Indistinguishable from Magic 6/15

Young radicals are fighting the alt-right in America’s streets
In the wake of Donald Trump’s election and the rise of the alt-right, several militant anti-racist and anarchist groups have left the fringes and entered the national spotlight — including the anti-fascist group Antifa. Some of the organization’s members frequent the same online forums, like 4chan,…
The Health of Nations
(Photo: WikiImages) Season 6, Episode 41 This week on Freakonomics Radio: for decades, G.D.P. has been a standard way of measuring living standards around the world. Martha Nussbaum tells Stephen J. Dubner that she’d rather use some better data. Plus: Steve Ballmer wants to know how the U.S. government…
EDC is Everyday Carry
Engineers Business Travel
submitted by AlexBellroy Leather Notebook Cover Mini JavaFisher Space Pen Bullet Pen Raw BrassCasio Men’s GA100SD-8A “G-Shock Military” WatchLeatherman Wave6 Inch Brass Ruler – Etched Markings – Durable Tiny Ruler, Ideal for Bullet Journals, Notebooks, Planners, Diaries And As a Bookmark. Fits in Inner…
Shut Up And Take My Money
Mycromat – cool hot pad concept
submitted by /u/Justmissedtheboat [link] [comments]
Man of Many
TOPS Knives Unleash New Machete – The El Chete
If your adventures take you off the grid, then you need a heavy-duty machete. This indispensable tool could be a lifesaver. If you are hiking in a remote part of the Amazon Rainforest, for instance, you will find that a machete can help you hack through the thick, dense underbrush as you make your way…
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Deals of Note: June 15, 2017
How to save on a Brooks Brothers polo, new stationery, and an EVIL bike. Read More »
Gear Patrol
Today in Gear: June 15, 2017
A multi–time zone chronograph, home wi-fi security, an adventure-ready camera pack and more. Read More »
Gear Patrol
An Understated EDC That Won’t Let You Down
A wallet, sunglasses, headphones and more. Read More »
Man of Many
Partying with Peroni at Pitti Uomo 92
As we’ve already reported, Pitti Uomo is currently raging on in Florence, Italy, and ubiquitous Italian beer producer Peroni weren’t going to let a whole bunch of dapper dudes party without getting in on the action. Hosted at Il Salviatino, a 15th century villa set high in the hills of Florence, guests…
Bang & Olufsen hides its next-gen noise-cancelling tech in a compact earphone
A sleek and stealthy new option for long haul flights.Bang & Olufsen has a new option for frequent flyers who want a noise-cancelling headphone, but don’t want to deal with over-sized, over-the-ear options. The Beoplay E4 fits their next-generation noise-cancellation tech into a low-profile in-ear…
Shut Up And Take My Money
Digital Eye Massager!
submitted by /u/tobowafflepants [link] [comments]
Astell & Kern Kann Mp3 Player Boasts 6,200mAh battery & Extensive File Format Compatibility
Remember the Zune? If you’re under 18 then we’re willing to bet that you don’t. That being said, if you were old enough to think that portable … Read More
Is The $99 Surface Pen Worth It? You Betcha. Pre-Order Now!
Would you ever pay $99 for a tablet stylus? You probably would like to if you were the proud owner of a Microsoft Surface. Available for pre-order … Read More
Flipp Hub Allows Total Control Over Your Music With A Single Tap
You should be easily able to control your music. While nearly everyone would agree with this statement, for some reason it seems that companies have oconspired in … Read More
Bless This Stuff
The YETI Rambler Half Gallon Jug is designed for bulk hydration and multiple servings, it?ll keep your beverage hot or cold all day, and is perfect for those long days. Made from heavy-duty 18/8 stainless steel, and with a double-wall, vacuum-insulated body, this one-gallon water bottle is built to survive…
Bless This Stuff
Located in Melbourne, Australia, the spectacular Nolan House is a project by Coy Yiontis Architects whom have created a beautiful light filled open space. The original heritage home is broken then reunified by the introduction of 3 courtyards of varying sizes allowing complete transparency across the…
Oggi 3L Stainless Steel Ice Bucket with Tongs $15.99
Oggi 3L Stainless Steel Ice Bucket with Tongs $15.99
AmazonBasics Premium Backpack $13.02
AmazonBasics Premium Backpack $13.02
Upgrade to the Best Charging Gear During Amazon’s One-Day Anker Gold Box
Anker makes basically all of your favorite charging gear, and a bunch of it is on sale in today’s Amazon Gold Box.Read more…
Chemical Guys JetSeal & Petes 53 Paint Protection & Shine Kit $30.38
Chemical Guys JetSeal & Petes 53 Paint Protection & Shine Kit $30.38
The Awesomer
Massdrop x JBL LSR30X Speakers
Price: $320  | BuyA limited edition version of the beloved LSR305 studio monitors. Each pair (each unit has a 5″ woofer and a 1″ tweeter) is matched to within 1dB of frequency response for incredible accuracy, and has a premium lacquer gloss finish as well as vibration isolating feet. …
YETI’s Hopper 40 Soft Cooler Is Actually Somewhat Affordable, Today Only
Update: Sold out, sorry. I’d recommend checking out the equivalent RTIC cooler though, which won our reader vote.Read more…
Craziest Gadgets
Fidget Spinner iPhone Case
The must-have toy of 2017 meets the must have accessory of- well of every year since early humans started dropping their iPhones and cracking the screens. That’s got to be back in the caveman days or something, who can really remember a time before iPhones anyway? Not me. The Fidget Spinner iPhone…
Today’s Best Deals: Anker Gold Box, Clear the Rack, Amazon Dash Wand, and More
It’s a massive day of deals, highlighted by an Anker Gold Box, Amazon’s new Dash Wand, a YETI soft cooler, and more.Read more…
The Manual
Car Camping is Better (and Easier) with a Big-Ass Truck
Find out why car camping is actually easier with a truck, specifically a GMC Sierra Denali. The post Car Camping is Better (and Easier) with a Big-Ass Truck appeared first on The Manual.
The Gadget Flow
Gigantic Flamingo Pool Float
Bring the tropical flavor to your summer pool parties with this Gigantic Flamingo Pool Float. Coming in the beautiful shape of a flamingo, this pool float adds an extra spark to your summer days. Additionally, the gigantic design is inflatable and super comfortable at the same time. Sunbathing on this…
The Gadget Flow
Starbrick Be4 Beryllium Earphones
Experience true, high-quality audio when you use the Starbrick Be4 Beryllium Earphones. This pair employs the power of beryllium, a metal on the Periodic Table. As the lightest in the Alkaline metal elements, this material is ultra strong yet versatile. It delivers a stunningly warm and full sound even…
The Gadget Flow
Bandicoot Wearable Athletic Sleeves
Have a more comfortable workout when you have the Bandicoot Wearable Athletic Sleeves by Marsupial Athletics. With three products to choose from, these wearables help you carry and protect your goods. All of the Bandicoot Sleeves help you carry and secure your items while you’re out and about. In fact,…
The Gadget Flow
néolivingstones Large Pebble Sofa
Add a touch of nature to your living space with the néolivingstones Large Pebble Sofa by Smarin. This wonderful piece of modern furniture uses a high-quality material for its longevity. The polypropylene is hard-wearing and durable. It works beautifully inside to provide a soft place to sit. However,…
The Gadget Flow
Monument Personal Photo Cloud
Effortlessly manage the thousands of images on your device with the Monument Personal Photo Cloud. This storage system gives you total control over the content you save without costly monthly fees. It works with your own USB drive and instantly creates a cloud network using your home’s Wi-Fi. Simply…
The Gadget Flow
Bierstick Revolutionary Drinking Device
Enjoy your brew in a whole new way with the Bierstick Revolutionary Drinking Device. This beer bong delivers your favorite beer in a fun and expeditious way. The Bierstick is a syringe-like beer bong. It holds up to 24 ounces of beer which you can, quite literally, inject into your mouth. Perfect for…
The Gadget Flow
TAP-TAB Magnetic Organization System
Tidy up your everyday life with the TAP-TAB Magnetic Organization System. Featuring ultra-strong magnets, this system allows you to hang and store your clothing, towels, accessories, notes, ideas, and more. TAP-TAB comes with the stylish TAP-TAB Board and special magnet loops. The loops, which work in…
The Gadget Flow
Pelcraft Personalized Pixel Wall Art
Bring your 8-bit creativity to life with the Pelcraft Personalized Pixel Wall Art. Available in kits, this art gives you the tools you need to create and recreate. The Pelcraft squares each measure 50x50mm. In addition, they come in four different 3-dimensional modules. With 57 colors to choose from,…
This $26 Laser Distance Measure Does All the Math For You
Only luddites use tape measures anymore. This laser distance measurer takes instant distance readings of up to 164′, and includes several built-in area calculation functions, in case you’re a little rusty on your middle school geometry.Read more…
The Awesomer
Phat Scooters
Price: $1999  | Buy | LinkA scooter with the easy balance and shock-handling properties of fat tires, and the torque and efficiency of an electric drivetrain. Offers 30 to 50 miles of range, a top speed of 20mph, and climbs up to 30º. Pre-orders get $500 off and free shipping til 6/30/17 w/code AWESOME500….
Logitech G PowerPlay Mouse Pad
The Logitech G PowerPlay Mouse Pad isn’t just an ordinary mouse pad. Its underlying surface contains Logitech’s eponymous magnetic inductance technology that delivers power to a compatible mouse while it glides along the top, charging while you play or work to guarantee your battery won’t die out mid-session….
Handbag Dyetonator Bag & Purse Thief Marker
Malaysian company Ash Be Nimble launched the Handbag Dyetonator, an accessory that permanently marks thieves with dye and releases a smoke flare upon activation, because bag and purse theft is apparently a huge problem for women in Malaysia. Huge and dangerous. Check out this video of thieves snatching…
Burberry Brit 3.4oz Cologne for Men $26.24
Burberry Brit 3.4oz Cologne for Men $26.24
Buy a $10 Men’s Grooming Sample Box, Get $10 Towards Your Next Grooming Purchase
Amazon sample boxes are one of the only good things to come out of 2016, and they’re back at it again with a $10 box full of men’s grooming gear, plus a $10 credit to spend on over 130 select men’s grooming products on your next order. Assuming you use the credit, that basically means you got eight or…
The Awesomer
Deal: Moskito App-Controlled Airplane
Price: $45  | Buy | LinkA fun stunt flyer you control using your smartphone. It’s designed for easy operation, and comes with a special joystick that sticks onto your phone’s screen. Flies for up to 12 minutes per charge with a range up to 196 feet. Save 25% in The Awesomer Shop. More Awesome…
The Daymak Blast C5 Ultimate
An acceleration so fast it will feel as though you might fly, the Daymak Blast C5 Ultimate promises to go from stop to 60mph in less than 1.5 seconds, and what’s more, it’s 100% electric. Two models will be released, but even the cheaper version will still take less than four seconds to hit the same…
Tools and Toys
Final Touch Watermelon Tapping Kit
Thanks to a recent post on /r/GifRecipes, I discovered that watermelon tapping (and by extension, pumpkin tapping) is a thing, and it’s awesome. It goes a little something like this: Wanna give it a try at your next cookout? Pick up this watermelon tapping kit, which they use in the video above….
Amazon Dash Wand
Echo owners have been able to order things with their voice for a while. The Amazon Dash Wand lets you order with just a scan. This Wifi-enabled gadget has a…Visit Uncrate for the full post.
Cool Material
Wear This: Father’s Day
We put together plenty of Father’s Day Gift Guides to help you shop for that upcoming special day with your old man. It seemed only fitting we throw together a collection of threads for you to don as you shower your dad with gifts this Sunday. Just don’t accidentally forget the beer you should be […]
Personna Double Edge Razor Blades (100-Count) $9.99
Personna Double Edge Razor Blades (100-Count) $9.99
Upgrade Your Home Network With a Pair of TP-Link Router Deals
While mesh routers have broken through in 2016, the Wirecutter-recommended TP-Link Archer C7 though is one of the best “traditional” routers you can get, and it’ll only cost you $76 today after you clip the $10 on-screen coupon.Read more…
Zero-Gravity Plant Growing System
Cultivate your favorite plants in mid-air using this revolutionary zero-gravity plant growing system. The geometrically themed planter floats directly above a sleek looking oak base through magnetic levitation to create an eye-catching sight. Check it out $189.00
Maison Margiela Pre-Destroyed Sneakers
Looking for the perfect way top off your $600 pre-ripped jeans and $900 distressed sweater? Then look no further than Maison Margiela’s pre-destroyed sneakers. They look like they just got run over by a lawn mower and are a steal at just $1,425.00! Check it out $1,425.00
Pizza Towel
Get the perfect tan as you sizzle like a pepperoni under the hot sun while laying out on the pizza towel. This oversized nearly five foot wide pizza comes loaded with melted cheese and greasy pepperoni – making it ideal for the beach or picnics. Check it out $59.95
The Worst Case Survival Kit
If you value your life, the worst case survival kit is a must-have item to have in your doomsday prep stockpile. This TSA-safe kit comes stuffed with dozens of useful tools ranging from a micro saw to a fishing kit and a fire starter. Check it out $85.00
Save $18 On a Laptop Bag You’ll Actually Use For Other Things
Laptop bags that protect your computer during transport are usually all function and no form. And rightfully so. But this 15″ Lifewit bag is actually incredibly attractive and functional, with durable genuine leather, a padded interior, and five pockets for things like your phone, chargers, and more….
Bob Ross LEGO Set
Let the good times roll in LEGOville by adding this Bob Ross LEGO set to your collection. The set comes with a tiny Bob Ross LEGO figure – complete with a 70s inspired outfit and a killer afro-perm – and a painter’s palette, easel, jars of paint, and canvas. Check it out $25.00
Zebra Electric Wooden Boat
The Zebra electric wooden boat combines style and efficiency into a sleek and agile vessel that’ll turn heads everywhere you go. It features state-of-the-art onboard technology and can accommodate up to 10 passengers. Check it out
Cool Hunting
Link About It: Hubble’s New Galactic Finds
10,000 times more luminous than our Milky Way, a series of the universe’s “brightest infrared galaxies” have been captured by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. Using a natural phenomenon called gravitation lensing, the galactic imagery has been magnified…… Continue…
Kammok Wallaby Hammock
Ultra-portable and ultra-light.
Essentials: Road Trip
Combat off-season boredom.
Logitech Powerplay Wireless Charging Mousepad
Wirelessly charge your PC mouse while you use it.
Cosmik Freeze-Dried Ice Cream
Enjoy a flavorsome dessert anywhere, anytime with the ingenious Cosmik Freeze-Dried Ice Cream. The ready-to-eat, 100% organic concoctions are free of artificial colors or flavors and available in mint choc chip, Mexican choc chip, peanut butter, choc chip, or cookies and cream–and you don’t even need…
Add Fantastic Beasts To Your Harry Potter Movie Collection For $12
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them wasn’t exactly magical, but Harry Potter completionists will want to own it anyway, and it’s already down to $12 complete with a digital copy.Read more…
3M WorkTunes Wireless Bluetooth Hearing Protector $59.96
3M WorkTunes Wireless Bluetooth Hearing Protector $59.96
Gear Patrol
5 Classic Books You Can Finish on a Long Flight
Flying economy doesn’t need to be agony. Let these books stoke comfort and adventure while you pass the time. Read More »
Well Spent.
The #Resistance Will Be Capitalized On
GQ recently published a feature about brands that are trying to capitalize on the (justifiable) frustrations directed toward our current president, his administration, and all that they stand for, by churning out, what the story refers to as, “budget resistance-wear.” If you live in just about any major…
The Awesomer
Xbox One S & PS4 Slim Case Mod
LinkConsole modder Ed Zarick’s second Xbox One and PS4 combo console. By using both consoles’ slimmer versions and ditching the monitor, he was able to cram both in a case that’s only slightly larger than either console. More Awesome Stuff: Xbox One XEnd of Line Pip-Boy PS4 ControllerGiveaway:…
Greenworks 20-Inch 5-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower $98.14
Greenworks 20-Inch 5-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower $98.14
The Urban Outfitters ‘In The Bag’ Sale is Full Of Great Deals
I’m not exactly sure why this sale is called “In The Bag,” but I won’t complain about clothing for as low as $10. Both men’s and women’s styles at Urban Outfitters are marked down, with a whole landing page dedicated to help you sift through it all.Read more…
Phoenix Volcano House in Hawaii
Off the grid cabin just miles from an active volcano.
Rost Coffee Roaster
You don’t want to waste any of your best beans to find the ideal roasting profile. The Rost Coffee Roaster lets you create samples easily and quickly, 100 grams at…Visit Uncrate for the full post.
Gear Patrol
Amazon’s Alexa-Enabled Wand Is More Echo Dot, Less Harry Potter
Designed to make ordering groceries and quick cooking-related Google searches more convenient. Read More »
Gear Patrol
Specialized Just Released Its Most Innovative Bike Yet
Gravel, dirt and light XC trails are no match for the new Diverge. Read More »
Troop Time: 10 Best NATO Watch Straps
Wristwatch accessories born from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
The Awesomer
2018 Jaguar XF Sportbrake
LinkJaguar’s performance luxury wagon comes to the US. Only now, it’s got an aluminum body, 50/50 weight balance, and a supercharged 380 hp V6 that launches it to 60 mph in 5.3s. It holds up to 69.7 cu. ft. of cargo, and has an air suspension for stability even with a load. More Awesome Stuff:…
The Manual
Late and Great: Three Delicious and Healthy Drunk Snacks
Don’t worry about feeling like crap the next morning with the great healthy drunk snacks. The post Late and Great: Three Delicious and Healthy Drunk Snacks appeared first on The Manual.
