Indistinguishable from Magic 1/30

Build bridges instead of walls | TechCrunch 

LAPD Chief Refuses to Enforce Trump Immigration Law | Zero Hedge 


It’s amazing most businesses operate from 9 to 5 when the majority of their customers are busy, working 9 to 5 themselves. : Showerthoughts 

The Uber boycott – Straight Dope Message Board 

Khizr Khan, Gold Star Father, on the New Refugee Ban – The New Yorker 

‘Muslim Ban’ Blocks Croatian Woman Says ACLU, Croatia Not Banned | 

Trump’s plan to let local cops enforce immigration could put neighboring cities at odds – 

Canada to offer temporary residency to travelers stranded by U.S | Reuters 

The Promise of J.F.K.: The Place Where America Meets the World – The New Yorker 

Elon Musk Wants Your Help With Suggesting Immigration Changes to Trump 

Rudy Giuliani says Donald Trump asked how to make a “Muslim ban” legal — Quartz 

An open letter to Trump – Straight Dope Message Board 

What If Everyone On Earth Lived Together In One Single Building? – Digg 

Ford Breaks From Trump Over Ban as Detroit Muslims Protest – Bloomberg 

“Traders Got It Wrong Before The Election, And Continue To Get It Wrong Today” | Zero Hedge 

TaoTronics Pulse X 14W Wireless Bluetooth Speaker $21.59 – Techbargains 

Yemen says Trump’s travel ban on Muslims supports extremists | Reuters 

‘No legitimate military objectives’: UN panel finds Saudi strikes in Yemen may amount to war crimes — RT News 

No evidence for Trump claim that it was ‘impossible’ for Syrian Christians to enter U.S. | PolitiFact 

Some tech executives are matching ACLU donations amid immigration ban protests | TechCrunch 

Americans raise $600,000 to rebuild burned Texas mosque | USA News | Al Jazeera 

Sabrent 3-Button Bluetooth Optical Mouse $9.99 – Techbargains 

What the US Can Learn From Canada’s Battle With an Anti-Science Government 

PresidentialWipe – Wipe Your Ass…With the President of the United States. : shutupandtakemymoney 

Couch Arm Table : shutupandtakemymoney 

This contemporary house was designed with a floating box above a transparent glassed enclosure | CONTEMPORIST 

Trump’s Calls With Gulf Allies Offer Insight on Mideast Policy – Bloomberg 

Elon Musk seeks “specific amendments” to recommend to Trump on immigration order | TechCrunch 

How Trump’s Executive Order Worsens Syria’s Health Crisis – The Atlantic 

Le Loup Multi-Tool | 

Tiny ‘hut on wheels’ is the perfect vacation home to escape the concrete jungle | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building 

The world’s tallest vertical garden lives and breathes in Sydney | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building 

Public Park Promotes Native Biodiversity in Hong Kong | ArchDaily 

Antibodies as ‘messengers’ in the nervous system: Paradigm shift: Antibodies capable of activating nerves — ScienceDaily 

A way out of the junk-food eating cycle: Study shows that junk-food is conducive to a habitual mode of behavior in rats — but that the habit could easily be broken by pairing it with the right environmental cues — ScienceDaily 

Attorneys general from 15 U.S. states, DC decry immigration order | Reuters 

Duterte slams building of ‘permanent’ US weapon depot in Philippines, threatens to tear up treaty — RT News 

The way to debate Trump’s orders on migrants – 

Priority Bicycles Classic 2.0 Gotham Edition – Gear Patrol Store 

Trump immigration ban means a war with tech | Computerworld 

TODAY ONLY Gem Sound PXB150USB 15″ 250W Powered Speaker w/ USB Media Player $150 – Techbargains 

Google employees want top execs to do more to oppose Trump’s immigration orders – VICE News 

World leaders urge Trump to rethink his “unfair” ban on refugees – VICE News 

Quick-and-dirty DNA repair sets the stage for smoking-related lung cancer — ScienceDaily 

UK committee to investigate Israeli embassy scandal | Israel News | Al Jazeera 

Why President Trump’s executive order on Syrian refugees is wrong – MarketWatch 

Logitech K380 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard $15.99 – Techbargains 

Tacklife 196 Feet Portable Laser Distance Measurer $34.49 – Techbargains 

It’s amazing most businesses operate from 9 to 5 when the majority of their customers are busy, working 9 to 5 themselves. : Showerthoughts 

We are the lawyers volunteering at JFK. We need your HELP. If you are flying into JFK, help us by staying on the customs/immigration side and let us know if people are being detained. Tweet at @NoBanJFK #NoBanJFK : pics 

Mahershala Ali’s emotional speech at SAG Awards 2017 as he accepts best supporting actor for Moonlight : movies 

