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Tudor Introduces Heritage Bay Bronze Blue Watch
For its 130th anniversary, Swiss-based watch retailer Bucherer collaborated with a variety of notable watchmakers to create a complete series of limited-edition watches. Each limited-edition watch will mainly feature the colour blue. Bucherer has already worked with several well-known watchmakers, including…
A. Lange Söhne’s new 1815 Chronograph is a master class in timekeeping
When perfect isn’t enough.It’s not hard to see why A. Lange & Söhne is so revered in the watch world. The watches are simply some of the most exquisite timepieces on the market, offering a perfect blend of classic watch design and exceptional movements. The company just debuted their newest piece,…
Man of Many
Launch of the Lego Apollo Saturn V Rocket Set
This month, Lego plans to release the NASA Apollo Saturn V Rocket Set. Nerds everywhere are rejoicing. Last month, Lego released a special edition Lego set that honoured women in the space agency. Now, Nasa has decided to release this special-edition rocket set to pay homage to the Apollo Saturn V. The…
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This Handcrafted Origami Teapot Is a Work of Art
Bre & Co. was founded by Bre Pettis who was the former co-founder of MakerBot, which is a 3D printing company. Initially, Pettis used 3D printing to make unique watches for friends and family as a token of appreciation. That idea blew up, and Pettis decided to form Bre & Co., which now has many…
Man of Many
Sushi Sneakers – The Coolest Thing on the Internet Right Now
Chinese-born chef Yujia Hu is using his culinary and artistic skills to craft masterpieces—sneakers that are made out of sushi. Hu works in his parents’ restaurant in Milan. The 28-year-old attended art school but quit to work in the family business. In spite of leaving art school, Hu was inspired by…
The Awesomer
Beckett Simonon Morgen Trainer
Price: $149  | BuyRest on these while you dream of Margielas. Beckett Simonon’s take on German army trainers are handmade out of full grain leather, water-resistant suede and a flexible gum outsole, all at a level-headed price. Available in black, white and navy. More Awesome…
Craziest Gadgets
Levitating Rotating Planter
Take your plant game up a level with a hovering planter. Floating plants- not just for astronauts anymore. The Lyfe Planter is a levitating 12-sided geodesic molded silicon planter. It sits above a solid rectangular oak base (which has six sides, I counted, twice). It doesn’t sit on the base, it’s…
The Gadget Flow
FOBO Bluetooth Tire Pressure Monitoring System
By using the power of latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology, the FOBO Bluetooth Tire Pressure Monitoring System can help you measure the pressure of your car’s tyre on the go. It will work directly with any Android or iOS device. The intelligent car-monitoring unit can work on its own or with your smartphone….
The Gadget Flow
GoT Porcelain Mug
Bring out the inner Stark in you with every sip of tea or coffee that you take from this GoT Porcelain Mug. This mug is not just another GoT themed product but one that takes your everyday coffee experience one step higher. What makes this mug unique is its design. Additionally, the one-sided muscular…
The Gadget Flow
Luna – The World’s Smallest 360° Camera
Capture everything around you in one shot with Luna, the world’s smallest 360° camera. Designed to be easily used by everyone, this camera is operated with a single button. It’s equipped with two 190° fish eye lenses to cover the entire world around you. With no moving parts, Luna is safe to use as well…
The Gadget Flow
Studio System Complex Metal Printer
Turn your ideas into objects right in your office with the Studio System Complex Metal Printer. This system is an end-to-end solution by combining a printer as well as a sinter. The Studio System printer works by efficiently creating 3D prints. It utilizes Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM). Unlike other…
The Gadget Flow
Wolf Lockable Wood Desk
Upgrade your workspace with the Wolf Lockable Wood Desk from Sean Woolsey Studio. Taking inspiration from photographers at Wolf Camp Studios, this desk sports mid-century charm along with modern features. The Wolf Desk uses stunning black walnut wood to offer a sleek finish. In the center of the desk…
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Ultimateaddons iPhone Motorcycle Mount
Keep your device in the perfect position while you ride with the Ultimateaddons iPhone Motorcycle Mount. Attaching to your handlebars, this case fits the iPhone 7 Plus like a glove. The protective material helps protect your device from dust and damage as you ride. In addition, the Motorcycle Mount is…
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SylvanSport GO Lightweight Camping Trailer
Make anywhere feel like home with the SylvanSport GO Lightweight Camping Trailer. This incredible trailer transforms the way you travel and the comfort you feel. The GO Trailer is award-winning and it’s easy to see why. It integrates a trailer as well as a camper. There’s enough space inside to stash…
The Gadget Flow
Willow Baby Changing Bag
