news
Our Ice Age ancestors skinned cave lions to make roofs for huts
Cave lion bones found near prehistoric huts in the La Garma cave in Spain show evidence of being skinned for fur, which the early humans seem to have used as roofs
Newswise: SciNews
Regenerative Medicine Scientists Get the Upperhand in Biological Pathway That Leads to Heart Formation
Researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Hamon Center for Regenerative Science and Medicine have identified a pathway essential to heart formation and, in the process, unveiled a mechanism that may explain how some previously puzzling segments of the genome work.
Newswise: SciNews
A Songbird’s Travelogue
Biologists at the University of Utah recently used light-weight geolocation technology to follow a species of songbird on its 10,000-kilometer migration from the Middle East to sub-Saharan Africa.
Report: Android Wear 2.0 will require you to install watch apps seperately
Android Wear 2.0 has been kicked back to 2017, but we’re already starting to hear buzz about how the experience will change for you.It looks like the way you install apps is going to see a major change. According to a lengthy Android Wear Developers thread on Google+, Android Wear 2.0 will not only support,…
The Most Durably Democratic County In The Country Could Go For Trump
You’re reading Back of the Envelope, an experiment that aims to bring shorter, quicker content to FiveThirtyEight.In 2012, voters in Elliott County, Kentucky, came close to breaking a streak that, at the time, had lasted 136 years. Elliott County was formed in 1869, and since its first presidential election,…
Senate Update: GOP Candidates Are Doing Better Than Trump — And May Still Lose
Democrats are still modest favorites to retake the Senate. They have about a 67 percent chance of winning a majority, according to the FiveThirtyEight polls-only and polls-plus forecasts. That advantage comes even as GOP Senate candidates are running ahead of Donald Trump in their states — much more…
A Bedroom Is Hidden Behind A Secret Doorway In This Apartment
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World’s tallest church being eroded by urinating revellers
The 162m tall Ulm Minster church in Germany isn’t just attracting people answering the call of God but also those answering the call of nature and it’s now contributing to the erosion of its sandstone base. Read Full Article at
Archinect – News
Design is the center of the universe at the 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial, “Are We Human?”
The 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial opened to the public this past Saturday, October 22, curated by Beatriz Colomina and Mark Wigley. The curators’ full title, “Biz Inan Miyiz? / Are We Human? The Design Of The Species: 2 Seconds, 2 Days, 2 Years, 200 Years, 200,000 Years,” sets up an ambitious meeting…
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Like Microsoft and the 1990s, 3D graphics are cool again
I grew up on Microsoft Paint as a PC kid in the 1990s. So when Microsoft showed off a new version of its storied software today, updated to make it easy for anyone to create objects and scenes in 3D, I felt a stab of excitement imagining how my own kids might experiment with these new tools. Microsoft’s… Full Feed
Black Votes Matter: The New Fifth Column
One of my very favorite comedians on the Red Eye circuit is Andrew Schulz, co-conspirator of The Brilliant Idiots podcast. In the continued truancy of Hollywood Mike Moynihan, Schulz filled out the Triangle of Truthiness in the latest edition of The Fifth Column. He talked about getting turfed by Jerry…
Microsoft quietly unveils a Surface mouse and desktop keyboards for Surface Studio
Even if you’ve got a swanky Surface Dial in one hand and a Surface Pen in the other, a desktop computer’s borderline useless without a keyboard and mouse. Microsoft didn’t devote any stage time to additional peripherals during its big Windows event on Wednesday, but nevertheless the company quietly launched…
This public pavilion covered in plants was designed to invite people to sit inside
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Scientific American Content: Global
Math Puts a New Twist on Solving a Rubik’s Cube with the Fewest Moves
For this puzzle with over 43 quintillion permutations, author Ian Scheffler explains how players have found the most efficient route to resolving a Rubik’s cube. — Read more on
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Video games are more important than ever
When Bob Dylan won the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature, it shocked the humanitarian world. What’s more, Dylan himself hasn’t behaved like a traditional Nobel winner: He hasn’t commented on the honor and has yet to give an acceptance speech. At least o…
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Accoustic Maestro | Ben Hughes | TEDxLiverpool
Ben, a self taught guitar maestro beginning at just five years old, to watch him play is to watch a master at work. You can see why all the blood, sweat and tears has affectionately earned him the title ‘The Machine’ and ‘Crazy Fingers’ to his peers and fans alike.” Liverpool artist and LIPA graduate…
Lifestage, Facebook’s teens-only app, hits Android
 Lifestage, Facebook’s newer “teens-only” app designed to counteract the Snapchat threat by giving younger users a place to connect outside of Facebook’s larger social network, has now arrived on Android. Previously an iPhone-only application, this experimental app represents Facebook’s attempt to woo…
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DT Giveaway: 6 pairs of Thinksound headphones!
When we think of good-sounding headphones, it’s no accident that some of our favorites come from none other than Thinksound. And with thoughtful and eye-catching designs, a distinctly warm, clear sound, and classy wood finishes, it’s easy to see why. So we’ve teamed up with Thinksound to give one grand-prize…
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Looking for a paleo or gluten-free meal kit? Sun Basket delivers the goods
I ate albacore tuna caught off the coast of Washington by the crew of the Coyote the other night. I wasn’t aboard the vessel, but information about the boat, its captain, and the port where the fish landed were included on its packaging from Sun Basket. Like Blue Apron, Plated, and HelloFresh, Sun Basket…
Noisy Coworkers And Other Sounds Are Top Distraction in Workplace, Study Says
Sounds, especially those made by other humans, have ranked as the top distraction in the workplace, according to design expert Alan Hedge of Cornell. A staggering 74 percent of workers say they face “many” instances of disturbances and distractions from noise. Hedge says the noise is generally coming…
1-800-Flowers wants to transform its business with A.I.
LAS VEGAS — Executives at expect a new wave in artificial intelligence technology will help to change their business so much it’ll be like running a brand new business.“We are on the cusp of a change as big as when e-commerce hit,” said Chris McCann, president and CEO of….
Singularity HUB
Medicine Will Advance More in the Next 10 Years Than It Did in the Last 100
Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, recently announced a $3 billion effort to cure all disease during the lifetime of their daughter, Max. Earlier this year, Silicon Valley billionaire Sean Parker donated $250 million to increase collaboration among researchers to develop immune therapies for…
Microsoft will pay you $650 to ditch your MacBook for a Surface – CNET
The company will accept Apple computers at Microsoft stores starting Thursday.
Bathroom Design Idea – 5 Ways To Add Marble To Your Bathroom
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Can we stop connected gadgets from taking down the internet?
Late last week, 100,000 compromised connected gadgets helped anonymous attackers launch a massive and sustained DDoS attack. Malware called Mirai took control of the devices to direct large amounts of traffic, potentially as much as 1.2 Tbps, at Dyn, a DNS service provider that routes traffic requests…
Quanta Magazine
Solution: ‘Which Forecasts Are True?’
Come November 8, the seemingly interminable U.S. presidential campaign season will come to an end. For election prognosticators, their volumes of text and mathematical calculations — based on feeding hundreds of carefully vetted and aggregated polls into their constantly churning mathematical models…
Schedule Any Light With This $22 Smart Switch
Heading out of town and want to deter thieves, or just want to wake up to a well-lit house? This programmable light switch turns any built-in light into a smart light for $22, an all-time low.Read more…
Popular Science
UK’s Iconic Red Telephone Boxes Will Be Replaced With Wi-Fi Kiosks
Technology Learning from New York’s experience, they will not have in-kiosk web browsing capability London is replacing telephone boxes with wifi terminals…
Dining Room Idea – Create A Built-In Dining Nook (8 Pictures)
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Soon you won’t have to buy the EpiPen
EpiPen’s vicelike grip on the allergy shot market is about to be significantly loosened. A competitor, the Auvi-Q from drugmaker Kaleon Inc., is set to re-enter the fray after being recalled last year, giving consumers a choice between products once again. It’s expected to hit shelves in the first…
Microsoft Will Release Windows VR Headsets Starting at $299
At an event in New York City today, Microsoft announced that it has partnered with Dell, Lenovo, Acer, and HP to create a line of virtual reality headsets that will take advantage of […]
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Why Did I Have to Turn My Phone Off on an Airplane?
I was flying from Nashville to Charlotte a few days ago when an announcement bled through my headphones. I ignored it, assuming it was the normal we’re-making-a-descent speech, and went back to my episode of the Longform podcast. Then, a couple of minutes later, another announcement, and this time,…
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Walmart Is Hoping a Blockchain Can Clean Up China’s Dirty Pork Industry
A customer buys pork at a supermarket in Yichang city, central China’s Hubei province. Image: APIn an attempt to clean up China’s safety scandal-plagued pork industry, Walmart is taking a page out of Bitcoin’s book. The company is partnering with IBM and a local university to develop a pilot program…
Bustler News, Competitions and Events
News: Join Christopher Hawthorne, Mia Lehrer and more this Saturday at Next Up: The LA River – Archinect’s live podcasting event!
The L.A. River’s redevelopment is one of the most challenging, and exciting, projects currently underway in Los Angeles. Accounting for the River’s 51-mile stretch, and all the neighborhoods it runs through, is a mammoth endeavor—and one that will necessarily involve contention and compromise. As a toast…
Bustler News, Competitions and Events
News: Zaha Hadid, Grüntuch Ernst, Davidson Rafailidis among 2016 Blueprint Award winners
That’s a wrap for the third edition of the Blueprint Awards! Blueprint Magazine recently announced the winning projects during an award ceremony at the Bankside Vaults in London. This year attracted 400 competitive submissions from six continents, but the UK and the U.S. dominated. For starters, the…
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Failed weapons systems cost Pentagon $58 billion over two decades
The Pentagon loves to throw good money after bad ‒ to the tune of nearly $60 billion on failed big-ticket weapons systems over the last two decades, according to a new internal Department of Defense review. Read Full Article at
designboom | architecture & design magazine
morphosis completes extendable building for michigan’s lawrence tech university
lifted bridges connect the structure to neighboring buildings, while a carbon-fiber circulation orb houses the main staircase and marks a new point of access. The post morphosis completes extendable building for michigan’s lawrence tech university appeared first on designboom | architecture & design…
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You probably won’t get eye herpes from a VR headset
At public events like conventions, strapping a virtual reality headset onto your face can feel uncomfortably intimate. Face masks can get sweaty and grimy, and lenses can fog up with other people’s breath. But earlier this week, an anonymous chat transcript suggested that headsets were spreading something… Full Feed
Oregon Student Government: Dressing Up as Any Character Is Cultural Appropriation, Not Okay
The student-governments of rival schools Oregon State University and the University of Oregon have announced a temporary partnership, which is kind of like how it would be if Negan from The Walking Dead could somehow join forces with Ramsay Bolton. And why are these villains teaming up? (UO and OSU,… Full Feed
Illinois Commits to Changing Bail Practices That Keep People Jailed For Being Poor
Amid a nationwide series of civil rights lawsuits challenging what criminal justice groups call modern-day debtor’s prisons, Illinois state officials announced Thursday that the state will work toward overhauling its jail practices over the next four years. Illinois officials and the Pretrial Justice…
Artist slept five weeks in this inflatable “hotel room” in the sky
This is ‘Hotel Rehearsal,” an art installation the features an inflatable hotel room. While the bed is actually comfortable, this type of sleeping arrangement is not for anyone afraid of heights.  Read more…More about Mashable Video, Hotel Rehearsal, Art, Real Time Video, and Real Time
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The Effective Talker | Craig Travasso | TEDxJaiHindCollege
Craig Travasso will curiously hook you to ‘nothing’ and will walk you through how to be an effective talker. Travasso is a Mumbai based voice artist. He speaks for a living. His candid style and vibrant voice spices up his presentations. Craig has done voice overs for TV commercials, TV programmes,…
Fast Company
What We’re Looking Out For In Amazon’s Q3 Earnings Report
Amazon has had a good year thus far—huge revenue, AWS expansion. We’ll be looking to see if its various pursuits are still going to plan. Amazon has had a good year thus far—huge revenue, AWS expansion. We’ll be looking to see if its various pursuits are still going to plan.Amazon…
Fast Company
Why Verizon’s Due Diligence May Not Have Caught Yahoo’s Massive Security Breach
Cyber due diligence typically looks at overall policies and broad risk rather than scouring networks from top to bottom, experts say. Cyber due diligence typically looks at overall policies and broad risk rather than scouring networks from top to bottom, experts say.After Yahoo…
Curbed National
The U.S. builds more three-car garages than one-bedroom apartments
Ironic but true These days, your car may have a better chance of finding a place to live than you do. It’s true: there are more three-car garages being built across the U.S. than one-bedroom apartments, according to census data recently highlighted by Bloomberg. In the past two decades, more and more…
Leviton Vizia 24-Hour Programmable Indoor Dimer w/ Astronomical Clock $22.10
Leviton Vizia 24-Hour Programmable Indoor Dimer w/ Astronomical Clock $22.10
Ars Technica
AT&T/Time Warner seems headed for FCC review, whether AT&T likes it or not
Enlarge / AT&T will own a bunch of new media properties if it is allowed to buy Time Warner. (credit: Aurich Lawson) AT&T has suggested that it might not need Federal Communications Commission approval of its purchase of Time Warner Inc., but that may just be wishful thinking. Some news…
The Awesomer
If the Meat Industry Was Honest
Link(Gross) “I should note there’s no oversight as to what constitutes ‘high quality.’ I’m just allowed to call things that.” Roger a.k.a. Honest Satan talks about how the meat industry caters to the modern flesh ingester. More Awesome Stuff: Honest Antidepressant CommercialNonsensical Video Game…
Popular Science
An Implant For Overcoming Opioid Addiction
Best Of What’s New
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors – Front Page
Apple’s Custom Mobile Chip Designs Gradually Expanding to Include Graphics Hardware
After years of recruiting graphics architects, Apple has gradually shifted from licensing PowerVR graphics to designing its own custom GPUs for iPhones, according to David Kanter at Real World Technologies. The new graphics processor is said to have first shipped with the A8 chip in the iPhone 6,…
NatGeo photographer: Arrest of ‘Afghan Girl’ violates her human rights
Most people don’t know her by name, but she’s recognized as the “Afghan Girl” with her striking green eyes on the cover of a 1985 National Geographic magazine cover. Reportedly, the same girl — now a woman — has been arrested in Pakistan for having a fake identity card. According to the Associated Press,…
23andMe reportedly no longer working on next-gen sequencing
 23andMe won’t continue with next-generation DNA sequencing and has reportedly laid off the lab working on the project. About half-a-dozen workers were laid off from the Salt Lake City, Utah-based lab, according to BuzzFeed, which first reported the news. By our own count based on LinkedIn, at least…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Reversible tent offers safe shelter for the homeless
Homelessness is an issue that’s not going away anytime soon, but Singapore-based non-profit Billion Bricks has created a reversible tent that it says could offer a safe shelter for those in dire straits. Billed as being quick and easy to erect, it’s designed to keep its occupants cool in the…
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
UN human rights adviser compares Haiti cholera scandal to Watergate
The UN’s refusal to accept responsibility for bringing cholera to Haiti six years ago, leading to the deaths of more than 9,000 people, is a scandal on the same scale as Watergate, the organisation’s own human rights adviser has told FRANCE 24.
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
Luxury hotel owner found after dramatic abduction on French Riviera
A 76-year-old luxury hotel owner who was snatched in broad daylight near her French Riviera home on Monday has been found safe and sound, officials said Wednesday.
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
‘Afghan girl’ from National Geographic cover arrested with fake papers in Pakistan
An Afghan woman immortalised on a celebrated National Geographic magazine cover as a green-eyed 12-year-old girl was arrested Wednesday for living in Pakistan on fraudulent identity papers.
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
Clashes rock Turkey’s Diyarbakir after arrest of Kurdish mayors
Turkish police clashed with protesters in Diyarbakir on Wednesday, using tear gas and water cannon to prevent them demonstrating against the detention of the Kurdish-majority city’s co-mayors.
Silicone Travelamp Light Diffuser For Smartphones
Your phone’s flashlight can only shine so bright. If you want to both capture and soften the light to read or create a mood, try Travelamp. The Travelamp makes the torch on your phone much more than just a source of light. Emanating a soft friendly glow, it lights up your spirits along with the room….
