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Master & Dynamic’s MW50 on-ear headphones are comfy but costly
 The MW50 are on-ear headphones that perform like a pair of over-ears. They’re nice to look at, comfortable and, at $449, pretty pricey. The headphones are lightweight, but are ultimately acoustically inferior to their over-ear counterparts. If you’re looking for a pair of those, Master & Dynamic…
ZTE wants the crowd to name its crowdsourced smartphone
If you thought that ZTE was done asking people’s opinions about its next “innovation”, you’d be dead wrong. Last month, the company closed the doors on is “Crowd Source X” or CSX campaign that crowd-sourced the idea for a unique device it will present at CES 2017. But while the idea should already be…
This Fighter Jet Flew So Close to the Ground That It Basically Knocked Down a Guy
Yowza. Watch this Sukhoi Su-27 make the lowest of low passes at an air base in Ukraine. Like, it flies so impossibly close to the ground that you can see a guy duck and essentially get blown over as the fighter jet flies above his head. The video shows the entire insane approach: the jet flies a few…
Japan Fukushima Nuclear Plant ‘Clean-Up Costs Double,’ Approaching $200 Billion
An anonymous reader quotes a report from BBC: Japan’s government estimates the cost of cleaning up radioactive contamination and compensating victims of the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster has more than doubled, reports say. The latest estimate from the trade ministry put the expected cost at some 20…
44 Best Christmas Card Display Ideas
Most of us receive a lot of Christmas cards from different cities and even countries and storing them can make your home messy. Display them in some cool way to keep your home in perfect order and to bring a festive touch to your home. Don’t know how to do that? We are here to help you with a ton of…
Learn How To Code
Learning how to code teaches you how to think – and learning is now more accessible than ever. No matter your age or knowledge level, you can start learning today and be on the path to becoming a full stack developer that everyone will want to hire. Check it out $19.99
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Zelectric jolts classic Porsche and Ghia into the electric age
San Diego’s Zelectric has become well known for electrifying iconic Volkswagens in the form of its ZelectricBug and ZelectricBus. But it also puts volts to other Volkswagens and rear-engined classics. At this year’s LA Auto Show, which wrapped up on Sunday, it highlighted two of these vehicles:…
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Samsung to increase shareholder dividends further
Samsung Electronics will allocate 50 percent of free cash flow to shareholders in 2016 and 2017 and commence a six-month corporate structure review.
Politics Podcast: Recount, Really?
 Subscribe: iTunes |ESPN App |Download |RSS |New to podcasts?The FiveThirtyEight Politics podcast team discusses the merits of Jill Stein’s push for ballot recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. They also debate how journalists should cover President-elect Donald Trump’s tweets after his false…
BBC News – World
Laser vision
Lasers have been around since the 1960s, but today’s highly accurate versions are transforming surgery, computing, engineering and mapping.
Scientific American Content: Global
We Now Live In The Unnatural World
David Biello’s new book is The Unnatural World: The Race to Remake Civilization in Earth’s Newest Age.   — Read more on
Big Think
How About a New Theory of Evolution with Less Natural Selection?
Biologists debate adding a controversial new aspect to the understanding of evolution.Read More
#DefineAboriginal shows what it’s like to be Indigenous in the face of racism
Australian far-right politician Pauline Hanson has been quite the know-it-all recently. Last week, she claimed the Great Barrier Reef is fine, then on Monday night, she decided that “there’s no definition to an Aboriginal” and a person could be Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander by marrying one. …
Uber drivers demand higher pay in nationwide protest – CNET
Marching at airports across the country, drivers for the ride-hailing company join the “Fight for $15” campaign calling for a higher wage.
Another Cyber Monday, another online sales record – CNET
If you missed the day’s deals, plenty more should be on the way this holiday season.
GitHub is now selling a $30 Octocat plush doll
GitHub, the company that offers free and enterprise versions of source code repository software based on the Git open-source software, today unveiled its latest product: a plush doll in the form of its Octocat mascot. It costs $30. It’s cute. It’s got those big eyes and those eight signature tentacles….
HTML5 is the next $100 billion game platform
GUEST: We believe over the next 12 months, billions of mobile messenger users will become prolific consumers of games and apps using HTML5 and messenger bots. This has the potential to be the most important and lucrative platform ever made available to developers and marketers — it is orders of magnitude…
BBC News – World
Scurvy makes surprise return in Australia
Doctors in Australia report a resurgence in the disease historically associated with sea explorers.
Trump’s campaign manager hangs with singing Naked Cowboys
The lobby of Trump Tower is a way more happening spot than you’d think. SEE ALSO: Donald Trump’s Christmas ornament made Amazon reviews great again Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, graced the golden entryway Monday and got a live performance from New York’s famous “Naked Cowboys.”…
Five AM transforms caravan into mobile studio with pop-up table and pegboard walls
A+Awards: Belgian design office Five AM overhauled a tiny caravan to create this studio on wheels, which is next up in our showcase of this year’s Architizer A+Awards winners. Read more
Foster + Partners and Rubio Arquitectura to extend Madrid’s Museo del Prado
Foster + Partners and Rubio Arquitectura have won a competition to overhaul Spain’s most important art museum, the Museo del Prado in Madrid. Read more
Newswise: SciNews
Voice Appeal – New Research Suggests That Men and Women Perceive Consonants Differently.
In a study to be presented during the 172nd Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America and the 5th Joint Meeting with Acoustical Society of Japan, a Canadian researcher has new data about the vocal attractiveness of consonants. Vowels are already well studied and there are several acoustic cues intrinsic…
Kinja Co-Op
The Myles Everyday Short Will Take You from the Trail to the Poolside Bar
There are a lot of strong opinions on shorts out there, but one thing is certain, if you do invest in a pair, they need to be versatile and fit well. The Myles Everyday Short easily accomplishes both these objectives.Read more…
China’s immense solar ambitions get an Aussie tech boost
If Trump makes good on his rants against wind and solar, it will be countries like China and India that muscle in, the International Energy Agency (IEA) predicted in November.  And Australia? Australia can sell the 21st century world powers the technology to get them to a greener future. SEE ALSO:…
Digital Trends
LG’s crazy high-resolution 5K 27-inch display arrives in December through Apple
LG Electronics originally introduced its new UltraFine 27-inch 5K display at the end of October, a desktop panel cramming in 218 pixels per inch to create a crazy 5,120 x 2,880 resolution. It’s based on In-Plane Switching display technology that’s best known for its huge color depth and wide viewing…
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Two more investors sue Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes for fraud
Two more investors have filed lawsuits (PDF) against Theranos, a few weeks after Walgreens sued the embattled startup for $140 million. This is the third one filed against the company, following the drugstore chain’s and Partner Fund Management’s (PFM), but the first that’s seeking class-action status….
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Researchers uncover algorithm which may solve human intelligence
If we have the algorithm, we also have the key to true artificial intelligence.
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Google launches 10,000 Android developer scholarships
The European initiative aims to close the “mobile digital skills gap” and encourage technology startups.
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Lack of banking API in Australia is ‘crazy’: Cannon-Brookes
Atlassian co-founder Mike Cannon-Brookes has shared his long-standing views of the Australian banking industry and reminded fintech entrepreneurs to take advantage of regulatory changes and shifts in the financial environment.
Kinja Co-Op
The Iron Lion Brings the Suds
If you care about using only natural products, Iron Lion is a great choice. If you just want really nice soap, Iron Lion is still a great choice.Read more…
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MIT’s sensor network tracks your power-hungry appliances
You get a bill from your electricity provider every month laying out how much energy you used, but there’s no easy way to get a breakdown of which appliances suck down the most juice. But the US Navy has partnered with MIT scientists to design a cheap, portable sensor network that tracks the power drain…
Gadget Review
T-Mobile vs AT&T vs Verizon Cyber Monday Deals
T-Mobile vs AT&T vs Verizon Cyber Monday Deals Gadget Review – Your lifestyle gadget site The clock is now ticking as Cyber Monday comes to a close. If you’ve just returned home from work and are browsing online, debating on which wireless carrier Cyber Monday deal to go with… we’ve listed out all…
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All Hail Santa! Enamel pin
submitted by /u/loveandasandwich [link] [comments]
Shut Up And Take My Money
Star Wars Death Star Measuring Cups on Sale
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Shut Up And Take My Money
10 Foot Apple MFI Charging Cable
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Latest Items from TreeHugger
Quite possibly the most appropriate (& beautiful) bike hanger yet
The Bike Hanger 2.0 offers a stylish stowage solution when in use, and doubles as a unique piece of decor when it’s not.
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Behind the wheel of the no-frills eRod electric sports car
Mobility scooters, postie bikes, motorized trolleys and electric sports cars. It’s not exactly a normal progression, but it’s the road taken by Kyburz. Based in Zurich, the small firm started making three-wheeled electric mobility scooters and small trolleys, but decided that wasn’t exciting…
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Social Media Is Killing Discourse Because It’s Too Much Like TV
We need more text and fewer videos and memes in the age of Trump.
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Delphi and MobilEye will demo their self-driving tech at CES
We’ll finally get a chance to see what MobilEye’s been up to since it split up with Tesla at CES 2017 in January. The company and its new partner Delphi will showcase their automated driving system called Centralized Sensing Localization and Planning (CSLP) at the yearly event in Las Vegas. They’re calling…
designboom | architecture & design magazine
union motion unveils the akira inspired ‘phaser type 1′ electric motorcycle
union motion’s first prototype aims to kickstart the transition to clean energy travel. The post union motion unveils the akira inspired ‘phaser type 1′ electric motorcycle appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
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HPE demonstrates memory-driven computing prototype
HPE has successfully demonstrated that its memory-driven computing prototype works, taking it one step closer to redefining the future of computing architecture.
Mises Institute
The Swiss Private Bankers Should Be a Model for Bankers Everywhere
A A Tags Home | Feed | Blog.rssMoney and BanksThe Swiss Private Bankers Should Be a Model for Bankers Everywhere Money and Banking 0 Views The strong showing in banking stocks may show some optimism following the presidential election victory of Donald Trump. But, a healthy future…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Toddler robot provides insights into early childhood learning
Kids can pick up new words pretty quickly – just ask any parent who’s accidentally sworn in front of their little ones. In order to better understand the mechanics of early learning, a new study tested the object association skills of both children and robots, and found that kids use a robotic…
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Czech archaeological museum springs out of the ground like a modern-day cave system
In a project that joins modern architecture with ancient archaeological finds, the Czech Republic’s new Archeopark in Pavlov houses a museum where visitors can get an up-close look at many Paleolithic-era tools as well as skeletal remains of early humans and their artwork. The brainchild of Czech architects…
Jetson Green
Tiny Studio That Works as an Office or Even a Home
European cities are even more densely populated than US ones, and finding a place that’s comfortable and all your own can sometimes be quite a challenge. Garden sheds are a popular solution to this conundrum. The one pictured above was designed by architect Tjeerd Bloothoofd of the Dutch firm Bloot…
Gear Patrol
10 Best Noise-Canceling Headphones of 2016
Because the experienced traveler knows normal headphones can’t tune out a jet engine. …Read More »
Gear Patrol
Holiday Gift Guide: The Mediaphile
The best holiday gift ideas for the mediaphile, selected by our experts, to make the 2016 shopping season a breeze. …Read More »
Gear Patrol
Holiday Gift Guide: The Designer
The best holiday gift ideas for the designer, selected by our experts, to make the 2016 shopping season a breeze. …Read More »
Gear Patrol
GP100: The 22 Best Tech Products of the Year
Our picks for the finest products launched in 2016. …Read More »
Gear Patrol
The Skis You Need in 2017
There is no one ski that does it all. But there is a ski that will work best for you. …Read More »
Gear Patrol
Today in Gear: November 29, 2016
Framed topographical maps, a smart mattress, the first all-electric Maserati and much more. …Read More »
President-elect Trump retweets teenager in rant against CNN
Donald Trump is doubling down on his claim that voter fraud perpetrated by millions of undocumented immigrants gave Hillary Clinton the edge in the popular vote — and he’s retweeting random people on Twitter to do it.  There is absolutely no evidence for Trump’s claim, according to Electionland, a special…
MediaTek to launch family of chips for autonomous cars
Self-driving cars are one of the hot emerging industries in tech, and Taiwan’s MediaTek wants in on it. The semiconductor chip maker is announcing today a plan to bring out a family of integrated chips for the automotive industry in the first quarter of 2017. With its chips used in 1.5 billion consumer…
5 bots to try this week: Bly, Smokey, MotivateBot,, and Rudolf Adventson
This week, three of the five bots to try include animals as icons — and two of them are reindeer, though only one of the antlered creatures is related to Christmas. But perhaps it makes cosmic sense, as we’re just shifting now from turkeys and pilgrims to another holiday season. Here are the five most…
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PIQ ROBOTTM reveals its new artificial intelligence software
PIQ ROBOTTM software can now be upgraded to include newly veiled artificial intelligence, GAIA, interface to deliver ultimate sports experience.
