Indistinguishable from Magic 5/13

Cheapest tastiest meal(s) you can make? – Straight Dope Message Board 

Could you really open a locked door by shooting the lock? – Straight Dope Message Board 

Rising Meat Consumption is Turning Up the Heat on All of Us | Big Think 

Working with ferric chloride hexahydrate – Straight Dope Message Board 

Are there any advantages to putting more than 20% down on a mortgage – Straight Dope Message Board 

Are there any advantages to putting more than 20% down on a mortgage – Straight Dope Message Board 

What do you think of sensitivity training? – Straight Dope Message Board 

Animals your pet has brought into the house – Straight Dope Message Board 

Why Short-Lived Mayflies Have the Right Idea | Big Think 

On a healthy normal worker, how long can they safely perform risky jobs without sleep? – Straight Dope Message Board 

Disequilibrium After Dental Surgery – Straight Dope Message Board 

Trump committed obstruction of justice by threatening Comey. – Straight Dope Message Board 

Cosmologists ready to rumble over new challenges to “Big Bang” Cosmic Inflation paradigm – Straight Dope Message Board 

This High-Tech Sunrise Pillow Can Mitigate Sleep Disorders | Big Think 

Love Chicken? Here’s How a 10th-Century Religious Reform Influenced its Evolution | Big Think 

Diversity Casting & the LOTR movies – Straight Dope Message Board 

A world map for fossil finds 

The Epistemic Vigilance We Evolved To Do Well | Big Think 

Keep Food Hot or Cold All Day Long With $5 Off a Thermos Food Jar 

What’s the going rate for babysitters in your neck of the woods? – Straight Dope Message Board 

Judge Judy/Retaliatory firing question – Straight Dope Message Board 

4 Discounted Mac Apps You Don’t Want To Miss 

An Incredibly Cool Mecha Godzilla, and More of the Best Toys We’ve Seen This Week 

HIDEO_KOJIMA on Twitter: “Shin(kawa) Mecha Godzilla ‘NERV’ designed by Yoji Shinkawa will be out in July from Sentinel.” 

Grassley confirms Comey told him that Trump is not being investigated – Straight Dope Message Board 

10 Fantastic Deals You Can Get On Amazon Right Now [US/CA] 

An algorithm imagines a train ride 

Saving Lives for 20 Cents | Manu Prakash | TEDxStanford – YouTube 

Cory Doctorow and John Scalzi: “Walkaway & the Collapsing Empire” | Talks at Google – YouTube 

12 Cool Things You Can Do With iMessage Apps for iOS 

Today’s Best Deals: Anker Audio Gear, Adjustable Dumbbells, Thermos, and More 

Physicists Outline 10 Different Dimensions and How You’d Experience Them | Big Think 

The Universe in Verse: Pulitzer-Winning Poet Tracy K. Smith Reads from “Life on Mars” – Brain Pickings 

Amazon’s Gold Box Is Full Of Your Favorite Anker Audio Gear 

Do some people have free-floating blood circulating around their colon? – Straight Dope Message Board 

Use This Trick for Better Table Positioning in Microsoft Word 

Jetson Green – Small Apartment Made Spacious by a Clever Transformer Unit 

lorenzo quinn’s support sculpture braces ca’ sagredo hotel at the venice art biennale 

Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital combines concrete and brick with colourful details and big windows 

Trefoil Glass House / J.Roc Design | ArchDaily 

monkey business makes gift-wrapping easy with playful silicone ribbons 

Ecological City Simulator Block’hood Launches on Steam | ArchDaily 

Simon Diener’s portable Pong light uses its battery as a counterweight 

10 Functional Modern Desk Lamps For Comfy Working – DigsDigs 

the clayXYZ is a digital 3D printer for ceramics that sits on your desktop 

Jetson Green – Off-Grid Recycling Plant Built Out of a Shipping Container 

Three-storey skylight illuminates Montreal row house by Naturehumaine | Dezeen 

A Collection Of Espresso Cups Designed With Unique Decorative Swirls | CONTEMPORIST 

Suspended Circulum Shelf For Saving Space – DigsDigs 

This House For A Bachelor Sits On The Waterfront In Seattle | CONTEMPORIST 

Bolivar Multifamily Housing / Hitzig Militello arquitectos | ArchDaily 

Between a 16th century church and a wooden barn: the Chimney House by dekleva gregorič architects | News | Archinect 

diamond atelier’s custom-built BMW R nineT neo-racer motorcycle 

Watch these fabulous crabs accessorize with seaweed and live anemones : TreeHugger 

10 Straw Houses That Go Beyond the Bale – Architizer 

Ikea kitchen cabinets hacked with plywood by new company Plykea – Curbed 

15 renovation apps to know for your next project – Curbed 

C&A debuts world’s first Cradle to Cradle Certified Gold T-shirts | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building 

‘Artificial blowhole’ harvests power from ocean waves | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building 