Keep your baby happy and dry anywhere you are with the Willow Baby Changing Bag by Paperclip. This bag is the modern parent’s dream come true. Tucked inside is an expanding changing pad and everything else you need. The Willow looks just like an ordinary backpack. Or, if you prefer, you can wear it like…
The Gadget Flow
Eve Degree Temperature and Humidity Monitor
Keep a watchful eye on the wellbeing of your home with the Eve Degree Temperature and Humidity Monitor from elgato. Designed for both indoors and outside, this compact device can track it all. Eve Degree can track both the temperature and the humidity level of your space. Incredibly, it has supreme accuracy…
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ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor
Take your safety on the road seriously with the ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor. This clever device can accurately determine if your tires need some extra TLC before you hit the road. ZUS takes on the challenge that many drivers face: we don’t know when a tire is actually dangerous. In fact, 1 in 4 cars…
The Gadget Flow
Logitech Slim iPad Pro Combo
Start getting the most out of your new tablet with the Logitech Slim iPad Pro Combo. This case and keyboard combination offers seamless integration to enhance your workflow. The Slim Combo features four different modes so you can get more done faster. The system allows you to type, view, FaceTime, and…
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Gorenje Retro Freestanding Refrigerator
Add some vintage flair to the best room in the house with the Gorenje Retro Freestanding Refrigerator. This adorable cooling unit is designed to stand on its own in your kitchen. Complete with a single door, the Freestanding Refrigerator has a hefty 260L of storage space. With a variety of color options,…
The Awesomer
Stairway to Heaven: Japanese Style
LinkA quartet of musicians perform a soothing cover version of Led Zeppelin’s 1971 classic in a classic Japanese style, played on 21-string Nijugen-Kotos and wooden flutes. It’s reminiscent of Regina Spektor’s fantastic cover version of While My Guitar Gently Weeps. More Awesome Stuff: Introducing…
Gummy Breakfast Foods // by Vat19
Buy here: It’s not strange; it’s gummy! Enjoy your favorite meal of the day in gummy form! ******************* Early Notification Squad Giveaway! Click here to enter: This is our way of saying…
Saturday’s Best Deals: Adidas Treadmill, iTunes Credit, Nioh, and More
An insanely discounted treadmill, one of the PS4’s best games, and discounted iTunes credit lead off Saturday’s best deals from around the web. Read more…
Xiaomi Amazfit Heart-Rate & Fitness Tracking Smart Band $35.89
Xiaomi Amazfit Heart-Rate & Fitness Tracking Smart Band $35.89
The Awesomer
27 Styles of Rapping
Link(PG-13: Language) We already know that rapper Mac Lethal has mad skills. Here, he takes on some of the many different sub-genres of rap and hip hop from the lighthearted braggadocio of the 1980s to horrorcore to Miami trap and everything in between. More Awesome Stuff: Kool Keith x MF Doom: SuperHeroLetter…
The Green Head – Finds Cool New Stuff!
Ryobi Air Conditioned Drink Cooler / Air Cooler
During the blistering hot summer, keep your drinks properly chilled along with yourself with this cool new Ryobi 18-Volt Cooling Cooler.Click Here For Complete Details
The Manual
Fuze Consolidates the Entire Contents of Your Wallet Into One Smart Card
With a long list of smartphone-enabled features, the Fuze smart card is perfect for security-conscious travelers. The post Fuze Consolidates the Entire Contents of Your Wallet Into One Smart Card appeared first on The Manual.
Tools and Toys
Orangemonkie’s Foldio3 Portable Photography Studio [Kickstarter]
It’s no secret that we’re fans of Orangemonkie’s Foldio2 portable lightbox studio, which is awesome for taking beautiful product photos. Last week, they launched a Kickstarter for the Foldio3, which will allow for an even wider array of photo possibilities. We’re pretty stoked. Whereas the older Foldio2…
Star Wars Death Star Levitating Speaker
The Death Star Levitating Speaker doesn’t so much pose the question of how hard you’ll rock out while listening to it as it does the more philosophical question of how hard occupants of the Death Star rocked out while on it. You know, on their days off. While they were on guard alone, or with just their…
The Awesomer
Let’s Summon Demons Tee
Price: $25  | BuyKids get bored so easily. Here’s a fun activity to keep them occupied. While we prefer the demonic red piping on Wicked Clothes‘ ringer shirts, they’re also available in a wide variety of colors over at illustrator Steven Rhodes’ shop for 3 bucks less. The notebook is great too. …
The Killjoys Trailer Proves That Being a Space Bounty Hunter Is the ‘Coolest Job in the Universe’
Syfy’s Killjoys, a show about three bounty hunters running around space and revealing bits of their past as they do—returns June 30. In anticipation of that, we have this trailer, which aims to show just how much fun Killjoys really is.Read more…
This Chatbot Therapist Is Goofy But Helpful 
Art by Woebot Labs Inc.I’m very bad at processing my feelings alone. If I don’t want to spiral into anxiety, I need to process with a conversation partner: my wife, my friends, my therapist. But what do I do with all the bullshit little feelings that aren’t worth draining someone else’s time? I’m excited…
Big Think
Scientists Have Had Enough. They’re Starting to Run for Office.