Hannah Arendt on Jewishness, the Immigrant Plight for Identity, and the Meaning of “Refugee” – Brain Pickings 

Judge’s Ruling Offers Tech Workers Way to Bypass Trump Order – Bloomberg 

Brain hormone triggers fat burning regardless of food intake 

Literary Constellations: Astronomy-Inspired Visualizations of the Opening Sentences of Beloved Books – Brain Pickings 

Are Egg Whites Intimidating? Try InstaFoam – The Manual | The Manual 

A “Color Revolution” Is Under Way In America | Zero Hedge 

Nigeria’s pay-as-you-go solar solution – BBC News 

Ko Ni, top Muslim lawyer, shot dead at Yangon airport | Myanmar News | Al Jazeera 

‘A Peoples History of the United States’ by Howard Zinn should be Mandatory Reading in Public Education : books 

UK activists detained for disarming Saudi-bound warplanes to prevent ‘war crimes’ in Yemen — RT UK 

Mushroom Cloud Announces “Bleed For Justice” – in Metal News ( Metal ) 

Solar-powered Patch22, the Netherlands’ highest wooden apartment building, can change its function like a chameleon | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building 

‘Irresponsible and irrational:’ Aussie startups speak out on Muslim ban 

A messy galaxy that defies description – CNET 

Facebook, Google, Uber, and other tech companies respond to Trump’s “Muslim” immigration ban — Quartz 

High Court Precedent May Limit Trump’s ‘Sanctuary City’ Order – WSJ 

Koch Group Official Criticizes Trump Travel Ban as ‘Wrong Approach’ – WSJ 

How Trump’s Executive Order Could Affect College Students – The Atlantic 

What Happens If Net Neutrality Goes Away? 

imm cologne 2017: riva 1920 earth table floats 50,000 year old wood in resin 

Hybrid cars can save fuel through nature-like algorithms 

Citigroup, European Banks Stick With Mexico as Trade War Looms – WSJ 

Outside a Texan mosque, the lone cowboy stands.. : pics 

Koch network launches effort to kill Republican border tax plan | Reuters 

Metal Blade Inducted Into Hall Of Heavy Metal – in Metal News ( Metal ) 

Refugee Policy – A Draft Open Letter to My Governor, Andrew Cuomo – Straight Dope Message Board 

Seoul’s version of the High Line will have over 24,000 plants ordered alphabetically by name — Quartz 

Bryan Cranston knows what Lyndon B. Johnson would say to Trump, and it’s not pretty 

Here’s what Republicans are saying (and not saying) about Trump’s refugee ban – VICE News 

‘First They Came for the Muslims’: A History – The Atlantic 

‘Standing together’ in White House protest – BBC News 

Trump Defends Immigration Order as CEOs Warn of Disruptions – Bloomberg 

Visualizing The Global Weapons Trade | Zero Hedge 

Genome editing in clinical genetics: Points to consider: New statement from the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics — ScienceDaily 

Julia Louis-Dreyfus gave a strong message about refugees in her SAG acceptance speech 

3 Bold and Stylish Masculine Workspaces | Man of Many 

Silicon Valley puts money and muscle into fighting Trump immigrant curbs | Reuters 

Howls Over Import Tax Complicate Plans to Overhaul Code – The New York Times 

Former NSA lawyer says US border plans to demand tourists’ browser history, phone data would be unlawful | ZDNet 

Protesters at the White House Condemn President Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration – The Atlantic 

Author Reza Aslan Says Executive Order Has Already Affected His Family : NPR 

Former Attorney General Calls Vetting Immigrants A ‘Delicate Process’ : NPR 

Top Tech Company Leaders Say They Would Not Exist Without Immigrants : NPR 

Legal Adviser For George W. Bush Speaks On Restructuring of Security Council : NPR 

Rebalancing gut microbiome lengthens survival in mouse model of ALS — ScienceDaily 

U.N. experts warn Saudi-led coalition allies over war crimes in Yemen | Reuters 

The Political World Reacts to Trump’s Refugee and Immigration Order – The Atlantic 

In Boston, a Late-Night Victory Against Trump’s Immigration Ban – The New Yorker 

Don’t Threaten Business With A “Border Tax” — Instead, Make America A Great Place To Do Business Again | Zero Hedge 

New life for Mike Pence’s tweet calling Muslim ban ‘offensive and unconstitutional’ – MarketWatch 

Science Needs You: Volunteer or Sign Up to the Scientists’ March in Washington D.C. | Big Think 

When I move my body, I am literally moving matter with my mind : Showerthoughts 

Bodyhacking Conference 2017 Kicks Off in Austin, Texas | Digital Trends 

Quebec City shooting: Terrorist attack on Muslims, says Trudeau – 

Kreator Pays Tribute With “Fallen Brother” Video – in Metal News ( Metal ) 

