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Sam’s Club Toilet and Bidet Sale – up to 23% off
Sam’s Club Toilet and Bidet Sale – up to 23% off
Digital Trends
There’s something fishy going on with old iMacs: DIYer turns them into aquariums, lamps
For nearly 10 years, a DIYer named Jake Harms has taken a rather clever approach to getting the most out of his old iMac computers — instead of trashing them, he’s transformed them into lamps, clocks, and aquariums. After first constructing an aquarium out of a soon-to-be-trashed computer he salvaged from…
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It’s Technology’s World, We’re Just Living in It
Yes, tech fails now and again. But by and large we live in a world where computers, AI, and plain old everyday tech long ago graduated from a crawl to a speed walk. …Read More »
Next Big Future
Powerwalk energy harvesting will be tested by the US Army in 2017 with production readiness in 2019
In 2017, Army scientists will be testing an energy-harvesting device that straps to the legs and generates power from walking. The PowerWalk is designed to extract the energy expended when the knee is flexed and negative work is being performed. The system adjusts to a person’s gait, so soldiers don’t…
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Why Fox is ditching Marvel’s superhero strategy
A Deadpool sequel is in the works, but it’s in need of a director. The Wrap reported last week that director Tim Miller walked away from the project due to creative differences with star Ryan Reynolds over how to approach the follow-up. Miller wanted a bigger budget to make a more “stylized” movie. Reynolds,…
BBC News – World
El Salvador ex-President Saca arrested on fraud allegations
El Salvador’s former President Elias Antonio Saca is arrested on charges of embezzling public funds.
‘You’re an authoritarian’: Independent presidential candidate blasts Trump in tweetstorm
Donald Trump isn’t the only presidential candidate who can go on a Twitter rant.  Independent candidate Evan McMullin — who has a shot to win Utah this election — took a page out of Trump’s notebook after the Republican presidential nominee called him the “puppet of a loser” on Fox News. SEE ALSO:…
How to Fix That Broken Chromecast Notification Facebook Is Putting In Your Shade
If you’re using the Facebook app—and there are plenty of reasons not to—you might have noticed a weird, broken Chromecast notification in your shade recently. Here’s what’s causing it and how to fix it.As Android Police discovered, this notification is being caused by a bug in the way Facebook handles…
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Doomsday Prepper Supply Companies Are the Real Winners of the Election
When doomsday “preppers” start stockpiling emergency food, it’s usually because of a typhoon, a terrorist attack, or an event that signals the end times is near. This month, the horrifying event du jour is the US presidential election.“We’re hearing from people in our call center. People feel like they’ve…
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How to Get Zcash, Bitcoin’s Anonymous Baby Cousin
Image: ZcashCryptocurrencies are a dime a dozen these days, and it seems like a week doesn’t go by without news of digital thefts, crashes, and cataclysmic conflicts in the world of decentralized digital money.Nevertheless, a newly-launched cryptocurrency created by expert cryptographers holds the distinction…
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
Turkey fires thousands more civil servants, shuts media outlets
Turkey said it had dismissed a further 10,000 civil servants and closed 15 more media outlets over suspected links with terrorist organisations and U.S.-based cleric Fethullah Gulen, blamed by Ankara for orchestrating a failed coup in July.
Serious Hacks Possible Through Inaudible Ultrasound
An anonymous reader writes: “High-frequency audio ‘beacons’ are embedded into TV commercials or browser ads,” reports New Scientist. “These sounds, which are inaudible to the human ear, can be picked up by any nearby device that has a microphone and can then activate certain functions on that device…Some…
Big Think
This Exercise Can Make Your Brain Function Better and Prevent Dementia, Says New Study
New research by Australian scientists shows what exercise can make some people more intelligent and prevent dementia.  Read More
Digital Trends
How to convert FLAC audio to MP3
A FLAC file, short for Free Lossless Audio Codec, is a compressed audio file that maintains the same quality as the original source despite often being less than 50 percent of the original file size. The files are free and distributed to users under an open-source license, hence the “Free” and “Lossless”…
When to use Portrait Mode on iPhone 7 Plus iOS 10.1
If you’ve updated your iPhone 7 Plus to iOS 10.1, there’s a cool new tool you can take advantage of. In the camera app, a new ‘Portrait’ mode adds a faux bokeh effect to your images that can really make your images pop like never before. It’s a fun feature, but many are complaining the feature blurs…
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Mailbag: The Best Questions and Comments of the Week
Our favorite questions, comments, complaints and jokes this week. …Read More »
Delta’s Shockingly Great H2Okinetic Shower Head Is Back In Stock For $20
The shower head that came preinstalled in your home or apartment is probably terrible, but if you don’t have the cash to upgrade it to a Delta In2ition, the Delta 75152 is a fantastic option at under $20.Read more…
7 Creative Chairs All Book Lovers Will Appreciate
continue readingThe post 7 Creative Chairs All Book Lovers Will Appreciate appeared first on CONTEMPORIST.
The Geek Box Wooden Puzzle
Need a gift for a geek? This one has all the necessary elements–eggheady challenge, fidget-friendly finger work, comes in a gift box, hey, it’s even called The Geek Box. A set of 6 wooden puzzles that should be a no-brainer for the brainiest on your list. Unless… …unless, uh, they don’t deal…
How Much Do ‘October Surprises’ Move The Polls?
People are already calling it an “October surprise” — an unexpected moment late in the campaign that could change the trajectory of the election. The news that the FBI is looking into a new batch of Hillary Clinton’s emails (found on the computer of Anthony Weiner) is certainly surprising. And it came…
Man of Many
These Perceval Knives are Made From Meteorite
Perceval was one of King Arthur’s legendary Knights of the Round Table. He has a place in folklore as the original hero in the quest for the Grail. Although the one thing that holds Perceval back from true legendary status is that he didn’t possess a sword forged from a meteor. A modern and much more…
Digital Trends
How to save text messages on Android and iOS
Sending text messages — or iMessages, SMS, and MMS messages — is one of the main things people want their smartphones to do, even more so than making phone calls. For many, it’s the primary way they stay in touch with friends and family.We send dozens of messages in a day with silly jokes, important…
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Explosion, fire at oil refinery lead to evacuation in northeast Venezuela (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
A hospital in the northeastern state of Anzoategui, Venezuela, has been evacuated following an explosion and a fire that engulfed an oil refinery located nearby, local media have reported. Read Full Article at
Emteq’s faceteq is all about building an emotion-tracking platform for VR
FEATURE: As one of the top 20 universities in the U.K., The University of Sussex offers undergraduate courses that could be pivotal to the future of VR. Its teachings stretch across neuro, cognitive and biomedical sciences, among other areas. We could well see a new generation of VR recruits come out…
Why the second coming of Facebook commerce is good for everyone
GUEST: In the last month, Facebook has ramped up its commerce-focused activities by announcing a range of new initiatives including Facebook Marketplace, a Craigslist-style service for buying and selling stuff, a standalone Events app, friends-driven recommendation functionality, stronger PayPal integration…
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Touring around Xiaomi’s headquarters and Mi Home store
Xiaomi was quite a different animal when I first visited back in August 2011: It only occupied three floors in a small building, the cubicles were tight, security was loose (I literally just walked in almost every time) and people were working crazy long hours almost seven days a week. That was right…
Digital Trends
Railway ticket machines in Switzerland will soon sell Bitcoin
With the demand for Bitcoin increasing in Switzerland, the country is taking steps to allow its citizens to easily obtain the digital currency. Starting Nov. 11, customers on the Swiss railway will be able to trade their Swiss francs for Bitcoins on ticket machines. While people will be able to buy…
BBC News – World
Pro-Russian candidate leads in Moldova presidential election
A pro-Russian candidate is leading in Moldova’s first direct presidential election for 20 years, near-complete results show.
‘Armies’ of Twitter Bots Bolster Both The Trump And Clinton Campaigns
An anonymous reader writes: During the first U.S. presidential debate, “automated accounts were tweeting messages with hashtags associated with the candidates. For example, #makeamericagreatagain or #draintheswamp for Trump; #imwithher for Clinton,” according to TechNewsWorld. They cite researchers…
Digital Trends
Drown out noisy neighbors, roommates, and babies with these white noise machines
A resultful night of sleep is paramount to our overall health. Sleeping regulates our metabolism, enhances our mood, and boosts our immune systems, among other benefits. However, many individuals are roused from sleep more easily than others. The slightest sound can keep these “light-sleepers” awake…
RT – Daily news
German magazine hits back at ‘propaganda’ accusations… by using ISIS-made video
German magazine Der Spiegel used an Islamic State propaganda video from Mosul in Iraq to stress the difference between the US-backed operation there and the Syrian government’s siege in Aleppo. The outlet’s readers had earlier slammed it for double standards. Read Full Article at
Will Ferrell puts on ‘Nasty Woman’ shirt to campaign for Clinton
When someone knocks at my door, I’m one of those people who tends to run and hide. But if I opened it to find Will Ferrell, I’d probably stick around and listen.  The famous actor has recently been in North Carolina campaigning for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.  SEE ALSO: Hillary…
Man of Many
Dig Like a Boss – Stealth Shovel
Now this is not like an invisible shovel like the name may suggest. Well, that’s what I honestly thought when I first heard of this piece of genius. But this is by far the most sophisticated shovel ever created. The implementation of a top blade works with the bottom blade to control the quantity and…
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
Scuffles erupt at Ivory Coast polling stations over divisive referendum
Ivorians voted Sunday to determine the fate of constitutional changes the president says will help end years of unrest but which have alarmed the opposition, with scuffles erupting at dozens of polling stations.
Huge pile of manure dumped outside Democratic Party office in Ohio
In the early hours of Saturday morning, a large truck pulled into a parking lot in Lebanon, Ohio. It then dumped heaps of manure in front of the Warren County Democratic Party headquarters. “What reasonable person thinks this is OK????” said Bethe Goldenfield, chairwoman of the Warren County Democratic…
Martini Cooling Cups
Enjoy the perfect chilled martini without watering down your cocktail by serving it in one of these martini cooling cups. The glasses features a proprietary cooling gel inside the BPA-free acrylic walls that’ll keep your drink chilled between 43-53 degrees Fahrenheit. Check it out $27.49
Drain Blaster Cleaner
Unclog your bathroom’s drains without having to hire a costly plumber by using this drain blaster cleaner. This chemical-free cleaner features a solid build, compact size, and utilizes compressed air to effectively clear up sinks, tubs, and toilets. Check it out $24.99
Whiskey Wood Swivel Bar Stool
Give your home bar some rustic charm that’ll set it apart from the rest using this whiskey wood swivel bar stool. Available in either a circular swivel top or a fixed square top, each stool is crafted from a retired Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrel. Check it out $245.00
designboom | architecture & design magazine
konstantin grcic discusses chair table and stool tool for VITRA at orgatec 2016
we spoke to the german designer where he expanded on the ideas behind his latest designs for VITRA, their applications, and how they fit into modern offices. The post konstantin grcic discusses chair table and stool tool for VITRA at orgatec 2016 appeared first on designboom | architecture & design…
RT – Daily news
Polish volunteers restore vandalized Soviet WW2 memorials for sake of ‘shared history & world peace’
Outraged by the rise of vandalism against memorials to Soviet soldiers in Poland, a group of volunteers has pledged to restore any damaged monuments. Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman thanked the Polish patriots for preserving the common history of the two states. Read Full Article at
CETA Signed Off As Wallonia Folds Under Pressure
Dangerous_Minds writes: The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) has been signed off. The government of Wallonia appeared to be holding off on the agreement, but has since folded under the pressure. Two days after Wallonia agreed to the trade deal, countries signed off on the agreement….
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Alton Brown’s internet cooking show will be a ‘Good Eats’ sequel
Do you miss Alton Brown’s classic cooking show Good Eats? You’re about to get more of it… and then some. In a live chat with fans, Brown has revealed that his previously hinted-at internet cooking show will be a spiritual sequel to Good Eats, but without the corporate limits that kept him from cooking…
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Fall of ISIS in Mosul may push terrorists to launch attacks in Europe – German spy chief
The defeat of Islamic State militants in their Iraqi stronghold Mosul may spark terrorist attacks across Europe, the head of the German Federal Office for Protection of the Constitution (BfV), Hans-Georg Maassen, has said. Read Full Article at
Discover Magazine
Arctic sea ice extent is trending at record low levels
Meanwhile, in far northern Greenland — where the Sun has set and will not return for more than 100 days — ice is melting Arctic sea ice continues to be in trouble. Even as we head toward the coldest part of the year in the high north, the ice isn’t forming as quickly as it has in years past….
