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Volkswagen will reinvent itself as an EV maker
There may be something of a silver lining to Volkswagen’s corrupt attempts to cheat emissions tests with it diesel and gas vehicles. The company, reeling from the fines it’ll pay for its misdeeds, has announced a radical plan to overhaul itself. It’s called “Pact for the Future,” and sees the carmaker…
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Dell error hands Mexicans $33 laptop bargain
Mexico tells Dell to honour the sale of laptops mistakenly advertised at their shipping cost.
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The best mobile apps to keep the holidays merry & bright
The holiday season is demanding, but mobile technology can help. Here’s our picks for smartphone and tablet apps that promote holiday cheer while minimizing the season’s stresses… Continue Reading The best mobile apps to keep the holidays merry & bright Category: Mobile Technology …
Donald Trump Is Plotting to Eliminate a Cabinet-Level Position: Report
Donald Trump is considering abolishing the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, according to a new report from The Intercept, citing an adviser to the president-elect and senior intelligence official.Read more…
Stagg Pour-Over System
Like their simple-yet-brilliant kettle, the Stagg Pour-Over System has a cleverly clean design that makes it easy to brew fantastic coffee at home. It starts with the Dripper, a sleek…Visit Uncrate for the full post.
Google Play Movies is rolling out 4K rental and purchasing options
The world is quickly moving to 4K streaming, and Google wants to be ready. The company’s Google Play Movies & TV app will soon let you rent or buy titles in the highest quality available. Android Police grabbed some screenshots with these choices. It looks like this option is going live on the…
Fast Company
Why The Women’s March On Washington Is More Than An Anti-Trump Protest
The organizer of January’s massive rally says the new administration needs to understand that women’s rights are human rights. The organizer of January’s massive rally says the new administration needs to understand that women’s rights are human rights.Like many voters in this…
Muslim man verbally harassed in Starbucks shares harrowing experience online
Racism ran rampant at a Starbucks in Midtown Manhattan earlier this week. On Tuesday, 22-year-old photojournalist, Mohammed Elshamy and his friend were meeting for coffee when they were allegedly verbally harassed by a white woman in the shop because of their race. Elshamy told Mashable the incident…
This might be the coolest office lobby ever
Salesforce commissioned an innovative design group to redefine the office lobby. It seems like they succeeded.  Read more…More about Mashable Video, Office Lobby, Real Time Video, Real Time, and Us World
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How Boys’ and Girls’ Brains React Differently to Stress
This breakthrough Stanford University study may lead to gender specific treatments for post-traumatic experiences.Read More
Big Think
Jon Stewart’s Reaction to the Election Is Spot-On, If Just a Bit … Optimistic
In a recent CBS News interview, Jon Stewart lays out some fascinating thinking about Trump, how we got here, and what we all need to do to keep the country working as best it can.Read More
Alabama to build its largest solar farm with enough power for 15K homes
The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) today commissioned Alabama’s largest solar energy project — the River Bend Solar Energy Center — which will eventually generate 75 million watts (megawatts, or MW) of electricity. The River Bend Solar Energy Center will have more than 300,000 solar panels that…
#CalExit: The California Secession Movement is real, and could work
As is the case in so many other parts of America, thousands of California residents are protesting the 2016 election results. The difference? Their frustration has swelled into support for perhaps the ultimate solution to the Golden State’s strong distaste for president-elect Donald Trump—secession…. – latest science and technology news stories
NASA analyzes heavy rainfall over Hispaniola
Slow moving frontal systems draped over Hispaniola and a tropical wave recently caused heavy rainfall that led to wide spread flooding over the northern Dominican Republic. NASA analyzed that heavy rainfall using data from satellites. – latest science and technology news stories
New research in Malawi will help to secure raw materials for green technologies
Pioneering new insights into why high concentrations of some of the most rare and desirable natural elements – vital for the production of vital environmental, digital and security technologies – have been revealed.
Fiat Chrysler issues two recalls for 88,888 Jeep and Dodge vehicles – Roadshow
Malfunctioning wipers and potential fuel leaks prompt recalls.
Newswise: SciNews
Big Data for Chemistry: New Method Helps Identify Antibiotics in Mass Spectrometry Datasets
An international team of computer scientists has for the first time developed a method to find antibiotics hidden in huge but still unexplored mass spectrometry datasets. They detailed their new method, called DEREPLICATOR, in the Oct. 31 issue of Nature Chemical Biology.
Newswise: SciNews
Scientists Develop New Mouse Model to Aid Zika Virus Research
Mice with healthy immune systems could provide new insights into Zika virus pathology and treatment.
Fast Company
Use This Five-Part Checklist To Tell If You’re Overcommunicating
In emails as well as speech, there’s such a thing as too much information. In emails as well as speech, there’s such a thing as too much information.There’s definitely some truth in the wisdom that it’s better to overcommunicate than undercommunicate. Ideally, every manager gives…
Get Your Holiday Outfit Figured Out With a One-Day, 40% Off ModCloth Sale
A sale on sale styles at ModCloth is one thing, but when they have a Flash Sale with 40% off select fan favorite styles, you know it’s good. Tons of dresses, accessories, tops, and skirts are discounted, so add some vintage flair to your wardrobe on the cheap. And, because the prices are slashed, you…
Apple’s Craig Federighi: ‘Every intent’ to support automation in macOS
Earlier this week, Apple let go of Sal Soghoian, who was the company’s Product Manager of Automation Technologies—meaning he was responsible for AppleScript and Automator. The news about Soghoian, who worked at Apple for nearly 20 years, raised concern in the Mac community that Apple no longer was interested…
Apple’s Chip Choices May Leave Some iPhone Users in Slow Lane
Not all iPhone 7s are created equal, it turns out. The latest flagship smartphones from Apple that run on Verizon’s network are technically capable of downloading data faster than those from AT&T. Yet in testing, the two phones perform about the same, according to researchers at Twin Prime Inc. and…
Trump Probably Did Better With Latino Voters Than Romney Did
In the lead-up to the election, there was a lot of talk about how Latinos would turn out in record numbers to stop Donald Trump. But not only did Trump end up winning, exit polls also indicated that he won 29 percent of the Latino vote — better than Mitt Romney had done four years earlier. That has sparked…
What to Do With “Bloomed” Chocolate
If you’ve ever left a chocolate bar sitting around, you may have noticed a white film form on the surface. This film is called a “bloom” and it occurs when chocolate is improperly stored.Read more…
Harlem Globetrotters break 9 world records with incredible trick shots
The Harlem Globetrotters are a roundabout group of playground basketball legends who rode on-court, circus-like tricks to international fame. On Thursday, they did what they do best: Break world records with absurd trick shots.  Thursday marked Guinness World Records day, when people across the world…
ProScan PLDED3280A 32″ 720p LED-LCD HDTV $97.99
ProScan PLDED3280A 32″ 720p LED-LCD HDTV $97.99
Better Life G-Floor Parking Pad Garage Floor Cover/Protector (7.5ftx17ft) $129.99
Better Life G-Floor Parking Pad Garage Floor Cover/Protector (7.5ftx17ft) $129.99
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An Artist Who Uses DNA to Make Life-Like Masks Is Wary of Cops Doing the Same
When artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg released her Stranger Visions project back in 2012, she had a feeling it was only a matter of time before her vision became a reality. The artist collected scraps of strangers’ DNA left in public—strands of hair, cigarette butts dotted with saliva—analyzed them, and…
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Inside Sansar, the VR successor to Second Life
The door is bright red, perched at the top of a mossy stone staircase in the middle of a floating island. When I approach, a mysterious tune begins emanating from it, as if playing from the other side. Right now, it’s just a simple prop, and there is no other side. But when I ask Linden Lab’s Bjorn Laurin,…
Careful what you wish for: The danger in corporate VCs leading deals
Earlier this week, I spoke at a UBS Research conference in San Francisco. Speaking just before me was a senior eBay executive who was asked about the company’s recent divesting of its massive stake in MercadoLibre. He was asked what this meant for eBay’s investment in other countries in general. The…
Big Think
US Military Leaders Remind Trump That Climate Change Is a Global Threat
If anyone can convince Donald J. Trump to take climate change seriously, it might be the US military.Read More
Alt 7 iPhone Case
Made by the same guys that brought you the Radius, Mod 3’s Alt 7 iPhone Case is just as minimal at a fraction of the price. Instead of aluminum though it’s made of a high-strength polymer with a non slip finish and cradles the four corners of your device. As an added bonus the small logo-adorned circle…
Sam’s Club Shocking Values Sale – up to 60% off (3PK Smart WiFi Switches & More)
Sam’s Club Shocking Values Sale – up to 60% off (3PK Smart WiFi Switches & More)
SciTech Daily
New Horizons Reveals an Ocean Beneath Pluto’s Heart-Shaped Basin
New data from NASA’s New Horizons Mission reveals evidence of any icy, slushy ocean beneath Pluto’s heart-shaped basin. Beneath Pluto’s “heart” lies a cold, slushy ocean of water ice, according to data from NASA’s New Horizons mission. In a paper published today in the journal Nature, the New Horizons…
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The best cheap tablets of 2016
The best cheap tablet in 2016 makes computing on-the-go much easier than with your puny phone, and keeps the price well below the more expensive options.Now, it’s easier than ever to get a deal that won’t leave you wishing for something more, or a loan. The hard cut-off for this buying guide is $300,…
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Scientists Take Another Step toward Safely Burying CO2
Researchers have successfully turned carbon dioxide into solid rock by injecting it into ancient lava flows — Read more on
The Body Shop is Showing Some Customer Appreciation with 40% Off Sitewide
The Body Shop isn’t just for great smelling body lotions and bridal shower gifts. The skin care at The Body Shop is low key amazing. I’ve tried most of the Vitamin C line and I highly recommend it. Get 40% off sitewide with the code TBSLOVESYOU right now.Read more…
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Watch Roborace’s autonomous racecar drive 12 laps without crashing
The folks over at Roborace have taken one of the biggest steps yet toward making their fantastic-looking self-driving racecars a reality. The company just published footage of the Roborace test car, known as DevBot, completing 12 laps on its own — with no human onboard — at last weekend’s Formula E race…
When Airbnb asked users to pledge to treat people equally, a lot refused
Stung by ongoing criticism and evidence that some of its hosts discriminated against non-white guests, Airbnb this month began asking users to pledge to treat everyone equally. A lot have refused. The so-called “community commitment” has been presented to Airbnb hosts and users since Nov. 1 and asks…
The Time Has Come to Build My Own Electronic Brain
Can you imagine a tall glass dome jam-packed with a three-dimensional array of LED-based neurons frantically flickering away in response to sound? – latest science and technology news stories
Six virtual reality experiences that don’t cost too much
Virtual reality, what’s up with that? If you are curious about this highly buzzed high-tech form of entertainment but don’t feel like plunking down $1,000 or more on sophisticated hardware, just visit one of a slew of amusement-park-type rides popping up around the world.
