#Resistance 2/4

  1. The House Passes a Gun Measure Supported by the ACLU and Mental Health Advocates. Media Hysteria Ensues. – Hit & Run : Reason.com 
  2. Twitter thread offers hope for Muslims in Trump’s America 
  3. Right to protest?: GOP state lawmakers push back against public dissent — RT America 
  4. Canadian Effort to Bring Patients Banned from U.S. Faces Restrictions on Sick People Entering Canada – Hit & Run : Reason.com 
  5. FCC halts nine companies from participating in the ‘Lifeline’ program 
  6. The FCC OKs Zero-Rating—But Net Neutrality Pays the Price | WIRED 
  7. Online gamblers are betting on a Trump impeachment 
  8. US wrestlers’ World Cup plans dashed, as Iran announces its own travel ban – CSMonitor.com 
  9. Iran’s response will be ‘effective & immediate’ if Trump tears up nuclear deal – top official to RT — RT News 
  10. March for Science: Why scientists say this isn’t a political protest – CSMonitor.com 
  11. How to Stay Sane as a Cartoonist in Trumpland – The New Yorker 
  12. Trump’s Low Approval Numbers Matter — Here’s Why 
  13. Google Docs: The new tool of choice for those resisting in Trump’s America 
  14. White House investigates leaks of Trump calls to Australia, Mexico | Reuters 
  15. S. conference on Libya postponed over Trump travel ban: organizers | Reuters 
  16. Trump’s New FCC Chair Is Screwing Everything Up as Fast as He Can 
  17. Trump’s Dodd-Frank Rollbacks Threaten Retirees—and Robots | WIRED 
  18. Williams Gets U.S. Approval for $3 Billion Shale Gas Line – Bloomberg 
  19. Frankly, Trump’s Plan To Review and Reform Dodd-Frank Makes a Lot of Sense – Hit & Run : Reason.com 
  20. Can Musk save the world from Trump? | VentureBeat | Transportation | by Kayla Matthews 
  21. Most People — And Perhaps Most Clergy — Don’t Want Political Endorsements In Church | FiveThirtyEight 
  22. 14 Versions Of Trump’s Presidency, From #MAGA To Impeachment | FiveThirtyEight 
  23. US sanctions Iran after missile test, But Iran has said it will not yield to “useless” American threats from “an inexperienced person”. : worldnews 
  24. British officials arrest two in hacking of DC camera system 
  25. Admission From Trump’s Doctor Puts Focus on Hair Loss Drug With Potential Side Effects – Seeker 
  26. Immigrant Doctors Provide Better Care, According to a Study of 1.2 Million Hospitalizations 
  27. ‘Listen to Evidence’: March for Science Plans Washington Rally on Earth Day – The New York Times 
  28. Why you might feel like it’s been years since the inauguration – The Verge 
  29. We Aren’t the World 
  30. The Mistrust of Science – The New Yorker 
  31. Take it from history: Visa bans make us less secure | Popular Science 
  32. Americans Need Mexico, Here’s Why – Seeker – Video 
  33. “Antifa” far-left extremists fight neo-Nazis online and in real life | WIRED 
  34. Trump’s travel ban: Covering the chaos | | Al Jazeera 
  35. Thousands protest in London against Trump’s refugee ban | Reuters 
  36. Supreme Court pick Neil Gorsuch criticised anti-apartheid movements as a student — Quartz 
  37. Donald Trump and Malcolm Turnbull’s phone call about Australia’s refugees: Trump’s “Muslim ban” is not unlike Australia’s immigration laws — Quartz 
  38. Two weeks in, Donald Trump has yet to learn that you don’t cross the US intelligence community — Quartz 
  39. Prof: “Can you sue the President based on his tweets? We’re about to find out” | Ars Technica 
  40. Surge in Ukraine violence could end peace deal, lead to ‘humanitarian disaster’ – France 24 
  41. Can Empirical Entertainment Rescue Science in an Alt-Fact World? – Scientific American 
  42. The media, Muslims and Trump’s travel ban | | Al Jazeera 
  43. The US Muslim ban and the story of my Iraqi father | USA | Al Jazeera 
