Indistinguishable from Magic 2/4

  1. Adam Savage’s Custom NERF Rifle – The Awesomer 
  2. Blockchain Technology Offers Best Solution for Electronic Health Records | Digital Trends 
  3. What would the planets look like to the naked eye of a space traveller? – Straight Dope Message Board 
  4. Super Bowl LI: Here are all the commercials—from the big names to the gimmicks to the blockbuster trailers — Quartz 
  5. Death from Heart Disease in America [OC] : dataisbeautiful 
  6. Google just gave web apps a big boost on Android | TechRadar 
  7. uBeam shows off futuristic wireless charging tech in its first public demo – The Verge 
  8. Flash Physics: Stray black hole spotted, new urban wind turbine, Mark Walport to lead new UK science agency – 
  9. ‘A Dog’s Purpose’, American Humane Ass’n Has No Real Problem with Video | 
  10. Adam Vinatieri Smashes Field Goal World Record (VIDEO) | 
  11. Quality Linkage: Useful Moments, Design Workflows, and the Image of Time — Tools and Toys 
  12. Build a Personal Soda Vending Machine That Fits Inside a Locker 
  13. TIL the 10th U.S. President, John Tyler (b. 1790), has surviving grandchildren to this day. He had a son when he was 63, and that son had children at ages 71 and 75. Those grandchildren are now 89 and 93. : todayilearned 
  14. Google Warns of New Rivals in Corporate Computing, Digital Assistants, Hardware – Bloomberg 
  15. GlobalXplorer: “If Indiana Jones and Google Earth Had a Love Child” | Big Think 
  16. Drone Meets Paragliders – The Awesomer 
  17. IMDB Kills Its Message Boards and Nothing of Value Was Lost 
  18. Hacker Steals 700,000 Accounts from Police Forum – Motherboard 
  19. Your iPhone Has a Password, Shouldn’t Your Pistol?: MIT freshman Kai Kloepfer is developing smart-gun technology that could save thousands of lives, so why are critics blocking it? : Futurology 
  20. 2-ton Target ball pulls an ‘Indiana Jones’ and rolls through parking lot 
  21. Watch A Modified Motorized Skateboard Shred On Solid Ice | Digital Trends 
  22. Stardew Valley is the latest indie hit to get a physical disc version for consoles | GamesBeat | Games | by Jeff Grubb 
  23. Cash, random chance almost ruin Nintendo’s first smartphone Fire Emblem | Ars Technica 
  24. This utensil will make cutting and slicing avocados much easier 
  25. Space acquisition needs a clear decision-maker, Air Force chief of staff says – 
  26. New smart ball is a learning tool specially designed for autistic children 
  27. Super Bowl online: See the game, learn some new taunts 
  28. Innovative Simpresso Portable Espresso Maker Launches on Kickstarter | Digital Trends 
  29. People with limited mobility can control this wheelchair with their tongues 
  30. Here’s What Facebook’s Live Video Filter Bubble Looks Like – BuzzFeed News 
  31. A new exhibit takes you on a Journey to Mars—sort of | Ars Technica 
  32. Photo Prints on Wood | Wood Photo Printing | WoodSnap 
  33. Plants Use An Internet Made Of Fungus – Digg 
  34. The Incredible History Of The Sea Monkey – Digg 
  35. You’re Probably Wrong About What Atoms Look Like – Digg 
  36. Did Inadequate Women’s Healthcare Destroy Star Wars’ Old Republic? – Motherboard 
  37. Atlas Obscura’s Guide to the Longest Running Scientific Experiments | Atlas Obscura 
  38. The best science fiction podcasts of 2016 | Popular Science 
  39. How to activate your brain’s ability to learn | Popular Science 
  40. Middle Eastern Fighters Are Building Roving Warbots | WIRED 
  41. HOME Accurate Health Monitor Review » The Gadget Flow 
  42. Innovia Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser Review » The Gadget Flow 
  43. elago Multy USB-C Hub Review » The Gadget Flow 
  44. An American Woman Has Become the Fastest Person to Visit Every Country on Earth 
  45. Neil Gaiman: ‘I like being British. Even when I’m ashamed, I’m fascinated’ : books 
  46. My receipt printer at work randomly sent this robot : mildlyinteresting 
  47. Is the Earth’s geomagnetic field about to get a jolt? – MarketWatch 
  48. Australian scientists studying humpback whales believe they breach to be heard over long distances and noise — Quartz 
  49. com: (9466748) Daycare asks parents picking up their children in the afternoon to put down their phones and at least pretend like they’re happy to see their kids 
  50. Lexus Makes Waves with its Sport Yacht Concept | Man of Many 
  51. Artificial Intelligence And Sexy Bezel-Free Phones Are The Future | Digital Trends 
  52. 5 shocking new threats to your personal data | Computerworld 
  53. HUDWAY Glass Heads-Up Display – The Awesomer 
  54. Will Liberals Learn to Love the 10th Amendment? – 
  55. How we hacked our way to over 500 subscriptions in under 24 hours 
  56. Times Square with adblock : funny 
  57. Super Bowl: Astronaut throws football ‘564,644 yards’ – BBC News 
  58. Why is gender ‘the black hole’ in the liberalization of society? – Straight Dope Message Board 
  59. Are Kenya ranch invasions driven by drought or politics? – BBC News 
  60. Philippine Catholic Church slams ‘reign of terror’ behind war on drugs | Reuters 
  61. Foodies Know: Boulder Has Become a Hub for New Producers – The New York Times 
  62. Stars and Scars — You Be the Judge | 
  63. Unique Gold-Plated AK47 Chair From Real Rifles : shutupandtakemymoney 
  64. Captive bred dart frogs are not poisonous, as they derive their poisons from bugs they eat in the wild. : mildlyinteresting 
