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Is molecular scanning the next killer smartphone app? Si-Ware is betting on it
Molecular scanners may soon become commonplace in smartphones thanks to Si-Ware Systems, which announced its fully integrated chip-based spectral scanning solution on Tuesday. Unlike the molecular scanner-equipped Changhong H2, which debuted to widespread acclaim at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show,…
Digital Trends
Touchy subject: Apple’s 12-inch MacBooks may have a problem with sticky keys
A number of users of 12-inch MacBooks have been reporting to Apple that they have had problems with keys sticking. Users claim that the keys do not actuate properly, and lack any sort of tactile feedback, and there also appears to be no auditory click designating their actuation. MacBooks have, like…
Digital Trends
Despite scandals and explosions, Samsung reports highest quarterly earnings in 3 years
Proving that every action really does have an equal and opposite reaction is Samsung, which has bounced back from its seemingly disastrous Galaxy Note 7 recall with its best quarter in three years. On Tuesday, the South Korean phone maker posted its fourth quarter earnings, announcing that it had posted…
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Robot problems.
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I put an iPhone 5S and a Galaxy S6 under a microscope to see their screens
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LPT: don’t assume someone who doesn’t want to talk is angry with you or doesn’t like you. Some people just aren’t talkative.
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Nimbus 2000 build process I Made as a gift for a family friend’s son
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Science AMA Series: Hi Reddit! I am Jennifer Maclachlan, a small chemical business owner and science café founder. Ask me anything about entrepreneurial happenings or tips in the chemical sector.
Hi Reddit! I’m Jennifer Maclachlan, and together with my father, Jack Driscoll, I own and operate PID Analyzers, LLC, headquartered on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. We are gas detection specialists credited with the commercialization of the world’s first hand-held photoionization detector. We manufacture…
Here’s the 800 or So Toys Funko Announced Yesterday
Say what you will about the Pop Vinyl toy aesthetic, there is something to be admired in Funko’s ability to acquire licenses for their toys like grey goo nanomachines devouring their way across the face of the Earth. Case in point, the company announced like, a hojillion toys at the UK Toy Fair yesterday,…
This Mini-MRI Scanner For Newborns is Ridiculously Cute
After 12 years of development, a miniature FMI scanner for newborns has been installed at a maternity hospital in the United Kingdom—and it’s kind of adorable.Read more…
The Awesomer
Innovo Tritium Jewelry
Price: $60+  | BuyInnovo Design creates jewelry and other accessories packing tiny vials of radioactive tritium gas, which makes them glow in low light or darkness without need to be “charged” in daylight. They offer rings, pendants, USB drives, bottle openers, and even a tritium “flashlight.” … US Business
CEOs Drafting Plan for Trump Juggle Conflicting Goals
For the corporate executives tasked by President Donald Trump with drafting a plan to boost U.S. manufacturing, the hard part will be returning in just 30 days with policy recommendations on which they can all agree. US Business
Google Privacy Policy Change Faces Scrutiny in EU
Alphabet’s search giant is facing new scrutiny of its privacy policies that could compound the company’s regulatory challenges. An altered policy allows it to build more robust user profiles to accurately target advertising.
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Get the Vitamins You Need, Without the Stress (or the Store)
A simple, straightforward way to get your daily dosage. …Read More »
Gear Patrol
5 Modern Cutlery Sets Designed by Famous Architects
For a better-looking, better-functioning dinner table. …Read More »
How to Find Last Minute Flights and Travel Deals Online
How do you go from wanting to take a last-minute vacation to booking something that’s not going to break the bank? Let’s say you’ve got some time off work coming up in a few weeks. What tips, tricks, and advice will help you find the absolute best last-minute deals? Over the past few years, I’ve traveled…
Physics News
Sci-fi holograms a step closer with tiny invention
Australian National University physicists have invented a tiny device that creates the highest quality holographic images ever achieved, opening the door to imaging technologies seen in science …
Physics News
New insights into the forms of metal-organic frameworks
The accurate interpretation of particle sizes and shapes in nanoporus materials is essential to understanding and optimizing the performance of porous materials used in many important existing …
Physics News
Nanocavity and atomically thin materials advance tech for chip-scale light sources
When an individual uses Facebook or searches Google, the information processing happens in a large data center. Short distance optical interconnects can improve the performance of these data …
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Two Journalists Charged With Felony Rioting During Trump Inauguration Protests
Two journalists covering the protests coinciding with Donald Trump’s inauguration have been charged with felony rioting, charges that could land them 10 years in prison and up to a $25,000 fine. Evan Engel, a senior producer for Vocativ, and Alexander Rubenstein of RT America were among numerous arrests… Music
Neil Diamond Preps 50th Anniversary Box Set
Neil Diamond will celebrate the 50th anniversary of his first hit, “Solitary Man,” with a career-spanning box set out March 31st.Neil Diamond 50 – The 50th Anniversary Collection will boast 50 tracks over three discs, as well as a booklet featuring new liner notes. Diamond helped pick the track list…
Preview Clip For Debut Album “Beyond The Flight” Available From Vescera
Vescera – the new band featuring Obsession lead vocalist Michael Vescera (ex-Loudness/ex-Yingwie Malmsteen) and ex-members of Nitehawks – issued a preview clip for the upcoming debut record “Beyond the Flight.” The album is scheduled for release in April via Pure Steel Records, with the exact date to…
Video For New Song “Lies” Available From Sacrilege
NWoBHM band Sacrilege released a video for the new song “Lies”. The track will appear on the band’s upcoming new album “The Court Of The Insane.” The album is the follow up to the 2015 release “six6six.” The song version used for the video is a bit different from the one set to appear on the new album….
Debut Full Length “I Am The Devil” To Be Released From Satan Worship
The release date for the full length debut from Satan Worship entitled ‘I’m The Devil” will be March 10th via Pure Steel Records. The pre-order phase will start on February 24th, 2017 in Pure Steel Records’ webshop. Satan Worship is a union between members of Brazil’s Sodomizer and Morgoth drummer…
Track Listing For “The Source” Revealed By Ayreon
Ayreon revealed the track listing for the upcoming new album “The Source.” The band has yet to reveal the release date and impending pre-order information. Vocal guest appearances for “The Source” include: James Labrie (Dream Theater) as “The Historian”; Tommy Rogers (Between the Buried and Me) as…
Truth Inc Records Signs Amoderndeath
Truth Inc Records announced the signing of Australia’s Amoderndeath to the label roster. Offering a unique sound that is both groove driven riffing that collides with monlithic doom, the South Australian act is currently working on a debut album for the label. Amoderndeath has shared the stage with…
New Video “The Refuge” Available From Rise To Fall
Spanish modern melodic death metal act Rise To Fall issued a new music video for the song “The Refuge.” The song appears on the band’s latest release “End Vs Beginning,” which is available now via Coroner Records. Check out the clip here: Read More/Discuss on Metal
Recordings For Sophomore Album Scheduled For Feburary By Apophys
After a successful European tour with Vader, Hate Eternal, Threat Signal and Lord of War, Dutch death metal band Apophys is ready to record the sophomore album and follow up to the highly acclaimed debut “Prime Incursion,” which was released by Metal Blade Records in 2014. The band will hit the studio…
BBC News – World
‘Gambian anthem’: Red Card for Jammeh
How Red Card by Silky Criss became the anthem of The Gambia’s recent political crisis.
New Album “Shifting.Negative” Streaming In Full From Aborym
Italian industrial/electronic metal act Aborym is streaming the new album “Shifting.Negative” in full, which you can enjoy in the player below. The album drops via Agonia Records tomorrow, January 25th. The track list for the album is: 1. Unpleasantness 2. Precarious 3. Decadence in a Nutshell…
Recordings For New Album Set To Begin By Halcyon Way
Atlanta metal act Halcyon Way is set to begin the recording process for the follow-up release to 2014’s Billboard charting album, “Conquer” (see review here). The band will be heading to Audiohammer Studios in Orlando, Florida on January 27th to complete the drum tracking, with producer Mark Lewis…
New Song “Put Me To Shame” Available For Streaming From Tokyo Moto Fist
Tokyo Motor Fist – the collaboration between Danger Danger singer Ted Poley and guitarist/producer Steve Brown of Trixter – released another new song from the self-titled debut album that drops on February 24th via Frontiers Music Srl. Check out “Put Me To Shame” in the player below. 1. Pickin’ Up…
Debut Album “Through The Scarlet Veil” Set For Vinyl Release From Blood Moon
Today, Iron Bonehead Productions sets March 24th as the international release date for Blood Moon’s debut album, “Through the Scarlet Veil,” on vinyl LP. Originally released last year on CD and cassette formats by different labels, Blood Moon’s first manifestation is a grand one – mystical, spectral…
New Album “Master Of The Dead” Announced By Thrash Bombz
Italian thrashers Thrash Bombz will release the new album “Master Of The Dead” on March 3rd via Iron Shield Records (distribution via Pure Steel Records). The album is the sophomore full length record and follow up to the debut “Mission Of Blood” (2014) and follow up EP “Dawn.” The track listing for…
Newswise: SciNews
New Organ Culture System Reveals Effects of BPA Exposure on Fetal Mammary Glands
A new laboratory model enables tests of how developing fetal mammary tissue is affected by exposure to estrogen and estrogen-like chemicals such as BPA. Previous animal model research has suggested changes in fetal mammary tissue may be linked to higher risk of breast cancer in adulthood.
The FDA’s Newly Proposed GMO Rules Are Nonsense
As the end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it approached last week and the entire internet devolved into a morass of Trump headlines, the Food and Drug Administration quietly put forth proposed regulations that could drastically impact whether genetically engineered food winds up on your dinner plate in the…
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Top 10 ways to share files securely
The internet is made for sharing and it’s perfectly understandable that the moment you snap a picture of a new addition to the family, or some other unmissable photo, you want to show it to your loved ones. Or you might want to share critical documents with work colleagues.How can you make sure that…
Vivaldi CEO: Stop Your Anti-Competitive Practices With Edge, Microsoft!
Reader Mark Wilson writes: Microsoft is no stranger to pissing people off, particularly when it comes to Windows 10. There have been endless cries about forced updates, complaints about ads, moaning about privacy, and now the CEO of Vivaldi has lashed out at the company for its anti-competitive practices…
Tools and Toys
The Twelve South BookBook and Journal: A Comparative Review
The path to finding the perfect all-in-one, everyday carry wallet is a long one. A very long one. You generally go through phases (or at least I did): Slim Wallet Phase: Whereby your friend’s minuscule front-pocket wallet has you questioning your actual needs. Notebook Carry Phase: Whereby you…
Trump’s pick for Air Force secretary has a record of backing the NRO and ORS
WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump will nominate Heather Wilson to be the next Secretary of the Air Force, his administration announced Monday. Wilson served in the Air Force from 1982 to 1989, retiring as a captain, and attended the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She also served…
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Online learning improves when you feel like you belong
Completing online courses can be daunting, but that’s particularly true if you’re in a developing part of the world. It’s too easy to feel like you don’t belong. Researchers may have a solution, though: giving you activities that help you fit in. An MIT and Stanford study has shown that brief psychological…
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Trump administration offers to increase assistance to Iraq: Abadi
BAGHDAD (Reuters) – The new U.S. administration under Donald Trump has sent messages offering to increase the level of assistance to Iraq, Iraqi state television cited Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi as saying on Tuesday.