EDC is Everyday Carry
The Best Lighters and Fire Starters for Everyday Carry
submitted by Ed Jelley When putting together your EDC, you’ll want a kit that covers all the bases. For most of you, that means something to cut with, a way to light things up, and a multitool for everything else. But to be truly prepared, especially in some emergency or survival situations, you can’t…
The Green Head – Finds Cool New Stuff!
Jetpack Backpack
Unlike most boring old school backpacks, this cool new Jetpack Backpack is designed to send the imagination sky high on the way to school.Click Here For Complete Details
Ellipse Smart Bike Lock
Protect your wheels with technology by using the Ellipse Smart Bike Lock from Lattis. Connecting to your smartphone, this lock allows for keyless entry. In addition, the lock can also detect theft if your bike is indeed stolen. With this feature, you can use the app to track down the exact location…
This $10 Kit Makes Your Headlights Look Brand New
Once, when I was young and naive, I paid a dealership like $75 to clean my foggy headlights. Little did I know, this Sylvania headlight restoration kit does the same job for tiny fraction of the price. Just note that you’ll need to clip the 20% coupon on the product page to see the discount at checkout.Read…
Apple iPhone Patent Poster
Add some inspiration to your space with the Apple iPhone Patent Poster. Featuring the iconic first iPhone in all its glory, this poster provides stunning details in the device’s early days. At the top of the poster is the actual US patent number. In addition, the bottom features the date of the patent,…
The Awesomer
Monster Hunter: World (Trailer)
Price: $60  | Buy | LinkCapcom’s hit tactical action RPG makes the leap to the PS4 and Xbox One. Monster Hunter: World features a seamless – no loading! – open world, global online multiplayer, and new stealth and movement tools such as a grappling hook. Drops Q1 2018. More Awesome Stuff:…
Keep Your Belongings Safe and Dry For $8
Before you head out on your next camping trip or beach vacation, you may want to grab this 20L dry bag to keep your gear safe from the elements. Just use code N9E7L9XF to get it for $8.Read more…
Fake Wall Outlet Sticker Prank
Just Basic Dave took one look at these Fake Wall Outlet Stickers and he knew: the next great prank of 2017 had arrived. Through his Twitter account Dave has posted videos of his fake outlet shenanigans at the airport, which is obviously the best – best! – place to fake out(let) charge seeker after charge…
Tools and Toys
Relay FM AirPod Case Sticker
Our friends from the Relay FM podcast network* are offering a limited-edition sticker that basically makes your AirPod case look like a pack of floss, but cooler. These will definitely go fast, so pick yours up while you can. They’re $3.50 a pop + shipping. Update: Aaand they’re gone. * Full disclosure:…
ThorFire 60W-Eqv A19 9W 5000K LED Light Bulbs (6-Pack) $8.97
ThorFire 60W-Eqv A19 9W 5000K LED Light Bulbs (6-Pack) $8.97
The Manual
Renzell is the Restaurant Review System You Should Know (and Use)
Renzell uses unbiased data to objectively score restaurants. The post Renzell is the Restaurant Review System You Should Know (and Use) appeared first on The Manual.
MV Agusta RVS #1
Founded in 1945 near Milan, Italy, Meccanica Verghera Agusta is one of the most storied motorcycle manufacturers in history. Similar to Enzo Ferrari, MV Agusta made motorcycles almost exclusively to…Visit Uncrate for the full post.
Sterline Counter Top Water Flosser w/ 6x Nozzles $29.99
Sterline Counter Top Water Flosser w/ 6x Nozzles $29.99
Presenza All-in-One Stainless Steel Laundry Sink $239.20
Presenza All-in-One Stainless Steel Laundry Sink $239.20
This Giant Snickers Bar Is Designed to Be Shared (But You Don’t Have To)
How did I not know this existed before? Snickers makes a special 1-pound candy bar that’s designed for slicing and sharing, but we won’t tell anyone if you eat the entire thing yourself. Save $2 by clipping the coupon on the page. Amazon even ships it with reusable cool-packs to prevent melting.Read…
The Manual
Keep Your Cool: The Best Coolers for Summer ’17
There is no room for pinching pennies when looking for the best coolers to last a lifetime. The post Keep Your Cool: The Best Coolers for Summer ’17 appeared first on The Manual.
Ecobee3 Lite WiFi Smart Thermostat (Works with Alexa) $152.27
Ecobee3 Lite WiFi Smart Thermostat (Works with Alexa) $152.27
Tools and Toys
KABB Modern Digital Retro Clock
I came across this clock on Amazon a few weeks ago, and I was enamored with it! It’s a flip down clock that is operated by 1 D battery. You јuѕt set thе time аnd lеt thе internal gear operated mechanism update the time. It’s a modern take on retro clock. Check out the video below: Get it on Amazon…
Man of Many
UCO Tent StakeLights Mean You’ll Never Trip Over Your Tent
Camping is one of the easiest and best weekend trips that you can take. Escaping into nature is a great way to get away from the chores of everyday life. Camping outdoors at night is something that everyone should experience. In fact, the more nights that you can spend sleeping under a canopy of stars…
PSA: Ikea to sell Home & Kitchen Goods via Amazon Market Place
PSA: Ikea to sell Home & Kitchen Goods via Amazon Market Place
Gear Patrol
Coffee Bean Bags Are This Summer’s Best Cold Brew Hack
With Chameleon’s new pod brewing kit, you’ll never have to be without cold brew again. Read More »
Well Spent.
Wilson & Willy’s Gunflint Shorts
For as much as I love clothes, I fucking hate doing laundry. So these new Gunflint Shorts from Wilson & Willy’s are looking real good to me. Not only are they made in NYC out of washed cotton canvas, and finished with horn buttons and Cone Mills chambray pocket bags, they’re also, according to the……
Jaguar XF SportBrake is Coming to the U.S.
Maybe Jaguar XF SportBrake sounds cooler than Jaguar XF station wagon. Regardless, in 2018, the 5-door V6 wagon is coming to America. And for a long-roof grocery getter, it is definitely sporty. The 3-liter powerplant pushes 380 horses and snaps 0-60 in 5.3 seconds. Pricing puts it just north of the…
The Backpacker Repeller Creates An Instant Barrier Against Bugs
Utilizing the same iso-butane gas canisters backpackers and campers use for cooking, the compact and lightweight Backpacker Repeller repels mosquitoes and other biting insects by creating a 15 x 15-foot zone of protection. With the push of a button, the bugs are gone and the Repeller runs for up to 90…
This Modular Travel Bag Is Designed For Custom Configuration
Black Ember’s California-designed V4 Adventure Travel Bag is built for customization using a modular system of padded MOD cubes that attach securely to the inside of the bag with Maglocks. Two models are offered with special MOD kits for DSLR, Drone, travel, laptop, & more.
Logitech Introduces Wireless Mice That Gamers Might Actually Use
Logitech just unveiled 2 new mouse technologies geared at gamers. To eliminate the lag time & accuracy issues usually associated with wireless mice, their new G703 & the G903 models feature Lightspeed, which uses “end-to-end signal optimization” to cut the lag in signal speed down to 1 millisecond….
Tonke Classic Woodline Camper
Lined inside and out with mahogany, the Tonke Classic Woodline Camper combines classic looks with modern convenience. A Mercedes Sprinter serves as the underpinnings, with an optional unloading system to…Visit Uncrate for the full post.
The Wirecutter
The Best Ukulele for Beginners
After considering more than 50 ukuleles and testing 16 models with a team of instructors and students, we think the Donner Concert Ukulele Mahogany DUC-1 is the best uke for the average beginner. Our panelists loved this model’s sound and its larger-than-usual fingerboard. The fact that its bargain price…
Gadget Review
Zest Desk Review: A Portable Standing Desk for Hot Desking
Zest Desk Review: A Portable Standing Desk for Hot Desking Gadget Review – Your lifestyle gadget site When I think of a great “standing desk” the last thing I think about it portability. But that’s exactly what the Zest Desk is all about. Ok, truth be told, it’s not a full blown standing desk, but if…
Tile and Away have an essential accessory for your summer travels
It’s 2017, your luggage tag should do a little more than just have your address.Your luggage tag can be critical piece of information when it needs to be recovered, but Away and Tile have realized it should do much more than simply have your address. Away is putting Tile’s new slim tracker in their luggage…
The Awesomer
Street Sign Furniture
Price: $145+  | BuyArtist Boris Bally collects used discarded street signs from the United States and turns them into chairs, tables, dinnerware and decorative pieces. His material of choice ensures that each product is durable and unique. More Awesome Stuff: Airplane…
Coolest Gadgets
Wacom Clipboard intends to turn your business paperless
Wacom is an old name when it comes to digitizer tablets as well as styluses that simply work, and work well. This time around, the Wacom Clipboard has been revealed to transform your business into a more paperless environment. Granted, one can never end up with a truly paperless environment, but there…
Ducati and Roland Sands team up on the Mach 2.0
The Scrambler gets a bold new color option.Taking inspiration from his special edition Bell Cross Idol Helmet, motorcycle designer Roland Sands teams up with Ducati to create the special edition Mach 2.0 Scrambler. The name of the bike references the 1960s Mach 1 250 with colors inspired by the West…
Man of Many
10 Things We Found on Gumtree That Are Baller AF
Gumtree, eBay’s ‘cheap and cheerful’ free classifieds alternative, is a well known black hole of weird and wonderful things in just about every category conceivable. For those of you stateside, Gumtree is basically Aussie Craigslist (though I believe both sites operate versions in most countries also),…
Hamburger Candy, Super Mario Bank, & a Golden Gummy Challenge | A.T. #127
Thank you to VideoBlocks for sponsoring this video. Get your FREE 7-day trial of VideoBlocks and save 40% on over 3 million video clips – including after effects, 4K footage, and motion backgrounds: Welcome to Vat19 Awesome Time #127! This episode features a sweet…
Michelin VISION 3D-Printed Airless Tire
Hyper futuristic tire designed to operate without air.
The Awesomer
Brilliant Science Fiction Films
Link(SPOILERS) “Using an exploration of where we might be, to explore where it seems like we’re heading, in order to reveal exactly where we are.” CineFix compiles their favorite sci-fi films. They chose lots of obvious classics, but they also tipped their hat to many modern films. More Awesome Stuff:…
Talks at Google
Murad Awawdeh: “New York Immigration Coalition” | Talks at Google
Murad Awawdeh is the Director of Political Engagement at the New York Immigration Coalition, where he leads the organization’s local, state, and federal legislative and policy campaigns. In this talk, he discusses the NYIC’s work in fighting for justice for immigrants, and how everyday people can be…
Straight Dope Message Board
Most interesting man in the world returns from Mars!
Business Insider article: The ‘most interesting man in the world’ is back — and he’s no longer drinking beer Huzzah! In the ad he clinks glasses with the woman next to him and says, somewhat smugly, “I told you…I don’t always drink beer. Astral Tequila.” I’ve never heard of Astral Tequila,…
Straight Dope Message Board
What’s the best brand of stick-tack for posters?
When I was a kid we used this grey stuff that worked well, I got some generic blue brand sticky tack and my posters are falling off the wall. What is the best brand to get?
Straight Dope Message Board
Grocery store liquidation – what to stock up on? Need answer fast
A large mid-west grocery chain (Marsh) has fallen on hard times. They unloaded all the stores they could in a bankruptcy auction, but there are 18 left that will close, including one very near me. They will start liquidating everything in the store starting tomorrow (Thursday). I’m off tomorrow so…
Straight Dope Message Board
Space Marine Terminator VS M1A2 Abrams
A ultramarine terminator is traveling to a place on his battle barge when a strange demon with the body of the god emperor and the wings and head of a mutated bat appears and pushes the marine off the barge. The marine falls down in Afghanistan somewhere. A M1A2 appears on the horizon with a second one…
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American Police Kill a Lot of People
Given the makeup of the board, I imagine that the general reaction to the title of the thread will be, “No shit. The Pope is also Catholic.” But, now that we’re well past the BLM era and into the Trump era and I’m not aware of any recent, big police killings, it seemed a reasonable time to revisit the…
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The Stars: A Mythopoetic Masterpiece Serenading the Night Sky Through Myths and Stories from Around the World
“Light gives light because it is its nature.” “I sometimes ask myself whether I would be studying galaxies if they were ugly… I think it may not be irrelevant that galaxies are really very attractive,” Vera Rubin, who confirmed the existence of dark matter, pondered in her most extensive interview….
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Morse code palindrome puzzle
Hi all, Posted a puzzle on a different message board, for which the answer was: “When you write each word out in Morse code, the dots and dashes look like a palindrome.” An example would be “tea”: – . . – After someone found the answer, I thought it would be cool to try and find the longest ‘morse…
How to Always Open Online PDFs in the PDF Viewer of Your Choice
Choosing between a local PDF reader and reading PDFs in your browser all comes down to preference. Luckily, with the most popular browsers, it’s easy to make that choice with a feature available in browser settings. Note: If you’re a new Windows 10 user and have picked Chrome or Firefox as your browser…
I Want This 1923 Prediction For the American City of the Future To Be Real
When the world is descending into chaos, it can be hard to believe that optimistic visions of the future are within our reach. But personally, I think I’ve hit that point where escapist fantasy worlds of tomorrow are the only thing that can ease the stresses of our modern world. This 1923 illustration,…
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How to prevent water drop marks forming on car windows?
When I picked up my second hand car it had very hard to remove water drop marks all over the windows. The only way I could remove these was to go over the glass a few times with a compound on a random orbital polisher. However it seems that in as little as a few weeks more water marks are being left…
How to Shoot Amazing Pictures with a 360-Degree Camera
The Gear 360/SamsungA 360-degree cameras is one of those things that I didn’t quite get the draw of until I actually tried one. A friend brought his new Gear 360 to a dinner party, snapped an epic shot of everyone at our table doing a cheers, and I was instantly hooked. A week later I was toting my own…
If you can’t explain something in simple terms, you don’t understand it
In the early 1960s, Richard Feynman gave a series of undergraduate lectures that were collected into a book called the Feynman Lectures on Physics. Absent from the book was a lecture Feynman gave on planetary motion, but a later finding of the notes enabled David Goodstein, a colleague of Feynman’s,…
11 Career Paths for New Grads Who Hate Offices
Image via PixabayA lot of people like working but hate offices: They can’t stand uncomfortable clothes, or being inside all day, or the forced sociability around the water cooler. I am one of those people. It’s the predictability that bothers me—there’s something about knowing where you’re going to be,…
Amazon’s New Dash Wand Is a Full Alexa Assistant, and It’s Basically Free Right Now
Amazon’s new Dash Wand has Alexa built right in, and lets you order groceries and other household goods just by scanning a barcode or using your voice. The best part though? It’s basically free.The Dash Wand will set you back $20 upfront (not bad considering it’s a full-featured Alexa voice assistant),…
Big Think
Your Beliefs About How Your Memory Works Is a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
Are we falling for illusions of memory? How often we forget something is influenced not only by our inability to recall it, but also our overestimation of remembering it in the future. These illusions may be making us overconfident about our memory recall. Read More
This Is the Best Surface Ever Made, But It’s Still No Laptop
All images: Alex Cranz/GizmodoTrue hubris is a person trying to use a Microsoft Surface Pro like a laptop. It takes Mr. Darcy levels of pride to believe you can trust so fully in a kickstand and flimsy keyboard. The Surface Pro is many things, including everything from Microsoft’s attempt to woo creative…
How to Ask for Advice Over Email
Photo by Brendan Rankin“Can I buy you a coffee and pick your brain?” What caused this delusion among the advice-needing people of the world that the going rate for an hour-long professional consultation is a three-dollar beverage? Why do we all try this early in our careers (and if we work in biz dev,…
Xbox One X vs. Xbox One S vs. Xbox One: What Are the Differences?
At E3 2017, Microsoft launched its latest and greatest video game console. The Xbox One X is the company’s most powerful console to date, and the third console in the Xbox One line. So what makes the Xbox One X better than its predecessors, the Xbox One S and the original Xbox One? What are the differences…
The Completely Bananas History of Transformers on Earth, According to the Movies
The promise of Transformers: The Last Knight has been that it’s going to shed light on the secret history of Transformers. Seeing as most of the other films in Michael Bay’s franchise haven’t exactly overflowed with a fidelity to continuity, that’s going to be interesting. Has everything we’ve seen been…
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Election Polling: 1936, 1948, and 2016 | Robert Shapiro | TEDxEdgemontSchool
Robert Y. Shapiro is a past chair of the Department of Political Science at Columbia University. He will talk about polling specifically with reference to the previous election. He explains several of the polling errors and contextualizes this election with previous ones. Robert Y. Shapiro (Ph.D., University…
Winners of the 2016 Red Bull Illume photo contest
Over at In Focus, Alan Taylor is featuring a selection of the winning photos from the the Red Bull Illume photo contest, an “international photography contest dedicated to action and adventure sports”. If nothing else, we’ve discovered that there is nothing that says “Red Bull” more than…
You’re Only 4 Steps Away from Creating the Perfect Acai Bowl
Photos by Claire Lower.I’m not a huge fan of overly Instagrammable foods—I tend to prefer aggressively beige fare—but even I have to admit that there’s something extremely enticing about those colorful acai smoothie bowls that seem to be so popular with the clean-eating set.Though acai berries are widely…
Google Drive’s New Backup Feature Reminded Me I Have No Backup Plan
Image credit: Justin Sullivan/GettyIf you don’t have an offsite cloud storage plan (and you really should), Google’s newest update to its cloud storage service Google Drive is ready to fix your gaping data backup hole by letting you pick which folders on your device you’d like to back up to Google Drive…
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Mars the Poet | Marcus Medford | TEDxUTSC
Mars has been writing poetry since the age of 12 after being introduced to Toronto poet Dwayne Morgan. Mars’ poetry is influenced by a wide variety of music, classical poetry, as well as personal observations on life. His passions include soccer, social justice equity, the arts and good conversations….