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Magnetized Target Fusion | Peter O’Shea | TEDxBrentwoodCollegeSchool
I will briefly touch on fusion energy basics, the state of fusion energy research world and talk about the exciting contributions that General Fusion (a BC company) is making to that effort. Peter O’Shea was born in LA and grew up in Saskatoon. He received a degree in Engineering Physics from the University…
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How Technology Is Turning You Into Dory | Liam Stevens | TEDxBrentwoodCollegeSchool
We all have a little bit of Dory in us. We forget things, and sometimes we get distracted. But that inner Dory has become increasingly obvious since the advent of digital technology. Technology changes people. That’s pretty much common consensus. Thanks to a good book and some research, Liam discovered…
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Your new favorite flavor is going to come from yeast in insects | Anne Madden | TEDxCharlotte
There are better, natural food and beverage flavors waiting to be discovered, says Anne A. Madden. We have to keep exploring to keep discovering. Anne A. Madden, Ph.D., Postdoctoral researcher in the lab of Rob Dunn at North Carolina State University. Dr. Madden received her Ph.D. in biology from Tufts…
The Week in iOS Apps: Big updates to old favorites
New apps of the weekThis week’s roundup of apps includes significant updates to some of your favorite iPhone and iPad applications. Read on!Any.doOne of our favorite taskmaster apps has long been (freemium, iPhone and iPad). Version 4.0 launched this week with two nifty features: First, it integrates…
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Asus crams two GTX 1080 graphics chips into new GX800 laptop for PC gamers
The Republic of Gamers division at Asus announced this week the upcoming launch of a new gaming laptop with dual GeForce GTX 1080 graphics chips in SLI mode, and an external liquid cooling dock to keep the overclocked components chilled inside. It’s called the GX800, and comes packed with an 18.4-inch…
Digital Trends
DT Giveaway: Playstation 4 Pro Bundle
If you’re ready to level up your gaming experience, look no further than the PS4 Pro. With anti-aliasing and dynamic 4K streaming and 4K auto-upscaling, no matter what you’re playing, your experience will remain vivid and immersive. In partnership with Booredtwork, Andru Edwards, BWOne, Kevin the Tech…
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A full ‘Pokemon’ game could come to Nintendo’s Switch
It sounds like a version of Pokemon Sun and Moon could be headed to Nintendo’s upcoming Switch console. It’d be akin to Red and Blue’s sibling Yellow or Pearl and Diamond’s Platinum, according to Eurogamer’s sources. Currently the codename is Stars. Now, for a bit of unpacking. Both Yellow and Pearl…
This Light Allows Kids To Create And Play With Shadows
continue reading
This week in games: Free Overwatch, free Elder Scrolls Online, and more Rainbow Six: Siege
We’re finally starting to wind down the year. Watch Dogs 2 hits PC in a week and a half, Dead Rising 4 shortly thereafter, and…that’s pretty much it for 2016. Soon it’ll be time for Game of the Year discussions and then the steady drumbeat of Spring 2017. But for now, the news rolls on. This weekend…
Obama’s Advisors Just Issued Some Terrifying Advice About Looming Bioterror Threats
A new report by the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology is advising outgoing President Obama to revamp the nation’s biodefense strategy to meet the threats posed by CRISPR and other advanced biotechnologies.Read more…
Scientific American Content: Global
Young Climate Researchers Face a Trump Reality
Undergraduates and new professors weigh in on starting their careers at an odd time — Read more on
Science | Smithsonian
The Foxfire Diamond Bedazzles as Smithsonian’s Newest Rock Star
The largest gem-quality diamond ever found in North America glows bright blue in the dark
Mises Institute
Will San Diego Help End the NFL’s Addiction to Taxpayer Money?
A A Tags Home | Feed | Blog.rssTaxes and SpendingWill San Diego Help End the NFL’s Addiction to Taxpayer Money? Political Theory 0 Views Cheering for the home team can unify communities divided by politics, economics, and personal differences. However, this unification can come at…
Mises Institute
Four States Vote to Punish Low-Skilled Workers With Minimum Wage Hikes
Tags A A The EntrepreneurHome | Feed | Blog.rssFour States Vote to Punish Low-Skilled Workers With Minimum Wage Hikes Political TheoryValue and Exchange 0 Views 3 hours agoLast week, a majority of voters in four states approved new mandated increases to the statewide minimum wage. For…
Here’s what Ceres would look like, if you could actually see it – CNET
A color image of the fascinating dwarf planet shows how it would appear to the naked eye.
The internet is crowdsourcing ways to drain the fake news swamp – CNET
Pundits and even President Obama are bemoaning fake news stories that appeared online leading up to the election. A solution might be found in an open Google Doc.
How a long-exposure rocket launch photo spawns greatness – CNET
Photoshop battles are one of my favorite subtopics on and this particular battle really shows the creativity of people on the site.
This Video Shows How Protein Builds Muscle
All the curls in the world won’t build your biceps if you aren’t eating enough protein. But how does the food you eat benefit your strength? This video breaks down what’s happening in your body when you down that post-workout shake.Protein is made of amino acids, and those amino acids are needed to repair…
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Spotify Will Never Replace
Just like that, and it was gone., an online music community that had operated in the shadows of the private BitTorrent underground piracy scene since October 2007, suddenly shut down on Thursday, leaving its estimated 150,000 former active members memorializing the site’s place in the short…
NatureNews – Most recent articles – science feeds
Geneticists hope to unlock secrets of bats’ complex songs
Project to sequence the DNA of more than 1,000 species seeks to reveal how bats learn to communicate.
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Home & Office : Star Wars BB-8 Measuring Cup Set
All-around useful. Now, whisk in 3 cups of BB-8 to the cake and let sit overnight. Allow the added BB-8 to beep-boop the cake for extra fluffiness. $19.99
ThinkGeek – What’s New
Clothing : Starfleet Academy Toddler Tee
Shut up, Wesley. My kid is going to Starfleet Academy, too. The Starfleet Academy Toddler Tee is perfect for any kids who want to follow in the footsteps of Wesley Crusher, Naomi Wildman, Icheb, and Nog. Or for their parents, who are still mad that we don’t have replicators. $12.99
ThinkGeek – What’s New
Toys & Games : Sandscript – Automatic Sand Drawing Machine
Draw a line in the sand. Give your zen garden an upgrade with Sandscript. This device uses magnets to let you control a ball with three dials, tracing patterns in the sand. You can make symmetrical mandala patterns or randomized doodles on command. $49.99
Physics News
New method helps identify antibiotics in mass spectrometry datasets
An international team of computer scientists has for the first time developed a method to find antibiotics hidden in huge but still unexplored mass spectrometry datasets. They detailed their …
Comparably takes on LinkedIn to help you land your dream job
Comparably has bet on anonymity as a key driver for its services, and today it’s announcing an expansion into career matching that uses this approach. Now the company is not just focused on providing transparent compensation and culture insights around the workplace, it also wants to help you land your…
Pokémon Sun and Moon break Nintendo 3DS record with 10 million copies shipped
Nintendo announced today that it has shipped 10 million copies of Pokémon Sun and Moon for the 3DS, the newest installments in the company’s hit monster-collecting and fighting series. This is a new record for the portable system — according to Nintendo — and represents a 150 percent increase over the…
Windows 10 informs Chrome and Firefox users that Edge is ‘safer’
Microsoft has turned on a new set of Windows Tips that inform Chrome and Firefox users on Windows 10 that Edge is a “safer” browser. We reached out to Microsoft to find out how long this latest recommendation has been active. “This wave of Windows Tips for Windows 10 users began in early November,” a…
How digital assistants change the way we search
GUEST: The transformative power of technology is stunning. Fifty years ago, if you told someone you needed to search for a piece of information, they would think that you were headed over to a wall of encyclopedias at the library. Fifteen years ago they would have thought that you were going to go sit… – latest science and technology news stories
‘Freeze-frame’ proteins show how cancer evolves: Researchers capture elusive clues about cells’ path to cancer
Scientists from Rice University, Baylor College of Medicine and other institutions are using synthetic biology to capture elusive, short-lived snippets of DNA that healthy cells produce on their way to becoming cancerous.
Archinect – News
Only one student enrolled in a Yale course about women architects, despite grievances against poor representation
“This is not a position that has been strongly represented in this school historically,” [said Professor Kathleen James-Chakraborty, who believes] The crux of the issue is whether courses that champion diversity in architecture should be taught as optional, specialized seminars or integrated into the…
Next Big Future
Final version of NASA EMdrive paper confirms 1.2 millinewtons per kw of thrust which is 300 times better than other zero propellent propulsion
Measurement of Impulsive Thrust from a Closed Radio-Frequency Cavity in Vacuum (Journal of Propulsion and PowerNASA Emdrive tests consistently measured performance at 1.2 ± 0.1 mN∕kW, which was very close to the average impulsive performance measured in air. A number of error sources were considered…
Digital Trends
Cadillacs may be in your driving future, even if you never own or lease one
Cadillac isn’t depending on personal car ownership to make money on transportation. The traditional rich person’s American luxury car brand has morphed into an upscale cruiser or statement SUV, and Cadillac sees its future changing as the automotive industry turns upside down, reports Venture Beat. The…
Weekly Roundup: Facebook’s fake news, MacBook Pro reviewed, first human CRISPR-ed
 Facebook’s fake news frenzy continued as the company came under scrutiny for its debated influence on the U.S. election, LinkedIn was blocked in Russia and a human CRISPR-ed for the first time. Also, the human species has about 1,000 years left according to Stephen Hawking. But do we deserve survival?…
This Week’s Most Popular Posts: November 11th to 18th
This week we learned about the rewarding experience of making one’s own bread, looked at managing taxes in the age of the gig economy, discussed IUDs and how health insurance plans might change, and more. Here’s a look back.Four Delicious Asian Noodle Soups to Warm You Up This WinterThere’s something…
Gear Patrol
Tune in on Facebook at 12 p.m. EST. …Read More »
Escape the echo chamber: How to fix your Facebook News Feed
For all its talk of a more connected world, Facebook has a tendency to silo us—its users—into feedback loops, those spheres of information where we’re rarely subjected to views that differ from our own. Never was this phenomenon more pronounced than in the months leading up to the 2016 election, when…
H&M Is Marking Down Hundreds Of Styles Up to 60% for One Day Only
Black Friday is a week away, but H&M is rolling out deal after deal. Right now, a crazy amount of styles are up to 60% off for one day only. You can get basically anything, including kids and home, for up to 60% off. Plus, use the code 0319 and you’ll get free shipping. Don’t say I never did anything…
Save $100 on the New MacBook Pro (Without the Touch Bar), Courtesy of Amazon
The new MacBook Pro (sans-Touch Bar) is the pricey-but-great Macbook Air apparent (see what I did there?), but today on Amazon, it’s slightly less expensive than usual. By $100, to be exact. Not bad for a brand new Apple product.Read more…
Zegna’s Traveller Luggage is low-key luxury at its finest
A great luggage option for the globe trotting executive.Photo: Ermenegildo ZegnaIf life requires you to wear your finest tailoring on your business trips then you’ll want to look into Zegna’s new Traveller suitcase. The carry-on roller was designed to be lightweight (8.1 lbs) and have enough to neatly…
This Ingenious $18 Bottle Measures Your Olive Oil Before You Pour It
When you cook with olive oil, you have three choices: You can pour imprecisely, you can make a measuring spoon dirty, or you can use Vremi’s $18 olive oil dispenser, which measures out a precise amount of oil before you pour it. I know which one I would choose. Needless to say, this would also make a…
The Internet Of Things Is Still Hackable as Hell
This warning is as true now as it’s ever been: beware of cheap internet-connected gadgets.Read more…
New Scientist – Online news
First ever lightning-mapping satellite set for take off
The US’s latest weather satellite, due to launch 19 November, will be the first to watch lightning continuously, as well as monitor the sun and space weather
Science | Smithsonian
How the Heart Hardens, Biologically
With age and injury, the soft tissues of the heart can turn to bone. Can this deadly process be reversed?