President Obama’s Mysterious Palm Springs Vacay
Barack and Michelle Obama flew from Washington D.C. to Palm Springs for a grand total of 3 days before jumping on a private jet and going back from where they came and then some … so the question, was that the plan or was Palm Springs a washout?…
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At 40 minutes, Miyubi is the first VR movie to feel like a real film
It sounds strange to call a 40-minute film “possibly the longest virtual reality movie ever made,” but it’s true. Miyubi, released by prolific VR studio Felix & Paul, is twice or even three times as long as the vast majority of cinematic VR experiences. It’s not a documentary, experimental art, a…
Metal InsiderMetal Insider
Guitarist Chris Dyck is Anciients history
Just yesterday the Canadian prog metal group Anciients shared exciting news about headlining 2017’s 420 Music & Arts festival. It wasn’t too long ago that we urged everyone to listen to their new album Voice of the Void. And while we’ve been championing since they only had one “i” in their name,…
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How to Add a Drop-Down List to a Cell in Excel
Drop-down lists are very useful data entry tools we see just about everywhere, and you can add custom drop-down lists to your own Excel worksheets. It’s easy and we’ll show you how.Click Here to Continue Reading Full Feed
President Trump Peddles Popular Vote Lie, More Californians Want to Secede, La La Land Leads Oscar Nominations: A.M. Links
In a meeting with congressional leaders, President Donald Trump once again asserts the “alternative fact” that millions of undocumented immigrants deprived him of a popular vote victory. About one in three Californians support seceding from the union, up from one in five in 2014. China’s birth rate…
Google begins live testing of Instant Apps that load without installation
At last year’s I/O conference, Google demonstrated a sneak peak of an exciting new initiative that lets users interact with pieces of an app without needing to go through the whole download process. Called Android Instant Apps, it was designed to streamline the process of installing apps, and now Google…
Bloomberg Politics
Poland Promises to Purge Old Guard by Revamping Election Rules
Poland’s ruling party is seeking to overhaul the law on local elections, imposing term limits on sitting officials in a move the opposition argues will give more power to a group that has drawn criticism from U.S. officials and the European Union for backsliding on democracy.
Zero Hedge
December Existing Home Sales Plunge Most Since 2009, NAR Blames Rate “Surge” & Record Low Inventory
With spiking mortgage rates, and tumbling mortgage applications, it is hardly surprising that existing home sales tumbled in December but the 2.8% plunge is the biggest since July and is the worst decline for December since 2009. Larry Yun, NAR chief economist, said that while the housing market had…
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Now the Entire EU Is Told to Adopt a Basic Income
Via The Daily Bell   EU states should guarantee minimum income for citizens … The European Commission wants all EU member states to introduce minimum wages and incomes for their workers and unemployed, the head of the EU executive president said on Monday, in an effort to combat growing social inequality…
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Under President Trump, U.S. agencies find their words scrutinized
WASHINGTON/CHICAGO (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration has put staff at a slew of government agencies on notice – be careful what you say.
Scientific American Content: Global
The Story of NASA’s Real “Hidden Figures”
African-American women working behind the scenes as “human computers” were vital to the Space Race — Read more on
NYT > Business Day
US Stock Indexes Move Higher in Afternoon Trading; Oil Rises
Materials and financial companies led U.S. stock indexes higher in afternoon trading Tuesday as investors sized up the latest round of company earnings news. Energy stocks also rose as crude oil prices headed higher. Health care, phone companies and other high-dividend stocks were among the biggest laggards…
RT – Daily news
Kellyanne Conway does stand-up: Video emerges of Trump aide’s comedy routine
Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway has provided some laughs this week, describing the inauguration crowd metrics as “alternative facts.” Yet, based on a comedy routine video which has emerged online, she has always been fond of a quip. Read Full Article at US Business
Existing Home Sales Fell 2.8% in December
U.S. home sales slid in December, a sign that rising prices and higher mortgage rates are taking a bite out of the housing market.
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Do you think they’ll notice?
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Apple is teaching Siri to learn new tricks
Apple plans to introduce a much smarter version of Siri this year, leveraging a bunch of machine learning technologies it recently acquired with Turi, Tuplejump, Perceptio, VocalIQ and other AI-focused acquisitions, Digitimes claims.Coming soon? The report seems to suggest Apple plans to introduce these…
Digital Trends
Jeep wants to dominate every SUV segment, and it might do just that
Note: this interview took place before FCA was accused of applying emissions-cheating devices to its 3.0 liter Diesel engine. Mike Manley made no mention of this topic to Digital Trends. Jeep is on the cusp of its largest expansion in years. After a 12 percent increase in sales this past year, FCA…
Digital Trends
Despite its problems, DirecTV Now topped 200K subscribers in its first month
DirecTV Now launched in November and both cord-cutters and those who were simply curious signed up for the free trial, only to be met with various glitches, dropouts, and other streaming errors. Annoying as they were, those issues apparently weren’t bad enough to drive off a fair number of those who…
Digital Trends
Cheap-to-buy, easy-to-build mini Lego drone is the stuff of childhood dreams
What self-respecting kid (or, perhaps, what kid who would rather stay indoors than play outside) didn’t at some point use their Legos to piece together a futuristic flying machine? The only problem was that no matter how many propellers, aerodynamic wing sections or ultra-cool stickers you added, the…
Digital Trends
Selling like hotcakes — Xiaomi announces sale of 250,000 Redmi Note 4 units in just 10 minutes
When the people want it, they really want it. And in this case, “it” is the Xiaomi Redmi 4, and the people are consumers in India. According to the Chinese tech company, it managed to sell over a quarter of a million of these smartphones in just 10 minutes, calling it the “biggest smartphone sale in… – latest science and technology news stories
Southern Italy: Earthquake hazard due to active plate boundary
Since the early civilizations, the lives of people in Europe, in the Middle East, and in North Africa have been closely linked to the Mediterranean. Natural catastrophes such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis have repeatedly shattered cultures and states in this area. The reason for this… – latest science and technology news stories
How we discovered that people have been cooking plants in pots for 10,000 years
The benefits of eating vegetables is one of the first lessons we try to teach our often reluctant children. Six million years ago, they wouldn’t have had a choice. Our early ancestors ate nothing but greens, and relied on raw plants for all their dietary needs. But we have now discovered the earliest… – latest science and technology news stories
NASA measures ‘dust on snow’ to help manage Colorado River basin water supplies
When Michelle Stokes and Stacie Bender look out across the snow-capped mountains of Utah and Colorado, they see more than just a majestic landscape. They see millions of gallons of water that will eventually flow into the Colorado River. – latest science and technology news stories
Europe chokes under freezing smog
Heavy pollution enveloping much of Europe prompted emergency measures across the continent on Tuesday. – latest science and technology news stories
Cyberconscripts: Baltic draftees can choose IT over infantry
The tiny Baltic nation of Estonia is experimenting with the idea of cyberconscription, a move that gives draftees with tech skills the chance to work shoring up their military’s electronic infrastructure, an Estonian defense official said Tuesday. – latest science and technology news stories
Cooperation helps mammals survive in tough environments
Cooperatively breeding mammal species, such as meerkats and naked-mole rats, where non-breeding helpers assist breeding females in raising their offspring, are better able to cope with living in dry areas than related non-cooperative species, new research reveals.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
New genetic mechanism driving breast cancer revealed in study
Researchers have discovered ‘hotspots’ of mutations in breast cancer genomes, where mutations thought to be inactive ‘passengers’ in the genome have now been shown to possibly drive further cancerous changes. The study found 33 mutation hotspots, which act like backseat drivers for cancer development.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Breast cancer drugs stop working when tumors ‘make their own fuel’
Scientists have discovered why a type of breast cancer drug stops working in some patients. The early-stage findings reveal that some breast tumors evolve to make their own ‘fuel supply’, rendering treatments powerless.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Regulating gasotransmitters could improve care for sleep apnea
Unbalanced signaling by two molecules that regulate breathing leads to sleep apnea in mice and rats. Injection of a substance that reduces production of one of those signals can prevent apneas. This approach may help people suffering from multiple forms of sleep-disordered breathing.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Low-cost therapy produces long-lasting improvements for stroke survivors
A low-cost therapy can improve the lives of stroke patients with vision problems, investigators have found.
iPhone users can finally send WhatsApp messages offline
Haven’t you heard? Offline is the new online… well, sort of. On Monday, WhatsApp, the popular Facebook-owned messenger, welcomed iOS users to the world of offline messaging. The app’s latest iOS update allows iPhone users to engage in offline message queueing, so they can prep messages to send while…
Now you can buy a car at your local Walmart
Next time you’re in the market for a new car, head to Walmart.  The retail giant is partnering with dealerships to sell cars in Houston, Dallas, Phoenix and Oklahoma City.  Select Walmart locations will have touch-screen kiosks set up by the online auto retailer CarSaver, Automotive News reported….
22% off Kingston Digital 64GB Dual USB 3 and C Flash Drive – Deal Alert
The Kingston Digital USB3C Works with newer USB Type-C devices such as smartphones and tablets, and is also compatible with USB Type-A ports on existing USB host devices. Designed to be simple and fast. The 64GB model is currently 22% off, putting its current price at just $28.87. See it on Amazon.To…
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Saudi Arabia says militants in Jeddah shootout were linked to Islamic State
DOHA (Reuters) – Two Saudi men who blew themselves up during a gunbattle with security forces in Jeddah last week had ties with Islamic State and were linked to past attacks on mosques and security forces in Saudi Arabia, the interior ministry said on Tuesday.
The New Yorker
Trump Creates Ten Million Jobs for Fact Checkers
WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—In less than a week as President, Donald J. Trump has created ten million jobs for fact checkers, the Department of Labor has confirmed.See the rest of the story at newyorker.comRelated:What the Death of the T.P.P. Means for AmericaNew York City’s Domestic Workers, United…
Metal Injection
GHOST’s New Album Will Be Dark, Likely About The Fall Of Civilization
The return of the Devil? The post GHOST’s New Album Will Be Dark, Likely About The Fall Of Civilization appeared first on Metal Injection.
Scientific American Content: Global
Tillerson is One Step Closer to Becoming Secretary of State
A key Senate committee approved Trump’s top diplomatic pick yesterday, but Democrats cited concerns about Tillerson’s position on climate change issues — Read more on
Fast Company
Fast Company Is Hiring An Editorial Assistant
Are you ready to make an impact and hone your editorial skills working with some of Fast Company’s most popular content? Are you ready to make an impact and hone your editorial skills working with some of Fast Company’s most popular content?Are you fascinated about the evolving…
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Cookware made with scrap metal contaminates food
Aluminum cookware made from scrap metal in countries around the world poses a serious and previously unrecognized health risk to millions of people according to a new study. Researchers tested 42 samples of aluminum cookware made in 10 developing countries and more than one-third pose a lead exposure… – Top Stories
Apple stock downgraded days before earnings on missing ‘needle movers’
Apple is expected to face sluggish sales through 2017 but a premium iPhone in September could refresh demand.
Milwaukee Made a Handheld Dustbuster That Won’t Choke on Workshop Debris
You’re probably guilty of quickly cleaning up messes with a vacuum that you probably should have tackled by hand. But the one place you definitely don’t want most vacuums to tread is in the workshop. That’s the domain of burly shop vacs, which Milkwaukee has finally managed to shrink into a debris-sucking…
These Jobs Have the Most Potential for Growth in 2017
If you’re thinking about a new career, you probably want to consider the potential for growth of the industry and in the job itself. LinkedIn reviewed salary data and job openings to rank 20 jobs with the most potential for growth in 2017.LinkedIn looked at their own data to come up with the list, explaining…
Latest news
Is your company too small to be hit by ransomware? Don’t believe it
While many say ransomware is a serious threat, others believe they’re too small to be targeted. They’re wrong.
Latest news
It’s the beginning of a new age for artificial intelligence
AI will significantly disrupt the way organizations win, serve, and retain customers… eventually.
Latest news
Microsoft turns on Office 365 in its managed German datacenters
Microsoft’s ‘Office 365 Germany’ is generally available to European users from Microsoft’s managed German datacenters.
Latest news
Going beyond the iPhone camera – testing out some additional lens options
The iPhone 7 Plus has an excellent camera. But can we make it better?
Brain Pickings
Oliver Sacks on Evolving Our Notions of Normalcy to Include the Differently Abled
“If a tenth or a quarter of the population have some condition, it has to be accepted as a legitimate form of life.” “Color itself is a degree of darkness,” Goethe wrote in his theory of color and emotion. Although it was at bottom a misguided refutation of Newton, Goethe’s study of colors, in addition…
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Hottest products to beat the chill this winter
The best place to be in the winter is in your home, in the warm. But even with the central heating cranked all the way up to 11, sometimes you just can’t shake that cold feeling. Instead of piling on the extra layers and wearing your gloves indoors, John Lewis has some fantastic products to keep you…
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
New periodic table shows the cosmic origins of your body’s elements
  Believe it or not, your body is largely made of the products from exploding stars, cosmic ray fission, and other cosmic phenomena. The stellar origins of every atom in your body trace back to the Big Bang, and are now outlined for your enjoyment in a new periodic table that classifies all… Physics News
Brits, Czechs claim world’s most powerful ‘super laser’
A team of British and Czech scientists on Tuesday said they had successfully tested a “super laser” they claim is 10 times more powerful than any other of its kind on the planet.
