Indistinguishable from Magic 2/16

Google Maps: Hyperlapse Around the World – YouTube 

New Alzheimer’s treatment fully restores memory function – ScienceAlert 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Reverses Fibromyalgia in 70% of Patients, Researchers Find | Wake Up World 

Lucid Dreamers Found To Produce The Fastest Brainwave Frequencies Ever Recorded – Collective Evolution 

Mountain range string art : Art 

LPT: If you need an emergency aid and there’s a crowd of bystanders, do not wait for someone to notice you and offer a help. Instead, pick out one person and assign the task to that individual. e.g. “You, sir, in the blue jacket, I need help. Call an ambulance.” : LifeProTips 

LPT: If you accidentally close a Word file without saving/autosave, search .asd in file explorer under “my/this pc” the document will be there. : LifeProTips 

Scientists find a way to turn hydrogen into a metal | Impact Lab 

Blocking the symmetry of motion – 

Nanoelectronic thread probes form reliable, scar-free integration with the brain 

Depression may be our brain’s way of telling us to stop and solve a problem – Business Insider 

PCMR Pro-Tips : pcmasterrace 

New, ultra-flexible probes form reliable, scar-free integration with the brain 

Watch: Star Wars’ Iconic Lightsaber Was Actually A Camera Flash | Digital Trends 

Did You Hear That? Robots Are Learning The Subtle Sounds Of Mechanical Breakdown | Fast Company | Business + Innovation 

The Hunger Gains: Extreme Calorie-Restriction Diet Shows Anti-Aging Results – Scientific American 

Biologists report findings on ants’ internal navigation systems 

Intergalactic unions more devastating than we thought 

Physicists harness neglected properties of light 

Sketching sensors with conducting polymer pen (w/video) 

I found the “PCMR pro-tips” on the front page very useful so I put it all onto one single cheat sheet! : pcmasterrace 

Vitamin D May Reduce Risk Of Colds And Flu : Shots – Health News : NPR 

Inkjet-printable stretchy circuits could lead to huge e-wallpaper screens 

Killing two birds with another bird is 50% more productive than the widely adopted stone method. : Showerthoughts 

How one wrong hunch led to the creation of cocaine-resistant mice 

Next-Gen batteries could provide power to microsatellites, cubesats 

Kennesaw State University Scientists Conducting Cutting-Edge Research 

Watch this horrifying redback spider take out a snake 

Nodding syndrome caused by response to parasitic protein, international study suggests: Study also identifies potential new mechanism for some forms of epilepsy — ScienceDaily 

Heat Sensor Has Snaky Sensitivity – Scientific American 

Eric Schmidt: AI research needs to be done in the open, not in military labs | ZDNet 

New Way to Fight Superbugs Found in Noxious Weed 

Underwater Cave Discovery Features Stunning Red Coral Garden 

NASA is crowdsourcing the search for exoplanets 

Google Search Now Answers Select Trivia Questions | Digital Trends 

Pluto, Planet Nine and Other Backyard Worlds – Citizen Science Salon : Citizen Science Salon 

The tipping point for renewable energy is nearly here – MarketWatch 

3D printing ordinary household goods can save you a lot of money, study finds – TechSpot 

Here’s Why It’s So Hard for Us to Find Stuff We’ve Misplaced – Seeker 

Antarctica Just Shed an Iceberg the Size of Manhattan – Seeker 

The Underwater Photographs Of The Year Are Here, And They’re Breathtaking – Digg 

Physics News :: A way to magnetically control individual members of a robot swarm 

Mochibag Action DB Pro – The Awesomer 

Get a Glimpse into the Secret Facility That Made X-23 in New Video – 

Canada’s Glaciers Are Melting 900 Percent Faster Since 2005 – Seeker 

We may finally have a way of mass producing graphene | Impact Lab 

Scientists Use Stem Cells To Grow Animal-Free Pork In A Lab | Digital Trends 

Windshield-wiping tech gets proactive 

Lightning Sensor Launch Saturday Brings Decades of Work to Fruition 



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