Scientists are starting to run for office to bring evidence-based reasoning back to government.Read More
Big Think
This First-Ever Plant Sucks CO2 out to the Air and Feeds It to Vegetables
Giant fans start capturing CO2 from the air as the world’s first commercial carbon capture plant goes live.Read More
Arrow Studio / Nervegna Reed Architecture + PH Architects
© Sam Reed + Toby Reed Architects: Nervegna Reed Architecture, PH Architects Location: Hanging Rock, 139 S Rock Rd, Woodend VIC 3442, Australia Architect In Charge: Toby Reed Area: 48.0 m2 Project Year: 2013 Photographs: Sam Reed + Toby Reed …
Mosslamp: Your Own Nature Oasis At Home
Nature keeps inspiring more and more designers, and we tend to get more and more pieces that bring a sense of nature and calmness to our homes. Marko Vuckovic has long been working to bring the benefits of nature into the household in ways that go far beyond the boundaries of the traditional potted plant,…
Pitched roofs and wooden slats characterise Audain Art Museum by Patkau Architects
This angular museum in the forest was completed by Canadian firm Patkau Architects to house a private collector’s artwork, and creates an elevated promenade through the trees that leads to various gallery spaces. Read more
designboom | architecture & design magazine
anna strupinskaya + alexey ivashkevich’s 3D printed light piece unites nature and technology
‘hako’ lighting is a unique combination of japanese carpenters’ mastery and a culture of reflection, intertwined with state-of-the-art technology. The post anna strupinskaya + alexey ivashkevich’s 3D printed light piece unites nature and technology appeared first on designboom | architecture & design…
Jetson Green
Mobile Home and Hostel Made From a Bus
Converting a disused bus into a house gives a whole new meaning to living in a mobile home and we’ve seen quite a few awesome examples lately. This latest one is not only a home, but also a mobile hostel, which travels around the best skiing and snowboarding spots in Europe. It was built by Valerie…
Bustler News, Competitions and Events
Event: Turncoats NYC: Buildings Don’t Matter
Event Date: Jun 13, 2017; Event City: New York, NY, US Turncoats is a series of punchy debates that aims to turn the typical architectural discussion format on its head. Founded on the premise that mainstream architectural discourse is often so boringly well-mannered as to be “like watching dog owners…
Hot Trend: 36 Terrazzo Design And Decor Ideas
Terrazzo is a material that consists of chips of marble, quartz, granite, glass, or other suitable material, poured with a polymeric binder. Additional chips may be sprinkled atop the mix before it sets. After it is cured it is ground and polished smooth or otherwise finished to produce a uniformly textured…
designboom | architecture & design magazine
the munro motor 2.0 fuses an eBike with a motorcycle
styled after the iconic indian motorbikes, the ‘munro 2.0’ is one of the most elegant-looking eBikes in the small electric motorcycle world. beijing-based company munro motors has honored its namesake, burt munro, who set a land-speed-record on his 1920 indian 953 cc fuel streamliner on august 26, 1967,…
Nau brand launches to showcase new Australian design
A new brand launched at this week’s Denfair in Melbourne is hoping to start a “new Australian design movement” with its furniture and lighting by local designers. Read more
designboom | architecture & design magazine
pe+br+re stacks wulf house overlooking lake in chile
each face of wulf house visualizes differently where different construction systems were chosen and combined according to their role and location on the land. The post pe+br+re stacks wulf house overlooking lake in chile appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
Lefroy Road House
A new house in South Fremantle on 441sqm with street frontage. The proposal grew from an investigation of the wider context and a general propensity to box things. The current form of the project can be seen as a rectangular volume that has been carved out to respond to sun, wind and view. Its materiality…
Studio MK27 completes Miami Beach house with its own private lagoon
Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan of Studio MK27 has completed a luxurious Miami Beach residence, featuring a private lagoon where residents can swim with fish, and a bridge walkway that snakes over the top. Read more
designboom | architecture & design magazine
brickell city centre: the arquitectonica-designed mixed-use mega complex in miami
the 4.9 million square-foot development boasts two office buildings, a pair of residential towers, a luxury lifestyle hotel, and 500,000 square feet of retail and entertainment space. The post brickell city centre: the arquitectonica-designed mixed-use mega complex in miami appeared first on designboom…
designboom | architecture & design magazine
studio 7.5 + herman miller’s ‘metaform portfolio’ is an organizing office block
‘metaform portfolio’ empowers employees to customize their workspace to their individual needs that is the foremost necessity in workspace evolution. The post studio 7.5 + herman miller’s ‘metaform portfolio’ is an organizing office block appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
TED Talk: Justin Davidson on the Pitfalls of Glass Skylines
Justin Davidson: Why glass towers are bad for city life — and what we need insteadThere’s a creepy transformation taking over our cities, says architecture critic Justin Davidson. From Houston, Texas to Guangzhou, China, shiny towers of concrete and steel covered with glass are cropping up like an invasive…
Diversity of Use and Landscape Defines Denmark’s New Rowing Stadium
Courtesy of AART architects Denmark-based AART architects have been selected to design the country’s national rowing stadium, seeing off strong competition from prominent firms such as BIG and Kengo Kuma. Situated upon Bagsværd Lake on the outskirts of Copenhagen, the scheme seeks to allow…
Cool Tools
Metallic Sharpie
(This is a reader favorite from 2003 – Mark) The Metallic Sharpie is a vast improvement over other metallic pens out there — no shaking the pen before use, and the ink doesn’t puddle up. It dries permanent and shows up great on dark surfaces as well as light ones. It became favorite art tool in my arsenal…
Digital Trends
Uncrushable? Tenba makes big claims with its updated Roadie bag line
Photography is an expensive profession and hobby. It is no wonder then that so many photographers are constantly looking for bags that better protect their gear from being damaged. Well, bag maker Tenba announced the latest update to its Roadie bag line, which was developed specifically with traveling…
Walmart Pay will hook new users with instant access to its credit card
When Walmart debuted its own in-house mobile payments service last year, the company was not afraid to roll it out quickly. Walmart Pay arrived in 4,600 stores nationwide in under two months, proving the retail giant could still be nimble — especial…
The Next Web
I’m so happy external GPUs are finally a thing
Laptops are an exercise in compromise. Faster processors, longer battery life, and quality materials usually mean sacrificing thermals, portability, and/or your bank account. Wanting a decent dedicated GPU will generally sacrifice all of these, and mainstream ultraportables avoid them like the plague….