BBC News – World
A trip through an underwater museum
Exhibits about climate change and migration are just two of 12 installations in Museo Atlantico, an underwater museum off the coast of Lanzarote. RSS
El Chapo’s Manhattan jail cell is more deplorable than the average cell at Guantanamo [Followup]
[link] [19 comments]
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Amazon gets six Oscar nominations for ‘Manchester by the Sea’
As awards watchers expected, Manchester by the Sea ended up being a major Oscar magnet for its co-distributor Amazon. The film, which was also Amazon’s first Golden Globe winner, nabbed six Academy Award nominations this morning: best picture, actor (Casey Affleck), actress (Michelle Williams), supporting…
Chelsea Handler Shames, Bullies Melania Trump Over English
Chelsea Handler insulted Melania Trump … and it’s backfiring. Chelsea says she wouldn’t interview the First Lady because “she can barely speak English.” Handler failed to mention Melania speaks 5 languages … French, Italian, German,…
Desire This | The Best of Everything
Belkin WeMo Mini Smart Plug
Belkin WeMo Mini Smart PlugContinuing to expand its award-winning Internet of Things ecosystem, Wemo, the smart home brand from Belkin, has announced at CES the Wemo Mini Smart Plug. The Smart Plug was on display at the 2017 International CES Show in Las Vegas.$34.99 · BUY
Zero Hedge
The Protected, Privileged Establishment Versus The Working Class
Submitted by Charles Hugh-Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, Meanwhile, back in reality, household income for the bottom 95% has declined while the owners of capital and their privileged, protected servants in the Establishment have gorged themselves on private wealth. As noted yesterday in The Collapse of…
Twitter Inauguration Day ratings are out — but please don’t add them to TV, Sean Spicer
President Donald Trump and press secretary Sean Spicer have claimed that this year’s Inauguration Day was the most-watched in history, which could be true depending on how you define “watched.”  While Trump’s crowd appeared much thinner than Obama’s 2009 Inauguration, there’s no denying that the viewership…
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Dribble Some Water On A Magic Marker Stick Figure And It Will Take On A Life Of Its Own
We honestly have no idea if this is real, but we want to believe.
Digg Top Stories
Inside The Private Chatrooms Trump Supporters Are Using To Manipulate French Voters
Welcome to “The Great Liberation Of France.”
LBell 360° Rotating USB Solar Spotlight $13.29
LBell 360° Rotating USB Solar Spotlight $13.29
BOHM S10 Sports Wireless Earbuds w/ Mic & Charging Station (REFURB) $29.99
BOHM S10 Sports Wireless Earbuds w/ Mic & Charging Station (REFURB) $29.99
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Judge approves $1.2 billion cash settlement for Volkswagen dealers
The 650 US Volkswagen dealers will receive an average of $1.85 million over 18 months, in a settlement approved by a federal judge on Monday. – Nanotechnology News Feed
Study Throws Light on Artificial Production of Silk from Whey Protein
A significant process for the artificial production of silk has been demonstrated by a Swedish-German team of researchers. These researchers used the intense X-rays from DESY’s research light… – Nanotechnology News Feed
Self-Assembly Mechanisms Behind the Formation of the Largest Gold Nanoparticles Revealed
A team of scientists from Carnegie Mellon University have demonstrated the capability of synthetic nanoparticles to obtain the same level of structural complexity, accuracy, and hierarchy as their… – Nanotechnology News Feed
Infiniti Research Reports on the Future Trends of Nano Coatings in Textiles Sector
Since its discovery about a decade ago, nanopolymer research has increased tremendously and is revolutionizing the future of the textile coatings sector. This technology cannot be seen by the naked… – Nanotechnology News Feed
Researchers Discover Important First Step Towards Developing Electrically Pumped Nano-Lasers
When an individual searches Google or uses Facebook, the information processing takes place in a large data center. The performance of these data centers can be improved with short distance optical…
Here’s what you need to know about the Syria peace talks led by Russia, Turkey, and Iran
Russia, Turkey, and Iran on Tuesday backed the participation of rebel groups at U.N.-led Syrian peace talks to be held in Geneva next month and will seek to maintain the fragile cease-fire in place throughout much of Syria. Rebel leaders, however, are not happy with the results of the tense negotiations,…
Scientific American Content: Global
Scientists Must Become More Involved in the Political Process
The dearth of lawmakers who bring a scientific perspective to national issues of energy, climate change, national security and technology deeply concern me as a scientist and as an American — Read more on
Scientific American Content: Global
2 Bipartisan Paths Forward on Energy and Climate Policy
Despite the rancor of the U.S. presidential election and transition, supporting nuclear power and streamlining transmission line and pipeline construction could provide a bipartisan path forward on… — Read more on
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It’s a Girl! Special T. rex Was an Expectant Mother
A follow-up study confirms the one sure way to sex a Tyrannosaurus — Read more on
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Which Personality Traits Are Most Predictive of Well-Being?
The real link between personality and well-being — Read more on
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Despair Not This Earth
Rational thinking, creativity and wonder are powerful tools in the universe — Read more on
Bloomberg Politics
Days Into Trump Term, Israel Approves 2,500 New Settler Homes
Israel will build 2,500 new housing units in the West Bank, the country’s prime minister and defense minister said Tuesday, beginning to unleash pent-up demand following eight years of conflict with the Obama administration over Israeli building anywhere beyond the 1967 border.
Keep Track Coat Hook
Simple, clean, and versatile, the Keep Track Coat Hook is a coat rack and shelving system proudly made in Portland, Oregon. Configure Keep Track to fit your distinct needs by sliding the metal pieces into and along a track of solid alder wood. The set come with two shelves and three hooks to make keeping…
DailyTech Main News Feed
PMast VR Camera – You may soon be able to make your own Virtual Reality Selfie.
You may soon be able to shoot your own virtual reality videos, or even your own virtual reality selfies.
Scientific American Content: Global
First Spectacular Images Come In from NOAA’s New Satellite
Agency says “high-definition from the heavens” could dramatically improve weather forecasts — Read more on
Scientific American Content: Global
Tillerson Is One Step Closer to Becoming Secretary of State
A key Senate committee approved Trump’s top diplomatic pick yesterday, but Democrats cited concerns about Tillerson’s position on climate change issues — Read more on
Well Spent.
Will Being Made in USA Become a Liability Under Trump?
According to a new article from the Los Angeles Times, being “Made in America” has become a double edged sword in the fashion industry after the election of Donald Trump. Some members of the international fashion community have come to see American-made clothing as a symbol of the new President, who…
reddit: the front page of the internet
The Tinker Board is a more powerful Raspberry Pi rival from Asus
submitted by /u/nawazsagri10 to /r/gadgets [link] [comments]
reddit: the front page of the internet
How to get up after falling down on the moon…
submitted by /u/tazalo to /r/space [link] [comments]
Metal Injection
LOCK UP’s (NAPALM DEATH, Etc.) New Song “Desolation Architect” Is Absolutely Filthy
New frontman, same killer grind. The post LOCK UP’s (NAPALM DEATH, Etc.) New Song “Desolation Architect” Is Absolutely Filthy appeared first on Metal Injection.
Ricky Williams on Texas Police Encounter … Thank God I’m Famous (VIDEO)
Ricky Williams is opening up about his bizarre run-in with police in Texas earlier this month … suggesting his “fame” likely helped him stay out of handcuffs. The ex-NFL star was stopped during a leisurely walk and searched by police on… – latest science and technology news stories
New technique quickly predicts salt marsh vulnerability
Scientists working on a rapid assessment technique for determining which US coastal salt marshes are most imperiled by erosion were surprised to find that all eight of the Atlantic and Pacific Coast marshes where they field-tested their method are losing ground, and half of them will be gone in 350 years’…
RT – Daily news
Hilarious satire sketch welcomes Trump to the Netherlands (VIDEO)
Donald Trump’s inauguration was every news outlet’s focus, but the conclusion one Dutch TV presenter took from the president’s speech was “I will screw you over big time” – so he decided to introduce the new leader of the free world to his nation. Read Full Article at
The Verge – All Posts
The New Nintendo 3DS XL is getting an adorable Pikachu makeover
If you’re still in the market for a 3DS even after the official unveiling of the Switch, Nintendo has just the thing for you: provided you’re a Pikachu fan. Starting February 24th, the company will be releasing a new yellow version of the New Nintendo 3DS XL, featuring a crayon-like sketch of the most…
The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to acquire AI startup Meta
The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is getting some help from artificial intelligence. The philanthropic organization, founded by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan in 2015, will buy Meta, a startup focusing on artificial intelligence and related data analytic technology in the healthcare…
SndrBlock will let you send huge files and secure messages
Secure messaging company Sndr is launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter today for SndrBlock, a palm-sized device that lets you share huge files in a secure way. SndrBlock is a hybrid cloud personal communications device that acts as an intermediate cache between you and the cloud. It’s roughly…
Acer and Asus launch stylus-friendly convertible Chromebooks for school
Google today is announcing the launch of new Chromebooks from Acer and Asus that are designed for use in the classroom. They’re both rugged and capable of flipping around 360 degrees, and you can use a stylus with either of them. The introduction of these devices — which will be released sometime in…
Tumblr now lets you add stickers and filters to photos and GIFs in its mobile app
Tumblr is launching new creative tools for users to personalize their photos and animated GIFs. Starting today, the Yahoo-owned company is rolling out support for stickers and color filters in its iOS and Android apps, catching up with capabilities that Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and other…
Decksplash is Bossa Studios’ zany skateboarding game for PCs
Bossa Studios, the maker of the crazy Surgeon Simulator game, unveiled another zany title called Decksplash. It’s a skateboarding game where you paint a tropical world using your board. Decksplash will have a closed alpha test on January 31. Decksplash meshes physical Fingerboard toys with arena arcade…
Trump is using fascist language to prime the American public for a dark future agenda
On Jan. 20, US president Donald Trump was sworn in on the steps of the capitol building in Washington DC, and promptly gave a dark and foreboding inaugural speech that depicted a nation in crisis. Pundits and analysts around the world noted Trump’s chest-thumping “America First” rhetoric as unprecedented,…
How Cameroon pressured mobile operators to shut down the internet and stifle dissent
For over a week now, the northwest and southwest regions of Cameroon have not had any access to the internet. But details surrounding the internet shutdown in the English-speaking regions of the country continue to emerge slowly, showing a government intent on controlling access, operators pressured…
Trump has gagged the US Agriculture Department’s research arm from publicly sharing its work
An order of silence has been handed down to the US Department of Agriculture’s research arm, prohibiting the taxpayer-funded agency from releasing its work to the public, according to a report by BuzzFeed. The message was handed down to the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) just days after Donald…
Ford, GM and FCA CEOs meet with Trump to discuss regulation and job creation
 Donald Trump met with top execs at all three major U.S. automakers on Tuesday, in a sit-down in which he laid out his desire to see the car companies create new factories in the U.S. and boost their stateside output. His comments at the meeting echoed sentiments expressed by Trump throughout the campaign…
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These Plankton-Like Robots Are Drifting Through the Ocean to Help Save Sea Life
Twenty years after they first met and 15 years since they began work on the project, oceanographers Jules Jaffe and Peter Franks have finally realized their vision of a robot that can be programmed to act like plankton. Their Miniature Autonomous Underwater Explorer (M-AUE) gets pushed around by the…
Reuters: Top News
U.S. Senate panel advances Ross, Chao nominations on voice vote
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A U.S. Senate committee swiftly approved Republican President Donald Trump’s nominees for commerce and transportation secretaries by voice vote on Tuesday, signaling that they will face little resistance to approval by the full Senate.
The New Yorker
Sean Spicer’s Abnormal Press Conference
Sean Spicer, the new White House press secretary, made it clear in his first official briefing that, like his boss, he would break with Washington precedents. After he stepped to the lectern yesterday and read a lengthy readout of the President’s day—three Presidential memoranda signed and several meetings…
The Best Google Play Music Tips and Tricks You May Not Know About
Google Play Music is an underrated music service that combines a Spotify-like subscription with Pandora-style radio stations and your own music library. Even if you’ve used it from day one, here are some excellent features you might have overlooked.Identify Songs Playing Around You, Shazam-StyleShazam…
Cool Material
Tuesday Link Roundup
Every Tuesday we bring you a collection of some of our favorite things we’ve recently found around the web. From stories to photography, we include a little of everything.
