I was upset and devastated when Trump won. I said some negative and judgmental things in anger. I now realize that I need to expand my empathy and try to see life from other perspectives. I don’t look forward to the next four years, but I have come to accept reality. This last-minute panic and attempts to question the legitimacy of the election, intelligence services, and all media outlets will serve to undermine the entire state apparatus. Justifying this behavior by saying Trump also did it is the worst excuse. What happened to when they go low, we go high? Do we want to descend into chaos like we see in Gambia and Ivory Coast right now? Or worse like the conflicts and civil unrest in Arab Spring states? Or with no faith in government like Nigeria or Pakistan?

Why must we continue to antagonize Russia and continue to blindly support Europe even though they can stand on their own feet? By keeping NATO and EU defense agreements and amassing weapons and troops in Russia’s face, they have rationally responded by military growth. The U.S. defense budget is about 7 times that of Russia. I think many of us, Republican, Libertarian, and Democrats alike, are most frustrated by wasteful spending on arcane and exotic projects and countries while ignoring issues at home. The media may think otherwise, but they are avoiding the truth.


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