Someone hung dummies near a Trump/Pence yard sign in Florida
A photo of two dummies hanging from a tree outside of a Florida home near a Trump/Pence yard sign has prompted outrage online.  The photo was taken in Kendall, a suburb of Miami, and was confirmed as authentic to the Miami New Times by the Three Lakes Property Owners Association, who manages the property….
Election Update: What If Clinton Wins North Carolina — And Loses Pennsylvania?
Donald Trump continues to make modest gains in the FiveThirtyEight forecast. His chances are 21 percent in our polls-only model and 23 percent in polls-plus, his best position since early this month in each forecast. And Trump has narrowed Hillary Clinton’s popular vote lead to roughly 5 percentage points…
Conceal Your Valuables at the Beach or Park With a Diaper
It’s hard to keep an eye on your valuable belongings at the beach or park, especially if you’re by yourself. This simple trick disguises your stuff as something nobody would ever want to steal.In this video, youtuber Grant Thompson shares some useful tips for enjoying a day at the beach. Some we’ve mentioned…
Next Big Future
LPP Fusion’s bootstrapped nuclear fusion plans with shorter Tungsten electrode experiments and next year with Beryllium
The recently-completed set of experiments with LPPFusion’s FF-1 device, combined with discussions with colleagues at the International Center for Dense Magnetized Plasma (ICDMP) conference in Warsaw, have produced a greater understanding of the ways impurities are produced in our device and how to reduce…
How travel chatbots work better than travel apps
GUEST: My travel season is coming up soon. I always attend CES in Las Vegas (let me know if you want to chat in person), the SxSW conference in Austin, and a few extra trips here and there. As I Iive up here in Minneapolis, it’s the perfect time to escape the inevitable cold and snow. Recently, I’ve…
Moving from virtual assistants to virtual specialists
GUEST: Today, the virtual assistant landscape is exploding with innovation: new applications and new forms of interaction are constantly emerging. Although the idea of a virtual assistant is decades old, it went mainstream with Apple’s introduction of Siri. Siri was created at SRI International based…
Next Big Future
Cheap lidar, sensor and algorithm improvements will radically improve self driving cars over the next five years
A second fatal accident was revealed through a lawsuit filed against Tesla by the father of a man allegedly driving a Model S with the Autopilot engaged.The father of the 23-year-old Tesla driver who died in the crash filed the lawsuit in July in a Beijing court. The suit alleges that the accident, which…
Ars Technica
The man behind the nation’s most litigious patent troll has spoken
Enlarge / A shoe drawer cabinet inside the US Patent and Trademark Office. (credit: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images) Since 2006, hundreds of US businesses have received letters informing them that they infringe patents belonging to Martin Kelly Jones, who briefly ran a business called…
Next Big Future
Natural mechanisms enable permanent quantum coherence which requires
Physicists have implemented the first experimental demonstration of everlasting quantum coherence—the phenomenon that occurs when a quantum system exists in a superposition of two or more states at once. Typically, quantum coherence lasts for only a fraction of a second before decoherence destroys the…
Next Big Future
Factory produces 60 million modified mosquitos per week will reduce breeding of Zika mosquitos
Using advanced genetics and molecular biology Oxitec has developed a new and innovative solution to controlling the dangerous mosquito, Aedes aegypti.The Oxitec solution harnesses the natural instincts of male mosquitoes to find females in the wild. Oxitec has used genetic engineering to create ‘self-limiting’…
Next Big Future
New work may explain 5 big physics problems – dark matter, neutrino oscillations, baryogenesis, inflation and the strong CP problem
Guillermo Ballesteros at the University of Paris-Saclay in France and his colleagues, new work may explain dark matter, neutrino oscillations, baryogenesis, inflation and the strong CP problem.Dubbed SMASH, the model is based on the standard model of particle physics, but has a few bits tacked on. The…
Digital Trends
Multiroom wireless speaker shootout: Which entry-level Wi-Fi speaker is best?
Multiroom wireless home audio has been nothing short of a revolution for music lovers, giving them the ability to enjoy all of their digital music — plus tons more from streaming services and internet radio — in any room in the house, with just a few taps on a smartphone or tablet. Sonos was the early…
KurzweilAI » News
Boosting levels of antioxidant may help resist age-related decline
The chemical structure of glutathione, an antioxidant that may help resist the toxins that are an underlying cause of aging. (credit: Oregon State University) Researchers at Oregon State University have found evidence in a rat study* that levels of glutathione, which helps resist the toxic stresses…
Fast Company
3 Ways To Duck Out Of Awkward Conversations With Colleagues
For all those times you don’t want to talk politics while you’re waiting for the elevator. For all those times you don’t want to talk politics while you’re waiting for the elevator.We’ve all had those interactions with coworkers that just don’t feel right for the office. Maybe…
Man of Many
Solar Sail in Style – Solaris Global Cruiser
Being environmentally friendly is slowly becoming an expectation in the modern world. And Duffy London has exceeded these expectations in the biggest and luxurious way. Introducing the Solaris Global Cruiser, a solar-powered yacht that provides clean fuel. Cruise around the seas soundlessly and swiftly…
designboom | architecture & design magazine
noa raviv’s ‘off-line’ collection takes cues from the unfiltered energy of a sketchbook
in the case of one ensemble, swarovski contributed crystals to the design, adding a sparkle of dimension to the casualness of the collection’s messy scribbles. The post noa raviv’s ‘off-line’ collection takes cues from the unfiltered energy of a sketchbook appeared first on designboom | architecture…
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Pirate Party victory gives it a real chance of influencing politics
As of now, the Pirate Party is more than just a symbolic vote for internet freedom, copyright reform or straight-up democratic change — in Iceland, it could have a tangible effect. The party just won 14.5 percent of the total vote and 10 seats in Iceland’s parliamentary election, giving a national Pirate…
Your vote will decide the place names on the next Monopoly board
November is going to be an emotional time. A chance card, if you will. No, we’re not talking about the U.S presidential election. We’re talking about Monopoly.  During November, Hasbro is fielding their latest iteration of Monopoly to the public, in the name of democracy and all that is good and fair…
Latest news
Alipay enters Australian market with Commonwealth Bank partnership
Alipay and Commonwealth Bank have signed an agreement that will see Alipay tapping the Australian market and CommBank business customers tapping Chinese tourists and students.
Latest news
Nokia and M1 conduct 5G, NB-IoT live trial
Singapore’s first live NB-IoT trial connected smart temperature and humidity sensors, with a 5G trial involving three robots also demonstrating 1ms latency.
RT – Daily news
Israel must annex West Bank settlements if UNSC adopts Palestinian resolution – education minister
Israel should declare sovereignty over the occupied territories in the West Bank, which is home to Israeli settlers, if the UN adopts any Security Council resolution further condemning illegal settlement activity, Israel’s education minister said. Read Full Article at
Entry-level MacBook Pro’s SSD can be replaced
The highlight of Apple’s MacBook press event is undoubtedly the laptop’s new Touch Bar, and the abundance of Thunderbolt 3/USB-C ports. But not all MacBook Pros are created equal, and there is one model that at the expense of a less expensive price tag, eschews the Touch Bar. This entry-level MacBook…
In a knowledge economy corporate learning is necessary to survive
 If you were an employee on Henry Ford’s assembly line in Detroit in the 1920s, you received a high degree of training and preparation before you ever set foot in the factory. You learned what your role was, and were given all the tools you needed to accomplish your job from Day One. From then on, your…
RT – Daily news
NASA’s ‘Intruder Alert’ system spots asteroid on near-collision course with Earth
A large chunk of space rock is coming dangerously close to the vicinity of the Earth, but scientists are sure it won’t collide with our planet, thanks to a new NASA tool designed to detect potentially hazardous space fly-bys. Read Full Article at
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Humanity’s corner of the Milky Way may be larger than expected
If you accept conventional views of the Milky Way, humans live in a sort of cosmic cul-de-sac: our star is in the Orion Arm (aka Local Arm), a small spur sitting in between the much larger Sagittarius and Perseus arms. A team of international researchers might just shake up that sense of place, however….
Discover Magazine
The Lowly Leech
Bloodletting and leech therapy has a long and storied past. For thousands of years, physicians and healers have employed the bloodsucking leech to treat myriad conditions that assail the human body, the original panacea that would treat anything from “farts to fevers.”(1) The ectoparasite was the ancient…
Ask Slashdot: What Training Helps Older Programmers Most?
brown.dragon is an older programmer moving to Australia. He writes: I want to start an online solution that other programmers find helpful, and right now I’m wondering if I should go with “learning new technologies” or “getting really good at the basics”. Both are targeted towards giving a career…
RT – Daily news
Democrats accuse FBI of hiding ‘explosive truth’ about Trump-Russia ties
Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid has accused the bureau of hiding “explosive” information about Donald Trump’s alleged ties with Russia, which he believes might inflict “critical” damage ahead of the election. Read Full Article at
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
Fish vendor’s death sparks anti-police protests in Morocco
Moroccans staged protests across the country Sunday against police abuse after a fisherman was crushed to death in a garbage truck — an incident some are comparing to the death of a Tunisian vendor in 2010 that sparked the Arab Spring uprisings.
Australia legalises growing medicinal marijuana crops, once and for all
The benefits of medicinal marijuana have been extolled by United States residents for a while, and now it’s Australia’s turn.   After passing legislation in February, this Sunday saw the Narcotic Drugs Amendment Bill 2016 come into being. This means people or organisations in Australia are now able… Full Feed
Cuban Cigars and Other No-Longer-Forbidden Fruit
I have good news for the winners and the losers of the election, whoever they may be. The winners may enjoy the pleasure of celebrating victory with genuine Cuban cigars. The losers can drown their sorrows in Cuban rum straight from the island. That’s because President Barack Obama has made such indulgences…
Abstinence doesn’t work. So why are we telling teens to simply not sext?
“Abstinence only” is a failed approach in sex education, so why is it being trotted out again when it comes to sexting? A report by Yfoundations, a policy group that looks at issues affecting young people, suggests that attempts to scare teenagers about the risks of expressing sexuality online are likely…
Mises Institute
It’s Not In Your Self-Interest to “Vote Yourself a Raise”
Tags A A Home | Feed | Blog.rssStrategyPolitical TheoryIt’s Not In Your Self-Interest to “Vote Yourself a Raise” 0 Views In the twenty-first century, it seems that during every year divisible by 4, the left recycles their “analysis” that many Americans vote against their self-interest…
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7 Great Compact Cameras to Take on Your Next Adventure
Capture your next adventure in high res with some of the best compact digital cameras. …Read More »
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Your Next Purchase: Cashmere-Lined Leather Gloves
Warm and luxurious, these gloves are worth the splurge. …Read More »
Gear Patrol
3 Running Kits to Help You Fight Through Winter’s Frigid Temps
The gear you need to keep your cardio routine outside this winter. …Read More »
Gear Patrol
A Hassle-Free Way to Buy Fall Wardrobe Staples
Quality staples for a good price, and a stress-free shopping experience. …Read More »
Gear Patrol
Winter-Weight Suits to Beat the Chill
Tweed, wool and corduroy. …Read More »
Gear Patrol
Your Smartphone Alarm Is Ruining Your Sleep. Get an Analog Clock Instead.
The case for ditching the smartphone alarm for dumb, simple analog. …Read More »
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Giveaway: A Fully Stocked Fall Getaway to New York
The perfect weekend getaway, from flight to Audi rental to hotel. …Read More »
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The Best View in Hollywood Is at This Luxury Residence
A modern home away from home with all the amenities. …Read More »
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Deals of Note: October 31, 2016
How to save on a Canon wireless printer, a Tommy Bahama belt, and a Gerber camp kitchen knife. …Read More »
Gear Patrol
Today in Gear: October 31, 2016
A Volkswagen SUV, a 5K Macbook Pro-compatible display, wireless headphones and much more. …Read More »
BBC News – World
Venezuela: Government and opposition hold talks on political crisis
The Venezuelan government and opposition parties meet for the first time this year to try to resolve the country’s political crisis.
BBC News – World
Dutch politician Geert Wilders faces hate speech trial
Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders is due to go on trial accused of racial discrimination and inciting hatred.
BBC News – World
Moldova presidential election goes to second round
Moldova’s presidential election will go to a run-off next month after a pro-Russian candidate narrowly failed to secure a majority.