  44. com: (9466742) The healing can never begin until cops stop applauding when they witness an anti-Trump protester get punched 
  45. Transparency Advocates Fear Trump Officials Will Block Flow of Information to Public : NPR 
  46. UN refugee chief says ‘safe zones’ in Syria are waste of time as they ‘won’t be safe enough’ — RT News 
  47. Trump Backers Want Ideology Test For Extreme Vetting : Parallels : NPR 
  48. Car blast in E. Ukraine kills militia commander, Lugansk blames Kiev’s ‘hit squad’ — RT News 
  49. German magazine sparks furor with image of Trump beheading Statue of Liberty | Reuters 
  50. Trump Cites Friends to Say Banks Aren’t Making Loans. They Are. – Bloomberg 
  51. ISIL slept in our home | | Al Jazeera 
  52. Stakeholder says DAPL to start work in second quarter of 2017 despite ongoing legal battle — RT America 
  53. The Ridiculously Simple, Scientific Way To Test For Narcissism | Fast Company | Business + Innovation 
  54. Interstate Compacts Could Preserve the Affordable Care Act – The Atlantic 
  55. Trump’s New Head of Border Patrol Might Want to Delete This Tweet 
  56. Corporate America braces for impact | | Al Jazeera 
  57. How Stephen Miller’s Rise Explains The Trump White House – The Atlantic 
  58. Donald Trump, Palm Beach Prosecutor Has His Back | TMZ.com 
  59. Trump Should Mind His Own Business, Hollande Says at Summit – Bloomberg 
  60. News from The Associated Press 
  61. News from The Associated Press 
  62. Cover of this week’s ‘Der Spiegel’ : europe 
  63. Nuclear disarmament or nuclear hypocrisy? | | Al Jazeera 
  64. Former FBI agent: Muslim ban ‘not about security’ | | Al Jazeera 
  65. Has Putin outplayed his rivals at home and abroad? | | Al Jazeera 
  66. Trump’s refugee order triggers protests across Australia | Reuters 
  67. Why is ISIS fearing Kurds? (2016) – About the war led by Kurds against ISIS and why ISIS fears being killed by Kurdish women : Documentaries 
  68. UN struggles to rebuild Palestinian refugee camp | Palestine | Al Jazeera 
  69. About 9.2 Million Americans Sign Up for Health Plans on Federal Exchange – WSJ 
  70. Germans consider US as reliable a partner as Russia – poll — RT News 
  71. Romania’s prime minister says to scrap graft decree on Sunday | Reuters 
  72. FactChecking Science Claims in 2017 
  73. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk cites his goal to “make humanity a multi-planet civilization” as one of the reasons he won’t quit Trump’s Advisory Council. It would mean the “creation of hundreds of thousands of jobs and a more inspiring future for all.” : Futurology 
  74. German magazine sparks furor with image of Trump beheading Statue of Liberty : worldnews 
  75. Israel not paying to de-mine Christian holy site | Palestine | Al Jazeera 
  76. Colombian Rebels Start Their Transition to Peace – WSJ 
  77. NATO to Start Training Soldiers in Iraq – WSJ 
  78. Iran Carries Out Military Drills as Standoff With U.S. Heats Up – WSJ 
  79. Facing new challenger, Merkel rallies troublesome Bavarian ally | Reuters 
  80. US sends armoured vehicles to anti-IS fighters in Syria – BBC News 
  81. Has The US Supreme Court Ever Been…. – Straight Dope Message Board 
  82. Members of far-right Quebec group cheered on the Quebec City mosque terror attack – VICE News 
  83. Tens of thousands of Russians claim free land in Far East — RT Business 
  84. MoMA has swapped out Picasso and Matisse paintings for works by artists from Iran, Sudan and Syria to protest Trump’s travel entry ban — Quartz 
  85. Donald Trump not in Situation Room for ‘botched’ Yemen raid that killed up to 30 civilians and one US Navy SEAL : news 
  86. Why Vincent Viola turned down Trump’s nomination for Army Secretary – CSMonitor.com 
  87. Ukraine conflict: Rebel commander killed in bomb blast – BBC News 