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Data Science and the Public Good | Liu Feng-Yuan | TEDxNUS
From helping public libraries target specific groups of borrowers to catching rogue trains, GovTech has been working with other agencies to serve citizens using meaningful insights derived from analysis of various data sources. “I’m very passionate about data-driven policy-making, as opposed to policy-driven…
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MARICELLE: The Pursuit of Music | Maricelle Wong | TEDxNUS
Peppered with social commentary from her perspective on city living, MARICELLE’s lyrics explore her search for freedom and define her voice in a futuristic mural of pop culture and fluid identity. The “Pursuit” EP (2017) is MARICELLE’s bold personal statement, and is now available on Spotify, iTunes…
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Drones in the Sky: Future of Plantation Management | Jiin Joo Ong | TEDxNUS
Drones are playing an increasingly important role in agriculture. It’s especially suited for large scale data capture and analysis applications, combing large swathes of land to profile crops and detect anomalies. How can palm oil plantation managers benefit from this eye in the sky in their hundreds…
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The Value of Wasting Time | Luan Ee | TEDxNUS
Dare to waste time! Fight the relentless pressure to perform and produce. In a paradoxical twist, Luan Ee, founder and owner of Kerbside Gourmet, shares how daring to spend more time thinking than doing led her to embark on Asia’s first social enterprise gourmet food truck. In the course of her steep…
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How to create something out of nothing | Omer Bogger | TEDxTelAvivSalon
עומר בוגר חיפש את עצמו בכל העולם, סיים בהצטיינות לימודי מזרח אסיה, אבל מכל קצוות תבל מצא את עצמו דווקא בטבריה. הוא הכין הרצאה מעשירה שבה יגלה איך בעזרת מינימום אמצעים לוקחים מקום נטוש והופכים אותו לנקודת מפגש מעוררת השראה לאנשים מכל העולם. בהרצאה של עומר הוא יספר על החייאת החורבה שממנה יצר אכסניה מצליחה,…
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Native American Conquest in the Context of DAP | Barbara Gurr | TEDxUConn
“When family is struggling, you turn towards them, you walk towards them, you stand with them” – Barbara Gurr compellingly shares the power of communities gathering together at Standing Rock. Dr. Barbara Gurr is an Associate Professor in Residence with the Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Program…
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Content Targeting Algorithms | Samuel Schick | TEDxUConn
Content-targeting algorithms create your Internet reality. Samuel Schick breaks down the extent and consequences of their influence. Sam is interested in machine learning algorithms and data science. With a wide variety of interests ranging from astrophysics to global health, he hopes to “make the world…
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The future of autonomous vehicles | Megan Ryerson | TEDxPenn
Driverless cars. High-speed trains. Drones. The nature of transportation is changing, and Megan Ryerson is on the cutting edge of it. Dr. Ryerson’s work involves optimizing air and vehicular transportation to make them safer, less expensive, and more efficient. Her models analyze how these future technologies…
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The World’s First Pediatric Bilateral Hand Transplant | L. Scott Levin | TEDxPenn
Dr. L. Scott Levin MD, FACS is no stranger to connecting anatomic structures with perfect precision. He is also no stranger to restoring function to patients who have lost their hands and connecting them back to the world they live in. In 2015, through innovative orthopaedic, plastic, and transplant…
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Becoming human without words for colors, numbers, or time | Daniel Everett | TEDxPenn
For eight of the last thirty years, Daniel Everett immersed himself in the Pirahã culture, which has no counting system, no fixed terms for color, no concept of war, and no personal property. He works with the Piraha and other Amazonian people to uncover how language began, how it has evolved, and how…
I Can’t Stop Staring at This Sad Darth Vader Pretzel
Some holidays come with food. Valentine’s Day and chocolates, Thanksgiving and turkey, Halloween and a bag full of candy from a stranger… but Father’s Day has always been left off the list. Until now, when the good people at Star have given us a pretzel that says both “I think you might be…
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When did “allergic” become reserved to life-threatening reactions?
For the longest time, “allergy” referred to a range of reactions that varied from mild irritation to life-threatening (and even then only if it caused your throat or mouth to swell shut). However, several people I’ve talked to have been told (by medical professionals) that they’re merely “sensitive”…
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Have we outgrown Cecil? , “What does God need with a starship?”
I remember the day where it was common to quote “the perfect master”, and while I do see that occasionally, very occasionally, well seldomly, perhaps rarely, um let’s make that very rarely, well almost never to be honest. Has this board, which is us, outgrown our god (Cecil Adams). Is there any relevance…
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Do you have something you HAVE to save but in reality, there is no reason to – you just can’t bring yourself to throw it out? I’m not talking about hoarding proportions – just items that for some reason you need to keep. I started going through boxes and boxes of stuff in our basement. I filled our…
These Insurance Policies Aren’t Worth Your Money
Photo by Paul J EverettIn a way, insurance is the least satisfying thing you can spend your money on. You buy it with the hope that you’ll never need to actually use it (and if you do use it, it only gets more expensive). On the other hand, insurance is satisfying because it gives you peace of mind….
This Browser Extension Tracks Price Drops on Amazon
Chrome: I hate couponing but I love saving money, which is why I’m a fan of Honey, a browser extension that automatically finds and applies coupon codes at checkout. Even better, they just released an update that lets you track price drops on Amazon.For now, the update only works on desktops and with…
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How can quantum-entangled photon pairs possibly intercommunicate FTL?
This abstract of an article from Science talks of a possible quantum communication network based on entangled particles and their seeming ability to instantly respond to each other whether separated by a few kilometres or the breadth of the entire universe. I’ve read something of entanglement before…
Send Free Faxes from Your Android Phone or Tablet
When was the last time you sent a fax? In our increasingly paperless world, you probably don’t work with faxes more than a few times per year, if it all. Thanks to free web services, though, it’s easy to send faxes online — there’s no need to keep a physical fax machine around anymore. However, what…
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People Who Travel to Dangerous Countries
So there’s a guy who went to NK and is now being returned in a coma. And there are any number of other people who have traveled there and been arrested or otherwise run into trouble. And the same is true of all sorts of people who gone to other dangerous places, e.g. the Middle East. I have a problem…
Kill Your Old Ideas So You Can Be More Creative
Photo by Jacob BøtterI spent ten years “writing” a TV show about Silicon Valley. I spent hundreds of hours talking about it, collecting ideas in a giant Evernote file, brainstorming the soundtrack—but not much time writing it. Because every time I thought I had a handle on it, I thought of a better version….
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Impact of immigration policy in the US
This might be a GQ question, but I figure with the possible political dimensions it would be better asked here. I recently saw that the new French President said in a speech (to paraphrase), come to France if America turns you away…we want you here. Canada, also, is changing it’s Visa policies to…
A commonsensical approach to sales and marketing
First, congrats to my friend Gina for becoming a partner at Postlight. Second, I love how Postlight thinks about their sales and marketing process: “Sales” at Postlight is probably not what you’re thinking. It’s an un-flashy, consultative process done in everyday clothing (although sometimes we put…
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Scientists Use Brain Stimulation to Boost Creativity
Participants receiving brain stimulation were more likely to solve difficult problems creatively.   Read More
Big Think
The Long-Lost 8th Wonder of the World May Have Been Found
A long-lost eight wonder of the world may have just been found in New Zealand.Read More
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The Life Improvement Check-In Thread
This thread supports any folks trying to make positive changes in their lives, which may include fitness, weight loss, reading more, getting out of an unhealthy relationship, or improving their productivity. It is about any behavioral change you are trying to implement in order to make your life better….
Heavy Rotation House / Parametr Architecture
© Ario Andito Architects: Parametr Architecture Location: Jagakarsa, South Jakarta City, Jakarta, Indonesia Architect In Charge: Kanoasa Akbar Principal Architects: Ario Andito, Harun Wisaksono, Joffi Febriando Area: 105.0 m2 Project Year: 2017 …
designboom | architecture & design magazine
the multi-functional LIGA table series acts as additional storage space
the LIGA series draws its identity in a color game expressed by a gradient, which arises from the tension exerted by the ligature. The post the multi-functional LIGA table series acts as additional storage space appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
7 Coolest And Comfiest Rockers To Relax
A rocker chair is a very old invention to relax in – it’s ideal to place next to a fireplace to look at the fire, or just take it out to your garden, rock and enjoy the wind and sunlight. I’ve prepared a whole bunch of super modern and comfortable rockers to choose from – for one or more people, of different…
Job of the day: 3D designer at the British Museum
Our job of the day from Dezeen Jobs is for a 3D designer to join the British Museum in London, which boasts a new conservation and gallery wing designed by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners. More ›
Jetson Green
Geodesic Biodomes are Sustainable and Very Cool
The company Biodomes of Romania recently unveiled their lineup of dome homes, which can function completely independently of the grid, and can withstand high winds and severe earthquakes. There are many possible uses for these domes, such as serving as a full time home, cabin, greenhouse, garden shed,…
MAD creates furniture fit for a life on Mars
MAD founder Ma Yansong has designed a range of sci-fi-inspired furniture, designed to be used when humans colonise Mars. Read more
Marble House
OPENBOX Architects’ recent residential design intertwines architecture, interior and landscape in the form of marble sculpture. The initial idea is to allow habitant’s behavior to carve a dwelling space into a monolithic piece of marble sculpture. The main piece appears so solid, yet so light it floats…
designboom | architecture & design magazine
ZHA unbuilt: zaha hadid architects’ unrealized, unpublished designs
during london festival of architecture 2017, the ‘ZHA unbuilt’ exhibition is a rare insight into the continuous work and design development of zaha hadid architects. The post ZHA unbuilt: zaha hadid architects’ unrealized, unpublished designs appeared first on designboom | architecture & design…
Frank Lloyd Wright merged eastern and western architecture at Tokyo’s Imperial Hotel
Our Frank Lloyd Wright 150th anniversary series ends with the American architect’s best-known building in Asia, the now-demolished Imperial Hotel, where he combined his western design principles and a fascination with Japan. Read more
The City of ArchDaily: 2017 Building of the Year Awards Exhibition
© Ilya Ivanov The 22nd ARCH Moscow International Exhibition of Architecture and Design was held in Moscow on May 24-28. ArchDaily joined the exhibition’s partners this year for the first time, and together with speech: media-project they presented a special exposition during Arch Moscow.Featuring…
designboom | architecture & design magazine
shocking short film shows new york city as an underwater abyss after climatic catastrophe
filmmakers claire & max envision a very scary scene… The post shocking short film shows new york city as an underwater abyss after climatic catastrophe appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
designboom | architecture & design magazine
the creature craft is an anti-roll inflatable watercraft
this neon-colored boat shaped like a gigantic triangle has an inflatable anti-roll cage to prevent its passengers from flipping over rapid rivers. The post the creature craft is an anti-roll inflatable watercraft appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
MVRDV to upgrade historic French city with modern, ecological design
France’s historic Bordeaux World Heritage Site is getting a modern ecological refresh thanks to prolific Rotterdam-based firm MVRDV. Working together with local architecture studio Flint, the architects unveiled Ilot Queyries, a pilot project for a new neighborhood that combines the European city’s historic…
designboom | architecture & design magazine
satirical lifeguard structure ‘waiting for water’ addresses the severity of climate change
stefanie rittler and sascha henken’s ‘waiting for water’ structure can be found at urban campsite amsterdam 2017. The post satirical lifeguard structure ‘waiting for water’ addresses the severity of climate change appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Global coal production falls 6.2% in the biggest decline in history
U.S. President Donald Trump may believe coal is the future, but newly-released statistics by BP Statistical Review of Energy state otherwise. According to the data, global coal production fell by an astonishing 6.2 percent last year — the largest annual decline on record. Additionally, consumption decreased…
“X-Ray Vision” Headset Allows Architects to See Under the Surface of Construction Sites
Courtesy of DAQRI This article was originally published on Autodesk’s Redshift publication as “Augmented Reality in Construction Lets You See Through Walls.”Imagine you’re part of a crew constructing a new office building: Midway through the process, you’re on-site, inspecting the installation…
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Reflective arrow-shaped studio is a futuristic space for displaying art
Related: + Nervegna Reed Architecture + PH Architects Via Arch Daily PH Architects, Nervegna Reed Architecture, Arrow Studio
Modern Interior Design & Furniture – Decoist
30 Exceptional Ideas for Decorating with a Sunburst Mirror
A sunburst mirror is an outstanding decor piece that demands to be in the center of attention with its unique design and captivating energy. It can be a very big piece, claiming much of the wall space and not leaving any room for other wall decor – not that it is needed. It can also be a smaller piece…
Undermount Sink – Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink
The design possibilities are endless with the broadest line of undermount sink models in the industry. Seamlessly deep-drawn, straight-sided sharp-radiused bowls for max capacity afford the culinary enthusiast the space needed for an easy food prep cleanup experience.
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Goodbye, Waymo Firefly, we hardly knew ye
AKA the Google Car, it is driving off to museums.
Curbed National
Pothole repair could be made easy with new car-mounted device
The sensor-equipped technology wants to conquer drivers’ roadway nemesis Ah, the pothole: nature’s answer to the hubris of man’s infrastructure ambitions. However strong we build our roads, there’s no escaping the ravages of time. Treacherous voids appear in the asphalt, waiting for a passing wheel to…
Changing Face: 7 Delicate Alterations to Brick Façades
The following set of projects grew out a fascination with the manifold ways that brick façades are repurposed, altered and filled in.
Design Milk
Tabletop Accessories Made of Corian by Justin Bailey Design
On the heels of exhibiting at WantedDesign’s 2017 Launchpad and IDS Toronto’s Prototype 2017, Justin Bailey’s Lucid Series explores new uses for solid surface Corian®. The resulting collection features three tabletop accessories including a vase, candleholder, and serving tray. Instead…
Herman Miller and Yves Behar’s smart desks tell employees when they’ve been sitting too long
US furniture brand Herman Miller has teamed up with designer Yves Behar on a range of intelligent, networked office furniture called Live OS, which launched at NeoCon this week. Read more
designboom | architecture & design magazine
michelin’s new airless tire is 3D-printed from recycled materials
michelin invision a puncture-free future, combining tire and wheel into one 3d-printed, honeycomb-structured design. The post michelin’s new airless tire is 3D-printed from recycled materials appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
Theresa May orders public inquiry into Grenfell Tower fire as renovations blamed
Labour MP Emma Dent Coad has speculated that recent renovation works may have contributed to the fatal fire at Grenfell Tower in west London, as prime minister Theresa May announces a public inquiry. Read more
Dezeen and Samsung to launch €30,000 competition to rethink the TV stand
Dezeen has teamed up with Samsung Electronics to launch a competition to design a stand for the brand’s new QLED TV. Read more
Curbed National
3 historic waterfront houses for sale right now
By the sea, wouldn’t that be smashing? Welcome back to Period Dramas, a weekly column that alternates between roundups of historic homes on the market and answering questions we’ve always had about older structures. After the past week of 90-degree-plus heat in NYC, we’re fantasizing about spending…
Note Design and Afteroom hack IKEA kitchens to make living room furnishings for Reform
Note Design and Afteroom are the latest studios to hack IKEA products for Danish brand Reform, with both taking cues from their Scandinavian origins to create minimal sideboards. Read more
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15 innovative designs that blew our mind at NY Design Week
Wanted Design ICFF Sight Unseen green design, sustainable design, design, products, green interiors, interior design, green furniture, green furnishings, green lighting, eco design, green interiors, new york design week, nycxdesign, nyc design week, wanted design, icff, sight unseen,…
Curbed National
Driverless bus line coming to Helsinki this fall
With the RoboBusLine, autonomous transit will go from experiment to regular scheduled service Finland is ready for robot buses. After a series of trials, Helsinki will debut regular autonomous bus service this fall, according to a statement by city transportation officials. As Curbed reported last…
Curbed National
This toilet seat is the best purchase I’ve ever made
I’m embarrassed by how happy it makes me Like a sensible pair of white sneakers lessening the appeal of a stiletto heel, my toilet seat-and-lid with soft hinges has ruined normal—and often more beautiful—toilet seats for me. (For brevity’s sake, I will only refer to it as a “toilet seat” here, even…
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10 yummy ways to use leftover rice
One can never have too much rice!
Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building
Revolutionary solar paint creates endless energy from water vapor
Thanks to Australian researchers from RMIT University in Melbourne, a revolutionary solar paint that can produce endless amounts of energy has been created. The researchers’ findings, which were published by Science Daily, explain that the innovate paint draws moisture from the air and splits it into…
Construction Underway on Masdar City’s Community-Oriented Phase 2 Masterplan
Masdar City Phase 2. Image Courtesy of CBT “The world’s most sustainable eco-city,” Masdar City, is preparing for its next phase of development, as unveiled in the award-winning detailed master plan (DMP) by CBT Architects. Depicted in a comprehensive masterplan by Foster + Partners, Masdar…
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Modular wall-mounted mini-vases are also canvases for art
Plants get a stylish home with these eye-catching, handmade wooden planters made for the wall.