AI-powered scheduler startup Konolabs wins the TechCrunch Pitch-Off in Seoul
 Artificial intelligence was the big winner from the TechCrunch Pitch-Off in Seoul, Korea, last week. Konolabs, a company that uses AI and big data to power a virtual assistant that handles your calendar, took the top prize after winning a 10-company pitch competition at the event. Read More
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
1,000-year-old UK cathedral is likely world’s oldest cathedral to go solar
Related: Philip Johnson’s Iconic Christ Cathedral to be Renovated With Thousands of Heat-Combatting Metal Petals
DailyTech Main News Feed
3 Top Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS)
Have you ever had electricity go out at your home while you were on the computer? Well, if you didn’t have a UPS, you probably lost any work that wasn’t saved when your computer lost power.
DailyTech Main News Feed
Medical Attention Beyond the Hospital: Innovative medical technology provides remote monitoring of patient vital signs
Ensuring and monitoring safety for critical care patients in the hospital is an ongoing challenge. Hospital resources are limited. Physicians, nurses and clinical staff can’t be everywhere at once. But new innovative medical technology from EarlySense, is transforming the way we utilize medical services…
Canadians set to test this Astroskin smart shirt in space
The Canadian Space Agency just signed a $2.4m deal with Carré Technologies to test a smart shirt that can be remotely monitored via several sensors from extremely far distances. The shirt is designed to keep track of the wearer’s health and will be worn by Canadian astronaut, David Saint-Jacques, during…
Toyota engineers say they have finally tamed volatile lithium-ion batteries
(Reuters) – Engineers at Toyota say they have tamed volatile lithium-ion battery technology, and can now safely pack more power at no significant extra cost, giving the Japanese automaker the option to enter the growing all-electric car market. While rivals including Tesla Motors and Nissan Motor Co…
BBC News – World
Shanghai to trial unisex toilet to cut queues
Shanghai is introducing a unisex toilet block to tackle queues, but not everyone is convinced.
Brain Pickings
I Regard With Compassion, Therefore I Am: Descartes on How We Acquire Nobility of Soul and the Crucial Difference Between Confidence and Pride
“Pride … is always a serious fault, the seriousness of which is greater in proportion as the justification for one’s self-esteem is less.” “Character — the willingness to accept responsibility for one’s own life — is the source from which self-respect springs,” Joan Didion wrote in her abiding meditation…
Capitalism Magazine
An Introduction to Austrian Economics (Part 9 of 9): Booms and Busts
Capitalism Magazine
Election 2016: The Dangers of a Trump Presidency
Donald Trump’s whole campaign has been based on the idea that he will not be accountable to anybody.
Newark starts smart-city small with a new kiosk
Though Newark, N.J.’s most sought-after piece of urban infrastructure may be the exit sign after landing at the airport, a new smart city kiosk project looks to make the city more welcoming. GCN says the City of Newark recently unveiled a  hi-tech kiosk as the first public project of its smart city…
GearBest Blog
Enter the Singularity Promotion! A Great Deal!
Bring the Cinema HomeGaming to the Next LevelComputer EssentialNetwork Devices
Big thinkers wanted for the future of automated transport
As the future of self-driving cars becomes a reality, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) is now looking for a few bright lights to join its Advisory Committee on Automation in Transportation (ACAT). According to the DOT is seeking 15 people for ACAT that have expertise on such topics as robotics,…
EA Origin goes dark in Myanmar, embargoes cited
It’s not unusual for online services or content to be restricted to certain countries. Netflix and YouTube, for example, are notorious for such. Copyright and licensing negotiations are usually cited as the reasons behind those prohibitions. More controversial, however, are when such restrictions are…
Next Big Future
Will the 80% of Venezuela that is hungry and angry be able to overthrow a cunning quasi military dictatorship
Roughly 80 percent of Venezuelans that want to see President Maduro removed from power.In last December’s National Assembly elections, Venezuelans issued a clear rebuke to the president, handing the opposition a supermajority. The opposition bloc, led by Henry Ramos, led an attempt to organize a recall…
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Apple drops its iconic startup chime from the new MacBook Pros
Aside from the ports that didn’t make the cut, there’s something else that Apple’s taken away from its new MacBook Pro family: the startup chime. Yep, it’s taken out the F-sharp chord that accompanies the boot-up whirr of previous MacBooks, and that’s at least partially because the late-2016 MBPs (all…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Horus wearable helps the blind navigate, remember faces and read books
In ancient Egyptian mythology, the god Horus was said to have lost his eye in a fight, before having it restored by another god. The Eye of Horus became a symbol of healing and restoration, making it the perfect name for a new wearable device for those who are visually impaired. Horus describes…
20-year-old drone photographer turns coastline into stunning art
Throw away your holiday snaps and deactivate your aspirational Pinterest boards, because Australian man Gabriel Scanu has shut down the photography game. The 20-year old uses drones to capture some of the most aerial photographs your eyes have ever clapped upon.  Showcasing the beauty of Australia’s…
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Nanoscale memristor computing device smaller than a 50 nanometer cube
Engineers at UC Santa Barbara have developed a design for a functional nanoscale computing device. The concept involves a dense, three-dimensional circuit operating on an unconventional type of logic that could, theoretically, be packed into a block no bigger than 50 nanometers on any side.A nanoscale…
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Lightbulb made of modified E. coli fuses biology and electronics
A team from the International Genetically Engineered Machine competition has made an electronic circuit with biological components using modified bacteria
6 Great Ways to Boost Your Self Esteem Today
  How Guys Can Boost Self-Esteem Self-esteem. Women seem to talk about it all the time. It’s not as often you hear men have a conversation about ways they can make themselves more confident, and the things they can do to boost their own self-esteem. This doesn’t mean it isn’t equally important for…
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Sunvell T95V PRO TV Box Amlogic S912, only 58.99$【New & Coupon】
Sunvell T95V PRO TV Box Android 6.0 OS Octa Core Amlogic S912 KODI 16.1 WiFi 2.4G + 5G Bluetooth 4.0Coupon: GBST95VPOnly $58.99Url: Features:● Amlogic S912 CPU with octa core is rapid and stable, it can give you a high-speed feedback and smooth response● Android 6.0: comparing…
Aerix’s Duet pushes the latest in wireless audio while embracing the past
Don’t throw your CD collection out just yet.Photo: AerixHaving a hard time letting go of the CD collection, but can’t live without Spotify? Aerix’s new Duet lets you keep your CD collection while embracing the streaming music era in a powerful, 200 watt audio system. Duet is comprised of two 1.5″ transducers…
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White phosphorus used in Mosul siege – Amnesty claims to have evidence
Amnesty International has urged the Iraqi government and US-backed coalition not to use white phosphorus bombs in the vicinity of Mosul, warning of devastating health consequences for civilians who are trying to flee the Islamic State-held city. Read Full Article at
THQ Nordic acquires rights to all NovaLogic titles including Delta Force
THQ Nordic has acquired the rights to all games made by defunct publisher Novalogic. That includes the rights to titles, such as Delta Force, Comanche, Joint Operations, and more. The deal is the latest in a series of game intellectual property acquisitions for Vienna, Austria-based THQ Nordic. Once…
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Killer snake may hold key to pain relief
Dubbed the “killer of killers”, the long-glanded blue coral snake could hold the answer to pain relief. – latest science and technology news stories
New MutChromSeq technique makes valuable genes easier to find
Identifying the gene for an interesting trait that might help you breed better crops isn’t always easy – especially if you’re working with wheat or barley. But scientists at the John Innes Centre in Norwich have applied an innovative technique to the wheat and barley genomes that makes it easier to pinpoint… – latest science and technology news stories
Nepal drains risky glacial lake near Everest
Nepal has successfully drained part of a giant glacial lake near Mount Everest, averting risk of a disastrous flood that could have threatened thousands of lives, officials said Monday. – latest science and technology news stories
Groups: Work curbing Lake Erie algae need to target hotspots
The algae bloom in parts of Lake Erie this summer didn’t come close to matching the record-breaking one from a year ago that covered an area roughly the size of New York City. – latest science and technology news stories
Two billion children breathe toxic air worldwide, UNICEF says
As Indians awoke Monday to smoke-filled skies from a weekend of festival fireworks, New Delhi’s worst season for air pollution began—with dire consequences.
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France ‘will never abandon Central African Republic’, says French PM
France will stand by its former African colony, Prime Minister Manuel Valls said in an interview with FRANCE 24 and RFI on Sunday, as French troops formally ended a three-year mission to pacify the conflict-ridden country.
RT – Daily news
Tokyo could ban US troops from stationing on disputed isles if Moscow hands them over – report
Ahead of Vladimir Putin’s December trip to Japan, diplomatic sources told local media that Japan could block the US from being stationed on the islands off Hokkaido in the strategic Sea of Okhotsk, if this helps persuade Russia to give them back. Read Full Article at
These connected electric bicycles are set to run on Singapore’s roads by 2017
SINGAPORE — By next year, Singapore will get a new mode of transport for short distances — bicycle-sharing. Mobike, a bicycle-sharing startup from China, has announced it’s expanded into the island state, and is keen to start distributing its electric bikes here. Like projects such as Citi Bike, Mobike’s…
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Your Pocket-Sized Sun — Zanflare F1 Cree XPL V6 1240Lm USB Rechargeable Max 550h Runtime!
If you are an outdoor adventure enthusiast, which gadget will be necessary to help you break through the darkness? If you enjoy doing nightly runs, which tool lets you light the way ahead? And, if there’s a power cut at home, which light source can you depend on for being safe and practical?There’s only…
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Prefab Glass House lets you bring home the spirit of Philip Johnsons masterpiece
Alan Ritchie’s reinterpretation of the Glass House follows the design principles of Johnson’s original with its entirely glazed facade that blurs the line between indoors and outdoors. “I think doing it in a prefabricated version is a whole different approach,” said Ritchie. “But we can still maintain…
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The smallest computer ever is less than 50 nanometres on each side
While the trend for miniaturisation in consumer technology has been halted in recent years with the rise of the ‘phablet’, the internal components of most of your gadgets are continuing to get smaller.Now, engineers at the University of California, Santa Barbara, have designed the world’s smallest computing…
BBC News – World
Bhopal prison escapees killed by police
Eight prisoners who escaped from a jail in the central Indian city of Bhopal have been killed, police say.
RT – Daily news
Volkswagen expects to lose 25,000 jobs
Europe’s largest car producer Volkswagen says a shift to electric cars will force the company to slash 25,000 job openings in the coming years, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper reported, citing the carmaker’s head of human resources. Read Full Article at
The Creative Process of Zaha Hadid, As Revealed Through Her Paintings
Vision for Madrid – 1992. Image Courtesy of Zaha Hadid Today, on October 31st, we celebrate what would have been the 66th birthday of Zaha Hadid (1950-2016) who tragically died in March. Internationally renowned for her avant-garde search for architectural proposals that reflect modern living,…
Modern Interior Design & Furniture – Decoist
Grey and Wood: A Match Made in Design Heaven
When fall hits, the weather gets crisp and a little bit moody. As we prepare to say goodbye to the red and orange falling leaves outside and embrace a more barren winter landscape, there’s something so appealing about the combination of grey and wooden tones. Design bloggers and food stylists have adopted…
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The Morning After: Monday October 31st 2016
While today officially marks Halloween, we’re sure you’ve already made, worn and irreversibly damaged your costume over the weekend. That’s fine; we all have to come back to reality some time. And at least there are dinosaur brains, rep-counting head…
And THAT’S how you get real-world experience
It’s the early 1980s, and this young mainframe programmer pilot fish has a job at a big manufacturer — but not a lot of real-world data-processing experience.”I was about as green as green gets,” fish admits. “But I was working as a Cobol programmer at a large company that had mainframe terminals scattered…
China’s policing robot: Cattle prod meets supercomputer
China’s fastest supercomputers have some clear goals, namely development of its artificial intelligence, robotics industries and military capability, says the U.S. But some of the early iterations of this effort seem a little weird. China recently deployed what it calls a “security robot” in a Shenzhen…
LIFX White 800 review: A distant second to Philips Hue
Let’s start by looking at the specs. At 890 lumens max, it’s the brightest bulb in this roundup. As with the LIFX Color 1000, however, most of that light is directed upward rather than to the sides of the bulb. That means that when you compare it to the 1055 lumens of the Color 1000, it actually seems…
MSI GS63VR Stealth review: A game-changing amount of performance in a laptop
There’s an old saying: You can have performance or portability in a gaming laptop, but not both.Well, not anymore. The MSI GS63VR Stealth is the first laptop I’ve seen using Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1060, and I’m suitably impressed. In fact, I’m blown away by the amount of performance that can be squeezed…
Philips Hue White Ambiance A19 Starter Kit review: This is the bulb to beat
The Philips Hue White Ambiance is a doppelganger for its color bulb. In fact, the bulbs are identical in appearance, with the exception of fine print written on the heat sink indicating these bulbs are white only. (Even maximum brightness, at 800 lumens, is the same.) If you already own a Philips Hue…
Best white LED smart bulbs
With their rainbow of hues and myriad party tricks, color-tunable LEDs get all the press in the world of smart lighting. It’s fun stuff, but the reality is that most of us will rarely find much of a need to turn all the lights in the house blue or red—unless it’s time to celebrate our team winning the…
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The Morning After: Monday October 31st 2016
While today officially marks Halloween, we’re sure you’ve already made, worn and irreversibly damaged your costume over the weekend. That’s fine; we all have to come back to reality some time. And at least there are dinosaur brains, rep-counting headphones and a tour around Xiaomi’s HQ — the world’s…
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The Ride-Share Startup That’s Competing With Uber And Lyft By Charging $1
A new Boston-based company called Fasten wants to prove there’s more than one way to reinvent ride services in the digital age. A new Boston-based company called Fasten wants to prove there’s more than one way to reinvent ride services in the digital age.Uber and Lyft have recruited…
ISS fly-through video shot with 4K fisheye lens is almost like being there
If you are among the masses stranded here on Earth who has dreamed of visiting the ISS odds are you will never get that chance. As close as the vast majority of us will ever get to the ISS is this beautiful fly through that NASA had published of the ISS in 4K resolution. The video was produced by Harmonic…
Rwanda’s tech initiatives prove African governments can catalyze innovation
 Throughout Africa’s shift away from economic disconnection to integration with the global economy and technologic advancement, Rwanda has been a standout. The country has adopted e-government service initiatives, aggressively courted partnerships with international investors, and significantly reformed…
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How to Make Windows 10 Look and Act More Like Windows 7
If you’ve upgraded to Windows 10 but don’t love what you see, there are ways to make Windows 10 look and act like Windows 7. That way, you can get the familiar interface you love while still taking advantage of Windows 10’s other useful features.Click Here to Continue Reading
Is your IT staff ready for IoT?