Newswise: SciNews
How to Monitor Global Ocean Warming – Without Harming Whales
Tracking the speed of internal tides offers a cheap, simple way to monitor temperature changes throughout the world’s oceans.
Newswise: SciNews
Institute of Food Technologists and Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology to Offer Joint Membership
With our planet’s population estimated to reach more than 9 billion by 2050, the world faces many pressing food demands. In order to help food scientists and technologists meet these challenges, the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) and the Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology (CIFST)…
Newswise: SciNews
‘Brighter Than A Billion Suns’: SLAC Studies Featured in TEDx Talk
Phil Manning and his colleagues have used synchrotron light for nearly a decade to help interpret the chemical signatures locked within fossilized life. Bright X-rays have allowed them to study fossilized worm burrows, recreate pigment patterns in ancient bird feathers, see how Jurassic dinosaur bones…
Lattice Deal May Hit A Snag
A buyer with ties to the Chinese central government and a U.S. company with dual-purpose technology is an alarming combination that could invite suspicion among regulators concerned about national security. This might become the case with Lattice deal.
Man of Many
So Watt Studios Release Untitled_002 Wristwatches
Untitled_002 isn’t the most exciting title for a watch design on the planet, but when you have a look into the concept of Sydney-based design studio So Watt, you’ll see that they don’t need fancy names for their products to get a fanbase excited. This is only the second wrist-bling offering from the…
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Cisco: Utilities can predict the future using IoT
Utilities must use IoT to augment human intelligence, eliminate labour, and embrace predictive analytics, Cisco Australia CTO Kevin Bloch has said, as there’s a ‘massive divergence’ between what humans and computers can do.
Brain Pickings
C.S. Lewis on Equality and Our Core Misconception About Democracy
“The tempter always works on some real weakness in our own system of values: offers food to some need which we have starved.” “The notion of obligations comes before that of rights, which is subordinate and relative to the former,” wrote the great French philosopher Simone Weil shortly before her untimely…
NASA X-Ray Tech Could Enable Superfast Communication In Deep Space
An anonymous reader quotes a report from New technology could use X-rays to transmit data at high rates over vast distances in outer space, as well as enable communications with hypersonic vehicles during re-entry, when radio communications are impossible, NASA scientists say. The technology…
Cheese advent calendar is the tastiest holiday item we’ve ever curd of
We all know that one person with an insatiable addiction to cheese. This might just be the perfect holiday gift for them…aside from a giant block of the stuff. Behold! The cheese advent calendar. It lets you count down the days till Christmas and receive a dairy treat (of a different kind) everyday. …
Indians went on an iPhone buying spree after government demonetized currency
India’s push to invalidate much of its cash earlier this month has taken a toll on several businesses including smartphone sales, but at least, one player, Apple will have little to complaint about.  Following India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s major announcement, Apple sold more than 100,000 iPhones…
Brain Pickings
Hold Still: Sally Mann on the Treachery of Memory, the Dark Side of Photography, and the Elusive Locus of the Self
“Photographs economize the truth; they are always moments more or less illusorily abducted from time’s continuum.” “Memory is never a precise duplicate of the original… it is a continuing act of creation,” pioneering researcher Rosalind Cartwright wrote in distilling the science of the unconscious mind….
1st Photonic Circuits Here
IMEC research institute claims to demonstrate the world’s first sub-micron photonic circuits encoding “1s” and “0s” on the spin of optical photons.
Tech Volunteers Heed the Call
Disaster Tech Lab needs a few technically minded volunteers to help set up solar power and Wi-Fi networks in global disaster sites and refugee camps.
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Embattled South Korean president offers to step down
South Korean President Park Geun-hye on Tuesday asked parliament to find a way for her to give up power and decide when she should step down amid an influence-peddling scandal, but the opposition said she was just trying to avoid impeachment.
Brain Pickings
A Truly Human Endeavor: Cosmologist Janna Levin on the Transcendence of Science, the Climb Toward Truth, and Why Scientists Do What They Do
“The climb is personal, a truly human endeavor, and the real expedition pixelates into individuals, not Platonic forms.” “Science makes people reach selflessly for truth and objectivity,” wrote pioneering physicist Lise Meitner, “[and] it teaches people to accept reality, with wonder and admiration,… – latest science and technology news stories
Mobile use drives US holiday shopping gains (Update)
Americans are turning to their mobile devices for deals to kick off the holiday shopping season, with retail trends increasingly upended by ever-present smartphones. – latest science and technology news stories
Nissan banks on after-sales ‘hyper-personalization’ revenue
Nissan is going to offer internet access, safety technology and myriad accessory options the Japanese automaker calls “hyper-personalization,” not only in new models but also for vehicles people already own. – latest science and technology news stories
First Data: Thanksgiving, Black Friday sales up 9 percent
Shoppers put in a strong showing on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. – latest science and technology news stories
California targets dairy cows to combat global warming
California is taking its fight against global warming to the farm. The nation’s leading agricultural state is now targeting greenhouse gases produced by dairy cows and other livestock. – latest science and technology news stories
Intel to provide computing power for Delphi autonomous cars
Auto parts and electronics maker Delphi Corp. has signed a deal with Intel to buy high-powered computer processors for Delphi’s future autonomous-vehicle systems. – latest science and technology news stories
‘Programmable materials’ showing future potential for industry
New research has shown that honeycomb “cellular” materials made of a shape-memory polymer might be programmed for specific purposes, from shock-absorbing football helmets to biomedical implants. – latest science and technology news stories
Ants communicate by mouth-to-mouth fluid exchange
Liquids shared mouth-to-mouth by social insects contain proteins and small molecules that can influence the development and organisation of their colonies, according to new findings published in eLife.
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Hello Friends, Know that you you have experienced the Black Friday and Cyber Monday,what you want are…
Hello Friends,Know that you you have experienced the Black Friday and Cyber Monday,what you want are on the way to your home now,lol!Today’s Good news is that the Joyetech Brands come back to Gearbest!!!have the first look here : pls remember this important thing : Coupon # Joyetech #,15%off,Just…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Chicxulub : a unique crater to elucidate planetary surfaces
Paris, France (SPX) Nov 25, 2016 The fall of an asteroid in the Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico) 66 million years ago is believed to have caused the extinction of dinosaurs. It also created the Chicxulub impact crater, the only such crater on Earth that still has a peak ring – a type of structure commonly…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Hurricane kills 9 in Costa Rica
San Jos? (AFP) Nov 25, 2016 A hurricane that churned its way across Central America before sweeping into the Pacific on Friday killed at least nine people in Costa Rica and caused millions of dollars in damage, officials said. President Luis Guillermo Solis declared three days of mourning, starting…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Early warning from space of homes on the slide
Paris (ESA) Nov 25, 2016 It was a literal property crash: multiple homes in the Carmenes del Mar resort on the south coast of Spain were engulfed in a landslide, leaving families homeless. But satellite archives offer early warning of such events – and now more accessible than ever before thanks…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Subduction zone geometry offers a mega-earthquake risk indicator
Paris (SPX) Nov 29, 2016 Mega-earthquakes (with a magnitude greater than 8.5) mainly occur on subduction faults where one tectonic plate passes under another. But the probability of such earthquakes does not appear to be even across these zones. In a study published in the journal Science,…
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Marine microalgae, a new sustainable food and fuel source
Ithaca NY (SPX) Nov 22, 2016 Taken from the bottom of the marine food chain, microalgae may soon become a top-tier contender to combat global warming, climate change and food insecurity, according to a study published in the journal Oceanography (December 2016). “We may have stumbled onto the…
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Marine sediments record variations in the Earth’s magnetic field
Paris, France (SPX) Nov 29, 2016 Past variations in the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field are reflected by the production of isotopes in the atmosphere. Researchers from the CNRS, Aix Marseille Universite and the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission CEA have used an isotope…
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With new polymer, you can carry hydrogen in your pocket
Tokyo (UPI) Nov 28, 2016 Want to carry hydrogen in your pocket? The latest invention out of Waseda University makes it possible. A team of researchers in Japan have developed a thin, flexible polymer sheet that safely and efficiently absorbs and stores hydrogen. Even when saturated with hydrogen,…
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
Aviation enhancements, better biosensors could result from new sensor technology
Columbia MO (SPX) Nov 25, 2016 Piezoelectric sensors measure changes in pressure, acceleration, temperature, strain or force and are used in a vast array of devices important to everyday life. However, these sensors often can be limited by the “white noise” they detect that can give engineers and…
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Russian Space Sector Overcomes Failures
Moscow (Sputnik) Nov 29, 2016 The Russian space industry has overcome a series of failures and made a considerable breakthrough in space technology, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said Monday. One of the key projects in the Russian space industry is the construction of a super-heavy class…
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
Shear brilliance: computing tackles the mystery of the dark universe
Manchester, UK (SPX) Nov 29, 2016 Scientists from The University of Manchester working on a revolutionary telescope project have harnessed the power of distributed computing from the UK’s GridPP collaboration to tackle one of the Universe’s biggest mysteries – the nature of dark matter and dark energy….
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
Brazil to pursue satellite, nuclear sub projects: minister
Brasilia (AFP) Nov 27, 2016 Ambitious projects such as satellites that could bring the internet to the remote Amazon and construction of Brazil’s first nuclear submarine will proceed despite a deep economic downturn, the defense minister told AFP. Raul Jungmann said he will be in France this…
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
Space Food Bars Will Keep Orion Weight Off and Crew Weight On
Houston TX (SPX) Nov 29, 2016 When astronauts in the Orion spacecraft travel beyond the moon to explore deep space destinations, they’ll need a robust diet to keep them healthy and sharp. While crew members aboard the International Space Station can choose from approximately 200 items for their meals…
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
Citizens’ space debate: the main findings and the future
Paris (ESA) Nov 29, 2016 On 10 September, about 2000 Europeans helped to shape the future of space by taking part in a world first: the Citizens’ Debate on Space for Europe. ESA organised the event to gather opinions and ideas to help develop and nurture the future strategy for space in Europe. …
Next Big Future
China to invest $140 billion by 2020 to relocate 10 million poorest citizens and lift 70 million above poverty line
China will invest 946.3 billion yuan ($140 billion) by 2020 to relocate its poorest citizens from remote, inland regions to more developed areas, the state planner said on Monday.The mass relocation is part of a strategy to lift 10 million people out of poverty by 2020, with 2 million estimated to be…
Microbiome Changes Drive the Dieting Yo-Yo Effect, Study Finds
wheelbarrio writes: We’ve known for a long time that diet-induced weight loss is rarely permanent but until now what has been a frustration for dieters has also been largely a mystery to scientists. A paper published today in the prestigious journal Nature presents good evidence that your gut microbiome…
Discover Magazine
Can Community-Based Logging Fight Climate Change?
In Mexico, conservationists hope sustainable logging can provide jobs, protect the habitat and keep carbon from the atmosphere.
