Widgets and Free Lunches 2/24

The Extraordinary Details of Tiny Creatures Captured with a Laser-Scanning Microscope by Igor Siwanowicz | Colossal  New Anatomical Specimens Made from Hand-Dyed Wool and Silk by Lana Crooks | Colossal  LPT: When making an argument, a single strong point is better than one strong point and multiple weak points. Weak points become targets and weaken […]

Modest Proposals 2/24

White House blocks CNN, other news organizations from press briefing – Feb. 24, 2017  In The Police-State-Versus-Freedom Arms Race, Freedom Seems To Be Winning | Zero Hedge  Tucker Carlson Takes on DNC Advisor Who Doesn’t Know How to Identify a Gender | Zero Hedge  In A Battle Between Trump And The Federal Reserve, Who Really […]

Indistinguishable from Magic 2/24

A new methodology quickly reveals metabolic fluxes in cells  The Alternative Facts of Cable Companies  Heterochromia across species : pics  What’s Powering MAMMOTH-1? Glowing Nebula In The Heart Of Ancient Galaxy Protocluster Baffles Astronomers  New Mars research shows evidence of a complex mantle beneath the Elysium volcanic province  Test your best insults against Perspective, the […]

Indistinghable from Magic 2/23

Hatnote Listen to Wikipedia  This is What 4 Million Solar Panels Look Like From Space | Climate Central  No Water Changes, No Cleaning Aquarium – YouTube  Farms Are Turning to Solar as Electricity Prices Soar – Motherboard  Resveratrol may be an effective intervention for lung aging — ScienceDaily  HIV vaccine therapy lets five people control […]

Modest Proposals 2/23

Where did all of the bigotry come from? (You are not to blame), page 1  What Ever Happened to all the Old Racist Whites from those Civil Rights Photos? – AfroSapiophile  Yes, liberals are planning town hall protests. It’s called democracy | Ben Wikler | Opinion | The Guardian  Top students more likely to smoke […]

Widgets and Free Lunches 2/23

Video: Driver Hits 240 Consecutive Green Lights In Manhattan: Gothamist  No Water Changes, No Cleaning Aquarium – YouTube  Jack, by Podo Labs, turns any wired headphones into wireless headphones – Business Insider  The Philosophy of Westworld – Wisecrack Edition – YouTube  LPT: Always leave bottles of water in your car incase your car breaks down […]

Widgets and Free Lunches 2/22

Undersea Snake Robot Takes a Dip In a Norwegian Fjord | Digital Trends  How to answer the 6 questions you’ll hear in almost any job interview – Business Insider  This Tape Is on a Roll – The Awesomer  Megadeth Critique Grammy House Band’s Version of Metallica  David Bowie’s Hometown Could Erect a Giant Lightning Bolt […]