The city of Kansas City, Mo., blazed a new technology trail in May when it launched its first streetcar line with public Wi-Fi that spreads across two square miles, covering more than 50 square blocks. It also marked the debut of the city’s first-generation smart city corridor for new technologies, many…
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Apple’s new MacBooks automatically boot in stealth mode when you lift the lid
Last week, Apple revealed its new MacBook Pro models and told us plenty about the Touch Bar which resides on most of them (among other features), but there was one thing the company didn’t mention – that all of the new laptops drop the familiar chime sound which accompanies startup.Pingie spotted that…
Iridium expects to renegotiate loan agreement by year’s end
PARIS — Mobile satellite services provider Iridium Communications expects to complete negotiations with its lenders and its satellite manufacturer by the end of the year on loosening payment obligations to ride out the delay in the launch of its second-generation constellation. As it awaits word on…
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Twitter accidentally released its new ‘muted words’ feature too early – and now it’s gone
It seems Twitter is working on a new ‘muted words’ feature that will enable you to block certain keywords and phrases from showing up on your feed. Numerous iOS users reported spotting the new functionality on Sunday, but the company was quick to disable it moments later. A trusted source tells us the…
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‘Hard to understand, even harder to accept’: Russians mourn Sinai plane tragedy 1 year on
One year on from the deadliest air crash in Russian history, in which a passenger plane en route to St. Petersburg was blown up over the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, relatives of the 224 victims still mourn their loved ones. Read Full Article at
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Is Supercooling the Body an Effective Therapy?
The approach is popular for treating achy joints and muscles, but hard evidence is lacking — Read more on
7 Scary Architectural Elements That Wouldn’t Meet Building Code Requirements Today
The Skull Chapel in Czermna, Poland. Image© <a href=’’>Wikimedia user Merlin</a> licensed under <a href=’’>CC BY 3.0</a> Architecture…
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Microsoft to detail its VR headsets for Windows 10 in December
Microsoft’s unveiling of VR headsets for Windows 10 got overshadowed by the company’s Surface Studio hardware last week, but new details are set to be announced soon. In an interview with Polygon, HoloLens chief Alex Kipman revealed that Microsoft will detail its VR headsets at an event in December….
Samsung Gear IconX review: Wireless earbuds with great sound—and lots of problems
You might need a leap of faith to insert Samsung’s Gear IconX wireless earbuds inside your ear canals. Indeed, as Note7 owners showed us over the last few months, electronics packed with lithium-ion batteries can do double-duty as incendiary devices.Samsung isn’t the only electronics manufacturer to…
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The Coolest Urban Fossils That Are Right Beneath Your Feet
Plenty of us wanted to be paleontologists when we grew up, but most never got a chance to realize that dream. Little did we know, however, that right beneath our feet, caches of urban fossils were just waiting to be discovered.An “urban fossil” is exactly that: a recognizable fossil hiding in plain sight…
The FCC’s new privacy rules are toothless
When the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted last Thursday (Oct. 27) to accept new privacy rules for ISPs, the move was heralded by many as an important step forward in U.S. privacy protections. But a closer look at the particulars shows a decision that has so many exceptions — and and that…
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LG OLED 4K TV – Perfect Black creates Perfect Colour
LG’s latest range of premium OLED 4K TVs can change the face of your home entertainment system and offers one of the best quality screens in the market.The organic self-emitting pixels offer the deepest levels of black, bringing the richest colours to life along with a huge range of contrast. The OLED…
New Scientist – Online news
Space telescope duo will showcase the solar system in 3D
From 2019 to 2021, the Hubble and James Webb telescopes will share the sky, enabling us to see the best 3D images and movies of our celestial neighbourhood ever
Scientific American Content: Global
The Beat Goes Off: Scientists Pinpoint the Loss of Musical Perception
A lesion study tracks an acquired inability to perceive music to the brain’s right-hemisphere — Read more on
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
mRNA selective drug release from nanoparticles
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Mexican designers envision Trumps border wall in “all of its gorgeous perversity”
“Based on Trump’s statements, the economic, ecological and financial aspects have been called into question,” Estudio 3.14 explained in an article by Designboom. “However, he continues with his verbal plan. As architects and designers, we have the capacity to imagine and interpret what trump is saying,…
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Turkish police arrest editor-in-chief of Cumhuriyet opposition daily, raid executives’ homes
In a new wave of post-coup purges, Turkish authorities have arrested the editor-in-chief and several columnists of the independent Cumhuriyet newspaper, also raiding the homes of the paper’s executives, who are currently under investigation. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
Delhi chokes as air pollution levels jump to 35 times safe limits
Smog has covered New Delhi, India, leading to warnings that even healthy locals may suffer from respiratory issues. Pollution levels have hit some 35 times the recommended safe limit set by the World Health Organization (WHO). Read Full Article at
designboom | architecture & design magazine
carlo ratti to construct floating currie park plaza using submarine technologies
to be built directly in the center of the lagoon, a series of air chambers will release or take in water according to the number of people that are walking on the surface. The post carlo ratti to construct floating currie park plaza using submarine technologies appeared first on designboom | architecture…
Emporio Armani Seeks To Upend Apple With EA Connected Watch
Leave it to Emporio Armani to make a smartwatch that is not only classier than the Apple Watch but also beat out Cupertino’s star watch product in … Read More
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Brilliant photos of little life-forms are taken with a laser-scanning microscope
A super-duper, confocal laser-scanning microscope lets us peer at the amazing details of nature.
Latest Items from TreeHugger
Food retailers must protect pollinator species, too
With 40 percent of pollinators on the verge of extinction, support from the food retail industry is desperately needed to prioritize the sale of organic, bee-friendly foods.
Immigrants Are Keeping America Young — And The Economy Growing
This is In Real Terms, a weekly column analyzing the latest economic news. Comments? Criticisms? Ideas for future columns? Email me, or drop a note in the comments.No matter who wins next Tuesday’s election, the president who takes office next January will be among the oldest ever elected. (Donald Trump,…
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Security Council warns of foreign nations’ plans to ‘deliberately destroy’ Russian history
The research wing of Russia’s Security Council has warned about foreign nations’ planning to attack Russia’s ‘historical memory’ and urged various measures, such as setting up a separate state commission to counter the falsification of history. Read Full Article at
EFF Suggests Halloween Costume To Protest Facial Recognition Databases
An anonymous reader writes: EFF’s list of costume ideas for digital rights activists include a Stingray costume, dressing up like a Privacy Badger (or a patent troll), and using facepaint to simulate the eerie digitization algorithms that are currently capturing images of your face for government databases….
10 Internet Safety Rules to Teach Children Before They Go Online
From making sure they don’t fall for phishing scams to reminding them to never reveal personal information online, children just getting their start on the web may talk savvy, but still need a helping hand learning the stuff the rest of us know. Here are a few tips to get them started on the right foot.Read…
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
SpaceX zeroes in on helium containers for rocket explosion
Cape Canaveral, Fla. (UPI) Oct 30, 2016 SpaceX has zeroed in on what caused one of the private space company’s Falcon 9 rockets to explode on the launch pad nearly two months ago. The Federal Aviation Association, NASA and the U.S. Air Force launched a joint investigation of the malfunction from…
‘Fantastic Beasts’ releases exclusive scenes, but you have to solve a Twitter riddle first
LONDON — Wizards and witches, a task has been set before you. To unlock exclusive scenes from the upcoming Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film, you must use your magical prowess/knowledge of emojis to solve a puzzle released by the film’s Twitter account. We’ve almost forgotten we’re mere… – latest science and technology news stories
Biology education in the light of single cell/molecule studies
Stochastic processes are often presented in terms of random, that is unpredictable, events. This framing obscures the reality that stochastic processes, while more or less unpredictable at the level of individual events, are well behaved at the population level. It also obscures the role of stochastic… – latest science and technology news stories
Bats perceptually weight prey cues across sensory systems when hunting in noise
Dr. Ryan Taylor of Salisbury University’s Biological Sciences Department recently published in Science magazine with a team from the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama titled “Bats Perceptually Weight Prey Cues Across Sensory Systems When Hunting in Noise.” – latest science and technology news stories
Hypervariable galactic nuclei
Extreme variability in the intensity of the optical light of galaxies, by factors of two or more, is of great interest to astronomers. It can flag the presence of rare types of supernovae, for example, or spot sudden accretion activity around quiescent black holes or around the supermassive black hole… – latest science and technology news stories
Swarm reveals why GPS satellites lose track over the equator between Africa and South America
Satellite engineers have been puzzling over why GPS navigation systems on low-orbiting satellites like ESA’s Swarm sometimes black out when they fly over the equator between Africa and South America. Thanks to Swarm, it appears ‘thunderstorms’ in the ionosphere are to blame. – latest science and technology news stories
Report addresses critical life-cycle issues in building practices
What elements determine how much impact a building has on the environment? If things like roofing, insulation, and energy-efficient windows are among the first things that come to mind, you’re not wrong—but you also don’t have the complete picture. Unfortunately, decision-makers, including architects… – latest science and technology news stories
New York became a safer city even while closing prisons, study says
Overflowing prison populations and high rates of violent crime once made New York City a metaphor for the urban decay confronting America’s cities. But over the last two decades crime in the nation’s largest city has declined steeply, with murders plummeting from 2,200 in 1990 to 350 in 2015.