Hands-on with the LyfieEye, a tiny affordable 360-degree camera for smartphones
YouTube and Facebook’s support for 360-degree photos and video has sparked mainstream consumer interest in broadcasting your life in this format. But most 360-degree cameras on the market require a little bit of tech knowhow, whether it’s pairing with your phone successfully, or figuring out how to…
Cool Tools
I have given up on spending a lot of money on cookbooks and just surf the web for recipes. Pepperplate is a free recipe manager that works with a JavaScript-bookmark off your Firefox or Chrome browser (it may work on other browsers) to create recipes. The recipes can then be viewed in the browser, or…
Synq launches a video API so you don’t have to build video delivery from scratch
 Say you’re an app developer and you need to give your app users a way of uploading, storing and playing back video. Instead of having to build your own video content management system or licensing one of the existing ones, Synq offers developers a third option. The company is launching its “cloud video… Full Feed
Brickbat: Disunited
Officials at Salem State University in Massachusetts suspended an art exhibit titled “State of the Union” after some students complained about a painting that depicted members of the Ku Klux Klan. According to the artist, the painting was inspired by “fringe groups” attracted to Donald Trump’s presidential…
Uber rival Grab hits the gas on its digital payments platform in Southeast Asia
 Grab, the main rival to Uber in Southeast Asia, has stepped up its efforts to build a payments platform after it began allowing users to store credit inside its app. Read More
Digital Trends
A major internet outage in Germany on Sunday was probably a botched hack attack
Nearly a million customers of German telecoms giant Deutsche Telekom were knocked offline for part of Sunday and Monday in what appears to have been a failed effort by hackers to hijack their routers for a broader botnet attack. The incident comes a little more than a month after a similar assault on…
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It takes just a quarter of a second to figure out if someone is an android
You’ve probably heard of the ‘uncanny valley’ – the phenomenon where humanlike robots seem creepy. It seems there’s something hard-wired in the human brain that lets us easily tell the difference between fake and real objects.Now, psychologists at UC Berkeley have measured how fast that process happens… – latest science and technology news stories
US students lag peers in East Asia, Russia in math, science
In a globally competitive world, American students have strides to make when it comes to math and science, where they lag behind a solid block of East Asian countries as well as Russia and Kazakhstan. – latest science and technology news stories
Researchers make one-way street for light
Researchers at FOM institute AMOLF and the University of Texas at Austin have created a compact one-way street for light. That is remarkable because light waves can generally move in both directions inside a material. Optical chips could benefit from the new functionality, as it enables a new way to… – latest science and technology news stories
Groundwater helium level could signal potential risk of earthquake
Japanese researchers have revealed a relationship between helium levels in groundwater and the amount of stress exerted on inner rock layers of the earth, found at locations near the epicenter of the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake. Scientists hope the finding will lead to the development of a monitoring system…
BBC News – World
Ohio attack: Possible terror link being investigated, say police
Police have not ruled out terror as a motive in Monday’s attack at Ohio State University.
The Next Web
Amazon employee attempts suicide after leaving email note to co-workers and CEO
Back in 2015, Amazon came under fire following a shocking piece from the New York Times exposing the company’s toxic cut-throat working environment. While CEO Jeff Bezos was quick to deny the claims, it seems not all is calm behind the curtain. A distressed Amazon employee has jumped off a building at…
Digital Trends
Enthusiastic online shoppers have set a new Cyber Monday sales record
In keeping with recent tradition, Americans hit the internet in large numbers on Cyber Monday in the hope of bagging a bargain or three, with early estimates suggesting sales for the day will hit a new high. Online shoppers in the U.S. are estimated to have spent $3.39 billion during the 24-hour online…
Well Spent.
Good Giving: 50 Under $50, Pt. 2
Make a donation in someone’s name to the Natural Resources Defense Council “NRDC works to safeguard the earth — its people, its plants and animals, and the natural systems on which all life depends.” $50.00 Steele Canvas Tote Bags Made in USA From $34.75 Gopi Shah Incense Burners Made in USA $32.00 Stainless…
iOS 10.2 beta 4 delivers more emojis, new TV app
iOS 10.2 is just around the corner! You know that because Apple has just rolled out its fourth beta preview for the next version of its mobile OS. Available initially to developers, the beta is also trickling out to brave iPhone and iPad owners who opted into Apple’s Beta Software program. Those that…
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This mini 3D-printed Game Boy mod is almost too small
If there’s one thing you can rely on technology to do, it’s to get smaller and smaller until the point at which you’re almost certain it can’t go any further, and then it shrinks just a little more for good measure. Nintendo itself has played its part with devices like the Game Boy Micro in the past,…
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Your future car could get you fitter by telling you not to drive
Imagine a day where you’re driving happily along to the gym. You’re feeling pretty chipper and proud that you’ve made the decision. And then your car tells you to park up early to get some steps in and you crumble inside, knowing that you were actually going to go to the ice cream shop and SOMEHOW IT… – Nanotechnology News Feed
Nanobiotix Provides Update on Global Development of Lead Product NBTXR3
NANOBIOTIX (Euronext: NANO – ISIN: FR0011341205), a late clinical-stage nanomedicine company pioneering novel approaches for the local treatment of cancer, today provides an update on the global…
designboom | architecture & design magazine
PAO’s prefabricated plugin tower reconsiders residential living in china
the structure stands without the need for foundations, circumventing the strict planning approval required for permanent buildings. The post PAO’s prefabricated plugin tower reconsiders residential living in china appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
The Next Web
NASA needs your help to make pooping in space easier
You probably haven’t ever thought about it, but pooping in space can be pretty hard. There’s no gravity, so if astronauts would use a normal toilet, all fluids and semi-fluids your body produces would be sent flying across the spacecraft. That’s why space toilets work with a suction system to keep things…
National Geographic News
He May Actually Be the Most Interesting Man in the World
National Geographic News
Haunting Photos Show Source of Illegal Carbon Emissions in China
Patagonia is donating every penny made from Black Friday sales to help save the planet
Patagonia, the high-end outdoor clothing retailer, is donating its entire Black Friday sales to grassroots environmental organisations around the world.  SEE ALSO: 5 ways to do good if you hate Black Friday Patagonia reported a “record-breaking” $10 million in Black Friday sales — about five times…
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The iPad Pro 2 could ditch the home button for a more futuristic feature
It’s been rumored for a while that the iPhone 8 might ditch the home button and instead have a fingerprint scanner built into the screen, but it now seems we might not even have to wait for the next iPhone to see that, as it’s now rumored that an upcoming iPad will launch with the feature early next…
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The Morning After: Tuesday, November 29, 2016
Hey there, did you miss us? Hopefully your Thanksgiving wasn’t too much of a good thing, because we have even more for you today. SF’s Muni went all “Mr. Robot,” AT&T is launching IPTV and there’s big news in the world of nuclear fusion.
BBC News – World
Australia appoints first female high court chief justice
The story of Susan Kiefel, Australia’s first female chief justice, has been described as an “inspiration”.
Fast Company
How I Use Facebook Groups To Grow My Business
Less than a year after quitting her job, this solopreneur now attracts 95% of her consulting work through Facebook. Less than a year after quitting her job, this solopreneur now attracts 95% of her consulting work through Facebook.Eleven months after I started my own business,…
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Scientists may have finally found a cure for the common cold
Related: 44-year-old British man could be first to receive HIV cure Via The Independent Images via
10 resume do’s and don’ts for developers
Landing that dream developer job is hard work, but it all starts with the resume. Your code may be tight and you may have a wide range of deep experience, but if you shortchange the time spent on your resume, you may not get recognized in the job marketplace for your true worth. You might even sabotage…
designboom | architecture & design magazine
EMPWR coats double as sleeping bags to keep the homeless warm this winter
from entrepreneur veronika scott, the empowerment plan is addressing detroit’s issue of generational homelessness. The post EMPWR coats double as sleeping bags to keep the homeless warm this winter appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
Latest news
$89 Linux laptop? Check out the new Pinebook from Raspberry Pi rival Pine
The Pinebook is a low-cost Linux laptop with an ARM CPU that undercuts the cheapest Chromebooks.
Latest news
iOS apps for business: Airline rolls out enterprise iPhone apps
Finnish airline Finnair starts with iPhone apps for engineers and supervisors, with more to follow from the Apple-IBM tie-up.
Latest news
IBM Cloud wins American Airlines deal
American Airlines is planning to move some of its internal applications to IBM’s infrastructure- and platform-as-a-service offerings.
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
Programmable plasmons by strain engineering
AOC launches 25-inch FreeSync monitor with 240Hz refresh rate
AOC has unveiled a new 25-inch gaming monitor that attempts to push refresh rates to their limits. The Agon AG251FZ is a TN LCD that supports FreeSync, with a variable refresh window from 48Hz up to a massive 240Hz.
Samsung Pay delayed in UK until 2017 amid bank negotiations
Samsung wants very much to compete with Apple Pay and Android Pay around the world. So much so that Samsung launched its own mobile payments service called Samsung Pay and had promised to launch its service in the UK in 2016. With the waning weeks of 2016 here, Samsung has now announced that it is pushing…
Every company is a technology company, but most don’t behave like one
 In 2011, Marc Andreesen famously wrote a Wall Street Journal essay declaring that “software is eating the world.” Five years later, the five largest companies in the world by market capitalization are all software companies. However, in today’s information economy, Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon,… – latest science and technology news stories
Scientists discover a key signal in intercellular communication
A team of scientists at the Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares Carlos III (CNIC), led by Prof. Francisco Sánchez-Madrid, has characterized a cell signal that impedes intercellular communication and could play a central role in biomedical strategies such as gene therapy, vaccine design,… – latest science and technology news stories
New algorithm provides better predictions of individual preferences
A collaborative of researchers has developed a filtering model with an associated scalable algorithm that makes accurate predictions of individuals’ preferences. The new approach is based on the explicit assumption that there are groups of individuals and of items, and that the preferences of an individual… – latest science and technology news stories
Evolutionary conservation explains similar genetic mechanism between flowering plants and mosses
An international team has discovered a genetic mechanism that is responsible for the development of stomata – microscopic valves on the surface of plants that facilitate the uptake of carbon dioxide and the release of oxygen and water vapor. The researchers discovered this mechanism, which was previously… – latest science and technology news stories
Research finds common grass could help boost food security
Australian researchers have discovered that the common Panic grasses could hold the secret to increasing the yields of cereal crops and help feed the world with increasing temperature extremes and a population of nearly 10 billion people by 2050. – latest science and technology news stories
Study shows major changes in ice and temperatures could cause abrupt effects farther away
About 14,000 years ago, the southwest United States was lush and green, home to saber-toothed cats and mammoths. Meanwhile, the Pacific Northwest was mostly grassland. – latest science and technology news stories
Researchers identify buckybowl structure
Scientists at Tokyo Institute of Technology have identified the adlayer structure of the sumanene buckybowl on Au(111) and revealed its unique bowl inversion behavior. – latest science and technology news stories
Prevention of RNA virus replication
Researchers at Okayama University have successfully cleaved influenza viral RNA to prevent its replication using novel artificial RNA restriction enzymes in laboratory cell cultures. While further improvements are needed, the findings show great promise and could lead to anti-viral drug development in… – latest science and technology news stories
Prehistoric humans actively adapted their survival strategies
Scientists from the Senckenberg Center for Human Evolution and Palaeoenvironment at the University of Tübingen discovered that Neanderthals modified their survival strategies even without external influences, such as environmental or climate changes. Using a new method, the team was able to show by means…
BBC News – World
Colombia crash: Cold, hilly terrain hampers rescue
Rescuers are working in difficult conditions to find any survivors of a plane crash in Colombia. The aircraft was carrying 81 people, including a top Brazilian football team.
Digital Trends
In search and rescue, tech can make the difference between life and death
For many, the allure of the wilderness is the simple enjoyment and ability to unplug from technology and go off the grid. Many outdoor companies have capitalized on this idea of basic freedom from the daily grind and escape from constant connectivity. Except that is, the business of search and rescue,…
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Technology Can’t Get Rid Of Your Cheap Used Clothes
Here’s the average life of a sequined romper from Forever 21. It’s on the shelf for roughly a week, gradually reducing in price until it costs less than a lunch salad (but more than the daily wage of the Bangladeshi factory worker who stitched it). By then, a new sequined romper—similar, but with sleeves…
designboom | architecture & design magazine
carlo ratti proposes human-powered gym boat along the seine in paris
the project reveals a 20 meter long vessel equipped with fitness machines that harness human energy during workout. The post carlo ratti proposes human-powered gym boat along the seine in paris appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
7 must-have gifts for iPhone lovers and Apple fans
Cross the Apple lover off your listChoosing the perfect gift for an Apple lover may be daunting, but it’s actually easier than you think. Here are the very best accessories that will thrill anyone who loves their iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.Mujjo Double Layer Touchscreen GlovesWinter time means extra…
New Chinese commercial-launch company advertises high launch rate, low price
PARIS — A Chinese commercial launch-service provider created earlier this year to bid for small-satellite business worldwide expects to launch 10 of its Kuaizhou solid-fueled rockets per year between 2017 and 2020, the company said Nov. 29. In a statement published by China Daily, Zhang Di, vice president…
Stay Warm & Stylish With The Canada Goose Bomber Jacket
Bomber jackets have been in style for a while now and there’s no sign of them ever becoming unfashionable. If you still don’t own a quality bomber, … Read More
Firefox Focus Browser Automatically Kills Ads, Speeds Up Browsing
Still using your phone’s stock browser? While it’s convenient to simply use Safari or Chrome, chances are that it doesn’t have a robust enough “private” mode to … Read More
Could Halo Board Redefine The Skateboard? We think so.