Samsung CF591 27″ Curved 1080p VA LED LCD Monitor $239 [32″ Model $279]
Samsung CF591 27″ Curved 1080p VA LED LCD Monitor $239 [32″ Model $279]
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Massive! Here are the best Xbox One and Xbox 360 game deals for Black Friday
After announcing major discounts on the Xbox One and Xbox One S this Black Friday, Microsoft is also making sure you’ll have something to play on your shiny new console without breaking the bank.The Xbox Store has announced its Black Friday sale, putting up a whopping 250+ deals across games, downloadable…
Matt Emmett Wins Arcaid Award for World’s Best Building Image 2016
Photographer: Matt Emmett – Building: Covered Reservoir, Finsbury Park, London, United Kingdom / East London Water Works Company 1868. . Image via Arcaid Images Matt Emmett’s photograph of the East London Water Works Company covered reservoir in Finsbury Park, built 1868, has been named the…
The US Government is Finally Telling People that Homeopathy is a Sham
Not a good news for people who trust homeopathic drugs. The Federal Trade Commission has issued an enforcement policy statement that requires over-the-counter (OTC) homeopathic drugs and products makers to disclose in their advertisement and labeling that there is no evidence that Homeopathic products…
Next Big Future
China, India and Megacities have significant global influence in 2030-2050
The US has dominated military spending and still spends three times more than second place China in 2015. New projections have China defense spending in 2030 at about 66-75% of the projected US spending level. India could near 30% of the future US defense spending level.The US will still be dominate…
Vector Space raises additional funds to support 2017 first launch
WASHINGTON — Vector Space Systems said Nov. 18 that it has raised $1.25 million in funding to support development of its small launch vehicle, with a goal of a first launch by the end of next year. The seed investment into the Tucson, Arizona-based company is led by Space Angels Network, a group of…
Black Friday’s Most Affordable 70″ 4K TV Deal Is Already Live
It doesn’t include HDR or a tablet remote like the Vizio M-series, but if size if your biggest consideration when shopping for a TV, this Google Cast-enabled 70″ Vizio E-Series 4K TV is a steal at $1,000.Read more…
For our first creation in a housing estate at the heart of l’Oise, we had to extend a house, preserving the apple tree that was a few meters from the facade. First we were confused by this obligation, which limited the possibility of extension, but we thought to ourselves that it could be one…
The Best and Worst Times to Travel the Week of Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is next week, which means it’s time to pile into a car, munch on a bunch of road snacks, and travel halfway across America to eat a fat bird. That influx in traffic can add a few extra hours to your trip, but Google shared a bunch of traffic data that can help you avoid the worst of it.While…
No, Steve Bannon did not align himself with Darth Vader
A fascinating and disturbing interview with top Trump advisor and widely accused racist Steve Bannon dropped Friday courtesy of veteran media columnist Michael Wolff.  Its most eyebrow-raising quote is already doing the rounds on social media: “Darkness is good,” Bannon told Wolff. “Dick Cheney. Darth…
With choice for CIA chief, Trump picks a foe of Silicon Valley’s encryption stance
In his nomination of U.S. Rep. Mike Pompeo to head the CIA, President-elect Donald Trump has picked someone who has supported NSA surveillance programs and has criticized Silicon Valley’s stance on encryption. Pompeo, a Republican from Kansas, is a former cavalry officer in the U.S. Army and a graduate…
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Get the Google Home speaker for $99 at Best Buy on Black Friday
The new Google Home smart speaker is $30 off at Best Buy next week as part of the retailer’s Black Friday deals. The Home normally retails for $130, and you can get it for $99 plus six months of free YouTube Red, the video site’s ad-free subscription service, if you manage to snag the deal between November…
Fast Company
How Parents Can Raise Empathetic Leaders In Trump’s America
The president-elect’s well-documented leadership style clashes with what companies say they value. Kids may need other role models. The president-elect’s well-documented leadership style clashes with what companies say they value. Kids may need other role models.I’ve never been…
Get a streaming hot bargain this Black Friday – CNET
Discounts on devices that serve up Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and Amazon video on your TV.
SpaceX Mars ITS fuel tank tests end in success
SpaceX just moved one step closer to realizing its dreams of a mission to Mars. The company has been recently testing a lot of the components that will make the trip to Mars, with the latest test being one for the massive fuel tank that will be attached to its Interplanetary Transport System. SpaceX…
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Can we put the fake news genie back in the bottle?
The 2016 presidential campaign has definitively shown us that you shouldn’t rely on Facebook for all of your news. Even at its best, you’re likely to be exposed primarily to viewpoints and stories you already agree with. Being ensconced in a internet…
The Manual
Uppercut Deluxe Has Knockout Grooming Gifts
Get Uppercut Deluxe grooming boxes for the toughest guys on your list. The post Uppercut Deluxe Has Knockout Grooming Gifts appeared first on The Manual.
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Want to become politically active? Love to swear? This site can help!
If you’re finding yourself with idle hands and a heavy heart today, Clara Beyer’s new website “HOLY FUCK THE ELECTION” may be of some help. You have two choices when you arrive at The first is to say that you’re not okay and you “need a fucking minute.” This option will pull…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Glass-bottomed swimming pool is not for the faint-hearted
During a hotel renovation in mountainous South Tyrol, Italy, the firm NOA (Network of Architecture) installed a swimming pool that cantilevers 12 m (40 ft) above the ground. Definitely not suitable for those afraid of heights, it has a glass bottom section that’s supposed to make the swimmer…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
The best VR gifts for any price range
At some point it became a tech truism that 2016 was going to be VR’s big breakout year. That may have been putting the cart before the horse, as virtual reality is still just getting off the ground, but this year did at least see headsets arriving on store shelves and gaining some mainstream…
The Green Head – Finds Cool New Stuff!
Evil Never-Ending Musical Christmas Card
Sinister Christmas card plays an overly merry stream of holiday jingles… for over 3 solid hours… with no way to shut it off. If they try to press the button to turn it off, it only gets louder and if they try to rip the card open to yank the wires, it spills glitter out everywhere. Truly evil fun.Click…
Verizon IoT, Swiftmile pilot smart bike-sharing in Santa Clara
Verizon announced a pilot project with solar-powered bike-sharing company Swiftmile on Friday to aid commuters in Santa Clara County, Calif.The Internet of Things-based pilot project is designed initially to help Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority workers use one of Swiftmile’s four ebikes for short…
Popular Science
A wind-powered record player, the microbes of beer pong, and more
Science Our favorite images of the week Our favorite images from this week in science, health, and environmental news. – latest science and technology news stories
NASA nears finish line of annual study of changing Antarctic ice
Operation IceBridge, NASA’s airborne survey of changes in polar ice, is closing in on the end of its eighth consecutive Antarctic deployment, and will likely tie its 2012 campaign record for the most research flights carried out during a single Antarctic season. – latest science and technology news stories
Old teeth, new stories: How one archaeologist created a prehistoric GPS for tracking ancient humans
Where’s the best place to start when retracing the life of a person who lived 4,000 years ago? Turns out, it’s simple—you start at the beginning.
The last steps on the Moon
In May of 1961, President John F. Kennedy told Congress and the rest of the American public that the US was going to send a man to the Moon. Just over 11 years later, as part of the Apollo 17 mission in December 1972, humans set foot on the Moon for the last time.1 The Last Steps is a summary of…
Scientific American Content: Global
When Lions Abound, Hyenas Pick a New Menu
Crushing jaws make spotted hyenas incredibly versatile carnivores — Read more on
Scientific American Content: Global
Solar Superstorms, Illustrated
An executive order calling for more preparedness and better forecasting for space weather is creating a buzz about electromagnetic storms. What are they? — Read more on
Scientific American Content: Global
An Open Letter from and to Female Scientists
In the aftermath of the election results, a group of women in the sciences has banded together to speak out against anti-intellectualism, inequality, sexism and discrimination — Read more on
Tools and Toys
Quality Linkage: Climate Lawsuits, Ending Time Zones, and the Most Unsatisfying Things in the World
Welcome to this week’s edition of our Friday Quality Linkage column. Please enjoy this week’s collection of interesting and entertaining links. Brew a fresh cup of coffee, find a comfortable place, and relax. * * * A Letter to Today’s Young People » Following the results of the recent US…
Antivirus Firm Kaspersky Launches Its Own Hackproof OS, Based On Microkernel
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Fossbytes: Kaspersky Lab, a Russian cybersecurity and antivirus company, has announced their new operating system which was in development for the last 14 years. Dubbed as Kaspersky OS, it has made its debut on a Kraftway Layer 3 Switch. Not many details have…
How Companies are Building TV Sets in Virtual Reality
Virtual reality isn’t just for video games. The same technology that can help to create room-scale VR is being used in television and film production as a way to ease the burden of […]
The PiDrive Foundation Edition Is an External Hard Drive for the Raspberry Pi That Simplifies Installing Multiple Operating Systems
Using an external hard drive with a Raspberry Pi takes just a few steps, but WDLabs new PiDrive Foundation Edition makes installing not just one, but multiple operating systems for a Raspberry Pi simple.Read more…
Verizon’s iPhone 7 Data Speeds Are Slower Than They Should Be: Report
The hardware inside of the Verizon iPhone 7 is supposed to sport download speeds that are far better than those on an AT&T iPhone 7. But according to a new report, the Verizon iPhones aren’t as fast as they should be.Read more…
Inside Science
We’re Running Out of Antivenom
We’re Running Out of Antivenom We’ve run out of some types of antivenom, and not just here in the U.S., but around the world. We’re Running Out of Antivenom Video of We’re Running Out of Antivenom Creature…
Piece Furniture Collection: Puzzle-Inspired Art Objects
Craft Combine has cleverly figured out a way to transform your framed art into functional furniture and then back again, if you choose. The Piece Furniture series features three designs, each of them consists of puzzle-like components that fit into a frame. Within that frame exists the pieces needed…
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Samsung Pay on the Gear S3 works with any Android smartphone
Samsung’s constantly trying its hand at exclusive apps and services it hopes will add value to its products, even though this strategy has been responsible for more than a few flops. Samsung Pay is one of these exclusive services, but the company has decided to change tack slightly with its newly launched…
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Trump’s CIA Director Pick Thinks Using Encryption ‘May Itself Be A Red Flag’
Donald Trump announced on Friday that he’s chosen Congressman Mike Pompeo to run the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the premiere spy agency of the United States. . Pompeo, a Republican lawmaker from Kansas and a former Army officer, has little-to-no experience in the world of intelligence (other…
Graco Aire3 Click Connect Travel System (Car Seat & Stroller) $192.74
Graco Aire3 Click Connect Travel System (Car Seat & Stroller) $192.74
The Next Web
Four students fixed Facebook’s fake news problem in 36 hours
Facebook’s fake news problem is all the rage these days. After raising hell about Facebook’s role in the recent election — and a misleading response from CEO Mark Zuckerberg — we’re really back at square one. It’s a problem, we all know it’s a problem (save Zuckerberg), and at this point we’re still…
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Samsung UE65KS8000 buying guide
Questions about the Samsung UE65KS8000? You’ve come to the right place. First thing’s first: The UE65KS8000 continues Samsung’s dedicated pursuit of the ultimate HDR experience with its high brightness and powerful colour technologies. What that means is while there are one or two stumbles along the…
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Samsung UN65KS9000 buying guide
Questions about the Samsung UN65KS9000? You’ve come to the right place. First thing’s first: The UN65KS9000 continues Samsung’s dedicated pursuit of the ultimate HDR experience with its high brightness and powerful color technologies. What that means is while there are one or two stumbles along the way,…
Little boy loses his sh*t over a Transformers toy
God, have mercy on our eardrums.  This little boy opens up a Devastator Transformers toy on his birthday – and apparently, it was everything he’s ever wanted. He transformed a joyous present opening into a battle cry the alien robots would have rallied behind.  Watch him absolutely lose his mind… Full Feed
College Students Manage Stress with Coloring Books, Sessions Is Trump’s Attorney General: P.M. Links
Elite college students are unprepared to live in Trump’s America. Sen. Jeff Sessions is Donald Trump’s Attorney General. Rest of Trump’s recent picks here. University of Texas-Austin has a therapy wall for those suffering from PTSD (President Trump Stress Disorder, as I’m calling it now). Male…
Facebook Shouldn’t Bother Policing Fake News—It Should Go Local Instead
Civic-minded technologist Clay Johnson warns that putting Facebook in charge of deciding what’s true isn’t a good way to stop the spread of misinformation. The post Facebook Shouldn’t Bother Policing Fake News—It Should Go Local Instead appeared first on WIRED.
