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Forbes – Markets
Expect Everything To Change In 2017
The furious post-election stock rally/bond crash leveled out in late December, but has not yet reversed.
Forbes – Markets
Retail Bulls Get Slaughtered
The disappointments of the bulls in the retail sector over the past year got another disappointment with weak sales during the holiday season.
Cringe-worthy video shows people don’t know that Obamacare and ACA are the same thing
During the past few years, Obamacare has been one of the most controversial and talked about policies in the United States. Since its inception, Obamacare has faced its fair share of opposition, and with Donald Trump coming into office, those flames have again been fanned. Jimmy Kimmel was curious…
Next Big Future
South Korea making a 1000 kilometer per hour low pressure tube high speed train that will go from Seoul to Busan in 30 minutes
South Korea is seeking to develop a train-like public transport concept that is almost as fast as the speed of sound up 1,000 km / h, the Korea Railroad Research Institute (KRRI) said Tuesday.The state-run institute will join forces with other research groups and Hanyang University to build the near-supersonic…
Bloomberg Politics
Trump Rejects Schumer Call for Tax Error to Disqualify Pick
Senate Democratic leader Charles Schumer called for President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for White House budget director to withdraw from consideration after failing to pay more than $15,000 in payroll taxes — a call that Trump’s transition team quickly rejected.
Rammstein Posts Insane “Paris” Trailer
If you wan’t experienced it, Rammstein always puts on a hell of a live show, with huge gouts of fire and even bigger gouts of something uncomfortably seminal in nature sprayed into the crowd. Fans will get the next best thing to a live performance with the upcoming “Paris” DVD and theatric release,…
BBC News – World
New South Wales Premier Mike Baird quits politics
Mike Baird, the leader of New South Wales, makes a surprise announcement he is standing down.
Tony Romo Surfaces at Trump Hotel In D.C. (Photos)
He ain’t got practice this week … so Tony Romo got on a plane and flew out to Washington D.C. — where he was spotted hanging out at the Trump International Hotel.  The Dallas Cowboys QB has been praised by Trump in the past — back in 2015,…
Christian Science Monitor | All Stories
MIT develops 3-D printing ‘undo’ option
A new technique brings the ability to edit, among other things, to 3-D printing.
Online video streaming directly impacts DVD sales, research shows
Time flies when you’re having fun and for millions of people around the globe, there’s no better way to do so than to Netflix and chill (minus the sexual connotation).
Reuters: World News
Obama suggests U.S. embassy move to Jerusalem could be ‘explosive’
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama suggested on Wednesday that moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem could have “explosive” results and said he was worried that the prospects for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict were waning.
Curbed National
Adorable elementary school features mint-green pivoting walls
For maximum space and flexibility This adorable classroom in Seoul features walls covered in a mint-green fabric that pivot, creating an adaptable, flexible space that can be used as a larger communal classroom, or two smaller ones for first and second grade students. Renovated by Daniel Valle Architects,…
Cool Hunting
Buy: Mountain Ranch, CA: ACDC
Provide safe and enjoyable medicine while removing the stigma from marijuana use, Bloom Farms is yet another impressive company on the “cannabiz” landscape. Their Mountain Ranch ACDC is a sativa-dominant, high-CBD, single-origin strain with a THC:CBD…… Continue…
The Best Way to Eat Shrimp Prepared Four Different Ways
Shrimp are a popular food, but even those who’ve had it before might have some questions on how to approach different shrimp dishes. You need to know what utensils are best, how to peel them, and when it’s okay to eat the shell.In this video from the ZAGAT YouTube channel, Aquagrill’s Executive Chef…
designboom | architecture & design magazine
malka architecture envisions lightweight ‘mugu house’ for the californian coastline
50 miles west of los angeles, where the firm has opened its new studio, this proposed residence is embedded into the steep cliffs of point mugu. The post malka architecture envisions lightweight ‘mugu house’ for the californian coastline appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
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Inside The Dark, Dangerous World Of Illegal Mining
“I don’t care anymore,” Rasta mutters. “People must see what we do to survive.”
The Verge – All Posts
‘Fake news’ didn’t swing the election because people barely remembered it, study says
“Fake news” is an all-purpose non-sequitur at this point, but the term does describe a relatively new phenomena popularized in the 2016 presidential election: deliberately fabricated (as opposed to erroneous or biased) stories from little-known sources, which could spread rapidly through direct sharing…
You have to see NASA’s latest Cassini image from Saturn
Epic photos from NASA‘s space missions aren’t a rare occurrence, but they don’t come more dramatic than the latest image beamed back by the Cassini spacecraft. Currently in close orbit around Saturn, as it prepares to enter the final stages of its long mission, Cassini snapped the closest-ever photo…
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The ‘DJ Hero’ and ‘Guitar Hero Live’ team is joining Ubisoft
Freestyle Games, known for its work on Guitar Hero Live and DJ Hero under publisher Activision, has a new home. The team has joined Ubisoft and will be renamed to Ubisoft Leamington — based on its location in the UK. A post on UbiBlog says that the studio will collaborate with Ubisoft Reflections, whose…
Lincoln’s new Continental is luxury at the perfect volume
We take a spin in Lincoln’s new four-door flagship.It’s been over a decade since we last saw the Lincoln Continental and now the iconic nameplate has returned to reclaim its flagship title. So how does it stack up against the competition? Quite well actually and it might just be the most interesting…
Ars Technica » Scientific Method
All over the globe, plants are growing into strange, circular patterns
Jen Guyton They look a little like crop circles and a little like artistic earthworks. Around the world, they have many names: in the Namib Desert of Africa, they’re called “fairy circles;” in Brazil they’re…
Suspect lawsuit aims to force Apple to block texting while driving… Should it? [Poll]
A new class action lawsuit in California is going after Apple, claiming that the company has had technology to prevent texting and driving but has failed to implement it. The lawsuit alleges that, in refusing to implement a lockout system to prevent texting while driving, Apple is putting profits ahead…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Lizard-inspired pens change ink color as you draw
A couple of years ago, a group of entrepreneurs successfully Kickstarted a little something known as the Chameleon Pen. In a nutshell, it’s an art pen that changes color tone as you draw – for example, a green Chameleon Pen’s ink progressively goes from light green to dark green as the ink…
Digital Trends
Four eyes is a compliment for the TwoEyes VR prototype 3D 360 camera
Dual-lens 360-degree cameras are growing in popularity, but unless you have an eye on the back of your head, they don’t quite imitate human sight. TwoEyes VR is a camera that aims to change that, with a pair of two slightly offset lenses to more closely imitate the way we see in real life. The Kickstarter…
Digital Trends
These DARPA-funded cardboard drones are designed to deliver supplies, then disappear
What is it with the tech world and its sudden obsession with all things cardboard? First it was Google’s “Cardboard” VR setup, and now cutting-edge R&D lab Otherlab has created a cardboard drone that will surely go down in history as the world’s most advanced paper airplane. ICARUS (that’s Inbound…
Dell WD15 Dual-Monitor USB Type-C Laptop Dock w/ 130W Adapter + $50 Dell eGC $129.99
Dell WD15 Dual-Monitor USB Type-C Laptop Dock w/ 130W Adapter + $50 Dell eGC $129.99
Report: PS4 Is Selling Twice As Well As Xbox One
The latest numbers released by analysts suggest that the Sony PlayStation 4 is selling twice as many units worldwide as the Xbox One since both systems launched in late 2013. The data comes from a new SuperData report on the Nintendo Switch, which is backed up by Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad. SuperData…
Christian Science Monitor | All Stories
How do Netflix and Jerry Seinfeld plan to change comedy? With cars and coffee, duh
As streaming services push farther into original content, the push to fill their near-bottomless libraries has created a new wave of opportunities for artists, particularly comedians.
New Scientist – Online news
Seals hunt down hidden fish by sensing their breath in the sand
The only way for flatfish hidden under the sand on the sea floor to avoid harbour seal predators might be to hold their breath
The Verge – All Posts
Google is doing a terrible job at shipping its Pixel smartphones
The Google Pixel and Pixel XL launched three months ago in October to a very enthusiastic response. They’re terrific smartphones. Our review headline called them a home run. But in the weeks since, it has become incredibly difficult for consumers to actually acquire either of them in a reasonable amount… RSS
What was your state’s nickname in the 19th century? Bug Eater, Puke, Weasel, or Sucker? [Amusing]
[link] [28 comments]
Science | Smithsonian
Astronomers Get Closer Than Ever to Seeing a Black Hole
We know one lurks at the center of the Milky Way, but scientists want to get a peak at its shadow
Zero Hedge
FBI, 5 Other Agencies Are Probing If The Kremlin Covertly Funded Trump
It’s official: after months of speculation that the Feds and other US intelligence agencies are probing whether Trump has any connections to the Kremlin, financial or otherwise, this afternoon McClatchy confirmed that indeed, the FBI and five other intelligence and law enforcement agencies have collaborated…
Zero Hedge
Martin Armstrong Rages: Ken Rogoff Is “An Elitist Who Has No Respect For The People”
Submitted by Martin Armstrong via, Kenneth Rogoff is a Professor of Public Policy and Economics at Harvard University. Rogoff calls critics of negative interest rates “ignorant” despite the fact that negative interest rates have been used since 2008 without any success. He…
Zero Hedge
Quinnipiac Poll Suggests Hillary Would Crush De Blasio In NYC Mayoral Race
Like a nagging case of “pneumonia” that brings with it random, yet inevitable, bouts of full-body paralysis, the rumors/threats of Hillary tossing her hat in the ring for the New York City Mayoral race simply won’t go away.  The latest example comes from a Quinnipiac University Poll which analyzed a…
Wanda Considers Deeper Health-Care Push With Hospitals in China
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Pixar Pretty Much Confirms That All Of Its Films Exist In The Same Universe
So does this mean that Sully from “Monsters Inc.” has his own band of personified emotions running around his head like in “Inside Out?” And the ants from “A Bug’s Life” are running beneath the feet of the “Incredibles?”
John Oliver crashes Game of Thrones to announce his return
Game of Thrones? Silicon Valley? Curb Your Enthusiasm? Who’s even heard of these two-bit filler programs on HBO? We’re sure there are some fans out there, but we all know what the people really want. And that’s for Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, to return.  The news program did well to tell…
The internet roasts a photo of Donald Trump writing his inauguration speech
When times get tough, at least you can still meme. President-elect Donald Trump is slated to deliver his inauguration address on Friday, so he teased his Twitter followers with a little behind-the-scenes photo of himself writing a speech at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. SEE ALSO: Don’s Johns: Port-a-potties…
Big Think
What’s the Psychological Impact of Overpopulation? Here’s a Horrific Experiment
In 1972, eight mice were placed in a utopia. Full of food, water, bedding, and space for 3000 mice. Within three years there were no survivors.   Read More
The New Yorker
An Emerging, and Very Pointed, Democratic Resistance
“I would like your views,” Senator Al Franken said to Betsy DeVos, the Education Secretary-designate, at her confirmation hearing, on Tuesday, “on the relative advantage of doing assessments and using them to measure proficiency or to measure growth.”See the rest of the story at newyorker.comRelated:Draining…
BBC News – World
Aleppo ‘haunted by violence and death’
Jeremy Bowen reports from the ruins of eastern Aleppo where 40,000 people have returned home.
Bloomberg Business
Why Money Keeps Flowing Out of China
The outflow of Chinese capital hasn’t abated in the last few years, as a weak Yuan and slew of other hindrances perpetuate losses. QuickTake Q&A explains how these pressures continue to take a toll on China’s economy.
YouTube Help
The Safety and Sanity of Entrepreneurship | Taylor Pearson | TEDxHickory
The rapid development of technology and globalization has changed the leverage points in accumulating wealth: money, meaning and freedom. Those that don’t adapt are becoming trapped in the downward spiral – working harder and contributing less. Entrepreneurs, inside and outside organizations, that understand…
Bloomberg Politics
How Trump’s Cabinet Picks Will Help Drain the Swamp
On “With All Due Respect,” Bloomberg Politics’ Mark Halperin and John Heilemann break down the team President-elect Donald Trump’s has picked to run his administration. (Source: Bloomberg)
Desire This | The Best of Everything
Ressence TYPE 1² Wristwatch
Ressence TYPE 1² WristwatchRessence watches is a relatively young brand in the watch industry and took many by surprise when they unveiled their prototypes at Baselworld in 2010. Benoit Mintiens, the founder and creative mind of Ressence watches had a simple concept in mind when designing his watches…
Bloomberg Politics
Who’s on Donald Trump’s Supreme Court Shortlist?
On “With All Due Respect,” Bloomberg’s Greg Stohr discusses candidates that President-elect Donald Trump may consider to replace Justice Antonin Scalia on the United States Supreme Court. He speaks with Bloomberg Politics’ Mark Halperin and John Heilemann on “With All Due Respect.” (Source: Bloomberg)
Shut Up And Take My Money
BEDDI Style – A smart alarm clock with app adjustable mood lights, usb charger, bluetooth speaker and interchangeable faceplates
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Shut Up And Take My Money
Carbon Fiber Wallet
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Shut Up And Take My Money
Nine Millimeter Bullet Headphones
submitted by /u/Reddilution [link] [comments]
Multiple agencies investigating if Russia paid hackers to undermine Clinton
Six national law enforcement and intelligence agencies have for months investigated whether Russian government officials provided money to hackers in the United States, who then hacked Democratic Party officials in order to undermine the credibility of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton,…
Digital Trends
Google is buying most of Twitter’s developer products, including Crashlytics
It looks like Google acquired parts of Twitter after all — but not in the way you might expect. That’s because Google is buying out Twitter’s developer products, including Fabric, which operates crash-reporting service Crashlytics — a service that was first acquired by Twitter in 2013. It’s not yet…
Digital Trends
Onoff gives you a burner number that acts just like a regular line
Services like Burner and T-Mobile’s Digits make obtaining a secondary, disposable number as easy as downloading an app. They’re good for putting telemarketers and robocallers off your trail, but they don’t usually make great replacements for your carrier’s number — most leverage an internet connection…
Digital Trends
Edelkrone’s QuickRelease One is a revolutionary way to mount your camera
Attaching cameras to various mounts and accessories is about to get a whole lot easier. Czech Republic-based photography company Edelkrone showed off the QuickRelease One, an attachment that simplifies the process of moving your camera from one accessory — or mount — to the next. The key to the QuickRelease… – Top Stories
The Wall Street Journal: In effort to oust CFPB chief, GOP says he may have violated law
House Republicans on Wednesday claimed Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray may have violated federal law regarding 2015 rules on auto lenders, escalating an attack on Cordray as they press the incoming Trump administration to fire him.
Scientists Needn’t Get A Patient’s Consent To Study Blood Or DNA
In its update of ethics rules aimed at protecting patients, the Obama administration decided against a provision that scientists said would hinder research. Consumer advocates aren’t happy.(Image credit: Dana Neely/Getty Images)
Virginia Executes Convict With Drug From Anonymous Compounding Pharmacy
The execution of Ricky Gray on Wednesday was the first known instance of a state using midazolam, a sedative, that was not manufactured by a pharmaceutical company.(Image credit: Virginia Department of Corrections via AP)
Apple updates GarageBand and Logic Pro X with iCloud File Sharing and Touch Bar support
Apple has made its music editing software more robust.On Wednesday, Apple updated GarageBand for iOS and Pro Logic X for macOS, giving users the ability to share projects between the two music editing apps via iCloud File Sharing. This means that users can record music and share the recordings over the…
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Naturally-ventilated PM House remains cool even during Yucatan’s hottest months
The existing vegetation on the site occupied by this sprawling residence in Yucatan, Mexico, helps the house remain cool and ventilated during warm, humid weather. The single-story PM House, designed by FGO Arquitectura, provides easy access to all areas connected by a network of ramps, steps and movable…
Atlantis Resort Sued by Customer Claiming Bed Bug Attack (PHOTO + VIDEO)
A woman is suing the famous Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas over horrific bites she says she got from a bed bug swarm, and she has creepy crawly video to back it up. Cindi Avila claims she checked into the hotel back in January 2016 and woke up…
Zero Hedge
“Costs Are Rising, Wages Are Dropping” – The ‘Real’ Economy That Obama Left For Trump
As President Obama held his last press conference this afternoon, basking in the warm afterglow of an over-sampled poll showing his favorability near record highs, it would appear he (and the press corps) forgot to mention that for most Americans – the 80% in production and nonsupervisory roles – this…
Coolest Gadgets
Epson DS-320 portable document scanner
Road warriors will know that there are times when you absolutely need to digitize whatever documents that are at hand for future reference. This is where portable scanners would come in handy, even more so when you need a good copy of the document on your computer or laptop. Epson knows this, which is…
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Ripping Apart A Steel Beam Takes A Spectacular Amount Of Energy
The Slow Motion guys are back at it. This time pulling apart a one-and-a-half inch wide, pure steel piece of rebar with “the world’s meatiest machine.”
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Why Some Dead Bodies Are Worth Millions More Than Others
There’s no exact science when it comes to determining the value of life for the victim of a police shooting
Digg Top Stories
Running May Be Good For Your Knees
Many people worry that running ruins knees. But a new study finds that the activity may in fact benefit the joint, changing the biochemical environment inside the knee in ways that could help keep it working smoothly.
After 8 Years Of Unbroken War, Obama Hands Over Conflicts To Trump
President Obama is the first president to serve eight years with the U.S. at war nonstop, from beginning to end. Donald Trump now inherits ongoing conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.(Image credit: David Welna/NPR)
College Fires IT Admin, Loses Access To Google Email, Successfully Sues IT Admin For $250K
An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Register: Shortly after the American College of Education (ACE) in Indiana fired IT administrator Triano Williams in April, 2016, it found that it no longer had any employees with admin access to the Google email service used by the school. In a lawsuit [PDF]…
RT – Daily news
‘More than resources depot’: Russian Arctic Forum program presented to diplomats
Representatives of the Arctic Council member states and those having observer status have been presented with the program of a key upcoming summit on the Arctic which will focus on developing the region as a suitable place habitat. Read Full Article at
BBC News – World
Virus lottery: What could be next epidemic?
Scientists have shortlisted three little-known diseases that they think could become the next global health emergency.
Simmer Stew in the Oven for Hassle-Free, Even Cooking
There’s something about a stew pot, simmering on the stove, but for the ultimate in low-effort cooking, pop it in the oven. You’ll get even, all-around heating, free up your burners, and you won’t have to stir or fiddle with it as often.Besides cutting down on how often you need to check your stew, using…
Denver takes fastest airport Wi-Fi crown, with Philly and Sea-Tac as runners-up
 Bragging rights for the fastest airport Wi-Fi go to Denver by a long shot, according to’s latest data, although Philadelphia, Sea-Tac, and Dallas Fort Worth bringing up the rear. But mobile speeds, particularly in Detroit and San Francisco, may soon have them all beat. Read More …
The New Yorker
Listen to “Tiny Hands,” Fiona Apple’s Anti-Trump Protest Song
For two decades, Fiona Apple has proved herself immune to the tides of influence or forces of convention that sway many other artists of her stature. Pressure from her label, a pleading army of fans, the imperative to remain “relevant”—none of these earthbound concerns have roused Apple from her state…
Bond Guru Who Called Last Bear Market 40 Years Ago Says Go Long
Baird Resigns as Premier of Australias Most-Populous State
The 7th Room: Snøhetta’s Swedish Treehouse Is a Magical Retreat Within the Nordic Landscape
Six years ago, the design world was enamored with the Mirrorcube, just one of then-five cabins available for rent at the Treehotel in Harads, Northern Sweden. Today, the hotel introduced Norwegian firm Snøhetta’s take on a proper Nordic treehouse with the addition of the 7th Room. The new cabin…
reddit: the front page of the internet
Trump reportedly has written his own inaugural address, how can we turn it into a drinking game?
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reddit: the front page of the internet
Unintentional modern art
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RT – Daily news
Women of Yemen call to arms against Saudi aggression (VIDEO)
More than 3,000 Yemeni women held a protest rally in the capital Sanaa against exiled president Mansour Hadi and Saudi Arabia’s ongoing military onslaught to reinstate his rule. Read Full Article at
Go behind the scenes at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter – CNET
Discover the hidden secrets of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood in a new video.
Financial Times
China cuts Treasury holdings to lowest since 2010
Beijing’s efforts to stabilise its currency threaten to push interest rates higher
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Researchers discover greenhouse bypass for nitrogen
Production of a potent greenhouse gas can be bypassed as soil nitrogen breaks down into unreactive atmospheric N2, an international team of researchers has discovered.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Could better eye training help reduce concussion in women’s soccer?
With the ever-growing popularity of women’s soccer, attention to sports-related concussions is also a growing concern. High school female soccer players incur a higher concussion rate than males, and researchers noticed in photographs of female soccer players, the players often had their eyes closed….
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Study provides new evidence on role of person-to person transmission in drug-resistant TB
A study of extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis (XDR TB)in KwaZulu province, South Africa, builds on a growing body of evidence showing person-to-person transmission, not just inadequate treatment, is driving the spread of XDR TB.
Zero Hedge
Does A Rogue Deep State Have Trump’s Back?
Submitted by Charles Hugh-Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, Rather than being the bad guys, as per the usual Liberal world-view, the Armed Forces may well play a key role in reducing the utterly toxic influence of neocon-neoliberals within the Deep State. Suddenly everybody is referring to the Deep State,…
Zero Hedge
Over $100 Billion Redeemed From Hedge Funds In 2016 As Only 32% Outperform Their Benchmark
Two months ago, when looking at the monthly Evestment hedge fund fund flow report, we reported that investors had redeemed a net $14.2 billion from the industry in October, the fourth consecutive month of redemptions, bringing Year-to-date HF outflows to a net $77 billion removed from the industry. The…
NYT > Business Day
Your Money Adviser: Increases in Interest Rates on Savings Accounts Remain Slow to Materialize
The Federal Reserve increased short-term interest rates, but that hasn’t yet translated into significant increases in deposit rates paid out by banks.
NYT > Business Day
JPMorgan to Pay $55 Million to Settle Mortgage Discrimination Complaint
African-American and Hispanic borrowers were charged on average, $1,000 more than comparable mortgages for whites from 2006 to 2009, prosecutors say.
Latest news
Neurala raises $14m to expand market for NASA-tested AI into drones and cars
AI company Neurala has secured $14 million from a consortium of investors including Prelion Ventures, Motorola Ventures, and Draper Associates Investments that will aid its expansion into consumer electronics.
BBC News – World
Islamic State group ‘lost quarter of territory’ in 2016
IS endured “unprecedented territorial” defeats and should lose Mosul by mid-2017, new analysis says.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Intense industrial fishing
A new study examines how China maintains large catches and what it means for fishery management elsewhere
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Mapping the mind of worms
Biologists have identified signals that drive distinct behavior in microscopic nematode worms, and which may hold lessons for human brains.
Obama ‘Hope’ artist has a brilliant new set of posters for inauguration
The artist behind the iconic “Hope” poster of Barack Obama that became synonymous with his successful presidential campaign has released a new set of images, just in time for Trump’s inauguration and the subsequent Women’s March. Artist Shepard Fairey, who created the original in 2008 as well as a less… US Business
The Government’s 11th-Hour Push for Fair Pay
In the waning hours of the Obama administration, the U.S. Labor Department has filed suits against federal contractors Oracle and J.P. Morgan Chase alleging that some employees weren’t paid fairly.
Malwarebytes Discovers ‘First Mac Malware of 2017’
wiredmikey writes: Security researchers have a uncovered a Mac OS based espionage malware they have named “Quimitchin.” The malware is what they consider to be “the first Mac malware of 2017,” which appears to be a classic espionage tool. While it has some old code and appears to have existed undetected…
Victorinox Hunter Pro Pocket Knife
Opening this hunting knife requires just one hand.
Digital Trends
Asus revealed the specs of its upcoming ZenBook 3 Deluxe UX490 super-slim laptop
During the CES 2017 tech convention earlier this month, Asus teased the ZenBook 3 Deluxe UX490 notebook as part of its “Zennovation” lineup. It was an enhanced version of the original ZenBook 3 sporting a 14-inch screen crammed into a 13-inch-class chassis. It measured just 0.50 inches thin and not only…
Bustler News, Competitions and Events
News: Nine lunar habitat proposals win in Moontopia competition
Last year, hundreds of people from across the globe took on Eleven Magazine’s 2016 lunar challenge, “Moontopia”. As the first of Eleven’s space-architecture competition series, Moontopia tasked participants with designing — you guessed it — a Moontopia, a self-sufficient lunar colony designed for living,…
How AI is enabling the intelligent enterprise
GUEST: There has been an unprecedented, and continuing, volume of data growth worldwide. By some estimates, 90 percent of all data on the internet is unstructured text. Enterprises have an enormous opportunity to gain insights from this data, and it will become a competitive necessity to analyze it…
The History Channel Alexa skill is getting popular among Echo owners
On this day in 1919, diplomats met to negotiate the end of World War I. In 1950, it’s the day China and the Soviet Union officially recognized the Republic of Vietnam, and in 1991, former Washington D.C. mayor Marion Barry was found doing crack in a hotel room. The This Day in History Alexa skill has…
Microsoft brings Office Lens to the iPad
Microsoft today announced the availability of its Office Lens document scanning app for Apple’s iPad tablet. Office initially launched as a Windows Phone exclusive, and in 2015, Microsoft brought it to Android and the iPhone. Now you can use it on bigger-screened iOS devices. Microsoft brought its core…
4 big problems plaguing chatbots
GUEST: Right now is a prime time to launch a chatbot. There are a handful of good bots, but just as with the saturated app market, plenty of bots feel rushed, are poorly maintained, and just don’t seem to follow basic standards of a conversational interface. Here are a few problems that plague chatbots…
Why Atlassian will be a $50+ billion company in 10 years
GUEST: Last week, Atlassian made a very smart move by acquiring Trello. While $425 million implies a high multiple (given Trello’s revenue run rate was around $10 million last year), I believe it positions Atlassian to become the next big enterprise software company. I project it will reach a $50 billion… US Business
Judge Approves Hanjin Container Terminal Sale
Hanjin Shipping won U.S. bankruptcy court approval for a hotly contested sale of its stake in a Long Beach, Calif., container terminal operator, after a judge overruled objections from a group of U.S. creditors.
