Indistinguishable from Magic 11/21

Fantastic Contraption’s Kaiju update adds resizable levels and giant monsters
Ever since Fantastic Contraption [UploadVR review: 8/10] released alongside the HTC Vive earlier this year, it’s been a staple of any Vive gamer’s library. The simple premise of getting the thing to the goal is infectious, especially when combined with the tactile nature of building and tweaking contraptions…
Cybersecurity must be open, replaceable
GUEST: Late last month the Internet was brought to a grinding halt due to a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack launched from millions of infected web-attached devices. And in international news, US officials formally accused Russia of attempting to subvert the US elections via hacking. I spent…
2016 New Zealand Architecture Awards Announced
Courtesy of New Zealand Institute of Architects Incorporated The New Zealand Institute of Architects Incorporated has announced the winners of the 2016 New Zealand Architecture Awards, which recognizes the best works by New Zealand’s architects. Out of the 28 winners selected from 50 shortlisted…
Man of Many
Built To Even Conquer The Cold In Antarctica – Aether Tromso Jacket
This jacket isn’t any regular jacket, it is designed to handle the crazy cold temperatures and blizzard conditions. Named after a city in Norway, AETHER’s new Tromso jacket is made from thick 2L canvas and is seam-sealed for waterproof and wind-resistant protection, while maintaining its breathability….
This 3D Touch Shortcut Lets You See Every Notification in Your iPhone Folder
The iPhone’s 3D Touch makes certain actions a little simpler, but here’s one shortcut that’s easy to overlook. You can press on any folder icon and get a quick list of your notifications.Apple released 3D Touch last year on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. It’s also available on the iPhone 7, of course. We’ve…
Digital Trends
You can now order Uber eGift Cards online
Nothing says “I love you” this holiday season quite like a ride in a hired car. At least, that’s what Uber seems to believe, now that it’s giving customers the option to buy Uber gift cards online. So if you can’t decide if you’d rather give Aunt Ethel a potholder or another cat figurine, maybe consider…
The Green Head – Finds Cool New Stuff!
Football Summer Sausage – Complete with Lacing and Stitches
Tasty summer sausage is made from fresh beef and pork, cured and slowly smoked over hickory fires and then shaped authentically into a football, complete with lacing and stitches!Click Here For Complete Details
Google Opens Real-World ‘Google Shops’ in Canada
Streetlight writes: Google is moving towards a physical presence in Best Buy stores…mimicking what Samsung has done. Hopefully the “stores” are staffed with competent professionals that know what they’re selling and maybe provide some help to those who have purchased Google’s hardware and software….
Dell D3100 Docking Station $99.99
Dell D3100 Docking Station $99.99
Digital Trends
How HBO created a Westworld VR experience that lets you step into the show
HBO’s Westworld is averaging a gross audience of 11.7 million viewers, outperforming Game of Thrones and True Detective during similar points in their debut seasons. So, it’s no surprise the network has greenlit a second season of the sci-fi Western, which was initially inspired by Michael Crichton’s…
Smart cities need banks’ data muscle more than governments
Though governments are vocal smart city champions, some industry pundits say connected cities need the data power of private sectors like banking to evolve. The future of smart cities was explored in a commentary on Payments Source by Hossein Rahnama, CEO of context-aware computing startup Flybits….
BBC News – World
Brazil: No evidence Rio police helicopter was shot down
Brazilian authorities investigating the cause of a police helicopter crash say it was not shot down.
The Awesomer
Butt Light Debunked
LinkAfter debunking a wireless charger, Captain Disillusion ElectroBoom takes on another viral video that shows miraculous electronics at work. This time it’s a guy who supposedly powers a light bulb with his butt. The things people do for Internet fame. More Awesome Stuff: Casually Explained: Ordering…
Digital Trends
Microsoft says Edge is safer than Chrome or Firefox
Give Microsoft credit for not giving up. Even though Google’s Chrome has a massive share of the browser market (2 billion installs served, as McDonalds used to say), the Redmond campus continues to press forward with its Edge browser. Being the kindly tech big brother that it is, Microsoft would just…
The Head Transplant Doctor Has a VR System for Helping Patients With Terrifying Transition
There are few things that cause me to feel visceral horror the way head transplants do, specifically the potential of the body to reject the transplant. I lose it. Now, the questionable neurosurgeon involved says he has a VR system that will prepare patients for the shock of looking down and seeing someone…
Floof, Stupid Science, Catchoo | A.T. #114
This action-packed episode of Awesome Time features guest characters, Stupid Science, and some truly curiously awesome new products (as always!). Enjoy the show! Welcome to Episode #114 of Vat19 Awesome Time! Please sign up for our free email newsletter here (it’s where you’ll get the coupons!):…
Big Think
Democracy Digitized: A 21st Century Plan to Reinvigorate American Political Life
Using technology to make democracy more dynamic hearkens back decades. But today, we have the means to make it work.   Read More
Next Big Future
Bigelow Aerospace CEO calls for doubling of NASA budget to 1% of federal budget
Space entrepreneur Robert Bigelow said Nov. 17 that he believes that the Trump administration should as much as double NASA’s budget in the coming years and make plans for a human return to the moon. The Obama administration, in its fiscal year 2017 budget proposal, requested $19 billion for NASA, less…
Next Big Future
Modular Exoskeleton reduces muscle force need for hard labor by 2.5 times, workplace version available now and medical version in early 2018
SuitX, a spin-off of the University of California, Berkeley, that makes exoskeletons for those with disabilities, has launched a trio of devices that use robotic technologies to enhance the abilities of able-bodied workers and prevent common workplace injuries.The Modular Agile eXoskeleton, or MAX, consists…
SparkLabs names 14 startups for its Internet of Things accelerator
SparkLabs has opened its Internet of Things accelerator program with 14 startups from six countries. SparkLabs IoT has a special relationship with Songdo, a $35 billion smart city being built in South Korea. Based in Songdo, SparkLabs provides a five-month mentorship program, funding, office space,…
Microsoft Surface Book 6th Gen Intel Core i5 13.5″ 3000×2000 QHD Touch Laptop (8GB/128GB SSD) w/ Detachable Keyboard $1249
Microsoft Surface Book 6th Gen Intel Core i5 13.5″ 3000×2000 QHD Touch Laptop (8GB/128GB SSD) w/ Detachable Keyboard $1249
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Twitter bots were rampant during the US election
If you believe one study, it’s not just fake news that polluted the internet during the US election… it’s bogus accounts, too. Researchers at the international Project on Computational Propaganda report that the use of politically minded Twitter bo…
Obama tweets sweet birthday note for his ‘best VP’ Biden
In the most trying times, occasionally a tiny pleasure will pop up to take away the pain, and today that soothing balm is Joe Biden’s birthday.  Specifically, we’re talking about President Barack Obama’s warm tweet on Sunday evening wishing his vice president a happy 74th birthday.  SEE ALSO: Joe Biden…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Light sculpting technique records neurons firing inside a mouse’s brain
Rockefeller University researchers have taken neuroscience closer to achieving the current “holy grail” of brain science – the ability to look into a living brain and see all the neurons firing in real time, with the subject free to move around and perform tasks… Continue Reading Light…
Why nature is our best guide for understanding artificial intelligence
 In living organisms, evolution is a multi-generational process where mutations in genes are dropped and added. Well-adapted organisms survive and those less fortunate go extinct. This is Natural Selection. Resilience is great, but if you don’t grow gills in time for the flood, then tough luck. Read…
Elon Musk Explains How Trump Could Actually Help Tesla
Addressing concerns that the incoming Trump administration could threaten green businesses like Tesla, CEO Elon Musk assured shareholders on Thursday that eliminating zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) credits could actually improve the company’s competitive advantage.Read more…
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Know Your Stars Light Cube
submitted by /u/dirk414 [link] [comments]
Shut Up And Take My Money
Military Style Tactical Backpacks
submitted by /u/Jonathanbike [link] [comments]
The Difference Between Streets, Boulevards, Avenues, and Other Roads
As you drive around a city, you’ll see streets, avenues, lanes, courts, parkways, and more types of roads than you can count. Turns out, those naming conventions aren’t just for kicks. They actually mean something.In this video from the Vox YouTube channel, Phil Edwards gives the lowdown on what all…
Torch Wearable Coat Heater
Torch, a universal, wearable coat heater invites you to get fired up, and take this year’s winter storms by storm. Use the wraparound warmer to up your puffy coat’s game, or trade the marshmallow-in-a-trash-bag look for a more tailored winter jacket without freezing your shiney hiney off. Torch consists…
Next Big Future
US B-21 stealth bomber will double down on improved stealth technologies to beat Russia and China’s antistealth systems
The new B-21 bomber is being engineered with improved stealthy technology able to evade the most advanced air defenses in the world The service plans to field the new bomber by the mid-2020s. The Air Force plans to acquire as many as 80 to 100 new bombers for a price of roughly $550 million per plane…
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Microsoft partners with D-Link to deliver speedier Wi-Fi in rural regions
Microsoft has joined forces with networking equipment maker D-Link to deliver faster Wi-Fi to rural communities around the world.
The Manual
Anthony Bourdain and the Future of Craft
For the new season of Raw Craft, we sat down with Anthony Bourdain to talk the future of craft and what that means for everyone, even if you aren’t a craftsperson. The post Anthony Bourdain and the Future of Craft appeared first on The Manual.
Ask Slashdot: Could A ‘Smart Firewall’ Protect IoT Devices?
To protect our home networks from IoT cracking, Ceaus wants to see a smart firewall: It’s a small box (the size of a Raspberry Pi) with two ethernet ports you put in front of your ISP router. This firewall is capable of detecting your IoT devices and blocking their access to the internet, only and…
TP-LINK TL-SG108E 8-Port Gigabit Easy Smart Switch $29.99 Free Shipping
TP-LINK TL-SG108E 8-Port Gigabit Easy Smart Switch $29.99 Free Shipping
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
The glowing dye that could enable liquid-based batteries for powering homes and cars
Rising sea and atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have made the search for efficient sources of renewable energy more urgent than ever before. While options such as solar and wind power have been gaining momentum, in order for these energy sources to go mainstream, the issue of storage needs…
Giant rats could help fight wildlife smuggling in Africa
Smugglers of pangolins, elephant tusks and rhino horn, meet your match: the sniffing rats. Conservationists in Tanzania are training the rodents to smell trafficked animal parts and illegal timber in shipments from Africa to Asia. The fledgling program aims to harness rats’ keen sense of smell to combat…
Man of Many
Be Transported Poolside with Venroy’s Summer 2017 Line-Up
Venroy unveiled its Summer 2017 line-up through a series of exquisite cinemagraphs that perfectly capture the feel of escapism that the leisure-wear label emanates. Wherever you are, the cinemagraphs will immediately transport you poolside so your mind can unwind. Time away from our busy work schedules…
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Alphabet’s autofocusing contact lens won’t be tested in 2016
Bad news if you were hoping that Google’s (now Alphabet’s) smart contact lenses would be available relatively soon: they’re running into some hurdles. Novartis, which is partnering with Alphabet’s Verily Life Sciences on an autofocusing lens that add…
Fast Company
Bill Gates Is Working With A Swiss Perfume Company To Make Toilets Smell Better
We need better toilets for the developing world to solve global sanitation issues. But before that happens, Bill Gates wants to make the toilets we have smell better, so people are more inclined to use them. We need better toilets for the developing world to solve global sanitation…
Digital Trends
Microsoft, Google, and Mozilla are ending support for SHA-1
The most popular web browsers are calling time on SHA-1, the hashing algorithm for securing data, and will soon begin blocking sites that use it. In a blog post, Microsoft stated that the algorithm was no longer secure and allowed attackers to carry out spoofs, phishing attacks, or man-in-the-middle…
Latest news
BOM gets Cray supercomputer for weather prediction
The Bureau of Meteorology has completed the commissioning of its new supercomputer from American manufacturer Cray.
Amazon’s Already Taking $40 off the Brand New PS4 Pro
Update: Sold out on Amazon, but available at Target for the same price with promo code TECH. Read more…
Skim-A-Round Pool Surface Cleaner
Keep your swimming hole looking pristine all year round by placing the Skim-A-Round pool surface cleaner on the job. This next-generation cleaner monitors water levels and slowly oscillates along the water’s surface to suck up any floating debris. Check it out $159.99
Quick Thawing Plate
Easily defrost your frozen meats using this quick thawing plate. Instead of relying on batteries or electricity, the plate features embedded heat pipes and a microfin structure that dissipates cold and draws ambient warmth to the surface for quick thawing. Check it out $51.99
Wire Tree Sculptures
Create a soothing landscape on your desktop with one of these wire tree sculptures. Each sculpture is handmade from wire to create a small but majestic willow tree swaying gently in the breeze as it rests on its sturdy stone base. Check it out $79.00
Rainbow Pencils
Add a splash of color to your kid’s everyday school carry using these rainbow pencils. Made from recycled paper, these eco-friendly pencils feature a vibrant multi-color interior that allows you to create beautiful little rainbows each time you sharpen them. Check it out $10.49
Physics News
Quantum records fall: most entangled photons plus ‘twistiest’ light
Physicists split and twirled light to generate the most entangled photons to date. Cathal O’Connell reports.
Strangers step in after woman unleashes racist rant on bus
For all its benefits to society, public transport is a relative hotbed for racists to spew hate in a public setting. In Adelaide, Australia, woman is being sought after by authorities after she was filmed yelling expletives at an Asian mother and her child on a bus on Saturday afternoon. SEE ALSO:…
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Signal makes it easier to verify the privacy of your chats
One of Signal’s privacy advantages is that it not only encrypts your conversations, but gives you simple proof that those discussions are truly secret — you just have to compare a set of digits or scan a QR code. Those safety numbers aren’t always easy to use, however, and that has led to people inadvertently…
2016 Winners Announced For Interactive Fiction Competition
An anonymous reader writes: This week IFComp 2016 announced the winners in their 22nd annual interactive fiction competition. After a seven-week play period, the entry with the highest average rating was “the noir standout ‘Detectiveland’ by Robin Johnson,” according to contest organizers (while the…
Archinect – News
The New Silhouettes of New York
Thanks to new concrete technologies, we have witnessed an eruption of very slender, very tall (some might say very crass) buildings. But for every heroic skyscraper, there are more than a few more humble, human-scale ventures — a salt shed, a library, a residential hyperbolic paraboloid (see No. 10,…
There is no IoT
 There’s a general malaise growing around IoT. After years of hype, more hype and even more hype, people are now starting to wonder: Where is this shiny, artificially intelligent, fully connected future of things we were promised? Read More
Discover Magazine
Something really crazy is happening in the Arctic
At a time when sea ice should be expanding, it’s actually shrinking Sea ice in the Arctic has been trending at record low levels since the third week of October — and now, something really crazy is happening up there. The Arctic is heading into the dead of winter, and across a vast swath…
For the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey, All You Need Is a Giant Axe and a Dog
In order to stuff the perfect turkey, you’ll need one cup of celery, one cup of carrots, an axe and a dog, explains prolific inventor Joseph on his YouTube channel. Once you successfully con your dog into chopping veggies for you, you can use that very good boy (or girl) to warm the butter you’ll need…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Flippr gives ironing a timesaving twist
Ironing boards, or ironing tables as they used to be called, have remained largely unchanged since around the mid 1800s, but now consumer electronics startup Sharkk has unveiled the Flippr, an ironing board with one simple difference: it flips over, so you can iron both sides of the garment…
designboom | architecture & design magazine
dubai design week: animating the LED facade of world’s tallest tower
influenced by the incredible stretch of the tower, the animation explores the journey from the centre of the earth to the universe. The post dubai design week: animating the LED facade of world’s tallest tower appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
Fast Company
What Photos Of Toys And Toilets Can Teach Us About Income Inequality
Income, not location, determines how people live. Income, not location, determines how people live.The favorite toy for the four kids of a family in Zimbabwe that lives on about $2 a day is a homemade ball made from trash. For the kids of a Kenyan family earning roughly 50 times…
PepsiCo India taps social media to hire millennials
How do you appeal to a growing generation of workforce that increasingly defies traditional norms and turns to internet for nearly all its needs? PepsiCo India recently went out of its way to find out.  SEE ALSO: Hired wants finding a job to be like online dating, minus the ick PepsiCo India this month…
Walmart hopes (some) Black Friday shoppers will skip the lines for early Cyber Week deals
Walmart made its first splash on the holiday sales scene earlier in the season when it released its traditional print ad touting its biggest doorbuster deals. But for online shoppers, that was just a hint at what’s to come. SEE ALSO: 4 things retailers don’t want you to know about Black Friday Like…
Top News – MIT Technology Review
Canada Moves Ahead on Carbon Taxes, Leaving the U.S. Behind
The defeat of carbon pricing in Washington State contrasts with its northern neighbor, where carbon taxes are now the rule.