No One Has Any Patience for a European Profit Warning These Days
NYT > Business Day
Federal Debt Projected to Grow by $8.6 Trillion Over Next Decade
Congressional Budget Office projections reveal the strain that the debt will have on the economy as President Trump embarks on plans to slash taxes and ramp up spending.
15 Essential Safari Tips and Tricks for Mac Users
As a browser, Safari doesn’t get enough credit. On the surface, it seems underpowered. It wasn’t until my third attempt that I embraced Safari as the default browser. And it wasn’t the speed or the battery life gains that persuaded me — it was the general niceness of it all. The simple user interface,…
LED Color Changing Ice Cubes
Give your beverages some visual appeal by chilling them with these LED color changing ice cubes. Each set includes four plastic cubes that won’t water down your drink and come with embedded LEDs that glow in a myriad of vibrant colors. Check it out $9.99
Robin Williams Character Nesting Dolls
These Robin Williams character nesting dolls pay tribute to one of Hollywood’s most iconic actors in a fun and humorous way. Each of the eight dolls is decorated like his most well known movie characters like Mrs. Doubtfire and the Genie from Aladdin. Check it out
DIY Dunk Tank Kit
Bring carnival styled fun to your backyard with this DIY dunk tank kit. This cost effective alternative to a real dunk tank features a tough PVC frame that you can easily put together to provide hours of entertainment for family and friends. Check it out $199.99
Magnetic Balance Lamp
Bring a little magic into your life by lighting your bedroom with this magnetic balance lamp. Available in either a circular, oval, or square design, each model features a magnetic switch that hangs mid-air while the light runs along the interior of the frame. Check it out $44.24
Grinning Pet Balls
Give your four legged friend a stunning blinged-out grill by playing fetch with them using this grinning pet ball. Each ball is made from BPA-free food-grade rubber and features a savory peanut butter flavor your dog is sure to love. Check it out $9.99
Moon Night Light
Enjoy gazing at a full moon every night of the year by giving your bedroom some ambient lighting with this moon night light. The lamp emits a soft yellow glow and is made using innovative 3D printing technology to help create a more realistic appearance. Check it out $25.50
Campfire Extinguishing Cover
Minimize your chances of starting a raging inferno when you’re enjoying the great outdoors with help from this campfire extinguishing cover. It’s made from a proprietary coated fiber glass material that has a combustion point of 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Check it out $249.95
Motion Sensing Stairs Illumination Kit
Reduce the risk of accidents when going up and down the stairs by outfitting your staircase with this motion sensing illumination kit. The included light strips fit discreetly under each step and light up as soon as you set your foot on the first step. Check it out
Court denies U.S. government appeal in Microsoft overseas email case
A U.S. appeals court will not reconsider its groundbreaking decision denying Department of Justice efforts to force Microsoft to turn over customer emails stored outside the country. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, in a 4-4 decision Tuesday, declined to rehear its July decision that…
Gear Patrol
Today in Gear: January 24, 2017
A floating cooler, a pair of everyday chinos, an elegant wine key and much more. …Read More »
New Medical Worry: Deadly Fungal Infection That Resists Treatment
Candida auris first was identified in Japan in 2009 and now has been found in five continents.(Image credit: CDC)
NatureNews – Most recent articles – science feeds
D-Wave upgrade: How scientists are using the world’s most controversial quantum computer
Scepticism surrounds the ultimate potential of D-wave machines, but researchers are already finding uses for them.
Ars Technica » Scientific Method
Pharma companies disown Shkreli; Pissed, Shkreli airs their dirty laundry
Martin Shkreli, former CEO of Turing, smirked his way through Thursday’s Congressional hearing. (credit: CSPAN) This week, a pharmaceutical trade group stepped up its efforts to distance itself from Martin Shkreli, the disgraced ex-CEO of several drug companies who gained notoriety for an eye-popping…
Fish-controlled robot opens up a whole new world
What if Jaws could roam the land? This free-roaming goldfish is no longer confined to four glass walls thanks to a robot designed by a team of students for the Build18 robotics tournament held at Carnegie Mellon University. Admittedly, yes, it’s still in a tank, yet it looks so free! The robot…
Metal Injection
TOOL’s Adam Jones Checks In From The Studio, Says Another “Arrangement” Is Complete
Tool’s new album is coming… eventually. The post TOOL’s Adam Jones Checks In From The Studio, Says Another “Arrangement” Is Complete appeared first on Metal Injection.
BBC News – World
Sun-powered satellite TV
Households without mains electricity in rural areas of Kenya can now receive solar-powered satellite TV. RSS
I’m not saying scientists are playing God by creating new DNA to make an ‘alien’ life form …but they are playing God by creating new DNA to make an ‘alien’ life form [Interesting]
[link] [24 comments]
Why Yes, that is my Bagpipe Backpack Case
Even if the people who know and love you forbid you to take up the bagpipes, surely there can be no objection to one’s owning a bagpipe case.
Gadgets For Men and Other Gear | G4G
City Prints Map Art
Price: $49 – $229 (depends on framing)Guys struggle a bit with trying to find tasteful and proper art once they are over the age of 30. You get a framed picture of your team? It seems a little too young and you feel a little ridiculous when you are hanging it up. What about a Fathead of Tom Brady in…
Bless This Stuff
From Symantec (creators of the ubiquitous Norton AntiVirus software) comes their first piece of hardware – Norton Core Router. It is being dubbed as the world?s most secure router ever made so that?s no small feature. It looks futuristic and will be an interesting decor add on that gives your room…
Bless This Stuff
The stunning Voxarray 61 is a tribute to synthesizers from the 70s. Created by Love Hulten, a Swedish studio, this ?DIY modular synthesizer? has a clamshell construction, with the top lid housing a variety of analog and digital modules that can be connected using patch cords. To use external devices,…
Hex House Flat Pack Shelter
If I were Architects for Society I might consider renaming the Hex House something that sounds a little less like the witchcraft or evil forces that many who have had their homes destroyed by disaster believe caused said disaster in the first place. I know, I know the flat-packed, rapidly deployable…
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Vertu’s latest luxury Android phone is built for jetsetters
Luxury smartphone maker Vertu may have undergone some operational changes over the past couple of years, but that doesn’t mean it has broken the tradition of selling people expensive Android smartphones. With its latest update to the premium Constellation handset, the company is targeting the “global… – Top Stories
The Wall Street Journal: Trump invited to address joint session of Congress by House Speaker Paul Ryan
House Speaker Paul Ryan has invited President Donald Trump to speak in front of a joint session of Congress late next month.
Midsize Cities Are Entrepreneurship’s Real Test
When it comes to entrepreneurship-driven regional growth, a few big population centers garner the glamor, whether Boston, Northern California’s Bay Area, Bangalore, or Beijing. This is not mere optics: the large portion of the $50 billion global venture capital pie fueling entrepreneurial growth is…
RT – Daily news
Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland shouldn’t get say on Brexit, Supreme Court rules
Devolved parliaments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland should not have a say on the terms of Brexit, the Supreme Court has ruled. The decision came as Britain’s highest court insisted MPs at Westminster must be given a vote on triggering Article 50. Read Full Article at
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
bots_alive adds AI and augmented reality to basic toy robots
With so many toy robot kits pouring out now, kids of the near future might not believe us when we tell them that toys haven’t always moved and “thought” for themselves. A new kit called bots_alive, which adds AI and augmented reality elements to an existing Hexbug Spider, is now crawling out… RSS
The most Florida-themed headline you’ll hear all day: “Famed snake trackers from India latest weapon in Florida war on pythons” [Florida]
[link] [10 comments] – Top Stories
Your Digital Self: Even programmers could lose their jobs to computers
Look at what Wipro is doing and how human programmers are being freed from drudgery to focus on more complex work, writes Jurica Dujmović.
Take Your Pick From These PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro Bundles
If you didn’t get your PS4 over the holidays, now’s your chance to score with one of these bundles from eBay. Choose between the PS4 Pro Deus Ex:Mankind Divided and Rise of The Tomb Raider bundle for $400 or the PS4 Slim Uncharted 4bundle with Final Fantasy: XV and an extra controller for $300.Read more…
NYT > Business Day
News Analysis: Trump Injects High Risks in Altering Relationship With China
As he tosses aside decades of American trade policy, President Trump could also go his own way on other issues with China, including Taiwan and the South China Sea.
The official org chart of the US government
The United States Government Manual is the official handbook of the US federal government. Here is the org chart for our government…take notice of what’s right at the top: I’m no constitutional scholar, but that particular document starts off: We the People of the United States, in Order to…
Singularity HUB
This Amazing Video Shows Just How Much Software Has Eaten the World
Software is a relatively recent invention in human history, but few things have had as much of an impact on the modern world. Things which used to be physical stuff are increasingly melting away into lines of computer code. Most of us, for example, no longer carry around separate flashlights or GPS devices—because…
Master Feed : The Atlantic
Is Trump’s Presidency Off to a Successful Start?
From some angles, the Trump presidency is off to a rocky start. There were the somewhat disappointing crowds at the inauguration, and then the needless lies about them, presented as “alternative facts.” There’s the controversy over Trump’s remarks to the CIA, and precisely who in the crowd cheered his…
Master Feed : The Atlantic
The Trump Administration’s First Blow to Obamacare
President Trump is intent on repealing Obamacare. If there were any doubts to the contrary, one of his first official actions in office was to sign an executive order to “minimize the unwarranted economic and regulatory burdens of the [Affordable Care] Act.” That order grants the Secretary of Health…
Latest Items from TreeHugger
Mayor of London tells citizens: Don’t breathe
But do something like ban diesels or wood fires? Never
RT – Daily news
Pakistan conducts 1st test of nuclear-capable surface-to-surface missile
Pakistan has for the first time successfully test-fired its surface-to-surface ballistic missile capable of carrying nuclear warheads, the military press department said. Read Full Article at
Zero Hedge
Trump: America For The Americans!
Submitted by Patrick Buchanan via, As the patriotic pageantry of Inauguration Day gave way to the demonstrations of defiance Saturday, our new America came into view. We are two nations now, two peoples. Though bracing, President Trump’s inaugural address was rooted in cold truths, as…
Zero Hedge
China Deploys ICBM System “In Response To Trump’s Provocative Remarks”
China is wasting no time to project power in a world in which it believes Donald Trump’s “America First” doctrine has created a “superpower vacuum.” One day after a senior Chinese diplomat said on Monday that Beijing is prepared to “assume a role of world leadership if others step back from that position”…
Reuters: World News
Bulgaria sets early vote for March 26, ex-parliament speaker to be interim PM
SOFIA (Reuters) – Bulgaria’s president on Tuesday called an early national election for March 26 and appointed former parliament speaker Ognyan Gerdzhikov as caretaker prime minister until then. – Top Stories
Market Extra: Why BT’s stock just plunged 21% and wiped $10 billion off its market cap
One of the U.K.’s largest telecom companies BT Group has admitted that the cost of its Italian accounting scandal will be far greater than expected and investors are showing no mercy in either London or New York trade. – Top Stories
Why learning more high school math now could make kids richer later
Studying math in school leads to 10% increase in earnings.
Digg Top Stories
Why Overly-Friendly People Rub Us The Wrong Way
We all know that person who enthusiastically embraces every assertion, laughs at every joke, and smiles through everything. Here’s why they’re annoying AF.
Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga Chromebook Intel Celeron N3150 Quad 11.6″ 2-in-1 Laptop $199
Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga Chromebook Intel Celeron N3150 Quad 11.6″ 2-in-1 Laptop $199 – Top Stories
Europe Markets: European stocks nab modest gain as U.K. government loses Brexit case
European stocks are modestly higher Tuesday after a closely watched British court decision said the U.K. government must consult lawmakers before starting the Brexit negotiations
Two Galaxies Got Into a Fight and the Result Was Breathtaking
A long time ago in two galaxies far, far away, there was quite the kerfuffle. New research suggests that about 200 million years ago, the Large Magellanic Cloud, a satellite galaxy of the Milky Way located 160,000 lightyears from Earth, got into an intergalactic altercation with its younger sibling,…
Top stories – France 24 – International News 24/7
By supporting Marshal Haftar, Russia marks its territory in Libya
Russian President Vladimir Putin has chosen his man in Libya: Marshal Khalifa Haftar, who controls the east of the country. It is a bet that could allow Russia to extend its influence in the Arab world and the Mediterranean.