  88. How Israelis See the Settlements – WSJ 
  89. 14 Trump Administration Statements That Didn’t Stand Up To The Facts This Week : NPR 
  90. News from The Associated Press 
  91. Tips for Contacting Your Elected Officials – The New Yorker 
  92. President Trump looms large over stocks despite deluge of earnings – MarketWatch 
  93. Iranian infant allowed U.S. entry for vital heart surgery in NYC : UpliftingNews 
  94. ‘US interventions a reason for migrant crisis, US should share burden’ – Austrian Chancellor — RT News 
  95. #DressLikeAWoman: Internet threads holes in Trump’s ‘sexist’ comments — RT Viral 
  96. How Elon Musk is working to roll back Trump’s temporary travel ban – CSMonitor.com 
  97. News from The Associated Press 
  98. Solidarity and British humour at London anti-Trump demo | | Al Jazeera 
  99. Iran vows to fire ‘roaring missiles’ if threatened, conducts drills — RT News 
  100. US and Japan carry out missile launch drills in Pacific – Tokyo — RT News 
  101. Shelling flares up in east Ukraine ahead of Trump’s call to Kiev | Reuters 
  102. Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus ditch Ivanka Trump lines 
  103. Early Signs Suggest Trump’s Actions Are Taking a Toll on Trump Brand – The New York Times 
  104. May’s Brexit Plan Imperiled by Tory Rebellion, Lawmaker Says – Bloomberg 
  105. News from The Associated Press 
  106. Jordanian air force targets Islamic State in southern Syria | Reuters 
  107. Thousands protest in London and Paris against Trump travel ban – France 24 
  108. Farhad’s and Mike’s Week in Tech: An Upwelling of Outrage Against a Presidential Action – The New York Times 
  109. O.P. Hurries to Slash Oil and Gas Rules, Ending Industries’ 8-Year Wait – The New York Times 
  110. Congress overturned a US law designed to keep the mentally ill from buying guns — Quartz 
  111. Seattle judge James Robart’s order suspending Trump’s immigration ban also explains how US government works — Quartz 
  112. ‘Big mistake’: Florida heroin bust reveals bags stamped with Donald Trump’s face (PHOTOS) — RT Viral 
  113. Google told to hand over foreign emails in FBI search warrant ruling | TechCrunch 
  114. FCC Taps Brakes on Expansion of Broadband Subsidies – WSJ 
  115. Thousands march in Vienna against annual ‘far-right’ ball (PHOTOS, VIDEOS) — RT News 
  116. Elon Musk, other CEOs voice travel ban concerns to Trump | VentureBeat | Business | by Reuters 
  117. This “Daily Show” skit shocked me the most. I don’t even know what “normal” is anymore. : television 
  118. Betting on Trump’s tweets during the Super Bowl is somehow a thing 
  119. ‘Quite surprising’ that US slapped close ally & terrorism victim with travel ban – Iraqi FM to RT — RT News 
  120. Trust Records Show Trump Is Still Closely Tied to His Empire – The New York Times 
  121. FCC Rescinds Claim That AT&T, Verizon Violated Net Neutrality – Slashdot 
  122. Mattis says no need for dramatic U.S. military moves in South China Sea | Reuters 
  123. A ban on immigration is an attack on Silicon Valley 
  124. Pentagon’s video from Yemen raid turned out to be 10 years old, already widely circulated — RT America 
  125. US deploys guided missile destroyer off Yemeni coast after attack on Saudi warship – reports — RT News 
  126. Trump may be more popular than you think – Straight Dope Message Board 
  127. Norway blames ‘Russian hackers’ after defense & security officials fall victim to phishing attack — RT News 
  128. What Happens to the Deported – The New Yorker 
  129. Donald Trump Turns to CEOs to Help Shape Economic, Health Policy – WSJ 
  130. How Big Banks Want Donald Trump to Change Regulation – WSJ 
  131. Legal Complaint Adds Detail to Fraud Allegations Against Steven Mnuchin – WSJ 

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