Will the women’s march turn into a political movement?
This segment originally aired Jan. 18 on VICE News Tonight on HBO. Close to 1.3 million people plan to participate in the Women’s March on Washington, D.C., or one of the 616 (and counting) separate “sister” marches planned around the country and the world on Saturday. At the beginning, the organizers…
Forbes – Markets
Energy And Biotech Momentum Stocks To Watch
Array BioPharma Inc. (ARRY), which rallied over 7% on Friday on no news, followed through for another 3.4%, or 37 cents, to $11.24 on Tuesday on a market down-day. Volume was a strong 8.5 million shares, and the stock closed at the upper end of the day’s range. The stock, […]
Zero Hedge
The ‘Soda Police’ Just Learned A Valuable Lesson About Taxes
Submitted by Daniel Mitchell via The Foundation for Economic Education, I don’t like tax increases, but I like having additional evidence that higher tax rates change behavior. So when my leftist friends “win” by imposing tax hikes, I try to make lemonade out of lemons by pointing out “supply-side”… WSJD
FCC’s TV Airwaves Auction Nears End With About $18 Billion in Bids
The Federal Communications Commission’s auction of television airwaves is wrapping up after attracting about $18.2 billion in bids, far less than the last sale of government licenses amid weaker demand.
Inside Science
BRIEF: Are We There Yet? Wolf Spiders Use Their Eyes as Odometers
BRIEF: Are We There Yet? Wolf Spiders Use Their Eyes as Odometers Their eight eyes take on different tasks to assist in navigation. Wolf-Spider.jpg Picture of a wolf spider. Please note the four eyes in the center of the photo,…
Woody Harrelson stars in the world’s first live feature-length film
“No one’s ever shot a movie and live-broadcast it in cinemas at the same time,” Woody Harrelson says. “No one’s ever been that stupid, until now.” Harrelson is the writer, producer, and star of Lost in London, a 90-minute feature film that will be shown live in theaters as it’s filmed Thursday night…. RSS
Photoshop these trees on a cliff [Photoshop]
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Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
VR “smell mask” lets you sniff things you may regret
The OhRoma answers the question that has been vexing adult entertainment fans for years: What does what I’m watching smell like?.. Continue Reading VR “smell mask” lets you sniff things you may regret Category: VR Tags: VR Adult Smell …
National Geographic News
New Poisonous Frog Species Discovered in Peru
National Geographic News
Why the World’s Biggest Sharks Love Mafia Island
National Geographic News
These Maps Literally Put the Alps at Your Fingertips
Nominee To Lead EPA Testifies He’ll Enforce Environmental Laws
Scott Pruitt also told a Senate committee on Wednesday it’s not clear how to measure humanity’s effect on the climate. As attorney general of Oklahoma, he has filed many lawsuits against the agency.(Image credit: J. Scott Applewhite/AP)
Australia Added Jobs in December as Participation Edged Higher
Digital Trends
For better or worse, these 3D-printed robot hands play bagpipe-like instrument
Okay, so it’s kind of a gloomy thought so early in 2017, but would there be a more Cool Tech way to close out your eventual funeral — years in the future, mind you! — than by having a 3D-printed robot play the bagpipes? Thanks to Instructables user XenonJohn, such a slightly morbid wish is no longer…
designboom | architecture & design magazine
andrew franz architect’s manhattan duplex is an eco-urban refuge
from outdoor kitchens, vegetable gardens and earthy wood furniture, the design explores the family’s mindfulness about green living. The post andrew franz architect’s manhattan duplex is an eco-urban refuge appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
Google has some bad news for Trump ahead of his big day
Donald Trump will soon be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States of America. But it looks like, once again, people seem to care more about the protests against Trump than the celebration of his coming presidency. In more than half the country, Google searches for “inauguration protests”… RSS
CIA declassifies Stargate program. Col. O’Neill unavailable for comment [Interesting]
[link] [22 comments]
The anti-trust lawsuit that could shape the future of smartphones
Qualcomm is in trouble. For most, those words probably mean next to nothing, but if you know much about the technology within your smartphone, it means a great deal. Qualcomm builds many of the key components of the world’s smartphones — specifically, the modems and often the processors, too. It’s also…
Indian workers are the most likely to be replaced by robots—at least that’s what their bosses think
While automation has struck some fear in the heart of the average worker, most employers expect it to actually create jobs. Well, most employers outside of India, that is. Some 83% of bosses globally expect automation to “bring a net gain for employment,” according to The Skills Revolution (pdf), a…
The Next Web
Wacom’s Bamboo Slate offers seamless digital archival of your analog ideas
The idea of drawing on paper and having it appear on my phone or iPad still seems like magic to me. It’s not new, and Wacom certainly isn’t the only product that offers it, but my time with the Bamboo Slate showed it’s really the closest thing to an actual notepad and a real elegant solution to converting…
A Lone Astronaut Reaches Out to Earth’s Last Refugees in Space
Artist James Lewis works in the Creative Studio of the UK’s National Space Centre museum—a setting that’s clearly informed a lot of his concept work. Read more…
This Never-Ending Parade of Snow Plows Is Easily the Best Way to Clear Snowy Roads
If you’re from a place where it snows a lot (I’m not), and where people don’t annoyingly complain about how cold it is all the time (not me), and are totally prepared for the winter months (also, not me), you’re probably not as surprised as I am about this seemingly never-ending stretch of badass snow…
NYT > Business Day
Lois Dickson Rice, Trailblazing Executive Behind Pell Grants, Dies at 83
Ms. Rice, who started life as a janitor’s daughter, helped persuade Congress to provide federal subsidies to tens of millions of needy college students.
Gadget Review
LG 38UC99 Ultrawide Gaming Monitor Review
LG 38UC99 Ultrawide Gaming Monitor Review Gadget Review – Your lifestyle gadget site With major monitor manufacturers like Acer, ASUS, and Dell all tossing their hats into the ultrawide market over the past two years, competitors like LG have been steadily releasing a stream of high quality displays…
BBC News – World
Australia Day campaign raises A$100,000 to replace billboard
A campaign to reinstate an Australia Day billboard showing two girls in hijabs is “overwhelmed” with donations.
Digital Trends
Audio-Technica LP60-BT review
In a music world which increasingly relies on streaming services and devices with no headphone jack, the proliferation of Bluetooth in audio is becoming bigger by the minute. Virtually every form of audio device —  from speakers to headphones and home stereo amps — offers some form of Bluetooth for cord-cutters,…
Gear Patrol
How to Protect Your Shoes from the Winter Weather
Jason Markk is here to make your leather shoes and sneakers last. …Read More »
Pew Research Center
Trump, Clinton Voters Divided in Their Main Source for Election News
Trump voters named one source more than any other as their main source of election news, whereas Clinton voters were spread across an array of sources.
Christian Science Monitor | All Stories
U.S Army to begin environmental study of Dakota pipeline
Protests over the controversial pipeline have continued for months over fears that it desecrates sacred ground and could contaminate drinking water. Over 600 people have been arrested.
Zero Hedge
The Truth About Venezuela’s “Economic War”
Submitted by Antony Davies and James Harrigan via, Blaming Venezuela’s spiraling inflation on “economic war and mafia attacks,” Hugo Chavez’s successor, socialist President Nicolas Maduro has raised the nation’s minimum wage for the fifth time in a year. The whopping 50 percent wage…
Microsoft Adds Intel’s Clear Linux Open-Source OS To Azure Market
JG0LD quotes a report from Network World: Microsoft announced today that it has added support for the Intel-backed Clear Linux distribution in instances for its Azure public cloud platform. It’s the latest in a lengthy string of Linux distributions to become available on the company’s Azure cloud. …
Emerging-Market Stocks Rise as Mexico’s Peso Sinks to Record Low
Latest news
Why a software-first attitude is a must for Internet of Things era ahead
‘The new digital business model needs has to be written in software,’ and those who understand software need to step up to lead the way.
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The Case For Defeating Death
We already doubled the average life expectancy once, from the early 1900s to today. Who is to say that we can’t do it again, especially now that we know so much more about aging? Is it possible that the idea of ending death isn’t so crazy after all?
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All I Know Is What’s On The Internet
Information literacy is not the antidote to fake news, because the institutions for teaching it can’t be trusted either
Big Dairy Pays Out Big Bucks to Milk Lovers Over Alleged Conspiracy to Kill 500,000 Cows
In September, Big Dairy settled a lawsuit for over $50 million, which claimed it conspired to kill off 500,000 cows in an effort to gouge milk prices. Now, milk lovers in 15 states can potentially reap the rewards of this lawsuit by visiting the website, more…
Zuckerberg wants to pay native Hawaiians to get the f off his 700-acre estate
Mark Zuckerberg is suing hundreds of people in Hawaii in his effort to create a secluded island. The billionaire spent $100 million purchasing 700 acres of land in the island of Kauai back in 2014 and is still dealing with the fact that he doesn’t actually have the exclusive rights to all of it.   Sounds…
5 Tips And 37 Ideas To Make Your Home Cozier Right Now
It’s the middle of winter now, and many of us are hiding in our cozy homes from pale colors and cold of the winter outside. If you feel that your home isn’t cozy enough, you can easily add some in just a couple of minutes, I’m going to share some ways to do that. Cozy Nooks Open layouts are everybody’s…
Forbes – Markets
BounceX: The Behavioral Marketing Startup Shifting How Brands Reach Audiences
Signage is displayed in a hallway at Comcast Corp. headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S., on Monday, Oct. 24, 2016. Comcast Corp. is scheduled to release earnings figures on October 26. Photographer: Charles Mostoller/Bloomberg Founded in 2012, Bounce Exchangehas swiftly grown to become the…
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Korean military used video game clips to sell real fighter jets
South Korea proudly showed off footage of its top-of-the-line Kai KF-X fighter jet in 2015; the culmination of over 14 years of work. Unfortunately, a year and a bit later, Korea Times discovered that footage used to show off the fighter’s impressive performance actually came from old video games. Whoops….
Reuters: Top News
Exclusive: Pentagon, Lockheed near deal on $9 billion F-35 contract – sources
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Department of Defense and Lockheed Martin Corp are close to deal for a contract worth almost $9 billion as negotiations are poised to bring the price per F-35 below $100 million for the first time, people familiar with the talks said Wednesday.
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Tesla is investing $350 million in its Nevada factory and hiring hundreds of workers
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reddit: the front page of the internet
In 500 years NASA could be a travel company
(If we last that long) submitted by /u/llodoroo to /r/Showerthoughts [link] [comments]
reddit: the front page of the internet
My friend was sued for credit card debit, fought it, and won thanks to a little research on reddit which led her to using the “magic words”– “Show me proof.”
Before court, I searched reddit using google to find some info on what to expect. I came across a post that linked a NPR episode on this subject. (Transcript available here.) It talks about how “when credit card companies sell these IOUs to debt collection companies, they usually don’t give them any…
reddit: the front page of the internet
LPT: When going to a casino everyone always sets a limit of how much they are willing to lose. But just as important, set a reasonable number that if you do win, that’s when you walk away.
submitted by /u/asdfgeez to /r/LifeProTips [link] [comments]
Digital Trends
EA goes Hollywood, decides to skip E3 for second year in favor of EA Play 2017
Electronic Arts decided it simply isn’t doing E3 this year, choosing instead to hold its own event in Hollywood, California. Dubbed EA Play 2017, this is actually the second consecutive year EA has renounced the Electronic Entertainment Expo with the intent of hosting its own show instead, set to take…
ACLU accuses Facebook of racial bias in hate speech takedowns – CNET
In an open letter, almost 80 advocacy groups say the social network needs to be more transparent about its censorship decisions.
Robotic Sleeve Mimics Muscles To Keep a Heart Beating
randomErr writes: 5.7 million adults in the United States have heart failure each year with about 41 million worldwide. Currently, treatment involves surgically implanting a mechanical pump, called a ventricular assist device (VAD), into the heart. The VAD helps maintains the heart’s function. But patients…
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This bunny
submitted by /u/VarysIsAMermaid69 to /r/aww [link] [comments]
Zero Hedge
CNN President Says Network’s “Credibility Is Higher Than Ever”
Obviously worried that his network won’t get a seat at the “big boy” table after Jim Acosta’s recent on-air spat with President-elect Trump, CNN President Jeff Zucker defended his network’s “credibility” in a recent interview with New York Magazine.  In a blatant attempt to deflect attention away from…
Zero Hedge
Clinton Family Friend Charged After Threatening To Kill Donald Trump On Twitter
51 year-old Florida resident, Dominic Puopolo, who was arrested by Miami Beach police Tuesday for allegedly threatening President-elect Donald Trump online is, according to The Daily Mail, is a member of a prominent northeast family close to Bill and Hillary Clinton. Puopolo reportedly admitted to…
RT – Daily news
60 killed, over 100 injured in suicide attack on army base in Mali (PHOTOS)
Dozens of people have been killed and scores more wounded as five suicide car bombers detonated explosives at a military base in the city of Gao, northern Mali, according to a government statement cited by local state media. Read Full Article at all content
Photonex Scotland Roadshow
Conference: 14 Jun 2017, Glasgow, United Kingdom. Organized by Xmark Media Ltd. all content
Vacuum Expo 2017
Conference: 11 Oct 2017 – 12 Oct 2017, Coventry, United Kingdom. Organized by Xmark Media Ltd. all content
Vacuum Roadshow Scotland
Exhibition: 14 Jun 2017, Glasgow, United Kingdom. Organized by Xmark Media Ltd. all content
Photonex 2017 – The Technology of Light
Exhibition: 11 Oct 2017 – 12 Oct 2017, Coventry, United Kingdom. Organized by Xmark Media Ltd. all content
Dark energy emerges when energy conservation is violated
Alternative explanation for accelerating expansion of the universe
Fund Managers Burned by Last Commodity Slump Want Back In Again
Singapore Air Backs Two-Stop Flights as Manchester Gets A350 Boost
NYT > Business Day
Second Old Master Painting a Fake, Sotheby’s Says in Lawsuit
Signs of a widening old masters’ forgery case after scientific testing of paint from “St. Jerome.”
NYT > Business Day
On Obama’s Pardon List: A Hotel Magnate Who Owned Studio 54
Ian Schrager, a Studio 54 owner convicted in 1980 of tax evasion, might seem to be in little need of presidential intercession. He agrees, to a point.
NYT > Business Day
As Trump Heads to White House, His Face Recedes From Other Properties
The Trump Organization is pulling back on its promotion of the president-elect and his daughter Ivanka as the business takes steps to avoid conflicts of interest.
Reuters: Top News
FBI probing wave of fake bomb threats to U.S. Jewish centers
NEW YORK (Reuters) – Twenty-seven Jewish community centers in 17 U.S. states reported receiving false telephone bomb threats on Wednesday, prompting evacuations and an FBI probe into the second wave of hoax attacks to target American Jewish facilities this month.
Kate Middleton speaks powerfully about the stigma of mental illness
Although we’re making a lot of gains when it comes to the mainstream discussion surrounding mental illness, there’s still a long way to go.  Social stigma and common stereotypes are what makes it so important for public figures to speak out about mental health issues — particularly figures with the…
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The best cheap soundbar deals in January 2017
Soundbars make a lot of sense. On their own, most TVs simply don’t have the capacity to output stunning video and exceptional audio. Unless you’re buying a top-of-the-line OLED from LG, you’re probably only getting the former without the latter.  But there’s still hope. You can buy an awesome-sounding…
Bustler News, Competitions and Events
News: 144 finalists announced in 2017 Knight Cities Challenge
Now in its third edition, the Knight Cities Challenge asks one question: “What’s your best idea to make cities more successful?”. Every year the Challenge’s national call for ideas attracts a staggering number of applicants, who submit their strongest written ideas that they believe can improve everyday…
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Tidal now has an editing tool for tempo and song length
Tidal debuted its Masters feature which offers near studio-quality sound earlier this month. Now the streaming service is offering users a way to edit tracks. While playing a song in the Tidal app, you can change the length and speed with the new Track Edit feature from the options menu. To make any…
RT – Daily news
Man loses 5th Amendment appeal after forced to unlock phone with fingerprint
The Fifth Amendment protects individuals from incriminating themselves, but a Minnesota court has ruled it does not apply when a suspect is ordered to provide a fingerprint to unlock a cell phone. Read Full Article at US Business
U.S. Races to Finish Probes, Wring Payouts From Firms
The Obama administration rushed to complete a raft of investigations of big business before relinquishing power, reaching settlements worth around $20 billion in the past week alone with megabanks, auto makers, drug companies and others.
Zero Hedge
Neither Intelligent Nor Wise, But Definitely Dangerous
Submitted by Robert Gore via, The one adjective that best describes the Deep State is “soulless.” If you stay up with current events and read widely enough, especially non-mainstream media, you can often detect the Deep State and its works. Precise delineation is impossible,…
Zero Hedge
China Central Bank Injects A Record 1.035 Trillion In Bank Liquidity This Week
Heading into the Chinese Lunar New Year, local banks are suddenly starved for liquidity like never before. On Tuesday China’s benchmark money-market rate jumped the most in two years, with unprecedented cash injections by the central bank being overwhelmed by demand before the Lunar New Year holidays….
Zero Hedge
Pittsburgh Mall Once Worth $190 Million Sells For $100
We have frequently noted the precarious state of the U.S. mall REITs (see “Myopic Markets & The Looming Mall REITs Massacre” and “Is CMBS The Next “Shoe To Drop”? GGP Sales Suggest Commercial Real Estate Crashing”), but the epic collapse of the Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills paints a uniquely horrific…
U.K. House Price Gauge Declines for First Time in Five Months
Quebec Says New Yorks Interested in Importing Its Hydropower RSS
“NJ Transit bus carrying 25 people struck by bullets in Jersey City.” Good thinking there, using a bus instead of 13+ ambulances [Misc]
[link] [7 comments]
BBC News – World
Mexican anti-logging activist Isidro Baldenegro killed
Isidro Baldenegro, a Mexican indigenous leader, had been receiving death threats when he died.
Scientific American Content: Global
Knot Not Easy to Knot
Chemists have synthesized the most complex molecular knot ever, using a strand just 192 atoms long. The advance could lead to new tougher materials. Christopher Intagliata reports. — Read more on
Twitter is pissed after guy takes selfie with Nick Cave, but doesn’t know who he is
Twitterer and comedian James Malcolm was hit with a particularly bad case of FOMO while waiting for a flight at Wellington airport, recently.  But it was soon to be replaced with mass public shaming, due to his lack of ~serious music~ knowledge. SEE ALSO: Your selfies might be leaving you vulnerable…
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SpaceX Falcon 9 1st stage landing on a barge in the Pacific Ocean
submitted by /u/Aero-Space to /r/space [link] [comments]
reddit: the front page of the internet
Ice fog at -50 in North Pole, Alaska. No, school wasn’t cancelled.
submitted by /u/31byceleste to /r/mildlyinteresting [link] [comments]
Zero Hedge
Lockheed Agrees To Cut F-35 Price Below $100 Million In Latest Victory For Trump
Less than a month after president-elect Trump first tweeted about the F-35’s high costs, and a week after he brought up the F-35 in his first press conference, Reuters reports that The U.S. Department of Defense and Lockheed Martin are close to deal for a contract worth almost $9 billion as negotiations…
Zero Hedge
China On Alert For “Death Of Night” Trump Tweets
Submitted by Saxo Bank’s Martin O’Rourke via, Donald Trump’s inauguration to take place on Friday China’s relationship with president-elect off to difficult start Trump angered China by fielding call from Taiwanese counterpart after victory Trump’s anti-supranationalism might favour…
RT – Daily news
‘Systematically and illegally failing’: Feds sue top student loan servicer, Navient
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is taking Navient, the nation’s largest student loan servicer, to court for cheating borrowers by making them pay more for their loans than was necessary. Read Full Article at
Bank of Koreas Cho Sees Room for Easing If Economy Worsens
Stemming the Tide: Six Things China Can Do Next to Curb Outflows
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Cool hedgehogs don’t look at explosions
submitted by /u/SamBalcomb to /r/gifs [link] [comments]
Why SpaceX wants to put 4,425 internet satellites into space
Elon Musk is not one to let setbacks slow him down, even when setbacks involve the explosion of a rocket containing cargo precious to fellow tech billionaire Mark Zuckerberg. As of this week, SpaceX, where Musk is CEO, is back in the business of launching rockets. And Musk is pushing ahead on his outsize…
Zero Hedge
DOJ Ordered To Preserve Gmail Records Of Clinton-Colluding Assistant AG Peter Kadzik
A Judicial Watch lawsuit seeking records related to potential collusion between the Justice Department and Hillary Clinton operatives during her email investigation has resulted in a federal judge issuing a rare order instructing the DOJ to preserve the Gmail records of the now infamous Assistant Attorney…
49 books you need to put on your to-read list right now
Hope you have some extra time for reading — you’re going to want to sink your teeth into these books. On Wednesday, PEN America announced the finalists for the 2017 PEN Literary Awards, which honor the best and brightest in literature, science writing, essays, sports writing, biography, children’s literature,…
RT – Daily news
Scamsters impersonate Chechen leader’s voice in attempt to extort money from Russian businessman
Chechen authorities have detained two identity thieves who reportedly tried to extort money from a businessman by impersonating the fearsome voice of Ramzan Kadyrov. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
‘A slap in the face’: US elites slam Manning’s ‘outrageous’ impending release
While many have welcomed President Barack Obama’s commutation of Chelsea Manning’s prison sentence, a number of US elites, particularly Republicans, have decried her impending release. Read Full Article at
Hedge Fund Shift From Reviled 2-and-20 Fees Spreads to Asia RSS
Denver starts work on becoming the first city in the nation to allow the use of pot in public places [Cool]
[link] [24 comments]
Financial Times
US risks coddling the bear while poking the dragon
Trump’s policy stance towards Russia over China will hit corporate America
Zero Hedge
Nothing Is Real: When Reality TV Programming Masquerades As Politics
Submitted by John Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute, “There are two ways by which the spirit of a culture may be shriveled. In the first – the Orwellian – culture becomes a prison. In the second – the Huxleyan – culture becomes a burlesque. No one needs to be reminded that our world is now marred…
Thuraya denies any contact with Chinese suiter
WASHINGTON — Thuraya Communications says it has had no discussions with a Chinese company that said last week it was raising money to buy the mobile satellite services provider. Hong Kong-based China Trends Holdings Limited told the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong’s Growth Enterprise Market Jan. 10 that…
Mark Zuckerberg is too busy saving the world to run his own Facebook account
Mark Zuckerberg is a busy guy. The billionaire CEO is not only running one of the highest profile companies in the world, he’s also trying to eradicate disease, fix education, connect everyone, and generally make the world a better place for his daughter. All that means he’s a bit too occupied to actually…
Takata Says Its Discussing Turnaround Plan, No Decision Reached
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31 years of Zelda
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This is by far the best mannequin challenge yet
submitted by /u/SlimJones123 to /r/funny [link] [comments] RSS
Woah woah woah dude, did we really spend that much money on weed last year? Woah [Interesting]
[link] [8 comments] RSS
The worst thing to happen to your body after you hit 40 isn’t cancer, heart disease or sexual malfunction, it’s chronic insomnia [Scary]
[link] [49 comments]
RT – Daily news
‘Much better than expected’: Chinese ‘hack-proof’ quantum communication satellite put into service
The world’s first quantum communication satellite is now officially operational following months of in-orbit testing, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) announced, saying that performance of the device is “much better” than was initially expected. Read Full Article at
Stock Investors Turn to Egypt as Kenyas Troubles Mount: Chart
Forget Facebook, forget Snapchat: Teens are doing it themselves
Poor Facebook: The teens, they’re not so into it. The world’s largest social network was “big” and “made sense” circa 2004, according to Monkey cofounder Isaiah Turner, but no longer. He and Ben Pasternak, 18 and 17 respectively, have launched a new social network — one they believe the teens will actually…
Bloomberg Politics
China Pledges Cooperation With Trump Administration on Trade
China will cooperate with the incoming administration of Donald Trump to help promote healthy trade development and economic relations, a government spokesman said. RSS
Theme of Farktography Contest No. 611: “Just Desserts Part Deux “. Details and rules in first post. LGT next week’s theme [Farktography]
[link] [13 comments]
Future of Chip Research Group Questioned
Questions surround the future of SUNY Poly’s semiconductor industry research after the resignation and arrest of its CEO and the disintegration of two high-profile projects.
Latest news
Blockchain sees data security potential in Singapore
Because it provides a public “immutable” ledger, blockchains can facilitate a “single source of truth” and offer a robust, inexpensive way for documents to be digitally signed and authenticated.
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Population Growth Models Rely On A Naturally Occurring Constant That Nobody Can Really Explain
The amount of complex population forecasting you can do with a simple equation and Feigenbaum’s Constant is absolutely magical, even when it descends into pure chaos.
Digg Top Stories
Why Is This Sub Bass Drop In Every. Single. New. Movie. Trailer?
(BWOOOM) Get ready (BWOOOM) for the movie events (BWOOOM) of 2017 (…BWOOOM).
Digg Top Stories
Stop Making Sense, Or How To Write In The Age Of Trump
There is a certain kind of abdominal pain felt only when a catastrophe appears at the door of the world you know and proceeds to bang on it.
Digg Top Stories
The Post-Snowden Cyber Arms Hustle
An Indian hacker promised governments he could supply them with NSA-level technology. But when Mauritania hired him to help spy on its cell networks, things went way, way south.
Digg Top Stories
These Six-Wheeled Robots Are About To Start Delivering Food In The US
The robots will trail with DoorDash in Redwood City, California, and with Postmates in Washington, DC. The commercial trials will see these services start making deliveries in the coming weeks using Starship’s six-wheeled robots within a four-mile-wide test area in each city.