ZenBook 3 Review: Asus made a faster MacBook that runs Windows
Of all the ultrathin laptops I’ve reviewed, the ZenBook 3 is most like Apple’s MacBook from a design perspective. It packs a 12.5″ display, an edge-to-edge keyboard, and a single USB-C port for charging and all connectivity. Where the ZenBook pulls away from the MacBook is on the inside, packing… Full Feed
Gun Paranoia in the Age of Trump
There were plenty of agitated and even hysterical reactions to Donald Trump’s election victory, but none more surprising than the one expressed in a direct mail letter I got a couple of days afterward. “Our worst nightmare is staring us right in the face,” it declared. “The attacks will be hitting…
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
Sarkozy’s comeback dream ends in tatters
Nicolas Sarkozy, whose dream of a triumphant return to the French presidency was destroyed at the first hurdle Sunday, failed to shake off a reputation as one of the country’s most divisive figures.
Newswise: SciNews
Rutgers’ Bountiful Cranberries Spreading in U.S., Canada and Overseas
If you drink cranberry juice, munch on dried cranberries or savor cranberry sauce, chances are they may include varieties bred at Rutgers University in the New Jersey Pinelands.
Mises Institute
Is Marine Le Pen the French Donald Trump?
A A Tags Home | Feed | Blog.rssGlobal EconomyStrategyIs Marine Le Pen the French Donald Trump?Political Theory 0 Views It seems fashionable nowadays to compare Donald Trump to Marine Le Pen or the Trump movement to the French National Front. The idea behind this comparison is to suggest…
Researchers are crowdfunding in a last-resort to save the orange-bellied parrot
The orange-bellied parrot has long been threatened with extinction in the wild, but it’s only recently researchers realised just how much trouble the species is in. Each year, researchers keep track of how many of the birds return to their breeding spot, Melaleuca, located in the remote southwest of…
Danish office block by Sleth features cracked concrete facade and external stairs
Cracks in the concrete facade of this office block in Aarhus by Danish architecture practice Sleth provide glimpses of the building’s illuminated interior. Read more
The Week in iPhone and iPad Cases: Customizable folios for the iPad Pro
New iOS cases of the weekThis week’s roundup of new iPhone and iPad cases brings us new picks just as we’re gearing up for the holiday shopping season. Read on!BelkinThe Air Protect SheerForce (iPhone 7 and 7 Plus; $25 to $30 MSRP, $21.75 on Amazon) is a sheer, lightweight hard-shell case that’s a good…
Gear Patrol
17 Perfect Gifts for the Techie
The best gift ideas for the techie, selected by Gear Patrol experts, to make the 2016 shopping season a breeze. …Read More »
Gear Patrol
Deals of Note: November 21, 2016
How to save on Howe pants, a Yamaha guitar and a Gerber hatchet. …Read More »
Gear Patrol
Today in Gear: November 21, 2016
A new aviator-glacier pair of sunglasses, an upstart vitamin supplement company and a carbon fiber polka-dotted pocket blade. …Read More »
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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in the Enterprise
Answers to some key questions about the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence in enterprises.
Digital Trends
Apple has launched its second iPhone repair program in less than a week
Apple has launched its second iPhone repair in less than a week, this time to deal with a battery issue on some iPhone 6S handsets that causes them to suddenly shut down without warning even when there’s plenty of juice remaining. In a message on its website posted on Sunday, the tech titan said the…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Kawasaki’s vision for emotionally responsive, artificially intelligent motorcycles leaves us cringing
Kawasaki has released some details on its future plans to enhance your motorcycling experience with a voice-interactive, personality-based AI assistant. And it looks absolutely terrible… Continue Reading Kawasaki’s vision for emotionally responsive, artificially intelligent motorcycles…
The Top 8 Free Video Editors For macOS
Apple computers have long been aimed at the creative professional, with emphasis on photo and video editing. The only problem is that industry-leading packages like Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Apple’s own Final Cut Pro X series aren’t cheap. Since iMovie is no longer free, decent Mac video editors…
Monday Deals: Give The Gift Of Entertainment (Black Friday Sale) [UK]
Amazon’s Black Friday Sale continues into its second week today. In the run up to the day itself Amazon is starting to bring out the big discounts on well known products. Browse the collection or take a look at our roundup of today’s best. Asus ROG Strix 17.3″ Gaming Laptop (Black) [19% Off] [US/CA]…
designboom | architecture & design magazine
inside grimshaw’s via verde, an apartment complex in the bronx topped with green roofs
in the second feature of a film series documenting some of grimshaw’s most important projects, we take an exclusive first look at a mixed-use, mixed-income residential development in new york. The post inside grimshaw’s via verde, an apartment complex in the bronx topped with green roofs appeared first…
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Piracy ‘significantly’ declining due to availability of streaming services
As predicted by industry, the rates of piracy are dropping significantly now that streaming services such as Netflix are available in Australia.
Latest news
Optus confirms development of in-call digital assistant
Optus is developing and running lab tests on a proprietary ‘in-call assistant’, but said it could not tell what the capabilities of the technology are as yet.
Latest news
Transport for London to track commuters through Wi-Fi
The trial will slurp up user smartphone and tablet MAC addresses when commuters enter and leave stations.
Physics News
World’s First Integrated Photonic Neural Network Unveiled
Neural networks using light could lead to superfast computing.
Nike brings back one of the most famous Jordans
The sneakerhead favorite returns on Black Friday.Photo: NikeJordan Brand is bringing back the Jordan III, the very shoe worn by his airness in 1988, a year when he earned All-Star MVP, a Slam Dunk Contest title, became the steals and scoring champion, and won Defensive Player of the Year. The sneaker…
BBC News – World
Kashmir ‘freedom anthem’ released to controversy
A controversial “freedom anthem” for Kashmir is released in Pakistan, causing controversy.
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Laptop Sleeve – Design – Broccoli Planet
submitted by /u/Dr-Pen [link] [comments]
The Futurist
Artificial Intelligence and 3D Printing Market Growth
I came across some recent charts about the growth of these two sectors.  While each chart commits the common error of straightline parabola growth, with no range of outcomes in the event of a recession (which will surely happen well within the 8-year timelines portrayed, most likely as soon as 2017),…
EFF Report Finds 74% Of Censorship News Stories Are About Facebook
An anonymous reader writes: just released a new report “to provide an objective, data-driven voice in the conversation around commercial content moderation.” They’re collecting media reports about censorship on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr and Google+, and have…
DailyTech Main News Feed
What are 2016’s Best Electronics?
Over the past few months, while consumers have been buying electronics, intelligent hardworking professionals have had hands and eyes on the products. The purpose being, to figure out quality and performance of every, and any electronics put in the market.
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
NASA microthrusters achieve success on ESA’s LISA Pathfinder
Pasadena CA (JPL) Nov 17, 2016 A next-generation technology demonstration mission has just passed a big milestone. The Space Technology 7 Disturbance Reduction System (ST7-DRS) is a system of thrusters, advanced avionics and software managed by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California….
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
Proxima mission begins
Paris (ESA) Nov 21, 2016 ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet, NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson and Roscosmos commander Oleg Novitsky blasted into space this evening from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 20:20 GMT. Their Soyuz MS-03 spacecraft is now safely heading towards the International Space Station…
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
Moscow to mull building Russian orbital station in Spring 2017
Moscow (Sputnik) Nov 17, 2016 In spring, Moscow will consider Russian scientists’ proposal to build a national orbiting space station to replace the International Space Station. The proposal to establish a Russian national orbiting space station to replace the International Space Station (ISS) after…
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
SLS propulsion system goes into Marshall stand ahead of big test series
Huntsville AL (SPX) Nov 21, 2016 NASA engineers installed a test version of a crucial piece of hardware for the Space Launch System rocket in a 65-foot-tall test stand Nov. 17 at the agency’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. SLS will be the most powerful rocket ever built for…
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
Flying observatory expanding new frontiers in the solar system and beyond
Moffett Field CA (SPX) Nov 21, 2016 NASA’s Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy, SOFIA, will soon be studying Neptune’s giant moon, Triton, and following-up on Hubble’s recent sighting of water plumes on Jupiter’s moon Europa. According to recently completed plans for the 2017 observing…
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
New crews announced for Space Station
Houston TX (SPX) Nov 21, 2016 NASA and its international partners have updated the assignments for several crew rotations to the International Space Station in 2017. The changes reflect a switch in assignments for some NASA astronauts, as well as a reduction in the number of Russian cosmonauts on… Full Feed
Brickbat: Bad Shot
The city of Elk Grove, California, has agreed to pay $150,000 to settle a lawsuit brought by John Hesselbein. Police officer Paul Beckham shot Hesselbein while Hesselbein lay handcuffed with his hands behind his back in the back of a police patrol car. Beckham said he feared the man had a weapon on…
GearBest Blog
Xiaomi Tv Box: Xiaomi 3C and Xiaomi 3s【Pre-order】
Original Xiaomi Mi 3S TV Box Amlogic S905X Quad Core64bit Android 6.0 2.4GHz / 5.0GHz Dual Band WiFionly $73.99coupon: GBMI3F Xiaomi Mi TV Box 3S features the artificial intelligence PathWall system that can record your habits and recommend you the content your want. 4K HDR video support, you will enjoy…
Cool Tools
ThorFire PF01 Tactical LED Flashlight
[NOTE: The PF01 has been replaced by the PF01S. The manufacturer claims it is smaller and brighter. This review is for the PF01, which is no longer being made.] As a person who is old, relatively speaking, I have witnessed the transformation of flashlight technology from clunky plastic barrels used…
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Best Logitech keyboard: 5 best keyboards for gaming and general use
Logitech has been making keyboards for many years now and, like its mice, cater to everyone from desk-bound professional office workers to gamers who rely on their sharp reflexes to be victorious online.Whether you’re looking for a keyboard that pairs with several devices including your tablets and smartphones,…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
US seeks UN arms embargo against South Sudan
United Nations, United States (AFP) Nov 18, 2016 The United States on Thursday launched a bid at the Security Council to impose an arms embargo on South Sudan following UN warnings that the war-torn country could descend into genocide. US Ambassador Samantha Power said a draft resolution will…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
UN climate meeting closes under Trump shadow
Marrakesh, Morocco (AFP) Nov 18, 2016 A UN climate conference dominated by Donald Trump’s threats to withdraw from a hard-won pact concludes in Marrakesh Friday amid fears that the goal of curtailing worst-case-scenario global warming may not be achieved without US backing. The first gathering…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Sticky Cell Phones: End of the Line for the Selfie Stick
Tokyo, Japan (JPN) Nov 17, 2016 Are selfie sticks on the way out? Advances in ‘nano-suction’ technology may be pointing in that direction. At Shenzen-based epoxy skin and vinyl sticker maker Dowa Group, hopes are high that its new line of self-adhesive cell phone cases will eventually make cumbersome…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Engineering a more efficient system for harnessing carbon dioxide
Washington DC (SPX) Nov 21, 2016 Despite the vast diversity of organisms on the planet that express enzymes for the conversion of carbon dioxide into such organic compounds as sugars – as plants do through photosynthesis – the efforts to harness these capabilities to transform CO2 into high-value…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
How to stop human-made droughts and floods before they start
Montreal, Canada (SPX) Nov 21, 2016 Alberta’s rivers are the main source of water for agriculture in Canada’s Prairie provinces. But climate change and increased human interference mean that the flow of these headwaters is under threat. This could have major implications for Canadian gross domestic…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Kelp forests globally resilient, but may need local solutions to environmental threats
Corvallis OR (SPX) Nov 17, 2016 The first global assessment of marine kelp ecosystems shows that these critically-important habitats have exhibited a surprising resilience to environmental impacts over the past 50 years, but they have a wide variability in long-term responses that will call for regional…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Study: LED lights draw fewer insects
Bristol, England (UPI) Nov 15, 2016 A porch light and a crack in the screen door can make for an itchy evening. Lights are known to attract insects; some harmless, like moths, others bothersome, like biting midges. But not all lights are equally attractive. Researchers at the University of Bristol…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
New class of drugs holds promise for combating antibiotic resistance
Norman OK (SPX) Nov 21, 2016 A new class of drugs that combat antibiotic resistance has been discovered by a University of Oklahoma researcher and team. In the study supported by the National Institutes of Health, laboratory experiments were combined with supercomputing modeling to identify molecules…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Large forest die-offs can have effects that ricochet to distant ecosystems
Seattle WA (SPX) Nov 21, 2016 Major forest die-offs due to drought, heat and beetle infestations or deforestation could have consequences far beyond the local landscape. Wiping out an entire forest can have significant effects on global climate patterns and alter vegetation on the other side of the…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Cutting food waste saves money for French supermarkets
Paris (AFP) Nov 20, 2016 Cutting food waste is an appealing social goal, but experiments in France found that measures to cut the amount of food being thrown out also saved supermarkets money. Like a number of other countries, France has recently adopted legislation that forces supermarkets to…
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Mutation that triggered multicellular life altered protein flexibility
Eugene OR (SPX) Nov 21, 2016 Just as a boat can be driven off course by a log in its path, a single, random mutation can send life in a new direction. That scenario, says University of Oregon biochemist Ken Prehoda, illustrates how a random mutation sparked a huge jump in the evolutionary course…
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Oregon team says life in Earth’s soils may be older than believed
Eugene OR (SPX) Nov 21, 2016 Way before trees or lichens evolved, soils on Earth were alive, as revealed by a close examination of microfossils in the desert of northwestern Australia, reports a team of University of Oregon researchers. These tiny fossils require a microscope to see and probably… – latest science and technology news stories
Wal-Mart kicks off Cyber Monday on Friday
Cyber Monday is starting earlier and earlier.
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London Mayor Sadiq Khan demands damages over Volkswagen defeat devices
The mayor wants Volkswagen to pay up over “dieselgate” and to compensate the city for lost congestion charges.
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
A nanoparticle boost for solar-powered water heating
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Report confirms scientific benefits of NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Mission
Washington DC (SPX) Nov 21, 2016 A new report provides expert findings from a special action team on how elements of the Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM) can address decadal science objectives and help close Strategic Knowledge Gaps (SKGs) for future human missions in deep space. The findings…
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Space for the masses as helium balloons reach through the stratosphere
Brussels, Belgium (SPX) Nov 21, 2016 Space will soon be within the grasp of everyday people, small countries, researchers or start-up companies thanks to a fleet of low-cost launch vehicles under development across Europe. From remote control drones that can fire rockets into orbit from the…
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
Predictive modeling for NASA’s Entry, Descent, and Landing Missions
Moffett Field CA (SPX) Nov 21, 2016 A spacecraft mission’s entry, descent, and landing (EDL) phases are some of the most dangerous parts of the vehicle’s journey into deep space and must be carefully planned. Because it is nearly impossible to fully test all aspects of new EDL concepts on the… – latest science and technology news stories
Rice farming in India much older than thought, used as ‘summer crop’ by Indus civilization
Latest research on archaeological sites of the ancient Indus Civilisation, which stretched across what is now Pakistan and northwest India during the Bronze Age, has revealed that domesticated rice farming in South Asia began far earlier than previously believed, and may have developed in tandem with… – latest science and technology news stories
Wastewater research may help protect aquatic life
New wastewater system design guidelines developed at UBC can help municipal governments better protect aquatic life and save millions of dollars a year. – latest science and technology news stories
Study examines CEO influence on corporate political activity
A new study by Bruce Rudy, assistant professor of management at The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), examines the influence corporate CEOs have on their firm’s political activity. Rudy’s top-tier research focuses on corporate lobbying investment, finding that individual characteristics of the… – latest science and technology news stories
Ottawa confirmed as the biodiversity hotspot for a subfamily of wasps in North America
What usually comes to mind when speaking about biodiversity hotspots are tropical regions, pristine areas and magnificent forests. Meanwhile, it is quite rare that a city in a temperate zone is considered significant in terms of biodiversity, much less mentioned as a hotspot. Yet, the city of Ottawa… – latest science and technology news stories
Why fingers make handy, if not foolproof, digital keys
It sounds like a great idea: Forget passwords, and instead lock your phone or computer with your fingerprint. It’s a convenient form of security—though it’s also perhaps not as safe as you’d think.
BBC News – World
Afghanistan Kabul mosque suicide attack kills dozens
A suicide bomber kills at least 27 people at a Shia Muslim mosque in the Afghan capital, Kabul.