Tired of hoverboards? Want something different than your regular skateboard experience? Look no further than Halo Board. This futuristic uses gyroscopic self-balancing to ensure a smooth ride … Read More
The Verge – All Posts
Governor orders emergency evacuation of Standing Rock camp citing harsh weather
The governor of North Dakota, Jack Dalrymple (R), has ordered protesters at the site of the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline to evacuate their camps in the face of bad weather. Dalrymple pointed to incoming storms as the justification for the order, which was signed on Monday, saying that “any person…
Benefit of the doubt: Future Microsoft devices are amazing
As it ever has been, as yet unseen products coming some day from Microsoft are the best. Writing for the Forbes contributor network and elf on a shelf fan fiction den, Ewan Spence says “Microsoft’s Surface Phone Could Be The Ultimate Mobile Device.” (Tip o’ the antlers to Peter Ryan.) 2017 will…
Physics News
Scientists unveil hidden step in enzyme mechanism
An international research team led by the University of Leicester has made a breakthrough advance by trapping an intermediate in the mechanism of enzymes called heme peroxidases and determining …
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Cables connecting Channel Islands to UK cut by ship’s anchor
It’s easy to forget in this wireless world that much of the infrastructure that keeps Instagram feeds updating and WhatsApp conversations flowing is under the sea, with large cables carrying all that data from one place to another. Residents of the Channel Islands are being reminded of that fact today…
Scientific American Content: Global
Trump’s First 100 Days: Climate and Energy
The incoming administration could quickly withdraw the U.S. from international climate change agreements, but domestic change is likely slower — Read more on – latest science and technology news stories
Eliminating waste in the fisheries industry
Every year 340,000 tonnes of usable whitefish by-product are discarded into the sea. But the fisheries industry has now identified ways of halting this practice. – latest science and technology news stories
Ice bucket that sparked charity blitz comes to Smithsonian
The bucket of ice that sparked a viral social-media campaign has a new home at the Smithsonian.
Mojiworks is a new UK startup building games for iMessage
 Mojiworks, new startup from the founders of Wonderland, the UK gaming startup acqui-hired by Zynga back in 2011, is on a mission to turn Apple’s iMessage into a social gaming platform. Read More
7 extremely useful sites and apps to help you organize in Trump’s America
It’s been less than a month since President-elect Donald Trump’s victory, and everywhere you look, people are struggling to organize. You can see a lot of it happening on our favorite social platforms. On Facebook, it comes in the form of repetitive pleas to “Call your legislator!” On Twitter, people…
30 gifts for the person who really believes they can build a time machine and fix 2016
It’s no surprise that 2016 has been a bad year, for so many, many, many reasons. Some of us have accepted this, while others think there’s got to be a way to stop 2016 from happening the way it did. SEE ALSO: The ‘word of the year’ sums up 2016 A person like that might just be on your holiday shopping…
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iPad Pro 2 release date, price and everything you need to know
Update: The iPad Pro 2 could come in a new 10.9-inch size, with no home button, a fingerprint scanner built into the screen, and a surprisingly small footprint.Apple launched its largest ever tablet in September last year. The iPad Pro 12.9 came with a huge 12.9-inch screen, supported the Apple Pencil…
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Top 5 best scanners of 2016
Far more powerful computers coupled with much better tools (like cloud-based services) have slowly transformed the way scanners are being perceived – not to mention the arrival of smartphones with multi-megapixel sensors.While these multi-purpose, ubiquitous devices can compete with dedicated scanners…
Ars Technica
Forgotten audio formats: Wire recording
Enlarge (credit: Gregory F. Maxwell/Wikimedia Commons) It’s bizarre but true: wire recording is the longest-lasting capture format in audio history, one that paved the way for reel-to-reel tapes and a host of others—even though most people today, and some techies included, have barely heard of it…. Physics News
Quantum physics entangled with human randomness
Griffith University is part of a worldwide scientific experiment that will test the laws of quantum physics – and you’re invited! Physics News
Clarifying plasma oscillation by high-energy particles
The National Institute for Fusion Science has developed new code that can simulate the movement of plasma and, simultaneously, the movement of particles circulating at high speeds. In the Japanese fusion reactor called the Large Helical Device (LHD), researchers have investigated plasma oscillations… Physics News
Team paves the way for the redefinition of the ampere
By 2018, scientists want all physical base units to be based on solid, unchangeable fundamental constants. The units “meter” and “second” are well ahead of schedule; the kelvin, the kilogram, the mole and the ampere are next in line. Scientists from Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt have now succeeded…
Google brings gorgeous photo screensaver to Mac with multi-monitor support
Google has made its Featured Photos screensaver – previously limited to Pixel, Chromecast and Google Fiber devices – available on the Mac. The screensaver pulls in the highest-rated shots Google+ users have chosen to make public, so you get a constantly-updating flow of often breathtakingly gorgeous…
Seven Tips to Build a Better Party Playlist
It’s not a party without music. Whether you’re hosting a kegger, an upscale cocktail affair, or a chill holiday party, you’re going to need some tunes. These playlist building tips will make sure your shindig is a fun, memorable event.Read more…
Canopy takes the Apple Magic Keyboard on the road for iPad users
The iPad is a tablet that you can do some work from and while it may not be ideal for some people, there are those who are happy working from the iPad. One thing that most people who are working from the iPad want is a normal keyboard so they can type faster and more comfortably. A new case for … Continue…
Uber introduces web-based car bookings for all of its users in India
 Uber has launched a web-based booking option for all of its customers in India. Read More
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Samsung Pay won’t reach the UK until sometime next year
2016 has been a good year for mobile payments, thanks to the arrival of Android Pay and the majority of big banks adopting Apple Pay. Samsung was also meant to join the party, but the company has confirmed that Galaxy smartphone and Gear smartwatch owners will now have to wait until next year to use…
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
Nanotechnology and luxury watches: an innovative partnership Full Feed
Castro’s ‘Accomplishments’ in Cuba a Load of Nonsense
Justin Trudeau sure as heck stepped in it, hasn’t he? Of course, the Canadian prime minister was not alone in praising Fidel Castro’s “significant improvements to the education and healthcare of his island nation.” Here is a compilation of the usual suspects (CNN, MSNBC, NBC, etc.) fawning over the…
Meet John Knoll, the Creative Genius Who Brought Rogue One to Life
From coinventing Photoshop to reinventing movie f/x, ILM’s Knoll is always a few parsecs ahead of the pack. Now he’s jumping in to hyperspace with <em>Rogue One</em> The post Meet John Knoll, the Creative Genius Who Brought Rogue One to Life appeared first on WIRED.
Want to Be an Ethical Shopper? Get DoneGood’s Chrome Extension
For once, a pop-up window that does some good. The post Want to Be an Ethical Shopper? Get DoneGood’s Chrome Extension appeared first on WIRED.
Acura’s Concept Cockpit Envisions the Age of Autonomy
The “Precision Cockpit” is all about communication with the human. The post Acura’s Concept Cockpit Envisions the Age of Autonomy appeared first on WIRED.
Google’s Hand-Fed AI Now Gives Answers, Not Just Search Results
Deep learning is changing how Google’s search engine works. But its new-found efficiency takes a lot of painstaking human work behind the scenes. The post Google’s Hand-Fed AI Now Gives Answers, Not Just Search Results appeared first on WIRED.
Artificial Intelligence Could Dig Up Cures Buried Online
Artificial intelligence could be a solution to science overload: machine learning assistants to read incoming papers, distill their information, and highlight relevant findings. The post Artificial Intelligence Could Dig Up Cures Buried Online appeared first on WIRED.
Scientific American Content: Global
Serious Changes Possible for National Security Policies on Climate Change
New Trump appointments could de-emphasize intelligence reports on climate as “threat multiplier” but military investments may be hard to alter — Read more on
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‘Swarm Electrification’ in Bangladesh Lets Neighbours Swap Solar Electricity
Ten households in Shakimali Matborkandi, a village in the Shariatpur district of Bangladesh, have seen a dramatic change over the past year in the way they light their homes and charge their mobile phones.For decades, these families had little choice but to use kerosene, the most popular fuel in tens…
Five To-Do apps that got a lot smarter this month
The holiday season doesn’t just usher in the shopping season, it also signals the count down to a new year. Which means that, in addition to trying to work off all that holiday food, people will obsess over resolutions, plans, and goals. Yes, it’s the perfect time to be a todo list app or a productivity… – latest science and technology news stories
NASA’s ISS-RapidScat Earth science mission ends
NASA’s International Space Station Rapid Scatterometer (ISS-RapidScat) Earth science instrument has ended operations following a successful two-year mission aboard the space station. The mission launched Sept. 21, 2014, and had recently passed its original decommissioning date. – latest science and technology news stories
NREL adds solar array field to help inform consumers
Solar panels at the Energy Department’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) are ubiquitous to the point of practically being invisible, but new rows of photovoltaic (PV) modules installed on the southern edge of campus are intended to attract attention. – latest science and technology news stories
Online shopping offers environmental benefit
Shoppers sitting down at their computer to take advantage of online sales are helping the environment, said a Purdue University professor. – latest science and technology news stories
Exploring the secret life of house sparrows with the aid of a 3-D printer
Since it was introduced to North America in the late 19th century, the house sparrow has received little love. “Nothing can be urged in its favor,” declared an 1891 editorial in the New York Times. A few years later, the same newspaper deemed the birds “rats in the air.” Adding insult to injury, the… – latest science and technology news stories
New prototype plywood panels may be world’s largest
A new massive plywood building panel developed by an Oregon company and tested at Oregon State University may be the largest such product ever manufactured. – latest science and technology news stories
Nitrogen in ancient rocks a sign of early life
Nitrogen is one of the essential nutrients of life on Earth, with some organisms, such as the kinds of microbes found within the roots of legume plants, capable of converting nitrogen gas into molecules that other species can use. – latest science and technology news stories
Super seeds promise better crops
South Australian research that improves wheat, pastures and other crop yields has sown the seeds for global distribution deals and a timely partnership with an innovative US agricultural technology company Indigo Ag Inc.
