Indistinguishable from Magic 6/17

4m RSS Not Florida: shooting the breeze. Florida: shooting at The Breeze [Florida] [link] [8 comments] 4m Digg Top Stories Bloke Builds Multi-Level Subterranean Beach Hut Most people build drippy sand castles or catch some Zs when they go to the beach but, no, not Colin Furze who always has to create something of […]

Indistinguishable from Magic 6/15

55m VICE News Young radicals are fighting the alt-right in America’s streets In the wake of Donald Trump’s election and the rise of the alt-right, several militant anti-racist and anarchist groups have left the fringes and entered the national spotlight — including the anti-fascist group Antifa. Some of the organization’s members frequent the same online forums, like […]

Indistinguishable from Magic 6/12

2h inStash Pagani and Airbus Team Up To Make The Infinio Jet Cabin Pagani and AirBus. What do these two companies have in common? They’re at the very top of their respective industries, that’s what. That’s why when we heard … Read More 2h Gear Patrol Deals of Note: June 12, 2017 How to save […]

Ifm 6/10

1h Man of Many Tudor Introduces Heritage Bay Bronze Blue Watch For its 130th anniversary, Swiss-based watch retailer Bucherer collaborated with a variety of notable watchmakers to create a complete series of limited-edition watches. Each limited-edition watch will mainly feature the colour blue. Bucherer has already worked with several well-known watchmakers, including… 1h Acquire A. […]

Indistinguishable from Magic 6/6

1h Muted NIKELAB ACG.07.KMTR – THE PERFECT SHOE FOR THE URBAN COMMUTER The Nikelab ACG.07.KMTR ($150) was made especially for the urban commuter. It features a water-repellent textile upper the helps keep the elements away. You get the protection of a full boot without the bulk and weight. The lightweight upper provides a flexible, sock-like […]

Indistinguishable from Magic 6/4

1h Healthy Fried Food Cooker Get your deep fried food fix without sacrificing your body’s long term vitality by using this healthy fried food cooker. This revolutionary cooking machine rapidly circulates hot air to create deep-fried-like-food with eighty percent less fat. Check it out $234.99   1h Sticker Toilet […]

Indistinguishable from Magic 5/29

Two dudes start ‘Uber for limos’ to offer free rides to nearby strangers  3 Steps to an Organized Desktop With Rainmeter  How to Build a Smart Home Where Everything Might Actually Work  Economists have figured out how to extract the most profit from ransomware  Stop dragging kids away from their screens  The Eve V is […]