Digg Top Stories
How 550 Facebook Users Spread Britain First Content To Hundreds Of Thousands Of People
A BuzzFeed News analysis of data from the social platform has identified the most prolific boosters of material from the far-right party.
RT – Daily news
‘Pharma bro’ a whistleblower? Martin Shkreli complaint leads to $100mn FTC drug price settlement
Mallinckrodt Pharmaceutical has agreed to pay $100 million to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for charges that were, in part, brought on by Martin Shkreli, the “pharma bro” notorious for significantly raising the price of a life-saving drug. Read Full Article at
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[Homemade] Carved Watermelons for a 50th Birthday
submitted by /u/superfallis to /r/food [link] [comments]
reddit: the front page of the internet
Heads up: The federal government just filed suit against Navient, claiming they scammed millions of borrowers between 2010-2015 to the tune of $4 billion. This is huge.
The suit was filed January 18th 2017, by the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) against Navient. First, know that the CFPB has requested that the Court order Navient to comply with the following actions, among others: Restitution to consumers harmed by Navient’s conduct; Disgorgement of all…
Bloomberg Politics
Russia Fears That Trump Won’t Be Such a Great Deal After All
Russia is giving Donald Trump the kind of fawning television coverage usually reserved for Vladimir Putin, with its most popular propagandist hailing the president-elect this week as “a man of his word.”
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I put a black hole in my living room.
It’s great. Really pulls the room together. submitted by /u/AuroraDawn to /r/Jokes [link] [comments]
Mutiny Within Debuts New Song “Circles” From Upcoming New Album “Origins”
Mutiny Within debuts the fourth and final single from the band’s upcoming new album “Origins”, called “Circles”. The new album will be out in stores February 10th. Check out now “Circles” below. Read More/Discuss on Metal
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
Lomonosov Moscow State University to Launch ‘Space Department’ in 2017
Moscow (Sputnik) Jan 19, 2017 This year Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU), named Russia’s best institution of higher education in 2016, will add a department of space sciences to its long list of 42 faculties to focus on mathematics, astronomy, biology, chemistry and informatics, the university’s…
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
Raytheon completes qualification testing of next-gen GPS Launch and Checkout System
Aurora CO (SPX) Jan 18, 2017 Raytheon has reached another milestone in developing the U.S. Air Force Global Positioning System Next-Generation Operational Control System, known as GPS OCX, with the completion of the Factory Qualification Test of the Launch and Checkout System (LCS). GPS OCX will…
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
Russia, China Work on Joint High-Precision Satellite Navigation System
Moscow (Sputnik) Jan 18, 2017 Russia and China are in the process of setting up a joint Differential Corrections and Monitoring (SDCM) high-precision satellite navigation system, China National Space Administration (CNSA) chief representative in Russia Zhang Yuan said Tuesday. “We are not in…
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
Contracts Signed for ELT Mirrors and Sensors
Munich, Germany (SPX) Jan 19, 2017 At a ceremony at ESO’s Headquarters four contracts were signed for major components of the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) that ESO is building. These were for: the casting of the telescope’s giant secondary and tertiary mirrors, awarded to SCHOTT; the supply of…
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
Singapore university launches 7th satellite into space
Singapore (XNA) Jan 19, 2017 Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU) has successfully launched its 7th satellite into space from the International Space Station (ISS) Monday evening, said NTU in a press release on Tuesday. Named the AOBA VELOX-III, the satellite is the first Singapore…
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
The science behind the Lunar Hydrogen Polar Mapper mission
Tempe AZ (SPX) Jan 19, 2017 Arizona State University’s NASA mission to visit a metal asteroid is just beginning, but the first mission that marked the school as a major player in space exploration has been under way for more than a year. LunaH-Map, the Lunar Hydrogen Polar Mapper, will launch…
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
China to launch electromagnetic monitoring satellite for earthquake study
Beijing (XNA) Jan 19, 2017 China will launch a satellite this year to gather electromagnetic data that may be used in monitoring and forecasting earthquakes. According to China’s earthquake administrative agencies on Tuesday, the satellite will be launched in the latter half of this year. …
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
China’s quantum communication satellite delivered for use
Beijing (XNA) Jan 19, 2017 China’s quantum communication satellite, launched last August, is officially operational after four months of in-orbit testing, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) said Wednesday. Testing of the satellite, payloads and space-ground links have been completed, the…
Space News From SpaceDaily.Com
When One launch is not enough: SpaceX Return To Flight
New York NY (SPX) Jan 19, 2017 SpaceX celebrated the first flight of its Falcon 9 rocket in over four and a half months on Saturday, with a remarkably smooth launch of the vehicle from California. The Falcon 9 had previously been grounded since September, after one of the rockets exploded on a launchpad…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Study forecasts balmier England, even hotter Mumbai
Paris (AFP) Jan 18, 2017 Northern Europe, Canada and Russia will enjoy balmier winters by century’s end even as the average number of mild days per year declines worldwide, a climate study said Wednesday. Using models based on mid-range global warming projections, American researchers calculated…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Gambia army chief says troops will not fight intervention
Banjul, Gambia (AFP) Jan 18, 2017 Gambia’s army chief said Wednesday he would not order his men to fight other African troops if they enter Gambian territory, speaking as Senegalese and other troops massed on his nation’s borders. The Senegalese troops backed by other African forces are on standby…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
I.Coast rocked by protests as deadly army mutiny spreads
Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast (AFP) Jan 18, 2017 Ivory Coast’s government on Wednesday pleaded for calm as deadly protests by angry security forces and troops spread across the country, shutting down the main port of Abidjan. In a bid to quell the rising unrest, which on Tuesday left four soldiers…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Death toll in botched Nigeria air strike soars to 70
Maiduguri, Nigeria (AFP) Jan 18, 2017 The death toll from a botched air strike on Boko Haram fighters in northeast Nigeria rose to 70 on Wednesday, as aid agencies indicated more people could die without urgent treatment. Nigeria called Tuesday’s bombing of a camp for displaced people in Rann…
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Research shows driving factors behind changes between local and global carbon cycles
Exeter, UK (SPX) Jan 18, 2017 Pioneering new research has provided a fascinating new insight in the quest to determine whether temperature or water availability is the most influential factor in determining the success of global, land-based carbon sinks. The research, carried out by an international…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Hong Kong leader slams independence movement in final speech
Hong Kong (AFP) Jan 18, 2017 Hong Kong’s unpopular pro-Beijing leader Leung Chun-ying faced protests Wednesday as he spoke out against the city’s independence movement in his final policy address. Leung will step down in July after a four-year term marked by anti-Beijing rallies as fears grow…
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Lightning kills six at Zimbabwe wake
Harare (AFP) Jan 18, 2017 Lightning killed six people at a funeral wake in Zimbabwe as they sheltered under a tree to escape torrential rain, police said Wednesday. Heavy rains have deluged Zimbabwe in recent days, causing floods and killing people who attempted to cross rivers that had burst…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Inception of the last ice age
Oslo, Norway (SPX) Jan 18, 2017 The Eurasian ice sheet was the third largest ice mass during the Last Glacial Maximum some 22,000 years ago. Alongside the Antarctic and North American ice sheets it lowered the global sea level by more than 120 metres. In volume it was almost three times greater than…
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
Complex life may have come and gone in Earth’s distant past
Seattle WA (SPX) Jan 18, 2017 Conditions suitable to support complex life may have developed in Earth’s oceans – and then faded – more than a billion years before life truly took hold, a new University of Washington-led study has found. The findings, based on using the element selenium as a tool…
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Undead SpaceGod mission patch
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Flurry of IPOs Poised to Test Market for New Offerings
The IPO market is perking up after the slowest year for new U.S. listings in more than a decade. Asia Home
China’s Newest U.S. Deal Has a Venture Capital Twist
A Chinese consortium led by China Oceanwide Holdings is nearing a deal to purchase International Data Group, the data and marketing firm that also runs venture-capital firm IDG Ventures. Asia Home
China’s Cosco in Talks to Buy Orient Overseas
Chinese conglomerate Cosco Group is in talks to acquire smaller rival Orient Overseas Container Line, people familiar with the matter said, as shipping companies explore new combinations to battle an industry slump. Asia Home
Trump Aide Sells China an Entree to Wall Street Hedge Funds
Anthony Scaramucci’s sale of a controlling stake in SkyBridge Capital to China’s HNA and an investment partner is an important step in HNA’s strategy to build a global asset-management business. Asia Home
NASA Looks to Reserve More Seats on Russian Spacecraft
The American space agency admits that U.S.-built spacecraft won’t be ready to routinely transport astronauts into orbit by 2018 as promised.
Bill & Phil (Down, Superjoint Etc.) Debuts Pre-Release Full-Album Stream Of Upcoming Debut EP “Songs Of Darkness And Despair”
Bill & Phil (Down, Superjoint etc.) – featuring Phil Anselmo and actor/musician Bill Moseley (“House Of 1000 Corpses” etc.) – debuts the pre-release full-album stream of the band’s upcoming debut EP “Songs Of Darkness And Despair”, which will arrive in stores this Friday, January 20th. Check out…
Northlane Premieres New Song & Music Video “Intuition”
Northlane premieres a new song and music video titled “Intuition”. The band recently debuted the song live at last weekend’s “Unify Gathering” festival, where the footage for the clip was shot. Check out now “Intuition” below. Read More/Discuss on Metal
JPMorgan Calls for Indian Rupee Weakness to Keep Pace With China
India May Be a Bright Spot for Global Solar Markets This Year
Ars Technica
Star Trek: Discovery gets delayed again, this time until “question mark”
Enlarge / This CG model of the USS Discovery is pretty much all there is to see about CBS’ newest Trek. (credit: CBS) If you’ve been waiting patiently for CBS to release its new Star Trek series, prepare to keep waiting. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Star Trek: Discovery has been delayed…
RT – Daily news
Heart-hugging device pumps blood, scientists successfully test
Read Full Article at
Reuters: World News
China says Philippines’ Duterte to visit again as ties warm up
BEIJING (Reuters) – Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte will visit China in May to attend a multilateral summit, China’s foreign ministry said on Thursday, making his second visit to Beijing since taking office as he seeks to further distance himself from Washington.
Mindful Of Pripyat Debuts 2 New Songs “Hostage” & “Specimen” From Upcoming New Split-Release With Stench Of Profit
Italy’s death metal outfit Mindful Of Pripyat debuts two new songs titled “Hostage” and “Specimen”, taken from the upcoming new split-release with Stench Of Profit. The album will be out in stores on 12” vinyl, on CD, and as a digital download on March 1st via Everlasting Spew. Check out now “Hostage”…
Gorephilia Premieres New Song “The Ravenous Storm” From Upcoming New Album “Severed Monolith”
Finland’s death metal band Gorephilia premieres a new song entitled “The Ravenous Storm”, taken from the upcoming new album “Severed Monolith”, which will be out in stores on March 3rd via Dark Descent and in a vinyl edition through Saco Un Ojo Records. Check out now “The Ravenous Storm” below. …
Newswise: SciNews
Young Scientists Soar with Help of Florida State Meteorology Professor
FSU Professor Henry Fuelberg joined a research project spearheaded by high school students on a tiny Caribbean island. Fuelberg helped them build and launch a weather balloon.
Cassini snaps a tiny moon shaping Saturn’s ring – CNET
A little satellite can make big waves.
Digital Trends
Facebook messaging is getting a web makeover to match Messenger
Facebook is rolling out a messaging update on the web version of its platform. The social network is doing away with its traditional inbox in  favor of its Messenger web interface. Despite launching a web version of its Messenger app in April 2015, Facebook stuck to its legacy messaging… Politics And Policy
CDC Chief Says Trump Must Not Drop Guard Against Health Threats
With President-elect Donald Trump taking office Friday, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Tom Frieden says the new administration must not let down its guard against health threats at home and abroad. Politics And Policy
CIA Director Defends Agency, Assesses Legacy in Final Act
Donald Trump’s attacks have come as a shock and an affront to CIA Director John Brennan, who says the ‘ethos of intelligence’ must be apolitical. Politics And Policy
Trump to Issue Inaugural License Plates After All
President-elect Donald Trump has decided to issue special license plates for his inaugural parade, a reversal on an issue that threatened to overshadow his presidency in the small-but-dedicated community of license-plate collectors. Politics And Policy
Trump’s Pick for EPA Backs View Agency Has Overreached
President-elect Donald Trump’s choice to head the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, defended his record Wednesday against harsh questioning from Senate Democrats, while getting help from Republicans who back his bid to head an agency he has sued more than a dozen times. Politics And Policy
Trump in Space: Transition Focuses on Private-Public Initiatives
Some of President-elect Donald Trump’s senior advisers are considering ways to combine commercial and government funding for space programs with the goal of accelerating manned exploration. Politics And Policy
OMB Pick Mulvaney Says He Failed to Pay Required Taxes for Household Employee
Rep. Mick Mulvaney, President-elect Donald Trump’s pick to run the Office of Management and Budget, disclosed that he failed to pay more than $15,000 in payroll and unemployment taxes for a household employee from 2000 to 2004. Politics And Policy
Commerce Nominee Offers Preview of Trade Policy
Wilbur Ross, President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for commerce secretary, provided the deepest view yet of the incoming administration’s likely direction on trade in testimony before the committee considering his nomination. Politics And Policy
Donald Trump to Nominate Sonny Perdue as Agriculture Secretary
The president-elect has tapped the former governor of Georgia to lead the Agriculture Department, two transition officials said, completing his cabinet appointments as he prepares for his inauguration on Friday.
BBC News – World
Welcome to Lagos – tech incubator
A new crop of Nigerian developers is drawing on the depth of culture across the continent to make distinctly African games.
Zero Hedge
58% of Americans Don’t Think Russian “Hacking” Changed Election … 56% Believe U.S. Should Improve Relations with Russia
Despite the evidence–free drumbeat of propaganda and hysteria, a new CNN/ORC poll finds that Americans are remaining level-headed about the Russian hacking allegations: Majorities say that … that the outcome of the election would have been the same regardless of the information released (58% say that)….
The Next Web
India is getting its first major esports league
While competitive gaming is massively popular in southeast Asia, it’s only begun to catch on in the Indian subcontinent over the past couple of years. Now, it’s about to get a boost with the launch of UCypher, India’s first major esports league. The Economic Times reports that the tournament will feature…
Reuters: World News
Lebanon gets a new government, now it needs a new economy
BEIRUT (Reuters) – After years of political deadlock, Lebanon finally has a new government. Now it needs a new economy.
Latest news
Xero chairman resigns to assist Trump in the US
Chris Liddell has stepped down from the cloud accounting firm to take up his new role as assistant to the president-elect of the United States.
Man of Many
The Watches to Die For – SIHH 2017 (Part 1)
Each year Switzerland, the home of fine watchmaking, plays host to the Salon International de Haute Horologerie (or SIHH) – one of the crème-de-la-crème of events in the watch industry calendar. For five days in January, Geneva is overrun by luxury watch brands showcasing their latest releases to media,…
Nita Strauss Premieres New Music Video & Solo Single “Pandemonium” From All-Female Compilation “She Rocks, Volume 1”
Nita Strauss, the LA-based guitarist for the Alice Cooper band premieres a new solo single titled “Pandemonium”, taken from the new all-female compilation “She Rocks, Volume 1”, out in stores now via Favored Nations Entertainment. Check out now “Pandemonium” below. Read More/Discuss on Metal…
Patria Premieres New Song & Lyric Video “Axis” From Upcoming New Album “Magna Adversia”
Brazilian black metal outfit Patria premieres a new song and lyric video entitled “Axis”, taken from the upcoming new album “Magna Adversia”, which will be out in stores March 3rd 2017 through Soulseller Records. Check out now “Axis” below. Read More/Discuss on Metal
Supreme Court hears case of Muslims detained after 9/11
Supreme Court weighs case by Muslims to decide whether men alleging religious discrimination had right to sue officials.
The Puzzle Faced by Indias Biggest Lender After Modi’s Cash Ban
A research scientist made an Alexa skill for keeping up with machine learning papers on arXiv
Every month, several thousand academic papers are uploaded to the website, which is maintained by the Cornell University Library. Among those documents are the latest developments in machine learning, and other areas of research. In December, 9,599 papers appeared on arXiv (pronounced “archive”),…
Laser Dracul Premieres Pre-Release Full-Album Stream Of Upcoming Vinyl Demo Re-Release
Swedish doom metal trio Laser Dracul premieres the pre-release full-album stream of the band’s upcoming vinyl demo re-release, which will be out in stores on January 27th via German label Ván Records. Check out now “Laser Dracul” in its entirety below. Read More/Discuss on Metal
Marubi” National Museum of Photography / Casanova+Hernandez architects
© Christian Richters Architects: Casanova+Hernandez architects Location: Shkodër, Albania Architect In Charge: Jesus Hernandez, Helena Casanova Advice Photo Curator: Kim Knoppers Historian: Zef Paci Local Architect: Atelier 4 Structural Engineer:…
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Anaïs Nin on How Reading Awakens Us from the Hibernation of Almost-Living
“It appears like an innocuous illness. Monotony, boredom, death. Millions live like this (or die like this) without knowing it.” Galileo believed that books are our only means of having superhuman powers. For Carl Sagan, a book was “proof that humans are capable of working magic.” Proust considered… Politics And Policy
Haley Is Critical of U.N. but Also Sees Benefits
President-elect Donald Trump’s choice to represent the U.S. at the United Nations, Gov. Nikki Haley, told a Senate panel she sees some benefits to the U.N., but also sees problems. Politics And Policy
Key Republicans at Tom Price Hearing Still Wary on Health Law Repeal
A hearing on President-elect Donald Trump’s choice for health secretary became an arena Wednesday for key Republicans to stress their opposition to overturning the current health law without a clear replacement. Politics And Policy
Donald Trump’s Nominees Stick to His Script
The president-elect’s cabinet choices at this week’s confirmation hearings represented the leading edge of Donald Trump’s push to reverse the domestic policies advanced by President Barack Obama’s administration. Politics And Policy
Obama Warns on Mideast Volatility, Russia Tensions
President Obama on Wednesday said President-elect Donald Trump deserves space to pursue his agenda, while also suggesting his successor tread carefully on such volatile issues as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Politics And Policy
Trump Voters Harbor Mixed Feelings Ahead of Inauguration
Voters’ evolving view of the president-elect could tip the balance of public opinion, affecting how much leverage Mr. Trump will have with Congress and his prospects for uniting the country.
RT – Daily news
Hunt for ‘Russian hackers’? Spain detains vacationing programmer ‘at FBI’s request’
A 31-year-old Russian computer programmer has been detained by Spanish authorities at the request of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Interpol, his wife has confirmed to RT. Read Full Article at
Reuters: World News
Pope to bless Philippines’ Duterte, aide says
MANILA (Reuters) – Pope Francis will bless the Philippines and its leader Rodrigo Duterte, an aide to the president said, in a gesture of goodwill to a controversial figure known for his lurid lambasting of priests and bishops.
KurzweilAI » News
Wearable sensors can alert you when you are getting sick, Stanford study shows
Current versions of three of the devices used for heart-rate and peripheral capillary oxygen saturation measurements in the study (credits left to right: Scanadu, iHealth, and Masimo) Fitness monitors and other wearable biosensors can tell when your heart rate, activity, skin temperature, and other…
Metal Storm news
Tome Of The Unreplenished – Entire New Album Available Online
<i>Cosmoprism: The Theurgy – Act I</i>, the new record by Cyprus black metal quartet <a href=/bands/band.php?band_id=8898&bandname=Tome+Of+The+Unreplenished>Tome Of The Unreplenished</a>, is currently streaming at <a href=””>this&#8230;
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
Al Qaeda affiliate says Gao attack ‘punishment’ for Malians working with France
Al Qaeda’s North African affiliate said a suicide bomb attack on a military camp in northern Mali that killed up to 60 people and wounded more than 100 others on Wednesday was punishment for groups there cooperating with France.
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Redditors who have been in Natural Disasters; what was your “Oh shit, this is real” moment?
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Assange: That pledge to turn myself In? That wasn’t so much a pledge, it was more “I Didn’t Think You Would Really Do That” [Followup]
[link] [20 comments]
With Samsung under investigation for corruption, Korea must decide between justice or the economy
On Jan. 16, South Korean prosecutors announced they were seeking an arrest warrant for Lee Jae-yong, the de facto head of Samsung. Today (Jan. 19), the court said it would not detain Lee, but would continue an investigation into his alleged crimes. Prosecutors have accused Lee of paying 43 billion won…
One of India’s most developed states is breathing fire over a ban on its ancient bull-taming sport
Southern India’s Tamil Nadu, one of the most socially and economically developed states of the country, is witnessing a groundswell that has united its farmers, youth, top filmstars and politicians. Since Tuesday night (Jan. 17), more than 5,000 people, mostly youngsters, have been camping at the six-kilometre-long…
The one economic indicator from India that worries everyone from Urjit Patel to ratings agencies
At a time when India’s economy is growing at a steady clip, despite hiccups like the currency ban, there’s one economic indicator that is a looming threat: government debt. At 67% of its GDP, India’s gross general government debt is higher than that of most other major Asian economies, except for Japan….
When Uber invests in an Indian startup, who really wins?
Ride-hailing rivals Uber and Ola are taking the road less travelled to overcome a talent shortage. Even though India’s startup scene is teeming with entrepreneurs, angel investors, and venture capitalists, companies are strapped for talent. By backing budding startups, Uber and Ola are tapping talent…
China is desperately trying to control what information the public can get about pollution
After a toxic start to the year, China is taking measures that will make it harder for people to get information about pollution. Notice on halting smog forecast, issued by China Meteorological Administration on Jan. 17, 2017. On Jan. 17, China’s Meteorological Administration issued a notice (link…
These are the most powerful African passports to have
Citizens of the Seychelles, Mauritius, and South Africa have the most powerful passports on the continent, while Nigerians, Ethiopians and Somali have the least freedom of travel, according to the latest ranking from the financial firm Arton Capital. The rankings, based on the number of countries holders…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Babies retain knowledge of their birth language even if they never speak it
A recent joint study by language scientists from Radboud University, Western Sydney University and Hanyang University has shown that babies begin learning and storing speech earlier than previously thought. Their paper, published in Royal Society Open Science, show that language learning in…
Zero Hedge
A Foreign Nation Did Interfere In A US Election…In 1980
Submitted by Wayne Madsen via The Strategic Culture Foundation, It was October and the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate was faltering in the polls after the Democratic National Convention. The Republican Party’s presidential candidate began negotiating with a foreign government to cook up a…
Safran to Buy Zodiac for $9 Billion in All-French Aviation Deal
Next Big Future
NASA sending robot mission to arrive in 2030 at largest metallic asteroid in solar system
NASA has selected two missions that have the potential to open new windows on one of the earliest eras in the history of our solar system – a time less than 10 million years after the birth of our sun. The missions, known as Lucy and Psyche, were chosen from five finalists and will proceed to mission…
Next Big Future
BAE wants to enhance the reflective properties of the atmosphere which make desert mirages to create massive lens or shields
Atmospheric lens could revolutionize the future of battlefield observation. BAE Systems has been working on a way to use lasers to actively reshape the atmosphere to turn it into a variety of optical tools. The Laser Developed Atmospheric Lens system (LDAL) uses powerful laser pulses to make air itself… RSS
Man builds an inverted aquarium so fish in a garden pond can see what it looks like on the surface world [Cool]
[link] [10 comments]
Bloomberg Politics
West African Force Poised to Ensure Gambian Power Transfer
West African troops are gathered at Senegal’s border with Gambia poised to intervene to ensure President-elect Adama Barrow takes power as the United Nations Security Council prepared to vote on a resolution authorizing a military operation.
BBC News – World
Ana-Alecia Ayala, ‘dancing and laughter’ cancer patient, dies
Ana-Alecia Ayala, who has died from cancer, inspired millions by dancing on camera in hospital.
designboom | architecture & design magazine
H&P architects install a ceiling of beads inside vietnamese hair salon
two hundred thousand strings of wooded beads cover the ceiling of the interior of this hairdressers in hanoi. The post H&P architects install a ceiling of beads inside vietnamese hair salon appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
Zuckerberg offers peek at Facebook’s acquisition strategies – CNET
Facebook CEO says be a friend and have a shared vision, but scare them when you have to and move fast.
Reuters: World News
French Socialists still trail four other Presidential candidates as primary approaches: poll
PARIS (Reuters) – France’s Socialists still trail well behind four other main candidates for the French presidency days ahead of the first round of the party’s presidential primary, according to extracts from a new opinion poll published by Le Monde.
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‘Pokémon Go’ tries to save the world at a major conference
How would you tackle important social issues through technology? If you’re Niantic and The Pokémon Company, you have people play a game. They’re teaming up with the Global Goals and Project Everyone campaigns to raise awareness of issues through special Pokémon Go locations at the World Economic Forum…
London Banker Stakes Claim in Ancient Mining Area on Lithium Bet
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Harlem anti-war protester 1967
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Zero Hedge
Here’s How Google Tracks You (And What You Can Do About It)
Ever get the feeling you’re being watched? It’s because you are – and, as Visual Capitalist’s Jeff Desjardins details, for a rough proxy of this, use the browser extension Ghostery to see how many tracking scripts are watching you on a typical media site. (It doesn’t work for everything, but a large…
BBC News – World
Mexico’s Colima volcano in fiery explosion
Webcams have caught the dramatic eruption of Mexico’s Colima volcano, which has seen an increase in activity since October.
Next Big Future
Single soap bubble made on earth that is 11 meters across but low earth orbit space bubbles would 100000 times bigger
A Czech performer of bubble art surrounded 275 high school students and a car with a single soap-bubble screen on Wednesday, breaking the national record.Matej Kodes raised the screen around a rectangular 11 meter-by-7.5 meter area, enclosing those inside for a few seconds.In 2007 Devon Crowe of PSI…
Eco-lodges_les Echasses / Patrick Arotcharen Architecte
© Vincent Monthiers Architects: Patrick Arotcharen Architecte Location: 40230 Saubion, France Architect In Charge: Patrick Arotcharen and Julie Pimenta de Miranda Landscape Architect : EMF Marti…
‘Unstoppable’ Priyanka Chopra bags second successive People’s Choice Award for ‘Quantico’
Bollywood actress and Quantico lead Priyanka Chopra has done it again! She’s bagged her second consecutive People’s Choice Award winning ‘Favorite Dramatic TV Actress’ over Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo and popular Hollywood face Viola Davis.  SEE ALSO: People can’t believe Priyanka Chopra looked…
Hong Kong’s Localist Revolutionaries
Why a new group of radical activists in Hong Kong are calling for greater autonomy – and even independence – from China.