Apple embraces in-app tipping—as long as you give it a 30 percent cut
Apple is changing course in how it treats tips collected within apps in what may end up being a mixed bag for developers and digital creators. The company just updated its App Store terms so that tipping with in-app currencies now falls under the same category as in-app purchases, of which Apple takes…
Want accessible survival-strategy? Urine luck with Oxygen Not Included
OPINION: The urine was the beginning of the end. One of my asteroid’s dupes, Frankie, went to go use the outhouse, but it was clogged. While he attempted to unclog it, well, nature called a little hard, and he made a mess all over the floor. Unfortunately, I’d placed the outhouse on the same level as…
Major tech stocks tumble, and it’s nothing to shrug off
ANALYSIS: After months of quietly climbing higher and higher, tech stocks began to tumble Friday, with the Nasdaq Composite falling as much as 2.8 percent during mid-day trading. More disconcertingly, the selloff hit hardest some of the largest-cap and best-known names in tech. Microsoft fell as much…
The Sound BlasterX Kratos S5 is a loud, good-looking speaker system
When you’re building a new computer, it’s easy to skip on something like a speaker system because it’s not crucial and you can always use headphones in the meantime. But Creative’s gaming brand, Sound BlasterX, has a new 2.1 audio kit that can give you loud dynamic audio, gorgeous RGB LED lighting,…
Ask Slashdot: What Types of Jobs Are Opening Up In the New Field of AI?
Qbertino writes: I’m about to move on in my career after having a “short rethink and regroup break” and was for quite some time now thinking about getting into perhaps a new programming language and technology, like NodeJS or Java/Kotlin or something. But I have the seriously growing suspicion that artificial…
Digital Trends
Like a robot jigsaw puzzle, modular bots snap together to carry out tasks
The ancient Japanese paper-folding art of origami (“ori” meaning “folding,” and “kami” meaning “paper”) probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think about groundbreaking robot research. That’s possibly because you’re not a roboticist at Switzerland’s National Centres of Competence…
Cooking Will Be So Much More Pleasant With This Rarely-Discounted Chef’s Knife
A sharp knife is the single most important tool you can have in your kitchen. Not only are good knives much more enjoyable to use, they’re somewhat counterintuitively safer, since they’re less likely to slip. Mac Knife’s Professional Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife is about as sharp as they come, and boasts…
Researchers develop fabric that can neutralize chemical weapons
Researchers have developed a special kind of fabric that could neutralize chemical weapons, potentially saving lives that would otherwise be lost. The fabric was recently detailed in the American Chemical Society’s journal ‘Chemistry of Materials,’ and it would work by protecting people from chemical…
Macron really wants to ‘Make Our Planet Great Again’ with grants for U.S. scientists
French President Emmanuel Macron was actually serious about making our planet great again after President Trump withdrew America from the Paris Climate Agreement last week. SEE ALSO: France helpfully corrects Trump’s video on climate change He launched a campaign Thursday to recruit and pay for scientists,…
Digital Trends
This fire pit removes the most annoying thing about a bonfire — the smoke
There is an old saying that says “where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” and for the most part, that tends to be true. After all, who hasn’t gathered around a campfire at some point, only to find they were the unlucky one who sat directly in the flow of the smoke? That can quickly ruin an otherwise enjoyable…
Japan To Launch Self-Navigating Cargo Ships ‘By 2025’
An anonymous reader quotes a report from BBC: Japanese shipping companies are working with shipbuilders to develop self-piloting cargo ships. The “smart ships” will use artificial intelligence to plot the safest, shortest, most fuel-efficient routes, and could be in service by 2025. The AI will also…
Xbox exec reveals Scorpio has 9GB of RAM available for games
We’re still a couple of days away from seeing Microsoft officially reveal its Project Scorpio Xbox, but details continue to dribble out. Xbox & Windows gaming platform VP Mike Ybarra tweeted that the team “Unlocked extra GB of RAM for (game devel…
Dashcam video of a near-miss will make your palms sweat
When driving along a completely deserted country road, you may be tempted to blow through a stop sign. Bad idea. Nerve-wracking dashcam footage from a semi-truck driving along a state highway in Ohio shows an oblivious driver blow through a stop sign, barely missing the truck barreling through…
Digital Trends
Oh, the inhumanity! Rich Robinson of Magpie Salute on the tragedy of autotune
“It’s important to show and elicit true and authentic feelings with your music.” Just because you’re no longer in a group that made many songs you wrote and performed famous is no reason to not continue performing them on your own. Rich Robinson, founding guitarist of the legendary, now-in-limbo jam…
The Next Web
Scientists use machine learning algorithms to create a real-life Doodle God
Scientists from the University of Liverpool have taught computers to sift through the infinite possibilities of atoms in search of new materials. The computers use machine-learning to help scientists narrow their focus when combining atoms to create something entirely new. This new research will allow…
Crowdfunding is in trouble — and the game industry can save it
GUEST: Crowdfunding isn’t fatigued — it’s growing up. For years platforms like Kickstarter have made it possible for projects to be funded directly by friends, fans, and other communities. In return those backers often received rewards, a token that symbolizes their generosity and belief in the project….