Best Apps for iOS and Android – Gear Patrol 

Today Is Fred Korematsu’s Birthday, Which Seems About Right – Hit & Run : 

Introducing the little black graphene dress 

Shark-inspired drug may help treat fibrosis, researchers say – BBC News 

BBC journalist live-tweets Muslim ban in US airports 

DailyTech – Dell Inspiron 15 – 4K Touchscreen and 1TB SSHD 

Gerges: Trump Ban ‘Massive Propaganda Boost’ for ISIS – YouTube 

Why The Cold War Between Tech CEOs and Trump Is About To Go Nuclear | Zero Hedge 

Scientists Baffled by McConnell and Ryan’s Ability to Stand Upright Without Spines – The New Yorker 

Burns Night in the Age of Brexit and Trump – The New Yorker 

Trump Organization’s Ethics Team Tied to Trump U, Dark Money – Bloomberg 

Point Out “Response Costs” to Deal With Passive Aggressive People 

#DeleteUber: Twitterati wrath swift as Uber drivers ‘break’ JFK taxi strike — RT America 

Trump’s next anti-immigration move could target tech workers hired by Apple & others – Bloomberg | 9to5Mac 

Trump Blames Travel Chaos On Protesters, “Schumer’s Tears”; Tweets “Nothing Nice About Searching For Terrorists” | Zero Hedge 

Krita Is a Fast, Flexible, and Free Photoshop Alternative Built by Artists 

Significant Digits For Monday, Jan. 30, 2017 | FiveThirtyEight 

Introducing The Trump Score | FiveThirtyEight 

Tracking Congress In The Age Of Trump | FiveThirtyEight 

What It Takes To Truly Delete Data | FiveThirtyEight 

Trump Is Doing What He Said He’d Do | FiveThirtyEight 

Will Trump’s Refugee Ban Have Public Support? | FiveThirtyEight 

Putin-Trump Meeting Seen as Kremlin Lauds Respectful Talks – Bloomberg 

Why the Trump Immigration Ban Is Bad for the U.S. and Bad for the World – Scientific American Blog Network 

British celebrities take a stand against Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’ 

The formation of stable solid electrolyte interphases on lithium metal anode 

How Trump’s Rush to Enact an Immigration Ban Unleashed Global Chaos – The New York Times 

Marbotic Smart Letters and Smart Numbers review: Toys + tablets = educational fun | Macworld 

70% of Washington DC’s CCTV cameras were hit with ransomware in week leading up to inauguration – TechSpot 

Dubuc Motors unveils Tomahawk electric sports car with a 370-mile range | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building 

Makes the MacBook Pro Perfect with the HyperDrive USB-C Hub | Man of Many 

Australian Teen Denied Visa For Space Camp in US Because His Parents Are From Iran 

J.K. Rowling slams Mike Pence with 1 biblical tweet 

Net Neutrality Foe to Head the FCC – Scientific American 

#StopPresidentBannon trends as Trump strategist gets promotion — RT America 

Aquatic Robot Braves Volcanoes and Typhoons to Detect Tsunamis – Scientific American 

Researchers on fast track to combat antibiotic resistance 

When the heat is on, we need city-wide plans to keep cool 

Boosting the solar protection factor with rationally designed, nature-inspired sunscreens 

Lavrov: Syria ‘safe zones’ possible if Damascus agrees — RT News 

Trump’s Ban Isn’t Just Inhumane—It’ll Make America Dumber | WIRED 

Russia-US Relations in 2017 | 

Scientists will Use Grapefruit-Sized Robots to Help Study the Mysteries of the Oceans – Mobile Magazine 

Fitness Genes Company Uses DNA to Craft Your Fitness Plan – Mobile Magazine 

Emboldened by Trump, some police unions seek to overhaul Obama’s reforms | Reuters 

alfa romeo C18 supercar concept suits iron man’s car collection 

Trump’s Immigration Ban Promises Constitutional Showdown – Bloomberg 

Hama-based rebel group withdraws from Syria ceasefire: statement | Reuters 

Swingline 12″ ClassicCut Lite Guillotine Paper Trimmer $18.49 – Techbargains 

Starbucks CEO’s powerful open letter on Trump’s Muslim ban 

‘Cloaking’ Film for Windows Blacks Out the Screens Within | WIRED 

‘Focus on ISIS, not starting WWIII’: Trump blasts Senators McCain & Graham — RT America 

Ikea’s hackable ‘open platform’ furniture will go on sale early next year – The Verge 