Ssangdalri House
Feng Shui … This house is for the early-50s couple. The husband decided to move to the rural area from the city after he received the diagnosis of his wife’s cancer. The family needs a retreat house.
Financial Times
China health plan threatened by shortage of doctors
Low pay and overwork force medical graduates to switch to other professions
The Verge – All Posts
Germany grapples with fake news ahead of elections
Facebook faced withering criticism in the US for allowing fake news to spread during the 2016 presidential election. Now, the social network has come under similar scrutiny in Germany, amid concerns that widespread disinformation campaigns could impact upcoming elections. False and misleading news…
A tech company is making employees walk 10,000 steps a day, or do push-ups if they fail
A Chinese company is in the spotlight for trying to relieve its sedentary employees of their desks — by making it mandatory that they clock 10,000 steps a day. The seemingly well-meaning but strictly enforced rules also deal a penalty of 50 to 100 push-ups to people who fail to meet the 10,000 step… – latest science and technology news stories
Even in Alaska, temps as low as -59 are hard to handle
Cynthia Erickson woke up early, hoping her four furnaces were working. – latest science and technology news stories
Google grabs Twitter app platform Fabric
Google is acquiring Twitter’s mobile application developer platform Fabric, a move which could give some breathing room for the social network after charting an independent path without a suitor.
NYT > Business Day
Adventures in Capitalism: For Trump’s Nominees, a Billionaires’ Guide to Running the Government
President-elect Donald J. Trump says the federal government can be managed like a business. We’re about to find out if he’s right.
Headlines from the Associated Press
Carter tells AP more US troops will not fix Iraq or Syria
WASHINGTON (AP) — Sending thousands more American troops into Iraq or Syria in a bid to accelerate the defeat of the Islamic State group would push U.S. allies to the exits, create more anti-U.S. resistance and give up the U.S. military’s key advantages, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said in an…
Headlines from the Associated Press
One more day: Obama in his final hours in the White House
WASHINGTON (AP) — Eight tumultuous years at the helm of American power have come and gone, and for President Barack Obama, this is finally the end….
Yes, this detailed 3D-printed model was sculpted in VR, and it’s just the start
Getting people to believe that high-end virtual reality is truly immersive can be difficult if they haven’t tried devices like the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive first-hand.  That gap of disbelief gets even wider when you try to convince the uninitiated that incredibly detailed, near retail-ready 3D-printed…
India school bus crash kills at least 15 children
At least 15 children killed and several others wounded after speeding truck collides with school bus in Uttar Pradesh.
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Krebs pinpoints the likely author of the Mirai botnet
The Mirai botnet caused serious trouble last fall, first hijacking numerous IoT devices to make a historically massive Distributed Denial-Of-Service (DDoS) attack on KrebsOnSecurity’s site in September before taking down a big chunk of the internet a…
RT – Daily news
UK community refugee sponsorship scheme resettled just 2 Syrian families in 6mos since launch
Only two Syrian families have been resettled by the UK government’s community refugee sponsorship program half a year since the plan was adopted by Britain’s home secretary and the archbishop of Canterbury. Read Full Article at
Nearly 70% of Americans would like @realDonaldTrump to please stop tweeting
Two-thirds of America agrees: President-elect Donald Trump should cut down on his Twitter habit.  This is the result of a new NBC/WSJ poll, in which 69 percent of Americans said that Trump on Twitter is a bad idea while 26 percent had no qualms with Trump’s 140-character rants announcements. The full…
Bikers for Trump Founder Wants Peaceful Inauguration Rally, Ready for the Worst (VIDEO)
Donald Trump’s biker buddies are pumped for inauguration Friday, but want to make it clear … they’re not violent outlaws looking for trouble. Bikers for Trump founder Chris Cox tells TMZ … his crew is organizing the unofficial 58th inauguration…
Razer’s Project Valerie Triple Display Laptop Packs Three Monitors In A Single Chassis
Razer doesn’t usually show off concepts. Still, they felt that their new Project Valerie Triple Display Laptop was so innovative that they simply had to show it … Read More
Make Sure Your Apple Watch Stays Whole With The Rugged MTM Status Case
The Apple Watch is beautiful. A little too beautiful for its own good. As with most electronics that are unbelievably sleek, it’s simply too prone to being … Read More
LEGO Boost Lets You Code Your Own Robot Servants
LEGO isn’t just for kids anymore. Experiencing a long revival over the last couple of years, the popular block toys are going in new and more interesting … Read More
Save Your Gmail Messages as PDFs and Reach Inbox Zero Now
Google gives users a whopping 15 GB of free storage but if you’re a frequent Google Drive user and don’t do a good job of cleaning up your Gmail account, you could find yourself running out of space. One solution is to save messages as PDFs to file on your computer and delete the original message. If… – latest science and technology news stories
For white-collar staff, AI threatens new workplace revolution
If your job involves inputting reams of data for a company, you might want to think about retraining in a more specialised field. Or as a plumber. – latest science and technology news stories
Climate science bedeviled by ‘tipping points’
Of the many things that keep climate scientists awake at night, tipping points may be the scariest.
Reuters: World News
South African mining deaths fall to new record low in 2016
RANDFONTEIN, South Africa (Reuters) – The number of miners killed in South Africa’s mines fell in 2016 to a new record low of 73 from 77 in 2015, mines minister Mosebenzi Joseph Zwane said on Thursday.
The Second Act of the Great British Spy
Russia Said to Backtrack on Higher Payouts From State Companies
Pro-Russia Leader in NATOs Bulgaria Takes Oath Before Trump
Zero Hedge
UN Reports Death Toll In US-Sponsored Yemen War Reaches 10,000
Submitted by via, A UN envoy held talks with Yemen’s President Abd Rabbuh Hadi on Monday as the United Nations said the death toll from the war had reached 10,000. The envoy, Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, was in Aden for the meeting that focused on a return to a ceasefire… Full Feed
Brickbat: State Secrets
Federal prosecutors have asked a judge to order an Oregon man to take down blog posts he made that contain information about informants the feds had in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge when part of it was occupied by a group led by Ammon Bundy. They say Gary Hunt is illegally in possession of sensitive…
Considering the Airport Terminal of Tomorrow
Courtesy of Aerial Futures Aerial Futures, Grounded Visions: Shaping the Airport Terminal of Tomorrow was a two-day symposium held in October 2016 as part of the European Cultural Center’s collateral event at the 2016 Venice Biennale. It encouraged discussion about the future of air travel…
Why thousands of Iranians are fighting in Syria
Political, ideological and economic factors have contributed to the flow of fighters from Iran to Syria, analysts say.
Discover Magazine
Ceres Hosts an Ice Volcano
New insights brought to you by the Dawn spacecraft.
D.C. Cops Setting Up Mobile Booking Stations For Trump Inauguration
Cops working Donald Trump’s inauguration are prepped to handle mass arrests and avoid chaos in the jails … and their secret weapon is the mobile booking station. Law enforcement sources tell us the city will be littered with mobile booking…
designboom | architecture & design magazine
simpresso is a portable espresso machine to enjoy anytime, anywhere
its compact and portable size makes it easy to pack during travels, hikes, or work. The post simpresso is a portable espresso machine to enjoy anytime, anywhere appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
Cool Tools
Clean/Dirty Half Cube Packing Organizers
I’ve been using this for travel since I first noticed them earlier this year. It’s basically the same product as a normal Eagle Creek packing organizer, but with one innovation, which is that there are two sides to the organizer with a barrier panel between them. One side has a white zipper and the other…
Oil, Snow and Saudi Billions: Secret Davos Gets Down to Business
Indonesia Names Ex-Garuda CEO as Suspect in Corruption Case
Zero Hedge
“It’s Probably Nothing…”
As Donald Trump’s inauguration looms ever closer, the last few days have seen the honeymoon in markets starting to fade as the reality of economic policy uncertainty suddenly seems to matter again. If the past 20 years of global historical data is anything to go by, that ‘awakening’ of uncertainty…
Reuters: World News
Poland’s priority for Brexit is to guarantee rights of Poles in Britain: PM
WARSAW (Reuters) – Poland’s priority in Brexit talks will be to obtain a guarantee that the current rights of Poles living in Britain will be upheld, Prime Minister Beata Szydlo said on Thursday in Warsaw’s first reaction to a decisive speech by her British counterpart.
Reuters: World News
Indian protesters urge Modi to allow ancient bull-taming rite
NEW DELHI (Reuters) – Protests by thousands of people demanding the resumption of a traditional Indian bull-taming festival have disrupted daily life across the southern state of Tamil Nadu, forcing its leader to urge intervention by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets (10-Count) $9.99
mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets (10-Count) $9.99
Reuters: World News
Bulgaria’s president elect says to dissolve parliament in a week’s time
SOFIA (Reuters) – Bulgaria’s President-elect Rumen Radev, whose overwhelming victory at presidential polls in November triggered the collapse of the center-right government, said on Thursday he would dissolve the parliament in a week’s time.
Reuters: World News
Vietnam police halt anti-China protest over islands
HANOI (Reuters) – Police in Vietnam’s capital stopped an anti-China protest within minutes on Thursday at a ceremony to commemorate a clash between the two countries in the South China Sea more than four decades ago.
Zoom Q4 Handy1080p Digital Video Camcorder$129.99
Zoom Q4 Handy1080p Digital Video Camcorder$129.99
7 Top Firewall Programs To Consider For Your Computer’s Security
Your computer’s firewall is an important tool in the ongoing battle to keep your machine secure. It’ll stop authorized people from accessing your device and can help prevent the spread of malware. Both Windows and Mac have a built-in firewall, but there is also plenty of third-party software – much of…
5 “DISPOSABLE” Web Accounts to Keep Your Identity Safe
Identity theft is on the rise. According to StatisticBrain, there are between 12 and 15 million victims every year with an average loss of about $5,000 per victim. What would you do if you were next? There are so many different ways your identity can be stolen these days. Social security numbers and…
Browser Autofill Is a Privacy Risk: Here’s How to Turn It Off
Recently, a security researcher discovered that the Autofill function of most modern browsers can easily be compromised. We’ve discussed why you shouldn’t save personal info in your browser before, so this unfortunately isn’t a surprise. Viljami Kuosmanen, who discovered this vulnerability, created a…
Digital Trends
Amazon’s latest patent reveals its own take on autonomous car technology
Apparently keen to have a finger in just about every pie that ever came out of the oven, Amazon looks to be planning a move into autonomous car technology. At least, that’s what a newly revealed patent suggests. Filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in November 2015 and granted this… – latest science and technology news stories
Europe’s Galileo satellites hit by anomalies
The European Space Agency says it has opened an investigation into anomalies that have affected five of the first 18 Galileo satellites in orbit. – latest science and technology news stories
Satellite tracking to keep tabs on airliners over oceans
Nearly three years after a Malaysian airliner vanished, it’s still possible, if unlikely, for a plane to disappear. But that’s changing with new satellites that will soon allow flights to be tracked in real time over oceans.
RT – Daily news
Beijing ready to talk to resolve trade issues with US
The Chinese government is willing to work with the new US administration to promote the healthy development of commercial ties, said China’s Commerce Ministry spokesman Sun Jiwen. Read Full Article at
HTC launches $10 million VR fund to promote the planet’s sustainability
HTC has launched a $10 million virtual reality fund for content and technologies that will drive sustainable development around the world. Taiwan-based HTC makes the HTC Vive VR headset, and its VR for Impact program was unveiled at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. VR is expected to be…
Mozilla releases The Internet Health Report, an open-source document with version 1.0 coming by year end
Fresh off its brand redesign, Mozilla has released The Internet Health Report, an open-source initiative to document the state of the internet, combining research and reporting from multiple sources. The report, which will be improved and expanded throughout the year, covers five key topics: decentralization,…
Encrypted email service ProtonMail now supports Tor to thwart meddling governments
Encrypted email service ProtonMail is doubling down on its privacy credentials today with the news that it will now allow users to connect their email accounts through the Tor network. Founded out of CERN in Switzerland back in 2013, ProtonMail launched globally last year with the promise of client-side…
Rocket Internet closes new $1 billion venture fund to back internet startups
Rocket Internet Capital Partners Fund, the venture arm of the German internet giant, announced today that it has raised $1 billion to invest across all stages of startups. In a press release, the firm claimed this was “Europe’s largest early stage and growth capital fund focused on the Internet sector.”…
Dear Donald Trump: A letter from Cuba
Friendship has always existed between the people of Cuba and the US. We want to build bridges, not walls.
Indonesia Holds Key Rate to Safeguard Against Capital Outflows
Freeze Out London and Europe Suffers, Khan Warns EU Over Brexit
Boeing To Start Trump Era With New Wave Of Downsizing
Aviation giant Boeing, a corporate sponsor of the inauguration and one of the country’s largest exporters, is planning new buyouts and layoffs on top of nearly 11,000 job cuts last year.(Image credit: Ed Turner/Courtesy of Future of Flight Center/Boeing)
Trump Inherits Guantanamo’s Remaining Detainees
Despite President Obama’s executive order to close the Guantanamo Bay prison, dozens of detainees from the war on terrorism are still there.(Image credit: John Moore/Getty Images)
Trump’s Washington Hotel Draws Protesters — And Ethics Concerns
When Trump becomes president, he may violate the lease on his Washington, D.C., hotel. A government agency owns the building, and the contract specifies no elected U.S. official may hold the lease.(Image credit: Alex Brandon/AP)
Scientists Concerned For Future Of National Labs As Rick Perry Seeks Top Energy Post
The former Texas governor once wanted to eliminate the Department of Energy. Perry and Donald Trump have doubted climate science, an key area of research at some of the department’s 17 national labs.(Image credit: Grace Hood/Colorado Public Radio ) RSS
Brain behind killing Pinky to be evaluated for mental competency [Florida]
[link] [6 comments]
Zero Hedge
Tucker Carlson Cucks Huffington Post Contributor Alex Mohajer So Mercilessly He’s Forced To Disavow Journalism
Bloodless gladiator Tucker Carlson delivered a cucking of such epic proportions that the guest had to append his recent anti-Trump HuffPo article with a disclaimer! Alex Mohajer is a self described “Political writer and commentator for Huffington Post” and founder of “Bros4America,” a 36,000 member…
Museum of Mechanical Music / Miguel Marcelino
Courtesy of Miguel Marcelino Architects: Miguel Marcelino Location: R. Aceiro dos Arraiados, 2955 Pinhal Novo, Portugal Architect In Charge: Miguel Marcelino Area: 1.04 m2 Project Year: 2016 …
China Cancels Over 100 Coal-Fired Power Plants
In an effort to improve air quality, the Chinese government has canceled over 100 coal-fired power plants in 11 provinces — totaling a combined installed capacity of more than 100 gigawatts. Reuters reports: In a document issued on Jan. 14, financial media group Caixin reported, the National Energy…
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The Great Instigator
Donald Trump always seems most grounded in chaos. He thrives on contradicting his aides, surprising his allies, disparaging his opponents. He revels in the tempest.This combustible approach has touched a chord with his base of primarily non-college-educated and non-urban white voters who have felt eclipsed…
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Capture and render stunning, pro-worthy images with the Adobe Digital Photo Training
By now you’ve probably seen plenty of badly lit selfies, incomprehensible action shots, and ill-conceived family photos by now. So we can all agree that the majority of the shutter-happy world could use some basic photography skills — stat. Thankfully, we’ve got help like the Adobe Digital Photography…
WOVTE Mini Bike Pump with Pressure Gauge $18.99
WOVTE Mini Bike Pump with Pressure Gauge $18.99
Regulator lawsuit accuses Oracle of favoring white male workers
The U.S. Department of Labor filed a suit against Oracle on Wednesday, claiming the company systematically pays white male workers more than their counterparts in comparable positions. The suit also alleges that the software giant unfairly favors Asian applicants when hiring for certain technical roles….
In Rick Perry Energy Hearing, Questions Likely On Nuclear Security, Environment
Perry, nominee for energy secretary, has significant experience with energy as the former governor of Texas, but has little in regards to the nuclear weapons he’d be responsible for protecting.(Image credit: Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images)
How Large Employer Health Plans Could Be Affected By Obamacare Overhaul
With the future of the Affordable Care Act on the line, health insurance benefits for workers at large companies hang in the balance.(Image credit: Hero Images/Getty Images)
Master Feed : The Atlantic
Trump’s New Foreign-Policy Direction
Inaugural addresses are, in part, catechisms. The new president signals that he’ll take the country in a new direction. But he casts that new direction as consistent with old and cherished national principles, from which the country has strayed, and to which it must return.Since Woodrow Wilson, and certainly…
RT – Daily news
30 firefighters feared dead after blaze topples Tehran’s oldest high-rise tower – Press TV
Some 30 Iranian firefighters are feared dead after a high-rise commercial building engulfed by fire collapsed in Tehran, according to state TV. Over 200 people are reported injured. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
Beijing ready to talk to resolve trade issues with Washington
The Chinese government is willing to work with the new US administration to promote the healthy development of commercial ties, said China’s Commerce Ministry spokesman Sun Jiwen. Read Full Article at
Fast Company
How Employee Burnout Became An Epidemic And What It Might Take To Fix It
HR managers can stem workers’ mounting dissatisfaction, but they say they need better tools to do it. HR managers can stem workers’ mounting dissatisfaction, but they say they need better tools to do it.You’d be forgiven for feeling a little burned out from hearing about burnout….
Fast Company
Why Your “Career Path” Probably Won’t Lead You To Your Dream Job
Create new opportunities for yourself, keep an open mind, and see what you discover. Create new opportunities for yourself, keep an open mind, and see what you discover.By one estimate, there’s an almost 75% chance that your current job is unrelated to your college major. You spend…
Fast Company
12 Facebook Groups To Join Before Quitting Your Day Job To Work For Yourself
One entrepreneur says Facebook is a bottomless resource for first-time business owners. You just have to know where to look. One entrepreneur says Facebook is a bottomless resource for first-time business owners. You just have to know where to look.I now generate 95% of my consulting…
Fast Company
Four Tips For Communicating Well In Nerve-Wracking Situations
High stakes can make even the most confident speakers crumble. Here’s how to keep it together. High stakes can make even the most confident speakers crumble. Here’s how to keep it together.A group job interview.Read Full Story
China EV Startup Future Mobility to Build $1.7 Billion Factory
reddit: the front page of the internet
“Halo” – 24″x 36″ palette knife acrylics on canvas.
submitted by /u/jer_088 to /r/Art [link] [comments]
reddit: the front page of the internet
The comedy network is running an all day Roast of Donald Trump marathon on Friday.
Not trying to start anything, I just thought it was funny and has to be the first kind of thing a network has done something like this during a presidents inauguration day. EDIT: I apologize, The Comedy Network is our Canadian version of Comedy Central for anyone that wasn’t finding it. submitted…
Digital Trends
How did SpaceX snap this stunning rocket-landing photo?
Turns out SpaceX isn’t only pretty clever at getting rockets back to Earth in one piece. The team can snap a mean photo, too. This latest image, showing its Falcon 9 rocket moments before it landed on a floating barge to complete SpaceX’s recent successful return-to-flight mission, is a real cracker,…
BBC News – World
Rohingya crisis: Malaysia PM says Muslims must act
Malaysia’s prime minister says the Rohingya crisis is no longer Myanmar’s internal affair. – latest science and technology news stories
Hawaii bill aims for 100 percent renewable transportation
Hawaii has the most aggressive renewable energy targets in the nation, aiming for its utilities to get 100 percent of their electricity from renewable sources by 2045.
What’s so macho and brave about harassing and torturing a drunken bull, asks a Tamilian
Mannuyir ompi arulaalvaarkku illenpa thannuyir anjum vinai [For he who treats other living beings with kindness, in his own soul the dreaded guilt of sin shall never feel] — Thiruvalluvar This is the 244th verse in the Thirukkural, the great ethical treatise penned over 2,000 years ago by the Tamil…
Why is an ultra-hyped fashion brand paying tribute to rumpled man-of-the-people Bernie Sanders?
Bernie Sanders, style icon? Odd as it may seem, the US senator from the small New England state of Vermont, known for his lived-in suits and grouchy-grandpa appeal, left his mark on the runway in Paris Jan. 18. Luxury label Balenciaga, which has become one of fashion’s most buzzed about labels since…
A high school dropout from California is now the preeminent American master of Islamic calligraphy
Art is usually valued for its distinctiveness: The celebrated artist is one who conveys meaning in a way that no one has ever done before. Islamic calligraphy has its own metrics of value. The tradition prizes expertise over innovation. It takes years to perfect the handful of principal calligraphic…
Africa, and the world, are looking to Gambia today to see if democracy will prevail
It was a long night in The Gambia, as the midnight, Jan. 19 deadline for defeated president Yahya Jammeh to step down came and went. Gambians and the world waited to see if Jammeh would leave office on what should have been the last day of his term, and whether neighboring countries would intervene…
Zero Hedge
What Can Americans Learn from Chinese Government Propaganda?
Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, Under the relentless thrust of accelerating over-population and increasing over-organization, and by means of ever more effective methods of mind-manipulation, the democracies will change their nature; the quaint old forms—elections, parliaments,…
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Forget the iPhone 8, Apple might be making an iPhone X
In theory we should be getting the iPhone 7S this year, but one enduring rumor is that at least one model will be a massive upgrade, rather than an ‘S’ refresh. And rather than that upgrade being called the iPhone 8, a new report suggests it could be called the iPhone X.It’s a name that makes some sense,…
BBC News – World
The parody tweeter taking on Trump
The man behind a parody Twitter account wants people to unfollow the real Donald Trump and swap to him instead.
Fast Company
How Technology Has Significantly Influenced The BLM Movement
Activist DeRay Mckesson speaks about his role in the Black Lives Matter protests and how social media has affected awareness.
Fast Company
Two Easy Ways To Rewire Your Brain To Be More Productive
Until technology catches up with a solution to fix our productivity problems, you can use brain science to get more done. Until technology catches up with a solution to fix our productivity problems, you can use brain science to get more done.”Our brains and bodies, which functioned…
Reuters: World News
Kremlin hits out at Obama, says was always ready for nuclear arms cuts
MOSCOW (Reuters) – The Kremlin on Thursday disputed a statement by outgoing U.S. President Barack Obama on nuclear arms cuts, saying Russia had always been ready to consider making proportional cuts to its arsenal.
These Automakers Could be Trumps Next Targets RSS
Thinking about fleeing the US to Canada because of Trump? Sure, that is the sensible thing to do, but have you thought about moving to Japan? [Cool]
[link] [18 comments]
Reuters: World News
Web of investigations entangles Israel’s ‘King Bibi’
JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Benjamin Netanyahu has spent 30 years in public office, including 11 years as Israel’s prime minister, but this year his political future is being called into question as seldom before.
Reuters: World News
China’s top graft buster says officials should be made to sweat
BEIJING (Reuters) – Chinese officials must become used to routinely “blushing red and sweating” in the country’s fight against corruption, China’s top graft buster said in comments published on Thursday.
Minecraft for Windows 10 Mobile will no longer be updated
Microsoft’s smartphone platforms, from Windows Phone to Windows 10 Mobile, can’t seem to catch a break. Until recently, and even now to some extent, it has been sorely lacking in apps. The mobile game situation was even worse. And just when you thought the worst was over, some bad news is hitting Windows…
RT – Daily news
Russian court rejects ECHR order on $2bn Yukos compensation
Russia’s Constitutional Court has ruled that the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) decision to order compensation of over $2 billion to former Yukos shareholders violates the Russian constitution and cannot be executed. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
US diplomat Walker who justified NATO bombing of Yugoslavia honored with monument in Kosovo
A statue in honor of US diplomat William Walker who provided ‘evidence’ leading to NATO’s aggression against Yugoslavia has been unveiled in the village of Racak. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
BHP Billiton and Vale reach settlement with Brazil over dam disaster
Mining major BHP Billiton and joint venture partner Vale have reached a preliminary agreement to settle a $47.5 billion civil claim with Brazil’s federal prosecutors, according to BHP. Read Full Article at
TechRadar: All latest feeds
Niantic is improving GPS tracking in Pokemon Go
With the introduction of brand new Pokemon and its seasonal events, Niantic and Pokémon Go finished 2016 riding high on its influx of new content. Now that we’re into the new year, though, Niantic’s first update of 2017 seems to be jumping on the self-improvement wagon, focusing less on introducing more…
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Best VPN for Android: Our 5 top choices
Android has the largest installed base of smartphones around the globe – so it’s no surprise that there are a lot of VPN clients which support the OS. Particularly when you consider that the devices which connect to VPN services are usually mobile ones.Most VPN providers have dedicated Android apps,…
TechRadar: All latest feeds
Apple Pencil 2 could finally stick to your iPad Pro
Yes, yes, yes – the iPad Pro’s Apple Pencil probably is the smartest digital stylus out there, what with its lag-free input, palm rejection (you can rest your hand on the screen without it being confused for the pencil’s nib) and ability to monitor minute changes in pressure.But it was also, in some…
The Next Web
12 keyword research tools and creative ways to use them
For over seven years, I’ve used keyword research to consistently bring myself and clients valuable, targeted long lasting traffic. It can be one of the biggest land grab opportunities in SEO – if you know the tools to use and how to use the tools. For this piece I’m going to not only share 12 of the… – latest science and technology news stories
Researchers imprint stable, chemically active polymer equivalents of DNA
In a carefully designed polymer, researchers at the Polish Academy of Sciences have imprinted a sequence of a single strand of DNA. The resulting negative remained chemically active and was capable of binding the appropriate nucleobases of a genetic code. The polymer matrix—the first of its type—thus… – latest science and technology news stories
Harvests in the U.S. to suffer from climate change, according to study
Some of the most important crops risk substantial damage from rising temperatures. To better assess how climate change caused by human greenhouse gas emissions will likely impact wheat, maize and soybean, an international team of scientists conducted an unprecedentedly comprehensive set of computer simulations… – latest science and technology news stories
Researchers review the state of printed organic electronics
While the world of electronics devices was radically different 30 years ago when Sumitomo Chemical (SC) began developing printed electronics technology, the company had already felt it was an area where they could make a significant contribution. Drawing on the company’s decades of expertise in this… – latest science and technology news stories
Mechanism MRI amplifying agents explored
Special amplifying agents can make MRI scanners and NMR techniques hundreds of times more sensitive. Leiden physicists have now found a method to test their efficiency. More sensitive MRI scans could for example improve our understanding of cystic fibrosis or Parkinson’s disease.