It’s Time to Replace Meter Maids With Riderless Motorcycles
Brigade is a concept designed to keep the peace and keep human officers doing more important work. The post It’s Time to Replace Meter Maids With Riderless Motorcycles appeared first on WIRED.
Big data can’t bring objectivity to a subjective world
 It seems everyone is interested in big data these days. From social scientists to advertisers, professionals from all walks of life are singing the praises of data science. In the social sciences, many scholars apparently believe it will lend their subject a previously elusive objectivity and clarity….
AT&T has cure for ‘texting thumb’ – CNET
Hands aren’t free because you’re folding the laundry? AT&T will let you dictate text messages through Amazon’s Alexa assistant.
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
French presidential hopefuls hold final rallies ahead of right-wing primary
The frontrunners of France’s right-wing presidential primary held their final campaign rallies across the country on Friday, hoping to win over voters two days ahead of a poll that still appears to be up for grabs.
Desire This | The Best of Everything
Autodromo Monoposto Wrist Watch
Autodromo Monoposto Wrist WatchThe Monoposto –literally meaning “single seat” — was created to recall a simpler era of Grand Prix racing, when the only information the driver had was contained in a few oversized dials and the seat of his pants.$1,800 · BUY
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Our last line of defense against antibiotic-resistant bacteria is beginning to fail, says ECDC
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the US, every year about two million people become infected with bacteria that are resistant to anything we can throw at them and of those people, at least 23,000 die. Now the European equivalent to the CDC, the European Centre…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
New magnetic bike pedals take a lighter approach
While many cyclists use clipless pedals (where a cleat on the bottom of the shoe engages a spring-loaded receptacle in the pedal) other riders hate the idea of being mechanically attached like that – plus they may find it difficult to “click in” to the pedals. That’s why David Williams and…
“Standards and norms” needed in space, Pentagon experts say
WASHINGTON — The international community needs to establish expected patterns of behavior in space, despite ongoing worldwide political tension, top Pentagon space experts said. “There is an erosion of some of the commonly accepted standards and norms, and there’s concern about that as folks around…
Ars Technica
It only took 17 years: Metallica’s full catalog is now on Napster
Napster and Metallica, together again—and they look so happy about it, too! (credit: Sam Machkovech) Metallica’s first full album in eight years launched on Friday, and as with most modern albums, it went on sale on a variety of digital storefronts. One of those sellers was more noteworthy than…
Big Think
This Might Be The HIV Cure We’ve Been Waiting For
Some much-needed good news this week. Read More
BBC News – World
World’s poorest countries to aim for 100% green energy
Representatives from 47 of the world’s most disadvantaged nations have promised that they will generate all their future energy needs from renewables.
Internet of Things Set To Change the Face of Dementia Care
The internet of things, also known as connected things, have been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons, but that doesn’t mean they are utterly rubbish. Smart bottles that dispense the correct dose of medication at the correct time, for instance, coupled with digital assistants, and chairs that…
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Earthquake science explains why election polls were so wrong
Polls are not predictors. This is the message that American University history professor Allan Lichtman has been screaming at the world since 1981: It’s not that the polling system itself is broken — instead, polls behave exactly as they’re designed. The problem is they aren’t designed to predict…
Inside Google Shop, where Google is reinventing how it sells devices
 This fall saw Google introduce its Pixels, the Chromecast Ultra and the Daydream View VR headset, and to help sell those devices and show customers what they can do, the company is launching a store-within-a-store debuting in North America at select Best Buy locations in Canada. When it launched the…
Sun Joe iON16LM 40V 16-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower w/ Battery & Charger $149.98
Sun Joe iON16LM 40V 16-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower w/ Battery & Charger $149.98
Hangzhou AN Interior’s Black Cant System Named World’s Best Interior of 2016
Winner of 2016 World Interior of the Year: Black Cant System – HEIKE fashion brand concept store (Hangzhou, China) / Hangzhou AN Interior Design. Image via World Festival of Interiors Hangzhou AN Interior Design’s design for the retail brand Heike has been named the world’s best interior of…
Newswise: SciNews
The Top Eight American Pizza Habits
Americans consume 350 slices of pizza every second, and 15 percent deem it their top comfort food. In the November issue of Food Technology Magazine associate editor Melanie Zanoza Bartelme outlines eight American pizza trends, preferences and consumption habits
Newswise: SciNews
Busting the Myths on Turkey
Turkey is a major symbol of an American celebration and our giving for the bounties we are fortunate to enjoy. Dr. Judith Rodriguez, registered dietitian & chair of the Department of Nutrition & Dietetics at the University of North Florida, discusses myths and facts about turkey.
Newswise: SciNews
New Research Finds Avocado Extract Can Prevent Listeria in Food
A recent study published in the Journal of Food Science found that extracts and isolated compounds from avocado seeds can potentially be used as a natural additive incorporated into ready-to-eat foods to control microbes that cause Listeria, a foodborne bacterial illness that can be very serious for…
Newswise: SciNews
Thank Science for This Year’s Thanksgiving Feast
While the word “thanks” is included in our country’s favorite holiday’s name, we all know the real star of the day is the food. Institute of Food Technologists Member Kantha Shelke, PhD, CFS, deconstructs the turkey-day menu in a series of IFT Food Facts videos that show how science is involved in the…
Newswise: SciNews
How Much Attention Do Drivers Need to Pay?
MiRA, which takes a systems view of the driver in the context of the environment, represents a step toward the detection and classification of inattention.
Kilmer: Congress should collaborate with space industry on regulatory issues
WASHINGTON — U.S. Rep. Derek Kilmer (D-Wash.), a member of the House Appropriations Committee and co-sponsor of space resources legislation that passed last year, said Nov. 17 he wants the government to do a better job collaborating with the space industry on making new regulations that affect the industry’s…
Curbed National
Getting behind Trump’s trillion-dollar transportation plan? Not so fast.
Climate denier Steve Bannon says the infrastructure plan was his idea As President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team starts to make key nomination in Cabinet positions, nothing has been publicly announced about the country’s transportation future. But a few new details that have emerged about Trump’s…
Watch Tesla Model S P85D’s instant speed avoid a potential rear-end collision
 Tesla’s focusing on its work on autonomous driving as a huge potential gain for driver safety, but a video from a Tesla Model S P85D shows that some current features not related to self-driving are actually already helping prevent accidents. Tesla owner Jason Hughes captured a narrow miss in his car…
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The Powers President Donald Trump Will Have to Change the Future
Motherboard’s writers, editors, and contributors have spent the last week talking to activists, researchers, and policy makers about the powers that Donald Trump will inherit when he takes power in January. There’s little sense in speculating about what Trump will do when he takes office, but it’s important…
Keep Winning, Alabama, And You May Be The Best Team In History
There will never be a definitive ranking of the most dominant college football teams of all time — and in a sport in which the subjective act of voting was the primary mode of determining a champion until only very recently, that’s probably fitting. Even the computer power ranking systems can’t always…
Help Us Find The Best Possible Thanksgiving Dinner
Last year, we tried to figure out what every region of America consumes over Thanksgiving. This year, to advance FiveThirtyEight’s ruthless agenda of turning all good things into numbers, we’re trying to figure out the best, most crowd-pleasing Thanksgiving dinner menu possible. I’ve set up a head-to-head…
Why Don’t Food And Housing Count As Health Care?
The federal program that provides food and other services to low-income mothers, pregnant women and young children, known as WIC, can have a big impact on participants’ health. It has been shown to reduce premature births, increase vaccination rates in children and lower obesity rates. Yet as far as…
Digital Trends
Quill will provide the means to create 3D works of art in virtual reality
Oculus VR said on Thursday that Quill will finally be offered up as a beta for public consumption on December 6, the same day the Oculus Touch controller arrives. This will be a free tool enabling users to provide illustrative storytelling in virtual reality. The Oculus Story Studio Facebook page is…
Conan O’Brien visits YouTube Space to try out virtual reality
Late-night talk show host Conan O’Brien recently took a trip to visit YouTube Space in New York City to try out the latest in virtual reality technology. Equipped with an HTC Vive and accompanying hand controllers, O’Brien dives right into Tilt Brush before giving Job Simulator a whirl. …
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Google relents, unlocks accounts for Pixel resellers
After about a day of scrutiny, Google is reinstating the accounts of people who bought Pixel phones on behalf of a New Hampshire dealer and shared in the profits once the devices were sold again with a markup. At this point it’s still unclear exactly how many people’s accounts were disabled because of…
Manhattan D.A. reopens encryption battle with Apple
A top law enforcement official wants to turn back the clock on iPhone security. Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance said Thursday that he wants Apple’s encryption to go back to how it was in early 2014. Back then, police could basically extract any information they wanted after getting a warrant. …
Latest news
2016’s five best internet media streaming devices
A new generation of streaming devices give cord-cutters a wider away of good choices than ever. Here are the best of the best.
Curbed National
5 tiny houses we loved this week: from a reclaimed gem to the industrial chic
It’s true: plenty of families are going tiny Another week, another fresh crop of tiny house news. Here, we catch you up on the standout projects you should know. We are loving this pastel cutie from Jonathan Avery, a designer and builder at Tiny House Scotland in Edinburgh. The…
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Ford CEO Mark Fields looks to a future beyond car ownership
Ford CEO Mark Fields has been moving the automaker into ventures outside of its normal core business of selling cars for a few years now. His LA Auto Show keynote touched on the company’s current undertakings and future plans. Engadget sat down to talk with Fields about the automaker’s post-car-ownership…
MekaMon Augmented Reality Spider Battle Robots
An instant cure for boredom: robotic spider warfare with MekaMon’s smartphone-controlled 4-legged battle bots. The bots are customizable and the UI with your phone’s screen becomes a virtual battlefield where you can fight virtual opponents (or other bots) with missiles & lasers. The first 500…
Lemmy: The Definitive Biography
This is the definitive biography of the last true rock-n-roll outlaw, Motorhead front man Lemmy Kilmister, a chain-smoking, whiskey-swilling, nonstop touring journeyman whose influence electrified generations of metal heads and musicians.  From humor to sadness to deep insights into the mythic man,…
When a City Has Gigabit Internet, Prices For Slower Speed Tiers Drop: Study
A new industry-funded research study, titled “Broadband competition helps to lower prices and faster download speeds for U.S. residential consumers,” analyzed DSL, cable, and fiber broadband plans from the 100 largest designated market areas in the U.S. and found that when a city has gigabit internet…
Jeff Sessions’ Nomination as Attorney General Alarms Civil Libertarians
Donald Trump has nominated Senator Jeff Sessions to be attorney general. Civil liberties groups say that’s a likely catastrophe for privacy and immigration. The post Jeff Sessions’ Nomination as Attorney General Alarms Civil Libertarians appeared first on WIRED.