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Choosing the right broadband deal just became much easier
New rules ensuring that broadband advertising is made much clearer price-wise, and ISPs are less likely to confuse consumers with tricks like separating out line rental costs, come into play as of today.The Advertising Standards Authority’s new regulations mean that going forward, the price for a broadband…
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First Click: The Verge redesign, MacBook Pro review, Google Home ships, and more in the week ahead
Boo! It’s Halloween so why not tune in at 11AM ET to watch Peter Thiel, Facebook board member and the vindictive boogeyman behind the destruction of Gawker Media, discuss his support for Donald J. Trump at a National Press Club event. The billionaire venture capitalist stands alone amongst the Silicon…
Samsung unveils new mobile accessories including speakers and headphones
Samsung has announced a new line of mobile accessories that includes six different items. The new accessories are currently available in South Korea and include wireless speakers, earphones, and charging accessories. All six of the items are designed with a premium look and with comfort and performance…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Lung-on-a-chip lights up to model damage caused by smoking
Over the last few years, scientists have been able to recreate accurate models of human organs by embedding living tissue onto chips, allowing them to study the effects of drugs and diseases without testing on animals or humans. Versions of these organs-on-chips have so far been developed to…
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English cricketer continues fielding after losing artificial leg (VIDEO)
While footballers often roll around on the floor after the slightest touch, disabled cricketer Liam Thomas showed that nothing would stop him from carrying on playing during a Twenty20 game last week. Read Full Article at
Brexit and the U.S. election are making British children anxious
LONDON — The number of children and young people in the UK seeking help for anxiety has risen dramatically, with many citing concerns about world affairs as the cause.  SEE ALSO: These illustrations perfectly sum up the reality of living with anxiety and depression According to the UK’s leading children’s…
To aid marketing attribution, LeadsRx launches one tracking pixel to rule them all
EXCLUSIVE: If you spend money on marketing, you know the problem — figuring out which dollar, or combination of dollars, caused the customer to make a purchase so that you can determine where to spend more money. But attribution isn’t easy. Most marketers struggle to say with any certainty which touchpoint…
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Mediterranean to become desert unless global warming limited to 1.5C, study warns
Southern Spain could look like the Sahara unless global warming is held to 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) above pre-industrial levels, the global average temperature target governments agreed to in Paris. That is the conclusion of a new study published in the journal Science titled “Climate…
BBC News – World
EU commissioner Oettinger in ‘racism’ row over China speech
EU commissioner Guenther Oettinger is accused of “racism” for caricaturing Chinese in a speech.
Chuwi Hi12 12″ 2160×1440 Intel Atom Dual Boot Win 10/Android Tablet (4GB/64GB) $229.99
Chuwi Hi12 12″ 2160×1440 Intel Atom Dual Boot Win 10/Android Tablet (4GB/64GB) $229.99
Vine founders’ Hype app blends live video into a rich multimedia mix
 Does the world need another live video app? Meerkat’s demise might suggest not, but that hasn’t stopped Vine’s co-founders from screwing their courage to the sticking place and stepping into a highly contested space with the launch of an iOS app called Hype — days after Twitter announced it would be…
Scientific American Content: Global
E-Voting Refuses to Die Even Though It’s Neither Secure nor Secret
More than two dozen states offer some form of internet voting, but it often means waiving the right to a secret ballot — Read more on
RT – Daily news
Markets brace for ‘black swan’ impact of US presidential election
The reopening of the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails may result in a surprise outcome of the US presidential election on November 8, which could shock global stock markets worse than any ‘black swan’, Citi analysts warn. Read Full Article at
Missing mail? Press Command-L
Reader Darryl Rehr sent in a tip about a new keyboard shortcut in macOS that baffled not just him by its previously unseen behavior, but also a ton of Apple phone support staff. “Near the end, they nearly had me erase my hard drive and restore from Time Machine. Thankfully, I was skeptical,” he writes….
Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Tablet modules add features but limit functionality
(Editor’s Note: Our original story criticized the modules, as they apparently prevented the keyboard from being connected. The instruction manual we received made no mention of this, as we demonstrate below. As a commenter points out, however, removing a cutout exposes those pins, and enables keyboard…
Improve Your Creative Writing By Practicing the Art of the Dirty Joke
Creative writing is a unique beast among writers. You can get swept away writing out every detail of a room, or stuff your stories with characters and too many plot twists. If you want to refine your stories, practice with a dirty joke.Read more… – latest science and technology news stories
Long-glanded blue coral snake has unique venom
One of the world’s most beautiful and venomous snakes has a venom unlike that of any other snake, research involving University of Queensland scientists has revealed. – latest science and technology news stories
Titan features steep, liquid-filled canyons
Although Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, is surrounded by a thick, hazy atmosphere, Cornell astronomers have revealed that the moon’s terrain features deep, steep-sided canyons filled with liquid hydrocarbons. – latest science and technology news stories
Toshiba’s Polyspector creates powerful visualization platform for big data
Toshiba has demonstrated its leadership in developing tools and solutions that support big data mining and analysis with the development of Polyspector, a big data visualization platform that realizes interactive visualization of hundreds of millions of pieces of data from various perspectives. Toshiba… – latest science and technology news stories
Toshiba’s photo-electrochemical system achieves 0.48% efficiency converting CO2 into ethylene glycol
Toshiba has achieved an advance in photo-electrochemical processing that converts carbon dioxide directly into ethylene glycol with an efficiency of 0.48%. Ethylene glycol is a useful and versatile industrial raw material that can be used to manufacture polyester fibers, PET bottles and antifreeze formulations. – latest science and technology news stories
Research study expects EU gas supply mix to change
Research study expects EU gas supply mix to change fundamentally – European production will decline but EU remains in a strong strategic position
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A step closer to Skynet? Google’s AI builds its own encryption
Google researchers have run a very interesting experiment involving AIs communicating with each other and building their own form of encryption to do so.The Google Brain team (the mission of which is to ‘make machines intelligent’), specifically researchers Martin Abadi and David Andersen, used three…
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Huawei Mate 9 leaks in first real photos
We’ve heard a lot about the Huawei Mate 9, but so far images of it have been limited to renders and prototypes, at least until today.Now two seemingly-real images of the phone have emerged on CNMO, showing both the front and back of the Mate 9.These leaks largely line up with what we’ve seen and heard…
Nano TechConnect News™
Symposium Spotlight: “Printed and Flexible Electronics”
The “Printed and Flexible Electronics” symposium will be taking place at TechConnect World Innovation Conference, May 2017 in DC. TechConnect interviews symposium chair, Mandakini Kanungo, Senior Scientist at Xerox Corporation.
Gadget Review
YoUP is an Inflatable Standing Desk That’s More Useful Than It Sounds
YoUP is an Inflatable Standing Desk That’s More Useful Than It Sounds Gadget Review – Your lifestyle gadget site Okay, okay, now that we’ve stopped laughing at the name (it actually looks better on the logo, but the capitalization on Kickstarter is…unfortunate), let’s talking about standing desks. Conversion…
ALPOLIC® Stone Series Finishes
Imposing strength. Intriguing grain patterns. The image of eons past. Nothing says permanence like stone. Get the commanding look of natural granite without the cost and weight. Our Stone Series finishes use an exclusive image transfer process over a color base coat of Lumiflon® FEVE fluoropolymer…
EVs Will Innovate on Land, Sea, Air
Hybrid and pure electric land, water and air vehicles are becoming one business increasingly served by the same companies, but the vehicles and their components are changing out of all recognition.
The Next Web
National Geographic’s climate change documentary with Leonardo DiCaprio is now on YouTube
Following up on its announcement from last week, National Geographic just made its new climate change documentary Before the Flood available for free for a limited window of time. The docufilm starring Hollywood A-lister Leonardo DiCaprio is currently streaming on YouTube, Twitter and a few other platforms,…
Joomla websites attacked en masse using recently patched exploits
Attackers are aggressively attacking Joomla-based websites by exploiting two critical vulnerabilities patched last week. The flaws allow the creation of accounts with elevated privileges on websites built with the popular Joomla content management system, even if account registration is disabled….
Nerd Approved – News For Nerds
You Can Now Own The World’s Largest Arcade Cabinet
Behold, the arcade cabinet where a one player game is co-op. Standing 14 1/2′ tall and 2 3/4X the size of its standard counterparts, this is the replica of the world’s largest video arcade game. A colossal challenge for even the most experienced gamer, players face an 80″ screen, one 16″-diam. trackball,…
RT – Daily news
Is Guy Fawkes back to finish the job? Parliament evacuated days before Bonfire Night
Were British police preparing for a second gunpowder plot when they evacuated Parliament on Monday morning? Read Full Article at
Mises Institute
The Devaluation of Higher Education
Tags A A Home | Feed | Blog.rssEducationAustrian Economics OverviewInterventionismThe Devaluation of Higher Education 0 Views Government programs (such as subsidies and student loans) designed to inflate both the supply and demand for higher education have driven a wedge between universities,…
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors – Front Page
Apple Says Touchscreen Macs ‘Not a Particularly Useful or Appropriate Application of Multi-Touch’
CNET has published an extended interview with Jony Ive in which the Apple design chief discusses some of the design decisions that went into developing the Touch Bar in the company’s new MacBook Pro lineup. The contextual OLED Touch Bar replacing the function keys on the new Macs was developed for…
Meizu M5 gets official with 5.2-inch screen and 3GB of RAM
Meizu has officially unveiled a new smartphone called the M5 and it looks to be a decent device. The M5 is a budget offering packing in a 5.2-inch screen with HD resolution covered by 2.5D curved glass. The chipset running the show is a MediaTek MT6750 unit. The chipset has a 1.5GHz octa-core 64-bit…
Roku 3600R Streaming Stick $39.99
Roku 3600R Streaming Stick $39.99 – latest science and technology news stories
Renewable energy – not always sustainable
In a new thesis from Uppsala University, Simon Davidsson shows that a rapid expansion of renewable energy technology is not necessarily sustainable. To find the best way forward in the coming transition towards renewable energy, we need to take account of the materials used and make sure the industries… – latest science and technology news stories
Gene that determines floral sex may be key to new hybrid seeds
A Yale University-led team of scientists has discovered a key gene in that controls the sex of maize flowers—a discovery that could open the door to creation of highly productive hybrid seed in many agricultural plants the authors say. – latest science and technology news stories
Image: Hubble admires a youthful globular star cluster
Globular clusters offer some of the most spectacular sights in the night sky. These ornate spheres contain hundreds of thousands of stars, and reside in the outskirts of galaxies. The Milky Way contains over 150 such clusters—and the one shown in this NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image, named NGC… – latest science and technology news stories
Questions still need answering in Australia’s largest health data breach
In what is Australia’s biggest data breach of medical information, more than 550,000 customers of the Australian Red Cross Blood Service had personal and medical details exposed online and leaked to an anonymous hacker last week. – latest science and technology news stories
Most British scientists cited in study feel Richard Dawkins’ work misrepresents science
Controversial British evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins is well-known for his criticism of religion, but a new Rice University study of British scientists reveals that a majority who mentioned Dawkins’ work during research interviews reject his approach to public engagement and said his work misrepresents… – latest science and technology news stories
Flexible cells on roofs to windows to cars to even clothing could provide another energy source
It’s a very Australian scene: deckchairs outside the caravan, a BBQ on the go – perhaps a couple of tinnies. And, of course, an awning for much-needed shade. – latest science and technology news stories
The internet, elk teeth, and the gnawing hunger for information—ecological theory and browsing behavior
You clicked on this link because your behavior conforms to an ecological theory, and I can prove it. – latest science and technology news stories
Survey reveals quokka numbers decimated, a year after devastating bushfire
Quokkas are popular ‘selfie’ photograph subjects for visitors to Rottnest Island, but the ‘happiest animal on earth’ has less to smile about in the South West, a year after a devastating bushfire. – latest science and technology news stories
Research finds enzymes essential for DNA repair
Scientists at ANU and Heidelberg University in Germany have found an essential component in the DNA repair process which could open the door to the development of new cancer drugs. – latest science and technology news stories
Improving half the world’s diet
The humble rice grain is the staple food for billions of people throughout the developing world, but there is little nutritional value in the grain beyond providing carbohydrates for energy. – latest science and technology news stories
Re-examination suggests Paul Kammerer’s scientific ‘fraud’ was a genuine discovery of epigenetic inheritance
Paul Kammerer committed suicide in 1926 after being accused of fraud in his famous experiments of “inheritance of acquired traits” with the midwife toad. A new study shows how recent advances in molecular epigenetics and re-examination of his descriptions suggest the experiments were actually authentic. – latest science and technology news stories
GE, Baker Hughes create powerful new player in energy sector
General Electric and Baker Hughes are joining their oil and gas businesses to create a powerful player in an energy sector buffeted by years of weak prices. – latest science and technology news stories
Image: A sinister-looking aurora over Iceland
This whirling, twisting skyscape is an arresting and somewhat intimidating sight – a perfect Halloween Space Science Image of the Week. Jagged lanes in shades of dark and pale green tangle with bright patches of white, creating a knotted spiral somewhat reminiscent of a celestial serpent writhing across… – latest science and technology news stories
USGS maps for central U.S. overstate earthquake hazard in Western Kentucky
A new publication from the Kentucky Geological Survey at the University of Kentucky concludes that the national earthquake hazard maps developed by the U.S. Geological Survey seriously overstate the hazard in the New Madrid Seismic Zone, which includes western Kentucky, resulting in overly stringent… – latest science and technology news stories
Australians waiting for the Tiger mosquito
A swarm of mosquitoes is an accident waiting to happen. But perhaps the bigger issue facing Australia isn’t so much whether the mosquitoes here are swarming, but rather whether a certain “tiger” mosquito lurking just to the north in the Torres Strait ever makes it to the Australian mainland. – latest science and technology news stories
Greenland fossils reveal global ecosystem recovery after mass extinction
A paper published in the Nature journal Scientific Reports shows how higher latitude ecosystems recovered after the World’s most cataclysmic extinction event 252 million years ago. New fossils discovered by Uppsala University palaeontologists record an empty alien world from immediately after the extinction.
