Indistinguishable from Magic 2/6

Gensler Designs 52-Story Mixed-Use “Gateway” to Downtown Los Angeles | ArchDaily 

OxyLED’s New Motion-Sensing Light Can Point Any Direction, and Even Leave Its Home Base 

How to Change the Layout of macOS’ System Preferences 

An amazing indoor skydiving freestyle routine 

Green tea compound may halt molecular cause of often-fatal condition 

Innervate launches Gamesight do-it-yourself influencer marketing platform | GamesBeat | Games | by Dean Takahashi 

Routinely prescribed antibiotic may not be best for treating severe C. diff infections — ScienceDaily 

Sign language users have better reaction times and peripheral vision — ScienceDaily 

Debunking the Myth of Multitasking | Harish Sivaramakrishnan | TEDxMSRIT – YouTube 

In rural Georgia, tomorrow’s smart, sustainable, solar highway is being built today – Curbed 

Chrome extension uncovers Netflix’s hidden categories 

The Best All-Black Clothing and Accessories for Men – Gear Patrol 

Take a Quick Tour of the Mind-Boggling Universe of Mathematics 

Valentine’s Day Means More Than Roses; UF/IFAS Breeds, Suggests Other Plants to Give 

Gene therapy restores hearing in deaf mice, down to a whisper: Improved delivery vector better penetrates the inner ear, also restores balance in a mouse model of Usher syndrome — ScienceDaily 

Affordable Valentine’s Gifts for Him | Cool Material 

Tsunami from the movie “The Impossible” and how it was made : gifs 

Program for extracting images from web pages – Straight Dope Message Board 

The Fidget Pen 

Maurice Conti: The incredible inventions of intuitive AI | TED Talk | 

Stop sine : funny 

Watching computers think — ScienceDaily 

Potential new cancer treatment activates cancer-engulfing cells — ScienceDaily 

The thermodynamics of learning 

Discover the Most Advanced Industrial Technologies at Exponential Manufacturing 

Chinese fishery installs immense floating solar farm for extra income | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building 

ResQBattery Smartphone Jumpstarter Review » The Gadget Flow 

DailyTech – Seagate FireCuda – 2TB of Fast Gaming Solid State Hybrid Drive Storage 

Bacteria’s Secret Weapon 

Secrid’s modular Cardslide gives you more wallet space whenever you need it – Acquire 

The Gadgets of Sci-Fi Movies – Gear Patrol 

The Make-A-Curse Foundation grants evil services short of murder for terminally ill adults. What last act of revenge would you request for your enemy? : AskReddit 

Raptor King Brings On The “Dinocalypsee” – in Metal News ( Metal ) 

Anti-Slip Baby Knee Protectors 

Rolling Kitchen Island Organizer 

Is an astrophysics-ecology drone the best new tool for saving endangered species? : TreeHugger 

Sharks for Dinner? New Report Says Sharks Can Be Sustainably Fished – Seeker 

Physicists Decipher Material Properties at the Single-Atom Level 

Next Big Future: Terahertz wireless could make spaceborne satellite links with speed over 100 gigabits per second 

Car ownership may decrease in the U.S.—here’s why – Curbed 

Top Picks From Heimtextil 2017: Upholstery, Wallcoverings and Carpet – Architizer 

Review: 2017 Volvo V90 Cross Country – Gear Patrol 

Knowledge is nothing without wisdom : funny 

How to Keep Amazon Echo and Google Home From Responding to Your TV | WIRED 

Towards new IT devices with stable and transformable solitons 

Growth Hacking is the new marketing | Konstantinos Giamalis | TEDxUniversityofMacedonia – YouTube 

Prosthetic arm technology detects spinal nerve signals — ScienceDaily 

Watch List: Feb. 6, 2017 | 

20 Of The Best Deals You Can Get On Amazon Today [US/CA] 

‘Ticket to Rock’ Deal Reveals Stone Sour + Korn; Incubus + Jimmy Eat World; Avenged Sevenfold; and Sublime With Rome + Offspring Tours 

Win a Flyaway Trip to the Las Rageous Festival! 

Straight Dope Message Board 

Justice for Theo: Protests erupt after police rape | France News | Al Jazeera 

Experts reveal hidden dangers behind supplements — ScienceDaily 

Did Kurt Vonnegut Know There’d Be At Least 9 Types of Ice? 