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Top 10 best business tablets in 2016
Implementing a tablet, regardless of the OS, into your workflow could allow you to stay productive while reducing the weight of your gear bag. Many of today’s best tablets come with processing power that rivals standalone laptops. And when you add in a decent keyboard, getting work done on a smaller,…
Fast Company
The Creative Way Public Health Advocates Are Trying To Get Hipsters To Quit Smoking
Taking a page from Big Tobacco’s insidious marketing tactics, the front line in the war on smoking moves to bars and nightclubs. Taking a page from Big Tobacco’s insidious marketing tactics, the front line in the war on smoking moves to bars and nightclubs.How do you get hipsters… – Nanotechnology News Feed
Next Generation Silicon Photonic Optical Network
FLIR Systems X6540sc thermal imaging camera is being used by the Photonics Packaging Group at the Tyndall National Institute (Cork, Ireland) as part of a thermal microscope system to image the…
How industrial IoT is making steel production smarter
A new project between General Electric and Gerdau, a large steel manufacturer in Brazil, had a simple objective: Improve productivity by reducing equipment failure and related problems. Early indications suggest that goal was achieved with flying colors.To read this article in full or to leave a comment,…
Nintendo Switch hands-on debut to take place at New York event on January 13
In the time since Nintendo unveiled the Switch back in October, the company has been pretty quiet when it comes to revealing the hybrid console’s details. But on January 12, we’ll find out more about the machine at a livestreamed event in Tokyo, which will be followed by a hands-on…
Scientific American Content: Global
Republicans Aim to Pass Cures Act By End of Year, but Democrats Want Changes
Funding for the act, which aims to speed approval of new drugs and devices, may be in jeopardy — Read more on
Chromecasts Now Add a Notification to Every Device On Your Network, Here’s How to Stop It
Recently, Chromecasts have developed a strange quirk. When you cast something from your phone to your TV, every single device on your network will get a notification to control it. If you find this annoying, here’s how to turn it off.The network-wide notification is presumably a solution to a problem…
Hyundai UK picks up a trick from Tesla with new online car sales
 Hyundai is launching a new website called “Click to Buy” in the UK, where customers can purchase its cars directly with fixed pricing and no haggling. The online model of car sales is one that Tesla employs widely for its own vehicles, owing in part to its inability to run its own physical dealerships…
5 Easy Steps to Improve Your Portfolio
Courtesy of Enlace Arquitectura.. Image© Photo Stock In this article, originally published as “¿Qué es un portafolio de proyectos y cómo se hace?” (What is a portfolio and how do you make one?) from blog Enlace Arquitectura, the author shares a series of suggestions and steps on making a suitable… – latest science and technology news stories
Indonesian lower court rejects bid to protect prized forest
An Indonesian court has rejected a case brought by Acehnese community leaders who want one of the country’s most prized tropical forests to be protected from exploitation by mining and plantation companies. – latest science and technology news stories
Reconciling solar energy and heritage preservation
EPFL researchers have developed a method to assess the aesthetic impact of solar panels on buildings and to set objective criteria for where they should be placed. Some municipal governments could apply this method as early as next year. The researchers have just received the Innovator of the Year award… – latest science and technology news stories
Tests on oil recycled from tyres finds a cleaner diesel blend
Old tyres can be completely recycled into lower emission diesel engine oil, instead of being dumped in dangerous, highly flammable stockpiles that become breeding grounds for malaria and dengue-carrying mosquitoes. – latest science and technology news stories
Computer coding in science
To be a successful scientist in academia it is no longer sufficient to be good at science. In addition to expertise in experimental methods and data analysis, scientists must also excel in public speaking and writing. Furthermore, scientists must be able to successfully network to form and maintain beneficial…
Cool Hunting
Ski Uphill With Dynafit: We speak with the brand about the snow sport, product innovation and benefitting from laziness
Skiing uphill isn’t new, but has been increasing in popularity over the last few decades, becoming a favorite discipline for many skiers. Ski-mountaineering, which refers to the sport of skinning (skiing uphill with adhesive backed fabric on skis…… Continue…
Starburst Ventures closes $200 million debut fund to back space tech startups
 A new venture fund called Starburst Ventures has raised a $200 million debut fund to invest in early stage aerospace startups over the next three years. The fund is an extension of the Starburst Accelerator, which was founded in 2012 to help aviation and aerospace tech startups raise seed funding, and…
Discover Magazine
Scientists finally figure out why whales like to jump out of the water.
Even if you’ve never gone whale-watching or made it all the way through Moby Dick, you probably know that humpback whales are known for jumping out of the water and slapping the surface with their fins. But why whales engage in these “surface-active behaviors” has long remained a mystery… until now!…
Discover Magazine
The Limits of Life Beneath Deep Sea Hydrothermal Vents
How hot is too hot for life to survive? Ever since microbes were discovered squirming around in hydrothermal springs several decades ago, the limit of heat-loving (thermophilic) organisms has been a moving target. The current record-holder is “strain 121,” an archaeon isolated from the Mothra hydrothermal…
Get Everything You Need For Your New 4K TV With This Guide
If you picked up a new 4K TV this weekend, you’re going to need a few more things to get the most out of your TV. Fortunately, you can get everything you need with this guide from RealOrFake4K.Read more…
BBC News – World
Westworld’s Evan Rachel Wood says she’s been raped twice in an open letter on Twitter
The Westworld actress claims she was attacked by a “significant other” and a bar owner.
Hands on: AT&T’s DirecTV Now service provides a reason to cut cable TV
I cut cable TV earlier this year and switched over to online streaming services. I’ve tried Dish’s Sling TV and Sony’s PlayStation Vue, but will switch to AT&T’s new DirecTV Now service after it starts streaming on Nov. 30. The service was demonstrated at a media event in New York City on Monday,…
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Seattle teens build mobile tiny homes for local homeless community
We love stories about youth channelling their passion and ideals into life-changing projects, especially when there are tiny homes involved. Last year, with guidance from the non-profit organization Sawhorse Revolution and various architecture, construction, and engineering professionals, a group of…
The Subtle Ways Your Digital Assistant Might Manipulate You
Opinion: Sure, smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home can learn your preferences. But as they learn to serve us, the more power they’ll have. The post The Subtle Ways Your Digital Assistant Might Manipulate You appeared first on WIRED.
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors – Front Page
4.7-Inch iPhone to Feature Wireless Charging Next Year
Apple’s next-generation 4.7-inch iPhone will feature glass casing with wireless charging, according to the latest research note shared by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.Positive prospects for 2H17F new iPhone models, with potentially unprecedented replacement demand. Our rationale is as follows:… Full Feed
Welcome to Reason’s 2016 Webathon!
Has it really been 354 days since we brought out our best tin cup, banged it on a trusty woodchipper, and reminded you that #GivingTuesday, not unlike perestroika, begins in the comments section? Yes, even if you’re already lost in a haze of imagined Lobster Girl references (but especially if you’re…
Cyber Monday hauls in $3.45B of online purchases, smashing the single-day sales record
 As people continue to hunt for bargains online, we are more seeing more record-breaking marquee online sales days. Cyber Monday — coming the first day after the long Thanksgiving break — racked up $3.45 billion in sales in the U.S., pipping past the previous record of $3.34 billion spent on Black Friday… – latest science and technology news stories
The rise of prejudice and why facts still matter
Researchers at The Australian National University (ANU) are calling on people around the world to take part in the biggest ever study into helping understand, and reduce prejudice. – latest science and technology news stories
Random numbers discovery improves climate simulations
Scientists have discovered a new method for improving the accuracy of climate simulations, equivalent to a significant advance in supercomputer technology. – latest science and technology news stories
Aboriginal communities embrace technology, but they have unique cyber safety challenges
For many people living in remote Aboriginal communities, mobile devices are the sole means of accessing the internet. However, when the use of mobile devices oversteps social and cultural lines, it can have serious consequences for individuals and their families. – latest science and technology news stories
Interactions in designer materials unveiled
The fascinating properties of graphene—a single layer of carbon atoms—have been widely celebrated. Not only does graphene exhibit remarkable physics, it also shows great promise for new applications, like flexible display screens and solar cells. But scientists aren’t easily satisfied. The hunt is on… – latest science and technology news stories
Expect Trump to gut environmental regulations: expert
If a Trump administration follows his campaign rhetoric and advisers, then his most immediate and far-reaching environmental target will be domestic and international efforts to address climate change. – latest science and technology news stories
Researchers trace roots of potato farming to Andes
Every french fry, gnocchi, tater tot and order of hash browns humans have eaten in the past 5,000 years can be traced back to one place in the world—northwestern Bolivia and southern Peru. – latest science and technology news stories
How much carbon and nitrogen is there on planet Earth?
Carbon and nitrogen are central to life on Earth – life cannot exist without them, but an overabundance in the atmosphere imperils the life we have. So how much carbon and nitrogen is there on (and in) planet Earth? And how much was in the ancient atmosphere? Actually, no one is really sure. – latest science and technology news stories
Language analysis reveals word popularity oscillates over 14-year period
(—A pair of researchers has found that word use popularity tends to oscillate over 14-year periods. In their paper published in the journal Palgrave Communications, Marcelo Montemurro, with The University of Manchester in the U.K. and Damián Zanette with the National Council for Scientific and… – latest science and technology news stories
VR offers television producers ‘Hollywood in a box’
On a soundstage no bigger than a large bedroom a cameraman takes up various angles to film a helicopter that isn’t there, landing in a field that isn’t there either. – latest science and technology news stories
Digital microbes for munching yourself healthy
Hundreds of bacterial species live in the human gut, helping to digest food. The metabolic processes of these bacteria are not only tremendously important to human health – they are also tremendously complex. A research team at the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB) of the University of…
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The best free YouTube to MP3 converter 2016
The best free YouTube to MP3 converter YouTube is one of the best places to find music of all kinds. and it’s easy to spend hours just browsing from one video to another. But sometimes, when you’re out and about, driving, maybe running, that’s just not possible. The solution? Download your favourite…
Physics News
Komodo dragons help researchers understand microbial health in captive animals
Humans and Komodo dragons, the largest lizards in the world, could not be more different. In the wild, these four-legged carnivores wander in solitude across islands in Indonesia, consuming …
Mises Institute
Planet Earth and the Tyranny of Mother Nature
Tags A A Home | Feed | Blog.rssThe EntrepreneurFree MarketsMedia and CulturePlanet Earth and the Tyranny of Mother Nature 0 Views The BBC series Planet Earth II is one of the most beautiful nature documentaries ever produced. Yet although the world it captures is gorgeous and filmed… all content
Flash Physics: Exotic cosmic rays have mundane origins, Swiss reactors keep running, programmable material
Today’s selection of need-to-know updates from the world of physics
BMW, Daimler, Ford and VW to build high-power European EV charging network
 A new joint venture between major carmakers will attempt to make it easier to get around Europe using electric cars, thanks to a network of chargers with up to 350 kW charging capacity, which could drastically reduce overall charging times compared to what’s available today. The team-up includes BMW,…
Science | Smithsonian
Dogs May Possess a Type of Memory Once Considered ‘Uniquely Human’
New research suggests that man’s best friend remembers more than we thought
The Manual
Great New Look, Same Great Liquid: Drambuie’s New Bottle Design
With a history that stretches back longer than the United States itself, Drambuie recently decided to give a facelift to their bottles. The post Great New Look, Same Great Liquid: Drambuie’s New Bottle Design appeared first on The Manual.
Gadget Review
Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk Review
Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk Review Gadget Review – Your lifestyle gadget site Standing desks are all the rage these days – just walk into any Silicon Valley startup and you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone sitting down on a traditional office chair anymore. But with so many manufacturers rushing out…
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Pillbox Baseball Bats
Price: $195-$245  | BuyLooking for a truly unique gift for a baseball fan? Pillbox Bat Co. creates these solid maple bats handpainted with a variety of neat designs. They’re coated with urethane so can actually be played with – though we wouldn’t want to risk a broken bat with our massive arm strength….
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
7 charities to support on Giving Tuesday and beyond
‘Tis the season of giving and all through the town, pocketbooks are jingling with the sound of spending. Hang the stockings with care, wrap up the last of the holiday gifts, and pour yourself a glass of cruelty-free vegan nog. With just a few days left on the calendar, it’s time to squeeze in a little…
Why You Should Check Out as a Guest When Shopping Online
When you buy stuff online, most retailers give you the option to check out as a guest or register with them. The latter can make it more convenient to check out next time, but here’s the case for buying as a guest.Of course, there are benefits to registering and creating an online account with a site….
Gift Guide: The Technophile
Tech-friendly gifts.
Litcom 8 LED Bright Motion Sensor Light $15.99
Litcom 8 LED Bright Motion Sensor Light $15.99
BBC News – World
Castro’s funeral
Opinion is divided on Fidel Castro, so which leaders will go to the commemoration in his honour?
Scientific American Content: Global
The Math Behind the Polls
When polls try to tease out what a group of people is thinking, what are they measuring and how can they go wrong? — Read more on
The Gadget Flow
X-Cap Light Up Hat
Always find your way even in the dark with the super cozy X-Cap Light Up Hat. Freeing up your hands so you can work or carry with ease, this resourceful hat places a bright light right above your eyes to shine on whatever is in front of you. Rechargeable with the included USB cable, the X-Cap Light Up…
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Line Dock – Thinnest and Smartest Laptop Power Bank
Experience the smartest and most complete laptop power bank you’ll find on the market. Coming in a 9mm sleek design, Line Dock is the ultimate device featuring a massive battery offering up to 15h of autonomy, built-in storage, wireless charging, all needed ports and an active cooling system for intensive…
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Bodum Bistro Bread Box
Upgrade your sandwich experience by keeping your bread fresh in the Bodum Bistro Bread Box. On the top of this modern style box is a sustainable and eco-friendly piece of bamboo. Serving as the lid to keep your bread from going stale, the bamboo also becomes your cutting board to get the perfect slice….