Here’s Intel’s abandoned wearable, the Basis Ruby
 Intel’s spent the last few years betting on wearables, but things just aren’t paying off. According to sources close to the company, there are major changes afoot at the chipmaker’s New Devices Group, including some major job loss. From the sound of it, some key projects will likely never see the light…
Make a Perfect Cup of Tea With This Clever DIY Gadget
If you enjoy a good cup of tea, but don’t like it too strong, this DIY gadget will make sure you never forget to take the tea bag out.Read more…
Gadget Review
LG G5 Gets Massive $300 Visa Reward Bonus at AT&T Wireless
LG G5 Gets Massive $300 Visa Reward Bonus at AT&T Wireless Gadget Review – Your lifestyle gadget site As far as high end phones with a swappable battery, the LG G5 is king right now on the market, and there’s a good incentive to get one if you’re in the market this holiday season. AT&T Wireless…
Digital Trends
Pair of wacky looking robots from UCLA could be the future of locomotion
If John Cleese once represented the head of Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks, then Dennis Hong, professor and founding director of UCLA’s Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory, may hold a similar position in the fictitious Ministry of Unusual Robot Locomotion. That is based on two robots Hong showed…
Here’s every PS4 Black Friday deal – CNET
The best Black Friday deals on PS4 consoles, games and accessories in one place.
Signal encryption app sees 400 percent boost after election – CNET
The co-founder of Open Whisper Systems says installations of its app have increased four-fold since November 8.
Popular Science
How algae could make global warming worse
Science Not that we needed any help with that Greenland’s hefty ice sheet, three times larger than Texas, is melting faster than ever and contributing to rising sea levels. In addition to the warming climate, there…
FilmStruck is a streaming service for lovers of art-house films and foreign classics
 It might be time for movie lovers to add another streaming service to their monthly subscriptions — FilmStruck, a new service created by Turner Classic Movies. Services like Amazon and Netflix are building up libraries of originals (starting with TV, but also including films), and they’re striking deals…
Latest Items from TreeHugger
The Dorkpod project repurposes electric wheelchairs into ‘vertical’ electric vehicles
On the lighter side of electric mobility, this open source personal transport system is a DIY-er’s delight.
The Green Head – Finds Cool New Stuff!
TreePod – Backyard Hanging Tree House
This ingenious temporary treehouse is basically a tent that vertically hangs from a sturdy tree branch – hammer and nails not required.Click Here For Complete Details
Turns out those FIFA 17 glitches are more realistic than you think
Get on Twitter and ask Neil deGrasse Tyson to list the mathematical constants of the universe, and he will say the speed of light, that pi is 3.14…, and that FIFA games always have insane glitches. It’s an annual ritual for FIFA fans to compile montages of the strangest-looking bugs in Electronic Arts’…
Gaming’s $4.4 billion video-content business is why Warner Bros. wants Machinima
Traditional media companies see a huge amount of potential in gaming-related content, and that has translated into another acquisition. Warner Bros., a hollywood and gaming behemoth, took full control over the Machinima digital-video company yesterday, as first reported by Variety. While a lot of internet…
Next Big Future
China will need to subsidize and import natural gas to reach target of 10% of overall energy mix
China plans to boost natural gas from 6% of its energy usage to 10% by 2020.However, to affect a large-scale transition from coal to natural gas in China will be far more difficult than it has been in the U.S., where the price of natural gas per unit of energy output is much lower than that of coal….
Next Big Future
Elon Musk claims solar roof looks better than a normal roof, lasts twice as long, costs less and generates electricity
Elon Musk says the Tesla solar roof will actually cost less to manufacture and install than a traditional roof—even before savings from the power bill. “Electricity,” Musk said, “is just a bonus.”If Musk’s claims prove true, this could be a real turning point in the evolution of solar power. The rooftop…
Can You Pick Out All the References in This Action-Packed Scifi Poster Mashup?
Your eyeballs may not be prepared for what we’re about to show you.Read more…
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
UK ‘space junk’ project highlights threat to missions
London (AFP) Nov 18, 2016 The mass of “space junk” orbiting the Earth poses a serious threat to future exploration, a British scientist said on Friday at the launch of a project to raise awareness of the issue. “Tackling the problem of space debris is one of humankind’s greatest environmental…
Trump’s national security pick is a cybersecurity hawk
Michael Flynn, the man President-elect Donald Trump plans to name as U.S. national security advisor, believes the government is falling behind on cybersecurity. Trump named Flynn to his cabinet on Friday after the former military intelligence leader acted as the top military advisor to Trump’s presidential…
20 Black Friday phone deals: iPhone, Pixel, Galaxy and more
We’re a week away from Black Friday and that means most retailers have published their planned deals for the retail holiday. Smartphones are a hot item, and not just the big-name one: retailers are listing deals for everything from the Pixel and latest iPhones to budget handsets from prepaid carriers….
IRS Demands Identities of All US Coinbase Traders Over Three Year Period
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Motherboard: In bitcoin-related investigations, authorities will often follow the digital trail of an illegal transaction or suspicious user back to a specific account at a bitcoin trading company. From here, investigators will likely subpoena the company for…
Digital Trends
Just say something: IBM’s AI software can estimate a person’s age based on speech
IBM just passed two milestones in artificial intelligence. From a distance, the accomplishments seem insignificant but IBM Research Audio Analytic’s Jason Pelecanos called them necessarily small steps toward increasingly intelligent machines. The first milestone involved demonstrating higher sensitivity…
Digital Trends
The First Amendment cannot stop your boss from firing you for social media posts
Do you think you can post anything you want on social media and not lose your job? Do you believe that because the First Amendment protects your right to free speech and expression your employer can’t fire you? If that is your understanding, you have plenty of company, but you’re wrong. In HubShout‘s…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
User-friendly drone flies like a copter and like a plane
Fixed-wing drones are more energy-efficient than quadcopters, and can cover long distances more quickly. Quadcopters, however, require less space to take off and land. That’s why some groups have developed drones that take and land vertically, yet transition to horizontal flight while airborne….
Vasectomies are being livestreamed in Kenya to promote sterilization
The World Vasectomy Organization has taken an unexpected step in its efforts to promote sterilization in Kenya — by livestreaming the process on Facebook. A series of operations were performed by doctors on a stage at the Kenyan National Theater in Nairobi Friday. They took place behind a curtain and…
Porcelain Stormtrooper Is the World’s Fanciest Imperial Soldier
Okay, so Hot Toys’ latest Stormtrooper toy isn’t actually made out of porcelain—that would almost be as ridiculous as Star Wars branded printer paper. But it is covered in the traditional blue-and-white designs found on porcelain. None of that explains why it exists though, because this sure is weird.Read…
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Top 5 reasons to cut the cable cord
It’s 2016, which means the end of cable as we know it is way past due. Thankfully, it’s easier than ever to finally cut the cord and be free of those overcharging cable companies forever — while still being able to enjoy more content than you could ever watch. There are plenty of reasons to cut the…
How Japan Filled That Ginormous Sinkhole In Just One Week
On November 8, a massive sinkhole opened up in Fukuoka. A week later it’s gone. The post How Japan Filled That Ginormous Sinkhole In Just One Week appeared first on WIRED.
With Arrival, Ted Chiang Becomes Hollywood’s New Philip K. Dick
This week on the ‘Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy’ podcast, the panel discusses whether ‘Arrival’ will make Hollywood hungry for more of Ted Chaing’s work. The post With Arrival, Ted Chiang Becomes Hollywood’s New Philip K. Dick appeared first on WIRED.
Digital Trends
Allrecipes adds an Alexa skill that will help you in the kitchen this holiday season
Amazon Alexa is about to become your sous chef. Thanks to a new Alexa Skill from popular recipe website Allrecipes, home chefs can now access voice-guided, hands-free instructions just in time for the holiday season — and all the cooking that comes with it. Whether you’re looking to make an appetizer,…
Ars Technica
It’s time to get rid of the Facebook “news feed,” because it’s not news
Enlarge (credit: Aurich / Thinkstock) In the wake of the US election, critics have blamed Facebook for bringing about—at least in part—Trump’s surprise win. A BuzzFeed report showed that Facebook users interacted far more with “fake news” stories about both candidates than they did with mainstream…
Slashdot Asks: Which Windows Laptop Could Replace a MacBook Pro?
Last month, Apple unveiled new MacBook Pros, featuring an OLED Touch Bar, Touch ID, and all-new form factor that shaves off roughly 3mm in thickness. There are three base versions of the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Intel Core i5 processors and 8GB of memory (upgradable to 16GB RAM and dual-core Intel Core…
ThinkGeek – What’s New
Accessories : Pusheen Face Beanie
Make the Most of Your 9 Lives with Pusheen. Don this Pusheen Face Beanie to show off your cute side and to inspire you to live life to the fullest. Based on the adorable comic Pusheen the Cat, this accessory brings smiles to the faces around you. $19.99
ThinkGeek – What’s New
Clothing : Rogue One K-2SO Outline Ladies’ Tee
From an Enforcer to the Rebel Alliance: It’s K-2SO! Finally, the droid we’re looking for! K-2SO is given the attention it deserves on this black ladies’ tee from the new Rogue One movie. Celebrate this unlikely hero from the latest space opera set in the Star Wars universe. $19.99
Capitalism Magazine
Laissez-Faire Capitalism: The Solution to the Oil and Gas Unemployment Crisis
Government-caused uncertainty, such as not approving pipeline construction or imposing more taxes (such as the carbon tax), discourages investment and thus prevents employment recovery.
Capitalism Magazine
Bad Business: The Moral Sanction of the Regulatory State
By clearly and publicly withdrawing their moral sanction of government’s freedom-curtailing and welfare-destroying actions, business leaders can have a big impact on all of our future.
Why Move House When You Can Move On Up? London Loft Conversions Transform Domestic Spaces
When you’re moving up in the world but just don’t have the space to show for it, there’s…
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Why It Matters That Trump’s Attorney General Pick Is a Climate Change Skeptic
Jeff Sessions, the ultra-conservative Republican senator from Alabama, has been a controversial political figure for decades. His early career as a US attorney was threatened by allegations of racist remarks in the 1980s, but he remained popular in his home state and managed to carve out a congressional…
Digital Trends
Have an iPhone 7 from Verizon? Apple may be throttling your speeds
For all intents and purposes, iPhone 7 devices using Verizon should be faster than those on AT&T’s network, but researchers have found that they perform more or less the same. It could mean that Apple has “chosen to not enable certain features of the network chip,” according to one of the researchers…
Digital Trends
Joe on the go: Create your morning cup anywhere with the Brux coffee brewer
While companies like Nespresso or Keurig offer quick and efficient ways for someone to brew their daily joe, their automated machines couldn’t hold a candle to a good ole fashion cup of pour-over coffee. Thing is, hand-crafted java like this does not always achieve high marks concerning easy portability….
Digital Trends
Obama to honor two women who helped shape computer science as we know it
Though there’s an appalling dearth of women in technology today, their role in shaping the industry has not been forgotten. Next week, President Barack Obama will celebrate two of the women most instrumental in helping to shape computer science as we know it — Grace Hopper and Margaret Hamilton — by… Full Feed
Is Donald Trump the Golem We Assume or Will He Usher in Some Good Policies?
So the latest election was the most important of our lifetimes. So much so, in fact, that it didn’t even generate record turnouts. And yet, we must ask: Is Donald Trump bad for the libertarians, that weird, growing, dominant tribe of folks who increasingly comprise a plurality of all Americans? At…
Mises Institute
James Rickards: End Game for the Global Economy
On Mises Weekends this week, our friend James Rickards joins Jeff to discuss The Road to Ruin, his latest book outlining what financial elites have planned for the next financial crisis. Rickards highlights a number of policy tools governments and central bankers have created for themselves, and points…
BBC News – World
Petrobras: Brazil officials forced to give $60m back
Brazilian prosecutors leading a vast corruption inquiry return $60m (£49m) to state oil giant Petrobras.
Santa Clara foams home – CNET
Social Studies: A freak accident at an airplane hangar is causing tons of fire-retardant foam to spill into the streets, and people are tweeting about it.
Apple’s working on digital glasses. Dare I say…’iGlasses’ (Apple Byte Extra Crunchy Podcast, Ep. 64) – CNET
Apple is going all in with augmented reality. Plus, new iPhone rumors hint at OLED, but only on one model.
