Indistinguishable from Magic 1/31

Cell-tracking agents get a boost: Labs improve bismuth-enhanced nanotubes as an x-ray contrast agent — ScienceDaily 

Preventing blood clots with a new metric for heart function: Better way of predicting future clots in the left ventricle — ScienceDaily 

ELI5: Recovered alcoholics can’t socially drink for the rest of their lives but recovered sex addicts still have sex, but learn to have a healthy relationship with it. Why isn’t it the same for alcohol? : explainlikeimfive 

French Socialist Vision Sees Money for All, Funded by Robots – Bloomberg 

High-altitude living decreases the risk of heart disease: A major risk factor for development of heart disease, stroke and diabetes is lower in people that live at higher altitudes; this also applies to people with a family history of these diseases — ScienceDaily 

A Heartless “Solution” to the Heroin Epidemic | Mises Wire 

Wearable, low-cost sensor to measure skin hydration — ScienceDaily 

Practice makes perfect, and ‘overlearning’ locks it in — ScienceDaily 

CIA documents: From attacking Pakistan to UFO sightings, here is everything the declassified CIA documents have on India — Quartz 

Role of terrestrial biosphere in counteracting climate change may have been underestimated — ScienceDaily 

Antibiotics can boost bacterial reproduction — ScienceDaily 

Bamboo sunglasses – Space Kats – float in water & polarized. : shutupandtakemymoney 

Don’t mind his fashion, this oil spill makes it look like this guys floating. : mildlyinteresting (9460616) Mosque attacks, airport protests, imminent breakdown of civil society as we know it – you know what, fark today, let’s get wasted, strap a GoPro to a sword and slice the shiat out of some watermelons and remind ourselves what makes America awesome 

Government Releases 16 Years Of Data About Solar Weather : The Two-Way : NPR 

Enormous extragalactic void is pushing on the Milky Way 

Researchers identify drug that alleviates opioid withdrawal: Existing drug is effective in preventing withdrawal symptoms in opioid-dependent rodents — ScienceDaily 

midnight runner electric custom café racer by apache + energica 

Tinder founder responds to Muslim ban: CEOs have a ‘responsibility’ to speak out 

Facebook Seeks Right to Challenge Search Warrants for Users’ Accounts – WSJ 

Twitter admits ‘didn’t move fast enough’ on abuse, changes coming 

Yemen’s Houthi Rebels Launch Rare Suicide Attack on Saudi Frigate – WSJ 

TIL the average American thinks a quarter of the country is gay or lesbian, when in reality, the number is approximately 4 percent. : todayilearned 

CORE architects to design mississauga’s tallest tower 

I Love These Clouds That Airplane Wings Make on Takeoff and Landing 

Beyond organic: Carbon farming is a pathway to climate stabilization and resilient soils : TreeHugger 

These Glasses Could Revolutionize The Workforce | Fast Company | Business + Innovation 

Physicists Find A Way To Cheaply Mass-Produce Graphene | Digital Trends 

Arkamys creates space-age safety sounds for EVs | TechCrunch 

Physics News :: Milestone for the analysis of human proteomes 

British Phone Carrier Three Finally Enables Wi-Fi Calling | Digital Trends 

This $22 Bluetooth Speaker Features Not One, But Two 7W Drivers 

These Storyboards Reveal Another Alternate Ending to Jurassic Park (UPDATED) 

Atmoph Window – The Awesomer 

Oxygen From Earth’s Atmosphere May Be Traveling To the Moon’s Surface – Slashdot 

Are There “Alien” Martian Fossils That Look Like This Somewhere On Mars?, page 1 

5 bots to try this week: Swelly,, CNN, Flappy Bird, and Nightbot | VentureBeat | Bots | by VB Staff 

Physics News :: Unified time and frequency picture of ultrafast atomic excitation in strong fields 

Inside the Goth Chicken: Black Bones, Black Meat, and a Black Heart – Facts So Romantic – Nautilus 

Giant nets harvest fog to solve water crisis in Morocco 

Minus-8 Diver Watch | GearMoose 

Topo Designs Puffer Hoodie | GearMoose 

Ocado is developing robot hands that won’t bruise bananas | TechCrunch 

Signatures of Earthly life may be etched in moon rock – 

Brain-computer interface could improve hearing aids 

How X-rays in matter create genetoxic low-energy electrons 

New Cheyenne supercomputer triples scientific capability with greater efficiency 

Mechanism for photosynthesis already existed in primeval microbe 

‘Almost working’ Hackintosh setup for Dell XPS 13 with ‘virtually borderless’ display shared online | 9to5Mac 

