Indistinguishable from Magic 2/11

Next Big Future: YK Bae can now amplify photonic laser thrust by 1500 times and if combined with military grade lasers and targeting would enable fast and hyperefficient space transportation 

Study results suggest improving posture may help reduce depression 

Alzheimer’s Disease Could Possibly Be Caused By Faulty Brain Cells : Science : iTech Post 

Criteria for an airport weather shutdown? How much leeway? – Straight Dope Message Board 

World’s Largest Airship Ready to Fly Again 

Ketamine as Preventative PTSD Drug for Troops Headed Into Battle? Not So Fast – Seeker 

Fotodiox Goes Big With Their Largest LED Light Yet, The FlapJack Studio XL | Digital Trends 

Look Closely, This Ant Is Carrying a Passenger – D-brief 

Easily Saw Through PVC Pipe, ABS Pipe, and Nylon Rope With Mason’s Line 

Can We Charge Batteries With Greenhouse Gases? 

ctrl + green interiors by marta muñoz + josean ruiz esquiroz 

Batting Practice For Your Heart 

Next Big Future: YK Bae can now amplify photonic laser thrust by 1500 times and if combined with military grade lasers and targeting would enable fast and hyperefficient space transportation 

Metallica’s World Tour Will Apparently Be Announced on Monday 

New study of ferroelectrics offers roadmap to multivalued logic for neuromorphic computing — ScienceDaily 

Panasonic Details Sensor That Can Capture Both Visible and Near-Infrared Light | Digital Trends 

Watch a Boeing 747 Quench Wildfires With 20,000 Gallons of Sweet Relief 

Sideways-on-ice Lucid Motors Air is best Lucid Motors Air – SlashGear 

Could quinoa, the Inca’s ‘mother grain,’ become a cure for world hunger? – 

higi is Making Self-Service Health Screenings Easy at Sam’s Club – Joe’s Daily 

The perfect game of Snake : gaming 

Ferroelectric material could make your smartwatch run longer 

Two-way LEDs could turn screens into touchless chargers 

World’s first ‘ice library’ rises by a frozen Siberian lake – Curbed 

Watch an Old Nokia Phone Heroically Take a Flaming Axe to the Face – Motherboard 

Gut bacteria may play a role in Alzheimer’s disease — ScienceDaily 

Mitochondrial lipids as potential targets in early onset Parkinson’s disease — ScienceDaily 

One step closer to personalized antibiotic treatment: Microbes in the gut can ‘disarm’ antibiotics, leading to antibiotic resistance and incurable infections — ScienceDaily 

New method of genetic engineering indispensable tool in biotechnological applications — ScienceDaily 

Chemicals hitch a ride onto new protein for better compounds: Invention could lead to dramatic improvements in applications from drug development to bioimaging — ScienceDaily 

How some insulin-producing cells survive in type 1 diabetes — ScienceDaily 

What Would it Take for Everybody on Earth to Live in One Building? 

Newborn rats get mature hearts by serving as stem cell laboratory — RT America 

What is common between a heart valve (loose) and feet arches (flat)? – Straight Dope Message Board 

Newfound effect of cancer drug may expand its use — ScienceDaily 

Prebiotics may help to cope with stress: Prebiotic fibers can help to protect beneficial gut bacteria and restore healthy sleep patterns after a stressful event — ScienceDaily 

A closer look at the fresh 8 meter crater that was recently discovered by the HiRISE instrument on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter : space 

What to Drink This Weekend: Smoke | Cool Material 

Discovery of Time Crystals Could Radically Change Our Understanding of the Space-Time Continuum | Big Think 

‘Stunt Freaks’ Create a New Extreme Sport: Snowmobile Paragliding 

Influencer marketing: With 960% ROI, how can you ignore it? (VB Live) | VentureBeat | Marketing | by VB Staff 

How brands can use blockchain tech to prove they have integrity | VentureBeat | Marketing | by Jeremy Epstein, Never Stop Marketing 

Steel Panther Posts “Poontang Boomerang” – in Metal News ( Metal ) 

Ancient signals from the early universe — ScienceDaily 

My local dentist has a ceiling “Where’s Wally?” for patients during appointments : mildlyinteresting 

Japan is building the World’s largest floating solar power plant – “The 13.7 megawatt (MW) floating solar power plant will be built on the Yamakura Dam reservoir.” : Futurology 