Fast Company
Bet You Didn’t See This Coming: 10 Jobs That Will Be Replaced By Robots
From insurance to construction to Hollywood, the specter of automation looms for some surprising jobs. From insurance to construction to Hollywood, the specter of automation looms for some surprising jobs.I was recently talking to a friend of mine who’s an accountant. He has his…
How Technology Is Besting My Blindness
Latest news
Panasonic aims to deepen Tesla self-driving vehicle partnership
The tech giant hopes that the agreement can go beyond batteries and enter the world of sensors and navigation.
Shut Up And Take My Money
Hobo Teddy Bear
Hobo Teddy Bear – Got any spare hugs? – Top Stories
How to work less and get more done
Many of us are working like maniacs. “Rest” author thinks it’s time to cut it out.
Bjarke Ingels to Feature in New Netflix Series on Design and Architecture
On February 10 2017, Netflix will launch a new documentary series—Abstract: The Art of Design—which will present “the most creative designers” from various fields in the design word, with the aim of demonstrating how design influences all aspects of our lives. One of the…
Christian Science Monitor | All Stories
In a new year, two kinds of lateness
After year-end remembrances of the dear departed, a look at why we call them ‘late.’ – Top Stories
The best use for a financial windfall
“I’m coming into some money and I have no idea what to do with it. What’s the best way to use a sudden windfall?”
Master Feed : The Atlantic
What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Peaceful Transition of Power
When George Washington was inaugurated, in late April of 1789, his aides had to scramble, right before his swearing-in ceremony began, to find a Bible on which he could take the oath of office. It hadn’t occurred to any of them, as they’d been planning the event, that they’d need one. Washington and…
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The Morning After: Thursday, January 19th, 2017
Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. We’ve got a fresh batch of Fujifilm cameras, 12 million declassified CIA files and a new special event for Overwatch.
Bloomberg Politics
Democrats Hope Their Unity Can Foil GOP Drive to Undo Obamacare
Congressional Democrats aiming to thwart the undoing of Obamacare are using a strategy that served them well before: They’re standing back and letting Republicans whirl in their own discord.
Bloomberg Politics
New York, the City That Made Trump Rich, Finds Itself at His Mercy
The city that made Donald Trump a billionaire — and laughed at him through decades as a boastful businessman whose marriages and divorces were tabloid fodder — finds itself at his mercy.
Bloomberg Politics
How We’ll Know If Trump Is Making America Great Again
These 10 indicators will measure the impact of his policies
Reuters: World News
Iraqi sheep, locals, environment suffer Islamic State oil fires
QAYYARA, Iraq (Reuters) – Shepherds herd blackened flocks through the Iraqi desert. Locals cough and wheeze under vast clouds of smoke, and NASA images show oil threatening to encroach on the Tigris River, a major water source.
Reuters: World News
Syria’s Assad hopes for ‘reconciliation’ deals from Astana talks
BEIRUT (Reuters) – Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said he believed peace talks in Kazakhstan would lead to local “reconciliation” deals with rebels, a sign of his confidence in a process launched by his Russian allies after the opposition’s defeat in Aleppo.
Reuters: World News
Uganda detains more than 100 former M23 rebels traveling to Congo
KAMPALA (Reuters) – Ugandan security forces have detained more than 100 former M23 rebels trying to get into neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo, the government said on Thursday.
Trump Nominees Accept Global Warming, But Only to a Degree
Private Equity Eyes Tax and Financial Reform in the Trump Era
Dont Assume Canada Will Rally With U.S., Poloz Warns Investors
Hundred-Story Food-Growing Tower Is Dream of Weed Entrepreneur
Manchester United Rises to Top of World Soccer Rich List: Chart
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The Morning After: Thursday, January 19th, 2017
Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. We’ve got a fresh batch of Fujifilm cameras, 12 million declassified CIA files and a new special event for Overwatch. 900p is the new 1080p’Zelda’ on Nintendo Switch won’t run in native 1080p Thinking about upgrading your Nintendo console to play…
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
How to keep hope alive under Donald Trump? Biomimicry
What a year! Such exultant highs and crushing lows. Here we stand, on the brink of a sixth wave of extinction, staring down the barrel of a ten billion-human population explosion, as the summers get hotter and the winters weirder. Someone ought to do something! we think––but it seems that systems that…
Extinct Exhibitions: 8 Monumental Museums of Natural History
Between dinosaur skeletons, fragile fossils and precious stones, these museums of natural history and science are built to house some of the oldest objects on earth.
RT – Daily news
Polish MoD wants to see Warsaw packed with weapons to counter ‘Russia threat’
While Poland works on amassing an army capable of countering alleged “military pressure” from Russia, it will need US and NATO reinforcements as a “guarantee of independence,” according to Polish Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz. Read Full Article at
Trump turns to H-1B advocates for advice
In his campaign for president, Donald Trump tapped into the viral anger over H-1B use. The outsourcing of high-skill jobs is a “tremendous threat,” he said. Disney workers who trained visa-holding replacements spoke at some of his rallies.But soon after the election, President-elect Trump assembled a…
Singapore’s first ISS satellite can stay in orbit for twice as long as usual – CNET
The Aoba Velox-III is equipped with special thrusters that let it remain in orbit for six months, double the normal length of time a satellite would be expected to last.
The Next Web
Samsung leak hints at Galaxy S8 with iris scanner and almost bezel-less screen
As the anticipation for the upcoming release of the Galaxy S8 continues to amplify, the Samsung leaks keep gradually stacking up – and the latest one is yet another hint the new flagship handset will come in a curved screen with little to no bezel. Twitter user DforDesign has posted a couple of images…
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
Graphene’s sleeping superconductivity awakens
Since its discovery in 2004, scientists have believed that graphene may have the innate ability to superconduct. Now researchers have found a way to activate that previously dormant potential.
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
Chip-sized, high-speed terahertz modulator raises possibility of faster data transmission
Engineers have invented a chip-sized, high-speed modulator that operates at terahertz frequencies and at room temperature at low voltages without consuming DC power.
Metal Storm news
Marche Funèbre – Share Teaser Online
Now that we know <a href=/bands/band.php?band_id=8013&bandname=Marche+Fun%26egrave%3Bbre>Marche Funèbre</a> is preparing to release a <a href=”/events/news_comments.php?news_id=30843″>new album</a>, it’s time for some visuals and audio. The death/doom metal group has shared…
Metal Storm news
Steve Grimmett – Has Leg Amputated
Vocalist Steve Grimmett, of <a href=/bands/band.php?band_id=3044&bandname=Grim+Reaper>Grim Reaper</a> and <a href=/bands/band.php?band_id=9745&bandname=Steve+Grimmett%26%23039%3Bs+Grim+Reaper>Steve Grimmett’s Grim Reaper</a>, had part of his right leg amputated after an…
Metal Storm news
Benighted – Debut Music Video
A new bloody video from <a href=/bands/band.php?band_id=963&bandname=Benighted>Benighted</a>? That’s right! Today you can watch a gore and guts filled video based on the track “Reptilian”, which has been taken from their forthcoming album <i>Necrobreed</i>, out February 17th…
Metal Storm news
Obituary – Premiere New Track
Shortly after revealing their new album, Florida death metal legends <a href=/bands/band.php?band_id=110&bandname=Obituary>Obituary</a> have shared the first single off their forthcoming, self-titled full-length. Watch the motion graphics accompanying “Sentence Day” that compiles live…
Digital Trends
Set the mood or go full disco with our guide to smart lighting
Smart-home devices sometimes require complicated installation that just doesn’t make sense for renters. Plus, apartments have different needs than single-family homes. That’s why we decided to outfit a whole condo with smart devices that don’t require rewiring or permanent installation. Each week, we’ll… – latest science and technology news stories
Super-resolution imaging can map critical cell changes several days sooner than current method
Scientists funded by the National Institutes of Health have developed a new way to identify the state and fate of individual stem cells earlier than previously possible. Stem cells are undifferentiated, serving as building blocks for the various tissues and organs of the body.  Understanding a stem cell’s… – latest science and technology news stories
Startup plans to use 3-D printers to create tomorrow’s rocket engines
A startup with Purdue ties plans to use 3-D printers as well as other additive manufacturing processes to make future rocket engines that show promise in being faster and less expensive to produce than traditional methods.
The seven biggest threats to Donald Trump’s presidency
The mass of protesters converging for Trump’s inauguration are not his only headache. – latest science and technology news stories
Rapid ceramic-metal processing for superior composites
Recent advancements in automotive, aerospace and power generation industries have inspired materials scientists to engineer innovative materials. Ceramic metal composites, or cermets, are an example of a new and improved class of materials that can enhance transportation and energy conversion technologies.
RT – Daily news
Britain now at ‘greater risk of terrorist attack than 6yrs ago’
The growing number of jihadists returning to the UK from Syria means Britain is now at greater risk of suffering a terrorist attack than it was six years ago, the government’s independent reviewer of terror legislation, David Anderson QC, has warned. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
Robotic parking garage opens in China (VIDEO)
Searching for a parking space could soon be a thing of the past, at least for the people of Nanjing, China, after one of the city’s subway stations revealed a robotic parking garage. Read Full Article at
Motherboard RSS Feed
Why French Search Engine Qwant Thinks It Can Beat Google
If Google is Goliath then Qwant sees itself as David. The French search engine, recently integrated into a custom edition of Mozilla Firefox, protects the anonymity of 21 million people across 30 countries who use the search engine monthly, which is70 percent higher than where the company was a year… World News
Most Infected With Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Catch It From an Ill Person, Study Suggests
Most people who are infected with drug-resistant tuberculosis catch it from an ill person who transmits the deadly bacteria by coughing or some other form of airborne transmission, rather than developing it from poor drug treatment, a new study suggests. World News
Colombia Wants to Boot Out Brazil’s Odebrecht
Colombia’s government is seeking to oust embattled Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht from the country amid a growing investigation into allegations that the company bribed officials to secure massive infrastructure projects. World News
U.S. Military Moves to Clear ‘Ghost Soldiers’ From Afghan Payroll
The U.S. military has wiped more than 30,000 names of suspected ghost Afghan soldiers from its payroll, as part of a widening corruption crackdown that a top American general estimates will save the U.S. millions of dollars each month. World News
Taiwan Fears Becoming a Pawn in Donald Trump’s Game
The elation Donald Trump stirred in Taiwan when he chatted by phone with President Tsai Ing-wen is turning into doubt as some fear he will use the island as a bargaining chip with China. World News
Ukraine Tries Do-It-Yourself Military Upgrade
Ukraine is ramping up its domestic defense industry to confront Russia as officials wait to see if Donald Trump will rewrite U.S. support for their country. World News
Gambian President Is Sworn In in Senegal
Adama Barrow was sworn in as Gambia’s president at the country’s embassy in Senegal on Thursday, a step that could hasten a possible military intervention by other West African countries to oust longtime leader Yahya Jammeh.
Reuters: Top News
Fortress Washington girds for days of anti-Trump protests
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Washington will turn into a virtual fortress ahead of Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration on Friday as the U.S. capital braces for more than a quarter-million protesters expected during the Republican’s swearing-in.
The Davos delusion
 The Davos Delusion Davos leaders are gathering this week to change the world. Again. “We are faced by a world which is increasingly schizophrenic. Our world is rapidly changing and power is shifting geopolitically, in business terms and even in the virtual world. Power, wealth and well-being are spread…
Intel Baby Canyon NUC: Kaby Lake, Thunderbolt 3, Optane-ready
The slim Compute Card may have been the star of Intel’s CES 2017 show, but it is hardly the only big thing it revealed back then. For the more traditional computer users, Intel has also unveiled the next generation of its “Next Unit of Computing”, or NUC mini PCs. Aside from naturally running on its…
TechRadar: All latest feeds
The best free security software 2017
The best free security software Reliable antivirus is essential for any internet-connected PC, but it isn’t always enough. Your security software should also protect you from malware – programs that don’t behave like viruses, but are nevertheless a nuisance and a threat to your security. All it takes…
Reuters: World News
Malaysia to offer reward for missing Flight MH370
KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) – Malaysia said on Thursday it would pay a reward to any private company that found the fuselage of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, days after a fruitless, three-year hunt was suspended.
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The best cheap Amazon Echo deals for January 2017: get Alexa into your home
We’ve scoured the internet for all the best Amazon Echo deals and Amazon Echo Dot deals, so you can join the voice assistant revolution as cheaply and as easily as possible. But what exactly is a voice assistant?We’ve grown used to the likes of Siri and Google Assistant on our phones providing us with…
How-To Geek
How to Stop Websites From Asking to Show Notifications
Web browsers now allow websites to show you notifications. Visit many news and shopping websites, and you’ll see a popup telling you the website wants to show notifications on your desktop. You can disable these notification prompts in your web browser if they annoy you.Click Here to Continue Reading
Bloomberg Politics
Trump’s Bigger Army Could Cost $12 Billion by Fanning’s Math
President-elect Donald Trump’s pledge to increase the Army’s active-duty troops to 540,000 from 465,000 today could cost at least an extra $12 billion once the goal is met, based on a formula provided by departing Army Secretary Eric Fanning.
Mac malware is found targeting biomedical research
A Mac malware that’s been spying on biomedical research centers may have been circulating undetected for years, according to new research. Antivirus vendor Malwarebytes uncovered the malicious code, after an IT administrator spotted unusual network traffic coming from an infected Mac. The malware,…
Bigelow Aerospace seeking additional use of experimental ISS module
WASHINGTON — Bigelow Aerospace is in discussions with NASA about extended use of an experimental module added to the International Space Station last year, but both the company and the space agency say no agreement has been reached yet. In a Jan. 18 tweet, the company said that the performance of its…
India’s richest man is looking at loopholes to keep giving everyone 4G data for free
The free data charm of India’s Reliance Jio, which helped the new telecom operator win over 72 million subscribers in four months, will end in little over two months. But the company may have plans to keep its data tariffs as good as free to retain users. SEE ALSO: Inside Reliance Jio’s audacious plan…
Digital Trends
Welcome to the Digital Trends smart apartment
Ready to get your hands dirty? Jump in as we install smart lights in part one! Welcome to the Digital Trends smart apartment: Where I live, where I come to play with my toys. The smart-home device market continues to grow, with connected, super-intelligent gadgets for plant lovers and pet fanatics,… – Top Stories
Trump HHS secretary nominee Tom Price rebuts accusations of improper stock buys
Shares of a medical-device maker and a small Australian biotech were a focus of a Wednesday hearing on Price’s nomination.
You’ll Soon Be Able to Download Shows From Hulu
Hulu is set to introduce offline viewing before the end of 2017. That is if its CEO delivers on his promise. Details are very thin on the ground, with no specific timeline or promise of what content will be included. However, downloads are definitely coming to Hulu. Soon. Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins recently…
New Scientist – Online news
Brainwaves could act as your password – but not if you’re drunk
EEG authentication is touted as a potential biometric alternative to passwords, but a test involving shots of whisky suggests it won’t work if you’re tipsy
Deal of the Week: J&J Nears Actelion Takeover Despite Twists and Turns
Zero Hedge
Global Stocks Dip; Bond Yields, Dollar Rise After Yellen’s Rate Guidance; All Eyes On Draghi
After yesterday’s speech by Janet Yellen which signaled a path of steady interest rate increases and was perceived as hawkish, the dollar rebounded, Asian shares slipped and government bond yields jumped to multi-week highs on Thursday. European, Asian stocks and US equity futures all decline together…
Scientific American Content: Global
Brain’s “Helper” Cells Turn Toxic in Injury and Disease
The Jekyll-and-Hyde behavior of astrocytes may point the way to treatments for degenerative diseases such as ALS, Alzheimer’s and MS — Read more on
The Verge – All Posts
The first GMO non-browning apples will go on sale in the US next month
The first genetically-modified apples will go on sale in the US next month, according to agricultural site Capital Press. The fruit, produced by Okanagan Specialty Fruits and sold under the brand name Arctic Apples, were approved by the USDA in 2015 with a first harvest collected last fall. The apples…
10 Apps That Can Help You Be More Productive and Make Better Architecture
This article was originally published by Archipreneur as “Top 10 Apps to Help You Achieve Your Goals and Build New Habits.”With the daily distractions of Facebook, emails and calls, it can become difficult to keep your eye on the ball. This is why having an app that tracks habits and helps…
Coolest Gadgets
Lotus is a standing desk that will help boost your productivity
Fellowes Brands would like to make sure that you work smart in addition to working hard. How have they achieved this? Through the Lotus Sit-Stand Workstation that features Smooth Lift Technology. The Lotus is a real revolutionary workstation that will not only be stable in nature, it also makes it a…
Master Feed : The Atlantic
Everything We Know From Trump’s (Limited) Financial Disclosures
One hallmark of President-elect Donald Trump’s behavior is a tension between brazen exhibitionism and near-total opacity. Trump is highly outspoken, especially on Twitter, and has been in the public eye for decades; his supporters and surrogates frequently maintain that these make him transparent. However,…
Master Feed : The Atlantic
Why Is NASA Neglecting Venus?
Two weeks ago, NASA announced the selection of two new missions to explore the solar system. Psyche will fly to a metallic asteroid of the same name, and Lucy will explore “Trojan asteroids” that travel along Jupiter’s orbital path. The missions will advance our understanding of the origins of the solar… – Top Stories
Anavex awarded grant to fund clinical trial of Rett syndrome drug
Anavex Life Sciences Corp. will receive funding for a phase 2 trial of its Anavex 2-73 drug from the International Rett Syndrome Foundation to study the rare neurological disorder.
Reuters: World News
Indonesia jails Briton for sexually abusing teen
MATARAM, Indonesia (Reuters) – A court in the eastern Indonesian holiday island of Lombok on Thursday sentenced a British man to five years in prison for sexually abusing a teenage boy, the man’s lawyer said.
Vice President Saidy quits, abandoning Yahya Jammeh
Saidy is the highest level official to abandon Jammeh, who refuses to step down despite losing last month’s election.
Death toll from suicide blast at Gao army base rises
At least 77 killed in attack claimed by AQIM, French army spokesman says, as three-day mourning period begins.
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Born in the USA: The best new architecture by American firms
The American Institute of Architects has declared the winners of its 2017 Institute Honor Awards, which recognize excellence in architecture, interior architecture and urban design projects from firms licensed in the United States. The awards are a great opportunity to check out some top-tier…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Short smart guitar given direct access to powerful shred app
Following a successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in 2013 and subsequent release in the wild, a stubby 5-fret learning tool called the jamstik was then treated to improved picking detection, faster processing and Wi-Fi connectivity exchanged for Bluetooth. Now its makers have snagged direct…
You still can’t turn off Windows 10’s built-in spyware
Microsoft is promising that, come Windows 10 Creators Update this spring, it will reduce how much information it sucks down from your Windows 10 PC if you choose the Basic settings. There’s only one little problem. Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s top Windows executive, didn’t spell out the details.Now maybe…
RT – Daily news
British tanks sent through Channel Tunnel to prepare for war
Tanks have been sent through the Channel Tunnel in a secret midnight training operation to prepare for war in Europe. Read Full Article at
How to Tell If Your Plant Is Dead or Just Dormant
Some people are less active in winter and so are some plants. They go dormant in extreme weather, like freezing temperatures, then come out when conditions are better for them to grow. While dormant, a plant’s leaves fall off and it might look dead. There’s a good chance it’s not, though.Remember, Indoor…
Why America Is Growing The Most Sweet Potatoes Since WWII
These sugary spuds are cheap and easy to grow, but the rise of postwar industrialization and processed foods made them less popular. Now, fad diets and trendy restaurants have sparked a renaissance.(Image credit: U.S. Department Of Agriculture)
BBC News – World
Revolutionary yarn
Donald Trump has caused a shortage of pink yarn – continuing a history of knitters’ activism.
BBC News – World
Mexican governor: Cancer children given water instead of chemotherapy
Mexico’s health ministry is investigating claims fake medicine was used on children in Veracruz state. – Top Stories
May urges businesses to ‘play by the same rules’ that ordinary workers follow
The U.K.’s vote to leave the EU wasn’t aimed at hurting the bloc, but it underscores the sense that people who aren’t wealthy and well-connected are being left behind, Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May says at Davos.
Man of Many
Kogan Launches Budget Laptop Thinner than the MacBook Air
Kogan has made headlines in the past by selling iPhones even cheaper than Apple; now they challenge the tech juggernaut by launching a budget laptop range that’s thinner than the MacBook Air. The Atlas UltraSlim laptop range is designed to balance specs and design, remaining affordable for business and…
Bloomberg Politics
Trump Transition: Inauguration and First 100 Days
President-elect Donald Trump will take the oath of office on Friday, becoming the 45th President of the United States. Bloomberg Businessweek Editor Megan Murphy looks forward to the first 100 days of the Trump Administration on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)
UBS Said to Mull Moving Some London Investment Bankers to Madrid
Biggest Opposition Party Ready to Topple Swedish Government Full Feed
Obama’s Parting Shot at Personal Freedom (New at Reason)
The Fourth Amendment’s protections against unreasonable search and seizures were expressly designed to benefit the citizenry and not the government, but those protections have been eroded for decades by things like the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) and the Patriot Act. In a new column…
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
Topological photonic crystal made of silicon
Researchers derive topological photonic states purely based on silicon, which can lead to the development of new functions and devices through integration with semiconductor electronics.
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I get paid minimum wage, but my employer gets upset when I do the minimum work
submitted by /u/Mondope13 to /r/Showerthoughts [link] [comments]
reddit: the front page of the internet
What’s the fastest liquid on earth?
Milk. It’s pasteurized before you see it. submitted by /u/jaypatel_98 to /r/Jokes [link] [comments]
reddit: the front page of the internet
I made a kinda cool wordclock
submitted by /u/JaysSon to /r/DIY [link] [comments]
reddit: the front page of the internet
PsBattle: Man standing on clear ice
submitted by /u/pokersoaker13 to /r/photoshopbattles [link] [comments]
Modern Interior Design & Furniture – Decoist
Design Simplicity: Relaxing Prefab that Takes You Away from Urban Rush
When it comes to relaxing retreats in a remote location that allow you to escape the constant hustle and bustle of city life, it is prefabricated homes that come to your rescue. Far more affordable than regular housing options and easier to build, prefabs reduce both construction cost and time significantly….
Master Feed : The Atlantic
How Twitter Can Help Trump Avert Catastrophe
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey can take a simple step that could conceivably save humanity: He can impose an extra “authentication” step when the president tweets.Donald Trump’s inauguration makes this an urgent priority.Yes, President Obama’s Twitter account could’ve been hacked. But a major shift in policy… – latest science and technology news stories
Why the human voice is so versatile
Macaques and baboons – two distantly related primates – are able to produce a similar range of voice-like sounds to humans. – latest science and technology news stories
Climate change prompts Alaska fish to change breeding behavior
One of Alaska’s most abundant freshwater fish species is altering its breeding patterns in response to climate change. This could impact the ecology of northern lakes, which already acutely feel the effects of a changing climate. – latest science and technology news stories
Study finds current corporate sustainability reporting misses the mark
A new study finds that corporate sustainability reporting often focuses on issues that are unimportant to stakeholders, and offers specific suggestions to improve the content of future corporate sustainability reporting efforts. – latest science and technology news stories
Careful ad placement may help marketers level up in video game advertising
When it comes to video game advertising, marketers may be better off owning the game rather than advertising in the game, but a team of researchers say there are still other opportunities to effectively place ads in this growing advertising space.
TechRadar: All latest feeds
HTC Vive 2 could be cheaper thanks to improved movement tracking
The HTC Vive is the most feature-rich virtual reality headset out there, letting you walk around a room to navigate its VR worlds. But all those functions require some meaty tech – and that comes at a price.However, for the HTC Vive 2, HTC may have found a way to reduce the price of the system by simplifying…
Metal Injection
GHASTLY CITY SLEEP live at Saint Vitus Bar, Jan. 16th, 2017
Check out Pit Full of Shit, video by Frank Huang The post GHASTLY CITY SLEEP live at Saint Vitus Bar, Jan. 16th, 2017 appeared first on Metal Injection.
Metal Injection
BIG HUSH live at Saint Vitus Bar, Jan. 16th, 2017
Check out Pit Full of Shit, video by Frank Huang The post BIG HUSH live at Saint Vitus Bar, Jan. 16th, 2017 appeared first on Metal Injection.
Metal Injection
CITY OF CATERPILLAR live at Saint Vitus Bar, Jan. 16th, 2017 (FULL SET)
Check out Pit Full of Shit, video by Frank Huang The post CITY OF CATERPILLAR live at Saint Vitus Bar, Jan. 16th, 2017 (FULL SET) appeared first on Metal Injection.
Metal Injection
SKULK KITS live at Saint Vitus Bar, Jan. 17th, 2017
Check out Pit Full of Shit, video by Frank Huang The post SKULK KITS live at Saint Vitus Bar, Jan. 17th, 2017 appeared first on Metal Injection.
Metal Injection
VIRGINIA CREEP live at Saint Vitus Bar, Jan. 17th, 2017
Check out Pit Full of Shit, video by Frank Huang The post VIRGINIA CREEP live at Saint Vitus Bar, Jan. 17th, 2017 appeared first on Metal Injection.