What’s That Boy, You Want a Smart Collar? How about This One? | Digital Trends 

Wheelchair-friendly Wheel Pad tiny house proves universal design can be cool | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building 

Physics News :: New technology to speed up testing of cancer drugs 

Physics News :: Water-based, biocompatible 2-D inks for printed electronics 

Make Fritters Out of Any Vegetable With This Easy Formula 

Weapons of Math Destruction, book review: Democracy in the age of the algorithm | ZDNet 

DIO’s Hologram Will Make Its U.S. Debut This Week – Metal Injection 

A better way to farm algae for biofuels, chemicals — ScienceDaily 

Move over Bear Grylls! Academics build ultimate solar-powered water purifier: The device could aid people lacking drinking water and those affected by natural disasters — ScienceDaily 

First Genetic Results From Scott Kelly’s Year In Space Reveal DNA Mysteries 

People Really Need to Know When They’re Being Experimented On | Motherboard 

Menswear Nerds Are Flocking to This EBay Alternative – Bloomberg 

Solar-powered timber tower focuses on flexibility 

New source of asymmetry between matter and antimatter 

Web Cable Box by YAMAZAKI Review » The Gadget Flow 

Sticks x Stones Recycled Sunglasses Review » The Gadget Flow 

Rockit Logs Wood Log Speaker Review » The Gadget Flow 

Researchers discover new molecular details about protein sorting in the cell 

Researchers from the UGR develop a new software which adapts medical technology to see the interior of a sculpture 

When crackpot conspiracy theories are touted as news, we all lose 

SoundHound raises $75 million to expand access to its Houndify voice-powered platform | VentureBeat | AI | by Ken Yeung 

India is bringing free Wi-Fi to more than 1,000 villages this year 

Space-saving furniture transforms to make the most of a Hong Kong micro-apartment | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building 

Hover Boards: Top Picks for January 2017 – Mobile Magazine 

Playmobil’s New Ghostbusters Toys Are So Great You’ll Wish You Had a Childhood Do-Over 

Klips – The Awesomer 

Video: Cotton candy machine used to regrow human tissue 

Genetically modified insects could disrupt international food trade 

This Multitool Is Built on a Bike Chain 

Physics News :: The world’s first heat-driven transistor 

Twitter’s rolling out new features to counter abuse soon | Macworld 

How to switch to Chrome’s Material Design settings page for an easier experience | PCWorld 

Star Wars: Red Cup is the working title for the Han Solo spinoff movie | Ars Technica 

Moon found to be periodically showered with oxygen ions from Earth 

Horizontal transfer of nuclear DNA between vascular plants 

Catching a glimpse at enzymes on the job 

Man of Many’s Valentines Day 2017 Gift Guide | Man of Many 

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide – Cool Hunting 

TIL researchers placed an exercise wheel in the wild and found it was used extensively by mice without any reward for using it. Other users included rats, shrews, and slugs. : todayilearned 

Facebook’s Zuckerberg Wades into Immigration Debate by Urging the President to “Keep Our Doors Open to Refugees” – Mobile Magazine 

Magical fish basically has the power to conjure its own Patronus 

Privacy – Forget Your Credit Card 

Machine transforms cable twists and turns into atmospheric sounds 

Hands-on: HP’s Lap Dock helps your Windows Phone feel more like a real PC | PCWorld (9460900) Don’t worry, people of Arizona. The 2-mile long fissure opening up in the desert is nothing to worry about 

4 mini projectors: A show wherever you go | Computerworld 

Oil Pares Rise as Supply Gain Concerns Outweigh Weaker Dollar – Bloomberg 

Check Out This Personal Cargo Robot From the Maker of Vespa Scooters | Digital Trends 

Researchers develop label-free technique to image microtubules 

Qvivr raises $5M to move beyond its all-in-one credit card | TechCrunch 

Vizio E50X-E1 4K UHD LED LCD Smart HDTV + Logitech Harmony 650 Remote + $150 Dell Gift Card $499.98 – Techbargains 