Scientific American Content: Global
Ants Use Celestial Cues to Travel in Reverse
The six-legged savants appear to use celestial cues and three forms of memory, as they blaze trail back to the nest. Karen Hopkin reports. — Read more on
Sorry, But Speed Reading Won’t Help You Read More
People are as likely to read thousands of words per minute as they are to run faster than the speed of light. The post Sorry, But Speed Reading Won’t Help You Read More appeared first on WIRED.
Digital Trends
Razer updates its BlackWidow Chroma keyboard with yellow switches, wrist rest
After launching the original BlackWidow mechanical keyboard in 2010, Razer now adds another version to its huge arsenal with the launch of the BlackWidow Chroma V2. It builds upon the previous Chroma-based model by adding a third key switch option and a magnetically attached wrist rest that can be easily…
Digital Trends
Apple, Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, others plan to ‘double down’ on artificial intelligence
When it comes to smartphones, voice and app controls apparently aren’t enough anymore. According to DigitTimes, Apple, Samsung, Huawei, LG, and Xiaomi plan to “double down” on the development of artificial intelligence features on mobile in order to help “ramp up market shares” in the coming months….
Digital Trends
Bots_alive aims to bring robots with true artificial intelligence to the masses
Artificial intelligence is all the rage in robotics these days, and for good reason: Properly implemented, it has the potential to program ‘bots on the fly. That’s the promise behind Cozmo, the AI-powered robot from Anki. And it’s the conceit of the Professor Einstein, the intelligent toy from Hanson… – latest science and technology news stories
Appeals court denies full hearing in data surveillance case (Update)
A federal appeals court said Tuesday it won’t rehear a panel’s decision letting companies like Microsoft refuse to turn over to the government customer emails stored overseas. – latest science and technology news stories
Bursts of methane may have warmed early Mars
The presence of water on ancient Mars is a paradox. There’s plenty of geographical evidence that rivers periodically flowed across the planet’s surface. Yet in the time period when these waters are supposed to have run—three to four billion years ago—Mars should have been too cold to support liquid water. – latest science and technology news stories
Diversity in tech: Lots of attention, little progress
The tech industry has brought us self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, disappearing photos and 3-D printers. But when it comes to racial and gender diversity, its companies are no trailblazers. – latest science and technology news stories
Meteorites did not enrich ocean life: study
An explosion of ocean life some 471 million years ago was not sparked by a meteorite bombardment of Earth, said a study Tuesday that challenges a leading theory.
Today’s Best Deals: Contigo Mugs, Coleman Camping Gear, DYMO Label Makers, and More
Contigo Autoseal mugs, DYMO label makers and accessories, Coleman camping gear, and more of today’s best deals.Read more…
SciTech Daily
Researchers Pinpoint Fetal Cells ‘Vulnerable’ to Later Life Stress
A team of scientists has developed a way to identify cells damaged prior to birth by drugs, radiation, or poisons such as mercury that survive but are more vulnerable to stress later in life. This model system can possibly explain the increased risk of some cells in adult onset of psychiatric disorders,…
Fast Company
Cisco’s Affordable Spark Board Wants To Change How You Conduct Meetings
This plug-and-play wireless screen works as a wireless presentation display, digital whiteboard, and video conferencing tool. This plug-and-play wireless screen works as a wireless presentation display, digital whiteboard, and video conferencing tool.If there’s one point of agreement…
Engadget Full RSS Feed
Don’t bank on Kinect games in 2017
“The problem is not that nobody has Kinect, but it’s that nobody is talking about it anymore.” That’s Mattia Traverso, the creator of Kinect-exclusive game Fru. Traverso has a unique perspective on the Kinect marketplace because he’s one of the last video-game developers to build an experience specifically…
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Your (social media) votes matter
Two large-scale experiments were conducted on Reddit and the results provide insight into how a single up/down vote can influence what content users see on the site.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Direct link between sexual objectification of girls, aggression towards them
There is a direct relation between the sexual objectification of girls and aggression towards them, research by psychologists has shown.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Sequencing poisonous mushrooms to potentially create medicine
A team of scientists has genetically sequenced two species of poisonous mushrooms, discovering that they can theoretically produce billions of compounds through one molecular assembly line. This may open the door to efficiently tackling some lethal diseases.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Cell disposal faults could contribute to Parkinson’s, study finds
A fault with the natural waste disposal system that helps to keep our brain cell ‘batteries’ healthy may contribute to neurodegenerative disease, a new study has found.
Design Milk
Flexible Wood Floor Mats from Sitskie Design Studio
Anti-fatigue mats show up in restaurant kitchens and any workplace where there’s lots of standing involved, but if you think about it, we often do a lot of standing at home, whether it’s in the kitchen or at a standing desk, without any relief. Traditional anti-fatigue mats don’t really fit…
BBC News – World
India says it plans to measure whether quake shrank Everest
Indian officials want to test whether an earthquake shrunk the peak, but Nepal says no agreement has been reached.
You Need a Mobile Résumé in 2017: 4 CV Formatting Tips for Phones
Hiring managers and recruiters, like everyone else, use their mobile phones for everything — and that includes reading résumés. You can bet that if your résumé doesn’t show up well on their phone, they’re going to skip right over it. So you need to make sure that you’ll put your best (mobile) foot forward….
Pew Research Center
After Seismic Political Shift, Modest Changes in Public’s Policy Agenda
As Donald Trump enters the White House, the nation’s leading policy priorities are little changed from the final years of Barack Obama’s presidency.
Oil Traders Aren’t So Sure About Republicans’ Border Tax Plan
Shark Navigator NV356E Professional Lift-A-Way Vacuum $130
Shark Navigator NV356E Professional Lift-A-Way Vacuum $130
The Manual
Represent! Flaunt your Hometown with Apolis’ New Customizable T-Shirt
Be your own billboard. The post Represent! Flaunt your Hometown with Apolis’ New Customizable T-Shirt appeared first on The Manual.
Physics News
Modified carbon nanotubes could be used to track protein production by individual cells
For the first time, MIT engineers have designed sensors that can detect single protein molecules as they are secreted by cells or even a single cell.
Physics News
Nanometric imprinting on fiber
Researchers at EPFL’s Laboratory of Photonic Materials and Fibre Devices, which is run by Fabien Sorin, have come up with a simple and innovative technique for drawing or imprinting complex, …
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Unraveling mysteries of pancreatic cancer’s resistance to standard therapies
In a new study, researchers have illuminated one of pancreatic cancer’s major resistance mechanisms: a form of inflammation that is triggered by the tumor in response to treatment and helps keep tumor cells alive. Blocking this inflammation after radiation therapy brought a significant improvement in…
RT – Daily news
String of anti-Semitic attacks in London causes mayor to demand ‘zero tolerance’
London Mayor Sadiq Khan warned that the British capital will show zero tolerance towards hate crimes, in the wake of four anti-Semitic attacks last weekend. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
Trident whistleblower tells RT he ‘witnessed 4 unreported missile test failures’
Royal Navy whistleblower William McNeilly leaked details about a number of serious test fire issues aboard Britain’s Trident nuclear submarine fleet a whole year before the June 2016 misfire that sent a missile careening towards the US. Read Full Article at
China Is Splashing $168 Million To Make It Rain
China, the world’s second largest economy, is pouring 1.5 billion yuan ($168 million) into a program aimed at making it rain in its usually arid northwestern region. From a report: No stranger to using technologies like cloud seeding to influence and even control weather patterns, China’s top economic…
Astana summit: Opposition sets demands for new talks
Russia, Turkey and Iran pledge to strengthen fragile ceasefire as opposition expresses reservations over Tehran’s role. – Top Stories
Market Extra: BlackRock warns CEOs against buybacks that only provide fleeting gains
BlackRock honcho Larry Fink warns CEOs of S&P 500 companies against using any cash repatriated under the Trump administration’s tax proposals for buybacks designed solely to provide a near-term lift to share prices. – Top Stories
Capitol Report: Trump starts with lowest approval ratings in modern times
Donald Trump has started out with the lowest approval ratings of any president since Gallup started keeping track in the 1950s, reflecting a bitter campaign that sharply divided Americans along class, economic and racial lines.
Discover Magazine
Whip Spiders Use Their Feet to Smell Their Way Home
After a late dinner, a jungle-dwelling whip spider can’t rely on an Uber driver to get her home. She has to find the way herself, in the pitch-black, picking her way over thick undergrowth to reach the tree she lives on. It’s a trick she can even manage when plucked from her home tree and tossed into…
Donald Trump Inauguration, Some Ticket Holders Denied Entry
Donald Trump may have been closer to his crowd estimate for his inauguration than first thought … at least by a few dozen people, but maybe even more. Turns out a bunch of people with general admission tickets were instructed to go to various…
Lundhags Nordic Skates
Clip on ice skates built for winter trekking.
Architizer’s Top 13 Residential Building Products From IBS 2017
KBIS wasn’t the only show in town in Orlando two weeks ago, as the NAHB once again co-located its annual International Builders Show within the same halls of the Orange County Convention Center. It was at IBS where Architizer encountered the latest as well as upcoming building products geared…
HP recalls 101,000 more laptop batteries for fire hazard
HP is expanding its recall of laptop batteries with overheating issues that can cause computer damage and even fire. The company is recalling an additional 101,000 batteries in some laptops sold between March 2013 through October 2016. This is an expansion of the recall initiated in June 2016, which…
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The Best Lightning Headphones for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus
By ditching the headphone jack in in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Apple created a whole new market for wired headphones that utilize its own Lightning port. We’ve rounded up a few great picks worthy of your attention.
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Remember the Astrodome!
Steps away from this year’s Super Bowl the world’s first indoor stadium faces the specter of extinction‚ and redemption.
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Nerf’s Rad New Blasters Fire Cars, Not Darts
And fires them lightning fast.
Metal InsiderMetal Insider
Another Tool song is in the can, but not with vocals
Being a Tool fan is an exercise in frustration. It’s been an extremely long time (coming on 11 years) since the band released their last album, three years ago they resurfaced to say that legal issues kept them from working on the follow-up until then, and even their singer called die-hard fans “insufferable,”…
Metal InsiderMetal Insider
Read the lightning; James Hetfield subject of forthcoming biography
There are countless books on one of the greatest thrash bands, Metallica. However, over 35 years later, frontman James Hetfield is getting an unauthorized biography. The biography titled So Let It Be Written is set to release on April 11 via Lesser Gods. Lesser Gods provided the following description:…
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Microsoft delivers awaited OneDrive for Business-SharePoint sync
Microsoft is rolling out the latest piece of its unified OneDrive sync client story: The ability to sync OneDrive for Business and SharePoint.
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Scientists recreated Jupiter’s chaotic atmosphere in the lab
Many scientists figure that Jupiter has a limited amount of ammonia that is mostly concentrated in the upper atmosphere. However, the Juno probe recently spotted plumes of the gas extending up to 65 miles deep, well below the outer clouds. A team from UCLA and France have created a physical lab simulation…
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Large pre-ACA Medicaid expansion did not level health disparities in cancer surgery
An analysis of the New York State’s Medicaid expansion, which predated the 2010 Affordable Care Act, finds substantial decrease in uninsured rate but little change in racial disparities when it comes to access to cancer surgery — a proxy for complex cancer care.
Christian Science Monitor | All Stories
China birthrate gets a bump as one-child policy eases up
Birthrates in China rose to their highest level since 2000 last year, but some China watchers wonder if it will be enough to help an economy losing 5 million people from its labor force every year.
Christian Science Monitor | All Stories
Kroger looks to hire 10,000 US workers this year
The announcement comes despite a difficult 2016 in which the retailer struggled with declining food prices.
Bloomberg Politics
De Blasio Plans $85 Billion Budget While Unsure of U.S. Aid
New York Mayor Bill de Blasio offered an $84.7 billion spending plan as he seeks re-election, proposing record spending as the most populous U.S. city enjoys its eighth-consecutive year of economic growth.