Major Cyberlocker EX.UA To Shut Down Amid Police Crackdown
An anonymous reader quotes a report from TorrentFreak: Earlier this week, news broke that following a complaint from the MPAA, local piracy giant was raided by police, with more than 60 servers seized and 19 people arrested. That investigation is still ongoing but now an even bigger target has… – latest science and technology news stories
New book explores inflationary media’s role in the Trump phenomenon
As the transition of power begins in Washington and the nation continues a collective discussion on the outcome of the presidential election, a new book is adding valuable insight to the dialogue through its exploration of the media conditions that allowed for the Donald Trump phenomenon to take place. – latest science and technology news stories
Two moose found frozen mid-fight near remote Alaska village
Two moose were recently discovered frozen in battle and encased in ice near a remote village on Alaska’s unforgiving western coast. – latest science and technology news stories
Facebook authorizes $6 bn share buyback
Facebook’s board of directors on Friday authorized spending as much as $6 billion to buy back shares in the leading social network.
10 Tricks to Turn You Into a PS4 Master
Whether you’ve just unwrapped a brand new PS4 or you’ve had one since launch day in November 2013, you probably haven’t explored everything Sony’s powerhouse console has to offer—no doubt you’ve been too busy gaming. Join us on a tour of 10 of our favorite PS4 tips, from upgrading its internals to streaming…
Digital Trends
Pressed for time? Latest Kickstarter project will iron your clothes in a flash
They say “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and for years that has held true for a household staple that hasn’t changed since its creation over 130 years ago. The ironing board looks much that same as it did when it was invented in 1882. Flippr, a new kind of ironing board that is making great headway…
Digital Trends
Surface Book receives driver update for improved system stability
Microsoft’s Surface line of Windows 10 hardware has been the topic of a great deal of discussion lately. The Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, and now Surface Studio desktop are examples of the best that the Windows ecosystem has to offer, and Microsoft doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon. One…
Digital Trends
Personalized 3D-printed organ models show pre-op patients what they’re facing
Long-term, the dream of medical additive manufacturing is to be able to bioprint fully functional 3D-printed organs. That doesn’t mean that 3D printing doesn’t have anything concrete to offer the medical world in the meantime, however. Full-color 3D-printing giant WhiteCloud has launched a new medical…
Digital Trends
DeepMind has an AI bot that maneuvers through mazes and grabs objects on its own
Google’s DeepMind release a paper this week called Reinforcement Learning with Unsupervised Auxiliary Tasks, which describes a method to increase the learning speed of artificial intelligence and the final performance of agents — or bots. This method includes adding two main additional tasks to perform…
BBC News – World
Nephews of Venezuela first lady convicted of cocaine plot
Two nephews of Venezuela’s first lady are found guilty trying to import 800kg of cocaine to the US.
Archinect – News
Compared to AIA letters issued during Obama’s election, CEO Robert Ivy’s statement on Trump is far from “business as usual”
Welp, that was fast. On yesterday’s episode of Archinect Sessions (“#89: AIAWOL”), while discussing the recent fallout over the AIA’s statement pledging support of President-elect Trump, Paul sent out an open call to listeners: send us any other statements made by the AIA in response to a prior presidential… – latest science and technology news stories
Obama declares parts of Arctic off-limits for oil drilling
US President Barack Obama on Friday declared portions of the Arctic off-limits for oil exploration for the next five years, dealing a blow to Republican efforts to expand fossil fuel extraction.
Amazon Now Sells Cars
Fiat Chrysler said it has teamed up with Amazon to sell its cars via the e-commerce company’s site. Not only will you be able to order a car with a simple click online, but doing so will earn you an additional discount. Reuters reports: Initially only Italian buyers will be able to purchase their cars…
Best Black Friday deals at Amazon – CNET
Amazon has just revealed its Black Friday deals and there are thousands. Here are the ones worth a look.
2016 gift guide: Star Wars edition! – CNET
20 ideas to satisfy the Rebel fighter or Empire goon on your holiday list.
Digital Trends
Weekly Rewind: Robot butlers, pizza drones, tech pleads with Trump
In the tech world, a lot happens in a week. So much news goes on that it’s almost impossible for mere mortals with real lives to keep track of everything. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick and dirty list of the top 10 tech stories from this week. Everything from the debut of the OnePlus 3T to smart robot…
10 Cool Discoveries at Japan Embedded
The Embedded Technology 2016 showcased a ton of embedded boards, each with a clear focus on how to enable ‘low power’ and ’embedded’ IoT devices. Highlights include deep learning coming to embedded boards, emergence of smarter IoT building blocks.
Scientists Discover Antibody That Neutralizes 98% of HIV Strains
An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Inquisitr: The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) announced this week that a “remarkable” breakthrough has been made in the study of preventing and treating the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the virus that leads to acquired…
Did a lack of common sense cybersecurity just elect Trump?
SPONSORED: Presented by Centrify. There is little debate that this election will be described as a referendum on the status quo, with very strong anti-establishment and anti-elitist sentiment driving record numbers of unexpected voters to the polls. But that doesn’t tell the complete story. Yes, the…
AWS adds web access to its WorkSpaces virtual desktop tool
Public cloud market leader Amazon Web Services (AWS) today said that people can now use the Amazon WorkSpaces service without downloading and installing a client. Instead, they can use the service on the web after logging in. “You can now be productive on heavily restricted networks and in situations…
Mises Institute
Mainstream Media Goes Full McCarthyite
A A Tags Home | Feed | Blog.rssMedia and CultureMainstream Media Goes Full McCarthyitePolitical Theory 0 Views Senator Joe McCarthy perfected the technique in the United States: whenever you disagree with anybody, don’t debate ideas, go right into name calling. In McCarthy’s day, the…
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SolarCity roofing might cost the same as traditional shingles
Elon Musk might make grand statements, but he has a track record of backing them up with results. Like creating reusable spacecraft, for example. But Musk’s latest sentiments about his SolarCity energy company might break that streak. “I don’t want to commit 100 percent to this yet, but it’s looking…
Fast Company
How To Get Your Finances In Order Before Moving To Work Abroad
Here are five vital things you’ll need to consider before packing your bags. Here are five vital things you’ll need to consider before packing your bags.Is your company offering you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work in the Tokyo office? Have you always wanted to spend a…
Fast Company
The 5 Types Of Clients To Dump So You Can Strengthen Your Business
Sometimes firing a client is the best thing you can do for your business. Sometimes firing a client is the best thing you can do for your business.Launching your own startup or entering the world of freelancing can be one of the most liberating experiences of your life. It can…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
ExoMars sharpens its scientific tools
After a long cruise and eventful arrival, the ExoMars mission gets to work next week as the Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) makes its first observations of Mars during two orbits. The calibration tests are designed to make sure the instruments are working properly and ready to make a detailed study…
Digital Trends
Heated ultra-light jacket keeps you nice and toasty even in freezing temperatures
Winter is on its way, and if you live somewhere that’s cold a new jacket from clothing maker Ravean might be just the thing for you. The company on Friday announced a new ultra-light heated down jacket that weighs just 80 grams, meaning it’s no longer necessary to wear a bulky coat to stay warm even…
How To Cover A Christmas Tree Base: 38 Ideas
Everybody’s puzzling over what Christmas tree décor to choose, what ornaments to make and which style is better this time. But most of us forget that covering or decorating a tree base is also necessary and your tree base décor should correspond to the style and maybe colors of the whole tree. Let’s…
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Intel is reportedly backing away from wearables
When Intel bought Basis back in 2014, there were hopes the acquisition would push the wearables firm to the next level. Sadly, things didn’t go that way — the company’s first Intel-backed product had a tendency to catch fire, and was subsequently pu…
BBC News – World
Yemen conflict: Saudi coalition declares 48-hour ceasefire
A Saudi-led military coalition supporting Yemen’s government says it will observe a 48-hour truce.
Mises Institute
Week in Review: November 19, 2016
A A Tags Home | Feed | Blog.rssTaxes and SpendingWeek in Review: November 19, 2016InterventionismMoney and BankingPolitical Theory 0 Views While the American media is distracted trying to figure out whether to be more outraged by “fake news” or Donald Trump not informing them of his…
Mises Institute
Why the Dollar Remains the World’s Reserve Currency
A A Tags Home | Feed | Blog.rssThe FedMoney and BanksWhy the Dollar Remains the World’s Reserve Currency Money and Banking 0 Views America came into the Second World War two years after it started, but before that it sold large quantities of American goods to the Allied forces: weapons,…
Gear Patrol
17 Perfect Gifts for the Dapper Man
The best gift ideas for the Dapper Man, selected by Gear Patrol experts, to make the 2016 shopping season a breeze. …Read More »
Gear Patrol
The Best Deals of the Week
A week’s worth of epic deals. …Read More »
Gear Patrol
This Week in Gear
A look back at an entire week’s worth of gear. …Read More »
Final NASA Eagleworks Paper Confirms Promising EM Drive Results
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Hacked: Earlier this month Hacked reported that a draft version of the much expected EmDrive paper by the NASA Eagleworks team, had been leaked. Now, the final version of the paper has been published. The NASA Eagleworks paper, titled “Measurement of Impulsive…
Jetson Green
House That Moves With the Wind
Architects Alex Schweder and Ward Shelley have taken the idea of living with nature a whole step further with their newest creation. ReActor, as their project is called, is not just a house, but could also be considered a work of art. The home rests atop a 15 ft (4.5 m)-tall concrete column and can…
BBC News – World
Australia bank fire started by Myanmar asylum seeker
An asylum seeker from Myanmar is identified as the man who set himself alight in an Australian bank.
BBC News – World
Malaysia protesters demand PM Najib Razak step down
Thousands protest in the Malaysian capital to demand Prime Minister Najib Razak resign.
10 gifs showing the best adjustable apartments from Dezeen’s Pinterest boards
A copper-clad volume covered in hatches and a space with rotating walls feature in this roundup, which spotlights apartments with reconfigurable interiors from Dezeen’s Pinterest boards. Read more
Kopupaka Reserve in Auckland wins World Landscape of the Year 2016
An Auckland wetlands reserve featuring “woven” timber structures has been named World Landscape of the Year 2016 at the World Architecture Festival. Read more
“Vertical school” in Melbourne named Future Project of the Year 2016
A proposal for a five-storey school in Melbourne has won the title Future of the Year 2016 at the World Architecture Festival. Read more
Heike fashion concept store wins World Interior of the Year 2016
A monochrome clothing boutique in China has been awarded the World Interior of the Year prize at Inside 2016. Read more
World’s tallest modular high-rise by SHoP Architects opens in Brooklyn
Tenants have begun moving into 461 Dean, a New York residential building by SHoP Architects described as the world’s tallest modular tower and billed a solution to meet the high demand for urban housing. Read more
National Museum in Szczecin named World Building of the Year 2016
A subterranean museum in Poland with a huge public space on its roof has won the title World Building of the Year 2016 at the World Architecture Festival. Read more
LaSelva’s 45 table system has more than 100 different combinations
Spanish-Mexican studio LaSelva’s 45 furniture system for Chinese brand Inyard can be customised to create tables of different sizes and finishes. Read more
These were the 10 biggest European tech stories this week
This week, tracked 9 technology M&A transactions, two IPOs, and 76 tech funding deals (totaling €365 million, about $386 million) in Europe, Turkey, and Israel. Here’s an overview of the 10 biggest European tech news items for this week: 1) French IoT startup Sigfox announced it has closed…
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
WHO declares end of Zika emergency but says virus remains a threat
The World Health Organization on Friday declared that Zika no longer constitutes an international emergency, but it stressed a need for a long-term effort to address the virus, which has been linked to birth defects and neurological complications.