Why Universal Basic Income and tax breaks won’t save us from the jobless future
GUEST: In Amazon’s warehouses, there is a beehive of activity, and robots are increasingly doing more of the work. In less than five years, they will load self-driving trucks that transport goods to local distribution centers where drones will make last-mile deliveries. Soon afterward, autonomous cars…
LucidSound’s LS20 headset brings amplified audio to Switch, mobile, and more
A major frustration while traveling or commuting is the loud noises of planes or subway cars drowning out the audio from your headphones. Some devices just don’t put out enough volume. Audio-device manufacturer LucidSound has a way of handling that. The LucidSound LS20 gaming headset is a wired headset…
Coolpad Defiant budget phone arrives at T-Mobile next week
Company Coolpad Technologies has introduced its latest smartphone, the Coolpad Defiant. This model will be available in the United States through T-Mobile, serving as an inexpensive entry-level device for those who don’t need much. The company describes this as a ‘significant milestone’ for itself, one…
Tesla Plans To Disconnect ‘Almost All’ Superchargers From the Grid In Favor of Solar and Battery Power
Only half a dozen Supercharger stations or so out of the over 800 stations have solar arrays and batteries, but that may be about to change. Elon Musk said Tesla plans to deploy more battery and solar systems with the upcoming “Version 3” of the Supercharger, adding that “almost all Superchargers will…
5 Apps That’ll Remember Anything for You
Much like a computer, your brain also has a limited amount of memory. You can’t possibly remember everything you come across. But when something is important, it helps to have a quick way to remember it. Smart technology is dumbing down the human race, but it’s also about how you use it. Offloading the…
The Next Web
How to build an influential network
One of the most difficult things when starting out in business is figuring out how to get in front of the right people.  You might have the perfect product or service, but just need that one big break for a decision-maker to offer you the “keys to the kingdom.”  As many young people aim to enter the…
Chrome OS is ready to use printers without the cloud
Despite decades of attempts to straighten out the connections between printers and computers, it’s a situation that always (at least for me) seems to have an extra complication. On Chrome OS, ever since launch it has by default relied on Google Cloud…
Mobile Magazine
Vivo Will be the Next Major Sponsor of Two World Cups Because No One Knows their Name
There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of Vivo as a smartphone brand name. It is another of those cheap mainland China-based smartphone companies similar to other cheap China smartphone brands like Cherry, Xiaomi, or Oppo. But unlike those other three Chinese companies, chances are that, unless you…
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Oxford University’s driverless car guru wouldn’t trust his kids in one…yet
The University of Oxford’s driverless car guru Paul Newman has admitted that he wouldn’t trust his kids in an autonomous vehicle yet, but remains bullish about a near-future where we wonder why we ever drove ourselves.Newman, speaking at the recording of ‘The Engineers: The Rise of the Robots’ a BBC…
Fast Company
How Growing Up In A Black Baptist Church Taught Me The Secret To An Open Work Culture
There are some good lessons for companies to follow. I grew up attending all-black Baptist churches, but 10 years ago, I found myself visiting a nearly all-white Presbyterian church in downtown Berkeley, California.Read Full Story
Younger Millennials Don’t Know What Networks Are Responsible For TV Shows, Unless It’s Netflix
According to a new report from consulting firm Anatomy Media, millennials aren’t able to identify the networks responsible for some of the most popular television shows, unless they’re created by Netflix. The report indicates that most viewers age 18-26 can’t match television shows from ABC, NBC, FOX,…
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Leaked specs show the Pixel 2 will be a flagship worth waiting for
Google’s follow-ups to last year’s Pixel and Pixel XL are two of the flagships we’ve still not  seen this year – with a reveal expected October time – but judging by the specs that just leaked onto the web, they’re going to be worth the wait.The posted benchmarks show a phone with a 2.4GHz Snapdragon…
We need virtual assistants that talk to each other
Everybody talks about (and often to) the Big Four virtual assistants — Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google Assistant. But many other companies are working on virtual assistants, too.Huawei is working on a virtual assistant for the Chinese market.Samsung offers Bixby on its Galaxy S8 or S8+ smartphones.Voice…
Space Photos of the Week: A Dwarf Star and a Red Giant Are BFFs
Saturn’s north pole, symbiotic stars, and the brightest infrared galaxies in the universe.
Why iOS 11 is really all about the iPad Pro
The future of the iPad looks bright. At its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple released a torrent of news — including new iMacs, a new professional desktop called the iMac Pro, macOS High Sierra, and a music-focused speaker called HomePod — but for iPad customers, it was the combo…
Latest Content – Popular Mechanics
Watch All of Your Dream Cars Rip Around a Track During this Massive Supercar Gathering
If it’s in your dream garage, it probably showed up to this event.
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A 21st Century ‘Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth’
On September 26, 1991, journalists from around the world flocked to Oracle, a small town tucked away in the foothills of the Catalina Mountains in southern Arizona. They had come to witness the beginning of an unprecedented experiment that would see eight scientists isolate themselves in the largest…
Researcher Wants To Protect Whistleblowers Against Hidden Printer Dots
An anonymous reader writes: “Gabor Szathmari, a security researcher for CryptoAUSTRALIA, is working on a method of improving the security of leaked documents by removing hidden dots left behind by laser printers, which are usually used to watermark documents and track down leakers,” reports Bleeping…
The best flashlight
By Doug Mahoney This post was done in partnership with The Sweethome, a buyer’s guide to the best homewares. When readers choose to buy The Sweethome’s independently chosen editorial picks, it may earn affiliate commissions that support its work. Re…
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Microsoft is planning to make Cortana even more conversational
Shouting out commands at your laptop is a lot of fun but there are occasions when typed input works better – and apparently Cortana’s engineers have taken note. You can already type queries into Cortana on Windows 10 but the digital assistant is soon going to work more like an instant messenger app,…
Impact Lab
Razer’s three-screen laptop is paradigm-shifting
  Razer is taking the bold step of not just doubling, but outright tripling the number of screens on a laptop. This is Project Valerie, a super bizarre concept from a company known for making very nice, very expensive gaming hardware. The first thing you’ll notice, of course, is the three-screen concept….