Bose Corporation Computer MusicMonitor Speaker System $149
Bose Corporation Computer MusicMonitor Speaker System $149
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Ofcom bans BT/EE from bidding on some 4G spectrum
In a bid to bring balance to the UK’s mobile industry, communications watchdog Ofcom has confirmed it will limit BT and EE’s role in upcoming 4G auctions. Next year, Ofcom will sell off 190 MHz of spectrum in the 2.3 GHz and 3.4 GHz bands, upping Bri…
Modern Interior Design & Furniture – Decoist
The Best Kitchen Gadgets for Fall and Winter
Whether you’re stocking up on culinary tools or you’re searching for gift ideas that will please any chef, today’s post is dedicated to kitchen gadgets big and small. Some even transcend gadget status and enter the realm of small appliances! One thing all of these fabulous finds have in common is their…
The Parking Garage that Moonlights as a Sledding Slope / White Arkitekter + Henning Larsen Architects
© Åke Eson Lindman Architects: White Arkitekter + Henning Larsen Architects Location: Piteå, Sweden Lead Architect: Lennart Sjögren Area: 5000.0 m2 Project Year: 2015 …
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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is now the cheapest it’s ever been
Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite is now at its lowest price ever of $99.99 (£79.99) for the Wi-Fi only edition – that’s down from $119.99 (£109.99). Bear in mind that new Paperwhite price comes ‘with special offers’ – which basically means ads on the lock screen when you’re not using it. If you don’t want…
designboom | architecture & design magazine
bandit9 EVE motorcycle is a slick liquid black bullet
the bandit9 EVE liquid black retains features a bullet-shaped tank, taking hundreds of man-hours to perfect the craft of bending a singular sheet of stainless steel into the extreme unibody. The post bandit9 EVE motorcycle is a slick liquid black bullet appeared first on designboom | architecture &…
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The Most Effective Technology in Modern War Is Concrete, Argues Military Scholar
World War I was a war of the future, where the new technologies of machine guns, heavy artillery, and poison gas turned battlefields into hellscapes of the sort that had never before been seen in war. Its defining symbol, however, became something entirely non-technological: trenches. To survive, soldiers…
Canon EOS M3 24.2MP EF-M w/ 18-55mm IS STM Kit (Refurb) $349.99
Canon EOS M3 24.2MP EF-M w/ 18-55mm IS STM Kit (Refurb) $349.99
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MH370 relatives to search for debris in Madagascar
Relatives of missing MH370 passengers say they plan to travel to Madagascar to search for debris and clues.
Smartwatch mod uses accelerometer to “see” objects, gestures
Smartwatches are nifty hi-tech toys, but, unless they mature soon, they will remain as such, toys. In the face of competition from more focused, not to mention cheaper, smart fitness bands, smartwatches have a hard time breaking out of its niche market. That, however, doesn’t mean smartwatches aren’t…
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‘Dark horse’ Fillon: The man who could be French president
The French papers dissect the surprising results of the first ever conservative primary election. The “dark horse” François Fillon came out on top, taking all the press by surprise, with the left-leaning Liberation positively gleeful in seeing “nasty little duck” Nicolas Sarkozy out of the race.
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
Malian soldiers killed in election-related violence
Alleged jihadists killed five Malian soldiers transporting ballot boxes while a civilian also died in separate attacks aimed at sabotaging Mali’s municipal elections, security sources told AFP on Monday.
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Google’s working on a tap-to-pay feature for Android Wear
You may soon be able to use your NFC-enabled Android Wear smartwatch to pay for goods and services by touching it on various contactless terminals, reveals Android Police. The feature, which was discovered by the popular Android blog during a teardown of the latest Google Play Services APK, is expected…
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10 best iPhone VR apps and games
You want the best iPhone VR apps and games? Well, there’s a whole App Store for that, even if there isn’t an iPhone VR headset like Google Daydream View.  Getting yourself into the exciting world of iPhone virtual reality is easy. All you need is your iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus – or any iPhone running iOS…
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What phone has the best battery life in 2016?
Do you want the best battery life of any phone in 2016? We put six of the best phones to the test to find out which had the strongest battery life when being pushed to the limit.Our test features the iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S7, Google Pixel, HTC 10, Sony Xperia XZ and the LG G5.Upset your favorite phone…
BBC News – World
The street-to-street battles for Mosul
The BBC’s Middle East Correspondent Quentin Sommerville reports on the stiff resistance from IS who are fighting back with sniper fire and suicide bombings.
Digital Trends
Barnes & Noble’s $50 Nook fights Amazon’s Fire tablet for your holiday dollars
Barnes & Noble’s Nook division might not be in the best financial standing it could be, but the company’s new Nook tablet hopes to go toe to toe with Amazon’s budget offering and revitalize the struggling division. As far as looks are concerned, the Nook’s mission is to be a very basic, yet practical,…
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Google’s DeepMind AI can lip-read TV shows better than a pro
An artificial intelligence system developed by researchers at DeepMind and the University of Oxford got so good by watching 5000 hours of BBC programmes
Cool Hunting
Buy: Pick Me Up Book
Brooklyn-based artist and designer Adam J Kurtz’s second book “Pick Me Up: a Pep Talk for Now and Later” (the follow-up to “1 Page at a Time”) is part activity guide for adults and part therapy session. Not only are there spaces for drawing and writing…… Continue…
The best video-streaming apps for Apple TV, from A to Z
Apple TV (4th generation): What is it good for? Image by AppleThe App Store might have opened it up to a wide variety of uses, but the Apple TV will always be, first and foremost, a media streamer. Games and weather forecasters and online storefronts might fill the gaps in our viewing schedule, but the…
Fast Company
Genetics Startup Helix Wants To Create A World Of Personalized Products From Your DNA
As the price of DNA sequencing drops, a new wave of consumer genomics companies is taking the science mainstream. Are you ready? As the price of DNA sequencing drops, a new wave of consumer genomics companies is taking the science mainstream. Are you ready?Before his death from…
Fast Company
Four Improv Techniques That Can Help You Communicate Better
Comedy powerhouse Second City uses these tricks to help Facebook, Google, and more build better teams. Comedy powerhouse Second City uses these tricks to help Facebook, Google, and more build better teams.Have you heard the one about the man who took off his pants in the middle…
Fast Company
From Catastrophe To Self-Sufficiency: How The IRC Assists Refugees At Every Stage
From the first 72 hours to a year after a crisis, the International Rescue Committee helps refugees rebuild their lives. From the first 72 hours to a year after a crisis, the International Rescue Committee helps refugees rebuild their lives.Before The Crisis If a disaster, such…
Fast Company
The Future Of Neighborhoods: Five Projects That Show How We’ll Live
Residential life could soon be changing. Residential life could soon be changing.1. We’ll Generate Our Own Resources An ambitious experiment in the Netherlands could be a model for life off the grid.Read Full Story
Fast Company
Inside The IRC: How A Visionary Aid Organization Is Using Technology To Help Refugees
We traveled with the International Rescue Committee and witnessed innovation in action. We traveled with the International Rescue Committee and witnessed innovation in action.Former British Foreign Secretary David Miliband flew from his home in New York to the Greek city of Mytilene,…
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The Morning After: Monday, November 21, 2016
Today begins with the proliferation of political Twitter bots, testing Sony’s pricey full-frame camera, tens of thousands of recipes from your Amazon Echo and LG’s new phone for audiophiles. For a second, we forgot all about mirrorless shooters.24 hours with Sony’s A99 II full-frame camera …
Aukey Mini Wireless Car Audio Bluetooth Receiver $6.99
Aukey Mini Wireless Car Audio Bluetooth Receiver $6.99
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This photo bot will make you smile – whether you like it or not
If you’re feeling like there hasn’t been a lot to smile about when it comes to world news this year, you wouldn’t be alone. But design researcher Tom White has decided to take matters into his own hands.He’s developed a bot called ‘Smilevector’ that crawls the web looking for images of people, then adds… – latest science and technology news stories
Current climate date rescue activities in Australia
Long-term weather data is the backbone of almost all research into climate change and variability. The recovery of historical instrumental data is a well-established practice in the Northern Hemisphere, where observations are available for the past several centuries in many regions.
Mark Zuckerberg reveals his plan to solve Facebook’s fake news problem
Despite previously downplaying the effect of Facebook’s fake news stories, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled a plan over the weekend to tackle the growing problem. In a post on the social media site, the CEO outlined some of the projects designed to stop the spread of misinformation, including the use of third-party…
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Obama says he can’t pardon Snowden, even though he could
President Barack Obama suggested in an interview last week that he won’t pardon Edward Snowden because the former NSA contractor “hasn’t gone before a court,” though Snowden’s advocates have disputed his reasoning, pointing to historical precedent. “I can’t pardon somebody who hasn’t gone before a court…
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Build your own tiny house with Bunk Box plans
If interested in owning a tiny house, you could purchase one from a specialist firm, but for handy types happy to roll up their sleeves, Portland Alternative Dwellings has collaborated with Shelter Wise to offer plans for its Bunk Box. On the small side, even for a tiny house, this model looks…
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
French police thwart terror plot, seven arrested in Strasbourg and Marseille
France said it had foiled a militant plot and arrested seven people in the southern port city of Marseille and the eastern city of Strasbourg.
India’s newest highway doubles up as runway for fighter jets to land
The Agra-Lucknow expressway, India’s longest greenfield expressway, was inaugurated today by the Uttar Pradesh state government — and it did so in grand style.  Six fighters jets of the Indian Air Force performed simulated touch-down to celebrate the grand opening, with Chief Minister of the northern…
How-To Geek
How to Block Robocalls and Telemarketers
Modern robocalls aren’t just telemarketers trying to sell you something. They’re often scammers trying to trick you into parting with your money or identity information. So how do you stop them from coming in?Click Here to Continue Reading
The Next Web
Watch out: ɢ isn’t the same as
If you don’t watch where you’re going on the internet, you might be headed down a dark alley before you know it. Like a lot of big websites, we use Google Analytics to keep track of traffic on TNW. A few weeks ago, however, we spotted something that looked a bit out of the ordinary. Yep, that’s some…
TORQ TORQX Random Orbital Polisher Kit (8 Items) $93.59
TORQ TORQX Random Orbital Polisher Kit (8 Items) $93.59
Digital Trends
Your next TV will pack more than just additional pixels
I got my first flat panel TV in 2006, a 37-inch Vizio. I set it up and installed it myself, which is pretty slick considering it took three guys to haul out the 95-lb., 32-inch JVC tube TV monster it replaced. I felt like I was on the bleeding edge of technology then, faced with tough first-world decisions…
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A new JBL speaker is the ultimate gift this Black Friday or Christmas
Want to be blasting out Christmas songs from a brand new speaker on December 25 this year? Black Friday is the perfect time to grab a new JBL speaker or ask someone else to get you one as a present. JBL has a new range of portable speakers which offer phenomenal sound quality and great design choices.Alongside… – latest science and technology news stories
Molecular ‘sands of time’ identified for fruitfly development
Okayama University have identified genes and processes responsible for pupation timing in the development of fruit fly larvae into adult insects. – latest science and technology news stories
Mate-guarding behaviour favours a familiar face
Okayama University researchers confirm the role of mate-guarding in males for blocking the female’s visual familiarity with rival males to improve mating success in a medaka fish model. – latest science and technology news stories
Australia’s oldest ornament found in Kimberley region
Australia’s oldest-known piece of Indigenous jewellery has been unearthed in the Kimberley region of northern Australia by archaeologists at The Australian National University (ANU). – latest science and technology news stories
Lensless camera technology for adjusting video focus after image capture
Hitachi today announced the development of a camera technology that can capture video images without using a lens and adjust focus after image capture by using a film imprinted with a concentric-circle pattern instead of a lens. This camera technology makes it possible to make a camera lighter and thinner… – latest science and technology news stories
Fall cover crops for livestock grazing may improve soil health, protect environment
Adding a cover crop that livestock can graze to the rotation plan can improve soil health and help protect the environment. That’s the premise behind a four-year, nearly $4 million U.S. Department of Agriculture project, spearheaded by South Dakota State University assistant professor Sandeep Kumar of… – latest science and technology news stories
Camera-trap project captures hundreds of thousands of Michigan wildlife selfies
University of Michigan wildlife ecologist Nyeema Harris and graduate student Corbin Kuntze are deep in the woods in the southeast corner of the U-M Biological Station, a 10,000-acre property at the northern tip of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. – latest science and technology news stories
Forming stars in the early universe
The first stars appeared about one hundred million years after the big bang, and ever since then stars and star formation processes have lit up the cosmos. When the universe was about three billion years old, star formation activity peaked at rates about ten times above current levels. Why this happened,… – latest science and technology news stories
How an enhanced cap-and-trade system can help the world’s top carbon emitter cut emissions and improve air quality
For the past 30 years, China has tapped coal for about two-thirds of its energy needs, resulting in carbon dioxide and particulate emissions that have significantly degraded the nation’s air quality and impacted the global climate. In an effort to address both concerns and provide a backup fuel for intermittent… – latest science and technology news stories
How social media is energising crisis response
Natural disasters, such as the recent Hurricane Matthew in the Caribbean, present a huge challenge for governments, non-governmental organisations, and of course the individuals and communities affected. – latest science and technology news stories
Geneticists on cutting edge of effort to save ash trees
When Kim Steiner created an ash plantation on the edge of Penn State’s University Park campus in 1978, few Americans thought about “climate change,” no one had heard of the emerald ash borer, and the Yankees beat the Dodgers in the World Series, swinging primarily bats made from ash.
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Obama’s Science Advisors Are Worried About Future CRISPR Terrorism
Last week the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST), which consists of 18 scientists and policy experts in various disciplines, issued a letter to President Obama on the potential emergence of new forms of bioterrorism.“While the ongoing growth of biotechnology is a great…
Facebook working with fact-checkers to weed out fake news
Returning to the controversy over fake news on the social networking site, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said over the weekend that the company was working with fact-checking organizations to put in place third-party verification of the authenticity of news on its site. Facebook has been criticized…
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These on-demand drone lights are a clever idea
UK insurer Direct Line has a clever idea: drone streetlights you summon on your phone and that follow you around when you need them. As the video above shows, this is very much a marketing campaign rather than a real service, but the software behind it is open source and the company’s execution is convincing….
Like. Visit. Post. Repeat. Travel the Instagram Way!
Thanks to Instagram, every jaw-dropping vista on the planet is just a hashtag away. The post Like. Visit. Post. Repeat. Travel the Instagram Way! appeared first on WIRED.
Essential Travel Gear for the Frequent Flier
In 10 years (or 110) you’ll just teleport everywhere. But for now, you need good gear to make your trip a treat. The post Essential Travel Gear for the Frequent Flier appeared first on WIRED.
Why the Layover Is the New Vacation
Airlines are now offering free extended stopovers on the way to many popular destinations, and it’s making the stopover locales a destination in themselves. The post Why the Layover Is the New Vacation appeared first on WIRED.
Follow the Robot in the Airport of the Future
We searched terminals around the world for the smartest innovations and mashed them all into one. The post Follow the Robot in the Airport of the Future appeared first on WIRED.
How to Use Google Maps to Plan an Awesome Vacation
With a custom Google Map, you can compile tips and recommendations from friends into a handy guide that will make you feel like a local. The post How to Use Google Maps to Plan an Awesome Vacation appeared first on WIRED.
7 Vehicles—and Fellow Passengers—of the Future
Better methods of travel will emerge soon. But no matter the vehicle’s greatness, you’ll still have to battle seatmates for total armrest domination. The post 7 Vehicles—and Fellow Passengers—of the Future appeared first on WIRED.
6 Must-Have Apps for the Worldly Traveler
A few key apps like Uber, Google Trips, and Google Translate will smooth out of any itinerary. But for a real power-up, try these ninja-level favorites. The post 6 Must-Have Apps for the Worldly Traveler appeared first on WIRED.
The Plane Truth: Private Jet Vs. Commercial Airliner
As the Gulfstream set gets sweeter amenities, some of those perks do trickle down to us peons smooshed in row 97. The post The Plane Truth: Private Jet Vs. Commercial Airliner appeared first on WIRED.
Sleep Tight in a Smartly Designed Microhotel
In stylish new microhotels, architects deploy tech and minimalist design to fold a lot of amenities into small spaces. The post Sleep Tight in a Smartly Designed Microhotel appeared first on WIRED.
Review: Nerf N-Strike Elite Terrascout Remote Control Drone Blaster
Terrorize your children and pets with Nerf’s rolling commando tank. The post Review: Nerf N-Strike Elite Terrascout Remote Control Drone Blaster appeared first on WIRED.
NOAA GOES-R weather satellite launch goes off without a hitch
NASA has announced a successful launch of a highly advanced National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather satellite. The satellite is called the NOAA Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite-R or GOES-R. The launch happened at 6:42 p.m. EST on November 19 at Cape Canaveral Air…
New Scientist – Online news
Window to hell: Io’s strongest volcano changes face as we watch
The innermost moon of Jupiter is in an almost constant state of eruption – and its most persistent volcano, Loki Patera, keeps an unsteady rhythm Physics News
A new method to study interactions between electrons in solids and molecules
Researchers at the University of Jyväskylä in collaboration with research groups in Italy, England and Germany have developed a new method to study interactions between electrons in solids and molecules. “This method was applied to study the properties of metals and solved some longstanding open problems,”…
BBC News – World
Images show villages ‘razed’ in Myanmar
Satellite images of locked-down areas in Myanmar appear to show new destruction of Rohingya homes.