TechRadar: All latest feeds
Get started with uTorrent
Hear the word ‘torrent’ and you probably think of piracy, but the technology can be used perfectly legally to share open source, public domain and copyright-free movies, software, books, music, podcasts and much more. It’s also gaining traction as a legitimate way for artists to distribute their work;…
DailyTech Main News Feed
Black Friday Bundles – Xbox One S VS Xbox One
Black Friday deals continue with Xbox One S and Xbox One system bundles by Microsoft. Not sure which one you should buy, or even if you should upgrade to the newer system? Here are some points to consider.
Big Think
New York Pharmacy Takes a Stand by Introducing a “Man Tax”
SoHo based Thompson Chemists is using a provocative campaign to raise awareness about the gender price gap.Read More
15 facts about Nigel Farage, Trump’s BFF across the pond
It’s the picture everyone was talking about after Donald Trump was elected president of the United States.  SEE ALSO: Men of the people Donald Trump and Nigel Farage pose in golden elevator It showed the president-elect with another man smiling gleefully in front of Trump Tower’s golden elevator. …
BBC News – World
Why Russia’s Cossacks love Donald Trump
The result of the recent US presidential election has gone down well with Russia’s Cossack people. – latest science and technology news stories
Afghan cave dwellers brace against a shifting landscape
Marzia and her husband Qadeer thought themselves lucky when they moved into a 1,700-year-old Buddhist cave hand-carved into the side of a mountain in Afghanistan’s central highlands—it was clean and dry, warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and there was plenty of work on the local farms. But now,… – latest science and technology news stories
Pacific nation of Kiribati establishes large shark sanctuary
The island nation of Kiribati has established a large shark sanctuary that will help ensure the creatures are protected across much of the central Pacific.
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
A new understanding of metastability clears path for next-generation material
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
Trump-Putin honeymoon will soon end, says key Kremlin critic
Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a Russian businessman and staunch opponent of President Vladimir Putin, tells FRANCE 24 that the mutual admiration between Putin and Donald Trump expressed on the US campaign trail is about to end.
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
A decade after quake, Iran heritage site waits for tourists
A major earthquake devastated the UNESCO world heritage city of Bam in Iran in December 2003. 26,000 people died and 30,000 were injured. Much of the city was destroyed, including its famed ancient citadel which dates back to the 7th century. Still grieving for their lost loved ones, today’s inhabitants…
DailyTech Main News Feed
Google Home Smart Speaker – Price Slashed to $99.00
The Black Friday deals continue as the price of the Google Home smart speaker gets slashed by $30.00 for next week. According to Best Buy, you can get the Google Home smart speaker for $99.00 plus six free months of YouTubeRed from November 24th through November 26th. Full Feed
Will OpenBazaar Succeed Where Silk Road Failed?
OpenBazaar—a blockchain-based, fully decentralized online market—makes it possible to sell anything to anyone, anywhere in the word, for free. We know what you’re probably thinking: Hasn’t that been tried before, and didn’t it land Ross Ulbricht in prison for life without the possibility of parole?… – latest science and technology news stories
Judge: Hawaii counties can’t regulate GMOs and pesticides
A federal judge has ruled that three Hawaii counties can’t enact their own bans or regulations on genetically modified crops and pesticides, handing a victory to the major agriculture companies that fought the regulations. – latest science and technology news stories
Huge quake exposes problems in how New Zealand prepares
The huge earthquake that hit New Zealand this past week, buckling roads, uplifting sections of coastline and killing two people, also exposed problems in how the country monitors its earthquake risk and prepares for tsunamis. And it raised questions about whether the city of Wellington put people at… – latest science and technology news stories
Hyperloop One settles co-founder lawsuit
Hyperloop One on Friday said it settled a lawsuit filed by a co-founder who accused former colleagues of nepotism, threats and mismanagement at the startup devoted to revolutionizing transport with super-speedy travel. – latest science and technology news stories
New Ceres views as Dawn moves higher
The brightest area on Ceres stands out amid shadowy, cratered terrain in a dramatic new view from NASA’s Dawn spacecraft, taken as it looked off to the side of the dwarf planet. Dawn snapped this image on Oct. 16, from its fifth science orbit, in which the angle of the sun was different from that in…
Fast Company
This VC’s Tips For Startup Fundraising Outside Silicon Valley
There can be real advantages to pursuing investors outside the Bay Area, if only you know where and how to look. There can be real advantages to pursuing investors outside the Bay Area, if only you know where and how to look.Building a successful startup outside Silicon Valley…
designboom | architecture & design magazine
world’s first autonomous aircraft makes its maiden flight
urban aeronautic’s cormorant pilotless air vehicle prototype has performed its first autonomous pattern flight, including low flight over uneven terrain. The post world’s first autonomous aircraft makes its maiden flight appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
TechRadar: All latest feeds
You might be able to buy your next car straight from Amazon
Amazon is bringing its easy, online shopping experience to the car market, the company has announced – though for the time being it’s only going live in Italy, and you’re restricted to three Fiat Chrysler models.If you are an Italian with your eye on the Fiat Panda, the Fiat 500, or the Fiat 500L, then…
Scientific American Content: Global
The Politics of Hope: Donald Trump as an Entrepreneur of Identity
The President-Elect won the election by artfully shaping and responding to his supporters’ views — Read more on
How lifelogging will become easy and automatic
Lifelogging is dying, right?Gordon Bell, who served as leader of the lifelogging movement since the 1990s, told me earlier this year that he had given it up.A couple of weeks after I dropped the news about Bell, the former editor-in-chief of Wired, Chris Anderson, tweeted that he had quit lifelogging…
Subscribe to Dezeen Watch Store for exclusive Black Friday deals
Dezeen Watch Store is offering its newsletter subscribers exclusive Black Friday discounts to celebrate the busiest shopping weekend of the year. Read more
Man of Many
Tesla’s Solar Roof is the Next Step Towards a Zero Emission Lifestyle
The sun provides more than enough energy in just one hour to supply the planet’s energy needs for an entire year. Solar panels are becoming more affordable, thus more accessible to everyone, now Tesla wants wants to make them aesthetically pleasing. Tesla has launched rooftop solar tiles that look identical…
BBC News – World
South Korea protests demanding president resign continue
Protesters gather in Seoul for the fourth week in a row to demand South Korea’s president resign.
BBC News – World
Donald Trump to meet fierce critic Mitt Romney
Donald Trump is to meet his fierce critic and fellow Republican Mitt Romney, as he builds his team.
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
French secularism: Anti-religious or safeguarding freedoms?
This week we take a closer look at France’s cherished state secularism. Laïcité [secularism], a product of French history and philosophy, is central to how France defines itself. But critics say it is anti-religious and increasingly used to stigmatise Muslims. Is laïcité compatible with a multicultural…
Don’t Waste Your Money on These 25 Top-100 Mac App Store Apps
You could be forgiven for looking at the top paid apps in the Mac App Store to figure out which you should buy. But there are a lot of popular apps on that list that are absolute rubbish. Here are 25 you shouldn’t waste your money on. Of course, the top paid apps are going to change on a regular basis,…
PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Are Cheaper Than PC for Gamers in 2017
When it comes to gaming you’ve got one real choice: console or PC. Sure, you’ve got a range of options within the two, but when you get down to it, that’s the big choice you’re making. Aside from the shape of the controller and the occasional exclusive game, it doesn’t matter whether the box under your…
Technology for the Elderly? The Best Tech Gifts for Grandma in 2016
We’ve officially entered the season of gift-giving. Out of all your family members and friends, gifts for grandma can be the toughest. Sure, you could get her a sweater or pair of slippers, and she’d appreciate the kind gift, but that’s no fun. Instead, you should get her something a bit more techie….
How to Fix the Windows Store and Its Apps in Windows 10
The Windows Store is the central place to download and buy web apps and desktop software for Windows 10. Are you having problems opening the Store or one of your apps? Don’t worry, this is a common issue and we’ve rounded up steps to help you fix it. Many of the errors you might be encountering are unhelpful…
Special Price Drop – $29 For 1TB of Cloud Storage
Today only, snag 500GB of instant storage and 500GB of cold storage for $29. That’s not $29 a month, or even $29 a year. It’s $29 for life! Buy: Zoolz Complete Cloud Storage: Lifetime Solution Zoolz Complete Cloud Storage Features When it comes to discounts on cloud storage, this is one of the best deals…
Save Big On Every Episode of X-Files, a 32-Inch TV, and More [US/CA]
Today, it’s like Navy Blue Friday on Amazon. It’s not quite in full Black Friday mode, but there are some solid deals available right now. US Deals Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet ($223.99, 44% Off) Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet (NV752) Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet (NV752)…
Boost Intelligence, Focus, and Memory With These 5 Brain Exercises
Your brain is constantly working. Even when you are relaxing, the brain is still active, doing a thousand things you aren’t paying attention to. Just like exercises keep your body fit, you need mental workouts to keep your brain fit. With the help of a few websites and apps, you can regularly train your…
Korg B1 88-Keys Digital Hammer Action Piano w/ Speaker System $359.99
Korg B1 88-Keys Digital Hammer Action Piano w/ Speaker System $359.99
Coolest Gadgets
GDU reveals their Premium Byrd drone that focuses on power and portability
There are so many different kinds of drones that are available in the market right now, you would be hard pressed to make an informed purchase decision. Most of them are able to offer more or less the same range of specifications at a price point that you are comfortable with. However, GDU intends to…
Digital Trends
LG is about to drop its class-conquering OLED to $1,800 on Black Friday
When it comes to TVs, 4K and HDR are impressive in their own right, but you’d currently be hard-pressed to find anything that looks better than an OLED TV. The only problem, at least for the time being, is that OLED TVs are pricier than their LED counterparts, often by quite a lot. While they are getting…
BBC News – World
Egypt journalists’ union head gets two-year jail term
The head of the journalists’ union in Egypt gets a two-year prison term for “harbouring fugitives”.
Logitech Harmony 350 Universal Remote Control (REFURB) $15.99
Logitech Harmony 350 Universal Remote Control (REFURB) $15.99
Samsung Gear S3 supports Samsung Pay on any Android phone
The Samsung Gear S3, Samsung’s latest smartwatch device, is now available in the US and UK, and, as you’d expect, it features support for Samsung Pay, the company’s own mobile payments service, along with features including LTE connectivity, GPS, and a heart-rate sensor. But it seems Samsung has been…
TechRadar: All latest feeds
Can your gadgets really live off solar power alone?
Mobile technology is advancing at a startling rate, with the average smartphone now boasting the kind of computational power we’d normally associate with laptops or even desktop PCs. However, one aspect of these devices which has remained depressingly static is battery life. Back in the ‘dumbphone’ days…
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The Morning After: Weekend Edition
Letter from the Editor Still reeling from the result of November 8th? This week, Jess Conditt spoke with professor Allen Lichtman, who saw it (and every other presidential winner since 1984) coming, thanks to insights gleaned from geophysics, not political science. The lesson the professor wants us…
The Next iPhone Will Feature An OLED Display, Says Bloomberg
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Bloomberg: Apple Inc. has big plans to outfit its next iPhone with vibrant, energy-sipping organic LED displays, seeking to entice consumers with new technology that’s already been embraced by other high-end smartphone makers. The trouble is that the four main… Full Feed
What Does Trump’s Win Mean for Food Policy? New at Reason
Eight years of food and agricultural policy under President Barack Obama was mostly chaff. First Lady Michelle Obama planted an organic garden on the White House grounds and sought to work with the food industry to reduce calories, reformulate foods, and promote exercise in an unsuccessful attempt…
Scientific American Content: Global
Where Is Human Evolution Taking Us?  