Mises Institute
The Devaluation of Higher Education
Tags A A Home | Feed | Blog.rssEducationAustrian Economics OverviewInterventionismThe Devaluation of Higher Education 0 Views Government programs (such as subsidies and student loans) designed to inflate both the supply and demand for higher education have driven a wedge between universities,…
RT – Daily news
Boris Johnson hosts crisis talks with Libyan PM as Tripoli’s authority crumbles
British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is hosting crisis talks with the Libyan prime minister in an attempt to tackle a political standoff preventing Tripoli’s UN-brokered unity government from expanding its authority outside the capital. Read Full Article at
How to Stay on the Strongest Wi-Fi Network at All Times
It’s not easy living without WiFi, especially when you’re traveling, so when your phone is in range of a steady wireless connection, you probably want to stick with it. Unfortunately, our phones aren’t always the best at identifying the strongest WiFi signal, but there are ways to fix this.Read more…
TechRadar: All latest feeds
Why Black Friday is the perfect time to pick up the games you haven’t played yet
Whether you’re playing on PS4, Xbox One or PC, games don’t come cheaply these days. You’re left weighing up the cost-to-enjoyment ratio more than you would, say, a cinema ticket, so it often feels a bit dicier when picking up anything but the triple-AAA, 5-star games.Which is a real shame! They may not…
Money Can Buy Happiness, But Only If You Know What Makes You Happy
The old adage “Money can’t buy happiness” is pithy, but it’s not exactly true. Money can buy lots of things that make you happy. It can also reduce a lot of your stress. However, you still need to know and pursue what will make you happy.As personal finance site Yes and Yes explains, the adage is meant…
Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves
Some gloves are made for hard work while others aim to look good. Honestly, who needs driving gloves on their commute to work? But the Mujjo glove has a definite utilitarian purpose without sacrificing poise and style. Designed first and foremost as a cold weather touchscreen glove, the Mujjo offers…
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Worlds largest thermal solar plant could be coming to Nevada
While thermal solar power plants have had a bit of trouble catching on in the US, solar energy company SolarReserve is hoping to change that. The company recently announced that it’s hoping to build a 2,000 megawatt facility in Nevada, called Sandstone. With a planned ten towers and more than 100,000…
Why the MacBook Pro’s new Touch Bar is the touchscreen done right
The new MacBook Pro is what you’d expect from an Apple product upgrade. It’s faster, thinner, lighter, and more expensive. But the standout feature is the Touch Bar, a contextual toolbar at the top of the keyboard that automatically changes to surface app-specific commands. The MacBook Pro’s new Touch…
Scientific American Content: Global
Sleeping While Awake
During microsleep, the entire brain nods off so briefly that we often don’t notice it. Now research shows that individual neurons in the brain can slumber, too, especially when we are… — Read more on
How-To Geek
What Is Apple CarPlay, and Is It Better Than Just Using a Phone in Your Car?
You get in your car, connect your phone to the Bluetooth head unit, and toss it in the dock. For the next umpteen amount of minutes/hours, this is your source of music, navigation, and everything else. Apple’s CarPlay looks to re-invent the way you use your phone in the car with a sort of “second screen”…
The Gadget Flow
Sence – The Evolution of Mindfulness and Productivity
Sence gives you insights that help you improve your wellbeing by automatically logging when and where you feel key emotions. Sence is the only smart bracelet accurate and practical enough to identify and track the emotional states that matter to you most. Imagine the actionable self-knowledge you can…
The Gadget Flow
SPACO – The First 720 degree Home Theater System
SPACO is a revolutionary 720-degree acoustics field that has been created by the combination of 28 dynamic and electrostatic diaphragm drivers, which provide movie-theater grade audio – all within a compact home audio system. Most high street systems use less than half the number of drivers and rarely…
The Gadget Flow
Remix IO – A 4K, Nougat-Powered, All-in-One device
Remix IO is here to redefine the concept of an all-in-one. It is a beautifully designed Android device for your home, office, or school. Engineered to be a 4K set-top box, gaming console, and PC in a single device, Remix IO is powered by the latest Remix OS (based on Android Nougat), bringing you unprecedented…
The Gadget Flow
Chemex Style Glass Coffee Brewer
Extract the richness of caffeine in your everyday brewed coffee with this unique and versatile Chemex Glass Coffeemaker. It can prepare 3 hot cups of coffee at once considering 5 oz as 1 cup. The glass setup is visually elegant and symbolizes a more naturally inclined coffee brewing process unlike the…
The Gadget Flow
#49 – Men’s Bracelet Canvas Sterling Silver Hook Black
Give your man a classic accessory the next time you gift him something special with this #49 – Men’s Bracelet Canvas Sterling Silver Hook Black. It’s got the looks of a casual braided bracelet that has been enhanced with the forged sterling silver look. Be it a formal look or a simple and casual street…
The Gadget Flow
Challky – Streetwear T-shirt with a drawable surface
The idea of creating Challky came from a simple interaction with a chalkboard that many people have on a regular basis. Even more than they think they do. At schools to communicate and grasp new information. At conferences and meetings to discuss the present and the future. At a bakery down at the Mission…
The Gadget Flow
Misfit Phase Smartwatch
Combine style and function with the all-new Misfit Phase Smartwatch. Although this watch looks fairly traditional at first glance, it’s technology will certainly surprise you. Tucked inside the Misfit Phase are sensors to keep track of your steps, distance, calories, as well as your light vs. restful…
The Gadget Flow
ECLIPSE Cable Tidy by Native Union
Don’t settle for a messy and cable-ridden space. Instead, use the ECLIPSE Cable Tidy by Native Union to see through the clutter. Complementing your space and style, this cable tidy keeps everything in line while also providing quick and easy access to the cables you use most. Designed for any of your…
The Gadget Flow
Handmade Italian Luxury Timepieces by Monforti Watches
A great watch tells you just as much about the wearer as it does with the time. That’s why at Monforti they are rolling out a collection of handmade timepieces that give you a customized approach to luxury wristwear. Like a finely tailored suit, The Sartoria collection blends high-end style, everyday…
The Gadget Flow
Woven Texture Case for iPhone 7
Give your new iPhone 7 a sophisticated protection with this Woven Texture Case. It’s got a slot on the outside for keeping your most valuable card so that you can ditch those bulky wallets when you’re heading outdoors every day. The iPhone will stay safe from unwanted damage and look pretty elegant at…
Design Milk
SOFTlab: Materials + Inspiration = Experience
The following post is brought to you by 3M. Our partners are hand-picked by the Design Milk team because they represent the best in design. Michael Szivos, who founded SOFTlab in 2005, has said that the New York-based design studio is about material, experience, effect and engagement….
The Next Web
Viber wants to ask its 800 million users the big question: Trump or Clinton?
This election is perhaps the most heated, acrimonious one in recent memory. But beyond the headlines, how do people really feel? Messaging app Viber wants to find out, and has launched a survey bot to ask its 800 million users. The bot begins by asking the user who they would vote for, between Trump,…
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
Lebanon elects Aoun as president, ending two-year stalemate
After a two-and-a-half year vacancy, the position of Lebanese head of state was finally filled Monday when veteran politician and former general Michel Aoun was elected president by parliament. Full Feed
A.M. Links: Presidential Election 8 Days Away, Clinton Leads Trump in Polls, Happy Halloween
The presidential election is one week from tomorrow. New poll: Hillary Clinton 42 percent, Donald Trump 39 percent, Gary Johnson 7 percent, Jill Stein 5 percent. “Federal investigators have obtained a warrant to begin searching a large cache of emails belonging to a top aide to Hillary Clinton, law…
Man of Many
Should You Use Hair Gel, Putty, Wax or Pomade?
Here’s the simple truth: hair matters. Texture, thickness, style. All of it matters. Facial hair, too. Of course there are about a zillion products out there vying for your follicles’ attention so it’s crucial to know which ones you simply must have in your arsenal. Rather than share our own personal…
Bats: The 60-MPH Speed Demons of the Sky
Bats have a little secret I’d like to share with you: They can be astonishingly fast. The post Bats: The 60-MPH Speed Demons of the Sky appeared first on WIRED.
BBC News – World
France ends Sangaris military operation in CAR
France withdraws most of its 2,000 troops from Central African Republic, despite continued clashes.
Here’s a simple look at who is supporting the presidential candidates
We’re entering the home stretch of the 2016 election, and the battle lines have been drawn. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have received a variety of endorsements from politicians, the media and, of course, celebrities.  How do all those endorsements stack up? Below is a simple graphic to walk…
RT – Daily news
WikiLeaks releases latest batch of #PodestaEmails from Clinton campaign chair
WikiLeaks has published its 24th batch of emails from the hacked account of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta. Read Full Article at – latest science and technology news stories
Scientists develop computational tool to aid synthetic, systems biologists 
Protein pairs that control stimulus response in bacteria maintain a sensitive balance between interaction specificity and promiscuity, according to Rice University scientists. – latest science and technology news stories
Shedding new light on night monkeys
Thanks to the moonlighting activities of a CLP-funded team, primatologists are a little less in the dark about the distribution of a nocturnal monkey. – latest science and technology news stories
Tasmanian devil milk found to have compounds with antibacterial properties
(—A team of researchers affiliated with several institutions in Australia has found that Tasmanian devil breast milk contains several types of antimicrobial peptides. In their paper published in the journal Scientific Reports, the team describes the study and what they found when they analyzed… – latest science and technology news stories
DNA methylation affects superiority of hybrid plants
Hybrid vigor refers to when a crossbreed plant or animal shows superior traits compared to its parents. A research group has discovered that a gene involved in maintaining DNA methylation is closely connected to hybrid vigor in Arabidopsis thaliana. This has potential applications for other cruciferous… – latest science and technology news stories
Study shows better cooperation amongst Israeli teenagers after learning people can change
A recently published study supported by the EU EMOTIONS IN CONFLICT project has highlighted how Jewish and Palestinian-Israeli teens cooperate better after being taught that people can change. – latest science and technology news stories
Imec reports breakthrough work that advances path for nanoscale spin-wave majority gates
At the Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, imec, the world-leading research and innovation center in nano-electronics and digital technologies, presented breakthrough results supporting the building of technology-relevant majority gates based on spin waves. Reporting two industry-first… – latest science and technology news stories
Researchers nearly reach quantum limit with nanodrums
Extremely accurate measurements of microwave signals can potentially be used for data encryption based on quantum cryptography and other purposes. – latest science and technology news stories
Are we streaming into political participation through a personalized, on-demand TV diet?
Media and scholarly reports have linked the binge-watching of streaming television to personal health problems. The effects of heavy use of platforms such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime have been reported to include depression, chronic illness, weight gain, sleep disorders and even a suffering sex…
TechRadar: All latest feeds
Want a Surface Studio? You’re going to be waiting for some time
If you were mulling over buying one of Microsoft’s freshly revealed Surface Studio PCs, then we’ve got some bad news – the ship date on all models has been pushed out to ‘early 2017’.When the all-in-one was unveiled last Wednesday, pre-orders were live on the same day, and the shipping date was set at…
New Scientist – Online news
Extreme weather is behind record lows in butterfly populations
Heat waves, cold snaps, and heavy rain may be behind a collapse in many butterfly populations in the UK
Hyundai, Bisimoto team up for a 1,000-horsepower SEMA masterpiece – Roadshow
If there’s any company you can rely on for concept-car insanity, it’s Bisimoto.