A Drunken Astronomer, a 2,500 Year Old Brew, and a Lost City Older than Machu Picchu
This week we’re looking into whether polygraph (aka lie detector) tests actually work, checking out a Bronze Age brew that really should be made today, an astronomer whose name you may not know, and more! Welcome to Lifehacker’s Monday Brain Buffet, a series where we round up interesting, informative,…
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Microsoft reveals minimum PC specs for Windows 10 VR headsets
Microsoft is planning to support virtual reality experiences for all Windows 10 PCs as part of the Creators Update next year. While HTC’s Vive and Oculus’ Rift use their own custom software, Microsoft is attempting to create its own VR platform with Windows Holographic, the same environment that powers…
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Watch the Earth from the ISS observatory in a 4K 360 video
International Space Station (ISS) crew work pretty hard, but when they do get time off, they often head to the “Cupola,” according to Andrey Borisenko. The Russian cosmonaut shows us what it’s like to hang around the space station’s observational dome, thanks to a new 360 degree, 4K video from Russia’s…
Spectacles finally arrive in NYC with a Central Park Snapbot store
 Snapchat has been dropping its Spectacles-selling Snapbot vending machines at various spots across the country, but Monday marks the first time it’s put them on the east coast – and the new location is smack dab in the middle of NYC at the southeast corner of Central Park. And the good news is this…
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The best web browser 2016
The best web browser 2016 Are you getting the best of the web? We all have our preferred web browser, and generally won’t even think about changing unless something goes disastrously wrong. According to the statistics, most of us opt for Google Chrome – but is it the best?We’ve rounded up the best web…
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The best Black Friday deals 2016: all the best UK deals on one page
Black Friday is now just five days away and we’re listing all of the best Black Friday deals at the UK’s biggest retailers in the run-up. On Black Friday itself we’ll be updating constantly all day, bringing you all of the best deals so you don’t miss out!Amazon, Argos and Currys have already gone live…
Popular Science
How to eat as much food as humanly possible this Thanksgiving
DIY Get stuffed Filling up too fast on a good holiday meal means you won’t manage to grab seconds or thirds of all the best dishes. You need to maximize your food intake—here’s how.
Latest news
Poor smartphone signal, battery life? This breakthrough antenna could be the answer
Aalto University researchers in Helsinki have come up with a new antenna design that has wide potential performance benefits for smartphones.
Latest news
Samsung will not make cars following Harman deal, execs say
Samsung will not make automobiles and stay a tier-1 components supplier after its $8 billion purchase of Harman, senior executives of both companies stressed.
Latest news
Your car will be recalled in 2017 thanks to poor open-source security
Security experts believe yet another open-source software security catastrophe is on the horizon — but this time, your car is the target.
Latest news
How Liberty is remaking the department store for the internet age
Iconic department store Liberty is embracing mobile and the internet: here’s how.
Latest news
Microsoft’s next big bet? Clue: it’s just hired four top quantum computing scientists
Microsoft says it’s doubling down on quantum computing after nabbing four top scientists who will work with a Microsoft hardware veteran to turn research into reality.
Latest news
Reimagining Finance: Cloud First
Though many analyst firms agree that finance applications are gradually moving to the cloud, the concrete benefits might not be equally understood. Apart from the benefits of lower TCO, cloud deployment of financial applications primarily provides three strategic benefits:
Linq mixed-reality headset projects games onto the real world
There are lots of virtual reality headsets on the market that will allow you to play video games that make you feel as if you are in another world. Linq has a new headset that is different from the other virtual reality headsets on the market today that it is calling a mixed reality headset. The big…
Scientific American Content: Global
Are Lefties Physically or Psychologically More Vulnerable?
Stephen Christman, a professor of psychology at the University of Toledo, explains — Read more on
Larger-screened iPhones will see AAPL’s gross margin continue to decline, say analysts
Analysts are predicting that there is no end in sight to the decline in gross margin on the iPhone. Bernstein Research analysts (via Business Insider) are predicting that it will fall below 40% for the first time next year, and fall again to 39% in 2018. Other analysts agree. A chart put together…
Walmart Tests Blockchain For Use In Food Recalls
An anonymous reader quotes a Bloomberg article about Walmart: Like most merchants, the world’s largest retailer struggles to identify and remove food that’s been recalled. When a customer becomes ill, it can take days to identify the product, shipment and vendor. With the blockchain, Wal-Mart will be…
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Thanksgiving distractions, flying cars, foot selfies, and more in the week ahead
It’s Thanksgiving week in the US which means we’re just days away from Black Friday. We’ve got all the best deals rounded up in a single storystream for you to pick through, and we’ll be highlighting our favorites in the days ahead. Check out our Holiday Gift Guide if you’re still in need of ideas. …
Half of surveyed U.S. businesses admitted to suffering a ransomware attack
Expect to hear more, not less, about ransomware next year.A recent survey of 500 businesses revealed that nearly half were slammed by a ransomware attack within the last 12 months; 85 percent suffered from three or more attacks, with six being the average for how many times an organization was a victim…
BBC News – World
Trump presidency: Obama says he may comment as citizen
President Obama says he may speak up, against tradition, if his successor threatens “core values”.
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You Can Adopt a Piece of Space Junk and It Will Tweet at You
On Friday a number of movers and shakers in the space sector met at London’s Royal Astronomical Society to support the launch of ‘Adrift,’ an interactive art project that aims to raise awareness about the dangers of space debris.In the 60 years since the launch of Sputnik I—the first artificial object…
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Atlanta unveils first ever soccer field inside a transit station
Related: Beautiful solar-powered soccer facility stays naturally cool in Australia’s heat
60 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts Every Office Worker Should Know
Of course, you may not need all 60 of these, but knowing them will make you flexible, fast, and ready to work with whatever tool you’re presented with, whether it’s a Windows PC, a Mac, an Excel spreadsheet, or a Powerpoint slideshow. Plus, there are extras in here for Gmail and Chrome to boot.The graphic…
Ultimate guide to setting up a small business Wi-Fi network
A peek inside a typical small business today will likely reveal lots of wireless devices, with little, if any, wired hardware in evidence. Problems could occur, however, if the small business deploys consumer-centric access points targeted at home users.To read this article in full or to leave a comment,…
16 Tips To Improve Your Model-Making Skills
© Tim Viktorsson Virtual 3D Modeling has for decades been increasing in its popularity, yet hand-made models are far from extinct. Perhaps a reason for this is that despite the “3D” in “3D modeling,” viewing those models on a screen or print is still, effectively, two-dimensional. A physical… – latest science and technology news stories
British prime minister to pledge investment into R&D
British Prime Minister Theresa May offered business leaders a trade-off Monday, pledging more investment in science and technology while insisting that the benefits of private enterprise must be more evenly spread around the country. – latest science and technology news stories
Africa looks to solar for communities off the grid
Above the sacks of seeds and coal, three kerosene lamps gather dust in the tiny shed that Kenyan chicken farmer Bernard calls home. – latest science and technology news stories
Archaeologists use IT to help uncover the past
During his tenure as an archaeologist, Indiana Jones wasn’t much concerned about preserving historical sites and landmarks. He pilfered precious artifacts, set off booby traps willy nilly and damaged valuable potential research sites in all his movies. – latest science and technology news stories
Bacterial mechanism converts nitrogen to greenhouse gas
Cornell researchers have discovered a biological mechanism that helps convert nitrogen-based fertilizer into nitrous oxide, an ozone-depleting greenhouse gas. The paper was published online Nov. 17 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. – latest science and technology news stories
After warm autumn, La Nina could bring more seasonal conditions
After an unusually mild autumn, a weak La Nina system could bring more seasonal conditions to much of Indiana this winter, according to the latest long-range outlook from the Indiana State Climate Office based in the Department of Agronomy at the Purdue University College of Agriculture.
Gadget Review
Best Standing Desk Mat
Best Standing Desk Mat Gadget Review – Your lifestyle gadget site To find the best standing desk mat we looked for one key factor: thickness. Which is why our #1 pick is the Anti Fatigue Mat from Sky Solutions ($59.97) measuring 0.75 inches in thickness, which is a great size for long-term comfort….
Google, Facebook, and Microsoft Are Remaking Themselves Around AI
Artificial intelligence is not only reshaping the technology these tech giants use but how they organize and operate their businesses. The post Google, Facebook, and Microsoft Are Remaking Themselves Around AI appeared first on WIRED.
South American Volcanoes Let Off Some Spectacular Ash Puffs
Two South American volcanoes have some of the largest explosions they have experienced all year. The post South American Volcanoes Let Off Some Spectacular Ash Puffs appeared first on WIRED.
Best of Android flagship phones of H2 2016 – The Pros and Cons
The year is about to come to a close, but before that is, of course, the holidays and the shopping season and the shopping that goes along with it. If you’ve been waiting until then to make that long-planned high-end smartphone purchase, either for yourself or a lucky, special someone, the good news…
Gentrification’s Image Problem and How It Has Been Villified
Revitalização da High Line, linha férrea desativada de Nova York, elevou os preços dos imóveis da região. Image © Steven Severinghaus, via Flickr. CC The idea of revitalizing a public space by bringing improvement that brings people together should not generate suspicion or fear. However,…
Cute Chinese robot loses control, smashes window and injures someone
A Chinese-made robot had an accident at a Shenzhen tech trade fair over the weekend, smashing a glass window and injuring someone standing nearby. On Friday the robot, which its maker, Beijing Science and Technology, affectionately calls 小胖 (Xiao Pang, or “Chubby”), wheeled itself into the glass pane…
Google opens new AI lab and invests $3.4M in Montreal-based AI research
 Google has invested a total of $4.5 million CAD ($3.4M US) in AI research in Montreal’s Institute for Learning Algorithms, with an academic fund covering three years that will help pay for seven faculty members across various Montreal academic institutions, including the University of Montreal and McGill…. Full Feed
10 Things Libertarians Need to Know About Trump and Pence, Hamilton, and Political Correctness
You might have heard about the latest cultural outrage incident: Vice President-Elect Mike Pence attended a performance of the mega-hit musical Hamilton and, after it was over, a member of the cast read a brief statement expressing “alarm and anxiousness” about President-Elect Donald Trump’s policies….
Use Brief (or Automated) Responses to Deal With Work Emails On Holidays
You probably shouldn’t get emails from your boss on holidays, but it might happen anyway. In those situations, use brief responses that say you’ll deal with it later to respond. Or better yet, set up a vacation auto-responder.As advice site The Muse explains, if you respond to work emails on holidays…
BBC News – World
In pictures: Steel ladder makes 800m climb easier
A group of children in Sichuan, China, have a new ladder to assist their 800-metre climb down to school.
Digital Trends
One of Android Wear’s most needed features is being tested by Google
Android Pay has taken a step closer to being made available on an Android Wear smartwatch, rather than solely on a smartphone. References to the payment technology being added to Android Wear have been discovered in the latest version 10.0 release of Google Play Services, the app that makes updating…
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Download of the day: Total Uninstall
You’ve got to love the uninstall button in Windows’ Control Panel, and by “love” we mean “click in the vain hope that just once, just this once, the program you want to uninstall will actually uninstall without leaving stuff all over the place.”If that sounds familiar, it’s time for Total Uninstall…. – latest science and technology news stories
Study examines effectiveness of conservation investments and programs
Are conservation investments and programs achieving their intended goals on U.S. rangelands? A recently published paper in Ecological Applications determined the answer is no, and outlined ways to improve their effectiveness and outcomes. – latest science and technology news stories
Test flights demonstrate new concept for ocean color retrieval
The Multi-Slit Optimized Spectrometer (MOS) prototype instrument is an airborne sensor designed to demonstrate and validate the multislit concept for hyperspectral ocean color retrievals with real-world scenes. The instrument design represents a new option for hyperspectral sensing: MOS multiplexes a… – latest science and technology news stories
Only half of a chromosome is DNA, study finds
DNA makes up only half of the material inside chromosomes – far less than was previously thought – a study has revealed. – latest science and technology news stories
If we find ET, don’t talk to it, says the man who wants to find ET
The question of whether there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe has been asked by people for many years.
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
Pope Francis permanently extends priests’ right to forgive abortion
Pope Francis on Monday extended indefinitely to all Roman Catholic priests the power to forgive abortion, a right previously reserved for bishops or special confessors.
BBC News – World
Yemen conflict: No extension to 48-hour truce
The Saudi-led coalition fighting Houthi rebels in Yemen says a 48-hour truce will not be extended.
BBC News – World
India train: Rescuers end search for survivors at crash site
The search for survivors after a train crash ends in India, with at least 142 people confirmed dead.
Essentials: Leather
Better than flannel.
What does Trump mean for tech M&A?
 After Donald Trump’s unexpected presidential victory earlier this month, the tech community has been trying to assess how the new administration will impact them. There are concerns that there will be fewer H-1B visas for engineers, making it harder to hire the world’s best talent. People also interpret…
Scientific American Content: Global
The Personality of Political Correctness
The idea of political correctness is central to the culture wars of American politics — Read more on
Nerd Approved – News For Nerds
Take A Look At Disney’s Upcoming ‘Star Wars’ Land After Dark
Disney recently unveiled some new concept art for their upcoming Star Wars-themed attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida. The art was revealed at a D23: Destination D presentation at Disney World, where it was also revealed that the popular Star Tours — the Adventure Continues…
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
China to Trump: Climate change is not a hoax
China just rejected US President-elect Donald Trump’s widely derided claim that global warming is a Chinese hoax created to bolster the country’s manufacturing sector.
The States With the Happiest Workers In America
Where you live can have a huge impact on how happy you are with your career. The above graphic shows where you’re most likely to find exceptionally happy workers, and where people are the least happy.Read more…
This 593-Foot Free Throw Might Be the Greatest Basketball Shot Ever Made
If you thought those cross-court, buzzer-beating basketball shots you’ll find all over YouTube were impressive, you’ll be blown away by the How Ridiculous team’s latest stunt. They set an official Guinness World Record with this 593-foot free throw made from the top of the Mauvoisin Dam in Switzerland.Read…
Which Republican Senators Are Most Likely To Fight Trump?
Out of the rubble of the Nov. 8 election, Democrats managed to pick up two U.S. Senate seats from Republicans — in Illinois and New Hampshire — while holding on to all of their own. It was an underwhelming performance given how many chances Democrats had to gain seats all over the map. Still, Donald…
Significant Digits For Monday, Nov. 21, 2016
You’re reading Significant Digits, a daily digest of the numbers tucked inside the news. 0-11At least something is normal this year: Congratulations to the Cleveland Browns, now 0-11, who were mathematically eliminated from playoff contention with a loss on Sunday. Based on their chances in their remaining…
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
Improving microscale energy storage unit with porous materials
The Most Useful Chrome Extensions Ever Made
One of the great things about Google Chrome is that it offers thousands of third-party extensions that developers have come up with to add features, boost performance, and fix problems. Here are 17 Chrome extensions that we’d have a difficult time living without.Read more…
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
We’re giving away an Artisan Moss green wall made with real moss and lichens
One 40×18″ Red Branch Two 18×18″ Windy White branch (as one set) Two 14×14″ Very Mossy (as two separate prizes)
The States With the Happiest Workers In America
Where you live can have a huge impact on how happy you are with your career. The above graphic shows where you’re most likely to find exceptionally happy workers, and where people are the least happy.This chart was created by career discovery platform Sokanu. Surprisingly, states with a lot of high-profile…
Physics News
Color-changing coatings ready for the big time
Wafer-thin, scratch-proof films can generate a rainbow of colors using random metallic nanostructures. – latest science and technology news stories
Book unveils findings of study examining role of social class in higher education
The findings of a study exploring how social class influences students’ experiences in higher education have been revealed in a new book. – latest science and technology news stories
No wrong side of Earth for Meteor Camera Network
It has just become harder for surprise meteor showers to escape our attention.
Latest news
Mobile sales continue to grow in Brazil
The market retains momentum in Q3 and customers are willing to spend more, says IDC.