  65. Next Big Future: Fedex is s investing in autonomous trucks, and is interested in delivery robots and an Alexa app 
  66. Space rocks infographic : space 
  67. TIL Stephen Hawking can have a normal more “modernized” voice however he chooses to keep the robotic voice as it is the voice he has come to identify with : todayilearned 
  68. com: (9466684) Cockroaches in my brain? It’s more likely than you think 
  69. Rio’s iconic Maracana stadium abandoned – BBC News 
  70. This Week in Gear • Gear Patrol 
  71. Watch Now: Style Picks and Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day • Gear Patrol 
  72. ‪Have you ever thought about the fact that it’s pitch black inside your stomach? : Showerthoughts 
  73. Cadillacs Sold in China Top U.S. Sales for First Time in January – WSJ 
  74. Putting up fences around the world’s largest living organism (the Aspen clone named Pando) is helping to extend its life : science 
  75. Week in Review: February 4, 2017 | Mises Wire 
  76. Machine Learning Method Accurately Predicts Metallic Defects 
  77. 5 Tools for LEGO Fans to Geek Out Over Bricks 
  78. Iggy Pop holding a knife to David Bowie’s throat, 1976. : OldSchoolCool 
  79. Jetson Green – Tiny Home That’s Perfect for the Disabled 
  80. com: (9466208) Local government encourages residents to drink more alcohol 
  81. Opinion: Want to Empower Women Worldwide? Give Them Access to Contraceptives 
  82. Decorating With Retro Wallpaper: 32 Eye-Catchy Ideas – DigsDigs 
  83. This protestor in Philadelphia kind of looks like Bam Margera : mildlyinteresting 
  84. 3sixteen’s updates its Type 3s jacket waxed canvas – Acquire 
  85. Meet some #actuallivingscientists on Twitter – The Verge 
  86. ESPN strikes deal with EA to broadcast ‘FIFA’ eSports tournaments 
  87. Adam Savage’s Custom NERF Rifle – The Awesomer 
  88. Vancouver house prices are falling as it gets its real estate bubble under control — Quartz 
  89. Talking to the Hacker Who Took Down a Fifth of the Dark Web – Motherboard 
  90. Why we don’t use wood anymore to power our cars – 
  91. KXM Release Music Video for Uplifting New Song ‘Breakout’ 
  92. Spiral of Moai Fibonacci : Art 
  93. I was lucky enough to witness this incredible sunrise at Crater Lake National Park (OR) last weekend [OC] [2000×1333] : EarthPorn 
  94. Man parks truck on top of car to defend family in road rage incident, police say : nottheonion 
  95. You’ve never seen a cargo van like the Nissan NV Cargo X 
  96. Technological developments or non-directional social movements with great impact? – Straight Dope Message Board 
  97. pikaplant’s jar is the plant that you never need to water 
  98. DIY Magnetic Catapult – The Awesomer 
  99. Cliff Collapses At Hawaii Volcano, Stopping ‘Firehose’ Lava Flow 
  100. Could Elon Musk be considering using his Boring Company for Hyperloop? – The Verge 
  101. Unkillable Houseplants for the Brown-Thumbed -The Manual | The Manual 
  102. Calculating what it would take to park a solar sail at Alpha Centauri | Ars Technica 
  103. Star Wars Darth Vader Quotes Mosaic 
  104. App-Controlled Stove Safety Device 
  105. Sewn Body Parts Jacket 
  106. Vegetation resilient to salvage logging after severe wildfire — ScienceDaily 
  107. In Case You Missed It: The First CRISPR Clinical Trial, A New Shield for Chernobyl–and More! – Scientific American 
  108. The Science Behind Why UPS Trucks Avoid Making Left Turns | Big Think 
  109. Study provides new evidence that exercise is not key to weight control — ScienceDaily 
  110. Editorial Note From the Singularity Hub Team 
  111. Monsura Is Waiting: An Effective Short Film about Family, Faith and a Giant Moth – 
  112. Cities like Paris, Beijing, and New Delhi are prohibiting cars to tackle air pollution—but a study of Mexico City suggests it may not work — Quartz 
  113. School shootings are linked to a rise in US unemployment, according to a massive Northwestern research study — Quartz 
  114. The Life W30 is a Countertop Blast Chiller For Your Home Kitchen | Digital Trends 
  115. com: (9467002) Australian fisherman use tried and true Aussie method of warding off a Great White Shark. And you better believe it involves Not Safe For Work language, mate 
  116. How to fast-charge your smartphone or tablet | ZDNet 
  117. Where Does U.S. Stand in Hydrogen Fuel? 
  118. Transform your boring pen into a magic wand of color with this special top 
  119. Do Heartburn Medications Really Cause Dementia? – Scientific American 
  120. Physics News :: LED light bulbs are a smart upgrade whether or not they�re �smart�
  121. DailyTech – New iMac and Release Date 
  122. A new exhibit takes you on a Journey to Mars—sort of | Ars Technica 
  123. South Sudan rebels accuse Egypt of bombing raid, drawing denials | Reuters 
  124. Sherpa Wool Folio Vol. 2 Review » The Gadget Flow 
  125. Eton Armour iPhone 7 Wallet Case Review » The Gadget Flow 
  126. Kind Bed Orthopedic Support Pillow Review » The Gadget Flow 
  127. Mezzo Pieno Handmade Resin Bowl Review » The Gadget Flow 
  128. Backzipack Back Zipper Backpack Review » The Gadget Flow 
  129. Daniel Glass Reusable Bottle Review » The Gadget Flow 
  130. Climate Change Is Giving Us ‘Pre-Traumatic Stress’ – Motherboard 
  131. This Music App Wants to Improve Your Hearing – Motherboard 




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