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Creating A.I. that thinks like humans | Animesh Koratana | TEDxPeachtree
A.I. researcher and rising high school senior Animesh Koratana envisions a world where medical research on the human brain for cures to diseases ranging from depression to bi-polar to schizophrenia can be done on artificially created brains that think and behave just like human brains. He shares the…
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A Deeper Look at Eta Carinae, a Double Star System
Double star system Eta Carinae seems perpetually ready to explode, as we’ve reported before. According to National Geographic, however, when exactly the stellar system will self-destruct is unclear: it could be this week or in tens of thousands of years. Now, with the help of a Very Large Telescope…
Digital Trends
Microsoft updates the Skype app on Android and iOS with a modern touch
To date, Skype has not been the most mobile-optimized app, but that will all change in the next few weeks. That is because Microsoft announced it is rolling out a redesigned app for Android and iOS that will be much more mobile-friendly. For example, Microsoft will simplify the app by including new…
Next Big Future
Stryker light armored vehicle will have 5 kw combat laser in 11 months and an 18 kilowatt combat laser by 2018 for countering drones and missiles
A combat laser, which could be operational as soon as 11-months from now, will be integrated into the Fire Support Vehicle Stryker variant designed for target tracking and identification.General Dynamics Land Systems is now working on upgrading the power of the laser from two kilowatts of power to five…
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Hender Scheme Glasses Wall Holders
I got my first pair of glasses at the age of two. It was the early 90s and, as you can imagine, it was not a good look. Since then I’ve managed to destroy at least 20 pairs, including that first one, because I hate carrying the bulky cases. Fortunately, my adult self can break… The post Hender Scheme…
RT – Daily news
Pentagon halts, promises to resolve National Guard bonus repayment problem amid House investigation
The House Oversight Committee has launched an investigation into National Guard troops being ordered to repay massive enlistment bonuses they received years ago. Meanwhile, the Pentagon has halted the collections and promised to resolve the problem. Read Full Article at – latest science and technology news stories
Customers are starting to see the NBC effect on Comcast
While many are skeptical of the business logic behind AT&T’s desire to buy Time Warner, a similar deal from earlier this decade, Comcast’s marriage with NBCUniversal, foreshadows some of the possibilities—as well as the potential competitive and consumer harms—that could result. – latest science and technology news stories
Dream coming true for ISS-bound rookie French astronaut
First-time French astronaut Thomas Pesquet said Wednesday he was thrilled to go to space with two veterans from Russia and US, though slightly worried that they wouldn’t like his saxophone music. – latest science and technology news stories
A second powerful aftershock rattles Italy after 5.4 temblor
A pair of powerful aftershocks shook central Italy on Wednesday, knocking out power, closing a major highway and sending panicked residents into the rain-drenched streets just two months after a powerful earthquake killed nearly 300 people. – latest science and technology news stories
‘Stinky whale’ whiff wafts over whaling talks
Between explosive diplomatic quarrels and pressing animal welfare concerns, world whaling talks came up against an unusual challenge this week, that of “stinky whales”. – latest science and technology news stories
What the elk is that? Animal in SC for 1st time in centuries
A wild elk has been spotted roaming the woodlands of South Carolina for the first time in more than 200 years. – latest science and technology news stories
Connecting research and policy may improve educational equity
Better communication about how educational research can impact public policy may improve educational equity, according to a new paper from Rice University. – latest science and technology news stories
Univeristy at Buffalo to build one-of-a-kind advanced materials data research lab
Scientists are using supercomputers and other technologies to create ever-growing libraries of data on the properties of metals, polymers, ceramics and other materials. – latest science and technology news stories
Jaguar scat study suggests restricted movement in areas of conservation importance in Mesoamerica
A research group led by the American Museum of Natural History and global wild cat conservation organization Panthera has published the largest gene-based survey of its kind on wild jaguar populations in Mesoamerica. The analysis, published today in the journal PLOS ONE, is based on nearly 450 jaguar… – latest science and technology news stories
Researchers identify new species of dragonfly in Brazil
A new species of dragonfly with a brown spot on each of its four wingtips and a bluish waxy body coating has been described by Brazilian researchers in an article published in the scientific journal Zootaxa. Found in 2011 near a spring on the Itororó Ecological Reserve in Uberlândia, Minas Gerais State,…
The Verge – All Posts
Airbnb hosts protest new rental law outside New York governor’s office
Less than a week after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill that would severely limit the kind of properties New York City residents can rent out on Airbnb, about 50 hosts from the online service rallied outside Cuomo’s office this morning to protest the new law. The new law prohibits Airbnb…
This Free Tool Takes 3D Models into VR with One Click
via Tech Crunch The emergence of virtual reality applications for architecture has been one of the big stories of the past few years – in the future, we’ve been told, VR will become an integral part not just of presenting a project, but of the design process as well.That future may now be…
Download Ramit Sethi’s Free Ebook Guide to Getting a Raise
Asking for a raise is difficult for most people, and despite how many tips we offer, it’s still hard to do. Ramit Sethi of I Will Teach You To Be Reach put together a free guide that prepares you to make the big ask and boost your salary.Read more…
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T-Shirts & Apparel : Zombie Rescue Unisex Hoodie
For you, every day is Zombie Preparedness Day. This red full-zip hoodie marks you as part of the Zombie Rescue Team (North America Unit). What does that mean? When the zombie apocalypse comes you’ll have access to restricted areas beyond barricades armed with this hoodie and a little moxie. $49.99 …
ThinkGeek – What’s New
T-Shirts & Apparel : Nixon Time Teller Chrono Watch – BB-8
Oh, my! It’s already bleep-boop o’clock!? Luckily you can read time on your own, because if BB-8 was actually trying to tell you, it might be difficult discerning which combination of bleeps and boops meant it’s time to leave for work. $249.99
ThinkGeek – What’s New
T-Shirts & Apparel : Nixon Jane Leather Watch – Rey
Follow me. This epic timepiece is the Nixon Jane Leather Watch, Rey edition. From their Jane line explicitly for the ladies, Nixon designed this watch with a canvas & leather watchband inspired by Rey’s desert outfit. $224.99
ThinkGeek – What’s New
Geek Toys : Star Wars Boba Fett with Han Solo Carbonite Statue
Fohtooh ma Solo kaychahlah! Ho Ho Ho! I like Solo right where he is, ho ho ho! Boba Fett has arrived this holiday season, and he’s packing an extra special gift for Jabba. A delightful tongue-in-cheek Star Wars addition to your traditional Christmas decorations. $49.99
Newswise: SciNews
ZikaPLAN: La Jolla Institute Unites with 25 Research Organizations to Fight Zika Virus and Build Long-Term Outbreak Response Capacity in Latin America
La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology (LJI) is among the 25 leading research and public health organizations from Latin America, North America, Africa, Asia, and Europe gathered in Recife for the launch of ZikaPLAN (Zika Preparedness Latin American Network). This global initiative, created in…
Newswise: SciNews
IU Researchers Receive $1.8 Million NSF Grant to Protect Security of ‘Internet of Things’ Technology
Indiana University School of Informatics and Computing researchers have received $1.8 million from the National Science Foundation to ensure that door locks, lightbulbs, cameras and other common household items, which are increasingly connected to the internet, remain secure.
Newswise: SciNews
“Brainprint” Researchers Get $900K in Funding
The National Science Foundation has awarded $900,000 in grant funding to researchers at Binghamton University, State University of New York to continue investigations into the next-generation of brain biometric technology. The project, “Brain Hacking: Assessing Psychological and Computational Vulnerabilities…
Newswise: SciNews
Drug Targeting Tumor Metabolism Discovered by MD Anderson’s Institute for Applied Cancer Science Enters Clinical Trial
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center’s Institute for Applied Cancer Science (IACS) has initiated the first clinical study of a novel drug designed to starve cancer cells, IACS-10759.
RT – Daily news
Life at migrant centers in Germany: RT talks to volunteers, refugees about their hopes & fears
Some have faced criticism in their own country for aiding asylum seekers, while others are themselves migrants who have seen their accommodation centers burnt down. RT Russian talked to residents and volunteers at migrant centers in Germany. Read Full Article at
Halloween-loving Paralympian outdoes himself yet again
Josh Sundquist lost his left leg in a childhood bout with cancer, but that does not stop him from going all out annually when it comes to Halloween.  The Paralympian and motivational speaker shows off his creativity every year with his fresh costumes, from foosball figure to one-legged gingerbread man….
Why we are about to experience the tsunami of chat
GUEST: A dramatic shift in how consumers interact with brands is underway. While this felt like a minor development at first, we’ll all look back and recognize a key turning point. Over the next five years, rich, interactive chat will become the dominant means for most of us to interact with technology….
How to build technology that feels like a friend
GUEST: Recently, I needed to book a lunch meeting. To help coordinate, I asked Amy to assist and cc’d her on the email. “Amy,” I wrote, “please help us find a time to meet. Let’s plan for sushi at Tokyo Express on Spear Street.” Amy looked at my calendar, found an open time suitable for everyone invited,…
Snap reportedly aims to raise $4 billion in IPO at up to $35 billion valuation
Snap, the company formerly known as Snapchat, is reportedly looking to raise up to $4 billion when it files paperwork for its initial public offering (IPO). In doing so, the company could have a valuation of between $25 billion to $35 billion. On Wednesday, sources informed Bloomberg of the company’s…
The Manual
Look Good in Transit with Travel-Inspired Voyager Watches by MVMT
Check Out These Travel-Inspired Voyager Watches by MVMT The post Look Good in Transit with Travel-Inspired Voyager Watches by MVMT appeared first on The Manual.
Garmin Forerunner 230 GPS Running Watch + Charging Clip $179.99
Garmin Forerunner 230 GPS Running Watch + Charging Clip $179.99
RT – Daily news
US uses Tunisia as drone base for Libya operations – report
Washington has been secretly operating drones from a base in Tunisia since June, US officials have admitted. The unarmed US Air Force Reaper drones are said to be gathering intelligence on Islamic State targets in the neighboring Libya. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
Merkel says Facebook, Google ‘distort perception,’ demands they ‘reveal algorithms’
German Chancellor Angela Merkel launched a broadside at internet media giants, accusing them of “narrowing perspective,” and demanding they disclose their privately-developed algorithms. Merkel previously blamed social media for anti-immigrant sentiment and the rise of the far right. Read Full Article…
Physics News
Defects in diamond: A unique platform for optical data storage in 3-D
In the world of big data, there are limitations on how to store large volumes of information. Typical home-computer hard disk drives consume a lot of power and are limited to a few terabytes …
Physics News
Univeristy at Buffalo to build one-of-a-kind advanced materials data research lab
Scientists are using supercomputers and other technologies to create ever-growing libraries of data on the properties of metals, polymers, ceramics and other materials.
Physics News
How nanoscience will improve our health and lives in the coming years
Nanoscience research involves molecules that are only 1/100th the size of cancer cells and that have the potential to profoundly improve the quality of our health and our lives. Now nine prominent …
The Awesomer
Photography Tricks and Hacks
LinkWant to go beyond basic portraits and landscapes? Leo Rosas and The Cooperative of Photography present nine fun and easy ways to up your creative game. The backwards lens macro thing seems rather silly, but we love the wall of Bokeh and the fish tank trick. More Awesome Stuff: California on Fire…
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Reclaim Our Future with the Climatarian Diet | Mark Pershin | TEDxStKilda
Even with an ambitious transition towards renewable energy we will still be facing catastrophic climate change of up to 6 degrees of warming by the end of the century. There’s an elephant in the room of climate action – and it looks suspiciously like a cow. Find out what a climatarian diet is, and…
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Restoring trust in government | Rohit Malhotra | TEDxPeachtree
In this divisive political season, distrust between Government and the People is at an all-time high. Community organizer and entrepreneur Rohit Malhotra says both groups have to spend more time together and really listen to each other even AFTER the elections. In this engaging talk, first generation…
Adam Savage Built a Perfect Replica of The Fifth Element’s Zorg ZF-1 Blaster
The Fifth Element is one of those movies you can’t help but watch all the way through whenever it’s on TV. There are just too many wonderful moments to miss, but clearly Adam Savage’s favorite was the reveal of the Zorg ZF-1 blaster. Why else would he spend over 10 years building a replica of his own?Read…
Digital Trends
Surprise! Microsoft is selling three new Surface-based Bluetooth peripherals
During Microsoft’s press event on Wednesday, the company introduced the upcoming Creators Update for Windows 10 — debuting in spring 2017 — the Surface all-in-one PC, and an updated Surface Book laptop. What the company didn’t showcase were the three Surface-branded peripherals that recently showed up… Full Feed
Oregon Police Reform Activist Launches Write-In Candidacy for Sheriff
It has not been a good year for the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Department, whose jurisdiction covers most of Portland, Oregon. In February, an internal audit identified disproportionate uses of force against black inmates in the county’s jails. This was followed by a series of rolling scandals surrounding…
Man of Many
RZR Offers Modern Shaving With a Traditional Touch
RZR’s razor offers a no-nonsense wet shaving system that’s as comfortable and safe as any modern razor with the added style and substance of an old-fashioned razor. RZR foresee a return to the traditional male shaving ritual offered by the old-fashioned safety razors. Despite their craftsmanship, they…
RT – Daily news
Carrier battle group never planned to call at Spanish port – Russian Defense Ministry
Moscow has dismissed media reports about how the Russian aircraft carrier group planned a refueling stop at the Spanish autonomous port of Ceuta, with the Defense Ministry saying that such a port call was never scheduled. Read Full Article at – latest science and technology news stories
New evidence that politics, not economics, drives inequality
One of the biggest surprises about rising income inequality in the United States may be that economic factors aren’t the biggest cause, a new study suggests. – latest science and technology news stories
School environment key to retaining teachers, promoting student achievement, study finds
A school is more likely to retain effective teachers, a new study reports, if it is led by a principal who promotes professional development for teachers, is characterized by collaborative relationships among teachers, has a safe and orderly learning environment and sets high expectations for academic… – latest science and technology news stories
Study suggests the reason many white Americans support Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election
In this election year of unprecedented acrimony, one of the most polarizing issues of all is rooted in what’s typically considered a national strength: diversity. – latest science and technology news stories
Money can buy happiness but it’s costly to bank on that without measuring debt
Yes, money can lead to happiness, but how much debt one has should also be considered in the money-happiness equation, according to a new a study from Purdue University. – latest science and technology news stories
Pollution exposure is higher in city kids who are active, finds study
Children from urban areas of New York City who engaged in vigorous daily exercise had greater exposure to black carbon, a traffic-related pollutant, than children who were less active, according to a study by a multidisciplinary team of researchers from Columbia University’s College of Physicians &…
Discover Magazine
Behold! The Birth of Stellar Triplets
Using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), astronomers have captured a stunningly clear, and rare image of stellar triplets still in their infancy. The three stars are just babies: They’re still bundled in a primordial cloud of gas and dust, and are thought to be no more than 150,000…
Hillary Clinton is holding her election party under a literal glass ceiling
Hillary Clinton sent out invites to her election party Wednesday at the Javits Center in Manhattan, and it looks like she picked the place for a very special reason. SEE ALSO: Hillary Clinton’s excited face is every Chicago Cubs fan right now The 840,000 square foot venue, which sits on the Hudson…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
“Peanut patch” may save some lives
According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, more children are allergic to peanuts than to any other food. Unfortunately, the reactions can be lethal. In western cultures, peanut allergies are the leading cause of food-related anaphylaxis death. Needless to say, therefore,…
Top VPN services that don’t keep logs (late 2016)
Everyone has their own reason for using a VPN, but they all share a common element: the desire for privacy. It may be something as simple as wanting to keep your data private while using an open WiFi network, or something as serious as avoiding state-sponsored hackers or bypassing government firewalls….
PurpleJS unites Java and JavaScript development
Melding Java and JavaScript, PurpleJS is emerging as a framework for running lightweight JavaScript server applications without the complexity of the Node.js asynchronous programming model. Atop the JVM (Java Virtual Machine), open source PurpleJS can be used when developers want to build multithreaded…
Deep learning tool lets you pick your pastiche: Mostly Monet, a dab of Doré and a pinch of Picasso
 For years we’ve been skeptical, and rightly so, of the “art filters” you can put on your photos, webcam videos and so on. But Google may have made them relevant again — or at the very least, interesting — by letting you mix and match them in real time using a single specialized neural network. Read…
32% off Nomader Collapsible 22 Oz Water Bottle, Leak Proof Twist Cap, BPA Free – Deal Alert
Guaranteed to never shatter, leak or dent, the 22 ounce Nomader collapsible water bottle is healthy, versatile, stylish, and comes backed by a lifetime warranty. The Nomader bottle is certified BPA free and made from 100% food-grade material. It’s engineered with a thick, soft silicone body and a rigid…
RT – Daily news
Libertarian Party VP insults Trump, practically endorses Clinton
Calling Trump “unhinged” and “not stable” and accusing him of stirring up “envy, resentment, and group hatred,” the Libertarian Party VP nominee Bill Weld said he would continue through the election but practically endorsed Clinton without naming her. Read Full Article at
Refreshing your browser made that huge DDoS attack seem much worse
While much of the internet was frantically trying to refresh their browsers on Friday, the folks at Dyn were facing a huge digital assault that appeared to be coming from just about everywhere.  Their servers were swamped and, because Dyn provides domain name services to many of the most popular sites…
The Week in Mac Apps: Keep an eye on your camera activity with OverSight
New Mac apps of the weekThis week’s roundup of new Mac apps includes OverSight, an app that keeps an eye on how third-party programs use your Mac’s built-in camera and microphone. Plus, new features for Carrot Weather and Speedtest, and more. Read on!AirServerApp Dynamic’s $19 AirServer lets you mirror…
Mission Workshop Fraction Rucksack
With multiple stash pockets and its internal 13” laptop sleeve, the 14-liter, USA-made Fraction pack is designed for function and hassle-free everyday use. Constructed of Mil-Spec materials, it’s also built to last, featuring waterproof fabrication, urethane-coated zippers & a lifetime guarantee….
Nomad Ultra Rugged Cables
Nomad’s Ultra Rugged cables are with braided ballistic nylon for abrasion and tear resistance and feature reinforced RF shielding for fast data sync, and a 2X thick protective PVC jacket covering heavy gauge Kevlar core wire. They offer a Lightning Cable, 3-in-1 Universal Cable, and a Battery Cable….
Google will watch the watchers with Eyefluence acquisition
Global tech behemoth Google has quietly acquired the startup Eyefluence which tracks user eye movements in virtual reality environments. According to ZDnet, Google bought the Milpitas, CA-based firm for an undisclosed amount. Established in 2013, Eyefluence develops software that tracks eye movements…
What will the wearables of the future look like?
The wearable industry currently consists of fitness trackers and smartwatches strapped to our wrist, but that is likely to change in the next few years, as we start to strap technology to other areas of our body and integrate chips into clothes. Here are four emerging trends in the wearable space to…
Bloomberg project to help ten cities gear up for self-driving cars
Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg launched a project to help 10 cities around the globe get ready for autonomous vehicles. An article by State Scoop reports that the billionaire announced the launch of the “Bloomberg Aspen Initiative on Cities and Autonomous Vehicles.” The new initiative…
Xiongmai to recall 10,000 compromised webcams after U.S. attack
Chinese webcam manufacturer Xiongmai has issued a recall of around 10,000 compromised webcams, which were linked to a serious U.S. cyberattack last week. The attack rendered major websites like Spotify and Twitter offline for hours. It took security experts a few days to figure out exactly what happened,…
CIA Declassifies Report on the Man Who Ousted the Australian Government in 1975
There are a lot of different conspiracy theories about what happened to the Australian government in November of 1975. In a surprise move, the ultra liberal Prime Minister Gough Whitlam was fired by a lone man using parliamentary procedures that no one had expected. That man was John Kerr. And Gizmodo…
Digital Trends
Eye-tracking could help readers by noticing when they struggle with a word
Eye-tracking technology could be used to help readers struggling with certain words, claims new research from the University of Copenhagen. With so-called “gaze data” now recordable using everyday PCs, tablets, and smartphones, the research offers a new way of using technology to help people who may…
Ars Technica » Scientific Method
National Geographic brings Mars to Manhattan
The National Geographic Channel, fresh off its sale to Fox, is now focusing on creating premium original content. Its first effort: a fact-based dramatization of what it might be like to send the first human visitors to Mars in the 2030s. As part of that effort, the company has taken over…
Popular Science
Army Transports Could Carry Lasers By 2018
Military Self-defense lasers, for drone-killing, mostly Army lasers on trucks soon.
Architecture Lab
Examining The Different Types Or Styles Of Rugs
The mass majority of homeowners have undoubtedly taken time to familiarize themselves with the different styles of rugs. The post Examining The Different Types Or Styles Of Rugs appeared first on Architecture Lab.
A history of pencil lead and how pencils are made
This video is a combination of two things I like very much: long zoom histories and how things are made. The first part of the video follows the story of graphite back to the Big Bang. [Carl Sagan-eque interlude: “If you want to make a pencil from scratch, first you must invent the universe.”]…
Millennials and the Workplace
Recent research undertaken by Dell and Intel explored a wide range of issues regarding the changing landscape of the modern workplace. In this post, I explore a number of the study’s findings that focused closely on the wants, needs, and concerns of Millennials and the workplace. One of the major findings…
Curbed National
Rad public housing in South Korea wins nation’s top architecture award
Located by Seoul’s ritzy Gangnam district Count South Korea among the countries creating innovative, design-minded affordable housing complexes alongside France and Germany, just to name a couple. The Gangnam A5 housing block in Seoul was designed by architect Frits van Dongen and recently won the 2016…
A Better Way to Sharpen Images in Photoshop
Sharpening a photo digitally can be a helpful way to bring out the textures in a soft image, but sharpening too much can create an annoying ‘ghost’ effect around hard lines. Here’s a better way to do it in Photoshop without overemphasizing the hard edges.In this video from photographer Jimmy McIntyre,…
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How to use Google Trends to win any argument
Yesterday morning, Twitter user @Kuwaddo made a cheeky realization: By Google Trends’ count, the search term “memes” is now more popular than “Jesus.” We’ve reached peak internet in the year 2016. WE DID IT PEOPLE.WE FUCKING DID IT.HOLY SHIT.— Quad (@Kuwaddo) October…
Inside Science
Could Nano-sized Minerals Make Agriculture More Productive?
Could Nano-sized Minerals Make Agriculture More Productive? A new study suggests certain nanoparticles could help salt-stressed plants grow, but the overall picture remains complicated. canola-field_topNteaser.jpg Image credits:…
Netatmo Weather Station for Smartphones $118.80
Netatmo Weather Station for Smartphones $118.80
Auxillite introduces the accessory that Apple should have included in the first place
The company solves your headphone port dilemmas with one must-have accessory.Photo: AuxilliteEveryone was relieved when they found out that the iPhone 7 would include a 3.5mm dongle for your wired headphones. There was just one problem and a big one at that. Where does the Lightning cable go when you’re…
Architecture Lab
City of London’s tallest building to be built despite Brexit vote
After delay over referendum result owners confirm 278-metre tower at 22 Bishopsgate will go ahead The post City of London’s tallest building to be built despite Brexit vote appeared first on Architecture Lab.