World’s Best-Yielding Stock Market Is Set to Get Even Better – Bloomberg 

Beat Jet Lag By Eating Meals on Local Time Before You Travel 

Physics News :: New algorithms may revolutionize drug discoveries�and our understanding of life 

Physics News :: LHC sees matter and antimatter misbehaving in alternate particle 

Songs that make babies happy, according to a laughter expert, Grammy-Award winner Imogen Heap, and science — Quartz 

Not Found | 

Building a better microbial fuel cell, using paper — ScienceDaily 

No More Voicemail Prevents Callers From Leaving a Message 

VR Sense is an arcade machine that lets you feel snow in your face and bugs at your feet – The Verge 

Could a textile bike lock make the cut? 

Mike Portnoy: The Ending to Twisted Sister’s Amazing Career 

ScienceSeeker | Science News Aggregator: ScienceSeeker Editor’s Selections January 30-February 5 2017 #sciseekpicks #scicomm 

Solving the opioid crisis with medical marijuana — Quartz 

The Trillion Dollar Reason To Go Back To The Moon – Seeker – Video 

[Image] This quote really help me to move on. : GetMotivated 

2017 Classic Rock Tour and Festival Preview 

Billionaires say they’ll end disease: evolution says otherwise | Aeon Ideas 

Spice up your life with insane flaming hot Cheeto bagels 

Converting Waste Materials into Energy Sources | Maryam Bukhash | TEDxYouth@AlBarsha – YouTube 

The Evolution of the Free Market ~ An Exercise in Thought | Varun Menon | TEDxYouth@AlBarsha – YouTube 

Vessel Wallet – Gear Hungry 

The Best Assisted-Opening Knives for Everyday Carry | Everyday Carry 

This is how you can turn your headphones wireless 

This guy built his own ‘Project Valerie’ triple-screen laptop – TechSpot 

Engineers harness stomach acid to power tiny sensors: Ingestible electronic devices could monitor physiological conditions or deliver drugs — ScienceDaily 

Decision-making process of viruses could lead to new antibiotic treatments — ScienceDaily 

Skin tones don’t and shouldn’t matter | Manami Nagras | TEDxYouth@Tokyo – YouTube 

Utopia for Refugees | Jane Best | TEDxYouth@Tokyo – YouTube 

Computer Vision Startup Makes Sense Of The World’s Road Signs | Digital Trends 

BIONATOPS’ Brand Of Experimental Metal Features Raspy Vocals And Talking Drum Blasts – Metal Injection 

Brahms Vs. Radiohead | Uncrate 

Fruit Super Anywhere Vases – Well Spent. 

Couch Arm Table – The Awesomer 

10 Singers Who Sound Exactly Like Rock + Metal Legends 

7 Sites To Get Free Music (Legally!) 

UNH Researcher Discovers a Black Hole Feeding Frenzy That Breaks Records 

Unique Modern Furniture Design – Paul Ketz Designs Marshmallow Stools | CONTEMPORIST 

Is the world finally ready for uhü, the plug and play prefab? : TreeHugger 

This Birdhouse Inspired Side Table Is Designed For Reading | CONTEMPORIST 

Valentine’s Day gift ideas that are just the right amount of cheesy | Popular Science 

Unique Swinging Stool With Geometric Design – DigsDigs 

Has Dogma Derailed the Search for Dark Matter? – The Crux 

The next weapon against brain cancer may be human skin – The Verge 

Best Sleeping Pad | Gadget Review 

Watch This Very Cute Solution for Typing in VR – Motherboard 

Unique DIY Ideas: The Car Wheel Bicycle | Man of Many 

Humans correctly forecast the personal qualities valued in their local population, and generate pride accordingly: study 

Study shows planet’s atmospheric oxygen rose through glaciers 

Smarter MRI diagnosis with nano MRI lamp — ScienceDaily 

Study rehabilitates climate models — ScienceDaily 

Interstellar happy meal: Supermassive black hole snacks on star for a decade (PHOTOS, VIDEO) — RT Viral 

Genomes in Flux: New Study Reveals Hidden Dynamics of Bird and Mammal DNA Evolution 

Scientists Have Found A Way Of Eliminating Chemotherapy Side Effects In Mice | Digital Trends 

Bill Nye the Science Guy Predicts Social and Technological Future | Digital Trends 

The TomTom Touch Cardio Cuts The Fat In Both Features And Price | Digital Trends 

Ecoxgear EcoBoulder Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker and PA | Digital Trends 

Man finds a genius way to walk his pug after he misplaced its leash 

Giant drone racing could be the next big thing 

Study paints clearer picture of ‘NASTy’ side effects from well-known heart drug — ScienceDaily 

Make Your Home Smell Amazing With a Baked Air Freshener Made From Scraps 

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative donates $3.6M to fight SF Bay housing crisis | TechCrunch 

Next Big Future: Spacex could relaunch a first stage booster in March and is working towards dozens of reuses to eventually lower costs by to 50+ percent 

