Indistinguishable from Magic 5/11

Man’s homemade robot spider looks real and we are sufficiently freaked out 

Google’s neural network-generated custom face stickers are like Bitmoji that aren’t horrible | TechCrunch 

How to Organize the Best Online Videos You Watch Every Day 

This Device Zaps Water With Electricity to Make It Drinkable – Motherboard 

Microsoft Makes Windows Play Nice With All Your Other Gadgets | WIRED 

Sharp Unveils Quantum Dot TVs & More At CES 2017 | Digital Trends 

TCL Unveils New Roku TV Models Featuring Dolby Vision | Digital Trends 

How to Make Text and Other Items Bigger or Smaller on Your Mac’s Retina Display 

Microsoft’s Project Emma is a wearable that helps with Parkinson’s tremors – The Verge 

UberEats will solve your late night snack cravings in London 

A majority of Americans have never heard of PS4 Pro or Xbox Scorpio – TechSpot 

Dolby Atmos Soundbars: Everything You Need To Know | Digital Trends 

The Best Media Streamer You Can Buy (and 5 Alternatives) | Digital Trends 

Two Underwater Robots Are Currently Livestreaming The Secrets Of The Deep | Digital Trends 

How to use Spotify: Helpful Tips and Secret Tricks | Digital Trends 

Nokia’s 3310 Phone Is Back With More Color | Our First Take | Digital Trends 

Twitch will broadcast a marathon of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood | VentureBeat | Media | by Dean Takahashi 

Osmo Coding Jam game combines programming with music | GamesBeat | Games | by Dean Takahashi 

Intelligence community bucks White House, warns Congress on risks from global warming 

TCL eyes the throne as one of the world’s top TV makers | TechRadar 

Donald Trump just unloaded on Stephen Colbert and we can’t wait for tonight’s ‘Late Show’ 

Trump May Have Just Derailed A Crucial Part Of America’s Future Aircraft Carrier Fleet 

This Paper Doesn’t Use Ink and Can Reuse the Same Piece of Paper | Digital Trends 

Microsoft wants you to use a pen everywhere in Windows – The Verge 

This new slime bath could help scientists 3D print the medical implants of the future – The Verge 

Lighthouse is Android inventor Andy Rubin’s secret project – SlashGear 

Microsoft makes Windows play nice with Android and iPhone – CNET 

Americans waste 72 billion pounds of food every year. Drinking this beer can help. 

Elon Musk names first boring machine after boring play – Roadshow 

Make Your Browser Talk With This Wonderfully Annoying Human Speech Simulator 

Doppler’s Wireless Earbuds Now Detect and Destroy the Clamor Around You | WIRED 

Look at These Weird Ant Babies 

The Waterlily Micro Turbine Charges Devices Using Wind or Water | Digital Trends 

20 ways graphene is about to change your life | TechRadar 

An Electric Shock Could Keep Patients From Bleeding Out | WIRED 

SoundHound can now make an Apple Music playlist from songs you identify | 9to5Mac 

Technology in music: A chronological playlist through history 

The Week in iOS Accessories and Cases: Coach introduces new Apple Watch bands | Macworld 

Prank Your Friends By Using The Best Voice-changing Apps | Digital Trends 

Chemists Are One Step Closer to Manipulating All Matter | WIRED 

Google-funded ‘super sensor’ project brings IoT powers to dumb appliances | TechCrunch 

Never stress about the weather, this jacket has you covered 

Genius Crabs Use Natural Velcro to Cover Themselves in Camouflage 

What manufacturers don’t want you to know: The truth about 3D printer maximum print areas | ZDNet 

Garmin Forerunner 935 review: Advanced multi-sport GPS watch built to help you improve Review | ZDNet 

Bouncing electrons off a time mirror | Ars Technica 

Google Now Helps You Find Things to Do This Weekend 

This face mask claims to muffle your voice and keep your convos private wherever you are 

NASA’s mission to Mars includes a year-long stay on the moon 

Puma Creates Infinite Lacing Styles with New Netfit Technology | Digital Trends 

This Israeli startup has a battery that can charge an electric car in 5 minutes 

Thirty-Three Famous Physicists Sign Angry Letter About the Origin of the Universe 