RT – Daily news
Drone operator job ads suggest US military is flying kill missions from Britain
Despite strenuous denials by the military, leaked job descriptions appear to show US drone operators are flying kill missions from UK soil. Read Full Article at
Motherboard RSS Feed
NSA Hackers The Shadow Brokers Dump More Files
Photo: sharpshutterThe hacker or hackers calling themselves The Shadow Brokers, who have previously released NSA hacking tools for anyone to download, published more files on Monday.This latest release comes while Hal Martin, an NSA contractor and, according to The Washington Post, the prime suspect…
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Single cypress tree grows through a Los Angeles hillside home
Elevated off the ground and into foliage like a treehouse, The House in the Trees is cantilevered over a steep hillside and overlooks views of the valley. The 2,400-square-foot single-story building is wrapped in fire-treated Western red cedar siding and topped with an angled steel roof. The use of timber…
Dezeen’s Top Jobs of the Week: SOM, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, Kohn Pedersen Fox and More
In partnership with Dezeen, Architizer presents this week’s selection of architectural positions from the international architecture and design jobs board Dezeen Jobs! The top five job postings this week include openings at Pelli Clarke Pelli in New York as well as SOM and Rogers Stirk Harbour…
Young Architect Guide: Selling Yourself With a Story
The world of architecture is small and narrow. Proportionally, there aren’t many people working in it who aren’t architects — which makes it especially difficult to break into in a satisfying way for the young or those just graduating from school. Even with the requisite education and entry-level…
Young Architect Guide: 6 Proven Ways Architects Can Earn a Passive Income
Instead of trading hours for money — which is typical for the architecture business, like any other service business — a passive revenue stream is not directly linked to the number of hours you put into it. For example, take an ebook that’s doing well and has steadily sold many, many copies: once the…
The Next Web
Survival of the fittest
One of the most misunderstood quotes has to be ‘survival of the fittest’. Biologically speaking, people assume it means that only the strongest survive. But for us humans, ‘strong’ and ‘survival’ cover a plethora of aspects. From healthy and fit, to powerful and rich. What it should mean is ‘those most…
The Awesomer
Everyday Objects in Macro
LinkUsing multiple lenses, along with some editing trickery, the folks at Macro Room take us up close and personal with a variety of ordinary objects, then zoom out so we can see what we were actually looking at. We were so convinced that Coke bottle cap was a red bell pepper. More Awesome Stuff:…
RT – Daily news
Lavrov: West will be ‘Al-Nusra accomplice’ if it fails to separate Syrian rebels from terrorists
If the West fails to exert pressure on opposition groups in Syria and force them to separate from Al-Nusra Front, this will make them “accomplices” of terrorists, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said. Read Full Article at
Newswise: SciNews
Study Reveals That Adrenergic Nerves Control Immune Cells’ Daily Schedule
Researchers in Japan have discovered that the adrenergic nervous system controls when white blood cells circulate through the body, boosting the immune response by retaining T and B cells in lymph nodes at the time of day when they are most likely to encounter foreign antigens. The study, “Adrenergic…
Newswise: SciNews
Stay Tuned: New U-M Bristle Mammoth Exhibit Highlights the ‘Unfolding Process of Discovery’
On the fourth floor of the University of Michigan’s Museum of Natural History, in a large gallery set aside for temporary exhibits, a room has been built to display the remains of an ice age mammoth pulled from a farmer’s field near Chelsea on Oct. 1, 2015. Full Feed
No Evidence Whatsoever That Sex Offenders Attack Trick-or-Treaters on Halloween
Sometimes you gotta think outside the trick or treat bag. So kudos to the National Reform Sex Offender Laws organization for tackling the persistent, unfounded myth that sex offenders lure trick or treaters to their doom on Halloween. To help America move beyond this zombie-like fear that refuses… Full Feed
“America, You’ve Got Cancer”: Brad Thor on Trump vs. Clinton
Here’s a minute-long snippet from Reason’s interview with Brad Thor, the self-describe conservatarian best-selling novelist whose latest book is Foreign Agent. “America you’ve got cancer. And there’s two drugs, potentially that you’re looking at. One is a decades old generic that’s lost its potency…
Popular Science
Microbes Will Be Essential For Human Survival On Mars
Space They’re a potential source of food, air, clothing, and more. But will they survive the journey, and can we avoid contaminating the red planet? Some of the astronauts on missions to Mars will be too small to be seen with the naked eye. But that doesn’t mean they won’t have…
Tales of the Unexpected
When I watch Black Mirror, particularly the newest Netflix season, I don’t think it’s primarily classic science fiction or about our relationship to technology.1 What I’m reminded of most strongly is The Twilight Zone and Roald Dahl’s Tales of the Unexpected, both of which appear on the list of movies,…
Here’s how to find your polling place — and where to eat or drink after
With less than two weeks until Election Day, most voters have made up their minds. Now, the key is making sure they get to a voting booth. With that in mind, Foursquare has introduced a new map to help people find their polling place. Simply type in your home address and the interactive map below will… – latest science and technology news stories
CenturyLink buys Level 3 in big telecom tie-up
US telecom group CenturyLink announced Monday it was acquiring Level 3 Communications for $34 billion including debt, boosting its position as a global internet and fiber communications provider. – latest science and technology news stories
Scientists obtain graphene with high resistance to ozonation
A group of scientists from the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Russia) and a series of foreign universities have developed an industrial technology for the purification of graphene, which has higher stability under the influence of aggressive oxygen free radicals. This discovery is of the… – latest science and technology news stories
How epithelial cell extrusion is regulated by cell density
An international collaboration has revealed how epithelial cell extrusion is regulated by cell density. The study was published in the scientific journal Current Biology on 5 October 2016.
Digital Trends
See how much money solar energy systems could save you with EnergySage’s new tool
Sure, installing a solar energy system may make you feel better about going green, but is it really helping you save any green in your pocket? Now you can find out. It’s all thanks to a new tool from EnergySage, whose interactive quote map lets you determine how much your neighbors are paying for their…
More info on Microsoft’s partner VR headsets coming in December
 Microsoft revealed that partners including Asus, Dell, Lenovo and others are going to be building VR headsets for use with the Windows 10 Creators Update, and that these would start at $299, but we don’t know much beyond that about this third party-supported push into Windows VR. Microsoft told Polygon…
BBC News – World
South Korea scandal: Choi apologises for ‘unpardonable crime’
A woman suspected of exploiting links with South Korea’s president for financial gain apologises.
Instrument 1 Makes Me Want to Get Back Into Music
This smart instrument is like air guitar but real.
The Next Web
This crazy RC helicopter doesn’t care about physics at all
Drones are cool, but like all technology, still imperfect. Because of their tendency to make crash landings and smash windows, flying them is becoming illegal in more and more places. But while the tech world is obsessing over drones, radio-controlled helicopters are becoming ridiculously great. For… – Nanotechnology News Feed
Advanced Electron Tomography Techniques Help Reveal Structure and Composition of Polymer Nano-Patches
Patches of chain-like molecules placed across nanoscale particles can radically transform the optical, electronic, and magnetic properties of particle-based materials. Understanding why depends…
53% off Etekcity Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 NFC-Enabled Audio Adapter – Deal Alert
The Roverbeats Unify enables Bluetooth 4.0 capability on traditional audio systems lacking Bluetooth functionality. Just connect it to your system’s A/V, RCA, or 3.5mm jack input. The Unify is the first Bluetooth receiver to have a 200mAh battery, allowing it to provide up to 10 hours of continuous high…
Toyota partners with Getaround on car-sharing
 Carmakers continue to look at the future of transportation and invest in alternatives to individual ownership: Toyota is the latest to make a bet on a mobility model espoused by a startup, with a strategic investment in SF-based car sharing provider Getaround. Toyota’s investment also comes with integration…
Design Milk
Tables With Bent Plywood Bases by Mario Tsai
Plywood is not often a first choice when it comes to designer furniture, but Mario Tsai designed the Press Tables based on how easily it can bend. On its own plywood can be weak, but when it’s bent and joined together it becomes strong and that’s the idea behind the design. Tsai designed the…
BrandPost: Tired of Underperforming Email and Collaboration Apps? Try These Performance-Boosting Steps
Mobile apps have become the business user’s lifeblood. When crucial apps including email and calendar fail, perform poorly, or don’t sync effectively, the results can be devastating. Fortunately, in today’s environment, there’s no reason for organizations to settle for any solution that fails to live…
Today’s Best Deals: Contigo Mugs, Gucci Watches, iFixit Toolkit, and More
Contigo travel mugs, iFixit’s toolkit, and Aukey smartphone lenses lead off Monday’s best deals. Read more…
MIT helped make a nightmare machine
 Some scientists devote themselves to curing diseases. Others are researching an end to famine or global climate change. And some spend their time making nightmare machines, deep learning algorithms that utilize Artificial Intelligence to tap into humans’ deepest and darkest fears. Like Google’s Deep…
BBC News – World
US murder suspect ‘who live-streamed getaway’ shot dead
A double murder suspect said to have live-streamed a getaway is shot dead by Oklahoma police.
The Science Behind All the Best Halloween Party Tricks
Perhaps you enjoy dressing up for Halloween. For me, I prefer to talk about cool physics that you might see at a Halloween party. The post The Science Behind All the Best Halloween Party Tricks appeared first on WIRED.
Carhartt Storm Defender
Wet and nasty weather is no longer an obstacle when you’re wearing Carhartt Storm Defender apparel. Waterproof, breathable, and cozy, it keeps rain out while letting sweat escape. When you can’t stay inside–or don’t want to–don’t let the rain, wind, and mist, keep you from staying dry and comfortable….
RT – Daily news
Half of Russians fear Syria standoff could spark WW3, poll shows
Almost half of all respondents in a recent Russian opinion poll said they feared that the aggravation of relations between Russia and the West caused by the ongoing crisis in Syria could develop into a global military conflict. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
Oil prices slide with market less certain about OPEC’s production deal
As more members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) want an exemption from the agreement to curb crude output, investors are becoming more skeptical about the prospects of a deal. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
UN votes to ban nukes despite UK attempts to ‘thwart’ negotiations
UN General Assembly (UNGA) members have defied the British government by voting to ban nuclear weapons. Read Full Article at – latest science and technology news stories
Researchers create new method to classify dangerous sex offenders
UBC researchers have developed a new classification system that could help police solve sex crimes.Using classified anonymous police case files and court records, researchers at UBC’s Okanagan campus uncovered new subtypes of high-risk sexual offenders that could give police insight into the behaviour… – latest science and technology news stories
Key protein implicated in negative side effects of senescence
Cellular senescence is a state in which normal healthy cells do not have the ability to divide. Senescence can occur when cancer-causing genes are activated in normal cells or when chemotherapy is used on cancer cells. Thus, senescence induces a mechanism that halts the growth of rapidly dividing cells…. – latest science and technology news stories
Drones take off in plant ecological research
Long-term, broad-scale ecological data are critical to plant research, but often impossible to collect on foot. Traditional data-collection methods can be time consuming or dangerous, and can compromise habitats that are sensitive to human impact. Micro-unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones, eliminate… – latest science and technology news stories
New study shows how the US can avoid a debt disaster
A new study by John Merrifield, professor of economics at The University of Texas at San Antonio, describes a way for the United States to curb its spending and stop the growth of the astronomical national debt, which is now close to $20 trillion. According to Merrifield, the country could be headed…
Mobile Magazine
Apple Leak Reveals: Its Next 3 iPhone 8 Models will be ‘All Glass’
Apple and its iPhone line have always been controversial for its lack of controversy. That’s right, and that’s because it can lay claim as the top honcho in the smartphone market, and rightfully so. The only controversy that ever befalls iPhone models is that every new model that comes out has a hard…
TechRadar: All latest feeds
The internet company that powers Netflix and Google just got acquired
Two of the biggest providers of internet pipes are coming together in a massive deal in the world of the internet’s infrastructure, with CenturyLink having snapped up Level 3 Communications in a $34 billion (around £28 billion, AU$45 billion) cash and stock deal.Level 3 operates not just in the US but…
Sony says goodbye to battery business, cuts profit forecast – CNET
The company is relying on the PlayStation 4 game console and the PlayStation VR headset to rake in money this year.
Aston Martin’s pre-owned program is fancier than most new car purchases – Roadshow
The new scheme, called Timeless, covers everything from the “mundane” to the truly exotic.
Apple’s New Campus Is Suddenly Enormous
Apple’s has been building its huge new “spaceship” campus for some time now, but the most recent drone video showing off the latest construction really makes you realize how huge this thing is. It was hard to grasp the size beforehand, but the latest footage does a good job of showing off how massive…
Repair Your Favorite Gadgets With This $15 iFixit Toolkit 
iFixit, the people that rip apart brand new electronics for your amusement to show you how to fix them, makes its own toolkit, and you can get it for $15 today.Read more…
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
Nanotechnology is making drugs more precise. But how?