Snow Moon, Lunar Eclipse and Comet to Appear on the Same Day 

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 5040UB 3LCD Projector Review 

Looking for life’s (lower) limits — ScienceDaily 

Scientists confirm dorado catfish as all-time distance champion of freshwater migrations: Full migratory life-cycle distance of dorado catfish stretches from Amazon River estuary to the Andes Mountains — ScienceDaily 

NASA expands emerging space economy with a commercial airlock 

Imagine if everyone in the world had a fiduciary duty to act in your best interest – MarketWatch 

Curbed Tours: the Corning Museum of Glass – Curbed 

TIL that in 1997 a wife divorced her husband after she won over $1 million. She kept it a secret – but after he found out he sued her to get half. The judge ended up awarding all the wife’s winnings to the husband : todayilearned 

pierre kauffmann’s architectural costumes amuse and amaze 

Engineering team finds compound may halt molecular cause of often-fatal condition — ScienceDaily 

DARPA SideArm prototype snags drones out of the air – SlashGear 

Morgan made a tiny three-wheeled EV for kids that costs $10,000 – The Verge 

Switching from smoking to vaping does reduce your carcinogens | New Scientist 

Birds Struggle to Keep Their Marriages in Rapidly Changing Urban Environments | Science | Smithsonian 

Hands on first impressions with HP’s ENVY 27, an affordable 4K USB-C display | 9to5Mac 

Apple is developing a new connector for Lightning and USB-C headphones | Macworld 

Climate change may overload US electrical grid: study 

Frenet Equations in 2-D Which Result in the Cornu Spiral 

‘We Need Robots To Take Our Jobs,’ Veteran Tech Reporter John Markoff Explains Why – Slashdot 

What Vizio was doing behind the TV screen | Federal Trade Commission 

A Wild New Helium Compound Could Rewrite Chemistry Textbooks 

Artificial Intelligence Correctly Predicted the Patriots’ 34-28 Super Bowl Win | Digital Trends 


What Are Your Favorite Headphones – 2017 Edition 

Resistance to ‘Last Resort’ Antibiotics Being Spread to Humans by Flies 

Here’s How BMW Recycles Its Cars 

BMW, Google and more pump cash into 3D metal printing startup – SlashGear 

The raised fist emoji is really getting a workout recently 

This Tiny Disease-Diagnosing Microchip Only Costs a Cent to Make 

Clever ‘birdhouse’ side table is storage, lamp, bookmark all in one – Curbed 

Anova acquisition could mean a sous vide chicken in every pot 

Uber hires NASA engineer to develop flying cars – 

Vicious microbial warfare helps bacteria evolve cooperation | New Scientist 

High-pressure natural gas turbine-generator 

Preliminary Research Office Proposes Conical Sky-Bridge for Drone Observation in Shenzhen | ArchDaily 

Spray the B**** Away – Aromatherapy Spray/Perfume : shutupandtakemymoney 

Gene editing injection could lower your risk of heart disease | New Scientist 

mountain buggy unirider reduces children’s stroller into a unicycle 

Pepper the Robot: Piercing through the depths of mankind with the use of Technology – Mobile Magazine 

Who Should Die in Self-Driving Car Accidents? MIT Lets You Decide 

Interesting way to paint a wet city street : pics 

Superbowl shaped food holder [Homemade] : food 

Ancient Martian volcano erupted non-stop for 2 billion years 

4’8″ Olympic gymnast Simone Biles standing next to 7’1″ Shaq 😳 : sports 

Bringing bots to life with AI | VentureBeat | Bots | by Mariya Yao, Topbots 

How Pitcher Plants Acquired a Taste for Meat – D-brief 

Immune therapy scientists discover distinct cells that block cancer-fighting immune cells — ScienceDaily 

Bambooee Reusable & Washable Paper Towels | 

Western Digital, Toshiba To Increase Device Storage Capacity With New ‘3D’ 512Gb Flash Chips | Digital Trends 

480-Million-Year-Old Slug Looks Like a Horrifying Mutated Bathmat 

Final 5 Teams Chosen For The Google’s $30M Moon Race – Google Lunar XPrize | REALITYPOD 

After a search lasting 12 years, an international team of researchers has identified a biomarker that would allow Multiple Sclerosis (MS) subtypes to be determined with a simple blood test. : science 

Make Google Chrome faster, reduce how much RAM it uses, and be more productive | ZDNet 

Supercomputers for Quantum Computers 

Cholera bacteria stab and poison enemies at predictable rates — ScienceDaily 

This Smart Trick Keeps Your Pandora Stations Fresh 

Tokachi river in Japan makes ice “diamonds” – Popular Mechanics 

UAE Aims to Launch Its First Ever Mars Mission in 2020 



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