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Why we’ll never run out of jobs | Tim O’Reily | TEDxSanFrancisco
In this talk Tim O’Reilly is explaining how the on-demand economy, AI,robotics, & other technologies are transforming the nature of work & the future shape of the economy. Tim O’Reilly is the founder & CEO of O’Reilly Media, & a partner at early stage venture firm O’Reilly AlphaTech…
Seataci Concept Yacht
Industrial designer Charles Bombardier is known for his outlandish, imaginative designs. The Seataci Concept Yacht is no different. Dreamed up on a trip to Bora-Bora, it has a main hull…Visit Uncrate for the full post.
Famous Artwork Coloring Postcards
Unleash your inner artist while expanding your art history knowledge with these famous artwork coloring postcards. Each 4″ x 6″ colorable postcard comes printed with a different painting by world renowned artists like Matisse, Picasso, and Dali. Check it out $16.00
Sound Smart Headphones
Take your auditory experience to the next level by listening to your tunes from these sound smart headphones. They feature an ergonomic design inspired by the human ear, a button-free interface, ambient noise control, and 12 hour battery life. Check it out $400.00
Star Wars Tie Fighter Desk
Give your geeky pad some Empire inspired flair with this Star Wars tie fighter desk. The tie-fighter shaped powder steel base sports a neutral grey finish and holds up a sunken tempered glass top ideal for work or displaying your Star Wars memorabilia. Check it out $399.99
Unicorn Snot Glitter Gel
Sparkle as bright as a beautiful majestic creature by spreading some unicorn snot over your skin. Available in a series of vibrant hues like yellow, pink, turquoise, and silver, this glitter gel features a delightful scent and can be applied on both the face and body. Check it out $9.99
Milk and Cookies Dunk and Drink Set
This milk and cookies dunk and drink set is the portable snacking vessel designed to help you dip without making a mess. The cup of milk sits perfectly at the center of the wooden plate and is surrounded by a sea of cookies just waiting to be dunked. Check it out $28.00
Digital Trends
Loop tablet is the perfect gift for your technology-hating grandparents
Looking for a tablet to give your grandparents so they can enjoy the entertainment the younger generation enjoy now? The Loop tablet may be the device for you. The tablet is aimed largely at content delivery, and looks to bridge the gap between the content you probably mostly enjoy on your TV, and what…
Digital Trends
Flashpoint: Friday’s DDoS attacks were likely conducted by amateur hackers
Security firm Flashpoint has provided an “after-action” analysis of the DDoS attacks perpetrated on October 21, and concludes that they were likely carried out by amateur hackers rather than “professionals.” The reasoning is that the latter group would be more likely to seek political or financial gain…
Fast Company
IBM Is Using Weather Data To Help Predict Asthma Attacks
IBM is entering into the race to develop “smart” inhalers and software systems for asthma patients. IBM is entering into the race to develop “smart” inhalers and software systems for asthma patients.Some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies, including Astra Zeneca and GlaxoSmithKline,…
Google Cast is recast as Google Home companion app – CNET
Ready to release its Home voice-operated speaker next week, the company has delivered an update to its old Google Cast setup app.
Curbed National
House-hunting USA: What $250,000 buys you in 25 cities
From tiny studios to timber lofts and renovated houses Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a column that (typically) explores what one can rent for a set dollar amount in various cities across the U.S. The Curbed Comparisons column usually focuses on what one can rent for a set price point in various cities…
What To Look For In North Carolina On Election Day
You’re reading Back of the Envelope, an experiment that aims to bring shorter, quicker content to FiveThirtyEight.Barack Obama lost North Carolina in the 2012 election but won it in 2008, which makes the Tar Heel State a particularly interesting place to watch on Election Day. Watch the video above to…
Elections Podcast Countdown: 12 Days
 Subscribe: iTunes |ESPN App |Download |RSS |New to podcasts?As the 2016 campaign comes to a close, the Elections podcast team is releasing daily episodes. Listen above for the latest installment, in which we discuss tightening polls in Utah, leaked campaign memos and the wide world of ballot measures.Each…
Competitive Senate Races Are Drawing Big Campaign Money
You’re reading Back of the Envelope, an experiment that aims to bring shorter, quicker content to FiveThirtyEight.On Thursday, 12 days before the election, all the presidential and congressional candidates will file finance reports with the Federal Election Commission, which will give the public a detailed…
EXPIRING Monoprice Z-Wave Plus Motion Detector w/ Temperature Sensor $18.39
EXPIRING Monoprice Z-Wave Plus Motion Detector w/ Temperature Sensor $18.39
Jackery Power Pro
For those more demanding mobile power needs, the Jackery Power Pro is a 578-Wh battery-powered generator that’s much smaller, lighter, & quieter than your gas-powered genny. Weighing just 12 pounds, it plugs into a 110-volt outlet at home & charges in 6-7 hours or use an 85-watt solar panel… Full Feed
Is There Time/Candidate Enough for Obamacare Implosion to Be a Factor in the Election?
On tonight’s Kennedy (Fox Business Network at 8 p.m. ET, with a repeat at midnight), I join an energetic Party Panel of Dagen McDowell and Tom Shillue to talk about how the recent face-planting of Obamacare might affect the presidential race, given defender Hillary Clinton’s attempts to run out the…
Woman writes bad Yelp review because of a bodega cat, and the internet destroys her
Don’t mess with the bodega cats. Walk into any corner store a.k.a bodega in New York City, and you’ll find a variety of household goods, beer, probably a deli and almost definitely a resident cat. The cats keep the rats and mice away and in return, they get to hang out inside and take naps on the chip…
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CRISPR: Editing our genetic instructions | Rachel Haurwitz | TEDxSanFrancisco
In her talk Rachel explains what CRISPR is and the variety applications it can already be used for. She is also making sure we have elements allowing us all to fully understand what it means and how we can and should all be part of the CRISPR conversation. Rachel is a co-founder of Caribou Biosciences…
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The blockchain revolution | Alex Tapscott | TEDxSanFrancisco
Author of best seller “blockchain revolution”, Alex share in this talk about how the blockchain the technology behind bitcoin Is changing money, business, and the world. Alex Tapscott is the CEO and Founder of Northwest Passage Ventures, a consulting firm focused on early-stage, high growth companies…
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How the US government is using blockchain to fight fraud. | Kathryn Haun | TEDxSanFrancisco
Kathryn is sharing about the first case of the US government using blockchain to fight fraud. She is sharing about how they could shut down the silk road and even indicted federal agents in the process. Based in San Francisco, Kathryn Haun is a federal prosecutor with the U.S. Department of Justice…
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The great Inversion of Medicine | Eric Topol | TEDxSanFrancisco
Dr. Topol works on genomic and wireless digital innovative technologies to reshape the future of medicine, in this talk he shares his vision starting with his patient story. Eric Topol is a Professor of Genomics at the Scripps Research Institute, the Chief Academic Officer for Scripps Health, and the…
Why Dieselgate Forced Audi To Quit Le Mans
Without question, the modern era of the most famous race in the world—the 24 Hours of Le Mans—has belonged to Audi. That comes to an end this year. This is the way things had to go.Read more…
Digital Trends
Honda’s Clarity Fuel Cell can drive 366 miles on a single tank of hydrogen
Hydrogen-fueled vehicles remain a controversial subject, but proponents of the technology just picked up a serious feather for their zero-emission caps. Honda has announced that its upcoming Clarity Fuel Cell sedan will feature an Environmental Protection Agency driving range of 366 miles, which gives… – latest science and technology news stories
Schmallenberg virus may reappear, warn experts
Schmallenberg virus is unlikely to be circulating in the south of England, but more needs to be done to warn vets and farmers of future disease outbreaks, write experts in the journal Veterinary Record. They say outbreaks may occur in years to come as herd immunity decreases.
New ‘Launchpad’ icon replaces ‘Home’ on, likely a minor change for consistency
Ahead of its big Mac refresh tomorrow, Apple today has made a subtle change to Where there used to be a “Home” quick link, Apple has recently updated the iconography to display a new “Launchpad” icon, similar to that on macOS. Now, when you click in the upper-right hand corner of any app…
12 Google Pixel observations from an iPhone user [Video]
Google’s new flagship Pixel XL phone landed in my hands early Monday morning, and I’ve been taking it for a test drive ever since. I’m obviously someone who prefers Apple devices over Google devices, but this phone is so fascinating that I just had to try it. I should note that this isn’t a review…
The Manual
Become a Washington DC Insider with Our Guide to the Nation’s Capital
There’s more than just politics. The post Become a Washington DC Insider with Our Guide to the Nation’s Capital appeared first on The Manual.
Lenovo ThinkCentre M700 Thin Intel i5-6400T Quad-Core Skylake LINUX Desktop $335
Lenovo ThinkCentre M700 Thin Intel i5-6400T Quad-Core Skylake LINUX Desktop $335
How Vigilante Hackers Could Stop the Internet of Things Botnet
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Motherboard: Some have put forth a perhaps desperate — and certainly illegal — solution to stop massive internet outages, like the one on Friday, from happening: Have white-hat vigilante hackers take over the insecure Internet of Things that the Mirai malware…
Architecture Lab
Why Louisiana’s Disappearing Coastline is a Political Problem
In southern Louisiana, land is disappearing at an alarming rate of 12,000 acres a year, which works out to about 33 acres a day … The post Why Louisiana’s Disappearing Coastline is a Political Problem appeared first on Architecture Lab.
RT – Daily news
NGOs should condemn terrorists in Syria, not Russia fighting them – Foreign Ministry
The NGOs that demanded Russia’s removal from UN Human Rights Council lack impartiality as they ignore terrorist activities as well as violations by the US-led coalition in Syria, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Commissioner for Human Rights told RT. Read Full Article at
‘The Engine’ is MIT’s incubator for tech and science companies straight out of the lab
 MIT is getting into the incubator business in a big way with “The Engine,” a major fund and accelerator space aimed at nurturing early-stage companies solving big, difficult problems in tech and science. After The Engine raises its targeted $150 million fund, up to 60 companies at a time will benefit…
The Verge – All Posts
Elon Musk makes cryptic comments about Tesla competing with Uber
Tesla CEO Elon Musk suggested Wednesday that he can create a car-sharing network that’s so good, customers will abandon Uber and other ride-sharing companies in droves to adopt it. During an earnings call Wednesday, Musk was asked to explain whether his proposed car sharing network, dubbed the Tesla…
Spec for spec, the iMac is a bargain over the Surface Studio
Microsoft announced huge updates to its Surface line of tablets on Wednesday, as well as a brand-new Surface Studio, an all-in-one Windows 10 workstation that takes aim at the iMac. Microsoft’s first desktop PC has a 28-inch touchscreen display that you can stand upright and control with a mouse and…
Lenovo ThinkCentre M800 SFF Intel Core i7-6700 Quad-Core Skylake Desktop $520
Lenovo ThinkCentre M800 SFF Intel Core i7-6700 Quad-Core Skylake Desktop $520
Stop by the Salad Bar to Get Just the Ingredients You Need for Soup for One
Grocery salad bars aren’t the best or cheapest options for fresh produce, but if you’re shopping or cooking for one, they can be a windfall. Stop by and grab just the ingredients you need for soups or other dishes, with no fear of overbuying, no leftovers, and little pre-cooking prep needed.…While…
Digital Trends
World Press Photo Foundation to expand photojournalism programs for 2017
The World Press Photo Foundation announced a slew of programs for the 2017 year, including photo contests, educational programs, and a new online publication. The programs illustrate the organization’s continued commitment to supporting the craft of photojournalism around the world. “We have a fantastic…
Digital Trends
Detroit Audio Lab’s speakers offer an audible piece of the city’s history
As a city, Detroit has seen some hard times, but it is also currently undergoing a sort of renaissance with startups and creatives looking not only to use the city as their home base but to give back as well. That is exactly what Detroit Audio Lab is doing with its Made From Detroit audio products. “Made…
The Verge – All Posts
Microsoft’s new Paint 3D app is now available to download and test
Microsoft unveiled its revamped and modernized Paint app for Windows 10 earlier today. It’s designed to make 3D object creation easy across devices with a regular mouse and keyboard, touchscreens, and stylus input. Microsoft is now letting Windows Insiders test out an early version of Paint 3D. Microsoft…
Why everyone is using the Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge
GUEST: Your employees aren’t robots, and until they are, it is vital to incorporate who they are as humans in your workplace culture. The most successful workplace cultures around the world are no longer focused in just one office, or even one geographical area. Globalization is now becoming necessary…
Windows Holographic on aggressively priced VR headsets is a baby step for Microsoft’s mixed reality
ANALYSIS: Microsoft won’t skip virtual reality and jump directly to augmented reality. Instead, the company is combining these technologies into its Windows Holographic platform while also getting aggressive on pricing and capabilities. Microsoft revealed a lineup of third-party VR headsets that start…
Hands-on with Surface Studio and Surface Dial
Microsoft today unveiled the Surface Studio, the company’s first desktop computer. We shot a quick-and-dirty hands-on video with the all-in-one PC and its flagship accessory, the Surface Dial — you can view it below — and then we went back to spend more time with it. First and foremost, the hinge on…
A SoundCloud sale would be bad for fans
GUEST: In a month packed with big music industry stories, the rumor of a potential sale of SoundCloud to Spotify stood above the rest. And that rumor is still getting attention. On paper, it all makes sense — SoundCloud has struggled recently to launch its paid streaming service, while longtime users…
Verizon acquires Vessel to further online video ambitions, will shut it down October 31
Vessel announced today that its video subscription service is being acquired by Verizon, where its capabilities will be used to further the telecommunication giant’s online video ambitions. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Vessel will be shuttered on October 31. Current subscribers…
RT – Daily news
Toxic chemicals found in children’s Halloween makeup – study
Halloween is supposed to make your skin crawl, but not like this. A new study finds the scariest part of the holiday may not be the costumes, but makeup for kids. Out of 48 makeup palettes, almost half contained toxic heavy metals. Read Full Article at
BBC News – World
Al-Qaeda leader ‘targeted by US drone strike in Afghanistan’
US military officials say a drone strike targeted a senior al-Qaeda leader in north eastern Afghanistan on Sunday.
Designing mindful machines
 Facebook recently fired the entire Trending Topics team of human editors amid accusations they were promoting specific agendas and biasing what news was deemed “important.” Now the company is relying on machine learning algorithms to manage Trending Topics — and finding that keeping the results free…
WASP Gas Injection Knife
A hunting knife that releases 800 psi of compressed gas at the push of a button.
Digital Trends
Financial market watchdogs to use artificial intelligence to catch cheaters
Stock market cheats, A.I. will soon be looking for you. The sheer volume of transactions conducted in financial markets renders market surveillance by regulatory groups difficult, but machine learning and artificial intelligence tools will soon be employed to ferret out cheaters, according to Reuters….
Next Big Future
DARPA Robot submarine hunting ship boosts radar range by 6 times using parasail to put gear at 1500 feet altitude
DARPA’s Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel (ACTUV) program has developed and built a technology demonstration vessel that is currently undergoing open-water testing off the coast of California and recently set sail with its first payload: a prototype of a low-cost, elevated…
AI-Powered Body Scanners Could Soon Speed Up Your Airport Check-in
An anonymous reader shares a report on the Guardian:A startup bankrolled by Bill Gates is about to conduct the first public trials of high-speed body scanners powered by artificial intelligence (AI), the Guardian can reveal. According to documents filed with the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC),…
RT – Daily news
UN failed to organize evacuation of civilians from rebel-held Aleppo – Russian envoy
Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations has criticized UN’s failure to properly organize humanitarian evacuations of the wounded from terrorist-held areas of Aleppo. The UN envoy to Syria defended the team, pinning the blame on the warring parties. Read Full Article at
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Microsoft’s new Surface keyboard is like something out of a Dali painting
The newly announced Microsoft Surface seems to be getting quite the unique set of peripherals. Not only did Microsoft announce a literal dial for their new all-in-one desktop, but also a new keyboard that looks a little… warped.The Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboardis the company’s take on a more…
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By getting down with the kids, Microsoft is focusing on the creators of tomorrow
My daughter is nine. She makes things with loom bands, watches DanTDM playing games on YouTube, builds worlds in Minecraft and chases Pokemon whenever she can get her hands on my phone. I don’t understand half of it, but judging by today’s Windows event Microsoft does. And that’s smart. While we oldies…
BBC News – World
Oklahoma manhunt for live-streaming homicides suspect
Oklahoma police hunt a double murder suspect who live-streamed his escape after a shoot-out.
designboom | architecture & design magazine
alain gilles uses very little material in buzzifloat chair for buzzispace
with its intentionally simple design, this minimal chair aims to maximize space. The post alain gilles uses very little material in buzzifloat chair for buzzispace appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard is for serious typists
Those who spend a significant number of hours typing everyday know the importance of a good keyboard. If you’re a serious typist of one sort or another, the regular Surface keyboard isn’t going to cut it. Thusly enters Microsoft’s Surface Ergonomic Keyboard, an offering to go alongside the new products…
Digital Trends
Use excess heat to generate power for emergencies and to charge your phone
What works on camping trips can also be useful during disasters and in emerging markets. The JikoPower Spark is a lightweight, portable thermoelectric generator (TEG) that converts waste heat into electricity that can be used to charge and power USB devices. The Spark is currently in a Kickstarter campaign that…
Have we reached peak Twitter trolling?
The numbers look grim.  Data analyzing how the social media site Twitter is used for abusive online behavior, or trolling — in internet parlance — does not paint a pretty picture.  The company may have lost potential buyers because of its very real problem with trollsBloomberg reported the reason Walt…
Tesla Posts Second Profitable Quarter Ever
anderzole writes from a report via BGR: Tesla on Wednesday posted its earnings report for the quarter gone by and investors will have a lot to cheer about. While analysts on Wall St. were expecting Tesla to post a loss, Tesla during its September quarter actually posted a profit, and an impressive profit…
Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star destroyed – CNET
Technically Incorrect: Can we blame Hillary Clinton? Can we? No, we can blame a man with a pickax and a sledgehammer.
National Geographic News
The Bloody Truth About Vampires
Apple’s New ‘TV Guide for Streaming’ Won’t Include Netflix: Report
50 percent of American households now subscribe to some sort of video-on-demand, but finding out what’s available through multiple services remains a giant pain in the ass. Fortunately, a long-rumored Apple TV update aims to solve this by creating a centralized guide between apps. Unfortunately, it reportedly…
Digital Trends
Office 365 is gaining enhanced inking, 3D, support for Surface Studio, Surface Dial
Microsoft’s Windows 10 and Surface teams stole the internet thunder on Wednesday with their introduction of the Surface Studio all-in-one desktop PC, as well as a slew of features coming in the Windows 10 Creators Update that’s set to arrive in early 2017. But the Office 365 team wants everyone to know…
RT – Daily news
Denver sued by homeless over ‘sweeps’ as vagrant camps return
Denver seems to be losing its battle with homelessness, as sporadic camps reportedly resurfaced after a major clean-up in March. On top of that, the city is battling through a lawsuit from homeless people claiming they were subjected to unlawful “sweeps.” Read Full Article at
Shut Up And Take My Money
Floor pillows that look like rocks
submitted by /u/z3phyr13 [link] [comments]
Shut Up And Take My Money
A gym towel that doesn’t fall of the bench while you’re working out
submitted by /u/unclethickdick [link] [comments]
Shut Up And Take My Money
CS:GO karambit knife, includes a sheath that can be worn around the neck
submitted by /u/rajon90 [link] [comments]
Shut Up And Take My Money
Alice’s Adventures Under Ground- The Original Alice in Wonderland manuscript – facsimile reproduction
submitted by /u/princetonkane [link] [comments]
Hired wants finding a job to be like online dating, minus the ick
Hired likes to compare itself with an online dating service, but for tech jobs. Founded in 2012, the job-matching marketplace officially launched in Australia Thursday. It’s not quite Tinder though. It’s more similar to Raya, the notoriously choosy dating app. Hired sells itself as offering pre-assessed…
Election Update: Is The Presidential Race Tightening?