Curbed National
As vertical farming grows, a new real estate opportunity takes root
The head of AeroFarms, an industry leader, talks tech and expansion It’s a staple of rosy pictures of our urban future, often viewed as the farming equivalent of flying cars. But vertical farming, long considered a curiosity, is starting to take root now. And according to the executive of one growing…
Twitter ‘muted words’ feature may be one of its answers to curbing online abuse
Scared of seeing Game of Thrones spoilers on Twitter? Soon, you may be able to mute any mention of the series on the platform.  More importantly for Twitter’s so-far flailing effort to curb online abuse, you could eliminate curse words or other hateful terms from appearing on your timeline.  SEE ALSO:…
Outlook’s mobile app gets a built-in meeting scheduler
 Microsoft Outlook users on mobile will now have an easier way to schedule meetings from their smartphone, with the launch of a new scheduling assistant that helps you find a time that works for everyone. The feature, which is rolling out today to the iOS version of Outlook’s mobile app, will show your…
Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds hop on board the International Space Station in the first look at Daniel Espinosa’s space thriller. The pair and their crew are picked to study…Visit Uncrate for the full post.
Repair Your Favorite Gadgets With This $15 iFixit Toolkit 
iFixit, the people that rip apart brand new electronics for your amusement to show you how to fix them, makes its own toolkit, and you can get it for $15 today.Here’s what that gets you:26 Bit Driver Kit – see complete list of bits below2x Plastic Opening Tool Sets – soft plastic prying toolsSmall Suction…
Why It’s So Hard To Open Up to People We Love When We’re Upset with Them
We think of those close to us as people who understand us on a deeper level, so when they do something that upsets or offends us and they don’t intuitively understand why, it can really hurt. Here’s why it is so difficult to talk to them about it and what you can do to make it a little easier.Whether…
How-To Geek
How to Find Your Missing USB Drive in Windows 7, 8, and 10
USB drives should automatically appear in Windows Explorer when you connect them to your computer. Follow these troubleshooting steps if Windows doesn’t show a connected drive.Click Here to Continue Reading
Popular Science
Onboard Axe Effects, And 10 More Of The Year’s Best Innovations In Entertainment
Best Of What’s New
Time to Go Wireless With These $12 Mpow Swift Headphones
The granddaddy of the ultra-affordable Bluetooth headphone movement is still alive and kicking, and you can grab a pair for just $12 with promo code 8IUDZM2G.Read more…
How schools are becoming resegregated, explained by a horrified John Oliver
“You don’t have to be intentionally racist to do things that have racist effects,” said John Oliver on this week’s episode of Last Week Tonight, which educated viewers on how schools are becoming increasingly re-segregated. “I deserve to not have to worry abut my children getting stabbed or taking…
BBC News – World
Boko Haram: Nigerian officials ‘sexually abusing’ victims
Nigerian officials are abusing women displaced by the Boko Haram conflict, a rights group says.
Newswise: SciNews
New Study ‘Sheds Light’ on the Mechanisms Safeguarding the Genome
Understanding the molecular mechanisms that exist for cells to safeguard their genome against cancer-causing defects is crucial not only to understand how cancer arises but also because these mechanisms can be targeted therapeutically. Researchers have identified a new net of molecular interactions occurring…
Newswise: SciNews
Silencing SIRT2, a Sirtuin Enzyme, Reduces Malignancy in Deadly Breast Cancer Subtype
Silencing SIRT2, a member of the sirtuin family of enzymes, reduces the invasiveness of basal-like breast cancer cells in culture and inhibits tumor growth in mice, according to new research led by scientists from Tufts University School of Medicine.
Newswise: SciNews
Wild Cat Brains: An Evolutionary Curveball
The brains of wild cats don’t necessarily respond to the same evolutionary pressures as those of their fellow mammals, humans and primates, indicates a surprising new study led by a Michigan State University neuroscientist.
Chicago Police Are Shooting Fewer People Since An Officer Killed Laquan McDonald
Chicago police are shooting fewer residents and drawing fewer civilian complaints than they were before protests over the fatal 2014 shooting of a black teenager, Laquan McDonald, by a white police officer.The decline in shootings and complaints coincides with an apparent change in police behavior over…
Significant Digits For Monday, Oct. 31, 2016
You’re reading Significant Digits, a daily digest of the spoooooooky numbers tucked inside the news. Happy Halloween. That’s the best I got. 7 percentKawasaki Kisen Kaisha, Mitsui O.S.K. and Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha are merging container operations. They’re the three largest shipping companies in…
NYC This Week: The Future of Penn Station, Daylighting Design and Arch Record’s Innovation Conference
Architecture and design–related events happening in New York City this week (October 31 to November 6), handpicked by the editors at Architizer Left to right: Art Deco desk and black metal frame chair with leather upholstered seat by Pierre Chareau; via Galerie MCDE – édition Pierre Chareau…
NatureNews – Most recent articles – science feeds
Wildlife in decline: Earth’s vertebrates fall 58% in past four decades
Living Planet Report predicts that by 2020, populations will have declined by two-thirds from 1970.Nature News doi: 10.1038/nature.2016.20898
YouTube Help
Swan crayfish and pike are working as a team. | Альфия Шамсутдинова | TEDxBaumanSt
Swan crayfish and pike are working as a team. Why is it important to agree with all the inside? Psychologist – tantseterapevt, founder of the School of Contact Improvisation in Kazan This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community….
Scientific American Content: Global
Elephant Footprints Teem with Life
The water-filled imprints can host mayflies, leeches, tadpoles and more — Read more on
Next Big Future
Synthetic Biology competition team creates light bulb from e-coli
Newcastle University students have attempted to create a novel field of synthetic biology by fusing biology with electronics. Their project involved looking at electronic circuitry and combining biology and electronics to create alternative parts resulting in an electro-biological system. They used the…
Next Big Future
Genetically modified bacteria could create biocement
A team of scientists from Newcastle and Northumbria universities, led by architecture academic Dr Martyn Dade-Robertson, are investigating how they can create a new kind of material – biocement – where engineered cells react to changes in the environment and strengthen the soil around them. Their research…
Cool Material
The Best Nail Clippers You Won’t Find at the Grocery Store
Good hygiene is essential for every man, and not just because no one wants to go get a drink with a guy who smells like the inside of a trashcan on a summer evening. Keeping one’s hair combed, odor in check, nails clipped, and shoes shined is classic cool. Of all those activities, nail clipping […]
These 10′ Lightning Cables Let You Lean Back While You Charge
If you’ve been an iPhone owner for any significant length of time, you could probably fill a suitcase with all of your 3′ Lightning cables. But for those times that you want to sit back and relax on the couch while still charging your phone, an extra-long 10′ cable can really come in handy. Use code…
BBC News – World
Mosul battle: Iraqi forces near city’s eastern outskirts
Iraqi troops take the last village to the east of IS-held Mosul and are poised to enter the city.
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Crazy gun designed by Yi-Fei Chen shoots frozen tears Tear Gun is a strange-looking pistol that collects tears in a silicon pocket to be placed under the eye, freezes them in a brass bottle to be shoots them like bullets. It is Chen’s final project at the Design Academy of Eindhoven’s Social Design Master, and a way…
Patient Starts Fire During Surgery By Farting
Going into any surgery your main hope is to just come out the other side in one piece with whatever needed fixing being fixed. But how about if you came out of surgery […]
NASA Scientists Suggest We’ve Been Underestimating Sea Level Rise
Our current estimate about the global sea level is “way off” according to a new study. The study published in Geophysical Research Letters this month suggests that our historial sea level records have been off by an underestimation of five to 28 percent. From a report on Motherboard: Global sea level,…
Best House and Apartment Designs of October 2016
In October 2016, we’ve shown you a lot of cool stuff. Here the most interesting house and apartment designs among them. This apartment shows off Spanish coloring and spirit with its crisp white decor and colorful accents. Vivacious Crispy White Apartment With Bold Touches This one-storey Australian…
TechRadar: All latest feeds
The UK’s first self-driving cars will be unmarked to protect them from bullies
The first self-driving cars manned by ordinary drivers on Britain’s roads will be left unmarked to make them indistinguishable from ordinary cars so that aggressive drivers won’t try to bully them.The Guardian has reported that Volvo is planning to launch a self-driving car scheme in the UK that will…
Engadget RSS Feed
Outlook now displays coworkers’ availability on your phone
Sunrise is officially dead, but Microsoft just added a new feature to the Outlook iOS calendar that might help you forget it. In a trick borrowed from the desktop app, the iOS version of Outlook has a new scheduling assistant that makes it fairly eas…
Digital Trends
This backpack will keep its contents safe from thieves and pickpockets
You shouldn’t have to wear your backpack on your chest in order to keep it and its contents safe from knives and thieves. And to help ensure that you can wear your backpack the way it was intended while maintaining its safety, there’s a new anti-theft product on the market. Meet Bobby, a sleek travel…
The Surface Dial will work with these apps
Of all the items Microsoft showed off during its devices event last Wednesday, the surprise Surface Dial was one of the most curious. Will it be as useful and as cool as it looked on stage? Or will it be something that makes sense for graphic artists, but pretty much no one else?Microsoft its new peripheral…
Modern Interior Design & Furniture – Decoist
6 New Sofas Designs for Cosy Comfort
In our modern-day lives, the sofa is something of a jack of all trades, required to serve a multitude of needs: from sitting to surfing (the web) and sleeping to supping (food).First and foremost, any sofa must be comfortable and cosy. The idea of sitting up straight, in a prim and proper fashion, has…
The Verge – All Posts
New leak reveals over 100 web addresses compromised by the NSA
Sunday night, a group called the Shadow Brokers released a new cache of data purporting to be taken from the NSA in a Medium post titled “Trick or Treat.” Alongside other data, the new release reveals 108 IP addresses apparently compromised by the NSA as part of its operations. The majority of the nodes…
iLive Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones
Eliminate the noise of everyday life and enjoy the crisp clarity of your favorite artists with iLive Platinum’s Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones (IAHP86B). Free from distraction and wires, you’ll feel like you’re in the studio with the bands you love. Control your music and phone calls (up to…
Next Big Future
Nanodrums near the quantum limit can be used for data encryption
Researchers at Aalto University and the University of Jyväskylä have developed a new method of measuring microwave signals extremely accurately. This method can be used for processing quantum information, for example by efficiently transforming signals from microwave circuits to the optical regime.Important…
Big Think
This Year’s Inconvenient Truth Hopes to Make You Care Again
Yes, climate change movies are sad and often lead to quiet desperation, but here’s why we should continue watching and acting.Read More
Zirra raises $1.6 million to analyze startups on demand
Israel’s Zirra has raised $1.6 million for its mission of analyzing startups. The Tel Aviv-based company has developed artificial intelligence technology to evaluate startups to find out how much they’re worth. Investors include former Microsoft executives Moshe Lichtman and Soma Somasegar. Zirra provides…
Samsung shines a light on 6 new C-Lab spin-out products, including a 360-degree wearable camcorder
Samsung is spinning out six new projects from Creative Lab (C-Lab), an in-house program that offers employees the opportunity to work on ideas separate from their core functions at the company. C-Lab has been operating for more than four years, but it was only at CES this year that Samsung first showcased…
Microsoft launches Flow and PowerApps out of preview
Microsoft is announcing today that it’s launching the Flow app integration service and the PowerApps codeless app building and sharing tool out of preview. PowerApps first launched last year, and it became available in preview in April, as did Microsoft Flow. Since then, the two tools have racked up…
RedZone Maps Crime and Navigation App Breaks Through Top 5 in Apple’s App Store
PRESS RELEASE: New RedZone Maps Update Uses Powerful Social Listening Capabilities to Put Real Time Crime Data at its Users’ Fingertips MIAMI & NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–October 31, 2016– With beta testing behind them, Zone Technologies, Inc., the creator of RedZone …
Toyota is testing a Smart Key Box that makes it easier to share your car with strangers
Toyota is the latest car manufacturer looking into the sharing economy, thanks to its development of what it calls a “mobility services platform.” The first product it’s experimenting with is a Smart Key Box, which promises to transform vehicles so they can be shared with anyone using a mobile device….
Threats don’t like being ignored
SPONSORED: Presented by Akamai. I outran a ferocious dog once. The memory is still very fresh for me, despite the fact that it happened 30 years ago. What should be most impressive about this story is that I ran up fourteen flights of stairs, without stopping. I don’t think I’ve ever accomplished this…
VentureBeat is hiring a strategic account director
We are looking for a passionate and consultative sales professional to help sell big, custom campaigns and integrated marketing solutions to leading business and technolo

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