Alibaba gives its fast-growing cloud computing business another global push
 Alibaba continues to put its chips into the cloud after it announced the opening of four new data centers across the world. A new facility in the Middle East (Dubai) went online today, while further locations in Australia, Japan and Germany are scheduled to open soon. Read More
Nokia to return to smartphones in 2017
Nokia was the biggest name in mobile phones before the smartphone generation really kicked in. The firm had a hard time competing with Android devices from Samsung and iOS devices from Apple and eventually vacated the smartphone realm altogether and focused on feature phones. With feature phones being…
The Gadget Flow
CampMaid Charcoal Chimney – Quickest Way To Get BBQ Hot
CampMaid is an award winning “Swiss Army Knife of Grills.” It’s a compact portable cooking system with a portable smoker, pizza oven, griddle, steamer, and more for scouts, camping, emergency preparedness, tailgating, beach cookouts, hunting, river rafting, urban picnics, backyard BBQ’s, and more! The…
The Gadget Flow
GOODVIBES Sleep Activator
Fall asleep with ease and stay asleep when you use the GOODVIBES Sleep Activator. Using natural rhythms of breathing, this clever device allows you to effortlessly drift off to sleep for the best night’s rest. Simply place it on your nightstand and follow along the lighting patterns to achieve the world-renowned…
The Gadget Flow
Zip-Eat! Jar Opener by Ototo Design
Never fret over a stubborn jar again with the Zip-Eat! Jar Opener by Ototo Design. Sliding perfect around any sized jar and lid, this simple yet useful device helps you to unscrew any lid no matter how tight it is. The Zip-Eat! Jar Opener, which comes in a fun and vibrant duo of purple and deal, is easily…
The Gadget Flow
Satechi Wireless Aluminum Keypad
Give yourself an ergonomic break with the Satechi Wireless Aluminum Keypad. Specially designed to complement your Apple laptop or desktop, this keypad fits in seamlessly with your other devices. Available in silver, space gray, and gold, the Wireless Aluminum Keypad is equipped with anti-slip pads as…
The Gadget Flow
Mazama Wares Large Mug
Be sure to get all the caffeine you need to jumpstart your day with the Mazama Wares Large Mug. Holding an impressive twelve ounces, this mug can be filled with your perfect blend of coffee, tea, mocha, hot chocolate, or whatever it else it takes to get your day going. Made from hand-thrown vitrified…
The Gadget Flow
smanos UFO Wi-Fi HD Panoramic Camera
Get the whole picture with the smanos UFO Wi-Fi HD Panoramic Camera. Recording video at full HD with 1080p onto your microSD card, this compact yet powerful security camera lets you see everything in the room. The UFO Panoramic Camera uses a wide fisheye lens to capture what other cameras can’t. It also…
Modern Interior Design & Furniture – Decoist
12 Wallet-Friendly Design Gifts
This selection of design gifts will ensure worried wallets survive the frenzied festive splurge.Flamingo Egg CupWith an air of Miami Art Deco style and resembling something from the set of The Golden Girls, these flamingo egg cups by ceramist Hannah Turner are gloriously kitsch.Flamingo egg cups. Image ©…
Design Milk
2016 Gift Guide: New Homeowners
We are grateful to the Novogratz for supporting this gift guide. Our partners are handpicked by the Design Milk team because they represent the best in design.  Moving into a new home can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to furnishing it and making sure you have everything… Physics News
Answering a longstanding question—why is the surface of ice wet?
A team of Hokkaido University scientists has unraveled a 150-year-old mystery surrounding the surface melting of ice crystals in subzero environments by using an advanced optical microscope. Physics News
Researchers use ion acceleration to simulate reactor-like conditions in metallic alloys
Metals travel forward in time at the Ion Accelerator Laboratory, a facility within Texas A&M University’s Department of Nuclear Engineering and researchers within the department’s Ion Beam Laboratory group are speeding up the clock on metallic alloys and steels. Physics News
Smallest LHC experiment has cosmic outing
Roughly once a year, the smallest Large Hadron Collider (LHC) experiment, LHC-forward (LHCf), is taken out of its dedicated storage on the site near the ATLAS experiment, reinstalled in the LHC tunnel, and put to use investigating high-energy cosmic rays.
myHome Plus review: HomeKit app offers few advantages for iOS 10 users
myHome Plus may have beat Apple’s Home app to the punch, but it’s not as intuitive or easy to use as the built-in iOS app.When Apple launched HomeKit with iOS 8, the home automation database was curiously missing one vital component: Namely a built-in app to control all of the supported accessories from…
The Gadget Flow
Francois et Mimi Elite RuggeX Bluetooth Speaker
Get used to crystal clear sound with less battery consumption by using the Francois et Mimi Elite RuggeX Bluetooth Speaker. It delivers incredible sound from a tiny machine. The product fits in the palm of your hand and delivers rich and clear sound with its 40mm drivers. This speaker will help you enjoy…
The Gadget Flow
BoardUp – The World’s First Self-Folding Longboard
BoardUp is one of the world’s first patented self-folding longboard, requiring no hands to fold. It’s easy to fit in your backpack or locker, by your desk, and in an airplane compartment. Now, you can longboard anywhere in the world with ease. When it comes to riding, keeping that familiar feel was important…
The Gadget Flow
Edison Watch Co
Edison Watch Co offers a collection of minimal and elegantly styled timepieces for an amazing price. Combining quality materials with classic simplicity, Edison watches are the perfect accessory for any occasion. Made with Swiss Movement, Sapphire Glass, 316L Stainless Steel and Italian Leather, these… Full Feed
Trump’s Pick for Attorney General Is a ‘Drug War Dinosaur’
When Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump’s choice for attorney general, was nominated as a federal judge in 1986, one of the comments that got him into trouble was a joke about the Ku Klux Klan. A federal prosecutor testified that Sessions, at the time the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Alabama,… Full Feed
Trump Settles Fraud Suit Over Trump U, Obama Says He’ll Give Trump a Chance, Angela Merkel to Seek Fourth Term: A.M. Links
Donald Trump settled a fraud lawsuit over Trump University for $25 million. Trump met with Gen. James Mattis, who is being considered for defense secretary, and with Mitt Romney, reportedly being considered for secretary of state. Barack Obama says he’ll give Trump a chance, even if he attacks his…
Facial Fitness Device
Help maintain a more youthful appearance without going under the knife by using this facial fitness device. Although it may look a bit silly, it’s designed to tone and firm weak facial muscles with just two short 30 second sessions per day. Check it out $130.00
LEGO Hair Helmet
This perfectly quaffed LEGO hair helmet is the geeky solution to solving bad cases of helmet hair. Instead of a boring old plain exterior, this eye-catching helmet’s LEGO-like exterior makes anyone who wears it look like they’ve stepped straight out of LEGO-World. Check it out
Harry Potter Wand Makeup Brushes
Perform magic on your muggle face by getting ready with these Harry Potter wand makeup brushes. Available in a set of five, each brush is designed after the individual wands of Hermione, Dumbledore, Ron, Voldemort, and Harry. Check it out $55.00
Optical Illusion Metal Trefoil Sculpture
Add some artsy appeal to your humble abode with this optical illusion metal trefoil sculpture. This contemporary piece is handmade from hardened steel and measures eight inches squared, making it the perfect size for any desktop knick knack. Check it out $204.13
Microwavable Mugs
Heat your drinks and soups without risking a trip to the burn unit by using these microwavable mugs. They feature a double wall construction that ensures the outer layer always remains cool, and they come with a splash-proof lid equipped with vents. Check it out $11.95
Smart Printing Spray
This smart printing spray lets you create jaw-dropping works of art even if you don’t have a single artsy bone in your body. Using your smartphone as a guide, it will release paint in the precise location needed as you hold and move the device across your canvas. Check it out $197.00
Art Of Atari Book
Become an expert on old school Atari games by sifting through the pages of the Art Of Atari book. This geeky compendium includes behind-the-scenes vintage photographs in addition to details on how dozens of classic titles were conceived of, illustrated, and built. Check it out $26.93
Keep Confidence From Turning to Ego By Listening to Those Outside Your Group
Confidence is empowering, but it can turn to hubris if you’re not careful. If you want to keep yourself from becoming an archetypal trope, get input from outside of your usual group.As business site Strategy+Business explains, when you have several people in your own group reaffirming you (and each other)…
You Don’t Need to Wait For Black Friday To Score a 55″ 4K Smart TV For $400
TCL’s 2016 4K TVs aren’t technological marvels, but they might just represent the best value in the TV world, and two separate 55″ models are on sale for all-time low prices right now.Read more…
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Is this deals season the time to finally get on board with home automation?
Home automation is one of those technologies that has felt like it’s been just around the corner for years now. But until now most of its products have felt like expensive novelties designed to impress guests rather than actually save you time and energy in your daily life. With the advent of technologies… – latest science and technology news stories
Living fossil genome unveiled
Published today in the open-access journal GigaScience, is an article that presents the genome sequence of Ginkgo biloba, the oldest extant tree species. The research was carried out by a team of scientists at BGI, Zheijiang University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, who tackled and analyzed an… – latest science and technology news stories
Saturn’s gravity uncovered by satellite images
Scientists from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) are part of an international team that has discovered minute fluctuations in Saturn’s gravitational field using several thousand images of the planet’s moons obtained by the Cassini probe. – latest science and technology news stories
Neutrons and acoustic levitation offer clues into freeze drying processes
The drying process is a critical final stage in various manufacturing processes – it influences the quality of many a product and has many industrial applications, particularly in the food and pharmaceutical sectors. Freeze drying (lyophilization) is a drying method where the solvent is frozen prior… – latest science and technology news stories
Molecular level investigation of water’s hydrogen bonding network in salt solutions
(—What happens at the molecular level when salt dissolves in water? In introductory chemistry classes, we learn about the solubility of salts that dissociate into ions in water. Water has a complex hydrogen bonding network that should be disrupted by the presence of ions. However, studies have… – latest science and technology news stories
How bad is the radiation on Mars?
Human exploration of Mars has been ramping up in the past few decades. In addition to the eight active missions on or around the Red Planet, seven more robotic landers, rovers and orbiters are scheduled to be deployed there by the end of the decade. And by the 2030s and after, several space agencies… – latest science and technology news stories
New biocatalyst uses carbon dioxide and regenerative power for low-cost microbial electrosynthesis
Researchers of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) are working on an efficient and inexpensive method for the production of organic plastics. In the “BioElectroPlast” project funded by the Federal Ministry of Research they use microorganisms that produce polyhydroxybutyric acid from flue gas, air,… – latest science and technology news stories
How ‘right to be forgotten’ puts privacy and free speech on a collision course
The age of digital technology, in which we can search and retrieve more information than we could in any previous era, has triggered a debate over whether we have too much information. Is the cure to “unpublish” things we think are wrong or out of date? Ought we have a “right to be forgotten”? – latest science and technology news stories
Mapping migrations by using mobile phone data
Researchers from the Complex Systems Group (GSC) at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) have used mobile phone data generated by 9 million users to study the mobility of population from Senegal. Results show a clear correlation between the increase of telephone calls and the migratory flows with… – latest science and technology news stories
Vaccines hitch genomic ride to ward off deadly chicken disease
A new study from University of California, Davis, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture describes how vaccines work against a deadly virus in chickens, and could offer a model for related human diseases such as chickenpox. – latest science and technology news stories
Mechanism of protective protein identified in fight against harmful bacteria
Research from the University of Southampton, in collaboration with colleagues at A*STAR in Singapore, has provided new understanding of a protein which plays an important role in protecting bacterial cells associated with harmful infections. – latest science and technology news stories
The decline in emissions also has negative implications
In large parts of Europe and North America, the decline in industrial emissions over the past 20 years has reduced pollution of the atmosphere and in turn of soils and water in many natural areas. The fact that this positive development can also have negative implications for these regions has been demonstrated… – latest science and technology news stories
Improved microscale energy storage units for wearable and miniaturized electronic devices
Energy storage units that can be integrated into wearable and flexible electronic systems are becoming increasingly important in today’s world. A research team from KAUST has now developed a microsupercapacitor that exploits three-dimensional porous electrodes1. These micropower units are expected to… – latest science and technology news stories
Orbital cargo ship departs space station
An unmanned cargo ship operated by the US company Orbital ATK left the International Space Station Monday, packed with 1.5 tons of garbage that will burn up on re-entry to Earth’s atmosphere.
Popular Mechanics
December 2016
Flights of fancy A friend of mine pilots a quadcopter UAV as a hobby, and having seen him in action, I have to say that he does it – like he does just about everything else – with great precision. But not necessarily with emotion, because I’ve never seen him hug his drone with quite… The post December…
Popular Mechanics
UAV school Licensed to fly
Commercial use of remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) isn’t a game and doesn’t get treated as one. Even hobbyist unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) can pose a serious risk to air traffic and public safety. Drone school is becoming an important consideration. The post UAV school Licensed to fly appeared…
Popular Mechanics
Space Drones inside nasa’s jet propulsion lab
Everyone’s talking about private industry getting humans on Mars. Mars trips! Mars houses! Mars colonies! But no one’s going anywhere without the help of one brilliant, peculiar, fantastical space centre – NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, which is behind almost every amazing first in the history of space travel….
Popular Mechanics
SKILLS: A kids’ bed for a small space
In a new home with little room and my kids too big for cribs, I built their first bed with rough plans, reclaimed timber, and a little help from my dad. The post SKILLS: A kids’ bed for a small space appeared first on Popular Mechanics.
Popular Mechanics
The cloud – How afraid should you be?
How it works, what’s new and how o get your phone to stop running out of storage. The post The cloud – How afraid should you be? appeared first on Popular Mechanics.
Popular Mechanics
Collectables guitars to covet
One of the most famous guitarists nobody ever heard of spreads the guitar gospel to the coming generation – and talks collectables with us. The post Collectables guitars to covet appeared first on Popular Mechanics.
Mobile Magazine
Here are Some Tech Gift Ideas for the Holidays that Won’t Break the $100 Barrier
It’s that time of the year when the commercialized holidays have you breaking your brains on gift ideas and what to buy for loved ones, family, a few close friends, and the occasional mandatory party exchanging gift sessions. But it’s the 21st century and tech gadgets are no longer the sole proprietary…
Mobile Magazine
The Microsoft Surface Book versus Apple MacBook Pro. And the Winner? Microsoft Hands Down
Another election is coming for computer and laptop users, but it’s not the political kind. This is a choice for users searching for the ultimate power in a machine. Of course this is something the recent low-tech candidates neither understand, what with Clinton who doesn’t know how to handle e-mails…
The Verge – All Posts
Flying cars are closer than you think
The Verge 2021 In celebration of our 5th anniversary, this month we’re publishing a series of interviews with innovative leaders about what the next five years hold. To read more about this series, read our editor Nilay Patel’s introduction here. Marc Andreessen may be the most dedicated optimist…
Nerd Approved – News For Nerds
Pretend To Find Dragon Balls In Real-Life With Dragon Ball Radar
Finding pretend Dragon Balls in real-life just got easier with Dragon Ball Radar. That’s right friends, Bulma’s Dragon Ball Radar device can now be yours. It animates and plays sounds but won’t actually find Dragon Balls because they don’t exist. But we won’t let pesky reality ruin the fun! Just…
Cool Material
The 16 Best Travel Gifts to Give This Year
If you have someone on your list who has to catch a red-eye after the holiday party you’re hosting, this is the gift guide to pick their present from. Everything listed is sure to please the guy who has packing down to a science. From better travel bags to chargers that ensure his gadgets stay […]
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Ecocor starts production on groundbreaking new prefab passive homes Related: North America’s first fully prefabricated passive houses could revolutionize the housing market + Ecocor + Richard Pedranti Architect Images via Ecocor
The Next Web
Google Home can light up your fireplace entirely hands-free
Google might’ve only been shipping its smart speaker Google Home for a few weeks now, but early adopters are already finding inventive ways to put the device to use. Redditor Hovee has devised a nifty setup for his apartment that conveniently lets him use his Home speaker to remotely turn on his fireplace…
Newswise: SciNews
Instrumented Drone Measurements Help Wind Farmers Site Turbines to Achieve Greater Efficiency
Wind energy is a key part of the global energy future, expanding rapidly throughout the world in onshore and offshore settings. But to be sustainable, large scale, multi-megawatt (multi-MW) wind farming’s economic efficiencies need to be maximized — and knowing where to place the turbines within the…
Newswise: SciNews
Sparkling Firework Droplets
In Japan, many adults hold fond childhood memories of fireworks as a symbol of the summer season. Senko-hanabi, which translates to “sparkling fireworks,” emit a small fireball with streaks of light akin to pine needle structures. As one of the most popular hand-held fireworks since the early Edo period,…
Newswise: SciNews
Paddle or Rake to Improve Your Swimming Stroke?
Note to elite swimmers: Are you looking for a competitive edge in the hydrodynamics of your front crawl?