It seems like we’re overdue for another round of “is the presidential race tightening?” And the answer isn’t totally clear. Our model thinks Donald Trump has probably narrowed his deficit against Clinton slightly, but the difference is modest enough that we’ve wanted to change our answer with every new…
BBC News – World
US abstains from UN vote against Cuba embargo
In a historic first, the US abstains from a UN vote condemning its economic embargo on Cuba.
The secrets behind the Surface Studio design
Microsoft’s getting quite good at design moonshots, creating product silhouettes that challenge our notions of what computing should look like. The large, yet astonishingly thin, Surface Studio is a perfect reflection of that still somewhat new skill. As I looked over that all-in-one Windows 10 computer…
RT – Daily news
Beijing holds surprise South China Sea drills in response to US patrol
China’s navy is gearing up for drills near the disputed islands in the South China Sea, less than a week after a US guided-missile destroyer sailed through the waters where Beijing asserted sovereignty in what US called a ‘freedom of navigation’ patrol. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
WHO cancer agency under fire for withholding ‘carcinogenic glyphosate’ documents
The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), facing criticism over its classification of carcinogens, has reportedly been advising its scientific experts not to publish internal research data on its 2015 report on “probably carcinogenic” glyphosate. Read Full Article at
Genomics startup halts next-generation gene sequencing – CNET
23andMe’s CEO confirms it has stopped working on advanced technology that could help people learn more about their DNA.
Galaxy Note 7 banned on China’s flights starting tomorrow
The Galaxy Note 7 has already been banned on flights in many places, including the U.S., and starting tomorrow they’ll be banned from flights inside China, too. The announcement was made by China’s Civil Aviation Administration, CAAC, which is acting out of concern for safety. The batteries in Galaxy…
Digital Trends
If the Surface Studio is so advanced, why is it using an old GPU?
Microsoft rolled out the massive Surface Studio at its October 26th press conference to much fanfare, and it’s not hard to see why. Between the high-resolution, yet strikingly thin, 28-inch panel with full touch capabilities, the ultra-modern design, and the touch-focused dial, there was a lot to be…
Digital Trends
Pearson uses HoloLens and mixed reality to discover new ways to educate
Microsoft’s augmented reality solution, HoloLens, has a number of applications, from science to industry to gaming. One of the arguably most important areas where AR could make a real difference is in education, and HoloLens has demonstrated some value in that industry as well. It’s no surprise, then,…
Digital Trends
Lenovo Yoga 910 vs. Microsoft Surface Book: Meet the bleeding edge of 2-in-1 design
Both Microsoft and Lenovo recently announced updates to their popular 2-in-1 laptops, demonstrating the enduring popularity of the laptop-meets-tablet hybrid. While they share some key similarities, the two notebooks take entirely different approaches to the 2-in-1 form factor. The Yoga is a more traditional…
40 Amazing IKEA Frosta Stool Ideas And Hacks
IKEA Frosta stool is a great piece that can be hacked in a thousand ways and turned in almost anything. Painting, upholstering, changing legs or tops – you can do anything with this simple and stylish piece and use it in every room of the house. Stools Frosta stools can be hacked for a more creative… Full Feed
Public Support for “Assault Weapon” Ban Hits All-Time Low
Last December, the most powerful print media voice on this here planet Earth (or so they believe), The New York Times, ran a nearly unprecedented front page editorial calling for a ban and buyback/confiscation of that ill-defined category of “assault rifle.” (See my commentary at the time, “New York…
RT – Daily news
Police warn of eviction ‘at any time’ as Dakota Access protesters refuse to leave private land
Despite officers threatening to clear private land, Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) protesters are refusing to leave. As tensions have built up, police handling of the protest has reportedly cost nearly $6 million in just one month. Read Full Article at
Alphabet’s car project becoming a stand-alone business – CNET
Chief of secretive X lab says cars will likely be introduced incrementally over the next several years.
RT – Daily news
Fracking ban backed by majority in Maryland may be lifted next year
Fracking has been banned in Maryland since last year, but next year’s proposed regulations jeopardize the moratorium. While the planned regulations are strict, they would allow fracking – a practice which is opposed by the majority of voters. Read Full Article at
Toronto is proving to be a hotbed for machine learning
GUEST: If you’re interested in learning about, investing in, or building a company involved in machine learning, Toronto should be on your radar. Here are five reasons why: 1. The Geoff Hinton Lab Mafia If you’ve been following the industry, you likely know all about Geoff Hinton’s lab based out of…
Intel Capital expands diversity fund to include LGBTQ, disabled, and veteran founders
More than a year ago, Intel Capital allocated $125 million to a fund dedicated to investing in minority and female-owned startups. On Wednesday, the venture capital firm announced that it was expanding its focus to include founders from the LGBTQ community, military veterans, and founders living with…
RT – Daily news
22 schoolchildren, 6 teachers killed in attack in Syria’s Idlib province – reports
Almost two dozen children have reportedly been killed in an airstrike on a school complex in Syria’s Idlib province, according to opposition activists. The reports emerged as the UN Security Council debated the dire humanitarian situation in the country. Read Full Article at
Vizio’s Sound Bars Bring Surround Sound to People With Better Things To Do
VIZIO 5.1 Surround Sound SystemSo, you’ve decided to upgrade your home theater audio to surround sound. You could research hundreds of different speakers, spend $500 on a receiver, meticulously hide wires inside your molding, and eventually end up evicted from a home with a fantastic sound system because…
Ars Technica
Hands-on with the Surface Studio, Microsoft’s first desktop computer
We use the Surface Studio. Video by Jennifer Hahn. (video link) NEW YORK—Microsoft has built a really strange computer. As a piece of design, there’s a lot to like about the Surface Studio. There’s no avoiding the fact that its screen, a custom-built, 28-inch 4500×3000 unit that’s barely…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
The story behind JayDee’s 600 hp Ariel Atom … and what’s coming next
Jaydee’s 600 hp Ariel Atom: the fastest road car in Australia? .. Continue Reading The story behind JayDee’s 600 hp Ariel Atom … and what’s coming next Category: Automotive Tags: Ferrari Ariel Atom Lamborghini Hennessey …
Nuclear Waste Travels With One Heck Of An Entourage
Do you compost? Rinse and separate your recycling? Yeah, getting rid of garbage is a pain. Unless your garbage is nuclear waste. Getting rid of that is apparently a production of epic proportions.Read more…
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Best Netflix TV shows: 25 great Netflix television series in Australia
UPDATE: The second season of the hilarious animated  series Rick and Morty has made its way to Netflix Australia, so grab your Plumbus and settle in for some comedy sci-fi hijinx!It’s been a long time coming (like, a seriously long time) but Netflix has finally arrived on Australian shores, giving Australians…
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The best free iPhone apps 2016
UPDATE: Give your iPhone a bit of old school flair with the Messages sticker app, Classic Mac – details on the next slide!The App Store has come a long way since Apple launched the first iPhone nine years ago. There are now hundreds of thousands of apps available for your iPhone.And the best part is…
RT – Daily news
Toxic cloud from Mosul sulfur plant fire suffocates region (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
A sulfur mine and stockpile set ablaze by Islamic State terrorists has produced a huge toxic residue cloud, along with some apocalyptic scenery. The fire, set near Mosul, was aimed at slowing down Iraqi troops attempting to retake the city. Read Full Article at
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
Children killed in air strike on Syria school
Air strikes by Syrian or Russian warplanes on Wednesday killed at least 26 people, most of them schoolchildren, in a village in Syria’s rebel-held Idlib province, rescue workers and a monitoring group said.
Oracle takes Java copyright dispute with Google to appeals court
Oracle has taken its bid for up to US$9 billion in damages to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit after a judge in a federal court in California recently struck down its bid for a retrial in a copyright infringement suit against Google over the use of Java code in the Android operating…
New Study Shows HIV Epidemic Started Spreading In New York In 1970, Clears the Name of ‘Patient Zero’
An anonymous reader quotes a report from NBC News: A new genetic study confirms theories that the global epidemic of HIV and AIDS started in New York around 1970, and it also clears the name of a gay flight attendant long vilified as being “Patient Zero.” Researchers got hold of frozen samples of blood…
Samsung still smartphone king, despite Note 7 woes – CNET
Korean electronics giant loses market share in the third quarter, as does Apple.
A founder seizes on anti-Trump sentiment to market women-friendly workflow software
 Earlier this year, Kristen Koh Goldstein merged two of her companies, three-year-old Scalus and six-year-old BackOps into a new company called HireAthena, a back-office-as a service startup that also sells fully automated workflow software. From the start, the company has aggressively marketed itself…
RT – Daily news
3 Philadelphia prison guards arrested for alleged assault on handcuffed inmate
Three Philadelphia prison guards are facing charges including aggravated assault after allegedly beating up a handcuffed inmate and submitting a fraudulent report. They say the inmate harmed himself, but their actions were caught on video. Read Full Article at
Top News – MIT Technology Review
Who Will Protect You from Drone Surveillance?
The coming wave of commercial drones is already exposing gaps in today’s privacy laws.
BBC News – World
‘There will always be people trying to cross to England’
BBC News filmed in a hidden migrant camp an hour’s drive away from Calais.
RT – Daily news
Consultant tied to Trump super PAC promoted ‘voter suppression’ against black, female voters
Donald Trump may call the 2016 election “rigged,” but a consultant connected to the Great America PAC, a pro-Trump super PAC, told reporters that the group has a suppression campaign in the works, believing them to be representatives of a potential donor. Read Full Article at
Mises Institute
Populism Is a Not an Ideology
Tags A A Home | Feed | Blog.rssWorld HistoryPhilosophy and MethodologyPolitical TheoryPopulism Is a Not an Ideology 0 Views A recent op-ed piece in The New York Times urged the Republican Party not to “throw away free enterprise” and embrace populism. Arthur C. Brooks, the author of… Full Feed
The Bottomless Ignorance of Donald Trump
In November 1999, presidential candidate George W. Bush sat down for a radio interview. A reporter asked him to name the leaders of Chechnya, Taiwan, India and Pakistan, all of which had been in the news. He could come up with only one. This was an embarrassing failure. Newspapers editorialized tartly…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Razer and Nacon bring eSport expertise to new PS4 controllers
Since the iconic pair of analog sticks were added partway through the original Playstation’s lifespan, the physical design of Sony’s Dualshock controllers has retained a slim look and feel. Now the company has announced the impending arrival of chunky new third-party PS4 controllers from Razer…
Engadget Full RSS Feed
EU and ESA sign deal to keep ahead of global space competition
The European Space Agency has lined up several projects in the next few years, from its wind satellite aiming to go up in 2017 to a 2020 ExoMars expedition to follow up on the missing Schiaparelli probe that likely botched its landing last week. The group pursues mostly neutral research and development…
RT – Daily news
Suicide drone? Iran presents amphibious attack UAV
Iran has unveiled a new drone reportedly designed for stealth suicide missions against both land and sea targets. It is the second drone to be introduced by the Islamic Republic this month. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
Rebel snipers obstruct evacuation of 40 civilians from Aleppo – Russia’s MoD
Terrorists in eastern Aleppo opened sniper fire on around 40 civilians who were trying to escape the rebel-controlled area of the city, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced, confirming that no airstrikes have been conducted in the area for nine days. Read Full Article at
Gear Patrol
5 Experts Explain the Difference Between Waterproof Breathable Technologies
Before buying your next winter shell, read this. …Read More »
Gear Patrol
It’s Getting Cold. Warm Your Home With a Space Heater
Pair one of these bad boys with a nice pair of slippers, and you have one cozy Saturday. …Read More »
Gear Patrol
You’ll Ride Mosaic’s Titanium Bike Until You Die
With disc brakes and electronic shifting, this “forever bike” is also future proof. …Read More »
Gear Patrol
This Year’s Best Winter Tires
We picked the best tires to help you stay mobile through the winter months. …Read More »
Gear Patrol
3 Watch Designers You Should Know
Though we often focus on the intricacies of a watch’s insides, the design of the timepiece itself is equally complex. …Read More »
Gear Patrol
Deals of Note: October 27, 2016
How to save on a GSI Outdoors flask, a Brixton fedora and a Timbuk2 messenger bag. …Read More »
Gear Patrol
Today in Gear: October 27, 2016
A frame-worthy geometric puzzle, a smart light switch, Microsoft’s first all-in-one PC and much more. …Read More »
The Next Web
Twitter is testing relaxed character limits for replies
Last month, Twitter made a major change to its platform: It stopped counting media attachments like photos, videos, GIFs, polls, and quoted tweets toward the 140-character limit per tweet. TechCrunch found that the company is now testing another way to let users say more in tweets. In a limited trial…
Verizon executive defends Yahoo deal, but thinks more information is needed over hack
(Reuters) — A Verizon Communications Inc executive said the acquisition of Yahoo Inc still makes sense, but the telecommunications company needs more information about the email provider’s massive breach of accounts. Speaking at a tech conference hosted by the Wall Street Journal in Laguna Beach, California,…
It’s Not Just Clean Air: Electric Cars Can Save the US Billions
The healthcare and climate costs add up to $37 billion a year—for just 10 states. The post It’s Not Just Clean Air: Electric Cars Can Save the US Billions appeared first on WIRED.
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The best free iPad games 2016
UPDATE: Cats and skateboarding, together at last! Ollie Cats has been added to the list of best free iPad games 2016 – read the next slide to find out more!The Apple iPad is a versatile device. It’s perfect for everything from watching your favourite TV show to filling out spreadsheets on the go.But…
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Here are the free PlayStation Plus games for November 2016
Each month, a new range of free downloadable games becomes available to North American, European and Australian PlayStation Plus subscribers, with titles across PS3, PS4 and PS Vita.We suggest you grab these games while they’re free, as you’ll then be able to play them as long as you have an active Plus…
Next Big Future
US Army top future robotic systems are combat drones with triple the range and various self driving ground vehicles
US Army’s top five priorities for robotic systems1. In fiscal 2018, the Army will begin fielding improved General Atomics MQ-1C Gray Eagle drones, which carry sensors and four AGM-114 Hellfire missiles. Today, the Gray Eagle can stay over a target area eight hours at a range of 725 miles from its base,…
Turn your voice into solid gold with this 3D-printed ring – CNET
The Encode Ring takes your voice, records its sound levels and then turns them into a unique piece of jewellery.
Google gives away almost $4 million to social good technology projects
SMS support for the ill, an autonomous reef surveying robot and a fish stock app were three of the successful projects to win Australia’s second-ever Google Impact Challenge Wednesday. At an event held at Google’s Sydney office, the top 10 non-profit ideas, all using technology to solve social and environmental…
Digital Trends
Facebook now lets verified users make money with sponsored posts
Facebook is extending its branded content policy to allow users with verified profiles to rake in ad revenue from sponsored posts. For the uninitiated, Facebook launched its verified pages and profiles back in 2013. The little blue checkmark is a mark of authenticity (in the same vein as a Twitter verification)…
Storage product development is getting worse
Storage is becoming less conservative than in the past. It has its pros and cons, but if it means poorer quality of the final product and increasing risk of data loss, then it’s not the way to go. Bad behavior I stumbled on this article which talks about all the problems, bugs and mistakes made by…
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Verizon buys a video startup for its tech, kills the service
Verizon announced today that they’d acquired former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar’s startup, Vessel, a subscription service for short-form video. Or to be more exact, they bought its technology and product but will be closing the service. Kilar won’t be coming along as part of the deal, but many of the startup’s…
Rich People Pay Less Attention To Other People, Says Study
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Business Insider: In a small recent study, researchers from New York University found that those who considered themselves in higher classes looked at people who walked past them less than those who said they were in a lower class did. The results were published…
Brain Pickings
How Pioneering Physicist Lise Meitner Discovered Nuclear Fission, Paved the Way for Women in Science, and Was Denied the Nobel Prize
“Science makes people reach selflessly for truth and objectivity; it teaches people to accept reality, with wonder and admiration, not to mention the deep joy and awe that the natural order of things brings to the true scientist.” In the fall of 1946, a South African little girl aspiring to be a scientist…
Big Think
Thought Viruses May Be Hijacking the American Elections and Threatening Modern Societies
Thought viruses may be responsible for the escalating ideological divisions in the United States.Read More
New Scientist – Online news
Smart camera system checks patients’ vital signs from afar
Software monitors heart rate, breathing and blood oxygen without a single sensor touching the body – useful for police cells as well as hospital wards
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Japan court orders damages for pupils’ tsunami deaths
Tokyo (AFP) Oct 26, 2016 A Japanese court on Wednesday ordered millions of dollars compensation be paid to families of children swept out to sea by a massive 2011 tsunami. The Sendai District Court in northern Japan ruled two local governments must pay a combined 1.43 billion yen ($13.7 million)…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Quantum leap in the reliability of mass spectrometry-based proteomics
Mainz, Germany (SPX) Oct 27, 2016 Modern mass spectrometry systems enable scientists to routinely determine the quantitative composition of cells or tissue samples. However, different analysis software packages often produce different results from the same raw data. An international team of…
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The gene of autumn colors
Sapporo, Japan (SPX) Oct 27, 2016 In plants, the pigment chlorophyll plays a central role in photosynthesis: the process of converting sunlight to energy. This process involves creating a flow of electrons by removing one from a molecule and transferring it to another. The first step happens when…
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Fluorescent holography: Upending the world of biological imaging
Fort Collins CO (SPX) Oct 27, 2016 Optical microscopy experts at Colorado State University are once again pushing the envelope of biological imaging. Jeffrey Field, a research scientist in electrical engineering and director of CSU’s Microscope Imaging Network, has designed and built a fluorescence-detection…
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Japan, West clash over ‘cultural’ whale hunts
Portoroz, Slovenia (AFP) Oct 26, 2016 Japan pleaded with the world’s whaling watchdog Wednesday to allow small hunts by coastal communities, arguing that for three decades these groups had been unjustly barred from a traditional source of food. The issue of “small type coastal hunting” is a key…
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How food affects political regimes
Moscow, Russia (SPX) Oct 27, 2016 Apparently, a richer diet is associated with an increase in the middle class, which tends towards economic and political independence and democracy-fostering values. Andrey Shcherbak, Senior Research Fellow, Laboratory for Comparative Social Research of the…
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A pathogenic fungus grows in space
Madison, Wis. (UPI) Oct 26, 2016 As scientists continue to prepare for travel to deep space, they’re covering all the bases, assessing all the risks – like the risk of microbial exposure in close quarters. For this and other scientific reasons, researchers have been growing pathogens in space….