New Navy Robot Could Kill You, Wears Cute Dog Tags – 

Using AI to Detect Cancer, Not Just Cats | WIRED 

DailyTech – Sony Xperia XZ Premium – World’s First Smartphone with 4K HDR Display 

Nifty Mobile Charger review: USB-C compatible and faster charging for iPhones | Macworld 

This is how the bloated TV bundle collapses | PCWorld 

Thursday Deals: Security Products, Sat-Navs, Organisational Aids, and More [UK] 

Linksys Launches Its Very First Modem/Router Hybrid And A Speedy New Tri-Band Wireless AC Router | Digital Trends 

Linksys is making its first modem-router hybrid – The Verge 

How ambient computing will help chatbots evolve | VentureBeat | Bots | by David Moss, People Power 

How and Where You Can Stream 4K UHD Movies and TV | Digital Trends 

The Best Sleeping Bags for Every Kind of Adventurer | Digital Trends 

SeaBubbles reveals its latest ‘flying water car’ as it brings in a new wave of cash – The Verge 

HelloEar’s Wonderland Collection of professional earphones fit perfect and look cool for a price – TechSpot 

You Can Now Make Free Voice Calls Using Alexa 

Only One Country Has Ever Voluntarily Given Up Its Nukes 

Soundfloat Chair Keeps Your Phone Dry in the Pool | Digital Trends 

This AI-Powered Art Camera Refuses to Take a Bad Photo | Digital Trends 

‘Google Is As Close To a Natural Monopoly As the Bell System Was In 1956’ – Slashdot 

T-1000s Have Nothing on These Luxurious ‘Liquid Metal’ In-Ear Monitors | Digital Trends 

Lockheed Martin Conducts First Flight Tests of Stealth Superdrone that Can Fly for 12 Hours | Mobile Magazine 

There is a Stunning Online Interactive Map that Shows Every Armed Conflict Currently Active Around the World | Mobile Magazine 

See dramatic clouds streak across Saturn’s moon Titan – CNET 

The Planes of Air Force Special Ops 

Martha Stewart, a great content creator, disses Trump’s very bad Twitter 

Chris Roberts on using infinite computing power to create a universe of endless possibilities | GamesBeat | Games | by Dean Takahashi 

HP announces the Elite x2 1012 G2 2-in-1, a seemingly perfect stand-in for the MIA Surface Pro 5 – TechSpot 

11 Tech Hacks Every Busy Mom Wants to Know 

Watch BMW briefly explain the five levels of autonomous driving – Roadshow 

T-Mobile SyncUp Drive users can now manage a whole fleet of cars – Roadshow 

Saving bats from wind turbines is easy 

Scientists Figure Out the Sun’s Mysterious “Stealth” Explosions 

Research Increases Distance at Which Supernova Would Spark Mass Extinctions on Earth 

Why One Eye-Targeting Virus Could Make for a Useful Gene-Delivery Tool 

Single atoms feel tidal force – 

Bees and their magnetic superpower – 

Flash Physics: Quantum control of molecular ions, biophysicist to lead biology society, stretchy holograms – 

The cutting edge of quantum physics – 

Event details: Critical Stability of Quantum Few-Body Systems – 

Molecular magnets closer to application in quantum computing | 

Discovery in the early universe poses black hole growth puzzle 

Neural Nets Need Some Translation | EE Times 

Access denied | Popular Science 

Horizontal stripes make you look thinner, not wider | Popular Science 

Dramatic Cooperation Between Two Infectious Bacteria Revealed by BIDMC Researchers 

How plankton and bacteria shape ocean spray 

Study finds bacteria in marine sponge produce toxic flame retardant-like compounds 

Physics News :: Next-gen solar cells could be improved by atomic-scale redesign 

Fiber Hybridization Technology for Next Generation Concrete 

Six Ways You’re Turning Off Everyone Who’s Trying To Help You Find A Job 

Researchers turn protein cravings on and off in the brain 

These Cells Are Engineered to Be Controlled by a Smartphone 

A novel concept for a synthetic articular-cartilage-like material 

Can crab shells provide a ‘green’ solution to malaria? 

Can Darwinian Evolution Explain Lamarckism? 