Newswise: SciNews
Investigating Blood Back Spatter
The popularity of forensics and crime scene investigation fueled by a glut of television programs has familiarized many of us with the basics of forensic medicine. However, not much is, in fact, understood about blood back spatter. A team of researchers from the University of Illinois and Iowa State…
Newswise: SciNews
Archimedes’ Law of Buoyancy Turned Upside Down
A team at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, exploring how air bubbles rise within a complex fluid, like those found while processing wet concrete, wondered if they could actually get them to sink instead by shaking the mixture in the right way. During the 69th DFD meeting, the researchers…
Newswise: SciNews
Cat Tongues Are Even ‘Handier’ Than You Imagined
Have you ever taken a good look at a cat’s tongue? If so, you may have noticed the tiny, sharp “spines” on its surface. Watching her cat lick a thick, microfiber blanket and immediately become stuck — tongue out — was all it took to inspire Alexis Noel, a doctoral candidate in mechanical engineering,…
Science | Smithsonian
Stunning Slo-Mo Footage of Hummingbirds Hovering in Air
The hovering technique of a hummingbird is one of the most mesmerizing sights to witness
Science | Smithsonian
Why Should Humans Care if We’re Entering the Sixth Mass Extinction?
In this episode of Generation Anthropocene, learn what a new era of extinction means for diverse species—including our own
Open source: Freedom that feeds innovation
SPONSORED: Presented by Red Hat Long ago, software developers shared code and expertise freely. They didn’t call it “open source,”  or even “ free software.”  It needed no special name at all. It was simply “computer science.” Private industry and military initiatives may have underwritten early computer…
YI Announces Dome Camera 1080p and Unlimited Video Cloud Storage
PRESS RELEASE: 360-Degree, Smart Home Security Camera Follows Moving Objects, Detects Baby Crying and Provides Two-Way Audio for $99 SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–November 21, 2016– YI Technology (YI), the leading, international provider of advanced, intelligent imaging…
Cozmo the sentient toy robot gets smarter with latest update
Anki debuted its sentient toy Cozmo, a cute robot toy that makes use of the company’s deep artificial intelligence research, in October. Now the company is giving Cozmo a big update that makes him smarter. The update shows that Anki can keep giving consumers new value by releasing software updates for…
Shut Up And Take My Money
HOT Deal Fidget Cube Toy On Sale
submitted by /u/AmisAphra [link] [comments] Full Feed
Gigi Hadid, Melania Trump, the American Music Awards, and the Promise of a Humor-Free America
One of the dumbest things of all time (all time, I tells you!) was the post-9/11 pronunciamento by Vanity Fair jefe Graydon Carter, “I think it’s the end of the age of irony.” Carter, a former co-creator of Spy (arguably the house organ of the era he pronounced dead), was of course mistaken. Irony—defined… Full Feed
Can the NRA Sell Gun Paranoia Under Trump? New at Reason
There were plenty of agitated and even hysterical reactions to Donald Trump’s election victory, but none more surprising than the one expressed in a direct mail letter gun owner Steve Chapman got a couple of days afterward. “Our worst nightmare is staring us right in the face,” it declared. “The attacks… all content
Black Hole, Gravitational Waves and Space Time Singularities : An International workshop to celebrate the legacy of George Lemaitre in the new millennium
Workshop: 9 May 2017 – 12 May 2017, Castel Gandolfo, Holy See (Vatican City State). Organized by Vatican Observatory . all content
Polymers and Organic Materials for Electronics and Photonics: Science for Applications
Conference: 10 Sep 2017 – 14 Sep 2017, Prague, Czech Republic. Organized by Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences. all content
Flash Physics: Shrinking gels, masculine culture discourages female physicists, Carlos Frenk bags Born medal
Today’s selection of need-to-know updates from the world of physics
Rectangular Wood Valet
Keep your precious everyday items (keys, wallet, phone… etc.) on this eye-catching home accessory. The Valet tray is made out of sustainably harvested Walnut, Maple, Cherry, Ash, and Poplar. Split into two sections, the phone section on the right features a notch to hold your cable while your phone…
Secrets of New York City: Rooftop Penthouse Invisible from the Street
Most of the millions of people who walk, bike, hail cabs, wait in long deli lines, ride…
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
From gene sequencing to genome mapping with nanopores and nanochannels
Digital Trends
If you pay for electricity, you can buy into solar power for credit on your bill
Just because you rent or live in a condo with homeowner’s association (HOA) restrictions doesn’t mean you can’t use solar power. A new concept called community solar allows people who get an electric bill to buy into solar energy projects and receive credit on their bills. EnergySage, the first national…
Digital Trends
Jaguar could completely re-invent the F-Type by moving the engine
Jaguar could have big changes in store for the next generation of the F-Type. The halo model might switch to a mid-engined layout when it’s replaced, according to the company’s top designer. “We’ve had a discussion — will the next F-Type be mid-engine or front-engine? We’ve had that discussion. We haven’t…
Digital Trends
Porsche says its fans shouldn’t wait for smaller, more affordable models
Motorists waiting for a smaller, more affordable model from Porsche are out of luck. The German company has announced it has no plans to move downmarket in the foreseeable future. “We are an exclusive sports car manufacturer. We have nothing to gain by creating a cheaper Porsche in the future. It’s…
Ars Technica » Scientific Method
With rockets on the move, SpaceX still aiming for 2016 return to flight
The launch of SpaceX’s Eutelsat/ABS mission, on June 15, 2016. (credit: SpaceX) Nearly three months have passed since SpaceX experienced a catastrophic failure on Sept. 1, when an accident occurred as helium was loaded onto its Falcon 9 rocket. As the company has now identified the cause of the…
Pokémon Go hosting latest in-game event during Thanksgiving week, action bonuses starting November 23
Pokémon Go was a phenomenal hit over the summer when the app first launched on smartphones, but players have needed new reasons to keep playing the AR-based game after the initial hype calmed down. Hosting in-game events that reward players has been one strategy used to recreate the excitement, and…
Polk Audio T15 Bookshelf Speakers (PAIR, BLACK) $49.95
Polk Audio T15 Bookshelf Speakers (PAIR, BLACK) $49.95
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Explore deep space with Microsoft WorldWide Telescope
WorldWide Telescope is an incredible program that puts the universe at your fingertips. It was created using images and information gathered by telescopes probes and satellites, which are combined to create an interactive view of the sky that you can explore from your desktop.WorldWide Telescope was…
Nerd Approved – News For Nerds
Pay What You Want For Our Learn To Code 2017 Bundle! [Deals]
Get 156 Hours of premium coding instruction, from Python to Ruby and everything in between for a price you decide with the Learn To Code 2017 Bundle in our Nerd Approved Deals Store! If you beat the average price (currently $15.10) you’ll unlock a bonus course on JavaScript programming. Head on over…
New Scientist – Online news
Stopping brain protein from going rogue may prevent Alzheimer’s
Interfering with a crucial protein in mice can stop it turning bad – a trick that seems to prevent Alzheimer’s and may explain why other treatments have failed
New Scientist – Online news
Dutch police use augmented reality to investigate crime scenes
An AR system streams video from body cameras to experts back in the lab, who can add virtual labels to help guide officers on the ground
Uber Wants To Make Drivers’ Jobs Easier With ‘Compliments’
It starts with a simple way to say thanks for a job well done. It could end with a complete shift in how riders and drivers interact. The post Uber Wants To Make Drivers’ Jobs Easier With ‘Compliments’ appeared first on WIRED.
Design Milk
Wall Clocks You Can Crumple
We were first introduced to Veronica Szalai’s NEW TIME clocks last year and she’s back with two new versions – Holographic and Matrix. Just like before, the clocks are made of a durable cotton fiber that allows you to crumple, smash, or fold them into any shape you want letting you choose…
Hiding from family at Thanksgiving? Target’s got your back – CNET
Political discussions may mess with your holiday meal, but there’s a flask hidden in the blue Play-Doh — at least in the “SNL” version of Target.
KIN Smart Sorting Wallet
A stylish and streamlined wallet that doesn’t just stash your cash, but compartmentalizes it too. Meet KIN Smart Sorting Wallet, and kiss goodbye to loosing loose change or having to carry it separately, simply drop your coins in with your greenbacks and hey-presto, as if by magic, they’ll snuggle…
The Next Web
Earn 9 industry-recognized Project Management certifications with this course bundle
Any company worth its salt recognizes that it’s important to get the right person leading its major projects, and you can rise to the occasion with the Ultimate Project Certification Bundle. This training packs enough material on landing nine stellar project management certificates, and clocks in at…
Announcing the finalists for the 10th Annual Crunchies Awards
 It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Today, we announce the finalists in each category for the 10th Annual Crunchies Awards show. The Crunchies is a long-standing tradition in the tech world, where readers nominate products, people and organizations to win the tech world’s equivalent of an Oscar….
Today’s Best Deals: $50 Kindle, Cheap 4K TVs, Discounted Dremel, and More
Discounted Kindles, early Black Friday TV sales, and a $45 Dremel lead off Monday’s best deals. Read more…
8 Great Ideas for a Nursery Filled with Color and Joy
If you are looking for ingenious ways to add color and lots of joy to your nursery, then you have […] The post 8 Great Ideas for a Nursery Filled with Color and Joy appeared first on Founterior.
Scientific American Content: Global
Women’s Brains Needed for Concussion Research
There are tantalizing hints that women respond differently to concussion, perhaps due to hormonal cycles. What’s needed now: more female brains to study — Read more on
Amazon will host its first esports event for casual games on the Appstore next month
 Amazon is expanding its investment in esports, with the announcement of its first-ever esports tournament focused on casual gaming to be hosted on its Amazon Appstore. Called the “Champions of Fire Invitational,” the event will bring together sixteen of the industry’s top video game streamers, who will…
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Researchers take small step towards proving carbon capture
Researchers believe that they have made a major step towards proving carbon capture and storage is viable. A team in Washington State injected liquified CO2 into a basalt formation — rock that forms after a lava flow has cooled. Two years later, and it’s claimed that the carbon dioxide has solidified…
Ars Technica
Google invests more in Montreal-based deep-learning experts, opens new AI lab
(credit: Shutterstock) Google announced today that it will extend funding for AI research at the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms (MILA). The company will invest a total of CAD$4.5 million, or about US$3.4 million, to fund seven faculty members across the institute, as well as MILA faculty…
The Awesomer
Halda Trackmaster Watch System
LinkA smartwatch for race car drivers. Its windshield-mounted sensor automatically identifies track location, and sends the watch lateral Gs, lap times, top speed, sector times, and more. An interchangeable analog movement provides versatility off the track. More Awesome Stuff: Breitling…
Physics News
Trying to lick a robotics challenge with inspiration from a cat’s tongue
If time spent grooming is any indication, cats take a certain pride in their appearance. And it so happens there are a few lessons to be learnt from this feline form of vanity, with …
Microsoft Partners With D-Link To Deliver Speedier Wi-Fi in Rural Regions
Microsoft has partnered with networking equipment manufacturer D-Link to deliver speedier Wi-Fi to rural communities around the world. From a report on ZDNet:Dubbed “Super Wi-Fi”, the wireless infrastructure is set to be based on the 802.11af protocol, and will take advantage of unused bandwidth in the…
Flamingo Umbrella
“Shelter from tropical weather conditions beneath the generous and welcoming wingspan of the Flamingo Umbrella. Rather than leaning precariously, getting rain water all over your walls, this fabulous free-standing flamingo has a three-taloned base so it won’t topple over.” Buy Now The post Flamingo…
‘Hamilton’ actor declines to apologize to Mike Pence: ‘Conversation is not harassment’
From one Vice President to another: Conversation matters. In response to Donald Trump’s umbrage over the Hamilton cast’s message for Mike Pence, actor Brandon Victor Dixon (who plays Aaron Burr and was the actor who actually read the statement to Pence after Friday’s show) went on CBS News Monday morning… – latest science and technology news stories
‘Fire in space’ experiment to kick off aboard US cargo ship
How does fire act in space? Researchers will soon find out, by igniting nine different materials aboard an unmanned spaceship on its way to a fiery re-entry to Earth’s atmosphere, NASA said Monday. – latest science and technology news stories
Researchers reveal new test for cocaine in urine and oral fluid
Academics in the University of Surrey’s Department of Chemistry have developed a new diagnostic test for cocaine and benzoylecgonine (the main metabolite for cocaine) in urine and oral fluid. The research, which was conducted with collaborators Advion Ltd and Surrey Borders Partnership NHS Foundation… – latest science and technology news stories
How to monitor global ocean warming—without harming whales
Most of the extra heat trapped by human-generated emissions is ending up in the oceans. But tracking the temperature of the world’s oceans to monitor the change is trickier than it might seem. While satellites monitor surface temperature, measuring the ocean’s interior temperature poses a logistical… – latest science and technology news stories
Quota to protect Mediterranean swordfish: EU, NGO
A conservation body grouping 50 fishing and shipping nations, approved a quota to protect the overharvested Mediterranean swordfish, the European Union and activist group Oceana announced Monday.
Latest Items from TreeHugger
Spend the night in Frank Lloyd Wright’s Duncan House
There is a lot to learn from this simple but wonderful house in the woods
Latest Items from TreeHugger
Big news: Canada to virtually phase out coal by 2030
This is a major boost to the international climate movement, just as it needs it the most.
Windows 10 update for VR may mean no upgrade for many users
Microsoft has revealed what kind of hardware you’ll need in your PC to use the incoming lineup of Windows 10 VR headsets. This new focus on virtual reality was announced back in September, during the Windows 10 event that also revealed the Surface Studio. Though Microsoft did give us a starting price…
Architectural Record
BIG Designs First Hyperloop One for UAE
You can’t take the hype out of the Hyperloop.
20 tips and tricks that make Windows 10 more tolerable
Windows 10 — your wayNo matter who you are and where you stand on the raging Windows 10 issues, I bet there are some things you love about your new operating system, along with other things you wish were better, had stayed the same, or simply went away.In this slideshow, I take you through the parts…
How new SIM game Planet Coaster perfectly blends aesthetics with science and design
Dating all the way back to the 1800s, thrill-seekers around the world have enjoyed an objectively peculiar pastime: the death-defying and undeniably exhilarating sensation of whirling and freefalling through the air, arms raised, mouths open in (mostly) mock terror. We’re talking, of course, about roller…
Next Big Future
Looking at CO2 production and CO2 in the atmosphere in the same units of tons
The world is currently at about 403.74 parts per million CO2. The countries of the world are now producing over 37 billion tons of CO2 per year.Although our output of 37 gigatons of CO2 is tiny compared to the 750 gigatons moving through the carbon cycle each year, it adds up because the land and ocean…
The Wirecutter
The Best USB Audio Interface
If a friend—or bandmate—were to call me today and ask about a USB audio interface for beginners looking to branch out into DIY recording, I would recommend the Tascam US-2×2. After spending 30 hours researching the category, discussing key features with audio pros, and recording instrument and vocal…
Today’s Best Lifestyle Deals: PUMA, Nike, Marmot, Urban Decay, Timerbland, and More
PUMA’s one-day sale on Amazon, extra discounts on Nike clearance items, Marmot marked down at Backcountry, and more lead Monday’s best lifestyle deals.Read more…
Curbed National
ISIS demolished a 2,900-year-old Assyrian ziggurat
This ancient site is the latest casualty in ISIS’s parallel war against architecture and culture On November 13, Iraqi forces retook the ancient city of Nimrud from ISIS. Once home to the rulers of what is believed to be the world’s first empire, the Assyrian city was famous for a nearly 165-foot-tall…
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No Excuses Needed for Laughing | Rambod Javan | TEDxTUMS
In this funny interactive talk, Rambod Javan explains how is trying most in his career field to make people happy and fulfillment. He shows us the value of this job and the way it could be appreciable and how it brings ourselves happiness. Rambod Javan‎‎, was born on 21 December, 1971 in Shahr Ara of…
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Robotics, Inspired by Nature | Aghil Yousefi-Koma | TEDxTUMS
In this talk Professor Aghil Yousefi-Koma explains how inspiration from nature leads to manufacturing humanoid robot “Sourena” and other robots to help humans lives. He also hopes “Sourena” can help show the importance of engineering careers to students and the public. he views the robot as a symbol…
A Gigafactory of one’s own: VW may build itself a battery factory – Roadshow
With the number of new EVs slated for the next decade, battery production will become a prime concern.
Trump Is Naming His Cabinet Ahead Of Schedule
There have been numerous news reports of disarray in Donald Trump’s presidential transition process. But by selecting Jeff Sessions to be his attorney general on Friday, Trump made his first Cabinet pick at an earlier date — Nov. 18 — than most of his immediate predecessors as president-elect. According…
Nio EP9 Electric Supercar
With a carbon fiber chassis that’s 70% lighter than steel and an aerodynamic body that delivers insane grip the Nio EP9 Electric Supercar isn’t just fast — it’s one of…Visit Uncrate for the full post.