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Lockheed Martin gets $92 million military satellite contract modification
Washington (UPI) Oct 21, 2016 Lockheed Martin Space Systems has received a $92 million U.S. Navy contract modification for work on the Mobile User Objective System, or MUOS. The modification to the cost-plus-award-fee contract covers engineering services, interim logistics services, spares and…
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Russia to face strong competition from China in space launch market
Moscow (Sputnik) Oct 26, 2016 In the decade to come Russia will face strong competition from China for the commercial launch of satellites for developing countries, according to Ivan Moiseev, director of the Institute of Space Policy.”China is trying to expand its space launching services, developing…
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Vega And Gokturk-1A are present for next Arianespace lightweight mission
Kourou, French Guiana (ESA) Oct 27, 2016 Preparations are now underway for Arianespace’s next flight with its lightweight Vega, set for December 5, with the launcher taking shape at the Spaceport and the mission’s GOKTURK-1A payload for Turkey delivered to French Guiana. The launch vehicle…
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Proxima b could be an ocean planet
Pasadena CA (JPL) Oct 27, 2016 A rocky extrasolar planet with a mass similar to Earth’s was recently detected around Proxima Centauri, the nearest star to our sun. This planet, called Proxima b, is in an orbit that would allow it to have liquid water on its surface, thus raising the question of its…
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Space-based droplet dynamics lessons
Washington DC (SPX) Oct 27, 2016 Droplets in space can grow freakishly large and bounce off nonwetting surfaces in truly unearthly ways. Astronauts frequently encounter huge droplets, and Scott Kelly recently demonstrated their unusual behavior aboard the International Space Station (ISS) via water…
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Russia develops new satellite communication system for military use
Moscow (Sputnik) Oct 25, 2016 Russia has started the development and engineering of a unified satellite communication system for military use; when completed the system will give the country’s Ground Forces considerable superiority over the communication technologies of the ground forces of leading…
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Proven engine packs big, in-space punch for Space Launch System
Huntsville AL (SPX) Oct 27, 2016 The thundering roar of a rocket leaving the launch pad is a familiar sight. Much less familiar is the job of the smaller upper stage engines that do their job mostly beyond eye and camera range, but give spacecraft the big, in-space push they need to venture into…
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Studies offer new glimpse of melting under Antarctic glaciers
Pasadena CA (JPL) Oct 27, 2016 Two new studies by researchers at NASA and the University of California, Irvine (UCI), detect the fastest ongoing rates of glacier retreat ever observed in West Antarctica and offer an unprecedented direct view of intense ice melting from the floating undersides of…
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Next step toward a gravitational-wave observatory in space
Paris (ESA) Oct 27, 2016 ESA has invited European scientists to propose concepts for the third large mission in its science programme, to study the gravitational universe. A spaceborne observatory of gravitational waves – ripples in the fabric of spacetime created by accelerating massive objects…
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Airbus Helicopters, DCNS team for future helicopter drone
Paris (UPI) Oct 21, 2016 French naval defense company DCNS and Airbus Helicopters are to pool their expertise to design a future helicopter drone system for the French navy. The system will be developed around Airbus’ VSR700 drone, utilizing various technologies needed for drones to perform aerial…
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New lettuce crop begins growing aboard ISS
Kennedy Space Center FL (SPX) Oct 27, 2016 Just as farmers on Earth are planting leafy greens for the fall growing season, astronauts aboard the International Space Station are planting their third on-orbit crop of red romaine lettuce. Early this morning, NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough initiated…
ARM Fellow Surveys Moore’s Law
Despite challenges, ARM’s head of silicon research remains optimistic on the outlook for semiconductors at 3nm and beyond.
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Using Photonics to Call Home
Greenbelt MD (SPX) Oct 27, 2016 A largely unrecognized field called photonics may provide solutions to some of NASA’s most pressing challenges in future spaceflight. Photonics explores the many applications of generating, detecting and manipulating photons, or particles of light that, among other…
Next Big Future
Marine VTOL drone should be operating in 2018
A new sea-based, armed vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) drone the size of the Air Force’s MQ-9 Reaper should be operating in 2018 The MQ-9 has almost two tons of payload capacityCompeting VTOL drones are* Bell Helicopter has the V-247 Vigilant * Northrop Grumman’s TERN* a tiltrotor drone by Karem…
Next Big Future
Powerful rocket missions to Mars in 30 days one way and fast mission to other solar system destinations
ProjectRho has round trip space mission times based on three types of rocket missions and three levels of constant acceleration.It is a table of mission parameters calculated by Jon C. Rogers for the book Spaceship Handbook. Six trajectories are listed Three impulse (rocket) types and three constant…
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Pocket’s Explore tab adds more reading suggestions
Pocket is one of the slickest bookmarking services for reading on the web, but its strength was never discovering new things to read. Starting today, it’s hoping to fix that with a new Explore tab at the top of its homepage: type in what you’re looking to read about, and off you go. Trending stories…
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Xiaomi Air 12 Laptop can meet all your demands
Xiaomi Air 12 LaptopThe Air 12 is a stunning laptop that is beautifully simple. It features a rigid aluminum build construction with very little curves. The only logo on this laptop is the small “MI” underneath the display. LINK: 10 12.5 inch As the name implies, there is…
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Wiring the brain with artificial senses and limb control
There have been significant advances in developing new prostheses with a simple sense of touch, but researchers are looking to go further. Scientists and engineers are working on a way to provide prosthetic users and those suffering from spinal cord injuries with the ability to both feel and…
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Chinese police investigate Inner Mongolia swan deaths
Police are hunting for suspects behind the poisoning of 233 swans at an Inner Mongolia lake.
BBC News – World
Deutsche Bank reports profit despite ‘tough’ environment
Embattled Deutsche Bank reports a surprise profit for the third quarter of the year. – latest science and technology news stories
Common cuckoo and warbler eggshells undergo similar levels of eggshell thinning
As avian embryos develop, they draw needed calcium from the inner most layer of their eggshell, which in turn thins the eggshell and facilitates hatching. Yet, parasitic cuckoos, which lay their eggs in nests of other bird species (hosts), must maintain thick eggshells to avoid pecking and ejection by… – latest science and technology news stories
Groupon buys rival LivingSocial after reporting loss
The daily deals ecommerce operator Groupon will buy its rival LivingSocial for an undisclosed amount, the companies announced Wednesday. – latest science and technology news stories
Australia set for more heatwaves amid climate change: study
Australia is set to experience more heatwaves, with record-breaking hot weather becoming “normal” across the continent as climate change pushes up land and sea temperatures, a government report warned Thursday. – latest science and technology news stories
Brazil land grab threatens isolated tribes: activists
The worst land grab in decades in the Brazilian Amazon is threatening the survival of isolated tribes that have no contact with the outside world, a rights group said Wednesday. – latest science and technology news stories
Nokia in Q3 loss, sales drop amid networks downturn
Mobile networks operator Nokia continued to be hit by a downturn in the industry, reporting a loss in the third quarter and a 12-percent drop in sales that saw the company’s share price plunge 7 percent. – latest science and technology news stories
Sale or no sale, changes could come to Twitter users
Sale or no sale, Twitter users are bound to see changes as the beleaguered communications service tries to broaden its appeal to more people and advertisers. – latest science and technology news stories
Ex-Pixar executive to head federal tech innovation service
A former Pixar executive who won the first ever Oscar for software is taking over a U.S. government agency responsible for improving federal digital technology.
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Iowa State Engineer Developing Tools, Technologies to Make a Better, Smarter Power Grid
Iowa State’s Zhaoyu Wang is working on four projects that will help develop a better, smarter power grid.
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Scripps Florida Scientists Illuminate Key Molecular Player in Both Morphine Addiction and Rare Disease
In a remarkable “two for one” discovery, scientists from the Florida campus of The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have illuminated a key molecular player in the addictive effects of morphine in animal models.
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Mutant Plants Reveal Temperature Sensor
In a serendipitous moment, scientists studying light sensing molecules in plants have discovered that they are also temperature sensors.The discovery may eventually allow them to design crop varieties that are better able to cope with a warming world.
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Google offers new collaboration tools for app designers
Google has released a slew of tools that designers and developers can use to build app interfaces. While they appear to be tied to the company’s Material Design language, which it launched in 2014, it looks like you’ll be able to use them regardless of what design principles you choose to follow. Gallery…
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Spectacular Lucky Knot bridge in China twists and turns like a Mbius Strip
Located in the megacity Changsha’s rapidly developing New Lake District, Lucky Knot spans the Dragon King Harbor River and serves as an auspicious icon for the region. The steel-framed bridge stretches 185 meters in length and 24 meters in height and is painted red—a color symbolizing good luck and happiness…
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Thermos Stainless Steel Can Insulator
[Here’s another take on a product that Wayne Ruffner previously reviewed – Mark] season for warm-weather drinking is upon us [this was written in June — MF], so keeping a beverage cold becomes a priority. These are double-wall, stainless steel, vacuum-insulated coozies for 12-ounce beer or soda cans…. – latest science and technology news stories
Vietnam seizes third illegal ivory shipment in a month
Vietnam customs officials have seized nearly one tonne of ivory hidden in a timber shipment from Kenya, an official said Thursday, the third major illegal haul of precious tusks in less than a month. – latest science and technology news stories
Chinese ride-share king Didi Chuxing could go global
Fresh from forcing Uber to back down in China, ride-sharing king Didi Chuxing plans to put what it knows to work in other parts of the world.
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PlayStation 4 has a pair of controllers made for pro gamers
The Xbox One has the Elite gamepad to satisfy the platform’s pro gamers or people who just want a really nice gamepad. But Sony fans are stuck with a controller that’s barely changed since the Playstation 4 launched in 2013. Rather than crafting one…
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Here’s the perfect drone for those who like to stand out from the crowd
If a gold-plated quadcopter sounds like a daft idea, that’s because it is. However, if it seems like something you might actually desire, then what are you waiting for? This special edition DJI Phantom 4 drone is on the market right now in the U.K., and costs just £20,000 (about $24,000). But keep in…
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NBA ups Snapchat presence with weekly Discover channel, Bitmoji integration
The NBA is expanding its content partnership with Snapchat to bring even more behind-the-scenes and in-game footage to the app. Snapchat users may have noticed a new NBA Discover channel, which coincided with the season opener on Tuesday. Fans will be able to tune in weekly to the new channel throughout…
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Physics tweak solves five of the biggest problems in one go
Adding six particles to the standard model of particle physics explains dark matter, neutrino oscillations, baryogenesis, inflation and the strong CP problem
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Hidden Features of the Google Phone
Rumor has it that, there are many features in Google Pixel that you cannot find in the manual. Google is getting prepared to face-off this week at Australia against Sony’s latest phone with three-camera sensors that we talked about two days ago.
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Lenovo is poised to snap up Fujitsu’s PC division
Following strong rumours that Lenovo would acquire Fujitsu’s PC business which we heard earlier this month, it seems that some manner of merger will go ahead – or is at least under serious discussion, with an official announcement being made to that effect.Fujitsu issued a press statement to say that…
6 coworking spaces in Asia to lust over
If fluorescent-lit cubicles suck your soul dry, these coworking spaces in Asia will make working a joyful experience again. Hell, they may just make you skip out of your own vacation so you can bask in the glory of their designer interiors. The Great Room, Singapore A photo posted by WEAR OH…
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Mosul battle: Inside one of Islamic State’s tunnels
Orla Guerin goes inside one of Islamic State’s tunnel networks on the frontline outside the northern Iraqi city Mosul.
David Chipperfield and Zaha Hadid among shortlist for inaugural RIBA International Prize
RIBA International Prize: the Royal Institute of British Architects has revealed the six projects competing to be named world’s best new building, including David Chipperfield’s Museo Jumex and Zaha Hadid’s Heydar Aliyev Center. Read more – latest science and technology news stories
How a fungus inhibits the immune system of plants
A newly discovered protein from a fungus is able to suppress the innate immune system of plants. This has been reported by research teams from Cologne and Würzburg in the journal Nature Communications.
India wants regional languages added in every phone sold in the country
India may be the world’s fastest growing smartphone market, but millions of people in the country face difficulties in operating these handsets because of a big language barrier. But those problems could soon be behind them. SEE ALSO: 5 things you need to know about the world’s fastest growing smartphone…
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martens & visser’s spherical soap-like illusions at dutch design week
the rotating bubbles break and disperse the surrounding light just like a soap bubble would — revealing all the colors of the rainbow. The post martens & visser’s spherical soap-like illusions at dutch design week appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
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How Tommy Hilfiger Is Reimagining His Brand
Tommy Hilfiger shares lessons from growing too fast in the ’90s and explains how to build a global, digital brand. Tommy Hilfiger shares lessons from growing too fast in the ’90s and explains how to build a global, digital brand.At New York Fashion Week this September, Tommy Hilfiger…
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The world’s renewable energy capacity is now higher than coal
For the first time, the power-generating capacity of renewable energy systems around the world have surpassed coal power. According to a new report from the International Energy Agency (IEA), the growth was in large part due to new installations of solar power and wind projects. The IEA reports half…
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The Morning After: Thursday October 27th 2016
Microsoft’s big Surface showcase was aimed at creators and those of us interested in getting some new Redmond-made Windows 10 hardware. It was less about Office and more about 3D photography and, well, crazy physical “Dials” you can attach to your PC screen. Read on for a closer look at that and everything…
IT spending on ‘innovation’ is now a priority
Businesses are increasing their spending on technology, with cloud services as the big beneficiary. Hardware and software spending is declining as spending on cloud services rises, particularly on SaaS, according to the most recent annual survey from the Society for Information Management (SIM). Analytics/business… – latest science and technology news stories
Efficient exploitation of energy efficiency research
Carrying out research is all well and good, but what happens to the knowledge once the project has finished? Many research projects consider in advance how to use research findings, either to get a product onto the market or to define how to share the new knowledge.
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Philippines turns back on US and pivots to Asia
The Philippines is looking east for investment rather than traditional ally the US. Both Tokyo and Beijing are interested in investing in Mindanao, the second largest island in the Philippines, according to Philippine Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez. Read Full Article at
Streaming TV bundle roundup: Everything we know so far
Streaming-TV channel bundles probably aren’t the future of television, but they’re the hot trend right now.After Sling TV and PlayStation Vue paved the way with cheaper alternatives to the traditional cable bundle, more competition is coming from companies like AT&T, Hulu, and YouTube. While these…
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Invading giant geckos get stuck on a single building
Foot-fouling grime restricts interloping geckos on a small island, while native lizards curl their toes and use their claws to dash up dusty surfaces
Apple’s October event live blog
What will Apple announce at today’s event, which begins at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET? All the speculation suggests new MacBook Pro systems with a new Magic Touch bar, and there have been hints to suggest a little Apple TV news. All the same, many veteran Mac users are hoping for a new Mac Pro — will Apple…
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dubai design week: IKEA celebrates 25 years in the UAE
the life at home exhibition invites visitors to walk through and view the story behind their first products and store which opened in 1991. The post dubai design week: IKEA celebrates 25 years in the UAE appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
First-Grade Teachers Still Favor Boys Over Girls In Math, Research Suggests
You’re reading Back of the Envelope, an experiment that aims to bring shorter, quicker content to FiveThirtyEight.A new study shows that first-grade teachers consistently rate girls’ math ability below boys’ — even when they have the same achievement level and learning style. The study out today in the…
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Britain joins biggest European military buildup since Cold War
Britain is deploying troops, aircraft and armor in the biggest military buildup in Eastern Europe since the Cold War. Read Full Article at
Job of the day: senior technical architect at SOM
Our job of the day from Dezeen Jobs is for a senior technical architect at the London office of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, whose current projects include the expansion of New York’s Pennsylvania Station (pictured). Read more stories on SOM, or browse more architecture and design opportunities on…
Do Automakers Still See Hackers as a Hoax?
Earlier this week, when the Department of Transportation laid out cybersecurity guidance for carmakers, U.S. Transportation Secretary called cybersecurity “a safety issue.” The latest survey, however, found that automakers still haven’t made cybersecurity a priority in vehicle development.
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London’s New Wi-Fi Kiosks Won’t Have Public Browsing Due to NYC’s Porn Problem
In September, Google-backed Wi-Fi initiative LinkNYC had to strip its Link kiosks of public browsing capabilities due to reports that homeless users were outstaying their welcome. Since LinkNYC’s launch in January 2016, there had been numerous complaints that homeless people were using the kiosks to…
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‘Disgrace’: Senior Russian diplomat condemns Estonian honoring of Nazi volunteer
A bronze bust of an infamous Waffen-SS veteran installed in an Estonian school is a “disgrace” that desecrates the memory of all the victims of the “brown plague,” the Russian Foreign Ministry’s envoy for human rights and democracy has said. Read Full Article at
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This connected coconut is looking to replace your Chromecast
Any Apple TV or Chromecast owner will tell you about the awesomeness that is streaming content directly to your screen. It’s slick, it’s intuitive and it’s easy. But, alas, it’s also bland. Sure, Apple TV is slick looking and Chromecast is small enough to hide behind strategically placed devices, but…
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Aston Martin motors into luxury building design
Thanks, perhaps, to its association with James Bond, Aston Martin is a name that doesn’t need any introduction even to most non-petrolheads, and the British carmaker is leveraging this recognition to expand into new areas. Shortly after dipping its toe into powerboat production, Aston has revealed…
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Airline app lets passengers view luggage location on maps
Though some luggage – such as the Olive, the Floatti and the TraxPack – now has integrated location tracking, the vast majority, of course, do not. US airline Delta, however, is making it possible for anyone to track their luggage, no matter how low-tech it may be, using its Fly Delta app… …
URPOWER 8 LED Solar Powered Wireless Waterproof Motion Sensor Light $39.99
URPOWER 8 LED Solar Powered Wireless Waterproof Motion Sensor Light $39.99 – latest science and technology news stories
‘Neighbor maps’ reveal the genome’s 3-D shape
A group coordinated by SISSA Trieste has built a 3-D computer model of the human genome. The shape of DNA (and its sequence) affects biological processes and is crucial for understanding its function. The study has provided an approximate but realistic 3-D identikit of the human genome. The resulting… – latest science and technology news stories
Strong link between increased benefit sanctions and higher foodbank use
There is a ‘strong, dynamic’ relationship between people having their benefits stopped and an increase in referral to foodbanks, new research has found. – latest science and technology news stories
Burning fossil fuels poses existential threat to Earth
Burning coal for electricity is in decline, while the use of natural gas, solar and wind power are on the rise. But how close are we to creating a clean energy economy to help protect our planet from the impacts of climate change? Rutgers Today asked Paul G. Falkowski, Bennett Smith Professor in Business…
Review: 7 PDF editing tools for iOS and Android
The PDF format has long been the standard for legal papers, forms and other documents — as a result, iOS and Android phones and tablets tend to come with basic PDF readers. However, many users need to do more than just read PDFs — they need to create and edit PDFs on the move. In this roundup, I look…
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heesen galactica super nova superyacht can host its own concerts
spanning across 70 meters the galactica super nova combines speed and comfort, reaching speeds of up to 30 knots in just 75 seconds—placing it among the fastest of its size. The post heesen galactica super nova superyacht can host its own concerts appeared first on designboom | architecture & design…
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IK Multimedia’s iLoud Micro Monitors pack high-end sound into a tiny package
Studio reference monitors are known for a lot of things — accurate frequency reproduction and premium construction, for example — but being small isn’t one of those things. IK Multimedia aims to change that with its iLoad Micro Monitors, which it calls the smallest active studio reference monitoring…
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Jews ‘blamed for Holocaust’ at House of Lords event
Israel has condemned a “shameful” event hosted by the British House of Lords in which Jews were blamed for the Holocaust and Israel was compared to Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL). Read Full Article at Full Feed
Marijuana Legalization Looks Likely in Three States
According to the latest American Values Survey, conducted last month by the Public Religion Research Institute, a record 63 percent of Americans favor “making the use of marijuana legal,” up from 43 percent in 2012 and 44 percent last year. That result, which was released on Tuesday, comes a week after…
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Clinton adviser wants US to intercept Iranian ships to help Saudi Arabia
Hillary Clinton’s campaign adviser, former CIA director Chris Morell – known for recommending killing Russians in Syria, and opposing the Iran nuclear agreement – has emerged with a new idea: forcibly boarding Iranian ships to help Saudi forces. Read Full Article at
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US elections don’t meet ‘international standards,’ OSCE observer warns
The US electoral process hardly meets “international standards,” a German OSCE observer warns, citing shortcomings that would make it easier to influence voters. The remark comes amid accusations from both presidential campaigns of election interference. Read Full Article at
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Windows security: Google flags up new critical Adobe Flash Player flaw
Hackers are once again using a new flaw in Flash Player to remotely hack computers, but Adobe has now rushed out a patch for it. Physics News
World’s most precise clock set for commercial countdown
The world’s most precise clock has been fine-tuned to boost radar and GPS capabilities.