Metal Injection
CITY OF CATERPILLAR live at Saint Vitus Bar, Jan. 17th, 2017
Check out Pit Full of Shit, video by Frank Huang The post CITY OF CATERPILLAR live at Saint Vitus Bar, Jan. 17th, 2017 appeared first on Metal Injection.
RT – Daily news
Hate crimes will surge when Brexit negotiations begin, equalities chief warns
Britain should prepare for a fresh wave of attacks against EU citizens when Article 50 is triggered and Brexit negotiations formally begin, the head of Britain’s human rights watchdog has warned. Read Full Article at
Zero Hedge
CIA Unveils New Rules For “Collecting, Analyzing And Storing” Information On American Citizens
In a burst of transparency, one day after it made available some 13 million pages of archives documents online for the first time, on Wednesday the Central Intelligence Agency unveiled revised rules for collecting, analyzing and storing information on American citizens, publishing them in full for the…
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When You’re Hot And You Know It
We’re not sure if this made it on Liveleak but it did make it on Digg, so he’s got that going for him.
Digg Top Stories
5 Tools To Protect Your Cyber Security In 2017
These online courses and software will keep you protected from the NSA and Putin. Welcome to Trump’s America.
Digg Top Stories
Trump Gets Sworn In Tomorrow, Meet His Full Cabinet
With President-elect Trump’s lack of government experience, people are looking to Trump’s cabinet picks to define the political shape of his administration. Here’s a look at Trump’s cabinet appointees and nominees.
Digg Top Stories
The Argument For God Is Out Of Tune
Why scientific cosmology can’t give us the God of religion.
Digg Top Stories
NASA Study In Hawaii Paving Way For Human Travel To Mars
A group of NASA-funded researchers are poised to enter an isolated geodesic dome on a remote Hawaii volcano to study human behavior in long-term space exploration, including a planned voyage to Mars.
Reuters: Top News
Trump to visit CIA headquarters on Saturday: transition official
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Donald Trump plans to visit CIA headquarters on Saturday on his first full day as U.S. president, as he takes command of an agency that he has harshly criticized, a transition official said on Thursday.
Digg Top Stories
This Team Runs Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Page
There are more than a dozen Facebook employees writing Mark Zuckerberg’s posts or scouring the comments for spammers and trolls.
Vin Diesel auditioning for Carpool Karaoke is totally adorable
Vin Diesel is a top notch actor, but can he sing? SEE ALSO: Vin Diesel does a Kevin Spacey in India, grooves to ‘Lungi Dance’ During his Late Late Show interview with James Corden last night, Vin plead his case to appear on the ever spectacular Carpool Karaoke. While Vin sang his way into our…
Ars Technica
Great app migration takes enterprise “on-prem” applications to the Cloud
Enlarge / Fly, legacy app code! Off to the cloud! Over the past decade, companies have virtualized more and more of their IT. We’ve moved to cloud services and “DevOps” to build and deploy bundles of our new applications. But a significant portion of most organizations’ applications still run inside…
Pay Attention to Your Sleep Cycle to Always Wake Up Early
If you’re having a hard time waking up on time in the morning, you might need to adjust your schedule to align with your sleep cycles. The closer you can line up with the 90-minute rule, the better.Read more…
The Verge – All Posts
First Click: A foreboding photo from Obama’s last press conference
Pete Souza, the White House’s official photographer, has been winding down his time in the Obama administration with a series of retrospective posts on Instagram. The series has garnered a lot of media coverage, and for good reason. Souza has documented some of the president’s most intimate moments over…
Bankers in Davos See Trumps Team Making Wall Street Great Again
Hulu CEO talks streaming TV service, offline playback, cloud DVR and more
First Netflix, now Hulu. Not to be outdone by its video streaming rival, Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins said in a recent interview with Adweek that his company is actively working on the technology and licensing rights that’ll allow users to download certain content for offline consumption.
Master Feed : The Atlantic
Today’s News: Jan. 19, 2017
—Donald Trump, who will be sworn in Friday as the 45th president of the United States, has nominated former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue to be his agriculture secretary. More here —An avalanche, reportedly triggered by an earthquake, struck a hotel in central Italy; rescue workers say at least 30 people…
Physics News
Magnetic recording with light and no heat on garnet
A strong, short light pulse can record data on a magnetic layer of yttrium iron garnet doped with Co-ions. This was discovered by researchers from Radboud University in the Netherlands and Bialystok …
Physics News
Researchers imprint stable, chemically active polymer equivalents of DNA
In a carefully designed polymer, researchers at the Polish Academy of Sciences have imprinted a sequence of a single strand of DNA. The resulting negative remained chemically active and was …
What has each US president left for their successor?
From military intervention and deportation to federal debt and foreign aid, how have recent presidents performed?
LG Music Flow to get Google Home, Multiroom next month
At least among Google’s fans and partners, Google Home, and its smart Assistant, is the new hot trend. It also happens to be Google’s biggest walled garden as far as features go. Which is why, almost like a major Android version, users are incessantly asking when they’re going to get even some integration…
TechRadar: All latest feeds
Nintendo Switch’s hottest upcoming games are already discounted on Amazon
Getting a new games console is an exciting experience, but it can also be an expensive one. As well as having to spend your hard-earned money buying a new system, you’ll probably need to fork out for various accessories if you want to get the most out of it.Then there are the games, which are often pricey…
Reuters: World News
Afghan journalists face more threats as violence spreads
KABUL (Reuters) – Afghan journalists say they are facing more risks than ever as both insurgents and unscrupulous government officials increasingly threaten, assault, and even murder reporters.
Bloomberg Politics
Schaeuble Sees Difficult Path for U.K. Banks to Retain EU Rights
German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said any negotiations for U.K. banks to gain access to the European Union market will be “very difficult” if they lose so-called passporting rights as Britain exits the EU.
Pay Attention to Your Sleep Cycle to Always Wake Up Early
If you’re having a hard time waking up on time in the morning, you might need to adjust your schedule to align with your sleep cycles. The closer you can line up with the 90-minute rule, the better.As the video above from video essay channel Ismonoff explains, your brain goes through roughly 90-minute…
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Chinese billionaire Jack Ma says the US wasted trillions on warfare instead of investing in infrastructure
submitted by /u/ny92 to /r/news [link] [comments]
How to Use Videos as a Screensaver or Wallpaper
Everyone knows how to set a picture as wallpaper. Everyone knows how to use pictures, even slideshows, as screensavers. Simple, right? Well, for some. For others, there’s no end to the journey that is desktop customization. There’s default and there’s perfection. This need to customize Windows extends…
Review: Yuneec Breeze 4K
With the new Breeze 4K, Yuneec has launched a drone made just for newcomers. The post Review: Yuneec Breeze 4K appeared first on WIRED.
Inside the Weird, Industry-Shaking World of Donald Glover
Childish Gambino. Atlanta. Lando Calrissian. Glover has just about every performance space covered, and all his projects intersect in strange ways. The post Inside the Weird, Industry-Shaking World of Donald Glover appeared first on WIRED.
A Wall Alone Can’t Secure the Border, No Matter Who Pays for It
Border patrol technology is the future whether Trump acknowledges that or not. The post A Wall Alone Can’t Secure the Border, No Matter Who Pays for It appeared first on WIRED.
The Touchy Task of Making Robots Seem Human—But Not Too Human
On the anthropomorphic spectrum, is there a sweet spot for robotic assistants? The post The Touchy Task of Making Robots Seem Human—But Not Too Human appeared first on WIRED.
Now You Can Save the Democratic Party for the Low, Low Price of $4.68 a Month
On the eve of Trump’s inauguration, Democrats are falling apart. For the price of a latte, one political techie thinks he can bring them back together. The post Now You Can Save the Democratic Party for the Low, Low Price of $4.68 a Month appeared first on WIRED.
The Magnificent Refuges That Hide Humanity’s Information
What do data centers and monasteries have in common? Data storage apparently. The post The Magnificent Refuges That Hide Humanity’s Information appeared first on WIRED. – latest science and technology news stories
How driverless transport could bring an end to commuter rail strike misery
It’s not easy being a rail passenger in Britain. In recent months, London and south-east England have regularly ground to a halt in a series of rail and Underground strikes, disrupting the lives of millions. – latest science and technology news stories
Researchers identify criteria for ‘secular hymns’
Justin Timberlake sang it for a Haiti earthquake-relief fundraiser. Pentatonix put it on their Christmas album. Red Sox fans listened to it at the first game after the Boston Marathon bombing. Makes sense: the song’s called “Hallelujah,” after all. – latest science and technology news stories
Researchers develop ways to improve machining, milling processes
Fixing flaws introduced during the machining of large components used in the aircraft and heavy equipment industries can be time-consuming for manufacturers – and costly if they must scrap the flawed parts after they’ve been fabricated. A new approach developed by researchers at Missouri University of…
With Trump and Brexit closing borders, France opens its doors wider to startups and entrepreneurs
Across a series of events this week, the French Tech ecosystem sought to deliver a clear message that France is eager to serve as a global home for entrepreneurs from around the world, even as other countries put up new barriers. “France is an open, a deeply open country, and believes that the world…
Pew Research Center
Many around the world say women’s equality is very important
Majorities in all but one country said it is important that women have the same rights as men in their society, a 2015 survey of 38 nations found.
Lric Video For New Song “Walheelas Fährte” Posted By Thormesis
German black metal act Thormesis released the first taste of the upcoming fifth studio album will be entitled “Trümmerfarben.” Check out the lyric video for “Walheelas Fährte” below. “Trümmerfarben” will be issued via MDD Records on February 10th. The track listing for the album is: 1. Intro -…
Music Video For New Single “This String Is For Your Neck” Issued By Sawthis
Italian death thrash act Sawthis released a video clip for the new single “This String Is For Your Neck.” The song will appear on the upcoming new album “Babhell,” which is set to drop on March 24th via Mighty Music. More information on the album is expected soon. For now, check out “This String Is…
New Lyric Video “Built To Last” Available From HammerFall
Swedish power metal act Hammerfall issued a new lyric video for the song “Built to Last.” The song is the title track for the band’s latest album issued last November via Napalm Records. A review for the album can be found at this location. HammerFall will tour North America for the first time in…
Trollfest Releases Second In A Series Of Trailer Clips For New Album “Helluva”
Norwegian folk metal act Trollfest released the second in a series of album trailers for the upcoming new album “Helluva.” The album drops on February 24th. In the second clip (shown below), the band talks about the various instruments used on the record. The track listing for the album is: 1….
Inflation-Adjusted Rates in Britain for Five Years and Beyond May have Fallen too Much: Analysis
Gear Patrol
Deals of Note: January 19, 2017
How to save on Suitsupply, a Cuisinart cookware set and Google Daydream. …Read More »
Retro Patents turns famous inventions into art you can buy
 A fun little side project-cum-startup from two of the founders of Soundwave, the social music company acquired by Spotify, wants to turn patents into art. Launching today, Retro Patents lets you buy prints of famous patents to hang on your office wall, or at home, if that’s your thing. Read More …
Gear Patrol
Today in Gear: January 19, 2017
An IKEA biycyle, a visual history of Ducati design, a cashmere sweater collection and much more. …Read More »
Zero Hedge
Frontrunning: January 19
Yellen speech bolsters dollar after Trump’s mixed messages (Reuters) Draghi Set to Face Questions on ECB Bond Purchases (WSJ) Davos CEOs ‘go local’ on supply chain in Trump era (Reuters) Oil and Trump: Russians full of optimism (Reuters) Biggest Opposition Party Ready to Topple Swedish Government…
Scientific American Content: Global
Think Trump Will Be More Inclusive After Winning?
Behavioral research suggests that the answer is probably no — Read more on – Top Stories
Borrowing its way out of trouble, Puerto Rico sinks
The extreme laboratory of San Juan, Puerto Rico, opens a window on the future of American municipal finance, reflecting the island’s rundown economy; population flight under growing debt; vulture investors scrapping for roadkill; and the decline of local democracy.
How the Human Brain Decides What Is Important and What’s Not
New submitter baalcat writes: A new study reported by Neuroscience News sheds light on how we learn to pay attention in order to make the most of our life experiences. From the report: “The Wizard of Oz told Dorothy to ‘pay no attention to that man behind the curtain’ in an effort to distract her, but…
How-To Geek
Is Photoshop Worth the Money?
For years, the only way to get Photoshop was to pay hundreds of dollars up front for a license, or take to the dingier corners of the internet and pirate a cracked version. Now, through the Adobe Creative Cloud, you can get Photoshop for $9.99 a month. Feel free to insert your own cups of coffee, pints…
Master Feed : The Atlantic
Tiny Pollinators Need Wildlife Corridors Too
The campus of Seattle University, just east of the city center, is famous for its gardens, many of them filled with plants native to the Pacific Northwest. There is a tea garden, two rain gardens, a wildlife garden, and a community garden. There is an ethnobotanic garden, a biodiversity garden, and a…
Master Feed : The Atlantic
‘Hard to Believe There’s Just One Day Until Donald Trump Is Sworn In’
On July 6, 2015, Matt Novak, editor of the Paleofuture blog at Gizmodo, tweeted: “hard to believe there’s just 564 days until donald trump is sworn in as president of the united states.”“Don’t. Even. Joke. It.,” someone replied. hard to believe there’s just 564 days until donald trump is sworn in as…
How to change the ‘Hey, Cortana’ wake word in Windows 10
Voice-controlled gizmos are quickly taking over our digital lives, but an annoyance is coming with them: Why can’t I personalize their wake words? Who among smart-home fans isn’t tired of saying. “Hey, Google” to Google Home, for example?There’s a third-party program that aims to solve this problem for…
Cozy fellow Nick Offerman recites a moving poem about firewood
Nick Offerman knows the most important things in life: being warm, being cozy and honoring your pals.  So on Wednesday’s Tonight Show, he recited a poignant poem about his “only friend,” firewood.  Fair warning: these verses are so heartfelt, they might bring a tear to your eye. One just like…
Bloomberg Politics
Democrats Go Soft on Commerce Nominee Ross’s Tough Trade Talk
Billionaire Wilbur Ross got comparative kid-glove treatment as President-elect Donald Trump’s pick to be Commerce secretary during his Senate confirmation hearing Wednesday, even as other cabinet nominees were getting pummeled elsewhere on Capitol Hill.
Fast Company
5 Steps For Creating The Perfect Team
A people-focused, software-driven approach to building better teams and optimizing collaboration. A people-focused, software-driven approach to building better teams and optimizing collaboration.Life is a series of picking teams. Starting from the playground until now—from youth…
Fast Company
The Collaboration Software That’s Rejuvenating The Young Global Leaders Of Davos
Human-focused software helped the World Economic Forum bring one of its core programs back to life. Could it work for your office too? Human-focused software helped the World Economic Forum bring one of its core programs back to life. Could it work for your office too?It’s a tough…
Nothing to see here, just a wild orangutan teaching herself how to saw
Spy in the Wild is a revolutionary nature documentary shot with hidden cameras disguised as robotic animals, capturing never-before-seen scenes of life in the wild.  In an advance clip released by the BBC, a female orangutan finds a saw and somehow works out what to do with it.  Using the opposable…
RT – Daily news
Brexit Britain is ‘open for business,’ but only if it pays its £60bn EU debt
UK Prime Minister Theresa May might have told world leaders that Britain is ready to freely engage with markets across the globe after it leaves the European Union, but the divorce is turning bitter and costly. Read Full Article at
IoT Will Grow by Collaboration
As with most new technologies, growth for the Internet of Things will be linear to start before we hit an inflection point that will lead to mass adoption.
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Swiss cops use anti-drone guns at the World Economic Forum
Swiss authorities have added another security measure for this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos: anti-drone guns. Bloomberg has spotted local police preparing HP 47 Counter UAV Jammers to make sure no unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) gets too close to the venue, whether it’s sent by a spy organization… Full Feed
Trump Is No Obama on Ethics: New at Reason
There was a time when American voters had to wonder whether Barack Obama was personally corrupt. In 2008, that was the claim of both Hillary Clinton in the primaries and John McCain in the general election campaign. They charged that he had gotten help buying a house from a crooked, wealthy developer…. – Top Stories
Republican governors warn lawmakers about repeal of Obamacare
As U.S. Congress moves ahead with repealing the Affordable Care Act, some Republican governors are reaching out to lawmakers and urging caution.
LG will likely launch its G6 flagship on Feb. 26
LG’s G5 — as interesting it may be with its modular design and host of accessories — was a flop. Now, the company is trying to redeem itself with a very different flagship phone, and it’s likely to launch on Feb. 26, ahead of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.  We know this because we’ve…
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Help: Does Anyone Know the Story Behind This Giant Computer?
Image: Mondadori Portfolio/GettyA little over a month ago, I started writing this great column for Motherboard called Re-Exposure, which highlights fascinating historic tech photographs like Jay Leno taking part in an AOL chat, the Atari-linked history of Chuck E. Cheese, and Andy Warhol’s excellent…
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TIL A study sent 12 fake patients to psychiatric hospitals and all but 1 were diagnosed with schizophrenia. After publication, an offended hospital challenged the author to fool them. He agreed. Hospital then diagnosed 21% of incoming patients as fakes. In reality, he sent no patients at all.
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Mini robots will slice open human eyes in revolutionary surgery
Forget vacuuming the engineered wood flooring of the super-rich or cuddling old ladies in Japan, there’s a new and exciting job available for the robots of the world: eye surgery. Surgeons are testing various forms of assistant robot designed specifically for helping to perform operations on the human…
Protests flare in southern India over Jallikattu ban
Thousands protest a ban on an ancient bull-taming festival in Tamil Nadu that animal rights groups say is cruel. – Top Stories
Capitol Report: What great wealth says, and doesn’t say, about the presidency
George Washington has stood alone in many ways in American history, but he’s about to lose out to Donald Trump for one sobriquet: richest president ever.
Bloomberg Politics
Torture Suit May Bedevil Trump’s Waterboarding Campaign Pledge
A novel lawsuit seeking to hold Americans liable for complicity in alleged torture may haunt President-elect Donald Trump if he follows through on his pledge to bring back waterboarding “and worse” to fight terrorism.
HTC hopes $10m VR fund will help save the planet – CNET
The $10m fund will be used to create content for the HTC Vive that showcases issues facing the planet.
Now begins the @realDonaldTrump era – CNET
Think Donald Trump is the first president to use new media to spread his message? Think again.
Amazon inspires ‘oh shit’ moment in the retail world – CNET
The Amazon Go brick-and-mortar concept has spooked retailers looking to tech to get you back in their stores.
Selfie obsessives will rejoice at this dual front-facing camera phone – CNET
With not one but two separate camera lenses stuck on the front, your selfies on the Vivo V5 Plus might be better than ever.
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
Nanoparticles improve melting and solidification for manufacturing processes
In an advance that could lead to improved manufacturing, a new study shows that adding nanoparticles to metals during the melting process allows for better control during melting.
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
Tough aqua material for water purification
Decontamination of water with a robust and sustainable membrane assembled from two synergistically working components.
RT – Daily news
Britain’s answer to Breitbart? UKIP donor launches ‘Westmonster’ website
Multimillionaire UKIP donor Arron Banks, who bankrolled one of the major Brexit campaigns, has launched a right-wing ‘news’ website called Westmonster, which is expected to peddle his ‘anti-establishment’ agenda. Read Full Article at
Metal Storm news
Netra – Return With New Track And New Album Details
On March 9th the third full-length album <i>Ingrats</i> (French for “ungrateful ones”), by one-man project <a href=/bands/band.php?band_id=7975&bandname=Netra>Netra</a>, will see its release on Hypnotic Dirge Records. Until then, the band’s released “Everything’s Fine”, the…
Workplace Wellness Programs Could Be Putting Your Health Data at Risk
January tends to be when we (once again) start to pay attention to our waistlines and health. Some employees turn to their company’s wellness program to achieve their weight loss goals; many employers now provide these programs in an effort to help employees maintain their health and to reduce health…
Architecture Lab
When Building A Home, Build Ideas First
If you are seriously thinking building a new home, instead of buying one, it can be incredibly tempting to begin your thought process by thinking about… The post When Building A Home, Build Ideas First appeared first on Architecture Lab. RSS
There are many good reasons why you might feel the need to drive 91 mph in a snowstorm. Because you’re late for an appointment to get your stereo installed is not one of them [Facepalm]
[link] [12 comments] – latest science and technology news stories
Securing change—the fight to protect our online space
One thing we can all agree on is social media has drastically altered the way we interact with each other and the world around us. This societal shift has brought to light the need for awareness of the risks that surround it. As quickly as the landscape of social interaction changes, new threats emerge. WSJD
IBM CEO: Executives Like Trump’s Pro-Business Promises
The prospect of lower U.S. corporate tax rates and scaled-back regulations is tempering businesses’ worries about global political uncertainty, IBM Chief Executive Ginni Rometty said.
How To Maximize Your Laptop’s Battery Life
There are all kinds of reasons you might want to minimize the power draw of your laptop or desktop. To save battery, of course, but also to keep your electricity bills lower and reduce your impact on the planet. Here are all the ways you can knock down the amount of power your computer is drawing.Read…
Metal Injection
SUPPRESSION live at Saint Vitus Bar, Jan. 17th, 2017 (FULL SET)
Check out Pit Full of Shit, video by Frank Huang The post SUPPRESSION live at Saint Vitus Bar, Jan. 17th, 2017 (FULL SET) appeared first on Metal Injection. – Top Stories
These NFL teams provide the most value for fans
Sorry, Chicago Bears fans — your team provides the least value.
Alibaba billionaire Jack Ma gave a politician-like performance at the World Economic Forum
Chinese billionaire Jack Ma made an on-stage appearance at the World Economic Forum in Davos yesterday (Jan. 18)—and showed why he’s considered a smooth political operator. During a half-hour interview, the Alibaba CEO appeared relaxed as he handled a range of questions from moderator Andrew Ross Sorkin…
A unified message to Trump from China’s bigwigs at Davos: avoid a trade war
Chinese president Xi Jinping became globalization’s most vocal champion with his speech at Davos earlier this week. Though he didn’t name Donald Trump in his speech, two of China’s richest men echoed Xi’s message, and aimed it squarely at the incoming US president. “Pursuing protection is just like…
How JFK, Bush, and Obama’s inaugural speeches can be a template for Trump
On inauguration day, Donald Trump will take part in a tradition that dates back more than 200 years to George Washington: the delivery of the inaugural address. It will be his first speech as the 45th president of the United States. During the divisive campaign, Trump was known for veering from prepared…
Amazon and Netflix want to control the market for deep, edgy indie films, too
Amazon is upping the ante at the Sundance Film Festival this year. The e-commerce company, which scored its first Golden Globe film award for Manchester by the Sea, a title it picked up at Sundance last year, plans bonuses of up to $100,000 for two-year streaming rights to this year’s official Sundance…
Data show that as big companies get bigger, workers get a smaller share of the pie
Over most of the 20th century, researchers consistently found that as the economy grew, workers got about the same share of what was produced. That no longer seems to be the case. Beginning in the 1980s, workers across the world began to receive an increasingly smaller share of the pie (pdf). In 1975,…
A futuristic doctor’s office in San Francisco aims to create a new operating system for health care
The best way to think about Forward, the new clinic in San Francisco, is like a smartphone app. First, there’s the front end: a slick, seamless, Uber-like experience, a bit like a luxury health spa on the starship Enterprise. At the clinic in San Francisco’s financial district, patients glide from the…
US soldiers will be armed with machine translators to kill communication woes
Communication is critical in most professions, but in some, clear verbal exchanges can mean the difference between life and death. Soldiers in the US Army stationed abroad, for example, must convey and understand information in languages other than English, but don’t always have access to interpreters…
How do you make new friends as an adult? Be like the golden retriever
When you are an adult, it is hard to make new friends. I myself used to be real weird about it. At a party, for example, a potential friend might ask about my favorite sandwich. This is it! I would think. My big shot! What’s a cool kind of sandwich to like? But in my eagerness to impress, my mind would…
This AI translates its internal monologue for humans to understand—and plays Frogger
Artificial intelligence has allowed us to outsource many of the decisions we might normally make onto the backs of machines, like determining who’s in a photo or translating text into another language. That convenience has usually come with a cost: We can’t understand why those decisions are made,…
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Iron Maiden returning to North America this summer with Ghost
When Iron Maiden finally hit the road in support of 2015’s The Book of Souls last year, they did it in typical Maiden fashion – larger than life. Using Ed Force One, the tour hit six of seven continents (sorry Antarctica!), and was a huge success. However, as a result of the tour’s scope, they only […]
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How to Overcome Unconscious Bias
We all have prejudices we’re not even aware of—but they don’t have to govern our behavior — Read more on
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors – Front Page
New iPads Might Not Launch Until Sometime in the Second Half of 2017
Apple’s new line of iPad models might not launch “until the second half of 2017,” according to sources in the upstream supply chain speaking with DigiTimes. The new 9.7-inch iPad is predicted to enter mass production sometime in Q1 2017, while the 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch iPad models will begin production…
Reuters: World News
Exclusive: Kremlin plans special clinic for Putin’s top officials
MOSCOW (Reuters) – The Kremlin is planning to build an exclusive health clinic for President Vladimir Putin and senior officials, according to documents seen by Reuters and to medical sources familiar with the project.
Reuters: World News
Most Islamic State commanders in Mosul already killed, Iraqi general says
MOSUL, Iraq (Reuters) – Most Islamic State (IS) commanders in Mosul have been killed in battles with Iraqi government forces that raged over the past three months in the eastern side of the city, an Iraqi general said on Thursday.
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The Fight To Fix Your Brain
New companies are creating technology to calm us, help us sleep better, and create a general sense of wellness. Do the devices work?
Panasonic wants to expand Tesla partnership to sensors for self-driving
 Panasonic is hoping that it can get even closer to partner Tesla, after the relationship between the two has proven so fruitful in the realm of electric vehicle batteries. The Japanese company is looking to become involved in the production of Tesla’s self-driving system, too, with a proposal of collaborating…
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After a hike to Garibaldi Lake British Columbia [OC] [1334×750]?
submitted by /u/MadamGravy to /r/EarthPorn [link] [comments]
BBC News – World
Syria: Islamic State group ‘kills 12’ in Palmyra
Islamic State jihadists behead four people and shoot eight dead in the ancient Syrian city, monitors say.