Impact Lab
When AI improves human performance instead of replacing it
It’s not about artificial intelligence (AI) taking over — it’s about AI improving human performance, a new study by Yale University researchers has shown. “Much of the current conversation about artificial intelligence has to do with whether AI is a substitute for human beings. We believe the conversation…
Latest Content – Popular Mechanics
13 Camping Cots That Elevate Your Tent-Sleeping Experience
Camping is always a good time, but a bit less so if you’re waking up with a stiff back or neck after having slept amongst tree roots and rocks. From extra large cots with side tables and stash pockets to smaller, space-saving options, you’re bound to find a cot that will help you get a better night’s…
Take a look in and around the Cirrus Vision Jet, the world’s first single-jet private plane – CNET
The Cirrus Vision Jet is the world’s first private plane with a single jet engine. Here’s how it looks inside, and how the view out looks from 7,000 feet above Los Angeles.
10 classic apps Apple is killing with iOS 11
The next version of iOS is going to kill a lot of apps. In an effort to modernize and de-clutter its App Store, Apple will officially end support for all apps that haven’t been updated to support the newer 64-bit processors that debuted with the iPhone 5S. As many as 187,000 apps could vanish when the…
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How the Moon Was Turned Into a Cold War Spy Weapon
On July 24, 1954, a Navy engineer named James Trexler sat in a room at the Naval Research Center in Maryland talking to himself. To the outside observer, the situation would certainly look strange. But Trexler hadn’t gone mad—he’d just inaugurated electronic warfare. To be more specific, Trexler was…
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The US Shot Down a Mysterious Enemy Drone Over Syria
A US Air Force F-15 jet fighter has shot down a large, armed drone that attacked pro-US forces near At Tanf, a strategic town in southeastern Syria near the border with Iraq.The aerial clash on June 8, 2017 was the first time that an American warplane had engaged an armed enemy drone in the sky—and…
This waterproof bag can fit everything you need and can shrink to fit in your pocket
The Sea to Sky Pack is a completely waterproof, packable backpack perfect for travel. Read more…More about Travel, Adventure, Luggage, Real Time, and Waterproof
Digital Trends
Is your iPhone frozen? Here’s how to do a ‘force restart’ to fix it
Updated: Added how to enter DFU mode. Even though we’ve spent years with the iPhone, and discovered countless tips and tricks to get the most out of it, it’s always good to remind ourselves of the phone’s basic functions and when it’s best to employ them. Something everyone needs to know is how to restart…
Impact Lab
The changing demographics of entrepreneurship
Who are today’s up-and-coming entrepreneurs? That answer is very different than it was 20 years ago. Most new entrepreneurs are still white and male, but the U.S. entrepreneurial population is becoming much more diverse in terms of age, race and region. Cities in the southern half of the U.S., such as…
The New War on (Overpriced) Drugs
Drug prices are too high. Meet the man who could fix them and the surprising opponents who want him to go away.
British PM Seeks Ban On Encryption After Terror Attack
“British Prime Minister Theresa May has used last Saturday’s terrorist attack to again push for a ban on encryption,” according to ITWire. Slashdot reader troublemaker_23 shared their article, which quotes this strong rebuttal from Cory Doctorow: Use deliberately compromised cryptography, that has a…
Forget covfefe — Trump’s press secretary just tweeted a bunch of nonsense and traffic light emojis
President Donald Trump’s deputy press secretary is taking a cue from her boss.  Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Saturday morning tweeted a string of nonsense that outdoes “covfefe” by far.  ⚓️🚥🚥🚥🚥⚓️🚥🚥🚥🚥🚥🚥🚥🗺🗺🗺🗺🗺🗺🏰🗺🗺🏰🏰🏰🚦 :/9//&🗿🛩⛩🏚 #🚦lolaklkk🚥🚦⛲️🚝🚦🚞🚢🚂 — Sarah H. Sanders (@SHSanders45) June 10, 2017…
Digital Trends
This smart spice station will tell you how to season your food
Handling spices requires a deft hand. Be overzealous, and you’ll murder to your guests’ taste buds. Be too conservative, and your guests will wonder if they’ve eaten anything at all. But now, there’s a way to walk that fine line and prove yourself worthy of master-chef status every time. It’s called…
Digital Trends
Amazon’s deep-learning software can now help developers recognize celebrities
Not sure why that face looks so familiar? It may just be that it belongs to a famous person. And now, Amazon can help tell you who that famous person is, thanks to an update to Amazon Rekognition. The Seattle-based tech giant introduced its image recognition software, which incorporates deep-learning…
The Verge – All Posts
The best tech sales for Father’s Day include Apple MacBook and Sonos deals
Father’s Day is quickly approaching — June 18th, to be exact — so this weekend is a great time to buy something nice for your dad if you haven’t already. We’ve gone through a large number of deals to select the five best ones for you or your father, including two exclusive to The Verge for a limited…
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iPhone’s battery draining fast? Here’s how to fix it
So you’ve carried out the tests and come to the conclusion that your iPhone suffers from a battery drain issue. What do you do next?
Digital Trends
Thermal-insulating technology makes an Atlasware bottle that’s out of this world
Water bottles have a seemingly simple task. For many, as long as its basic function of containing and transporting liquids is met, their water bottle selection is a success. But not all water bottles are the same and by using thermal-insulating technology from the space industry, a company named Atlasware…
Binky Is a Perfect Pacifier App for People Who Can’t Stop Looking at Their Phone
The fact that we all walk around with our heads down compulsively tapping on our phones is no longer even worthy of satire, it’s just a fact of life. Binky is an app that’s kind of like a social network that doesn’t connect you to anyone. It understands the banality of our mobile screen time and gives…
Latest Content – Popular Mechanics
The Most Beautiful Roads In America
Take the long way home.