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Geizeer Eco-Friendly Cooling Device
With a cooling capacity of 3 degrees Celsius for a 12 square meter room, this system can be run for a full 24 hours and cost you as little as $.01. Totally ego-friendly, the Geizeer uses wood, which is a great thermal insulator, and any cool substance such as ice to deliver cool air. With the lid closed,…
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Clove Balanced Porch Swinging Chair
Take a load off after a busy day with the Clove Balanced Porch Swinging Chair. Allowing you to hang effortlessly while your feet dangle, this chair is the ultimate spot for relaxation. Coming with a beautiful synthetic wicker and rattan weaving in a stunning matte black, the Clove Swinging Chair is a…
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POMO WAFFLE GPS Smartwatch for Kids
POMO WAFFLE is the first GPS smartwatch that helps kids understand responsibility, express creativity and develop a healthy independence. This watch is designed to be their little helper, always there to entertain, help grow, and keep the child safe. It helps the child read the time through pictures…
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Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headphones by SainSonic
Use the latest technology to get your audio delivered with the Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headphones by SainSonic. Remaining outside your ears and resting on your skull, these headphones use bone conduction technology and vibration so deliver your audio. The Bone Conduction Headphones, therefore keep…
Thousands of Tiny Flipping Discs Power This Mesmerizing Kinetic Display
The old-school mechanical displays you’d find at airports and train stations listing arrival and departure times have long since been replaced with flat screen TVs. They’re not gone forever, though, thanks to one company who thinks flip-disc displays deserve a revival.Read more…
How-To Geek
How Stop Windows from Adding “- Shortcut” to Shortcut File Names
When you make a new shortcut in Windows, it automatically adds “- Shortcut” to the end of the shortcut’s file name. This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but they can be bothersome. Sure, you can remove the text yourself when you create the shortcut, but why not stop it from happening in the first place?Click… – latest science and technology news stories
Lab experiments suggests water was in moon mix during its formation
(—A team of researchers at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in the Netherlands has found evidence of water on the moon during the time it was formed. In their paper published in the journal Nature Geoscience, the team describes how experiments they conducted in their lab showed that there was a… – latest science and technology news stories
Enhanced CRISPR lets scientists explore all steps of health and disease in every cell type
Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and University of Cambridge researchers have created sOPTiKO, a more efficient and controllable CRISPR genome editing platform. Today, in the journal Development, they describe how the freely available single-step system works in every cell in the body and at every stage… – latest science and technology news stories
Sentinel-1 satellites confirm San Francisco’s Millenium Tower is sinking
The Millennium Tower is a luxury skyscraper in San Francisco. It has been sinking and tilting since it’s construction 8 years ago. In fact, the 58 story building has sunk 8 inches, and tilted at least 2 inches. San Francisco is experiencing a building boom, and planners and politicians want to know why… – latest science and technology news stories
New research could replace petrochemicals with biodegradable microbial products
Researchers are actively studying polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs), a family of natural polyesters produced by microorganisms that may represent biodegradable and biocompatible substitutes for petroleum-based plastics. For the past 30 years, investigators have been striving to determine the crystal structure… – latest science and technology news stories
Climate change affects Swedish reindeer herding and increases tularemia
In northern Sweden, data from certain weather stations have shown that the snow season has been shortened by over two months in the last 30 years, which has huge effects on reindeer herding. Also, the climate sensitive human infection tularemia has tenfolded over the same period and is much more common… – latest science and technology news stories
Think you’re all for gender equality? Your unconscious may have other ideas
The words of my doctor from earlier that morning were still ringing in my ears when I found myself slamming the breaks of my car to avoid a nasty collision. An incompetent driver was cutting across two lanes at a roundabout just in front of me. Still perspiring somewhat I carried on to drop off my screaming… – latest science and technology news stories
Astronomers discover a dense ‘hot Jupiter’ exoplanet orbiting a sun-like star
(—Astronomers have detected a so-called “hot Jupiter” exoplanet transiting a distant sun-like star located some 1,800 light years from the Earth. The newly discovered planet, designated EPIC 220504338b, was found using NASA’s prolonged Kepler mission known as K2. The findings are presented in… – latest science and technology news stories
Bumpy surfaces, graphene beat the heat in devices
Bumpy surfaces with graphene between would help dissipate heat in next-generation microelectronic devices, according to Rice University scientists.
Harman Kardon H1 4K 3D smart projector throws a 300-inch image
Harman Kardon is a brand that has been around for a while now and isn’t a name that you might expect to find raising money on Indiegogo for a new product, yet here it is. A very cool 3D smart projector from Harman Kardon has hit Indiegogo and it is called the H1. The projector supports 4k resolution…
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Custom Metal Photo Prints
Turn your picture or photo into a metal print that brilliantly brings to life that captured moment! Your picture will be infused into .045” aluminum through dye-sublimation printing for a vibrant and long-lasting metal print that is both scratch and abrasion resistant. These custom metal prints feature…
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GhostBed Latex and Gel Memory Foam Mattress
Make sleep the best part of your day with the GhostBed Latex and Gel Memory Foam Mattress. Offering unparalleled support for your entire body, this mattress will have you sleeping like a baby from the very first night. Measuring 11 inches thick, the GhostBed Mattress features 1.5 inches of premium latex…
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DaxLight Self-Luminous Titanium Keychain
Never lose your keys in the dark with the DaxLight Self-Luminous Titanium Keychain. The vial used here contains only small amount of tritium that is enough for your keychain to glow and be found in the dark. This keychain glows without any power source, and unlike super luminova, it doesn’t require to… Full Feed
White Identity Politics Gave Us Trump. But Did the Left Give Us White Identity Politics?
Sen. Bernie Sanders recently criticized the Democratic Party’s slavish devotion to an overly-simplistic form of race-and-gender-based identity politics. “It is not good enough for someone to say, ‘I’m a woman! Vote for me!’ No, that’s not good enough,” said Sanders. “What we need is a woman who has… Full Feed
A.M. Links: Trump Says American Flag-Burners Should Face ‘Loss of Citizenship,’ Obamacare Critic Tom Price Named Trump’s Health Secretary
Donald Trump: “Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag – if they do, there must be consequences – perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail!” Donald Trump has picked Rep. Tom Price of Georgia, an Obamacare critic, to serve as his secretary of health and human services. Mitt Romney and…
Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Stainless Stockpot with Cover (6-Quart) $17.85
Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Stainless Stockpot with Cover (6-Quart) $17.85 Physics News
Metallic glass gears make for graceful robots
Throw a baseball, and you might say it’s all in the wrist. Physics News
The future of electronics is light
For the past four decades, the electronics industry has been driven by what is called “Moore’s Law,” which is not a law but more an axiom or observation. Effectively, it suggests that the electronic devices double in speed and capability about every two years. And indeed, every year tech companies come… Physics News
Hacking epidemics in a hyper-connected world
At the first hints of a disease outbreak, epidemiologists, health care providers, policy makers, and scientists turn to sophisticated predictive models to determine how an illness is spreading and what should be done to minimize contagion. A research collaboration between the New York University Tandon… Physics News
A new ring to slow down antimatter
You could mistake ELENA for a miniature accelerator. But, unlike most accelerators, it’s housed in a hangar and you can take it all in in just a single glance. The biggest difference though, is that it doesn’t accelerate particles, but decelerates them. Physics News
Disseminating the new kilogram—an international ‘dry run’
When the kilogram, the world’s basic unit of mass, gets a new definition in 2018, it will be based not on a physical artifact but a constant of nature. However, researchers will still need to “realize” the new definition, or translate it into a physical object, to make it possible to distribute the new…
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Activists Think the FCC’s Broadcast Spectrum Auction Could Save Local Journalism
As society gulps down more and more digital services, it’s also rapidly moving away from consuming media via traditional television channels. That’s led federal regulators and TV broadcasters to the conclusion that airwaves used for TV can now be auctioned off for billions of dollars. But now a group…
Are the Main Star Wars Movies Not Done With Obi-Wan Kenobi?
Has a line of Luke’s dialogue from Episode VIII been revealed? Neill Blomkamp throws water on the idea of a Chappie sequel. Tom Holland joins the cast of Chaos Walking. Plus, new images from Power Rangers, Riverdale, and Logan, and a new clip from the return of Agents of SHIELD. Spoilers Now!Read more…
Live Your Comfiest Life Thanks to Amazon’s Slipper Sale
Up to 50% Off Men’s and Women’s SlippersSlippers may seem superfluous, but when you need them, you’re gonna wish you had then. And, Amazon’s slipper sale isn’t just fuzzy bunnies and backless slides. There are fur-lined moccasins and Muk Luks. Grab a pair and kick your feet up or get one for someone…
Ars Technica
Get ready for 24-30% reduction in cost of wind power by 2030
(credit: richardghawley) A paper published in Nature Energy analyzed the opinions of 163 wind power experts from around the globe and found that they expect the cost of wind energy to fall even further. Those experts said that by 2030, both onshore and offshore wind turbines will get bigger, leading…
HPE sees Synergy in hybrid cloud infrastructure
For Hewlett Packard Enterprise, turn-about is fair play in the cloud. HPE originally pitched its Synergy line of “composable” IT infrastructure as a way to bring the flexibility of cloud services to on-premises systems. Now it’s turning that story around, putting those same Synergy components — and…
Nissan’s first connected car push will provide service notifications to drivers
 Nissan’s doing its first big push into internet-connected cars, and the first steps are tentative, as you might expect from something as sensitive as provided a direct line to the internet to a vehicle: The Japanese automaker will be offering an option on new vehicle that provides notifications to drivers…
Significant Digits For Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2016
You’re reading Significant Digits, a daily digest of the numbers tucked inside the news.35 acresBelgium will trade 35 acres of land to the Netherlands for seven acres of their land in a new agreement. Essentially, when you make a river a border for your nation in 1843, and then reconfigure the path of…
Workers Put The Minimum Wage Back In The Spotlight
When fast-food workers in New York City walked off the job to demand higher wages in November 2012, the protest seemed like the longest of long shots. At the time, few leaders in Washington were talking about raising the minimum wage — President Obama hadn’t even mentioned it in his State of the Union…
Latest news
Broadband boost promised as Openreach heads for split from BT
Ofcom wants BT Openreach to be a distinct company with its own board, and is taking the next step towards making it happen.
Latest news
Birst-ing into mainstream: Machine Learning meets Semantics in a networked world
Birst is one of the poster children of self-service analytics. Convergence and democratization are the key themes underlying Birst’s new release out today, as Birst is trying to balance self-service with enterprise requirements, and making a case for some of the industry’s defining trends while at it.
Digital Trends
HPE confirms successful demonstration of memory-driven computer architecture
Hewlett Packard Enterprise has announced a major step forward in its long-running research program known as The Machine. The company has confirmed that a proof-of-concept prototype has successfully demonstrated the memory-driven computing concept that’s at the core of the project. The Machine is all…
Digital Trends
Arch rivals are joining forces to build Europe’s Supercharger network
Four of the world’s largest automakers have set aside their rivalries and joined forces to build a network of seriously fast, high-power charging stations in Europe. BMW, Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler, Ford, and Volkswagen’s Audi and Porsche brands all have a stake in the new joint venture. Starting…
Digital Trends
How to save iPhone voicemails
It’s annoying when you miss a phone call, but it happens from time to time. The caller may leave a voicemail if the call was important enough, and sometimes they’ll even leave one even when it wasn’t. That said, no one wants the voicemail section on their phone to be cluttered with old messages. Luckily,…
New Scientist – Online news
Can nation states hit back at cyberattackers with ease? No way
Governments need to stop claiming they can strike back at criminal gangs and state-backed hackers with pinpoint accuracy, says Paul Marks
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
Graphene enables fully flexible near-field communication antennas
Ars Technica » Scientific Method
Get ready for 24-30% reduction in cost of wind power by 2030
(credit: richardghawley) A paper published in Nature Energy analyzed the opinions of 163 wind power experts from around the globe and found that they expect the cost of wind energy to fall even further. Those experts said that by 2030, both onshore and offshore wind turbines will get bigger, leading… – latest science and technology news stories
Can drone technology save the Sumatran elephant?