Energy Observer Boat Will Use 100 Percent Sustainable Energy To Power Its 6-Year Voyage | Digital Trends 

Watch the 1960 Documentary that Inspired Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ – Motherboard 

What Would Happen If a Black Hole Showed Up in Our Solar System? Hollywood and an Expert Answer 

AI Is Transforming Google Search. The Rest of the Web Is Next | WIRED 

The Future of Computers Is the Mind of a Toddler – Bloomberg 

The $10,500 Franka Emika robot arm can build its coworkers — Quartz 

As Artificial Intelligence Evolves, So Does Its Criminal Potential – The New York Times 

From Jingles to Pop Hits, A.I. Is Music to Some Ears – The New York Times 

Google’s AI Reads Retinas to Prevent Blindness in Diabetics | WIRED 

Now Hiring – Man of Many Internship | Man of Many 

Space Photos of the Week: Spiral Galaxy Survives Two Ragin’ Supernovas | WIRED 

10 robots that are changing the world | TechRadar 

Could The Psychedelic Drug Ayahuasca Cure Depression? – Seeker – Video 

Ghostly Green Comet and Lunar Eclipse Dazzle on Same Night 

Hippy Young Dolphins Using Blowfish to get High – Straight Dope Message Board 

Watch List Findings: Feb. 11, 2017 | 

We’re Hiring A Policy Editor | FiveThirtyEight 

Significant Digits For Friday, Feb. 10, 2017 | FiveThirtyEight 

What would a golden lion have sounded like? – Straight Dope Message Board 

Freedom Drone Sports wants to turn giant drone racing into the next big sport — Quartz 

Ford (F) invests $1 billion into self-driving car startup Argo with Uber and Google (GOOG) pedigree — Quartz 

What’s a sine? – Straight Dope Message Board 

Here’s Your Brain’s New User Manual For Uncertain Times | Fast Company | Business + Innovation 

Microsoft Paint Magic! : funny 

New aluminum battery with urea electrolyte could be a low-cost renewable energy storage solution : TreeHugger 

Should we just stop shaking hands already? : TreeHugger 

Does embodied energy really matter in green building? : TreeHugger 

Thailand has become the first Asian country to eliminate mother-to-child transmission (MTCT) of HIV, thanks to a pragmatic multi-sector response backed by strong political commitment and heavy government investment, a study published in Paediatrics and International Child Health reports. : science 

Week in Review: February 11, 2017 | Mises Wire 

Chased a winter storm overnight into Yosemite. Caught the sunrise. [OC] [11269 x 8708] : EarthPorn 

Extremely high radiation breaks down Fukushima clean-up robot at damaged nuclear reactor — RT News 

SciStarter brings citizen science to AAAS Family Science Days in Boston! – Citizen Science Salon : Citizen Science Salon 

Physics News :: Nano-level lubricant tuning improves material for electronic devices and surface coatings 

Physics News :: Lecithin enhances antimicrobial properties of the essential oil, eugenol 

High-throughput, in vivo validation of candidate congenital heart disease genes: Work in Drosophila model points to personalized therapies for the most common birth defect among newborns — ScienceDaily 

Brazilian peppertree packs power to knock out antibiotic-resistant bacteria: Amazon traditional healers have used the plant for centuries to treat infections — ScienceDaily 

And Now, a Very Funny and Unexpectedly Metal Short About the Moon 

Scientists use robots, drones to accelerate plant genetic research, improve crop yield — ScienceDaily 

University incubators may lead to lower-quality innovation, new study shows: Incubators compete against other university activities for integral resources, professor says — ScienceDaily 

Engineers at Stanford Look to Urea to Help Develop a Low-Cost Battery | Digital Trends 

Harvard Researchers Working on Rechargeable Flow Battery That Lasts 10 Years | Digital Trends 

When i was younger, I trusted my parents’ driving skills without a doubt. As an adult, riding with my parents terrifies me. : Showerthoughts 

Physics News :: 50 year-old protein volume paradox resolved 

Google’s Security System May Know When You’re Not Home | Digital Trends 

Scientists discover an unexpected influence on dividing stem cells’ fate — ScienceDaily 

Ford bets $1B on startup founded by Waymo, Uber vets (Update) 



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