Zero Hedge
The End Of The Obama World Order
Submitted by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog, For the past eight years, Barack Obama has been using the power of the U.S. presidency to impose his vision of a progressive world order on the entire globe.  As a result, much of the planet will greatly celebrate once the Obama era officially…
Malaysia: Muslim countries should end Rohingya crisis
Malaysia PM Najib Razak warns that Rohingya could be ‘infiltrated’ by ISIL if their plight is not solved.
Ultimate Classic Rock
Gene Simmons Booked for Five Comic Con Performances
Gene Simmons will temporarily set aside his Kiss duties for a series of solo appearances at five Comic Con events throughout the spring, summer and fall 2017. Continue reading…
Reuters: World News
Islamic State using online ‘headhunters’ to recruit young Germans
BERLIN (Reuters) – Islamic State is using “headhunters” on social media and instant messaging sites to recruit disaffected young people in Germany, some as young as 13 or 14, the head of the country’s domestic intelligence agency said on Thursday.
RT – Daily news
Israel bolsters maritime defense in offshore oil and gas zone
Tel Aviv is increasing spending on the Navy to protect its offshore oil and gas deposits better and secure a large maritime area neighboring Lebanon, Reuters reports. Read Full Article at RSS
Nearly 70,000 uppity broads – including Jane Fonda and Ariana Grande – expected at anti-Trump Women’s March in Los Angeles [Murica]
[link] [68 comments]
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Microsoft drops support for ‘Minecraft’ on Windows Phone
Microsoft, which owns Minecraft, will stop supporting the Windows Phone 8.1 version of its own immensely popular world building game, Ars Technica reports. While the game’s development continues apace, Redmond is essentially admitting that even with a massive player base, the venn diagram between Windows…
BBC News – World
Behind crisis in The Gambia – in 60 seconds
A look at why The Gambia is in turmoil, forcing tourists to flee – in 60 seconds.
Ars Technica
Netflix CEO calls out HBO for not letting subscribers binge on new shows
Enlarge (credit: Westworld, HBO) Netflix has gleefully poked a stick at its competitors in the video streaming market, after revealing it had added more than seven million subscribers to its service in the last three months of 2016. HBO also got a special mention. In a letter to shareholders,…
Reuters: World News
Taliban seeks to reassure UAE over Afghanistan attack
PESHAWAR, Pakistan (Reuters) – The Afghan Taliban has sought to reassure the United Arab Emirates that it was not behind an attack in the southern city of Kandahar that killed five UAE diplomats and injured the ambassador, senior Taliban officials said on Thursday.
Bloomberg Politics
China’s Xi, Preaching Openness Abroad, Expands Clampdown at Home
As Chinese President Xi Jinping preached “openness” and “economic liberalization” to global elites in Davos this week, his government was warning against “false Western ideas” at home.
Create a “Comfy Couch” Fund to Give Your Budget Some Everyday Wiggle Room
Your emergency fund is supposed to give you some peace of mind to cover expenses when times are tough. However, most times you wish you could spend a little extra aren’t emergencies. For those, give yourself a smaller “comfy couch” fund.As personal finance site Mixed Up Money explains, a comfy couch…
State Banks Lend Relief to Turkish Retailer Swerving Crackdown
Dollar Overshoot Raises Risk of Dangerous Year in Equities
Goldman Sachss Blankfein Says New York Is a Brexit Gainer
Dalio Says Multinational Corporations Are Threatened by Populism
10 Time-Wasting Habits You Should Quit Today
I used to be the kind of person who didn’t think twice about buying a $5 Starbucks Frappuccino, a $3 pack of donuts, or a $0.99 app for my smartphone. It’s only a dollar here, a dollar there, right? But by the end of the month, my bank account was somehow drained even though I hadn’t bought anything… Physics News
Physicists observe spontaneous symmetry breaking in an optical microcavity
Symmetry is the essential basis of nature, which gives rise to conservation laws. In comparison, the breaking of the symmetry is also indispensable for many phase transitions and nonreciprocal processes. Among various symmetry breaking phenomena, spontaneous symmetry breaking lies at the heart of many…
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We are Professor Tim Lenton and Dr Damien Mansell from the University of Exeter and we’re about to launch our free global climate change course. Ask us anything about Climate Change, from challenges to solutions!
We are Professor Tim Lenton and Dr Damien Mansell from the University of Exeter and today we’re joined by a few of our student facilitators to answer your questions about Climate Change. We’ve designed a free online course, ‘Climate Change: Challenges and Solutions’ to show you some of the science behind… – latest science and technology news stories
Gecko inspired adhesive can attach and detach using UV light
(—A small team of researchers at Kiel University in Germany has developed new technology that emulates the way a gecko uses its toes to cling to flat surfaces. In their paper published in the journal Science Robotics, the team describes their new adhesive, how well it works and possible applications. – latest science and technology news stories
Phages found to use peptide to communicate with one another
(—A team of researchers from several institutions in Israel has, for the first time, identified a molecule that phages use to communicate with one another. In their paper published in the journal Nature, the team describes the methods they used to isolate the molecule and the way it was used… – latest science and technology news stories
Islamic radicalization in Central Asia is not one-dimensional, scholar says
As Turkish authorities have arrested an Uzbek man as the alleged gunman accused of killing 39 people on New Year’s Day at an Istanbul nightclub, a University of Kansas researcher who studies Central Asia said it would be a mistake in response to view Islamic radicalization as one-dimensional in the former… – latest science and technology news stories
Study to tackle artificial intelligence law and policy
Artificial intelligence (AI) is coming at us before we fully understand what it might mean. Established ways of doing things in areas like transport regulation, crime prevention and legal practice are being challenged by new technologies such as driverless cars, crime prediction software and “AI lawyers”. – latest science and technology news stories
Scientists collaborate to reduce number of animals needed for breast cancer research
More than 200 scientists have signed up to a tissue-sharing database designed to reduce the number of animals needed for biomedical research. – latest science and technology news stories
Impending extinction crisis for non-human primates spurs a call for action
The plight of Earth’s primates has prompted researchers around the world to call for sweeping societal changes before hundreds of non-human species are driven to extinction. – Nanotechnology News Feed
Addition of Nanoparticles to Metals Could Result in Efficient and Reliable Manufacturing Processes
In an advance that could lead to improved manufacturing, a new study by UCLA researchers shows that adding nanoparticles to metals during the melting process allows for better control during melting….
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Total sea ice levels on Earth lower than ever before recorded
Arctic sea ice levels have been plummeting, and once again, the total amount of sea ice we have on our planet right now is at a record low. One meteorologist said, based on reconstructions, we have the least amount of sea ice Earth has seen in millennia. WSJD
The Government’s 11th-Hour Push for Fair Pay
In the waning hours of the Obama administration, the U.S. Labor Department has filed suits against federal contractors Oracle and J.P. Morgan Chase alleging that some employees weren’t paid fairly.
BBC News – World
Guatemalan president’s brother and son accused of fraud
Jimmy Morales, who ran on an anti-corruption ticket, says he supports his brother and son.
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Shark-derived compound could help fight Parkinson’s
In the 1990s, US researchers discovered the secret to the dogfish shark’s hardy immune system – squalamine, a potent antiviral and antibiotic compound that could protect liver and blood tissues from viral infections. Synthetic versions of the compound have since been produced and used in cancer…
Christian Science Monitor | All Stories
On global warming, Trump nominees try having it both ways
Cabinet candidates aren’t calling climate change a ‘hoax,’ but they’re taking on climate science by emphasizing a lack of modeling precision and disagreements among scientists.
Christian Science Monitor | All Stories
Assured of God’s government
A Christian Science perspective: We can know and trust that God is the only power in control.
NYT > Business Day
Right-Wing Hoteliers in Japan Anger China With Radical Historical Views
Fumiko and Toshio Motoya, founders of the APA Group and defenders of Japan’s wartime conduct, provoked threats of a boycott over a book promoted at their chain.
Bloomberg Politics
Schaeuble Cautions U.K. Against Race to Bottom on Company Taxes
German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble cautioned the U.K. against a “race to the bottom” on corporate taxation as it leaves the European Union, saying international agreements to combat the practice will apply even after Brexit.
Nerd Approved – News For Nerds
This ‘Destiny’ LEGO Build Includes A Fallen Walker That Actually Works [Video]
Between the LEGO The Last Of Us diorama and this build of Destiny‘s Divide in the Cosmodrome complete with a moving Fallen Walker, it’s been a good week for gaming x LEGO. Created by LEGO enthusiast ShadowNight36, the Divide is already cool, but the walker is next level. See the entire build below….
How-To Geek
How to Customize Your Chromecast’s Backdrop to Show Personalized Pictures, News, and More
Google’s curated collection of Backdrops—the photos that show up when your Chromecast or Android TV box is idle—is very nice, but sometimes you want to see something a little more personalized. With the Google Home app for Android and iOS (formerly the Chromecast app), you can actually change the Backdrop…
The Gadget Flow
Tespo Automatic Vitamin Dispenser
Be sure to get your nutrients every day with the Tespo Automatic Vitamin Dispenser. This effective system uses active ingredients which are delivered in a liquid shot. Much better than popping vitamins, this machine enables your body to absorb everything you need. The Tespo Dispenser helps to ensure…
The Gadget Flow
Color Muse Paint Color Identifier
Get the perfect shade every time with the Color Muse Paint Color Identifier from Variable. Easy to use, you simply place this device on the color you like and scan. Pairing with an app, you’ll get the exact product results. Perfect for DIY projects, the Color Muse also helps you find color-matched clothing,…
The Gadget Flow
Bookniture Origami Furniture
Introducing the Bookniture Origami Furniture. Versatile and lightweight, this modern system is totally foldable into a book when not in use. Coming from MoMA, this piece truly is a work of art. Amazingly, despite its folding design, it’s able to hold an impressive half-ton of weight. The accordion-style…
The Gadget Flow
YUNMAI 2 Body Fat Scale
Master your own fitness with ease with the YUNMAI 2 Body Fat Scale. Connecting to the app on your smartphone, this scale gives you all the information you need to succeed. This health management assistant is sleek and minimal to fit in with your home. It tracks ten total body measurements including body…
Chums Key Quiver
Cheap. Simple. And effective at rectifying that mess of keys in your pocket. The Chums Key Quiver is made up of a silicone sleeve and a fastener that turn a bundle of keys into a Swiss Army Knife of sorts, albeit one that’s suited to opening doors and locks. Four keys fit inside along with the included…
Moby’s new video has a message for ‘unevolved, feral, self-interested man-baby’ Trump
Sorry, Donald Trump, but Moby won’t DJ an inauguration ball for you. He has other plans. The musician, who has been a vocal critic of the president-elect on social media, knew it was a dire situation when he got an offer. “I feel like at this point, they’re probably trolling karaoke bars to find…
Zero Hedge
Initial Claims Crash To 44 Year Lows But Over 700,000 More People Are On Jobless Benefits Since Trump Was Elected
1.74mm people were ‘continuing’ to claim jobless benefits before Donald Trump was elected. In a mysterious fluke of statistical smoke and mirrors, that marked the absolute trough in the data series – showing just how awesome the economy was for Hillbama. Last week’s 2.46mm print for continuing claims…
Zero Hedge
Housing Starts Beat On Jump In Rental Units, Single-Family Permits Rise To Highest Since 2007
Confirming the recent strength in economic data, today the Commerce Department reported that housing starts jumped to 1,226k up from a revised 1,102k in the prior month, and above the 1,188K estimate, driven by a 54% surge in multi-family units, which rose from last month’s disappointing 271K to 417K…
Zero Hedge
EUR Plunges After Draghi Highlights “Downside Risks”, Downplays Inflation
Just as we warned was likely, Mario Draghi first remarks were dovish, highlighting the potential downside risks in the EU economy and suggest that inflation trends were not convincing…. in other words, the un-taper is on the cards. And  EURUSD reacted instantly… *DRAGHI SEES NO CONVINCING UPWARD…
Zero Hedge
Philly Fed Soars As Prices Paid Spike To 5 Year Highs
Philly Fed continued to surge higher post-election with almost all subcomponents rising (apart from a decline in the average workweek).   However, while the headline index is at two-year highs, Prices Paid soared to the highest since Feb 2012, and expectations for Prices Received dropped.   The…
Sitting Too Much Ages You By 8 Years
Sitting too much during the day has been linked to a host of diseases, from obesity to heart problems and diabetes, as well as early death. It’s not hard to understand why: being inactive can contribute to weight gain, which in turn is a risk factor for heart attack, stroke, hypertension and unhealthy…
Scientific American Content: Global
The Ultimate Cure for the Fake-News Epidemic Will Be More Skeptical Readers
New algorithms will help—but users’ skepticism is the ultimate weapon — Read more on
The New Yorker
Obama’s Not-So-Final Goodbye
Barack Obama’s final press conference as President, which took place on Wednesday afternoon in the White House briefing room, was a curious affair. On the face of things, it was a low-key event, in which Obama seemed to go out of his way to avoid criticizing Donald Trump or getting drawn into the many…
RT – Daily news
Soros teaming up with MasterCard to help refugees
Billionaire investor George Soros and global payments company MasterCard are planning to create a social enterprise to help refugees and migrants, as well as others struggling within their communities all over the world. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
Video of Royal Marine executing wounded Afghan must not be published, MoD tells court
Britain’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) is fighting an attempt by a group of newspapers to show the full, uncensored version of a video in which a Royal Marine executes a wounded Afghan fighter while quoting Shakespeare. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
‘New Russia’ political movement to promote reforms in economy & state management
The head of Russia’s Institute of Contemporary Economics has announced the start of the New Russia political movement, which will attempt to re-format the management of the state and fight economic recession through major reforms. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
Kremlin denies Obama’s claim on nukes, says Moscow always ready to cut nuclear arms
Moscow disagrees with the recent statement by outgoing US President Barack Obama on nuclear disarmament, stressing that it has always been open to proportional cuts to the nuclear arms arsenal, the Russian president’s spokesman says. Read Full Article at
Latest news
How better customer experience translates to revenue growth, per Forrester Research
Forrester aimed to quantify customer experience (CX) improvements and how they translated into revenue growth by industry.
Latest news
Chuwi Hi 10 plus tablet review-a low cost dual boot tablet with great performance
Latest news
Public cloud providers are on a European building spree
Major public cloud vendors are expanding beyond their first European locations, offering flexibility, choice and compliance to technology leaders.
Latest news
The hackers never went away: Brace for more state-backed attacks, leaks and copycats this year
Attacks on the US presidential election might just be the beginning; expect more hacking and leaking this year across the globe.
Latest news
How social media is crippling democracy, and why we seem powerless to stop it
Tech-assisted gaslighting is destroying truth, justice, and the American way. Can anything be done?
Latest news
Oracle to buy API development firm Apiary
Apiary provides a front-end platform for designing, creating, and governing APIs.
Colorful Apartment Decor Inspired By Paper Patterns
For the young homeowner, a French-educated fashion designer, Waterfrom Design created a colorful, sophisticated apartment inspired by paper sewing patterns. Loosely translated throughout, from the braided wires in the glass bookcase to the translucent texture of the blue bookcases mimicking fabrics,…
Just In Time For the Big Game: Score a 55″ 4K Samsung For Just $500
Update: The $500 model appears to be sold out in most areas, but the UN55KU6290 is on sale for $550. It has a different remote than the 6300, but it does have Bluetooth and all of the same ports. Read more…
The Gadget Flow
OLHO SmartReader Reading Aid
Enjoy reading any text you can find using the OLHO SmartReader Reading Aid. This device is designed for those who are visually impaired. Easily attaching to your smartphone, OLHO comprises a sturdy bracket and a ball head. With this combination, your smartphone can glide over text in books, newspapers,…
The Gadget Flow
ZUS Kevlar Lightning Cable
Charge with the power of science with the ZUS Kevlar Lightning Cable. Featuring military-grade Kevlar, this cable takes your charging and syncing seriously. Complete with MFi certification, the ZUS Cable has been tested to extremely high limits. It can bend over 15,000 times and still function – more…
The Gadget Flow
Photive HF1 Lightweight Wireless Headphones
Introducing the Photive HF1 Lightweight Wireless Headphones, the perfect marriage of style and function. But, don’t let the lightweight factor fool you. Pumping out HD audio, the HF1 Headphones have a durable aluminum frame in your choice of black or silver. Additionally, they feature a full grain leather…
The Gadget Flow
Leather iPad Pro Case
Keep your stuff together with the Leather iPad Pro Case. In addition to offering superior tablet protection, this case also features a holder for the Apple Pen. The genuine, 2mm leather is pristine with its waxed thread stitching. This stitching covers three sides to leave an opening for easy access…
The Gadget Flow
Chameleon Pens Color Tops
Transform the way you create art with the Chameleon Pens Color Tops. Combining Chameleon Pens with Chameleon Color Tops lets you blend color like never before. Whether you’re an artist or simply relax with coloring, this pen system is perfect for any project. First, insert the Chameleon Pen into the…
The Gadget Flow
Ellipse Smart Bike Lock
Protect your wheels with technology by using the Ellipse Smart Bike Lock from Lattis. Connecting to your smartphone, this lock allows for keyless entry. In addition, the lock can also detect theft if your bike is indeed stolen. With this feature, you can use the app to track down the exact location of… Full Feed
A.M. Links: Today Is Obama’s Last Full Day as President, Rick Perry Confirmation Hearings Begin, George H.W. Bush in ‘Stable Condition’
Today is Barack Obama’s last full day as president. Donald Trump will be inaugurated tomorrow. “Washington will turn into a virtual fortress ahead of Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration on Friday as the U.S. capital braces for more than a quarter-million protesters expected during the Republican’s…
Bloomberg Politics
Wright Under Consideration as Trump’s Antitrust Chief, Source Says
The Trump team is considering giving a top antitrust post to a former U.S. trade commissioner whose hands-off views on competition have at times failed to withstand court scrutiny.
This Cordless Vacuum Can Clean Under Your Furniture Without Moving It – Save $40 Today
Bissell AirRam Cordless Vacuum, $160It’s 2017, and your vacuum cleaner shouldn’t have a cord anymore. Luckily, you can save $40 on this well-designed Bissell AirRam, today only.The AirRam includes a rechargeable lithium ion battery that can run for 30 minutes at a time, a multi-surface brush roll, and…
The Ideal Amount of Protein to Eat After Exercise
If you’ve read our article about eating enough protein and want to get really serious about getting the most out of your exercise program, then you might want to consider how much protein you eat after you exercise to get the most muscle-building benefits.Once you’re able to nail your daily protein intake…
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Leaked emails reveal how Dataminr was pitched to foreign governments
In March 2015, Philippe Reines, a former aide to Hillary Clinton at the US State Department, reached out to an old colleague about his consulting firm’s client. Reines contacted Capricia Marshall, a consultant who had been the US chief of protocol, a top State Department officer who acts as a liaison…
Trump, Brexit Are More Than a Flash in the Pan, Gorman Says
Your Career Needs Many Mentors, Not Just One
These days everyone knows that finding a mentor is valuable. But it’s increasingly rare that we actually have one. In an in-depth study of professional service firms, Harvard Business School professor Thomas DeLong and his colleagues discovered: “Everyone we spoke with over age 40 could name a mentor…
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The older I get, the more I want to get off work early and rush home as quickly as possibly to do absolutely nothing but be a part of my couch.
Wow, much love to the shower people. Didn’t expect such a communal agreement on enjoying more life outside of work. I try to go home usually to play some video games. Got fired from my last job, had enough money saved up to take 2 months off and enjoy life for the first time since I moved out of my parents…
reddit: the front page of the internet
Today, 208 years ago, Edgar Allan Poe was born. Thank you for opening a world of infinite mystery and poetic gloom.
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Iron Maiden Announce 2017 ‘Book of Souls’ North American Tour With Ghost
Iron Maiden will bring their ‘Book of Souls World Tour’ back to the U.S. this summer with Ghost joining them for the run. Continue reading…
Supply-chain reports back 10.5-inch iPad Pro reports, however suggests delay until second half of year
A new supply chain source cited by Digitimes backs multiple reports that Apple is preparing to launch a new 10.5-inch iPad, with the 9.7-inch form factor being downgraded to an entry-level device. As with earlier reports, the 12.9-inch model is also said to be set for an update, with no mention of…
Elon Musk, Peter Thiel and Big Tech’s Architecture of the Future
Why should the inventors of PayPal, of all things, be the ones to decide how our homes will get power or how we will live in space?
Design Milk
Fitzroy Loft by Architects EAT
Fitzroy Loft is a minimal residence located in Melbourne, Australia, designed by Architects EAT. Fitzroy Loft is located inside the 125 years old MacRobertson Chocolate Factory, adapted for mostly residential use in the early 90s. With original concrete floors and sawtooth roof structure,…
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China’s shadow finance industry takes up the slack
Trust loans may fill funding gap for debt-burdened companies following bond sell-off
Takeya’s Ridiculously Popular Cold Brew Coffee Maker Is Just $16 Today
Update: Sold out, now up to $21Read more…
Gambia: Adama Barrow to take oath in Senegal
Gambia’s president-elect to be sworn in at Dakar embassy as incumbent refuses to go despite threat of military action.
Stay Powered Up with These 5 Cool Solar Chargers
Devices. We all rely on them every day, and we’re stuck in a constant loop of charging…
December 2016’s Loot Crate brought the revolution
Sorry, the latest Loot Crate unboxing is a bit late. Technical difficulties, gun distractions, obsessing over the Nintendo Switch, you know how it is. December 2016’s Loot Crate theme was REVOLUTION, and it […] The post December 2016’s Loot Crate brought the revolution appeared first on Full Feed
SCOTUS Seems Inclined to Nix the Ban on ‘Disparaging’ Trademarks
Comments during yesterday’s oral argument in Lee v. Tam, a First Amendment case in which an Asian-American dance rock band called The Slants is challenging the federal ban on registration of “disparaging” trademarks, suggest a majority of the Supreme Court is inclined to overturn the 71-year-old rule….
Brian Littrell Says ‘Hollywood, Chill Out’ Over Trump (VIDEO)
Brian Littrell thinks the Donald Trump Hollywood haters need to self-medicate with a chill pill. We got Brian at LAX Wednesday and he proclaimed unwavering support for Trump and was optimistic as hell. Brian also says the Inaugural Committee… – latest science and technology news stories
Rooftop observatory tracks hurricane rain and winter snow
On Friday night, while most of North Carolina braced against the biting sleet and snow with hot cocoa and Netflix, a suite of research instruments stood tall above Duke’s campus, quietly gathering data on the the storm. – latest science and technology news stories
Call issued to white hat hackers—find the flaws in new automotive software updater
A consortium of researchers today announced the development of a universal, free, and open-source framework to protect wireless software updates in vehicles. The team issued a challenge to security experts everywhere to try to find vulnerabilities before it is adopted by the automotive industry. – latest science and technology news stories
Big data suggests colleges are leveling the economic playing field
Two students attend the same college. One is from a low-income background, while the other’s family is in the top 20 percent of earners nationwide. When it comes to annual earnings in their mid-thirties, which student is likely to earn more? – latest science and technology news stories
Rethinking general-purpose computing—toward an internet of secure things
In the 1930s Alan Turing imagined a “universal computing machine” capable of computing nearly anything. Today, that universality is the backbone of the information age: Turing-like computers are running governments, businesses, homes, power grids, vehicles, and cities, all linked by a scaffolding of… – latest science and technology news stories
Massive sea lion and fur seal hunting in the Patagonian coasts is altering Southern Atlantic Ocean ecosystems
Sea lion hunting by the Europeans at the Atlantic coasts of South America started in the 19th Century and continued up to the second half of the 20th century in Argentina and Uruguay. The practice changed nutrition guidelines of these pinnipeds as well as the structure of the coastal trophic network,… – latest science and technology news stories
How anthropogenic forest fires may have impacted Earth’s climate over 10 000 years ago
Recently paleoclimatologist William Ruddiman suggested that humans may have had a significant impact on the Earth’s climate already thousands of years ago—through carbon and methane emissions originating from biomass burning and deforestation associated with early agriculture. The EARLYHUMANIMPACT project… – latest science and technology news stories
Advanced biomass cookstoves provide benefits in field settings, but less than expected from lab testing
Researchers from North Carolina State University and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine have found that while advanced wood-burning cookstoves can provide benefits to the environment and climate, these benefits are less than expected due to higher emissions measured in the field compared to laboratory…
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Canada’s ‘Pre-Crime’ Model of Policing Is Sparking Privacy Concerns
In cities across Canada, police are partnering with social service agencies that work in housing, addictions, mental health, and child welfare to identify and intervene with people who they believe are at risk of harming themselves or others.Proponents say this pre-crime approach, called the Hub and…
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Best app deals of the day! 6 paid iPhone apps for free for a limited time
Everyone likes apps, but sometimes the best ones are a bit expensive. Now and then, developers put paid apps on sale for free for a limited time, but you have to snatch them up while you have the chance. Here are the latest and greatest apps on sale in the iOS App Store. These apps normally cost money…
Popular Mechanics
Can you unring a bell?
The proverb “you can’t unring a bell” implies that once something has been said or done, it can’t be undone. But General Electric engineers disagree. The post Can you unring a bell? appeared first on Popular Mechanics.
Rogue Scientists Race to Save Climate Data from Trump
The incoming Trump administration’s EPA transition team intends to remove some climate data from the agency’s website. These researchers are swooping in to help. The post Rogue Scientists Race to Save Climate Data from Trump appeared first on WIRED.
Connected Devices Give Spies a Powerful New Way to Surveil
Opinion: A pair of Israeli security researchers argue that the advent of connected home devices presents a new opportunity for spy agencies. The post Connected Devices Give Spies a Powerful New Way to Surveil appeared first on WIRED.