Zero Hedge
EU – Not China Or Japan – Is The Biggest US Treasury Holder (And This Is Not A Good Sign)
Via GEFIRA, US-centric media are reporting that Japan has become the biggest holder of the US treasuries, surpassing China last month. However, this is true only in regard to single countries. If we consider the European Union member states collectively, then they appear to be the biggest holder of…
King Diamond Albums Ranked
See how we ranked King Diamond’s albums from weakest to strongest. Continue reading…
Bush Finishing Seventh Studio Album, Announce 2017 North American Tour Dates
Bush are wrapping up their seventh album and have booked North American dates starting in May to support the disc. Continue reading…
Headlines from the Associated Press
Owner of limo torched in DC says insurance unlikely to pay
WASHINGTON (AP) — Insurance likely won’t cover the damage to a limousine set on fire during an Inauguration Day protest in Washington, the limo company president says….
How-To Geek
How to Transfer Voice Memos From Your iPhone to Your Computer
The Voice Memos app included with your iPhone is a convenient way to record quick voice messages, or anything else you can hear. Voice memos normally stay on your iPhone, but you can move them to your computer through the Share feature or via iTunes.Click Here to Continue Reading
Keurig Rivo Single-Serve Coffee Brewer $109.99
Keurig Rivo Single-Serve Coffee Brewer $109.99
Duke Cannon Tactical Soap On A Rope
Don’t fall victim to dropping the soap ever again.
Master Feed : The Atlantic
Is the Bar Too Low for Special Education?
In fourth grade, Drew’s behavioral problems in school grew worse. Gripped by extreme fears of flies, spills, and public restrooms, Drew began banging his head, removing his clothing, running out of the school building, and urinating on the floor. These behaviors, which stemmed from autism and ADHD, meant…
Pokemon Duel download: official app aims to capitalize on GO!
Gamers enraptured by Pokemon GO but saddened by the lack of Bidoof have been targeted by the official Pokemon company with a new app. This app is a game by the name of Pokemon Duel, and it’s been made for the masses. While a version of this game has been available in Japan for a period of time, the release…
Digital Trends
The Selfly is a photo-taking drone that doubles as a phone case
Drones may have exploded in popularity over the past few years, but they still face a few barriers to reaching mass appeal — a high price tag and a learning curve can do that. Hagay Klein wants to break those barriers by focusing on a key feature many of us use our smartphones for — the camera. The…
Is A Brain Dead Person Actually Dead?
Is A Brain Dead Person Actually Dead?
Newswise: SciNews
Role of Thrust and Drag Clarified for Swimming Microorganisms
For years, B. Ubbo Felderhof, RWTH Aachen University, has explored the mechanisms fish and microorganisms rely on to propel themselves. He has created mechanical models to support the theory behind the “swimming” of microorganisms, consisting of linear chains of spheres connected by springs and immersed…
Newswise: SciNews
Modeling the Rhythmic Electrical Activities of the Brain
Researchers studying the brain have long been interested in its neural oscillations, the rhythmic electrical activity that plays an important role in the transmission of information within the brain’s neural circuits. Working with the Wilson-Cowan model, a widely-used model in computational neuroscience…
Newswise: SciNews
Designing Diagnostic Labs That Are Safe, Specific and Sustainable
To detect an outbreak early — whether Ebola, Zika or influenza — healthcare workers must have a local, trustworthy diagnostic lab. For the past five years Sandia’s International Biological and Chemical Threat Reduction group has served as a trusted adviser for design of diagnostic labs around the world…
Impact Lab
Robots are transforming how we see wildlife
Wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas had long wanted to add up-close-and-personal images of iconic African animals to his portfolio. But to get those intimate shot of lions and leopards, he would need to crawl up right next to their sharp-toothed faces. So Burrard-Lucas devised a far less deadly…
LG leaks seemingly reveal G6, co-designed Google watches
With the Mobile World Congress show just about a month away, rumors are starting to ramp up, but we might have already seen the biggest leak of all. With Samsung bowing out of MWC to fine-tune the Galaxy S8 a little longer, the star of this year’s show might very well be the LG G6, and the first purported…
Lithonia Lighting Motion Sensor Outdoor LED Flood Light $49.99
Lithonia Lighting Motion Sensor Outdoor LED Flood Light $49.99
Ford hires Apple, Nike and Burberry alum to lead global branding efforts
 Ford has picked up a new executive with a strong history of success in marketing and communications across a range of verticals; the automaker announced today that Musa Tariq will join as vice president and chief brand officer at the company, acting as the senior-most creative and strategic branding…
designboom | architecture & design magazine
arne quinze presents jungle cities exhibition at the denk gallery in los angeles
the artist has created a sprawling landscape of tangled materials and eye-popping compositions. The post arne quinze presents jungle cities exhibition at the denk gallery in los angeles appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
Volta Computer
Built from American-sourced Hardwood.
Gerber Ghostrike Punch Knife
USA made stealthy tactical self-defense weapon.
Confederate Wraith B210 Motorcycle
Only 100 of these apocalypse-ready bikes were ever made.
Donald Trump Brags About Inauguration Day Pic with Wrong Date (PHOTO)
President Trump proudly flaunted a photo from his inauguration, but there’s one problem — it has the wrong date on it! The portrait — by Panoramic Visions Photography — touts “The Ceremony of President Donald J. Trump” going down on January 21st,…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
The US Navy’s new wonder material is synthetic hagfish slime
Hagfish are a bit like underwater Spidermen. When they’re attacked by a predator, they shoot out a slimy substance that can seal the mouth and clog the gills of said attacker, so that they can make an escape. Now, A team of US Navy scientists and engineers have figured out a way to synthesize…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Awesome 360-degree snaps give drone photo contest extra pizazz
Back in November, drone cinematography platform SkyPixel announced the shortlist of finalists for its annual photo contest, a set of images that continued to push the boundaries of this high-flying art form. Now the judges have had their say and the winners are in, and as we’ve come to expect…
D-Wave ups its quantum annealing game to 2000 qubits
 Universal quantum computers don’t exist, but that hasn’t stopped D-Wave from carving out its own place in the quantum computing market. Today, the 17-year-old company is announcing its forth quantum chip, the 2000Q, doubling the number of qubits on its exiting 1000Q chip. The Burnaby, British Columbia… – Top Stories
Market Extra: Bitcoin holds above $900 as fears of Chinese crackdown fade
What at first looked like a crackdown on the local bitcoin industry by Chinese authorities is beginning to look more like a detente, according to several bitcoin watchers.
Cards Against Humanity has one specific requirement for their new CEO: Be Barack Obama
Job descriptions are getting really specific these days.  Cards Against Humanity, the game recommended you don’t play with your family, is known for their outrageous card combinations and their charitable past with nonprofits and high-poverty classrooms across the U.S. Not to mention the time they dug…
Fast Company
These Fashion Startups Offer The Prestige Of “Made In Italy” Without Inflated Prices
New American shoe and bag companies are making classic Italian craftsmanship accessible to the masses via direct-to-consumer business models. New American shoe and bag companies are making classic Italian craftsmanship accessible to the masses via direct-to-consumer business models.Amanda…
This Video Is a Quick Primer on How to Read Sheet Music
Learning to read music is like learning to read another language. Sheet music has a variety of dots, lines, and symbols to tell you what and when to play. It all looks very daunting at first, but this video helps you break down some of the basics. The most basic thing to understand when learning to read…
Glassdoor’s annual ‘Best Jobs’ list is tech-heavy
The New Year is all about making changes and resetting with a clean slate. If that philosophy applies to your current career or if you’re just starting out in college and haven’t yet decided what field to study, Glassdoor’s annual 50 Best Jobs in America list is certainly worth a look. …
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Japan’s military launches its first communications satellite
In the face of apparent military threats from China and North Korea, Japan is upgrading its military communications network with a satellite launched from the Tanegashima Space Center.
Christian Science Monitor | All Stories
Russia leaves Syria talks with tentative plan. Up next: get US involved.
Russia, Iran, and Turkey agreed Tuesday to sketch the outlines of a wider political settlement to Syria’s civil war, which would be taken to larger talks in Geneva that include the US, the EU, and other major players.
Ars Technica
Comcast, AT&T, and ISP lobbyists are excited about Trump’s FCC chair
Enlarge / FCC Chairman Ajit Pai testifying before the Senate Commerce Committee in September 2016. (credit: Getty Images | Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call) Comcast, AT&T, and industry lobbyist groups representing ISPs are heaping praise on Ajit Pai, who was appointed Federal Communications Commission…
Bloomberg Politics
EPA Bars Awarding New Contracts or Grants
Grants RSS
Teen declares how “murder gives me a high like no other” will find out what sort of high years in prison gives her [Dumbass]
[link] [28 comments]
How to Securely Send Snail Mail the CIA Way
Today, tech nerds are obsessed with high-tech encryption. But if you ever send snail mail, you might want to take a tip from America’s intelligence community. The CIA sends out letters that are secured with a specific type of tamper-proof tape—think of it like low-tech encryption—and we now know exactly…
Why Best Picture Nominees Do Bad Box Office
Wells Fargo Reviews Policy of Alerting Managers to Branch Visits
Toyota Adding 400 Indiana Jobs in $600 Million Answer to Trump
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You can’t use US law to search foreign servers, appeals court confirms
Microsoft cemented a major legal victory today, as a federal appeals court declined to hear the government’s appeal in a landmark cloud computing case. The government sought to search data stored on Microsoft servers in Ireland as part of a US drug case, arguing the servers were still subject to US warrant…
Prank your indecisive friends with this brutal pizza order
Do you have a friend or lover who never knows what they want to eat? If so — and if you’re feeling vindictive about it — have we got the prank for you. According to a Reddit post from RidingKeys, one human was so annoyed by his girlfriend’s unwillingness to choose a pizza topping that he enlisted the…
New video series highlights activists using tech to defend human rights
Passionate activists are using technology to make the world a safer, more equitable place — and a new video series shines a light on their powerful stories.  “Internet Without Borders” is a four-part series from Jigsaw, the tech incubator at Google’s parent company Alphabet, featuring interviews with…
Paris’ next solution for reducing air pollution? Stickers – Roadshow
Yes, stickers. Pourquoi pas?
Cumberbatch to shine light on Thomas Edison in ‘Current War’ – CNET
Sparks will fly as Benedict Cumberbatch embodies Edison in an 1880s period piece about the race to create a profitable and dependable electricity system.
Receipt signed by Galileo up for auction for $1 million – CNET
Are you a fan of Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei? Here’s your chance to own a very rare signed document. – Top Stories
The Technical Indicator: Bull trend bends (slightly) without cracking, S&P 500 approaches record close
Though the U.S. benchmarks’ bigger-picture technicals remain bullish, on balance, the current backdrop is not one-size-fits-all. Consider that the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite remain firmly within striking distance of record territory, while the Dow industrials and Russell 2000 have lagged behind…
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I wrote a program to turn an animated GIF into a printable flip book
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reddit: the front page of the internet
William Shatner purposefully wasted time and ruined the alternate take to ensure the first interracial kiss on television happened.(2013)
submitted by /u/asdasf2 to /r/Documentaries [link] [comments]
reddit: the front page of the internet
Five finalists will try to land a spacecraft on the Moon this year to win the Google Lunar X Prize
submitted by /u/speckz to /r/space [link] [comments]
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My grandparents on the day they first met- also their wedding day. Circa 1950’s.
submitted by /u/nkwriter101 to /r/OldSchoolCool [link] [comments]
reddit: the front page of the internet
TIL that Ted Kennedy was reluctant to run for the US presidency after his brothers John and Bobby were assassinated because, he said, “They’re going to shoot my ass off”.
submitted by /u/TMWNN to /r/todayilearned [link] [comments]
New Scientist – Online news
Plasma tidal wave may tell us if black holes destroy information
Physicists have long puzzled over whether black holes destroy information or conserve it – now a proposed lab experiment could use a plasma wave to find out
Latest Items from TreeHugger
Chemical that gives pine trees their smell could be used to make renewable plastic
The chemical is a waste product of the paper industry.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Even wasps make trade deals, scientists discover
Wasps have trading partners and compete for the ‘best trade deals,’ scientists have discovered.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Why storms are becoming more dangerous as the climate warms
Researchers know that more, and more dangerous, storms have begun to occur as the climate warms. A team of scientists has reported an underlying explanation, using meteorological satellite data gathered over a 35-year period.