The Show That Fuses Architectural Critique With Real-Estate Porn – Architecture Lab 

Relaxing Scandinavian Loft With Textural Touches – DigsDigs 

Commercial Architecture Trends for 2017 – Architecture Lab 

Richard Branson’s new supersonic jet will fly 2X faster than the speed of sound | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building 

Sound and Vision: Speakarts Creates Visually Stunning Bluetooth Speakers 

This charred wood Moduu cabin can be rearranged in an infinite number of ways | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building 

Electric hogs are coming, and could be the antidote to autonomous driving : TreeHugger 

A Triangulated Ramp Made For People With Reduced Mobility In Mind | ArchDaily 

This incredible urban oasis cafe is filled with living trees and vintage cars | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building 

lazerian’s spellbinding walk-in-pods invade a derelict cinema in lancashire, UK 

New MIT water purification method eliminates even trace chemical waste and pesticides | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building 

Lose yourself in Arctic beauty at Finland’s charming TreeHouse Hotel | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building 

Trees will grow on the balconies of Istanbul’s honeycomb-like apartments | Inhabitat – Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building 

The Black and White Decor Trend That Goes with Everything 

Florence Recreation Pavilion on Architizer 

olivelab’s EQUILIBRIO lamp plays on gravity + magnetism 

Let’s Take A Look Inside Italy’s First Capsule Hotel | CONTEMPORIST 

Super Functional Ubik Furniture Inspired By Puzzles – DigsDigs 

A dumb home needs a smart wall : TreeHugger 

This Sculptural Pendant Light Was Inspired By Microscopic Ocean Diatoms | CONTEMPORIST 

Super Bugger: Volkswagen Beetles Converted into “Bug Campers” 

Fort Standard unveils range of minimal metal furniture 

8 Coziest And Comfiest Modern Daybeds – DigsDigs 

MAD’s mountain-shaped tower complex nears completion in Beijing 

Moon as unprospected eighth continent that will produce trillionaires | 

US Air Force wants to speed up hypersonic weapons development to stay ahead of China and Russia | 

The week in tech: tunnels, coolers, and bears. Oh my. | Popular Science 

Paleo Profile: The Wyvern Dinosaur – Scientific American Blog Network 

The Coral Microbiome May Offer Protection in Warming Seas – The Extremo Files : The Extremo Files 

Identification of the neuronal suppressor of cataplexy, sudden weakening of muscle tone — ScienceDaily 

Tomato extract fights stomach cancer, ripe for further study — ScienceDaily 

Electroplating delivers high-energy, high-power batteries — ScienceDaily 

Video imaging reveals how immune cells sense danger: T cells’ dynamic, finger-like projections efficiently search for signs of infection, study shows — ScienceDaily 

Hubble catches a galaxy duo by the ‘hare’ — ScienceDaily 

Faster, smaller, more powerful computer chips: Hafnia dons a new face: Materials research creates potential for improved computer chips and transistors — ScienceDaily 

Fast, simple way to create two-dimensional electronic circuits — ScienceDaily 

Imbalanced gut microbiome linked to systemic sclerosis, study suggests — ScienceDaily 

New gelatin devices that imitate the activity of the body in bone regeneration — ScienceDaily 

Untangling the knots in cell stress: Study sheds new light on unfolded protein response — ScienceDaily 

What goes down, must come up: Stirring things up in the Earth’s mantle — ScienceDaily 

This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through May 13) 

Is a Popular Theory of Cosmic Creation Pseudoscience? – Scientific American Blog Network 

An Alternate History of the Atomic Age – Scientific American 

Video Solves Mystery of How Narwhals Use Their Tusks 

How Do You Stick a Camera on a Manta Ray? Peanut Butter 

Spaceport Australia – Crowlspace 

Speed Up Your PC With The Best Solid State Drives | Digital Trends 

FCC Chairman Is Laughing at Americans Who Don’t Want to Kill the Open Internet 

Apple acquires ‘dark data’ machine learning & AI company Lattice Data for $200M | 9to5Mac 

Trump finally tweets (and promptly deletes) a unifying message 

This Superyacht Builder Designed for Speed Without Sacrificing Space | Digital Trends 

Black Diamond Climbing Ropes | Hands-on Review | Digital Trends 

Build a VR headset from an iPhone or Android smartphone for only $7 | ZDNet 

FaceApp changes old world art models from stoic to stoked 

PaRappa and Gitaroo Man Creators Team Up for New Story-Driven Rhythm Game – 

This week’s top stories: Siri speaker, WWDC invites, iPhone 8, a modular Mac Pro wishlist from the pros, HomeKit home tour, & more | 9to5Mac 

Nike debuts iPhone 7 cases that make your phone resemble sneakers – SlashGear 

Anker USB 3.0 SuperSpeed 10-Port Hub Deal: $70 Off Regular Amazon Price | Digital Trends 