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Structure of atypical cancer protein paves way for drug development
The elusive structure of a cancer cell receptor protein has been uncovered by researchers. This protein can be leveraged to fight disease progression, say investigators.
Reuters: World News
French ex-PM Valls shown winning left-wing presidential primaries
PARIS (Reuters) – Manuel Valls, who quit as Socialist prime minister a month ago to prepare a campaign for this year’s presidential election, was seen narrowly winning the left-wing primaries later in January, an opinion poll published on Thursday showed.
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Automakers Are Redesigning The Steering Wheel For Self-Driving Cars — And They Look Slick As Hell
Now this is a future we can believe in.
Digg Top Stories
Postcards From Vegas: The Beautiful, Terrible Sights Of CES
Photographer Amy Lombard roamed the expo hall at the US’s biggest tech show.
Digg Top Stories
The Gas Smugglers Of Iran
When Iran-based photojournalist Ebrahim Mirmalek was asked how he ended up documenting the underground world of gas smuggling in the Middle East, he replied, “I didn’t really go looking for the story — I was dragged into it.”
Physics News
Decontamination of water with a robust and sustainable membrane
Water purification processes usually make use of robust membranes for filtering off contaminants while working at high pressures. Can materials employing water as major component be made strong … – Top Stories
Sallie Krawcheck: Get ready for ‘financial feminism’
Sallie Krawcheck expects to see a new brand of feminism in 2017.
Zero Hedge
Overheard At Davos: “So Many People Feel That This Is One Of The Most Dangerous Times”
One of the better summaries of the tense mood at this year’s Davos proceedings, where globalists from around the world are confronted with the new protectionist, populist reality that was unleashed in 2016, comes from the NYT which recounts a dinner conversation on Monday evening as the forum got underway,…
Wave Of Bomb Threats Targets Jewish Centers, Again
Twenty-seven Jewish community centers reported receiving bomb threats Wednesday, and 16 received threats Jan. 9. No bombs were found, and the FBI is investigating the source of the threatening calls.(Image credit: Laurie Skrivan/St. Louis Post-Dispatch via AP)
Fujifilm debuts its GFX 50S digital medium format camera, the X100F and more
 Fujifilm has revealed release dates for a trio of new cameras in its classically inspired retro digital lineup, as well as new lenses and other accessories. The news today from Fujifilm includes pricing and availability for the GFX 50S, the new digital medium format camera with an entirely new lineup… Full Feed
Federalism in the Age of Trump
Once Donald Trump takes the oath of office on Friday, Republicans will control all the levers of power in Washington, D.C., for the first time since 2006. That does not mean there will be smooth sailing ahead for federal policymakers. Already, Trump and congressional Republicans determined to “repeal…
Reuters: World News
Army mutiny exposes cracks in Ivory Coast success story
ABIDJAN (Reuters) – Ivory Coast’s President Alassane Ouattara has seduced foreign investors with his single-minded focus on economic reform and growth but entrenched problems within the security forces threaten to undermine a much-lauded recovery.
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Back to the future: Silicon may work for quantum computing
(credit: Although I write a lot about quantum computing, I’ve not really paid much attention to performing quantum computations with silicon-based qubits. Luckily Stephanie Simmons from Simon Fraser University in Canada helped me catch up. The idea with silicon-based quantum computers…
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Protein complex prevents genome instability
An international research collaboration is investigating the repair process of a serious form of DNA damage that can lead to instability of genetic material and tumor formation. The researchers are studying the roles of groups of proteins that control the repair of double-stranded breaks (DSBs) in DNA… all content
Of old habits and new ideas
Controversy and opposition in the face of world-changing innovation has a long history and being an innovator is never plain sailing, says Wasiu O Popoola all content
Web life: Nanoscale Views
“A blog about condensed matter and nanoscale physics. Why should high energy and astro folks have all the fun?” says blogger Douglas Natelson
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US Secretary of Transportation Foxx: ‘How much force is applied by the future administration is an open question’
When President Obama appointed Anthony Foxx as his Secretary of Transportation in 2013, no one expected self-driving cars and drones to become big topics in mainstream America. Secretary Foxx has shepherded the country through some of the biggest technical changes in transportation in decades. When The…
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Crunch Time for Erdogan as Parliament Votes on Greater Powers
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s campaign to secure sweeping executive authority is facing a critical vote in Turkey’s parliament, where victory will put him one step away from building a power center unrivaled since the days of Ataturk. Music
Alanis Morissette’s Manager Admits to Defrauding Singer of Millions
Alanis Morissette’s former business partner Jonathan Schwartz admitted to stealing $4.8 million from the singer and another $2 million from other clients in a Los Angeles court on Wednesday, BBC reports. Schwartz worked with Morissette from 2009 to 2016. According to The Hollywood Reporter, his duties…
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Gift Guide: Get Well Soon: Some of our favorite products that promote wellness
For those in the middle of a dry January or anybody struggling with their two-week-old resolution to take better care of themselves, it can be hard to remain motivated. Like some of us at CH HQ, a reward or simply changing up your routine can help…… Continue… Full Feed
Let the States Take the Lead: New at Reason
When President Donald Trump is sworn-in on Friday, Republicans will control all the levers of power in Washington. In some cases, they should resist the urge to pull them, writes Eric Boehm: In place of major federal action to implement new policy, then, the new Republican-controlled government…
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ICYMI: The U.S. Army is making actual hover bikes
Today on In Case You Missed It: The Galactic Empire will have some competition for Speeder Bikes soon enough, from the US Army. Researchers there have been working on hoverbikes for a few years now, based on an Australian inventor’s design. Make sure to watch the video of the temperatures… US Business
Paul McCartney to U.S. Court: ‘Help!’
Paul McCartney is taking Sony Corp.’s music-publishing division to court in an effort to take back his copyrights in Beatles songs he mostly co-wrote with John Lennon. US Business
German Companies on a Tear in U.S.
German companies are accelerating their expansion in the U.S., undaunted by President-elect Donald Trump’s threats to limit international trade and uncertainty surrounding his future stance on foreign takeovers. US Business
Google Uses Its Search Engine to Hawk Its Products
A Wall Street Journal analysis found that Google often pushes its growing list of hardware products, from Pixel phones to Nest smart thermostats, in the top ad spot above its search results. US Business
Indian Firms Fear Curbs on Skilled-Visa Workers Under Trump
President-elect Donald Trump doesn’t take office until Friday, but he is already forcing India’s mammoth $108 billion technology outsourcing industry to rethink hiring practices in the U.S., its largest market. US Business
The Most Coveted Ball in Golf Is From Costco
Costco, the warehouse retail giant, began selling golf balls last fall under its Kirkland Signature brand. The balls instantly ranked among the cheapest on the market, but by some accounts, they perform like rivals that sell for more than twice as much.
BBC News – World
Italy Rigopiano avalanche: Dozens missing under snow and rubble
Three bodies are removed from the ruins of a luxury mountain hotel as a desperate search continues.
Curbed National
Ikea’s cool new joint means stronger furniture and faster assembly
Your next table might actually make it through more than one move Ikea, the Swedish furniture giant, is known for design-savvy, low-cost wares more than heirloom-quality goods. But the world’s largest furniture company has been doing quite a bit of R&D in the ‘ole woodshop. The result is a new joinery…
Christian Science Monitor | All Stories
More than half of all primates face an ‘alarming’ decline. Can it be halted?
A comprehensive new look at the numbers of our fellow primates doesn’t bode well.
Christian Science Monitor | All Stories
3 ways to save on rising gas prices
A year ago, America was basking in some of its lowest gas prices in years. Alas, such prices are unlikely to return in the coming few years.
Christian Science Monitor | All Stories
As Trump’s ‘roll-back cabinet’ takes charge, lessons from Reagan era
Today’s president-elect may not have the ideological purity of Reagan, but many of his cabinet choices are just as conservative, if not more so. And they could have big impact.
Reuters: World News
Iraq counts on U.S. advisers, mostly out of sight, in war on Islamic State
BARTELLA, Iraq (Reuters) – When Iraqi forces faced a fierce Islamic State counter-attack last month at a hospital in Mosul they had stormed without enough troops to hold it, U.S. advisers behind the front lines shepherded them to safety. Markets
Some Bankers Get Sweeteners for Their Donuts
Deutsche Bank will slash bonuses for 2016, but rivals will struggle to follow suit.
Metal Injection
Megadeth, Lamb Of God, Stone Sour, Anthrax, Suicide Silence, and more! The post OZZY, AVENGED SEVENFOLD, SLAYER To Headline Rock USA 2017 appeared first on Metal Injection.
This is the world’s first solar-powered road
A small village in France is hosting the world’s first the solar-powered road called Wattway. Wattway was constructed by French civil engineering firm Colas and was funded by the French government. It cost a whopping $5.33 million. The solar-powered road is designed to produce enough energy to power…
Reuters: Top News
Trump formally announces Perdue as nominee for agriculture
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President-elect Donald Trump on Thursday officially announced Sonny Perdue as his choice for secretary of agriculture, selecting a former Georgia governor over candidates from the Midwest, which dominates U.S. agricultural exports.
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Deliveroo Plus is a £9 subscription for takeout addicts
Deliveroo has made an impact in the UK because it allows hungry so-and-sos to order from their favorite big name restaurants, such as PizzaExpress, Wagamama, Giraffe and Gourmet Burger Kitchen. But you pay for the privilege — Deliveroo typically cha…
Breathtaking New Video Footage of the Ocean’s Uncharted Depths
Over thirteen thousand feet below the surface, hundred-foot hydrothermal vents spew black, 690 degree fluid like chimneys from the ocean floor. Tiny crabs, shrimp and limpets scuttle beneath the smokestacks, and a remotely-operated vehicle named SuBastian went down there recently to join them.Read more…
Scientific American Content: Global
Cutting Greenhouse Gases Would Help Trump Achieve His Economic Goals
The new administration could cut greenhouse gases and achieve its economic goals all at once — Read more on
Johnny Depp thanks fans for standing by him in People’s Choice Award speech
Just after his Jan. 13 divorce settlement with Amber Heard, Johnny Depp received a People’s Choice Award for Favorite Movie Icon. Depp and Heard reached a settlement after last year’s restraining order and Heard’s claims of domestic abuse against the actor. SEE ALSO: Johnny Depp is Hollywood’s most…
Make Your Dutch Oven Pull Double Duty by Flipping Over Its Lid and Using It as a Baking Sheet
Dutch ovens are essential for tasks like braising meat and cooking up hearty stews, but they are also quite large, and take up more than their fair share of oven real estate. To use your Dutch oven to braise and roast at the same time, just flip the lid over.You can get the basic idea from photo above,… RSS
When you kick it to the great beyond, have you gotten your digital life in order? [Interesting]
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Russian Invasion Talk Poses Economic Risk for Tiny Neighbor
Africa Clean-Power Push May Help EU Migrant Crisis, Conde Says
RBS Said to Mull Multibillion-Dollar Charge Over U.S. Mortgages
3 Doors Down Frontman Proud to Play at Inauguration (VIDEO)
3 Doors Down isn’t necessarily rocking for Donald Trump … they’re rocking for America, dammit!!! We got frontman Brad Arnold leaving rehearsal at the Lincoln Memorial Wednesday night, and he clearly has no reservations about playing…
Tyler Perry Says He Hopes for Trump Every Day (VIDEO)
Tyler Perry says he has a mantra every day about soon-to-be President Donald Trump. We got Tyler leaving Catch Wednesday and he said he actually has hope for Trump, but lays everything at DT’s doorstep, saying he must change his priorities.…
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Creating a market for recycled materials in the new plastics economy
A major brand is putting out the first fully recyclable shampoo bottle made from recycled beach plastic – latest science and technology news stories
Research recommends composting as a viable option for solid waste management in Sri Lanka
Solid waste management is growing as a major problem in urban Sri Lanka with a rising population and rapid urbanization. The present system of open dumping has caused environmental and public health hazards, a research study has found. The research published in the NSBM Journal of Management, which is… – latest science and technology news stories
New study will help find the best locations for thermal power stations in Iceland
A new research article, with lead authors from the University of Gothenburg, gives indications of the best places in Iceland to build thermal power stations. – latest science and technology news stories
School curricula are a reflection of society’s expectations
In a pioneering project, researchers studied the development of school curricula in Switzerland’s three main language regions. This SNSF-funded project clearly showed that ever since the Swiss school system was created in 1830 the importance and content of every subject in the curriculum, whether language,… – latest science and technology news stories
The poverty penalty in action—less for your money
The recent Bank of England evidence on the record levels of personal debt that have accumulated since the 2008 economic crash highlight the financial vulnerability of many people across the UK. Research by the University of Manchester into everyday living costs for those with limited financial resources… – latest science and technology news stories
One night stand regrets
Have you ever ended up in bed with someone without it turning into anything more? You’re far from alone. – latest science and technology news stories
CRISPR meets single-cell sequencing in new screening method
Genome editing using CRISPR/Cas9 “gene scissors” is a powerful tool for biological discovery and for identifying novel drug targets. In pooled CRISPR screens, a large number of cells are edited simultaneously using CRISPR guide-RNAs against thousands of different genes. Next, some of the edited cells… – latest science and technology news stories
Herbaria prove valuable in demonstrating long-term changes in plant populations
A new study published today in Botany demonstrates how herbaria can be valuable resources for studying the impact over time of large herbivores on perennial plant populations. – latest science and technology news stories
One in five adults secretly access their friends’ Facebook accounts
Most people are concerned about the prospect of their social media accounts being hacked, but a new study finds that it’s actually people we know who frequently access our accounts without our permission. – latest science and technology news stories
Quality control inside the cell
The ability to dispose of proteins that are either aberrant or (in the worst case) toxic is fundamental to a cell’s survival. Researchers from Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin have been able to demonstrate the manner in which two specific proteins recognize defective messenger RNAs (molecules that… – latest science and technology news stories
Six cosmic catastrophes that could wipe out life on Earth
If you ask yourself what the biggest threat to human existence is you’d probably think of nuclear war, global warming or a large-scale pandemic disease. But assuming we can overcome such challenges, are we really safe? – latest science and technology news stories
Employee wages not just linked to skills, but quality of co-workers
The presence of high-performing co-workers can improve an individual’s earnings, research at the University of York has shown. – latest science and technology news stories
Facebook to build its 3rd data center outside US in Denmark
Facebook will build a 56,500 square meter (608,161 square foot) data center in central Denmark, its third such center outside the United States.
ASRock H110M-HDS Intel H110 LGA 1151 Micro ATX Motherboard $36.99AR
ASRock H110M-HDS Intel H110 LGA 1151 Micro ATX Motherboard $36.99AR US Business
Student Debt Payback Far Worse Than Believed
An analysis of revised Education Department numbers shows that at more than 1,000 schools, at least half of students defaulted or failed to pay down their debt within seven years.
How to Download Free Amazon Kindle eBooks to Your PC
The Kindle is a fantastic platform for book lovers, even if you prefer physical copies. For around $100, you get a device that lets you read at night, lets you purchase books instantly, and lasts for weeks on a single charge. Although there are several Kindle models to fit any budget, perhaps you want…
6 Easy Tools for People Who Hate Managing Finances
Financial management might be fun for some, but for many it is a dreadful task. Unfortunately, it is part of life and must be tackled. If you hate taking the time, energy, and brain power to manage your finances, using the right tool can help. Whether you want something just to track what you spend or… Physics News
Police horses contribute to research in physics
Recently, fifteen police horses in Gothenburg have contributed to science. They have supported the development of a new method to detect damages in the hooves by using thermoelectric sensors. In the future, hopefully, this technique can be an attractive alternative to other diagnostic tools, for example…
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AOC’s new gaming monitor is a curved 35-inch ultra-wide beast
AOC has revealed a huge premium gaming monitor which is curved and ultra-wide, aimed at eSports pros and boasting Nvidia’s G-Sync technology.The AOC Agon AG352UCG is a large 35-inch VA panel with a curvature radius of 2000mm and a resolution of 3440 x 1440 (which is a 21:9 ratio otherwise known as ultra-wide,…
RT – Daily news
Bomb squad called 600 times in 2 months to blow up volatile chemical in UK schools
Military bomb disposal teams were called out to hundreds of schools in the UK in the space of two months to safely destroy a potentially-dangerous chemical stored in many chemistry classrooms. Read Full Article at
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Mapping brain in preemies may predict later disability
Scanning a premature infant’s brain shortly after birth to map the location and volume of lesions, small areas of injury in the brain’s white matter, may help doctors better predict whether the baby will have disabilities later, according to a new study.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Raw materials for meatballs, falafel from mealworms and crickets
A research team has developed food ingredients from mealworms and crickets which, due to their promising structure and flavor, have the potential to be used in the manufacture of foods such as meatballs and falafel. EU legislation will change in the coming years, and the farming of insects and their…
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Eco-HAB: New quality in research on neuronal basis of social behavior
How the brain controls social behaviors and what exactly the neuronal impairments causing its pathologies are, is yet to be determined. To better understand mechanisms in play, scientists perform thousands of tests of social interactions, usually conducted in mice. However, such assays are highly irreproducible,…
The Wirecutter
Dear Wirecutter: What’s the Best Way to Clear Snow From a Flat Roof?
Q: Our home is a mid-century modern home in the Washington DC region with 4,000 square feet of flat roof when you factor in overhangs, porches, etc. What we can’t sort out is: What’s the most effective way of removing snow from a residential flat roof without breaking (in order of importance) our marriage,…
Palestinians in Israel strike after deadly Negev raid
Palestinians in Israel protest in cities across the country after home demolition raid turned deadly in Um al Hiran.
Switches coming out this year will drive open networking forward
Two moves by open networking vendors this week are likely to chip a little bit more off the monolith of proprietary, appliance-like equipment that still moves most packets around enterprise data centers. On Thursday, network OS supplier Cumulus Networks introduced turnkey switches based on standard…
Today’s Best Deals: 4K Samsung, Cordless Vacuum, Wireless Headphones, and More
A lie-flat vacuum, a 55″ 4K Samsung, and the most popular cold brew coffee maker lead off Thursday’s best deals from around the web. Read more…
Forbes – Markets
Pembina Pipeline About To Put More Money In Your Pocket
On 1/23/17, Pembina Pipeline Corp (Toronto: PPL) will trade ex-dividend, for its monthly dividend of $0.16, payable on 2/15/17. As a percentage of PPL’s recent stock price of $41.89, this dividend works out to approximately 0.38%. Click here to find out which 9 other Canadian stocks going ex-dividend…
FINsix Dart Laptop Charger
Take a close look–you’ll have to–at FINsix Dart, the tiniest laptop charger on Earth. Four times smaller and less weighty than most of its regular 65W peers, it also sports a 2.1A USB port to juice extra gadgets and is compatible with most major manufacturers, supporting 100-240V for easy international…
Architecture Lab
Lessons In Green Building From Africa’s First LEED-Certified Hospital
When Ghana commissioned a new hospital for its capital city Accra, the West African nation hoped to earn LEED certification, a prestigious rating … The post Lessons In Green Building From Africa’s First LEED-Certified Hospital appeared first on Architecture Lab.
Security startup CryptoMove fragments data and moves it around to keep it secure
 CryptoMove, a new security startup emerging from stealth today, has a different view of data security. Instead of simply encrypting, monitoring or recording it; the early-stage startup breaks the data into pieces and continually moves it around, making it virtually impossible for hackers to do anything…
Vertigo lets friends listen to the same music in real time
 Developers have long tried (and mostly failed) to give users a social media platform that centers around music. Apps like DubSmash and have risen above the rest, but a brand new app called Vertigo is looking to mix it up. What’s interesting about Vertigo is that the app lets you share music…
Canadian company UrtheCast sells two satellites to unnamed government
Canadian remote sensing company UrtheCast has sold two satellites of a planned constellation to an unnamed government. The company said this week that “a confidential government customer” has purchased the first two satellites of its OptiSAR system, an agreement valued at $180 million that includes…
AI software is figuring out how to best humans at designing new AI software
 Who programs the programmers? Soon enough, it might not be people behind the development of advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence tech, but other AI. MIT looks at the most recent work done by a range of different organizations, including Google Brain, who are working on AI that can develop…
Zero Hedge
Pressures Mount On Aussie Banks
By Chris at Market dislocations occur when financial markets, operating under stressful conditions, experience large widespread asset mispricing. Welcome to this week’s edition of “World Out Of Whack” where every Wednesday we take time out of our day to laugh, poke fun at…
Zero Hedge
The Yellen Fed Just Declared War on Trump
Before starting this article, I want to stress the following: I HATE politics. However, in todays’ highly politicized world, you cannot ignore some moves. On that note, on Tuesday night, President-Elect Donald Trump stated in an interview with the WSJ that the “USD was too strong.” Less than 24 hours…
Zero Hedge
McCain’s Hypocrisy Has No Bounds
Submitted by Mike Shedlock via, TechDirt writer Mike Masnick is so disgusted with fake-patriot politicians that he stopped writing about tech dirt and instead wrote about human dirt: Senator John McCain. Masnick took McCain’s statement “President Obama’s commutation of Chelsea Manning’s…
Planet Earth II Blu-Ray Preorder $29.83
Planet Earth II Blu-Ray Preorder $29.83 US Business
U.K. Will Be Global Trade Leader, May Says
British Prime Minister Theresa May said the U.K. would become a world leader in promoting the merits of globalization, underscoring her vision of an internationalist Britain outside the EU.
BBC News – World
New Zealand imports insects to fight plant invader
Country makes exception to its strict environmental policy to rid itself of giant reeds.
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Eco-friendly Syrian refugee housing that anyone would love to call home
Building refugee housing often means fast construction at the expense of beauty and quality, but that doesn’t have to be the case if we take German architect Werner Sobek’s work as any indication. Sobek and the company Aktivhaus recently completed a modular development for 200 Syrian refugees in the…
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The mystery of Namibia’s desert fairy circles may have been solved
The truth is out there… in Namibia. Previously, Inhabitat reported on the mysterious “fairy circles” that have appeared without explanation in the Namib Desert for millennia. Over the past several decades, scientists have sought to uncover what exactly is causing this mysterious phenomenon. Although…
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Do Regulations Really Kill Jobs?
It was in the early days of Ronald Reagan’s campaign for president that America first started frequently hearing the term “job-killing regulations” in response to an increasing number of environmental laws. Reagan criticized the Carter administration for doing a terrible job with the economy, and said…
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Ranked: Donald Trump’s Foreign-Policy Contradictions
“We must as a nation be more unpredictable,” proclaimed Donald Trump in April. On the eve of his inauguration as president of the United States, he can already declare victory. There are major foreign-policy issues about which Trump has generated huge uncertainty by flatly contradicting his own policy…
Always Check Carry-On Size Limits When Flying on International Airlines
If you can pack everything you need for a long trip in carry-on luggage, go for it, but if you’re flying abroad, keep in mind that carry-on size restrictions are often more frequently enforced on international carriers. Budget airlines in Europe are especially known for this, says Rick Steves.Beyond…
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Belgium jails 14 people for making fake IDs for jihadists: media
BRUSSELS (Reuters) – A Belgian court handed out prison sentences of up to eight years for a group of 14 people convicted of falsifying documents used by Islamist militants in attacks in Paris and Brussels, Belgian media reported on Thursday. Full Feed
Federal Judge on Trump’s SCOTUS Short-List Issues Major 2nd Amendment Decision
On Wednesday the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit handed Second Amendment advocates a major victory when it struck down multiple gun range regulations imposed by the city of Chicago as unconstitutional infringements on the right to keep and bear arms. The majority opinion in the case, Ezell…
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Metal Cooking Instructor’s Band THE ANCHOR Is Pretty Good!
Linzey Rae does a great job. The post Metal Cooking Instructor’s Band THE ANCHOR Is Pretty Good! appeared first on Metal Injection.
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Time for Trump to remove US sanctions against Russian banks – VTB head
President-elect Donald Trump should prioritize lifting sanctions on Russian banks imposed by the United States three years ago, said the head of Russia’s second-biggest bank VTB Andrey Kostin at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Read Full Article at
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More than half of atrial fibrillation patients become asymptomatic after catheter ablation
More than half of patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) become asymptomatic after catheter ablation, reports the largest study of the procedure.
Alibaba is now the official cloud services provider of the Olympics
 Today at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Alibaba and the International Olympic Committee announced that Alibaba will become the official “Cloud Services” provider for the Olympics. The deal will last through 2028. Considering the next three olympics will be in Asia – South Korea in 2018, than Japan…
Here are all of the Samsung devices getting Nougat updates
Samsung has – at long last – revealed a full list of phones and tablets that will receive Android 7.0 Nougat. The list was actually revealed at the end of an announcement for the Galaxy S7’s Nougat update. Of course, we already knew that Nougat was being sent out to Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge handsets, but…
Five thoughts to sober up the morning after Trump
The morning after Donald Trump’s inauguration there a few things Americans should reflect on.
Egypt extends detention of Al Jazeera’s Mahmoud Hussein
Al Jazeera denies charges against Mahmoud Hussein and calls for his release as detention is extended for second time.
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Yes, science is political
Over the past few weeks, we’ve gotten notes from Verge Science readers wondering why news from the incoming Trump administration has seeped into our science coverage. I wasn’t surprised: it’s tempting to believe that science is apolitical. But science and politics are plainly related: science is the…
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The directors of An Inconvenient Truth sequel on how anybody can help save the environment
The sequel to An Inconvenient Truth  — the 2006 documentary by Al Gore that spread awareness about climate change — is premiering today at the Sundance Film Festival. The new movie, dubbed An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, is directed by filmmaking couple Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk, and follows…
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India dismisses Trump impact on climate targets: India’s energy minister says the new US government will have no impact on his country’s renewable power plans, with investors queuing up to support new wind and solar projects.
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Bestselling books the week of 1/19/17, according to IndieBound
What’s selling best at independent bookstores across America.
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Global subway map shows the potential of a hyperloop-connected world
Imagine being transported across the country in a tube, at speeds of over 700 miles per hour, and you have stepped into the minds of Hyperloop One’s Global Challenge finalists. The LA-based company has selected 35 teams to present plans for local hyper