Australia Plans Biometric Border Control
The Australian government is planning to allow 90% of travellers to pass through passport control without human help by 2020. From a report: With a $100m budget, it has begun the search for technology companies that could provide biometric systems, such as facial, iris and fingerprint recognition. Head…
Undersea Aquahoverer
Meet the Undersea Aquahoverer, a twin-passenger underwater dream-maker. Sub-marine adventuring as easy as automobile driving, this spectacular machine can reach depths of 400-feet, enabling you to witness the wonders of the underwater world, Nemo-style. This marine magic don’t come cheap however, but…
Zero Hedge
Calexit: Record Number Of Californians Support Secession, New Poll Finds
According to a new Reuters / Ipsos poll, a record number of disaffected, Hillary-supporting Californians now support secession from the United States because they’re just so “triggered” by Trump’s victory.  If successful, California would become the single largest “safe space” in the world. Per the…
Zero Hedge
The Dollar And Rates Decouple For The First Time Since The Election
Perhaps reports of the Trumpflation rally’s death have been somewhat exaggerated in the past few days. After RBC pointed out yesterday that equity generalists are “increasingly uncomfortable with reflation trades”, this morning we have seen the latest violent inversion in this theme. As RBC’s Charlie…
Streaming crashes the Oscars: Amazon becomes first service with Best Picture nod
“We want to win an Oscar.” That’s what Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos told a German newspaper in December 2015, in case you thought they were being subtle about it. On Tuesday, Bezos’ goal became an actual possibility after the streaming service’s Sundance Film Festival 2016 pick-up Manchester by the Sea received…
Curbed National
Ikea’s new kitchen system is made from plastic bottles
The Kungsbacka line is made entirely of recycled materials Ikea has unveiled a sleek new kitchen system made from all recycled materials. Called Kungsbacka, the line of cabinets features a coating made from recycled plastic bottles—twenty-five per unit, while the structure itself is made from reclaimed…
CyberPower DS806MYL Heavy Duty 8-Outlet Power Strip $15.95
CyberPower DS806MYL Heavy Duty 8-Outlet Power Strip $15.95
The Next Web
Trump orders social media blackout for all employees of top environmental agency [Updated]
According to the Associated Press, President Trump has instructed Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) staff to freeze all grants — including funding for research, redevelopment of industrial sites, air quality monitoring, and education (among others) — as well as barring employees from discussing this…
Digital Trends
You don’t know it yet, but this is the year Wi-Fi changes for the better
2017 should be a transformative year for wireless connectivity in the home and office. We saw several products during the recent CES 2017 technology trade show in Las Vegas that not only speed up the connection between wireless devices and the internet, but fill those annoying dead spaces that, until…
Digital Trends
Stop, collaborate, and listen: Box’s new desktop app makes working together easy
Cloud storage and online collaboration have become commonplace in schools and in the enterprise world. Cloud storage service Box has introduced a redesigned web application that not only improves usability but also makes real-time online collaboration simple. The new standalone desktop app aims to make…
Digital Trends
Google Home adds Belkin’s WeMo, Honeywell to ‘Home Control’ options
When Google Home launched late last fall, it only supported three Internet of Things systems: Nest, Philips Hue, and Samsung SmartThings. If you’ve been hoping for more options, you’re in luck — the search giant is expanding the Assistant’s capabilities with support for Belkin’s WeMo platform as well…
Digital Trends
New Samsung smartphone could be its first with Tizen 3.0
Samsung’s self-built Tizen operating system is used on most of the company’s wearables as well as some of its smartphones — and it may ultimately replace Android for Samsung, which likely wants to free itself from Google’s grasp. Well, it looks like Samsung is developing yet another Tizen-powered phone…
Shut Up And Take My Money
Super Soft Bamboo Bed Sheets
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Shut Up And Take My Money
Heavy Men’s Chain Biker Bracelet
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Metal Injection
ALICE IN CHAINS Is Recording A New Album Right Now
They might be done with it already! The post ALICE IN CHAINS Is Recording A New Album Right Now appeared first on Metal Injection.
Reuters: World News
Kuwait to deliver message to Iran on dialogue with Gulf Arab states
DOHA (Reuters) – Kuwait’s foreign minister will make a rare visit to Tehran on Wednesday to deliver a message to President Hassan Rouhani on a “basis of dialogue” between Gulf Arab states and arch-rival Iran, Kuwait’s state news agency reported.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Positive outcomes after obesity surgery in adolescents
Obesity surgery has proven to be just as effective for teenagers as for adults. Five years on, those who underwent the procedure as teenagers weighed, on average, 28 percent less than prior to the surgery. There were, however, complications associated with this type of surgery the new study shows.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
What matters most to Huntington’s disease patients? New survey
Symptoms and treatments that most impact the lives of patients and their caregivers have been reported in a new journal article. Huntington’s disease (HD) has no cure and no therapies to slow the course of this fatal disease.
RT – Daily news
Prostitutes, business class flights, 5-star hotels: Belgian immigration police caught in scandal
A group of Belgian police escorts – agents charged with taking failed asylum seekers back to their homeland – themselves regularly used escorts of a different kind, as well as committing a host of other “ethical breaches,” according to a new police audit. Read Full Article at
RT – Daily news
Huge fire engulfs shopping mall in SW Moscow, hundreds evacuated (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
A massive fire engulfed the Rio shopping mall in southwest Moscow, on Tuesday. The emergency services said that about 500 people have been evacuated, TASS reported. Read Full Article at
Finally, someone has reinvented the crutches
Mobility Designed has created a whole new generation of crutches that uses the forearm for support and allows wearers to move freely while the crutches remain attached. Read more…More about Standalone Featured, Real Time Video, Real Time, Invention, and Technology
Facebook, Snapchat Deals Produce Meager Results for News Outlets
Android Developers Blog
Final Android Wear 2.0 Developer Preview: iOS support. Time to upload your apps to the Play Store!
Posted by Hoi Lam, Developer Advocate  Cross platform support by Telegram Messenger Today, we are releasing the fifth and final developer preview for Android Wear 2.0. In this release, we have added iOS support and included a number of bug fixes and enhancements. Apps compiled with…
How-To Geek
How to Factory Reset Your Roku
Giving away your Roku? Whether you’re giving it to a friend or selling it online, you probably don’t want to leave your Roku account connected to the device.Click Here to Continue Reading
Cisco’s all-in-one Spark Board puts the cloud on a wall
Cloud-based collaboration software has helped enterprises take meetings beyond the conference room. Now Cisco Systems is bringing its Spark cloud platform back inside.On Tuesday, Cisco introduced the Spark Board, an all-in-one collaboration device that can be a screen-sharing presentation tool, a digital…
Wink Relay Smart Home Wall Controller $86
Wink Relay Smart Home Wall Controller $86 – Top Stories
Darrell Delamaide’s Political Capital: There’s a silver lining in the rocky, raucous inaugural weekend
Between the partisan excesses of the women’s march and the petty obsessions of the Trump administration over crowd sizes, it’s easy to get pessimistic. But Darrell Delamaide offers some reasons for hope.
NYT > Business Day
Trump, in Meeting, Urges Automakers to Build in United States
The tenor of the White House meeting with the chief executives of the three Detroit automakers appeared far more cooperative than adversarial.
What’s the Speed of Dark?
Welcome back to Giz Asks, a series where we ask experts hard questions about science, technology, and humanity’s future. Today, we’re wondering about the “speed of dark,” and for that matter, the scientific nature of “speed” and “darkness.” Read more…
The Verge – All Posts
The Gamevice is an iPhone 7 controller that brings back the headphone jack
Apple originally announced integrated support for standardized game controllers back in 2013 with iOS 7. Since then there have been plenty of companies that have taken up the challenge to make Apple-approved controllers through the official MFi (Made for iPhone) accessory branding. But despite that,…
Why Renaissance Astronomer Tycho Brahe Is Still a Star – Facts So Romantic
Something is rotten in Denmark, but not to worry, it’s just the remains of astronomer Tycho Brahe. Despite being dead for over 400 years, this Renaissance astronomer continues to captivate scientists, historians, and the public. Part of his fame is due to his scientific credentials. Brahe is the father… Full Feed
Illinois Hoping Citizens Drink State’s Debts Away with Statewide Soda Tax
Moody’s economic forecast for Illinois for 2017 is remarkably blunt, even a little grim. This is just the first paragraph of the summary: Illinois is one of the Midwest’s weakest links, reflecting both soft job creation and the state’s descent into fiscal quicksand. The state trails the nation in…
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
A two-step cell polarization in algal zygotes
Developmental biology is the field of biology that studies the processes by which multicellular organisms grow and develop. The development of a plant or animal starting from a single fertilized egg into a complex individual with different cell types and tissues obviously requires cells to differentiate…
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Sci-fi holograms a step closer
Physicists have invented a tiny device that creates the highest quality holographic images ever achieved, opening the door to imaging technologies seen in science fiction movies such as ‘Star Wars.’
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
First-ever discovered trilobite eggs paired with fossil of the segmented creature
For the past two years, scientists have been conducting research on what are believed to be the first-ever discovered trilobite eggs paired with a fossil of the segmented creature.
Ars Technica » Scientific Method
REM sleep lets the brain cut and strengthen new connections
Enlarge / A nerve cell, with small features of dendrites highlighted in red. (credit: Shelley Halpain, UC San Diego) REM sleep is known to help solidify memories, but the mechanism for making memories more permanent is not well-understood. A recent study published in Nature Neuroscience shows that,…
Latest Content – Popular Mechanics
Democrats Reveal a $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan of Their Own
Although still not enough to fix America’s crumbling infrastructure, it certainly would be a healthy start.
Latest Content – Popular Mechanics
The 2020 Ford Bronco Might Have Solid Axles Front and Rear, Be Totally Badass
Dana, which makes the axles under the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, says it will provide front and rear axles for the new Bronco.
Latest Content – Popular Mechanics
Cheap Flights to Asia Are Coming as AirAsia Gets the U.S. OK
It’s the first time an airline like theirs has come to America.
BBC News – World
Man robs Kansas bank to ‘escape wife’
The robber waited for police after the heist, saying prison was better than living with his wife.
Digg Top Stories
What It’s Like To Have A Phobia Of Talking
For adult sufferers of Selective Mutism, a little-known anxiety disorder that usually resolves in childhood, speaking is the most frightening thing imaginable.
Airbnb is in talks to acquire social payments startup Tilt
 We’d been hearing murmurs for a while that Tilt was up for grabs and was talking to a few folks in recent weeks, and in early January we caught wind that the company may be acquired by Airbnb. It looks like the chatter was right. The Information reported today that the company is in talks with Airbnb…
Engadget Full RSS Feed
Microsoft launches program to take on Chromebooks in schools
In an effort to stem the academic migration to simpler, cheaper Chromebooks, Microsoft has launched the Intune for Education program. Based on the company’s corporate Intune service, it helps educators manage and set up student Windows 10 PCs and apps. As part of the initiative, the software giant revealed…
CreekKooler Floating Cooler
Not enough room on your kayak or canoe for the veritable bar you’re bringing along? A CreekKooler Floating Cooler in tow should handle the job. It’s shaped like a miniature kayak and built similarly, but with a watertight locking lid and foam insulation that keeps your drinks cold all weekend. A generous thirty…
DC’s Deplorables Go Job Hunting
Trump had promised jobs, and they came begging. Read more…
Curbed National
Angled apartments were designed with the neighbors in mind
Democratic, collaborative design helped shape the unique look of the Krøyers Plads buildings in Copenhagen Modern architects like to brag about creating buildings with small footprints, eco-friendly structures that offer a sustainable solution to urban design challenges. A recently completed Danish…
Radical Façades: 7 Modern Buildings Hidden Behind Decorative Screens
Decorative screens and mashrabiya adorn the façades of these contemporary structures, incorporating historical language into modern settings.
Arnold’s Mercedes G-Class goes electric with the help of Kreisel Electric – Roadshow
The former governor of California teamed up with the EV startup to electrify what might be the least efficient SUV currently sold.
Microsoft won’t fix the most frustrating thing about Windows – CNET
Commentary: The worst feature of Windows 10 is automatic updates — even when you’re in the middle of something.