Reflective Invisible Spray 

NERF Retaliator HK416 

Personal Fondue Mugs 

Baby Owner’s Manual 

Bracelet Clasp Helper Tool 

High As Fuck Candle 

Gene drives thwarted by emergence of resistant organisms : Nature News & Comment 

Scientists step closer to developing new drug in fight against antimicrobial resistance — ScienceDaily 

Paracetamol study could open door for way to treat liver damage — ScienceDaily 

How a bacterial protein’s structure aids biomedical studies 

How Heat from the Sun Can Keep Us All Cool – Scientific American 

Fox Sports To Deliver Super Bowl Virtual Reality Highlights In Real Time | Digital Trends 

Replace your scissors with this little fella : aww 

Love Intelligent Turntable – Gear Hungry 

Razer brings Robin phone into its nest with Nextbit acquisition | PCWorld 

piaggio gita cargo bot carries your things so you go hands-free 

Recon 15 Active Backpack 

Vifa Oslo Portable Speaker 

Christopher Ward C8 UTC Worldtimer 

Save 16% On The FuelBox Ultimate Charging Solution [Deals] 

Soft-shelled exosuit might put Iron Man’s duds to shame | Impact Lab 

South Korea makes a 1000 kilometer per hour high speed train that will go from Seoul to Busan in 30 minutes | Impact Lab 

Virtual Reality: Immersive Surrogates and Tele-Existence | Frank Steinicke | TEDxHamburgSalon – YouTube 

Ingenious MindFlix gadget ideal for viewers who can’t ‘hack’ exercise (VIDEO) — RT Viral 

4 signs a February stock-market selloff may be brewing – MarketWatch 

Dynamic duo could quickly identify deadly bacteria in hospitals 

As Windows laptops add LTE, is now the right time for Apple to finally do it? [Poll] | 9to5Mac 

Engineered intrinsically disordered proteins provide biomedical insights 

Scientists take the first step toward creating efficient electrolyte-free batteries 

It’s Finally Easy to Watch Other Space, the Best Scifi Comedy You’ve Never Seen 

Origami of the cell: Cell biologist shows that blocking a critical enzyme helps to mitigate diseases associated with protein folding and lipid stress — ScienceDaily 

Giant nets harvest fog to solve water crisis in Morocco 

Rarely-seen event of ant brood parasitism by scuttle flies video-documented 

The FDA Is Cracking Down On Rogue Genetic Engineers 

The Green Root Bamboo Toothbrushes | 

8 Best Microsoft Office Alternatives for Mac Users 

Viral protein transforms as it measures out DNA: New insight into two states of a viral protein reveal its function as a DNA-sensor and gives a roadmap for developing anti-viral therapy for pathogenic DNA viruses — ScienceDaily 

Into the wild of Antarctica: Scientists, robots and ‘pancake ice’ | | Al Jazeera 

How to Remove Hyperlinks from Microsoft Word Documents 

China’s first aerial cycleway opens to bikers – Curbed 

Trump: Get Drug Prices Down, Streamline FDA Approvals – Bloomberg Politics 

Drink from Your City in UnCommon Green’s New Glassware – The Manual | The Manual 

Indian IT Sector Warns Against US Visa Bill – Slashdot 

The Straight Dope: How does nitroglycerin stop heart attacks? 

Windows Care Genius Pro: Lifetime License $24.99 – Techbargains 

Best Waxed Canvas Bags for Men – Gear Patrol 

AskScience AMA Series: I am a scientist currently working in a US congressional office. Ask Me Almost Anything! : askscience 

Preserved Dinosaur Protein Is 195 Million Years Old – Dead Things : Dead Things 

New Company Converts Discarded Clothes into Fuel – Well Spent. 

This 500-Million-Year-Old Sea Creature Boggles the Imagination 

These Dinosaur Bones Have a Little Meat On Them 

Legal permanent residents being stopped at the border – Page 2 – Straight Dope Message Board 

Brux Coffee Brewer | HiConsumption 

Physics News :: New study connects running motion to ground force, provides patterns for any runner 

Physics News :: Spider silk demonstrates Spider Man-like abilities 

Physics News :: A new material to unearth mysteries of magnetic fields 

Phil Rudd Changes His Mind About Axl Rose Fronting AC/DC 

Cooperating drones & drone shows | Federico Augugliaro | TEDxHSG – YouTube 

2017 ArchDaily Building of the Year Awards: The Finalists | ArchDaily 

Long-lost continent found submerged deep under Indian Ocean | New Scientist 



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