We asked scientists for their views on the evolution of our species — Read more on
NOAA’s Newest Satellite Will Soon Deliver Hi-Res Weather Porn
GOES-R comes equipped with a 16 channel multispectral imager capable of delivering the hottest, high-resolution cloud-on-cloud action. The post NOAA’s Newest Satellite Will Soon Deliver Hi-Res Weather Porn appeared first on WIRED.
Coders Think They Can Burst Your Filter Bubble with Tech
Since Donald Trump’s victory, a handful of engineers have turned to code in hopes of turning the United States purple. The post Coders Think They Can Burst Your Filter Bubble with Tech appeared first on WIRED.
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
UN Climate summit ends with plea to Trump: ‘Save us’
The leader of Fiji, whose nation is being resculpted by rising seas, pleaded Friday with Donald Trump to join the fight against global warming.
Sorry, Snapchat: The glassholes are coming – CNET
Commentary: Snapchat is trying to make glasses that record video seem normal with its new Spectacles — but that plan may backfire.
Nerd Approved – News For Nerds
The ‘Resident Evil’ Plush Rocket Launcher Is The Ultimate Weapon For Naps
Capcom has created an oversized Resident Evil rocket launcher plush cushion for those days when you can’t decide if you want to blow things up or just hold your woobie. That’s most days for me, so I can really see the appeal here. Plus, it has plush projectiles that are removable. This is a nice touch….
Jeff Sessions And Donald Trump Both Back A Tough Gun Prosecutions Program
Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump’s pick for attorney general, has been an outspoken supporter of a crime-fighting program called Project Exile. The approach has fallen out of favor, but Trump indicated during the campaign that he wants to expand it.I wrote in July about the history of Project Exile, which…
The Awesomer
Kikkerland Crab Multitool
Price: $20  | Buy | LinkWhile it’s not likely to replace serious multitools, this whimsical keychain tool is sure to bring a smile to your face with its screwdriver feet and pincer-shaped tools. Functions include scissors, bottle opener, rope saw, mini knife, and can opener. More Awesome Stuff:…
The Gadget Flow
iPhone 7 Plus Armband by RISEPRO
Now using your iPhone during your workout hours will be easy with the iPhone 7 Plus Armband by RISEPRO. It is a waterproof and high-quality armband that comes with a built-in earphone hole to help you listen to music or answer calls while you are busy with your everyday workout activities. The universal…
The Gadget Flow
SamDi Eco-friendly Stand for Apple Watch and iPhone Regular price
Now dock your Apple Watch as well as your iPhone on one stand with this high-quality design from SamDi. The modern design and practical construction make this eco-friendly stand one of a kind. It is perfect for your modern workspace that will not only keep your gadgets safe from unwanted damage but also…
So you think you elected an autocrat
 Welp. I’m sorry to hear that. Whether you are Venezuelan, Zimbabwean, Russian, Turkish, or American; whether your democratic process has been fatally compromised, or your fellow citizens have knowingly voted in a monster; indeed, even whether you’re right or wrong — I feel your pain. But for what it’s…
Scientific American Content: Global
How Memory Works and 6 Tips to Improve It
Why can’t I remember where I left my car keys? Let’s explore how our memory works and discuss some tips on how to improve memory. — Read more on
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
The best VR gifts for any price range
At some point it became a tech truism that 2016 was going to be VR’s big breakout year. That may have been putting the cart before the horse, as virtual reality is still just getting off the ground, but this year did at least see headsets arriving on store shelves and gaining some mainstream…
The Gadget Flow
Wrensilva Standard One Record Console
Introducing the Wrensilva Standard One Record Console. This stunning piece of furniture houses everything you need to flawlessly spin your favorite tunes right at home. Inside the Wrensilva Standard One is a fully decoupled belt-drive turntable paired with an integrated 300 WPC Amp with HQ Phono Preamp….
The Gadget Flow
Transparent Clear Case for iPhone 7
Make your iPhone 7 still look the same even with a case on by using this Transparent Clear Case. Designed exclusively for the new iPhone 7, this case will cover your iPhone 7 just like it should and doesn’t compromise with the excellent look and feel of your iPhone 7 whatsoever. The TPU case is made…
The Gadget Flow
BLOCKS Modular Music Studio by Roli
Become a master of music with the BLOCKS Modular Music Studio by Roli. Requiring just your creativity, this incredible device allows you to create, adjust, and produce music organically through intuitive gestures. The touch-sensitive playing surface features a large variety of sounds and effects for…
The Gadget Flow
Black Label 6061 Aluminum Bike
Ride in style and with ease with the Black Label 6061 Aluminum Bike by State Bicycle Co. The frame of this fixed gear bike is made entirely of aluminum for highly durable yet extremely lightweight design. On top of the frame of the Black Label 6061 Bike is an Essor USA carbon fiber fork along with a…
The Gadget Flow
SprayPrinter – Smart Spray Paint Technology
SprayPrinter is the smart spray paint technology that lets your spray do the thinking. You can print images on any surface with just a smartphone, some spray paint, and SprayPrinter. It knows where to release the paint making it perfect for creatives at any level. It gives you a new way to express yourself….
The Gadget Flow
LABB Buckleless Band for Apple Watch
Despite the ingenious of the first smartwatch, it comes up short with its band design which is why you need the LABB Buckleless Band for Apple Watch. Rich in innovation, this Swiss band uses no buckles, clips, or loops to remain fastened. Instead, the LABB Band, which stands for Loopless and Buckleless…
The Verge – All Posts
This website recommends novels by making sure you can’t judge a book by its cover
There’s an old adage that says “don’t judge a book by its cover.” And while that’s usually used metaphorically to discourage making judgements of a person or situation based on initial impressions, there’s no reason why you couldn’t interpret it literally to refer to actually judging works of literature….
Cool Hunting
Link About It: This Week’s Picks: Anger vs hate, more gender options on Tinder, animals being funny and more in our web round-up
1. Digitize Physical Prints With Google’s New PhotoScan App With Google’s new PhotoScan app, one can digitize their physical photos at home using only the standard smartphone camera. It’s not quite up to par with a scanner, but it’s a substantial…… Continue…
Donald Trump will wield the biggest media operation in the history of the U.S. presidency
@realDonaldTrump. Breitbart. Russia Today. Facebook Live. Fake news sites run by Macedonian teenagers, churning out whatever gets a click. And, of course, the Twitter bots.  Donald Trump now sits at the head of the most powerful media operation of any president in U.S. history. And it’s already up and…
TechRadar: All latest feeds
Top 7 best email marketing services
The way companies present and market themselves has changed radically over the last few years. With more consumers using internet-connected devices, digital marketing has become a crucial area of business management.Any modern business that wants to get messages out to customers successfully can’t afford…
The tech that will feed the world
 Twenty years from now, the most important tool for putting food on your table won’t be a harvester, combine or a plow. It will be a piece of software. Agriculture is in the process of transitioning into a fully high-tech enterprise. This is a long-overdue revolution in the way things have been done…
Can this electric bicycle wheel power a boat?
The results are shocking, literally Serena Williams dishes on what it was like to work with Beyoncé Eddie Redmayne squirms as childhood footage of him belting ‘Memory’ comes to light Stephen Colbert gives the Apple Book the spoof it deserves Little boy loses his sh*t over a Transformers toy…
20-Pound Gummy Turkey
To celebrate Thanksgiving at Vat19, we prepared an epic Candy Feast featuring a 20-Pound Gummy Turkey, Gravy Bubbles, Chocolate Chip Cookie Stuffing, Gummy Cranberry Sauce, Pumpkin Pie Soda, and much more! Our giant gummy products: Our other crazy foods:…
Privacy Group Sues The FBI, Demanding Details About Biometric Database Sharing
Trailrunner7 writes: A major privacy group has filed a lawsuit against the FBI to force the bureau to release all relevant documents about its plan to share a huge amount of biometric information with the Department of Defense. The lawsuit filed by EPIC (Electronic Privacy Information Center) concerns…
Architecture Lab
Could Chicago’s floating cycle path defy the doubters and reconnect the city?
Plans for a continuous route along the Chicago River include cycling on floating pontoons – like the controversial Thames Deckway in London The post Could Chicago’s floating cycle path defy the doubters and reconnect the city? appeared first on Architecture Lab.
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
8 scrumptious vegetarian and vegan recipes for a cruelty-free Thanksgiving
inhabitat holiday, inhabitat thanksgiving, paleo diet, paleo thanksgiving, sustainable food, thanksgiving recipes, vegan food, vegan holiday, vegan thanksgiving recipes, vegetarian thanksgiving recipes, inhabitat editors Mike Chino, Managing Editor: Pan-Seared Brussel Sprouts 1 lb…
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ICYMI: Wildland firefighting is about to get an AI assist
Today on In Case You Missed It: Lockheed Martin just demonstrated its AI aircraft system that can spot fires and put them out independent of human intervention, while also checking to see if any humans were left behind near danger. The system is supposed to be in service within five years. …
Digital Trends
What’s are TFLOPs, and why do you keep hearing about them?
Whether it’s the latest reveals about the powerful Microsoft Scorpio project for Xbox or the newest release on AMD GPUs, you may see the term “TFLOP” being tossed around. If you don’t really know that this means or why you should care about it, then you’ve come to the right place! Let’s talk through… Full Feed
Oregon Charts an Uneven Course Toward Legal Marijuana Sales
Since she first got involved in marijuana activism, Madeline Martinez has wanted to give cannabis consumers a place of their own—somewhere out of the way where they could smoke in peace and security. Initially she tried to provide this through a series of small and short-lived “cannabis cafés” for…
Nerd Approved – News For Nerds
This Stormtrooper Figure Would Look Great In Your China Cabinet
Behold, the only stormtrooper figure that would look perfect displayed in a China cabinet. The white of the trooper armor is covered with blue floral patterns and an Imperial logo motif. There’s even an AT-AT on the back of his helmet! I’m in love. It reminds me of this gorgeous customized tattoo-style…
Scientific American Content: Global
Killer Whales Are Speciating Right in Front of Us
Killer whales appear to be splitting into several separate species, perhaps because cultural differences among populations are driving them apart — Read more on
Mark Zuckerberg finally shares a plan to fight fake news on Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg is at last detailing a plan for Facebook to fix its fake news problem. Following a week of criticism in which even President Obama weighed in on the dangers of fake news spread through social media, Facebook’s CEO shared a lengthy, but carefully worded, post on his platform  laying out…
The Verge – All Posts
Trump demands an apology from the cast of Hamilton after they ask Mike Pence to be more inclusive
The broadway hit Hamilton has been a magnet for celebrities, and last night, Vice President-elect Mike Pence was the latest to attend. At curtain call, the show’s cast and crew delivered a message to him before a packed house. Aaron Burr actor Brandon Victor Dixon delivered the remarks as the Vice…
Use Hand Warmers to Keep Batteries Alive in Cold Weather
You may have noticed that during the cold of winter that your devices’ batteries tend to drain faster than normal. Very cold temperatures have an effect on their chemistry, but using common hand warmers might save your device’s batteries from dying of cold.Read more…
Samsung Radiant360 R1 Omni-Directional WiFi Bluetooth Speaker $79.99
Samsung Radiant360 R1 Omni-Directional WiFi Bluetooth Speaker $79.99
BBC News – World
Pope Francis appoints 17 new cardinals in Vatican ceremony
Pope Francis has created 17 new cardinals from diverse backgrounds, as he continues to reshape the Roman Catholic hierarchy.
BBC News – World
Syria conflict: Aleppo hospitals ‘knocked out by bombardment’
Days of strikes on Aleppo leave rebel areas virtually without a functioning hospital, reports say.
New York’s District Attorney: Roll Back Apple’s iPhone Encryption
An anonymous reader quotes Mashable: Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance said Thursday that he wants Apple’s encryption to go back to ho

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