Fauna & Flora International has acquired two quadcopter drones to help reduce incidents of conflict between humans and wild elephants in Sumatra, Indonesia. – latest science and technology news stories
Combining pathway data resources gives a clearer view on complex biological interactions
Combining the power of 27 data resources, Omnipath helps researchers see biological signalling pathways with unprecedented accuracy. Developed by researchers in the UK and Germany and published in Nature Methods, OmniPath offers a comprehensive, unified collection of literature-curated signalling pathways… – latest science and technology news stories
First views of Mars show potential for ESA’s new orbiter
ESA’s new ExoMars orbiter has tested its suite of instruments in orbit for the first time, hinting at a great potential for future observations. – latest science and technology news stories
Glues inspired by nature will give us faster ships, surgical adhesives and sticky car tyres
We use adhesives all the time, from the temporary stickiness of the humble Post-It note to super-strength glues used in construction, but it is easy to overlook the many living creatures that rely on adhesion for survival in the natural world. – latest science and technology news stories
Are we living in a Matrix-style simulation?
A number of philosophers, futurists, and technologists have come to believe that we are living in a computer-simulated world, kind of like a real-life version of The Matrix. The so-called “simulation argument” was popularized in a 2003 paper by University of Oxford professor Nick Bostrom and has since…
Newswise: SciNews
A Molecular Switch Between Life, Sex and Death
“Till death do us part” – for marine bristle worms, these words are invariably true: Shortly after mating, the parent worms die, leaving thousands of newly fertilized eggs to develop in the water. This extreme all-or-nothing mode of reproduction demonstrates a general principle: Animals need to decide…
Newswise: SciNews
Platypus Venom Could Hold Key to Diabetes Treatment
Australian researchers have discovered remarkable evolutionary changes to insulin regulation in two of the nation’s most iconic native animal species – the platypus and the echidna – which could pave the way for new treatments for type 2 diabetes in humans.
TechRadar: All latest feeds
Top 10 best servers of 2016 for SMBs
Sooner or later, a growing business will need a server of some sort to allow staff to share information and collaborate.There may be fewer name brand manufacturers selling servers these days, but the reality is that there’s as much choice as ever, thanks to the ever widening range of server categories.In…
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LG may be developing four new smartwatches for 2017
LG is behind some of the most stylish and interesting smartwatches around, including the LG Watch Urbane – which makes our best smartwatches list. Despite that, there hasn’t been much smartwatch activity from the company recently, but that could be about to change, as four applications have been filed…
The Next Web
Outfit your phone with one-touch hotkeys using this Dimple 4-Button NFC Sticker
A home button just isn’t enough anymore. As with your keyboard shortcuts, you need hotkeys on your smartphone to instantly parachute you into the app or other phone features you use regularly. And they naturally need to work with one-touch functionality — like with this wickedly innovative Dimple 4-Button…
Architecture Lab
How to Caulk Before Painting For A Finished Look
In this article, we are going to reveal you a caulking method to make the last bead of caulk evenly The post How to Caulk Before Painting For A Finished Look appeared first on Architecture Lab.
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
France calls for immediate Aleppo meeting at UN
French foreign affairs minister Jean-Marc Ayrault called on Tuesday for an immediate United Nations Security Council meeting to discuss the situation in the Syrian city of Aleppo, which has been devastated by fighting. Full Feed
Donald Trump Suggests Flag-Burners Should Lose Their Citizenship
Caudillo-elect Donald Trump got ahold of his phone again this morning: Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag – if they do, there must be consequences – perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 29, 2016 In 1989, the U.S. Supreme Court…
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ICYMI: CERNs robotic inspectors ride a monorail
Today on In Case You Missed It: Pairing an Arduino with a skateboard produces the Sick Ollie Machine, capable of measuring angular and X-,Y- or Z-axis accelerations to measure who is hitting their tricks the hardest. Courtesy of Josh Sheldon, the ollie machine uses an Arduino beneath the trucks…
Amazon Will Pay You $4.99 To Buy a Dash Button For $4.99 – Deal Alert
Amazon Dash buttons sell for $4.99. But Amazon will pay you a $4.99 credit after your first button push to place an order. My math skills are rusty, but that appears to be a good deal if you’re thinking of trying one out. Amazon Dash is a simple Wi-Fi connected gadget that lets you order your favorite…
Shut Up And Take My Money
Special Forces Night Vision Goggles
submitted by /u/actinblack [link] [comments]
Shut Up And Take My Money
Creative Writing Worksheet Set
submitted by /u/Perri0010 [link] [comments]
Shut Up And Take My Money
Amazing 18-In-1 Multi-purpose Card Knife with Free Shipping
submitted by /u/angali7788 [link] [comments] – Nanotechnology News Feed
Hybrid Method Predicts and Verifies Complex Metal Nanoparticle Structure
Researchers have been able to predict and verify the full structure of a monolayer-coated molecular metal nanoparticle using a combined theoretical and experimental approach. Expanding on prior… – Nanotechnology News Feed
IBS Scientists Develop New Optical Circuit Components to Control Light
The computers of the future could work nearly at the speed of light. Nanophotonics, the study of the behavior of light at the nanometer scale, could bring the speed of the current technology into a…
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Vincent Callebaut’s twisting carbon-absorbing skyscraper nears completion in Taipei
Vincent Callebaut Architectures’ extraordinary Agora Garden—a DNA-inspired carbon-absorbing eco-tower—just topped out in Taipei, Taiwan. Set in Xinyi District just blocks from the LEED Platinum Taipei 101 skyscraper, Callebaut’s twisting tower will be filled with plants, vegetable gardens, and trees…
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Radioactive Chernobyl reactor sealed by the world’s largest moveable metal structure
Dealing with the remnants of a nuclear disaster is no easy task. Proof of the point is what’s happening at the Chernobyl reactor, where the world’s largest moveable metal structure is about to seal the plant’s fourth reactor forever. Seeker reports that Ukrainian authorities planning to place an arch…
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Modern meets rustic in the Hemmingford House built from natural materials
A new home has sprung from the ruins of an old farmhouse in the countryside south of Montreal. SIMARD architecture blends old with new in the recently constructed Hemmingford House, a contemporary cottage built along old fieldstone foundation walls of the previous farm building. The boxy facade handsomely…
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Celebrate Giving Tuesday with 13 green gifts that give back
Today is Giving Tuesday – and to celebrate we’ve rounded up 14 eco-friendly organizations that make gift giving a truly philanthropic act. Voltaic donates up to three solar power kits to aid workers for every solar charger it sells, the National Wildlife Federation
Here Are Our First Exciting Glimpses of Mars From Europe’s New Orbiter
In case Schiaparelli’s crash-landing left you thinking the European Space Agency’s ExoMars mission was a bust, rest assured it wasn’t. The mission’s scientific workhorse—its Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO)—is performing beautifully, as evidenced by the first images and splashes of data ESA has now received back…
BBC News – World
Aleppo battle: UN alarm as 16,000 civilians flee government advance
Some 16,000 civilians have fled the Syrian government’s advance into rebel-held Aleppo, the UN says.
LeEco’s TVs and smartphones are coming to Best Buy, Amazon and Target December 1
 For all the pomp and circumstance surrounding LeEco’s US launch, the company hasn’t exactly made its products easy to get here in the States, largely relying on what it’s deemed “flash sales” – or limited time offers through its own store. Starting today, the LeMall commerce site is open for good here…
Ancient Bug Discovered in the Heart of Antarctica
Insects aren’t the first thing that come to mind when we think of Antarctica, but as the discovery of a rare Antarctic beetle shows, this frozen continent was quite different millions of years ago. Read more…
Upgrade Your Brunch by Poaching Eggs in Wine
Brunch is already pretty fancy, but if you want to up your benny game, try adding wine to your egg-poaching liquid.To make this punchier brunch, you don’t need to open a fancy bottle of vino; whatever you have lying around will do. Epicurious recommends a poaching liquid of a bottle of red wine and two…
Ars Technica
NextEV’s Nio EP9 electric supercar sets a new Nürburgring record
Enlarge (credit: NextEV) Zero to sixty. Horsepower per kilogram. Nürburgring lap times. All great ways of bench-racing cars in order to win arguments in the pub (or on an Internet forum). And if the latter is your go-to yardstick for performance, there’s a new king of the electric vehicles in town:…
Fast Company
Use This ’90s Tech Strategy To Handle Life’s Biggest Challenges
The Agile method used by developers at Microsoft, Spotify, and others to design, create, and test new products works for personal goals, too. The Agile method used by developers at Microsoft, Spotify, and others to design, create, and test new products works for personal goals,…
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
Haiti presidential vote won by Jovenel Moise, provisional results show
Haitian businessman Jovenel Moise, the candidate backed by former president Michel Martelly, won the presidential vote in the first round, official early results showed Monday.
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
Burundi presidential aide escapes assassination bid
A top advisor to Burundi’s president and the most public face of the government has escaped an assassination attempt in the capital Bujumbura, officials said Tuesday.
Ars Technica » Scientific Method
The United States should surpass Russia in rocket launches for the first time
Enlarge / A United Launch Alliance Atlas V 541 lifts off with NASA’s GOES-R satellite in November. (credit: United Launch Alliance) During the last half century the United States may have achieved flashier goals, with the Apollo Moon landings, and produced the most capable spacecraft in the form…
Digital Trends
If a fix is approved, Porsche may sell leftover Cayenne Diesels as used cars
Along with several Volkswagen and Audi models, Porsche issued a stop-sale order for its Cayenne Diesel last year after its use of illegal software to cheat on emissions tests was exposed. Porsche will likely have to develop a fix for customer cars, or buy them back, but what happens to the leftover Cayenne…
Digital Trends
Good deal! Puro Sound Labs Bluetooth headphones are $75 off
Wireless headphones are great for keeping the outside world at bay, whether you’re trying to relax at home or focus at the office. Still, there are concerns about how much they could affect hearing, especially for frequent listeners. The Puro Sound Labs BT5200 aim to offer the audio quality and comfort…
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The Guy Behind Long-Delayed Glowing Plants Kickstarter Wants to Sell You Moss
Over three years ago, in the summer of 2013, Antony Evans, CEO of synthetic biology startup company TAXA Biotechnologies, launched a Kickstarter project to raise money for a provocative new product: genetically modified tobacco plants that glowed in the dark. His goal was to sell them them to people…
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The UK Is About to Legalize Mass Surveillance
Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Photo: GCHQOn Tuesday, the UK is due to pass its controversial new surveillance law, the Investigatory Powers Act, according to the Home Office. The Act, which has received overwhelming support in both the House of Commons…
Nerd Approved – News For Nerds
Save 20% On The Pocket Tripod PRO [Deals]
For a limited time you can get this clever Pocket Tripod PRO in our Nerd Approved Deals Store for only $19.99 (20% off) with free shipping! The best tripod for your smartphone fits in your pocket. The Pocket Tripod PRO has been cleverly engineered to be the most practical smartphone stand ever. Portrait,…
Nintendo’s Universal theme park world is real, and the first look is here
Yes, it’s real: Nintendo is actually teaming up with Universal Parks and Resorts, and now, our first look at some of their plans—or at least a confirmation that this isn’t just an incredible fantasy—is here. The news of the Nintendo-Universal collaboration was first unveiled last May, but other…
Scientific American Content: Global
Does Diversity Create Distrust?