Curbed National
Tiny house with full-size appliances can sleep 8
Have your cake and eat it too Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in October 2015 and has been updated with the most recent information. Remember the Escape Traveler, the fab tiny home with major amenities like a full-size oven and bathtub? Well, despite already offering one of the more…
designboom | architecture & design magazine
seattle’s space needle to undergo major renovation by olson kundig architects
one of the most recognized landmarks in the united states is set to launch a major renovation project that will subtly transform the 55-year-old icon. The post seattle’s space needle to undergo major renovation by olson kundig architects appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.
Bustler News, Competitions and Events
News: From vertical villages to Metabolist-inspired towers — the ​Hong Kong Pixel Homes winners reimagine modular living
How can the multi-housing typology be reinvented, especially in a highly dense urban location like Hong Kong? What modular, vertical-living solutions are out there when housing shortages, increasing rent, and ever-present economic disparity are rampant in cities worldwide? These are some of the questions… – Interior Design & Architecture Magazine
The Biggest and Best Outdoor Amenities for Your Backyard this Year
The latest trend in backyard design is blending the lines between indoors and out. From kitchen cabinets that rival the look of interior versions, to smart grills that alert you when dinner is ready and glare-proof outdoor televisions that mean you don’t have to miss a minute of baseball season, these…
Ultraframe Storage Furniture Collection With Otherwordly Design
Brooklyn furniture brand UM Project has used plastic tube armor, knitted fabrics and cast concrete to make a collection of fantastical storage cabinets that seem to come from another world. The Ultraframe collection includes six storage units of different shapes and sizes: an armoire, a chest of drawers,…
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$13K DIY electric car made from recycled parts has 380+ mile range
In a bid to highlight what he calls “hybrid recycling,” Eric Lundgren converted a ’97 BMW into an electric car that has a longer driving range than the Tesla Model S P100D.
This Renovated Historical Residence Features Tile Flowing From The Roof To The Courtyard
continue reading
542 Copper Sections Were Used To Create The Curved Roof Of This London Cafe
continue reading
Curbed National
Superbenches brings design to a working class suburb in Sweden
Ten designers were selected to contribute designs Superbenches is an installation of public furniture in the Stockholm suburb of Järfälla that considers the different ways that a public space can accommodate the citizen. In this case, the space is Kvarnbacken Park, a site that will soon be developed…
Architect Sues SOM for Stealing One World Trade Center Design
Park’s Cityfront ’99 design (left) compared to One World Trade Center (right). Image via 6sqft Architect Jeehoon Park has filed a lawsuit against Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM), claiming the design of New York City’s One World Trade Center was stolen from a project he developed as a…
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IBM, Hortonworks deepen their Big Data partnership: parsing the details
Pragmatism and mutual benefits are driving this agreement.
How-To Geek
How to Save Money on Apps and Games for Your iPhone or iPad
iPhone apps aren’t very expensive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save a few bucks. Here’s how to track App Store sales so you can get the apps you want for a discount.Click Here to Continue Reading
Motherboard RSS Feed
These Robots Will Explore Tunnels Dug by Looters
Jean Li is an archaeologist. Specifically, she’s an Egyptologist, she reminded me as we stood in a marina warehouse on Tuesday in Hamilton, Ontario. We were surrounded by robots. Bald and pink-faced police officers were milling about or running bomb-defusing robots through test courses provided by…
The Coolest Gaming Gear Shown Off at E3 2017
E3 is here and that means it’s crazy gaming gear time! From Microsoft’s latest Xbox to a tiny Atari 2600, here’s the coolest stuff we saw this week.Read more…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Finpo Waterglider uses a simple lever to move across the water
The sport of paddleboarding is booming, and as a result we’re seeing people take to the water in craft of all shapes and sizes. The latest to wade onto the scene features a handlebar running right through its center, which users can push and pull to propel themselves across the water. .. Continue…
Google Backup and Sync launches this month
Google Drive is a relatively simple, but convenient way to backup and share files between computers. Have a project you are working on at work? Throw it in Drive and finish it when you get home. It is nothing new, but it is effective, and many people use it.
The Verge – All Posts
A $1,600 tablet might be the ultimate home music player
The Nativ Vita music player looks like a tablet, except all you can do with it is play and control music. The 11.6-inch, 1920 x 1080 touchscreen device has onboard storage to host your digital music collection and can also access various streaming platforms, like Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, and Tidal….
Why Do Sick Bodies Turn Poop Into Diarrhea?
Despite thousands of years of pant-crapping history, there’s a surprising amount we don’t know about diarrhea. There’s a couple ways we’ve figured out how to treat the symptom. But lots of scientists’ understanding of diarrhea—from illnesses like traveler’s diarrhea—is more based on intuition than data.Read…
Digital Trends
$99 VRDL360 camera live-streams without downsizing the 3K resolution
Immersive 360 cameras are quickly making their way into the consumer market, but one startup is claiming a few firsts with live-streams at 3K without downsizing and still images up to 7K. VRDL360 is a the first 360 camera that merges 7K photo with 3K video, live streaming and instant sharing. The camera…
Disarm All Domestic Abusers Now
The man who used a military-style rifle to shoot and injure a sitting member of Congress, two police officers, a congressional aide, and a lobbyist on Wednesday morning was named James T. Hodgkinson.Read more…
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors – Front Page
Listen to Siri’s More Natural Voice in iOS 11
Siri gets smarter in every new version of iOS, and iOS 11 is no exception. This year, Siri has been improved with advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence, giving the personal assistant a much more natural, expressive voice. As you’ll hear in the video, Siri sounds more human, adopting…
Ars Technica
Michigan health director, 4 others charged with manslaughter over Flint water
Enlarge / Posters above water fountains warn against drinking the water at Flint Northwestern High School in Flint, Michigan. (credit: Getty | JIM WATSON) Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette charged five public officials with involuntary manslaughter on Wednesday in connection to the ongoing…
Simple Geek’s Guide to Cheap Travel
I’ve spent a lot of my life traveling. It’s one of my favorite things in the world. I’ve actually been a professional travel writer for over a decade, so I’ve ended up in […] The post Simple Geek’s Guide to Cheap Travel appeared first on
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Top tools for learning more about AI
Stay on top of the latest in AI research and training with these tips and resources.
Digital Trends
Totto’s T-Track Backpack features smart-tracking and anti-theft technology
We have all been there: You are looking for something important only to discover that you left it someplace else. People misplacing or forgetting items during the rush of a busy day is an unideal but incredibly common issue in today’s world. But what if your backpack was able to vibrate and notify you…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Ultrasound drill blasts clots, not blood vessels
When it comes to obliterating the blood clots that cause deep vein thrombosis, doctors have at least two options: intravascular ultrasound tools or tiny diamond-tipped drills. Unfortunately, both approaches have drawbacks. A new ultrasound “drill” developed by North Carolina State University…
Angry Birds Evolution turn-based RPG combat game for adults now available [Video]
After a soft launch previously, Angry Birds Evolution, a new turn-based RPG combat game from Rovio, is officially launching in the U.S. and globally today. The game is the latest in the popular Angry Birds franchise and, in addition to introducing a new type of gameplay for the birds, is the first title…
The Next Web
Could Wheelys’ Moby-Store Be The Future of Retail?
Last year an inspirational entrepreneur hit the headlines for all the right reasons after delivering a slice of poetic justice to her potential employers. The story began when Maria De La Croix failed to secure a role at her local Starbucks because her hair was too blue. Inspired by the absurdity of…
Directors threw a fit over ‘clean’ movie versions, and Sony listened
Well, whaddaya know – maybe angry-tweeting works sometimes after all.  Earlier this month, Sony announced a new “Clean Version” initiative that would offer sanitized versions of its movies. Basically, the broadcast TV or airplane versions of the movies – the ones with all the bad language, brief nudity,…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Nexus off-road camper fends off unfriendly terrain, laser-projects movies at camp
Australia is known for camping trailers that are tough and Outback-ready on the outside, soft and luxurious on the inside, as evidenced quite well by hard-sided caravans like the Lotus Tremor and Bruder EXP-6. Ultimate Off-Road Campers builds pop-up trailers with that very same combination,…
Digital Trends
New ‘hoverboard’ offers more practical features, less spontaneous combustion
Radical Moov’s name makes it sound a bit like a politically conscious 1990s electronic dance music collective. In fact, it’s a Mark Cuban-backed hoverboard which promises to be so good that it’ll banish all thoughts of lesser quality rideables that have sullied the good name of hoverboards over the years….
North Korea’s ‘Hidden Cobra’ is wreaking havoc across the globe
The North Korean government is very good at hacking—and they’re targeting media, aerospace, and financial companies in the United States.  The country was behind some of the most headline-grabbing hacks of the 21st century, according to an alert put out Tuesday by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security…
Digital Trends
Tea bags are downright barbaric next to Teforia’s $400 Leaf infuser
If ever you doubted that brewing the perfect cup of tea is nothing less than art, Teforia is here to prove you wrong. Teforia, heralded as the world’s first tea tech company, has unveiled a smart infuser that prepares your favorite tea varietal to its optimal state by varying temperature, steep time,…
10.5-inch iPad Pro first impressions: If it’s not broke, fix it anyway?
Apple started shipping the new iPad Pros this week, and we have a lot of questions about the 10.5-inch model. Is it better than previous iPad Pros? Will it replace my MacBook? Did it really need an update? I’ve been taking one for a test drive over the past few days, and here are some of my initial impressions.Apple…
Rainway looks to stream your PC games to every platform
PlayStation 4 Remote Play and Xbox One Streaming are services that allow you to stream your console content to your computer. It is free and only requires an app to be installed on the client computer or configuration between the console and Windows 10. Initially, the features suffered from lag…
Tiny cat challenges big lion because she’s a brave kitty
Oh, tiny cats. You have the DNA of the big cats, so why not challenge them as if they’re your equals? YouTube user BigCatDerek uploaded a video of his cat Baggy challenging a lion named Noey who lives in his animal rescue facility. It’s like the cat version of David and Goliath, if the two were…
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Elon Musk brings his Mars plan before the scientific community
In this month’s issue of New Space, Elon Musk outlined his plan to colonize Mars. His article discusses how to bring down the cost of Mars flights as well as some of the specs of necessary equipment. The article is adapted from Musk’s presentation at the International Astronautical Congress and…
The Best USB Travel Charger Is Anker’s PowerCore Fusion, According To Our Readers
The ability to act as a wall charger and a USB battery pack powered the Anker PowerCore Fusion to a comfortable victory in this week’s travel charger Co-Op.Read more…
Facebook Built an AI System That Learned To Lie To Get What It Wants
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Quartz: Humans are natural negotiators. We arrange dozens of tiny little details throughout our day to produce a desired outcome: What time a meeting should start, when you can take time off work, or how many cookies you can take from the cookie jar. Machines…
Ars Technica
Georgia’s Lax voting security exposed just in time for crucial special election
(credit: Verified Voting) To understand why many computer scientists and voting rights advocates don’t trust the security of many US election systems, consider the experience of Georgia-based researcher Logan Lamb. Last August, after the FBI reported hackers were probing voter registration systems…
Gene Simmons wants to trademark the devil horns gesture, so good luck with that
Devil horns, the American Sign Language gesture for “I love you,” or Gene Simmons’ personal creation? That will be for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to decide, because the Kiss frontman just filed an application for trademark ownership of his iconic hand gesture. SEE ALSO: N.W.A. slam Gene Simmons,…
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The NSA reportedly believes North Korea was responsible for WannaCry ransomware attacks
North Korea increasingly appears to have been behind the ransomware attack that infected hundreds of thousands of computers last month and shut down hospitals, businesses, and other systems in the process. The Washington Post is now reporting that the US National Security Agency believes with “moderate…
Netflix Has More American Subscribers Than Cable TV
According to Leichtman Research estimates from the first quarter of 2017, there are more Netflix subscribers in the U.S. (50.85 million) than there are customers for major cable TV networks (48.61 million). While it doesn’t mean Netflix is bigger than TV because it doesn’t account for the 33.19 million…
Mystery internet company challenges NSA’s mass surveillance order
Thanks to a newly-declassified document, we know that an unnamed tech company refused to comply with NSA orders to let the agency spy on the company’s client users. It’s the first known case of an organization from the industry outright rejecting suc…
Digital Trends
7 brilliant earthquake-proof buildings that are ready for The Big One
As our urban centers become more densely populated, engineers are continuously looking to maximize this space by building upward rather than outward. As a result, we’ve seen massive skyscrapers sprout up in metropolitans around the world. But some of the most populated areas on the globe are also prone…
Digital Trends
Eat your heart out, cable companies — Netflix now reigns supreme
For years, streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have been eating away at the cable television industry, as cord-cutters realize they can get much of the same content (and more) in affordable, convenient ways. Now that we all have screens in our pockets (and in our backpacks, briefcases, and purses),…
The London Fire and the Enduring Problem of Fighting High-Rise Infernos
At Grenfell Tower in London, firefighters couldn’t compartmentalize or suppress the fire. But it’s evacuation that still bedevils fire researchers.
The best US city for gamers might surprise you – CNET
Ready, player one? You can game anywhere, but the WalletHub personal-finance site ranks the 100 largest US cities using game-related statistics.
Wind, Solar Surpassed 10 Percent of US Electricity In March, Says EIA
According to the Energy Department’s Energy Information Administration, wind and solar produced 10 percent of the electricity generated in the U.S. for the first time in March. The Hill reports: The Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) monthly power report for March found that wind produced 8 percent…
Plex update brings local video playback to its Android app
Plex’s last few big announcements include unveiling live TV streaming for its premium subscribers and launching Plex Cloud, which lets users pipe media stored on cloud-based services (like DropBox) to any device with Plex’s app installed. But the sof…
Forget chatbots — you should create a workbot instead
GUEST: It’s no secret that chatbots are growing in popularity. From Facebook’s ecommerce bots for consumers to a plethora of customer service tools that now rely on chatbots to interface with customers, it’s clear that consumer chatbots have hit mainstream. Even Apple is expanding its commitment to chat…
Digital Trends
Streamers and press duke it out at E3 2017, but let’s not forget we’re all gamers
Streamers and YouTube creators are attending E3 2017 in record numbers, and that’s creating a bit of tension on the show floor. With bigger media outlets and streamers jockeying for the same demos and access, these growing pains are only natural, but it’s important to keep in mind that democratizing…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
McLaren 570S Spider: Hardtop performance joins convertible glamour
McLaren is bounding from strength-to-strength at the moment. Having launched an all-new Super Series hero in Geneva, the team in Woking has ripped the top from its Sport Series flagship. Thanks to a clever carbon fiber construction, the 570S Spider offers a similar driving experience to the…
US Internet Company Refused To Participate In NSA Surveillance, Documents Reveal
Zack Whittaker reports via ZDNet: A U.S. company refused to comply with a top-secret order that compelled it to facilitate government surveillance, according to newly declassified documents. According to the document, the unnamed company’s refusal to participate in the surveillance program was tied to…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Panasonic Lumix GX850 review: Software boosted selfie shooter
The Lumix DMC-GX850 might look like a classic camera, but it’s actually a snapper for the selfie generation. With a flip-up screen, versatile lens and variety of shooting modes, the camera has all the tools to improve your social feed. But does it do enough to justify carrying a camera and…
The Pentagon’s Silicon Valley Outpost Is Bringing “Robotic Wingmen” to the Battlefield
DIUx is an initiative by the Department of Defense that has set up in Silicon Valley to incubate special projects and it’s starting to roll out some fully formed concepts. The latest prototype the program has produced would allow Maverick to fly with a robotic Goose, and it’s totally okay if this wingman…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Michelin’s concept tire comes wrapped in “rechargeable” 3D-printed treads
Aside from trotting out a new tread pattern every year or so, you might think there’s not a lot manufacturers could do to improve the humble car tire. But advances in materials, sensors and manufacturing techniques are opening up new possibilities. Michelin is exploring this potential with…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
How Microsoft’s “divide and conquer” AI mastered Ms. Pac-Man
Artificial intelligence researchers have long used games to train their machine learning algorithms. A team of researchers at Microsoft has recently cracked another game, this time creating a novel artificial intelligence system that can get a maximum score on the notoriously difficult video…
The Next Web
Google Drive will automatically back up your hard drive later this month
While Google Drive is already a decent cloud storage tool, it’s about to get a lot more useful: starting June 28, the service will let you back up entire folders from your hard drive, and keep them in sync with your account. You’ll need to first download the Backup and Sync tool for your PC or Mac when…
Uber now being run by 14-person committee, report says – CNET
Commentary: It seems that Uber, once a one-man band, is now putting the onus on teamwork. A novel concept.
Nokia Touts NPU for Internet’s Next Chapter
Networking gear vendor skips two process nodes to offer 16nm FinFET device said to be capable of 2.4 Tb/s performance.