Asus ROG PG278Q 27in 2560X1440 LED LCD 3D Monitor (1ms, 144Hz) $532.33
Asus ROG PG278Q 27in 2560X1440 LED LCD 3D Monitor (1ms, 144Hz) $532.33
EDC is Everyday Carry
Timex IQ+ Move Watches
submitted by Everyday Carry “The Timex IQ+ Move is designed to look like a traditional analog timepiece. It tracks steps and distance, calories burned, and sleep habits, and can sync time precisely with your phone. It’s not as feature rich as other smartwatches, but…” (via TheAwesomer)Read More
You Can Stash This Folding Under-Desk Heater in a Filing Cabinet Until You Get Cold
It doesn’t matter how fancy the office you work in is, it’s an unwritten rule that when winter arrives, you’re going to be cold at work. Even the pool tables and catered lunches in your dot-com wonderland can’t keep you warm, but this folding under desk heater from Panasonic certainly will.Read more…
NatureNews – Most recent articles – science feeds
Cautious welcome for UK’s vague £2 billion research pledge
Questions remain around commitment to boost science investment.Nature News doi: 10.1038/nature.2016.21022
Digital Trends
China’s 1,341 horsepower Nio EP9 electric supercar is already setting records
Chinese startup NextEV is one of many companies vying to become the next Tesla Motors. But other than backing a team in the Formula E electric-car race series, it has kept a relatively low profile. Until now, that is. At a launch event in the U.K., NextEV unveiled its Nio car brand and its first product,…
Digital Trends
New leak may have exposed details of Intel’s Coffee Lake and Cannon Lake processors
In September, leaked presentation slides revealed that Intel was prepping processors based on two new chip families; Cannon Lake and Coffee Lake. Now, more details about the company’s future plans have been leaked, offering up a wealth of (unconfirmed) technical information. It’s expected that Cannon…
Save $40 On the Newer, Faster, Anova Sous-Vide Circulator
Ready to experience meat in a whole new way? You can pick up the newest Wi-Fi version of Anova’s top-selling Sous Vide immersion circulator for $159, an all-time low. Read more…
Mobile Magazine
These Awesome Tech Can’t be Purchased Yet, but You Can Start Preordering or Invest in Crowdfunding
On sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo there are literally thousands of new techs and other stuff just waiting for crowdfunding or major investors. While there is no shortage of the weird and virtually useless, there are more than their share of the really useful and very promising. So, once again,…
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Police brutally attack DAPL demonstrators with tear gas, rubber bullets, and sub-freezing water cannons
As protests over the in-progress Dakota Access Pipeline continue to grow at Standing Rock, demonstrators seek new ways to carry on a peaceful resistance in the face of brutal police force. Late on Sunday afternoon, members of the Water Defenders attempted to remove the burned out cars police had previously…
Scientific American Content: Global
“Restoration Economy” Strives to Protect Pollinators, Create Jobs
Conservationists hope to boost livelihoods along the poverty-stricken Arizona–Mexico borderlands by repairing habitat for more than 900 species of wild pollinators — Read more on
Scientific American Content: Global
H5N8 Bird Flu Strain Spreads in Europe
Germany to cull more than 8,000 geese on a northern farm  — Read more on
Latest news
ZTE announces Force Touch-equipped version of its Axon 7
A $100 increase in price comes with a new feature, more RAM and double the storage.
How-To Geek
How to Use the Keyboard to Control the Mouse Cursor in Windows
If you’re stuck without a mouse temporarily, don’t worry—you can still use your PC. You’ll be glad to know that it’s possible to move the cursor around in Windows using only the keyboard.Click Here to Continue Reading
NYC This Week: Norman Foster at Hearst Tower and Theater Gates at the New School
ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN–RELATED EVENTS HAPPENING IN NEW YORK CITY THIS WEEK (NOVEMBER 21 TO 27), HANDPICKED BY THE EDITORS AT ARCHITIZER “Norman Foster: Building With History”; via Nigel Young & Foster + Partners Exhibitions in NYC “Norman Foster: Building With History,” at Hearst Tower,…
AIA Helps Architects Navigate Mixed-Use, Multifamily and Condo Projects
Within the last decade, mixed-use and multifamily residential projects have been on the risearound the world. Substantial movements toward urbanism and new solutions to housing supply shortages in cities like Los Angeles have spurred the need for denser, bigger housing. But while these projects…
Amazon’s Black Friday Kindle Deals Are Officially Live
Kindle, $50 | Kindle Paperwhite, $100 | Kindle for Kids, $60 | Kindle Voyage, $170 | Refurb Kindle Paperwhite, $80 | Refurb Kindle Voyage, $120While not nearly as good as the Prime-only deals we saw last month, if you’re in the market for a Kindle e-reader this holiday season, you can save $20-$30 today…
The Sweethome
The Best Artificial Christmas Tree
After 30 hours spent researching artificial Christmas trees and seeing dozens in person, we think National Tree Company’s 7½-foot Feel-Real Downswept Douglas Fir with dual-color LEDs is the best for most people. It’s realistic, competitively priced, versatile, and quite attractive.
BBC News – World
Poles mock ruling party MP’s deportation comments
MP suggests non-Catholics should declare they respect “Polish values” or face deportation.
Fast Company
Four Times When Aiming For “Good Enough” Is A Great Productivity Strategy
Sometimes one option isn’t any better than the other. You just need to commit to one and move on. Sometimes one option isn’t any better than the other. You just need to commit to one and move on.Of course, we all want to do our very best work. But is there a difference between…
Newswise: SciNews
UF/IFAS Extension Helps Floridians ‘Take Charge’ of Diabetes
Take Charge of Your Diabetes covers most aspects of diabetes self-care, and is offered by UF/IFAS Extension county faculty in collaboration with local health professionals who specialize in diabetes management. Participants attend nine weekly sessions and at least two follow-up meetings to encourage…
Newswise: SciNews
UF/IFAS Researcher: Neighborly Conversations Can Help with Water Conservation
“You may not notice the ways someone conserves, but they may already be taking action to not waste water by using good irrigation practices, and they may be open to some new ideas if you strike up a conversation about how you save water in the home landscape,” said Laura Warner, a UF/IFAS assistant professor…
Next Big Future
Long term drug delivery technology could aid in elimination of malaria and treatment of many other disease
Researchers at MIT and Brigham and Women’s Hospital have developed a new drug capsule that remains in the stomach for up to two weeks after being swallowed, gradually releasing its drug payload. This type of drug delivery could replace inconvenient regimens that require repeated doses, which would help…
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Why Trump’s Plan for a 350-Ship Navy Doesn’t Hold Water
President-elect Donald Trump wants to launch the biggest build-up of the US Navy in 30 years. And if he gets his way, Americans will pay for it with massive federal debt and deep cuts to social programs.The Navy today possesses 282 large, front-line warships. That’s more, by far, than any other country…
Bless This Stuff
German outerwear brand G-Lab has more than 20 years of experience in producing high-performance garments, their good-looking coats are windproof, waterproof, breathable, and designed to keep you at the perfect temperature. The G-Lab Commander Jacket is a warm field jacket mixed with a cool, urban sensibility….
Bless This Stuff
Designed by Danny Venlet for KOVR, Hyde is a innovative lighting system, where LED lights are embedded within 12 mm thick decorative panels for a seamless lighting. The smartphone-controlled LED wall panels are available in several natural looking surfaces such as raw concrete, white marble and yellow…
Bless This Stuff
When it comes to iPhone lenses, nothing compares to Moment Lenses, now the creative team at Moment are taking mobile photography a step further with the Moment Camera App, for people who love photography and want more control over the native app. The beautifully designed app features a clean intuitive…
Gifts to Help Your Sad Friend Get Their Shit Together
Your friend is in rut. Due to a variety of circumstances which may or may not be under their control, several things are not good. It’s ok! It happens to everyone!Read more…
BBC News – World
US police officers shot in four attacks in one day
One officer is shot dead in Texas, another is shot in the face in Missouri, and two others are injured.
Take Your Pick of Samsung Sound Bars, Starting at $83
Last week, Black Friday pricing started early on a 300W Samsung sound bar with a wireless subwoofer. But if $148 is a little more than you were hoping to spend, a 120W model was just knocked down to $83, an all-time low. Needless to say, either one would be a massive upgrade over your TV’s built-in speakers.Read…
6 ex-CIOs reveal lessons learned, biggest regrets
Regrets? These former CIOs have a few. In exit interviews, six ex-CIOs say they wish they’d spent more time engaged with business strategy, studied human psychology or gotten an MBA.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here(Insider Story)
Scientific American Content: Global
Trump Picks a Climate Skeptic to Enforce Environmental Laws
Jeff Sessions, choice for attorney general, has ridiculed greenhouse gas regulations — Read more on
Curbed National
Google Street View car helps report gas leaks in Pittsburgh
The experimental vehicle is outfitted with a methane detector that has identified roughly 200 possible gas leaks Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, once the steel capital of the world, has a problem with aging natural gas lines, which are breaking down and emitting methane into the atmosphere. The vast majority…
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Get $100 off the HTC Vive during Black Friday
If you’ve been biding your time to get an HTC Vive, you can save $100 on one later this week. On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, HTC is dropping the Vive’s price at all online and retail stores, including Amazon and the official Vive site. That means it will sell for $699 “while supplies last,” the first…
Digital Trends
Nutonomy to test self-driving cars on select streets in Boston this year
Bringing it back home, Nutomony self-driving taxi company will start testing in Boston by the end of 2016, according to TechCrunch. Nutonomy is a spinoff from MIT that has been testing its autonomous vehicles in Singapore since August. The City of Boston and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation…
How to enable unsupported Thunderbolt 3 devices on the MacBook Pro using ‘TB3 Enabler’ hack
TB3 enabler is a brand new hack from Khaos Tian that enables unsupported Thunderbolt 3 devices on the latest MacBook Pro. As explained by Tian, Apple impedes support for some categories of Thunderbolt 3 devices by implementing a software block. TB3 enabler allows users to bypass that software block,…
Apple’s holiday ad delivers heartfelt chills
They did with it without hardware (mostly). They did it without features (pretty much). Without logos (save one) or slogans or cables or dialogue! Apple did it (give us all the feels) with an expertly crafted holiday commercial that is sure to warm the chilly hearts of many viewers (and confuse a…
This relaxing Japanese restaurant floats your food to you
Conveyor belt sushi restaurants are nothing revolutionary in Japan. These kaitenzushi restaurants are ubiquitous in that country. However, when your food floats to you on water, the dinner theater aspect gets even more fun.  Donguri restaurant in Numazu City, Japan, serves mainly parfaits, sundaes…
BBC News – World
Nigerian Supreme Court judge charged with corruption
A Supreme Court judge in Nigeria is charged with corruption after cash and multiple passports were found.
BBC News – World
‘Monkey attack’ on girl sparks deadly clan clashes in Libya
Clan fighting leaves 20 people dead in Libya, reportedly after a monkey assaulted a schoolgirl.
Build An Affordable Multi-Monitor Setup With a Trio of Discounted Screens
Black Friday savings aren’t limited to big, fancy 4K monitors (like this one). If you’re in the market for basic 1080p screens to build-out a multi-monitor workstation, Amazon’s got you covered today.Read more…
Use your phone to withdraw cash before you even get to the ATM – CNET
When you withdraw cash from UK bank Barclays, you can do all the button-pushing in the queue then tap your phone to collect your money.
Roku Streaming Stick is our favorite streamer, and now it’s $35 for Black Friday – CNET
A spectacular value at $50, Roku’s stick is even more tempting with a $15 Black Friday discount, available today from retailers nationwide.
Fast Company
Why Nearly Half Of Workers Globally Could Leave Their Jobs In 2017
Managers can help retain their staff by applying these five strategies. Managers can help retain their staff by applying these five strategies.Enjoy spending time with your coworkers this holiday season, because many of them are likely to be gone by this time next year.Read Full…
More people than ever will shop online over the holidays, spending to rise by 18%
 The fourth quarter is always the busiest for e-commerce businesses, with the biggest sales and more consumers than the year prior turning to the web and mobile devices to complete their holiday shopping. This year proves no different, according to the latest holiday sales forecast, which estimates that…
“Creative Cynic” Peter Cook Explains Why Archigram Designs Were Always Meant to Be Built
Last week ArchDaily attended the 2016 World Architecture Festival in Berlin. We chatted with Sir Peter Cook and asked him about the current state of global affairs (Brexit, the US election, etc). He explained how his experience and work has influenced a career that has spanned…
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Oculus’ VR painting app Quill will be released free next month
Quill – a virtual reality painting app created by Oculus – will be available to download as a free beta in early December. The date coincides with the release of the Oculus Touch controller, which you’ll need to create your own VR illustrations in Quill. Check out our hands-on review of the Oculus Touch…
You Can Find Your Social Security Earnings Online
You’ve probably heard Social Security is running out, but that may not mean what you think. If Congress does nothing to fix Social Security, the Trust Fund will run dry by 2034, but recipients will still get 75% of their estimated benefits. The Social Security Administration has a website where you can…
Chariot launches advance ride reservations for commuters
 Chariot, the Ford-owned collaborative carpooling service currently operating in the Bay area, has launched advance reservations, letting riders book a seat on a Chariot up to seven days ahead of their actual trip. Previously, the only option was to grab a ride ad-hoc shortly before departure, an option…
The Awesomer
Should You Trust Your Gut Instinct?
LinkDo quick snap decisions outperform carefully studied ones? AsapSCIENCE explores how our brains can work in different ways to help reach conclusions either methodically or intuitively. More Awesome Stuff: The Walking Water MysteryDeformities That You Might HaveThe Science of LightningThe Physics…
Watch Police Spray Pipeline Protesters With Water Cannons in Freezing Weather
Police launched tear gas and water cannons at 400 people protesting the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline this weekend. Drone footage shows the water cannons being sprayed at protesters in freezing cold temperatures. Eventually, police tried to shoot down the drone with said water cannons. Read… Physics News
Thermoelectric paint enables walls to convert heat into electricity
(—Paint these days is becoming much more than it used to be. Already researchers have developed photovoltaic paint, which can be used to make “paint-on solar cells” that capture the sun’s energy and turn it into electricity. Now in a new study, researchers have created thermoelectric paint,…
The Feds Finally Make Safety Rules for High Speed Rail
And it’s good news for anyone hoping to hop a bullet train. The post The Feds Finally Make Safety Rules for High Speed Rail appeared first on WIRED.
Cities After Dark Create Their Own Starry Nights
Clarissa Bonet finds a cosmic beauty in the builtscape. The post Cities After Dark Create Their Own Starry Nights appeared first on WIRED.
Instagram launches live video for Stories, disappearing photos & videos in direct messages
After a tease earlier this month, Instagram today announced its new live video functionality available within the app’s Stories feature. The app also gets disappearing photos and videos within direct messages including group chats. more…Filed under: Apple
Design Milk
Illustrators Join together To Create Bookblock Notebooks
Notebook lovers, rejoice! The Bookblock Editions collection is a series of colorful and fun notebooks by 12 renowned illustrators. From soft watercolor landscapes to graphic geometry to hand sketched animal studies to vector cityscapes, there is a design for everyone. The artists created four…
Muslim allies in Virginia lovingly ‘vandalized’ a mosque’s sidewalk
This weekend, Mubarak Mosque in Chantilly, Virginia, received a peaceful reminder that love trumps hate. Local Muslim allies used sidewalk chalk to cover the paths leading up to the mosque with supportive messages including, “You are loved,” “We are your brothers and sisters” and “We are with you.”…
One of TP-Link’s Most Powerful Routers Is Cheaper Than Ever
TP-Link’s tri-band Archer C5400 is a whole lot of router, and it can be yours for $200 today, an all-time low, and a huge discount from its usual $265-$300. That gets you MIMO support, a pair of USB ports, a fast processor, and even a 2-year warranty.Read more…
Karlovac Freshwater Aquarium and River Museum / 3LHD
© Miljenko Bernfest Architects: 3LHD Location: Ul. Gornje Mekušje, 47000, Karlovac, Croatia Architect In Charge: Saša Begović, Marko Dabrović, Tatjana Grozdanić Begović, Silvije Novak, Irena Mažer Hranuelli,…
Cool Material
A Complete Guide to Deep-Frying Your First Turkey
Thanksgiving is that special time of year where families come together to smile and eat a lot and grow increasingly more agitated with one another as the evening presses onward. At the end of that dark and mildly prejudiced tunnel, there’s one thing we can all look forward to: The turkey. There are plenty…
Next Big Future
Turkey shows off a prototype for a railgun as the US gets closer to fully operational railgun systems
The Turkish munitions developer TÜBİTAK-SAGE showcased its progress in developing a prototype electromagnetic railgun to the Turkish government at the end of October.Designated ‘Sapan’, TÜBİTAK-SAGE’s research and development program aims to provide the Turkish arms industry with the groundwork to develop…
Curbed National
Home security systems 101: Things to consider
There’s a lot more to it than alarms and security cameras When we talk about home tech, we’re often focused on products from technology juggernauts or new startups, but home security systems, the predecessors to today’s smart home ecosystems, have been used for decades (the first system was invented…
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An Unlikely Ally in a Refugee Crisis | Sara Sawatzki | TEDxLincoln
In late 2015, after watching videos of Syrians in life rafts, fleeing unspeakable horrors in their home country, she felt compelled to take a leave of absence from her job and go help. This is her story of traveling to Greece during the Syrian refugee crisis. Sara’s a professional photographer in Lincoln….