Scientific American Content: Global
Strange Pumping Effect above Asia Threatens the Ozone Layer
An atmospheric mechanism is lofting Indian and Chinese pollution into the stratosphere — Read more on
These Are the World’s Most Innovative Architecture Firms
This article was originally published by Archipreneur as “5 of the Most Innovative Architecture Firms.”The AEC industry is notoriously slow to adopt new technologies. Cumbersome organizational structures and high financial stakes make it difficult for AEC professionals to experiment. Due…
Nintendo Will Announce Switch Price, Spec & Games On January 12
Nintendo has decided we must wait until next year to learn more about the Switch hybrid games console. The good news is, we don’t have to wait very long into next year before […] – latest science and technology news stories
‘Super emitters’ responsible for most US methane emissions
The bulk of methane emissions in the United States can be traced to a small number of “super emitting” natural gas wells, according to a new study. – latest science and technology news stories
Toxins from freshwater algae found in San Francisco Bay shellfish
Scientists have detected high levels of a toxin produced by freshwater algae in mussels from San Francisco Bay. Although shellfish harvested from California’s coastal waters are monitored for toxins produced by marine algae, they are not routinely tested for this freshwater toxin, called microcystin. – latest science and technology news stories
Robots help position interventional needles
Finding the ideal position for interventional needles – as used in biopsies, for instance – is a difficult and time-consuming process. This can now be performed automatically, using a robotic arm to place a needle guide for the doctor at the optimal insertion point. With robotic assistance, doctors need… – latest science and technology news stories
Screws that fit the body’s notches
Complex bone fractures are often set with titanium or steel screws and plates. However, if these remain in the body for some time, they can cause health problems. A new bioceramic screw nail has the capacity of replacing the currently used metal components. It can be easily introduced into bone and does… – latest science and technology news stories
New model suggests scrubbing CO2 from the atmosphere
New Cornell research suggests an economically viable model to scrub carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to thwart runaway, point-of-no-return global warming. – latest science and technology news stories
World’s food and energy systems key to tackling global biodiversity decline
Global wildlife could plunge to a 67 per cent level of decline in just the fifty-year period ending this decade as a result of human activities, according to WWF’s Living Planet Report 2016. The report shows how people are overpowering the planet for the first time in Earth’s history and highlights the… – latest science and technology news stories
A composite thread that varies in rigidity
EPFL scientists have developed a new type of composite thread that varies in stiffness depending on its temperature. Applications range from multifunctional robots to knitted casts, and even tunable medical devices. – latest science and technology news stories
Forage sorghum management, hybrids determine silage value
Unique data for forage sorghums, including varying feed values and management needs of different hybrids, is coming out of a Texas A&M AgriLife trial being conducted near Bushland. – latest science and technology news stories
Genes help scientists track odd migrations of Zika mosquitoes
Mosquitoes that carry Zika virus and Dengue fever are genetically distinct throughout the globe, a fact that may help public health officials assess risk to populations newly exposed to the species, a new Yale-led study shows. – latest science and technology news stories
Excess wildfire, cheatgrass affecting sage-grouse—targeted actions needed
Larger, more frequent wildfires across the Great Basin have contributed significantly to a decline in greater sage-grouse, according to a new study that also indicates that if this trend continues unabated, it could reduce the population of this indicator species to 43 percent of its present numbers. – latest science and technology news stories
New invention aids detection of prevalent parasitic disease
Researchers from The University of Western Australia have invented a device that can detect very small quantities of the parasite eggs that cause schistosomiasis in humans which are currently difficult to detect. – latest science and technology news stories
Air purification in parking garages reduces particulate matter by up to half in Eindhoven
Eliminating particulate matter from underground car parks in the city center of Eindhoven can result in local reductions in the concentration of these particles of up to 50%. Researchers from Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) came to this conclusion on the basis of air flow models and computer… – latest science and technology news stories
International Space Station passes by Venus and Saturn
Look west in the evening sky and Venus is almost impossible to miss, shining with a brilliant steady light. In fact, it is so bright it’s often mistaken for a plane.
Digital Trends
LinkedIn runs afoul of Russian data law — is it on the verge of being banned?
Russia could end up banning LinkedIn in a matter of weeks as the government reportedly seeks to make an example of the business-oriented social network. The company is being targeted following its failure to comply with a 2014 federal law that demands online firms that deal with the personal information…
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The world’s first levitating pneumatic Hyperloop system will be tested next week
Canada’s only Hyperloop competitor is gearing up for its first functional test on November 1, and it promises to make a splash. The University of Waterloo Hyperloop student team, dubbed Waterloop, will conduct the world’s first functional pneumatic hyperloop levitation system next week in Ontario. The…
Find Out Why You Should Upgrade To A Gryphon WiFi Router Today
If you’re like most people reading this right now then we’re willing to bet that you’re still using the same old router that you were using 10 … Read More
This Handy Robot Will Cut Your Grass And Shovel Your Snow
Lawn robots have been around for a couple of years, but that doesn’t mean that any one company has established itself as the “Roomba of lawns”. That … Read More
Always Be Prepared With The Enhance Multi-Function Weather Radio
Are you the type of guy who likes to be prepared in any circumstance? We don’t blame you. There’s a whole world full of danger out there … Read More
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Iraq Moves Its Terrifying Thermobaric Rocket Tanks to Mosul
A Russian TOS-1A Buratino. Photo: Vitaly V. KuzminIraqi troops fighting for Mosul’s outskirts have brought along one of their most fearsome weapons: the 60-ton, Russian-made TOS-1A Buratino. A photograph and tweet from the Jerusalem Post’s Seth Frantzman shows Iraqi troops posing with the rocket launcher…
Ortega creates electric open-top submarine for divers
Dutch company Ortega has designed an electric submersible for divers, which it claims is the fastest of its kind. Read more
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Vensmile K8 – The Flexible Keyboard Computer
As companies continue to push the boundaries of innovation, we continue to see creative and exciting new products. One such product is the Vensmile K8 keyboard. This nifty new product is a take on the “all-in-one” concept.
designboom | architecture & design magazine
orgatec 2016: VITRA work project presents radical collage offices
we interviewed VITRA chief design officer, eckart maise, to discuss the evolution of the VITRA ‘work’ project, the designers involved and the future of offices. The post orgatec 2016: VITRA work project presents radical collage offices appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
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UN-defying, Yemen-bombing Saudi Arabia poised to stay in top human rights body
As the death toll in Yemen surpasses 10,000, Saudi Arabia, one of the principal parties in the conflict, is poised to be reelected to the UN human rights body. Saudi airstrikes are responsible for the majority of the nearly 4,000 civilian deaths in Yemen. Read Full Article at
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Religious people have poor understanding of reality, controversial study finds
Researchers have controversially claimed that those with religious or supernatural beliefs don’t have a clear understanding of the physical world. Read Full Article at
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Former NSA exec: We misjudged potential of insider threats like Snowden
Chris Inglis, former deputy director of the NSA, warns that connected systems mean malicious insiders can now do damage more quickly and more easily than ever.
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Horrible hacks, death robots, and kamikaze phones: Meet the scariest tech of the year
These might be the stuff of nightmares.
FCC Orders Seller to Halt Marketing RF Power Amps
North Carolina online retailer forced to remove FM amplifiers from its web site.
Scientific American Content: Global
Anatomy of an Intervention
A research-based way to improve life and reduce depression among people caring for loved ones with dementia  — Read more on
India will have a billion mobile phone users by 2020: GSMA
Nearly every Indian will be a mobile subscriber by 2020. SEE ALSO: India will have 730 million internet users by 2020 and is already in a ‘Post-PC’ era India is already one of the largest markets for mobile phones, internet users, and mobile subscribers, and experts believe it’s just the beginning…
LG mobile reports $381M loss due to poor sales of flagship G5 – CNET
LG’s home appliance and entertainment divisions are doing well, and the company is already looking towards its next flagship handset. – latest science and technology news stories
Deep underground, smartphones can save miners’ lives
American mining production increased earlier this decade, as industry sought to reduce its reliance on other countries for key minerals such as coal for energy and rare-earth metals for use in consumer electronics. But mining is dangerous – working underground carries risks of explosions, fires, flooding…
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EU awards Sakharov human rights prize to Yazidi women who escaped IS group
The European Parliament has awarded its Sakharov Prize for freedom of thought and expression to Nadia Murad and Lamiya Aji Bashar, two women from Iraq’s Yazidi community who suffered attack and persecution by the Islamic State group.
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
Belgians reach agreement on controversial EU-Canada free trade deal
A landmark free trade agreement between the European Union and Canada could be signed within days after the Belgian government overcame an impasse with its regional authorities on Thursday.
IBM: In 5 years, Watson A.I. will be behind your every decision
LAS VEGAS — In the next five years, every important decision, whether it’s business or personal, will be made with the assistance of IBM Watson. That’s the vision of IBM president and CEO Ginni Rometty, in a keynote speech at IBM’s World of Watson conference Wednesday.Watson, the company’s artificial…
Edgley Design and Spaced Out build London terrace with angular zinc-clad frontage
Architecture studios Edgley Design and Spaced Out have built and moved into a zinc-clad development in London’s Islington, made up of basement offices and a row of terraced houses with a saw-tooth profile. Read more
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Russia not involved in attack on Idlib school, Syria – Foreign Ministry
Russia was not involved in an airstrike on a school complex in Idlib province, Syria, which took place on Wednesday, the Foreign Ministry has said. Read Full Article at
PlayStation 4’s New Licensed Pro Controllers Aren’t Very Eye Pleasing
PlayStation 4 fans have been asking for pro and elite-type controllers for quite some time, and it appears that their wishes are about to come true. Sony has just announced two new officially […]
Save $30 On This Massive UPS, and Never Worry About Power Interruptions Again
Tripp Lite 1500VA UPS, $120If you ever have to deal with power shortages and brief outages, Amazon’s offering the lowest price ever on a 1500VA Tripp Lite UPS, today only.Whether you experience a brief power surge or an extended outage, this $120 UPS features 10 power outlets to keep your computer, networking…
Some Apple Stores setting up line dividers overnight, suggesting new Macs may go on sale today
Apple is holding its media event later today at 10 AM PT, where it is widely expected to announce a series of new Mac hardware including a new MacBook Pro. The rumor mill has not been clear about availability details for the new products … but Apple Stores appear to be readying for something new as…
Samsung shareholders approve $1B printing business sale to HP as company reports 30% YoY profit drop
Samsung announced its Q3 2016 earnings yesterday, and they were pretty much as expected. The Korean tech titan confirmed revenue of 47.82 trillion Korean won ($41.8 billion), with operating profits hitting 5.2 trillion Korean won (around $4.6 billion). This represents a year-on-year (YoY) drop of 3.87…
Adobe predictions show only 5% of shoppers will drive 35% of online sales
Adobe has today released its 2016 Digital Insights Shopping Predictions for the upcoming holiday season, and while the data shows some outstanding growth in online sales, one statistic shows just how fragile the market is. Adobe has an extensive data pool that has allowed it to predict consumer spending…
The Harvard Business Review Slack bot gives free business and career advice
The Harvard Business Review has made a Slack bot to serve up advice for business leaders, startup founders, and everyone else working with a team or in an office setting. The HBR bot, which became available last week, draws on more than 200 HBR articles about best practices, from how to bounce back…
6 fun facts Apple revealed in its 2016 annual report
While the latest annual report from Apple lacks any startling revelations, it still contains a few tasty morsels for Apple watchers to chew on. What’s notable in most cases is how the company continues to grow and expand, even in a year that saw its first annual revenue decline since 2001. If anything,…
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Venice step-pyramid explores the future of Nordic architecture
This year Nordic Pavilion at Venice Biennale went far beyond the classic idea of a standing-alone national participation. Its interior conceived as an extension of Giardini’s public space is a step-pyramid rising up to the ceiling. Entitled “In Therapy” and curated by David Basulto, the Archdaily’s founder…
How-To Geek
PSA: You Can Use Time Machine Even If Your Backup Drive Isn’t Plugged In
Time Machine, macOS’s built-in back up utility, is one of the simplest backup programs around. Here’s a tip that a lot of people don’t know, though: even if your Time Machine drive isn’t connected to your Mac, it can still protect your files.Click Here to Continue Reading
A Disturbingly Beautiful Tribute to H.R. Giger’s Nightmarish Work
The artist behind Alien’s Xenomorph was known for a whole lot more than that monster. The post A Disturbingly Beautiful Tribute to H.R. Giger’s Nightmarish Work appeared first on WIRED.
Internet Providers Could Be the Key to Securing All the IoT Devices Already out There
Internet Service Providers could help clean up Internet of Things security for the devices around us. The post Internet Providers Could Be the Key to Securing All the IoT Devices Already out There appeared first on WIRED.
Sure, A.I. Is Powerful—But Can We Make It Accountable?
The opacity of machine learning isn’t just an academic problem. It’s something we need in order to feel comfortable with artificial intelligence. The post Sure, A.I. Is Powerful—But Can We Make It Accountable? appeared first on WIRED.
Microsoft Surface Studio’s Gains Will Be Apple’s Loss
Surface Studio has a shot at drawing creative types away from Apple-and that would be huge for Microsoft. The post Microsoft Surface Studio’s Gains Will Be Apple’s Loss appeared first on WIRED.
Samsung Isn’t the Only One with Lithium Ion Battery Problems. Just Ask NASA
A RoboSimian robot at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory blew up thanks to its lithium ion battery. What would happen if it went to space? The post Samsung Isn’t the Only One with Lithium Ion Battery Problems. Just Ask NASA appeared first on WIRED.
Texas Granite
The floor that never needs waxing to stay beautiful. Designed for the exacting requirements of healthcare environments, Texas Granite is backed by decades of experience supplying flooring to healthcare and institutional facilities alike. This unique formulation is an extremely dense homogeneous,…
BBC News – World
Flying squirrel numbers soar in Helsinki
The furry rodents are thriving in the city’s forests, researchers say. Full Feed
Social Security’s IOU Trust Fund: New at Reason
Social Security is the largest single program in the federal budget. The retirement and disability program will cost about $950 billion this year, which is about 23 percent of the entire federal budget. Along with Medicare and Medicaid, these “entitlement” programs are already the main drivers of federal…
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Revolutionary floors made from waste wood pulp generate clean energy
Related: Shoe Generator Harvests Power from Walking + University of Wisconsin-Madison Images via Pixabay and Stephanie Precourt/University of Wisconsin-Madison
Rape survivor creates powerful photo series to break taboos
LONDON — A rape survivor has created a powerful photo series telling the story of the emotional aftermath of sexual assault.  SEE ALSO: What Donald Trump’s comments mean to me as a survivor of sexual assault Photographer Elisa Iannacone created The Spiral of Containment: Rape’s Aftermath in an effort…
How to keep your Linux PC safe from exploits
As with any big piece of software, Linux is complex, and difficult for outsiders to comprehend. That’s why it’s not terribly shocking that a 9-year-old Linux kernal vulnerability, known as Dirty COW, wasn’t patched until just a few days ago on October 20.First off, here’s a quick reminder of what Linux…
Privacy group shoots legal arrow at Privacy Shield
Privacy Shield, the legal agreement allowing businesses to export Europeans’ personal information to the U.S., is under fire.An Irish privacy advocacy group has challenged the adoption of the decision in the EU’s second-highest court, Reuters reported Thursday, citing sources familiar with the case.Privacy…
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This hoverboard startup wants to create floating cities to combat climate change
As rising sea levels continue to threaten coastal communities around the world, a potential (and far-fetched) idea has emerged to protect houses and apartment buildings by floating them on pools of water like a boat. Arx Pax, the Silicon Valley startup behind the Hendo hoverboard, recently filed a patent…
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
Food waste mixed with carbon nanotubes could store solar and wind energy
Stand Out From The Pack With An Astrograph Pen
Let us be the ones to let you in on a little secret: it’s not the clothes that make the man, it’s the pen that makes the … Read More
The 2017 MasterCraft XT20 Might Just Be The Most Advanced Powerboat Yet
Who said that you have to own a superyacht to have a blast while you’re out at sea? The Mastercraft XT20 Powerboat is proof positive that all … Read More
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Operation emigration: Where should you move if your presidential candidate loses? (QUIZ)
US voters will soon be given the unenviable task of choosing between “the lesser of two evils” in the ugliest presidential campaign in history. Come results day many may wish to emigrate to a country which shares their values, but where should they go? Read Full Article at
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Turkish tourism could lose $25bn this year
So far this year Turkish tourism has lost $15 billion due to the significant drop in the number of visitors to the country, according to Turizm Data Bank as quoted by the Association of Tour Operators of Russia. Read Full Article at
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#PodestaEmails20: WikiLeaks releases another batch from Clinton campaign chair
WikiLeaks has released a 20th batch of emails from the account of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair. Read Full Article at
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Pro controllers are coming to the PlayStation 4
Good news for anyone looking for a little more choice when it comes to PlayStation 4 controllers: Sony has announced in a blog post that it’s licensed two pro gaming controllers that will be released later this year. The controllers are not being created by Sony itself, but rather by eSports peripheral…
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Best iPhone SE cases
One of the great things about iPhones is that you can guarantee that there’ll be a wide range of cases made for them, and that’s especially true of the iPhone SE, as it also fits most iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S cases.And now that it’s been available for a while the selection is stronger than ever, with everything…
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Your intestines inspired this next-gen smartphone battery
Let me tell you a little bit about your intestines. You probably recall from school that there are two parts – a small and a large intestine. The large bit is basically poop storage. The small bit is more interesting – it’s where most of the digestion and absorption of food takes place.Key to that absorption…
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5 reasons you should do all your Black Friday shopping at home
Black Friday approaches and already you might be outlining what kind of tech bargains you’re hoping to see. Or maybe you’re having a look through your winter wardrobe to determine which pieces of clothing offer the best protection against pointy elbows for when you venture out to the stores. Put that…
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Hot iPhone deals: Save £75+ on iPhone 7 and iPhone SE before Black Friday
The Black Friday deals season is almost upon us and the hot iPhone deals cometh. The fact is that if you buy an iPhone in the next month, you really shouldn’t be paying full price.But that’s cool because TechRadar will be keeping you updated with all of the best mobile phone deal voucher codes in the…
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Download of the day: Vuze
With many torrent clients out there, it’s hard to stand out and offer something drastically different compared to the established names of uTorrent and BitTorrent. That’s exactly what Vuze has achieved, though. Why you need it First off, Vuze handles all torrents in the quick manner that you’d expect…
Why You Shouldn’t Pop Your Zits
Zits are annoying and they tend to pop up at the absolute worst time. Before you try to pop them, though, check out this video for some better ways to get rid of acne.This video from SciShow explains how zits are formed when bacteria collect in the pores of your skin and create tiny infections. While…
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Ubuntu 16.10: Convergence is in a holding pattern; consistency’s here instead
Enlarge / Rumor has it staffer Megan Geuss is now considering Ubuntu 16.10 solely based on codename. (credit: / YouTube) There’s plenty in Ubuntu 16.10 that makes it worth the upgrade, though nothing about Canonical’s latest release is groundbreaking. This less experimental but worthwhile…
The Wirecutter
Dear Wirecutter: What’s the Best Low-Water Car Wash Method?
Q: As a California resident, I’ve been looking for waterless or low-water car-cleaning options. Any advice for those of us in California dealing with water restrictions?