The Verge – All Posts
This Nintendo Switch keyboard is bad so I fixed it
Hori is a well-respected Japanese video game accessory maker that’s been pumping out solid fighting sticks, gamepads, and screen protectors for pretty much as long as such things have existed. But I’m sorry, Hori, your new officially licensed Nintendo Switch keyboard is a deeply pointless product, and…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Listening to cellular conversations to grow better livers in the lab
Organ transplants save lives, but in terms of human donors, demand far exceeds supply. Current research is looking into how viable animal alternatives might be, whether human organs can be grown inside living pigs and how replacements could be grown in a lab. A new breakthrough could make the…
Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine
Kratos to show low-cost Valkyrie and Mako “wingman” combat drones
Defense company Kratos has announced that it will show two low-cost combat drones at the Paris Air Show next week, offering an insight as to what military conflicts might look like in the foreseeable future – a manned combat jet leading dozens of 1,000 km/h lethally-armed unmanned companions… …
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E3 2017 and beyond: iPhone, iPad and Android games coming soon
There were fewer than dozen notable iPhone, iPad and Android games at E3 2017, and even those are drowned out by big console and PC gaming news.While everyone may have paid attention to Xbox One X announcement and the never-ending stream of PS4 trailers at E3, mobile games are just as important.Why?…
This Free App Sets a New Beautiful Wallpaper for You Every Day
When it comes to desktop wallpapers, more is always merrier. That’s never a problem because there are many ways to change a drab desktop with a beautiful wallpaper. But it’s still a chore — unless you use a wallpaper manager that automatically downloads and sets the wallpaper for you. Splashy is a smooth…
Leaked audio reveals Australia’s prime minister mocking Trump at gala dinner
You can smell a tweet from the Donald brewing. Only a month after a buddy-buddy meeting with Trump in New York City, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull made fun of the U.S. president at a charity ball on Wednesday night.  SEE ALSO: Smirnoff slams Trump’s Russia relationship in punchdrunk, brilliant…
Popular Mechanics
What’s the oldest living thing on Earth?
What’s the oldest living thing in the world? It’s not an easy question to answer. But here are some researchers’ best guesses. The post What’s the oldest living thing on Earth? appeared first on Popular Mechanics.
Cool Tools
Kaboost Booster Seat for Dining
As our toddler transitioned from sitting in his high chair to using regular chairs, we were on the lookout for a booster seat for regular home use. Some seats were more appropriate for portable use, others felt precarious unless we strapped him in each time, many would have been a pain to clean. I found…
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Bike thieves beware: This startup is using smart tech to reinvent cycle parking
An Estonian firm’s internet-connected racks are generating interest around the world.
Google Drive will soon make it easy to Backup and Sync PCs, Macs
The cloud storage wars just got a bit more interesting. Box just recently announced its Box Drive offering to practically replace shared network folders at work. Now Google is also expanding the scope of its own Google Drive cloud solution but with a nod towards regular consumers instead of the enterprise….
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B&O Beoplay E4 noise cancelling in-ear headphones let you silence the world
Ugh, the world – it’s a bit noisy at times. Thankfully the audio gods have blessed us with noise cancelling, so the only thing that person on the bus crunching on crisps is bothering is their arteries.Noise cancelling usually means big cans, though, but not so with the B&O Beoplay E4. Bang &…
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Google is making it easier than ever to give any app the power of object recognition
Smartphones have fast become the new frontier of artificial intelligence. Algorithms that used to run in the cloud, beaming results down to our devices via the internet, are now being replaced by software that runs directly on phones and tablets. Facebook is doing it, Apple is doing it, and Google is…
Fast Company
Photo-Sharing Phenom VSCO Is Teaching Computers To Interpret Art Like A Human
The photo-sharing app’s new Ava AI doesn’t just identify the objects in an image. It can tell if a picture conveys an emotion such as sadness. Since launching in 2011, photo-sharing app VSCO has found a healthy niche among professional photographers and others looking to get feedback and improve their…
Fast Company
Inside The Lab Of The Silicon Valley Startup Making Milk From Peas
Ripple’s new pea-based milk products have been enormously successful. Now the company is back in the lab to find ways to replace the milk protein in half-and-half and yogurt. “This is our cow,” says Adam Lowry, CEO of Ripple, a Silicon Valley startup known for making milk from peas. He’s pointing at…
MacBook Pro vs. MacBook vs. MacBook Air: Which should you buy?
Apple released new Mac laptops at its recent Worldwide Developers Conference and you’d be right in thinking that this is a really good time to buy one. So you head over to your local Apple store, or you peruse the pages of Apple’s website, and you find yourself with money to spend but no idea on which…
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Samsung Chromebook Plus Laptop and Tablet Combo.
The Samsung Chromebook Plus is a laptop and tablet combo that runs on The Chrome OS and permits the use of android apps. The device now goes $378.76 on Amazon as of today.
Firefighter’s tweet goes viral in the wake of the London tower fire
It’s now been over 24 hours since a horrendous fire ripped through a 24-story highrise tower block in West London. Throughout Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, firefighters from across London were working to rescue people from the building and combat the spreading flames. SEE ALSO: London tower…
How to Track Friends in Real-Time Using Google Maps
These days, when meeting friends, you don’t have to worry if they got lost or hurt — a quick call lets you check in on their status. But if that’s not convenient enough for you, Google Maps has a new feature that lets you track a friend’s location. This is extremely useful when you’re expecting someone…
Your iPhone could soon contain your entire medical history
While most tech companies are scrambling to climb the machine learning mountain, Apple has its sights on a different goal. Sure, it did just dip its fingers in the smart home speaker jar, but its interests apparently lie elsewhere. According to insiders, Apple is looking to turn your iPhone into a one-stop…
How Muslim cosplayers are cleverly using their hijabs as part of their outfits
A growing community of Muslim cosplayers are sharing ingenious ways of integrating their hijabs into fantasy outfits. With a touch of creativity, they’ve used the religious head covering to double up as a wig, or even to sass up their outfit. SEE ALSO: Muslim vlogger wants women to try wearing a hijab…
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Want a mini screen on the back of your phone? Your dream may soon come true
Dual-screen phones are still a relatively weird, niche concept, and the few examples of them we’ve seen typically involve sticking a tiny strip of screen above the main display, as on the LG V20 or HTC U Ultra, but an upcoming handset might stick a second screen on the back instead.Images of an unfinished…
Snap, Inc. Eyes Augmented Future for Spectacles
Snapchat’s first foray into wearable devices last year saw people queuing up for blocks to snag a pair of Spectacles smart glasses. Now, the rebranded company (known as Snap, Inc.) is taking its […] The post Snap, Inc. Eyes Augmented Future for Spectacles appeared first on
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Surface Laptop and new Surface Pro are now on sale
Microsoft has announced that it’s now selling the Surface Laptop and new Surface Pro in the US, UK and Australia, and indeed in 25 territories around the world – plus the Surface Studio is now out in the UK, too.If you head over to Microsoft’s online store in the US, you’ll find the Surface Laptop is…
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Physicists Are Mapping Out How to Make a Universe in a Lab
Physicists aren’t often reprimanded for using risqué humour in their academic writings, but in 1991 that is exactly what happened to the cosmologist Andrei Linde at Stanford University. He had submitted a draft article entitled ‘Hard Art of the Universe Creation’ to the journal Nuclear Physics B. In…
Fast Company
5 Charts That Illustrate The Racial Bias In The Nonprofit World
White people hold more than 80% of the industry’s top positions. Of all the things philanthropists are trying to fix, there’s one major issue the sector seems to continually ignore: itself. As a new report by the Building Movement Project, a nonprofit research group, points out, there’s an intense lack…
The Pharmacy of the Future Is Ready For Your Bathroom Counter
The online pharmacy PillPack is ready to change how you deal with your medications.
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Semi-automatic customer disservice
Dear Silicon Valley, I need your expertise. Can you find my refrigerator? Maybe it’s you, Amazon, with your visionary fleet of robotic drones? Or perhaps Uber, will you begin to operate as a problem solver rather than a problem child? Or Apple, maybe you can build a find-my-fridge app. New York City…
The Next Web
The best digests about VR, AI and AR
AI, VR and AR are trending topics these days and there’s plenty happening in the tech world when it comes to either one. Daily updates can get overwhelming if you’ve set yourself on a regular hunt on different websites in hope of gathering all the necessary information in one go. Instead, there’s a better…
Impact Lab
Dubai sets its sights on 3D printing 25% of its new construction by 2030
Starting as a niche technology, 3D printing has been around for a long time. And talk of how this technology could transform the construction industry, largely theoretical, has long circulated, too. But now, thanks to young entrepreneurs Chris Kelsey and Fernando De los Rios, we can expect to see 3D…
Digital Trends
Piecing together Ubisoft’s debut toys-to-life game ‘Starlink: Battle for Atlas’
The toys-to-life genre may very well be past its glory days, with Disney Infinity gone and Skylanders taking a year off for the first time, but that doesn’t mean that developers will stop trying to make the next big hit in potential-filled genre. At E3 2017, Starlink: Battle for Atlas, a different kind…
Ars Technica
Now the FTC wants a word with Uber
Enlarge / An Uber car waiting for a rider in Manhattan. (credit: Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images) Adding to the embattled ride-hailing company’s troubles, Uber is now reportedly under investigation for privacy violations by the Federal Trade Commission. It isn’t clear exactly what has the FTC…
Forget smartwatches: This tattoo could soon track your health – CNET
Harvard and MIT researchers teamed to create color-changing ink that detects bodily changes.
All-girl engineer team invents solar-powered tent for the homeless
As Daniela Orozco picks off excess plastic bordering a 3D-printed box, she recalls how many homeless people she saw on her way to school when she was a high school freshman.Just one.Four years later, the number has multiplied. People live on a main thoroughfare near the school, at a nearby park, and…
DailyTech Main News Feed
Origin EON17-X – The Laptop with Extreme Mobile VR Ready Engineering
The Origin EON17-X is an ultra-powerful and highly customizable gaming laptop that you may never want to put down.
Digital Trends
These smart home speakers will kill Alexa and Google Home with cuteness
Messaging app Line is working on a range of smart speakers to take on Amazon’s Echo range, Google Home, and Apple’s newly announced HomePod. It has more than one version in the works, and all incorporate its Clova artificial intelligence platform. The Wave will arrive first, and will be followed by the…
Latest Content – Popular Mechanics
Airbus Is Planning Europe’s Next-Gen Fighter
The plane would replace the Eurofighter, other twin-engine combat planes.
TechRadar: All latest feeds
British defence giant BAE sold cyber-tools which could threaten UK security
BAE Systems is alleged to have sold sophisticated decryption and cyber-surveillance tools to nations across the Middle East, including repressive regimes, according to a new investigation undertaken by BBC Arabic and a Danish newspaper.The in-depth investigation, which ran for a year, involved speaking…
MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors – Front Page
Tim Cook Talks HomePod, AR, and How America is ‘More Important Than Bloody Politics’ in New Interview
Bloomberg Businessweek sat down with Apple CEO Tim Cook last week to discuss a collection of topics related to Apple and the tech industry, including augmented reality, the legacy that Steve Jobs left behind, the HomePod, and the opinions he has following his work with U.S. President Donald Trump. Bloomberg…
New Designer Protein Could Lead to Flu Cure
Every time the flu comes round, and every year we have to get shots or risk spending a week feeling like shit. It’s not really a big deal, but it’s definitely a pain. […] The post New Designer Protein Could Lead to Flu Cure appeared first on
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$1,000 iPad Pro vs $3,000 2017 MacBook Pro: Speed tests say it’s a close call
Benchmark tests reveal strikingly similar CPU and GPU performance in the refreshed MacBook Pro and iPad Pro lineup.
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Facebook rolls out GIF comments to everybody
Facebook has had strange relationship with GIFs over the years. For a long time, they weren’t supported at all, but as the social network grew, they came to Messenger and then to comments — as long as they were shared via a service like Giphy or Imgur. Earlier this year, Facebook made things more official…
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APFS up close: What Mac users need to know about Apple’s new file system
This massive and long overdue file system upgrade from HFS+ promises higher performance, better data integrity, and a vastly improved Time Machine.
Impact Lab
A.I. killed 800,000 jobs in the U.K., but created 3.5 million new ones
First Amazon announced plans to fully automate its new brick and mortar store with robots. Then we learned that Foxconn plans to automate 30 percent of its factory workforce by 2018. And recently, Wendy’s announced plans to add automated kiosks at more than 1,000 stores. One thing is clear — robots are…
Sphero’s Adorable Spider-Man Toy Has AI Smarts (That Aren’t Creepy)
Once known for its quirky remote-controlled robot balls, Sphero parlayed that technology into a massive consumer hit with its Star Wars: The Force Awakens BB-8 toy. As a result, the company has been able to expand beyond the sphere, first with a robotic version of Cars’ Lightning McQueen, and now with…
This Does What?! 15 Weird Smart Home Gadgets
When you picture a smart home, what’s the first thing that pops into your head? Perhaps smart thermostats and intelligent security systems. Or maybe you’re more interested in whole-house audio. You might even think about stuff for your garden like smart sprinkler systems and automatic lawnmowers. These…
Inside Julian Assange’s office – CNET
Go inside a scale replica of the controversial WikiLeaks founder’s tiny office to find out what a five-year confinement might feel like.
Step into Julian Assange’s office — and into his head? – CNET
What has five years in this tiny room done to the WikiLeaks founder? CNET’s Richard Trenholm goes inside a perfect re-creation to imagine life in Assange’s shoes.
This $10 accessory makes Apple’s AirPods almost perfect – CNET
The AirPods don’t stay in everybody’s ears equally well. Sports fins fix that problem, but create another.
Samsung Galaxy Book review: An excellent 2-in-1 for a good price
Samsung’s Galaxy Book is a 2-in-1 tablet with a detachable keyboard that gets pretty much everything you care about right. Its price, performance, and battery life are all among the best we’ve tested.While it lacks the razzle-dazzle of flagships like the new Surface Pro, it’s still the sort of all-around…
Fast Company
Your Best Business Partner Is Your Polar Opposite; Here’s How To Get Along With Them
“Friction is hard but it’s really productive. If you don’t have ability to be challenged, you shouldn’t start a company.” Successful startups often have partners who have different strengths. One person might be the technical genius, while the other takes what they do and sells it to the masses. But…
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Craig Venter’s ‘Digital-to-Biological Converter’ Is Real
Craig Venter thinks that sending living organisms to other galaxies on spaceships is “definitely” science fiction. It’s much more realistic, he thinks, to print them on-site using digital representations of their genome. He calls this “biological teleportation.” Essentially emailing medicine and organisms…
The Week in iOS Accessories and Cases: Logitech and Speck protect your iPad Pro
New tablets? New cases. Image by Rob Schultz/MacworldThis week’s roundup features some new cases for the latest models of iPad Pro. Plus: Cables, air conditioners, earbuds, and more. Read on!LogitechImage by LogitechTo read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
Turn Any Thumb Green With Ava Byte Smart Garden
Thanks to IKEA, indoor gardening is in vogue. And Ava Technologies wants to join the party. “The future of plant technology,” the Ava Byte automated indoor smart garden features NASA-inspired lighting and a […] The post Turn Any Thumb Green With Ava Byte Smart Garden appeared first on
Rovio targets adults with the naughty humor of Angry Birds Evolution
Rovio is targeting adults with its latest mobile game, Angry Birds Evolution, debuting today on iOS and Android. The free-to-play game is a Pokémon-like role-playing game. Pigs have invaded Bird Island, and you have to build a team of Angry Birds, based on the characters popularized by The Angry Birds…
Frost & Sullivan Names Seven Bridges the Product Leader in Genomics Informatics
PRESS RELEASE: Biomedical data analysis company recognized for helping large pharma and government partners accelerate medical discoveries and improve human health CAMBRIDGE, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–June 15, 2017– Seven Bridges, the leader in biomedical data…
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Programmers who use spaces to indent aren’t just better. They’re richer, too.
When it comes to indentation, there’s a right way and a wrong way. The right way, of course, is with spaces. Those who use tabs aren’t just doing it wrong, but they’re also cheating themselves out of a decent wedge of cash. At least, that’s the case according to Stack Overflow’s 2017 Developer Survey,…
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I’ve Fallen Over Today More Than This Robot
I’m always tripping over myself, so it blows my dumb human mind that—despite not getting a million year evolutionary head start like humans—this robot can successfully navigate random stepping stones without falling over and becoming an expensive pile of trash. The robot’s name is Valkyrie, and it’s…
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A better night’s sleep may not be a far-off dream with this sci-fi wearable
Because modern life often gets in the way of a relaxed, deep, refreshing sleep, more of us are turning to technology to rectify this problem. This may of course sound ironic since technology is often a cause of disturbed sleep. The latest sleep-promoting product, however, is completely sleep-friendly…
Head Transplant Scientists Re-Attach Rat Spines, Others Not Convinced
Sergio Canavero wants to transplant a head, and we can’t look away. Despite our continued skepticism, he does seem to be making progress. “Seem” being the operative word here, because others still aren’t convinced by the evidence.Read more…
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Time-lapse of supercells captured in the USA
Filmmaker Chad Cowan captured supercells on camera over the span of six years and compiled his footage in this incredible time-lapse. The post Time-lapse of supercells captured in the USA appeared first on Popular Mechanics.