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The Radical Virtue of Compromise | Andrew McDonald | TEDxLincoln
In his role as pastor, he has loads of opportunities to observe some of the things that divide us, and ways to bring us together. Lately he’s been thinking about the lost notion of compromise. Join him as he dives deep into this radical idea. Pastor Doctor McDonald (don’t let the titles intimidate…
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Connecting Part time jobs to Full-Time Careers | Bryan Seck | TEDxLincoln
Bryan is the Developer of the Prosper Lincoln Employment Skills initiative, which focuses on efforts to elevate people from part-time jobs to full-time careers. Oh, and he gardens a bit, too Seck says that he came to Nebraska by way of Kazakhstan, Russia, Wichita, Washington, DC, and New York City….
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Stopping Climate Change with the Green Industrial Revolution | Jochen Wermuth | TEDxMarrakesh
Green Industrial Revolution: Moving the trillions needed to stop climate change profitably Jochen Wermuth is a member of the steering committee of the peer­‐to­‐peer investor networks “Europeans for Divest-­‐Invest” & “100% Impact Network“. He is also Founding Partner & Chief Investment Officer…
The Monitor Stand That Apple Should Make Is Only $28 Today
If Apple made a monitor stand, it would probably look a lot like this. It would also probably cost about $200, instead of $28.Read more…
IoT and LPWA: Perfect partners in a connected world
Twenty years ago I was approached by a vending machine company that wanted to remotely monitor and record the temperature of their vending machine compartments to the nearest tenth of a degree. I understand that no one wants a warm soda, but the data the company wanted to record was more granular than…
Klipsch Home Theater System Bundle (Marantz 9.2 Recevier + Speakers) $2999
Klipsch Home Theater System Bundle (Marantz 9.2 Recevier + Speakers) $2999
Oracle to buy cloud infrastructure provider Dyn
Oracle plans to acquire internet performance and DNS provider Dyn in an effort to pump up its cloud-based offerings and challenge infrastructure and platform service leaders like Amazon and Microsoft. Dyn, in the news last month when it was targeted in a massive distributed denial-of-service attack,…
Joe’s Daily
Carnival Launches Three-Day Virtual Easter Egg Hunt
Today, Carnival Cruise Lines launches the Carnival Vista Hunt, a three-day virtual Easter egg hunt featuring a slew of awesome prizes. From 11/21 to the game’s end on 11/23, users will have approximately 2 minutes and 20 seconds (20 seconds per scene) to search the 360-degree Carnival Vista scenes…
Cool Material
FuegoBox Is the Gift of Delicious Heat
Everyone knows someone who douses wings in Frank’s, dumps Tabasco on pizza, and pours sriracha on close to everything. This holiday season, give that person the gift of hot sauce discovery. FuegoBox is a subscription hot sauce service that will send extra flavorful, small-batch hot sauces to someone’s…
Lifehacker The Difference Between Streets, Boulevards, Avenues, and Other Roads | Kotaku “FF Is Comi
Lifehacker The Difference Between Streets, Boulevards, Avenues, and Other Roads | Kotaku “FF Is Coming Out” Is All Square Enix Needs To Say | io9 Suicide Squad: The Extended Cut Is the Movie 2016 Deserves | Jalopnik New Cars Are Getting Harder To See Out Of |Read more…
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Microsoft hints at what you’ll need to run Windows 10 VR headsets
There’s still much we don’t know about Microsoft’s plan to deliver virtual reality in Windows 10. At this point, we’ve heard it’ll start with $299 headsets from a variety of PC manufacturers, and support for the Windows Holographic VR platform will arrive in in the Windows 10 Creators Update next year….
Digital Trends
As it works to recover from its diesel emissions scandal, VW will cut 30,000 jobs
Although it remains mired in the “Dieselgate” emissions scandal, Volkswagen is managing to keep its head above water in terms of profitability. But its profits lag behind those of other major automakers, and so the company is planning some significant cuts. The Volkswagen Group recently reached an agreement…
Digital Trends
Live out your dreams of stardom from your living room with NBA 2KVR Experience
My Player and Career modes have allowed you to experience the life of a star athlete in sports games for years, but 2K Games is looking to take that to the next level with NBA 2KVR Experience, and you won’t have to wait long to get your virtual hands on it — it’s out tomorrow. “In the NBA 2KVR Experience,…
Motherboard RSS Feed
Here’s a Picture of a Phone-Tracking Device That We’ve Never Seen in the Wild
For years, in almost complete secrecy, cops and feds in the United States—and elsewhere—have been using powerful devices called Stingrays, cell site simulators, or IMSI catchers to track and spy on cell phones. Over the last few years, and only after long legal fights and several public documents requests,… – latest science and technology news stories
Scientists create innovative drug design strategy to improve breast cancer treatment
While there have been advances in the treatment of hormone-driven breast cancer, resistance to these therapies remains a significant problem. Side effects, including an increased risk of uterine cancer among postmenopausal women, also severely curtail their use for prevention. – latest science and technology news stories
New clues emerge in 30-year-old superconductor mystery
One of the greatest mysteries of experimental physics is how so-called high-temperature superconducting materials work. Despite their name, high-temperature superconductors—materials that carry electrical current with no resistance—operate at chilly temperatures less than minus 135 degrees Celsius. They… – latest science and technology news stories
Cement materials are an overlooked and substantial carbon ‘sink’
A new study involving the University of East Anglia (UEA) shows that cement structures are a substantial but overlooked absorber of carbon emissions – offsetting some of those emitted during cement production itself. – latest science and technology news stories
New solution for making 2-D nanomaterials
Two-dimensional (2D) nanomaterials have been made by dissolving layered materials in liquids, according to new UCL-led research. The liquids can be used to apply the 2D nanomaterials over large areas and at low costs, enabling a variety of important future applications. – latest science and technology news stories
Ocean acidification study offers warnings for marine life, habitats
Acidification of the world’s oceans could drive a cascading loss of biodiversity in some marine habitats, according to research published today in Nature Climate Change. – latest science and technology news stories
Scientist strengthens tools to track animal, ecosystem responses to environmental changes
By charting the slopes and crags on animals’ teeth as if they were mountain ranges, scientists at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History have created a powerful new way to learn about the diets of extinct animals from the fossil record. – latest science and technology news stories
Computer scientists work to prevent hackers from remotely controlling cars
One of these has now been closed by computer scientists at the Center for IT Security and Privacy (CISPA) and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)—with the help of software that manufacturers can retrofit into any car. In order to remotely brake a car traveling at more than 100… – latest science and technology news stories
Enhanced nitrous oxide emissions found in field warming experiment in the Arctic
The Arctic is warming rapidly, with projected temperature increases larger than anywhere else in the world. The Arctic regions are particularly important with respect to climate change, as permafrost soils store huge amounts of the Earth’s soil carbon (C) and nitrogen (N). Warming of arctic soils and… – latest science and technology news stories
A new species of quillwort named for the US state of Mississippi
Stunningly underwhelming, species of the genus Isoetes, commonly known as quillworts, bear amazing similarity to grass plants with which they are often confused. The US state of Mississippi has now given its name to a new species of the enigmatic quillwort group. The study was published in the open access… – latest science and technology news stories
Flashy language doesn’t fly with Supreme Court
Memo to all attorneys submitting legal briefs to the U.S. Supreme Court: Be subtle and your chances of winning go up significantly. – latest science and technology news stories
Foreign beetle species recorded for the first time in Canada thanks to citizen science
With social networks abound, it is no wonder that there is an online space where almost anyone can upload a photo and report a sighting of an insect. Identified or not, such public records can turn out to be especially useful—as in the case of an Old World beetle species—which appears to have recently… – latest science and technology news stories
‘Nice’ women earn less than their more assertive counterparts
A new study finds that the nicer, or more agreeable, a woman is at work, the lower her salary is likely to be. The new research, published in The European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, examines status inconsistencies between men and women through the lens of traditional male and female… – latest science and technology news stories
Investing in the ‘bioeconomy’ could create jobs and reduce carbon emissions
A new article looks at the potential benefits of a Billion Ton Bioeconomy, a vision to enable a sustainable market for producing and converting a billion tons of US biomass to bio-based energy, fuels, and products by 2030. – latest science and technology news stories
EU plans center to combat hybrid warfare in Finland
Finnish officials say the European Union is planning to set up a hybrid threat center in Finland to combat a growing number of cyberattacks and hybrid warfare, including disinformation and false news sent over social media sites. – latest science and technology news stories
Sweden to scrap taxes on solar energy in 2017
Sweden is set to ditch taxes on its production of solar energy in 2017 in a bid to run entirely on renewable energy by 2040, the government said on Monday.
How-To Geek
Pin the Control Panel to Your Taskbar for Quicker Access to Your Most-Used Windows Tools
If there are Control Panel apps you use all the time, why not make accessing them quicker? Just pin the Control Panel to your taskbar or Start menu and then pin individual apps to its jump list.Click Here to Continue Reading
Add Rocket League To Your Steam Library For $14
If you’ve somehow avoided buying Rocket League up to this point, Amazon will sell you a PC download for just $14 right now. If you get anywhere near as addicted as I have, it’ll be the best bang for your buck that you’ve ever experienced.Read more…
The Next Web
Watch this chimp dabble in the wonders of virtual reality
Few chimpanzees can brag about having tried out virtual reality, but Sugriva isn’t your ordinary chimp – and he certainly knows how to rock a VR headset. Last week, a series of videos featuring the frisky chimp showed up on the internet. The amusing footage captures Sugriva as he puts on an HTC Vive…
Latest Items from TreeHugger
8 things to do with leftover herbs
How many times have you used a few sprigs from a bunch, only to watch the rest wither up and die?
Pokemon GO Thanksgiving Event update secret details
Pokemon GO’s second in-game event was announced today by Niantic for Thanksgiving weekend. This event will be very similar to the first event in Pokemon GO, Halloween, with tricks and treats galore. This next event won’t be quite so transparent as the first, but we’ve got the data you’re going to want…
Tesla’s SolarCity acquisition closes after investor approval
Tesla and SolarCity are now one and the same. Both companies announced this morning that its acquisition of SolarCity has been finalized, completing a process that began back in August. Tesla revealed late last week that its investors had approved the acquisition, removing the final roadblock in merging…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Lenovo Yoga 910 review: Thin, light, powerful laptop with fun tablet functionality
Lenovo’s Yoga 910 laptop embodies a pleasant balance of style, versatility and performance with its flexible build, touchscreen and zippy internals. Its mobile-inspired features make it visually striking, highly portable and fun to use. .. Continue Reading Lenovo Yoga 910 review: Thin, light,…
Cool Hunting
Link About It: Help Over Hate: A List of Organizations Under Threat
The recent election results kicked many people into action. One of the most useful resources we’ve found thus far is Help Over Hate—an inventory of organizations that support and service communities that may find themselves threatened by the new government…… …
Apple Is Offering Replacements for iPhone 6s Models That Randomly Shut Down
If you have an iPhone 6S that randomly shuts down, you’re not the only one. Apple is aware of a problem that it says affects a small number of phones, and is offering customers replacement batteries for those units.Read more…
Engadget Full RSS Feed
Clickbait, fake news and the power of feeling
Fake news has dominated post-election headlines, and important questions have been asked: Would Hillary have won had almost a million people not read that Pope Francis had endorsed Trump? (Probably not). Did Facebook take enough action to prevent fake news proliferating on its network? (Definitely not)….
This DualShock 4 Deal Is Better Than We Were Expecting on Black Friday
Basically every retailer under the sun has promised DualShock 4 controllers for $40 on Black Friday, but, uh, Newegg’s eBay storefront has them for $38 right now. If you’re planning on buying a PS4 in the coming weeks, this is a no-brainer.Read more…
BBC News – World
Driver drags woman by neck in German town of Hamelin
A woman is seriously injured in Germany after being dragged behind a car by a cord around her neck.
BBC News – World
Mosul battle: ‘Don’t be afraid, we’re here to protect you’
Ayman Oghanna goes on patrol with the Iraqi government forces as they attempt to sweep the area for civilians.
Sears Black Friday Sale – 100% SYW Cashback on Select Items
Sears Black Friday Sale – 100% SYW Cashback on Select Items
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
May pledges ‘lowest corporation tax in G20’ to calm Brexit fears
British Prime Minister Theresa May pledged on Monday to address business concerns that the UK could fall off a “cliff edge” into uncertain trading conditions after leaving the EU, pledging to have the lowest corporate tax in the G20.
Newswise: SciNews
Georgetown Team Sets Off to Antarctica in Search of Traces of Ancient Life
A quest to understand if and how life can endure in extreme cold– on Earth and, perhaps one day, on Mars — is sending a team of Georgetown University researchers to Antarctica to search for, and then sequence, ancient bacteria.
Newswise: SciNews
Wichita State University Anthropology Team Excavates, Studies New Mammoth Tusk Discovery
A Wichita State University anthropology professor and his students are learning first-hand what it takes to painstakingly uncover what could be one of the oldest mammoth tusks ever found in Kansas.
Newswise: SciNews
New, Detailed Snapshots Capture Photosynthesis at Room Temperature
New X-ray methods at the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory have captured the highest resolution room-temperature images of protein complex photosystem II, which allows scientists to closely watch how water is split during photosynthesis at the temperature at which it occurs…
Newswise: SciNews
Scientists Tissue Engineer Human Intestines and Functioning Nerves
Scientists report in Nature Medicine using human pluripotent stem cells to grow human intestinal tissues that have functioning nerves in a laboratory, and then using these to recreate and study a severe intestinal nerve disorder called Hirschsprung’s disease.
Newswise: SciNews
New Tabletop Technique Probes Outermost Electrons of Atoms Deep Inside Solids
Researchers at the Stanford PULSE Institute have invented a new way to probe the valence electrons of atoms deep inside a crystalline solid.
Newswise: SciNews
X-Rays Capture Unprecedented Images of Photosynthesis in Action
An international team of scientists is providing new insight into the process by which plants use light to split water and create oxygen. In experiments led by Berkeley Lab scientists, ultrafast X-ray lasers were able to capture atomic-scale images of a protein complex found in plants, algae, and cyanobacteria…
Newswise: SciNews
Seven MD Anderson Faculty Elected as AAAS Fellows
In recognition of wide-ranging contributions to the fields of cancer prevention, patient care, and basic, translational, and clinical research, seven faculty members from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center have been named Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science…
Newswise: SciNews
Concrete Jungle Functions as Carbon Sink, UCI and Other Researchers Find
Cement manufacturing is among the most carbon-intensive industrial processes, but an international team of researchers has found that over time, the widely used building material reabsorbs much of the CO2 emitted when it was made.
Newswise: SciNews
Ten Rutgers Professors Named Fellows of American Association for the Advancement of Science
Ten Rutgers have been named fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), an honor conferred on 381 other experts in the U.S. and abroad. The fellows were chosen by their AAAS peers for efforts to advance science applications that are deemed scientifically or socially distinguished,…
Newswise: SciNews
Gulf of Mexico Alliance Awards First Gulf Star Regional Projects
The Gulf of Mexico Alliance is announcing the award of 19 projects through its new Gulf Star Program.
RIP AirPort? Apple may abandon wireless routers and Time Capsule
Apple is reportedly done with routers. While the company hasn’t said anything publicly, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman (who has an excellent track record with Apple rumors) reports that Apple’s wireless router division has been disbanded. The engineers who were working on products like the AirPort Express,…
Apple says Wi-Fi isn’t interesting anymore
If you’ve been waiting for a replacement 802.11ac AirPort Express or hoped for some improvements in Time Machine, then stop hoping on strength of claims Apple has ceased development of its AirPort range of products.What is being claimed? Bloomberg claims just that former AirPort engineers are now working…
TEDTalks (video)
A political party for women’s equality | Sandi Toksvig
Women’s equality won’t just happen — not unless more women are put in positions of power, says Sandi Toksvig. In a disarmingly hilarious talk, Toksvig tells the story of how she helped start a new political party in Britain, the Women’s Equality Party, with the express purpose of putting equality on…
This Concrete Home With a Glass-Encased Swimming Pool Is Every Modernist’s Dream
Architect Laertis-Antonios Ando Vassiliou seems to have channeled his inner Snow White fantasist for his latest conceptual project: a concrete home located in a pine forest that features glass ceilings and a swimming pool.
Shut Up And Take My Money
I SUCK AT PARKING 10 Pack Car Decals
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Bernie Sanders Got Nearly 6 Percent of the Vote in Vermont, Even Though He Wasn’t Running
How much dissatisfaction was there with the major parties’ presidential candidates this year? Enough

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