Faraday Future hit with $1.8M post-reveal lawsuit, takes threats to Twitter – Roadshow
The lawsuit alleges Faraday Future isn’t paying its bills, while Faraday claims on social media that the plaintiff failed to comply with a contractual obligation.
Will ‘Target Pay’ in-store mobile payments help it combat Apple Pay? – CNET
It looks like Target might follow former CurrentC partners and add its own mobile payment system for in-store purchases.
The Verge – All Posts
Instagram Live Stories will be available globally next week
Instagram’s Live Stories, the social network’s take on live ephemeral video, is officially coming to users outside of the United States. The company plans to roll out the feature to users around the world over the next week. The feature, which lets users broadcast videos that disappear after 24 hours,…
China Goes on an M&A Diet
A decade-long trend of the China government encouraging Chinese businesses to expand globally by acquiring resources, advanced technologies, and distribution channels overseas is hitting a speed bump.
Bless This Stuff
Back in 2015 Ducati introduced the Ducati Scrambler range, a contemporary interpretation of the iconic Ducati model from the 60s. Now the Italian brand have expanded the Ducati Scrambler family with a new version dedicated to off-road style. They new Desert Sled is an enduro version inspired by the world…
NatureNews – Most recent articles – science feeds
D-Wave upgrade: How scientists are using the world’s most controversial quantum computer
Scepticism surrounds the ultimate potential of D-wave machines, but researchers are already finding uses for them.Nature 541 447 doi: 10.1038/541447b
Newswise: SciNews
Undergraduates to Explore Precision Livestock Production
College freshmen and sophomores interested in agriculture can learn about precision livestock production through a new training program aimed at recruiting minority students to the field.
Newswise: SciNews
Gender Diversity in STEM: ‘Let’s Change the World Together’
Universities across the U.S. have developed programs to attract women and under-represented minorities to the STEM disciplines. So why aren’t such efforts translating into more of these students majoring in science, technology, engineering and math and continuing on to a career in research or academia?
Newswise: SciNews
Study Suggests Color of Sweetener Packet Impacts Sweetness Perception and Liking
A study published in the Journal of Food Science found that the packet color of nonnutritive sweeteners may impact the sweetness perception and overall liking of the product.
Newswise: SciNews
Food Scientist Shares Insights on How to End Food Waste
Edward Hirschberg, President of Innovative Foods and recipient of the Institute of Food Technologists’ 2016 Babcock-Hart Award for his many contributions to food processing, shared some potential solutions to many of the world’s food waste problems in the January issue of Food Technology magazine.
Newswise: SciNews
WIU Professor Part of Groundbreaking Trilobite Research Team
MACOMB, IL – For the past two years, Western Illinois University Assistant Professor of Geology Thomas Hegna has been part of a three-member team conducting research on what are believed to be the first-ever discovered trilobite eggs paired with a fossil of the segmented creature.
Newswise: SciNews
New Review Article Suggests Sheep Milk May Be the Next Functional Dairy Food
A paper published in Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety explored the physicochemical and nutritional characteristics of sheep milk and development of sheep milk dairy products containing prebiotics and/or probiotics.
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Kengo Kuma unveils blossoming glass and timber villas for Bali
From Ibuku’s gorgeous bamboo structures to D-Associates’wood and brick DRA House, Bali’s contemporary architecture strikes a delicate balance between contemporary and vernacular design. Among the most recent projects planned to be built on this Indonesian island is a cluster of six unique villas, a yoga…
Sometimes you need a full sized wallet. Our buying guide of the best men’s trifold wallets will show you wallets to hold everything you need. The wallets will easily hold your bills, cards, IDs, and much more. Some of them even come with RFID protection to keep your information safe. First up is the…
Trump’s cyber advisor didn’t know about Signal
If you pay attention to surveillance or cybersecurity, you’ve probably heard of Signal since the election, right? It’s an encrypted messaging app, and it’s popularity has climbed in the wake of a new presidential administration that looks like it will favor increased surveillance. It’s one of those no-brainer…
Merkel to Face SPDs Schulz in Vote After Gabriel Steps Down
AI Firm Afiniti Said to Weigh IPO at About $2 Billion Value
Torontos Home-Price Gains Are Rippling Toward Niagara Falls
Pricier Oil Means China’s Foreign Reserves Will Shrink Even Faster, Goldman Says
Inflation, Growth Fears Keep Rates Steady in S. Africa, Nigeria
Reuters: World News
Gambia revokes state of emergency in step towards political normality
BANJUL (Reuters) – Gambia’s parliament on Tuesday revoked a state of emergency imposed last week by former President Yahya Jammeh shortly before he fled into exile, as the tiny West African country slowly recovered from its political crisis.
24.5M voice-first devices expected to ship this year, but apps struggle to retain users
 The next mainstream computing platform may not be bots, AR, or VR, but rather voice-based computing. According to a new state of the industry report from VoiceLabs, it’s estimated that there will be 24.5 million voice-first devices shipped this year, which will lead to a total device footprint of 33…
ShipRocked 2017: Day 1 – Sevendust, Avatar, Papa Roach, Alter Bridge + More
ShipRocked celebrated its eighth year with a new ship and new location, and a sold out crowd of rock fans boarded the Carnival Victory. Continue reading…
Maynard James Keenan: ‘If You Study History at All, the U.S. is Long Overdue For a Fall’
Tool / A Perfect Circle / Puscifer frontman Maynard James Keenan is waiting for history to repeat itself. Continue reading…
TEDTalks (video)
Buildings that blend nature and city | Jeanne Gang
A skyscraper that channels the breeze … a building that creates community around a hearth … Jeanne Gang uses architecture to build relationships. In this engaging tour of her work, Gang invites us into buildings large and small, from a surprising local community center to a landmark Chicago skyscraper….
Zero Hedge
Chinese Warships In Persian Gulf For First Time Since 2010
In a deployment not seen in seven years, three Chinese warships including a guided-missile destroyer warship embarked on a tour of Gulf Arab states for the first time since 2010 in what al Arabiya has called Beijing’s “desire to play a bigger role on the global stage.” The three Chinese vessels arrived…
Zero Hedge
The Globalization Debate (Video)
By EconMatters We examine the Globalization Debate and its effects on Financial Markets, applying Zero Sum Game Theory, Nuanced Analysis, and Donald Trump`s impact on the global economy in this video. China, Mexico and the Middle East are very fragile right now, and Trump policy has the potential…
reddit: the front page of the internet
Climate researchers say the 2 degrees Celsius warming limit can be maintained if half of the world’s energy comes from renewable sources by 2060
submitted by /u/skeptic__ to /r/science [link] [comments]
Digital Trends
Take the party anywhere with Bose SoundTouch/Echo Dot bundle ($35 off)
Two hugely popular and highly-rated multimedia devices are being offered in a convenient and money-saving package. The Bose SoundTouch and Echo Dot bundle is now available on Amazon for $214, or $35 less than if both items were purchased separately. The Echo Dot multimedia device and the Bose SoundTouch speaker… – latest science and technology news stories
Scientists lay foundations for new type of solar cell
An interdisciplinary team of researchers has laid the foundations for an entirely new type of photovoltaic cell. In this new method, infrared radiation is converted into electrical energy using a different mechanism from that found in conventional solar cells. The mechanism behind the new solid-state… – latest science and technology news stories
Little tortoise, big range
WCS scientists have discovered the impressed tortoise (Manouria impressa) in the Hukaung Valley Wildlife Sanctuary in northern Myanmar, some 528 miles from its known range in that country. The researchers reported their finding in the latest issue of the journal Asian Herpetological Research. – latest science and technology news stories
Biologists identify reproductive ‘traffic cop’
Before an egg becomes fertilized, sets of chromosomes must pair up to pass along genetic information. This happens within each reproductive cell, where separate chromosomes of male and female origin move toward each other and eventually join. – latest science and technology news stories
Appeals court denies full hearing in data surveillance case
A federal appeals court said Tuesday it won’t rehear a panel’s decision letting companies like Microsoft refuse to turn over to the government customer emails stored overseas. – latest science and technology news stories
Scientists get best view yet of cancer-causing virus HPV
New details of the structure of the human papillomavirus (HPV) may lead to better vaccines and HPV anti-viral medications, according to studies led by a Penn State College of Medicine researcher.
Popular Mechanics
Why your voice makes you cringe
So we had to ask: have you ever cringed at the sound of your own voice? And why do we sound so different in recordings? Let’s find out. The post Why your voice makes you cringe appeared first on Popular Mechanics.
Amazon Echo’s new ‘Computer’ wake word lets you fulfill your Star Trek fantasies
Amazon quietly added a new option to the wake words on Amazon Echo devices that will make the dreams of every Star Trek fan come true. If Echo users open the Settings area of the Alexa app they should see a fresh wake word option: Computer. Yes, soon everyone can live the dream of saying, “Computer,…
RT – Daily news
‘Brexit bill’ expected in parliament ‘within days’ as Supreme Court ruling rocks government
The British government has pledged to introduce a Brexit bill in parliament “within days” in the wake of a Supreme Court ruling which found that Parliament must be given a vote on the terms and timing of Britain’s exit from the EU. Read Full Article at
UK regulator: White male bank culture is ‘difficult to take’
The financial industry’s “white male” culture isn’t changing quickly enough, according to the U.K. regulator’s head of supervision, who said the country is unlikely to see a female chief executive officer at a major bank for at least five years. “It’s extremely rare that in my professional life I have…
Amazon Offers To Scrap Ebook Clauses To Settle EU Antitrust Probe
U.S. online retailer Amazon has offered to alter its e-book contracts with publishers in a bid to end an EU antitrust probe and stave off a possible fine, the European Commission said on Tuesday. From a report: Amazon, the biggest e-book distributor in Europe, proposed to drop some clauses in its contracts…
Impact Lab
Prepping people to stay ahead of technological change
When education fails to keep pace with technology, the result is inequality. Without the skills to stay useful as innovations arrive, workers suffer—and if enough of them fall behind, society starts to fall apart. That fundamental insight seized reformers in the Industrial Revolution, heralding state-funded…
BBC News – World
Trump backs Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines
President’s support for Keystone XL and Dakota Access proves he is a climate threat, critics say.
Ultimate Classic Rock
Journey Add Summer Tour Dates With Asia
Journey and Asia won’t even begin their co-headlining 2017 tour until March, but they must be looking forward to traveling together. Continue reading…
Significant Digits For Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2017
You’re reading Significant Digits, a daily digest of the numbers tucked inside the news.3:40 a.m.A 25-year-old Patriots fan drunkenly pulled the fire alarm at the Logan Airport Hilton at 3:40 a.m. Sunday. The Pats’ opponents later that day — the Pittsburgh Steelers — were staying at the Hilton that evening….
Popular Science
What we actually lose when the USDA and EPA can’t talk to the public
Science Facts aren’t political The EPA and USDA have been issued gag orders, suggesting a chilling trend…
Curbed National
Perfecting public transportation: 10 U.S. cities with progressive plans
Moving forward on moving their citizens, from expanded light rail to better bike share systems Welcome back to Property Lines, a column by Curbed senior reporter Patrick Sisson that spotlights real estate trends and hot housing markets across the country. Comments, tips, and suggestions on where Property… US Business
Senate Panel Backs Wilbur Ross, Donald Trump’s Pick for Commerce Secretary
Wilbur Ross, President Donald Trump’s choice to run the Commerce Department, cleared a key test Tuesday when a Senate panel approved his nomination.
Metal Injection
MASTODON’s Brent Hinds Recorded Guitars Inside The Moon For The New Album
Brent Hinds is super baked. The post MASTODON’s Brent Hinds Recorded Guitars Inside The Moon For The New Album appeared first on Metal Injection.
Google desperately needs a simple messaging strategy
Google Voice just got its first major update in five years — and now my head hurts.Don’t get me wrong: As an early adopter and long-time user of Google Voice, there’s a part of me that’s thrilled to see the abandoned-seeming service finally getting some fresh love. But then I step back and think about…
Today’s Best Deals: Contigo Mugs, Coleman Camping Gear, DYMO Label Makers, and More
Contigo Autoseal mugs, DYMO label makers and accessories, Coleman camping gear, and more of today’s best deals.Read more…
reddit: the front page of the internet
ELI5: Why does a flight from London to Italy(2500km) cost about $70…but a flight from New York to Atlanta(800km) costs about $25

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