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Login-stealing phishing sites conceal their evil with lots of hyphens in URL
Researchers at PhishLabs recently spotted a trend emerging in malicious web sites presented to customers: mobile-focused phishing attacks that attempt to conceal the true domain they were served from, by padding the subdomain address with enough hyphens to push the actual source of the…
Apple’s profound iPhone plans for healthcare
A report today once again confirms Apple is interested in making your iPhone the center of your electronic health records (EHR) data. What’s going on, and why does this matter?Take a Gliimpse Apple last year acquired Gliimpse, an electronic health records development company. When news of the purchase…
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Scott Forstall to Discuss Creation of iPhone at Computer History Museum Next Week
The Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California has announced that former iOS chief Scott Forstall will sit down with journalist John Markoff on June 20 for a fireside chat about how the iPhone came to be. Forstall was Apple’s Vice President of iOS from 2007 until 2012 Forstall will be talking…
Apple CEO Tim Cook Shares His Experience Of Working With President Donald Trump
In a wide-ranging interview with Bloomberg, Apple CEO Tim Cook talked about his experience of working with Donald Trump. He said: I feel a great responsibility as an American, as a CEO, to try to influence things in areas where we have a level of expertise. I’ve pushed hard on immigration. We clearly…
These YouTube Channels Will Make You More Productive
There’s certainly no shortage of productivity advice out there. But in a world where video is king, YouTube is arguably the best source of tips and tricks to help you squeeze even more out of your days. If you’re someone who prefers video to text or audio, the channels in this list will have you covered….
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Google is trying to solve employee housing crisis with modular apartments
Google’s employees can’t find affordable housing in Silicon Valley, so the company is investing in modular homes that’ll serve as short-term housing for them. The Wall Street Journal reports that Google has ordered 300 units from a startup called Factory OS, which specializes in modular homes. The deal…
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Four marketing technology lessons via Salesforce’s State of Marketing report
As marketing and technology blend together, enterprises will have to deploy artificial intelligence to keep up and maintain budgets.
Microsoft Pix can now turn your iPhone photos into art, thanks to A.I.
 Microsoft is rolling out an update to its AI-powered photo editing app, Microsoft Pix, that aims to give Prisma and others like it some new competition. While the app was originally designed to enhance your iPhone photos by tweaking things like color, exposure and other variables, the newly updated…
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Major wireless charging advance could mean cars topping up as they drive
Researchers have created wireless charging tech that can handle motion and distances of up to three feet.
How to Hack Your Car With a Nicer Horn That Won’t Instigate Road Rage
Aside from turn signals, a car’s horn is really the only tool a driver has to communicate with other vehicles. (Besides gesticulating wildly out of the driver’s side window, of course.) It’s so loud and abrasive, however, that it always sounds like you’re screaming at other motorists, leading to middle…
8bitdo’s new SNES-inspired retro gamepad is a dream Nintendo Switch controller
 Ever since 8bitdo updated their NES30 Pro and other game controllers with Nintendo Switch support, I’ve been using them as the primary way to play on the console. Now at E3, 8bitdo has revealed a new model that might just become the best Switch controller of all time. The SNES30 Pro (and SFC30 Pro,…
Spider-Man by Sphero offers interactive games with plenty of snark
In cast you missed the news, there’s a brand new Spider-Man movie coming out next month. That means all sorts of Spider-Man merchandise and toys, starting with this new interactive Spider-Man from Sphero. Sphero, of course, made that adorable BB-8 toy that arrived near the launch of The Force Awakens,…
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A tiny sensor turns any stationary bike into a VR workout machine
A $400 VR exercise bike might be a tough sell for VirZOOM, but the company has a new option that could make working out in virtual reality more compelling. At E3 2017, the company is showing off its new VZ Sensor, a small device that attaches to the crank of any stationary bike. For $99, you can turn…
400 Burger Per Hour Robot Will Put Teenagers Out Of Work
Just a quick heads up, high school students. You might want to save your job application efforts for retail gigs, because the fast food space is about to be invaded by robots. We […] The post 400 Burger Per Hour Robot Will Put Teenagers Out Of Work appeared first on
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Now You Can Go Shark Watching On A Submarine
Startup OceanGate is teaming up with a group of marine researchers in the Bahamas, and they need your help to study the creatures of the deep. When you own your own submarine, every week can be Shark Week. OceanGate, the submarining company that is planning on taking tourists to the Titanic, is about…
Your iPhone might become a hub for your medical records
Our iPhones already do a lot to keep us healthy, tracking our activity, sleep, mindfulness, and nutrition in the Health app. But according to a new report, Apple is working with hospitals and medical industry groups to bring your full medical profile to your phone, giving you full access to your digital…
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This bizarre electric racecar could run in next year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans
This is the Green4U Panoz Racing GT-EV, and while it might look like a giant BattleBot, it’s actually a new all-electric racecar that could run in the 24 Hours of Le Mans — next year, that is. The GT-EV was created by Don Panoz, a guy with a predilection for racing weird cars. He developed a hybrid…
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Panoz’s electric race car concept might be coming to a track near you
Alternative powertrains are slowly but surely making their way into racing. The Formula E electric-car race series is in its third season, and hybrids race in Formula One and at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. But a small U.S. firm wants to pick up the pace. Georgia-based Panoz is known primarily for the Esperante…
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Amazon’s Dash Wand lets you order groceries with your voice
You may remember the Amazon Dash, a small handheld device that made it easier for you to buy even more stuff. Now, Amazon has released a new version of the device, the Dash Wand, that is functionally free for Prime members. The Amazon Dash Wand integrates with Alexa to help you out in…
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How To Use Your Emotional Intelligence To Rewrite Your Job Description
Turn your office blues into a job that you’re excited about—without having to learn any new technical skills. If you have a job, there’s a roughly 50/50 chance you don’t like it—at least according to one sobering study last year. Not only are those statistical odds the same everywhere, but quitting…
iPad Pro Diary: I thought I could resist the 10.5-inch model; I was wrong …
Upgrading more often than the average person is an occupational hazard of gadget addicts – and even more so of tech writers. But I do at least try to resist when an update is a relatively minor one. I’d hoped that would be the case with the 10.5-inch iPad Pro. After all, I already owned the 9.7-inch…
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World’s Largest Aircraft Reaches Record Heights
Hybrid Air Vehicle’s Airlander 10 reached 3,700 feet in latest test run, a height never reached before.
Humans Can’t Expect AI to Just Fight Fake News for Them
Don’t expect algorithms to rescue us from misinformation.
Ars Technica
In dying, blood-starved heart, bacteria injections offer cellular life support
Enlarge / False-colored scanning electron micrograph of multiple S. elongatus cyanobacteria (green) with a single rat heart muscle cell (red). (credit: Cohen et al.) For the faint of heart, a microbial flash mob might just do the trick. A direct injection of photosynthetic bacteria—plus a little…
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You can now shout Alexa commands at Amazon’s upgraded Dash Wand
Amazon’s Dash Wand is sort of like a television remote that queues up deliveries instead of channels. At least, that was the intention — when the Dash Wand launched in early 2014, the bar code-scanning, voice-recognizing dongle was criticized for its many limitations. Starting Thursday, though, Amazon’s…
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Let Alexa order you a cup of Joe straight from your own Bosch coffee maker
Bit by bit, you’ll be able to control every aspect of your home life with Alexa. The latest appliances to jump on the bandwagon come from Bosch — you can now control your Built-in Coffee Machine with just your voice, and order new detergent for your dishwasher. Both skills are the result of newly added…
So Uh, Is Tim Cook Running for President, Too?
A gloomy Tim Cook stalks Bloomberg Businessweek’s cover today, and he has some thoughts. Some thoughts that sound suspiciously like a preamble to a “my fellow Americans” speech. Read more…
Audi’s Long Distance Lounge Concept is self-driving goals – Roadshow
Take an exclusive peek into Audi’s radical vision for a future autonomous car interior.
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Free VR chemistry lessons let kids see inside a diamond or build an atom
Microsoft and Google have both presented a vision of the future where rows of students sit in awe as their education is delivered via VR headsets. It definitely beats dusty textbooks and squeaky whiteboard pens, and you can give your kids a head start before the tech comes to their school thanks to a…
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This self-driving grocery store has no employees
The idea of a fully automated grocery store with no human employees might sound strange (or very appealing, depending on just how much you hate interacting with people), and now, Shanghai residents can visit one for themselves. The Swedish company Wheelys is testing a mobile grocery store with no staff…
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An anonymous tech company fought back against a secret government surveillance order
When faced with an order from the US government to hand over records under a controversial surveillance law, an American tech company fought back in court, according to a previously secret 2014 ruling contained in records that was obtained through lawsuits from the ACLU and Electronic Frontier Foundation….
World’s first water park for people with disabilities is literally the coolest thing ever created
Water parks are the definitive location for cooling off in hot-as-hell summer weather. But the hot spots for fun in the sun are notoriously inaccessible to people with disabilities.  A new water park called Morgan’s Inspiration Island was designed for people with a wide range of disability identities…
Block out the world with these stylish headphones
Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. Welcome to 2017, where audio devices also double as fashion accessories. Chances are you probably have headphones in for most of the day – commuting, walking to class, or solely to ignore the people…
New TiVo survey has bad news for cable TV providers
It isn’t exactly a secret that streaming services and the cable cutters who are using them are hurting cable providers here in the US. A new survey from TiVo, however, suggests that things may only get worse for those cable providers if they don’t change something soon. Fueled by high prices for monthly…
How to Find Almost Anything on YouTube
The number of views YouTube videos get in a single day is up to the billions now, with hundreds of hours of new content uploaded every minute, versus the month it would take twelve years ago when YouTube launched. Searching through that deluge of video can be harder than searching the entire web, so…
Amazon is rolling out a Dash Wand with Alexa to make you buy everything
Amazon wants its Prime subscribers ordering from its online store all the time, so it just cooked up a new device to help them do exactly that — and it’s essentially giving it away for free. SEE ALSO: Get ready to see a bunch of Amazon Echo clones The company just launched a new instant-ordering gadget,…
VR on a Mac? It Could Be More Likely Than You Think!
Oculus founder Palmer Luckey once said that they’ll support VR on the Mac “as soon as Apple releases a good computer.” It should come as no surprise then that when Industrial Light and Magic took to the stage at the June 2017 developer’s conference to demonstrate the VR capabilities of new Macs, they…
Fairy wants to make daily housecleaning a thing
 A startup called Fairy wants to change the way consumers get their homes cleaned. Perhaps counterintuitively, the company is betting that by providing frequent, hotel-like housecleaning, it can actually lower the cost and provide a higher quality of service. Now operating in the San Francisco Bay Area…
US Intelligence Agencies Tried To Bribe Our Developers To Weaken Encryption, Says Telegram Founder
In a series of tweets, Pavel Durov, the Russian founder of the popular secure messaging app Telegram has revealed that U.S. intelligence agencies tried twice to bribe his company’s developers to weaken encryption in the app. The incident, Durov said, happened last year during the team’s visit to the…
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UK defense company sold powerful surveillance tech to Mid East
The BBC reported today that the UK defense company BAE systems sold powerful surveillance technology to a number of countries in the Middle East. The report comes after a year-long investigation spearheaded by BBC Arabic and the Danish newspaper, Dagbladet Information. The surveillance technology…
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Surface Pro review: Small changes, but big improvements
When Microsoft announced the Surface Pro shortly after revealing the Surface Laptop, I couldn’t help but feel the tiniest twinge of disappointment. Microsoft’s new laptop had mainstream appeal, but it abandoned the shape-shifting nature that defined every Surface before it. Meanwhile the Surface Pro…
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According to statistics, programming with spaces instead of tabs makes you rich
Enlarge (credit: Kai Hendry) Stop the world, I want to get off. The annual Stack Overflow developer surveys often include lots of bad news. “People still use PHP,” for example, is a recurring and distressing theme. “Perl exists” is another. But never before has the survey revealed something as…
This concealed fan keeps your back cool so you don’t sweat through your shirt
The G2 Turbo fan offers ventilation under backpacks that leave wearers with embarrassing sweat stains on a hot day. Read more…More about Kickstarter, Accessories, Summer, Fan, and Inventions
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E3 by idiots, for idiots: Ars takes on expo’s weirdest games, dumbest ideas
(video link) LOS ANGELES—Somebody thought adding 10,000 more people to E3’s crowds was a good idea, and that somebody should be punished. Ars’ recommendation: make them watch our resident yokels, Sam Machkovech and Lee Hutchinson, roam the overcrowded expo’s halls in one of Ars’ most…
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Apple wants you to store your entire medical history on your iPhone
Apple’s iOS Health app is mostly used for exercise and wellness monitoring and storing basic patient information in its current state. However, if a recent report is true, the company could be eyeing a massive shift with future versions of the app: full-on medical record-keeping and clinical data. A…
At last, you can get Microsoft Office from the Windows Store
The excellent Surface Laptop is now available in stores, and Microsoft Office is now in the Windows Store for the first time. This is a necessary step in Microsoft’s plan for laptop domination, as the Surface Laptop is the first computer that runs Wi…
How Insomniac Games is creating new lore for The Amazing Spider-Man game
Peter Parker has grown up. He’s 23 years old in The Amazing Spider-Man, being developed by Insomniac Games for the Sony PlayStation 4. That’s fresh territory for everybody’s favorite web-crawler, and that enables Insomniac to create new lore for its video game, said Bryan Intihar, the creative director…
Common Networks raises $7 million to bring high speed internet to suburban America
You would think that living in tech-savvy California would guarantee you high-speed internet. Well, think again — some suburban areas, like Alameda, are still experiencing low-speed connectivity at high costs. Common Networks is trying to solve that problem and today announced funding of $7 million in…
A French Artist Says He Received a National ID Card Using a Computer-Generated Headshot
With a stunt that will probably see France initiating changes to its National ID card program, an artist named Raphaël Fabre submitted a photorealistic computer-generated image of himself—and he says it was approved without question.Read more…
Lyft sets goal of 1 billion autonomous electric rides per year by 2025
 Lyft has set itself some concrete goals for its renewed commitment to the Paris climate agreement, in spite of Trump’s announcement that the U.S. as a nation would be pulling out of the accord. Those goals focus primarily on Lyft’s autonomous ambitions, and so are contingent on the ride hailing company…
9to5Toys Last Call: Anker Accessory Sale, August HomeKit Smart Lock $180, Ecobee3 Bundle $159, more
Keep up with the best gear and deals on the web by signing up for the 9to5Toys Newsletter. Also, be sure to check us out on: Twitter, RSS Feed, Facebook, Google+ and Safari push notifications. TODAY’S CAN’T MISS DEALS: Last Call Updates: Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts: smart home, tools, accessories,…
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FCC makes net neutrality commenters’ e-mail addresses public through API
Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | Kheng ho Toh) If you’re one of the many people filing comments on the Federal Communications Commission plan to gut net neutrality rules, be aware that your e-mail address and any other information you submit could be made public. There’s nothing nefarious going…
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Inside Walt Mossberg’s gadget museum
Walt Mossberg is retiring this year — he’s already written his last column, hosted his last Code Conference, and taped the final episode of Ctrl-Walt-Delete in front of a live audience in New York. But Walt’s also assembled an impressive collection of notable gadgets over his two-decade run as a reviewer…
Mobile Magazine
These Epic Cycling Gadgets Can Up Your Bike Game to a Higher Gear
A bicycle is a simple travel vehicle, but there is plenty of room for technological customization. The cycling industry itself is enjoying a massive expansion that is seeing it transform into a multi-billion dollar market because of the increase of people looking for more environment-friendly transportation…
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Facebook Is Finally Questioning Itself
Is social media good for democracy? Probably not. But Facebook, the most popular social network in the world, is finally trying to figure that out. In a blog post published Thursday titled “Hard Questions,” Elliot Schrage, Facebook’s Vice President for Public Policy and Communications, asked a series…
The 20 Most Useless Websites on the Internet
On a normal day, we’re all about helping you make better use of all things technology in your day-to-day life. But today is not one of those days. Every once in a while, we go astray and give you a peek at some of the weirdest things the web has to offer. Big fan of odd physics in gaming? Love debunking…
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‘OK K.O.’ is a brilliant cartoon with a game to match
With his small, boxy stature and pin-thin legs, K.O. doesn’t look like much of a superhero. But that’s the whole point of OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes, an animated series from Cartoon Network. The titular character is a powerhouse-in-training, full of naive wonder and a hunger to pummel bad guys. He works…
IBM opening ‘Garages’ dedicated to Apple partnership for developing iOS enterprise apps
After announcing a partnership with Apple back in 2014 to help bring enterprise apps and more to iOS, IBM today announced plans to accelerate the initiative with new ‘Garages’ that will serve as dedicated physical spaces to aid its corporate customers with the development of the MobileFirst iPhone and…
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Jaff ransomware demanding $4,000 to unlock your files? Now you can get them back for free
Kaspersky Lab has released a free decryption tool for Jaff ransomware after exploiting vulnerabilities in the malware’s code.
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In platform versus partner, competition gets more intense
As their hardware businesses grow, big tech OS licensors are more willing to cut into the sales of their licensees’ products.
Ars Technica
Individual action can crowd out support for government policies
Enlarge (credit: WinterforceMedia) “Preaching to the choir” is often considered fruitless, although a choir is at least a receptive audience for a preacher’s message. But if the message is that the church needs more money, some choir members might decline to chip in—after all, aren’t they already…
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There Might Be a Battery-Swapping Electric Car at Le Mans Next Year
This could be the first all-electric car to compete at Le Mans. But only, if the race organizers let it in, and it’s finished in time.
Latest Content – Popular Mechanics
10 Underrated Space Movies
The sci-fi movies that deserve a little more attention.