Latest Content – Popular Mechanics
What Would the World Look Like if There Were Only 100 People?
Almost all of them would live in Asia, and few of them would own cars.
I’m So Freaking Stoked for Microsoft’s Big Xbox Announcement
Technically E3, video games’ biggest trade show of the year, starts next Tuesday. That’s when the doors will open at Los Angeles Convention Center and over 500,000 attendees will swarm hundreds of booths filled with the latest video games, consoles, and gaming paraphernalia. But the event really starts…
America’s Five Biggest Tech Stocks Lost $97 Billion Friday
An anonymous reader quotes CNBC: The so-called “big five” — Apple , Alphabet Class A shares, Microsoft , Facebook and Amazon — lost more than $97.5 billion in market value between the close on Thursday and the close on Friday, according to FactSet, dragging the Nasdaq to its worst week of the year….
15 stunningly designed hotels from around the globe
While you dream up your next long weekend or vacation getaway, swoon over these dreamy hotels from The Design Hotels Book. From sleek and modern rooms with seaside views, to extravagant lodging in the center of London, the book is jam-packed with stunning hotels in every corner of the world. The stories…
Digital Trends
Sanlorenzo’s SX88 yacht is designed for people who like open space living
Changes are afoot in the world of superyacht design. Hull and superstructure designs set physical limits but within that framework, there’s plenty of room for interpretation. Sanlorenzo’s SX88 is the first of a new line described as “a Copernican revolution,” according to Boat International. A crossover…
Have a great set of headphones? Don’t buy an iPhone 8 – CNET
Here’s why an iPhone 8 may not be right for you
This week’s top stories (WWDC 2017): HomePod, iOS 11, macOS High Sierra, watchOS 4, new pro iPads, iMacs & much more
In this week’s top stories: This week was all about Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference where the company officially unveiled iOS 11, macOS High Sierra, its HomePod Siri speakers, new iPad Pro and iMac models and much more. more…
Cancer Drug Proves To Be Effective Against Multiple Tumors
An anonymous reader writes: 86 cancer patients were enrolled in a trial of a drug that helps the immune system attack tumors. Though they had different kinds of tumor — pancreas, prostate, uterus or bone — they all shared a genetic mutation that disrupts their cells’ ability to fix damaged DNA, found…
Trump’s Social Media Director Broke the Law With a Tweet
Laws, the Trump administration doesn’t like them. They don’t like following the law, they don’t like the fact that laws impede their agenda, and they don’t like that they’re bad at getting laws passed. Now, Trump’s social media director has been informed that he’s violated the law with a tweet and there…
Scientists are creating drones that fly in sync with each other
Engineers at University of Pennsylvania are developing drones called ‘SWARM’ that can autonomously coordinate with each other using infared cameras around the room. Read more…More about Science, Robots, Mashable Video, Drones, and Robot
Mischievous toddler helps spring baby brother from crib
The jailbreak of the century involves two very small children. Bryan Lanning shared a Nest cam video earlier this week of his toddler son, Oliver, helping his youngest son, Finley, use a chair to escape from his crib.  Why did Oliver do this? Probably because Finley is really busy and doesn’t have…
The U.S. Navy is Screwed
In May, Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson and acting Secretary of the Navy Sean Stackley appeared before a Senate Defense Appropriations Subcommittee hearing to discuss the recently unveiled fiscal year 2018 defense budget and its effects on the Navy. The news was not good about the state…
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Watch EA’s E3 2017 event live right here at 3PM ET
The big names aren’t waiting until next week to reveal what they have for us at E3 2017. EA is kicking things off today with its event at 3PM ET/12PM PT. We’re expecting details on games like Star Wars: Battlefront II, FIFA 18, Madden 18, NBA Live 18, Need for Speed: Payback and much more. We’ll be there…
Popular Science
Five rad and random things I found this week
Gadgets The end-of-week dispatch from PopSci’s commerce editor. Vol. 14. Five rad and random things I found this week. The end-of-week dispatch from PopSci’s commerce editor. Vol. 14. Read on.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
The mysterious bend in the Hawaiian-Emperor chain
The volcanic islands of Hawaii represent the youngest end of a 80 million years old and roughly 6,000 kilometers long mountain chain on the ground of the Pacific Ocean. The so-called Hawaiian-Emperor chain consisting of dozens of volcanoes is well known for its peculiar 60 degrees bend. The cause for…
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Overriding the urge to sleep
The discovery of neurons that control arousal has implications for insomnia and other sleep disorders, report investigators.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Researchers uncover new instruction manual to repair broken DNA
Researchers have discovered how the Rad52 protein is a crucial player in RNA-dependent DNA repair. The results reveal an unexpected function of the homologous recombination protein Rad52 and may help to identify new therapeutic targets for cancer
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Brain imaging reveals neural roots of caring
When others suffer, we humans empathize. Our feelings of empathy take different forms, such as distress when we imagine and internalize someone’s pain and compassion as we sympathize with their condition. These different feelings involve distinct patterns of brain activity, according to a study. Feelings…
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Radiation therapy vital to treating brain tumors, but it exacts a toll
Radiation therapy (RT) using high-energy particles is a common and critical component in successfully treating patients with brain tumors but it is also associated with significant adverse effects. In a new study, researchers report that irradiation can cause broader adverse effects, altering the structural…
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
New study design holds promise for drug safety research
As the pace of drug approvals accelerates and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) faces potential budget cuts, a new research design offers a new way to successfully assess safety of newly approved drugs, as well as drugs that have been on the market for a long time and have had a marked rise in…
Popular Science
This adorable lil baby bird was perfectly preserved in amber for 99 million years
Animals A Cretaceous-era cutie. An ancient piece of amber is helping scientists figure out what birds look like back when other dinosaurs still roamed the Earth. Read on.