Doubts about a Harvard professor’s landmark finding — Read more on
Archinect – News
15 awesome architectural organizations to support this Giving Tuesday
Unless you’re living under a rock, you’re probably aware of the hectic, often deadly consumer feeding frenzy known as Black Friday. Then, of course, there’s Cyber Monday, when you can get all kinds of deals without having to leave your bedroom. But less people know about #GivingTuesday, a project started…
Bloom Farms Highlighter Cannabis Vapor Pen
Get your grass fix in a more healthy manner with the Blooms Farms Highlighter Cannabis Vapor Pen. The stylish and discreet contraption is highly portable and totally smokeless, the all-natural plant oil extracted with clean CO2 and delivered with consistent vapor via a battery-powered heating element…. – latest science and technology news stories
A new record at BESSY II: 10 million ions cooled for the first time to 7.4 K
An international team from Sweden, Japan, and Germany has set a new temperature record for what are known as quadrupole ion traps that capture electrically charged molecular ions. They succeeded in cooling about ten million ions down to 7.4 K (approx. -265.8 degrees Celsius) using a buffer gas. That… – latest science and technology news stories
Ready for takeoff: Blues skies thinking to improve aircraft safety
Nervous flyers and crew alike would prefer jet airliners not to vibrate so much at take off. Research published in the International Journal of Aerodynamics points to blue skies thinking that might explain the phenomenon and find ways to reduce the safety and image problems associated with this troubling… – latest science and technology news stories
Live cell imaging of asymmetric cell division in fertilized plant cells
A group of plant biologists at the Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules (ITbM) of Nagoya University, the University of Tokyo, the Gregor Mendel Institute, and the University of Kentucky, have reported in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, on their discovery on how the plant’s… – latest science and technology news stories
Researchers develop novel wound-healing technology
A WSU research team has successfully used a mild electric current to take on and beat drug-resistant bacterial infections, a technology that may eventually be used to treat chronic wound infections. – latest science and technology news stories
New discovery of alarm response in medaka fish furthers analysis of fear
Yale-NUS Assistant Professor of Science Dr Ajay Mathuru has discovered that the medaka fish has an ‘alarm response’ to a type of semiochemical (message-bearing chemicals that carry information from one animal to another) released due to physical injuries sustained by another member of its kind. Since… – latest science and technology news stories
New approach predicts price trends in the stock options market
A new research paper from the University of Luxembourg outlines a novel method to identify how options traders exploit mutual fund non-fundamental price pressure on aggregate stock prices. – latest science and technology news stories
Study says salt marshes have limited ability to absorb excess nitrogen
Add fertilizer to your garden and your plants will probably grow bigger and taller. Add fertilizer to a salt marsh and the plants may not get any bigger at all. That’s according to a new study led by Dr. David Samuel Johnson of William & Mary’s Virginia Institute of Marine Science.
An Easy Way to Get Responses from People Who Never Answer Your Emails
A key part of writing an email that gets a response from your busy coworkers is formatting. Here’s the format you should use to make it easier to get the information you need in the time you need it.Read more…
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San Francisco MUNI hacker was hacked
Over the weekend, San Francisco’s transit system was hacked by an individual (or group) going by the name Andy Saolis. The attack forced the city to offer Muni rides for free while its staff raced to rectify the breach on its servers. But while Saoli…
Physics News
Engineers create prototype chip just three atoms thick
For more than 50 years, silicon chipmakers have devised inventive ways to switch electricity on and off, generating the digital ones and zeroes that encode words, pictures, movies and other …
Physics News
Making flawless graphene coatings
Graphene, the ultra-thin wonder material just a single carbon atom in thickness, holds the promise of such impressive applications as wear-resistant, friction-free coatings. But first manufacturers …
The Verge – All Posts
AT&T just declared war on an open internet (and us)
Last year we won the open internet back, but the new regulations had one big weakness: they didn’t explicitly ban a scheme called “zero rating.” Zero rating is a poison pill wrapped in a piece of cheese; it looks like a good thing for consumers (free video!), but ultimately has the capability to rot…
Physics News
Metamaterials open up entirely new possibilities in optics
Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology have developed a method that enables them to manipulate light to follow any predetermined path along a surface. The innovation has now been described …
The Verge – All Posts
PogoCam is a unique, modular take on camera glasses
Camera glasses aren’t a new idea, but Spectacles — the camera-equipped sunglasses from the company that made Snapchat — are the kind of product that can open the floodgates. One of the first ideas through those gates is being announced today from a small company called PogoTec. But instead of making…
NatureNews – Most recent articles – science feeds
Speedy Antarctic drills start hunt for Earth’s oldest ice
British team is first to seek site of 1.5-million-year-old sample.Nature 540 18 doi: 10.1038/540018a
BBC News – World
Merkel reaches out to tearful Afghan refugee boy
An Afghan boy’s emotional “thank you” to Germany’s Chancellor Merkel moves her party allies.
Curbed National
Climate change has buyers hesitating over coastal real estate
Intense storms and flood risk are prompting buyers to steer clear of beachfront properties What was once a real estate draw is quickly becoming a liability. As the New York Times details in a new report, close proximity to surf and sand is increasingly seen as a risky invitation to destructive storm…
All Eight Harry Potter Movies Edited Down to an 80-Minute Epic
Decided to go marathon all the Harry Potter movies before seeing Fantastic Beasts, but don’t have nearly 20 hours of free time? Well, this extremely cut-down edit of all eight movies into a single film is probably the next best thing to access to a Time Turner.Read more…
Apple’s Siri gets first official movie tie-in w/ answers for ‘The Secret Life of Pets’
Apple from time to time updates Siri with new responses to make sure the voice assistant is up to date on pop culture and answering your questions as intelligently as possible. But this is the first we’ve heard of a partnership with a film studio in order to promote a movie release, in this case Universal…
Eat Your Dinner, Then Eat Your Spoon — Bakeys Edible Cutlery, Saving the Planet From Plastic Waste
Plastic cutlery may be a convenient way to eat food on the fly and evade the cleanup,…
The Awesomer
RAMA M10-A Keypad
Price: $120  | BuyInspired by the Apple M0110 keyboard, RAMA and Machine Industries’ M10-A is a heavy duty, programmable and mechanical 10-key keypad. It has a powder-coated aluminum body, 6-color LED backlighting, Cherry MX switches and a user-friendly key and macro configurator. …
Neri Oxman creates 3D-printed versions of ancient death masks
Neri Oxman and her Mediated Matter group at MIT Media Lab have created a series of colourful death masks that explore the transition between life and death. Read more
Zaha Hadid’s friends and family disown Patrick Schumacher’s statements
Zaha Hadid’s closest confidantes have distanced themselves from the speech made by her successor Patrik Schumacher, in which he called for social housing to be scrapped and public space to be privatised. Read more
Bless This Stuff
This time around for our Holiday Gift guide, we have curated some of the best, most unique gastronomic options for The Chef. As with all our gift guides we try to bring you stuff that is unique, functional and distinct, so hopefully you?ll find something for the foodie in your life. …
Bless This Stuff
Feeling adventurous? This travel site can book you a mystery vacation! Jubel is a new travel website, but unlike conventional travel planners, this one creates personalized adventures for you and guides you through the experience by delivering letters throughout the trip, so you never know where you…
Bless This Stuff
Coodo are modular living units designed to provide housing on the surrounding of your choice, ground or water. German built, each prefab unit is customizable but generally comes with a comfortable bedroom, an open kitchen, a dining area and a complete bathroom. They?re also modular so you can assemble…
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Tree Hugger is a clever system developed by the outdoor specialists from Treeline. The Treehugger Gear + Supply Cache is the perfect addition to your camp kit, a compact storage system designed to outfit your camping, fishing and hunting adventures. Simply attach to a nearby tree, and use the pockets,…
Big Think
What’s Your Country Best in the World At?
It might not be what you expectRead More
The Internet Archive is building a replica database in Canada in response to concerns over Trump
The Internet Archive has been documenting the web’s evolution for exactly two decades, letting anyone revisit the Apple homepage in 1998, the New York Times in 2001, or VentureBeat in 2006 by plugging their desired URL into the Wayback Machine. The nonprofit’s engine crawls the web, taking snapshots…
SiFive launches open source RISC-V custom chip
SiFive wants to democratize the custom chip business, and so today it is launching the industry’s first open-source RISC-V system-on-chip processor. The Freedom Everywhere 310 SoC and HiFive1 development board will enable a wide variety of system architects, embedded designers, and Internet of Things…
Octogeddon’s eight-armed destructive gameplay is hilarious
EXCLUSIVE: George Fan, the co-creator of the phenomenal hit Plants vs. Zombies, generated some excitement last month when he announced Octogeddon, a new game he is developing at his new indie game studio, All Yes Good. The PC title is an arcade-style action game where a giant Octopus becomes angry and…
PlayStation 4 beats Xbox One for the top-selling electronics product on Cyber Monday in the U.S.
Gaming fans continue to drive a significant chunk of online spending through the gift-giving holidays, and Sony and Microsoft are both benefitting from that. Sony’s PlayStation 4 was the best-selling consumer electronics product online on Cyber Monday, according to data-tracking firm Adobe Digital Insights….
Here are the companies that could join China’s Orwellian behavior grading scheme
A year after China’s central government proposed a far-sweeping social credit system to turn citizens’ mundane online activities into a record of creditworthiness, local governments are beginning to compile records in the system critics dismiss as Orwellian. Cities like Hangzhou, home to Alibaba, are…
BBC News – World
Mosul Iraq battle: IS accused of shooting civilians
Islamic State militants in Mosul are accused of killing civilians for refusing to co-operate.
BBC News – World
Kashmir clashes: Indian soldiers killed in Nagrota camp attack
Militants kill seven soldiers at an army camp in Indian-administered Kashmir, the army says.
Amazon’s Next Echo Sounds Weird
Amazon is building a new version of its artificially intelligent Echo speaker with a screen, according to a Bloomberg report. The device is currently being worked on by the company’s secretive Lab126 research team that was also responsible for some of Amazon’s greatest flops and successes like the Fire…
Cool Material
Let’s Kick This Day Mug
Everyone that drinks coffee should have at least one really great mug to motivate them in the morning, and the Let’s Kick This Day Mug is perfectly suited for just such an occasion. Emblazoned with the words Let’s Kick This Day in the Dick and finished with a karate guy presumably kicking the day in…
Popular Science
How flushing your toilet could help create biofuel
From Our Blogs: Nexus Media News A new process emulates the way crude oil forms naturally— in only 45 minutes. For the next alternative energy source, look no further than your toilet bowl. Your flushes can produce two or three gallons of biofuel per year when the…
Aura Smart Picture Frame
Cameras are attached to everything and just about everybody is snap-happy. This results in a deluge of digital photos, the most of which you’ll likely never print and nor revisit. And that’s exactly what the Aura Smart Picture Frame addresses. You won’t ever need to physically load it with photos: Aura…
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Russian government turns to the ghost of Nokia’s mobile OS
Finnish software house Jolla has announced that its smartphone OS, Sailfish, has been accepted for use by Russia’s government. It means that the platform — which rose from the ashes of Nokia and Intel’s doomed MeeGo — can now be used for official g…
How-To Geek
How to Delete the Search History in Windows File Explorer
As you type into the Search box in Windows’ File Explorer, a list of suggestions displays below the box. These suggestions are from the history of previous searches you’ve typed.Click Here to Continue Reading
New Scientist – Online news
New Zealand is the first country to wipe out invasive butterfly
The great white butterfly is an invasive species whose caterpillars devour both crops and native plant species.  Now the country has fully eliminated it
Take Your Pick of Two Bluetooth Headphones, Starting at $10
TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphones, $19 with code Y3BOP4V8 | iClever Bluetooth Headphones, $10 with code DIGBTH08If you didn’t find any deals you were into for bluetooth headphones yesterday, here are a couple you’ll be into. Grab a pair of iClever headphones for only $10 with the code DIGBTH08 or a pair…
Digital Trends
Here are the video games to check out in December
Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year, has come and gone, but for many of us there may still be a few video games left that to pick up in the final month of the year. The first couple of weeks of December will see its fair share of long-awaited titles and major sequels, including one particular…
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
Programmable disorder – Stochastic algorithms at the molecular scale
Scientific American Content: Global
Weaponized Antibodies Use New Tricks to Fight Cancer
Next generation of Trojan-horse drugs designed to minimize damage to healthy cells — Read more on
40% off Garmin vívosmart HR+ Regular Fit Activity Tracker – Deal Alert
Turn your steps into strides with vívosmart HR+, the GPS activity tracker with Elevate wrist heart rate technology. Not only does it count steps, calories, floors climbed and intensity minutes, it uses GPS satellites to track how far and how fast you go during almost any activity — from running to rollerblading….
Seagate’s Gargantuan 8TB External Hard Drive Is Just $170
News flash: 8TB external drives exist, and you can get one for $170. And for how small it is (look at it next to a pencil!), it’s insane that it can hold that much.Read more…
Newswise: SciNews
Wildlife Researchers Study Impact of Wind Energy, Mercury, Oil Spills and Other Human Cultural Developments on Wildlife
BRI’s mission is to conduct scientific investigations into hum

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