The Best Reveals of E3 2017
Read more…More about Gaming, E3, Super Mario, Mashable Reels, and Entertainment
Digital Trends
Apple patent would enable wireless charging from anywhere in your home
Millimeter waves are one of the next great technologies in mobile computing. While they’re commonly associated with faster data transfers — 5G, when it eventually releases, should rely on millimeter waves in part for greatly improved throughput and coverage — they’re also being considered for battery…
Digital Trends
Take your music on the go and save money with Bluetooth speaker deals
Bluetooth technology has opened the door for a lot of interesting gadgets and convenient ways to connect our smartphones to various devices. Perhaps the most popular Bluetooth technology today is wireless speakers, which make it easy to take your music on the go or to set up a small and lightweight home…
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Intel’s Wigig is the wireless VR experience we’ve been waiting for
If last year was the year of VR, 2018 will be the year of wireless virtual reality. Sure there’s mobile headsets like Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream to keep everyone happy but for higher end experiences like Fallout 4 or Skyrim VR, the best way to roam a wasteland or fight off a dragon would likely…
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I Played Garfield GO For 24 Hours and Barely Lived to Tell the Tale
When you played Pokémon GO, did you think to yourself, “I wish I could have this game, except hate myself a lot more while playing it?” Now you can, with Garfield GO, an augmented reality game that uses the same basic technology as Pokémon GO. Right off the bat, there were early indications that…
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Google wants to speed up image recognition in mobile apps
Cloud-based AI is so last year, because now the major push from companies like chip-designer ARM, Facebook and Apple is to fit deep learning onto your smartphone. Google wants to spread the deep learning to more developers, so it has unveiled a mobile AI vision model called MobileNets. The idea is to…
Qualcomm demonstrates driving while charging
 Qualcomm Technologies has been working on a wireless charging system for electric vehicles called Halo. Now it’s taken the idea a step further — a Halo on the go, if you will. The dynamic electric vehicle charging (DEVC) system can charge electric vehicles as they drive over the charger. Halo DEVC,…
9 Solid Deals On Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts [US]
It’s Thursday. Father’s Day is Sunday! If you don’t get those orders in today, you’re going to miss out on getting your gifts delivered in time! Dremel 3000-2/28 2 Attachments/28 Accessories Rotary Tool ($44.99, 34% Off) Dremel 3000-2/28 2 Attachments/28 Accessories Rotary Tool by Dremel Dremel 3000-2/28…
This robot maestro can compose and perform some pretty sweet tunes
Shimon is a marimba-playing robot rockstar. The robot, developed by a team of researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology is able to compose and perform music entirely on its own.  It’s part of an experiment to see if it can create music that human beings find deeply inspiring and beautiful. Read…
New Twitter update gets lighter and faster
Twitter is getting a bit of a redesign across a number of different versions today. Though this redesign isn’t anything drastic – you’ll still know Twitter when see it, in other words – it does make quite a few quality of life improvements across the board. These new features and tweaks are coming to…
New Surface Pro is blazing fast, battery life is great, but performance comes at a steep price
Visually, not much has changed with the new Surface Pro. On the inside, however, is where most of Microsoft’s attention has been focused. First reviews are praising Surface Pro’s overall execution of the convertible tablet, performance is great, battery life has been noticeably improved, the kickstand…
Ars Technica
In Borne, there’s a biotech apocalypse so weird it’s almost plausible
Enlarge / Several artists have made work inspired by Borne. This is a woodcut of Mord, the giant flying bear, created by Theo Ellsworth. (credit: Theo Ellsworth) Wick and Rachel are barely surviving at the fringes of a city destroyed by an apocalypse so bizarre that it almost defies description….
How to achieve your summer travel goals without breaking the bank
Sponsored Advertising Content by the Southwest Rapid Rewards® Credit Card from Chase We all have responsibilities that need to be accounted for when we’re thinking of planning a summer trip. Whether it’s your rent, your bills, or some other expense that is making you hesitate to book your dream vacation,…
Savage ant casually throws another ant off a table
The animal kingdom is a brutal unforgiving place. A barbaric place where, at any given moment, a scene from 300 can break out, and it’s no big deal.  This is exactly what Twitter user Mike Sanchez found out the other day when filming some ants on Snapchat.  SEE ALSO: Ant might have a fierce name, but…
Ars Technica
Hands-on with Chrome’s wild new mobile interface
As phones get bigger and bigger, putting all the controls at the top of the display—Desktop OS style—becomes less and less ergonomic. Phones like the Galaxy S8 Plus have displays that are about six inches tall, so there is no way most people…
Digital Trends
Google Photos can automatically generate a Father’s Day album for you
Father’s Day is right around the corner, in case you didn’t know, and Google wants to help you celebrate in the best way possible — with mementos. On Thursday, Google Photos, Google’s pic-centric cloud storage service, launched a seasonal feature that automatically generates an album of a father and…
Mobile Magazine
This New Home Design May or May Not Be for Scientists, But It Helps to Be One
If you’ve had it with living in box-shaped houses with little aesthetic value, here’s a home that may inspire your design concept. You could say this house is a clear nod to the future or someone’s sick sci-fi dream come true. London and Brussels-based Lassa Architects designed a hillside vacation home…
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Shanghai is getting an absurd, futuristic self-driving store on wheels
A small, Swedish startup called Wheelys is trying to match Amazon at creating cashier-free stores with automated checkout. But after rolling out the first test store in Shanghai earlier this year, the company is now moving on to a completely new, if a bit awkward, idea: an autonomous store that’s perpetually…
Ford will build electric vans for efficient, sneaky mail delivery – Roadshow
The postman will always ring twice — because you didn’t hear his van drive up the street.
Bat Signal to light up sky in tribute to Batman Adam West – CNET
The iconic symbol used to call the crimefighter will shine on the tower of Los Angeles City Hall Thursday.
Apple’s amazing-looking AR could also be super sharable – CNET
Sketchfab has already developed a tool to turn all its 3D-scanned content into easily viewable AR.
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How Neutrinos Shapeshift Like No Other Matter We Know
Here’s a brief look at how strange these exotic particles really are.
E3 2017: The Winners & Losers
You did not come here for a nuanced discussion of the positives inherent in every E3 press conference, and the love we all share for this medium. You came here for blood, and it is blood you shall receive.Read more…
Chinese Satellite Relays a Quantum Signal Between Cities
Launched last August, China’s QUESS satellite recently achieved its goal: it sent single entangled photons between two cities 750 miles apart. Quantum cryptography, here we come.
Digital Trends
Google is investing in modular housing in attempt to solve housing shortage
Finding an apartment in California’s Silicon Valley can be a real pain — and it is affecting Google employees. So much so, that Google is working toward building a solution, at least for the short-term. That solution? Stackable apartments. According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Google ordered…
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Creighton Physicist’s Work Unveils New Ability of Immune Cells
Being able to quiet active neutrophils with a dual-beam laser could lead to new treatments for lung injury. – latest science and technology news stories
Multispectral imaging reveals ancient Hebrew inscription undetected for over 50 years
Using advanced imaging technology, Tel Aviv University researchers have discovered a hitherto invisible inscription on the back of a pottery shard that has been on display at The Israel Museum for more than 50 years.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
State medical licensing boards’ practices may hurt physician mental health
State medical boards ask physicians much more extensive and intrusive questions about mental health conditions than for physical health conditions, suggests new research. Despite national concern about physician suicide and well-being, research shows that even if physicians struggle with depression,…
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Molecular pilot light prepares body’s heating system for the cold
Researchers detail a molecule that acts as a molecular pilot light required to turn on the brown fat furnace. Brown fat burns sugar and fat to produce radiant heat in the body. These cells are of interest because some of the sugar and fat they burn is stored in the body and might otherwise lead to increases…
Popular Science
How a female-only line of salamanders ‘steals’ genes from unsuspecting males
Animals Kleptogenesis gets a little less mysterious in a new study. What the heck is kleptogenesis? Read on.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Study looks at needles in treatment for shoulder pain
According to a new study, the type of procedure used to treat shoulder calcifications should be tailored to the type of calcification. The results of the study will help interventional radiologists determine whether to use one or two needles for an ultrasound-guided treatment for a common condition called…
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Organ Chips get smart and go electric
New solutions to chip design have been introduced by fitting Organ Chips with embedded electrodes that enable accurate and continuous monitoring of trans-epithelial electrical resistance (TEER), a broadly used measure of tissue health and differentiation, and real-time assessment of electrical activity…
National Geographic News
Climate Change Pushing Tropical Diseases Toward Arctic
National Geographic News
Best View of Saturn’s Rings Until 2032—How to See It
National Geographic News
‘8th World Wonder’ May Lie Below Volcanic Lakeshore
National Geographic News
Why These Adorable Baby Raccoons ‘Adopted’ a Fisherman
NatureNews – Most recent articles – science feeds
The ‘time machine’ reconstructing ancient Venice’s social networks
Machine-learning project will analyse 1,000 years of maps and manuscripts from the floating city’s golden age.Nature 546 341 doi: 10.1038/546341a
NatureNews – Most recent articles – science feeds
Plutonium accident, ancient amber and a call to climate scientists
The week in science: 9–15 June 2017.Nature 546 332 doi: 10.1038/546332a
Newswise: SciNews
Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy and Flinn Scientific Expand Reach for STEM Teacher Training and Curricula Program
Flinn Scientific and the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy(r) (IMSA) have teamed up to expand access to the award-winning IMSA Fusion program for teachers nationwide.
Boeing, DARPA will base XS-1 experimental spaceplane at Cape Canaveral when it begins testing in a few years
Boeing and DARPA will base the XS-1 experimental spaceplane at Cape Canaveral when it begins testing in a few years. The XS-1 vehicle, known as Phantom Express, will launch vertically from an unspecified pad at Cape Canaveral and make a landing at one of two runways there. Boeing already has facilities…
Popular Science
A new wave of gadgets is setting out to secure your smart home
Technology But it’s not your fault you have to worry about it in the first place Stepping into the fray are companies that sell security products straight to consumers who may want to batten down the hatches on their assortment of internet-connected…
Op-ed | Mars mania is completely rational
This commentary originally appeared in the May 22, 2017 issue of SpaceNews magazine. In April, NASA’s robotic probe Cassini attracted widespread media coverage as it neared the end of its expedition of Saturn and its moons. While NASA celebrates the remarkable success of Cassini, it is hard not to look…
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
New face-aging technique could boost search for missing people
Researchers have developed a method of aging facial images that could enhance the search for long-term missing people worldwide. – latest science and technology news stories
Robots roll out to help stop oil spills
It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it. And when it comes to the expensive, claustrophobic and sometimes dangerous work of inspecting natural gas and oil pipelines, that somebody might be a robot.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Protein network signals found to drive myeloid leukemias
Researchers have uncovered how mutations in a protein network drive several high-risk leukemias, offering new prospects for novel therapies. An existing drug might be repurposed to treat these leukemias, and the new understanding of the molecular mechanisms at work may offer clues to other drugs yet… all content
Flash Physics: US energy agency needs more time, Sun’s runaway twin, chemical analysis of fingerprints
Today’s selection of need-to-know updates from the world of physics
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Key to muscle regeneration discovered
The nuclear receptor REV-ERB plays a key role in muscle regeneration, suggesting the receptor may be a good target for new drugs to treat a variety of muscle disorders and injuries.
Next Big Future
Westinghouse formal launch of safer nuclear fuel with tests planned from 2018-2022
Westinghouse Electric Company yesterday announced the formal launch of its “accident-tolerant fuel solution”, EnCore Fuel, during the company’s Fuel Users’ Group Meeting. EnCore Fuel is intended to offer “design-basis-altering safety, greater uranium efficiency and estimated economic benefits up to hundreds…
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Anti-malaria drugs: Potential new target identified
A newly described protein could be an effective target for combatting drug-resistant malaria parasites. The protein regulates a number of genes involved with a critical part of the parasite’s complex life cycle — its invasion of a person’s red blood cells. Now that the researchers know the protein’s…
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Could broccoli be a secret weapon against diabetes?
Concentrated broccoli sprout extract may help type 2 diabetes patients manage their blood sugar, according to a new study.
Next Big Future
Father of deep learning AI on General purpose AI and AI to conquer space in the 2050s
Juergen Schmidhuber is the father of Deep learning Artificial Intelligence. Since age 15 or so, the main goal of professor Jürgen Schmidhuber has been to build a self-improving Artificial Intelligence (AI) smarter than himself, then retire. His lab’s Deep Learning Neural Networks (NNs) (since 1991)…
Next Big Future
Made in space also working on robotic manufacturing of large structures in space
Made In Space is putting 3D printing into space and is working on other space based manufacturing. They are looking to make large light structures as well. They call these systems Archinaut. It is an alternative approach to the Tether unlimited spiderfab. In November 2015, NASA’s Space Technology Mission…
Next Big Future
China completing another nuclear reactor and Japan’s court clear two more reactors for restart
1. Unit 4 of the Fuqing nuclear power plant in China’s Fujian province has begun fuel loading. The unit is expected to start up later this year. CNNC’s Fuqing plant will eventually house six Chinese-designed pressurized water reactors, the first four being 1087 MWe CPR-1000 units. Units 1 to 3 entered…
Next Big Future
Rolls Royce has 450 MW modular nuclear reactor design
Rolls-Royce’s director of technology and engineering, John Molyneux gave more details on Rolls-Royce’s new reactor design and the next steps in its development when speaking to the European Young Nuclear Generation Forum event in Manchester, organised by the European Nuclear Society and the UK Nuclear…
Top News – MIT Technology Review
Baby Genome Sequencing for Sale in China
Chinese parents can now decode the genomes of their healthy newborns, revealing disease risks as well as the likelihood of physical traits like male-pattern baldness.
Discover Magazine
Largest US Employer Adopts Virtual Reality Training
Virtual reality technology that has helped train NFL quarterbacks could also soon provide virtual training experiences for hundreds of thousands of Walmart associates. By the end of 2017, Walmart plans to roll out virtual reality training to the 140,000 associates who complete the retail giant’s training…
Physics News
Director Neill Blomkamp breaks down his new sci-fi short Rakka
A couple of weeks ago, District 9 and Chappie director Neill Blomkamp unveiled Oats Studios, his new project focusing on experimental short films. At the time, Blomkamp described …
Newswise: SciNews
Influenza Virus Can Overcome Potentially Crippling Mutations
Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have shown that for the virus that causes the flu, two wrongs can sometimes make a right. all content
How to stop the science saboteurs
With the rise of “fake news and alternative facts”, Dave Levitan’s Not A Scientist is vital if troubling reading, says Tara Shears all content
A gateway to the biological world
Optical physicist Gail McConnell discusses how novel biomedical imaging techniques are changing the kinds of questions biologists can ask
Earth News, Earth Science, Energy Technology, Environment News
In tense times, top conductor creates UN of orchestras
New York (AFP) June 15, 2017 In his eight years leading the New York Philharmonic, Alan Gilbert has witnessed the power of music to connect cultures – and watched as political strife consumes much of the world. Closing his tenure in one of classical music’s most prestigious positions, Gilbert…
Physics News
Octopus inspired adhesive patch works under water
A team of researchers at Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea has developed a type of adhesive patch that works under a variety of conditions including underwater. In their paper published …
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
A simple platform to achieve polymorphic graphene quantum dots
Researchers have demonstrate a simple platform to achieve architectural polymorphs of graphene quantum dots (GQDs) by maneuvering the intra/intermolecular interactions of the constituent GQDs in binary solution systems.
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
How to fabricate centimeter-scale nanoporous graphene membranes
A new study addresses the challenges posed by the design, fabrication, and performance evaluation of centimeter-scale nanoporous graphene membranes. – latest science and technology news stories
Researchers develop a reliable forward error correction method for digital data
Scientists of Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) have proposed a new channel coding method for the fifth generation of wireless systems (5G). Physics News
Changing the color of laser light on the femtosecond time scale
How can the color of laser light be changed? One popular method to achieve this is the so-called second harmonic generation (SHG) effect, which doubles the frequency of light and hence changes its color. However, observing this nonlinear effect requires a polar crystal in which inversion symmetry is… Physics News
Desert lizards use body oscillations to dive into sand
In the desert, the sand surface can become extremely hot during the day, up to 70ºC. In order to escape these temperatures, some desert lizards adopt a fascinating strategy: They dive a few centimeters under the sand surface where it’s much cooler (around 40º C). This is also a good strategy to hide… – latest science and technology news stories
Economic benefits of admitting refugees outweigh costs
Although working-age adult refugees who enter the United States often initially rely on public assistance programs, a study by researchers at the University of Notre Dame indicates that the long-term economic benefit of admitting refugees outweighs the initial costs. – latest science and technology news stories
Orion frame work
Set to be shipped to the USA around the New Year, ESA’s contribution to NASA’s Orion spacecraft is taking shape at Airbus in Bremen, Germany. This is no test article: the service module pictured here will fly into space by 2020, past the Moon and farther than any other human-rated spacecraft has ever… – latest science and technology news stories
Game players face their demons in virtual reality
Zombies from the television series “The Walking Dead” and other demons are coming to life for video game players in virtual worlds. – latest science and technology news stories
Lab-created antibody could hold the secret to making stem cell therapy safer
Stem cells have paved the way for a new era in regenerative medicine, but their use is fraught with risk. Now, A*STAR scientists have developed an antibody that could make stem cell therapy safer.
Scientific American Content: Global
How to Address the Epidemic of Lies in Politics
The “Pro-Truth Pledge,” based on behavioral science research, could be part of the answer — Read more on
Nano Technology News
Nanotechnology reveals hidden depths of bacterial ‘machines’
Liverpool UK (SPX) Jun 15, 2017 New research from the University of Liverpool, published in the journal Nanoscale, has probed the structure and material properties of protein machines in bacteria, which have the capacity to convert carbon dioxide into sugar through photosynthesis. Cyanobacteria… – latest science and technology news stories
Researchers use optogenetics and mathematical modelling to identify a central molecule in cell mechanics
All cell types continually generate forces in the human body. An interdisciplinary cooperation of biologists and physicists including Heidelberg researcher Prof. Dr Ulrich Schwarz now succeeded in performing high-resolution measurements of cell forces using light to switch them on and off in a controlled… – latest science and technology news stories
How does the Great Barrier Reef get its nitrogen fix?