Breaking New Ground in Weather Forecasting | Inside Science 

Physics News :: New biosensor zymonic acid shows changes in pH value 

Physics News :: Synthesis of a carbon nanobelt with potential applications in nanotechnology 

Just Say No to Head Transplants – Scientific American Blog Network 

Resurrecting ancient proteins to foil the attack plans of viruses 

World-first Proton CT images create a new vision for cancer treatment 

Teleconnection between the tropical Pacific and Antarctica 

What are cell site simulators? And how do they work? 

‘Switchable’ smart windows reduce energy consumption significantly 

Efficient and compact voltage converters for the e-mobility sector 

How thirsty roots go in search of water 

Carbon nanotube based microfluidic chip that captures rare, aggressive cancer cells 

‘Sister cell’ profiling aims to shut down cancer metastasis 

China tests ‘Lunar Palace’ as it eyes moon mission 

High temperature step-by-step process makes graphene from ethene 

NASA Completes Balloon Technology Test Flight 

New method of microbial energy production discovered 

Microscopic soil creatures could orchestrate massive tree migrations 

Uncovering the answer to an age-old question: How do snowflakes form? 

Battery-free implantable medical device draws energy directly from human body 

Stable, highly conductive 2-D nanosheets of boron nitride 

Robotic fish for environmental monitoring 

Graphene Membranes Could Mean Greener And Cheaper Nuclear Power 

Printing at the Nanoscale on the tip of an Optical Fibre 

Gold electrons can tunnel a nanoscale gap 

Lawrence Livermore Unveils “Heart-on-a-Chip” to Improve Drug Development 

Patek Philippe Calibre 89, the 20th century’s most complicated watch, heads to auction 

404 Error – The Page Cannot be Found 

SDSC’s Comet Helps Replicate Brain Circuitry to Direct a Realistic Prosthetic Arm 

Single Synthetic Sensor keeps watch over entire room 

The easy way to make emulsions – 

The secret of the blue fog – 

Flash Physics: Antiprotons from dark matter, lab visits do not inspire, CERN’s new linac, Australia at ESO – 

Nothing found for A-deep-learning-tool-that-lets-you-clone-an-artistic-style-onto-your-photo 

Hubble, VLA, Chandra, Spitzer, & XMM-Newton Combine Data to Create New Image of the Crab Nebula 

Detachable cargo dolly replaces your bike’s front wheel 

Sound over silicon: Computing’s wave of the future 

After Mosquitos, Moths Are the Next Target For Genetic Engineering – D-brief 

Review: Goal Zero Yeti gives you hours of power with zero emissions 

Inclusive Fitness Coalition Launches New Partnership for Inclusive Health 

Stroke, MS Patients Walk Significantly Better with Neural Stimulation 

Targeted MRI Could Pinpoint Aggressive Prostate Cancers Before They Spread 

Physics News :: New 3-D printing method promises vastly superior medical implants for millions 

Presto change-o! Brown dwarf star is now a planet 

Quantum Molecules Compute | EE Times 

This company’s scanning technology is a smugglers’ nightmare 

Psychoactive Cannabis Compound THC Shows Promise as Cognitive Aid – Seeker 

Appalled by the Illegal Trade in Elephant Ivory, a Biologist Decided to Make His Own | Science | Smithsonian 

Seeking solutions to a down-to-earth problem for space travelers—how to keep their clothes clean 

Air traffic control for drones is coming. Here’s how it could work 

Robotic falcon will chase birds at Canadian airport 

Military could have truly low-cost launch market in five years — if government puts in the effort, experts say – 

Could triboelectric nanogenerators charge your smartwatch just by checking it? 

Physicists find a way to control charged molecules – with quantum logic (w/video) 

Physics News :: Experimental technology monitors and maintains drug levels in the body 

Physics News :: Flash Physics: Quantum control of molecular ions, biophysicist to lead biology society, stretchy holograms 

New Light Sensing Molecule Discovered in the Fruit Fly Brain 

Scientists identify novel technique to build better vaccine adjuvants 

Connecting Brain Regions in a Dish – a New Organoid Technology to Detect Malfunctions in the Brain 


Mobile, Modern, Modular: citizenM’s Tower of London Hotel – Design Milk 


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