The songs that take us back to the last days of high school, by class year 

Synthetic Sensors Create Connected Home Without Adding Smart Devices | Digital Trends 

Electric planes and $25 tickets could be the future of regional air travel | Impact Lab 

Amazon made landline phones trendy again | TechCrunch 

Rare discounts on the Sonos Play:1, Amazon Echo, and more of the week’s best tech deals – The Verge 

Saturday’s Best Deals: Target, Digital Magazines, Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts and More RAVPower Filehub, 5 in 1 SD Card USB Reader, Wireless Hard Drive Companion WiFi Bridge Sharing Media Streamer 3000mAh External Battery Pack, White: Computers & Accessories Flash Furniture LF-215-BRIGHTBLUE-GG Vibrant Bright Blue and Chrome Drafting Stool with Tractor Seat: Kitchen & Dining Rubbermaid Step-On Wastebasket Trash Can, 13-Gallon, Metal-Accent Black, 1843029: Home & Kitchen Titanfall 2 + Wireless Controller + Cinch Sac – Xbox One: Video Games 

Rugs : Target 

Piggyback rides are made easy with this backpack-like harness for your child 

Pons Makes Bed Frames That Can Be Set Up in 5 Minutes | Digital Trends 

How to Clear Your Browser History (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, And More) | Digital Trends 

Redesigned Lunch Bag Is Roomy, Insulated, and Easy to Clean | Digital Trends 

Gagamoji, Mother’s Day and an all new Shazam: This week in apps 

The Morning After: Weekend Edition 

How to watch a declassified nuclear test film like a weapons physicist – The Verge 

Speed up your sluggish iPhone or iPad | ZDNet 

Space Photos of the Week: Cranky Old Crab Nebula Still Knows How to Twist and Shout | WIRED 

Print a Pretty Picture With These Instant Film Cameras: Leica Sofort, Polaroid Pop | WIRED 

Swirling Bacteria Illuminate the Strange Physics of Swarms | WIRED 

Less isn’t more: The wireless conundrum | Macworld 

Yes, Apple is building a car | Computerworld 

Three Job Interview Mistakes You Think You Avoided But Actually Didn’t 

The Week in Apple News and Rumors: More iPhone 8 rumors, free Smart Keyboard repairs, how to shoot on iPhone 7, and more | Macworld 

Germany legalizes self-driving car tests 

Massive Ransomware Attack Hits More Than 75,000 Victims Worldwide, and Climbing | Digital Trends 

Samsung Could Soon Announce A New Flip Phone With A Fingerprint Scanner | Digital Trends 

Cable Lobby Survey Backfires; Most Americans Support Net Neutrality – Slashdot 

Loomo Go is an autonomous delivery robot from Segway – SlashGear 

Today’s Massive Ransomware Attack Was Mostly Preventable—Here’s How To Avoid It 

Light Up Your Campsite with Biolite’s Customizable Nanogrid System | Digital Trends 

Refind and Energizer tackle battery waste with ‘reverse vending machine’ – SlashGear 

Oculus Room-Scale Software Moves from ‘Experimental’ to Fully Supported | Digital Trends 

Top Tech Stories of the Week: Microsoft Build 2017, Tesla Solar Roof, Amazon Echo Show | Digital Trends 

Elon Musk Posts New Video of ‘Boring’ Equipment and Company’s First Tunnel – Slashdot 

Great deal! These Are Our Three Favorite Amazon Tech Bargains Today | Digital Trends 

LumiCharge LED desk lamp and charger mini Review – SlashGear 

Bionic Shorts Could Stop You From Falling Over 

Electric Car Nurburgring Record – NIO EP9 Runs 6:45.90 on Nordschliefe 

Device brings new meaning to “slide guitar” 

Cray Rolls Clustered Supercomputers for AI | EE Times 

The Office of Government Ethics is now trolling Trump on Twitter 

Swivelling lens holder keeps your glass within grasp 

Voice or text for bots? It’s all about context | VentureBeat | Bots | by Etienne Mérineau, 

A VC and sci-fi author ask: Are we living in science fiction? | GamesBeat | Games | by Dean Takahashi 

Study: Apple Watch is 97% accurate in identifying abnormal heart beat – SlashGear 

Trump’s Russian income is not being mocked at all. With few exceptions. 

LikeFolio is an app for understanding the stock market via Twitter 

EcoFlow River is a mobile power plant for all your gear – CNET 

Slingbox is TV for a Streaming World – 

Echodyne’s pocket-sized radar may be the next must-have tech for drones (and drone hunters) | TechCrunch 

Miniature building kits are made to unleash your inner architect 

Which Of These Common Summertime Foods Radically Increases Sensitivity To Ultraviolet Light? 

Something Wonderful Happens When You Mix Microwaves, Soda, and Wood 

Geek deals: Save Big on Headphones, Laptops, and More at GearBest – 

Mount Almost Any TV To the Wall For $20 




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