When Captain James Cook and the botanist Sir Joseph Banks navigated Australia’s Great Barrier Reef (GBR) in the 1770s they described blooms of “sea sawdust” we now know to be the cyanobacterium Trichodesmium. Similarly, in 2014, a UTS led research voyage found the species in abundance, but with the benefit… – latest science and technology news stories
High temperatures, not ocean acidification, is threatening the growth of coral
The Achilles’ heel of coral growth is high temperatures, not ocean acidification, according to researchers from The University of Western Australia and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies. The research will be presented tomorrow in Canberra at the Coral Reef Futures Symposium. – Nanotechnology News Feed
Scientists Develop Bioinspired Color-Shifting Nanoparticles for Commercial Use
Inspired by the varying colors that gleam off of beetle shells, scientists have developed color-shifting nanoparticles that can change hue even after being embedded into a material. A report on the…
Scientific American Content: Global
Detecting Radiation Exposure with a Blood Test
An RNA-based assay recently shown to work in monkeys could help triage victims of nuclear disasters  — Read more on
Below are the posts from Science. World. Exploration. Seek for yourself..
Here’s how NASA scientists figure out exactly where the moon’s shadow will fall on the surface of the Earth, down to the city block.
Credit: Miloslav Druckmüller, Peter Aniol, Martin Dietzel, Vojtech RusinMillions of people intend to watch the 2017 total solar eclipse, which will cross the continental U.S. on Aug. 21. Here’s how NASA scientists figure out exactly where the moon’s shadow will fall on the surface…
Physics News
Propagating “charge density wave” fluctuations are seen in superconducting copper oxides for the first time
An international team led by scientists from the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford University has detected new features in the electronic behavior of a …
Physics News
In vitro method for predicting the biocompatibility of medical implants
Researchers at the Universitat Jaume I (UJI), the University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU) and the Centre for Cooperative Research in Biosciences (CIC bioGUNE) have patented a new in vitro … – latest science and technology news stories
Archaeologist teams up with computer vision experts to match prehistoric pottery
Cutting-edge computer vision technology could help unlock the mystery of how people interacted and traveled in the Southeast more than 1,500 years ago. – Nanotechnology News Feed
Carbon Nanotubes Introduce Tire Wear Monitoring into Cars
An inexpensive printed sensor capable of monitoring the tread of car tires in real time has been invented by Electrical Engineers at Duke University. This new invention warns drivers when the rubber… – latest science and technology news stories
Gene transfer keeps bacteria fit
Researchers at the University of Basel’s Biozentrum have discovered that Bartonella bacteria exchange genes efficiently using a domesticated virus encoded in their genome. As the findings published in Cell Systems demonstrate, the exchange of genetic material only takes place between bacteria with a…
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
New chemical method could revolutionize graphene
Scientists have discovered a new chemical method that enables graphene to be incorporated into a wide range of applications while maintaining its ultra-fast electronics.
Newswise: SciNews
How Do Retaining Walls Work?
Retaining walls are a popular feature for hilly residential lots. The Soil Science Society of America (SSSA) June 15 Soils Matter blog post explains what factors to consider–and when to call in the pros.
Physics News
Quantum dot transistor simulates functions of neurons
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
New magnet technology creates easy blood access for hemodialysis patients
A new, minimally invasive system which uses radiofrequency energy instead of open surgery to create access for patients needing hemodialysis is reliable, with minimal complications, according to data.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
All in the eyes: What the pupils tells us about language
The meaning of a word is enough to trigger a reaction in our pupil: when we read or hear a word with a meaning associated with luminosity (“sun,” “shine,” etc.), our pupils contract as they would if they were actually exposed to greater luminosity. And the opposite occurs with a word associated with…
Scientific American Content: Global
Star Trek Legacy Lives On in Space Exploration [Video]
A film director, a rocket scientist and two physicists discuss how the television series influenced culture and inspired a generation of scientists — Read more on – latest science and technology news stories
Taking circular economy to the next level
In recent years a growing number of businesses, governments and environmental advocates have embraced the concept of a “circular economy,” which aims to achieve greater sustainability by keeping more resources and materials in use for as long as possible—through strategies such increased product durability,…
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
New light shed on dynamics of type IV pili and twitching motility
New light has been shed on dynamics of asymmetric type IV pili distribution and twitching motility triggered by directional light in cyanobacteria.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Reproducing a retinal disease on a chip
Good news for the treatment of retinal diseases using the organ-on-a-chip approach.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Blocking gene expression to combat deadly fungal infection
Deadly fungal infections are becoming resistant to common treatments, but a team of researchers have found a potential new solution.
Upcoming SpaceX launch will be first West Coast test of automated flight-termination system
An upcoming SpaceX launch will be the first West Coast test of an automated flight-termination system. The Autonomous Flight Safety System will be used on the Falcon 9 launch of 10 Iridium Next satellites scheduled for June 25 from Vandenberg Air Force Base. The system, which uses GPS data and onboard…
Scientific American Content: Global
The Maths of Life and Death: Our Secret Weapon in the Fight against Disease
Mathematics is increasingly integral to biology as more detailed experiments in recent years have led to a huge influx in biological data — Read more on – latest science and technology news stories
US-China collaboration makes excellent start in optimizing lithium to control plasma
For fusion to generate substantial energy, the ultra-hot plasma that fuels fusion reactions must remain stable and kept from cooling. Researchers have recently shown lithium, a soft, silver-white metal, to be effective in both respects during path-setting U.S.-Chinese experiments on the Experimental… – latest science and technology news stories
Mapping project will open up new routes to uncharted territory
What if fictional places in books, such as Middlemarch, Treasure Island, Barsetshire and Gormenghast, could be generated as maps and even 3D visualisations out of the text itself?
Physics News
‘Magic’ alloy could spur next generation of solar cells
In what could be a major step forward for a new generation of solar cells called “concentrator photovoltaics,” University of Michigan researchers have developed a new semiconductor alloy that …
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
A mechanical trigger for toxic tumor therapy
Cell-killing chemotherapies are designed to shrink cancerous tumors by accumulating in their ill-formed blood and lymph vessels, delivering a toxic dose to the cancer cells. Scientists have developed a new drug delivery platform that uses safe, low-energy ultrasound waves to trigger aggregates of chemotherapy-containing…
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Face recognition system ‘K-Eye’
Scientists have developed a semiconductor chip, CNNP (CNN Processor), that runs AI algorithms with ultra-low power, and K-Eye, a face recognition system using CNNP.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
More brain activity is not always better when it comes to memory, attention
Potential new ways of understanding the cause of cognitive impairments, such as problems with memory and attention, in brain disorders including schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s are under the spotlight in a new research review.
Next Big Future
The 2016 Spacex Mars Colonization plan has been published online
Spacex is estimating they wil be able to achieve $140,000 per ton for the trips to Mars. If a person plus their luggage is less than that, taking into account food consumption and life support, the cost of moving to Mars could ultimately drop below $100,000. Cost will be brought down 5 million percent…
Popular Science
Good and nerdy books to give your dad this Father’s Day
Entertainment Pretty pictures, extra-terrestrials, and doomsday scenarios. On this Father’s Day reading list: Pretty pictures, extra-terrestrials, and doomsday scenarios. Read on.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Music sessions can help millions who struggle to speak to lead a richer life
Music could be used to transform the lives of millions of people with learning difficulties, dementia, strokes, brain damage and autism and their families, according to new research.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Blood cell discovery identifies patients with aggressive prostate cancer
Patients who have aggressive prostate cancer could be identified by a highly accurate and simple blood test, according to an early study.
How a Kids’ Cartoon Created a Real-Life Invasive Army – Facts So Romantic
Once upon a time, raccoons were strangers to the island of Japan, save for the occasional critter kept in a zoo. That all changed when Araiguma Rasukaru aired and turned a nation onto raccoons’ inherent charm.Tales of monsters invading Japan are a longstanding tradition, usually involving menacing kaiju—literally…
What Both the Left and Right Get Wrong About Race – Issue 48: Chaos
Race does not stand up scientifically, period. To begin with, if race categories were meant primarily to capture differences in genetics, they are doing an abysmal job. The genetic distance between some groups within Africa is as great as the genetic distance between many “racially divergent” groups…
Nature, the IT Wizard – Issue 48: Chaos
As space exploration geared up in the 1960s, scientists were faced with a new dilemma. How could they recognize life on other planets, where it may have evolved very differently—and therefore have a different chemical signature—than it has on Earth? James Lovelock, father of the Gaia theory, gave this…
The Case for Less Solidarity – Issue 48: Chaos
There’s a lot of talk in this country about the federal deficit,” then-Senator Barack Obama said in a 2006 commencement address at Northwestern University. “But I think we should talk more about our empathy deficit.” What we need, he said, was the ability to “see the world through those who are different…
Why Synthetic Protein Research Needs More Funding – Facts So Romantic
The ability to create and explore such synthetic proteins with atomic level accuracy has the potential to unlock new areas of basic research and to create practical applications in a wide range of fields.Image by G. Indelicato, P. Burkhard, R. Twarock / Royal Society Open ScienceProteins are the workhorses…
What Pushes a Person to Suicide? – Facts So Romantic
In a 2005 review, titled “Dissecting the suicide phenotype: The role of impulsive-aggressive behaviours,” Gustavo Turecki, an expert on suicide at McGill University, argues that impulsivity is a crucial aspect of suicide.Photograph by Andrew Toskin / FlickrOne May day five years ago, an ambulance arrived…
Traffic Wouldn’t Jam If Drivers Behaved Like Ants – Facts So Romantic
Ant colony optimization has itself migrated with impressive speed and range, and has been taken up residence in all kinds of research pursuits, from estimating electricity consumption in Turkey to designing supply chains to the design of tall bridge piers to robot learning.Photograph by Bernardinus Nugraha…
The Impossible Mathematics of the Real World – Issue 49: The Absurd
Using stiff paper and transparent tape, Craig Kaplan assembles a beautiful roundish shape that looks like a Buckminster Fuller creation or a fancy new kind of soccer ball. It consists of four regular dodecagons (12-sided polygons with all angles and sides the same) and 12 decagons (10-sided), with 28…
Will Quantum Mechanics Swallow Relativity? – Issue 49: The Absurd
It is the biggest of problems, it is the smallest of problems. At present physicists have two separate rulebooks explaining how nature works. There is general relativity, which beautifully accounts for gravity and all of the things it dominates: orbiting planets, colliding galaxies, the dynamics of the…
The Crisis of the Multiverse – Issue 49: The Absurd
Physicists have always hoped that once we understood the fundamental laws of physics, they would make unambiguous predictions for physical quantities. We imagined that the underlying physical laws would explain why the mass of the Higgs particle must be 125 gigaelectron-volts, as was recently discovered,…
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
Seeking out new functions for superconducting nanoelectronics
Researchers have discovered that a two-dimensional semiconductor with a broken inversion symmetry demonstrates rectification, or the property of a diode, under a magnetic field applied in a certain direction.
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
Capturing carbon dioxide and storing methane with metal-organic frameworks
Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are well-ordered, lattice-like crystals. The nodes of the lattices are metals, which are connected by organic molecules. The most impressive features of MOFs are their extremely high surface area, high porosity, and tunable pore sizes, which are remarkable advantages over…
Singularity HUB
Connecting People to Prosperity in the Exponential Age
“Our assumptions about how economies function no longer seem to hold true entirely because of exponential technology.” This claim came from entrepreneur and Singularity University faculty member, Amin Toufani, during his talk at Singularity University’s Exponential Finance Summit in New York last week…. – latest science and technology news stories
Sushi chef in a day: Japan food firms showcase tasty technology
From edible ink printers to chicken stick conveyor belts, Japan’s food firms put it all on the menu at an industry show this week with one bold exhibitor claiming it could turn anyone into a top sushi chef. – latest science and technology news stories
Researchers discover new antibiotic effective against drug-resistant bacteria
Scientists from Rutgers University-New Brunswick, the biotechnology company NAICONS Srl., and elsewhere have discovered a new antibiotic effective against drug-resistant bacteria: pseudouridimycin. The new antibiotic is produced by a microbe found in a soil sample collected in Italy and was discovered… – latest science and technology news stories
Study confirms lightning more powerful over ocean than land
People who live and work along coasts and coastlines everywhere may be more likely to experience a super-charged lightning strike, according to new research from Florida Institute of Technology that shows lightning can be much more powerful over the ocean than land. – latest science and technology news stories
Dynamic DNA helps ward off gene damage, study reveals
Researchers have identified properties in DNA’s protective structure that could transform the way scientists think about the human genome. – latest science and technology news stories
Video imaging of single molecule DNA replication
Almost all life on Earth is based on DNA being copied, or replicated. Now for the first time scientists have been able to watch the replication of a single DNA molecule, with some surprising findings. For one thing, there’s a lot more randomness at work than has been thought.
Physics News
Stick-on pads designed to save your soles
Nakefit is one of those products that regularly crops up on crowdfunding sites squarely straddling the line between “why?” and “of course!”. They’re hypoallergenic elastic adhesive pads … – latest science and technology news stories
Biomedical engineering researchers’ findings and methodology are game-changers
A study by three researchers in VCU’s Department of Biomedical Engineering enhances understanding of a cell’s response to mechanical cues from its surrounding environment, a key regulator of cell function. “Mechanotransduction Dynamics at the Cell-Matrix Interface” by assistant professor Seth Weinberg,… – latest science and technology news stories
Gut bacteria might one day help slow down aging process
Slowing down the aging process might be possible one day with supplements derived from gut bacteria. Scientists at Baylor College of Medicine and the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston have identified bacterial genes and compounds that extend the life of and also slow down the progression…
Physics News
Chinese satellite beats distance record for quantum entanglement
Entangled photons survived transmission to locations 1200 kilometres apart on Earth, a feat that could kick off the use of quantum satellites for secure communications – latest science and technology news stories
Newly identified method of gene regulation challenges accepted science, researchers say
Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine have discovered an unexpected layer of the regulation of gene expression. The finding will likely disrupt scientists’ understanding of how cells regulate their genes to develop, communicate and carry out specific tasks throughout the body.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Shortcut to satellite-based quantum encryption network
Researchers demonstrate ground-based measurements of quantum states sent by a laser aboard a satellite 38,000 kilometers above Earth.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Key feature for modeling how cells spread in fibrous environments
Many studies have shown that stiffness of the extracellular matrix, the fibrous network of collagen that surrounds cells, promotes cellular mobility; cells can get a better grip on stiffer surfaces and thus invade neighboring tissue. New research by scientists in the University of Pennsylvania School…
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Optimizing feeding is necessary to maintain milk production in organic herds
Currently, agriculture accounts for approximately 9% of total US greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. By varying diet formulation and the associated crop production to supply the diet, farmers can affect the quantity of GHG emissions of various feeding systems. Therefore, researchers have created a study…
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Development of low-dimensional nanomaterials could revolutionize future technologies
Some scientists believe improvements in computer processors, TV displays and solar cells will come from scientific advancements in the synthesis of low-dimensional nanomaterials.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Crucial cutting enzyme maps sites of DNA damage in leukemias and other cancers
Researchers studying a DNA-cutting enzyme with a crucial role in regulating the structure of genes have discovered a broad role for its cutting activity in driving abnormal genetic rearrangements called translocations that cause cancer, including leukemias and solid tumors.
Nanowerk Nanotechnology News
Grant focuses on ‘hydrogen sponge’ for use in fuel-cell vehicles
Finding practical hydrogen storage technologies for vehicles powered by fuel cells is the focus of a $682,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Energy.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Modeling the brain with ‘Lego bricks’
Researchers have developed a computational method that could be used to guide surgeons during brain surgery.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Raucous crystals: Acoustic emissions from organic martensite analogues
Some organic crystals jump around when heated up. This happens because of an extremely fast change in their crystal structure. Scientists have now demonstrated that the crystals send out acoustic signals during this process, which may be useful in analyzing the characteristics of this phenomenon. The…
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Cardiac stem cells from heart disease patients may be harmful
A new study finds that stem cell therapy may harm heart disease patients.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Giving children a voice in clinical trials
Children as young as 8 years old with incurable cancer can reliably characterize the impact an experimental therapy has on their symptoms and quality of life — even at the earliest stages of drug development — making self-reported patient outcomes a potential new clinical trial endpoint.
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
Smart materials used in ultrasound behave similar to water
Researchers have provided new insight into piezoelectrics materials, a smart material used in ultrasound technology. While forming the most thorough model to date of how these materials work, they found striking similarities with the behavior of water. A more complete understanding of why these materials…
Latest Science News — ScienceDaily
First few millimeters of the leaf margin identify palm species in a new key to Syagrus
An incredible amount of information is contained in the very first few millimeters of the leaflet margin of species in the Neotropical palm genus Syagrus. A new key to the genus proves that by using a simple technique to identify species. Physics News
No Universe without Big Bang
According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, the curvature of spacetime was infinite at the big bang. In fact, at this point all mathematical tools fail, and the theory breaks down. However, there remained the notion that perhaps the beginning of the universe could be treated in a simpler manner, and…
National Geographic News
Your Old Cell Phone Can Help Save the Rain Forest

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