Swappa Changes Its $10 Flat Fee to a Sliding Scale Based on the Price of Your Phone
For buying and selling used phones, we’ve always preferred Swappa. It specializes in selling phones that have been approved by staff to make sure that you get a reliable phone, not a piece of junk. Now, this site is changing its fee structure.Read more…
Everyone Can Afford a Clicky Mechanical Keyboard With These Deals
You’ve probably heard a lot of fuss about mechanical keyboards lately, and if not, you’ve at least heard the clicking coming from a nearby desk. If you’re curious to try one yourself without dropping a bunch of money, we’ve got deals on two different models for under $50 today.Read more…
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Mosul battle: IS ‘loses 800-900’ fighters – US general
Up to 900 IS fighters have been killed in the battle to retake the Iraqi city of Mosul, the US says.
Remorseful celebrity Justin Timberlake has learned a lot about voting booth selfies
Justin Timberlake has learned his lesson about voting booth selfies. The singer was in hot water this week for taking a picture of himself as he cast an early ballot in Tennessee — which is, many people learned this week, illegal in that state. Luckily, the matter is not being investigated, but…
Apple’s Jonathan Ive is designing a Christmas tree this year
Apple’s chief design officer Jonathan Ive and industrial designer Marc Newson have a special, albeit unexpected side project for the upcoming holiday season. The duo is teaming up to design a Christmas tree, which will sit in the lobby of Claridge’s hotel in London. The tree will be revealed on Nov….
Get Savings You Can See with 50% Off Select Luxury Beauty Items on Amazon
Today only, if you’re a Prime member (who isn’t?!), Amazon is giving you half off a select number of Luxury Beauty products. Plus, don’t forget about the code LUXPRIME25, where you’ll get $25 back (in the form of a credit towards any future Luxury Beauty purchase) on any $50 Luxury Beauty purchase you…
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Apple’s new MacBook Pro is expertly timed
If you want to watch a master at work, observe Apple’s timing of product launches. It’s one of the underrated aspects of the American giant’s prodigious and prolonged success, but it’s been instrumental. Today’s long-awaited MacBook Pro redesign is just the latest example, coming swiftly on the heels…
Bonjour Smart Alarm Clock with AI aims to make you on time
We all know at least one person who is perennially late and never on time. If you don’t know one of those people, odds are you are that perennially late person. A new smart alarm clock has landed on Kickstarter that wants to help you be on time and it’s called the Bonjour Smart Alarm Clock with Artificial…
When coffee makers attack
It was shocking to learn that the recent distributed denial-of-service attack of the nation’s internet infrastructure via DNS provider Dyn was aided and abetted by a hijacked army of products from the internet of things. It is thought to be the first DoS attack to rely overwhelmingly on a lot of “dumb”… Full Feed
Trump Continues to Show His Policy Ignorance: New at Reason
In November 1999, presidential candidate George W. Bush sat down for a radio interview. A reporter asked him to name the leaders of Chechnya, Taiwan, India and Pakistan, all of which had been in the news. He could come up with only one. This was an embarrassing failure. Newspapers editorialized tartly…
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‘If Britain doesn’t arm the Saudis, others will’ – Boris Johnson
UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson claims if Britain did not sell arms to Saudi Arabia, other countries “would happily” take over the market. Read Full Article at
BBC News – World
Italy earthquakes: Widespread damage in historic towns
Historic buildings in central Italy are badly damaged by two earthquakes but nobody is killed.
Stick to a Weekly Routine to Add Flexibility to Your Schedule
Having a daily routine helps you develop good habits and stick to your goals. If you have a hectic schedule, though, forcing certain types of work into every day can be counterproductive. Instead, build a weekly schedule.As productivity author and podcaster David Kadavy explains, many of your productive…
Digital Trends
You can get millions of lighting color options with TP-Link’s newest smart bulb
You can do a lot more with your lights than just turn them on and off these days. In fact, with some bulbs, it is possible to create more color schemes than you’ll probably ever have the time to test out. TP-Link is increasing its lighting potential with a newly unveiled smart bulb: the LB130. When…
The Next Web
iPhone 8 will reportedly come in three different sizes – all with glass-backed bodies
It’s only been a few weeks since Apple dropped the iPhone 7, but technophiles are already speculating about the company’s next generation of smartphones. The tech giant is preparing to unveil three new iPhone models in 2017 and all of them will come with glass-backed bodies, Japanese news outlet Nikkei…
Scientific American Content: Global
CRISPR-Edited Mouse Genes Helps Us Understand How Snakes Lost Their Legs
“Serpentized” rodents open one of evolution’s strangest morphological mysteries — Read more on
Physics News
New invention aids detection of prevalent parasitic disease
Researchers from The University of Western Australia have invented a device that can detect very small quantities of the parasite eggs that cause schistosomiasis in humans which are currently …
Physics News
Microsoft’s Dial is coming to the Surface Pro and Book
As part of its event yesterday, Microsoft revealed the wireless Surface Dial, a control wheel that attaches directly to the Surface Studio’s screen, letting artists select colors …
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Microsoft Office malware: Now more users get anti-hacker, macro-blocking features
Office 2013 can now also put a stop to users opening documents containing nasty VBA macros.
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Turkey threatens to attack Kurdish-held Manbij, Syria
Turkish forces in Syria will attack the Kurdish-held town of Manbij after taking the town of al-Bab from Islamic State, the Turkish president has said. He added that Turkey would not allow the Kurds to hold an area west of Mosul, Iraq. Read Full Article at
Star Trek: Discovery Has Lost Bryan Fuller as Showrunner
The much-anticipated new Star Trek series, Star Trek: Discovery, just lost one of its key players: showrunner Bryan Fuller, who is apparently too busy with his other projects (Starz’ American Gods and NBC’s Amazing Stories reboot) to give the CBS All Access show the attention it demands.Read more…
Scientific American Content: Global
U.S. Students Improve in Science–But Just Barely
Fourth- and eighth-graders score better than before, but weak gains and overall poor marks hint at long way to go — Read more on
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Teenager ‘enamored with ISIS’ in court over ‘viable device’ found on London Underground
A poker-fixated teenager, who was “enamored with ISIS” and charged in connection with a “viable device” found on the London Underground, has appeared in court. Read Full Article at
The Manual
Trekking: The Second-Gen Basecamp Is 16 Feet of Unfettered Luxury
The latest Airstream isn’t quite as luxurious as its six-figure siblings, but the re-imagined camper is just as iconic, functional, and fit for the road. The post Trekking: The Second-Gen Basecamp Is 16 Feet of Unfettered Luxury appeared first on The Manual.
BBC News – World
Mosul battle: Hidden dangers in the hunt for IS
As the battle against so-called Islamic State continues, Ian Pannell looks at the hidden dangers that face Iraqi government forces as they close in on Mosul.
Senior Apple exec could have been jailed over alleged Italian tax evasion; escaped with fine
The European Union isn’t the only one to consider Apple’s Irish tax arrangements illegal – Reuters reports that a senior Apple exec came close to being jailed for alleged tax evasion in Italy. Back in 2013, the Italian government accused the company of failing to declare sales revenue from sales in…
Samsung acquires Tachyon to extend enterprise mobile device management
 Samsung’s mobile operation has taken a big hit of late, with profits plunging 30% in the last quarter in the wake of the Note 7 recall. But today, the company is announcing an acquisition of a wireless enterprise startup that speaks to how it wants to grow other areas of its business to offset setbacks…
BrainCheck raises $3 million for app to monitor brain health
 A Houston-based startup called BrainCheck has raised $3 million in seed funding for an app that helps users understand, by simply playing some games on an iPad, if they or a loved one may have suffered a concussion. Founded in 2014 by Dr. David Eagleman, a neuroscientist at Baylor College of Medicine,…
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The Karl Pilkington Coffee Table Of Your Dreams Is Now A Reality
Etsy seller Bohemian Workbench is clearly a fan of Karl Pilkington, who you may know from his very quotable appearances on An Idiot Abroad and The Ricky Gervais Show. I wonder what he would have to say about a coffee table based on his big round head? Crafted from birch with hand carved walnut accents,…
Mozbii Stylus Pen
The Mozbii Stylus Pen brings more than 65,000 colors to life for creative minds–kids and grown-ups. Designed for use with the Mozbii App, Eit is necessary to download any Mozbii App and for opening an expansive color palate with the Mozbii color picking stylus.
The Gadget Flow
Surface Studio Workstation by Microsoft
Surface Studio is designed for the creative process. The 28” PixelSense™ Display gives you a huge canvas for all kinds of work. Use it upright, or draw on it like a drafting table. Surface Studio, with its strikingly large and incredibly thin 28” PixelSense Display, lets you visualize ideas as you paint,…
The Gadget Flow
FitsAll Belt – Most Comfortable Dress Belt Ever
We wear a belt every day to complete and to support our trousers. However, we sacrifice comfort in many situations by wearing a belt, especially while sitting which is a major pattern in our life today. The FitsAll Belt is reinvented to solve this problem. It helps us to dress up in a formal way, and…
The Gadget Flow
Auxilite Portable Smartphone Accessory
Thanks to Auxillite you don’t have to compromise with the unavailability of the headphone jack port on your iPhone 7 anymore. This 2-in-1 Digital-to-analog converter effectively solves the headphone jack issue. With Auxillite, stay connected and fully charged wherever you are. Auxillite’s compact 8mm…
The Gadget Flow
New Surface Book With Performance Base by Microsoft
Incredibly powerful and meticulously crafted, Surface Book is a revolution in laptop design. The detachable 13.5-inch PixelSense Display is optimized for Pen and touch and has higher resolution than MacBook Pro 13. With the full power of a high-performance laptop and the versatility of a tablet; Surface…
The Gadget Flow
Muggino Self-Powered Smart Mug
Muggino is a self-powered smart mug that keeps both hot and cold drinks in your favorite temperature zones for much longer time. Patented technology allows Muggino to do this while conserving energy from waste heat. However, just as humans are different, so are their tastes. The MuggiApp has been exclusively…
The Gadget Flow
SneakGuard Combi-Fresh
SneakGuard is a one-of-a-kind vacuum sealable-locking storage device that protects you from every common storage-related threat. The SneakGuard CombiFresh takes the stash container to a whole new level by integrating security, safety, and freshness into a single locking, air-tight, vacuum sealed, humidity…
The Gadget Flow
SENS8 – An Elegant, All-in-One Home Security System
SENS8 is an elegant, all-in-one smart home security system with no monthly fees. It offers everything you would expect in a premium home security system. SENS8 can detect nearly any abnormal event in your home, thanks to embedded environmental monitoring sensors. 1080p HD live streaming with night vision…
The Gadget Flow
Oculuste – The First Fully Interchangeable Sunglasses
Flaunt a new fashion eyewear style every day with Oculuste – the first fully interchangeable sunglasses. It combines carefully curated style with high-quality interchangeable frames, temples, & lenses. These sunglasses epitomize the need to change into something amazing while embracing individuality….
The Gadget Flow
All New Little Robot Friends
Little Robot Friends are packed with sensors for tons of fun. Tap, tickle, tilt, shake, hug, blow a kiss, play peekaboo, or turn the lights on and off. The robots respond to each input with an expression, a combination of blinks and beeps. You can customize the robot’s responses with our app and even…
Young Architect Guide: The 7 Essential Elements of a Perfect Digital Portfolio
Peter Eerlings is creator of Archisnapper, an intelligent site management app that helps architects create field reports with incredible efficiency — read more here. He also hosts a series of informative articles about technology and business for architects on the Archisnapper Blog, a selection…
Hotel CEO Openly Celebrates Higher Prices After Anti-Airbnb Law Passes
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Washington Post: A hotel executive said a recently-passed New York law cracking down on Airbnb hosts will enable the company to raise prices for New York City hotel rooms, according to the transcript of the executive’s words on a call with shareholders last week….
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
People are making Halloween great again with these terrifying Trumpkins
[Trump 1] The first Trumpkin on our list, and possibly the most terrifying entry, is painted on the face of the pumpkin rather than carved. A tuft of real hair finishes off the eerie image. It was posted on Instagram by user @ktmod with the tasteful caption, “Grab ’em by the pumpkin.” …
How-To Geek
The Best File Archiving Program for Windows
Need to extract an archive or compress some files? Avoid big-name programs like WinZip and WinRAR, which are packed with nags and advertisements. Modern versions of Windows have integrated support for ZIP files, and anything else is best managed with the free, open source 7-Zip.Click Here to Continue… Full Feed
A.M. Links: Clinton Leads Trump in Polls, Twitter to Lay Off 9% of Its Workforce, Canada and E.U. Eye Free Trade Agreement
New poll: Hillary Clinton 48 percent, Donald Trump 42 percent, Gary Johnson 5 percent, Jill Stein 1 percent. Another new poll: Hillary Clinton 44 percent, Donald Trump 41 percent, Gary Johnson 7 percent, Jill Stein 3 percent. “Inside the Trump bunker, with 12 days to go.” Twitter is laying off 9…
RT – Daily news
Sex workers reject ‘biased’ BBC prostitution documentary
Sex workers say the BBC’s ‘Sex, Drugs & Murder: Life in the Red Light Zone’ documentary, which portrays the lives of women in the Holbeck area of Leeds, Britain’s first legal red light district, is “biased” and unrepresentative. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
US intel agencies behind Berlin’s U-turn on Chinese takeover of German firm – report
US intelligence has compelled Berlin to stop a $730 million Chinese acquisition of a Germany-based tech company over alleged concerns that its high-end products had “military applications” and might benefit Beijing’s nuclear program, Handelsblatt reports. Read Full Article at
The Gadget Flow
Bifold Wallet By JAQET
A minimal, sophisticated and superbly crafted take on the classic bifold wallet. Handmade in California, this wallet is made out of beautiful full grain 2/3oz leather and waxed nylon thread. The leather is hand-dyed/sealed in house, hand cut, and hand stitched, thereby creating a unique one of a kind…
Ars Technica
Fujitsu confirms talks with Lenovo to offload loss-making PC biz
(credit: IT Crowd) Lenovo is locked in talks with Fujitsu to buy its fading PC business. Fujitsu confirmed on Thursday morning that it was “exploring a strategic cooperation in the realm of research, development, design, and manufacturing of personal computers for the global market” with Lenovo—the… – latest science and technology news stories
The oldest star cluster in Tarantula Nebula even older than previously thought, study finds
(—The Hubble Space Telescope Hubble Tarantula Treasury Project (HTTP) survey has revealed new insights on the star formation history of the oldest star cluster in the Tarantula Nebula (also known as 30 Doradus), designated Hodge 301. According to a study published Oct. 19 on, this…
Can’t Find Two Trees to String Up Your Hammock? Just Use Your Car
What’s the point of going camping if at some point you don’t get to lazily lounge around in a hammock? It’s an essential part of escaping to the great outdoors. But what if you can’t find two suitable trees to hang your hammock? As long as you brought your car along, you’ve got a backup.Read more…
Penclic Mini Keyboard K2 and NiceTouch T2 review: Input devices not worth your consideration
“Scandinavian design” is a term Americans typically equate with the minimalism and simplicity of Ikea, a wildly popular brand of international retail stores peddling Swedish-made furniture with frequently unpronounceable names. Although the stuff is well-made, assembling it can often be an exercise in…
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Peacock begonia’s mysterious iridescent blue hue lets it thrive in the dark
New research reveals that the plant’s shimmering blue leaves allow it to survive in the dim rainforest floors of southeast Asia.
Use the “Pick Two” Rule to Watch Your Calories When Dining Out
Staying on that healthy eating train sure is difficult when you’re dining out and everything sounds amazing. Rather than depriving yourself or blowing off the hinges to a full-on cheat meal, just limit yourself by picking only two things you’d really want to eat.…The…
Microsoft adds macro blocker to Office 2013 to stymie old-school attackers
Microsoft yesterday said that it had added a malware-in-macros blocker to Office 2013 after customers demanded that it expand the feature beyond the latest version, Office 2016.”The predominant customer request we received was for this feature to be added to Office 2013,” the Microsoft Malware Protection…
Ars Technica
Samsung’s mobile division profits collapse by 96% year-over-year
(credit: Neilson Barnard / Getty Images) Less than a month after Samsung recalled all 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 handsets—including the replacements—the Korean mobile giant announced that it had sustained a notable financial hit during Q3 2016. According to quarterly earnings released Thursday morning…
What to expect from the Tesla solar roof event on October 28
 Tesla is hosting an event this coming Friday in L.A., and it’s doing so in tandem with SolarCity. This will be a sort of preview of what we can expect from the companies once they combine into one under the Tesla umbrella, which should happen soon provided investors are on board. We know that Tesla…
PopTech Blog
See what you missed? Be here in 2017!
We couldn’t have asked for a better 20th year celebration. Culture Clash, hosted by Moran Cerf and Carly Chaikin, will go down in history as one of the most eye-opening, optimism-generating, future- facing gatherings we’ve ever held. In just a few weeks, we’ll share all of the amazing talks that had…
Indian court asks YouTube to share user’s IP address, identity in defamation case
YouTube has landed itself in hot water in India.  SEE ALSO: Internet users in developed world more wary of tech’s drawbacks India’s Madras High Court directed YouTube and Google to share with the government details of a user who uploaded and published a questionable video. But YouTube is resisting…
One North Carolina County Shows The Cracks In The GOP’s Defenses
 GASTON COUNTY, North Carolina — “Forgive our mess,” Mary Anne Huggins said as she led me through the Gaston County Republican Party headquarters on a recent Wednesday morning. “We never throw anything away — we’re conservative.”A gallery of candidate yard signs was tacked neatly on a fresh raspberry-red…
White And Nonwhite LGBT People Agree: They Like Clinton And Don’t Like Trump
You’re reading Back of the Envelope, an experiment that aims to bring shorter, quicker content to FiveThirtyEight.The 2016 election features a stark racial divide: Nonwhite people have a much more favorable view of Hillary Clinton than of Donald Trump, while non-Hispanic whites make up an overwhelming…
Significant Digits For Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016
You’re reading Significant Digits, a daily digest of the telling numbers tucked inside the news.6 medal winnersNine athletes, six of whom won medals, were disqualified from the 2008 Beijing Olympics after their doping samples were retested and failed. [ESPN]17 percentAircraft passengers seem to be getting…
How One Man’s Bad Math Helped Ruin Decades Of English Soccer
Here at FiveThirtyEight, we tend to think statistics can add to our understanding of sports. (What a surprise!) From the more mature sabermetric movements of baseball and basketball to growing ones in soccer and hockey, evidence-based examination has led to new thoughts and ideas about the games we love.But…
Engadget Full RSS Feed
Twitter promises ‘meaningful’ safety updates next month
Twitter is a real time platform for news and conversation, but sometimes that conversation can get quite nasty. The company’s laissez faire attitude toward freedom of expression has seen it develop a reputation for toxicity that’s scared off several potential buyers, including Disney. That’s why, Twitter…
Gadget Review
Soundcast VG1 is an Affordable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker – With a Great Battery
Soundcast VG1 is an Affordable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker – With a Great Battery Gadget Review – Your lifestyle gadget site As wireless and Bluetooth speakers continue to diverge, Bluetooth speakers are getting more mobile and outdoor friendly. That means a lot of ruggedized features, which we’ve seen…
Gadget Review
HP’s New Version of the Spectre x360 Aims for Top Work Hybrid Laptop
HP’s New Version of the Spectre x360 Aims for Top Work Hybrid Laptop Gadget Review – Your lifestyle gadget site The Spectre x360 was an odd laptop for HP – a slim, ambitious model that almost soared to the top of the list in the ultrabook world, but several things kept it back (notably, brands like…
Motherboard RSS Feed
There’s Still A Whole Lot We Don’t Know About DirecTV Now
For the past year or so, two services, Sling TV and PlayStation Vue, have dominated the conversation amongst cord cutters, people so fed up with paying through the nose for cable or satellite TV that they’ve said goodbye to all that. In just a few weeks, however, AT&T-owned DirecTV will give cord…
Twitter plans to get up close and personal, surfacing content for your special interests
 In Twitter’s Q3 earnings call today, executives dodged a question from an analyst about whether the company could give details about any “big, revolutionary” product changes that might move the needle on Twitter’s sluggish growth. But they did open the curtains on what might be one of the “hundreds…
Ars Technica
Drone World Championships: Drone racing in the land of Jurassic Park
David Stock The inaugural World Drone Racing Championships (aka Drone Worlds) is the culmination of over a year’s anticipation for a truly global, world-leading first-person-view drone racing competition,…
The Awesomer
Knight Rider 2016
LinkKITT the car is back and looking better than ever as a Lamborghini. But Michael Knight hasn’t updated his look since the 1980’s and his car isn’t having any of it. Watch him get a 21st century makeover, whether he likes it or not in this amusing parody by Sam Macaroni. More Awesome Stuff: No…
Scientific American Content: Global
Antidepressants in Pregnancy Tied to Health Risks For Kids
New findings underscore the challenge of balancing psychiatric needs and potential negative consequences for newborns  — Read more on
BBC News – World
Oil fires started by IS outside Mosul turn sheep black
Oil fires started by IS militants as they retreated to Mosul have blighted the Iraqi town of Qayyarah, polluting the air and turning sheep black.