In limbo abroad, Yemeni democracy activist decries U.S. ban | Reuters 

Sudan Criticizes Trump’s Visitor Ban After Sanctions Lifted – Bloomberg 

Artificial skin uses snake-like senses to feel the heat 

Australia Seeks Exemption From Trump Travel Ban for Its Citizens – Bloomberg 

What America Owes Refugees From the Middle East – The Atlantic 

Trump’s Sloppy, Unconstitutional Order on ‘Sanctuary Cities’ – The Atlantic 

Belt Buckle Multi-Tool from SOG | Cool Material 

Best Pre-Packed Dopp Kits to Make Packing Easier – Gear Patrol 

Why Paleontologists Should Love Meat-Eaters | Science | Smithsonian 

Cell-tracking nanomaterial agents get a boost 

40% off iPazzPort Backlit Wireless Mini Keyboard and Touchpad for PC, Android TV Box, Raspberry Pi 3 – Deal Alert | Macworld 

Study Reveals Substantial Evidence of Holographic Universe 

The Honeymoon Is Ending: Angry Wall Street Traders Slam Trump, Warn Next Move Is Lower | Zero Hedge 

Announcing Citizen Science Day 2017! – Citizen Science Salon : Citizen Science Salon 

Why Theories of Everything Are Ill-Conceived – Facts So Romantic – Nautilus 

U.K. Says It Has Won an Exemption From U.S. Travel Ban – Bloomberg 

‘Maniac orders:’ Senior Russian MP blasts US program to estimate nuclear attack outcome — RT Russian politics 

The Carnivorous Plant That Feasts on Mice | Smithsonian 

Two Halves Shelf by Chifen Cheng – Design Milk 

Stepping Forward: Honda Revolutionizes Mobility with Walking Assist Device 

Robots could soon be looking after your granny, say academics — RT UK 

Microbes may encourage altruistic behavior 

An algorithm designed a Hamburg concert hall’s interior, creating the “ideal acoustic experience” — Quartz 

Olympic champion and British knight Mo Farah may be barred from his US home by Donald Trump’s ban — Quartz 

Donald Trump follows his businesses on Twitter but not his administration officials (TWTR) — Quartz 

Mexico needs to stop accommodating Trump | Mexico | Al Jazeera 

Trump’s Crackdown on Immigration Will Backfire: New at Reason – Hit & Run : 

Sharks show novel changes in their immune cancer-related genes — ScienceDaily 

Gigi and Bella Hadid spotted protesting Trump’s immigration ban 

Austrian coalition pledges face veil ban, curbs on foreign workers | Reuters 

Google creates $4M crisis fund to support immigration causes – CNET 

Iranian director Asghar Farhadi to skip Oscars over travel ban – 

Placing buildings in a landscape with computational mathematics 

Researchers identify earliest known protein needed for cell division 

FAU and Sancilio & Company, Inc. Collaborate to Further Develop Treatment for Retinitis Pigmentosa 

Why the bar needs to be raised for human clinical trials: Early-stage drug trials often launched without solid evidence of clinical promise, researchers say — ScienceDaily 

Apple’s Ability to Hire Foreign Workers May Be Impacted by Trump Overhaul of Work-Visa Programs – Mac Rumors 

Trump travel ban leaves Iraq’s persecuted Yazidis in limbo | Reuters 

Physics News :: Optics research into glass micro-bubbles resonators produces interesting non-linear effects 

Physics News :: [Perspective] Polynitrogen chemistry enters the ring 

Google Doodle commemorates Japanese-American activist who fought internment – The Verge 

Diagnostics for super-hot plasmas in fusion reactors 

High-energy electrons synced to ultrafast laser pulse to probe how vibrational states of atoms change in time 

Recon 15 Active Backpack Review » The Gadget Flow 

Niko Wood Power Pendant Review » The Gadget Flow 

Brevno Medium Warm Lamp Review » The Gadget Flow 

Moon Multifunctional Furniture by Lina Review » The Gadget Flow 

Perpetuum Endless Calendar Review » The Gadget Flow 

Jack Wireless Audio Adapter Review » The Gadget Flow 

Trump’s immigration ban prompts messaging giant Viber to offer free calls from U.S. to 7 countries affected | VentureBeat | Apps | by Paul Sawers 

Wearable ‘watches’ to monitor your blood pressure 

First flights for CO2-detecting lidar 

Trump info shutdowns at US science agencies, especially EPA 

Metal-organic framework NU-1000 allows separation of toxic furanics from sugars for efficient ethanol production 

Actors turn activists at SAG awards, protest against Trump Muslim ban 

STARPHIRE ULTRA-CLEAR™ glass by Vitro Architectural Glass on Architizer 

Elisha Wiesel Reflects on Immigrant Ban and Father’s Legacy – Bloomberg 




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