SciTech Daily
Curiosity Reveals Evidence of Diverse Environments on Mars
NASA’s Curiosity Rover has revealed a wide diversity of minerals in the initial samples of rocks from the lowermost layers of Mount Sharp on Mars,… The post Curiosity Reveals Evidence of Diverse Environments on Mars appeared first on SciTech Daily.
Physics News
Colorful solution turns rusty mesh into batteries
Stainless steel mesh is often used as filters and screens in facilities such as wastewater treatment plants or in ventilation shafts. But once the material gets coated in rust and weakened, …
Discover Magazine
Data, Truth and Null Results
Have you heard of the idea that smiling actually makes you joyful? Perhaps you know of the experiment where researchers got people to hold a pen in their mouth, so they had to smile, and it made them find cartoons funnier. If you’re familiar with this idea, then you’re familar with the work… – latest science and technology news stories
Electric vehicle rally sets off in Switzerland (Update)
Drivers in scores of electric vehicles, some in superhero or other quirky get-ups, embarked Friday on a weeklong trek around Switzerland as part of a grassroots movement to fight global warming. – latest science and technology news stories
NASA mission tests ketogenic diet undersea, simulating life on Mars
University of South Florida associate professor Dominic D’Agostino, PhD, is one of four crew members selected for the NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations (NEEMO) 22 expedition. He is the only member not affiliated with National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) or European Space Agency… – latest science and technology news stories
A very rare discovery: Failed star orbits a dead star every 71 minutes
An international team of astronomers using data from the rejuvenated Kepler space telescope have discovered a rare gem: A binary system consisting of a failed star, also known as a brown dwarf, and the remnant of a dead star known as a white dwarf. And one of the properties that makes this binary so… all content
Flash Physics: Dark universe simulation, ferromagnetic 2D material, life ingredient found in stellar system
Today’s selection of need-to-know updates from the world of physics
the Foresight Institute
USA-Austrian and Swiss Nanocars finish first in first Nanocar race
If the current is high enough, the molecule starts to move and can be steered over the racetrack (University of Basel) Our previous post announced a race around a 100 nm course of six NanoCars, each a unique concept created from only several dozen atoms and powered by electrical pulses. The race was…
KurzweilAI » News
Researchers decipher how faces are encoded in the brain
This figure shows eight different real faces that were presented to a monkey, together with reconstructions made by analyzing electrical activity from 205 neurons recorded while the monkey was viewing the faces. (credit: Doris Tsao) In a paper published (open access) June 1 in the journal Cell, researchers…
National Geographic News
Owl ‘Swims’ for Its Life in Rare Video
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
Piezoelectric nanomaterials for bio-interface applications
Nanostructured piezoelectric interfaces own the actual potential to offer beneficial environments for cell and tissue stimulation, and, at the same time, they introduce new scenarios into nanomedicine, where nanomaterials, owing to their ‘smart’ properties, are exploited as active devices rather than… – latest science and technology news stories
Fractal planting patterns yield optimal harvests, without central control
Bali’s famous rice terraces, when seen from above, look like colorful mosaics because some farmers plant synchronously, while others plant at different times. The resulting fractal patterns are rare for man-made systems and lead to optimal harvests without global planning. – latest science and technology news stories
Buffett charity lunch sold to highest bidder for over $2.6M
An anonymous bidder has agreed to pay more than $2.6 million for a private lunch with billionaire Warren Buffett, with the auction proceeds going to a California homeless charity.
Scientific American Content: Global
Does TV Cultivate Authoritarianism?
Researchers think television may promote “authoritarian values” that paved the way for Donald Trump — Read more on
Scientific American Content: Global
The Beauty of “Mini Brains”
Lab-grown bundles of brain cells may be the future of drug testing  — Read more on
Scientific American Content: Global
What a Drag
A rare fossil records a quiet moment of Jurassic time — Read more on
Next Big Future
Small nuclear fusion space and energy systems using high efficiency RF heating
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory has two NASA grants. Princeton satellite systems and Princeton Plasma Physics Lab will work on the two projects. Phase I STTRs of $125,000 each will run for one year, at which point we have the opportunity to propose Phase II work up to $750,000. 1. High Efficiency…
Singularity HUB
This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through June 10)
ROBOTICS Alphabet Is Selling Its Terrifying Robots to SoftBankMike Murphy | Quartz  “It’s unclear what SoftBank paid for Alphabet’s two robotics companies, but perhaps it sees a future where robots are as commonplace in our lives as smartphones are today. And what better way to start realizing that…
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
New type of engineered carbon nanomaterial is capable of changing shapes and colors
Researchers have presented a unique design and synthesis of hybrid carbon nanosheets, which show a strong solvatochromic behavior with wide color tunability ranging from blue to orange and even to white in various solvents.
Scientific American Content: Global
How Quarks Turned into Cultures
Big-picture biologist Tyler Volk talks about his book on “How We Came to Be”  — Read more on

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