Today’s Best Deals: Mechanical Keyboards, Affordable Luggage, Cashmere, and More
Cheap mechanical keyboards, American Tourister luggage, and cashmere everything lead off Thursday’s best deals. Read more…
GifCities is a search engine for classic GIFs
 GIFs may be hot today and some people may even think that they are a relatively new thing on the Internet. If you’re an Internet users of a certain age, though, chances are you were already using GIFs to spice up your cool GeoCities or Tripod pages with a few spinning arrows and flashing “under construction”…
The Verge – All Posts
Microsoft’s Windows chief: Surface Dial is just the beginning
Microsoft’s Windows chief sees a future where the regular input devices —€” touch, mouse and keyboard, or stylus —€” are complimented by objects that interact with a PC’s screen. Talking to The Verge after Microsoft’s Surface event yesterday, Windows and devices chief Terry Myerson discussed the new…
Digital Trends
Keeping it real: This killer blender blood recipe will get you ready for Halloween
Halloween is fast approaching and that means it’s time for all of those fun (albeit gory) costume projects your kids want to undertake for the spookiest night of the year. Among the most requested costume accessories will no doubt be fake blood, and we’ve got you covered on that. Many parents may be…
Inside Uber’s Plan to Take Over the Skies With Flying Cars
Within a decade, ‘Uber Elevate’ could provide network of on demand, fully electric aircraft. The post Inside Uber’s Plan to Take Over the Skies With Flying Cars appeared first on WIRED.
Newswise: SciNews
Longtime UF/IFAS Administrator Retires After Outstanding Career in Research, Outreach
Chris Waddill came to UF/IFAS as Dean for Extension and later directed the Everglades, Southwest Florida and Everglades research and education center for UF/IFAS. She hired many outstanding faculty and helped bridge the gap between science and growers.
Newswise: SciNews
Controlling the Properties of Matter in Two-Dimensional Crystals
The discovery of chains of atoms in a two-dimensional crystal could help researchers control the properties of matter.
Newswise: SciNews
Christopher L. Crucitti Joins Science Exchange as Chief Commercial Officer
/PRNewswire/ — Science Exchange, the leading marketplace for scientific research, is excited to announce that Christopher L. Crucitti, MS, has joined the company as Chief Commercial Officer.
How to Watch Apple’s Big MacBook Event Today
Today is the day we get a new Macbook Pro. It’s been over a year since the last update and over three years since the last proper processor refresh. The current Macbook Pro is ancient by computer standards, and if Apple’s own leak is anything to go by, then we’re about to get some cool new beast that…
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ICYMI: Real-time drawing collaboration and sippable seawater
Today on In Case You Missed It: Google introduced a new cloud-connected whiteboard called the Jamboard, which is made for collaboration with coworkers, then the finished doodle can be stored in Google Drive. Meanwhile the SAROS is a wave-powered desalination system that can produce 3,500 gallons…
BBC News – World
China ‘fake sanitary pads’ scam sparks health concerns
Chinese police bust a ‘fake sanitary pads’ scam, sparking concern over the possible impact on women’s health.
Tea Making Alarm Clock
Wake up to a nice piping hot cup of tea by placing this tea making alarm clock next to your bed. It features a compact design that’ll fit easily on your nightstand and comes with a built-in tea maker that’ll prepare you a fresh cup every morning. Check it out $79.99
Freaky Personalized Face Masks
Ever wanted to wear someone else’s skin? Well now you can with one of these freaky personalized face masks. Your submitted photo will be made into a stretchy one size fits all mask that you can easily slip over your head like a sock. Check it out $16.89
Pikachu Animated Hologram Kit
Bring your favorite electric type Pokemon into your home using this Pikachu animated hologram kit. Through the miracle of holographic technology, this pint size electric rodent comes to life right in front of your very eyes. Check it out $39.00
Classic Arcade Game Art Book
Relive your glorious arcade days by turning through the pages of Artcade – the classic arcade game art book. Classic game marquees like Street Fighter II, Battle Zone, and Out Run are displayed on fully colored double-page spreads. Check it out $25.72
The No Pressure Head Bed
Sleep better than ever before by resting your tired noggin on the no pressure head bed. This one of a kind pillow features a patented hyper-elastic polymer that’s arranged into small triangles to provide core lateral strength, so it won’t ever go flat or sink. Check it out $69.00
The Putting Arcade
Put your skee ball and mini golfing skills to the ultimate test with The Putting Arcade. In this fun mashup, you’ll have to putt a small golf ball through the narrow green patch and make it into one of the arcade bowling styled rings in order to rack up the most points. Check it out $349.95
Pumpkin String Lights
Spook up your home’s nighttime decor using these pumpkin string lights. These solar powered string lights charge automatically during the day, are encased in waterproof pumpkin housings, and feature 8 different lighting modes to choose from. Check it out $19.99
Abyss Ocean Table
This Abyss ocean table transforms the jagged seafloor into a breath-taking visual display that’ll add depth to any home. It’s crafted from stacked layers of wood, plexiglass, and glass to create a topographical map depicting the ocean floor. Check it out
Beanie Baby Tag Dog Costume
Instantly transform your pooch into the ultimate stuffed animal using this Beanie Baby tag dog costume. Available in various sizes, each heart shaped “Ty” label is handmade from stiffened felt and complemented with a nickle clasp so you can clip it on the collar. Check it out $8.99
RT – Daily news
Jesus Christ’s ‘burial slab’ uncovered during restoration
A burial slab believed to have held the body of Jesus Christ before he was resurrected has been uncovered for the first time in centuries by a restoration team in Jerusalem. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
Almost half of all Russians want warmer relations with Ukraine poll shows
One in two Russians wants relations with Ukraine to remain friendly and close, without visa regime and customs, but the number of those who want tighter border control is now increasing. Read Full Article at
Uber to host a summit on making on-demand air transit affordable
 Uber has released a detailed white paper outlining the virtues and current blocking factors of what it calls “on-demand aviation,” or a network of small vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) craft that would make it possible for users to summon flying transport whenever they want to easily get around…
No need to shoot down drones! Many of them can now be hijacked
A security researcher has devised a method of hijacking a wide variety of radio- controlled airplanes, helicopters, cars, boats and other devices that use a popular wireless transmission technology. The attack was developed by Jonathan Andersson, manager of the Advanced Security Research Group at…
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Six of the worlds most incredible buildings shortlisted for the RIBA International Prize
Arquipelago Contemporary Arts Centre Formerly an 1890s sweet potato distillery, the Arquipelago Contemporary Arts Centre in The Azores is a stunning example of adaptive reuse that goes beyond the average restoration project. Menos é Mais and Arquitectos Associados with João Mendes Ribeiro Arquitecto…
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Scientists say Great Barrier Reef coral death has reached devastating heights
The data from a period of widespread coral bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef are trickling in and it does not look good. Researchers are finding that the formerly “pristine” northern section of the reef has been hit especially hard, where up to 80 percent of corals have died from warming waters or…
Qualcomm agrees to buy automotive chip-maker for over $37 billion
Microprocessor maker Qualcomm is spending its way out of a stagnating mobile phone industry, offering to buy NXP Semiconductors, a company with a strong position in automotive chips, for more than $37 billion. Qualcomm formalized its offer Thursday, barely a month after rumors began circulating that…
The Manual
Choosing A Great Summit Pack
The summit pack is one of the most important pieces of gear you bring along on a serious hike or climb — ironic, then, that you only use it for the last leg of the excursion, often wearing your summit pack for only an hour or two during a journey that may have lasted days. The post Choosing A Great…
Mobile Magazine
Facebook Plans to Show More Potentially Offensive and ‘Newsworthy’ Posts in Your News Feed
Facebook may soon lower its censorship standards and display more graphic content including violence and nudity that will be deemed more “newsworthy” or important enough to its millions of social media users. This standard lowering will now run contrary to Facebook’s policies of censoring. In spite of…
Mobile Magazine
Four Best TV’s Under $500 that Stand Above the Rest
A television set is considered a major appliance purchase in line with others like a washing machine or a refrigerator. While smartphones are upgraded or replaced every 2 or 3 years while a computer or laptop every 5 or 6, a TV can last more than a decade. Naturally, compared to any gadget we have […]
This Discounted Harmony Remote Can Control 15 Of Your Favorite Devices
While the Logitech Harmony Touch doesn’t have as many physical buttons as its brethren, its integrated touchscreen can perform all of the same functions as you control up to 15 of your favorite devices, from a database of nearly a quarter million. $100 is a match for the best price we’ve seen, so pick…
Amazon sues more sellers for buying fake reviews
 Amazon is continuing its efforts to crack down on fraudulent reviews across its site with new lawsuits aimed at two U.S. sellers, and one from the E.U., which claim to have evidence of customer review abuse. That is, the defendants created fake reviews for their products, which could have influenced…
RT – Daily news
Mourinho charged over referee comments, adding to apparent misery of isolation in Manchester
Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has been charged over his comments about referee Anthony Taylor before his side’s Premier League tie with Liverpool. The charge comes as reports emerged the Portuguese manager is unhappy with life in Manchester. Read Full Article at
Engadget RSS Feed
Google’s arty filters one-up Prisma by mixing various styles
Basic filters are soooo last year, and Google knows it. It’s all about turning your mundane pet photos into works of art now, spearheaded by popular mobile app Prisma. Since it launched earlier this year, Prisma’s added an offline mode and video supp…
Design Milk
Corollaria: Algorithmic Jewelry by Nervous System
Nervous System is back with a brand new collection of jewelry that’s inspired by science and technology. Corollaria uses algorithmic design and digital fabrication to create a stunning collection of jewelry that’s inspired by the very things that make up our bodies—cells. Inspired by…
NBA schedule now lists its VR games for the season – CNET
All 30 NBA teams will make an appearance in virtual reality, starting with the Kings versus the Spurs tonight.
Hello, Cruisy McCruiseFace! – CNET
UK-based P&O Cruises will allow the public to name its next ship. This should be interesting.
Twitter freaks about 76ers and the national anthem – CNET
Social Cues: Also, Floridians on Facebook aren’t surprised to learn that America’s deadliest highway is located in their state.
Scientific American Content: Global
No, Astronomers Haven’t Decided Dark Energy is Nonexistent
You might have read otherwise in some headlines lately, but don’t be misled — Read more on
The Verge – All Posts
Trump campaign using targeted Facebook posts to discourage black Americans from voting
While the Trump campaign continues to flounder weeks before Election Day, a new report is providing some inside information on the candidate’s strategy, including an unorthodox use of Facebook. Plan to “depress” votes in Clinton-leaning demographics Businessweek, which published a major look into…
The Different Benefits of Slow and Fast Reps
Everyone has their own routine when it comes to working out, including how many reps you do and how quickly you do them. If you’re deciding between slow and fast reps, here are the benefits of each.Read more…
Fast Company
Why Body Camera Programs Fail
Amid a massive tech upgrade meant to improve accountability, body cameras are being limited by police policies and privacy concerns. Amid a massive tech upgrade meant to improve accountability, body cameras are being limited by police policies and privacy concerns.In the minutes…
Motherboard RSS Feed
This Guy Has the Fastest Home Internet in the United States
What does the guy with the fastest internet in the United States use his jealousy-inducing bandwidth for? Analyzing X-rays… and gaining an advantage in Call of Duty, of course. Startup and community-run internet service providers have grabbed headlines over the last two years as they’ve begun rolling…
Motherboard RSS Feed
The City That Was Saved by the Internet
The “Chattanooga Choo Choo” sign over the old terminal station is purely decorative, a throwback. Since the Southern Railroad left town in the early 1970s, the southeastern Tennessee city has been looking for an identity that has nothing to do with a bygone big band song or an abandoned train. It’s finally…
Motherboard RSS Feed
Feds: Gang Stole $6.7 Million Worth of iPhones Using a Tractor and Fake ID
Some crooks steal diamonds, others go for cash. An alleged eight-man gang from Miami, however, went for the real mother-load: over $6.7 million worth of iPhones.Using fake identity documents and a tractor, the group allegedly stole around 23,000 iPhones from Miami International Airport in April of this… – latest science and technology news stories
Research group suggests using guppies to control mosquitoes be abandoned
(—A team of researchers with members from the U.S., the West Indies, Canada and Brazil has conducted a survey of research efforts looking into the effectiveness and safety of releasing guppies to reduce the number of mosquitoes and report that evidence supporting such use is lacking—they also… – latest science and technology news stories
Fujitsu Semiconductor launches world’s largest density 4 Mbit ReRAM product for mass production
Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited today announced the launch of the 4 Mbit ReRAM MB85AS4MT, the world’s largest density mass-produced ReRAM product. This is the first ReRAM product to be jointly developed with Panasonic Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd. – latest science and technology news stories
Important ancient papyrus seized from looters in Israel
(—Eitan Klein, a representative of the Israel Antiquities Authority, has announced that an important papyrus document dated to 2,700 years ago has been seized from a group of Palestinian looters who reportedly dug it up in a cave in the Judean Desert approximately three years ago. The claim… – latest science and technology news stories
Europe takes the lead in building urban resilience
An EU-funded project has been helping cities face the future with confidence by tackling climate change, putting the green back into cities, and preventing urban sprawl in new and exciting ways. – latest science and technology news stories
Microscopic ‘nanobottles’ offer blueprint for enhanced biological imaging
A pan-European team of researchers involving the University of Oxford has developed a new technique to provide cellular ‘blueprints’ that could help scientists interpret the results of X-ray fluorescence (XRF) mapping. – latest science and technology news stories
What nanotechnology can learn from green chemistry
The intersection of nanotechnology and green chemistry presents an excellent opportunity to ensure that both fields can learn from each other, argues John C. Warner in Green Chemistry and Letters. – latest science and technology news stories
Discovery of “lost” early satellite data to aid understanding of the Earth’s climate
Serendipity, expertise, foresight and the equivalent of an Earth observation data archaeological dig have led to recovery of almost-40-year-old satellite imagery – thought lost forever – which will significantly add to understanding of our planet’s climate. – latest science and technology news stories
Researchers introduce metallic ions within a DNA molecule, which will have many uses in biotechnology and biomedicine
Researchers from the University of Granada have proven for the first time that introducing slight chemical modifications to DNA molecules may allow the incorporation of metallic ions while maintaining the double-stranded structure and molecular recognition properties for other DNA molecules, enzymes,… – latest science and technology news stories
The best of both worlds—preprints and journals
For some time now PLOS has discussed new initiatives designed to accelerate research communication, from development of Aperta, our streamlined manuscript submission system that facilitates a faster time to first decision to our Content Management System that allows for rapid creation of curated PLOS… – latest science and technology news stories
Report: Wildlife populations halved on average since ’70s
Global wildlife populations have fallen an average of 58 percent from 1970 levels, with human activity reducing the numbers of elephants in Tanzania, maned wolves in Brazil, salamanders in the United States and orcas in the waters of Europe, researchers say.
Curfboard: A New Way to Surf-Skate
Whether you’re a car-free commuter or a crazy wheel-sports enthusiast, you’ll no doubt…
Cool Material
The Microsoft Surface Studio Features the World’s Thinnest Monitor
Microsoft finally unveiled the desktop addition to the Surface line, and it’s every bit the iMac killer it was touted to be. The Surface Studio has plenty of features to make it one of the coolest computers every created. 28” PixelSense Display with 13.5 million pixels of true-to-life color and clarity…
YouTube Help
“HIgh-throughput Materials” | Haihang Wang | TEDxUNT
Talks about speeding up the material discovery process, which improves our quality of life, through high-throughput computational materials. Haihang Wang is a UNT physics graduate. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community….
Gear Patrol
Jaybird Launches the X3 Wireless Sport Headphones
Smaller and more powerful than the X2s. …Read More »
Apple takes down its online store ahead of MacBook unveiling event
Thursday is a big day for tech giant Apple as the company is reportedly set to unveil a new MacBook Pro at a media event on Cupertino campus and the company has taken down its online store in anticipation.  SEE ALSO: How to watch Apple’s new MacBook Pro reveal Users who go to Apple’s website and attempt…
Latest news
End to airport security lines? New US trials set for AI-powered body scanners
US airports may soon have AI-powered body scanners, from a firm backed by Bill Gates, which don’t do a virtual strip search.
I’m not an asshole, I’m an introvert!
Ok, maybe this is fair. Most introverts find small talk cumbersome, but I actually hate all sizes of talk. I especially hate talking on the phone, even with friends. If a friend texts me, “Hey, you’re twenty minutes late! You promised you wouldn’t flake again, are you still coming?” or “emergency…
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
Widespread anti-Maduro protests turn violent in Venezuela
Venezuela’s increasingly militant opposition stepped up its push to oust leftist leader Nicolas Maduro on Wednesday with protests that drew hundreds of thousands but also saw unrest leading to dozens of injuries and arrests.
Ars Technica
Nintendo president hints at “wide array” of add-on hardware for Switch
Enlarge / We can only hope this fan concept art is the kind of thing Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima means when he talks about a “wider array” of add-on hardware for the system. (credit: Ryan Salamanda) Immediately after announcing that further Nintendo Switch announcements would have to wait…
This Essential Cree LED Flashlight Is Just $3, If You Hurry
This $3 CREE XML-T6 is an upgrade from the CREE UltraFire Mini more than 20,000 of you have purchased. Zoomable and waterproof, this torch can run on a rechargeable 18650 3.7v battery, or three AAAs for even more light. We’ve seen it for $5 on a few occasions, but $3 is unprecedented. Read more…
Popular Mechanics
Electric public transport: Bus down to electric avenue
Electric public transport isn’t new, but the global increase in sustainable technology investment has created opportunities for electrified systems. The post Electric public transport: Bus down to electric avenue appeared first on Popular Mechanics.
Popular Mechanics
Surface Studio zones in on Mac’s design territory
Move over Mac, Microsoft’s Surface Studio also wants a slice of the design pie. The technology giant yesterday unveiled a slew of products… The post Surface Studio zones in on Mac’s design territory appeared first on Popular Mechanics.
The Wirecutter
Are Smart Homes Open Houses for Hackers?
The truth about smart-home devices is that many of them are less secure than you’d like. But your individual security camera, smart light bulb, or Wi-Fi thermostat—as well as your personal possessions and information—isn’t a likely target for a hacker capable of cracking such things. After all, it’s…
RT – Daily news
US no banana republic for Russia to meddle in its election – Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin has rejected allegations that Moscow is trying to meddle with the American presidential vote, saying that the US is no banana republic to allow such a thing. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
Man wielding knife fatally shot outside US Embassy in Kenya
A man attacked an armed guard in front of the US Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, and was shot to death in the street, the New Y

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